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197 Sentences With "US of A"

How to use US of A in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "US of A" and check conjugation/comparative form for "US of A". Mastering all the usages of "US of A" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Those of us of a certain age are still holding on.
The flavors remind us of a churro or fresh-baked snickerdoodle.
And who could the big US of A lose out to?
It reminded most of us of a kind of congealed ketchup.
They remind us of a past ruled by lords and ladies.
Why, exactly, does this dog  remind us of a beloved human actress?
North Korea was furious, accusing the US of a "gangster-like" attitude.
So can a '90s brand revival remind us of a simpler time?
Why would the family deprive us of a tradition we hold so dear?
That will require scrutiny by all of us of a party run amok.
We might have another 37 years ahead of us of a single person.
"Art reminds us of a state of animal vigor," she proclaims, channeling Nietzsche.
So are there any Donald Trump masks made in the ol' US of A?
The '212s, in our twenty-to-thirtysomething heads, remind us of a safer time.
It sort of reminded us of a bougie yard sale — in a good way.
Yep, that seems about right since it reminds us of a cup of rainbow sherbet.
Mischa Barton's latest post on Instagram is reminding us of a couple people we love.
But so far, Sharp isn't including the US of A in its 8K TV plans.
Comedy can be used to make us laugh while reminding us of a politician's transgressions.
A counted number of pulses only is given to us of a variegated, dramatic life.
" Paul later added, "There was no specific information given to us of a specific attack.
We were joking that it sort of reminds us of a cross between PiL and Pantera.
Alex Abad-Santos: In "No One," Game of Thrones robbed us of a very satisfying death.
One told us of a fare he took, a man traveling with four North Korean girls.
All of 'em can be nabbed right here in the good ol' US of A. Curious?
"Pictures really remind us of a time and feeling, kind of like songs do," says Rauff.
COVID-19 will remind us of a central hypocrisy in our approach to health behind bars.
"We think it&aposs unfair that Germany often accuses us of a lack of solidarity," Orban said.
MYSTERY FLAVOR 1 The spice factor hit our palates immediately, reminding us of a fragrant Indian curry.
Here's what the suspiciously cute porg reminds us of: A colleague thought "penguin fetus" was more accurate.
Our columnist reminds us of a pervasive doping problem in the U.S. in the 1980s and 18893s.
At Home Things are getting pretty wild on the education home front in the US-of-A.
No not the crow-like bird, but a tasty hand pie that reminds us of a Pop-Tart.
He reminds us of a time when people didn't "go all soft" on abusive tirades or sexist behavior.
Susan Sontag's diaries most recently reminded us of a bygone era of passionate introspection and political-intellectual journeys.
" Farrar's bill reminds us of a great protest sign: "If abortion is murder, then blow jobs are cannibalism.
The first-ever clinical trial in the US of a coronavirus vaccine is expanding beyond the Seattle area.
However, unlike Twilio, Plaid was bought while still private, depriving us of a good look into its figures.
In terms of packaging alone, it reminds us of a Push Pop — with an orange-candy scent to boot.
Greenberg and Solomon don't think the goal of terror management is to rid us of a fear of death.
If Canada can do it, so can the US of A. Humans were never meant to live this long.
This erasure robs us of a rich legacy of resistance to draw upon when confronting the oppression of today.
Slashing spending for science isn't a good deal for anyone, and it will rob us of a better future.
But we never thought to capitalize on the uncanny ones — especially ones that remind us of a tragic incident.
The overall experience of the system feels dated, reminding us of a relic left over from a previous decade.
All of us were blessed by the example he shared with us of a life in service to country.
For those of us of a certain age, it was a beautifully accurate depiction of youth and youth sports.
Those of us of a certain age remember having dozens of these things dangling from our backpacks or key rings.
In our downstairs bathroom hung a framed photograph someone sent us of a large sign touting the store's company values.
The bag comes in burgundy, black, and navy (below), and reminds us of a purse that Meghan Markle might carry.
Spigen's AirPods Strap reminds us of a similar solution that popped up for pre-order last week: the AirPod Strap.
When U.S. Customs and Border Patrol notified us of a counterfeit shipment of products it had seized, we weren't surprised.
So maybe Trump, in his flip-flopping wavering about women's issues, can at least remind us of a larger truth.
For most of us, a pop song is a madeleine, reminding us of a specific mood at a specific time.
Instead, it reminded us of a house chardonnay you might order at a restaurant when you can't afford anything else.
