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"hyphen" Definitions
  1. the mark (- ) used to join two words together to make a new one, as in back-up, to show that a word has been divided between the end of one line and the beginning of the next, or to show that something is missing (as in short- and long-term)

185 Sentences With "hyphen"

How to use hyphen in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "hyphen" and check conjugation/comparative form for "hyphen". Mastering all the usages of "hyphen" from sentence examples published by news publications.

You got married, and some places you put a hyphen and other places you don't put a hyphen.
The hyphen in its name is a vestige of a time when "New York" had a hyphen in it.
The universe of NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism was manufactured by creative directors Carmen Aguilar y Wedge (Hyphen-Lab's co-founder, structural engineer and artist), Ece Tankal (Hyphen-Lab's co-founder, designer, and new media artist), and Ashley Baccus-Clark (Hyphen-Lab's director of research, molecular and cellular biologist, and multidisciplinary artist).
Hyphen-Labs: Hyphen-Labs is a design studio and think tank started in 2014 as a platform where we could create and connect with other women across the world.
Hyphen aside, the retailer expects to maintain its famous cheer.
This hyphen is starkly different from the one in "arch-rival".
Putting in a hyphen — 'The medium-green car' — eliminates that confusion.
Hyphen-Labs, Wu Tsang, and Simone Leigh are among the awardees.
The scarf is part of the Hyphen-Labs NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism project.
I am part of a generation that lives within the hyphen.
NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, developed by studio Hyphen-Labs, is composed of two parts.
Most adjectives modified by an adverb, like "highly educated", need no hyphen.
The hyphen functions here both as constructed language and as paradoxical metaphor.
And week-end is ditching the hyphen, becoming a lazier-looking weekend.
An accent or hyphen in one better be there in the other.
Horn lay eight miles offshore, a hyphen on the horizon's hazy line.
There's space for every pronoun, every hyphen and every politically correct portmanteau.
The Economist, like most other publications, would require a hyphen ("Zero-Tolerance") here.
Something as minor as a missing hyphen could put a registration on hold.
In fashioning a reductionist take on the coed brain, Monninger privileges the hyphen.
An initial, followed by a date, followed by a hyphen, and then a number.
The proper way to write "Wi-Fi" is to use caps and a hyphen.
Something like: Lesson 1- Introductions The hyphen right up against the "1" looks sloppy.
Hyphen-Labs consists of Ashley Baccus-Clark, Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, and Ece Tankal.
I'm Mexican-American, and with that hyphen comes a pull between tradition and evolution.
Among the words appropriated from English, news reports noted, the hyphen in week-end would be eliminated, along with the hyphen in tictac (now tic-tac, or ticking, like a clock), while leader would be given a French makeover and be spelled leadeur.
Adding a dash, or hyphen, before a word will exclude that term from your results.
Wal-Mart Stores is dropping a 48-year-old habit, the hyphen in its name.
Even the new monument's name reflected, on both sides of its hyphen, a certain confusion.
Many of the discrepancies are minor, like a dropped hyphen or an obvious typographical error.
I expanded it — kept my name but added my husband's name, Kaplan, without a hyphen.
But taken together, as a modifier, "zero-tolerance" functions like a single word; hence the hyphen.
No need for a hyphen when an adverb ending in "ly" modifies an adjective or participle.
The cabinet is a "hyphen which joins, a buckle which fastens" the executive to the legislature.
Weber: Can you tell me what you intended to speak to with the name "Hyphen-Labs"?
The down clues used the hyphen as well, which must have increased the difficulty in construction.
A government database might omit the hyphen from someone with a hyphenated last name, for example.
But even without the hyphen, if you are "disqualified" from something, you still might be UNFIT.
Death was not a punctuation but a hyphen or em dash in the continuum of life.
An error, like a missing letter or hyphen, would put a voter placed on a pending list.
A missing hyphen, middle name, or misspelling could cause a voter's application to be put on hold.
As for the last name -- it's possible they'll drop the hyphen if Jeremy and Chloe get married.
