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"which" Definitions
  1. used in questions to ask somebody to be exact about one or more people or things from a limited number
  2. used to be exact about the thing or things that you mean
  3. used to give more information about something

919 Sentences With "which"

How to use which in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "which" and check conjugation/comparative form for "which". Mastering all the usages of "which" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Or the software, which might let you program which keys deliver which input or which key lights up with which color.
But as time passed, "Nick" became "Nicholas" which became "Nicklis" which became "Chicklis" which became "Michael Chiklis" which became "Michael" which became "Mike". Confused?
ISRAEL: Well, which - - which - - which are you speaking about specifically?
But which ones should be written separately, which hyphenated and which closed up?
Which film, which character, which moment drove people to write headlines like these?
By identifying which cells died and which survived, they gained insight into which genes were truly essential for cellular function and which weren't.
These choices include things like which observations to measure, which variables to compare, which factors to combine, and which ones to control for.
Culture spawns memes, which spawn culture, which spawns memes, which...okay, you get it.
Who is going to pick up which kid from which activity on which night?
The following retailers stocked the products: Aldi, which sold all three fruits; Costco, which sold only nectarines; Fairway Market, which sold nectarines and peaches; Hannaford, which sold only peaches; Market Basket, which sold nectarines and peaches; and Walmart, which sold nectarines and peaches.
It matters which party, and which person in which party, is in the White House.
The polling firms release data saying which candidate has won with which age group, and which candidate has won with which income or education group.
They included New York, which lost almost 77,000 people; Illinois, which lost almost 51,000 residents; West Virginia, which lost more than 12,000 people; Louisiana, which lost almost 11,000 residents; and Connecticut, which lost 6,200 people.
Like other seasoned landlords, she knew who owned which multifamily house, which church, which bar; knew the neighborhood's vicissitudes of life, its shades and moods; knew which blocks were drug-soaked and which were quiet.
Keep reading to see which funds soared, which ones flopped and which ones were in between. 
He described which worked, which were difficult to detect and which were not worth the trouble.
We've also had a number of other strong exits, including Xamarin, which was acquired by Microsoft; Bazaarvoice, which went public; ClearScore, which is being acquired by Experian; Marketo, which went public and was then acquired; DrillingInfo, which was acquired by Genstar; and Delivery Hero, which went public.
I could also look around to see which groups have endorsed which candidates, which will give me a good sense of which candidates represent people like me.
Which, again, is a familiar feeling for the digital advertising industry, which can still struggle with what's known as "attribution" — identifying which ad led to which sale.
And that enabled scientists and physicians to identify exactly which microbes cause which diseases, which meant we could start making vaccines, which save a lot of lives.
With Insta Stories, which I'm totally obsessed with, which is actually a sickness which we'll discuss later.
Without knowing which is which, you'd be hard pressed to tell which phone costs double the price.
Fifth, make it clearer which talking heads are journalists, which are partisan hacks, which are paid shills.
It is a graft which shoots up, a sap which circulates, a vegetation which starts forth anew.
Think companies like LuLaRoe, which sells clothing; Herbalife, which sells supplements; or Rodan + Fields, which sells skincare.
I know which league, which team and which sport I want to share with my young children.
But everyone in our town knew which side of the street was which, which side was where the real people lived and which side was to be avoided.
Second was accrual compared to revenues, which can tip which companies are displaying earnings which reflect underlying cash flow and which may be using accounting to flatter themselves.
America's next chapter will be defined by which norms are established, which are remade, and which are retained.
They have to cut wages, which leads to unionism, which has to be repressed, which leads to socialism.
Maybe Mark has genes which give him faster-firing neurons, which make him smarter, which increases his income.
Now Pebble is inside Fitbit, which is inside Google hardware, which is inside Google, which is inside Alphabet.
Mr. Podeswa shared which moments made him cry, which gave him chills and which provided the most headaches.
It was an immersive education in the state of the kingdom, as MBS saw who came and went, learning who mattered in which tribe, which clerics held which positions, which businessmen had tapped which parts of the economy, and which royals had found innovative ways to rip off the state.
It was an immersive education in the state of the kingdom, as MBS saw who came and went, learning who mattered in which tribe, which clerics held which positions, which businessmen had tapped which parts of the economy, and which royals had found innovative ways to rip off the state.
Notice the dark spots in Pennsylvania, which Trump flipped, and Wisconsin, which Trump flipped, and Iowa, which Trump flipped, and rural Minnesota, which Trump came astonishingly close to flipping.
What magical transfiguration of nature is this which has rendered that which was nice into that which is necessary?
I started screaming, which made him cry, which then made me cry, which made the whole situation incredibly confusing.
This in turn allows for higher profits, which increases dividends, which makes stock more attractive, which makes stockholders wealthier.
The result is rumor, which can be dangerous; ignorance, which can be fatal; and miscalculation, which can be catastrophic.
At Tom&aposs Guide, we test phones to see  which is the fastest , which has the  best display , which has the  best camera and which has the  longest battery life .
There's Slap It, which exfoliates, Bite It, which plumps with collagen, Shake It, which firms and illuminates the butt skin, and Squeeze It, which also hydrates and evens skin tone.
Closet indexers are funds which charge like active funds but which limit severely the degree to which they deviate from the weights in the index against which they are benchmarked.
"There's been a lack of transparency in that whole process about which polls are selected, which aren't, which they're seeing as qualifying, which ones are actually polling," Gabbard told Hill.
To date, the firm has made over 200 investments in India, which include major hits like unicorn Zomato, Freshworks (which is headed to IPO), Freecharge (which was acquired by Snapdeal), Pine Labs (which recently raised from PayPal), JustDial (which went public in 2013) and OYO Rooms, which is backed by SoftBank's Vision fund.
Crucially, the study was double-blinded, which meant that neither the researchers nor the participants knew which day was which.
We wanted to know which had the best user experience, which was fastest, and which had the best battery life.
Which is to say, they're desperate, which is making them overreach, which is making them shoot themselves in the foot.
Microsoft AutoPC begat Windows CE for Automotive, which begat Windows Automotive, which begat Microsoft Auto, which begat Windows Embedded Automotive.
In other words, they'll be able to decide which companies succeed online, which voices are heard  —  and which are silenced.
His discretion in determining which collection efforts to begin, which ones to alter, and which ones to curtail, is unreviewable.
Which of the agency's responsibilities—which extend well beyond immigration enforcement—should be eliminated entirely, and which should be preserved?
I suspect we already know which path he'll take -- which means we already know which path American leadership will take.
We decide every hour which chances are worth taking, which attachments worth making, which tedious tasks are worth the reward.
In a spreadsheet, I noted which pharmacies had it, and which didn't; which were out of stock and said they could order it; and which ones said they had never carried it.
Frank: Take me through the best picture nominees and tell me which is a Trump movie, which a Hillary Clinton movie, which a Bernie Sanders movie, and which a Ted Cruz movie.
This led to an audition, which led to some discussion, which led to Shaw sending Hardwicke her pilot, which Hardwicke loved.
And as ever, it's hard to predict which will do what, which merit attention, which are the wannabes destined for bankruptcy.
Television (which coproduces and distributes the shows), the CW (which airs the shows), and CBS (which owns half of the CW).
But all this covering up made me sweaty, which made me itch, which made me scratch, which made it all worse.
He asks questions such as which laptop lasts longer, which one is faster, and which one has a better touch screen.
Those decisions include whom to hire, which advisers to listen to, which ideas make sense, which strategies are likely to work.
Technically, Mr. Elovitch controls Eurocom, which in turn controls Internet Gold, which in tern controls BCom, which in turn controls Bezeq.
And the exact recipe scientists follow to get trusted results—which RNA extraction kit, which PCR machine, which primers—can vary.
Warmer weather heats the oceans, which causes more evaporation, which increases moisture in the atmosphere, which then falls as driving rain.
Twitter buzzed with talk of which finalists had been spotted where and which conservative commentators had been briefed on which candidate.
You can see a full map of the Avalere data, which shows which states gain and which lose under Graham-Cassidy.
They provide people with drugs, which leads to addiction, which leads to families being deteriorated, which leads to children growing up without proper supervision, which leads to them looking to the streets for love, which leads to violence and more drug addiction or distribution.
There's also a kind of depression which is dysthymia, which has an anhedonia component into it, which means less pleasure in things that we used to enjoy, which is another kind of depression.
How did you decide which Pokémoan toy would be which?
Or— WARREN BUFFETT: I- never identify which one does which.
So, which ones are real and which ones are fake?
"It's really difficult to see which is which," he said.
Which predictions of mine were hits and which were misses?
"Which deaths are suicides and which are accidents?" she asked.
I'm not going to-- which are or which are not.
Which is why the DefyxSG sneaker, which launches on Sept.
Which would you revisit and which would you rather forget?
You'd know which is which, or you wouldn't take either.
Can you guess which one flops and which one soars?
Which Task view button you click determines which ones appear.
See if you can figure out which is which. 1.
Karim Amer: Which governments subsidized, which our tax money subsidizes.
Which states are the best — and which are the worst?
First, know which fees are legitimate and which are bogus.
Picking which battles to fight and which to let go.
Which lines appeal to which audience best, in your view?
Their decisions help determine which networks win and which lose.
"It's often hard to predict in advance which is which."
But which is the Emperor and which is the Sith?
Which ones worked out the best, and which ones failed?
Which is the leaf and which is the leaf mantis?
PRESIDENT TRUMP: To which to which you saw that, right?
Which chains are your favorites and which brands disgust you?
I wouldn't be told in advance which dose was which.
This is Maker Studios, which ... Which Disney ended up buying.
The filings do not say which managers bought which stocks.
Firstly, identify which partner has which deals in the partnership.
Then ask the prover to tell you which is which.
You might guess which are which, and you'd be wrong.
Which products from which countries will have a higher duty?
Which they tend not to do, which is really interesting.
Which genres appeal to you and which do you avoid?
Some of us were not quite sure which was which.