Trump was actually able to create, instead of the "us" of a united working class, a "them" of elites plus multiculturalism.
But if you're firmly rooted in the good ol' US of A, a splotch of ketchup will work just fine, too.
Melisandre reminded us of a season 3 prophecy in the last scene we have with Arya before she makes her surprise kill.
It reminds us of a kind of Mexican version of a restaurant back in Austin we love (Emmer & Rye for any Austinites!).
If you're reading headlines from the US of A, you might think you'll have a chance to see this most recent eclipse.
Roseanne just announced she's packin' up and movin' out of the US of A, for Israel ... a country she says she loves.
He was ultimately extradited to the US of A following the DEA's efforts to track him down via Sean Penn's cell phone.
So when the Windows desktop pops up in "Searching," it immediately reminds us of a time when Microsoft ruled the computer world.
"It's a song that makes children happy, reminds us of a simpler time, about the joy of the season," he told KTRK.
So Trump may have just temporarily deprived the US of a source of vital information at an extremely important point in time.
Rating: Big demerits for robbing us of a glimpse of some crystalline waters by using this sad ass Parisian filter, my guy!
A George founded the US of A, created Star Wars, sang Karma Chameleon and invented the Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine.
Completed before we started consuming and disseminating information digitally, the two series now nostalgically remind us of a not-so-distant past.
Romantic love for Lisa Yuskavage is something we can deride as unrealistic, yet its sweet, naïve simplicity reminds us of a youthful ideal.
They remind us of a less narcissistic, pre-selfie era and the moments that briefly united the world (the Olympics; the royal wedding).
He's also a ruggedly handsome carpenter who reminds us of a certain other blonde's former fictional boo: Aidan from Sex and The City.
"Don't use our dime and don't use our time to try and convince us of a political argument that you're putting," he said.
After five long years—during which quite a lot has happened here in the US of A—beloved grindcore miscreants Phobia have returned!
But in a new infographic, Canadian Pharmacy Online reminds us of a few of the most innovative drugs from the last two decades.
The husband and wife who worked behind the counter told us of a "secret" beach, so we decided to skip Uradome and explore.
From China, to Russia, to Iraq and the good 'ol US of A, militaries love spending money to produce lavishly surreal music videos.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The death of William Louis-Dreyfus on September 16, at 84, deprived us of a truly remarkable man.
Each of these movies reminds us of a simple, but easy to overlook, fact: You can get anywhere from anywhere in the United States.
N/A This is a real "I just completed my yearlong tour of every Burger King restaurant in the US" of a thumbs-up.
Noting that the two confirmed cases were travelers from Wuhan, she said that the risk to the US of a widespread outbreak is low.
Our guide, Pancho, also told us of a curious local ordinance: During the month of the festival, non-Panamanian music is prohibited within town limits.
But it also robs us of a significant amount of time with her, which matters when she's the only woman from the original Avengers team.
It reminded us of a time years ago when such brazen displays of bigotry and white supremacy were common and were upheld by political leaders.
Still, a revival ought to do more than simply remind us of a play's greatness — when it comes to "Twelfth Night," does anyone need reminding?
Still, even while Ms. Schutz might find resonance in this commonality, she inadvertently reminds us of a traditional expression of white power through imagery. Mrs.
Madonna pissed off lots of people down under this week, and Donald Trump did the same in the US of A. So we gotta ask ...
But here in the US of A, it's not actually illegal to fuck a car—it's just against the law to do it in broad daylight.
Pete Davidson reminded us of a very important lesson on the season finale of Saturday Night Live with the help of this week's host, Paul Rudd.
After a prolonged set of negotiations, U.S. international Tim Howard is returning to the good old US of A with his transfer to the Colorado Rapids.
Swizz Beatz is A-OK with the good 'ol US of A after wiping out more than a million bucks worth of debt to the IRS.
Trump also could overturn former President Barack Obama's Presidential Policy Directive, which laid out general parameters for the US of a policy of engagement with Cuba.
Wouldn't doing more to teach consumers what not to flush be better than depriving us of a product that improves our lives and mitigates the problem?
We surely can all agree that when we look at the Christmas tree, its shape reminds us of a cone, a pyramid with a circular base.
Unfortunately, a contract dispute yanked Shields out of this proposed bout, depriving us of a showdown between two of the best welterweights of the last decade.
Historically we have tended to shy away from this kind of social planning and job matching, perhaps because it smacks to us of a command economy.
