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759 Sentences With "functions as"

How to use functions as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "functions as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "functions as". Mastering all the usages of "functions as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Stein's dog functions as a lover sometimes, and sometimes Alice functions as a dog.
Comprised of two parts, the larger twig functions as a table lamp, while the other functions as an emergency light.
Now, the community functions as Weiss's proxy, her hive mind.
Did we mention it also functions as a traditional smartwatch?
The pillow then functions as a protective wall from intimacy.
But the project had other, more practical functions as well.
The cement slab underneath the house functions as a carport.
On the surface, Pharmacie 3.0 functions as a compliance program.
Similarly, Hypernormalisation functions as a multi-faceted meditation on the present.
It functions as a reliable source of official information on Crimea.
The goal is to verify that the system functions as expected.
It sort of functions as preventative legal services, Kan told me.
It's important to understand that the Collective functions as a hivemind.
Plaintiffs in the suits argue the system functions as a tax.
The website essentially functions as a cross between CraigsList and eBay.
Just use the copy and paste functions as you normally would.
Glucose functions as the "gas pedal" for energy in the brain.
Balsam Street functions as Ridgecrest's version of a downtown arts district.
The park functions as a habitat for all manner of animals.
The local grocer often functions as the anchor to a community.
The ToneWoodAmp also functions as a DI and multi-effects processor.
But it functions as a nice organizing principle for the book.
The building is low and its roof functions as a plaza.
Aftercare: This solution functions as an all-purpose, everyday wood cleaner.
When the phone is closed, it functions as a selfie camera.
In his words, material functions as "super-agents" in the work.
His book functions as a collection of ecological crime-scene photos.
Twitter now functions as a clubhouse for much of the news.
Instead, it often functions as a debt burden to African Americans.
Half of one container functions as a garden office and the other half functions as a covered footbridge over the stream that runs through our land; previously, you had to negotiate a pair of old planks.
It also functions as a dial so you can scroll through notifications.
Robo-advisers mostly perform the same functions as a target retirement fund.
Doing the right thing essentially functions as an advertisement for its products.
It also functions as a metaphor for the book as a whole.
And more importantly, how well it functions as a smart speaker, period.
A figurative picture functions as an altarpiece when it depicts holy figures.
In practice, the app functions as a kind of robotic life coach.
Consider how the death penalty functions as part of the criminal justice
The viewer functions as a silent bystander, or pure-recipient of action.
His book functions as a joyful call to arms for conservation efforts.
This is a room that functions as a gallery for street art.
Accordingly, the bank functions as a partner, not competitor, with community banks.
But the label largely functions as a repudiation of fashion's status quo.
Europe also functions as a pressure valve for the Hungarian labor market.
"That's got to change the way the system functions as a whole."
She functions as another cellphone or product of globalization in the video.
On some sets, it functions as a service port for television technicians.
It functions as a sort of environmental contaminant; it&aposs completely natural.
The top button sometimes functions as a "back" button, but not always.
But the actual structure, which functions as a retaining wall, is concrete.
This is when Léger functions as a mythic oracle of our times.
Rather, the reserve functions as a kind of lower bound on Libra's value.
In parts of America, disability insurance functions as a kind of unemployment insurance.
In many ways, it also functions as a uniform, with military-style epaulets.
The relaunched site maintains many of the same functions as the original Listserv.
For Pokémon Go players, it also functions as a new Pokémon Go Plus.
Similarly, Moira functions as a kind of mirror of June in this episode.
Pop culture functions as a kind of subconscious for what humans care about.
The hypnotic state also functions as a metaphor, as Peele explained on Twitter.
The taco chair, if you're unfamiliar, functions as a large, heavyweight sleeping bag.
This one also functions as an ice pack to help reduce recovery time.
So the festival's annual traveling shorts program functions as a kind of counterweight.
The Quest retails for $399 and primarily functions as a VR gaming platform.
It functions as a whole, it's not too long and not too short.
This study functions as preliminary research on a subject that's been largely ignored.
For others, "evangelical" effectively functions as a cultural label, unmoored from theological meaning.
The primary vote essentially functions as a national poll ahead of the election.
The living room functions as a second bedroom and all-around entertainment center.
Put simply, much of the economy functions as if children did not exist.
In Raghubir's case, color functions as the core illumination of his great surveys.
In this sense, the league sometimes functions as a refuge for the hockey outcast.
The song functions as a series of snapshots, of moments captured, brought together abstractly.
Aurora develops the computer system that functions as the car's driver, safely navigating roads.
The Royal Academy of Medicine functions as an advisory agency for Belgium's government institutions.
Lieberman said each pod functions as its own agency, with some handling multiple accounts.
The building's lounge functions as a living room for times when she has visitors.
Jimmy Six-Pack also understood that snow functions as an arbiter of government effectiveness.
Chernobyl, then, functions as science fiction in a very different sense of that term.
When he's firing right within Golden State's system, Barnes functions as an exclamation point.
Remix OS is a free version of Android that functions as a desktop os.
In Dutton's novel, Margaret functions as an avatar for thwarted and confined feminine ambition.
"Estrogen functions as a potent antioxidant that protects cells against telomere shortening," he added.
Startup Refugees functions as a combination between a startup incubator and a talent agency.
BIS functions as a bank for central banks worldwide, helping them coordinate monetary policy.
Do you love that your house occasionally functions as the new gay community center?
Deathscapes functions as a teaching tool about the policies and actions behind each death.
For example, Rabbid Mario, as goofy looking as he is, functions as a tank.
My business primarily functions as a wholesale distributor to other dealers and delivery services.
It uses a 48-volt electric drive system that functions as a motorized supercharger.
"Straight Outta Compton" is a biopic, but also functions as cultural and political history.
The region functions as a laboratory for the authorities' experiments in high-tech surveillance.
Beyond its didactic value, a fatberg functions as a kind of collective self-portrait.
The German middle class is shrinking and no longer functions as a cohesive bloc.
The institute performs most of the same functions as an embassy, including issuing visas.
" The Dyson motor fits in the handle, which also functions as a "silencer tube.
Maybe more importantly, PS Now functions as an add-on rather than a replacement.
And the resulting welfare surveillance system functions as a new form of racial regulation.
So it could be with the Sultan, who also functions as Brunei's Prime Minister.
The top floor, which offers views of the city, functions as an events space.
JW: I don't think porn functions as a supplement because it doesn't add anything.
That's another way it functions as a tool of corporate power to deflect and minimize.
It functions as a standalone device, capable of streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube content.
These days, it functions as a network of volunteers that help out in their community.
Google's Assistant app mostly functions as a surrogate for its line of connected Home devices.
Second, the hollowed-out snake that also functions as a floating set piece: a gem!
Arguably, almost every current blockbuster functions as one, only without the actual kids on-screen.
The hashtags functions as much  as an advertisement for Siributr as a confrontation of Islamophobia.
At the same time, comedy always functions as a release valve; we laugh it off.
The H-1B visa program functions as a Band-Aid for the gaping skills gap.
Instead, the riderless cork horse tops a base that functions as a public bulletin board.
It functions as a perfect teaser for the novel, which is one of King's best.
According to Mr. Mokhnenko, the home sometimes functions as a prison, sometimes as a hospital.
Just as importantly, the proposal functions as a statement of priorities to Democrats in Congress.
"Me" always functions as the object (except in that case); "I" is always the subject.
In the meantime, the enchantment of the "good community" functions as an obstacle to reform.
Likely such an institution would seem superfluous because the whole festival functions as one itself.
Thessalus Capital functions as a company, but is a club for tax purposes, says Bagaria.
Ice also functions as a useful tool for showing how and why some revolutions fail.
Wag functions as a marketplace that pairs dog owners with available walkers in their neighborhood.
One popular meme that functions as a great background is the 'This is fine' cartoon.
The glass functions as large open windows to make the space feel light and airy.
Already too much of basic research funding effectively functions as a subsidy for other countries.
The warrior code functions as a way to protect soldiers from spiritual and psychological harm.
"Remote Controls," her second show at Bridget Donahue, also functions as a mini career survey.
Jónsi's installation functions as an indoor version of these sublime yet sometimes precarious outdoor experiences.
The "related pages" option functions as an algorithmic bridge between networks of terrorist content propagators.
The treatment functions as a non-invasive way to stem habits that can cause obesity.
Her Instagram functions as a marketing tool, driving people to her website and paid services.
Already too much of basic research funding effectively functions as a subsidy for other countries.
It functions as a hybrid space, with lawyers, social workers, and doctors all working together.
But it nonetheless functions as an important account of how we got to this point.
It functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics functions as an independent agency within the broader Department of Labor.
Many other brands could be involved because SL functions as a laundry service to other factories.
This new world of psychedelic-assisted therapy functions as a kind of parallel mental health service.
The perfect companion for traveling, this Bluetooth speaker also functions as a fast-charging battery pack.
The text is not a caption but functions as a layer of memory about the images.
The studio no longer functions as a traditional animation company that produces most work in-house.
That includes a free app that functions as a digital button, due out in early 2020.
Grayeyes' trunk functions as a makeshift closet, filled with changes of clothes and pressed dress shirts.
It's incredibly complex and functions as the basis for medieval and modern Jewish scholarship and theology.
Each P8Pass contains detailed provenance information and functions as a unique fingerprint on the Bitcoin blockchain.
In emergencies, it even functions as a torchlight in case you need it in the dark.