He discussed how to make your way as a person of color or any other hyphen-American.
Books like The Multi-Hyphen Method are showing us new ways to make lots of mini-businesses.
Anointments are mostly familiar and restrained: daub of yuzu, gloss of ponzu, pulped daikon, hyphen of ginger.
I'm not the only one who owns multiple copies of "Moby-Dick," with and without the hyphen.
Crossing that HYPHEN (or DASH or "-") is 12D's "Fruity drink brand," which has to be HI-C.
Eventually the arbiters of style settled on no quotes, and a hyphen in between the two words.
In this clue, however, the word "hide" is separated by that hyphen, and it refers to skin.
People can get very excited over things like the presence or lack of a hyphen in "e-mail".
A year and a half ago [Hyphen-Labs] didn't even know how to do anything with virtual reality.
That HYPHEN or DASH or "-" at the end of the phrase indicates that the speaker has been interrupted.
HYPHEN Wireless Earbuds There's no need to break the bank on AirPods when you can get these Hyphen earbuds that feature Bluetooth 5.0, auto-pairing, noise-isolation, integrated wireless charging, easy touch controls, and IPX5 water resistance for an affordable price of just $55.20 with code CMSAVE20 — down from $89.
But in one case in particular, connoisseurs should really insist that a hyphen is not a matter of taste.
Others mocked the hyphen being dropped from week-end, asking whether a bastardized spelling, like "weeknd" would come next.
The policy allows Kemp to freeze applications for minor typographical errors like a misplaced hyphen in a last name.
EW confirmed that along with the addition of the hyphen, the name will be spelled stylistically in all-caps.
For actor-rapper-writer Riz Ahmed, whose identity seems to always involve a hyphen, this couldn't be any clearer.
A missing hyphen, or a difference between a married and a maiden name, causes a registration to be suspended.
"The easiest way to break into this business is to be a writer-director, with a hyphen," he said.
A missed hyphen or skipped middle name can be enough to get a voter placed on a "pending" list.
His short stories have appeared in The Southampton Review, Indiana Review, The American Literary Review, Hyphen Magazine, and on
Even the smallest discrepancy -- a typo or a missing hyphen, for instance -- can result in a hold on an application.
H-L: Before Hyphen-Labs, we were all working in fields that lacked gender and cultural diversity: architecture, engineering, and science.
If intersectional feminism has managed to escape your grasp, then look no further than Hyphen-Labs to better understand the concept.
In its place stands JAY-Z, now with the hyphen back in its place and the whole name in all-caps.
Even better, Mr. Trabucco has been able to fill the slots crossing the HYPHEN (or DASH or "-") with fun, short words.
The Hyphen War ultimately ended in 1993 with the so-called Velvet Divorce creating two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
For those looking up punctuation early on a Friday morning:A hyphen is a mark - used to divide or to compound words.
The triple hyphen (singer, actress, and dancer) is only 19 years old, and she's already a Hollywood mainstay and budding beauty icon.
Four years after Jay Z dropped the hyphen from his stage name, he's bringing it back, along with a few other changes.
The questions of identity in Hyphen-Nation, the last multimedia project I worked on before leaving New York, go beyond U.S. borders.
Looking at it, you barely register the specifics, like how you don't really take time to think about the hyphen in Coca-Cola.
It's coherent and actually a little bit funny once you get past Huckabee's inability to spell Zuckerberg and weird use of a hyphen.
Never mind that "zero-tolerance" needs a hyphen; Ms Truss's style—sometimes crisp humour, sometimes camped-up outrage—was the real selling-point.
But I saw it early, and, given the context of the puzzle, determined that there had to be a hyphen in there somewhere.
In the first one, he appeared to confuse a hyphen with an apostrophe in accusing CNN of misquoting his favored insult for Rep.
The Hyphen War ultimately ended in the so-called Velvet Divorce, when the Czech Republic and Slovakia split into two countries in 1993.
The "hyphen war" ultimately ended in the so-called Velvet Divorce, when the Czech Republic and Slovakia split into two countries in 1993.