Sort of reminds us of a high school cheerleader moaning about how traumatic it is to have to fend off a dozen invitations to the prom.
Morrison was a gift for those of us of a certain age, for as long as we existed, so too did the impact of her words.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When the world try to pass a buck on the good old US of A, a man with a plan brought a storm of logic.
Your story reminds us of a name from the past: Richard Tardits, the French player who played two years as a linebacker for the New England Patriots.
This isn't simply a reflection of the incompetence of DNC leaders such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or the foisting on us of a truly weak presidential candidate.
Porsche Design has announced its new 2-in-1, called the Book One, today at Mobile World Congress and it sure reminds us of a Surface Book.
Detective Prince's induction ceremony reminds us of a more somber moment in K-9 law enforcement history: one of the best memes on the internet, Dog Swearing.
Dave Bautista says Donald Trump is such an awful president (and human being) ... he might just bounce on the US of A if POTUS gets re-elected.
No, the good ol' US of A isn't going to be playing next summer in the World Cup and you're going to have to get over it.
To me, it feels like the 1980s, which for many of us of a certain age was our introduction to a Republican Party that was about ideas.
A sign informed us of a nice feature that would let us order items with free shipping if we didn't find what we wanted in the store.
To those of us of a certain age, the Kennedys symbolized a set of values and attitudes about civic life that made it such an attractive calling.
The next 24 hours may remind many of us of a simple truth: Voting is a basic right, but it can be a complicated one to exercise.
They have also reminded us of a history lesson that King and sanitation workers in Memphis taught us 50 years ago: Real power is with the people.
He tells us of a boy from a plain Midwestern upbringing who explored the intersection of faith and politics and became a radio host, congressman and governor.
The hue itself, combined with its glossy finish, reminds us of a nail polish shade we would pick out right before venturing off on an incredible beach vacation.
So since we know that deforestation robs us of a crucial weapon in the battle against climate change—and creates further emissions—why would anyone clear a forest?
"CFM notified us of a potential manufacturing quality escape with low pressure turbine disks in LEAP-29B engines delivered to Boeing," the aerospace giant said in a statement.
Those of us of a certain age remember dusty and disorganized operations, with harried supervisors, cluttered desks and index cards of random job offers tacked up on corkboards.
It's this intimate sense of survival that makes McDonnell's photos stand out and that reminds us of a past era of a war that has yet to end.
A field of body parts can loom up like a wave, or remind us of a Tiepolo ceiling in which angels are massed at the edges of clouds.
Romantic love for Lisa Yuskavage is something we can deride as unrealistic, yet its sweet, naïve simplicity reminds us of a youthful ideal that still exerts its gravitational attraction.
It's odd to describe an album that debuted at number one in Australia as "overlooked," but for now, the US of A has some serious catching up to do.
To act now — when it would be most effective — requires that we believe the scientists, journalists, and politicians warning us of a future we can't yet see or feel.
But no one can deny that Bush could laugh at himself, reminding us of a time when the occupant of the White House was not a petty, insecure person.
If you can judge a contemporary art locale based on its popularity on Instagram, then we've put together the top 25 places the US of A looked at in 2016.
But that's not all ... After killing it at Stagecoach, Mason's also now No. 1 on iTunes in the good 'ol US of A and in the UK for country music.
NSA This still reminds us of a mid-noughties text asking if we were down for an "NSA relationship" after someone posted our number on a "Free S3x" site. 17.
Those of us of a certain age might remember the original Lexus SC, an expensive, no-limits luxury coupe that owners an ex-owners still remember fondly two decades later.
"If investors don't hear from Wells Fargo, we will be left to wonder when the next headline will inform us of a new scandal or more enforcement penalties," DiNapoli said.
This was a moving ceremony, reminding us of a critical moment in history and celebrating the contributions of those who fought gallantly and gave their lives to save the world.
The lack of standardization robs us of a common understanding of each emergency's most profound toll and deprives some families of the federal funeral assistance they are entitled to receive.
Apothic Brew has a mocha flavor to it that reminds us of a toned-down version of red wine hot chocolate — if you haven't had that home concoction, you're missing out.
"When a copyright holder notifies us of a video that infringes on their copyright, we act quickly to remove content as is required of us by law," said a YouTube spokesperson.
We'll never truly move on from a scent that reminds us of a first love, a semester abroad, or the way our mom would smell after getting ready at her vanity.