It functions as a push-to-talk feature within the app or a signed-in desktop.
The USL functions as North America's second-tier professional soccer league, having kicked off in 2011.
The commission also functions as a clearinghouse of sorts for criminal justice data and statistical reports.
It functions as an interactive museum, as employees can borrow and donate movies whenever they want.
The mound functions as a humidifier, too, tightly regulating moisture levels across wet and dry seasons.
Plus, this case functions as a stand, so she can keep her tablet upright when necessary.
ICBCIL Finance functions as the exclusive treasury platform for the offshore leasing operations of ICBC Leasing.
Almost unwittingly, the project functions as a Rorschach test measuring the extent of its audience's cynicism.
A ship that far from contact, from opportunity, from difference, functions as a sort of prison.
Of course, there are singles in the album, but the album functions as an entire work.
Whereas Lambda-like offerings provide functions as a service, managed services provide functionality as a service.
Live videos will have all of the same search, recommendation and privacy functions as normal videos.
This show functions as my lullaby to aid in my sleep, to comfort me while working.
"Workman defined the electric-car maker's "essential" functions as "production, service, deliveries, testing, and support groups.
In the second, the documentary itself functions as a sort of final testament ("Farewell to Hollywood").
Sometimes the reporters work out of the Sentinel, which functions as a kind of public square.
It also made me recognize how prison functions as a means of social control and humiliation.
The agreement, which the NBH says functions as a safety net, was originally concluded in 2013.
To this day, the company functions as a shelter for the Sandler aesthetic and its defenders.
However, longer term it is likely that Tines will be adopted across other functions as well.
David Sims, The Atlantic For devoted fans, it functions as a greatest-hits clip-show package.
National security letters serve the same functions as a warrant but do not require judicial oversight.
His work often functions as biting and witty commentary, in the tradition of satirical political cartoons.
For now, Tanak functions as a rear field hospital for the DMC, and it keeps busy.
Coates Hunter doesn't have a marketing budget, so renting space functions as free advertising as well.
It functions as the perfect stabilizer for the stock of your lightweight but most deadly AR15.
The Congress is largely ceremonial and generally functions as a rubber stamp to communist party leadership.
Still, given Genius's stated mission of expanding beyond rap and news to annotate the entire internet, the way the site functions as news commentary doesn't matter as much as the way it functions as a platform where crowds can interact with the world of the web.
The Numi 2.0 also comes with personalized cleansing and dryer functions as well as a heated seat.
Apple Inc, is that it will not definitively decide whether the App Store functions as a monopoly.
The dinners aren't exactly above board, legally, though Fung her business primarily functions as a catering service.
"The CAG, a lot of their international ministry functions as an internet religion," she told BuzzFeed News.
The Pokemon Company said the gadget, which resembles a Pokeball, has the same functions as its predecessor.
Further integration with AWS Lambda can also be expected so users can use the functions as jobs.
Nowhere is that clearer than in the Djalia, a mystical realm that functions as Wakanda's collective memory.
Okja is great, but it also functions as a billboard for creative freedom and unhinged budgetary leniency.
Bocom Leasing HK functions as the exclusive treasury platform for the offshore leasing operations of Bocom Leasing.
Neighbors functions as a fear and peer pressure-driven advertisement for a fancy, Amazon-owned camera system.
"Eastwatch" is a curious episode of television, because it mostly functions as a brand new season premiere.
The S Pen has the same functions as it does on the regular Galaxy Note 210, too.
Microsoft Azure has announced Azure Functions as a competing offering; so did Google, with Google Cloud Functions.
Deacons are ordained ministers, not priests, though they can perform many of the same functions as priests.
She functions as an avatar of our current work culture: burnt out, frustrated, bored, hostile, apathetic, helpless.
In 360 video, the consumer functions as a passenger; in virtual reality, the consumer takes the wheel.
He's joined by Vice President Mike Pence (Peter Grosz), who functions as his Ed McMahon-like sidekick.
More recently, he functions as a sort of keeping-it-super-duper-real commentator on NBA happenings.
It is sort of like a robot and helo combined — a helicopter that functions as a drone.
But now, Hawn's account functions as a bit of a rebuttal to Hudson's brand of digital celebrity.
A spectator rather than a participant in the savagery she describes, Mary functions as the novel's conscience.
The HSA functions as both a tax-exempt health payment fund and a tax deferred retirement supplement.
In mitigation, she has a recognizable, superfluously insistent way of buzzing that functions as a heads-up.
It functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, sauté pan, and yogurt maker.
Bishop's reporting on the strange occurrences in the wake of Yoon's death functions as a cautionary tale.
The box also functions as the greeting card, to which you can add your own personal photos.
By outsourcing these responsibilities, Abramović basically functions as a multi-national factory of dance and performance art.
After dark, Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner's dining room functions as something of a West Wing North.
The small square space with cinder block stairs functions as her bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.
It also has two side buttons: One opens apps while the other functions as a back button.
The main thing we love about this scaled print is that it actually functions as a neutral.
Aside from her buying duties, she also functions as the Bergdorf ambassador, often photographed during fashion shows.
By day, it functions as a lounge area; at night, it can sleep up to three people.
According to Govan, the sculpture functions as a parable of Heizer's two primary disciplines, painting and sculpture.
The fragile structure functions as both sanctuary and prison, translucent on the outside but opaque from within.
It also comes with a patented wireless charging glass that functions as a rinsing glass and charger.
Ms. Akashi's exhibition functions as a dusky symbolic and underground laboratory for exploring some of these ideas.
It's a version of a bird but it also functions as a powerful and mysterious totemic force.
One such structure is the Senate House, which currently functions as the administrative center of Madras University.
The scene also functions as a preview of Avengers: Infinity War and hints at a new mystery.
Voter describes itself as "matchmaking for politics," and unabashedly functions as Tinder for finding your ideal political candidate.
"If it functions as it should at the (human) trial, it will be a massive breakthrough," said Ganesh.
The lamp functions as normal lamp — in addition to its networking functions — with a handful of smart features.
The card functions as a debit, credit, prepaid, multi-currency, or loyalty card, depending on the user's preference.
The company announced its Lyra Voice today, which functions as both a mesh router and an Alexa speaker.
The movie functions as an escape thriller, and an origin story for Pratt's Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord).
And most importantly, it's a stream of income independent of all other income that functions as a baseline.
Antarctica functions as a political condominium, governed by parties that have have consulting status to the Antarctic Treaty.
Part of the reason Wheelers feels so homely is that it functions as a second home for Fitt.
But when it's channelled correctly, the eagerness to reveal falsehoods functions as a self-organizing, spontaneous social good.
Essentially, the lower part of the leg is reattached backward so that the ankle functions as a knee.
For both companies — and lately for other tech rivals, including Amazon — the education market functions as a gateway.
A ghost kitchen — sometimes called a dark kitchen — is a location that purely functions as a delivery business.
Pamplona's economy is wealthy and the city functions as an important administrative, political and economic centre in Navarre.
The white uniformity of the exhibition functions as a negation, a petrified history, a symbol of Irving's denialism.
The Russian media machine functions as a huge psychological operation, a kind of massive pro-Putin Super PAC.
He functions as an argumentative stand-in almost as often as he does a flesh-and-blood center.
The mystique he has built and maintained functions as a way to attract thoughtful people to his work.
Just as Brad Whitman functions as a testimony against flamboyant spending, Xavier operates as a paragon of humility.
As for the dry-flush toilet, it functions as expected, essentially "shrink-wrapping your waste," Mr. Porges said.
The track is played, and its lyrics are discussed in a circle, which basically functions as a cypher.
The plot of this 90-minute work functions as a sort of lab experiment for our dubious hero.
Camp also functions as a safe space for marginalized groups to engage in self-expression and cultural commentary.
In fact, we are on its side, engaging in a movie that functions as an escapist fantasy itself.
Though lavishly outfitted and promoted as a major tourist draw, Tai Kwun also functions as serious art space.
"The policy functions as an across-the-board ban on access to abortion," the appeals court ruling said.
This is great because drag functions as a conduit of self-discovery for a lot of queer people.
The president functions as head of state and commander in chief, but the role is otherwise largely ceremonial.
Jamie increasingly functions as the show's center of gravity, while Claire (after some interesting early struggles) has flattened.
Both surgical masks and N95s contain an inner mesh of tiny plastic fibers that functions as a filter.
FEMA functions as a coordinator for all the interagency activities, regardless of the type of disaster or emergency.
It's difficult to diagnose tuberculosis when the X-ray room functions as a museum for a broken machine.
However, it is the anger that I feel that functions as a saving grace, a place of being.
It's tempting to think that Thursday's indictment shows that the current campaign-finance system functions as it should.
If the Oracle Pro Series functions as planned, it will increase the total to approximately 160 such events.
Once capable of criticizing Trump as "religious bigot," Graham now functions as an abject apologist and craven enabler.
Fire-resistant cushionYour seat cushion functions as a flotation device, but did you know it&aposs also fireproof?
It functions as a 2600 mAh portable power bank, fast-charging car charger, and bright LED torch flashlight.
Pamplona's economy is wealthy as the city functions as an important administrative, political and economic centre in Navarre.
CMB International Leasing functions as the exclusive operating and treasury platform for the overseas business of CMB Leasing.
They even sold the United States dollar, which nearly always functions as a refuge in times of chaos.
The building at 1600 Vine functions as dormitory and studio lot for some of the internet's biggest stars.
