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959 Sentences With "the most"

How to use the most in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "the most" and check conjugation/comparative form for "the most". Mastering all the usages of "the most" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He puts in the most hours, the most worry, the most energy.
These words were broken down into eight categories: the most-used keywords, the most-used features and amenities, the most-used luxury features and amenities, the most-used keywords by room, the most-used adjectives, and the most-used brand names.
He's the most brilliant person in any room, the most charismatic, the most generous.
" She went on, "I mean, the most visceral, the most emotional, the most raw.
By "most" I mean that this war was photographed the most widely, the most democratically, if you like, by the most diverse array of participants, from the most angles, with the most devices.
"The most progressive policies proved the most popular and the most politically impregnable," Wikler said.
She makes the most heroic characters vulnerable; the most known, familiar; the most despised, relatable.
She makes the most heroic characters vulnerable, the most known familiar, the most despised relatable.
The highest producing person in your office is the person who shows up the most, makes the most phone calls, takes the most phone calls, makes the most appointments, and shows up the most.
We're trying to do the most good for the most people who need it the most.
It doesn't have the most gorgeous design, the most powerful processor, or the most stunning screen.
They're the most creative and they find the most convincing, and also the most utopian, forms.
When you have the most interactions and the most radio calls and the most arrests, you are going to have the most opportunities for [officer-involved] shootings.
And it's not because we have the most funding or the most connections or the most experienced CEO.
"This is the most liberal and the most creative and the most vivacious place around," Ms. Dubno said.
Laurie Blake was not the most powerful, or the most visible, or the most impactful hero in Watchmen.
" He said that "the most pressing, the most urgent, the most existential challenge of them all is climate.
If current trends continue, Trump will have won the most delegates in primaries, the most votes, the most states.
If you want a stronger force, it should be the most flexible, the most advanced, the most forward-thinking.
He is the most loving father, the most brilliant actor, the most beautiful operatic tenor, the most talented visual artist- the wisest and most human advice giver, & best Grandpa ever!!
He is the most loving father, the most brilliant actor, the most beautiful operatic tenor, the most talented visual artist -- the wisest and most human advice giver, & best Grandpa ever!!
They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bands.
Now, as a historically diverse cast of 2020 presidential candidates begin to compete for the nomination, who fills the space as the most authentic — the most trustworthy, the most natural, the most honest, with the most credible personal story — remains wide open.
The hazing tradition has grown into a competition at who can post the most outrageous pictures and videos that will get the most clicks, the most likes, and the most laughs.
That was the point: to make the most spectacular creations to get the most money to save the most lives.
They will have the most political stability, attract the most talent and be able to collaborate with the most people.
And the people we tend to miss are the ones who are the most adaptable, the most innovative, the most cunning.
What got the most downloads, the most attention, and made the most money were gimmicky apps like iFart Mobile or iBeer.
" Rallying around him instead, the piece continued, were "the most corrupt, the most designing and the most dangerous of the community.
But being the most decent, the most intelligent, and the most benevolent does not give someone a vote on proposed legislation.
I have the most incredible husband and children on this planet, the most incredible friends, the most incredible fans THANK YOU.
Mr. Delieuvin called it "perhaps the most revelatory, the most ambitious, and the most accomplished painting in terms of pictorial technique."
Because extremist content is going to get the most clicks and extremist content's going to create the most emotion and passion which is going to cause the most shares and the most engagement.
They're the most loving family and the most giving family.
To get the most, you'll have to pay the most.
And the most recent example is perhaps the most telling.
The kids who need the most should get the most.
You have the most versatility, but also the most work.
Interestingly, the most innovative tools are also the most practical.
Companies that enter the most applications get the most workers.
Netflix is the most controversial; Twitter is the most hated.
He had the most beautiful eyes, the most stunning laugh.
Sometimes the most boring questions yield the most striking answers.
It was the most difficult image, and the most striking.
It would be the most equitable and the most efficient.
So the most vulnerable continue to be the most vulnerable.
"You know the most difficult tasks are the most rewarding."
Perhaps the most excruciating defeat, though, was the most recent.
The most ambitious ideas usually have the most difficult fundraising.
Of course, the most populous states had the most millionaires.
While you're making the most money, save the most money.
The most awful villains are often the most understandable ones.
I know that I'm making the most important decisions for me, but they're also the most fulfilling ones, the most right ones.
"I work in the most incarcerated part, of the most incarcerated state, in the most incarcerated country in the world," she said.
Because in my country, the most dynamic music—the music with the most edge, the music with the most politics—is grime.
"Writers try to make their sex scenes the most wonderful, the most orgasmic, the most fulfilling that they can be," he says.
The careers that pay the most and require the most education, like business and law, also have the most gender inequality. Why?
The condition of things is the most disgraceful, the most lawless, the most inhuman, I believe that exists in the world today.
It was certainly the most challenging and the most difficult and the most satisfying journey, because it was very personal to me.
Among the heads of publicly traded companies, Tesla's Elon Musk might just be the most whimsical, the most impish, the most delightfully trolly.
In its time, the Four Seasons was the most modern, the most daring, the most New York restaurant the city had ever seen.
For the last 10 years, Barcelona has always been the most stylish, the most gifted, the most compelling team in the Champions League.
In the chaos of the Syrian civil war, they're the ones who are getting the most traction, the most land, the most fighters.
The most prosperous countries in the world have historically emitted the most greenhouse gases and are thus the most responsible for climate change.
That cost makes the most sunnily optimistic images the most chilling.
The most interesting job — and the most rewarding — I ever had.
She's one of the most (if not the most) credentialed, knowledgeable,
But often, the most random things actually become the most delightful.
Dads showed the most change, and daughters were the most persuasive.
That part was the most overwhelming, but also the most rewarding.
The most local news is probably, no offense, the most important.
The most recent refurbishment is the most complete in its history.
Instead, they will punish the most marginalized and the most vulnerable.
Gemini is both the most fickle and the most loyal sign.
It is the most delicious thing, and therefore the most transgressive.
The Model S is the most capable, but the most expensive.
Flash is just the most prominent example — and the most problematic.
She's definitely had the most events, and the most high-profile.
This paranoia harms the most vulnerable Christians the most of all.
This is the most obvious threat, but probably the most complicated.
You know: Who's the most witty, who's the most clever, entertaining?
The most likely scenario is also unfortunately the most boring one.
Taking the most recent science as the most currently validated science.
What do Americans fear the most or worry about the most?
"Those with the most have the most to lose," Dai explained.
This, I think, is the most proven and the most promising.
You can afford the most ads and afford the most staffers.
"The most effective tweets were often the most shocking," Woodward writes.
The most left-wing segment is the most populated by whites.
The most left-wing segment is the most populated by whites.
Sanders is the most liberal, Rand Paul is the most conservative.
We are now the most data-generating, most uploaded, most share-crazy humans in the history of the world, which means we are also the most monitored, the most data-chomped and, definitely, the most exposed.
Not the most deadly or having the most consequences for future generations, but absolutely the most revelatory about character, privilege and abuse of power.
This is the most important time for people to help the most poor because they're the ones that are going to suffer the most.
This is the iPad you want if you want the most storage, the most power, and the most features available on an Apple tablet.
Rajesh, my father's third-born brother, had once been the most promising of the Mukherjee boys—the nimblest, the most charismatic, the most admired.
The moments of light in his paintings are the most impressive and the most physical, but they are also the most ethereal — barely there.
Those of us who live near a failed nuclear power plant know the truth: Nuclear power is by far the most expensive, the most dangerous, the most unreliable and the most environmentally unfriendly form of energy production.
It's what they are reading the most and engaging around the most.
"I think it's the most personal and the most intimate," he says.
They talk the most s— about the people who care the most?
The most iconic companies are actually those that transform the most familiar.
These are the most glaring and the most widely publicized fiscal problems.
Not surprisingly, the Americans who earn the most have saved the most.
This unites our caucus from the most liberal to the most moderate.
The colectivos seem to be the most committed, and the most dangerous.
The most recent episode gave us the most telling clue to date.
The most enjoyable op-ed to read is the most strident one.
Some of the most beautiful things in life are the most fragile.
The most obvious of these also wound up being the most notable.
But to me this is the most important and the most biggest.
Trust is the most valuable and the most fragile commodity in Survivor.
So from the most challenged to the most talented, everybody's memory increased.
The states that have the most death sentences have the most exonerations.
Just because it's the most multivariable, or because it's the most important?
It offers the most content — and also will reportedly cost the most.
He must be the most isolated, the most rejected, the biggest failure.
It mined them for the most relatable tidbit, the most pertinent comment.
How can I make the most people the most successful at Slack?
The most vulnerable before the storm, will be the most vulnerable after.
The states most affected are the most populous in the most cases.
But it's the most valuable and, perhaps, the most anticipated since Uber.
"This is definitely the most fun — and the most spectacular," Moraghan said.
It was also the most-binged and the most-talked about series.
The most symbolic can be the most literal, as is the opposite.
The most effusive supporters of Mr. Wheeler are now the most bitter.
The work that is the most monstrous feels the most like me.
The most just man, the most insightful and, surprisingly, the best informed.
They make the most appealing products and can charge the most money.
The most powerful man in the most respected office in the world.
Well, it's funny because the most satisfying is also the most challenging.
Is "Mother!" the most confusing movie of 2017, or the most provocative?
Because the Conservatives won the most seats and the most votes, Mrs.
But Cole said the most persuasive argument may be the most basic.
