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"biodiversity" Definitions
  1. the existence of a large number of different kinds of animals and plants which make a balanced environment

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Human well-being relies on the well-being of earth's biodiversity, and this biodiversity relies in turn on insects and soil.
In his speech, Macron also announced the creation of the French Office of Biodiversity, an agency that protect threatened environments and biodiversity.
The Green Deal will also include a biodiversity strategy for the coming 10 years and von der Leyen has said she wants the EU to take a lead role in protecting biodiversity at the United Nations' biodiversity summit in 2020.
The Green Deal will also include a biodiversity strategy for the coming 10 years and von der Leyen has said she wants the EU to take a lead role in protecting biodiversity at the United Nations' biodiversity summit in 2020.
Honaunau Bay IMAGING CORAL REEFS CORAL BIODIVERSITY ■ Live finger corals ■ Live plate corals ■ Live mound corals ■ Dead, bleached corals ■ Sand SCANNING FORESTS MEASURING BIODIVERSITY BLOCKED BY SEAWATER Honaunau Bay IMAGING CORAL REEFS CORAL BIODIVERSITY ■ Live finger corals SCANNING FORESTS MEASURING BIODIVERSITY BLOCKED BY SEAWATER Honaunau Bay IMAGING CORAL REEFS CORAL BIODIVERSITY SCANNING FORESTS A unique spectral sensor measures wavelengths of light bouncing off the forest canopy to identify distinct tree species, shown here in artificial colors.
According to this theory, the "safe" threshold for biodiversity loss is at 10 percent in the so-called Biodiversity Intactness Index, or BII.
Given that most biodiversity will always lie outside protected areas, the key challenge is to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity outside of protected areas.
Noting that some "protected areas" — like parks and wildlife refuges — inadequately safeguard biodiversity, he discourages setting acreage goals for conserving the world's diminishing biodiversity.
Jinfeng said that China should pass a biodiversity conservation law in 2020, especially as China is hosting a UN biodiversity conference later this year.
This consistent, all-encompassing approach to biodiversity protection is the reason why indigenous peoples live in areas with the richest biodiversity and least damaged ecosystems.
Some researchers fear that the findings of no loss in local biodiversity could lead to the mistaken impression that the global biodiversity crisis is a myth.
"Inland wetlands are the biggest biodiversity hotspot in the world," says William Darwall, head of the Freshwater Biodiversity Unit at the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), a consortium of research institutions dedicated to the accessibility of biodiversity archives, recently shared Séguy's 1920s Papillons, just digitized by Smithsonian Libraries.
Robert Watson, chair of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), said biodiversity was not only about saving rare butterflies, trees, birds or rhinos.
On Monday, the UN's Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services released a summary of an upcoming 1,500-page report on the state of biodiversity on Earth.
In 22019, at the first Earth Summit in Brazil, governments around the world acknowledged that biodiversity was being destroyed at an unacceptable rate and signed the Convention on Biodiversity.
In May, after meeting scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Macron said he would bring up the issue of biodiversity in talks within the G7.
The Green Deal will also include a biodiversity strategy for the coming 10 years, with the EU aiming for a lead role at the United Nations' biodiversity summit in 2020.
The outcome: The team created the Threatened Island Biodiversity Database for governments, researchers and advocates to use to map out conservation plans to reduce biodiversity loss globally by managing invasive species.
" Dunn added that "By studying this event, we learn about what happened to biodiversity in the past following destruction of Earth's ecosystems and how long it took for biodiversity to recover.
This new report relies on the idea of "Planetary Boundaries" for biodiversity, which suggest there's a "safe" limit for biodiversity loss, within which the functioning of ecosystems can continue relatively unaffected.
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, the U.N. working group that issued the report, stressed that the report wasn't just about animals — biodiversity is crucial for us humans, too.
A combination of policy options — like incorporating biodiversity into national welfare estimates, rather than relying solely on gross domestic product and improved public awareness programs — can help protect the biodiversity that remains.
"Biodiversity is absolutely central to human well-being" as the source of everything from food to medicines, said Watson, chair of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).
Rolling out Mexico's national biodiversity strategy will be essential to strengthen its ecosystems by 2024, said the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO), which published the plan in 2016.
You can't deal with climate change without dealing with biodiversity.
While the humans were busy slaying each other, biodiversity flourished.
Greater bee biodiversity can make the whole system more resilient.
Trade is a relatively small danger to the world's biodiversity.
Brando was passionate about preserving Tetiaroa's natural environment and biodiversity.
"Is there a critical amount of biodiversity needed?" she says.
Al Zeyoudi also pointed to water scarcity and biodiversity degradation.
They rely on healthy soil, clean water and ample biodiversity.
Biodiversity is diminished and water supplies may well be affected.
Flatey may be small in size, but rich in biodiversity.
Even a fleeting shelter can be important for local biodiversity.
In short, it's fair to ask why, exactly, biodiversity matters.
But protecting biodiversity isn't a virtue for its own sake.
Preserving biodiversity is the other imperative for creating these credits.
Seed banks have always served as important repositories of biodiversity.
"2020 will be a decisive year for biodiversity," Macron said.
Moreover, some 80 percent of terrestrial biodiversity occurs in forests.
The biodiversity is related to, and linked, to climate change.
They also support some of the world's most incredible biodiversity.
"All the biodiversity of the Congo is here," he says.
Native peoples hold 80 percent of the world's remaining biodiversity.
Perhaps you've read the very latest from a UN-affiliated group, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, or IPBES, which released on Monday a sweeping and damning report on global biodiversity.