It functions as a support network by bringing survivors together and providing monetary and other assistance to victims.
It's essentially a bag filled with air, inside of which is an origami structure that functions as a skeleton.
But it often functions as a political buzzword that stifles more complex conversations about economic institutions and climate change.
It also functions as a kind of meta-commentary on a series that has long prided itself on reinvention.
Its first product, a camera called Hexagon, connects to a smartphone app and functions as a live safety camera.
Respire functions as a collective in essence and in practice, with an open door policy for our extended family.
With cryptocurrencies, power and authority might change hands, but this will not change how society functions as a whole.
WhiteSmoke functions as a writing assistant to ensure that every text, email, and tweet you send is error-free.
For consumers, this is going to mean more mobile apps with AI functions as developers start incorporating these tools.
These elements are crucial in understanding how this form of casual racism functions as an arm of white supremacy.
Ardor is the newest blockchain platform Jelurida has been working on, and functions as sort of a Nxt 2.0.
"This whole project continues to be and functions as a personal creation, without any official backing whatsoever," said Tsalkanis.
One case in point is Penny, a Y Combinator-backed mobile app that functions as a personal finance coach.
For the ex-FLDS, Warren Jeffs's ascension functions as a cleaving point, separating one way of life from another.
ICBCIL Finance functions as the exclusive treasury platform for the offshore leasing operations of ICBC Financial Leasing Co. Ltd.
On the record, blackness is not being flaunted; instead, it functions as an insider's message purely for black people.
Like the AWS Snowball, the Data Box also features a e-paper display that functions as the shipping label.
For other venues, the comments section functions as a kind of welcome mat, an invitation to inclusion through dialogue.
Not only is the moon shape aesthetically pleasing on its own, but it also functions as a phone stand.
The screenless phone, called Relay, functions as both a kid tracker and a way to communicate directly with them.
Through SteadyMD's concierge model, Bast functions as her telehealth patients' primary care physician for a monthly fee of $79.
They're both outsiders, though neither really functions as a stand-in for the audience, as you might initially expect.
The group currently functions as a think tank associated with the United Kingdom's Labour Party, according to its website.
But this style of argument proves far too much, and in fact functions as a generic case against democracy.
Rice also functions as a staple in many cultures, an important issue the report neglected to take into account.
It now functions as a political party named the Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común" or "Common Alternative Revolutionary Force.
"Alert functions as the background noise of our time, like horses neighing in the 18th century," proposed Al Qadiri.
Protesters began arriving at the nondescript building that functions as the Portland, Oregon home of ICE last Sunday afternoon.
It functions as a disturbing structure, emitting, in its intensity of presence and perfection of surface, sets of signals.
Beginning in January, the administration reduced funding for the agency, which in some ways functions as a quasi government.
Today, Surf Haiti is the country's only member of the International Surf Association, which functions as surfing's governing body.
"It's not what would be akin to a biopic; Rafa functions as symbol in the play," Gil-Sheridan said.
Prager argued that YouTube, which has 2 billion users worldwide, functions as a "public square" because of its ubiquity.
It functions as a car club where, for a fee, drivers can use vehicles strategically placed around a city.
That is a personal salve for my body, but it also functions as a weather vane, and guess what?
Federal Medicaid funding functions "as a fiscal stabilizer for state finances," because that federal money increases during economic downturns.
That singular innovation gave rise to a company and product that functions as an effective tax on the internet.
As the final assembly point for the iPhone, China also functions as a base for Apple's global tax strategy.
By contrast, the City College Fund functions as a small and independent nonprofit, with a separate board and database.
The base holds roughly 6900,2628 U.S. troops and functions as a launch point for operations in Somalia and Yemen.
What's also amazing about the video is how it functions as an origin story for both Nina and Kai.
GaiaMotherTree is a walk-in structure that functions as a meeting place and a venue for interaction and meditation.
Accordingly, the exhibition functions as an artistic response to the refugee crisis that has become especially acute since 2015.
The play Death of a Salesman, in that way, functions as a mirror in front of my main story.
Based in New York, Meetup functions as an IRL social network, enabling communities to organize events and bring people together.
For many marine species, sound functions as a primary sense, and plays an essential role in communication and finding food.
The HoloLens is a $3,000 piece of hardware that essentially functions as a heads-up display for any given activity.
"Fashion, like anything else, functions as a mirror to what is going on in the world around us," she postulated.
Think of its functions as similar to those of a smartwatch, but less obtrusive and certainly a lot more stylish.
While this Thanos gag pays homage to the villain, then, it also functions as something of an automated spoiler guard.
Rather, it functions as an umbrella organization for a number of autonomously run Protestant churches that identify as Southern Baptist.
The gallery space functions as a back room to the OXXO, an exclusive space where the real deals are made.
Bank examiners are a type of financial auditor that functions as part of a control system in the financial market.
Kelly's, which is in the Hollywood & Highland mall, functions as the office for the several impersonators who run the association.
In many wrecks around Florida, for instance, seagrass functions as an anchor, holding sediment in place and blanketing fragile timbers.
Although majhi titles are technically only assigned to men, Suhara functions as the unofficial female majhi of the widows camp.
The flagship MLB broadcast of a sports media behemoth functions as a sort of weekly league check-in as well.
Each individual drug trip is analyzed and manipulated by the GRTA, which functions as sort of an AI spirit guide.
Linda, long-divorced and devoted to her two children...functions as an uptight, anxious foil to her wildly undisciplined daughter.
And then three years ago, we built a website that sort of functions as like a real-time Black List.
It has a back compartment that holds a multitool that functions as a ruler, screwdriver, nail file, knife, and more.
"The state functions as a pimp, collecting taxes, which I consider blood money," she wrote in an email last December.
But the Xperia Ear performs many of the same functions as Motorola's Moto Hint earpiece it appears to be following.
So, Lauren shouldn't be recognizing her boyfriend's independent bodily functions as an invitation for her to sit on his erection.
The double standard makes sense when you recall that the mainstream media largely functions as a beacon of liberal thought.
By creating a feed that functions as a photo tour of their house, these influencers have attracted thousands of followers,
This means it's not meant just for wearing around the house but functions as a great fall hiking jacket, too.
The tiny house even has something my entertainment center lacks: a heated electric furnace that functions as a (fake) fireplace.
The Dot connects to those speakers either through a wire or over Bluetooth; after that, it functions as another Echo.
But it's also a black box, which on planes functions as a faultless record of where the plane has been.
"The studio also functions as the repeating ground that allows for the recombining of figures on its surface," he says.
The dance floor is not just a place to sweat and kiss; it often functions as a place of healing.
The app functions as a library of notebooks, letting you create a new book for each class or business meeting.
A CDS is a financial derivative that effectively functions as insurance against non-payment of bonds and other credit instruments.
Peck functions as Baldwin's partner, or even collaborator, seeing the world through his eyes and helping us do so, too.
In math and science in particular, the time limit on exams functions as an important part of the test, i.e.
Frequently, of course, it functions as a convenient forum for disseminating news and photos to far-flung relatives and friends.
The Max version functions as both a traditional action camera and, thanks to dual lenses, a 360-degree recording device.
It's more ersatz — which means it functions as a comment on the core question of whether either Kevin is divine.
You Were Born for This, now a New York Times bestseller, functions as a sort of toolkit for self-discovery.
But the book also functions as a complete, and frequently very funny, guide to understanding the egg as an ingredient.
Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark says Lightning functions as a software layer that sits on top of the bitcoin network.
The inspector general functions as an independent investigator, free from the bureaucratic biases and pressures of the entity under investigation.
The terminal also functions as a sort of giant instant messaging platform to Wall Street, where users "bloomberg message" one
HP Dock Accessory Photo: Santiago GarciaWhen not in the docked mode, the G25 Studio functions as a typical convertible laptop.
Mehrabad is located in western Tehran and mainly functions as a domestic airport, although it also serves some international routes.
It functions as an experience center for the Silicon Valley giant — the only one of its type in the world.
That means his farm also functions as an artificial reef and attracts numerous species of fish and sea-dwelling birds.
At the same time, the book is most successful when it functions as "a handbook for change," the book's subtitle.
This skyscraper would serve two functions: as housing for residents and a parking place for drones that whiz around NYC.
Called "Built by b8ta," the solution functions as a retail-as-a-service platform for brands that want a physical presence.
Scientists believe that this ability functions as a temporary mechanism to continue the species until a male partner can be found.
For libertarian-minded folks like Theil, O'Neill and Srinivasan, the FDA simply functions as a way to stop companies from innovating.
But more likely this just functions as a way to make the math work and have the budget balance by 2027.
Amir's short video functions as the introduction to Doing Time in Holot, the photographer's first solo exhibition at the Israel Museum.
Daro sees this shift from solving equations to analyzing functions as one of the biggest conceptual changes in the Common Core.
She said the investigation is being conducted by the DEA's Office of Professional Responsibility, which functions as its internal affairs unit.
The machine is designed to replicate our human functions as closely as possible, by keeping the organs alive outside the body.
Given's death functions as a cold and uncomfortable echo of Richie's: Both were young black men destroyed by jealous white men.
I have been critical of Washington reporting that functions as a government mouthpiece, especially through the use of unnamed government sources.
The foregrounded objects are mediated by Warhol's love of color, which functions as flat abstraction in the background of the works.
And their society -- which has far less income inequality and much higher levels of trust -- still functions as a cohesive unit.