These are the most widely used tariffs and often the most expensive.
Perhaps the most impressive metric, though, is also the most alarming one.
The most entertaining episodes are, naturally, the ones with the most pain.
While banks are considered the most undervalued, tech is the most overvalued.
California, the most populous state, offers the most delegates of any state.
We achieve the most, these writers suggest, when we're the most welcoming.
In fact, sometimes the most elemental pasta dishes are the most satisfying.
This seems like the most banal but also the most plausible explanation.
It's probably the most famous song in video games being played by the most famous video game designer and producer — he's also the most adorable.
It's hard not to feel like the most successful people are those with the biggest houses, the most expensive cars, and the most influential friends.
The Republican contests largely feature candidates jockeying to be seen as the most conservative, the most anti-Washington and the most loyal to the president.
Stopping coronavirus requires including the most vulnerable in the solution, and the most vulnerable includes those who have the least and have lost the most.
" And, by far, it is "the most cited news publisher by other media organizations, the most discussed on Twitter and the most searched on Google.
The goth night was probably the most fun, the gabber night probably the most intense, the student night probably the most debauched and the Milton Keynes shopping center/club The Only Way Is Essex extravaganza probably the most depressing.
How can we suppose that this state of affairs, this constant rush for the most disturbing, the most poignant, the most emphatic, the most terrifying, has no effect on the way we respond to the dramas of our lives?
Victor Mather Senior staff editor and reporter Let's see: the most points in the decade, the most field goals, the top rating in most advanced stats, the most Most Valuable Player awards (three), the most finals M.V.P. awards (three).
Baidu must convince the most talented among them that its set of problems are the most interesting, and its chances of success are the most assured.
We filter out people who are, perhaps, the most humane, the most rational, the most uncorrupted, in the process of electing so many of our politicians.
We are the most vulnerable country on the planet because we have the most dependence on technology and we are the most open about our network.
That kind of small-scale, distributed solar power is the most visible, gets the most press, and, from the consumer perspective, has the most sex appeal.
"The most liberal, most progressive people, and we have the most cruel, the most unjust result you can imagine," Mr. Cuomo said, speaking alongside the Rev.
It is the most prosperous part of China and also the most free.
Today, it's the most popular show going—and certainly the most written about.
That's the most ever in one day, and the most by any president.
The people who achieve the most are those who add the most value.
It surfaces neither at the most opportune moment nor in the most convenient.
That God is the most relational and the most kind, and always near.
The most vulnerable people in this society are now becoming the most feared.
Over-the-AirThis is the most straightforward approach, but also the most limiting.
We had the most exceptional run to the final, scoring the most goals.
Primary voters are generally the most motivated and often the most radical voters.
I feel like you feel the most feminine, you look the most feminine.
Power PackThis one is the most boring mod, but possibly the most useful.
It is viewed by the most people, on the most screens in America.
It is the most sensitive major franchise out there, and the most sentimental.
One of the most popular (if not the most popular) choices is Birchbox.
They're pretty much the most important companies, have been the most important companies.
With blogs and forums, the most interesting people became the most influential people.
And the most significant factor in their vulnerability is also the most obvious.
The most beautiful women, the most successful women—all women love Donald Trump.
Sometimes the most inspiring quote can be from the most unlikely of sources.
Surprisingly, the most "acted" tales in this collection are not the most effective.
Remember, the most difficult client possible has chosen the most wily advocate possible.
It's the most American of approaches and, in certain instances, the most foolhardy.
That's when horizontal wells yield the most oil - and the most potential tax.
This is when I'm the most agile and in turn the most productive.
Despite being the most educated generation, millennials are also the most indebted generation.
Peak horsepower is where the engine produced the most force the most quickly.
They say it was the most vicious primary and the most vicious campaign.
Each of the bills, from the most conservative to the most liberal, failed.
For the most vocal, and the most insecure, maybe it was all along.
The filibuster has turned the most deliberative body into the most obstructionist one.
Ties The most radical change came from the most traditional one: Getting married.
Vaccines are among the most ingenious of inventions, and among the most maddening.
"He's the most focused, the most driven of us all," Mr. McMillan said.
He held the most important professorial chair at the most important university, Glasgow.
The most competent person on my team is also, unfortunately, the most annoying.
Is it the most confusing movie of 2017 or merely the most provocative?
Nio may be the most famous, but WM is perhaps the most ambitious.
Through Sunday, they had gained the most yards and recorded the most points.
Across Survivor history, the most successful alliances have been the most cohesive ones.
However, perhaps the most telling piece of information may be the most obvious.
The third crisis is perhaps the most amorphous but also the most important.
Season 6 The most terrible person appropriately had arguably the most terrible death.
With the most years ahead of them, they have the most to lose.
Who is the most creative person that can make the most interesting song?
The most common eye color changeBrown is the most common eye color worldwide.
Some of the most boring jobs I've had were also the most creative.
The places with the most opportunity used to attract the most new residents.
Pete isn't the most beautiful horse, or the most charismatic, or the fastest.
Alpers was certainly the most (unapologetically) recalcitrant speaker, and the most object oriented.
The Dallas Cowboys ("cowboys1") was the most popular NFL team nickname, while Sunday was the most used day of the week and August the most common month.
It's the most powerful smartphone Samsung has ever launched; it has the most memory ever seen on a smartphone, and its cameras have the most megapixels, combined.
Every candidate makes mistakes and has flaws, but she is by far the most qualified, the most dynamic on the debate stage and the most nimble minded.
In conversation, Alana is the most voluble and profane, Danielle the most precise and serious-minded and Este the most likely to throw on a funny voice.
Because you did get to eliminate the most queens, having won the most challenges.
With specialization in medicine, patients with the most maladies often have the most doctors.
Which do you think pushed him the most, or made him the most uncomfortable?
Apple's Siri may not be the most capable voice assistant, or the most beloved.
Whitman represents the most inclusive — and the most insidious — aspects of our national character.
Everyone loved Juvenile the most, but Wayne's verse was by far the most anticipated.
It's the most common problem, and it's equally the most frustrating thing to fix.
They're a team filled with the most improbable stories and the most unlikely stars.
But the most important thing is I'm the most fortunate guy that ever lived.
What's the most challenging part, and what do you love the most about it?
Her heroines aren't the most wealthy or the most attractive characters in the book.
And perhaps the most successful, one of the most successful presidents of all time.
The most secure tools out there are also the most difficult tools to use.
I think that people look the most beautiful when they feel the most comfortable.
That is the most important, and the most emotional, question she poses to Patty.
Then ThirdLove said they were the most inclusive brand with the most bra sizes.
It is not, however, the most convenient option nor is it the most comprehensive.
Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in government, and arguably the most polarizing.
My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know.
The most impulsive children are improving at the same rate as the most prudent.
SimpliSafe offers the most comprehensive system in a box, without being the most expensive.
Not only are you the most amazing husband, you are the most amazing father!
The most alive person I knew, you embraced everyday with the most genuine notion.
The most popular color is black, which is perhaps the most shocking, experts say.
The most recent range marks the most precise prediction for re-entry so far.
I find the most normal things about famous people to be the most fascinating.
Societe Generale's 2150 outlook was among the most bearish – and also the most accurate.
Winning is the most important and the thing that makes the most difference, obviously.
Those who contribute the most money to campaigns have the most access to politicians.
It's the most versatile machine, making it the most appealing to all consumer types.
That's both the most charitable and maybe the most likely reading of the situation.
Probably the most scary and the most fun challenge we have ever been through.
Saying things are the most 2016 things of 2016 was the most 2016 thing.
China, the most powerful nation, has the high ground and the most hydropower potential.
And often, the most profitable business models are the most risky and dangerous ones.
Eric is the most amazing person, one of the most brilliant minds I've met.
You don't even have to win the most votes to get the most delegates.
The most expensive real estate is the most vulnerable real estate in the city.
So, I'm gonna apply this where I'm the most porous and the most shiny.
Although Xolos have the most in-form attack, Tigres have the most talented attack.
I found the ferries definitely the most exotic, if not always the most comfortable.
The most obvious, the most decent was to simply pay tribute to these soldiers.
We need to keep the most dangerous weapons out of the most dangerous hands.
She has the most perfect walk and the most perfect legs in the world.
But the U.S.-Iran dynamic is the most important and potentially the most explosive.
I find Fox the most interesting, CNN the most entertaining, and MSNBC the smartest.
The most cost-effective "ideal" approaches are not always the most politically workable approaches.
This is either the most ridiculous selfie stick in existence, or the most brilliant.
It's the one dish he's looking forward to the most, and dreading the most.
Here's what those possibilities look like, from the most benign to the most disruptive.
It is at once the most desirable way to die and the most feared.
"In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious," the statement begins.
I've observed instructors give the most talented kids the most attention and playing time.
The first is the most boring and the most familiar: the eurozone and Italy.
Obviously the most likely form of brain damage is the most minor: a concussion.
Obama was the most photogenic president I've covered, and Trump is the most iconic.
I'm only saying, sometimes, the most unconditional of loves are also the most inconvenient.
This one is the most complicated, and has the most tenuous line to Netanyahu.
Last question, what is the most ... You always have the most interesting technology idea.
Teachers who care the most are often the most at risk for vicarious trauma.
The local disparities, however, are the most curious, and the most compelling to policymakers.
But the most banal details, often of a scatological nature, are the most disturbing.
We know that the most despicable Saviors are not necessarily the most representative ones.
He is the most firm with criticism, and also the most generous with praise.
