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"used to" Definitions
  1. used to say that something happened continuously or frequently during a period in the past

701 Sentences With "used to"

How to use used to in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "used to" and check conjugation/comparative form for "used to". Mastering all the usages of "used to" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The same one that Penn used to wobble Hughes, Henderson used to starch Babalu, and Rua used to decimate Overeem.
It used to be operating systems, it used to be databases, it used to be other things in enterprise software.
Bilal used to join us onstage, when Ledisi used to join us onstage, when Erykah used to join us on tage.
I used to paint, I used to do all that.
That phrase is used to divide and used to distract.
People are used to ... Kids are used to that, too.
The Mac app used to cost $49.99, the iPhone app used to cost $9.99 and the iPad app used to cost $4.99.
The iPhone app used to cost $4.99, the iPad app used to cost $9.99, and the Mac app used to cost $49.99.
Used to treat diabetes Used to treat influenza Muscle relaxant Generic for Paxil, used to treat depression Generic for Zofran, used for nausea
I'm so used to the Squares and I am used to the fintech and I'm used to thinking bricks and mortar are dead.
It gets some used-to, for foreigners to get used to.
I used to DJ. I used to mix reggae and that.
Roseanne used to be like a ... She used to be funny.
People aren't used to mattering, and people aren't used to voting.
I've had several extra jobs: I used to drive Lyft, I used to deliver food for Postmates, I used to sell things on eBay.
I used to participate in prison programs, used to work in the kitchen, used to go out to the recreation yard all the time.
G: It used to be underground, cool—it used to be niche.
It used to be Moments, and it used to be called Search.
That phrase is used to divide and it is used to distract.
It's, like, 'Printers—I used to have one, it used to break.
I used to get really upset; it used to make me crazy.
Before I used to rap I used to want to produce, beatbox.
"I'm used to having to work, used to responsibility," Mr. Ramos said.
I don't think it can be sold in this country because we're used to an income tax, we're used to a…people are used to this tax, whether they like it or don't like, they're used to this tax.
This was Leicester as it used to be, how it used to look and how it used to feel, an echo of all that old electricity.
You know, you used to have three networks that you used to watch.
If we can get used to "Yahoo!" we can get used to Oath.
They are used to brutality and violence, used to the worst of people.
Who are used to using Tinder, who are used to using everything digitally.
I used to watch TV, I used to do a lot of things.
I used to take their [dance] classes and they used to take mine.
No. A little more than I used to, more than I used to. Really?
It used to be pretty big, I used to have 1,300 to 1,400 pairs.
He used to dance, he used to sing ... That led me onto K-pop.
The new life took getting used to, but Poke'd gotten used to things before.
I'm used to pretty flat hair, so this was something to get used to.
Happiness fades; we get used to the things that used to make us happy.
For anyone used to being a pariah, this will take some getting used to.
Because in sports you used to write your deadline, used to sit up there.
The area used to house the main market, where both ethnic groups used to trade.
"We are used to earthquakes but we're not used to this significance," she told MSNBC.
The "illness" she used to justify this behavior was that she used to be anorexic.
He used to bring Scoota by the house and we used to chop it up.
It never used to happen that hundreds of students used to get expelled from universities.
"The U.S.A. is used to punishing Iran, and Iran is used to resisting," Zarif said.
You are not used to it; nobody is used to it unless you're a pitcher.
I'm not used to that class and I don't intend to get used to them.
She used to be, and she used to be like a- Now she's real mad.
We were used to roughing it, used to the sleeping bags and the grime and the new schools; used to making friends and then, once we'd made them, moving on.
I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming.
When we used to talk about a mosque back home, it used to be one enclosure.
"You used to be in silent pictures, you used to be big," the blockchain tells Kodak.
About a third would be used to stockpile aluminum, with another third used to buy nickel.
The system used to map the Hydra's reactions can be used to map more complicated systems.
I'm very much used to singing in English, but was less used to singing in French.
I used to smoke weed in the graveyard and I used to have sex there too.
If you're used to a different type of button, it may take some getting used to.
Epona Heathen, 33, used to have a different name and used to live in Oakland, Calif.
"I can remember when I used to go on show, people used to laugh," he sang.
"I used to be free / I used to be 17," she sings over soaring guitar riffs.
This information can also be used to breeze past security questions used to secure online accounts.
"We used to have an all-American camp that I used to go to," Bryant recalled.
Used to be Macs, you used to save up coupons to get Macs for schools and stuff, and that's not the case, it's not as strong as it used to be.
The money, he says, has also been used to buy marble headstones, the kafan used to wrap the bodies, and special oils ordered from Turkey that are used to perfume the shroud.
Democrats used to love tech's innovation and idealism, and Republicans used to believe in leaving business alone.
I used to sell merch for his blues band that he used to do, Firebird, in Europe.
"I'm used to being the Rock of Gibraltar and used to providing and protecting," she told People.
Before I was so used to keeping everything enclosed because I wasn't used to being a celebrity.
Viewing all these different smileys where Likes used to exclusively live will take some getting used to.
The same technologies used to land Schiaparelli will be used to land the ExoMars rover as well.
Carfentanil, a drug used to used to tranquilize elephants, is about 100 times more powerful than fentanyl.
I think I'm just so used to the shit like I got used to everything too quick.
I used to pay attention to those singers and they used to sing riffs to each other.
Slime molds have been used to solve a complex problem that is often used to test algorithms.
What had once been used to control the peripheries was now being used to control the core.
"We used to live together in the same house, we used to drive everywhere in the same car, we used to sleep in the same bus," Hubbard says of his relationship with Kelley.
She is getting used to a radically different life, and some in congress are getting used to her.
She used to be fun; she used to laugh — is it a betrayal if she does so now?
"Our videos don't hit the numbers that they used to as quickly as they used to," Beauchesene admits.
"You might get used to hitting them, and that would make you used to hitting people," he'd said.
While it is still frequently used to announce job changes, it can also be used to hyperbolic effect.
When I used to be walking on them roads and stuff, I used to be thinking about this.
Maybe it's just a weird fascination I used to have, but yeah, I used to think about it.
It took awhile to get used to the buttons interface because I was used to swiping the screen.
I'm not as shy as I used to be, but back then I used to be pretty shy.
"You can actually see what content used to be there, what design used to be there," DeMille said.
I used to have an inner voice that was male and used to bully me during PMT time.
"We can party like we used to, but we can't recover like we used to," Ms. Polizzi said.
I used to stay up really late because I used to play in a band and do shows.
"Listen, you get used to winning and you get used to losing," Jay Bruce said before the game.
Obviously it can be used to create a bio weapon, it can also be used to cure disease.
"It used to mean — bylines used to mean something in journalism," she said, her Texas accent still unbowed.
My actual teacher used to play with Ravi Shankar regularly, and he used to work with George Harrison.
"Technology can be used to enable slavery, but it can also be used to disable slavery," said Kutcher.
They were used to keep the dog tag aligned on the embossing machine used to imprint the tags.
Rubber on a playground "cannot be confined to secular use any more than lumber used to frame the church's walls, glass stained and used to form its windows, or nails used to build its altar".
The ministry said it had targeted buildings used to store weapons and explosives including a facility used to assemble explosive-packed drones that rebels have used to attack Russian planes stationed at Hmeymim air base.
When I used to see those Flake ads as a kid, I used to think they weren't for kids.
She needs to have some reminder of what used to be tangible, what used to tether her to reality.
He used to hate packing for himself and used to give me the funniest explanations for not doing so.
Deepfakes have, however, been successfully used to cause real harm to women when used to spread nonconsensual fake porn.
You used to have an encyclopedia on the shelf; you used to have all your albums on the shelf.
Belligerents may attack the theory used to support a claim, or the data analysis used to quantify an effect.
Cleverly, while the smartphone is used to control the drone itself, the headset is used to control the camera.
I used to read Stephen Fry's novels, he used to write quite a lot in the 80s and 90s.
Pete and Dave used to play football there when they were younger, think their Mum used to work there.
"It's used to help them predict insurance losses and can also be used to offer discounts," said Nav's Detweiler.
"No one around here is used to losing and we're not going to get used to losing," he chuffed.
We're used to seeing them mentor other men, and we're also getting used to seeing them mentor junior women.
Not only can it be used to serve food, but it can actually be used to cook food too.
" In a phone interview, Mr. Jones added: "We are used to seeing 3-D used to focus on spectacle.
But if you're used to pacing yourself over 82 games and then the playoffs, it takes getting used to.
"Maybe I don't throw as well as I used to, run as well as I used to," Manning said.
I just need a little more time to get used to all this--" Her: "Get used to it faster.