The world's ability to meet biodiversity protection targets will be a determining factor in the success of the new Paris Agreement on climate change, argues the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.
On the small scale, its biodiversity can rival the tropical rainforests.
Climate change poses a huge threat to biodiversity and food production.
Second, we need more safe spaces for biodiversity in our oceans.
A biodiversity hot spot, the desert is indifferent to human divisions.
"Most will be punched into remote, high biodiversity areas," he said.
Yet my species is aggressively destroying biodiversity and poisoning the biosphere.
But just like a biome, a meme only benefits from biodiversity.
It can also cut the risk of fires and promote biodiversity.
This narrow strip of extraordinary biodiversity is on the front line.
Avatar represents avaricious companies gifted with the technology that destroys biodiversity.
Mysterious oil spill threatens marine biodiversity haven in Brazil, Science reports.
First of all, coral reefs are an incredible source of biodiversity.
The loss of biodiversity and the fate of humanity are intertwined.
The Mexican conservationist Gerardo Ceballos discusses the dramatic decay of biodiversity.
These "biodiversity hotspots" will also be impacted by a warming planet.
Loss of biodiversity "means a much more fragile system," she said.
And lastly, Mother Nature is biodiversity loss, climate change and population.
Australia is one of the great biodiversity hotspots in the world.
The agreement outlines group commitments focused on climate, biodiversity and oceans.
To safeguard the Ethiopian biodiversity, it is only the church forests.
The agreement outlines group commitments focused on climate, biodiversity and oceans.
But have humans increased biodiversity on the planet as a whole?
" Gicome proposed an exhaustive and immediate survey of the site by "a specialized team of biodiversity experts and monitored throughout all stages of the project" to produce a "complete inventory of the biodiversity of Adonis Valley.
Malaysia is home to some of the richest biodiversity in the world.
The ministry&aposs Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation manages the parks.
Knowing where biodiversity worth saving is concentrated is useful, says Dr Watson.
If we're trying to conserve biodiversity, it's best to keep them separate.
The Philippines says Benham Rise is rich in biodiversity and fish stocks.
They must now halt biodiversity loss, go net #ZeroCarbon2025 & create a #CitizensAssembly.
This, it said, is a disaster for both biodiversity and local communities.
Scientists attribute Madagascar's unique biodiversity to its long isolation from neighboring continents.
Mr. Li is director of biodiversity at the Environmental Policy Innovation Center.
They are, after all, in the Amazon, a site of unparalleled biodiversity.
That has led the python to threaten the biodiversity of the Everglades.
The destruction to the country's land and biodiversity is harder to fathom.
Australia is one of the great biodiversity hot spots in the world.
Even amid massive consumption of marine resources, biodiversity isn't entirely at risk.
"The interest in these fish goes beyond biodiversity," Dr. de Santana said.
You can see the benefits of biodiversity on your dinner plate too.
"The quality of our existence is directly intertwined with biodiversity," Greenwald says.
One could ask, for example, why biodiversity is such an important metric.
A colleague of mine called it this: pissing away the world's biodiversity.
The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services released its first comprehensive report on biodiversity, which found species loss is rapidly increasing, but that it is not too late to make meaningful changes to address the problem.
As we face a potential emergency in biodiversity loss from human activity and human-caused climate change, these complex interactions of language and biodiversity are a reminder that our cultural lives are wrapped up in the natural world too.
The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services released its first comprehensive report on biodiversity, which found species loss is rapidly increasing, but that it is not too late to make meaningful changes to address the problem.
"We obviously need the agriculture areas to support the human population, but as we get more agriculture areas, then we lose biodiversity and then the ability of biodiversity to support that agriculture starts to come into question," says Newbold.
It's not a real loss of biodiversity—but in our minds, it is.
What's good: Organic farms provide higher biodiversity, hosting more bees, birds and butterflies.
"We call on governments to incorporate explicit safeguards for biodiversity," the letter says.
"Climate change is already having a huge impact on our biodiversity," he said.
And the Amazon also makes Brazil vital to the world's climate and biodiversity.
Monsanto's dominance has also contributed to diminishing biodiversity in large-scale agricultural production.
"We rely on pollinators both for crops and for biodiversity," Dr. Wilfert said.
Speculative surveys of the country's biodiversity are not always top of the list.
The needs of biodiversity and human welfare are, in this respect, well aligned.
Mining is likely to cause irrevocable loss of biodiversity, the world's natural inheritance.
But now, biologists like Niemiller are using it for conservation and biodiversity research.
The bottom line: "Even here in our backyard, there's untapped biodiversity," says Niemiller.
Today, the sanctuary has been called a 'Noah's Ark' for its rich biodiversity.
Some of them liked feudalism, and some of them pimped "human biodiversity," i.e.
The resulting decrease in biodiversity threatens human health and triggers severe economic losses.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's greatest reservoirs of biodiversity.
Too much nitrogen can affect human health, reduce biodiversity and amplify global warming.
According to the Philippines, Benham Rise is rich in biodiversity and fish stocks.
Unsurprisingly, diseases from wild animals were more common in areas with greater biodiversity.
Curiously, disease-carrying rodents were abundant in regions with low mammal overall biodiversity.
Anywhere you can eat sugar to survive, and here I've found rich biodiversity.
This is especially true in countries that are rich in biodiversity like Mexico.
Biodiversity has significant economic value, which should be recognized in national accounting systems.
The loss of kurum reveals that another casualty of biodiversity loss is language.
There's even uncertainty about what the "safe" threshold for biodiversity loss should be.
He recently ran the "National Biodiversity Championship" in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area.
"What a rich treasure it is to have this biodiversity," Dr. Wisz said.