It can help determine which policies will have which effects.
Which death was a relief and which was a deprivation?
Which returns us to the point with which I started.
Wait, which is which, and what is going on here?
He can still remember which cow stood in which stall.
So Deepmind, which is a -- which is owned by Google.
The study did not disclose which hospitals had which results.
Which facts are alternative, and which ones are, well, facts?
He knows which are for games, which are for practice.
Which happened, which actually happened in some way, whatever happened.
I knew which one was which based on the smell.
I have a hard time figuring out which is which.
I don't know which one is better, which one's worse.
But wouldn't it be nice to know which was which?
There are conductors, through which energy can move easily; insulators, which prevent energy from flowing; and semiconductors, which are somewhere in between.
They include Toyota (which invested in Uber), GM (which invested $500 million in Lyft) and VW (which invested $300 million in Gett).
As an associate, Bilott was asked to determine which companies contributed which toxins and hazardous wastes in what quantities to which sites.
Which is also how I feel about Zcash which also just launched, and which I've been looking forward to for some time.
Her ear had learned which sounds meant "feed me!" which ones were "change me!" and which ones signaled something more serious: pain.
How will you figure out which ones suck and which ones don't (and, again, which ones work with your ecosystem of choice)?
But his speeches do work to establish which side he's on, which groups he admires, and which enemies he's going to humiliate.
And that discussion is still going on — which email client, which browser, which messaging app — so it's an ongoing process right now.
Which is to say: Bissell's revelation here is a place from which to set out, not a place at which to end.
It makes it clear which themes matter, which can be tossed aside, and which weren't tossed aside but really should have been.
Determine which part of the populace will join your uprising, which part will resist, and which part will stand aside and watch.
Targets which stay independent for 30 months see stocks returns which are, on average, 53 percent lower than targets which were acquired.
"Unknown Pleasures" collects five distinct styles or modes, and it's easy to identify which is which, if not which is by whom.
Instead, it's being made "in association with Marvel," which is one way to frame the relationship of which studios own which characters.
Among the 16 contests slated for voting on March 3 are: California, which will award 415 delegates; Texas, which will award 228; North Carolina, which will award 110; and Virginia, which will award 99.
Donald Trump is an abnormal political candidate; we have no idea which democratic boundaries he would respect, which conspiracy theories he would believe, which political enemies he would punish, which treaties he would honor.
So far, four of those have gone public: Facebook, which took 396 days to earn the unicorn label; Leaf Group, which took 7953 days; Zynga, which took 672 days and Snap, which took 673.
It's an interesting ecosystem of sound: Punk informs mainstream rock, which informs alternative rock, which informs noise and grunge, which is influenced by electronica, which has some beats reserved for the city's promising rappers.
This is the new America, one in which all the old rules have been wiped away, one in which corruption is tolerated, one in which truth is denigrated, one in which tyrants are venerated.
And while we can debate which is more fun, which has the best food, or which offers a better quality of life, the biggest question on our minds is, of course, which is most stylish.
The United Nations rules put the onus on customs inspectors here to judge which goods may help the nuclear program or the military, which are banned, and which are intended for civilians, which are allowed.
His Twitter explanation — which is worth reading in full — explained the many ways in which Trump is not faithful to the constitutional understanding of limited government, which is the platform on which Sasse was elected.
Which means that the risk pool gets still older and sicker, which means that more insurance companies lose money and leave the market, which means that competition is reduced even further, which means: see above.
I know which hotels are closest to the clinic, which to book if you have a car, which to book if you don't.
"When you treat a UTI, you're guessing which bacteria is in there, which means you're guessing which antibiotic will work," explains Dr. Dardik.
It lets school districts manage all of the Windows 10 devices in their care, determining which groups of which students get which apps.
The researchers used genome sequencing to determine which genes the dark flies had, which the regular flies had, and which their offspring had.
There were domestic violence accusations (which were dismissed), restraining orders (which have expired), and divorce settlements (which have been donated to respective charities).
Kara Swisher: The new Clear, all the Clears, which I like, which ... I trade inconvenience for my entire identity, which I realize now.
Denmark's utilities are deregulated, which means generation companies, which sell energy, are separate from distribution utilities, which manage local grids and deliver power.
"There's a clean-up which we started, which is underway, which needs to be completed fast," he told CNBC's Nancy Hungerford on Thursday.
It requires judgment — which requires more certain knowledge — which requires investigation — which probably requires an investigator with a mandate from the pope himself.
You might be asking which smart bulbs require extra equipment, or which ones are easy to set up, or which ones change colour?
That includes understanding which Yahoo businesses are healthy and which are not, who runs which division and where all the bodies are buried.
Netflix is competing with Amazon which is competing with YouTube which is competing with Facebook which is competing with Amazon, but not Netflix?
It requires judgment — which requires more certain knowledge — which requires investigation — which probably requires an investigator with a mandate from the pope himself.
A new performance controller determines which apps run on which core.
They learn which jungle plants are edible and which are not.
Ahead, find out which states will be voting on which measures.
Which is why she's running again, which is kind of funny.
None of us really know which wine goes with which food.
Which typically happens as in many ... Which many times happens, absolutely.
They've told me which words they embrace and which they hate.
He did not specify which accounts were used for which purposes.
Posts on social media shared which individuals were at which hospitals.
DAVID SOLOMON: Which was, you know, which was new and different.
It can be difficult to figure out which microbes are which.
Which you do not read, which many people, I read ads.
She said she's disarming, which is true, which is actually true.
Which Republicans are abandoning Trump and which are sticking by him?
There is no judgment passed on which gender assumes which role.
Which of these ideas are romantic and which are off-putting?
Unfortunately, no one knows how to tell which group is which.
Which makes it sound unremittingly bleak, which is not the case.
Which Republicans are abandoning Trump and which are sticking with him?
Disagreements will be in brackets, indicating which side holds which position.
Identifying which post led to which vote will be nearly impossible.
Did anyone else always forget which shortcut worked for which emoticon?
Bonobos need not guess which trousers will sell at which store.
But you can't just go around not knowing which is which.
You can cross-check which character belongs to which song here.
Which VPN should you get, and which ones can you trust?
It's just not clear which city will host in which year.
Which ones are to be kept, and which ones are fake?
Which is, yessss ... which I believe was the Sean Spicer story.
So, which of these stories are reasonable and which are hype?
Which iPhone do I have and which cases will fit it?
It depends which side you're on and which side is winning.
So which is the driver mutation and which are the passengers?
Websites maintain extensive databases detailing which movies pass and which don't.
Con artists knows which buttons to press and which to avoid.
Which is at the heart of Slack, which is the heart.
A line by which you can gauge which lives matter more.
The challenge is, we won't tell you which time is which.
Government policy shouldn't pick which companies win and which companies lose.
No one with patient contact would know which patients were which.
Which genres are you drawn to and which do you avoid?
I cannot say which side is right, and which is wrong.
But which failure is a bug and which is a feature?
Which side are you on, nerds, which side are you on?
But which businesses are considered "essential" and which are considered "nonessential"?
It's about which candidate — and thus which party — beat the spread.
Which option you choose depends on which destination you fear most.
Genetics researchers generally know which DNA sequences originated on which continents.
So it's that which is the harm which comes from it.
Which patients said yes, which said no, and to what, exactly?
"You have subsidies, which generate overcapacity, which generate dumping," he said.
That makes it difficult to determine which author made which contribution.
I'll let you decide which party is aligned with which gang.
He did not identify which banks and which countries were affected.
Which has a twitchy effect, which ... but everything's twitchy now, right?
Which counties have the most, and which the least, social connectivity?
I learned which star cards to use and which to discard.
I knew which houses were easy sells and which were tougher.
One which is ignore him and one which is roar back.
That would entail reanalyzing which workers were exposed and which weren't.
"The rate at which you turn the genes on, the rate at which the genes make the proteins, the rate at which the proteins make complexes, the rate at which they enter the nucleus, the rate at which they turn off their own genes, and the rate at which those protein complexes are degraded, actually make a 24-hour oscillation," explained Foster.
Once you fully map out which recruiters represent which firms and what the word on the street is, then you know which companies you should utilize recruiters for, and which firms you can get after yourself.
Sterilized dogs, which don't have puppies or prowl around for mates, tend to be more relaxed, which makes people less fearful of them, which makes the dogs friendlier, which makes people even more accepting of them.
I had my own little way of tracking which poems were out, which were getting feedback, and which were possibly getting close to publication.
There are some restrictions on which formats can play on which types of hardware though, which we'll get into in the Formats section below.
They also take up more space, which requires a bigger nucleus, which requires a bigger cell, which can slow processes like metabolism and growth.
We need to face down these dark fears — which is where horror, which has always helped us confront that which terrifies us, comes in.
Poorer countries have flexibility over which standards they will put in place immediately, which they need time for—and which they need money for.
There's "technical quality," which relates to the outcome of the experience, and "functional quality," which is the process through which the outcome is delivered.
Several such coils form the rotor, which is the part of the motor that turns, and which sits inside the stator, which does not.
The economy produces emissions, which feed into the climate models, which produce effects, which are applied as a "damage function" to the economic models.
Mars, which rules communication, and Mercury, which basically rules passion, are both in retrograde, which creates the perfect conditions for major meltdowns like this.
There's the 1700, which retails for $330, the 1700x, which retails for $21800, and the top of the line 21800x, which retails for $27.
Ever wonder which of your favorite celebrities has Big Dick Energy, which is an asshole, or which would be able to take down Thanos?
With data of which resources work for which teams, Butterfly can inform decisions around which training content companies should be spending their money on.
Hence the above video, which was produced by CSP, and the book which Corcoran hawks at the end of the video, which CSP published.
Which highlights the other, more insidious way through which rumors proliferate, which in turn makes it even more difficult to read the hidden messages.
Keeping track of which companies are under investigation, which invest in fossil fuels and which dodged taxes can be tough for a new investor.