These flats are smaller than they ever used to be and more expensive than they ever used to be.
I had a girlfriend, and her uncle used to run this blues party, so I used to go there.
Bougatsos: In the past, when I used to play shows, I used to not really care what people thought.
I don't look like the person I used to be; I am not the person I used to be.
Other Datura constituents are hyoscyamine, used to control intestinal spasms, and atropine, used to speed up the heart rate.
PARKER: Tell 'em, we used to cook — y'all used to cook sloppy joes and peas every day, didn't we?
The ingredient initially used to make it, ephedrine, was first synthesized in 1887 and later used to treat asthma.
It might frighten them at first, but they'll get used to it, just like they're used to fire drills.
My grandma used to wear the chain when she was a cheerleader, and she used to dance, as well.
The very same platforms that were used to share the video were also used to mobilise outpourings of support.
"We used to walk together, we used to sing and praise God together," Mr. Mazibuko said of Mr. Ramaphosa.
Cookies can be used to determine patterns of specific users and can be used to help create targeted advertising.
I used to edit my photos—I used to be a VSCO girl, editing colors – and then I stopped.
I drink less beer than I used to, but I drink a little more rum than I used to.
People in dominant cultural groups are used to rejection, but they're probably not used to that kind of rejection.
It used to come pouring in, these great pieces ... We used to sit in the diner … and I'm just assigning.
Americans, so used to visiting shops packed with enticing goods, may have to get used to many more empty ones.
I used to want so much more for my life; I used to want so much more out of life.
Ryan used to be a stylist in Melbourne, and he used to style me on shoots when I was 14.
Health-care data can be used to create fake identities, which in turn can be used to illegally bill companies.
"I used to run club nights at university…and she used to be a regular at those nights," he shares.
I've also found that the restore process, which used to take forever, is much faster than it used to be.
The house used to be charming, painted shutters and a tarnished copper mailbox for when there used to be mail.
My older brother used to play drums with Prince, and a girl I was dating used to work with Prince.
When herb gardener Jekka McVicar told her how lily of the valley used to be used to as a poison.
It used to be strong, it becomes weak It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep.
We used to be able to put fires around the fields and lots of smoke and that used to work.
"Don't get used to it," I said, but grinned, thinking to myself that I was already getting used to it.
And it's what Hotz used to build the initial successful self-driving demo used to ferry Bloomberg around for comma.
And I remember I used to see the younger Peckham Boys on the buses when I used to go back.
He became used to isolation, he told me — used to moving to a place and learning to watch and observe.
Romans, long used to waiting for buses that never come, have now gotten used to ones that burst into flames.
It was next-level bad and not something Apple is used to delivering or its customers are used to seeing.
Maybe because I used to watch it with my mom, who used to time dinner and the show coming on.
She gets speaking gigs where she makes in an hour what used to she used to make in two weeks.
Even if you're used to gardening (I'm not), chances are you're not used to food being given away for free.
"These are people who grew up in a party which used to preach free love, which used to think that all of the hippiedom was wonderful, who used to think they were somehow representing the future," Gingrich complained.
The gas is used to stun birds and pigs in the slaughter process and is also used to package fresh meat.
I never used to be able to talk to people, I couldn't go on TV, I used to be extremely shy.
Face recognition is used to spot jaywalkers and travelers without proper documentation, while advanced data mining is used to "predict" criminality.
So I think...maybe...what it used to be, what it used to feel like, when there was decency in politics.
Still, if you're used to typing away on a QWERTY keyboard, getting used to tapping might take you longer than that.
"I used to talk to the shooter himself and he used to not seem like he would do that," Dustin said.
That email was also used to register a domain name that could be used to spread a fake Huffington Post article.
It took some time to really get used to eating like that because I was used to eating a whole bunch.
When I used to train girls to walk, I used to encourage them to study the VS show for fierce reference.
What's interesting, it used to be, if you think about it, the term Microsoft-related, it used to be just Microsoft.
With that said, EBT cards, commonly used to collect funds from assistance programs, can't be used to pay for the membership.
"I'm getting used to it," DiMarco told PEOPLE after the show of getting used to baring his chest on the show.
Which is something that a lot of people have not gotten used to, and they just can't get used to it.
The so-called "Great Firewall" – a term used to describe China's online censorship program – is used to block non-compliant services.
When one person replied, "I used to be Mickey Mouse," everyone immediately focused their attention (he used to work at Disneyland).
The same machine is used to add honey while another one is used to add a bit of raw brown sugar.
Once created, the 3D model would be used to create a false fingerprint, which could be used to unlock the phone.
Though federal funds may now be used to support syringe exchanges, they still may not be used to buy injection equipment.
I was not used to being in a box; I was very much used to being part of the whole conversation.
However, if you're used to playing PC games, you might be used to the precision of a keyboard and mouse instead.
I used to know Renegade Boys from my area, who used to run with the big boys like Wiley and Bashy.
I used to go to The End—a friend of mine used to host parties there and I helped promote them.
She's demonstrating how she used to dance at the indie club nights we used to go to in the mid-noughties.
Letter addition or sound change themes used to be fairly common, although they don't run as much as they used to.
They're also used to measure the mean sea level, which is used to understand the way our planet's gravity warps spacetime.
I cannot support the primary weapon I used to defend our people being used to kill children I swore to defend.
While AI can be used to make deepfakes, it can also be used to detect them, Brookings' Villasenor wrote in February.
Remember, I used to go over polls, but I only used to talk about them when I was doing well otherwise.
I used to be a graphic designer and I used to work from home and just take care of the kids.
"Because I used to sulk a lot, he used to say, 'The day it all stops, then you'll see the pain.'"
Back in the cartridge days, games used to load instantly; we're kind of going back to what consoles used to be.
My kids used to love Disneyland — I'm scared of some of the rides — but they used to love going to Disneyland.
"The same theological justifications that have been used to exclude women are used to reproduce heteronormativity in the church," Daniels explained.
Cindy used to be an actress and Leone was a police dispatcher – avoiding pot used to be part of her job.
Congress said those funds cannot be used to build a wall but can be used to construct other types of barriers.
What I find is that the death spiral I used to enter into doesn't go as far as it used to.
I've been used to it in the past, I'm no stranger to it, so when it happens, I'm somewhat used to it.
The electric device is typically used to seal blood vessels and can also be used to highlight the area of an operation.
"The loyalties aren&apost there like they used to be; the discipline isn&apost there like it used to be," Foley said.
Bereaved people might think that they smell the perfume that the deceased used to wear, or the tobacco they used to smoke.
"I used to look too skinny as a teenager and I used to hate it and I hate it now," she said.
I used to work as a cleaner, I loved that job, I used to spend quite a lot of my time practicing.
They're the questions that religion used to answer and that science used to try and answer, and it is tech's Achilles heel.
The grants are typically used to boost student health and wellness, but they don't say they can't be used to buy firearms.
In my hand, these are used to treat diseases and in the state's hand the same compounds are now used to kill.
Agents found that the email address used to register the SendGrid account was being used to spam ransomware to 179,616 email addresses.
They should know, sugar or anything ... we've gotten used to it with cigarettes, so why can't we get used to other things?
Like all women, Deirdre is used to this, and like most of us, she's used to just going along to get along.
"I used to be a server, and I used to complain with a lot of other servers about people's kids," he said.
Blac Chyna used to be besties with Kim, and is still BFFs with Amber Rose, who used to go out with Kanye.
"You get used to it, though I don't think you ever really get used to it," he said of seeing himself onscreen.
What I meant was that we all "used" to live in St. Louis, and, therefore, I "used" to have three siblings there.
Where I was not used to being in a box, I was very much used to being part of the whole conversation.
A portion of proceeds will be used to refinance a US$10bn bank loan used to finance a portion of the acquisition.
Having a job doesn't mean as much as it used to because wages simply don't cover the same costs they used to.
I'm a public servant and I'm used to tough questions and I'm used to criticism and it absolutely goes with the territory.
People think Glassdoor was — used to think, anyway — Glassdoor was built to stick it to the man, and I used to joke.
As mentioned previously, I was used to a softer bed, and I needed a couple weeks to get used to the mattress.
My aunt used to say it's disgusting, but my grandmother used to always say, you just need to leave that child alone.
"Before we joined [the E.U.], people still used to go to France, they used to come from France to here," Fagg said.
Siri can be used to get the status of the alarm, but it cannot be used to arm or disarm the system.
My mother used to work in a factory that made airplane parts by day and used to sell Home Interior by night.
They can be used to track users across multiple sites and can be used to target ads and see how they perform.
