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How to use such as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "such as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "such as". Mastering all the usages of "such as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Other related startups are reducing the costs associated with complying with corporate contracts (such as Ironclad), bankruptcy (such as UpSolve), zoning requirements generally (such as Envelope and Symbium) and for accessory dwelling units (such as Cover), permitting processes (such as Camino.
Natural cheeses can include unripened cheeses such as cottage cheese, soft cheese such as Camembert or hard cheeses such as Cheddar.
These include intermittent exercise such as football and racket sports, endurance exercise such as running and cycling, and resistance exercise such as weightlifting.
However, Shiels said, there were also increases due to natural or semisynthetic opioids (such as morphine and oxycodone), benzodiazepines (such as Valium and Xanax), synthetic opioids (such as fentanyl) and psychostimulants (such as methamphetamine) among blacks and Hispanics.
"Hackers and bots spread disinformation through social media platforms such as Facebook, microblogging services such as Weibo, and popular chat apps such as Line," he added.
Some are mild, such as grumpiness, and others are powerful, such as wrath.
Half received amphetamines such as Adderall and half received methylphenidates such as Ritalin.
Well, unfortunately when you negotiate those big-ticket items, such as intellectual property rights, such as subsidies to state-owned enterprises, such as rents, such as you know, extortion of this or that, it's going to take a long time.
Synthetic opioids are manmade drugs such as fentanyl, as opposed to semi-synthetic opioids such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, or natural opioids such as codeine and morphine.
The toxic metal was most commonly found in fruit juices such as grape and apple, root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots, and cookies such as teething biscuits.
That could be a specific sleep disorder (such as narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia), a medical condition (such as sleep apnea), or a medication (such as antihistamines or beta-blockers).
They "depended on them to vet lesser well-known state offices such as the commissioner of agriculture, such as the state treasurer, such as the state auditor," she said.
It favours hard sciences such as economics over soft ones such as sociology and history.
The first is interaction with the natural world, such as gardening; the second is construction using toys such as Lego; and the third is through virtual tools, such as Minecraft.
Networks such as HBO have further pushed the boundaries with projects such as Game of Thrones.
Campaigners such as Barker say men face their own pressures, such as being the sole breadwinner.
Some, such as Litecoin, are designed to tackle some of bitcoin's weaknesses, such as slow transactions.
BMW is investing in new materials such as carbon fibre and enhancements such as parking assistance.
Enter startups such as the large venture-backed Katerra and recently public companies such as Procore.
Brokerages such as Charles Schwab have also recently debuted "free" services such as commission-free trading.
Rehnquist left questions related to witnesses, such as Monica Lewinsky, and motions, such as Democratic Sen.
For some species, such as mussels, lab experiments have shown adverse health effects such as inflammation.
Among those serving in such an office might be distinguished former prosecutors such as Robert Morgenthau, professors of legal ethics such as Stephen Gillers, and renowned constitutional lawyers such as Floyd Abrams.
Low desire can have many causes, whether biological influences such as the side effects of medication, psychological factors such as body image or relational triggers such as being angry with your partner.
The list includes established names, such as Netflix, and looming entrants, such as Disney, to the space.
These contaminants include chemicals such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium and radioactive elements such as uranium and radium.
Companies such as iForce now run specialist returns services for retailers such as Tesco and B&Q.
Do your research — using resources such as Robert Half's salary guide, sites such as Payscale or Salary.
Customers include smaller restaurant chains, such as Ping Pong and Franco Manca, and merchants such as Arco.
The service will expand to cover new topics (such as IoT) and industries (such as transportation).3.
A number of major oil companies that could be affected, such as such as Exxon Mobil Corp.
However, destinations such as Spain, Portugal, and less popular ones such as Ireland and Scandinavia saw increases.
This is a Johnson operating in a challenging political environment populated by southern Democrats such as Richard Russell, Republicans such as Everett Dirksen, liberals such as James Coleman of California, grassroots activists such as Stokely Carmichael, and malicious forces inside the government like FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.
Cameron's backing for EU membership has the support of some of the world's most powerful companies such as Microsoft and GE, banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, world leaders such as Obama and even traditional domestic foes such as the Labour Party, trade unions and Scottish nationalists.
Apple devices such as the iPhone or Apple Watch collect detailed data about users, such as whom they email, call or text message and even biometric data such as heart rates and fingerprints.
Mr. Romney came close, running up his white vote totals in Southern states such as Mississippi (89 percent), Western states such as Arizona (66 percent) and Plains states such as Kansas (64 percent).
In some states, such as Georgia, some carriers such as Humana are seeking a 65 percent rate increase.
It also promised better infrastructure (such as piped water) and better services (such as schools and youth centres).
Emerging world companies such as Huawei are moving up the value chain and challenging companies such as Ericsson.
Some, such as ice-cream will be adjusted upwards, while others, such as yogurt, will be adjusted downwards.
Potential threats include everything from rare events, such as earthquakes, to more frequent concerns, such as cyber attacks.
Stalwarts, such as Audi, rapidly are improving already superior products, such as the 25 SQ22018 25 T Quattro.
Most involved prescription opioids such as OxyContin or Vicodin or related illicit drugs such as heroin and fentanyl.
Others such as Singapore chose stricter social distancing measures such as shutting entertainment outlets, but kept schools open.
They include low-lying atolls, such as the Marshall Islands, and economies dominated by agriculture, such as Kenya.
Candidates such as former Vice President Joe Biden are defending the current system, while progressives such as Sens.
Gulf states such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia take in millions of remittance workers from lower-middle-income countries such as India, but hardly any from really poor ones such as Chad and Malawi.
While Hearst is best known for its media holdings such as its stake in ESPN and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, it also owns properties that serve corporate customers such as global ratings agency Fitch.
Companies such as Amazon and Apple built on consumer-first retail DNA, while other leaders such as Walmart and Target have acquired that DNA through aggressive acquisitions of next-generation brands such as Jet.
Those deaths include alcohol-related cancer and cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, intentional injury such as violence and self-harm, and traffic accidents and other unintentional injuries such as drowning and fires.
With Trump, long-standing alliances such as NATO, established trade deals such as NAFTA, and international cooperation through institutions such as the United Nations became vulnerable — open season was declared on any and all.
Options can be vegan or vegetarian and have a mixture of proteins, nuts, vegetables (such as kale or spinach), fruits (such as frozen raspberries or peaches) and other additives, such as spices or ginger.
A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday suggests that the link is strongest for certain classes of anticholinergic drugs -- particularly antidepressants such as paroxetine or amitriptyline, bladder antimuscarinics such as oxybutynin or tolterodine, antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine or olanzapine and antiepileptic drugs such as oxcarbazepine or carbamazepine.
These threats include natural hazards such as earthquakes; predation hazards such as animal attacks; social hazards such as encountering a member of the opposite team that denies the beliefs of your own team; and contagion hazards such as when a player that doesn't belong to their team has an infectious disease.
Commodities — such as precious metals, including gold and silver; industrial materials, such as iron ore and copper; and agricultural products, such as wheat and pork bellies — can offer strong diversification benefits to an investment portfolio.
"We have an enormous number of well-equipped states such as France and Great Britain, to those who are weaker such as Germany, to those who are completely overwhelmed such as Belgium," Mr. Steinberg said.
Similar estimates do not yet exist for other crops, but experts such as Luby are confident that big commodity crops such as corn are even more heavily impacted than crops such as lettuce and carrots.
Ride-hailing services such as Uber have been pouring money into autonomy, as have tech companies such as Google.
In this series we have ranged from libertarians such as Robert Nozick to interventionists such as John Maynard Keynes.
In the absence of cost-cutting solutions such as driverless cars, attributes such as "company culture" come into play.
China Biologic makes and sells plasma products, such as human immunoglobin, to prevent diseases such as measles and hepatitis.
The coal plant builders include utilities such as Tokyo Electric Power Co and trading houses such as Marubeni Corp.
Elite liberalism is the liberalism of management consultancies such as McKinsey's, rather than great philosophers such as J.S. Mill.
Finally, customers have been asking for integrations with CRM, such as Salesforce, and customer support services, such as Zendesk.
" Some artists such as Lady Gaga have recorded the song but removed lyrics such as "what's in this drink.
Other theories include diseases such as avian cholera, or the arrival of invasive species such as rats or mice.
Some, such as morphine, are made from the opium poppy; others, such as oxycodone, are semi-synthetic or synthetic.
Serverless functions such as Amazon's Lambda service or Google Functions leverage cloud infrastructure and containerized systems such as Docker.
Players talk of features such as "eyes" and "ladders", and of concepts such as "threat" and "life-and-death".
Other capabilities such as private banking will also be enhanced in other cities, such as Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris.
KBB used criteria such as exterior styling and tech features such as Apple CarPlay in determining the "coolness" factor.
Many are filed by companies such as Adidas against companies such as Skechers whose products sell for lower prices.