By analyzing which VOCs — and therefore which smells — show up in a particular sample, scientists can figure out which chemical processes are at play.
Then DIAGRAMLESS, which was wonderful (and another arrow in Mr. Quigley's quiver), which helped get NO MAAM, which helped get ECONOMIC, and so on.
We serve three different types of cuts, which is buche, pork belly; pork skin, which is cuerito; and then pork shoulder, which is maciza.
Some to check out: MaskMe, which lets you create unlimited burners; BurnerMail; Mailinator, which self-deletes; and 10 Minute Mail, which is self-explanatory.
Boeing, which lost more than 20203%, Disney, which fell 1.5% about McDonald's, which fell nearly 1%, all missed out on the 1,000 points rally.
I also encountered at least three different lime varieties in frequent use, which made decoding which particular variety was in which particular cocktail, maddening.
Those algorithms then help determine which job ads are shown to which candidates as well as which candidates appear in recruiters&apos search results.
We imagine community as a cocreated project in which everything can be negotiated, in which everyone has a stake, in which democracy can flourish.
Over time, you can learn which stories end with tough combat, which will help you recover health, and which are best for acquiring equipment.
I asked him to describe the world in which justice had been done, in which equality had been achieved, in which hope was merited.
Domestic violence led me to the streets, which led me to drugs, which led me to prostitution, which, thankfully, then led me to jail.
It's now a privately controlled arena where a single company sets the terms by which we may exchange goods with one another and decides which products—which new authors, which new innovations—get to find an audience.
It creates 'hybrid offences' — which means they are a mix of summary offences, which are considered less serious for which punishment is less severe; and indictable offences, which require a full trial and come with heftier penalties.
Stripe only caters to card owners which, for now, leaves the door open to companies like Omise, which recently raised $17.5 million, and Coda, which just raised $2 million, which enable online retailers to accept alternative payments.
After a few weeks of training, these contractors decide which videos count as hate speech or free speech, which images are erotic and which are simply artistic, and which live streams are too violent to be broadcast.
Here's a handy chart showing exactly which amiibo grants you which exclusives.
Which leads to the question – which ticket will garner more media attention?
Can you guess which are from the movie, and which are real?
Which one is Penelope Cruz and which one is her stunt double?
Which jobs, and which tasks within those jobs, it stands to automate.
Which brings us to the question: Which service is right for you?
These scientists are still working out which hypotheses work, and which don't.
Which, I've used ... It's like the McDonald's movie, which is funny. Yes.
" Plus, see which states call it "stuffing" and which go with "dressing.
It remains unclear which parts will remain and which will be replaced.
You'll never have to remember which remote goes with which thing again.
Which brings us to the press, which, of course, knows its role.
Fans just don't know which film will be released on which date.
These really dense examinations of which covers were working and which weren't.
Which messages, and which types of candidates, tend to do the best?
But these days, it can be hard to tell which is which.
But with just his face, it's hard to know which is which.
Knowing which seeds are which is, of course, is crucial for preservation.
Another challenge: figuring out which song will be covered by which artist.
It remains be announced which ones will stay and which will go.
The two sides disagree, however, about which is tit and which tat.
It could be related to insurance and which hospitals accept which insurance.
Then you'll have to remember which side is which on the die.
There's lots of jobs which will [be created which don't exist today].
Which of Mia's kids got the honesty gene and which did not?
Which you know, which gets to the historic nature of both candidates.
Your body frays, which makes running less enjoyable, which accelerates the decline.
Luke had been the CEO of Kemosabe Records, which which signed Kesha.
Companies can never predict perfectly which items will sell in which shops.
Which features will you really use, and which should be a skip?
In mouse genetics, it's very clear which gene connects with which behavior.
They dictate which hospital or clinic gets which batch, at what price.
It is hard to track which fees are paid to which vendors.
Which I knew was going on and which do take a toll.
Which girl was the smartest in her class, which dog the scariest?
If so, which lists and which dates was he on the lists?
Losing some weight off of me, which was nice, which felt good.
Besides which, isn't there a point at which principle must kick in?
I couldn't tell which flavor was which just by looking at them.
This makes it extremely complicated to count which person supports which faction.
We'll formally introduce you so people can track which voice is which.
So we can determine which microphone should pick up which person's speech.
Which items did they try on, and which products did they abandon?
Which made me the spiritual leader in my household, which was weird.
So which statement is fake news and which is just alternative facts?
You're feeling confused about which dreams are realistic and which are foolish.
Which comments promote discussion, and which seem to shut it down entirely?
The user manual itself, which you access online, which is pretty handy.
Which drug is the best first-line therapy for which common illnesses?
That means more pitches, which means more relievers, which means more time.
It is something for which, and through which, we are all responsible.
Your task: determine which ones are real and which ones are not.
It's up to you to determine which clue goes with which word.
Which of course is a most laudable goal, which we all desire.
PR: Which is like the story that we tell, which is amazing.
Which genres do you especially enjoy reading and which do you avoid?
Which genres are you regularly drawn to and which do you avoid?
But the reporters were not told which beer was in which cup.
Judging from the early reactions online, few fans agree which is which.
They don't check which ones are good and which ones are bad.
A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate.
We have one important problem, which is, which all insurance companies have.
It's impeachment, which Trump hates, plus articles, which he hates even more.
You have to know which are which, or know whom to ask.
It was foundation stuff, which is charitable, which is different than business.
Which brings us to Helocs, which usually do not have closing costs.
If there was such a person -- which I doubt, which I doubt.
Dances in which nothing happened became dances in which much was eventful.
"It's impeachment which Trump hates, plus articles which he hates even more."
They mash the grapes, which is unfermented juice, which is called must.
Again, they didn't know which color meant earning and which meant saving.
Their ultimate end is distraction, which allows domination, which leads to destruction.
MICK MULVANEY: Which-- which one do you want me to start with?
After only one bite, they both correctly identified which burger was which.
Ultimately, it's the people who decide which ideas work and which don't.
It's impossible to tell which combination will succeed, and which one won't.
And you just have to decide which is which, my fellow Americans.
Right, right, which is common, which is ... all the magazines do that.
Which games are better in this regard, and which are the worst?
Greek zorba is an infinity legume: it's not actually a grain, which makes it a legume, but it's a legume despite being a grain, which makes it a grain, which makes it not actually a legume, which in turn makes it a legume again, which makes it not actually a grain.
I'm afraid it's one of those situations which almost changes day by day which is not satisfactory for something which is as complicated as that.
From there, Miles can also tell which users are likely to go to Starbucks, which will go somewhere else, and which customers aren't too picky.
The account, which enjoys 3,328 followers, photoshops in new titles for books, some of which are very dumb, but all of which are very funny.
However he agreed that Apple should be more transparent in regards to which EFI vulnerabilities are being patched in which updates and for which models.
There are many other provisions of the bill which I support, a few with which I disagree, and some on which I am seeking information.
"There will inevitably be increasing uncertainty regarding which officials have which authority, which undermines the very principle of civilian control of the military," Cohen said.
All of our willing participants went into the tasting blind — which means they only knew which number they were tasting, not which varietal of drink.
Republicans will need to determine exactly which cuts they need, which they can reconcile themselves to abandoning, and which pay-fors they hate the least.
The Pilgrims brought apple spurs with them, which grew into apple trees, which made apples, which were turned into that delicious American treat, apple pie!
There's Home, which features your current feeds; Explore, which offers up popular and curated shows; and Activity, which offers a deeper dive into listening habits.
With Empowerment Comes Ownership Why can't community leaders choose which taverns to license, or which businesses to welcome, and with which tax incentives and regulations?
The vaccines include MMR, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, and MMR-V, which also protects against the varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox.
Every new story prompts outrage, which puts the stories higher in your feed, which prompts more coverage, which encourages more talk, and on and on.
They start charging more for subscriptions, which drives more people away, which makes them have to charge more for subscriptions, which drives more people away.
Whether employees are disclosed on certain projects determines which doors their badges can open and which meetings (even which portions of meetings) they can attend.
"There is a way around that which he used, which is to take assets to another jurisdiction which can be deemed as eligible," Bailey said.
There say bright line between drinking beer which I gladly do and which I fully embrace and sexually assaulting someone which is a violent crime.
Among the films credited are "Girl on the Train," which was directed by Erin Cressida Wilson, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," which was written by Anita Loos, and 2016's "Ghostbusters," which has 36 scenes which pass the Bechdel test.
Pence offered to scrap three of those requirements: guaranteed issue, which requires insurers cover everybody; community rating, which requires insurers charge everyone the same price for coverage; and essential health benefits, which mandates which services insurers must cover.
Research shows that relying on high amounts of coffee creates this toxic cycle: tiredness, which leads to increased coffee consumption, which impairs your sleep, which leads to "daytime fatigue the next day, " which leads to more coffee consumption.
Such a question is one which American and British peoples have been reluctant to face — fascism is after all something which is supposed to happen over there, something which is their problem, something which could never happen here.
That creates more stress, which often feeds into behavior problems, which leads, in the classroom, to stigmatization and punishment, which keeps their stress levels elevated, which makes it still harder to concentrate — and so on, and so on.
Speculation immediately surrounded Viacom and CBS, which share common ownership; Lionsgate, which owns Starz; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which controls rights to the James Bond franchise; and Sony Pictures Entertainment, which has struggled with low box office market share.
Some of those chains include Subway which got rid of 2200 location, Baskin-Robbins which dropped 10 locations, Payless which closed all 71 of its NYC locations after filing for bankruptcy, and Mattress Firm which lost 20 stores.
Earth Science: The budget cuts four Earth science missions, all of which are largely focused on the impact of climate change: PACE, which monitors the health of Earth's oceans; Orbiting Carbon Observatory – 3, which measures carbon in the atmosphere; the Deep Space Climate Observatory, which monitors solar wind (changes in which can have catastrophic effects on infrastructure); and CLARREO Pathfinder, which helps produce climate records.