"He used to kiss my ass, Chuck Schumer," he said, referring to the New York senator he also used to donate to.
Besides, there's proof that Trieu Industries technology is being used to build whatever Keene and his crew used to capture Doctor Manhattan.
We sang songs we used to sing at church and songs we used to sing to get through the hard work days.
It hurts to think about how holidays used to be and that they used to mean something when I was a kid.
They are a strange reminder that words like "predatory" were used to refer to people before they were used to classify animals.
And so that's ... they used to say of the tech sector in the 1990s, they used to say it grows at night.
I feel guilty about it, and in some part of my mind I've convinced myself that I used to be better – I used to actually watch TV, used to get bored and fill my off time with something more worthwhile.
I used to smoke, I used to binge-drink alcohol, and for all these years I used to drink coffee and think of myself as someone who needs that stuff to be alert and focused at work or while studying.
On the way out, we stop at the carousel, which is exactly where it used to be and is exactly what it used to be and when she used to ride it as a girl, it was already 40 years old.
It also just feels of a piece with the way this is an organization that used to serve a purpose, that used to kind of have a mission statement (just like E3 used to have a clear mission and purpose).
My skin never used to be as sensitive as it is now; I used to go to town on chemical peels and extractions.
I used to be self-conscious about being in workout gear with my kids around, but I've started to get used to it.
Now you can watch these dance moves I used to do and the weird hairstyles I used to wear as a Cheetah Girl.
My fingers are now used to a larger screen and it took some adjustments to get used to typing on a smaller screen.
"People used to be cannibals as part of their culture, people used to do terrible things as part of their culture," he said.
A friend of mine used to go to a lot of gay nights in Manchester and always used to take her top off.
It might take a little getting used to if you're used to the rotating bezel UI, but I didn't find it very complicated.
I used to consider myself a patriot, and now I think that position is a hollow idea, used to protect oneself from criticism.
"I cannot support the primary weapon I used to defend our people being used to kill children I swore to defend," he added.
They used to ... Wind is the main driver of them, wind events used to last four days, now for they last 14 days.
The distinctive computer code used to erase the tracks of hackers in the bank attacks was similar to code used to attack Sony.
I used to you to want to be you, and me and my cousins used to fight and argue on who was best.
But the technology used to diagnose an urgent case also can be used to foresee potential future health problems, a more ambiguous realm.
"My dad and my uncle used to always do home repairs and everything used to come out uneven or crooked," Mr. Sievers said.
The clay pieces were used to make a syntactic dough and epoxy mold, which in turn were used to create the silicone pieces.
People had been used to seeing me with long hair, so it took them a minute to get used to my new look.
The berries are frequently used to mimic the smoky flavor of pimento, a native wood that historically has been used to cook jerk.
In fact, Facebook used to allow campaigns to access users' friend lists, which the Obama reelection campaign used to great effect in 2012.
I play with these guys all the time, I'm used to the shots, I'm used to the speed, no problem, this is easy.
I used to be a total Lisa Simpson about it; I used to be able to recite all the presidents, start to finish.
Promethazine is an ingredient in codeine cough syrups -- commonly used to make lean -- but on its own can be used to treat nausea.
The term "Popemobile" —  coined in the 1970s — is used to describe cars used to transport His Holiness, according to the New York Times.
Used to have one in terms of ... Well, used to have a business model around selling paper that needed stuff printed on it.
Men are just used to more, and they are used to having higher expectations and venting their spleen when those expectations aren't met.
"One of the things we all are used to in this business is dog whistles, but the thing that we're not used to, and I'm finding it very difficult to get used to, are the howls of wolves," said South Carolina Rep.
Samsung's vehicles will likely be used to collect valuable on-road data to start, which will then be used to hone its driverless system.
Since machine learning has been used to create convincing "deepfake" videos, onlookers have worried the technique could be used to fabricate clips of politicians.
In short, Oxitec's bugs have been deemed more like a pesticide—used to suppress wild mosquito populations—than a drug used to prevent disease.
Which used to be Google Life Sciences, and is part of Alphabet, the company that used to be called Google but now owns Google.
Cocoa Chandelier (artistic director): Wailana is where all the gay boys and girls used to hang out, and it used to get really rowdy.
It used to be lower taxes, it used to be fewer regulations, those were low-hanging fruit...ObamaCare I don&apost know.
The emails used to register one site used in a phishing campaign can be used to find other sites run by the same party.
"I used to run away from home, I used to bring boys home and cause all kinds of problems for myself," the mogul said.
I was locked out of third party services like Scribd (which I used to upload documents) and MindBody (which I used to book haircuts).
The United States is concerned that the long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit can also be used to launch warheads.
"As Willie Sutton used to say when he was asked why he used to rob banks, 'cause that's where the money is,'" says Madonna.
In "Seventeen", the lead single, she sings: "I used to be free / I used to be 217" her words breaking over soaring guitar riffs.
And when they used to go to the base of the mountain, the little people used to throw snakes down on top of them.
You realize that the word your spouse used to describe you, "selfish," is a word your parents used to describe you as a child.
Biomarkers like methylation age had been previously used to predict mortality, and Cole suspected brain age could be used to do so as well.
U.S. officials have said the same type of rocket used to launch the satellite could also be used to fire a long-range missile.
The colloquial turn of phrase, "the Other's take you," (often used to mean "fuck off") also indicate it used to happen a lot more.
There used to be more women working here but recently, despite the café's continuing popularity, it's not earning as well as it used to.
"They used to allow people to ride their bikes into the store, their husband used to do it as well," he told the newspaper.
"The kitchen had a special door, which was used to bring inventory in, and it was where workers used to get in," he said.
I used to have teenage acne and would pop all the disgusting whiteheads—I used to love the splatter they made on the mirror.
For mass-market firms, used to slim margins, it might even prove a boon, though premium carmakers, used to fatter profits, may not agree.
Data can improve policy when used to create research evidence The power of data is maximized when data are used to create research evidence.
Western powers are concerned that the long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could also be used to launch nuclear warheads.
"I cannot support the primary weapon I used to defend our people being used to kill children I swore to defend," Mast wrote. Sen.
While the bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of the digital currency bitcoin, the Ethereum blockchain can be used to build decentralized applications.
Five: Remember when we used to write tweets in that sort of faux third-person way, like we used to do Facebook statuses, too?
When I was in year nine I used to listen to The Wombats, but I also used to listen to N-Dubz and shit.
I used to do The Cock on Wednesdays, and then on the weekend I used to do Mr. Black with Michael Magnan and Ladyfag.
"Political acts can be used to suppress a certain group or community or be used to help people live freer lives," says the artist.
There are still recognizable game mechanics, but instead of being used to challenge a players skill level, they're used to communicate the protagonists' feelings.
Computer software was then used to identify the airway, which was 3-D printed using plastic similar to that used to make Lego bricks.
The United States is concerned that the long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could also be used to launch warheads.
Nearly $500 million would be used to pay for transportation costs such as charter flights used to deport individuals back to their home countries.
Devices connected to the internet have IP addresses that could be used to identify other online activity those devices were used to engage in.
During the seven day period, the account can't be used to tweet or retweet, but it can still be used to read others' posts.
The ex-champ's clearly getting used to being naked, essentially, in front of strangers -- and, truth be told, we're getting used to it too.
And the resulting proclamation does not even consistently apply the criteria supposedly used to decide which countries effectively share information used to preventing terrorism.
It is a way of preserving the internet so people can see what it used to look like and what it used to offer.
It's used to consistently wear down and dehumanize your identity, while creating plausible deniability that can be used to make you look, well, crazy.
Shapiro said that device IDs can and have been used to track people without permission and have even been used to reveal user identity.
READ: ISIS now on the defensive, says Obama While the Pentagon won't spell out their mission specifically, the Prowlers could be used to jam cell phone signals and other devices used to trigger roadside bombs, or to interrupt radio broadcasts used to distribute ISIS propaganda.
There was a club that we used to play a long time ago, probably eight years ago, we used to play all the time, and they used to call us the heart-breakers all the time because half of our set was Tom Petty songs.
It used to be more difficult to find this balance: In particular I used to be unsure how much to travel for conferences and lectures.
"There used to be more things that unified us and now I feel like we are more divided than we used to be," Forster said.
A guy I used to see and am friends with was there, and so was a girl he used to see in college…real nice.
When I was little, I used to watch those Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, re-runs Friday afternoon, after playing rugby; I used to love 'em.
There wasn't a ... People didn't get used to doing Uber the way ... People didn't get used to doing it in the way they order now.
Authorities say he had procured chemicals used to make the explosive TATP and other bomb-making materials usually used to build a remote-controlled bomb.