It also had the most sugar (albeit from oats) and the most added ingredients.
Every experience, from the most mundane to the most incredible, gets neatly filed away.
Democracy is not what we hate the most and what we fear the most.
WASHINGTON — For the most unpredictable of presidents, it was the most predictable of outcomes.
And those who gave the most painful descriptions of the experience donated the most.
We no longer have the most modern equipment and the most efficient airline routings.
Congressional term limits remain the most popular and the most bipartisan issue in America.
If it was predation, it wasn't the most clear-cut, the most vicious kind.
The most traditionally feminine girls and the most masculine boys had the lowest grades.
And then also I think sometimes the most entertaining outcome is the most likely.
Whoever tries the most stuff and screws the most stuff up the fastest win.
Karlie Kloss captioned this photo: "The most magnificent weekend with the most extraordinary man."
It's the most iconic scene from the most iconic holiday film of my generation.
It's that time of year again when NASA scientists compete to make the most creative, the most technologically challenging, and the most impressive pumpkin display of them all.
The real stars of the night, whose outfits will be the most glamorous, their reactions the most GIF-able, and their speeches the most political, are… The nominees.
Travelers can expect airports to be the most crowded and tickets to be the most expensive on Friday, the most popular day to fly over those four days.
I think Make Up The Breakdown was the most culturally significant record we made, and the most impactful on our career, and the most unique record we made.
The pizzerias were linked to the Bonanno crime family, who were the most Sicilian of the 'Five Families'—the most violent and with the most ties to Sicily.
Perhaps the most interesting findings, however, were that women and younger people had the most fear, while some of the most vulnerable to the virus were less concerned.
Anyone with the most basic grasp of English can write this poem and, as I discover that morning, some of the most simple ones are the most moving.
It's a new concern for a team accustomed to having one of the most coveted offenses in the league — if not the most — and the most coveted quarterback.
While perfectly round pearls are the most the most prized, and therefore the most expensive, baroque pearls, or those with a natural shape, are also popular right now.
CHINESE CABBAGE - B = CHINESE CAB AGE For me, the best crosswords are those with the most entertaining theme answers, involving the most ridiculous images, the most absurd incongruities.
"We have the most enterprise customers, the most containers in production, and we're the one with the most revenue of all the startups in the space," Guagenti said.
Even the most conservative Democrats are well to the left of the most liberal Republicans, and O'Rourke is quite a bit more liberal than the most conservative Democrats.
The Huskies (1-11, 0-8) gave up the most yards (7,73), the most yards per game (617.4), the most points (605) and the most points per game (50.41) in a single season of any major college football team in N.C.A.A. history.
"It seems like the most liberal college in Ohio is also the most intolerant, the most disgusting, and the most horrific when it comes to diversity of opinion, and that's what we're showing here today," Bennett told The Athens News, a local newspaper.
Be smart: Thursday was one of the most remarkable days, tucked inside one of the most remarkable weeks, capping one of the most remarkable months in modern presidential history.
So you might think that if you take the most durable filler and the most durable polymer and mix them together, that would lead to the most durable surface.
The Ferrari seat is one of the most sought after, even if not currently the most competitive, with the team the most glamorous and successful in Formula One history.
Because it deals with the most divisive issues, from abortion to gun rights to immigration to prison reform, Judiciary attracts the most conservative Republicans and the most liberal Democrats.
He had the most delegates, won the most states and collected the most votes, yet he stood to lose the nomination because he lacked the support of unpledged delegates.
So, I guess the way to reduce it is to find the most general programming domain (the most general for), which should yield the most general favorite programming language.
If you're the female daughter of the highest-ranking hyena in the clan, you'll get the most to eat, be the most aggressive, and produce the most successful offspring.
In addition to being the most nervous, they have also been deemed the most relatable.
The most expensive Senate races largely reflect nonpartisan analysts' ratings of the most competitive contests.
GF distinguishes itself by using the most advanced watchmaking techniques and the most expensive materials.
Along with tech earning the most, computer science is the most lucrative field of study.
GUTFELD: I had the most probably -- I ate the most adorable creature on the planet.
"It was the most diverse turnout with the most young voters in history," said Lakin.
"It's been the most meaningful thing of my life, the most meaningful thing I've known."
It is the most perfect of meat options, yet somehow the most difficult to describe.
It's one of the most important elements in a space, if not the most important.
Here are 44.993 of the most popular services, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
He's always been the man who cares the most, the man who knows the most.
It's no longer the most powerful option, nor does it have the most dazzling design.
They are the ones who have lost the most, and have the most at stake.
Our relationship has been the most challenging of my life but also the most enjoyable.
So why is the most successful Republican leader ever the most unpopular senator in America?
It's the most challenging Zelda I've played in many years, but also the most satisfying.
That's the most heartbreaking part of the film, but it isn't even the most disturbing.
Democrats are the victims of the most recent blow—which was also the most shameless.
Physical books may not be the most efficient medium, but they are the most meaningful.
The final five minutes of class were the most intense but also the most enlightening.
Two of the most unpopular candidates competed in one of the most divisive contests ever.
"Everything is very organized ... from the most basic to the most complicated things," he said.
ADHD was the most prevalent condition diagnosed, and stimulants were the most commonly prescribed drugs.
Stephen Sondheim Probably the most lauded and certainly the most decorated living lyricist in America.
He was one of the most fun guest and he is the most engaging guy!
The most beloved apartments in recent TV history are also some of the most outlandish.
The recurring Fridays were always the most Jewish to me, and felt the most memorable.
Facebook has been the most active, but it also has the most to lose here.
Here is a guide to satisfy the most apprehensive to the most adventurous of palates.
The US is the most innovative and still the most productive economy in the world.
"It's very much consistently the most visible, the most active hashtag in Australia," Bruns added.
The most aesthetically productive idea is, in this case, also the most socially irresponsible one.
Not only is Pikachu the most iconic Pokémon, it has the most universally acceptable flavor.
But in terms of sheer numbers, Kaur remains the most popular — and the most controversial.
The third plot line of the episode is the most tangential and the most unaffecting.
Be smart: The most consequential workplace in America has been one of the most dysfunctional.
Bigelow and Ismail's setup for The Protectors is the most elaborate, and the most passive.
But often the most unpopular defendants present the most important cases under the First Amendment.
" LeRoux says that probably the most popular edible in Colorado is "also the most disgusting.
The most obvious is this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing thing, to put it kindly.
The most powerful parts of Lorena—and the most heartbreaking—come during her court testimony.
It's not just the most fun BMW on sale or the most predictable sports coupe.
California, the most populous state, had the most millionaires in total, with 772,555 millionaire households.
I discovered that the richest people give the most, that's why they get the most.
The (stocks) that are down the most are the ones people got long the most.
"The ones who can afford it the most hate paying taxes the most," said Obadiah.
Women 36 and older reportedly had the most active sex lives and the most satisfying.
The biggest breakthroughs typically come when you're feeling the most frustrated and the most stuck.
As for the most correlated, the top three were straight from the most correlated sectors.
This is perhaps the most striking, and certainly the most controversial, finding of the study.
Its most surprising conclusion: The most walkable urban metros are also the most socially equitable.
On top of that, the most lucrative times to drive aren't always the most convenient.
Some of the most memorable moments of a family vacation are also the most awkward.
The people with the most to lose are the most interested in arming our schools.
Ayn Rand 's is the most famous; Robert Heinlein's is perhaps the most widely read.
Starbucks' PSL — which was the most expensive at $5.06 — is definitely the most Instagram-worthy...
In fact, it's one of the most — if not the most — enjoyable electric vehicles around.
Other Music was the most well-known and arguably the most beloved of the independents.
Pick the most conservative (or in this case the most liberal) candidate who can win.
"Syria was the most comfortable, the most secular country in the Arab world," said Tashjian.
Could Lamar's sophomore design effort be the most the most socially charged sneaker drop, ever?
What is the most difficult and the most beautiful thing about living a nomadic life?
What is the most difficult and the most beautiful thing about working with a partner?
In terms of counties I think the most ever or just about the most ever.
This suggests that the companies struggling the most receive the most time from their VCs.
The most common African cancers are the most treatable, including breast, cervical and prostate tumors.
Among proponents of liberalized trade, the most hopeful history may be the most recent chapter.
What will have the most impact and will create the most tension and most poetry.
"Solid wood is the most popular, though it's often the most expensive," said Ms. Hirschhaut.
The revised felony murder law is the most recent and perhaps the most controversial change.
Orsted, though, has made the most radical shift, perhaps because it was the most troubled.
Among their findings was that the most creative spaces are the most economically at risk.
Those were, for me, the most surprising, and the ones I've learnt the most from.
They're also the most intimate pages of the book, and the most difficult to read.
The most impatient, or those who work the most traffic-clogged routes, take things further.
It's the first prologue, though, that is the most beguiling, and perhaps the most meaningful.
The most obvious case could be football, which is the most popular sport at Cetys.
The most controversial disease is the one that gets the most money and attention: AIDS.
This election isn't about who can spend the most, or who slings the most mud.
The most common are also the most avoidable: late payment fees and cash advance fees.
Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) The most terrible person appropriately had arguably the most terrible death.
"For the most part, we find that the most fun," Senators forward Kyle Turris said.
All times, save the most catastrophic, like all people, save the most depraved, are mixed.
Pakistanis with the most knowledge of the country's nuclear program are among the most worried.
It's not the most clever, sophisticated part of you, but it is the most joyous.
