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"used" Definitions
  1. familiar with something because you do it or experience it often
"used" Synonyms
secondhand previously owned second-hand castoff old preloved pre-owned hand-me-down recycled worn foreowned handed-down nearly new passed down preowned cast-off handed down not new passed on reach-me-down accustomed acclimatised(UK) acclimatized(US) acquainted adapted habituated given in the habit familiarised(UK) familiarized(US) familiar inured settled in wont practised(UK) practiced(US) inclined liable prone addicted decrepit dilapidated shabby ramshackle seedy crumbling tumbledown threadbare rickety derelict decaying rundown battered tacky ruined deteriorated deteriorating bedraggled decayed exploited abused overworked oppressed overburdened milked taken advantage of put-upon diverted changed redirected amused entertained reclassified averted deflected preempted rebudgeted sidetracked rechanneled rechannelled taken away taken over tickled turned aside made use of taken out of yourself applied practical practicable applicable functional pragmatic useable useful actionable applicative pragmatical realistic usable viable workable working accomplishable empirical expended consumed depleted spent exhausted finished drained emptied bare sapped destitute kaput used up out far-gone devoid gone dissipated void bankrupt wonted customary usual common conventional habitual normal regular frequent traditional daily routine chosen preferred typical in the habit of timeworn hackneyed tired stale banal trite stereotyped commonplace hack stock unoriginal shopworn clichéd musty cliche corny hackney obligatory wearied weary bushed debilitated dog-tired all in limp fatigued knackered whacked worn out beat bone-tired enervated wiped out bone-weary tried reliable dependable sure true trustworthy certain trusted unfailing attested calculable established good proved proven responsible safe secure solid sound employed utilized(US) wielded worked wrought harnessed utilised(UK) adopted engaged fielded manipulated operated plied made do with maneuvered(US) manoeuvred(UK) appropriated availed oneself of exercised exerted implemented drew on brought into play brought to bear played on put into action put to use put to work capitalized on effected made the most of managed regulated sourced tapped put forth burned burnt gobbled got through guzzled ran through wasted wore out finished up frittered away frivolled away squandered took advantage of beguiled controlled deceived defrauded fleeced mistreated patronised(UK) patronized(US) ripped off targeted targetted victimised(UK) profited from victimized(US) cashed in on cheated tolerated took to adjusted to took pleasure in benefitted from done with enjoyed derived benefit from gained from seized acted on grabbed pursued grasped snatched caught snagged acted upon maximized(US) treated regarded acted toward dealt with rated considered esteemed reacted to responded to served viewed set up tricked conned coaxed had cajoled disinformed gulled double-crossed duped ensnared entraped fooled framed hoaxed took occupied filled secured held monopolized(US) preoccupied reserved book booked bagged monopolised(UK) took up struck travelled on got journeyed on travelled by went via journeyed by journeyed in travelled in drove made your way through piggybacked on proceeded on progressed through wore fitted into fitted in needed required donned fit fitted habitually wore fitted out slipped on squeezed in squeezed into More
"used" Antonyms
new unused brand-new fresh mint pristine intact untouched untried virgin brand spanking new spanking new spic-and-span spick-and-span smart well-preserved good unworn unaccustomed unfamiliar unacquainted unversed averse not prepared not used not versed in unconversant uninitiated disaccustomed disinclined unpracticed unseasoned unwonted uncommon abnormal unused to sound firm healthy hearty nice solid stable sturdy vigorous young untrained basic original unhackneyed novel bored depressed theoretical hypothetical ideological analytical conjectural intellectual philosophical speculative academic idealised(UK) idealized(US) postulated postulatory academical conjectured notional suppositional suppositious ideational imagined remaining unexpended augmented energised(UK) energized(US) enlarged full increased unconsumed misused mishandled misemployed abused misapplied misappropriated mismanaged ill-used knocked around mistreated disregarded neglected abandoned bypassed avoided ignored misheeded suspended brushed aside deferred discarded omitted overlooked paid no attention to paid no mind passed over passed up shirked shrugged off snubbed conserved preserved saved cut back cut down on hoarded maintained safeguarded scrimped skimped stored stored up sustained used sparingly went easy on guarded squirrelled(UK) squirreled(US) stashed stewarded helped assisted benefited benefitted aided gratified served enriched nurtured satisfied supported protected rescued guided forfeited gave up relinquished surrendered yielded yold forwent ceded sacrificed lost withwent missed discounted let slip passed failed to catch failed to notice failed to see failed to spot lost sight of overpassed dropped the ball glossed over let go let something slide

505 Sentences With "used"

How to use used in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "used" and check conjugation/comparative form for "used". Mastering all the usages of "used" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Morgo used Cinema4D, Arcier used Maya, Dufoure used 3Ds Max, and Crouse used Unity3D.
What it does: Valuation: Total raised: Programming languages used: Frameworks used: Databases used
These words were broken down into eight categories: the most-used keywords, the most-used features and amenities, the most-used luxury features and amenities, the most-used keywords by room, the most-used adjectives, and the most-used brand names.
Used to treat diabetes Used to treat influenza Muscle relaxant Generic for Paxil, used to treat depression Generic for Zofran, used for nausea
Of those participants who had ever used cannabis, 31.3% had used combustible cannabis, 21.3% had used edibles and 10.5% had used vaporized cannabis.
In fact used barrels may be used, but charred new oak barrels must be used.
What it does: Valuation: Total raised: $1.03 billionProgramming languages used: Frameworks used: n/aDatabases used
We used drones, we used helicopters, we used technology from air, which was totally new.
To achieve the look, "we used wood, we used cashmere, we used alpaca," Ms. Caan sad.
Pop stars used the word to sell records, guys used it to get laid, models used it to push product, writers used it to advance their brand.