This model doesn't have as many functions as the Duo Plus 60, but you can control it via Alexa voice commands.
I settle into the barge, which functions as a kitchen, herbal remedy practice, and I'm told, an occasional cocktail bar, too.
He specifically pointed out Matted LLC owner Donna Drummer, whose store functions as an art gallery, gift shop, and framing store.
On Maya & Marty, as it did in that SNL bit, Rudolph's statuesque dignity functions as the perfect counterweight to Short's mugging.
BitTorrent uses "trackers" to keep, well, track of the files that people are sharing; the software functions as a tiny server.
It functions as a sort of soft censorship, presupposing that everyone involved will react to situations in the least rational way.
In 360 video, the consumer functions as a passenger in the storyteller's world; in virtual reality, the consumer takes the wheel.
They brought the bird to her and she raised it to a healthy adult, who now functions as Smalley's support animal.
The verdant warrior functions as a straight man to the film's sillier characters, so it's characteristic for her to remain quiet.
While it's hard to see Tay's forward-facing functions as particularly useful, as a research project it could be quite valuable.
I start every day with a protein shake because, as you get older, your protein synthesis no longer functions as well.
The MoS2 functions as the semiconductor, with the hollow carbon nanotube functioning as the gate to control the flow of electrons.
At times the state is unable to perform basic functions, as the mountains of uncollected rubbish bags on some streets testify.
And throughout, Foucault's often maddeningly abstruse prose functions as a plaything for a skilled actor to mouth with flourish and flair.
Rather, she took some core analytical skills and used them to learn to develop experience in those functions as she went.
Officers in the Ministry of Public Security — North Korea's daily law-enforcement agency — functions as a national constabulary who enforce laws.
Consider the fastidious opossum, which, because it grooms obsessively and is expert at removing ticks, functions as a tick death trap.
This vote also functions as an update: Whoever downloads it is installing the new rules on their computer in doing so.
For Taylor Swift fans, though, the video functions as a repudiation of the narrative Kanye and Kim established back in 2016.
But the bioweapon also functions as what might be the series' most potent metaphor yet for what Philip and Elizabeth do.
For Miranda, this kind of sunny political optimism may or may not come naturally, but it functions as a safety mechanism.
Two years ago, FSG launched another experimental imprint, MCD/FSG, that functions as a laboratory of sorts for boundary-pushing fiction.
The sea of asphalt at the junction of Jackson Avenue and Vernon Boulevard functions as a free-for-all parking lot.
Warren swore off holding big-dollar events, even as her home state functions as a piggy bank for other 2020 Democrats.
AR offers the potential to enhance our basic functions as human beings as we lead our lives in the physical world.
People have very different "damage functions," as economists put it; a small harm to one is a grievous blow to another.
Each Nintendo Joy-con controller attachment functions as its own controller, but that's not the case for the Alienware Concept UFO.
Low tide on the Northern Ireland side of the River Newry, which functions as a border with the Republic of Ireland.
We've talked about the idea of comfort TV here on Mashable, and how it functions as a sort of coping mechanism.
The ID.3 will come standard with adaptive cruise control and lane assist, which delivers the same functions as Tesla's Autopilot.
The album that Giddens and Turrisi have made together functions as a kind of proof of Van der Merwe's musicological thesis.
Comer functions as a way to "fix" his inadequacies, acting in the manic pixie dream girl trope, albeit with rocket launchers.
It also functions as a government, providing law and order, repairing roads, keeping the electricity on, and selecting textbooks for schools.
The company blurs the line between commerce and art as it functions as both a legitimate startup and performance art piece.
One of the most unnerving things about The Trump Prophecy is the degree to which it functions as an echo chamber.
Often music functions as a travelogue, conjuring pretty vistas reassuring in their respite from daily life and breathtaking in their nonexistence.
Many people don't trust traditional sources of information, such as local news sites, and social media functions as the primary source.
Today, the collective functions as a media agency, curatorial portal, and production company, enabling the work of diverse artists around the globe.
The SIM acts as a provider and Brass Horn essentially functions as a mobile virtual network operator that piggybacks on other networks.
Within those three sections, there are three separate tutorials that enable you to test the robotic functions as you build the creation.
The card also functions as a transaction log for all of your Apple Pay purchases on the web or at physical locations.
The app functions as a digital icebreaker, designed for people who would rather meet someone IRL than first chatting on an app.
By using VoiceOver, one of Apple's most well-known accessibility features, Vasquez has access to the same functions as a sighted person.
It came out of Toyota's American Calty Design Research center last year and functions as a sort of toolbox for recreational pursuits.
But the screen also functions as a smartphone, where you receive text messages from fictional friends and news alerts about the apocalypse.
At the very least, a balance must be struck between a news photograph's competing functions as both documentary record and art object.
Each muscle consists of a sealed bag filled with air or fluid, containing a folding origami structure that functions as the skeleton.
When the free market system functions as designed, it can drive solutions to alleviate suffering and lift individuals to their fullest potential.
Governments do not perform the same functions as businesses, so leaders moving in from the private sector will adapt their approach accordingly.
The first four of these were real functions, as stated by the people from whom the song in question had been collected.
Bitcoin functions as some sort of "store of value," or proof of concept for the blockchain, but it ain't a currency.[Stripe]
Whether or not it functions as well as other waxes remains to be seen, but it's a step forward for environmental protection.
Tivoo also functions as a sleep-aid with its 24 profiles that feature HQ alpha wave audio tracks and melatonin inducing lighting.
Nothing is consistent at the moment, so my savings (accumulated from working in finance prior to 2100) functions as my income / capital.
The record itself functions as was a resurrection of the truly undead, recalling spirits of deathrock's past in its most perfect form.
It functions as a form of spatial mapping: through the acoustic depths of the detainees' memories, Abu Hamdan approximates the prison's interior.
At the Parrish, as in Philadelphia, "WetLand" functions as a semi-sustainable residency and a platform for Mattingly to demonstrate DIY solutions.
Essentially, it functions as the entrance from the vaginal canal into the uterus, where sperm have to travel to meet an egg.
Mr. Froment chose to exhibit the objects in outsize transparent cases without descriptive labels, so the catalog functions as a necessary guide.
Xeler8 was a data mining company, but after the buyout it functions as a venture capital fund and incubator for start-ups.
You put down a deposit that functions as your credit limit, but you do not have to reload after each billing cycle.
Washington (CNN)Here's how much Chief Justice John Roberts cares these days that his branch of government functions as a collegial body.
Deep in your colon you'll find a natural, flexible kink called the "anorectal angle," which primarily functions as a stopgap for continence.
They point to an alternative in which community college functions as a link between students of non-traditional backgrounds and traditional universities.
Salah's shop also serves as a place to learn about stambeli and partially functions as an homage to the masters of stambeli.
It functions as an off switch for muscle growth—when your body releases it, it keeps your muscle growth within normal bounds.
"We've got to come together in Washington and break the gridlock for such important functions as funding the federal government," Carter said.
In its email to employees, Tesla noted that there had been some duplication of roles and job functions as it scaled quickly.
Dyn is one of many outfits that host the Domain Name System, or DNS, which functions as a switchboard for the internet.
"Ready Player One" may include warnings about V.R. addiction, but the movie simultaneously functions as the biggest ad yet for the technology.
And if you're there for a performance presented by Danspace, you might not realize that the church still functions as a church.
The mass conversion of humans to rhinoceroses functions as a metaphor for the contagious rise of European fascism throughout the interbellum decades.
The PacPlex also functions as a gym, workout facility and a location for after-school programs with tutoring, sports and computer classes.
It's a caring, tender family dynamic that also functions as one of the more loving, if not aspirational, aspects of the film.
Prager had sought to argue that YouTube, which has 2 billion users worldwide, functions as a "public square" because of its ubiquity.
The topic had just been featured on Fox News, which often functions as an outrage factory for the President and his followers.
Research also suggests that one function of internal self-talk functions as a simulated outside perspective on one's own actions and thoughts.
She was quick to point out that the site, which started in 2011, functions as a vital bridge between cult and mainstream.
While it's mostly a thriller, what makes You good is the way it also functions as a withering satire of romantic tropes.
At its worst, it functions as the purity police, calling people out for the slightest transgression of a stiflingly self-righteous orthodoxy.
While the cast of Deep Space Nine never made a feature film, this extra-long season four premiere basically functions as one.
Celestino "CJ" Martinez, a supervisory special agent in Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations unit, who functions as a gang hunter.
The phase-in to the EITC and CTC functions as the opposite of a tax: It directly incentivizes people to work more.
For now, however, the tower of is the only one of its kind in China and functions as a kind of experiment.
The two thought long and hard about which characters to include in the episode, which almost functions as a short story anthology.
The Ken Burns Effect also functions as a microcosm of both what the director does and why his work sometimes proves controversial.
The company's founder, Raffaello D'Andrea, actually co-founded Kiva Systems, a company acquired by Amazon in 2012 that now functions as Amazon Robotics.
It will be measured by whether the deal actually functions as a first step toward getting the rest of the agreement to work.
Additionally, it functions as a 10-in-one device, whereas the Duo Six Quart model that retails for $100 only has seven functions.
Amanda Spriel, a perfusionist at Toronto General who was involved in the procedure, explained that this machine functions as the lungs normally do.
It also functions as a rotating, fully-adjustable mount so you can operate your phone with one hand while maneuvering the steering wheel.