I would say that I watch keynote speeches, I used to all the time, I used to listen to Steve Jobs, I care about that.
Most of the money — $60 million — was used to buy primary shares, with another $33 million used to buy up the shares of previous shareholders.
The same technique can be used to find sites co-owned by someone hosting terrorist propaganda or a website used to control or distribute malware.
The oil in those pipes can reach 740℉, and that's what's used to create electricity: The heat is used to create steam which drives turbines.
" Adds influencer and YouTuber Maya Washington, "I'm used to not wearing makeup, but I'm not used to not wearing makeup for such a formal event.
Victoria's results: 23.4% Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry is typically used to measure bone density, but can be used to examine muscle and fat, too.
So the software used to find stars and galaxies in space can be used to seek out thermal footprints and the animals that produce them.
In Korean, Joendet Mal (honorific) is used to address older people and Ban Mal (casual) is used to talk to younger people or close friends.
"I mean, he used to be against birthright citizens -- or he used to be for birthright citizenship; now he says he's against it," he said.
"There was a bar right on the corner that used to be called Hunter's, and it used to be a hustler bar," the Goddess recalls.
The first is used to map the desired area, while the second, a metal detector, is used to detect mines, flagging them with GPS markers.
In the same way that mass media like television and radio were once used to manufacture consent, bots can be used to manufacture social consensus.
Instead, Fort Gorges was used to store mines during the Spanish-American War, and it was used to store submarine mines during World War II.
Pacing the stage, Efros explained that the same techniques used to create synthetic stonework or text messages could also be used to create synthetic video.
Radioactive levels in wine used to be a lot higher Wine's cesium-137 levels after Fukushima are nothing compared with what they used to be.
We used to share a desk, and I could see his potential: He used to talk all day about hip-hop in his Israeli accent.
These monies could be used to train providers interested in delivering telemedicine or used to increase the number of staff able to provide comprehensive services.
Private investment can be used to supplement tax dollars and provide a larger pool of capital used to deliver a broad spectrum of infrastructure projects.
Dawn Wiener used to have brown hair and used to be dead, and Wiener-Dog was her nickname in middle school back in the '90s.
I have ADHD, so the person who I used to go and see for it used to said there are ways to make it deductive.
Loads of girls used to go there, so we just used to go hang around and just get girls' numbers and that kind of shit.
There was a guy in the corner who used to play with Johnny Thunders, and a woman who used to sing backup for Ronnie Spector.
Borton explains that an Arduino-based micro-control chip was used to drive the multicolored lights, the type used to command billboard-sized video displays.
While antipsychotics are commonly used to treat conditions like bipolar and schizophrenia, they can also be used to treat anxiety and PTSD, causes of fibromyalgia.
"We used to ask refugees, municipalities—used to drive around in the middle of nowhere just trying to see" where the camps are, Hanna says.
It felt like a "sort of" duplicate to me, because I'm used to seeing twin clues used to describe words that coincidentally have different meanings.
Olive was getting used to the breast being stuck out in the open now; she didn't like it, but she was getting used to it.
In Chrome, it's used to switch between various tabs, while in Microsoft Excel, the wheel is used to scroll left and right through a spreadsheet.
Beck said the Hikvision cameras that were removed were not used to surveil high-security areas but were used to view roads and parking lots.
Proven fiber-reinforced polymer — a solution used to strengthen critical load-bearing infrastructure such as bridges — would be used to further strengthen remaining bench wall.
"This is a man that I actually used to listen to, this is a person that we used to look to as an artist," she said.
They're being rolled back from territory that they used to occupy in Iraq and Syria, losing some 50% of the territory that they used to occupy.
Unless you're a fighter pilot who's used to having a HUD in your face all day, Navdy's unique see-through screen takes some getting used to.
They may have been used to induce trances as part of healing rituals—rather than to terrify, the whistle may have been used to bring comfort.
Gas chromatography is used to separate and identify compounds in a mixture, then determine their purity, and mass spectrometry is used to measure a sample's mass.
Deepfakes, a term used to describe artificially generated videos of real people, could be used to spread disinformation and are already being deployed to harass women.
Men are used to sitting around a table with all men, men are used to being at work with all men; for us, it feels radical.
It used to be scary, she said, but it also used to be that she, as a woman, would have only the option of running away.
As someone who used to take terrible dating advice to heart, I used to try to spin this little web when I'd go out with guys.
"It's gonna bring a different type of light to you, probably light that you're not used to…I think I'm used to it now," Odom admitted.
It also lists five PGP keys — files that are used to establish encrypted lines of communication over email — that will be used to manage the trust.
It is even better – it used to be OK for Hulu used to say we have half as many – half the commercial load as network television.
Right now it's only being used to build tours, but Mason sees a day where it's used to create all sorts of audio experiences, including podcasts.
The photos show Kim's bedroom and bathroom, the tape used to bind her hands and what appears to be the gag they used to silence her.
They should also disclose the processes used to identify, assess and manage risks and opportunities and the metrics and targets used to assess and manage them.
In particular, it was used to discover a deposit of Vanadium, which is used to build Vanadium Redox Batteries that are used in large industrial applications.
We looked like we weren't moving the ball like we used to or having fun like we used to and then we got down pretty quick.
This medicine is used to help the smooth muscles of the GI system relax and is sometimes used to treat irritable bowel syndrome or esophageal spasm.
"The question is, many of these entities will have to get used to running an automated system, which they are probably not used to," said Pande.
In other words, the same approach that's now being used to regulate and manage legal marijuana in several states could be used to control synthetic cannabinoids.
"He knew what I believed in defensively because he used to come into training camps and he used to watch all of our practices," Riley says.
"My aunt used to serve this in the same enamel basin she used to wash the vegetables," the other Gen X-er, a Chengdu native, smirked.
"The owner used to have people working for him on the property making movies, and he used to do the cooking for 20 people," she said.
It was being used to store chemicals, including 140 metric tons of urea, a precursor substance used to make cocaine, according to the Venezuelan intelligence documents.
The United States, Iran's long time foe, fears long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could also be used to launch nuclear warheads.
Solomon said that the world has "gotten used to the very, very significant easy money" monetary policy that was used to fight the global financial crisis.
The United States, Iran's long time foe, fears long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could also be used to launch nuclear warheads.
"I used to believe that the internet used to be fun," wrote Whitney Phillips, author of a canonical book on trolling, in an essay last year.
If Jesse and Céline aren't quite who they used to be, well, we aren't quite who we used to be when we first met them, either.
The House Committee rule used to send the memo to Trump can also be used to bypass him, and appeal directly to the House of Representatives.
"Prior to the Spanish invasion, people in Mexico used to make altars for the dead, and they used to put real skulls on them," Aguirre explains.
The "agent forwarding" feature allows a private key used to connect to one system to be used to make automated and authenticated connections to other systems.
I know the dividing line between reporting and opinion is not as bright as it used to be, and we'll have to get used to that.
The substance is the tight cord used to bind them, the thief that steals the keys to the car that they would have used to escape.
We're still allowed to love the things we used to love and be the people we used to be, even though all our priorities are shifted now.
It's a process President Bill Clinton used to pass welfare reform in 26.9 and President George W. Bush used to pass tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.
You know, I used to do a lot of "Watters&apos World" quizzes and I used to hit the streets and asked all kinds of ridiculous questions.
Target letters are used to inform a person that a grand jury is reviewing evidence that could be used to charge him or her with a crime.
The injection of radioactive compounds is increasingly used to diagnose and treat cancer because it can be used to to deliver radiation to specifically targeted tumor cells.
For example, ArcSight is used to guard the Pentagon's Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), which is used to exchange classified information, according to military procurement records.
The results won't be used to decline an applicant, but they can be used to move someone into a riskier rating class with higher premiums, says Chow.
The arrests come amid fears that Huawei equipment could be used to spy on behalf of the Chinese government when used to build a country's communications infrastructure.
In Mr. Gordon's view, technological change is just not what it used to be, and we had better get used to slower growth in productivity and incomes.
The secondary sensor on the View 20 is used to capture depth and can be used to create "5823D" photos or create three-dimensional avatars of people.
We used to say bitch all the time and then one of the people that was here used to get upset and now bitch has creeped in.
We need visibility into how people are trained, which processes are used to build and test and which tools are used to create our nation's information technology.
In the case of PGP encryption, a public key is used to encrypt, or "lock", messages and a secret key is used to decrypt, or "unlock", them.
And they used to bring my mom in tow, and my mom used to bring me in tow to all the different marches that she went to.
It's a process President Bill Clinton used to pass welfare reform in 1996 and President George W. Bush used to pass tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.