And the most reliable solution was the most low-tech one: add a lens cover.
While Trump may not the most repressive global leader, he is among the most influential.
It is not only the most practical option, it is also the most democratic option.
"Orlando" was the most ambitious of the three operas, and, perhaps inevitably, the most problematic.
One of the most heartbreaking movies of the decade, and also among the most hopeful.
Lil' Kim's "Crush On You" looks are amongst the most memorable and the most duplicated.
"This is the most haunting and the most powerful thing I've ever done," she said.
The most notable difference, though, was how people made the most of their acceptance speeches.
The scores range from -10 (the most liberal position) to +10 (the most conservative position).
Now the most common are McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC—those are the most visible.
The most popular male names are used far more than the most popular female names.
"The most desirable migration destination for people with social phobia," reads the most upvoted comment.
Whatever you know you wear the most is what you should spend the most on.
"They had the reputation for being the most prosperous and the most violent," he says.
But what began as an opportunity for community and music IRL has become a big and impersonal business: get the best artists, sell the most tickets, get the most press, invite the most celebs, sell lots of alcohol, get the most social media engagement.
Serums are some of the most spendy, since time and time again they prove to be the most important part of your routine, as they often pack the most active ingredient and go on first, allowing them to soak in and do the most good.
Persuasion is also the most melancholy Jane Austen, and the most lyrical, and arguably the most romantic, all of which are perhaps part of why it's such a beautiful book.
But there is one question that is perhaps the most decisive, the most controversial, the most revealing of what type of person you are: What is your favorite Trash Pizza?
The top teams win the grand prize and there are other special awards on offer, including the Most Innovative Product, the Most Valuable Product, and the Most Completed Product awards.
The future belongs to all of us, and yet the people who have the most control over the future are the people with the most money and the most resources.
But the bottles with the most finesse and nuance, and which have drawn the most interest, are from Comando G, whose wines are now among the most compelling in Spain.
But how did a candidate with the most left-wing policy positions win one of the most conservative states in the country while also losing one of the most liberal?
The Rivertowns alone have five distinct sensibilities: Hastings-on-Hudson is the artsiest; Dobbs Ferry, the most diverse; Irvington, the toniest; Tarrytown, the most charming; and Ardsley, the most landlocked.
Amazon does not rank among the most profitable companies on the most recent Fortune 500. Sen.
Isn't this the most beautiful piece of cake... I mean, the most beautiful climate graphic ever?
Their big noggin is both the most important and the most vulnerable part of their body.
The most important question to ask candidates during a job interview isn't the most complicated one.
Here are the most valued workplace benefits and how to get the most out of them.
It's the most liquid instrument without capital controls, and it's the most traded currency by volume.
But the feature that impressed me the most and felt the most exciting is Live Caption.
Our philosophy is to invest the most capital in ideas where we have the most conviction.
Doctors who would lose the most money, such as oncologists and neurologists, were the most vocal.
The service supports the most recent iPhones, as well as the most recent Samsung Galaxy devices.
Unfortunately, even the most sincere convictions, by the most well-intentioned people, can be incredibly damaging.
They're either not the most stylish or not the most comfortable – neither of which is ideal.
And my children are what I love the most and what bring me the most happiness.
It was one of the most memorable nights of my life, and certainly the most fun.
The most intense friends are sometimes the best friends — or at least, the most entertaining. 8.
Halloween is both the most wonderful time of the year, and one of the most problematic.
She's one of the most famous superheroines of all time, and one of the most beloved.
"It's just about figuring out what's the most cohesive and what makes the most sense together."
But the man's forgetting: She's not only the most important person, she's also the most dangerous.
They start with the most powerful arguments, the most beneficial reasons why someone should continue investing.
She might be the most unique character, and definitely the one I identify with the most.
The most simple and reliable chart pattern out there is one that Cramer dreads the most.
"My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know," Kardashian wrote.
Interestingly, the most searched-for travel destinations were very different from the most-Instagrammed travel spots.
In fashion, the most original collections come from directors who spend the most time working abroad.
Pelosi "is running the most sophisticated political warfare, the most sophisticated political disinformation campaign," he added.
As 'League of Legends' is the most played online game, it still has the most demand.
The Toy-Con Blaster is the most complicated to build, but probably also the most rewarding.
This last criteria is the most prone to controversy, and the most difficult to get right.
And so it is the most educated can also mean that it is the most brainwashed.
"My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know," she wrote.
Being an artist is like being the most adult-adult and being the most child-child.
But in the United States, the most common—the most primal—haunted place is a house.
It might have been the most exciting — or at least the most adorable — race of 2016.
We look at which institutions launch the most startups, as well as the most highly capitalized.
In Logan, Laura kicks the most ass, saves the most lives, and possesses the biggest heart.
It would help make ADNOC Drilling "the most efficient and the most competitive," al-Jaber said.
Flagship is the most coveted by users and it gets the most attention from the media.
Dinners are always the most fun and the most important thing we do as a family.
He's one of the most — if not the most — tracked thing on the Guardian website today.
But it already has the most involved, and probably the most addictive, gameplay of the three.
"We've given a voice to the most underrepresented population in the most underrepresented country," he says.
It's also the most deadly, causing "by far" the most cancer deaths, according to the researchers.
This is the most important guild in one of the most important games of this century.
"The most efficient work is that of a human operator with the most powerful [robot] tools."
When it comes to assembling furniture, the most ignored instruction could be the most important one.
But for the most part, this is one of the most powerful smartphones you can buy.
One of the most iconic bars in one of the most iconic venues in the country?
If someone in your house pets Aibo the most, it will interact with them the most.
What they did is the most efficient and the most logical way to have a union.
The second part is, for Mr. Marshall, the most crucial and the task the most herculean.
St. Louis has made the most challenges and won the most overturned calls (633 of 34).
The most expensive states to die tend to overlap with the most expensive states to live.
Furthermore, the most peaceful countries correlate with the most prosperous, not to mention the happiest societies.
For a long time, Americans decided that the most authentic politicians were the most likable ones.
Kjellberg isn't just one of the most popular YouTubers, he's also one of the most controversial.
As expected, the group with the most prolonged sedentary patterns had the most women with diabetes.
The most controversial item in the most recent proposal is a fee for filing asylum applications.
Ballet tends to be the most orthodox of the art forms, and often the most reactionary.
Bruce Nauman is arguably the most important living American artist and certainly among the most influential.
Bill Gates was the most admired man internationally, and Angelina Jolie was the most admired woman.
They are simultaneously the most trusted—and some of the most scrutinized—individuals in the world.
The most heavily impacted group, and potentially the most vocal and powerful, are health insurance companies.
The rich pay the most taxes and spend the most money to have their taxes prepared.
Washington (CNN)One is the most cacophonous man in America, the other is the most silent.
"Please welcome the most beautiful and the most lovely woman of the night!" the announcer booms.
Krishna Reddy was one of the most innovative printmakers at the most innovative atelier in Paris.
This is shaping up to be perhaps the most Braves deadline in the most Braves season.
The report found that, as is typical, the most-downloaded apps are not the most used.
A tariff is the simplest, the most easily administered, and the most immediately effective action possible.
Where do you think the most innovation, the most startups are happening in the logistics sphere?
Gen Z was also the most likely to spend the most on themselves this holiday season.
This is probably the most important lesson from the crisis and the most difficult to address.
While this is the most explicit work in the series, it is also the most abstract.
The most popular pro-Trump hashtags on TikTok are some of the most obvious: #MAGA, #Trump.
It's probably the most pigmented lip and cheek tint I've ever used and the most hydrating.
The most successful have been the most local, which have simply presented artifacts without forced narratives.
So maybe it's the most featherweight of genres — but maybe it's also among the most important.
One of the most recent, in Ohio, banned the most common method of second-trimester abortion.
It's the most represented and the most respect, culturally, that I've ever felt in my career.
"When he's free soloing is when he feels the most alive, the most everything," she says.
The most dominant team in memory became the most enigmatic, losing 16 out of 17 games.
But which regime is seen as the most unpredictable, the most isolated, the craziest of crazy?
Trending The most visibly arresting buildings are, paradoxically, sometimes the most overlooked in the modern cityscape.
They also tend to be the universities with the most resources and the most recognizable names.
The most endangered species, California Republicans, make the most noise about how awful the state is.
Until then, the most modern part of the economy will suffer under the most outdated law.
Yet it is so often through the most unimaginable adversity that the most remarkable people flourish.
It's the most beautiful place I've ever been, with the most beautiful waves — it's heaven, really.
They are the most racially diverse generation and the most likely to live in metro areas.
Which makes some sense: Political media focuses on the most engaging voices, not the most representative.
Vancouver, British Columbia is the most popular destination and California is the most popular US state.
Meetings are the most quotidian moments in a Wiseman documentary, but also, often, the most intriguing.
So the most competitive company wins, not the most competitive system in terms of friction wins.
Of course, earning the most nominations doesn't mean Netflix will come home with the most awards.
By contrast, costs rose the most, 604 percent overall, for the most potent group of steroids.
That was the thing that embarrassed me the most and made me feel the most humiliated.
It may be the most stylish accommodation in town, but perhaps not the most comfortably furnished.
Of Israel's neighbors, the most vulnerable state — and the most crucial to American interests — is Jordan.
The change fee is not only the most costly but also the most difficult to avoid.
Those gestures miss the most important (and, surprisingly enough, the most-used) button on Android: back.
The most dramatic decline was also the most recent, when in 85033 revenues plunged 8.5 percent.