Trenton Charlson uses left-right symmetry to offer us a Scrabbly grid and sprinkles some of those high point Scrabble letters in a place that reminds us of a popular band.
For those of us of a certain age, that's reminiscent of President Nixon's false suggestion in the 1968 campaign that he had a "secret plan" to end the war in Vietnam.
At the Infantry Officer Course, one of my favorite instructors, a stoic captain named Emmanuel, told us of a passage from Dakota Meyer's memoir about hand-to-hand combat in Afghanistan.
Debates are raging over whether the statues should fall because they commemorate those who fought to uphold slavery, or stand because they remind us of a history that cannot be erased.
Denver, CO-based producer Gila has been turning heads across the pond in the U.K., but he's a producer audiences in the good ol' US of A should be aware of, too.
So perhaps we were naïve to make the film anyways, and when we did run into the censorship trouble, it reminded us of a lot of people telling us to be careful.
But it's a supply-and-demand economy here in the US of A, which means the startup world is already lending a hand to women in the aftermath of this election cycle.
" However, if you prefer, you could also refer to them as "something that reminds us of a certain school that used to promise its students fabulous careers in the real estate industry.
Here's video of undefeated boxing star Devin Haney makin' in rain at an L.A. strip club earlier this week -- and the money, the booty and the bling remind us of a certain someone.
The greatest specifications of the DB2, though, are its build (made in the US of A using all 316 stainless steel hardware), and the fact that DemerBox stands by the product for life.
For those of us of a certain age however, let's put the cut line at 40, there is a lot to love about the coverage, mainly that there is so much of it.
I hope this small story reminds us of a bigger perspective — that though life is hard, it is still filled with compassion and beauty as the cycles of birth and death go on.
"The cancellation will deprive us of a rich moment of feedback and exchange," said Davide Traxler, chief executive of Parmigiani Fleurier, referring to Watches & Wonders Geneva, where the brand was scheduled to participate.
" The novel reminds us of a time when literature was felt to be urgently political—when the critic Lionel Trilling could speak of "the dark and bloody crossroads where literature and politics meet.
His seriousness speaks to us, reminds us of a time when Portland metro was seen as a regular place with nice folks and not the punch line to a national joke about artisan foodstuffs.
Those of us born in the 1970's and early 1980's experienced a traumatic sexual education, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned us of a new sexually transmitted autoimmune disease.
Sure, some of the past tankini variations remind us of a time when our mother splattered a white blob of sunscreen on our noses, but the swimsuit style has grown since then — just like you.
Noting the history of burnings of black churches in the South, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said the episode was "especially painful because it reminds us of a very dark past of intimidation and fear".
Here in the good ol' US of A, there were 743 imprisoned persons per 20163,000 people in 2005, which is the highest of any developed country (second-place New Zealand has 173 per 100,000 people).
A judge determined her criminal conviction was enough to boot her from the US of A. The 30-year-old high-end call girl was born in Canada but has reportedly spent little time there.
Here in the US of A, tofu is largely an ingredient for vegetarians—or for meat eaters who are sharing a meal with vegetarians and don't mind swapping the beef for tofu in their chow mein.
" Kohan also reminds us of a 2015 report from Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain revealing undisclosed payments from the Department of Defense to teams in order to fund military tributes, what Kohan calls "camouflaged propaganda.
Some psychologists believe that in times of stress, we dream about exams that we actually succeeded in; our brains are reminding us of a time when we prevailed over something we had feared, boosting our confidence.
"Graffiti has appeared on the posters on the streets of Budapest and other cities reminding us of a dark era in Hungary's history, but the invisible social damage is probably already worse than that," Heisler wrote.
As humans, they remind us of a lot of other things, and this uncanny and uncomfortable feeling to be in front of something that can also mean something else is the strategy behind every Toiletpaper picture.
How we see people of a given racial appearance present themselves in media unconsciously sets the limit on what we see as possible for ourselves or for people around us of a given ethnic group or race.
The futuristic sheen reminds us of a galaxy far, far away — and one that may or may not be filled with chic witches who love the disco, but also can't help but hold onto their gothic roots.
Although similar to the unicorn and mermaid versions of the past in coloring, this take is fairly easy on the eyes and reminds us of a more user-friendly version of last year's geode wedding cake trend.
From October 8th to the 25th, anyone in the US of A that purchases a Wi-Fi-enabled LG home appliance will receive a free Google Home assistant, a $130 device that's often on sale for about $99.