This statistical technique, known as a Markov model, was able to pinpoint specifics like which symbols were most likely to begin a text, which were most likely to end it, which symbols were likely to repeat, which symbols often pair together, and which symbols tend to precede or follow a particular symbol.
But now I live in a world in which the president of the United States urges violence against reporters, in which survivors of sexual assault are ridiculed, in which migrant children are placed in "baby jails," in which transgender people are faced with erasure, in which Donald Trump lies and lies and lies.
For example, Beskybe (PH), which is a U.K. based company, has a subscription cable business model, which is very repeatable, or Tesco, which is in consumer staples, which is something that consumers will always-- you know, need to have.
China, which joined the WTO in 2001, is expected to issue a new "negative list" this week that sets out which of its industries are open to foreign investors, which sectors are open with conditions, and which are closed.
ATAP, which stands for Advanced Technology and Projects, is a secretive Google division that works on projects like Jacquard, which makes smart fabric; Soli, which uses radar for touchless gesture control; and Spotlight Stories, which creates short VR films.
That's because this is the fight that determines which party is in the majority and which party is in the minority, and which issues get argued about between the parties and which issues get argued about within the parties.
The idea of the bicameral mind, which Westworld has been slightly obsessed with, comes from a psychological theory according to which the human brain used to be divided into two parts, one which gave orders and one which obeyed.
The three new tabs are Chats, which includes conversations; People, which shows Stories and active contacts; and Discover, which includes both games and chats with businesses.
These attracted molecules, which formed dust particles, which formed rocks, which attracted gases that got so dense they combusted, wheedled, spun, orbited … you know the rest.
If you're not sure which version you're running, Apple has a support page about the issue, which also explains how to check which version you're using.
The Election Ads Transparency Report which summarizes which organizations are spending the money in which locations, will also be returning from 2017's US Midterm Elections.
You might find yourself asking which of these people is a communist, and which one is a traitor, and which one is a police inspector, again?
The other symbols are Hay (ה), which means take half; Shin (ש), which means add to the pot; and Nun (נ‎), which generally means nothing happens.
There's a quick setup process for components you'll be controlling over IR, which is how the Fire TV Cube learns which cable channels are which, etc.
According to researchers, the sensor—which is around 3 millimeters long—contains a piezoelectric crystal, which converts ultrasound vibrations into electricity, which then powers the transplant.
The campaign is also zeroing in on which states they need to go after the hardest, which will ultimately depend on which Democrat becomes the frontrunner.
It is impossible for anyone to say exactly which bridges will collapse, which roads will be blocked, and which buildings will have electricity and sewer service.
Multiple GST rates are also likely to lead to disputes over which goods fall into which category, which could add to strains on the judicial system.
At first-come-first-served seats near the bar, assistants huddled around lengthy spreadsheets, figuring out which donors were entitled to which passes to which events.
The trick is to know which ones are legit, which are marketing buzzwords, and which are up for debate when it comes to effective hair styling.
Presidential candidates also have to decide whom to hire, which advisers to listen to, which ideas are truly good ones, which strategies are likely to work.
Users shape their online identity by revealing which concert they went to and with whom, which causes they support, which rallies they attend and so on.
The FTC didn't specify which hacks worked on which drones, which makes sense since the point was to demonstrate security vulnerabilities that could compromise consumer privacy.
It could organize decades' worth of data to assess which employers in which industries have artificially suppressed wages and which workers most need the board's protection.
These magic colors generally include green, which neutralizes redness, lavender, which counteracts yellowness, and peach, which helps with brightening blue and purple circles under the eyes.
"He's been charged with abuse of power, which is not treason, which is not bribery, which is not a high crime and misdemeanor," Texas GOP Sen.
"We want a strong Italy, clearly we need an Italy which is pro-European, which is at the heart of Europe and which recovers," he said.
Sling Blue, which also costs $30 a month, has its own set of channels, some of which are the same and some of which are different.
But melting it does expose more water, which absorbs more heat, which increases the chances of melting land ice, which does contribute to sea level rise.
Among them: American which dropped 25% to end at $11.65, Delta, which fell 26% to close at $23.49, and JetBlue, which lost nearly 20% to $7.660.
He said that the calls pointed to confusion over which Trumps were which.
Check the calendar below to know which ones to do on which days.
Wednesday figuring out which bills needed to be paid and which could wait.
Oculus recently unveiled Quill, which provides a 3D space in which to paint.
N, which is expected in the first quarter and which should boost earnings.
I know which hotels are nice to our clients and which ones aren't.
Which is a very G, like, 'fuck you' move, which is very cool.
So far, people have had a hard time telling which one is which!
Rather, we need to ask which debts are moral and which are not.
CLS Bank International, which tightened the rules on which business methods are patentable.
Hamas, which rules Gaza, and Fatah, which controls the West Bank, remain divided.
"We optimize around growth, which requires energy which requires carbon energy," he said.
But there aren't consistent rules about which subdivisions "count" and which ones don't.
That melts more ice, which leaves more seawater exposed, which melts more ice.
He wants to hear which videos are performing well, and about which issues.
It can be impossible to tell which tales were invented and which reported.
Which brings me to Bachelor in Paradise, which does not take itself seriously.
Its aim was to work out which countries use which policies against exploitation.
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This handy guide breaks down which states allow ballot selfies and which don't.
There may be an application which was being used which had a notification.
Other interested buyers include Verizon (which owns AOL, which, as mentioned, owns TechCrunch).
Which is worse and which is more dishonest - the #Oscars or the Emmys?
Algae grew, which attracted bugs, which in turn attracted small fish like smelt.
You did guided trips, which is great, which was exactly right to do.
It also creates water, which doesn't matter much, and carbon dioxide, which does.
Sunlight and shadow determines which side might get more branches, which side doesn't.
An associate membership, which limits which classes a member can take, is $125.
There are some buffers which they have which will prevent a systemic meltdown.
Recruiters see which jobs banks are keeping, and which are being automated away.
" "The market has decided which areas are clear and which are more vulnerable.
That is how Dr Bernardi knew which tracks were older and which younger.
Maryland lost to Minnesota, which was 22-23 in conference play, which...what!?
She runs human resources, which — that's another story which people thought was stereotypical.
Which was one of your ... Which is one of our companies as well.
This went on for days, which turned into weeks, which turned into months.
Which begs the question: which chart-fillers of our age will be remembered?
Which leads to cysts and growths on the ovaries, which are benign masses.
We've referred to distributional factors, which matter, and the knowledge factor, which matters.
So how do Olympians choose which are bunk, and which are worth it?
Which are worth it, and which should be left in the junk drawer?
I just wish parsing out which model is which wasn't so damn complicated.
Meantime, check out the gallery ... see if you can see which is which.
Which one is the iPhone X and which one is the ZenFone 5?
We can easily guess which photos are staged and which ones are raw.
In which ways are you both alike and which ways are you different?
One of which people talk a lot about which is the block chain.
As you'll see, it's harder than you'd expect to tell which is which.
How should we know which laws are serious and which are simply suggestions?
Third, you need to know which actions are risky and which ones aren't.
One of which is a rowing machine in which you row through space.
Which group uses more drugs entirely depends on which drug is more available.
The next stage is to see which treatments work best on which clusters.
They elaborate on more than 200 tree species and tell which is which.
My confusion turned into paranoia which turned into panic attacks which triggered delusions.
One of which is this video, which they liken to a social experiment.
We're talking about which decks really resonate with us and which ones don't.
The report, which focuses on the 2009-2014 period - which includes EDF's Oct.
Existing rules make it difficult to guess which regulations apply to which firms.
But have you ever wondered which scenes are real and which made up?
But the border crisis, which he discussed, is one which he has created.
Toni Which brings us back to the circumstances through which Trump could rally.
Writing is about choosing which details are salient and which to pass over.
Clearly, we needed to find which XML articles correspond to which HTML articles.
He explains which deals paid off big time and which cost him millions.
They concerned at which stage in the legal process which standard should apply.
These are stories in which fathers and sons worry over their masculinity, which,
Which one gets shafted all the time and which one killed the leopard?
It has to be clear which parts are new and which are old.
Work which Nix did not deny had taken place but which he downplayed.
Brit: On that note, which drugs hold which place in the social pyramid?
Which brings me to my next point, which is straight from the books.
Which isn't to say there aren't areas in which video stores are superior.
Which means that that Uber trip which cost you £8 actually cost £20.
Which products did they touch and which did they put into a cart?
Which is not on my favorite album, which is Stay What You Are.
Which brings us to state No. 50, which has the nation's worst economy.
Which companies are said to align with religious values, and which are not?
Yes, which couldn't be used at all, which was also news to me.
We're bad at deciding which ideas are good and which ones are bad.
There's no way to tell, looking at a headphone's specs, which are which.
Trump was like, 'Wait a minute: Which ex-wife and which racist comments?
Which shows to watch and which ones to skip on television this fall.
And once they're all in scuba gear, it hardly matters which is which.
But I had no idea which way was uptown and which was downtown.
Which parts of the image are low contrast, and which are high contrast?
How did the attorney general determine which were true and which were false?
Ms Hando can veto judicial promotions and influence which judges hear which cases.
Was I on Fifth, which goes down, or Sixth Avenue, which goes up?
MC: Julian, which one are you most excited about getting, which folding device?
Who gets to decide which applications of AI are ethical and which aren't?
I use a Sharpie to indicate which is which right on the shell.
Meridian Biosciences, which last year acquired Magellan, which is based in Billerica, Mass.
Taste panels weighed in on which varieties were delicious and which were blah.
That makes it harder for a snooper to parse which transaction is which.
How do animal shelters decide which dogs get euthanized and which get adopted?
She pointed out which fragments made it into the book, which ones didn't.
Some of which are well-paying, some of which aren't as well-paying.
In the realm of educational choice, it is clear which side is which.
"I believe in other things which make you levitate, or which lighten you."
Dedicated buttons for honking (which affects gameplay) and flapping your wings (which doesn't).