Bannon supports some initiatives, such as a major infrastructure program, that are anathema to libertarians such as Robert Mercer.
After producing hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, there are changes throughout the body, such as increased heart rate.
Is it safer to go for centrists such as Amy Klobuchar or long-tenured politicians such as Joe Biden?
Exports rose across the board in August, from raw materials such as soybeans to manufactured goods such as automobiles.
China Biologic makes and sells plasma products such as human immunoglobin to prevent diseases such as measles and hepatitis.
This perception of Westerners and nonbelievers justifies acts of extreme violence such as beheading foreign hostages such as Japan's Kenji Goto, persecuting of Coptic Christians and burning alive prisoners such as Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh.
That industry is incredibly varied, with companies selling everything from broad internet surveillance systems to hardware such as IMSI catchers, which can collect information such as text messages, or malware from companies such as Hacking Team.
Advertising giants are facing competition for clients from consulting companies such as Deloitte and Accenture, while independent agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy New York have beaten out legacy advertising companies for major accounts such as McDonald's.
That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programmes such as the UN Population Fund.
That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund.
Renewable energy such as solar and wind are important and growing sources of future energy, but growing economies still need base energy from sources such as natural gas — such as the gas produced at Vaca Muerta.
That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund.
"Some of the marquis properties, such as Herald Square, such as Chicago, really have a lot of value," Chen said.
When a light is shone on particular issues, such as feminism, such as female empowerment, then we'll have a platform.
Others, such as the synthetic pain reliever fentanyl, are used for patients suffering from advanced terminal illness such as cancer.
He has not extended the same politesse either to erstwhile allies, such as Germany, or to adversaries, such as China.
Qatar also has maintained diplomatic and economic relations with groups such as the Taliban and with countries such as Iran.
Other firms use crowd-working platforms, such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk, to farm out data work such as tagging pictures.
This year several big names, such as Toys "R" Us, have collapsed, while others, such as Mothercare, have closed stores.
Both opioids, such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, and benzodiazepines, such as diazepam and alprazolam, can slow the central nervous system.
He is moderate on many areas of policy, such as gay rights, and flexible on others, such as the economy.
When young rappers such as Lil Xan and Lil Yachty have criticised artists such as Shakur and Notorious B.I,G.
Among them were deeply Republican states such as Nebraska and South Dakota and blue bastions such as Massachusetts and Maryland.
Built-in platform protections, such as application sandboxing, and security services, such as Google Play Protect, are just as important.
Investment is increasingly tied up in intangibles, such as patents and copyright, rather than physical assets, such as steel mills.
On the next screen, you can add more effects, such as stickers, or tweak some details, such as the volume.
The ECB moves boosted riskier assets last week such as stocks and weighed on safe havens such as U.S. Treasuries.
Most of the injuries occur from broken bones, such as hip fractures, and head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries.
Posh chocolatiers such as Britain's Hotel Chocolat, with higher margins, can absorb that better than big brands such as Mars.
Such environments are present in schools such as Match and North Star—and in areas such as Shanghai and Singapore.
There are many other blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum and the Linux-hosted Hyperledger project and consortia such as R4.53.
Banks such as J.P. Morgan Chase and companies such as IBM are testing its use for payments and other activities.
Lower appetite for assets considered risky such as stocks, boosts the appeal of assets viewed as safer, such as gold.
Other phone makers such as One Plus, Huawei and Blu have turned to outlets such as Amazon to sell smartphones.
Netflix's Indian roster includes blockbuster originals such as "Sacred Games", global superhits such as "Narcos" as well as Indian cinema.
They use websites such as Pastebin to pass around pamphlets, and they use other apps such as Kik to chat.
Also, all identifying information, such as names, are stripped from the data before ever reaching a researcher such as himself.
That has attracted the attention of investors such as the Obsidian Opportunity Fund investing in projects such as solar farms.
Some games (such as basketball) only have a few rounds, while others (such as chess) go on for much longer.
Beyond mentorships, you should invest in education programs such as online courses, books, quality products such as food and sleep.
Resistance to immigration is causing problems is previously stable lands such as Germany and less stable countries such as Italy.
His recommended strategy includes utilities such as Sempra Energy, biotechs like Amgen, and household products companies such as Procter & Gamble.
Other retailers such as Kroger and Target have been partnering with third-party providers such as Instacart, Deliv and Shipt.
These include brain abnormalities such as microcephaly; neural tube defects and spina bifida; eye abnormalities, such as cataracts and optic nerve abnormalities; and consequences of central nervous system dysfunction, such as joint contractures that prevent normal movement.
The most popular are darbepoetin, which boosts red blood cells that deliver oxygen to muscles; diuretics such as furosemide to lower body weight; human growth hormones such as somatotropin and anabolic steroids such as stanozolol and THG.
The survey results should encourage automakers such as General Motors Co, suppliers such as Delphi Automotive Plc and tech companies such as Alphabet Inc's Google, all of which are accelerating development of self-driving cars and systems.
Low-cost carriers such as easyJet and Ryanair compete fiercely with older airlines such as BA and Air France, and young upstarts such as Norwegian Air Shuttle and Wizz Air of Hungary are muscling into the market.
Critics such as Kolla point to studies on the downsides of marijuana use, such as an increase of daytime sleepiness in healthy young adults who used THC and CBD and withdrawal symptoms such as moodiness and insomnia.
There's a good reason that most of the Internet Association's members — which include social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, travel and review sites such as Expedia and Yelp, sharing economy services such as Uber and Airbnb, and ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Ebay — were founded and continue to grow in America.
Could a foreign government — such as Russia, Ukraine or Mexico, for example — bribe or "incentivize" a federal agency such as the Federal Election Commission to regulate (or "rein in") a conservative news website such as the Drudge Report?
Managing partner Mariano Belinky said the fund will expand its reach into new geographies, such as Latin America, and look at more emerging themes, such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, such as how machines predict customer behaviour.
Your doctor might prescribe one or more topical or oral medicines, including a topical immunomodulator such as pimecrolimus, a topical antibiotic such as sodium sulfacetamide or erythromycin, an oral antibiotic such as doxycycline, or a sulfur face wash.
Broad materials, such as palms in the tropics, are plaited like braids; narrow materials, such as grasses on the Savannah, are coiled like ceramic pots; while stiffer materials, such as willow in the lowlands, are woven like tapestry.
Some, such as Keith Haring, used loud slogans such as "Silence=Death" to call for political action on the AIDS crisis.
Article 13 of the proposed law would require sites such as YouTube to buy licenses for content such as music videos.
Superconductive metals are used to make the magnets for devices such as hospital MRI machines and particle accelerators such as CERN.
These essentially relate to physical goods — such as sales through Amazon — or other non-digital goods, such as rides through Uber.
So they catch and digest arthropods (such as insects, spiders, centipedes or similar creatures), or even small animals such as amphibians.
Currently, Japanese automakers fund research into manufacturing and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley.
ShapeShift instantly exchanges digital currencies such as bitcoin for other online tokens without using conventional currencies such as dollars or euros.
Strict patient requirements: such as lying still or holding their breath (a problem for cases such as pediatrics or elderly patients).
Cancer -- more so than obesity, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and even infectious diseases, such as Zika, Ebola and HIV/AIDS.
Medically assisted reproduction - such as IVF - is widely available to all women in countries such as Britain, Belgium, Spain and Israel.
Consolidation has picked up pace amid rising competition from new rivals such as Airbnb and online travel sites such as booking.
Predpol does not consider white-collar crimes such as mortgage fraud, and only considers street crimes such as assault or robbery.
Methods such as RISE can also help build trust with the end users of AI algorithms in fields such as radiology.
That helped shares of Asia-focussed banks such as HSBC and miners such as Rio Tinto gain on the FTSE 100.
Some states, such as Michigan and Alabama, limit the tax deduction, and still others, such as California, offer no tax benefits.
Hawks, such as France and Belgium, urge a speedy divorce while doves, such as the Netherlands and Germany, are more patient.
Most had been accused of "moral" crimes such as non-marital sex, but some of non-sexual crimes such as theft.
What is at issue are the charges insurance normally covers, such as such as physician fees, hospital charges, and routine tests.
BCG's measurement of private wealth includes household holdings such as life insurance, pensions and assets such as equities, bonds and cash.
They can replace closures such as zippers and buttons with ones that make it easier to close garments, such as magnets.
I assumed the public was involved — for better, such as with World War II, or for worse, such as with Vietnam.
COMMODITY PRICING * Commodities such as oil and gold are typically denominated in U.S. dollars, as are benchmark futures such as Brent.
Coughing up blood can be a sign of something serious, such as lung cancer or an infectious disease such as tuberculosis.
Traditionally, companies such as Unilever sell their products to stores such as Walmart, which then sell those goods on to consumers.
Vaping companies such as Juul have been criticized for hooking children on e-cigarettes with flavors such as mango and creme.