What it does: Valuation: $47 billionTotal raised: $8.39 billionProgramming languages used: Frameworks used: Databases used: n/a
After I put the word out, I soon got a used car seat — and the used stroller it fit into, and a used crib, and a used breastfeeding pillow, a used high chair, used bottles, hand-me-down baby clothes of all sizes, and yes, even a used breast pump — from kind co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and my dentist.
Of the 2,288 sexually active girls in the survey, about 2 percent used LARC, about 22 percent used birth control pills, about 41 percent used condoms, about 12 percent used withdrawal or other methods, about 16 percent used no contraceptive method and about 6 percent used the shot, patch or ring.
What it does: A shopping app that sellsValuation: $8 billionTotal raised: $1.5 billionProgramming languages used: Frameworks used: Databases used
What it does: Develops Valuation: $38 billionTotal raised: $14.15 billionProgramming languages used: Frameworks used: n/aDatabases used: n/a
Most - 85 percent - used only regular cigarettes, while 4.5 percent used only e-cigarettes and 11 percent used both.
In the current study, about 15% of the young people hospitalized for heart attacks were cannabis users, while 2.5% used amphetamines, 6% used cocaine, 2.6% used opioids, and 28.4% used tobacco.
Of the lawyers that did answer those questions, 21 percent used cocaine, crack and stimulants; 22015 percent used opioids; 2911 percent used marijuana and hash; and nearly 6003 percent used sedatives.
The same one that Penn used to wobble Hughes, Henderson used to starch Babalu, and Rua used to decimate Overeem.
What it does: Develops video games like Valuation: $15 billionTotal raised: $1.58 billionProgramming languages used: Frameworks used: n/aDatabases used
It used to be operating systems, it used to be databases, it used to be other things in enterprise software.
"It's been used for dogs, and it's been used for Frisbee games, and it's been used for picnics," he said.
Never. I've never used it — never, ever used it.
Brown said that 13 officers used force against shooting suspect Micah Johnson: 11 officers used firearms and two used explosive devices.
Apple took down an app used used by Hong Kong protesters this week, saying it was being used to target police.
Bitcoin and gold can both be used: for example, gold is used in electronic circuits and bitcoin is used as payment.
Bilal used to join us onstage, when Ledisi used to join us onstage, when Erykah used to join us on tage.
Get used to this being used as a reaction .gif.
"People had never used toilets, never used telephones," he continued.
These animals still used the molecular addresses their ancestors used.
I used to paint, I used to do all that.
That phrase is used to divide and used to distract.
People are used to ... Kids are used to that, too.
The Mac app used to cost $49.99, the iPhone app used to cost $9.99 and the iPad app used to cost $4.99.
The iPhone app used to cost $4.99, the iPad app used to cost $9.99, and the Mac app used to cost $49.99.
I'm so used to the Squares and I am used to the fintech and I'm used to thinking bricks and mortar are dead.
I've used it in, actually, in Amsterdam I used it also.
It gets some used-to, for foreigners to get used to.
Zinc is used to galvanize steel used in construction and cars.
Robert: We used special skin glue that is used in theater.
I've used them in China, I've used them lots of places.
Government forces used chlorine, while Islamic State militants used sulfur mustard.
I used to DJ. I used to mix reggae and that.
"I should not have used the words I used," he said.
Roseanne used to be like a ... She used to be funny.
I've used them in war; I've had them used against me.
Most states used to caucusMost states used caucuses until the 1970s.
People aren't used to mattering, and people aren't used to voting.
Back in the day, this used to be all I used.
He used to cut, by hand, the gemstones used in movements.
The emails used to register one site used in a phishing campaign can be used to find other sites run by the same party.
I've had several extra jobs: I used to drive Lyft, I used to deliver food for Postmates, I used to sell things on eBay.
There is no such excess in Cuba, where things are used and then used some more and then used until they eventually fall apart.
I used to participate in prison programs, used to work in the kitchen, used to go out to the recreation yard all the time.
In 2018, 1.2 million households used Section 8 project-based vouchers (used in specific housing developments), and 2.2 million households used housing choice vouchers ("portable" vouchers that can be used for renting apartments in the private market).
Some have used the term data-dependent; I've used the term patient.
G: It used to be underground, cool—it used to be niche.
I used the same clear coating I used for the base coat.
It used to be Moments, and it used to be called Search.
Once used, the supplies used to inject the Dilaudid are safely disposed.
That phrase is used to divide and it is used to distract.
It's, like, 'Printers—I used to have one, it used to break.
The new study used another, called MammaPrint, which is used less often.
"She used a word she shouldn't have used," he told VICE Impact.
I used to get really upset; it used to make me crazy.
Before I used to rap I used to want to produce, beatbox.
"I should not have used the words I used yesterday," Schumer said.
For instance, even when Robert Morris used felt, he used industrial felt.
The language used will be similar to that used by Mr. Trump.
The words the drunk used and Mr. Trump used were pretty similar.
"I should not have used the words I used yesterday," he said.
"I'm used to having to work, used to responsibility," Mr. Ramos said.
It's frequently used with CSS, which is used to style web pages. 
"Emperor Qianlong has used it; now I've used it," he explained afterward.
They're used first on marginalized communities, they're used on communities of color.
Twenty-four percent of endowment spending is used for professorships, 21.8% is used on scholarships and student support, 22% is used on research costs, 27% goes toward the school's libraries and museums, 103% goes toward faculty and teaching, 210% is used for construction and 22018% is used for "other" costs.
Some of his choice options include "great," which Spicer used over 180 times; "strong," used more than 80 times, and "tremendous," used nearly 40 times.
SpaceX used cryogenically cooled RP-1, a type of kerosene used in jets, and liquid oxygen to combust the fuel used to launch the rocket.
Moroccans apparently used them to perk up those suffering from fatigue; indigenous Californians used them as an emetic; Australian aboriginals used them to treat headaches.