It&aposs unclear which game publisher or studio to which Biden is referring.
Your job, as the solver, is to figure out which part is which.
How can doctors tell which videos are valid and which contain bogus information?
Which one is the Versa 2 and which one is the Apple Watch?
Isolation became resentment, which became hostility which exploded in the spring of 85033.
Nobody is quite sure which is the chicken, and which is the egg.
Beyondsoft's workers have to know which emperor's name is associated with which leader.
It's up to you which incidents you confront and which you let be.
"There can be some confusion as to which is which," Dr. Vosseller said.
Which parts of Mr. Brooks's arguments resonate with you and which do not?
It's about which rules are set for trade and which rules are enforced.
Carne y Arena, which is an amazing VR show which is really interesting.
But at the end we're talking about something which is very detrimental which is this trade conflict because this is undermining one fundamental pillar which we had built our economic prosperity over the last four years which is global open markets.
"What we are fighting is clandestine Islamic fundamentalism, which spreads through social media, which does its work out of sight, which preys on weak and unstable minds, and which on our soil corrupts and indoctrinates on a daily basis," Macron said.
In a world in which so many of us often feel less connected, even disconnected, stories which are brave — by which I mean, stories in which the writer dares to tell the truth of herself — make us feel less alone.
As in, fireworks are attached to a wheel (not unlike a windmill) which is attached to a truck which is then all lit at once which is then spun around in circles which then explodes beautifully, shooting fireworks in every direction.
That included talking to more than 70 players, poring over forum posts, and analyzing data from sites like Dotlan, which tracks things like the number of ships destroyed in a battle or which corporations owned which star systems on which dates.
Others include Bonzo Goes To College (1952), in which a chimp plays golf and football; Gus (19973) in which a mule from Yugoslavia plays football, Matilda (1978) in which a Kangaroo boxes, and Ed (1996) in which a monkey plays baseball.
It also announced Amazon Rekognition Video, which uses AI to detect objects and faces in customers' video content; Amazon Transcribe, which turns audio into text; Amazon Translate, which translates text; and Amazon Comprehend, which analyzes text for sentiment and key phrases.
David Hinckley, New York Daily News: When you're three episodes into a series and still unsure which member of which family holds which nominal role in which ruling household, you may start asking whether the effort is worth the payback.
There is no way to tell in advance which interview will be ho-hum and which will produce an illuminating quote or anecdote, or which facts will turn out to be central to the story and which are interesting but extraneous.
We wanted to see which products tasted the best, which ones were easiest to prepare, and which ones might even impress the three food gurus listed above.
The aforementioned 5GHz i95903-9900K, which will retail for $488, the i7-9700K, which will retail for $374, and the i5-9600K, which will retail for $262.
It requires evaluating which papers are good, which types of evidence are strong, and drawing conclusions — which are all skills that Oster uses as an academic economist.
They attend community colleges, which provide short, typically two-year courses, or profitmaking universities, which offer heavily marketed and pricey degrees which are sometimes of dubious merit.
That drop represented the funds for which Refinitiv has data, which may not include all T. Rowe Price funds, which are managed by T. Rowe Price Group.
Which is why you're hearing a lot right now about Apple's new streaming service, which launches Friday, and Disney's, which launches a couple of weeks after that.
These are connected to a measuring instrument, which transmits data to a computer, which then converts the measurements into sound, which the person can hear over headphones.
"Do not allow those which destroy the earth, which destroy the environment and the ecological balance, and which end up destroying the wisdom of peoples," he said.
Keith Collins and Sheera Frankel put together a fun quiz in which you try to guess which posts are authentic and which posts come from influence campaigns.
More importantly, it is about the ability to make economically efficient decisions about which products to offer, at what price, through which channels and to which customer.
The other which people talk less about which is a potentially explosive piece which is a means to transfer value the way the internet transfers information today.
We learned how to decipher which were her old works, which she'd done when she was still a student, and which she made in her later years.
Sunday was World Emoji Day (you knew that, right?), which is why Twitter decided to take a look at which emojis are most popular in which countries.
It is well within our reach to create a visa process which is more secure, which reflects our American values, and which would make the Department proud.
There's a real obligation here to imagine the state's depth, which is deep but fragile, and its ancestry, which is vital, and its future, which is scary.
"I literally knew every street — which blocks were tree-lined, which had fun bars and restaurants, which ones had the quickest walks to the subway," he said.
"Survivor" begat "Big Brother," which begat "The Bachelor," which begat "American Idol," which begat "The Apprentice," the reality talent show that starred now-US president Donald Trump.
It's a place where trees sprout "baby letters," which grow into multisyllabic words, which are tossed into stew pots and herded into sentences, which eventually become stories.
Those tools included an accelerometer, which tracks how fast a phone is moving, a magnetometer, which works like a digital compass, and a gyroscope, which tracks rotation.
Mr. Malloy knows which halls already have adequate lighting and which he will need to supplement, and which fire marshals are sticklers for neat rows of chairs.
Here is the chart from Microsoft that shows the tests: These findings are also backed up by Netflix's literature, which lists which browsers support which playback options.
"In a case as complicated as this, it can be difficult for the jury to recollect which exhibits went with which witness or which scheme," she said.
KS: There is that alternate thing with this stuff, and then there's the meditation thing, which is also taking off, which is interesting, which is not medical.
Here's a rundown of which varieties are better, and which should be avoided altogether.
There are also illicit drugs which induce euphoria, which could potentially make someone laugh.
ChaCha, which offers a service in which users can submit a question and a
Those include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has a psychoactive effect — and cannabidiol (CBD), which doesn't.
But it's unclear which systems at which locations are similarly affected by the vulnerability.
They shape our thoughts, which in turn form our philosophies, which inform our behavior.
Texts which show clear bias against Donald Trump and which led to this exchange.
The main leader was captured, which is El Chapo, which is for your program.
Ahead, we explain which kind of straw is best for which kind of drinker.
They have this mission which they never asked for, which their parents left undone.
Our study shows which states truly put it all together and which ones don't.
Through their cheques, connections and advice, they determine which startups succeed and which languish.
In Riverside, it was 118, which is 48ºC, which is some Sahara-type shit.
What are the principles by which he chooses a company in which to invest?
A business called Alpha Grid, which does branded content in video, which is great.
Which companies and product categories rose to the top and which ones flamed out?
Considerations usually include which request came first and which alleged crime is more serious.
The question remains which of these apps are especially harmful and which are passable.
Which I love, aside from the comedy and the dick jokes, which are fantastic.
It's not immediately clear which environmental protections will remain and which will be abandoned.
We still don't yet know which corporation or which country all this is about.
From Iraq, which was shot in Morocco, to Alaska, which we shot in Alberta.
Between them, they decide which winemakers and which wines to take a chance on.
The challenge is knowing how to convince people – which appeals will move which players.
No one knows which one — which means no one knows what it would do.
In this game, the contestants try to guess which astrological description fits which person.
Which takes us back to the islands -- and a dispute which dates back centuries.
Given these challenges, which dishes do you particularly recommend and which not so much?
Which combines with the pop-producer thing which I've been doing for many years.
And it raised questions about which presidential assertions can be believed and which cannot.
You can see which apps you use often and which ones you've never used.
Which one is the Asus ZenFone 5 and which one is the iPhone X?
There's a crust, and you know which end to grab and which to eat.
Which gets into all kinds of privacy issues, which I try and address, too.
It's all about which celeb shows up with which high fashion designer in tow.
There's a public mod log, so everyone can see which moderator took which action.
The next challenge then was to determine which language to show to which user.
I'm reading this stuff ... LG: Which one is good and, which one is bad.
So, which state has the heaviest tax burden and which one has the lightest?
"There is another dam which is also overflowing which is looking risky," she said.
"Don't have time to figure out which docs are real and which are faked."
Unicycling leads to wire walking which leads to trapeze artistry which leads to skydiving.
More basically, so does choosing which businesses to be in and which to quit.
Disclosure: my wife works for Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, which makes Messenger.
It is often very unclear which governments are arguing or voting for which outcomes.
So there's intrinsic aging, which means biological aging, and external aging, which is effects.
Pure Pressure A band in which people play instruments which they don't usually play.
It is unclear in which city — or with which company — the pilot is happening.
There's likely to be a difference in which medium works best for which purpose.
Dedicate time to researching which job fairs to attend and which employees to send.
It allows you to figure out which factors actually matter and which ones don't.
As I've said already, E3 shouldn't be about which company "won" and which didn't.
But again it is not clear which is the cause and which the effect.
But which firm is the peer against which Apple's tax affairs should be gauged?
The prospective employer will not know which schools inflate grades and which do not.
A lot of the younger generation has no idea, no clue which is which.
Which of these ways of reading is permissible, and which is out of bounds?
"I can see just by looking at them which ones are which," Gepts said.
Here's how to know which phone you have and which cases will fit it.
This includes deciding which contracts they want to carry forward and which to abandon.
Aramco would have to decide which assets to keep and which would remain private.
"Which is worse and which is more dishonest," he asked his followers in 2014.
That all depends on which one you celebrated on Monday, which was officially #NationalPetDay.
Someone smart about boxing could walk in cold and tell which side was which.
Floppy disks begat smaller floppy disks, which begat hard drives, which begat CD-ROMs.
Which teams get to the championship game and which team wins the NCAA title?
Which species make the cut, and which ones are left to disappear into history?
By studying advertising data, researchers were able to determine which companies targeted which group.
", alongside two hats, one white which reads "Bride" and one black which reads "Groom.
Instead, users can select which of their Stories are shared and which are not.
An economy in which the growth which has begun in 2017 can be consolidated.
So, which C.E.O.s and senior team direct reports will succeed and which will falter?
The most difficult part of using the app is determining which device is which.
But you don't know that, and you genuinely don't know which one is which.
He didn't like my questions, which were direct, or my tone, which was conversational.
It wasn't consistently clear which of Henze's characters were dead and which were living.