Medical conditions, such as depression and diabetes, can also affect sexual response as can some medications, such as antidepressants and opioids.
You also risk becoming too insensitive to other problems, such as inequality, and too forgiving of other crimes, such as corruption.
For workers, such as plumbers and carpenters, it would have a negative impact on their livelihoods, such as missing new jobs.
If you're in a hotel, consider all exits, such as a service door, and hiding places, such as the hotel's kitchen.
Sanders has built a diverse coalition of high-profile advocates, featuring artists, such as Killer Mike, and lawmakers, such as Reps.
He has initiated trade conflicts with allies such as Canada and the European Union, as well as adversaries such as China.
While I've found myself spending more money on some things, such as transportation, I spend less on others, such as groceries.
Some consumers are already embracing devices such as robot vacuum cleaners so concepts such as Ballie are a logical next step.
It has shined as department store chains such as Macy's and other mall-based companies such as L Brands have struggled.
She has provided technical training such as exploit development and penetration testing at conferences such as Blackhat USA, Brucon, and CanSecWest.
Bands such as Lone Piñon and solo artists such as Lara Manzanares are making the genre accessible to a younger generation.
Sorkin argued that financial companies such as Visa and Mastercard should refuse to do business with gun retailers, such as Walmart.
Only in tax havens such as Cyprus or Monaco, or captured economies such as Russia or Georgia, are plutocrats more dominant.
Datadog counts companies such as Biogen, Comcast , Deloitte and Twitter among its customers and competes with industry behemoths such as Amazon.
Among its Tier 1 countries — considered the worst offenders — are U.S. partners such as Saudi Arabia and adversaries such as Iran.
That has left surviving companies such as Tailored Brands, the parent company to menswear stores such as Men's Wearhouse and Jos.
But a salt deficit might not merely sensitize the brain to the effects of salt; it also sensitizes the brain to other substances, such as certain drugs (cocaine), and medications (amphetamines, such as Adderall, and opiates, such as morphine).
We believe that the wealth management divisions of large banks will increasingly adopt the technology, following similar moves from traditional investment management firms such as Vanguard, retail brokers such as Charles Schwab, and internet-based companies such as Betterment.
The impact includes not only higher risk of psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, substance abuse, and suicidality, but also greater likelihood of physical health problems such as obesity, and social consequences such as school dropout.
Political parties are weak in some countries where politicians sit in hemicycles, such as Italy, but strong in others, such as Germany.
Mall-based retailers such as The Limited have experienced fierce competitive pressure as shoppers turn to e-commerce giants such as Amazon.
Uncertainties from last year, such as the U.S.-China trade war, are meeting new challenges such as iPhone maker Apple's sales warning.
It covers well-known franchises movies such as "Star Wars", "Frozen" and the older brands such as Nerf and My Little Pony.
Too many bitcoin exchanges have experienced spectacular heists, such as NiceHash and Coincheck, or outright fraud, such as Mt. Gox and Bitfunder.
Their clients included Western oil majors such as BP, Shell and Statoil, as well as industrial corporations such as Siemens and Toyota.
Casper has both high-profile investors, such as actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and high-profile partnerships with retailers such as Costco and Amazon.
Since then, retailers such as Walgreens and CVS have started selling a limited number of CBD products such as lotions and creams.
But in densely populated countries such as Singapore, or in mountainous places such as Japan, finding an appropriate site can be hard.
Mostly it sells dairy goods such as Activia yogurt, mineral water (in plastic bottles) such as Evian or Volvic, and baby food.
Ethical labels such as Fairtrade have sought to help farmers by guaranteeing a minimum price but companies such as Vega Coffee www.vegacoffee.
Birth control methods such as the pill, injections, vaginal rings, implants (such as IUDs), and more are all covered under the ACA.
These districts include tourist hotspots such as the Marais, and landmarks such as the Louvre and the place de la Concorde square.
"Skam" also dealt with difficult subjects, such as such as sexuality, bipolar disorder or the personal effects of the European migrant crisis.
Each figurine ranges in size from one inch (such as Beemo and Gunter) to three inches (such as Princess Bubblegum and Marcelline).
Fusion weapons, such as hydrogen bombs, use fusion to combine small atoms -- such as hydrogen -- to create much larger amounts of energy.
"We've been successful in the development of vaccines for certain of the flaviviruses, such as yellow fever, such as dengue," Fauci said.
All revising of unjust systems, such as the American legal code, and all purposeful redirects of sinking ships, such as the Earth.
These include both responsive, such as managing a long term condition or short term illness, and proactive, such as fitness and nutrition.
Lots of games, such as the blockbuster multiplayer game Fortnite, allow users to purchase virtual items, such as weapons and power-ups.
It has far fewer than big bank rivals such as JPMorgan Chase & Co and even regional lenders such as Huntington Bancshares Inc .
The conditions attached to such support have caused relations between creditor countries such as Germany and debtors such as Greece to sour.
Some methods include irradiation, which can work for fruits such as cherries, or keeping produce such as apples at near freezing temperatures.
Early PCs such as the Radioshack Blackjack line one wall and newer consoles such as the PS2 and N64 line the other.
"They're going to let no one, such as Bridget Kelly, or nothing, such as the truth, get in the way," he said.
Other traditional gas suppliers such as Russia, Norway and Algeria seem determined to maintain market share in key markets such as Europe.
This has resulted in the development of alternative education pedagogies such as the adaptive learning method provided by companies such as Knewton.
Investors fled to safe-harbor assets such as gold and U.S. Treasury bonds, while dumping risky ones such as equities and oil.
Other shooters, such as the 2015 San Bernardino husband-and-wife perpetrator team, have espoused other hateful ideas such as radical Islam.
There are many other great people doing stuff like this, such as Durante or the developers behind tools such as Flawless Widescreen.
That changed as technology shifts, such as improvements in laser technology, made experimental forays, such as LIGO, into gravitational experiments more achievable.
Blackouts can range from small memory blips, such as forgetting a name, to more serious incidents, such as forgetting an entire evening.
New York, Midwest states such as Iowa and southeastern states such as Georgia and North Carolina will probably see greater temperature increases.
These remarks were often focused directly at opponents, such as Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton, or news reporters, such as Megyn Kelly.
Tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft have warned about impacts to their business, as have retail companies such as Under Armour.
Many of the ads such as race and gun ownership and were targeted such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida, according to reports.
Unlike other ways of returning excess cash to investors, such as dividends, buybacks can distort financial measures, such as earnings per share.
There are a few online competitors such as Expedia's VRBO, and hotel chains such as Marriott International are trying to muscle in.
Other systems, such as those offered by higher-end luxury brands such as Cadillac and Tesla, offer more features than Ford's system.
It is normally associated with certain medications, such as ergotamine or triptans, and illicit drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines -- not peppers.
But with daily medications such as vitamins, antibiotics or pain relievers, parents used convenient locations such as purses, diaper bags and nightstands.
Iran also supports militia groups in countries such as Iraq and Syria that threaten the United States and allies such as Israel.
"Active traits included both positive traits, such as extroverted and self-confident, and negative traits, such as irritable and quarrelsome," she says.
Domestic companies, such as Ford and GM, and those based abroad, such as Toyota, were all hyper-focused on their American business.
That brings opportunities for a vast array of companies, from satellite firms such as Viasat and Inmarsat, to connectivity providers such as Gogo, Global Eagle, and Panasonic Avionics and software and hardware companies such as Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik.
Attacks on institutions such as Goldman are particularly resonant in an election cycle that has so far rewarded insurgent, populist candidates such as Sanders, Trump and Cruz and exposed voters' impatience with establishment candidates such as Clinton and Jeb Bush.
At all ages, children who have difficulty coping may have sleep problems, physical complaints such as headache or stomachache, behavioral changes such as acting less mature or being less patient, or mental health changes such as heightened sadness, depression or anxiety.
This emerging sector includes, but is not limited to, online marketplace lenders such as Lending Club, bitcoin and blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), money management applications such as Mint, money transmitters such as Venmo, and digital wallets.
Various aerospace companies, including the traditional ones such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the new upstarts such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, and the even newer upstarts such as Moon Express and Astrobotic, will soon begin work on their designs.
Some metals, such as gold and silver, have natural antibacterial properties and are used to coat certain solid items, such as medical implants.
He has cheered firms such as Foxconn for hiring in the U.S., and criticized companies such as Harley-Davidson for moving operations overseas.
However, this year has seen a bounceback in markets such as Turkey and Egypt, while markets such as Spain have been more thorny.
Those chemicals include heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, toxic flame retardants and endocrine disruptors such as parabens, BPA and formaldehyde.
Group A strep can cause infections ranging from relatively minor illnesses, such as strep throat, to very serious diseases such as necrotizing fasciitis.
Most companies either go to an existing vendor (such as BAMTech and PlayStation Vue) or use their own systems (such as Sling TV).
That court systematically dismantled laws such as the 1875 Civil Rights Act, which banned discrimination in public places such as trains and hotels.