"The United States is with us on biodiversity and on the Amazon initiative."
Given the biodiversity of the world's largest tropical forest, the possibilities are endless.
PRIME CULPRIT: Land clearing for farming is a key driver of biodiversity loss.
Our research underlines the need to save biodiversity for the discoveries to come.
The Arctic waters that President Obama protected are renowned for their unique biodiversity.
After all, biodiversity is especially high around the coasts—think of bustling reefs.
Frequent trims reduce biodiversity and make yards more hospitable to pests and weeds.
However, it is still possible to protect biodiversity and prevent massive species loss.
And, according to one biodiversity expert's count, an estimated 1 billion animals killed.
In the areas most under threat, rich biodiversity converges with heavy economic activity.
Google never set out to threaten biodiversity in its front yard, of course.
The forest isn't any richer in biodiversity than the Amazon, but it's unique.
The loss of natural areas and biodiversity poses a direct threat to people.
They launched the organization last year to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.
Ultimately, the intertwined challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change require global collaboration.
We know that we cannot know all the ways biodiversity can benefit us.
That is precisely why the need to conserve biodiversity is a known, known.
The Amazon has one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity in the world.
"Isolated forest patches can have a very specific importance for biodiversity," he said.
But the current administration's zealotry threatens the region's wild landscape and rich biodiversity.
The future for biodiversity on planet Earth, due to human activity, looks bleak.
"For a long time, people just thought of biodiversity as saving nature for its own sake," said Robert Watson, chair of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, which conducted the assessment at the request of national governments.
This has evolved into a language of "human biodiversity," the pseudoscience of the alt-right and other racists that borrows the celebratory term "biodiversity" from the environmental movement as a way of gussying up their ideas in more acceptable scientific language.
The editors remind the readers that a bleached reef could put biodiversity at risk.
Second, it's become increasingly clear that our planet is facing an urgent biodiversity crisis.
In turn, that movement could have a "massive impact on terrestrial biodiversity," Bokhorst said.
Coral's biodiversity offers hope, because the same coral will grow differently under different conditions.
But for the Vietnamese, biodiversity may have been the least of Cu Rua's attributes.
All signs point to terrible effects, from widespread heatwaves to negative impacts on biodiversity.
Its tropical location and topographical variety mean Colombia's biodiversity is second only to Brazil's.
"We are running out of time," said Andrea Cruz Angon, CONABIO's biodiversity strategies coordinator.
We could identify and protect biodiversity hotspots known to support many different firefly species.
It's easy, Marra and Alvarenga observed, to increase biodiversity when you're starting from sand.
Plans also include increasing the number of nature reserves to protect biodiversity, he said.
We need to protect more of the land and ocean on behalf of biodiversity.
The biodiversity crisis also means we're potentially setting ourselves up for a food crisis.
The researchers believe that hybridization could be a key driver of speciation and biodiversity.
"If we do nothing, we face a crisis for biodiversity and people," she said.
The discovery drives home just how much native biodiversity may remain undiscovered in Madagascar.
That means that, if conservation comes shortly after the fighting ends, biodiversity can rebound.
It supports the world's most productive inland fishery, and its watershed boasts stunning biodiversity.
And Lutwama credits that biodiversity for attracting the first scientists here in the 1930s.
Migration means a huge loss in biodiversity, and fewer species available to commercial fisheries.
Globally, the observed patterns of biodiversity among viruses clash somewhat with established ecological trends.
There's biodiversity, immaculately designed systems all working together in this beautiful and hilarious way.
The research shows even areas designed to preserve biodiversity are impacted by human actions.
But their legal protection is viewed as sacrosanct by animal welfare and biodiversity groups.
Forests are also home to a staggering amount of biodiversity, and millions of humans.
Food Forever is a partnership of organizations and advocates working to safeguard agricultural biodiversity.
Researchers at the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre just figured their sunfish had gotten herself lost.
Coral reefs, rich in biodiversity, may soon be a tenth of their current size.
He added that Queensland's Sunshine Coast "is like the epicenter of biodiversity" for it.
"A river is a huge, huge biodiversity engine with multiple parts," Dr. Hauer said.
Far from being disasters, wildfires can be an adrenaline shot for biodiversity, they say.
That biodiversity crisis could trigger a "catastrophic collapse of Earth's ecosystems," the authors said.
Attendees there are scheduled to discuss climate and biodiversity at a session Monday morning.
This biodiversity is under threat from oil exploration, agriculture, mining and poverty, environmentalists say.
Herbicides pose health risks for humans and negatively affect the biodiversity of nearby environments.
Both figures of biodiversity loss are below the threshold considered safe by some scientists.
They wanted to see if radiation had affected the growth and biodiversity of forests.
With a food like sauerkraut, no one's even been able to quantify the biodiversity.
Plantations are also ghost towns compared to the complex biodiversity found in natural forests.
These places are strongholds of biodiversity that provide resilience against threats like climate change.
We've all read about the vast biodiversity and rich natural resources of the Amazon.
Hybridization is sometimes seen as reducing biodiversity, because it can merge distinct species together.
Scientists have called their invasion one of the greatest emerging threats to global biodiversity.
The Dutch couturière applies her skills to the revamped Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden.
The planet's declining biodiversity threatens agriculture, placing our livestock breeds and crops at risk.
Even the Green Revolution had unintended side effects, bankrupting small farmers and reducing biodiversity.
When logging removes trees, it doesn't just assault the biodiversity of the local vegetation.
This biodiversity program has already positively affected nearly four million acres of farmland worldwide.
In May, the UN report on biodiversity broke it down into five main factors.