Guests bet on horses, which determines the order in which the artwork is selected.
It is difficult to say which spices are crucial and which can be omitted.
He recalled one meeting at which faculty members were discussing which colleagues deserved advancement.
Which vision you view as more realistic will likely drive which candidate you support.
Even governments and courts struggle with the unenviable task of determining which is which.
And figuring out which is which can be tough for Washington to figure out.
Which doesn't make them not culpable for the things of which they are culpable.
Instead, law enforcement officials must choose which ones are important and which are not.
"You can't decide which court rulings you follow and which ones you do not."
Which makes sense for this song, which is amiable, feather-light and perfectly evanescent.
These include Lumberfield, which sells outdoor gear, and Runyon Athletics, which sells exercise clothes.
The authors did not say which publications participated in which part of the study.
DXY, which generally moves inversely with oil prices, which limited oil gains, Kilduff said.
They need to be able to sort out which pronouns refer to which nouns.
So how do collectors decide which ones to attend and which ones to skip?
Celebrations involve lighting bonfires, which attract bugs — which, in turn, attract bug-munching bats.
Which meant hiring its first creative director, which is where Ms. Facchinetti came in.
You're absolutely dependent upon specifically which parish in which county your ancestor came from.
" And "more points" means "more fun," which means "more fans," which means "more money.
Final counts on Monday will determine which landed in fourth and which placed fifth.
Democrats should remember which parts of it they can't control and which they can.
Which Andrew has ridiculed, and which looks (she acknowledges) silly, should she wear that ?
Which of these make sense to scientists, and which are still hard to explain?
She bought him a beer, which led to flirting, which led to a kiss.
A number of decisions are made about which genes are expressed, which aren't expressed.
They're deep moral disagreements about which standards should apply, in which spheres of politics.
The state itself did not distinguish which products were regulated and which were not.
What more could they do to verify which is fake and which is real?
The audience members were quizzed afterward, and they could not decide which was which.
But how does one determine which risks are worth taking, and which ones aren't?
Identify which preventive services actually work for which consumers, and promote those targeted uses.
Which bank had refused to deal with which other bank for fear of insolvency?
Beyond Investing's team decides which stocks to exclude and which new ones to add.
None of which is happening today—or, not much of which is happening today.
A number of decisions are made about which genes are expressed, which aren't expressed.
You have to know which guys you holler at, which guys you just pet.
Which brings me to another movement of the moment: volume, which I generally avoid.
According to local healing traditions, he knows which hold remedies and which harbor poison.
Donald, meet YouTube, which is owned by Google, which is a big search engine.
I can give you one specific example which I love, which is the smile.
How would he know which individuals upon which he would be able to rely?
Its technology cannot reliably determine in some documents which pronoun goes with which name.
He moves from masks, which obstruct personal identities, to walls, which obstruct social landscapes.
Look at the "generic ballot," which asks voters which party they like more overall.
We wanted to know which songs had lyrics that people were constantly checking — and not just which songs, but which lines in particular, were especially tricky or confusing.
This helped Jellies to figure out not just which videos make sense for which age groups, but also which topics should be included in its kid-friendly app.
For example, Neuro Trim lists "reverse osmosis filtered water," which is purified water; "crystalline fructose," which is just high fructose corn syrup alternative; and "sucralose," which is Splenda.
And I always talk about — it's my favorite lead of all time — which was the board of Twitter, which had three Peters and a Dick, which they did.
Then IFTTT pings a custom cloud API, which pings a custom Android app, which pings Square's Point of Sale software, which finally fires up the Contactless Reader. Simple!
That card can then be taken into any clinic, which will be able to see exactly which vaccinations the child has received and which shots are still needed.
In both wars, Israel expanded its territory, some of which it has withdrawn from, some of which it has annexed, some of which it occupies to this day.
The young prefer social media which are more "intimate" and "ephemeral", like Snapchat, which pioneered "stories", messages and pictures that disappear after 24 hours—and which Facebook aped.
A traditional three-drug cocktail consists of sodium thiopental, which induces unconsciousness; pancuronium bromide, which causes muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest; and potassium chloride, which stops the heart.
We've all had our fun debating which Chris is the best Chris, which Chris makes the best movies, which Chris is the funniest or prettiest or most talented.
Fortnite's creators at Epic undoubtedly have the data to prove exactly which skins are most popular, which should help them figure out which ones to turn into merch.
For example, there is no consensus on how to determine which civilians joined the Islamic State willingly, which cooperated for protection, or which were not involved at all.
That's higher than competitors like Sam's Club, which posted 5.7% growth, Target (TGT), which posted a 5.1% rise, and Walmart (WMT), which reported growth of 3.4% last quarter.
And there's another camp, which is not the majority, but which is more important, which is the struggle for equal rights, and that's the camp I subscribe to.
Bottom lineUltimately, which card is best for you depends on which hotel brand you tend to stay with, how often you stay, and which elite perks you value.
It snowballs, too: prominent placement makes a piece more popular, which makes it more prominent, which makes it yet more popular, which makes…well, you get the idea.
Surely that could help the government figure out which contractors don't follow laws, which ones are on shaky financial ground, and which ones are being sued the most.
"There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do, and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime," he said.
They present him with three options: one of which is obviously too extreme, one of which is far too weak, and the third of which is just right.
EMIT is "Time" backward, which is a MAGazine, which you can also run backward to get GAM; both "opener" clues, which solved to MID and UNI, were unexpected.
Settling in for their chat, the interviewer moved his mouse, which woke up his laptop, which was connected to the boardroom's TV, which suddenly streamed pantyhose fetish pornography.
Conversations between the two soon hit upon the lack of transparency around what research was happening at which universities and which clinical trials were underway at which hospitals.
Also, three express buses run to Manhattan: the BxM1, which covers Midtown East; the BxM2, which goes to Herald Square; and the BxM18, which serves the financial district.
We invested in Didi, which is number one, Ola which we believe is number one in India, Grab which we believe is number one in South East Asia.
That exhibition, which covered the same time period in which "Untitled" was painted, revisited the postwar years in which she developed her style of simple, Constructivist-like abstractions.
While less sophisticated collectors might choose works based on where they will eventually be installed — which home, which room, which wall — Freedman gives no weight to such considerations.
"There's a custom, a culture which has become part of French political life, which is a heritage of the monarchy, and which is completely French," Mr. Garrigues said.
That drop represented the funds for which Refinitiv has data, which may not include all T. Rowe Price funds, which are managed by T. Rowe Price Group Inc.
Jobs are likely to be very different, but we don't know which will still exist, which will be done by machines and which new ones will be created.
The answer is TANK — a term which I do think implies an intentional falling apart, which isn't specified in the clue, which makes it a Thursday clue — tough.
The elite is increasingly divided between big businesses (which have done relatively well in recent years) and small business (which has suffered), and between knowledge-based industries (which like to flaunt their cultural liberalism) and Main Street firms (which are more traditional).
You can choose from Studio Light, which adds a light glow; Contour Light, which adds definition to your face; Stage Light, which adds a dramatic black backdrop; and Stage Light Mono, which is that same dramatic effect, but in black and white.
Carmakers Daimler, which owns the Mercedes-Benz brand; BMW, which owns the BMW and Mini brands; as well as Volkswagen, which owns the Audi, VW and Porsche brands; and Opel, which is now owned by PSA Group , agreed to the overhaul, VDA said.
That includes Google, which has blocked select Android services from Huawei; FedEx, which allegedly "diverted" a number of Huawei packages; ARM, which reportedly told employees to suspend business with Huawei; as well as Intel and Qualcomm, which also reportedly cut ties with Huawei.
The computer has to learn which of these are faces and which are not, and perhaps which picture shows a specific face and which not, and come up with a rule that efficiently transforms the input of an image into a correct identification.
Perhaps he didn't know that this was a god which had leveled the world with a flood, which had rained fire on cities, which had delivered the Jews from the yoke of the mighty Egyptian empire, which had destroyed armies and kingdoms.
Pence had offered to remove three ObamaCare regulations: guaranteed issue, which requires insurers cover people with pre-existing conditions; community rating, which bans insures from charging sick people more for coverage; and essential health benefits, which mandates which services insurers must cover.
The new ad format kicks off today with a sponsorship from Pepsi, which has paid for eight custom stickers, six of which are weird smiley faces, one of which is a trophy, and only one of which has a Pepsi logo on it.
By week five, our Thanksgiving special hit a million views when we stuffed a quail into a duck, which was stuffed inside a hen, which was stuffed inside a chicken, which was stuffed inside a turkey, which was stuffed inside a full pig.
I had captured a few Pokémons, and Apple (which sold me my Pokémon balls), Nintendo (which originally developed Pokémon), Google (which is an investor in Niantic, which developed Pokémon Go), all had captured a little more of my money and attention and data.
The companies paying him included Sanofi-Aventis, which markets vitamin D supplements; Shire, which makes drugs for hormonal disorders that are given with vitamin D; Amgen, which makes an osteoporosis treatment; and Roche Diagnostics and Quidel Corporation, which both make vitamin D tests.
You can also choose from among three preferences for each browser or program: "Protected," which blocks trackers; "Monitoring," which will tell you which trackers are on your device but will not block them; and "Disabled," which does not record or block trackers.
It is a sport in which screaming insults at children is considered an accepted motivational technique, in which competing with severe injuries is the norm, in which discouraging athletes from eating is common practice and in which abuse, broadly defined, is standard.
The companies paying him included Sanofi-Aventis, which markets vitamin D supplements; Shire, which makes drugs for hormonal disorders that are given with vitamin D; Amgen, which makes an osteoporosis treatment; and Roche Diagnostics and Quidel Corporation, which both make vitamin D tests.
The flair and meticulousness with which he captured people is the same flair with which he wrote out his diaries, and the same meticulousness with which he did up his house in Ashcombe, and with which he hosted intellectual and cultural giants.