In most states, such laws only apply to transplant organs, such as hearts and kidneys, and to tissue, such as skin and bone.
Midwestern states such as Ohio or Michigan can counter those strengths with incentives such as tax breaks or publicly funded worker training programs.
It also needs to field a vote-winning populist such as Boris Johnson rather than an election-shy introvert such as Theresa May.
Opioids are a class of drugs that include legal painkillers, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, as well as illicit drugs, such as heroin.
Firms ranging from startups such as Feedzai (for payments) or Shift Technology (for insurance) to behemoths such as IBM are offering such services.
Some categories, such as grocery, have notoriously thin retail margins, whereas others, such as luggage, apparel, and eye care have much higher margins.
Mr Johnson is likely to embrace a peculiar mixture of liberal causes (such as environmentalism) and populist ones (such as stiffer prison sentences).
Protests took place in industrial towns in the heartland, such as Nizhny Tagil and Chelyabinsk, and in poorer cities such as Nizhny Novgorod.
China is the largest importer of commodities such as oil, iron ore and soybeans, as well as electronic parts such as integrated circuits.
These advantages are not eliminated by reduction of serum androgens such as testosterone yielding a potential advantage in strength sports such as powerlifting.
Other leaders such as President Xi Jinping of China could visit North Korea this year, and Kim may visit countries such as Russia.
These include legacy players such as WISO in Germany and Intuit's TurboTax in the U.S., or upstarts such as the U.K.'s TaxScouts.
Internationally traded commodities such as oil and gold are typically denominated in U.S. dollars, as are benchmark futures such as Brent crude oil.
He is studying other "location-based entertainment" master plans, such as that of Disney World in Florida, focusing on elements such as realism.
GANs can use data (such as pictures of human faces) to produce new things (such as impressively realistic images of ersatz human faces).
Indian outsourcing firms are shifting from running functions, such as Western payroll systems, to more creative projects, such as configuring new Walmart supermarkets.
Firms such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft used to lease all of their international bandwidth from carriers such as BT or AT&T.
Within the sector, traditional retail stocks such as Kohl's and auto stocks such as Ford have been among the hardest hit in 2016.
Major names such as Roche and Johns Hopkins are leading the way, while companies such as Guardant Health are expanding their operations worldwide.
" The tweet resulted in criticism from conservative websites such as The Daily Wire , to segments on cable news programs such as "Fox & Friends.
Recent efforts in affected countries, such as Brazil, have led to innovative mosquito control techniques, such as genetic modification and mosquito-killing billboards.
The dogs then listened to recordings of both praise words such as "super" and neutral words such as "however," said by their trainers.
HE WAS best known as the star of movies such as "The Right Stuff" and TV shows such as "Bloodline", which is odd.
She includes underworld deities, such as Persephone, Ereshkigall, and Hekate, as well as goddesses associated with destruction, such as Kali or the Morrigan.
Managers oblige their underlings to add new collaborative tools such as Slack and Chatter to existing ones such as e-mail and telephones.
Experts say the biggest threats seen today are non-kinetic threats such as jamming of satellite-based capabilities such as GPS and communications.
However, the research firm highlighted that indicators such as this, and others such as equity market slumps, could overstate the risk of recession.
This sets us up for other fights, whether something defensive such as stopping school privatization or something proactive such as nationalizing energy companies.
He said there are better alternatives to opioids, such as Advil and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and other treatments such as physical therapy.
Traditional stars such as musician Zayn Malik and digital stars such as Grace Helbig have also utilized the platform to promote their books.
They're also motivated by internal rewards such as enhancement of a desired personal emotional state, or by external rewards such as social approval.
Those stung include oil majors such as ExxonMobil, trading houses including Trafigura and shipping companies that provide FSRUs such as Norway's Hoegh LNG.
It can be found on pickups such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, or on crossovers such as the upcoming Cadillac XT4.
There is no siren wake-up call such as the "Sputnik moment," or sense of victorious relief such as post-Cold War triumphalism.
Defensive sectors such as utilities and telecom have led the market's gains in 2016, while groups such as financials and tech have trailed.
New trade deals, such as the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, are remarkably skewed towards American interests in areas such as intellectual-property rights.
This includes blue states such as New York and California, red states such as Alabama and Texas, and a number of swing states.
Advanced rail transportation equipment includes wayside systems (fixed assets such as signaling and communications) and rolling stock (mobile assets such as passenger cars).
This is the additional return that investors require to hold risky assets (such as stocks) over safer assets (such as U.S. Treasury securities).
This saves larger, more capable ships for high-end missions such as air defense of high-value units such as an aircraft carrier.
Customers included hotels — such as Hilton, Hyatt and Wynn — restaurants — such as T.G.I Fridays and Starbucks — and retail sites — including Tesco and Ikea.
This "Add People" option is helpful for group events — such as birthday parties or family reunions — or shared tasks such as grocery shopping.
Supporters such as Miller argue it clearly identifies a threat, while opponents such as McMaster say it does more to alienate Muslim allies.
Use a price-comparison engine such as ShopSavvy or a tracker such as Camelcamelcamel (or just keep an eye on our deals hub).
However, critics such as Nader say the benefits are temporary and the cash would be better used in investments such as capital expenditures.
This pushed liberalism farther to the left, abandoning traditional constituencies such as the working class for agents of change such as young intellectuals.
Hardest hit would likely be bulk commodities such as iron ore and coal, as well as industrial metals such as copper and aluminum.
Findings such as this are driving new forms of more personalized diagnostic and treatment methods, such as vaccines, immunotherapy products, and targeted therapies.
Experts and officials do agree, however, that terrorist groups such as ISIS are increasingly using encrypted messaging apps, such as Telegram, to communicate.
In Europe, greenish countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands are spending less, especially on relatively expensive projects such as offshore wind.
Under those rules, he could only be discharged for good cause, such as misconduct or dereliction of duty, such as violating department policy.
Videos with wide shots often reveal landmarks such as mosques, bridges or distinct buildings, or show geographic features such as mountains or rivers.
When risky assets such as stocks and high-yield corporate debt are rising, safer ones such as government bonds and gold generally fall.
For dinner, Paltrow likes to make Asian food, such as noodles, or one-pot dinners from Goop, such as chicken and winter vegetables.
Gucci has worked with people such as singer Harry Styles, photographer Petra Collins, and artists such as Sue de Beer and James Kerr.
In addition, energy policies (such as net metering) and energy mandates (such as renewable portfolio standards) are driving up demand for existing technologies.
The news led to money flowing into traditional safe havens such as gold and Treasurys and away from risk assets such as stocks.
Even fleet customers, such as drivers for taxi companies or ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft would be hit by increases.
Technology and legacy aerospace companies such as Alphabet and Boeing feature prominently, along with perceived dark horses such as GoDaddy and Analog Devices.
The law will give fintech companies greater regulatory certainty around issues such as crowdfunding, payment methods and rules surrounding cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
That means that shorter-term bonds such as the 2-year are showing more equal yields to bonds such as the 10-year.
And any respectable journalist such as Blitzer — and any responsible and balanced news organization such as CNN — has a duty to fact-check.
Online retailers such as Boohoo have been growing at the expense of traditional shopping groups such as the 135-year-old Marks & Spencer.
The net neutrality fight pits online content providers such as Google parent Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix against broadband service providers such as , and .
And within Europe's stockmarkets a defensive stock, such as Nestlé, is trading at a towering premium to an industrial one such as Daimler.
" Oscar publicity is vital to studios such as A24, which specialize in smaller, low-budget prestige films such as Best Picture winner, "Moonlight.
These exchanges serve as marketplaces where traders can buy and sell digital currencies, such as bitcoin, using fiat currencies, such as the dollar.
Japan will also reduce tariffs on products such as beef and pork, and eliminate tariffs on goods such as almonds, blueberries and broccoli.
EDF's two biggest competitors are utilities Engie and Direct Energie, but retailers such as Leclerc and Casino and foreign firms such as Italy's ENI are also winning market share, along with dozens of smaller electricity retail startups such as Enercoop and ekWateur.
Each person was sent through a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and given three lists of 10 words all relating to suicide (such as "death" or "distressed"), positive effects (such as "kindness" or "innocence"), or negative effects (such as "evil" or "guilty").
" But McCain added that "when the president does his job, such as the cruise missile strike, such as selecting a national security team that is the strongest I've seen, such as many of the actual actions he's taken, I have been strongly supportive.
Imagine, for instance, if the dog on a leash in the image hadn't been the Israeli prime minister but instead a prominent woman such as Nancy Pelosi, a person of color such as John Lewis, or a Muslim such as Ilhan Omar.
The group's sophisticated exploitation of the internet to spread its message must be matched by a systematic and resource-intensive effort that includes website hosting companies such as WordPress, encrypted communications platforms such as Telegram and file-sharing platforms such as JustPaste.