Stephen Jackson played for the Phoenix Suns a few years back, and I used to visit regularly, so I'm used to the scenery, but this is different.
Reconciliation (yet another dreaded "r" word) is often used to circumvent the usual legislative process and should never be used to restructure major entitlement programs like Medicaid.
On Monday options were active with calls, usually used to bet on shares rising, and puts, typically used to place bearish bets, traded in nearly equal numbers.
"We all remember Joe Camel being used to encourage kids to smoke cigarettes – we shouldn't let Star Wars be used to encourage kids to gamble," he said.
I never used to do shows but I used to go on pirate radio, make tracks in the studio and send my tapes to Logan at KISS.
I used to work in Patong on Bangla Road, used to see muscle heads get beat up every night, little Thais beating the shit out of them.
It's a process President Bill Clinton used to pass welfare reform in 1003 and President George W. Bush used to pass tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.
Millions of acres of land are being used to grow feed crops for farm animals, but could be more efficiently used to grow plant foods for people.
"I used to come home from work and I used to drive by my house every day and pause and make sure nothing looked amiss," she said.
So the story I always used to tell — this is from my last book, which I did with Michael Mandelbaum, "That Used To Be Us," about America.
It's worth noting that, before it became a church, New Temple Missionary used to be a different house of worship: It used to be a movie theater.
And even fool's gold proved valuable in the end: Iron pyrite was used to make sulfuric acid, which in turn was used to process bona fide gold.
The same types of thermal, audio and visual sensors that can be used to supply data to digital twins are also being used to reduce equipment breakdowns.
His brother was arrested after his identity documents were found to have been used to rent the van used to carry out the attack on Las Ramblas.
Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, the charges used to impeach Trump, are simply not crimes so can&apost be used to impeach, he has said.
"The Chinese are very used to, at this point 30 years after Tiananmen Square, very used to receiving, to absorbing, U.S. criticism on human rights," he said.
It can be used to prevent catastrophic wildfires like those raging throughout the American West, and can be used to mitigate the effects of the warming climate.
Drones have been used to arrest and surveil people and have also been used to locate missing persons and to assist in rescue operations during natural disasters.
" And for that reason, he said, "I cannot support the primary weapon I used to defend our people being used to kill children I swore to defend.
As well as vulnerabilities, the term zero-days can be used to refer to exploits, which are techniques and code used to take advantage of those bugs.
In the book, I trace how this idea of automation is used to justify ... this idea of progress is used to justify treating people miserably, workers miserably.
Because we used to see at "The Daily Show," Jon used to make a fun joke about it, there'd be 30 white guys from Harvard behind him.
I mean, there's the whole industry of data brokers, for example, who we've recently- Who you used to- ... made the decision that we- But you used to.
"One of my best memories was that there was an American officer who used to remember the birthdays of my three children and he used to bring them gifts," said Yasir Khaleel, who lives in Baquba, in eastern Iraq, and used to work as a translator for American troops.
Taken with misoprostol, a drug used to treat ulcers that also causes uterine contractions, mifepristone can be used to cause an abortion at up to 10 weeks' gestation.
Now we're so used to these things and how easily we've become used to these tools but at the time these things ... People didn't share things like this.
The same blanket he used to keep me warm in Callao was the same blanket my father used to keep me and my brothers warm in New York.
The first is the energy used to run the Netflix operation, and the second is the energy used to stream content across a global network to each subscriber.
But in Ryan's case, he spent much of his speakership blocking the types of bills he used to promote and boosting the ones he used to fight against.
Much of this is due to the ridiculous amount of old footage he used to watch and boxing books he used to read when training with Cus D'amato.
We're used to Qs and Alfreds — what we're not used to is seeing that position filled not just by a young woman, but a young woman of color.
It is commonly used to fund construction of electricity transmission lines and, in Britain, has been used to fund the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a "super sewer" for London.
Maybe it is lower than it used to be, and also the level of crime is much lower than it used to be, for example in the 1990s.
I want to know what source data was used to make the recommendation, and I'd also like to know what algorithms were used to produce confidence in it.
My sister used to manage a restaurant and says customers used to threaten her with bad write-ups, sometimes leaving one-star reviews without even sampling the food.
If propranolol could be used to prevent new fear memories from over-consolidating, she wondered, could it also perhaps be used to keep old, traumatic memories from reconsolidating?
It also takes a bit of getting used to, with SATS revealing that its crew members took an average of one week to get used to the glasses.
I don't feel bored by anything I used to feel, it's just funny to realize one day that it doesn't mean the same thing that it used to.
Those credentials can either be used to build a fuller picture of a victim for identity theft, or they can be used to charge phantom rides, experts said.
My best friend Trevor Bond – he used to shoot amazing photos so I looked up to him – and just my friends and locals I used to skate with.
Some of us got used to daily harassment in the street — #EnaZeda showed that this is not O.K., and we should not get used to it at all.
Not only is it used to make expensive products, but it's also used to add extra bling to luxurious items, from smartphones, to supercars, and even beef steaks.
The one I found was gorgeous (20-foot ceilings!) and quirky (it used to be the federal building — I'm living in what used to be the city's mailroom
Unlike Apple's FaceTime app, which can only be used to call people with Apple gadgets, Duo can be used to place video calls between Android and Apple phones.
"In the past, we used to say when gas prices came down there used to be a perceptible increase in convenience store traffic," Nooyi told analysts this week.
This key is then used to secure another key, which would work with a non-quantum encryption algorithm that is used to actually encode the data being sent.
They used to play there every year and there even used to be a Havana / London festival that Ronnies organised back then, but I never got to go.
It used to be love, it used to be unity, but our city has allowed hate groups to think it's OK to come here and spew their hatred.
Serbia isn't used to parking eight men behind the goal and defending, while Costa Rica isn't used to controlling the ball and stringing together passes through the middle.
White medical tents located near the main airport that were recently used to isolate measles patients will now be used to quarantine suspected coronavirus sufferers, the government said.
While NAD+ treatments have been used to treat conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, it isn't conventionally used to treat the effects of addiction like in Bieber's case.
Disneybounders is a term used to used to describe people who create DIY Disney-inspired looks as a tribute to their favorite characters to wear within the parks.
These tests are based on a self-contained machine that's widely used to test for things like hepatitis C. It was also used to screen for Ebola virus.
So if they&aposre only used to fighting on a level playing field and not have to worry about levels, then they&aposre gonna be used to that.
I used to drop them off in the front, they used to run up and touch the door and get back in the car and off we went.
Executive privilege is generally used to refuse to answer specific questions, while testimonial immunity is used to foreclose an entire area of questioning or avoid a congressional hearing.
You do not tell citizens to get used to it; elected officials need to get used to working for the public trust that is the price for their authority.
"Large ships are used to accommodate oversized hardware," Dennis Jenkins, an aerospace engineer at the California Science Center who used to work on the Space Shuttle, tells The Verge.
They're not used to feeling not OK. And when you box, you have to be used to not feeling OK. It doesn't feel OK a lot of the time.
Some opioids used to adulterate heroin last longer than Narcan, the drug used to stop overdoses, which means users may need multiple Narcan injections to survive one bad dose.
Why Brave New World is No Longer the Terrifying Dystopia it Used to BeBrave New World used to be one of the most terrifying stories about a false utopia.
The truth is, once you get used to it — and you do get used to it fast — you start to wonder why other e-bikes don't have these features.
The technology is similar to what is currently used to inspect checked luggage at U.S. airports today, but traditional X-ray machines are used to inspect carry-on luggage.
He said the techniques used to protect against the vulnerability in the new products will be more efficient than the software-based mitigations being used to secure existing ones.
And sure, you can get used to that stuff, in the same way you can get used to AM radio if the FM antenna in your car is busted.
There are crossover areas, but something like email is designed and overwhelmingly used to say things, while websites and apps are overwhelmingly designed and used to interact with things.
"I've witnessed the most extraordinary skills used to reconstruct buildings, clothes and language, but those don't put you into the imaginative world people used to live in," he said.
The devices are used to keep track of leave time, file reimbursement requests, request time off, and complete a range of routine tasks that used to take employees hours.
The policy will outline the principles used to decide when to change prices but will not provide the actual formulas used to set gasoline, diesel and other fuel prices.
Jets coach Todd Bowles gets a crack at the franchise where he used to work as defensive coordinator; Cardinals coach Bruce Arians also used to coach Bowles at Temple.
" If you are not gagging yet, please continue: "Positive controls were used to help us identify yeast colonies and negative controls were used to ensure our techniques were sterile.