That purge was based on a data-matching program that had flagged registrations for errors as niggling as a missing apostrophe or misplaced hyphen.
Every detail of these Hyphen earbuds has been mindfully engineered and they offer pretty much the same functionality as AirPods, minus the price tag.
Ece Tankal, a Hyphen-Labs co-founder and the piece's creative director, is an architect; so is Nitzan Bartov, who led the VR experience development.
But Hyphen-Labs, a collective of women technologists of color, has developed an ingenious workaround—a scarf that occludes the wearer's face, but only selectively.
She's dying, but in the way we all are, where the other end of her life lies somewhere at the end of an indeterminate hyphen.
RICK GREER Morristown, New Jersey Johnson's ruminations over punctuation reminded me of the pedantic editor who agonised over whether to use a hyphen in "anal-retentive".
Hyphen Labs' recent virtual reality installation Neurospeculative Afrofeminism centers on the experiences of women of color, literally putting users in the body of a black women.
On Wednesday, JAY-Z (yes, the hyphen is back, as are the all caps) released a third mysterious teaser for his upcoming visual album 4:44.
" They also want to encourage handwritten prescriptions "are printed in block capital letters (including the hyphen with VitA-POS) to avoid similar scenarios in the future.
Whenever you need to separate words for emphasis (ex: in a bulleted list or main title), look out for the misplaced hyphen and make the correction.
Luckily, if you're a Sprint customer, you'll also get access to Jay-Z's latest project, which got him to bring back the hyphen in his name.
The South Korean president's name is spelled Moon Jae-in, for example, whereas North Koreans typically write "Kim Jong Un" — three distinct names, without a hyphen.
The ugliest phrase in the English language, as far as I'm concerned, is "pot-luck supper," especially if you style the first word without the hyphen.
" APPEAL OF THE SHOW It has made her realize that "being something-hyphen-American is its own identity and culture — very beautiful and also very real.
Alongside the gender asterisk there is the gender hyphen (Professor-in) and the internal-I (ProfessorIn); but none of them solves the problem when said out loud.
In 2014 this group splintered from the CPN-M, which has a hyphen; both descend from the CPN (Maoist Centre), now a partner in Nepal's coalition government.
Kemp's office uses a controversial method called "exact match," under which voters' names can be purged from the rolls for something as trivial as a missing hyphen.
Punctuation, a grandmother whale named for the comma- and hyphen-shaped marks on her back, was killed in June after a vessel struck her, the report said.
This is the multi-hyphen … And continuing to work for them and having them work for you — it sounds a bit like the old sort of studio system.
"A lot of what I do at Hyphen-Labs is think speculatively about how to fit research into the large-scale installations that we do," Baccus-Clark said.
A missing hyphen could be grounds for a registration to be suspended, and the law has held up the processing of 53,000 new registrations — mainly of African-Americans.
If they don't match — even because of something like a missing hyphen, an extra space, or a typo — the applicant has to take extra steps to verify their identity.
NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism director and Hyphen-Labs co-founder Carmen Aguilar y Wedge has a structural engineering background, and writer and designer Ashley Baccus-Clark is also a molecular biologist.
On the physical side, the creators at Hyphen-Labs worked with outside artists to design products like earrings that can record police altercations or clothing that thwarts facial recognition.
But Kemp has invoked the so-called exact-match law to suspend fifty-three thousand voter-registration applications, for infractions as minor as a hyphen missing from a surname.
Although he spent his literary career mining his origins, Mr. Naipaul fiercely resisted the idea of being tethered to a hyphen, or to a particular ethnic or religious identity.
This reviewer disregards any pun that requires a hyphen (ovicular puns are egg-specially eggs-cruciating) and believes that puns must have a set-up (the more elaborate the better).
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Hyphen-Labs uses virtual reality, art, sociopolitics, and science to build futuristic landscapes and products that utilize technology for the benefit of marginalized communities.
That standard can dispel someone from Georgia's voting records if a word is misspelled, or their address is incorrect, or even if a hyphen is misplaced, according to Rolling Stone.