There's been a lot of talk of freedom in the good ol' US of A ever since a group of domestic terrorists "armed activists" decided to occupy a federal building on an Oregon wildlife refuge over the weekend.
Rosemont's collection should go far in restoring Joans and many others to a more equitable "canon," while also reminding us of a time when artists, poets, and activists worked together toward a deeply lived vision of societal change.
But a few days later, those same players were hiding from the cold at Detroit's North American International Auto Show, reminding us about what's actually selling here, today, in the US of A. Namely: big trucks and muscle cars.
"But what's really been overstated to even greater degree is the notion that we need to win a global race to a new wireless standard in order to have any innovation here in the good old US of A," Wood said.
That might sound jargony, but I've had Patagonia fix plenty of things for free (as a regular customer), and the brand often makes tours around the US of A fixing any of their products that you put in front of them.
This was prompted by the release in the US of a trove of documents by the House Intelligence Committee suggesting that Giuliani&aposs associates had tracked Yovanovitch&aposs movements while she was still the US&aposs top diplomat in Kyiv.
All of us of a certain age, especially John Yau (see his "Please Wait by the Coatroom: Wifredo Lam in the Museum of Modern Art," Arts Magazine, December 1988), remember seeing it weirdly tucked next to the coat room at the old MoMA.
The company confirmed to CNET today that it's running a small test in the US of a feature called "things in common" that'll call out the various things users might have in common with random strangers they come across on the platform.
It all came about because Dolly Parton is currently out there on the road promoting a back-to-basics new album, Pure & Simple,​​ wending her way across the continental US of A in one assumes is the glitteriest tour bus of all time.
Returning to the old European geopolitics is not a solution for the future but reminds us of a lesson that should not need repeating: Divisions do not empower us, but cause disunity among people who should be striving for a common goal.
Focusing on his Afghan origins implies that America's relatively open immigration is to blame for Rahami's crimes — when the real issue here appears to be radicalization inside the good ol' US of A. We don't know when, exactly, Rahami's family moved to the United States.
" Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, who made a much lauded film about the former champion, said the "pardon reminds us of a racist past and how even today racist remarks and coded words are used to imperil African Americans and to advance an Un-American agenda.
The boy at the center of Knock Knock begins the book by telling us of a game he and his father share: Every morning his father knocks on his bedroom door, and he pretends to be asleep until his father is beside his bed.
For those of us of a particular pro-MMA/anti-conformist bent the photo Diaz posted yesterday on his Instagram account of himself holding up "Team Hunt" gear is manna from heaven—a bit of anti-authoritarian sunlight in a rapidly darkening and corporatized age.
The longtime civil servants made clear that history in Ukraine is still being written, that soldiers are dying in the "hot war" between Russian and Ukraine and that subjugating U.S. policy to Trump's petty, paranoid actions may yet deprive us of a valuable ally.
And since Bohemian Rhapsody is like the second or third most well known song in the US of A after, like, Happy Birthday and whatever nursery rhyme your mother sang to you, you'll probably giggle a few times watching the action match up to the lyrics.
READ MORE HERE >>Forget the rate cut: BlackRock's $1.9 trillion bond chief told us of a more significant bombshell the Fed just dropped on markets — and explained how investors can start profiting from itThe Federal Reserve cut interest rates last week for the third time this year.
Imagine a series of debates in which each candidate, surrounded by a handful of chosen staff members, competed to prepare and persuade us of a policy proposal based on a surprise scenario rolled out by the moderators, a kind of "The Great British Baking Show" for politics.
No one is better at convincing us of a position than, well, us, and so as we see and instantly reject the arguments made by our political opponents, we become more convinced in the rightness of what we initially believed, and we come up with more reasons to believe it.
Or is the mistake that we go to these movies, desperate for them to slap, looking for a reassurance that we love Disney movies not just because they remind us of a simpler time in our lives but because they actually are good, and can be good in any iteration?
Photos of Earth from space not only help scientists understand how a habitable world looks from afar, aiding the search to find more cozy planets, but also remind us of a humbling and chilling truth: We live on a tiny, fragile rock that is hopelessly lost in the cosmic void.
"Following historic reforms to America's tax code, this strong economy has strengthened these important programs, but today's reports remind us of a fact we have known for far too long: Medicare is going broke and Social Security is not solvent," Representative Kevin Brady, Republican of Texas, said in a statement.