When I did partake in skirts, there used to be a Japanese brand called Super Lovers in Covent Garden and I always used to get brilliant socks from there.
If the random numbers used to create the zk-SNARK parameters are ever discovered, they could be used to essentially reverse engineer the math that created the public parameters.
The revenue was also used to pay for refundable tax credits used to help moderate-income people afford health insurance on the marketplace exchanges set up under the law.
The sleepy fictional town of Talinas is "not used to thieves breaking and entering," Gumbiner writes, but then Eli (or Berg, as he's known) is not used to thieving.
Chlorine bleach, however, should not be used to clean phone screens; it may be used to clean the back of phones and/or cases, though color loss may occur.
Which is to say this is a company used to stitching together new works out of disparate parts and used to being surprised, pleasantly, by what it has made.
We've gotten used to thinking of Silicon Valley, the internet, and innovation as interchangeable, but the next wave of innovation might look very different from what we're used to.
Le Monde wryly noted that the Assemblée's canteen, used to doling out glasses of wine at night sessions, now had to get used to orange juice and Coca-Cola.
"I remember when we had Ebola patients, their families used to come and they used to read stories to their children, they would pray with their wife," he said.
The equipment included hyperbaric oxygen chambers, cryotherapy devices, ultrasound equipment used to perform imaging on pregnant women, and even electromagnetic therapy devices used to treat horses, the government said.
"Sterling used to be a relatively simple currency that used to trade on cyclical events and data, but now it has become a political and structural currency," he said.
The Air Force first announced in January 2015 that Boeing's 19703-8 would be used to replace the two current Air Force planes used to transport the U.S. president.
But Samantha Bee used to work at "The Daily Show," and "The Daily Show" used to spend a lot of time really laying into you, I think justifiably. Yeah.
There used to be phone calls that you used to do like that — you know, dirty phone calls and things, and people pay for them or not, or whatever.
" - Tanya, 25 "Used to give best friends blowjobs.
"While the state's resources and financial power are being used to boost the 'yes' vote, its legal, administrative and security forces are used to clamp down on 'no'," he said.
It used to be ad serving ... or advertising used to be one of our top-three complaints on the service as to why I canceled or why I do this.
The fund used to settle violations of the CAA is perhaps just one of the several pockets of money throughout the government used to handle judgments made against government employees.
That's great for locating missing gadgets, but it could also be used to improve the accuracy of tracking in indoor spaces where Bluetooth beacons are used to help people navigate.
Rare earth elements are used to manufacture hybrid car batteries and wind turbines; they're also used to produce laser targeting devices and the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter.
WBC is frequently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and other physical ailments, but it's also being used to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and even obesity.
Should this technology ever reach the clinical stage, it could be used to eliminate all sorts of genetic diseases, but it could also be used to introduce entirely new capacities.
On the other hand, implanted brain devices would be used to sharpen thinking skills, such as concentration, and synthetic blood would be used to enhance physical skills, such as strength.
While the project was set up to create a tool that could be used to clean artworks, the researchers reckon it could in theory be used to clean any surface.
But the most notable perk from location-based data may also be used to uncover abnormalities in behaviors, which could be used to detect and limit actions taken by hackers.
And probably has some health problems and it has affected his ability to respond as well as he used to be, and tell lies as good as he used to.
The stick and the rope were humanity's first tools, the stick was used to drive off enemies and the rope was used to bind what we wanted closer to us.
" Marko: "He used to give excellent dharma talks, but when he started talking about construction and state approvals for grants, people used to get pissed and say, 'That's not Zen!
Social Media: Destroyer or Creator Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool, but it can be used to harm as easily as it can be used to do good.
Bank accounts used to launder illicit proceeds may be set up for personal or business use, but are most often used to cleanse funds on behalf of a threat organization.
In addition to being used to study pharmaceuticals, they can also be used to study neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, as well as viral infections, trauma and, stroke.
"He doesn't take the grind of this game as hard as he used to and doesn't care what people think of him as much as he used to," Speier said.
If it seems like the buzzy weeks before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline aren't what they used to be, it's because they aren't what they used to be.
At a high level maybe, but the job that I used to have it's a guy named Rob Leathern who used to be a Facebook ads partner, we're actually friends.
There used to be worry beads or there used to be all kinds of ways people were reminded of things, of all kinds of ways to stop for a second.
I don't know when I'll get used to it or if I'll ever get used to it, but I'm super grateful for all the people that are cheering for me.
"You get used to failure after failure, so we were thinking that we were never going to get anything other than what we were already used to," Ms. Burke said.
"When we used to have those deluge of orders, we used to empty the entire corporate office, get a bus, and bring them here to the fulfillment center," Huang says.
By the way, this also applies in media companies, New York Times, Viacom, used to be the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal used to be all run by families.
And also people used to write their passwords down way more often, and people used to print out secret documents to read instead of just reading them on their computers.
While it has been used to test liquid-fuelled rocket engine technology used in North Korea's long-range missiles, it has never been used to launch a long-range missile.
This post originally appeared on VICE UK. Homecoming is a series in which photographer Chris Bethell accompanies writers to their hometowns and learns about what they used to do, where they used to hang out, and who they used to know, to see what it reveals about how the UK is changing.
Judging by the method used to liberate Karma, the military offensive in Falluja appears to follow a similar pattern to that previously used to liberate Kobani in northern Syria from ISIS.
Remember too that the same computer processing power that's being used to recognize our voices and serve up useful Netflix recommendations is also being used to generate passwords for hacking attacks.
This episode still didn't concentrate as much on Elliot as we're used to, maybe because Elliot still doesn't trust "us" — or whomever he thinks he's talking to — like he used to.
Used to showcase items from the luxury retailer's "Pradamalia" collection, the display included monkey figurines that the Commission said evoked images of Sambo, a racist caricature used to dehumanize black people.
In these instances, guns aren't used to establish a plot point— these guns are purchased and used to carry out senseless mass shootings that don't tie into a larger narrative arc.
Absolutely. Your name gets used to push other things, something you said might get used to frame or to reinforce or put another spin on a narrative someone needs to create.
It's a negative measurement that can be used to figure out the light that's coming off of each planet, which can also be used to deduce what's in the worlds' atmospheres.
When I look back at Xicanisma and at things I used to post — I do not agree with everything that I used to say — and that was just two years ago!
I've begun to think that we turn to one person to give us what not only an entire village used to provide us, but what an entire religion used to provide.
The campaign was going to be used to build interest in the new game console and would be used to release details about the console such as price and launch titles.
The proceeds from the bonds will be used to repay a bridge loan used to acquire a 15 percent stake in the Vankor oilfield in Russia from Rosneft for $1.3 billion.
"But it's very 'gut,' which people are not used to in the diplomatic world because people are used to reading note cards," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
So what used to happen to my body when I used to listen to great records in my time, when I was totally turned on to music—that's not happening today.
The state laws used to arrest Turgeon are rarely used to pursue a drone pilot, and airspace safety has typically been enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration, not local law enforcement.
I used to teach in Tower Hamlets, around the corner from where the girls used to go to school, and they never talked about religion, but they always talked about boys.
The market is heaping more punishment than it used to on stocks of companies that miss expectations, and it is not rewarding stocks of companies that beat as it used to.
Those used to take up a lot of memory and CPU cycles when you switched between them, as each workspace used to get its own Electron process in the old app.
But the larger question is what is privacy in today's digital age and if technology can be used to commit crimes, why can't it be used to solve and prevent crimes?
Inside the workshop, they also discovered two large basins that were likely used to dry mummies with natron and prepare bandages that would be used to wrap them, the statement said.
Work with popular database systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL While SQL is the language used to interact with databases, MySQL is a database management system used to actually store your data.
Backpage has long been embroiled in controversy over its "adult" section, which is not only widely used to advertise prostitution, but has also been used to traffic both adults and minors.
While emojis are sometimes used to reduce ambiguity, such as making sure someone knows you're teasing them, they're also sometimes intentionally used to convey tone that is lost in digital communication.
The proposals include: Stephen Miller, a policy advisor to Trump who used to work for Jeff Sessions, has suggested getting rid of the current lottery system used to distribute the visas.
Although the websites could be used to trick members of the Senate and think tanks, they also could have been used to dupe other people or entities that interact with them.
In its October 2016 filing, Amazon suggested the drone could be used to replace dashboard-mounted cameras in police cars or be used to help find lost cars in parking lots.
Methylene blue, a dye used to stain tissues viewed under a microscope, can be taken by tablet or injection, and is sometimes used to treat urethral infections and a hemoglobin disorder.
I used to read books, I used to have a book with me all the time, and so I'm reading "Hamilton," or I'm reading whatever book I happen to be reading.