For instance, we use the hyphen in compounds denoting national origin, like Japanese-American, but not when the phrase denotes current group membership rather than origin, as in French Canadian.
Denuded to the point of rendering conventional punctuation obsolete, the poem features a repeated use of the hyphen, allowing O'Brien to register measure without marring the evanescent feeling of song.
From food to names to your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, the hosts draw on their own backgrounds as "hyphen-Americans" to delve into the experiences that make us who we are.
Under Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Georgia tried to freeze voter-registration applications if they did not precisely match state databases, even if the difference was a mere comma or hyphen.
So she decided team up with Hyphen-Labs, a collective with a focus on storytelling through art, tech, and science that centers women of color as the pioneers of emerging technology.
He agreed to tell — for the last time, he insisted — his life story, which included bringing Olympic sports to the principality of Liechtenstein, which connects Switzerland and Austria like a hyphen.
Jews in America are always being called upon to declare their loyalties — which of our identifiers do we put before the hyphen, and which do we put after: "Jewish" or "American"?
That separation, in 1993, was preceded by the "hyphen war," a fierce-yet-bloodless dispute over what the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, which had just emerged from Soviet control, would call itself.
JAY-Z's — note the return of the hyphen and the capitalization — much-hyped, much-advertised new album 4:44 has been released as a Tidal exclusive, the rapper's first in four years.
Even something as simple as a missing hyphen or typo could throw the whole thing off, leading to 53,000 voter registration applications to be held up at the Secretary of State's Office.
In the past, this togetherness may have been recognised by a hyphen or one solid word, but more recently, the tendency has been for English to throw out punctuation of all sorts.
A hyphen—crackles and bites, burns the body to a spray of white wisps, like when the hot comb, with its metal teeth, cut close to petroleum jelly edging the scalp— sizzling.
Sometimes, being patriotic and doing the right thing comes easy to Americans when they understand how important it is and how critical their voice is regardless of what comes before the hyphen.
EDWARD CECILMadrid I suggest the hyphen is redundant in this line from your piece on "Cabinet splits and party twists" (May 12th) over Brexit: "the European Research Group consists of 60-odd backbenchers".
Korean first names are used after their family names, though the Times noted that North Korea and South Korea are different in that in South Korea, first names also typically include a hyphen.
Whatever hyphen we use or box we check — whether we're an Anglo-American, African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Middle Eastern-American or other — we need to identify as Americans first and foremost.
NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, a futuristic art and technology project by the Hyphen-Labs collective, wants to use this capability in a new, groundbreaking way: to create an empathetic, digital environment centering black female experience.
Hyphen-Labs' latest installation, called NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, is a VR experience that aims to tackle racism by allowing viewers to live through the avatar of a black woman in a futuristic hair salon.
That separation, in 1993, was preceded by the so-called Hyphen War, a fierce-yet-bloodless dispute over what the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, which had just emerged from Soviet control, would call itself.
The updated version, which Penguin Random House will release on May 17 (dropping the "Old" and the hyphen from the title), was the idea of Frank Caiafa, manager of the hotel's Peacock Alley bar.
One of them is called "Mashup Americans," and it just tells the story of people who are like hyphen-American and new Americans, and it's really well done, you should definitely check it out.
A six-foot-nine, 220-pound Super Ball, the versatile 163-year-old is a pole-vaulting human hyphen whose regular assaults on gravity have encouraged expectations that land somewhere around Jupiter's fourth moon.
So, on 4:44's opener "Kill Jay Z," the rapper immediately turns a critical eye on himself, listing his personal failings over the last four years and illustrating the symbolism of readopting the hyphen.
Baccus-Clark came home from her job as an experiential marketer at Warby Parker and cried in the living room with then-roommate and Hyphen-Labs co-founder Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, who is Latinx.
Avenue address relief nearly came in 1940, after the city's postmaster suggested a three-part format familiar to residents of Queens: the cross street immediately to the south, then a hyphen, then a building number.