Luckey says the kit also functions as a third-party headphone adapter, but that he has no plans to distribute it as such.
As such, the browser functions as a sort of virtual machine, providing JS web applications with resources (like memory) and an execution environment.
Slack, a messaging app that aims to end email, functions as a multi-level messaging service where users can share, collaborate and communicate.
He calls them "X-Force" (a team that, in recent comic book iterations, functions as the X-Men's black-ops, murder-friendly bunch).
Lens, which is now in beta, is a tool inside the Pinterest mobile app that functions as a kind of Shazam for objects.
The company is getting a second chance at life with "Polaroid Swing," which it recently launched and basically functions as a digital Polaroid.
The renegotiated arrangement tightened some elements, and made the mechanism subject to annual reviews by the Commission to ensure it functions as intended.
In this way Le Kov functions as a stepping stone, a knowingly artificial base from which to construct real, although forgotten, cultural memory.
Having supported Bernie Sanders, Moore's argument primarily functions as a last-minute pitch to those on the left clinging to doubts about Clinton.
Instant Apps, so far, have been loading as fast, if not faster, than mobile web hyperlinks, while providing similar functions as an app.
Aggie Ice Cream functions as both an ice cream parlor and a facility for students and staff to make and sell their product.
I have an old car that basically functions as a chair on wheels, and since it has working AC and speakers, I'm happy.
The machine is designed to replicate human functions as closely as possible so organs can be preserved for a longer period of time.
This is the most popular variant of school shooting fiction on Wattpad, to the extent that it almost functions as a separate genre.
Google Home is an in-home speaker system that functions as a personal assistant, linking all of your smart devices on one device.
For these white Americans, their self-identification as evangelicals functions as a statement of racial identity as well as a statement of faith.
Kodi says the aluminum essentially functions as a heat sink; there are also built-in ventilation slots along the bottom of the case.
And in the lobby is the new outpost of the Marfa Book Company, which functions as a bookstore, gift shop and performance space.
Two additional guests can sleep in the lounge, which includes a "magic TV" that functions as both a mirror and an entertainment system.
A limited-edition design in rose gold or silver that functions as zipper pull, key ring or pendant ($2240) is among the offerings.
For example, at Microsoft, Jenny Lay-Flurrie, a deaf woman, functions as Chief Accessibility Officer, spearheading programs for accessibility, privacy and online safety.
This seed vault essentially functions as a thumb drive for the world's crop supply, housing nearly 900,000 seed samples from around the world.
And there is some evidence that cannabis functions as a substitute for prescription opioids, such as OxyContin, which kill 15,214 Americans each year.
In all three collaborations, Jóhannsson displays a rare acumen for making music which functions as an essential element to the film's emotional infrastructure.
Like it sounds, "Hide Tweet" functions as an alternative to muting or blocking a user, while still offering some control over a conversation.
When the gold nanoparticles were less densely packed, it functions as a window by allowing all wavelengths to pass through the nanoparticle layer.
A green screen functions as a fundamental part of AES+F's practice, in order to combine all the desired characters in one shot.
In fact, Ms. Ojih Odutola functions as much as a storyteller as a visual artist, spinning a fantastic tall tale around the images.
And in June, an American institute that functions as an informal diplomatic channel plans to open an elegant new complex in Taiwan's capital.
In New Hampshire, Democrats flipped both chambers and took control of the Executive Council, which effectively functions as an additional branch of government.
The area essentially functions as a state separate from the rest of Kosovo — with its own school system, civil servants and cellphone provider.
In this collection of novellas, storytelling functions as a method of discussing social structures and interaction during the earliest days of the Renaissance.
The format, which is half the size of a broadsheet newspaper, often functions as a cost-cutting measure for newspapers around the world.
In Paris, where the MEK&aposs official headquarters is located, the group holds glitzy functions as it seeks to cultivate influential western officials.
Hannity, the ultimate loyalist, often functions as a member of Trump's extended Cabinet, giving the Administration a nightly dose of encouragement and advice.
The Gates, which does not have an on-site kitchen, also refurbished an Airstream trailer that functions as a prep and staging space.
It basically functions as a sort of resistance band, though it's impressive that Nintendo's managed to stick a bunch of sensors inside it.
She found her escape through college, and the memoir functions as both a reflection and way to make sense of her unusual life.
Writing like this functions as code: it signals that we should be content to suspend actual human complexity in favor of novelistic dispatch.
Tony Porter, the head of the U.K.'s commission on CCTV technology, functions as a kind of in-house watchdog for the government.
The non-profit was selected by NASA in 2011 to operate a US portion of the ISS that functions as a national laboratory.
The legislation functions as an amendment that is slated to be added in Chapter 24 of Title 54.1 in the Code of Virginia.
But most importantly, Julius Caesar functions as a strong warning to those who might resort to violence for purposes they believe are patriotic.
The swap functions as a no-interest loan that helps keep the government afloat and tamp down Argentina's almost 50 percent inflation rate.
My experience with Crohn's disease has taught me that a large portion of our medical establishment functions as a kind of disaster management.
Within the investing world, the peso functions as a proxy for all developing countries — the thing to bet against when sentiments go negative.
These are the people who bring with them "contamination," (Haitians who "all have AIDS") which functions as a trope for uncleanness, pollution, corruption.
This same theme carries Tragedy Girls, in which doing it for the likes functions as a comically thin driver for a gruesome killing spree.
This second "cover display," as Samsung calls it, functions as a 4.58-inch phone interface with a resolution of 840 x 1960 (21:9).
In "Stall (Closed)" (2014), a tree wrapped in dusty, sun-bleached Persian rugs functions as a sculpture not far from barbed-wire security fences.
The exhibition centers around a sculptural instrument made of raw timber and aluminum bells that functions as a communal bell-ringing instrument, or carillon.
Taken as a whole, the album functions as an associative tour of the ghetto while reporting on gangsta pathology from the grisly psychological inside.
"By making this a versatile product that also functions as a multi-stick, we're making a beauty concern more accessible to the everyday person."
His one-bedroom apartment functions as a dressing room and houses Rocywood's equipment and props, including three toy assault rifles that look impressively real.
This tour functions as a concession to an audience that's always wanted to know Beyoncé in particular, and about her marriage more broadly too.
When the couple drove to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, they couldn't get in since the visitor's center functions as the entrance to the caves.
Kaitlyn: What's special about "World of Wonders" is that it functions as a pleasant, non-aggressive reminder that you don't need to overthink it.
In summer months, the home's courtyard functions as a space for water play with a portable pool, as well as a respite for stargazing.
It now functions as a small exhibition gallery of her work, temporary quarters for visiting scholars, and the site of a library and archive.
Ms. Yellen functions as the nation's economic weather forecaster and, on Wednesday, she sounded more worried than at her last public appearance, in December.
The Blackloud AF1 FM headset works by building its FM tuner into an in-line control box, while the cable functions as the antenna.
How could it be "as much her show as his" when she only functions as the object and has no agency of her own?
In that way, the scholarship still effectively functions as a promotion of the show's values while serving a greater (and vastly more urgent) purpose.
What once was science fiction, however, creeps closer to reality as researchers have successfully created a cyborg rose that functions as an electronic circuit.
The site functions as a kind of Aphex Twin-only streaming service, complete with nearly 30 LPs, EPs, singles, and remixes available to stream.
The ISS (a remote, minimalist environment, by necessity) also functions as a good template for how to conduct operations on remote areas of Earth.
And while consumers may reap rewards, the score also functions as a signal mechanism for authorities about whom or what deserves to be penalized.
In fact, in almost every video game, no matter how badly my character is allegedly hurt, he moves and functions as if perfectly healthy.
The fabric walls enclose a cubic space about 8 feet across and contain mesh that functions as a Faraday cage, which blocks electromagnetic radiation.
Today, the startup is launching "Built by b83ta," which functions as a retail-as-a-service platform for brands that want a physical presence.
But while the typing was better, Klapse still missed that little red nipple that functions as a ThinkPad's alternative to a mouse or trackpad.
Within the aesthetic system of Bhutanese traditional art, the art object functions as a tool to provide the viewer greater access to spiritual Enlightenment.
The second is desegregation: the systems that specialise for particular functions as the brain develops become, in his words, "less different" from each other.
SeedLegals also functions as a collaboration platform, enabling you to work with an advisor and investors to interactively complete negotiations and close your round.
Once a recipe is selected, the screen shows step-by-step instructions, and also functions as a scale to help users measure out ingredients.
If a trader buys a call and a put together, they can form a "straddle" that functions as a bet on market turbulence itself.
Davos functions as a way of rationalizing the current global economic order—or, in the case of this year's summit, ensuring its continued existence.
They call themselves the voodoo operators, and the custom-built booth, about the size of a walk-in closet, functions as King Kong's brain.
The attorney general functions as a one-person Supreme Court in the system, in addition to hiring and evaluating the lower court judges themselves.
The platform advocates raising or eliminating contribution limits, opposes increased disclosure, and generally functions as a ringing endorsement of disastrous decisions like Citizens United.
Calling on Congress to assert its war powers also functions as a way for pro-war pundits to establish pseudo-opposition to unpopular wars.
This includes the attractive, willfully bland Ms. Peer as the good-girl producer, who essentially functions as straight woman to Mr. Karl's antic joker.
When you're not in danger, PanicSafe also functions as a car charger, capable of juicing up your devices four times faster than standard chargers.