Kim Kardashian, for years the most famous member of her family, was somehow the most Kardashian.
One of the most frustrating is also the most preventable: the youth smoking and vaping epidemics.
Friday is the most popular day to depart, says Hopper, so it's also the most expensive.
"Asante" is among both the most traditional and the most experimental albums of Mr. Tyner's career.
The worst available candidate, the most radical, would always get the most attention, the highest ratings.
This is popularized and accepted in the most remote places and the most centrally located places.
" She added, "My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know.
"While this first one is the most obvious one, it's also the most important," Jorge revealed.
Of course, that last bit is the most expensive; it requires the most planning and integration.
Venezuela's military is one of the most — if not the most — powerful institution in the country.
State-controlled banks are the most exposed to Odebrecht, as they lent the most without collateral.
"Last weekend I got to marry the person I love the most @camronr in the place I love the most with the community I love the most," Bell wrote on Instagram.
The most popular movie was Moana, the most popular TV show was Game of Thrones, and the most popular book was Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.
" Exhibit B: "Around him, as the candidate for the highest office in the gift of the people, the most corrupt, the most designing and the most dangerous of the community rally.
"We once had the best electricity system in the world - the most vigorous, the most robust, the most powerful - and those who now administer the system have destroyed it," he said.
The French Army was the one that really held the Western Front—contributing the most soldiers, taking the most casualties, and covering the most territory—while the other allies provided support.
Little has been said about the impact on business travelers, a constituency that pays the most, has the most to gain, but also the most to lose from the status quo.
It's interesting, too (and revealing), that the states that have the most religious adherents send the most hateful and repressive representatives to Washington, while the least religious send the most caring.
Still, black head coaches tend to have the most precarious hold on jobs with the most vulnerable teams and the most limited opportunities for a second chance helming a staff elsewhere.
Whatever else we think about it, the drama of conception leads to the most profound joys and sorrows, the most ardent hopes and expectations, and the most visceral fears and anxieties.
In 2006, Giuseppe Pisanu, the then-interior minister of Italy, called the group "the most deep-rooted, the most powerful and the most aggressive of [Italy's] criminal organizations," according to The Guardian.
The most engaged citizens, political scientists have known for years, are almost always the most partisan citizens, and/or those who have the most narrow and high-stakes interests in policy outcomes.
And the reason that Washington doesn't work well in part is because the loudest, shrillest voices, the least compromising, the most powerful, or those with the most money have the most influence.
So we view the competitive environment that anybody who is trying to acquire clients, and we want to be the most relevant, the most competitive and the most innovative against all competition.
"Michelle Obama is one of the most powerful political voices in our generation, the most powerful woman in this country, and one of the most powerful women in the world," Washington says.
When I wrote this one up, it was actually not for Modern Love, but it felt the most authentic and came out the most naturally, which I think is the most powerful.
That showing the most leg, the most cleavage, the most sheer, made for a revolutionary statement back in the 20th century, but not a particularly nuanced or relevant one in the 21st.
Play with iceThis is maybe the most obvious tip, but it's also one of the most versatile.
That was "the most difficult of transitions, or the one we thought about the most," says Mazzucchelli.
"He was probably the most puritanical and probably the most sanctimonious of Joe Kennedy's boys," Tye says.
The most high-profile targets for cuts may be those that cost the most, called "significant" rules.
But, everyone knows that Iron Man's gear is the most technologically advanced and therefore the most expensive.
Sander's were among the most startling and compelling I saw — if not the most startling and compelling.
It is in many ways the most radical piece yet, and likely to be the most controversial.
We already know the iPhone X will be the most powerful — and the most expensive — iPhone ever.
The gains we've made in expressive freedoms are thus among the most critical—and the most vulnerable.
KEY: Cobie very well may have been the most guilty, but she was also the most supportive.
I think that's the part that's been the most surprising and the most interesting — the human exchanges.
It's got to be one of the most popular—if not the most popular—names for equipment.
We've got you covered: Here are the most basic answers to the most basic questions about Ramadan.
That's the aspect that received possibly the most media coverage, and probably faced the most intense fallout.
Yet the most valuable feature of Becker's "JetVan" series may also the most practical: the designer bathroom.
Hoffman and Santos pick the ideas they think have the most potential and are the most interesting.
"People want to see the most hyped shoes, the most wanted shoes at that time," Fresen said.
The bungalows offer the most luxurious and memorable experiences at Avalon but are also the most expensive.
If supervised learning is among the most threatening types of AI, what's the most valuable and encouraging?
Which quotations and images do you find the most compelling or have the most impact and why?
While there are several types of protein powders, whey remains the most popular and the most common.
These are the most secure methods to use, but they are also the most inconvenient and clumsy.
But most are about connecting travelers to the most luxurious travel experience, not the most cost-effective.
The most popular replacement proposal is a direct popular vote: Whoever gets the most votes nationwide wins.
Essentially, the most powerful and good people of this world are capable of the most dastardly things.
Perhaps the most acute meditation on Brexit, if also the most unusual, was written before the vote.
Was there one particular look that you loved the most and had the most fun shooting in?
While the acting categories are the most visible, the people with the most Academy Awards aren't actors.
He picks Juul, since it's the most popular brand and has the most potent nicotine delivery system.
The big change to the product is the most obvious — and far and away the most requested.
While he might not be the most exotic looking resident, he is one of the most powerful.
Congrats on one of the most exciting times of your life — and one of the most expensive.
"My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know," she tweeted Thursday.
He's also experienced some of the most profound meals in the most remote communities around the world.
The new "flexibility" it gives to states will ensure that the most vulnerable are the most hurt.
The philosophy underpinning Master AI is about producing the most pleasing, not necessarily the most realistic, photos.
Now, rainbow highlighters might not be the most practical beauty product, but they are the most fun.
While these materials were created in the most extreme ways, we use them in the most mundane.
Instead, the most prominent aides who do remain are depicted in the report as the most dishonest.
As usual in consumer electronics, the most futuristic technologies are being deployed for the most frivolous purposes.
Some of the most up-and-coming metropolitan housing markets are actually some of the most affordable.
Today is perhaps the most important, with GIPHY's list showcasing the most popular GIFs of the year.
You might expect, not unreasonably, that those who burned the most calories would lose the most fat.
Dallas entered the game with the most points (59) and the most goals (136) in the NHL.
And yet this election is indeed the most eventful of my lifetime, and perhaps the most important.
Converse was the most popular overall, while Nike was the most popular with people watching gay porn.
He said turbine blades were the most critical point in production due to needing the most capital.
" Kim went on ... "My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know.
Crude oil, the most challenging commodity to invest in, should also deliver the most upside in 22016.
"I have never been the most talented skater, I am not the most natural skater," she says.
The people I ultimately chose to hire were not always the 'most qualified' or the 'most experienced.
In many cases, the most dangerous people online are also the most dangerous in the real world.
Still, there's no denying that , and some of the most crucial fixed costs have risen the most.
But here's the counterintuitive thing I've also found: the most accurate headphones are not the most enjoyable.
As the most universal -- and the most shopworn -- of subjects, love has been inspiring songwriters for centuries.
We've compiled all the most compelling theories out there, from the craziest ones to the most plausible.
In the chicken category too, some of the most well-known companies were also the most disliked.
North America is split — Canada is among the most optimistic countries, while Mexico is the most pessimistic.
MUNCHIES: Let's start with the most obvious dish and the one that has the most people talking.
"Being a mother is the most rewarding experience, but also the most wild and stressful," Ivanka said.
Trump and Cruz didn't just speak the most — they spoke the most consistently, dominating the entire event.
Of tech's big five, Alphabet is the most acquisitive, and it makes the most corporate venture investments.
The Catena Alta was the most tannic of the three, and the most reticent despite being older.
From one of the most meticulous heist movies ever made to the most important true crime film.
But Comey's next appearance on Capitol Hill could be the most dramatic yet — and the most consequential.
Like the most recent iPad Mini, the most recent iPad also offers first-generation Apple Pencil compatibility.
The most watched music videos of 2017 Here are the most watched music videos of the year.
It is arguably the most divisive problem of our time, and easily one of the most explosive.
The delegates should choose the candidate with the most delegates or the most votes, but they won't.
One simply cannot seek peace and reward the most cold-hearted perpetrators of the most savage violence.
Perhaps the most important fact is this: forests are the most powerful carbon sequestering technology in existence.
Procedural justice has become one of the most important strategies for changing direction — perhaps the most important.
Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations, but it's not always the most budget-friendly.
One of the most sought after sneakers ever also just become possibly the most expensive pair ever.
Thanks to a combination of price and efficacy, the most abusable opioids are also the most prescribed.
"Those early dollars are the most important because they have the most time to compound," Gilbert said.
They are among the most conservative counties in Wisconsin, and where Mr. Trump is struggling the most.
Your job is probably the most important one in the world, and certainly the most closely examined.
It's definitely the most alive that I've ever felt, feeling sad—it's just the most overwhelming feeling.
Apple's iPhone is one of the most—if not the most—secure consumer device on the planet.
And as we've learned recently, the most effective networking can take place in the most unexpected places.
Or that today the metropolitan areas that welcome the most immigrants also have the most vigorous economies.
But Rizin boasted some of the most interesting happenings this weekend, and certainly the most exciting fight.
It's not using the formula of who sells the most tickets or who has the most followers.
As Gill demonstrates, Sotomayor might not always ask the most elaborate questions, just the most important ones.