No. The first season, we used Sly and the Family Stone, and we've used Aimee Mann, and then we've used, like I say, Vince Staples.
I don't think it can be sold in this country because we're used to an income tax, we're used to a…people are used to this tax, whether they like it or don't like, they're used to this tax.
Water with salt is used in regular blessings, water with oil is used in baptisms, and water with ashes and wine is used to consecrate churches.
In particular, it was used to discover a deposit of Vanadium, which is used to build Vanadium Redox Batteries that are used in large industrial applications.
The study, in BMJ Open, compared people who used P.P.I.s with those who used H2 receptor antagonists (Zantac, for example) and with those who used neither.
That list of minerals includes lithium used in batteries, along with rare earths such as neodymium, used in industrial magnets, and gallium, used to make semiconductors.
This was Leicester as it used to be, how it used to look and how it used to feel, an echo of all that old electricity.
These metals are used for a variety of purposes in electronics; for example, neodymium is used in an iPhone's speakers, and indium is used in touchscreens.
"This area used to be used by drug addicts or prostitutes," she said.
When it's used now it is almost always used within that ugly context.
You know, you used to have three networks that you used to watch.
Whenever I used the Olloclip lenses, I also used the new Pivot grip.
Researchers used an MRI technique that is typically used to diagnose sports injuries.
That parser, incidentally, used to be able to be used by other developers.
One officer used pepper spray, but officials said no tear gas was used.
If we can get used to "Yahoo!" we can get used to Oath.
We've used the Declaration of Independence, we've used all those kinds of things.
You can donate your gently used books here or shop used books here.
I wiped down any surface that I used right after I used it.
They are used to brutality and violence, used to the worst of people.
Who are used to using Tinder, who are used to using everything digitally.
Just 0.7% of the young women used supplements and only 0.4% used steroids.
And how he used it a lot is, again, he used overhead shots.
I used to watch TV, I used to do a lot of things.
I used to take their [dance] classes and they used to take mine.
The profile used the same username and password that he used for everything.
She used some of the same phrasing Beyoncé used to describe said hair.
In December 2016, they used 242 therms; last December, they used only 194.
You will see drugs being used like nobody has ever used them before.
Two used observations from Earth, and the third used data from Mars Express.
He's the one who decides what picture gets used, how it gets used.
Half used a condom, and 54% used a different method of birth control.
It also misstated an example Mr. Messina used in describing commonly used hashtags.
All tools can be used for good and can be used for bad.
The chemicals subjected to these pre-manufacture notices include the chemical used to make a thin film used in electronic device applications, the chemical used as a barrier coating in wood veneers, and the chemical used to make flexible foam.
They used the community, they used their campmates, and they put their toys away.
Electric engines are usually used for passenger trains, while diesel is used for freight.
"We used the same set of criteria that previous administrations have used," Mulvaney said.
The way Buchla used it was not anything like the way I used it.
No. A little more than I used to, more than I used to. Really?
Protesters used umbrellas to fend off pepper spray and tear gas used by police.
Can Indian datasets be used to train an AI model that is used globally?
The labelled images are then used to train vision systems used in autonomous cars.
The drone used to set the record isn't the same one used in races.
As a result, time travel isn't used for research purposes: it's used for tourism.
It used to be pretty big, I used to have 1,300 to 1,400 pairs.
She even used the same $10 mascara Kaley Cuoco used on her wedding day!
TS: My mother used a lot of fabric because my mother used to sew.
The tools have been used for ugliness more than they've been used for beauty.
He used to dance, he used to sing ... That led me onto K-pop.
"We used essences that can be used for both perfumery and flavoring," says Woods.
Casinos used to give us their used decks, charge us a buck a pack.
Someone used an actual black cat, while another used a box of Pop Tarts.
It's a function that will be there, and can be used or not used.
Like a surprise or a certain technique you used that you haven't used before?
The new life took getting used to, but Poke'd gotten used to things before.
I'm used to pretty flat hair, so this was something to get used to.
When he asked her questions, he used words her father would never have used.
The image used a font made to look like that used on the show.
The same stage used in the first two debates was used in Las Vegas.
Some used e-cigarettes with only nicotine, while others primarily used marijuana-based products.
Space there is used, or not used, the way it is in Las Vegas.
Meanwhile, 69% of teens said they used Snapchat and 71% said they used Instagram.
I used a somewhat obscured picture of myself and I used my middle name.
They're used for tea ceremony, and they're also used for a ceremony called ikebana.
Happiness fades; we get used to the things that used to make us happy.
Haitian import rules allow used vehicles to hold personal effects and used household goods.
While some used a treadmill, others used an elliptical machine or a stationary bicycle.
For anyone used to being a pariah, this will take some getting used to.
It&aposs used in data science and it&aposs also used in web development.
"Things used with some frequency?" does not hint at things that are used frequently.
Wait until it's used for illicit purposes, which it's somewhat used for illicit purposes.
Aides said they used the boards to construct the podium Warren used on Monday.
It has been used from previous administrations, and will be used in future administrations.
Block used to promise to provide audit representation for anyone who used its software.
Because in sports you used to write your deadline, used to sit up there.
Another 3.9 million women used an IUD, and 1.7 million used an injectable method.
Monero could be used for "literally everything money is used for today," he wrote.
Just looking millimeter by millimeter where oxygen was used and where oxygen wasn't used.
The authors analyzed the text sellers used, finding that women used slightly more positive language, saying "works great" more often than "never used," for example, Dr. Regev said.
It's typically used ... It's not used for helping humanity, it's used to either help the Russians or sell Pampers or whatever the hell they want to do with it.
"If you listen closely in that tape, you could probably find 10, 15, 20 words I used that could have been used another way, better used," Mr. LePage said.
Seven patients said they used black salve on a cancerous lesion, four used it on a "precancer" and seven used it on benign growths like warts and skin tags.