Russian state banks such as VTB and companies such as Rosneft have since scaled back their presence in the West, while some of Putin's closest allies such as businessman Gennady Timchenko have sold their assets in the West and repatriated capital to Russia.
The leg brace is able to help with functions such as supporting body weight, and assisting with movements such as swinging the leg forward.
Premier is known for products such as Oxo seasonings and Bisto gravy, while McCormick is known for brands such as Lawry's and Club House.
Control mechanisms could be internal, such as training, early warning systems, reactive investigation; external, like prosecutors, courts, media; and mixed, such as citizen review.
Industries that are poised for continued growth, such as health care and services, tend to be concentrated in big cities, such as New York.
Absolut has been struggling as trendy drinkers turn to brown spirits such as bourbon and niche vodkas such as Texas-based Tito's Handmade Vodka.
Some of the first sites to experiment with Perspective have been news publications such as The New York Times and sites such as Wikipedia.
He portrayed the vote as a battle between pro-EU "progressives" such as himself and anti-immigration nationalists such as Le Pen and Salvini.
Women were also much more widely represented in non-technical roles, such as marketing and human resources, than in technical roles such as engineering.
Some, such as Japan, Canada, the European Union and Switzerland, aired concerns such as cybersecurity, excess capacity and the state's role in the economy.
The restored systems incorporate "grey" infrastructure such as PVC pipes, water valves and fences and "green" elements such as restoration of grasslands and wetlands.
It is hoped that qualities such as these could see robots being used in places such as hospitals and care homes alongside human professionals.
But Parliament also contains a fair number of people with sparkling CVs, such as Rory Stewart, or remarkable life stories, such as Angela Rayner.
To change that, the government needs to boost revenues through measures such as increasing taxes on products such as alcohol and cigarettes, DBS said.
Anna Soubry, a stalwart of the campaign, has been joined by grandees such as Dominic Grieve and young high-flyers such as Sam Gyimah.
This includes very large blood collection establishments, such as the American Red Cross, and some very small establishments, such as academic centers, he said.
More serious causes of chronic cough include lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, and chronic lung infections, such as tuberculosis.
Sky has also been successful in launching on-demand services, such as Now TV, that make it more competitive against rivals such as Netflix.
Companies such as Sanrio capitalize on these emotions by producing an ever-evolving range of merchandise featuring familiar childhood figures such as Hello Kitty.
The restrictions will affect companies such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and SK Hynix Inc, which supply chips to companies such as Apple Inc.
Key technology companies, such as Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and Siemens, are based in other allied countries, such as Sweden, South Korea, Finland and Germany.
She loves old TV shows such as I Love Lucy, classic Hitchcock films such as Rear Window and the Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times.
You should also plan to stock some toiletries such as shampoo and soap, as well as pantry staples such as salt, pepper and condiments.
Around 80% of overdose deaths involved opioids, pain-relieving drugs that include both prescription painkillers such as OxyContin and illegal ones such as heroin.
Many have models built on inputs such as auto sales or air traffic and even indicators such as commentary from food and beauty firms.
Spellers still competing had to ace common words, such as "intolerable" and "detrimental", along with more obscure words, such as "annus mirabilis" and "hibernaculum".
In addition to creatures such as fish, sea turtles and manatees being impacted, larger marine life, such as whale sharks are also at risk.
Globalisation and the growing importance of intangible assets, such as patents, have made concepts such as residence and sources of income much less useful.
Competition with discount grocers such as Aldi and online retailers such as Amazon is also keeping Tesco and Sainsbury from hiking up their prices.
EA's biggest hits, such as FIFA, have been multiplayer and some of the most high-profile single-player games such as Dishonored 2 underperformed.
" Bascom said that Clinton's plan would better fund services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and developmental therapies such as "floor time.
In response to the sales ban, several states have weighed other options, both old, such as firing squads, and new, such as nitrogen gas.
The company has hired former Google employees such as McClendon, acquired mapping companies, and has forged partnerships with companies such as TomTom and DigitalGlobe.
Retailers supporting the higher value payments are said to include supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury's and restaurants such as Pizza Express and Nando's.
They are rich in scarce resources, such as loyalty and flexibility, but also suffer from extreme challenges, such as family feuds and wayward patriarchs.
The ASI's membership includes automotive heavyweights such as BMW, Audi and Jaguar Land Rover and consumer groups such as Coca-Cola, Nespresso and Apple.
New players such as Liberty Group are snapping up previously unwanted assets such as the small 50,000 tonne per year Lochaber smelter in Scotland.
Muslim Brotherhood extremists, such as Sayyid Qutb, limited takfir to Arab rulers such as Gamal Abdel Nasser (who had Qutb jailed, tortured and executed).
Handset-makers, such as Samsung, can and do pre-install apps of rivals, such as Facebook and Amazon, alongside those from the Google stable.
Some civic outfits work with particular groups, such as the elderly or migrants; others are organised around issues such as the environment or labour.
There will likely be other Democrats running this time around who are outsiders (such as Bullock) or are very liberal (such as Harris). 5.
These include smaller governing bodies such as city, state and regional governments, as well as private entities such as companies, investors and civil organizations.
Revolut faces competition from fellow fintech start-ups such as Transferwise and WorldRemit, who offer low fees, and incumbent technology giants such as PayPal.
Existing treatments for PTSD include various forms of psychotherapy, such as exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy, and/or prescription drugs, such as antidepressants.
Forms of protection can be static, such as barriers that make you pause before going farther, or more active, such as posting security guards.
Index funds hold every stock in an index such as the S&P 500, including big-name brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Google.
Agencies such as the SEC should continue their efforts to adapt financial regulatory frameworks to cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and novel platforms such as Libra.
With some exceptions — such as Lululemon, which is inside malls — brands such as Ross, T.J. Maxx and Ulta will continue to grow, Siegel said.
U.S. businesses that import steel, such as car manufacturers, and aluminum importers such as beer can makers, are asking him to rethink the plan.
Some states such as Gujarat and Bihar are building shelters for migrant workers, with options such as long-term rentals, clinics and family rooms.
Key diesel consumers such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam are still using gasoil with higher sulphur content such as 3,500 ppm and 500 ppm.
CM: Such as, oh my gosh, we just had the ... Such as Beverly and Dereck Joubert who are big explorers engaged in wildlife preservation.
Personal data under COPPA includes persistent identifiers (such as cookies) and geolocation information, as well as data such as real names or screen names.
Some languages use syllabics, such as ᕆ ᐃ ᕿ ᓕ ᓐ, while others use characters, such as ƛ̓ ʷ ɣ ʔ ə ʕ x̌ .
As of now, they include airlines such as Aer Lingus, JetBlue, Southwest, Singapore Airlines, and United, and hotel brands such as Hyatt and Marriott.
But many ancient philosophies, such as Stoicism, and ancient religions, such as some elements of Hinduism, believed in the wheel of time (or kalachakra).
It'll be mostly Uber goods, but we'll also have third parties such as Transit, such as Lime is one of our partners as well.
The archive showcases life in countries such as Syria and Iraq, as well as Arab diaspora communities abroad in regions such as South America.
All of my goals either cost money (such as traveling) or are easier to obtain when money is available (such as writing a book).
While they are familiar with some of these models, such as HighScope, Montessori and Waldorf, others, such as Reggio Emilia, are new and unfamiliar.
She also introduces basic mindfulness meditation practices, such as yoga, sitting meditation and walking meditation, as well as informal practices, such as mindful eating.
Some of these cities — such as New York and San Francisco — are understandable, but others — such as Pittsburgh and Baton Rouge — may be surprising.
If the prosecution is allowed a witness, such as Bolton, the White House defense team should be allowed a witness, such as Hunter Biden.
These vaccines often contain attenuated virus (live but inactive such as the measles vaccine) or killed virus (inactive virus such as the flu vaccine).
Treatment for varicose veins is limited to surgical interventions, such as vein catheterization or laser treatment, along with lifestyle changes such as compression stockings.
Opioids are a class of pharmaceuticals that include prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, morphine and fentanyl, as well as illicit drugs such as heroin.
While repeal-first appealed more to GOP conservatives such as Lee, moderates such as Collins, Capito and Murkowski have expressed concerns about it. Sen.
The Space Corps would be focused on addressing threats from countries such as Russia and China to U.S. assets in space, such as satellites.
Duties can involve high-level support such as conducting research and preparing statistical reports or clerical functions such as scheduling meetings and writing letters.
The markets of trade-reliant countries, such as Korea and Taiwan should be hurt more than domestic-focused ones such as India or Brazil.
Throughout the years, consumers have seen toys such as Barbies evolve through different eras but toys associated with violence, such as guns, have not.
The bulk of the Trump committee's funds came from major corporations, such as AT&T, or wealthy Republican donors, such as Sheldon G. Adelson.
New Delhi's new rules in areas such as e-commerce and data localization have angered the United States and hit companies such as Amazon.
New Delhi's new rules in areas such as e-commerce and data localisation have angered the United States and hit companies such as Amazon.