The states that contacted the CDC about the possible need for this intervention were California, which has reported 222 cases of measles this year; Illinois, which has reported eight cases of measles this year; Oklahoma, which has had one case; Washington, which has reported 79 cases; and New York, which has reported more than 630 cases.
According to Kumar, "this region was more strongly connected to parts of the brain which are involved in recalling your past experiences": the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which plays a role in decision-making; the posteromedial cortex, which helps regulate emotions; the hippocampus, which is involved in processing emotions; and the amygdala, which is involved in experiencing emotion.
"The vibrations of a sound wave stress out the yeast, which will cause it to ferment differently, which creates different aromatics, which then creates different flavor profiles," he described.
"The proposal which we have put forward is the one which we believe is negotiable and which can carry the support of the House of Commons," he told reporters.
He uses abstract and color planes which convey depth, contemplation, spirituality and gestural movements which display spontaneity, movement and action in all of the media in which he works.
Most similar is NewsGuard, which offers "Nutrition Label" write-ups on websites to discern "which ones are trying to do legitimate journalism — and which are not," its website explains.
Wade, which grants women the right to abortion until the point at which a fetus can survive outside the womb, which is typically the 24th week of a pregnancy.
Others include Aston, which takes 66% more British students than it did before the cap was lifted; East Anglia, which takes 63% more; and Bath, which takes 24% more.
Apple butter can also contain up to 12% mold, which is better than cherry jam, which can be 218% moldy, or black currant jam, which can be 2510% moldy.
The Arts Council, a government body which administers a £210m annual fund for English music services, is unable to say which councils offer free tuition and which do not.
Beijing is expected to issue a new "negative list" this week, setting out which sectors are open to foreign investors, which are open with conditions and which are shut.
" Kavanaugh, 53, continued, "There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime.
NewsDog's competition includes Dailyhunt — which is backed by Toutiao-owner Bytedance — Inshorts, which counts Tiger Global among its investors, and NewsPoint, which is owned by media firm Times Internet.
China's economy meanwhile has evolved from industry towards services, which are harder to sell across borders and which are anyway excluded from merchandise-trade statistics (which cover only goods).
To do this, you can go hunting, which gives you monster meat, which you can then sell at work, which earns you the Kitten Tokens you so desperately need.
The newest S&P 250 sector holds three-quarters of the FANG trade — Facebook, which is lower for the month, Alphabet, which is flat, and Netflix, which is higher.
Techmeme publishes 30–40 stories a day out of thousands, which means Rivera and his team are constantly making choices about which narratives are important and which are not.
There's "dual mode," which puts two different things on each screen; "extended," which makes the two screens into one large image; and "mirror mode," which, well, mirrors the image.
And people again are thinking about the unthinkable: an attack of which there is no warning, for which there is no defense, and from which there is no escape.
"Every day there are boats which are leaving from the Libyan shore, refugees which are fleeing from the civil war which is going on in Libya," the German added.
Using a technique called multispectral analysis, which looks at how strongly plants absorb or reflect different wavelengths of sunlight, they can discover which crops are flourishing and which not.
It's an analogy which I used before the vote, which unfortunately I think is valid, which is, you had Mussolini come to power with the fascists in 1920s Italy.
We simply chat excitedly about whose island has which animal folks inhabiting it, which fruits we all picked that day, or which fish we found swimming in the ocean.
Consequently, the bone marrow loses its capacity to make red blood cells, which provide oxygen to tissues; white blood cells, which fight infections; and platelets, which help stop bleeding.
They are the ideas to which McCain held fast in his torment, to which billions worldwide aspire, and to which every American implicitly subscribes, even those who pretend otherwise.
Kushner also exemplifies the degree to which Trump not only prizes the fresh eyes of people from outside of politics, which is sensible, but downright fetishizes them, which isn't.
These include 220's "Moving Pictures," which sold 22015 million copies; 21983's "22014," which sold 21997 million copies; and the 219 compilation "Chronicles," which sold 20093 million copies.
In that spirit, I've spent the last seven months investigating which HUD initiatives work best, which ones need reform, and which could be putting taxpayer dollars to better use.
Tomatoes are double legumes: they're not actually vegetables, which makes them fruit and also makes them legumes, which means that they're not actually fruit, which makes them double legumes.
" For Mr. Guirgis, "The mentoring process was about sorting out which demons are your friends, which you can use and run with, and which need day-to-day management.
And the reality of having to pick and choose which ones they like and which they don't — which consumer protections are important and aren't — is a whole lot harder.
Seasons are, by definition, collections of moments; discerning which one is the one on which everything hinged, which one is more important than all the others, is an impossibility.
There's one case that came close to it, which I recall, which I can't really name, but I never saw it, which is a reasonably good record of conduct.
So they're constantly getting dirty, which is great and which is how it should be.
You have to distinguish which is the original element and which is the added element.
He won liberals, of which there were many, and independents, of which there were few.
Which is why Allswell's new, ultra-luxe tiny home — which costs $100,000 — is so remarkable.
The only question is, to which roof are we going to jump, across which alley?
The trick, however, will be to tell which asteroids are native and which are foreign.
Zettabytes are bigger than exabytes, which are bigger than petabytes, which are bigger than terabytes.
Participants also revisit spots months later, to see which species recovered and which did not.
I want to see the documents which Trey Gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous.
They paid a law firm, which hired an opposition research company, which brought on Steele.
"Which one is the father and which one is the boyfriend," wrote one Instagram user.
Decide which items you want to buy name-brand of and which ones you don't.
The biggest gainers were SkyCity, which added 4.9 percent and Spark, which added 1.7 percent.
Jackson recalled one such conversation, which took place at a panel on which she spoke.
Kids learn which foods are good for you and which are deadly from their parents.
Trump's policies would drive growth, which would push inflation higher, which would kill bonds. Right?
" XTIVIA, which said it was "reviewing the ad placement," which was "not [its] requested target.
Ric spoke only Tagalog, which I understood, and I spoke only English, which he understood.
But which movies will win big and which ones won't make it beyond the buzz?
That angered the crowd, which heavily booed Serena during the title match, which she won.
As you break down the scripts, you work out which parts pertain to which department.
Other products included hoods which were touted as "permanently flame resistant," but which actually weren't.
The argument is over which addicting chicken sandwich tastes better — not which one is healthier.
MADRID (Reuters) - La Caixa Banking Foundation, which manages the holding company which controls Caixabank (CABK.
Jimmy's ad — which Jimmy wrote and directed, and which stars the Hummel lady, a.k.a. Mrs.
Such studies could shed light on which treatments work best in which groups of patients.
Bonus tip: Color code your folders so you can easily tell which one is which.
She could prevent some from testifying, possibly reshaping which lawsuits continue and which are dropped.
The biggest moves, however, were among companies which reported results, most of which disappointed investors.
PLEASE. Do not react before you know which FB page to which you are posting.
The lawsuit also cites two patents which predate Project Loon and which Google supposedly infringes.
We need a more accurate perception of which risks are valid and which are overblown.
A quick web search should identify which ones are actually useful and which ones aren't.
Casey, which reaffirmed Roe v Wade, which he dissented from at the time, per Reuters.
The generals have introduced a constitution which weakens large parties and laws which restrict campaigning.
We're the nerds arguing over processing techniques and which chemical components complement which ingredients best.
Below, you can find out which Emmy nominated shows are available on which streaming platforms.
They find out which industry credentials are important, and which are purely a marketing strategy.
Which means she lied to the FBI for which Martha Stewart went to the jail.
There were overdoses and an overdose ... Which were directly linked to ... Which were directly linked.
But sometimes it's hard to tell which ones are photoshopped and which ones are real.
Which brings me to the Affordable Care Act, which was designed to bypass these obstacles.
See which methods we were fans of and which we'll be ignoring in the future.
It included "Nothin' on You," which topped Billboard's charts, and "Airplanes," which hit No. 2.
But how can you tell which range figures are accurate and which are just marketing?
I am losing track of who is from what prison and which ginger is which.
That's keeping them away from retail, which is slowing down sales, which is hurting brands.
Like clockwork, magazines publish articles on which hair shades work best for which skin tones.
You won't figure out which is which through analysis or a careful weighing of options.
Disclosure: Verizon, which owns Aol, which owns TechCrunch, is in the process of buying Yahoo.
"It's not sufficient to understand which synapses, which brain connections, are working improperly," he says.
The administration had been vague about which cities or which funds it may claw back.
And the real truth is that I don't know which are legal and which aren't.
Comcast owns NBC, which is a minority investor in Vox Media, which owns The Verge.
Thus it is easy to tell which animals are BDE havers, and which are not.
Which, come to think, is just another way in which it's like any other sport.
Some of it went into gas generators which were linked to turbines which drove pumps.
Meter Feeder only needs to know which price zone you're in, not which exact spot.
First there's the gruesome murder, which sucks no matter which method of execution you choose.
We'll each make individual decisions on which compromises to make and which workarounds to adopt.
Fossil fuels are dead plants, which prefer light carbon, which spiked with CO2 went up.
He's going to mix them up, and I have to guess which liquid is which.
He ate so many of our souls that he couldn't tell which way was which.
Read on to find out which persona is the most popular and which you are.
You can dunk, which moves you up and forward, or defend, which drives you backward.
There's certain roles which are dominated by women, which makes it look balanced on paper.
That includes the risk corridors program, which is temporary, and risk adjustment, which is permanent.
Others include DuPont, which defeated Peltz in 2015 and Automatic Data Processing, which is ongoing.
She is talking about her determination, which is obvious, and her aims, which aren't, always.
Not for comedy, which is doing just fine, but for democracy, which is in trouble.
We provide that value, which raises costs, which creates more demand, and the cycle continues.
Which actress will play which role at each performance won't be announced until the spring.
Articles unpicking which song is about which male celebrity abound, though they hardly seem necessary.
He did not say in which years the civilians were killed, nor in which country.
So they're constantly getting dirty, which is great and which is how it should be.
There are tons of different scenarios in which I need to manage it, which Humm.