We used to tailgate in parking lot 8-B at the old Giants Stadium, and I used to see Wayne Chrebet #80 and his family in the parking lot quite often.
Maybe those assets could even include a company paid-for car used to visit a victim's home, or a company-provided phone used to illicitly call or text a harassment victim.
"If you can not get used to failure — just like a boxer — if you can't get used to [being] hit, how can you win?" he says to the audience in Nairobi.
But vaping devices and cartridges can be used to heat many substances, including cannabis-based oils, and some of the solvents used to dissolve them can present their own health problems.
The malware used to track Ukrainian artillery units was a variant of the kind used to hack into the Democratic National Committee, CrowdStrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch said in an interview.
" It said stringent controls are used to guard against "field material" from entering the raw products and that washing and filtration systems and visual inspections are used to eliminate "unwanted debris.
Kevin used to have a lot more lines, and there used to be this part where he was talking about how he was watching the Criterion Collection all day, every day.
Women are earning more than they used to, relative to men, Coontz said, so marriage is no longer the embodiment of financial stability for heterosexual couples that it used to be.
Together the two sales are expected to realize approximately $3.7 billion, and will be used to repay a portion of the $6.9 billion loan used to help finance the Columbia deal.
It remains to be seen whether western nations — in particular the U.S., which is used to making the rules in international relations — would get used to that shift in global power.
Who would that ... I used to call them incinerators.
" He writes, "They used to call us sidewalk Indians.
" She explains: "We're used to seeing Isabelle being powerful.
Confundo — used to confuse opponents Here's an easy one.
Or they used to — that is, until this year.
Right, they're being used to ... They're using their platform.
" Of Clinton, she said, "I used to admire her.
Yo momma so old, IHOB used to be IHOP !!!!!
I used to do very pure mathematics — symplectic topology.
" Derek apologizes, and Star says she's "used to it.
Makes sense ... Sammy's fam used to own the restaurant.
"But I used to be an Ultimate Warrior fan."   
Okay, they used to hang out — a lot. 3.
But as an actor — he's not used to that.
" Him: "You used to play those games with me.
They used to put me out of Shake & Bake.
" The mural used to say "Waco feels like home.
" She said it was "something you get used to.
" He added, "Everybody used to call him my son.
LOS ANGELES — Danny Gabai was used to being ignored.
Or think about bowling — bowling used to be lit.
" And I used to go, "Well, I'm an actor.
"They always used to say 'good morning,' " Tsiggas said.
""He used to have lines around — out the door.
Yeah, stuff used to be fun — if you survived.
But not as hard as it used to be. ■
" Grove mainstreamed what used to be called "the underground.
" Amarin Corporation PLC: "I used to like this stock.
Imagine what happens when ... And they're used to it.
It's just a trade ... We're used to the states.
To many progressives, the question of who needs to be protected is much more important than the ideas being used to justify it — and they feel it's simply not all that difficult to step in when a principle is being used to benefit the powerless, and step back when it's used to benefit the powerful.
The microwaves are tuned to this frequency and the pulses used to measure out a second of time, just as the regular oscillations of quartz crystals are used to calibrate electronic watches.
Catherine Gray used to be one of those people who used to get anxiety over her 40th birthday until she decided to embrace it — realizing that age really is just a number.
We wrote it in the basement of a house Danny was living in at the time on Albion Street in Chicago; there used to be shows there, we used to rehearse there.
But there are also drugs like prazosin, used to treat high blood pressure, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety, and benzodiazepines like clonazepam, a tranquilizer used to manage seizures and panic attacks.
I spend my time working, kids, I don't travel as much as I used to, I can't do the social dinners I used to ... I wasn't a big social dinner person before.
"They used to call me the script doctor because I used to read the script and rip it apart from page 1 to page 80 — I would catch the inconsistencies," she said.
"I don't really know what to do about people, especially maybe white men, white adult men, who are used to being listened to and are used to being taken seriously," says Heidecker.
This is from a guy at the store I used to work at 😅 he used to do this once a week for his free drink, no tip, actually drank it pic.twitter.
When everyone starts from zero, an incumbent's campaign account can't be used to scare away challengers for the next election or used to lay the groundwork for running for a different office.
I've been to countries where governments either forced women to have abortions, like they used to do in China, or forced women to bear children, like they used to do in Romania.
Where the old Voyage used to cost $232, the new Paperwhite starts at just $129.99 for the 8GB, Wi-Fi model (which is $10 more than the old Paperwhite used to cost).
It still took me a couple of days to get used to typing on a physical keyboard, but that's to be expected when you're so used to typing on a glass screen.
Blood tests are used to check glucose levels (which can be used to diagnose malnutrition), orthopedic surgery repairs fractured shells from boat strikes or predators, and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber treats sepsis.
Pressure cookers were used to house the devices; shrapnel was added to increase the lethality of the charges, and Christmas lights were used to initiate the explosions, according to law enforcement officials.
And all of that doesn't even take into account the sheer fact that land being used to grow crops to feed animals is land that's not being used to help feed people.
The senators asked for information on the process used to determine list prices and the process used to determine net prices after negotiations with pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and health insurance plans.
While the barbecue craft varied from the hot stones used to cook marmot in Mongolia to the pit used to grill goat in Mexico, the message in each trip was the same.
"I guess there are people who get used to it but I never get fully used to it," Arnett told PEOPLE at a press conference for the film in New York City.
As we saw with Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 election, this data can be used to steer particular viewpoints; it's not a far cry to imagine information being used to control viewpoints.
Wooden utensils are used to tack each sequin onto the mesh fabric, and laser precise applicators are used to attach rhinestones — again, one at a time — on top of the sequin islands.
In theory, if land used to grow tobacco were used to grow other agricultural products, an opportunity would arise to nourish Africa's millions today and prepare to feed the world's billions tomorrow.
The normal tools used to manage economic growth, like shifting interest rates or containing inflation, used to be enough to ensure that the market would bring higher wages and broadly shared prosperity.
Instead, the lurid and emotional language he used to describe the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border could be used to lay the groundwork for an eventual declaration, if it is made.
The same STM tip, which is used to move the atoms in and out of vacancies and write the data, is also what's used to read the data back into the system.
I've been to countries where governments either forced women to have abortions, like they used to do in China, or forced women to bear children, like they used to do in Romania.
The people who had got used to cooperating in the first stage gave twice as much money in the second stage as the people who had got used to being selfish did.
The hand then removes the tip of the penis (which will be used to create a clitoris); the shaft and the scrotum are then used to create the labia and vaginal canal.
That's particularly clear in this bill, because most of the savings from these sweeping Medicaid cuts aren't used to reduce the deficit — they're being used to cut taxes, mostly on the wealthy.
"When I was a young boy, my granddad used to write letters home from the war saying he swapped rations with the Americans and he used to bring [Spam] home," Mark said.
So now you have, basically, social networks making decisions that used to be with courts and that often used to be a matter of months and months of weighing different legal [considerations].
David used to support Crystal Palace, and once I broke through he used to come to all the Palace games he could, and there were certain Arsenal games I would go to.
While others artists explored the way "fake news" had been used to achieve large-scale political ends, Ms. Shvarts examined the way media is often used to silence and invalidate marginalized experiences.
If you're used to having your watch face go completely black when not in use, the change might take some getting used to, but I'm already a big fan of the change.
Apple on Wednesday removed an app that protesters in Hong Kong have used to track police movements from its app store, saying it violated rules because it was used to ambush police.
"You have members that are used to being in majority party, and used to driving the policy discussion," said Nick Langworthy, who became the New York State Republican Party chairman in July.
"People who used to run NGOs supporting orphans, disabled people or the poor used to only communicate on WhatsApp groups," Muneer Mustafa, an IT engineer from Tral in Kashmir, told VICE News.
Researchers fear that the techniques used to prevent genetic diseases might also be used to enhance intelligence, for example, or to create people physically suited to particular tasks, like serving as soldiers.
Hey, I hope everyone is psyched for our year-end field trip to the Newest Jersey Hot Springs, which used to be the Delaware Cold Springs, which used to be the Amazon.
Managing an HIV infection and the antiretroviral drugs used to suppress it alongside post-transplant care and immunosuppressants used to help bodies accept new organs presents a dual challenge for clinical teams.
" "I've been to countries where governments either forced women to have abortions, like they used to do in China, or forced women to bear children like they used to do in Romania.
We used to save up and put out our 12 inches and we used to send them to America or to the UK. When they started to work, we had to go.
The police used to harass us, used to manhandle us and hit us…Today, the police bring us a chair to sit upon and respectfully ask us, 'What would you like to drink?