The statues' generic uniformity suggests a memorial to the ongoing biodiversity crisis of extinction.
"I think the biggest lesson is how many people are truly interested in biodiversity, even if the biodiversity they are first introduced to is fictional," Morgan Jackson, an insect taxonomist and PhD candidate at the University of Guelph, told me over email.
Environmentalists say the area is rich in biodiversity and hosts species yet to be studied.
Everywhere, the reports find, biodiversity, the variety of species in a particular place, is declining.
It is considered a biodiversity hot spot, with many unique species of plants and animals.
"The final option is to salvage the biodiversity and put it somewhere else," Bowman said.
The reef is a haven for biodiversity and a major driver of tourism for Australia.
"It shows people that there's absolutely crazy biodiversity out there," ichthyologist Caleb McMahan told Gizmodo.
Volcanic hydrothermal vents—hotbeds of biodiversity—contain high-value metals like copper, zinc, and gold.
Hunting and fishing pressure, pollution, invasive species, and disease also represent major threats to biodiversity.
Second, it goes against basic ecological principles that the greater an area, the more biodiversity.
The golf course significantly shrunk the area of native vegetation, so how could biodiversity increase?
Either option would be a big deal in terms of both human amenity and biodiversity.
Not many scientists have measured the full impact of fences on biodiversity on the border.
But despite all these losses biodiversity is, almost everywhere, higher than it used to be.
The jungle is also rich in biodiversity, hosting billions of species yet to be studied.
"Biodiversity forms the foundation of healthy forests, rivers and oceans," he said in a statement.
A major companion report was released Friday documenting the rapid and dangerous decline in biodiversity.
It is essential that the issues of biodiversity loss and climate change are addressed together.
Watson is an atmospheric chemist, researching biodiversity and ecosystem services, agriculture, climate change and ozone.
Trump skipped the G-2202 working session on climate, biodiversity and oceans at 2628 a.m.
"If you lose more biodiversity than that, humans are going to start suffering," says Cardinale.
Now, Attenborough is coming into a slightly different role: advocate for fleeting biodiversity and ecosystems.
Previous studies have shown that the more radiation you have, the less biodiversity you have.
Protecting coastal areas is critical because they are where most of the ocean's biodiversity occurs.
The Western Ghats is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its beauty and biodiversity.
The idea of conserving large swaths of the planet to preserve biodiversity is not new.
A loss of biodiversity is also a threat to trade, infrastructure and human life itself.
That's because biodiversity, the world's immense variety of life, may shrink as the climate warms.
"The biodiversity of plants and soil can help our immune systems function properly," Dunn writes.
The next phase would be focused on protecting the forest's biodiversity then working on reforestation.
Local patrols are organized to monitor poachers, helping preserve biodiversity to encourage an ecotourism trade.
The three leaders will also commit to taking steps to encourage biodiversity across North America.
"This is where it brings the biodiversity crisis back to America's backyard," Parr told Motherboard.
"Aspen forests in general, including the Pando forest, support high levels of biodiversity," says Rogers.
The amendments are part of a wider biodiversity bill expected to be adopted on Friday.
The Amargosa flows above and below the ground, creating a unique oasis with incredible biodiversity.
Emile-Allain Séguy's 1920s Papillons is digitized in its entirety at the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 
But a proposed U.N. treaty to protect ocean biodiversity - and prevent over-exploitation - could change that.
They found that 64.4% of papers on Google Scholar mentioning "conservation" or "biodiversity" were in English.
This result indicates that maintaining biodiversity will require extensive restoration to remove and mitigate existing pressures.
Eco-lodges try to minimize their impact, protect biodiversity, build environmental awareness, and respect local culture.
That's "the greatest disease-driven loss of biodiversity ever documented," the journal Nature reported in 2012.
It was a period of frenzied evolutionary development and biodiversity buildup, mainly in the world's oceans.
The CADI is working with Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to combat land degradation and conserve biodiversity.
The lesson: The damage we do to biodiversity in our lifetimes may never really be undone.
But should its impact on deforestation, labour rights, food security and protecting biodiversity also be included?
The David Attenborough Building in Cambridge, England was opened in 2016 as a center for biodiversity.
Biodiversity was in decline as a result of the heavy use of pesticides and other pollutants.
The project began with design questions about marine biodiversity but may have other, unintended ecological implications.
Why it matters: In many places in Africa, protected areas are the last strongholds for biodiversity.
Their findings suggest that the invasive toad is likely a ticking time bomb for Madagascar biodiversity.
"That requires the biodiversity, the diversity in people, the diversity in economy, in technology," Holmen said.
It is roughly the size of Greece and believed to be rich in biodiversity and tuna.
Danger of sediment The biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika can be imagined like a thin bathtub ring.
The Mekong watershed nurtures extraordinary biodiversity, with new species of plants and animals discovered every year.
I'm so proud to be an Indian simply because of the amazing biodiversity of life forms.
As reef health declines, everything from biodiversity of millions of species to tourism will be impacted.
They'll create more and bigger dead zones where nothing can live, harm biodiversity, and change ecosystems.
If so, that may have allowed farmers to use fewer chemical pesticides and preserve local biodiversity.
Cascade-Siskiyou on the Oregon-California border is a hotspot of biodiversity and climate change research.
Returning half the Earth to nature would restore carbon reserves while also addressing the biodiversity crisis.
And local biodiversity has dropped below safety levels across 58 percent of the world's land surface.
Yet there remain realms of biodiversity, even near our urban areas and places of potential development.
If we care about biodiversity, arguably, there's never been a more important time to protect life.
Cataloguing biodiversity loss is a critically important job, but it's not without huge challenges and uncertainties.