No used versions are currently available, so I'll have to wait a season or two before the used versions start showing up on the Rock Solid Used Gear site.
The attack used two variants of the malware known as Destover, which was used in the Sony Attacks, and one of Volgmer, used in attacks against South Korean targets.
Their microkitchen has a foosball table I never saw used; a Rock Band setup I never saw used; and a Go kit I saw used on a few occasions.
I got used to it quickly last year when I used the iPhone XR, which also lacks 3D Touch, and I'm getting used it again with the 113 Pro.
It's called iHookup, and it's used for exactly what it sounds like it's used for.
The way music is used isn't dissimilar to the way it's used in Donnie Darko.
Used Car Search Pro Used Car Search Pro is the dark horse of car apps.
I barely used social media before until HQ so I'm just not used to it.
The area used to house the main market, where both ethnic groups used to trade.
Demand for cobalt used to be mostly for superalloys used in jet engines and hardware.
"We are used to earthquakes but we're not used to this significance," she told MSNBC.
I'd never used it before, have not used it since, would not use it again.
Lanthanum is used in lighting and camera lenses; cerium is used in self-cleaning ovens.
Some used the term dollar, and others used British denominations such as shillings and pence.
Tecentriq is used to treat bladder cancer, and Yervoy is used for late-stage melanoma.
UVGI is used to disinfect air, water, aquariums, and is also used in laboratory hygiene.
And over a decade ago the Bureau used hacking to circumvent encryption used by suspects.
The "illness" she used to justify this behavior was that she used to be anorexic.
It's unclear what the hackers used these for, or if they used them at all.
And I hated how Democrats used the Latino vote, how they used the black vote.
The equipment used to conduct the test is unpackaged and used at a snail's pace.
It has been used that way since and is being used by Exxon even today.
He used to bring Scoota by the house and we used to chop it up.
They used paper and they used masks and they didn't use social media as much.
The research is being used to discover whether best practices are being used - and where.
"We used force ... yesterday afternoon after warning that security forces would be used," he said.
Zinc is used to galvanise carbon steel while nickel is widely used in stainless steelmaking.
It never used to happen that hundreds of students used to get expelled from universities.
So, yeah, I got the emoji thing and used it infrequently, but used it myself.
In other words, Abbott is only remembered because he was used, and used in turn.
Though some kidnappees were used for propaganda purposes, others were used for other domestic reasons.
Colors can be used for emphasis and lines can be used to break up sections.
We used three or four of the tracks, but we could've used another half dozen.
Then you get different things used in crime that will overtake the guns used previously.
"The U.S.A. is used to punishing Iran, and Iran is used to resisting," Zarif said.
You are not used to it; nobody is used to it unless you're a pitcher.
Meanwhile, a third of kids who have used e-cigs have used marijuana in them.
I never used it to get ahead I never used it to get into school.
"Technology can be used for good or technology can be used for bad," he says.
Some used the same password across different websites and some used passwords unique to Spotify.
A weightlifter used his gun as a club, then used his fist as a club.
I'm not used to that class and I don't intend to get used to them.
Actively managed funds are therefore used most often used for this portion of the portfolio.
She used to be, and she used to be like a- Now she's real mad.
The death penalty is still used for drug trafficking offenses, and it's used astonishingly often.
He used IV lines to join severed arteries; he used IV lines as feeding tubes.
The machines that were used in the recount are normally used to count absentee ballots.
Some patients used e-cigarettes with only nicotine, while others primarily used marijuana-based products.
I have used the method, and used it as a small talk device, ever since.
Segers used printmaking as it had never been used before, primarily to improvise unique artworks.
One side we used for dirty, soapy water; the other we used for rinsing purposes.
I used it for about three months and then I just never used it again.
He used the same test that is widely used to detect the virus in pigs.
The lot codes and "best used by dates" for the recalled products are: Best used by December 7, 2019; Lot number L18A07C Best used by December 183, 2019; Lot numbers L18A08A and L18A08B Best used by December 14, 2019, Lot numbers LOTS: L18A14A, L18A14B, L18A14C.
Today it&aposs being used against Trump, tomorrow it will be used against Democrats and the day after tomorrow, it could be used against any of you in the audience.
We were used to roughing it, used to the sleeping bags and the grime and the new schools; used to making friends and then, once we'd made them, moving on.
While it has been used to test liquid-fuelled rocket engine technology used in North Korea's long-range missiles, it has never been used to launch a long-range missile.
Another part of the program was used to identify drivers who used both Lyft and Uber.
I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming.
One hundred percent, but I want to doubleclick into the word you used, you used traveler.
She often used her body to make paintings, then used her body to make sculptural performances.
We've lost-- Kernen: No, I've used Buffett: CPA, u-- Kernen: --I've y-- I've used it before.
"Every scrap of earth that can be used to grow something is being used," he said.
My most-used answer used to be the Boom, a Bluetooth speaker made by Ultimate Ears.
The treatment was used on top of statins, the medicine commonly used to treat high cholesterol.
Like Nutman, Papineau is questioning both the samples used and not used in the new analysis.
"We can't just assume e-cigarettes are being used the way everybody thinks they're being used."
We monitor it on a daily basis, what has been used, what has not been used.
No. The organization's job is to establish whether chemical weapons were used, not who used them.
That's why a pseudonym — 'Edward Clarkin,' which had been used before — was used in this instance.
Calculating how much is being used, and how much actually ought to be used, is essential.
Regin, the malware that was used in the Yandex operation, is used by Five Eyes nations.
More than 66 percent said they used digital assistants weekly, and 19 percent used them daily.
The bodywork used in qualifying has to be the exact same that's used on race day.
They're widely used in vitamins and supplements, and are often used by pregnant women and dieters.
When we used to talk about a mosque back home, it used to be one enclosure.