And with that has come willingness to go short safe assets such as gold or Treasuries, and on protective hedges such as the VIX.
Why are male artists such as Michelangelo or Picasso typically described as "geniuses," while women such as Berthe Morisot or Rosa Bonheur are not?
While Marvel has managed to create a wildly successful cinematic universe with films like Iron Man and team-ups such as The Avengers, Fox's own collection of superheroes has been far more varied, with highs such as Deadpool and lows such as Fantastic Four.
"It supports combining a variety of hardware-enhanced factors at the same time to validate a user's identity, including 'something you know' (such as a PIN); 'something you have' (such as a mobile phone); and 'something you are' (such as a fingerprint)," Intel's pitch goes.
This is true for words that have longstanding acceptable uses (such as Mexican), for former epithets that have gained mainstream status over time (such as gay or queer), and for labels that take on different meanings depending on who uses them (such as bitch).
The ranking list features grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Kroger, food and beverage retailers such as Starbucks (SBUX) and Chick-Fil-A, clothing stores such as Nordstrom (JWN) and TJ Maxx, as well as other retailers including Amazon (AMZN) and Ace Hardware.
The celebrities such as Freddy Mercury; the athletes such as Arthur Ashe; the activists such as Ryan White and Elizabeth Glaser and the countless sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends who are mourned by those who loved them.
That means the technology is ideal for low-volume production, such as turning out craft items like jewellery, or for customising products, such as prosthetics.
The catalogue of items includes traditional Mexican foods such as noplaes and items named for cultural staples in Rodriguez's native country, such as El Cucuy.
Journalists such as Fareed Zakaria and Manu Raju stand ready to interview her, and comics such as Aziz Ansari and Hasan Minhaj to mock her.
As for other home remedies, "time-honored soothing techniques include swaddling, soft sounds, such as white noise, and gentle motion, such as rocking," Homme said.
Pirated app distributors such as TutuApp, AppValley, TweakBox, and Panda Helper offer free, hacked versions of normally paid software such as Minecraft and Angry Birds.
Though he is extremely conservative, including on issues such as abortion, he has been willing to take on the GOP on matters such as surveillance.
It's an unusual move from Apple to allow a third-party voice assistant such as Alexa to control an Apple service such as Apple Music.
Companies such as OnePlus have justified removing the headphone jack in order to include features such as an in-display fingerprint reader and improved speakers.
The recall forced Samsung to halt sales indefinitely in markets such as the United States and push back launches in other regions such as Europe.
The toothpastes, all commonly found in Brazilian or European stores, included regional brands such as Elmex as well as those internationally sold such as Sensodyne.
Electronics retailers such as Best Buy Co Inc saw the most number of transactions followed by department stores such as Macy's, according to Adobe's data.
The unit houses its Internet and related businesses such as search, ads, maps, YouTube and Android as well as hardware products such as its Chromebooks.
He re-imagines the lives of Orient-struck writers such as Goethe and Heine, or intrepid voyagers such as Jane Digby and Lady Hester Stanhope.
Food procurement marketplaces have cropped up too, such as COLLECTIVfood, Pesky Fish and COGZ — as have direct-to-consumer services, such as Farmdrop and Oddbox.
It began by helping web companies such as Facebook collect payments and then moved into mobile as firms such as Uber were on the rise.
This will detect the wakes of natural objects, such as fish and marine mammals, and artificial ones, such as other robots, surface ships and submarines.
The band also monitored the participants' physical changes, such as increased skin temperature, heart rate, or movements such as waving their arms around or fidgeting.
Firms such as Google are installing fibre networks in cities such as Accra and Kampala in a bid to drive down the costs of data.
Trump also touted bipartisan accomplishments such as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal and vowed to protect entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security.
These fees are set by payment-card networks, such as Visa and MasterCard and collected by card issuers, such as Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase.
Often, authoritarian countries such as Russia and China are called out in these reports for issues such as press censorship or discrimination against LGBT people.
The new delivery service covers items such as tablets, headphones and even espresso machines but excludes larger items such as big-screen TVs and refrigerators.
We went from goods marketplace pioneers such as eBay and Amazon to simple service marketplaces such as Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Upwork, Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Fiverr.
This includes major cities in Europe, such as Paris and London, and those in the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.
The Japanese restrictions will affect companies such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and SK Hynix Inc , which supply chips to companies such as Apple Inc .
New Delhi's new rules in areas such as e-commerce and data localization have already angered the United States and hit companies such as Amazon.
"Exposures such as air pollution and secondhand tobacco smoke affects the health of children in developed countries such as the UK as well," he said.
These include sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, as well as infections that aren't sexually transmitted, such as yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.
Fintech start-ups such as TransferWise and WorldRemit are challenging companies such as Western Union by claiming to offer cheaper and faster online money transfers.
On one side are large exporters, such as Boeing and General Electric, and pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck and Pfizer, that back the tax proposal.
The materials produced by the company, such as neodymium-praseodymium, are used in a variety of applications such as electrical components and high-power magnets.
In many ways, last Wednesday's massacre highlighted the limits of school security measures, both physical, such as fencing and officers, and preventative, such as counseling.
Non-essential sectors such as national parks are liable to be closed and programs such as federally funded medical research will grind to a halt.
Apps such as Acorns invest your spare change, and robo-advisors such as Wealthfront and Betterment manage any amount of cash with low annual fees.
It's always great to see huge corporations such as Oscar Mayer make positive changes in their product, such as removing any byproducts or added preservatives.
Opioids -- both legal, such as prescription oxycodone and hydrocodone, and illicit drugs, such as street fentanyl and heroin -- killed more than 33,20103 Americans in 2015.
Some Democrats, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, have tried to build on Sanders' appeal with new policy initiatives such as free higher education.
Apps such as Acorns invest your spare change, and robo-advisors, such as Wealthfront and Betterment, manage any amount of cash with low annual fees.
Even disciplines normally considered immune to politics, such as the sciences, are currently wrapped up in many political hot-button topics, such as climate change.
Zonar provides telematics systems that enable customers such as large truck fleet operators to roll out satellite-based connectivity services such as remote vehicle diagnostics.
In democracies—even imperfect ones such as Thailand or nascent ones such as Egypt—coups represent a fundamental rupture, altering the course of their development.
People tend to focus on the bits of the ocean that are full of life (such as reefs) or of trade (such as shipping lanes).
However, Square is facing rising competition in the payments market, from large companies such as PayPal Holdings Inc to smaller startups such as Stripe Inc.
Further, they argue, NATO contributes to U.S.-led missions in places such as Afghanistan, and aids U.S. interests against threats such as terrorists and pirates.
Other problems include the country's opioid crisis, normalization of insecurity such as frequent Boko Haram bombings and kidnapping of schoolgirls such as the Chibok girls.
It's also where you'll find cool limited-edition products such as the Game of Thrones collection and rare beauties such as $3,650 Louis XIII cognac.
They are found in larger amounts in dark liquors, such as bourbon and whiskey, than in light-colored liquors, such as vodka or lighter beers.
Luckily, many of these positions are also high-paying — ranging from unsurprising jobs such as English professors to perhaps more unexpected careers, such as physicians.
Banks often trade on behalf of customers such as companies and tend to actively deal through electronic platforms, such as EBS or Reuters dealing facilities.
"More violent methods such as firearms or hanging carried much greater risk than less violent methods such as cutting or poisoning," Olfson said by email.
So as an example, we have incredible investments in companies such as Nova Chemicals in Canada, such as Cepsa in Spain, Borealis, OMV, BP etc.
The Reminders app is helpful for making checklists for group events — such as birthday parties or family reunions — or shared tasks such as grocery shopping.
The deal will give Marriott greater access in markets such as Europe and Latin America, besides helping compete with apartment-sharing startups such as Airbnb.
The latter has largely shunned Western media in favour of Kremlin mouthpieces such as RT and the occasional interview with sycophants such as Sean Hannity.
Heavyweights such as Alibaba and are experimenting with technologies such as facial recognition and drones to get people to buy more, and more often.
And it would not be unprecedented for an 11-1 nonchampion, such as Alabama, to leap over an 11-2 champion, such as Ohio State.
Drugmakers such as Endo International, Johnson & Johnson, and Teva have also been named in the lawsuits, in addition to distributors such as AmerisourceBergen, McKesson Corp.
Some of SAP's U.S.-based rivals, such as Microsoft Corp , have been barred from doing business with Chinese firms such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.
At the same time, Israel is concerned about Tehran's growing influence in the region through militia allies such as Hezbollah in countries such as Syria.
He said that in addition to focusing on big companies such as Facebook and Twitter, authorities should scrutinize smaller sites such as Gab and Parler.
Some of SAP's U.S.-based rivals, such as Microsoft Corp, have been barred from doing business with Chinese firms such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.
Some of SAP's U.S.-based rivals, such as Microsoft Corp, have been barred from doing business with Chinese firms such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.