According to new research, the nitrogen in penguin and elephant seal excrement fosters biodiversity across Antarctica.
That's because the damage we do to biodiversity in our lifetimes may never really be undone.
In some ways, the fallout from the biodiversity crisis is more permanent than the climate crisis.
It's home to 30 million people and hosts the largest concentration of biodiversity on the planet.
Why should countries take drastic steps, as the report urges, to halt the decline in biodiversity?
Establishing protected areas is critically important work, and the first line of defense is preserving biodiversity.
The Maldives, speaking for island nations, argued that new treaty negotiations were urgent to protect biodiversity.
The plan will be finalized and adopted in October at a biodiversity summit in Kunming, China.
People like stuff, but unsustainable sourcing of that stuff has been damaging to the planet's biodiversity.
His field is special education, but he had been reading everything he could find on biodiversity.
Concerns about the environment, let alone biodiversity loss, can seem comparatively minor, distant, or without urgency.
The limestone habitats can act as "arks" of biodiversity that replenish surrounding areas after ecological damage.
Parts of the CCZ have been designated "biosphere reserves" by UNESCO, in recognition of their biodiversity.
Last November, signatories of a United Nations convention on biodiversity noted "uncertainties regarding engineered gene drives".
"We should stop thinking about biodiversity as if it were art in a museum," she said.
Delegates at the 2012 UN biodiversity talks agreed that the Sargasso meets the criteria for protection.
Simon will be donating all profits from the month-long jaunt to E.O. Wilson's Biodiversity Foundation.
And it states for the first time that the state has a responsibility to help maintain biodiversity.
Here, shop with confidence knowing that your purchase is supporting a ocean conservation and marine biodiversity efforts.
"Elephants are a key driver in maintaining biodiversity," said Sam Ferreira, a South African National Parks ecologist.
Even weighed against the astounding biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest in general, Yasuní National Park is noteworthy.
That's been a huge economic boon, though it's also meant a loss of biodiversity and polluted water.
At best, it damaged ecosystems that need to burn from time to time to retain their biodiversity.
That might mean better valuing city gardens and parks, which support more biodiversity than heavily agricultural land.
These findings on biodiversity have broad repercussions well beyond the threat of mass extinction of several species.
The area is roughly the size of Greece and believed to be rich in biodiversity and tuna.
Source: Research Gate, Plastic marine debris: Sources, distribution and impacts on coastal and ocean biodiversity, January 2016.
Biologists often think of biodiversity loss in terms of extinctions, especially of top-of-the-pile predators.
Countries like New Zealand and Madagascar, both renowned for their endemic biodiversity, are among the hardest-hit.
The country sends officials to meetings of the UN convention on biodiversity, which it has never ratified.
Chimpanzees are essential to the biodiversity of Central African forests, acting as essential seed and pollen dispersers.
"At the planetary level, we could hit a catastrophic collapse of biodiversity, which sounds terrifying," he said.
But, at the time, they had no way to prove that biodiversity grew when supercontinents split apart.
Gold and emerald mining as well as armed poachers pose the biggest threat to the park's biodiversity.
"Critical links" exist among land security, local economic development, biodiversity conservation and reduced carbon emissions, it said.
The verdant towers will help soak up urban air pollution, produce clean oxygen, and boost local biodiversity.
Additionally, cloning techniques offer the possibility of preserving the genetics of endangered species to promote greater biodiversity.
The decree shutters long-standing councils for disability rights, rural development, biodiversity, and LGBT rights, among others.
But we are losing our biodiversity really fast and the time has come [to change our mindset].
It even makes its own beer out of a regenerative grain that restores biodiversity and stores carbon.
In 1981, the Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich came up with the "rivet-popper" hypothesis for biodiversity.
There is no silver bullet for protecting the planet's rich biodiversity; we must explore all available mechanisms.
And the cost of not doing it isn't just the "majesty of nature" and "biodiversity" and whatnot.
A full digital copy of the book has also been released online by the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
In building a waterfront park, users must consider issues such as biodiversity, flood mitigation, and budget impact.
The two-day international conference on biodiversity and conservation Murray dropped in on to talk about sturgeon.
China also has a huge biodiversity summit scheduled for October and deadlines to hit along the way.
Wild insect biodiversity has increased as a result: It's a murkier story when we consider herbicide tolerance.
Mr. Gowin's notion of moths evolved with unexpected encounters in preserved meccas of biodiversity in Latin America.
The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, renowned for its biodiversity, is a treasure-trove of rare and endangered species.
They aren't extinct (under Australia's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, they are considered "vulnerable to extinction").
In addition to harboring immense biodiversity, this forest is a very important part of the global climate.
It is home to biodiversity that's second only to the Amazon River and boasts immense economic value.
However, these areas of emergent biodiversity are likely to face a range of natural and human threats.
By polluting the oceans, not mitigating CO2 emissions, and destroying our biodiversity — we are killing our planet.
That has come at a cost to biodiversity, while increasing contamination of drinking water and soil degradation.
Today the Millennium Seed Bank contains 2.3 billion seeds gathered from 35 biodiversity hotspots around the world.
Serving as the base of the totem pole, the Earth chamber provides a glimpse of our biodiversity.
The deep sea expedition marks the first time scientists have carefully studied the biodiversity of these ecosystems.
Taxidermy was just another way to interpret biology, and morphed growing research on biodiversity with local knowledge.
"We want to protect biodiversity out in the ocean, but we also want to protect livelihoods," he said.
It would also preserve biodiversity and forest resources in the Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, he added.
Plastic pollution is hard to miss, but its effects are small compared with global warming or biodiversity loss.