It was first used on "Brave" and has been used in all of Pixar's movies since.
" Essentially, it's being used as a slogan—just like other food companies have long used "natural.
The chemicals used in the bomb can also be used to trace it to its source.
"They've purchased a used boring machine," explained Kasprowicz, referring to the device used to excavate tunnels.
Correction: Aum Shinkrikyo used sarin in the 1994 subway attack; it used VX in assassination attempts.
Hermione used it to take more classes; she and Harry used it to save Sirius Black.
Twitter also found that most Japanese tweets used 15 characters, while most English tweets used 34.
"You used to be in silent pictures, you used to be big," the blockchain tells Kodak.
Sorghum used in ethanol pales in comparison to the amount of corn used to make biofuel.
About a third would be used to stockpile aluminum, with another third used to buy nickel.
Thermal coal is used primarily for heat, while metallurgical coal is typically used to produce steel.
The chemical is commonly used as a nasal decongestant and can be used to manufacture methamphetamine.
The system used to map the Hydra's reactions can be used to map more complicated systems.
I'm very much used to singing in English, but was less used to singing in French.
My father used women, and my mother used AA meetings, being active in her recovery program.
I used to smoke weed in the graveyard and I used to have sex there too.
Nearly 1 million people used heroin, while half a million used both prescription opioids and heroin.
He used Strzok, he used the Clinton DNC Dossier...the whole thing....     ....should be shut down.
"I'm betting it's one of the most commonly used words that is used inappropriately," he said.
Some who have used the hashtag have used racist, violent language when going after their detractors.
However, tools used in Guccifer 21625's breach had matched those used by Russian intelligence agencies.
He told Treehouse that he used to be a foster parent and used the organization's warehouse.
There were other apps on the market that used video instruction, but none that used audio.
One in five electronics companies used no automation at all, and the rest used very little.
If you're used to a different type of button, it may take some getting used to.
Albemarle makes technologically-advanced specialty chemicals used by various industries, including lithium used for recharging batteries.
The "used car loophole" may have occurred because used cars were seen as a minor market.
Facebook used the holiday to reveal the most used icons in several countries around the world.
InfoWars should not be used for determining notability, or used as a secondary source in articles.
The Ethereum developers used the same weak point for the counterattack as the original attackers used.
I don't think I used it right, but I used it successfully because I have fingernails.
I don't believe that ETHER is used anymore as an anesthetic, but it used to be.
The Giants used 20 players with their expanded September roster and the Cardinals used 15 players.
He said windows would eventually be used like computer screens, displaying content and used for videoconferencing.
Epona Heathen, 33, used to have a different name and used to live in Oakland, Calif.
It's natural to feel skeptical about buying used gadgets, but these aren't just any used gadgets.
They never used measuring cups and only rarely used thermometers or worried about precise cooking times.
If nuclear weapons are not used intentionally, they could be used inadvertently by accident or miscalculation.
The font used for each album name is similar to that typically used on prison uniforms.
Commonly used FICO scores are used by lenders, and they range from around 300 to 103.
I used it to pay off debt, buy a used car, and start an emergency fund.
Some 80% of them drank alcohol at the festival, 50% used cannabis, and 26.6% used psychedelics.
"I can remember when I used to go on show, people used to laugh," he sang.
The logic is that if Skaggs could have used marijuana, he might not have used opioids.
"I used to be free / I used to be 17," she sings over soaring guitar riffs.
This information can also be used to breeze past security questions used to secure online accounts.
"I used a gun for the same reason that Brenton Tarrant used a gun," he writes.
"We used to have an all-American camp that I used to go to," Bryant recalled.
The word "ironic" was sometimes used to describe his work; he used it himself, in fact.
I think it's less about what's Wi-Fi used for but what's the box used for.
Biniok added that the AI being used in CIMON is already being used on Earth, in approximately 20 industries, including healthcare, where it&aposs used to support doctors, nurses and patients.
The previous research found that almost 80% of people included in the study used emojis when texting, while 76% used them on Facebook and just 15% used them in email contexts.
The first is used for screening patients from the general population; the second is used for "risk stratification" among cataract patients; the third is used in assisting ophthalmologists with treatment decisions.
Used to be Macs, you used to save up coupons to get Macs for schools and stuff, and that's not the case, it's not as strong as it used to be.
The export options vary based on the editing software used, but Apple's own iMovie app is frequently used for making iPad video projects and can be used here as an example.
Of all three, only 21 percent had never used Siri, which compares to 34.8 percent who have never used Google's voice solution, and 72 percent who have never used Microsoft's Cortana.
Such a disruption could magnify recent used-vehicle trends: The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index shows that used-car prices have approached record highs in 2017, CNBC's Phil LeBeau reported Tuesday.
The company is building optics technology that can be used across different hardware, which it believes could change the rulebooks for where AR can be used, and how it can be used.
The money, he says, has also been used to buy marble headstones, the kafan used to wrap the bodies, and special oils ordered from Turkey that are used to perfume the shroud.
The video used 2,700 images and took two months to complete Chong used the scan to produce over 60 individual, 3D-printed parts, which were used to produce the bust's facial expressions.
Many buildings used in the London Olympic Games were designed to be removed and the land used for other projects or, like the velodrome, sustainably sourced wood and other materials were used.
What's now the most widely used cryptocurrency was a niche payment method being used in the depths of the internet, in many cases being used to buy illegal goods on black markets.
I used my shirt to tie up one arm and used his shirt to wrap the other.
Democrats used to love tech's innovation and idealism, and Republicans used to believe in leaving business alone.
I used to sell merch for his blues band that he used to do, Firebird, in Europe.
Iron ore is used to produce iron, which is used in buildings, furniture, cars and other goods.
Salt was used sparingly and there was no white sugar used in any part of the meal.
I used be the opposite, I used to go out a lot, but now I primarily cook.