He had a top-secret security clearance and access to Intelink, a classified network of servers that functions as the intelligence community's own internet.
During the trial run following the satellite's launch on March 1, the instrument, which functions as the satellite's eyes on our planet, showed irregularities.
It functions as a sort of baptism, supposedly cleansing the babies—all born in the previous year—from sin and protecting them from disease.
Some panelists who chose Sweden noted that the automatic 2 percent annual increase in payment size in effect functions as an income-based system.
The new vehicle also has several backup systems for both steering and braking functions as well as backup battery power and new cybersecurity systems.
Square Feet A redevelopment project in High Point, N.C., is creating a new district to replace a downtown that no longer functions as one.
These person-to-person exchanges served as the foundation for the current network, which essentially functions as a physical, offline version of the web.
Instead, it functions as a sort of United Nations for police organizations and a clearinghouse for the circulation of law enforcement tips and data.
Meanwhile the plaza that fronts the church functions as a fascinating and vibrant public space, filled with families, musicians, vendors selling souvenirs and snacks.
The 18th-century Prince Nicolaci and his descendants once lived in the 90-room house, part of which now functions as a discrete hotel.
"He was an important role model for many queer people," Brooker says, explaining that Blackstar functions as Bowie's goodbye to his early creative influences.
I grew to dread that triangle, which functions as an asterisk saying: This is where feeling would go in a production that had any.
More shocking, the scene functions as a moment of epiphany through which her character is able to develop into a better, more stable person.
Meant to demonstrate how art can preserve beauty by surviving misfortune, it instead functions as a shallow invocation of the real painting's tragic history.
It's run, in part, by the musician Liam Singer, who also owns the nearby HiLo cafe, a coffee shop that functions as a gallery.
But her story functions as a parable: the tale of a woman who, in trying to save herself, erects the regime that ruins her.
To do what seems merely sensible — merge as many of these functions as possible — would save $39 million annually, the Independent Budget Office estimates.
Although the Pentagon's caution functions as a constraint, it is a weaker inside bureaucratic player now that Jim Mattis is no longer defense secretary.
In a landmark essay in critical legal scholarship, Cheryl Harris argues that in the United States, whiteness functions as a kind of a property.
As humorous and witty as, "Hannibal" can be, it predominantly functions as a heart-rending examination of psychology, love, ethics, and humanity at large.
It also functions as a moment to reflect on the last month in terms of what lawmakers have done and not done on guns.
Get Out functions as a warning from one black artist to others in his community: Be careful what you'll give up to get ahead.
It was once an old village, but now functions as one of the most popular destinations for people needing an escape from city life.  
It usually responds nimbly during times of economic hardship, such as during the Great Recession, or even natural disasters, and functions as economic stimulus.
When you're not watching TV, the Playbase functions as an excellent standalone Sonos speaker, connected via the Sonos app to dozens of music services.
As with the other elements in her work, the mushrooms have two functions, as an abstract form and as a sign of elevated consciousness.
It also only really functions as a handheld device, so you won't be able to use it in conjunction with your PC or phone.
Precisely why caffeine—which, being lethal to many insects, functions as a pesticide in some plants—was selected against by evolution remains an open question.
"Gotham," the series that functions as Batman backstory, tees up the second half of its third season this week (1/16, FOX, 8 p.m. Eastern).
"Disrupting that signaling between these different areas, you can imagine, would have a disruptive effect on how the brain functions as a whole," Purdon says.
"As these statistics show, the AMT basically functions as a surtax on high-income taxpayers in high-tax states with children," the Tax Foundation said.
Blockchain functions as an online record-keeping system or digital ledger maintained by a random group of peers rather than any central agency or authority.
The title functions as a descriptive category, but is turned on its head by the artist to ask the question of which images move us.
The Calypso is my answer to that equation: a semi-submersible personal watercraft that functions as a rescue vehicle for big wave tow-in surfers.
It's scooped up tall and high, and functions as a way to show off your delicate facial features and the graceful slope of your neck.
It's not in targeting individual men, it's in helping people to understand how the system of patriarchy functions as a dominating force in our lives.
Galactic's primary backers are Branson and his own Virgin Group, a UK-based investment and branding company that functions as his private wealth management firm.
The school functions as an incubator for artists, designers and scholars, who learn from internationally renowned faculty at the intersection of creativity and social innovation.
On the table are small bags with Lego blocks for each of us, and a menu that functions as a sort of robot phrase book.
The cosplayer resides in a wheelchair, which in this case functions as an iron throne — there are makeshift swords jutting out of the chair's back.
In a hearing in May, the president's lawyers argued that the Democrats' actions fell far afield of Congress' legitimate oversight functions as a legislative body.
But the other major reason that Venom became such a phenomenon is that the character functions as something of an antihero — or perhaps an antivillain.
It's that it functions as a kind of anti-politics — casting the NRA's political opponents as devious enemies who can't be opposed through normal politics.
Paula, 11, designed a two-floor hover car, while 12-year-old Charlotte's Rainbow Convertible 3000 functions as a home as well as a car.
The southern port city of Aden functions as the de facto capital of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government after they were pushed out of Sanaa.
The Sengled Voice functions as a voice-controlled personal assistant, and it takes up far less space than personal home hubs like the Amazon Echo.
Innovation will drive more options for user-friendly menus and search functions as well as expand access to programming created by independent and diverse voices.
As swearing functions as a complex signal, subtle enough either to amuse or to offend, these words vary according to what a culture deems unmentionable.
The Magna Doodle's magnetic stylus attracts a thick, magnetic liquid inside the casing, and wipes clean with a sliding magnet that functions as an eraser.
Mark Harris created a haunting photo silkscreen on metal foil of the cover of The Perfect Moment catalogue that functions as a tribute to Mapplethorpe.
Fortunately, Part 2 opens with a "previously on" segment, going over the major beats, but it functions as little more the a visualized Wikipedia entry.
The installation functions as a precursor to the Underline's rotating arts program; each work alludes to the project's vision of health, movement, and greener space.
But because the ethereum network also functions as a global computer thanks to smart contracts, this ether isn't limited to being used as a currency.
In fact, the most interesting thing about The Perfect Date might be the way its fake dating premise functions as a metaphor for Centineo's career.
Massaged into his skin, it functions as the only birth control he and his wife, Julia, will use for the next year and a half.
" Social media user MR_Call said, "The SE has the same functions as the 6S but it's even cheaper than the 63C when it first launched.
For this administration, American history functions as a backdrop for racist fantasy—the greatness that will be made again—not as a foundation of government.
Now, many consumers' jobs and lives revolve around smartphones, and the data center functions as the "central nervous system" of the world's communications, Cramer said.
Abolition of ICE emerged in 2018 as a key goal of left-wing activists who argue that the agency largely functions as a deportation service.
Live the lux life with the visually stunning French-made Mauviel M'heritage 9-Piece 2.5mm Copper Cookware Set, which functions as beautifully as it appears.Pros:Cons:
Meanwhile, "For Freedoms," at Jack Shainman Gallery, functions as a headquarters for the nation's first artist-run super PAC and features works by collaborating artists.
"If Ambassador Kislyak was not contacting some people on the other side so to say, he wouldn't perform his functions as he should," Ryabkov said.
Naturally, lawyers have bridled at mandatory arbitration, which functions as a private, contractual form of dispute resolution, and have lobbied for it to be banned.
The problem with AI Portrait Ars reflects how, historically, technology often functions as an extension of the status quo as opposed to a great equalizer.
Ms. Sodderland and Sophie Robinson directed and produced this 83-minute documentary, which functions as a visual metaphor of Ms. Sodderland's altered, often bizarre perception.
She pops up now and then in some flashbacks, but mostly functions as an idea (of love and loss) and as a useful narrative wedge.
"Marconi," which functions as a cultural history as much as a biography, reminds us that in its earliest incarnations, wireless had a romance and mystique.
A Room for Archaeologists and Kids functions as a workspace for items freshly found from digs, allowing researchers to examine them as quickly as possible.
"We must be prepared for the worst-case scenario," said the statement from the committee, which functions as the city's executive branch, or mayoral office.
He wrote it in the mid-70s, when he was playing piano at clubs around Los Angeles, and the song basically functions as a complaint.
In fact, some of Murdoch's longstanding enemies have again attacked the "Tower of Voices," which they believe functions as a minaret or prayer-time sundial.
Each year the library admits a new batch recordings into the registry, which functions as a kind of hall of fame of American recorded sound.
This liquid metal is patterned onto a thin polymer film, where it functions as the conductive tracks of a normal circuit board—liquid wires, basically.
His craft mostly functions as a frame or pedestal, literally serving as a display for small souvenirs, books, and photographs from the Japanese-American internment.
Kadyrov's Chechnya functions as a kind of dark reflection of Putin's Russia — one that utilizes Putin's strategies and political approach and takes them to extremes.
They have their sleep patterns monitored, they said, and use wearable technology to have such functions as their breathing patterns scrutinized while on the ice.
The commission would enshrine the system, along with the new limits, in the City Charter, which functions as a kind of constitution for city government.
He'd suggested we meet at this restaurant in the Spectrum Center, a sprawling, pleasantly engineered outdoor mall that functions as Irvine's de facto civic space.
A startup that functions as both data storage and cybersecurity believes its approach is the key to how companies will protect information in the future.
Yet because I oppose the wearing of the full Muslim veil in public, which functions as a face mask, you would label me a bigot.