When, Womack returned to the stage and ran the voice vote for a second time -- and again declared "In the opinion of the chair the aye's have it" hyphen several delegates did manage to lodge objections.
But it will launch as a textile print at the Sundance Film Festival on January 16, 2017, as part of Hyphen Labs' NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism project, which explores black women and their roles in technology and society.
"Kemp has implemented a stringent voter verification process that flags and suspends registration applications if the information on them does not exactly match information in existing databases, down to each letter and hyphen," Pema Levy notes.
The Box-Car Children (note the hyphen!) was first published in 1924, and, as Jia Tolentino notes at the New Yorker, compared to the version most of us grew up with, the 1924 text is harrowing.
The project, a collaboration with interaction studio Hyphen-Labs, features various patterns that are designed to trick facial recognition software into thinking it's seeing eyes, mouths, and the components of a face on the clothing you're wearing.
The bride's father is the chief financial officer of the Beltservice Corporation, a manufacturer of conveyor belts in Earth City, Mo. The groom, also 27, is a business analyst at Hyphen Solutions, a software company in Dallas.
"Midnight in Broad Daylight" not only tells one family's remarkable story but also makes an important contribution to our knowledge of the Japanese-­American experience in World War II, on both sides of the ocean and the hyphen.
The main driver behind that growth is New York's successful self-fashioning as the capital of so-called "hyphen tech" — the numerous sub-sections of startups that align themselves with various industries: fintech, fashiontech, mediatech, and so forth.
The authorities in Pennsylvania released a mug shot of Rivas-Clase that strongly resembles the suspect in an image provided by the Dominican authorities, who provided the same name but without the hyphen listed in Pennsylvania court documents.
EditorsNote: Adds hyphen in 2463rd graf Paul Goldschmidt hit two homers, including a grand slam, and drove in a career-high seven runs as the St. Louis Cardinals rolled past the visiting Milwaukee Brewers 10-0 Friday night.
King has claimed that his comments to the Times appearing to question why the terms white nationalist and white supremacist have become offensive were misinterpreted due to a misplaced dash and wants the hyphen moved in the official record.
In part, this is because of an "exact match" voter verification program that Georgia's Republican-controlled government enacted last year, which flags registrations that have even minor discrepancies with official records, like a dropped hyphen in a last name.
My parents are from Ecuador, but I was born in the United States and always thought of myself as American (no preceding modifier and hyphen needed), and what could be more American than the fight for truth and justice?
Screenshot: Jason PretchelTwo hours after the last upload from the Hide My Ass account in May 2017, another email address began uploading files in the same format: An initial, followed by a date, followed by a hyphen, and then a number.
Applications could be held because of a dropped hyphen, for example, according to the AP. The two lawsuits, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in Atlanta, focus on absentee ballots, rather than voter registrations, however.
The difference between a "third-world war" and a "third world war" is nothing to sniff at, and those selling a car might get rather more interest in the sale if they remember the hyphen in "a little-used car".
That's why our work at Hyphen-Labs is to get more people to realize that it's not up to these big corporations to tell us and to sell us what they think and what they want the future to look like.
An error as minor as a one-letter spelling discrepancy or dropped hyphen from a last name could mean a voter's registration application or status would be indefinitely stalled until they resolve the discrepancy with the relevant state or federal agency.
EditorsNote: delete "that" in 23th graf, adds hyphen in "wild-card" in 22th graf Ben Gamel's two-out single in the eighth inning scored two runs and lifted the Milwaukee Brewers to a 24-25.90 win over the Chicago Cubs on Friday night.
Just as he dropped the hyphen (becoming "Jay Z" instead of "Jay-Z") after 2013's Magna Carta Holy Grail, EW has confirmed that Jay Z has once again changed the stylization of his name ahead of his upcoming visual album 4:44.
EditorsNote: Adds hyphen to headline Pinch hitter Brandon Guyer smashed a three-run homer to highlight a four-run eighth, Francisco Lindor homered twice and drove in three runs and the Cleveland Indians overpowered the host Detroit Tigers 8-3 on Friday.