Every argument used by Theresa May against the EU can be used against her by Nicola Sturgeon.
CNN used some of the same language that Sinclair used in its journalistic responsibility promos in 2018.
The group then used a side scanner sonar, which is used to detect objects on the seafloor.
"I'm used to being the Rock of Gibraltar and used to providing and protecting," she told People.
Before I was so used to keeping everything enclosed because I wasn't used to being a celebrity.
Plus, once a name is used, it can't be used again for a long time, if ever.
When in fact that word has been used and was used repeatedly during the Clinton impeachment period.
According to "NADA Used Car Guide," used car prices will fall 5 to 6 percent this year.
Though the river isn't used as a drinking water source, it is used for recreation, Chenoweth says.
The high purity aluminum is also used in armor plating used by military vehicles and combat ships.
EPS is an important metric used by analysts and is used an indicator of a company's profitability.
"I know IVF was used for Luna was it used for baby brother also?" a follower asked.
It then used that same network to choose its next move whereas AlphaGo used a separate network.
They used genetic sequencing to identify 25 genes that contained PERVs, then used CRISPR to deactivate them.
Accelerants like lighter fluid should be used cautiously — and flammable liquids like gasoline should never be used.
Viewing all these different smileys where Likes used to exclusively live will take some getting used to.
The same technologies used to land Schiaparelli will be used to land the ExoMars rover as well.
In a separate analysis, Ruhm also used the Gini coefficient, which is used to measure economic inequality.
There were used syringes and empty stamp bags, or wax-coated bags often used to hold heroin.
A similar approach was used against Chinese military officials who used hacking to steal American business secretes.
As a result, a select group of writers with proven track records are used and re-used.
As a result, surface water that would have been used for hydropower can be used for irrigation.
An earlier version of this article misidentified the substance used in a gel used in the experiment.
You'll see how long you've used your phone in a day and which apps you've used most.
Traditional literature courses used to reflect on the way detail was used inside a novel's overall vision.
The Information Quality Act can be used the same way that cost-benefit analysis has been used.
The process reduces the amount of virgin cotton used and saves lots of used denim from landfills.
Carfentanil, a drug used to used to tranquilize elephants, is about 100 times more powerful than fentanyl.
I think I'm just so used to the shit like I got used to everything too quick.
Whereas Aldo Leopold used his pen, Gary used his camera lens to convey important messages about science.
Some officers making home entries were discourteous or used offensive language, used excessive force and damaged property.
This platform was used by malevolent players, in the way it was designed to be used essentially.
Twitter used to measure itself solely on monthly active users, the same basic metric used by Facebook.
I used to pay attention to those singers and they used to sing riffs to each other.
I used the same tool Libyans used to begin, sustain, and further their revolution: a mobile phone.
"Two guys that used it got lit up, and no one ever used it again," Fetters said.
And because liquid helium is so cold, it's used to cool superconducting magnets used by M.R.I. scanners.
Hormones used for birth control may also be used to treat excessive menstrual bleeding, Ms. Harmon said.
It used three noms de guerre that match three of the names used in the militants' statement.
He used her body to launch his brand and now he's used it to retire it, too.
"Now I should not have used the words I used yesterday," he said on the Senate floor.
Unfortunately, buying a used phone is tricky, said Ben Edwards, chief executive of used-tech marketplace Swappa.
He used administrative action to ban so-called bump stocks that were used in that particular shooting.
The tools they used didn&apost work, and the scale they used them at wasn&apost meaningful.
They used a technique known as metagenomics sequencing, which had not been previously used on mummified corpses.
AG: Technology can be used against people, but it can be used by people for good cause.
LCO batteries are used for mobile phones and laptops and NCA batteries are used for electric vehicles.
The highly concentrated formulations used today are very powerful whether they're used as weapons or as painkillers.
The technique they used is the same method used to make Dolly the sheep two decades ago.
More low-income patients used amphetamine, while more high-income patients used cocaine, the study also found.
There are four rotors used for lift and four tilt-rotors used to maneuver, all electrically driven.
Now again, it can be used indoor because there's no reason why it can't be used indoor.
She used the same tone that she used on her dogs sometimes, but that was all right.
Slime molds have been used to solve a complex problem that is often used to test algorithms.
MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA: You've used the word plot, you've used the word conspiracy – CARLOS GHOSN: Yes. Yes.
He spoke about friends who used drugs and overdosed, and some who used guns and hurt themselves.
Australia has used ranked-choice voting for 101 years, and Ireland has used it for 98 years.
I've used language gimmicks in several puzzles (recently used answer/clue: TRE – "It's over due in Italia").
The panels are used to help heat water used on site, and save both energy and money.
What had once been used to control the peripheries was now being used to control the core.
Most recently used spoons, forks, and knives at the bottom, next to be used at the top.
This launch carried experimental payloads that will be used for research, including materials used in student studies.
Authorities believe Cruz used an AR-15-style rifle, which is frequently used in American mass shootings.
Cigars were the second most-used product, and the one used most in combination with e-cigarettes.
Furthermore, the Tesla is reported to have used racing tires, whereas the Taycan used regular road tires.
Molds used on public projects, however, are made of wood or metal, which can be used repeatedly.
It used a sodium-nickel chloride battery, not the lithium-ion type that's used in Teslas today.
I can't remember the verb he used, the adjective he used, but it wasn't ... It wasn't flattering.
Historically, they've been used by militaries for over a thousand years, and they're still very commonly used.
Screens that are used to tell stories, as against screens that are used for other purposes, i.e.
And now it's being used, so you know, when Harry did the deal and pulled the nuclear option out, once it's been used once, it's going to be used time and time again.
He also used the real names of acquaintances, former colleagues, and business partners on documents and emails used in the scheme, unbeknownst to those individuals that they were being used to defraud Epix.