But against anyone it's one of the most important shots, if not the most important, especially tonight.
But even the most optimistic lawmakers and aides acknowledge the most volatile landmines remain very much alive.
Of course, ironically, the most receptive states tend to be the ones with the most stable exchanges.
In fact, as last night's Emmys showed, many of the most celebrated shows are the most niche.
The rib eye is another one of the most expensive steaks and one of the most preferred.
"The things that are the most obvious and the most clear should never be forgotten," he said.
Indeed, it is perhaps the most toxic and certainly the most media-oversaturated one in modern history.
People with the most to gain from his agenda have also been the most disappointed by politics.
"Here we have the most New York fashion brand covering the most New York paper," he said.
The 16th arrondissement, one of the most affluent areas of the city, had the most rapes overall.
The 290th arrondissement, one of the most affluent areas of the city, had the most rapes overall.
His Bill is the most blatantly manipulative of the characters, which means the most likely to succeed.
She may be the most measured person in tech, running the most chaotic place on the internet.
The candidate who has raised the most money (and collected the most petition signatures) is Antonio Delgado.
Arguably, the most complicated result for Democrats last night was the one that received the most attention.
Thus, for much of "Animal" the most deluded person in the room is also the most believable.
He was one of the most prolific, but also one of the most multifaceted, of all architects.
Those targeted will always tend to be the most powerless, or the most troublesome to the authorities.
It was hardly the most glamorous, and it is unlikely to be the most meaningful or memorable.
But it turns out that the most popular government services also tend to be the most mismanaged.
Sanders isn't just running the most economically left campaign; he's running the most unapologetically left campaign, period.
She's at once the most ferociously intuitive and the most serenely intelligent actress working in movies today.
It is the most purely pleasurable of the trilogy and the most entertaining "Tempest" I've ever seen.
Of all the people I've debated on TV on trade, he's the most strident, the most unyielding.
"Abbey Road" by The Beatles is the most iconic album from the most iconic band in history.
Many were cases in which people faced the most serious possible charges and the most severe penalties.
States that lost the most incoming freshmen to public universities elsewhere, and states that gained the most.
Ahead lay the most difficult days of my life, and beyond those, the most mind-messing weeks.
It's also the most conservative district in Florida, one of the most conservative districts in the country.
Among the most important changes, certainly the most visible, are new settings for location permissions for apps.
"That was obviously the most-well-rounded, the most-balanced game we've played so far," Clifford said.
Committee members see the most sensitive intelligence information, including about the most pressing threats to US security.
"Bitcoin, right now, is the most popular [cryptocurrency] and it is the most valuable one," he said.
We have the lowest cost producer with the most reliable supplier and the most efficient, also-- company.
That makes one of the most expensive schools on the list also one of the most affordable.
" These achievements made him "the most decorated soldier (and certainly the most effective) in the Canadian Army.
The most moderate faction is the most nonwhite and focuses on pocketbook issues like jobs and taxes.
The most moderate faction is the most nonwhite and focuses on pocketbook issues like jobs and taxes.
It was one of the most difficult travel experiences, but also one that I cherish the most.
To him, though, among the most troubling failures in Charlottesville is also the most difficult to solve.
Then the challenge is how do we have the most impact and the most impact over time?
It might be the most featherweight of genres, but it also might be among the most important.
Her Conservative Party (also called the "Tories") got the most votes and the most seats in Parliament.
But the most important switch in recent decades was the appointment of Justice Clarence Thomas, the most conservative member of the court in modern times, to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall, the most liberal.
Partly this is because she was the funniest, the most combative, the most erudite and the most enthusiastic writer in the business (and that is the kind of hyperbole she enjoyed using herself).
The list includes everything from the most searched female poet (Maya Angelou) to the most searched gymnast (Simone Biles) and the most searched speech ("I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King, Jr.).
By 1974, the most important place to be was the offices of the magazine Ms. For all its excesses, feminism has been the most important and the most salutary change of our lifetimes.
Ocean City, Maryland drivers were listed under both the most distracted and the most likely to speed, making it the most dangerous city for trick-or-treaters on Halloween, Cambridge Mobile Telematics said.
We doled out awards for the most triumphant CES comeback (Lora DiCarlo), the most overhyped thing at this year's show (Samsung's Neon digital avatars), and the most concept (Sony's Vision-S) as well.
War-torn central Africa remains the most closed region; east and west Africa have opened up the most.
"Gendered harassment is the most severe, because women are the ones experiencing [the most intense harassment]," Wilson said.
Trump may be the most unconventional and perhaps the most controversial man ever elected to the White House.
Gene Simmons is the most outrageous member of one of the most outrageous bands of all time: KISS.
Research shows that it's the most confident people who are the most admired, listened to, and highly regarded.
We just aim to create the most comforting space possible for the people who need it the most.
Gerald Ford, the Republican incumbent, came into the convention with the most delegates and the most primary votes.
Sorry, that's not one of the most important thing that happens, that's the most important thing for me.
I was flattered by the most primitive, unsophisticated offer by one of the most powerful men in film.
Straight white men still receive the most prominent placements, and still get paid the most for those slots.
Todd VanDerWerff: Tulip is often the most energetic person in the room, the one with the most vitality.
The most popular documentary was Planet Earth II, while the most watched children's TV show was Peppa Pig.
LUNTZ: The media puts on quotes to people who say the most extreme items, the most extreme language.
In some ways this is the most basic task on the list, but it's also the most important.
Fat Boy was our least favorite because it was the most expensive, but also tasted the most artificial.
This game is one of the most beautiful things at E3, and also one of the most nebulous.
Of the quartet, Michigan is the most populous, and a victory there would be the most politically consequential.
"They're generally not the most useful words — the ones that stick are generally the most explicit," he laughed.
My unwavering potency and tenderness is among the most important, if not the most important, reasons for that.
It's just the most fully realized, it has the most singular purpose, it makes its purpose the plainest.
Sadly, being dubbed "the most interesting man in politics" doesn't make you the most exciting one to voters.
But it was by far the most controversial part, and also the part that raises the most questions.
The most reproduced artworks tend to also be the most valuable — think Monet's water lilies or Warhol's Marilyns.
Of all the skin-care products we use, sunscreen is the most powerful — and perhaps the most scrutinized.
"He was the most special kid, the most humble," Losing him, he said, feels like losing a son.
I think it was the most personal way to do it and it had the most dramatic impact.
Today, the most popular — let's face it, the most accessible — aspect of the Orloj is its animated decorations.
This is the most incremental improvement on my list, and yet it might also be the most important.
We'll admit that the selection is not exactly the most affordable, but it's certainly the most lust-worthy.
While not the most popular leggings from the brand, this pair has seen the most consistent positive reviews.
One approach allows people who own the most cryptocurrency, not the most computing power, to manage the ledger.
Sheeran was the most-streamed artist globally, and his album ÷ (Divide) was the most-streamed album of 2017.
In days, he went from the most solitary existence imaginable to the most-wanted interview on the planet.
For the most part, this is still an area where trans women are the most open and accessible.
Ultimately, engaging conflict is among the most significant cultural challenges for startups, but also among the most important.
"It's probably the most irresponsible budget that I've seen and the most unrealistic budget that I've seen," Rep.
In baseball the point is to win the most games, not get the most wins for payroll dollar.
Manufacturers, among the most directly affected by the import taxes, added 37,000 jobs, the most in seven months.
It was arguably the most absurd moment of one of the most absurd nights in American political history.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell marginally, with 3M contributing the most losses and Boeing the most gains.
It's not just the most precise clock in the world—it's the most precise device in the world.
And that goes hand-in-hand with.... The most boring bullet point is also the most exciting development.
Apple is the most profitable company in the world and the most valuable, in terms of market capitalization.
"I've gotten to meet the most incredible people and gotten to have the most incredible conversations," he said.
IBM and Caterpillar contributed the most to gains, while Goldman Sachs and UnitedHealth contributed the most to declines.
"I have the most supportive school district behind me and the most supportive staff and students," he says.
These are the places that are the most fun for pets and provide them with the most safety.
So is he the most cynical person in the world or the most stoned or just the dumbest?
The U.S. has the most billionaires total and the most women on the list — 74, to be exact.
I decided to try the most extreme one first—the dick one—because it scared me the most.
"Red is one of the most vibrant colors, if not the most vibrant colors we have," he says.
Federer is not only one of the most talented athletes on the planet, but also the most profitable.
"The most unselfish people have the most children and the moderately unselfish receive the highest salaries," Erikkson continued.
Under the CPP, states can choose to shut down the most polluting facilities in the most populated areas.
Every person, from the most famous to the most obscure, from the privileged to the poor, deserves privacy.
Often, legislation that is passed with the most bipartisan consensus is the most likely to endure with longevity.
"He was the most powerful man at the network, and I was the most junior person," she said.
The book might be the most prosaic story I have ever read (along with being the most English).
The most fascinating — and the most moving — thing about this sprawling, sincere and boisterous movie is its tone.
Meanwhile, the people who profited the most from burning fossil fuels are the most insulated from its effects.
Since then, some of the most compelling studies with the most promising results have been aimed at Parkinson's.
And doesn't hand it to the most politically correct or someone who will simply sell the most magazines.
Hitting coaches may have the most fragile job in baseball — and maybe the most difficult one to assess.
According to the study, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese restaurants are the most muted; Mexican, the most ear-splitting.
If Mickey Mouse is the most famous animated animal, then Kermit is most certainly the most famous puppet.