A team of diverse engineers, scientists, and architects known as Hyphen Labs built functional products that hang on the walls, like sunscreen for high-melanin skin, and a ScatterViz hater-blocking visor you can see out of but others can't see in.
Thus, for example, if a hypothetical voter was listed as "Tyrone Williams-Smith" on a voter registration form, and "Tyrone Williams Smith" (without a hyphen) in the state's driver services records, that could be enough to deny this person the right to vote.
Tens of thousands of voter registration applications, mostly from African-Americans, were held up under a state law that requires the name on the application to exactly match the name on the applicant's government ID; even a missing hyphen can cause problems.
He became a generational icon, turning four letters and a hyphen into a fashion line, a nightclub chain, a sports agency, a tech company and a sliver of a professional basketball team, while still managing to cut a few albums along the way.
EditorsNote: fixes hyphen in "Karl-Anthony Towns" in lede Karl-Anthony Towns followed in his own miss with 37.5 seconds to play Sunday afternoon, helping the Minnesota Timberwolves hold off the Golden State Warriors 109-1043 in Minneapolis to snap a three-game losing streak.
The first Jean Louis David salon — the name spelled, deliberately, without the hyphen — opened in 1961, at 38 Avenue Wagram in Paris; a second location, at 47 Rue Pierre Charron, in the former atelier of the French couturier Jacques Doucet, opened five years later.
The Associated Press previously released a style guideline for this: Usage "Alt-right" (quotation marks, hyphen and lower case) may be used in quotes or modified as in the "self-described" or "so-called alt-right" in stories discussing what the movement says about itself.
If the information does not match — often due to inconsistencies like a misspelled name, a middle name not being fully written out, or a missing hyphen — an application is held for additional screening and the applicant is notified and given a period to correct their information.
Under this practice, applications could be held for a single missing hyphen, accent or letter—or if the registrar felt a signature was not a close enough match to the signature already on file—regardless of whether the information on file with the state was accurate.
If the information does not match — often due to things like a misspelled name, a middle name not being fully written out, or a missing hyphen — an application is held for additional screening and the applicant is notified and given a period to correct their information.
The state officials behind exact match were well aware, per an earlier lawsuit, that when only a missing hyphen or a typo in a government database can form the basis to withhold the right to vote, people of color will bear the brunt of such trivial mistakes.
Mr. Kemp's office uses a controversial method called "exact match" to verify voter applications, which in some cases means individuals can be purged from voting rolls if their submitted information has even trivial differences from their government identification, such as an entry error or a dropped hyphen.
Mr. Kemp was a key proponent of the 2017 state law that requires an "exact match" between a voter's registration form and his or her government documents, meaning a missing hyphen, or a difference between a married and a maiden name, can cause a registration to be suspended.
The Associated Press reported earlier this month that his office also froze 25,25 voter applications under its "exact match" policy, which allows officials to reject voter registration forms if the applicants' information doesn't precisely correspond with state and federal records—even if it's only off by a comma or a hyphen.
Here's what they had to say: Franny Choi is the author of several books of poetry, an editor at Hyphen Magazine, and a co-host of the Poetry Foundation podcast VS. This might be the worst poem I've ever read, even within the hyperbolic-rants-by-vaguely-snubbed-white-men category.
If you've ever sent an email or texted, you are aware of the smiley face EMOTICON (35D), which consists of a COLON and HYPHEN (combined at 18A and symbolizing the EYES and the NOSE of the face), as well as an end PARENTHESIS at 61A, which symbolizes the smiling MOUTH.
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary mocked President TrumpDonald John TrumpSessions says he still supports Trump despite ouster as AG House Republicans voice concerns about White House's impeachment messaging Giuliani consulted with Manafort on Ukraine info: report MORE on Friday after Trump incorrectly referred to an apostrophe as a hyphen in a tweet.
This action follows Kemp's office potentially disenfranchising thousands of voters by placing their registrations in a "pending" status because the voter registration forms did not "exactly match" other information in the state's databases, such as when a last name had a hyphen on the voter registration form but not in the DMV database.