Numerous expeditions and field campaigns related to biodiversity, human origins, and healthy forests and waterways have been canceled.
No honestly informed person will dispute that biodiversity is already suffering horribly and in danger of systemic collapse.
After years of desertification, its rich biodiversity is under threat and drought has hindered the fight against hunger.
For example, on Essex and Albrecht Farms, land is left undeveloped for wildlife habitat, which helps preserve biodiversity.
But opponents of GM crops say they threaten the country's biodiversity and are too expensive for Indian farmers.
Urban environments also have low biodiversity, monocultures, spontaneous plants and pollution interactions that can increase allergies, she noted.
They're also home to 25% of all marine life, serving as tropical rainforests that protect the ocean's biodiversity.
Several pose public health hazards, while others threaten fisheries and tourism and denude underwater ecosystems, greatly reducing biodiversity.
The last time that the UN's Convention on Biodiversity met, in 2014, gene drive was still purely theoretical.
In order to preserve these biodiversity hotspots for the long term, however, much more dramatic action is needed.
That means these forests are not only a sanctuary for biodiversity, but an important regulator of global climate.
In this area, then, having (and enforcing) the right rules seems to benefit biodiversity without constraining the economy.
To solve the biodiversity crisis, it's going to take more than the actions of individuals, the report indicates.
The Seed Bank is also working to expand its conservation work to reflect Myanmar's rich biodiversity, he added.
That, "in itself, guarantees the absorption of carbon, controls soil erosion, conserves biodiversity and provides other ecosystem services".
Increased human demand for meat would significantly increase methane and in turn cause loss of biodiversity, Post warned.
Hydrah says that bioacoustic analysis like this, which determines an environment's biodiversity, is currently a hot scientific field.
The cumulative effects of these injuries result in lower population sizes and reduced biodiversity in high-radiation areas.
Biodiversity Heritage Library At this point, the giant squid has completed its infiltration of popular and literary culture.
The context: The world's biodiversity, the sheer number of species and the diversity of traits, is under threat.
It can mean a landscape that supports financial gain, wildlife habitat, amazing biodiversity, and clean water and air.
And it's not just because of the loss of biodiversity (and the resulting chaos it inflicts on ecosystems).
The second approach was to use a well-known model of biodiversity as a basis for making predictions.
Most recently, she created a concrete frieze to wrap the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, the Netherlands' natural history museum.
We then need to develop a holistic interconnected system of protected areas that includes biodiversity not currently protected.
Apple will be donating to help preserve its biodiversity and restore the Amazon's indispensable forest across Latin America.
As well as running biodiversity conservation programs, Baikal Wave played a major role in two international environmental campaigns.
The rainforest is also home to more than 30 million people and over 10% of the world's biodiversity.
Numerous expeditions and field campaigns related to biodiversity, human origins, and healthy forests and waterways have been canceled.
An opinion article last Sunday about the use of biotechnology to protect biodiversity described black-footed ferrets incorrectly.
Why he matters: Wilson - whose expertise is ants - has become the planet's conscience when it comes to biodiversity.
Natural processes like crop pollination, waste decomposition, and regulation of the global carbon cycle all depend on biodiversity.
The mapping of Earth's biodiversity was not, as many assume, mostly completed in the 19th and 20th centuries.
This leads to the final category of risks, which includes anthropogenic disasters like climate change and biodiversity loss.
"The flora and fauna in Puerto Rico, the biodiversity, has adapted to work through hurricanes," Mr. Joglar said.
In our view, biodiversity loss and climate change must be addressed as one interconnected problem with linked solutions.
Today, however, our global society is spending less than a tenth of that amount to save Earth's biodiversity.
SCANNING FORESTS MEASURING BIODIVERSITY BLOCKED BY SEAWATER This 26-D map shows a Hawaiian bay in natural color.
We celebrate biodiversity, evolution and the origins of life, and aim to inspire a greater understanding of nature.
"Snakes are among the most misunderstood animals in the world," said Nonn Panitvong, a leading expert in biodiversity.
The government program contains a pledge to include the protection of the environment and biodiversity in the constitution.
It is home to at least 10% of the world's biodiversity and produces 20% of the world's oxygen.
I have been following the international negotiations on climate change, biodiversity and desertification for more than 10 years.
These forests contain more than ancient trees: They're hubs of plant and animal biodiversity carried through from Gondwana.
Generally, that excludes the United States and Europe, where biodiversity has already been heavily reduced by human populations.
The fate of another key proposal of the biodiversity law, a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, is also uncertain.
BHL is "the world's largest open access digital library for biodiversity literature and archives," according to its website.
Chile has four permanent bases in Antarctica that support scientific research on issues including biodiversity and climate change.
You can understand what kind of ecosystem, what kind of biodiversity, what kind of forest we had before.
While it consists largely of pine trees, "it is not a forest with rich biodiversity," the conservationist said.
With unchecked greenhouse gas emissions, plunging biodiversity and increasing ocean pollution, "we are killing our planet," Macron remarked.
That means coral reefs—our ocean's nursery, home to 25 percent of Earth's fish biodiversity—is under siege.
Ms. Kleinsmith told me that what makes Santa Cruz Island so special, in her opinion, is its biodiversity.
The climate element has taken centre stage in recent years, but to ecologists biodiversity is no less critical.
In Kunming, they hope, all 196 parties will adopt a new and more realistic framework to protect biodiversity.
Tourism could be what saves this unique biodiversity from damaging industries like mining, which is already active there.
From resources to emissions, biodiversity to waste and well-being, fashion destroys lives as well as creating livelihoods.