Statistics show that almost all of the people who used heroin also used at least one other drug, and 85033 percent of people who used heroin were also addicted to prescription opioid painkillers.
It may be occasionally used to describe the degree of seasoning used in a dish, but in Mexico it is more commonly used to explain the cook's intangible, deft ability to balance flavor.
"We used to live together in the same house, we used to drive everywhere in the same car, we used to sleep in the same bus," Hubbard says of his relationship with Kelley.
She is getting used to a radically different life, and some in congress are getting used to her.
They then used a machine-learning-based algorithm to process the images to be used in cancer diagnosis.
Just three years ago, Pew found that 52 percent of teens used Instagram and 41 percent used Snapchat.
She used to be fun; she used to laugh — is it a betrayal if she does so now?
And so, the Ginsburg rule has been used since then, and it&aposs going to be used again.
Donny Hall, the chief executive and co-founder of the used car certification service SureSale, knows used cars.
Among Latina women, 90% told Mintel that they used makeup, while 74% said that they used it regularly.
"None of the tools or code used for Pier Solar have been re-used in Paprium," explains Godde.
He used a Canon 7D to shoot the portraits, and used Photoshop and Lightroom to create fake sunlight.
Once radicalised (often in jail), they used their underworld contacts to obtain the dynamite used in the bombings.
Researchers used silicon carbide in early LEDs and has been used to create electroluminescent electronics in the past.
Roughly half used it once per week and a third used it two or more times per week.
It's a meme that's still used, including by Disney who used it in their trailer for Avengers: Endgame.
Minnesota used seven bench players in that win, far more than it&aposs used in quite some time.
"Our videos don't hit the numbers that they used to as quickly as they used to," Beauchesene admits.
"You might get used to hitting them, and that would make you used to hitting people," he'd said.
The technology used is low cost and low energy, with specialized designed mesh used to power the process.
This could certainly be used for gaming, but could also be used for educational and other scenarios, too.
While it is still frequently used to announce job changes, it can also be used to hyperbolic effect.
Technology used responsibly and benignly by one country or agency can be used for sinister purposes by another.
The home-made explosives used in them were also more powerful than those used in other recent bombings.
I take a look at eBay and order a used stick ($22 + $12.99 shipping) and used goggles ($14.99).
"The examinations aren't used as evidence, they are used as a tool to dehumanize and stigmatize," he said.
Police said Copley used a shotgun, but they haven't disclosed the type of shotgun or the ammo used.
In China donkey skins are used to make a gelatine, called ejiao, that is used as traditional medicine.
Methanol is a toxic, synthetic chemical normally used in antifreeze that's also used, illegally, to create counterfeit alcohol.
When I used to be walking on them roads and stuff, I used to be thinking about this.
Maybe it's just a weird fascination I used to have, but yeah, I used to think about it.
Cyclamates are used as sweeteners, not preservatives; nitrites are used to cure hot dogs, not to dye them.
We used DomainTools to find the date that each website domain name was registered, and we used AnalyzeID.
The drives used in the computers were obtained from another computer that was used by inmates under supervision.
It took awhile to get used to the buttons interface because I was used to swiping the screen.
Before I got into a gang, I used to sleep on a floor and I used old blankets.
He used the anecdote of road tunnels built in Hong Kong, which all used different automated payment systems.
Durbin then stated that Graham used "exactly the words used by the president" to push back against Trump.
I'm not as shy as I used to be, but back then I used to be pretty shy.
They hide the illegal nets used to catch the totoaba under legal gear used for catching other fish.
DNA evidence is used to implicate criminals every day, but the method used in this case was new.
"You can actually see what content used to be there, what design used to be there," DeMille said.
The report contains the alleged email address used to set up the internet accounts used in that infrastructure.
The AR-15 assault rifle used by Mateen was also the weapon used by the San Bernardino shooters.
For this valuation, I'll split the difference between what I've actually used and what I could have used.
Vanadium is used in jet engines, steel and increasingly in high-capacity batteries used for renewable energy storage.
It was unclear whether Mangayamma had used her own eggs previously frozen or if she used a donor.
In most cases those holes have been used for espionage, but increasingly they are being used for destruction.
There's well-chosen used furniture, too, starting at around $150, amid the vintage pieces used for cafe seating.
For example, AI used in criminal justice will pose different challenges than AI used in the health sector.
From 2011 to 2013, China used more cement than the United States used in the entire 20th century.
These days, blimps typically aren't used for transportation, but they are used for advertising at big, outdoor events.
I used to have an inner voice that was male and used to bully me during PMT time.
How they used Bitcoin: The conspirators used the cryptocurrency to purchase infrastructure like web domain addresses and servers.
Mosby stressed that resources used to jail people for marijuana possession will be used instead for prosecuting homicides.
Over half of the data breaches analyzed used malware, with ransomware becoming the fifth most commonly used variety.
"We can party like we used to, but we can't recover like we used to," Ms. Polizzi said.
It will be used in Santa Fe, and it's being used in an increasing number of American cities.
Samples analyzed with Rapid DNA are mainly used to generate investigative leads, and are rarely used in court.
The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used.
Though the service has been used for arguments, it hasn't been used to admit new members — until today.
I used to stay up really late because I used to play in a band and do shows.
You could see it being badly used or used for entertainment purposes in ways that are icky. Correct.
There isn't like a Soundscan for used records, so you don't know how many used records are selling.
"Listen, you get used to winning and you get used to losing," Jay Bruce said before the game.
During the shoot, we used generators for one or two days, but mostly we just used natural light.
It used to be that condoms littered the sidewalks; now, the pavement is littered with used disposable gloves.
I used Facebook to talk to my real-life friends and I used Twitter to make lame jokes.
Of that group, 37 percent said they only used THC and 17 percent said they only used nicotine.
Obviously it can be used to create a bio weapon, it can also be used to cure disease.