Why it matters: The same tactics that these campaign vets (namely Brad Pascale and Katie Walsh) used to elect Trump are being used to raise grassroots support for lawmakers who endorse Trump's agenda.
At the same time, a ventilation mask is used to continue providing oxygen to the body's organs -- particularly the brain -- and the anticoagulant heparin and automated CPR are used to maintain blood flow.
CBS Sports is debuting new technology in its suite of 70 cameras being used to film the 2016 game; last year only 40 video cameras were used to capture the 2015 Super Bowl.
"I had a teacher who used to call me Goldilocks in school because of my curls, and my friends used to tell me I looked like a life-size Barbie," she told Vogue.
As much as "A Novel" can be used to widen the genre's horizons, today it's also used to create a hierarchy, to set a work of fiction on higher ground than its peers.
It's a small thing that just requires getting used to the "LG Way" of Android, but I'm finding that "get used to the LG Way" is a really common theme with this phone.
While the information can be used to help people make decisions about their lifestyles or inform discussions with health care providers, it should not be used to take drastic actions, the FDA says.
Wagner said theoretically, the technology SAP used to develop the applications for DFB could be used to provide suggested coaching tactics and strategies, but it is something neither party was keen to explore.
Still used to a post-cold-war age, when the Bundeswehr was awash with superfluous equipment and personnel, planners, procurers and contract lawyers are not used to expanding Germany's military capacity at speed.
Why it matters: As TV goes digital, there is a growing need to better analyze data that is being used to fuel advertising campaigns, and the data used to measure how they perform.
Google says AI is already used to help pin down the location of whales by tracking and identifying whale sounds, which can then be used to help protect from environmental and wildlife threats.
These super-powered clams are the key to breaking the barrier, so strategy will definitely be involved in which clams are used to destroy the barrier and which are used to earn points.
Once at Alpha Centauri A, the star's gravity can be used to maneuver the probe, similar to the "slingshot" maneuvers used to direct probes like Voyagers 1 and 2 around the solar system.
The Economist: One seeming wrinkle in the play is that genetics was used to predict people's potential diseases but not used to cure it—the other side of the coin, so to speak.
She's been fighting people around the same height as her, and I've been used to fighting people who were close to my height, so we both had a lot to get used to.
Because so many apps are affected, the new text bomb could be used to create mass chaos if spammed across an open social platform or used to target individuals via email or messaging.
There is a divide between the tech stacks used to train and deploy machine learning models in the cloud and the ones used to build applications for edge devices, like smartphones and IoT.
Small slip-ups in the team's operational security allowed investigators to tie, for example, an email address used to access a given bitcoin wallet with the one used to pay for a VPN.
In fact, the Deep Space Network was used to communicate with the astronauts on Apollo 11 and was used to relay the first dramatic TV images of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the Moon.
But they also re-open a long-discussed conversation regarding artificial intelligence: what's the likelihood that this technology will stop being used to work with people, and instead be used to replace people?
It may be occasionally used to describe the degree of seasoning used in a dish, but in Mexico it is more commonly used to explain the cook's intangible, deft ability to balance flavor.
The increased media coverage might be the reason for the increased scrutiny on why the words used to describe the women are still very different from those used to describe their male counterparts.
They used to be sunken, sleepy, half-opened slits, and by the magic of taking a few blue and white pills every day, they're bigger and more feminine than they used to be.
We just think that that is starting to ... Back in 28, when we used to try to tell people what we were trying to do, people used to physically back away from us.
These exoskeletons in the real world are being used to help people move heavy objects and things like this, but they're being used to develop high-performing appendages for amputees and disabled people.
So you have the kind of pressure that you used to have at the big research universities not being put on the professors at schools that used to pride themselves on teaching students.
Do something you used to enjoy doing, whether or not you were good at it The things I used to enjoy, like drugs, I can't do anymore or I will probably die. 16.
The announcement Thursday that DNA testing would be used to help confirm family units drew some opposition from immigrant advocates, who said that the records could be used to track undocumented immigrants indefinitely.
But the reality for most of us is that bigger closets just start to resemble archives, with sad reminders of jeans that used to fit and dresses that used to be in style.
The new revenue would be used to improve existing services and provide more training, though it was unclear if any would be used to accelerate the installation of a federally mandated braking system.
There are two antibiotics that researchers have found make birth control pills less effective: griseofulvin, an antifungal used to treat athlete's foot and ringworm, and rifampicin, which is typically used to treat tuberculosis.
People may have consented to having their photos up on Flickr, but they hadn't imagined their images would be used to train a technology that could one day be used to surveil them.
As part of his proposal, Netanyahu said Israel's arsenal of advanced digital spying tools would be used to "locate the enemy" — meaning they would be used to track Israelis infected with the coronavirus.
Protease inhibitors are another class of antiviral drugs, like lopinavir and ritonavir used to treat HIV (the -vir suffix is used to denote an antiviral drug, similar to how -cillin denotes an antibiotic).
Browser vulnerabilities are a hot commodity in security circles as they can be used to infect vulnerable computers — often silently and without the user noticing — and be used to deliver malware or ransomware.
The company told CNBC that Jones' Twitter account now has temporary "limited functionality," meaning the account can't be used to tweet or retweet, but it can still be used to read others' posts.
Another cybersecurity firm, BAE Systems, said this month that the distinctive computer code used to erase the tracks of hackers in the Bangladesh Bank heist was similar to code used to attack Sony.
The immediacy and starkness of the contrast between the candidates obscures the historical realignment hinted at in their own biographies: she used to be a Republican and he used to be a Democrat.
And nobody is keyed into that snootiness more than Cherry Jones as Nan Pierce, a woman who is used to being better than everyone and even more used to reminding you of it.
So I was there on my own, and I used to come in, and I used to just think, "I'm going to ..." You know, I'd sit down and I would scribble my diary.
Their work will be used to train artificial intelligence systems.
I used to judge people who talked to their pets.
There, national security is used to justify some illiberal impulses.
They used to have Julian Assange had a show there.
Of course, it used to own nearly all of it.
But that is happening less often than it used to.
Arbitration clauses and complex contracts are used to hobble competitors.
Mr Wray used to head the Justice Department's criminal division.
Before, I used to be so scared of showing skin.
"We used to use it as a party room," Mrs.
"You get used to people looking at you," she shares.
Professional golfer Lucas Glover is used to making sports headlines.
At least, they didn't used to, except in extreme cases.
Thailand's infrastructure used to be the envy of the region.
"I used to feel [sad we weren't closer]," she said.
Its technology could be used to make a nuclear bomb.
We got used to it at a really easy pace.
Though toxic, lead used to be preferable for its durability.
They used to talk about these concepts, but not anymore.
It used to be hard to take IfOnly very seriously.
Used to be a great newspaper, the Wall Street Journal.
Step counters and smartwatches used to be all over CES.
"I used to come here all the time," he said.
We're calling you because you used to live in Israel.
An external air pump is used to power the actuators.
" She used to get bikini waxes in a weird "shapes.
Big Tech and Big Music are used to being frenemies.
Billions' spirit can be used to fuel to endless rivalries.
No public funds will be used to pay for it.
Taxpayer funds were used to purchase equipment and pay salaries.
"I used to want to save the world," Diana explains.
It used to feel like Netflix was a magical thing.
Snoop's bacon method is different from what you're used to.
But they used to write reports a lot better then.
It's much different, I feel, than it used to be.
Some people are still not used to Muslims as Americans.
We are not used to receive these sorts of communication.
Levine: The media used to make fun of the Bushes.
That's not a sticker we're used to seeing on laptops.
More importantly, Cramer said to get used to them occurring.
I used to love watching my dad at social events.
Well, next, we are used to hearing this from Hollywood.
Source: Susquehanna Cryptocurrency mining isn't what it used to be.
You remember the little bindle that hobos used to have?
Genetic genealogy has traditionally been used to map family histories.
I used to sit with her at lunches a lot.
The funds will be used to replace expensive trust loans.
Like somebody else who used to be on this show.
That's probably something you'd get used to in time, though.
I used to think guesthouses only existed on grand estates.
I used to go out with them all the time.
The Aris 13 is used to refuel ships in port.
That previous paragraph is how my brain used to work.
You can now buy the island used to promote it.
Was there some methodology you used to hone these principles?
Did you know that movie theaters used to ban popcorn?!
The printing press was first used to distribute religious materials.
The funds will be used to finance various capital projects.
We used to get stoned and watch the radio. Yeah.
Or you'll just get used to it like the locals.
And the milliner extraordinaire is used to having royal clientele.

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