Milne, who served in the front lines of WWI at the Battle of the Somme and was part of a secret British propaganda unit called MI7b, began writing the books in 1926 as Winnie-the-Pooh (the hyphen was dropped when Disney bought the rights to the character in the 1960s) with illustrations from E.H. Shepard.
Then one day I was sifting through said Notes app (which is really just a bunch of half-baked theme ideas and things I want to add to my word list) and thought some more about it, eventually arriving at the idea of repurposing the hyphen from the line break as part of the crossing downs.
As an instructor of typing and assistive technology at Helen Keller Services for the Blind in Downtown Brooklyn, she dispenses tricks and tips, such as where to find the hyphen on a computer keyboard — the key to the right of the zero, best hit with your right pinkie — or what keystroke will locate a lost cursor.
Just after 7 am in Washington, DC, Trump kicked off his day with a profoundly strange tweet attacking CNN for not making painstaking distinctions between the smears he uses to attack House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA); he also misspelled "describing" and revealed he may not know the difference between an apostrophe and a hyphen.
In Texas, someone can now vote with a handgun license but not a student ID. Georgia forces voters to use the same name on their application as the one on their ID card; something as trivial as an errant or missing hyphen, a dropped middle name, or the inclusion of an extra initial on an application could prevent someone from voting.
Mr. Kemp also used Exact Match, a version of the infamous Crosscheck database, to put tens of thousands of citizens in electoral limbo, refusing to place them on the rolls if an errant hyphen, a stray letter or a typographical error on someone's voter registration card didn't match the records of the state's driver's license bureau or the Social Security office.
" Then, in an extended act of figuration worthy of John Donne, Amichai reflects that the pressure of his life has brought his date of birth closer to the date of his death, "as in history books / where the pressure of history has brought / those two numbers together next to the name of a dead king / with only a hyphen between them.
For Strahan, who has already made the jump to becoming a capital "C" celebrity, this is another hyphen to add to his multi-hyphenated career of all-star-talk-show-host-business-mogul, but for Brady, who may retire as soon as the end of next season (if the Pats make another Super Bowl appearance), there's definitely a sense of what will come next.
And in this respect we will share the skepticism of Hannah Arendt, whose core insight in her indispensable book "The Origins of Totalitarianism" is that the path to totalitarianism is cleared when the nation-state hyphen is severed, when the nation becomes an exclusive group that must defend itself through actions residing outside of the law and beyond the protections afforded by state institutions and procedures.
Firelight Media Forward Union Fourth Arts Block Global Action Project Groundswell Hyphen Hub Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning Local Project Meerkat Media Museum Hue Museum of Impact National Black Theatre New School Sanctuary Working Group (SWG) New Sanctuary Coalition NOCD-NY I Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts New York No Longer Empty Not An Alternative Painting Space 122, Inc.
He used an "exact match" process to hold up more than 53,000 voter registration applications, which meant that if the information does not match the database — often due to things like a misspelled name, a middle name not being fully written out, or a missing hyphen — an application is held for additional screening and the applicant is notified and given a period to correct their information.
The Brooklyn hip-hop titan largely kept the new full-length under wraps — after keeping secret the names of your twins with pop's biggest superstar, concealing an LP's credits is easy — and speculation about the project only ramped up in earnest when he announced he was adding the hyphen back into his name and released a series of black-and-white teaser videos featuring Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong'o, and Danny Glover.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads     Where the system map's metal edge abuts a fuzzed pink scalp,   an inchworm doubles back, polite but unrepentant in sounding the pent-up   space–hides half itself like an em dash scrunching to a solemn hyphen,   or a gymnast, all arm between invisible rings, or a pawn condemned   to the same two moves, creative though short-lived, or the steely tip   on the tuning fork of a sonometer, twitching, poised to decipher   the immiserated quiet that descends (for some more than others)   when we hit the Transbay Tube, jolted closer together, heads worlds away.

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