The new Rainforest Foundation report - "Protected Areas in the Congo Basin: Failing both People and Biodiversity"- shows that despite the millions of dollars in international support spent on conservation efforts in equatorial Africa in recent years, biodiversity continues to dwindle and hardly any funds go toward actually protecting the rainforest.
Such species, once established in a region, could harm biodiversity in ways that are difficult to impossible to reverse.
Scientists can miss subtle variations in local climates within a mountain range or valley, leading to flawed biodiversity maps.
The William and Lynda Steere Herbarium now houses 7.8 million plant and fungal specimens, representing biodiversity from every continent.
Singapore aims to be a "Garden City," using green spaces to connect communities, enrich biodiversity and improve the climate.
Moreover, recent reports on ocean warming, collapsing biodiversity, and natural disasters paint a dire picture of the planet's future.
So integral is this dish to the local culture it is recognized by Italy's Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.
He wants 2020 to achieve for biodiversity what 2016 achieved for climate change when the Paris agreement was signed.
Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere, but also one of the richest in biodiversity.
The Andean nation is one of the poorest in the western hemisphere but one of the richest in biodiversity.
The U.N. recognizes the Great Barrier Reef as a World Heritage Site for its staggering amount of marine biodiversity.
The move has been opposed by activists and politicians amid fears GM food could compromise food safety and biodiversity.
The boundary itself—the idea that there's a "safe" limit to which biodiversity could drop—is actually fairly controversial.
Given the worsening biodiversity crisis and severely limited resources for reversing it, we need to act quickly and effectively.
About 15.73 million people in the region rely on the reefs for food, tourism, marine biodiversity, and coastal protection.
Given global risks like climate change, biodiversity loss, and nuclear weapons, I have become rather pessimistic about the future.
Which makes this the greatest loss of biodiversity from a disease that science has ever known, the authors say.
Third, building and operating the plant will require significant dredging and shipping that could destroy dolphin habitats and biodiversity.
The world was also getting a lot darker with news of climate change, religious extremism, and loss of biodiversity.
And the great biodiversity keeps the plants healthy, combined with the fact that we don't push them to produce.
Environmentalists say the indigenous people on the reservations are the best guardians of Brazil's tropical forests and their biodiversity.
I am the chairman of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, which produced the report.
A Monday session focused "climate, biodiversity and oceans" was previously scheduled, a senior Trump administration official told The Hill.
From July 2280 to 2100, park-goers can participate in a BioBlitz, helping to measure biodiversity in the park.
Political and public opposition to lab-altered food remains strong amid fears they could compromise food safety and biodiversity.
The wealth of biodiversity and other ecological benefits that rivers provide have fueled human progress for thousands of years.
The planet is losing its biodiversity at an alarming rate, and there are too many species circling the drain.
First, it's only been within the last decade that a full picture of the crisis in biodiversity has emerged.
But, in a world teeming with biodiversity and remote ecosystems, they acknowledge there are plenty more species out there.
One of the Atlas maps visualizes countries with and without biodiversity planning, and the United States a gaping void.
But one only needs a quick tour of the farm to see how the land is conducive to biodiversity.
Globally, 1,300 bird species are on the verge of extinction thanks to rapid losses of biodiversity, according BirdLife International.
This story was made possible thanks to a journalism grant from the Earth Journalism Network for reporting on biodiversity.
A 2008 Bikini Atoll biodiversity survey found that while 70 percent of coral species have rebounded since nuclear testing.
Cuba's shining array of biodiversity has earned it the nickname, the "jewel of the Caribbean," and for good reason.
The Green Revolution also had far-reaching environmental consequences, including pollution, depletion of soil nutrients and loss of biodiversity.
Ryan Costello (R-Pa.) BIODIVERSITY IS DOWN WHILE DISEASE OUTBREAKS ARE UP: Hundreds of disease outbreaks occur each year.
Many distinguished experts have endorsed the idea of setting aside half the surface of the Earth to protect biodiversity.
Nations will also need new technology to assess and monitor progress and put biodiversity-saving actions to the test.
As both a professional arts writer and someone passionate about biodiversity, finding a relevancy between the two is difficult.
According to research, published Thursday in the journal Current Biology, penguin and elephant seal excrement fosters biodiversity across Antarctica.
Are they practicing regenerative agriculture by minimizing use of chemical sprays and acting to promote biodiversity and soil life?
The idea that carcasses can alter biodiversity across a wider landscape is "fascinating" and a "novel perspective," she said.
They support as much biodiversity as tropical reefs and are home to brittle stars, octopuses, sharks, crabs and fish.
It also includes measuring soil carbon, nutrition and other biological factors to promote biodiversity and stave off pest populations.
"Hippos could likely contribute a partial restoration of these effects, likely benefiting native biodiversity overall," Svenning told National Geographic.
A major contributor to biodiversity and ocean health, reefs are much-needed safe havens for millions of marine species.
Parr said birds are an obvious way in which this "global biodiversity crisis has come to America&aposs backyard."
An equally significant treaty, now being compiled at the UN, would be to salvage the world's species and biodiversity.
I was eager to meet people whose religion had some built-in practice of respecting trees and preserving biodiversity.
As large farms clear land to make room for oil palms, deforestation and forest fires can occur, threatening biodiversity.
Their presence improves biodiversity, restores ecological balance, enriches human culture, and contributes to revenue and jobs through lucrative tourism.
One of the great environmental crises today — and there are many — is the loss of biodiversity on planet Earth.
Unsurprisingly, an intergovernmental report on biodiversity published early in 2019 found that progress on the Aichi targets was poor.