Spain is focusing on attracting new tourists, such as visitors from China, as well as consolidating mature markets such as the United Kingdom or Germany.
The former Soviet republic is an important flour supplier to its Central Asian neighbours such as Uzbekistan and some countries further away such as Afghanistan.
Or, consider tools such as Blooom, or robo-advisors such as Betterment to apply an extra level of sophistication to your 401(k) plan contributions.
Some brands focus specifically on alkaline water, such as Essentia; others, such as Smart Water, offer specific alkaline products as part of a broader lineup.
That could explain higher rates of severe Zika side effects, such as the birth defect microcephaly, in areas such as Brazil, where dengue is common.
The flood of pitches from across the country included big cities such as New York and Chicago to small regions such as Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
Even slight improvements for Trump could tip the balance in Midwest battlegrounds such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Sunbelt targets, such as Florida and Arizona.
Data showed spending on items such as durable goods, including air conditioners, remained weak, but picked up on items such as foods and personal computers.
"We pay more attention to numerators, such as '16 adverse events,' than we do to denominators, such as 'per million vaccine doses,' " Dr. Buttenheim said.
So what can struggling retailers such as Macy's, Dillard's and Kohl's learn from stores such as Target, which has proven its apparel business is booming?
PayPal, like DXC Technology, has company-related developments that investors are more tuned into such as partnerships with companies such as Facebook, Uber and MercadoLibre.
The researchers controlled for other factors that might influence death rates, such as socioeconomic status, exercise, weight and habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol.
But now they increasingly buying these items online at sites such as Glossier or Kylie Cosmetics, or at retailers such as Sephora and Ulta Beauty.
Benefits such as food stamps and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) would be eliminated; others, such as health care and free education, would remain.
It has also ventured into areas where commercial opportunities are nascent, including regions such as India and Nigeria and businesses such as self-driving cars.
I did not observe a line between cosmetic economies, such as Overwatch, and economies that influence progression such as Battlefront II and Shadow of Mordor.
Mogensen's interest in forms such as the spiral and equations such as the Golden Section has led him into a territory that is recognizably his.
The occupational groups with the highest rates of suicide for men were: Construction and extraction: jobs such as carpenters, electricians and miners Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media: jobs such as illustrators, tattooists and professional sports playersInstallation, maintenance and repair: jobs such as mechanics, cable installers and commercial divers For women, they were: Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media: jobs such as illustrators, animators, tattooists and professional sports playersProtective service: jobs such as police officers, private investigators and TSA workers Health care support: jobs such as dental assistants, massage therapists and pharmacy aides For both sexes, the occupational group with the lowest rate of suicides was education, training and library.
Growth-value plays such as chip sector stocks Advantest and Tokyo Electron climbed 2106.0200% and 1.1%, respectively, while typical value plays such as banks shed 0.6%.
Meanwhile, shopping malls are facing more threats of empty storefronts as department store operators such as Sears see mass closures and brands such as Gap Inc.
Digital marketplaces such as Amazon and gig economy giants such as Airbnb and Uber also fall under the scope of the draft proposal, the Commission said.
It would make it much harder for politicians such as Germany's Angela Merkel to hold the line inside the European Union on issues such as sanctions.
While lawmakers already passed spending bills for departments such as Defense and Health and Human Services, others such as Homeland Security, Justice and State remain unfunded.
It supplies truck makers such as Daimler, Volvo, MAN and Freight Liner as well as trailer makers such as Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, Randon, CIMC and Wabash.
Short-term strategies are provided by smaller private debt funds such as the UK's Prestige Capital Management or direct lending fintech platforms such as Germany's Creditshelf .
Giants such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Netflix all claim Silicon Valley as their birthplace and home, as do trailblazers such as Airbnb, Tesla and Uber.
The typical credit security is a dollar bond issued by a company, such as GM or Apple, or by a country, such as Brazil or Mexico.
Destinations such as Egypt and Turkey have lost enormous amounts of visitors, who are choosing to go to places such as Spain and the Caribbean instead.
Identify gaps in laws: Spot major policy issues, such as questions regarding liability and discrimination, and work on long-term policy challenges such as economic disruption.
Just about every diet recommends reducing saturated fats, such as butter and cheese, and replacing them with unsaturated fats, such as vegetable oil and fatty fish.
AccorHotels has also struck several deals in order to fight the rising challenge of companies such as Airbnb and online travel agents such as Expedia EPE.
I made these purchases using online services or apps such as Amazon, DoorDash or Seamless, or in stores such as Macy's, but never directly through Google.
Now, the automaker is sinking money into sports cars such as the two-seat Supra, and performance brands such as Gazoo Racing and Toyota Racing Development.
They use products such as cream and gel removers and utilize techniques such as the banana-peel method, ensuring that the natural lashes are left undamaged.
Our writers have produced six essays on the great liberal thinkers of yesteryear, from libertarians such as Robert Nozick to interventionists such as John Maynard Keynes.
These aren't related to herpes, but they are associated with other diseases (such as Crohn's and celiac) and with some vitamin deficiencies (such as B-12).
However, it's been open about excluding what it calls "mind sports" such as chess and sporting events that rely heavily on machines, such as auto racing.
Active hunting and improved technology such as rifles in the 23th century, plus the use of poison such as strychnine later on, caused the population collapse.
Some biofilms are bad, such as dental plaque, but some have some positive uses, according to Popular Science, such as the ability to clean up artwork.
In parallel Google has also been working with external fact checkers, such as on initiatives such as highlighting fact-checked articles in Google News and search.
The U.N. ocean conference will also promote partnerships, such as between governments and businesses, to address issues such as marine pollution, ocean acidification, and marine research.
The pieces in the New Museum show range from early work, such as "Spring Fling" (1999), to her more recent work, such as "Captain America," (2016).
Official economic data do include some intangible activity, such as spending on software, in measures of investment spending, but often exclude many others, such as branding.
Commodity importing countries such as India and Indonesia have benefitted from lower oil prices whereas exporting countries such as Russia and Brazil suffered a major blow.
The goal could be met by cutting greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide 100% or by offsetting them with investments in projects such as clean energy.
The company competes with larger players such as IBM, Micro Focus (formerly HP Enterprise) and Microsoft, as well as others such as BMC Software and Compuware.
Since 2010, most waterborne iron ore is priced on public markets such as the Dalian Commodity Exchange or is set using published indices such as Platts.
Several provider-owned plans in Texas (such as Baylor Scott & White Health and Memorial Hermann) and Wisconsin (such as Dean Health) had to cough up money.
These secrets can be user-level secrets, such as browser history, website content, user keys, and passwords, or system-level secrets, such as disk encryption keys.
This creates an opportunity for off-price retailers, such as TJX Companies and Ross Stores, and discounters, such as Dollar General and Five Below, he said.
Federal law does not extend collective bargaining rights to independent contractors such as architects, masseuses or workers dispatched through mobile applications such as Uber and Lyft.
There are plenty other catastrophic and existential risks worth worrying about, such as pandemics, nuclear war, and future technologies such as artificial superintelligence and molecular nanotechnology.
Absolut has been struggling as consumers have turned to rival spirits such as bourbon and more niche vodka brands such as Texas-based Tito's Handmade Vodka.
Beijing Shiji Information says it provides software and data systems to hotel firms such as InterContinental Hotels Group, retailers such as Starbucks Corp, and entertainment companies.
While some countries such as Germany have defied the U.S., others such as Australia and the United Kingdom have taken a cautious approach toward the company.
Some records included their work authorizations, such as whether they are a U.S. citizen or if they are on a visa, such as an H1-B.
"These can work in tandem with the increasing number of mobile security options, from hardware such as fingerprint readers, to software such as Google's Smart Lock."
The project aims to help individuals such as refugees prove who they are in order to gain access to basic services such as education and healthcare.
Supporters of the initiative such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and groups such as the American Heart Associations spent more than $11 million.
They scored participants' cooking methods, detailing whether they're using healthy methods such as boiling and stewing or less healthy methods such as frying, roasting and grilling.
Daffy's wasn't able to keep up with fast-fashion competitors such as Zara and Forever 21 or flash sale sites such as Gilt Groupe and Ideeli.
Periods of anti-corporate sentiment such as the 1910s and 1930s were invariably followed by periods of pro-corporate policies such as the 1920s and 1950s.
There was a demand for new music and albums—increasingly met by bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin—and "World" music, such as reggae.
Accor, which runs high-end chains such as Raffles and Sofitel as well as budget brands such as Ibis, predicted another rise in profit for 217.
Buyers and sellers make contact using e-mail providers such as Sigaint, a secure dark-web service, and encryption software such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).
Tyson's prepared food brands such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm and Ball Park primarily make products such as pepperoni, bacon, hot dogs, pizza crusts and toppings.
And rogue nations such as North Korea, or terrorist groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, are quickly gaining ground, military officials warn.