Yglesias is using "bullshit" as a technical term, working off Princeton University philosopher Harry Frankfurt's seminal book On Bullshit, which distinguishes the liar, who is trying to persuade us of a false truth, from the bullshitter, who cares little for persuasion so long as he is achieving his other ends.
Facebook's 10-year glow-up challenge reminds us that Facebook used to be fun Everyone is posting before-and-after photos from 2009 to today — a phenomenon that launched on Facebook and reminded us of a simpler time, Julia Alexander says: Universal adorable awkwardness is only part of what makes the challenge endearing.
For the past few weeks, Gaga has been strutting her stuff all over town in looks that, despite a few being the creations of other stylist pal Tom Eeerebout, remind us of a past Gaga; the Gaga whose heels know no height ceiling and whose outfits are obsessively opposed to the typical.
And maybe that's why both Trekkies and critics look back so fondly at The Wrath of Khan (it has an 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes): It reminds us of a time when Star Trek's galaxy was just as large, but still mostly unknown, waiting for someone to boldly go and explore it.
Meanwhile, Trump, who made no secret of how much he loved France's military parade during his visit last summer, ordered the Pentagon to organize one for the good ol' US of A. The top brass is looking into it, but there are concerns about the cost, which could run into the millions.
The emotional journey that is A Monster Calls takes the idea one step further and shows us how the stories we tell ourselves help us cope with life, reminding us of a truth that is at once inconvenient and empowering: You can't always control the plot of your life, but you can control the narrative.
Today, it's back to good news: The Federal Railroad Administration is releasing new draft regulations that could make it a lot easier to build the speedier transport option right here in the US of A. They lay out clear safety standards for the trains, the product of 10 years of back-and-forth with industry.
A tight relationship with Caterpillar, which is based in Illinois but has worldwide distribution of its equipment, will undoubtedly help Airware win customers beyond the US. Of a $100 billion market for drone tech overall, including military and consumer drones, Goldman Sachs forecasts $13 billion in spending between 2016 and 2020 on drones in commercial and civil sectors.
Recently, the world lost two of the most famous animals on Instagram, Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, and though we still have Marnie the Dog and Doug the Pug to remind us of a time when the internet was truly great, there's no reason we can't expand our following lists to include some other precious animal accounts.
As far as appearance, this cold brewer is pretty unique, as it kinda reminds us of a laboratory flask (perfect if you geek out on science—or if you just want to feel like a mad scientist when you make your cold brew.) It has a stainless steel filter and cup, which means no rusting, and will fit on any refrigerator shelf.
In Henrico County, Virginia, one couple wrote a letter that read: None of these options shows the dire need to redistrict our small group of subdivisions, but ALL of these options uproot a longstanding Godwin community, potentially split close knit relations, and rob us of a nationally recognized school and education that many of us consciously chose when we purchased our homes.
That last one might seem like a bit out of place, at least if you grew up in the good old US of A. But if you've spent any time in Turkey–or you grew up with Turkish parents, like chef Hus Vedat did—then you know that grilled lamb and smoky eggplant (or Ali Nazak) is a combo for the ages.
But on "Rosemary," a standout from his debut solo album Painkillers, he wants to know just what you've got against the good ol' US of A. The song, like much of the album, showcases his worship of American songwriters like Dylan, Petty, and Springsteen, and although Fallon eschewed some of his go-to lyrical elements on Gaslight's last album, Get Hurt, he's back to embracing them here.
Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are fused to form a new nation, called New Colonia, and the series tackles its tenuous relationship with the original US of A. "It felt this was the appropriate time to make sure that audiences and the creative community knew that there was a project that preexisted and we are pretty far down the road with it," Packer explained to Deadline following the announcement.
Machiko Kyo's many movie roles — in Kenji Mizoguchi's "Ugetsu" and Teinosuke Kinugasa's "Gate of Hell," to name just a couple — remind us of a spectacular period of moviemaking in Japan in the years shortly after World War II. Perhaps no film of the time and place was more influential than Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon," which represents the rape of Ms. Kyo's character from four points of view, including the victim's.
Here's how it'll go down -- students will be able to go on the MFOL's website and create a club for their school anywhere in the good ol' US of A. From there ... students get support and help with: -- Letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers -- Hosting town halls -- Planning future marches (like March for Our Lives) -- Starting voter registration drives -- Supporting candidates who support the MFOL mission (either Democrat or Republican) -- Helping students get on campaign trails It should be noted ... the club is nonpartisan.

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