The property functions as a single-family home, but could also be rented to tourists, as many renovated trulli complexes in the Apulia region are.
One variation of this service, "ransomware," functions as a malware that encrypts files on a computer, preventing the owner from accessing them to extort payment.
And we are less interested in the "secret" iconography of the print than in how it functions as both a sculptural and a narrative element.
On top of that, PDF Expert functions as a user-friendly PDF reader, allowing you to quickly read files and annotate them to your heart's desire.
The can's opening functions as a mouthpiece, and what would once be the side of a can has an indented chamber where your pot will go.
" Holding a device called an e-meter, which functions as a kind of lie detector, the auditor interrogates the auditee, looking for areas of "spiritual distress.
Other times it functions as metaphor for the system we are critiquing or are complicit with in a market, like the idea of a feedback loop.
Each functions as a minimovie of sorts, complete with a cinematic title screen and opening credits that feel like something out of an Italian neorealist film.
The bottom right pictures a hydrogen atom in its two lowest states—the transition time between them functions as a clock reference for the other diagrams.
Carrobot distinguishes itself from its competitors, most notably Navdy and Exploride, by having full voice control for all functions as well as a Bluetooth remote control.
All this better-than-expected news from Washington has pushed the peso, which functions as a national mood ring, nearly back to its pre-election levels.
Thinking of human biological functions as a code, means that many diseases are just coding errors that can be overwritten with the introduction of new "software".
But what you probably didn't know at the time—and what none of us knew until recently—is that the song also functions as mosquito repellent.
Yeh would like it to be more than that, and there's something compelling about the way her mission functions as an underlying conflict for the show.
This basically functions as a News Feed for that particular video creator, letting them post text updates, live videos, GIFS, images, and more to their subscribers.
For visitors wanting more than static, nice-smelling scenery, a living musical fountain functions as the park's main attraction by synchronizing bursts of water to music.
Valve appealed, explaining the Steam Link app simply functions as a LAN-based remote desktop similar to numerous desktop applications already available on the App Store.
Under net neutrality, the internet functions as a one-lane highway — everyone and everything flows at the same rate, on the same path (more or less).
The potential for his new site, if it functions as Wilson hopes, would also go well beyond even the average Trump supporter's taste in gun rights.
A private group on Facebook called the Secret Cabal functions as a sort of headquarters, where members discuss edits and decide which articles to tackle next.
Not only does it offer a running-based alternative to the company's popular internet-connected spinning machines, it also functions as a mini home workout studio.
Novo said the job cuts would affect research and development (R&D) units and headquarter staff functions, as well as positions in the global commercial organization.
It only occurred on the most prominent bitcoin pricing index CoinDesk, which simply functions as an average of four prominent exchanges: Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit, and OKCoin.
The craft is what's called an unmanned semi-submersible vehicle, or USSV, and it functions as a mobile science base — and now, a rocket launch platform.
With Curry off-ball, Green functions as an extra point guard on the court, hitting cutters and weak-side shooters with passes from above the arc.
Under this approach, rather than serving as the primary actor, USAID functions as a catalyst to address the root causes of conflict and achieve lasting stability.
There is another theory, by which the media's credibility could be so damaged with a portion of the population that it functions as an inverse validator.
EM: First of all, NATO is only as strong as its member states, so it only works if the guarantor of last resort functions as such.
This basically functions as a News Feed for that particular video creator, letting them post text updates, live videos, GIFs, images, and more to their subscribers.
What's more, it also functions as a convenient USB charging port, as well as a white noise machine to help you fall asleep faster at night.
He's documenting a theory about how sting pain functions: as a deterrent, whereby it creates a memory of pain that stays with a predator for life.
Denino often lands at the top of a message board called LivestreamFails, which functions as a micro-TMZ for the personal lives of live-streaming celebrities.
Trump has never liked the Bushes Speaking of sticking it in peoples' eyes, the Libby pardon also functions as a middle finger to the Bush clan.
When the immature, wingless beetle larvae are most dependent, researchers found, the mother stops producing eggs and releases a chemical that functions as an anti-aphrodisiac.
Grammar functions as a kind of spice, similar to the way that Sichuanese cuisine uses strong flavors to create satisfying meals that actually contain little meat.
The new vehicle also has several back-up systems for both steering and braking functions as well as battery back-up power and new cybersecurity systems.
No matter how "eco-friendly", roadside planters, rooftop gardens and isolated patches of green cannot sustain the same ecosystem functions as a well-protected wetland park.
The 60-acre property functions as a sort of summer camp for musicians looking to escape the grind of life on tour and on the internet.
One of the repeated tropes across a lot of your books is the presence of a character who functions as a shadow self to the protagonist.
It's hardly surprising that an industry that often functions as a protection racket for white male mediocrity should specialize in spectacles of white male self-pity.
Perhaps "Game of Thrones" functions as a cultural reset button, inviting us to imagine how we might redo nationhood and industrialism if we had the chance.
As these women tell it, Dick functions as an escape for Chris, a role model for Devon, a curiosity for Toby, a brilliant frustration for Paula.
It doesn't run, but he says it is one of only two such versions to remain in the United States, and functions as a conversation piece.
Well, in practice, intersectionality functions as kind of caste system, in which people are judged according to how much their particular caste has suffered throughout history.
A hop, skip and a neuron jump away is the nucleus accumbens, a round, flat structure which functions as the stimulus control center for the brain.
The Native mascot functions as a seal of approval for the Americans who support it, an ode to their belief that this land is fairly theirs.
Memewear may be more temporary than a tattoo, but it still functions as a statement of purpose, even if that statement is a rhinestone-studded ''meh.
Even the Global Times, a state-run tabloid that effectively functions as a Communist Party mouthpiece, called on the government to increase transparency about the virus.
It essentially functions as a 30-minute sales pitch for the show, but offers a fascinating look at the 80,000-pound rotating stage and other wizardry.
In American movies — and maybe not only there — the idea of luck often functions as a euphemism for, and an antidote to, the effects of class.
And, in fact, Jojo Rabbit, in all its absurdity, owes a direct debt to (and, as a result, functions as a commentary on) "serious" Holocaust fiction.
Here in Blacksburg, where I've lived for 12 years, we have a tiny layperson-led Jewish community center that functions as a synagogue and religious school.
But Trump, who functions as an insult-o-matic when he speaks of other presidents, is the odd man out in this exclusive ex-presidents club.
Interpol, which functions as a sort of clearinghouse for the circulation of arrest warrants, tips and data, does not have direct policing powers of its own.
He takes the common phrase BACK TO SQUARE ONE — which also functions as our revealer — and uses it to explain why the theme phrases seem incomplete.
From cemetery monuments and statues allegorizing reunification to an obelisk that functions as propaganda for "Lost Cause" rhetoric, the city's monuments make a blanket approach impossible.
Sometimes, the app can get a little confused when you also try to add in an associated company where someone works, but it largely functions as advertised.
They should ignore Donald Trump's urging to "delay, delay, delay," and help ensure our Constitution functions as it should — and as it has in the past. Opinion
"Angel Down" is Gaga at her most heavy-handed, and it's unlikely to be anyone's favorite song on Joanne, but it functions as a stately, somber coda.
The lender also said that the home credit business would cut an unspecified number of jobs at its central support functions as it looks to cut costs.
Facebook announced Thursday that it's launching an advertising archive that functions as a database for users to find out more about political ads on the social network.
The product functions as a electric toothbrush, but has a nozzle in the middle that acts as a water flosser (please enjoy its deliciously campy infomercial here).
But then, Sarah leaves out the part that Sierra should have omitted – that the advantage functions as an heirloom, and she's the only person in the will.
The extensions we granted at that time were short term and only used to prevent people from losing access to specific functions as developers updated their apps.
In the end, it reneges on all these suggestions, but their presence in the film says much about how Bridget functions as a romantic hero in 2016.
The vast majority are still in Cork — including some of the very first employees — now performing a wide variety of functions as part of Apple's global footprint.
Beyond a glass door lies Zheng Bo's "Dune Botanical Garden", a work of bio-art made of transplanted local weeds that also functions as a museum garden.
It functions as a cache system for your primary storage drive, storing necessary data, sort of like RAM might, but holding onto that data in between restarts.
The meeting, which will include "messengers," or delegates, from churches all across America, functions as a kind of organizational meeting for the Southern Baptist community at large.
"I am declaring our Valley Isle a disaster area for the purpose of implementing the emergency management functions as allowed by law," Ige said in a statement.
The app functions as a kind of digital bulletin board on college campuses, but its anonymous nature has meant that it struggles to develop bonds between users.
In addition to employing skilled cake decorators, 'Třeboň in Marzipan' functions as a chráněná dílna (literally, "protected workroom"), a workplace for people with physical or mental disabilities.
Here, he puts his all behind "Love, Hope and Misery," a slow, yearning, condescending advice song to dumped girlfriends that also functions as an apology for leaving.
However, it functions as a second screen that I use solely for art creation; my everyday tasks, like web browsing and email, I do on an iMac.
" For an article last week, he interviewed political scientists about this "new and growing sector of the internet that functions as a fake news bubble for liberals.
A self-perpetuating bureaucracy, UNRWA also functions as an employment agency with a reported 30,000 staffers—most Palestinian and some having come from terrorist groups like Hamas.
Jimmy Allen, a retired teacher and 1960s street gang leader who functions as Mantua's de facto mayor, knows its ills: boarded-up houses, drug addiction, struggling schools.