In fact, the biodiversity throughout Marina One is equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools, according to the developers.
We figured out that biodiversity was essential for wildlife and have worked to make the changes to save it.
Environmentalists say protecting existing forests and restoring damaged ones prevents flooding, stores carbon, limits climate change and protects biodiversity.
This unusual cocktail of river waters produces biodiversity; more than 300 species of fish have adapted to forest life.
But it is also an ominous trend for human civilization, which depends heavily on global biodiversity for sustenance and survival.
It will inform many of the major issues facing our planet, including characterizing the impact of climate change on biodiversity.
"But rather a bridge that connects fiction with fact and helps people discover that they are always connected with biodiversity."
Wetlands will be created to protect the community from storm surges, while preserving the region's biodiversity and protecting vulnerable fisheries.
Environmental rights groups have repeatedly warned the project would have a costly impact on the Mekong River's fisheries and biodiversity.
The free images, uploaded courtesy of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, include animal sketches, historical diagrams, botanical studies, and scientific research.
Yet she hopes that aspects of the Indian way of life, like its reverence for biodiversity, are becoming more accepted.
It also revealed new hotspots of biodiversity -- areas that are rich in species but also under threat from human activity.
In the long term, this contributes to the loss of glacier habitats, and the unique microbial biodiversity living on them.
As Earth's land masses emptied of biodiversity, Lystrosaurus spread far and wide, becoming the most abundant vertebrate on the planet.
In 2020, the UN is convening a global conference in China to set new decade-long goals to preserve biodiversity.
"You're taking all this biodiversity out of one ecosystem and creating these piles of shit somewhere else," Waltner-Toews says.
Environmentalists say looking after existing forests and restoring damaged ones prevents flooding, stores carbon, limits climate change and protects biodiversity.
"For example, there doesn't exist, as far as I know, an app that focuses on biodiversity in Senegal," she said.
For one thing, protecting large expanses of forest makes these biodiversity-rich ecosystems much more resilient to future climate change.
The skeleton will next move to the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, a museum in nearby Leiden, a city of about 200,000.
This is particularly good news not only for the solar industry, but to all people, the planet and its biodiversity.
Partnering non-profits identify areas of high biodiversity or unique wilderness around the world that are ideal for conservation purchase.
This means there's less of an oxygenated ring, reducing the habitat area within the bathtub ring of biodiversity from below.
The region boasts remarkable biodiversity; only the vast basins of the Congo and the Amazon compare to or surpass it.
"Severe infestations also restrict flows in wetlands and natural waterways, adversely affecting biodiversity and impacting on recreational activities" she said.
We are losing 10 percent or more of Earth's remaining biodiversity every ten to 15 years as global warming accelerates.
Organic farming combines modern science and innovation with respect for nature and biodiversity, while ensuring healthy farming and healthy food.
Unfortunately for Homo sapiens and Earth's profound and still largely unaccounted for biodiversity, human-caused climate change has just commenced.
"People see them as a status symbol," says Phakamani Xaba, the senior horticulturalist at the South African National Biodiversity Institute.
It is an ethical issue because loss of biodiversity hurts the poorest of people, further exacerbating an already inequitable world.
To protect ecosystems and biodiversity there needs to be a virtual freeze on the amount of land used by agriculture.
Since the 1990s, scientists have noticed that areas with high levels of biodiversity are also home to many different languages.
Fortunately, the key to much of the planet's unknown biodiversity may be somewhat hard to reach, but it's no secret.
SUNDAY REVIEW An opinion article last Sunday about the use of biotechnology to protect biodiversity described black-footed ferrets incorrectly.
But enforcement agencies force farmers into secluded or inaccessible areas, damaging biodiversity in ways that have yet to be measured.
Less dinosaur biodiversity would have made dinosaurs on the whole more susceptible to a disaster like, say, a giant meteor.
But what happened over the last 20 years or so is that we lost a lot of that avian biodiversity.
"The main idea is to discover an incredible biodiversity and show that it is threatened," Mr. Rosenfeld said by email.
They munch the grass to varying heights — a pattern known to horticulturalists as a diversity of sward — which fosters biodiversity.
And the Hall of Biodiversity, which includes a model of an African rain forest, illustrates how climate change affects ecosystems.
Participating institutions include the University of Oxford, the New York Botanical Garden, and the Biodiversity Heritage Library, among many others.
In fact, my colleagues and I believe the goals of the Paris agreement cannot be met without simultaneously saving biodiversity.
But we believe the value of Earth's biodiversity is far higher than the cost and effort needed to save it.
As natural resource pressures continue to grow, so will competing demands over biodiversity and practices like mining, logging, and drilling.
"The deterioration of that biodiversity compromises the future of the country and of the earth, our common home," he said.
With the biodiversity of our planet mapped carefully and soon, the bulk of Earth's species, including humans, can be saved.
In May, a United Nations panel on biodiversity released a massive, troubling report on the state of the world's animals.
Trilobites The continent, a researcher said, is the "ideal experimental lab," for studying how nutrients relate to an ecosystem's biodiversity.
It is a massive reservoir of carbon, and it is home to the largest concentration of biodiversity on the planet.
"We firmly believe that economic development and the protection of biodiversity can, and must, go hand in hand," she said.
That's the take-home message of "Never Home Alone," that the richer the biodiversity in our indoor environment, the better.
Marveling at the underwater beauty and biodiversity of his surroundings, Mr. Faure called for more protection for the ocean's ecosystem.
Even with quick government action, the report says, it's too late to do more than slow the decline of biodiversity.
Johnson expressed concern about threats to biodiversity and he actually attended the G7 session on climate change, which Trump skipped.

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