Researchers concluded that the UK government should introduce a tax of 79% on processed meat such as bacon, and 14% on unprocessed meat such as steak.
The ETF is 150 percent long cyclicals such as Microsoft, Apple and J.P. Morgan and 50 percent short defensives such as Exxon Mobil and Johnson & Johnson.
It is also useful for people in countries where the local currency is unstable, such as Venezuela, or where governments have currency controls, such as China.
Its membership included some big, consumer-friendly brands such as Google and Facebook, as well as businesses in the enterprise sector such as Rackspace and Salesforce.
Roscomnadzor reportedly said some organizations have bought tools such as push notifications from YouTube to spread news about protests for illegal purposes, such as disrupting elections.
Consumption of gasoil in an emerging economy such as India is linked to sectors such as automotive, that determine the nation's overall growth, FGE's Kumaran said.
Costs associated with compliance, business operations such as trade support and centralized operations such as know-your-customer checks, could fall by up to 50 percent.
Gao owns 1.3 percent stake in the company that makes and sells plasma products such as human immunoglobin to prevent diseases such as measles and hepatitis.
Nor any other type of special paper, such as thermal-coated paper — which is another type of inkless printing already in use (such as for receipts).
See more of Duncan Schotton's clever creations, such as the ther examples in his shop, such as the Color o'Clock and Rainbow Pencils, on his website.
From there, it's broken down further into distinctive food cultures such as French, and then into something more specific, such as Provençal or Lyonnais or Parisian.
For 260, Bannon sees value in telecoms names such as MegaFon and property companies such as LSR and Etalon, which should benefit from falling interest rates.
Iran has tried to get users on national alternatives to foreign platforms such as Telegram by offering applications such as Soroush+, developed by the national broadcaster.
UK crown dependencies such as Jersey and Guernsey, along with overseas territories such as the Cayman Islands and Bahamas, are at the heart of that avoidance.
Homeowner policies typically cover personal injuries, such as when a person falls down on an insured's property, while "excess" policies such as Cosby's carry enhanced protections.
According to reports, China could ditch tariffs on certain American farm crops such as soybeans and scale back some nontariff barriers such as quality-control inspections.
It will not cover "active hostilities," such as in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, but will include strikes in nations such as Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.
There are extra charges to start college, such as orientation fees and freshman fees, and extra charges to finish, such as senior fees and commencement fees.
Majumdar recommends protein-rich snacks, such as roasted chickpeas, which can be eaten in place of snacks devoid of protein, such as animal crackers, for example.
During times of crisis, such as a hurricane, C&S will see the demand for critical items, such as batteries and water increase 500-650 percent.
Start by drawing or painting something you see every day, such as your coffee mug, or try doodling a repetitive shape such as circles or triangles.
Some nations that are said to have had populist leaders, such as Argentina, have alternated power peacefully, whereas others without them, such as Honduras, have not.
This takes the form of both obvious examples, such as geological changes, and more conceptual ones, such as a tapestry that's in the midst of preservation.
Chains such as McDonald's have been testing delivery service in select metro areas, partnering with ride-sharing companies such as Uber to carry food to customers.
As a force in the economy, trade is dwarfed both by major domestic policies such as tax reform and long-term structural changes such as automation.
Other than the usual data points, such as GDP, factors such as the number of retail stores and bars operating in the city were also considered.
In many markets such as India, calls over internet began to gain traction four to five years ago after services such as WhatsApp enabled such functionality.
Thus "deficit" countries such as the United States invest more than they save, while "surplus" countries such as Germany and Japan save more than they invest.
From comedies such as "Neighbors" and "Bridesmaids" to horror films such as "Insidious," this famous face is easily recognizable ... Just maybe not in this hot take.
Basic rooms such as the City View King or City View Queen start at around $200 in slower seasons such as the hot, rainy summer months.
Fish products such as sardines, tuna and cod are on the extensive list, as are many kinds of produce such as garlic, cabbage, oranges and cherries.
Economists talk about regulating only when there are market failures such as sellers having more information about a product than buyers or externalities such as pollution.
Products will shift and be sold by e-commerce sites such as Amazon, big-box stores such as Target or Walmart and drug and grocery stores.
The Obama administration was wrong to allow big cable companies such as Comcast to further engage in vertical integration by buying firms such as NBC/Universal.
Burkeans such as Philip Hammond and Rory Stewart were out; revolutionaries such as Dominic Raab and Priti Patel now hold all the great offices of state.
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, such as decriminalizing unauthorized border crossings and restructuring immigration enforcement agencies such as US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and ICE.
There could be other factors, such as the viral strain, the genetics of the host, environmental exposures, or immune-related factors, such as prior dengue infection.
Tech companies such as Uber and Alphabet's Waymo are pouring billions of dollars into autonomous car development, while auto manufacturers such as Daimler are testing prototypes.
Couture has traditionally been worn by the very famous or the very wealthy — movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn or eccentric heiresses such as Daphne Guinness.
We often think about history as a gradual arc of progress, with setbacks such as wars and famines and gains such as new ideas and technologies.
These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation.
Since the 1960s, the increase in international travel and decline in the use of pesticides such as DDT, has spread the outbreaks of mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile, dengue, malaria and chikungunya to countries such as the United States, where the diseases are not endemic.
"It then creates a much more selective investor, a much more discriminating investor, and a much less tolerant investor for other issues such as tariffs, such as revenue or earnings misses, such as economic growth slowdowns overseas so to me that's the progression of worries," said Boockvar.
The pool of talent right now can be divided into three groups: aging veterans such as Dani Alves and Filipe Luis; players who have yet to fulfill their potential such as Lucas Moura and Philippe Coutinho; and promising youngsters such as Gabriel Jesus and Lucas Lima.
This catch-all term includes sites of atrocities such as Auschwitz or Cambodia's killing fields; nuclear disaster zones such as Chernobyl in Ukraine and the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant in Japan; and other morbid locations, such as the house where O.J. Simpson's ex-wife was killed.
He is not alone in this; in recent years, Marvel, DC, and Image have invited Hollywood creators (such as Hudlin, Kevin Smith, and Joss Whedon), novelists (such as Marjorie Liu and Greg Rucka), and journalists (such as Coates and G. Willow Wilson) to create comics for them.
Here are the mean wages last year: $22016,22016 for workers in highly digital occupations, such as financial managers and software developers; $2292.80,274 in middle-level digital jobs, such as nurses and mechanics; and $30,393 in low-digital positions, such as personal care aides and construction workers.
Conservative green groups such as ConservAmerica and republicEn, along with politically neutral religious groups such as Catholic Climate Covenant and bipartisan groups such as the Citizens Climate Lobby, have ramped up efforts to recruit more congressional Republicans to work on addressing climate change since Trump's election.
The urban environment is linked to a large number of noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, heart disease and pulmonary disease, as well as communicable diseases such as tuberculosis from crowding and poor ventilation, and waterborne and vector-borne diseases such as dengue, according to the WHO.
Already, Apple has been behind releases such as Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour, a docu-series with Vice and exclusive video interviews with superstars such as Adele.
Rossman recommends planning for a future that may include big purchases such as a home or a car, as well as expenses such as children and retirement.
Organic and specialty stores such as Fresh Market, once insulated from the broader supermarket competition, have struggled as rivals such as Kroger have diversified into similar offerings.
The British chip design firm licenses its technology to chipmakers such as Qualcomm Inc and phone makers such as Apple to power mobile devices and other technologies.
Besides searching for a specific artist, you can look up studios, organizations (such as NASA or Magnum), or distributors (such as the early stereoscopic company Underwood & Underwood).
That includes expected costs, such as mortgage payments, insurance, utility bills and taxes, as well as unexpected ones, such as a broken boiler or a leaky roof.
Some countries, such as Denmark, have started to relax their alcohol taxation laws, which reliably discourage consumption, while others such as the U.S. are eying similar changes.
Retail money laundering tradecraft could include false invoicing of products through online services, such as eBay or PayPal, and money transmitters, such as Western Union and MoneyGram.
Previous studies using other databases have identified genetic variants linked to physical traits, such as eye color and skin tone, and to health conditions, such as asthma.
It is already one of the fastest-growing LNG markets, attracting interest from producers such as Shell and ExxonMobil and from traders such as Trafigura and Gunvor.
This week's playlist includes newer UK artists such as Winter Rose, Argz Aliko and Sona, alongside more established acts such as Giggs, Charli XCX and Jacques Greene.
Some of the minerals they analyzed exhibited the telltale characteristics of a catastrophic impact, such as shocked quartz grains and other impact-related grains, such as glass.
The findings have been mixed about whether aspects of religious devotion such as prayer and spirituality -- such as reading the Bible or other religious literature -- improve longevity.
He was often at war with his contemporaries, his patrons (such as they were), and the institutions of the day – such as the recently established Royal Academy.
Net metering is also being reviewed in smaller venues, such as Maine and New Hampshire, and in traditionally solar-friendly markets such as Massachusetts and New York.

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