Even the most hardened veterans call this one of the most charged moments of policing they have experienced.
And those who have been paying the most attention have the most critical take on the US response.
The report identified and made recommendations about 24 of the most of the most serious problems taxpayers encounter.
However, the group that will face the most devastating impacts is the one with the most members: arthropods.
They showed different viewpoints ranging from the most rational, scientific and legal views, to the most extreme ones.
Monday's debate was not only the most-watched debate on TV — it was the most-tweeted debate ever.
The kit isn't the most brag-worthy gift in the list, but it might be the most practical.
In fact, there is evidence that the people who value happiness the most are actually the most depressed.
You're having a baby soonSome of the most exciting life milestones also happen to be the most costly.
The Dyson is the most expensive item in my bathroom, and the one I proselytize about the most.
Trump's position on gun reform may not be the most shocking, though it may be the most disorientating.
They may not be the most beautiful sandals you'll own, but they sure will be the most comfortable.
The social network was on the receiving end of the most pointed questions and the most heated exchanges.
In short, the most conservative investment option has outperformed the most risk-taking for most of the time.
For the tribe, it was cultural appropriation of the most unethical, or at least the most disrespectful, sort.
This is the most advanced or deepest level from which to make decisions, and also the most elusive.
Mr. Robot is far from the most watched show on USA, but it's by far the most acclaimed.
We've got you covered: Here are the most basic answers to the most basic questions about the hajj.
While this isn't necessarily the most convenient option for saving your watch's battery, it's certainly the most effective.
""She's running the most sophisticated political warfare, the most sophisticated political disinformation campaign, and they're winning right now.
The most popular sport in the world is also one of the most popular video games on Twitch.
In Islam Hodgson found one of the most creative and the most excellent of our collective human enterprises.
What may have been the most fun dining deal, though, came at the most unlikely of places. Ready?
It would become the most memorable move of Mr. Nieporent's career, but by no means the most triumphant.
And so one of the most shameful aspects of my life turned into the most strengthening and rewarding.
The best results aren't always from the companies with the most money or the most sophisticated marketing campaigns.
But the most significant section — and likely the most controversial — focuses on filter bubbles, clickbait, and fake news.
When constructing, I always tackle the most open sections first, since they tend to have the most constraints.
He was one of the most successful Americans to compete in Grand Prix races, not the most successful.
If this is not the most diverse neighborhood in the world, it's at least the most diversely delicious.
It could have added stats on the most-mentioned players, or the most-tweeted plays of the game.
Then, the most promising talents become the most competitive athletes in the world, on a per-capita basis.
But the most alluring and erotic art at Frieze this year was not the most pornographic, per sé.
Indeed, new data collected by Tesler shows that the most racially resentful are now the most economically optimistic.
This is the most banal of questions, but also one of the most difficult for physicists to answer.
They're not always the most well known, the songs that I sang, but they're among the most beautiful.
The most prevalent virus this year has been H3N2, the most dangerous of the four seasonal flu strains.
Our editorial aim is to bring together the most insightful people to talk about the most urgent topics.
It is considered the most difficult test, requiring teams to prove their skills over the most robust gameplay.
The most expensive campaign is about one of the most obscure issues: regulating the profits of dialysis clinics.
But perhaps the most difficult (or is it the easiest?) solution of all is the most fundamental: respect.
Leadership, education experts said, is perhaps the most obvious and the most common trait colleges consider in applicants.
Unsurprisingly, his solo album here, called "Swaecation," is the most liquid, the most soft-focus of the three.
HBO has had the most or tied for the most Emmys of any outlet for 17 consecutive years.
Not even the most rabid of parents with the most rabid of lawyers could have kept Rowan there.
Years present: 1912-1920, 1995-2003 Here is the most futuristic planet in the most future-thinking sign.
And Tesler has shown that now the most racially resentful whites are the most optimistic about the economy.
Melania Trump is one of the most inscrutable first ladies, which makes her one of the most scrutinized.
Nuevo Laredo is one of the most dangerous cities in one of the most dangerous regions of Mexico.
Texas may not have the most corrupt state government, Wright says, but it clearly has the most dysfunctional.
Critic's Notebook Storytelling is often the most underrated of a choreographer's gifts, but frequently it's the most crucial.
In theory, this is a prudent move that would translate into the most coverage for the most Americans.
That's enough to sow doubt in even the most democratic of minds and the most fervent of revolutionaries.
Her son, Suarez said, "is the most innocent person and the most loving person, and he damaged that."
This event, if not the most important event of a person's life, is often among the most expensive.
CALLE IS OFTEN DESCRIBED as the most celebrated conceptual artist in France, and the most French of artists.
Essex County is the most Republican part of what was once the most Republican state in the nation.
Private enterprise's clear responsibility is to produce and develop the most advanced products in the most efficient way.
Until the most elusive player in the N.F.L. foiled them from accomplishing the most difficult task in sports.
Investment-grade financials was regarded as the most undervalued asset class and the most favoured marginal asset choice.
Perhaps the most telling indicator of this erosion in public confidence comes from the most recent Gallup Poll.
For the most part, you&aposll pay a higher annual fee for cards that offer the most benefits.
JLL's Green-Morgan said these are the most liquid markets and the most logical locations for new buyers.
It's also where Sayonara Wild Hearts becomes the most game-y—and for my money, the most satisfying.
They chose the ending that I wanted the most, I'm sure because they wanted it the most too.
Not to oversimplify solutions but often the most effective measures to secure our cities are the most primitive.
"The most vulnerable among us has the same rights as the richest and the most powerful," he said.
I think I did my best job during this period, not the most glamorous but the most difficult.
The places with the most blood stations then are the places with the most severe AIDS problem now.
Fourth, we had, in the last century, the most open immigration policy to attract the most high-I.
We give them names, we seek to celebrate the biggest, or the most powerful, or the most beautiful.
It made intuitive sense that they found the most boulders beneath the most jagged sections of the scarp.
For each of the 8 years, which characteristics are the most distinctive and which are the most similar?
Corruption is the most dangerous beat to cover, and being a broadcast reporter is the most dangerous position.
Comparatively, Netflix subscriptions start at $8.99 for the most basic plan, while the most popular plan costs $12.99.
The Medicaid expansion is the most left-leaning part of the ACA, and it's also the most popular.
Texas is one of the most — if not the most — important cases before the highest court this term.
Forgo the longest drive in the fanciest car for the most consistent walk in the most varied weather.
The company had to pick between the most faithful image, which would keep the shadows intact, or the most detailed one, which brightens the scene so that the camera captures the most information possible.
Turns out, Warsaw, Poland, is the most affordable city in Europe to go out, Perth is the most affordable Australian city to party, and Calgary, Canada, has the most affordable nightlife in the Americas.
But because one unidentified buyer could be behind many L.L.C.s, it's hard to know who is acquiring the most property, or which property owners are behind the most code violations or the most evictions.
While those systems are the most vulnerable to attack, and the most decrepit part of the force, they are also among the most politically popular in Congress, because they provide jobs in rural areas.
In 2016, Ms. Gomez added the most followers of anyone on Instagram to become the most followed person (104 million) on the platform as well as the most-liked Instagram photo of all time.
Being the most honest you've ever been with someone in your life will be one of the most uncomfortable things you can do, Ryan Brown says, but it could also be the most valuable.
The explosion of right-wing media in the 1990s and 2000s swept those gatekeepers away, giving the loudest voice, the most exposure, and the most power to the most extreme elements on the right.
This news is the latest and perhaps the most solid evidence that Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is not only the most powerful man in Saudi Arabia, and not only the most powerful leader in Sunni Islam, he is now clearly the most powerful man in the entire Middle East.
And the politicians and other establishment types who do the most and best listening over the next four years will be the ones who move this country the most forward and reap the most rewards.
And, in fact, those two policy levers – more research funding, and incentives to deploy clean technology – get both the most support in poll after poll, the most bipartisan support, and the most geographically consistent support.
Me and my siblings were the most important thing to my mom and still are the most important people to her, the most important, the top of her list and the center of her heart.
"You are basically trying to find a match between your skill set and an environment that is the most conducive into making that skill set the most recognizing the most monetizable of all," Wong says.
But one of the most important factors that has emerged in the past 10 or 20 years — slowly, but catching on — is that the most effective communities are in some ways the most traditional, too.
Perhaps the most interesting (because the most personal, while also the most steeped in data) is Kelli Harding's THE RABBIT EFFECT: Live Longer, Happier and Healthier With the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness (Atria, 272 pp.
And that, in turn, helps explain why he has become one of the most sought after endorsements in what could be the most important state in the most important presidential primary for Democrats maybe ever.
"Some of the most powerful documents, the ones that let you tell the most powerful stories once you dig in with research and read between the lines, are often the most innocuous," Ms. Golia said.
The most obvious cause of this regional variation is that the circuits and states with the most Second Amendment litigation, and the most Second Amendment successes, are those that already have comparatively stringent gun control.
Concrete is one of the most well understood materials on earth and it's also one of the most resilient.
Ello is perhaps the most apt comparison since it was the most-recent viral social media phenomenon before Peach.
"It always starts with what serves the story the most and what serves the hero the most," he said.
The most ambitious, the most sci-fi of all these technologies, though, is a human body on a chip.
This experience, while certainly the most difficult and terrifying of my life, has been the most transformative and inspirational.
Why is it that the most iconic love stories in our collective cultural imagination are also the most tragic?
"Just because my job is the most time-consuming, by no means it is the most important," he explains.