Shafak's novel captures the era's richly textured social fabric and functions as "a love poem to the cosmopolitan beauty of Istanbul," our reviewer, Christopher Atamian, said here.
CCBL (Cayman) is an offshore SPV established by CCB Leasing (International) Corporation Limited (CCBLI), which functions as the primary overseas platform for CCB Leasing's aviation leasing business.
She's a sloshy mess, or so we're meant to believe from her alternating lightly or heavily smeared eyeliner, which functions as a kind of mood ring-Breathalyzer.
The astronomy park functions as a something of a love letter to both space and Glenn, who died at the age of 95 after an illustrious career.
Residents would pay into a state agency that functions as an insurance company, and the agency would in turn pay doctors and hospitals when people sought treatment.
Similar to a bartender, the Master mainly functions as a psychiatrist-cum-chef—someone for characters to project their insecurities onto or mull over their problems with.
A bunch of us have been doing this job for a long time, and E3 often functions as a way to get excited about video games again.
The former functions as described above, with players actively lying to one another, while the latter removes those trappings and transforms the game into a murder mystery.
It functions as a pedestrian zone but feels like an eerily and inexplicably abandoned thoroughfare, since the paving is neatly stenciled with lanes, turning arrows and crosswalks.
The organization, which functions as an elite military branch and a bulwark of the country's revolution, is today the most powerful force within Iran's complicated political structure.
Tapping jump also functions as a boost, and when combined with the game's many peaks and valleys, the player can able pull off some truly impressive feats.
The club also functions as a living archive, from the music that is played to the people who show up to celebrate each other and be celebrated.
They are about the institution to which Justice Scalia dedicated his professional life, to make sure it functions as the beacon of justice that our founders envisioned.
They are about the institution to which Justice Scalia dedicated his professional life —  and making sure it functions as the beacon of justice that our founders envisioned.
This functions as an excellent short version of Hurston's story and demonstrates Bagge's skill as a scholar (albeit of secondary sources) and a clear, concise prose writer.
" Elsewhere, an airport salad functions as a hiding place for marijuana and a custom vehicle ("Super Sport with frog eyes") winds up "double-parked at Five Guys.
"While surveillance is often promoted as a law enforcement tool, surveillance also functions as a form of societal control," EFF Senior Investigative Researcher Dave Maass told Motherboard.
And it goes along with basically infantile fantasies about individual action — the "good guy with a gun" — taking the place of such fundamentally public functions as policing.
PLA commanders appear at some government and diplomatic functions as part of their traditionally symbolic role in Hong Kong, but the PAP has no such public role.
But don't be fooled — while this machine also functions as a mirror, it has an LCD screen from which to screen live and on-demand fitness classes.
Today's doubly symmetrical puzzle is like a solar observatory that functions as a giant sundial, or a set of pyramids that lines up perfectly with a constellation.
But rather than telling a story, it functions as a danced requiem, one of stylized violence and choppily articulated motion reminiscent of hip-hop popping and locking.
It still functions as you&aposd expect from a Google app, and is a simple and efficient way to pay for just about anything, at any time.
Honor Swinton Byrne plays a diffident version of the director's younger self in an elusive autobiographical film that also functions as a kind of superhero origin story.
Today many of these functionsas well as the "smart" in our new Smart Grid — resides in the "cloud" and relies on connectivity with internet infrastructure facilities.
Kate Browne in Runner's World argues that the movie functions as "fitspo" by conveying to viewers that if you lose weight, you, too, can achieve your dreams.
The front of the store functions as a jewelry store with racks of Studs' basic jewelry alongside collaboration lines with Man Repeller, Susan Alexandra, and Bing Bang.
The stratollite travels by virtue of two balloons, one filled with helium to provide lift, and the other with pressurized air, which functions as a steering system.
On Tuesdays, the whole ground floor functions as something of a community center, as other families visit for singalongs with Lucy Kalantari, a Grammy-nominated children's musician.
The device functions as a central hub for your other smart home gadgets, and its voice-activated assistant, Alexa, provides convenience that few other products can match.
"It's over," said a coal trader who operates from Dandong, a city on China's northeastern border that functions as the main center of business with North Korea.
On its surface, Crazy Rich Asians functions as a swooning lifestyle fantasy — a shimmering dispatch from sumptuous Asia to people who have never seen it for themselves.
Already in these works, heavy human flesh no longer functions as a prerequisite for subjectivity, but rather takes on léger (lightweight) aspects typical of the electronic android.
The strongly/somewhat approve/disapprove question functions as a rating on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being strongly disapprove and 4 being strongly approve.
Larbalestier told Motherboard that the magnetic field essentially functions as an energy source, and researchers can use higher-energy fields to determine the structure of complex molecules.
Rhythmically pealing waves of arpeggiated guitar echo over expanses of feedback, shivering wind, surges of atmosphere, varnished with a soft aural fuzziness that functions as a damper.
Bonheur functions as the ultimate exemplar for Nochlin's essay, as her circumstances chimed with many of the art historian's observations and conclusions about women in the arts.
A lot of companies in the wearables space, not just Apple, have cited health and fitness functions as one of the main drivers for people to buy smartwatches.
"The policy functions as an across the board ban on access to abortion," a panel for the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit wrote.
Venom's first credits scene, which airs in the middle of the credits, functions as both a mini-epilogue for the film and a tease for a future sequel.
"The cerebral cortex underlies most of human cognition, providing such functions as speech production and understanding, ability to use tools, ability to make decisions, et cetera," Glasser said.
The gluteus maximus functions as our major leg extensor and is the main driver of our legs when running, climbing stairs, getting up from a seated position etc.
All debates about Fifty Shades' literary merits aside, the book functions as a clever plot device, becoming a lens through which the women can explore their own sexuality.
Google Assistant will be a standalone app on iPhone and iPad, offering many of the same functions as what we've seen it do on Google's own operating system.
The court objected to a lack of transparency about how the system functions, as well as the associated lack of controlability — ordering an immediate halt to its use.
Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager ($27.99) – Calling this a "massage gun" is a bit of a stretch, but it essentially performs the same functions as the aforementioned devices.
But many at the counterprotest had heard about the rally via the local newspaper, which still functions as a primary news source for many in the extended area.
One was her emblematic 1967 sculpture "Zig-Zag," comprising three square frames conjoined at angles; it functions as a many-planed reflective surface, variously revealing viewer and surroundings.
The Guild functions as both the brand and the operator, which Carrico says makes it possible to run a viable business while ensuring workers are taken care of.
Gillett said there were technologies available that could transform an old, "dumb" car into a smart car by retrofitting devices that offer similar functions as a smart car.
It also functions as Jiminy Cricket's journal this time around and stores information about past adventures, characters, and anything else you might want to look up mid-game.
It charmingly and skillfully introduces Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and has no less than four fighting female characters, none of whom functions as a love interest (because that's Bucky!).
A new log off option to support 98's new multi-user interface was added alongside the same iconography, layout, and basic functions as the Windows 95 version.
"I believe every ICO I've seen is a security… You can call it a coin but if it functions as a security, it is a security…," Clayton said.
On to the "next billion" Messenger Lite offers the same core functions as Messenger, enabling users to send and receive texts, photos, and links, and to receive stickers.
Each of the twelve sections functions as a discrete biography, but the book has a voice of its own that does not waver with the changes in character.
The eponymous protagonist and his story about a televised mixed martial arts league functions as a parable about a society trying to assimilate an onslaught of foreign influence.
The image of a woman in religious garb often functions as code for violent oppression—as if it requires no further explanation, no context, no development at all.
Hackers in 2014 began stealing personal information such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, fingerprints and addresses from OPM, which functions as the federal government's human resources department.
All the rest functions as Germany usually does: A sense of order tinged with an arrogance earned by winning more titles than any other country in Europe's history.
Sometimes, as in Douglas's dissent, privacy functions as a kind of default right when an injury has been inflicted and no other right seems to suit the case.
However, she functions as yet another spectacle who diverts attention from the actions that President Trump takes to restrict the rights of vulnerable groups and attack the media.
To others, Archie's image functions as a rallying cry of sorts, one that gave frustrated working-class whites a symbol to identify with and support during the 1970s.
The Housing Court generates referrals of pending evictions involving disabled people to a TPP clinician, who functions as a neutral intermediary between the landlord and the disabled tenant.
They hand-make "intimate oils"—basically, weed lube—that they said makes you more wet, creates blood flow to your vagina, and functions as a vaginal health supplement.
Brown's novel is both engaging and creepily accurate, particularly in its depiction of the power dynamics employed by surveillance culture, and the ways that surveillance functions as control.
Everything functions as it should and slamming a hatchet into the crotch of an unsuspecting racist feels just as good the 100th time as it did the first.
With the upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the S-Pen gets its own reboot, and now functions as a remote control for Samsung's latest offering.
"Kurita hit on the idea of adding simplistic cartoon images to its messaging functions as a way to appeal to teens," Adam Sternbergh wrote in New York magazine.
On the shows, the music functions as a kind of omniscient narrator, giving (or purporting to give) clues about characters' thoughts, and conjuring poignancy out of mundane interactions.
More than a dozen of the works here, though, are self-portraits, and the central gallery in which they hang functions as an encapsulation of his whole career.
The plaintiffs argue that the health law's requirement that most people have insurance — the so-called individual mandate — no longer functions as a tax, and therefore is unconstitutional.

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