And yes, my own dad used Barbasol, thus I used it when starting to shave in high school.
For instance, the body parts used for the front end are exactly like those used in the back.
House impeachment managers used more than 21 hours of their time, while Trump's defense team used significantly less.
The paper used the same photo of Bryant and his daughter that many other publications used, as well.
They used a third party audio engine to help build out a system that used some procedural generation.
Among students who had ever used an e-cigarette, nearly a third had used one to vape marijuana.
The mission's job was only to determine whether chemical weapons had been used, not who had used them.
"It used to mean — bylines used to mean something in journalism," she said, her Texas accent still unbowed.
More than one in 10 adults have used cocaine; only five in every 100 has ever used meth.
My actual teacher used to play with Ravi Shankar regularly, and he used to work with George Harrison.
I used his own words that he used against us when he told us to knock things off.
"Technology can be used to enable slavery, but it can also be used to disable slavery," said Kutcher.
It can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly.
That's the curse of antibiotics: The more they're used, the worse they get, especially when they're used carelessly.
They used genre as it's meant to be used: to tell fantastical stories grounded in the discombobulating now.
The benzodiazepine clonazepam (Klonopin) is used for seizures, while oxazepam (Serax) and temazepam (Restoril) are used for insomnia.
"I know it was used at a sensitive time but inappropriate words should not be used," Lemierre said.
And the company's emergency alert systems -- typically only used for drills -- were used to send updates to staffers.
They were used to keep the dog tag aligned on the embossing machine used to imprint the tags.
Another machine once used by Levi Strauss & Co. is used for hems; another for buttonholes, Mr. Echigoya said.
And some of the dog whistles that Donald Trump used in 2016 were first used by Richard Nixon.
In the past, people used to bring those huge Afro combs that could be used as a weapon.
But both of these experiments were smaller, and one used abnormal embryos while the other used immature eggs.
The EPA said at the time that two of them are used by staff for scheduling and correspondence, one is used by Pruitt himself and one hasn't been used except for three test emails.
Your Uber promo codes will be used in the order that they were added to your account, and many will disappear once used, even if the entire value of the code was not used.
Liu said that the potatoes could be used as the main source of food for space explorers, while the cotton could be used to make clothing and the rapeseed could be used to produce oil.
Used mostly in peaking mode, gas-fired steam turbines were used for less than 2.33 percent of the time on average in 22.3 while combustion turbines were used less than 22017 percent of the time.
Rubber on a playground "cannot be confined to secular use any more than lumber used to frame the church's walls, glass stained and used to form its windows, or nails used to build its altar".
Because the water that the towers used is purified and distilled, it's possible that one day this method can be used with sea water to strip out the salt, and then used in nearby communities.
The system is also used in an earlier version of jetliner, the 737 NG. The NG is widely used with about 6,300 planes being used by 150 airlines, mostly on short-and-medium range flights.
The type of onion used in the recipe was unclear, so after many long discussions around alliums, they made several batches, some of which used leeks, while others used onion, both of which, interestingly, worked.
While there is no explicit indicator as to the technology used to provide a specific location response from a carrier, each response includes an accuracy estimate that can be used to infer the technology used.
E.P.A. records show her challenging the agency's scientific conclusions related to arsenic (used to manufacture semiconductors), tert-Butanol (used in perfumes and as an octane booster in gasoline), and 1-bromopropane (used in dry cleaning).
The ministry said it had targeted buildings used to store weapons and explosives including a facility used to assemble explosive-packed drones that rebels have used to attack Russian planes stationed at Hmeymim air base.
But buying used graphics cards can be a risky bargain—GPUs used for Ethereum mining are usually running around the clock, which wears them out far quicker than when they are just used for gaming.
"They used her face, they used her image," Gerrow said of D'Amico and Bobbitt during an interview with Today.
Some of the chemicals, which are used to make smartphone displays and chips, can also be used in weapons.
The NIS also said emails used in the attacks used North Korean internet addresses, according to the Chosun Ilbo.
When David came to demonstrate and teach me, he used 10 rollers, which is what he used on Hailey.
When I used to see those Flake ads as a kid, I used to think they weren't for kids.
She needs to have some reminder of what used to be tangible, what used to tether her to reality.
" Challenged by Whitehouse that the term was commonly used by the DOJ, Barr retorted, "It's commonly used by me.
We've lost-- JOE KERNEN: No, I've used WARREN BUFFETT: CPA, u-- JOE KERNEN: --I've y-- I've used it before.
She also used two Moondog anamorphic lenses, which were also used in last year's critically-acclaimed American film Tangerine.
This base will specifically be used for unaccompanied migrant children and was also used briefly during the Obama administration.
I used the first GoPro Hero HD, and have used virtually all the GoPro, Sony, Garmin, Contour, Yi, etc.
Among people with individual incomes up to $210.89,000, 18 percent have used Uber and 8 percent have used Lyft.
Among people with incomes between $35,000 and $75,13.013, 21 percent have used Uber and 8 percent have used Lyft.
One team used extrapolations of the experimental data and methods they'd previously used to predict this past summer's particle.
He used to hate packing for himself and used to give me the funniest explanations for not doing so.
Deepfakes have, however, been successfully used to cause real harm to women when used to spread nonconsensual fake porn.
The dam provides roughly 17 percent of energy used in Brazil and 76 percent of energy used in Paraguay.
You used to have an encyclopedia on the shelf; you used to have all your albums on the shelf.
Keynejad used a Kinect Sensor to measure the user's body data, then used Processing to visually distort the data.
By following your writing patterns and language used, Gmail can automatically generate your frequently used phrases as you type.
The debut transaction used a structure known as murabaha, a cost-plus-profit arrangement commonly used in Saudi Arabia.
Cigars, cigarillos or filtered little cigars were the second-most used product behind cigarettes — used by 3.8% of adults.

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