"You have to remember, which one is CHIP program, which one is not?" she observes.
Part of the difficulty in stopping the illegal trade is telling which cycad is which.
"Don Cherry made remarks which were hurtful, discriminatory, which were flat-out wrong," MacLean said.
If you were a moderator, which responses would you approve and which would you reject?
Police would not comment on "which vessel hit which vessel," as an investigation is underway.
Which designer will land their dream job and which will land in the bargain bin?
Just admit you don't know which one you like better,                                                which one rings your bell.
One investor, which invested $1.7 million, is Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn, which makes the iPhone.
We need substantive rules that define which data practices are appropriate, and which are not.
Nunes then asked which intelligence agency the whistleblower works in, at which point Schiff intervened.
I think it's American dollars, which come from taxes, which come because of Donald Trump.
"They carefully choose which projects and tasks to join and which to flee," he writes.
Dawn played her "Let's Dance," which didn't quite take, and some seventies Bowie, which did.
It was those efforts which were truly the masterpiece, which the painting only dimly reflects.
And, while she's at it, how to tell which man is going to become which.
We're going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need, which, right now, we don't have.
Which does not represent anything, which has no history, no soul, no meaning, no coherence.
And, if so, which ones are up for grabs, and which ones are off-limits?
I'm still working out which are which, and learning to love myself in the process.
When he looks at his Olympic medals, he doesn't know which goes for which race.
But don't ask Collins to identify which paintings feature Mary-Kate and which feature Ashley.
EU and Better for the Country Limited (BFTC), which Banks controls and which ran Leave.
Essentially each family decides for itself which rituals to observe and which ones to reject.
Which ones do we gobble up, and which ones do we take our time with?
Which leads me back to the original question of which job won't eventually be automated.
You can see a map showing which states offer which kinds of tax breaks here.
Which big unicorn investments will flame out and which seemingly genius technologies will go bust?
From here, Burns can show us which men are predators, which women are their accomplices.
Decide which fights are worth having, and which ones are better to have backed down.
Test yourself by guessing which of these samples come from Foer and which from Melton.
Which paper do you need to push in which direction to get your policy enacted?
"You have to figure out which cards to play at which time," Mr. Kushner said.
Which brings me to Virginia, which is holding crucial state elections in just four weeks.
What guidelines will reviewers be given about which ads to allow and which to reject?
"It's not about which line you play on or which power-play unit," Agosta said.
You'll be able to figure out which ones like you, and which ones you like.
Which had ... Which was a standard sort of cleavage for a long time at publications.
There is Barbara Bush Elementary School, which opened in 1992 in Houston and which Mrs.
We're going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need; which, right now, we don't have.
This is a goal to which I aspire and at which I am failing miserably.
Contradictions and debates abound over which groups governments list as terrorist and which they don't.
Do you think a lot about which details to include and which not to include?
We're not Fox News, which is cheering, or MSNBC, which is laying on the floor.
But the College Board is attempting to dictate which forms matter and which do not.
Which are PVC, basically plastic polymer, the majority of which are made from crude oil.Right.
Which films moved on to the next phase, and which got their bad news early?
I spent some time in London, which I loved, and Ireland, which really interested me.
But which one has turned out to be Peyton Manning and which one Ryan Leaf?
BRANTLEY Or greyhounds versus the trotters (though don't ask me to say which is which).
"Gates of Hell," which features a segment in which a character regurgitates her own intestines.
I am particularly drawn to novels which are character-driven, which make you care deeply.
Sheryll Klinkel, a Pentagon spokeswoman, would not comment on which soldier might receive which award.
Boxers are dogs, but they're also pugilists, which shortens to PUGS, which are also dogs.
Dealer's choice: You decide which one you eat tonight, and which you freeze for later.
The process by which the networks decide which game you will see is called regionalization.
You know, doctors are having to choose which patients get on and which patients don't.
Finland had only two, which killed 19963 people, and Switzerland had one, which killed 21996.
It helps him decide which opportunities to jump on and which ones to pass up.
He noted three separate shootings, which resulted in 10 injuries, one of which was fatal.
Clements also takes Phenergan, which acts as an antihistamine, and Tizanidine, which treats muscle spasms.
Which should be followed by medical doctors, and which should be supported by government assistance?
Pebble, which makes smartwatches, has been purchased by Fitbit, which has had its own problems.
"You wouldn't know which students are in temporary housing and which students aren't," she said.
That framing casts reruns as appointment TV, which … well, which it very much is not.
I want the speed which we had at Hublot, which we had at Tag Heuer.
No points for guessing which is which, or for predicting who learns what from whom.
Originals disappeared, copies were passed off as originals, and no one knew which was which.
Today's included RIPER (I had "rarer"), which happened to cross STEPINS (which could be SLIPONS).
Determining which fragment belonged to which painting proved to be an enormous task, officials remembered.
He asked which route we had taken and which animals we had seen so far.
But they also are much less wrapped around the axle about which plan is which.
And you don't have to be a mind reader to figure out which is which.
That's why I mixed a jacket, which is more formal, with bluejeans, which is sportier.
But you have to know which battles to fight and which to walk away from.
Shall I tell you which colleges Sam and which colleges Joel are considering going to?
"It's hard to tell which is the chicken and which is the egg," he said.
Which companies will be flourishing and which may be at risk of losing Fertitta's business?
Understanding which parts can change and which are fixed is key to understanding the score.
Which of our elected officials truly believe in constitutional government – and which of them don't?
Which major American political party — and which president of the United States — does this describe?
Semiconductor stocks rose, including Nvidia, which gained 0.85% and Micron Technology, which was up 2.37%.
The company which is Aramco, which is the biggest energy company in the whole world.
It seems clear which party is serious about infrastructure investment and which one is not.
"You can figure out which habitats they like and which habitats they avoid," DeMatteo says.
There are other issues which are similarly profound, which would include, for example, climate change.
In addition, there is hydropower, which is renewable, and nuclear energy, which is carbon-free.
You can find calculators online which will help you decide which is best for you.
His committee will have sway over which defense systems get funded and which do not.
He's backed Chirps Chips, which makes cricket chips, and Chapul, which makes cricket protein bars.
She got to decide which ones were private and which ones went to State Department.
Which brings us to Artificial Pleasure, the purveyors of this video, which is premiering below.
The charge sheet, which you can read embedded in full below, describes schemes in which:
The FTC, which pursues companies which fail to adequately protect consumer data, declined to comment.
I hope that I will get a picture of which issues resonate, which ones don't.
Holder, which struck down the formula used to identify which jurisdictions were subject to preclearance.
People differ in the duration in which they can reliably distinguish [which side is longer].
She even apparently controlled the president's wardrobe, dictating which colors to wear on which days.
That report, which was defunded in 2005, showed which extremist groups were active and where.
Because it's not just ... It's content moderation, which is married to hate speech, which is married to people feeling depressed, it's creating mental issues around our society, which is linked to addiction, which is linked to election ... It's all part of a larger spin. Yeah.
There's the title, which is usually gibberish, the abstract, which broadly describes what's in the patent, the specification, which explains how to build or use the invention being patented, and then there are the claims, which is the actual subject matter of the patent.
Apple set out to make a phone as dominated by the screen as possible, which meant removing the bezels, which meant removing the fingerprint sensor, which meant adding a 3D-sensing camera for Face ID. Which meant taking a considerable bite out of the screen.
Other banks involved in the deal were JPMorgan, which moved up from third to second; Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which solidified its hold on fourth place; Citigroup, which moved from seventh to fifth; and Perella Weinberg Partners, which leaped from 32nd to 14th.
Russia (which backs the Syrian regime) and Turkey (which supports the rebels) have agreed to act as guarantors for the agreement -- any group which breaks the ceasefire is likely to face reprisals from both Turkey and Russia, which have been on opposing sides until now.
That baggage is the events of Season 4 – which is much more digestible in its current, "remixed" format – a season which many fans disliked after its 2013 release, and a season which took some characters down unusually depressing paths from which they can't fully escape.
It focused on the Aswad family, which it said lost eight members in a single air strike, the Hashish family, which it said lost 18 members, the Badran family which it said lost 39 members, and the Fayad family which it said lost 16 members.
Those numbers were much lower for independents — 13 percent of which "probably would" and 7 percent of which "definitely would" support such a candidate — and Democratic respondents, only 8 percent of which "probably would" and 85033 of which percent "definitely would" back that candidate.
According to the prospectus, the biggest shareholders are SoftBank, which owns 16 percent of Uber; the venture capital firm Benchmark, which owns 11 percent; Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which owns 5 percent; Alphabet, which owns 5 percent; and Mr. Kalanick, who owns 9 percent.
I know those emotions which tear the insides to be free and memories which must be kept underground, caged by rigid discipline lest they destroy, but which yet are precious to me because they are mine and I am proud of that which is myself.
It is easier to build from scratch than to attempt to change a huge and complex edifice on which millions rely, which millions resent, and which all have opinions on.
Aided by AI and advanced computing, projects under this initiative will determine new hallmarks of prostate cancer, which can be analyzed to identify which are lethal and which are benign.
Elizabeth ended up using a kit from EndoCanna Health, which promises to test your DNA to determine which strains of marijuana might be helpful and which might make you afraid.
The war endeddepending on which war you mean: those we started,before those, millennia ago and onward,those which started me, which I lost and won—these ever-blooming wounds.
Google is also invested in Indigo which connects Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore, and PLCN which connects Hong Kong and Los Angeles, both of which will also enter service in 2019.
Walmart also last year bought ShoeBuy, which specializes in footwear and apparel; Moosejaw, which sells outdoor wear; Bonobos, which sells men's clothing and ModCloth, an online seller of women's apparel.
You'll now be able to name separate versions of the same file, which should be a helpful way to clarify which versions are final and which are still in progress.
WeWork's erstwhile flywheel: Its rising share price attracts ever-greater investment rounds, which fund ever-greater losses, which fuel ever-faster growth, which feeds back into the rising share price.

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