His name is Brett Kavanaugh, and he should be, he's the most brilliant person, he's the most brilliant lawyer.
"For the most part, we find that the most fun," Ottawa center Kyle Turris said of going to overtime.
Instead, true leadership often happens with the smallest acts, in the most unexpected places, by the most unlikely individuals.
Perhaps the most important state to watch — and certainly the one with the most expensive race — is in Florida.
It houses some of the most dangerous people in Texas, as well as some of the most mentally-disturbed.
The plans range in from A to N, with Plan F being the most comprehensive and the most expensive.
"Funny photos are definitely the most challenging to see when walking around, but also the most rewarding," Garcia says.
The human placenta is one of the most miraculous things about the most miraculous thing a human body does.
Spirits are usually the most potent alcohol category, and typically the most expensive per bottle for a standard brand.
Ladies & Gentlemen: The Most Terrifying Movie Of The Year The Most Bone-Chilling Horror Movies Streaming Now On Netflix
The most commonly known SCIF is one of the most secured rooms within the White House -- The Situation Room.
Paradoxically, this ensures their races are at once the most nationally significant and the most grounded in local politics.
Tesla is the most heavily shorted stock in the U.S., and the most heavily shorted automaker in the world.
But the most nihilistic pop song is John Denver's "I'm Sorry," which is the most depressing song ever written.
But the most immediate—and likely the most lasting—damage was felt by Puerto Rico's embattled power utility, PREPA.
Moreover, experts agree this is one of the most important — if not the most important — electric car ever released.
One of the most difficult things to understand, even at the most basic level, was the Afghan justice system.
Mr Corbyn poses as a radical but is the most conservative—and the most dangerous—candidate of the lot.
Despite having the most nominations this year, with 24, Netflix is an underdog to take home the most prizes.
By definition, the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences.
Elizabeth Warren certainly had the most to say — and the most attacks to respond to — at Tuesday's Democratic debate.
The Windsors are one of the most scrutinised families in the world, and also one of the most guarded.
He was one of the most respectable men and it was probably the most mutual breakup I've ever had.
Opting out is the most direct path, but not necessarily the right one for you (or the most fun).
But eventually, when I came to reggae, that's just what felt the most natural and made the most sense.
Banks with the most diversified revenue sources and strongest franchises are again likely to have the most resilient earnings.
At the time, Halcion was the most widely used sleep medication and among the most controversial drugs in use.
Logistics may not be the most exciting application of autonomous vehicles, but it's definitely one of the most important.
The thing that's been the most spectacular thing is my life is the most ordinary thing in my life.
Below you'll find a selection of the most notable ones, starting off with the most challenging situation: nighttime photography.
One of the most effective needs to be set up in advance: telling Facebook who you trust the most.
"They've done the most-detailed calculations, and they've been able to make the most-specific observational predictions," Spitler said.
When communities are decimated by floods or droughts, tsunamis or fire, the most vulnerable among them suffer the most.
Yes — the most lovable apathetic serial killer is playing one of the most iconic characters of our nation's history.
The Coordinated Entry System is supposed to match the most vulnerable homeless folks with the most appropriate available housing.
It's the most desirable, expensive real estate here that's also the most at risk of flooding and hurricane damage.
KOFMAN: This is a base set in perhaps the most inhospitable, if not the most inhospitable places on Earth.
Being naked might be the most natural thing in the world, but it's also one of the most awkward.
And the candidates with the most devoted followings -- at least in Democratic politics -- tend to be the most liberal.
The first night, directed by Philip Noyce, is perhaps the most powerful – the most visceral – of the four episodes.
By far, this was one of the most popular aspects of the ACA, if not the most popular provision.
"It's one of the most valuable tax credits available," Taylor says, "but sadly it's one of the most overlooked."
We are now... It might have been the most exciting — or at least the most adorable — race of 2016.
We really can't decide here: Is this the most glamorous thing to ever have happened or the most embarrassing ?
Those products are the ones that tend to be the most expensive, and therefore the most attractive to criminals.
Neutrinos are some of the most common particles in the universe, but they're also some of the most mysterious.
The most recent batch of Clinton emails reveals perhaps the most bizarre morsel of Blumenthal-baked intelligence to date.
The most pessimistic forecast for growth next year in India matches the most optimistic figure for China, 7 percent.
It's only fitting that the most American event — the Super Bowl — featured a trailer for the most American movie.
The most conservative Republicans start to look more like the most liberal Democrats on this second dimension of conflict.
But the most expensive handout, a 10-day, first-class trip to Israel, is also perhaps the most controversial.
Per capita income in the most free states is 14 percent higher than in the most un-free states.
Surprisingly, the most frightening diseases were not necessarily the most likely to stop an immigrant from entering the country.
"You have to go with the person who you have the most confidence in, the most consistent," Belichick says.
I think Toronto had the most, what I heard from Miku's team, was the most like the Japanese response.
MEHL, for example, makes Myanmar Beer, the most popular brand, and Red Ruby, one of the most popular cigarettes.
That's when I feel the most confident, because that's the most natural state that I could possibly get in.
One of the most reassuring aspects of Civilization IV was Leonard Nimoy, the most iconic voice in the series.
In many ways it is odd that the most moderate of Britain's counter-terror efforts provokes the most opposition.
I want the most dangerous weapons — these weapons of war — out of the hands of the most dangerous people.
One of the most-active bands in New York City, they've also emerged as one of the most-consistent.
The Mona Lisa Pavilion will instantly become the most popular attraction in the most popular tourist destination on earth.
By default, the main character will feel the most real and their actions will have the most nuanced consequences.
They attract the strongest principals to the toughest schools and the most talented teachers to the most challenging classrooms.
It was among the most shocking massacres in the American-­led war in Afghanistan, and certainly the most baffling.
John Ternus: It is the most configurable, most expandable, and by far the most powerful Mac we've ever made.
Just as businesses focus on hiring the most qualified job applicants, voters should support only the most competent candidates.
Brexit represents the most self-sabotaging instincts in its people, facilitated by the most cynical and self-serving politicians.
E-cigarettes, youth, and public health The most popular way of consuming tobacco – smoking – is also the most deadly.
The Dow Jones industrial average closed flat with Boeing contributing the most gains and Home Depot the most losses.
That is the most financially sustainable approach, he says, but it appeals to only the most highly motivated employers.
Corley found that one of the most common paths to wealth was also the most widely available to people.
Third is the most important part of the US presence, which may be missed the most by Washington's allies.
I would listen to Nico — she was the most depressing person to listen to with the most wonderful voice.
PayMoneyWubby is the most gifted channel on Twitch, meaning that his viewers gift the most subscriptions to other users.
The most common health conditions in the U.S. are also the most preventable, yet they are costing us dearly.
The superhero genre is at present the most lucrative and, for that reason, the most rigid in modern cinema.
"I think we are the most prepared team, the most resilient team, and we know our strengths," she said.
Yeah, two of the most iconic names in tech might combine to produce the most bland name in history.
In the meantime, the countries with the most AI talent will be the ones with the most AI progress.
So we can't always just include the most popular comment, but we always lean toward the most popular ones.
Today brings important statements from the most powerful man on earth and the most powerful man on the internet.
Why can't the most important democratic decision in the world engage with the most pressing issue of our time?
It was the most simple meal ever, but it was the most memorable meal so far in my life.
We've rounded up some of the most innovative, clever ways to make the most out of your bobby pins.
Coachella is both one of the most popular music festivals in the country and one of the most expensive.
This might not have been the most important game ever played, but it might have been the most exhilarating.
Though Best was perhaps the most celebrated footballer-come-criminal of the seventies, Peter Storey was the most notorious.
This information should ensure that the most effective and efficient practices are made known and receive the most support.
By focusing on Medicaid, the plan targets the program serving the most disadvantaged recipients for the most severe cuts.
They should seek out situations where people feel the most comfortable and are the most likely to be transparent.
This is the haut monde of motor sports — the fastest cars, the most challenging circuits, the most expensive technologies.
They are arguably the most dangerous form of caffeine, and the most likely to lead to serious health problems.
We often listen to the person who is the most confident instead of the person who's the most competent.
It has gone from one of the most confounding pizzerias in the city to one of the most enjoyable.
Those actions have harmed one of the most important — if not the most important — trade relationship in the world.
It may not have been the most important fight of the night, but it was the most decisive win.
The trap is that the most popular scripts are going to be those being used by the most people.
Imperial power is one of the most important, one of the most crucial forms of power in our world.
That's because the most popular sports on Instagram are likely some of the most popular sports on Facebook, too.
In fact, the most grass-roots churches in the U.S. — our Pentecostal churches — are often the most racially diverse.
Even with him on the bench, the most liberal conservative voted to the right of the most conservative liberal.
Now 81, Ron Carter is one of the most esteemed living bassists in jazz, and probably the most recorded.
President Trump's enthusiasm for dictators in the Middle East is only the most recent—and the most egregious—example.
At his high school graduation, Professor Wrong was voted the student with the most opinions on the most subjects.
But Superman isn't just the most iconic DC hero — he's one of the most recognizable heroes in the world.
When they feel the most righteous, like this past weekend, they are actually losing and in the most peril.
The candidate who gets the most delegates — not the one who gets the most votes — is considered the winner.
And if you want the most fun Mustang or the most excitement for the price, the GTR350R is unbeatable.
No matter the health system, the most complex patients are going to have the most challenging needs to meet.
You could say she's easily one of the most, if not the most, admired woman of the past decade.