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778 Sentences With "acts as"

How to use acts as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "acts as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "acts as". Mastering all the usages of "acts as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Well, the eero itself acts as your router with equipped intelligent mesh WiFi, and the Beacon acts as an extender for your connection wherever you place it.
Your phone acts as the "master" in this Bluetooth connection, while the speaker, headphones, or wearable acts as the "slave" (yes, that is how the relationship is actually referred to).
Law firm Allen & Overy acts as its legal advisor.
Alcohol acts as a lubricant that facilities this underlying aggression.
And sometimes we have one vehicle that acts as both.
He acts as a booking agent for other Santas, Mrs.
JG: So the consumer acts as a foundation of everything.
The extra fat acts as a insulation for your dog.
Leeches release an enzyme that acts as a local anticoagulant.
His timid shooting acts as an asset in this respect.
When it's in your hand, it acts as a phone.
This spending acts as a kind of economic shock absorber.
Essentially, the service acts as a promotional tool for bars.
The BIS acts as a forum for major central banks.
Watson's latest film endeavor certainly acts as a cautionary tale.
More extreme acts, as you might expect, command higher rates.
Rebecca, a graphic designer, acts as his chef and nutritionist.
"It's a replica that acts as your assistant," he said.
He acts as if he is president of his base.
The decentralized system acts as a barrier to widespread fraud.
Moran currently acts as head of client relations and operations.
Lily acts as a robot videographer, automatically following you anywhere.
Abraaj acts as the general partner for these limited partnerships.
Bellman then acts as the help desk for the building.
The director acts as the president's chief adviser on science.
Trump acts as if the Saudis have leverage over us.
His wife of 27 years, Lydia, acts as his manager.
The Instant Vortex Plus acts as a great kitchen companion.
As the oldest, Thomas acts as a default den mother.
We need public media that acts as our largest classroom.
This intermediate appellate board acts as a clearinghouse for appeals.
Discipline acts as your compass providing directions to your goals.
In fact, almost everyone acts as if it never happened.
That's one way in which impeachment acts as a deterrent.
Trumpian common sense MORE slammed the acts as "despicable" Wednesday.
NR: So the zine acts as a kind of prototype?
THUMP: Are you booking more Canadian acts as a result?
Because the transaction flows through the Federal Reserve, which acts as an intermediary, this is a centralized ledger: The Fed stands between the two banks and acts as a neutral party in their transactions.
Just as an operating system acts as a link between an application and hardware, OctoML acts as a link between machine learning models and devices, such as cars, phones and anything else with a processor.
It acts as an insulating layer, reducing heat loss through our skin; it acts as padding—making being a novice snowboarder or a BDSM bottom possible—as well as protects major organs like our kidneys.
Kwik acts as a liaison between the delivery and fulfillment partners.
The app is easy to use and acts as a viewfinder.
The powder acts as a barrier to lock in the color.
The myFlipShade tool does all that, plus acts as a stand.
Released in 2017, Double Take acts as a kind of insurance.
Singapore often acts as a quiet mediator of disputes across Asia.
She currently acts as clinic director alongside her husband, Noah Rubinstein.
And he acts as personal shopper in the challenge with Operator.
It's a very raw track that also acts as an apology.
Bombardier acts as the center of the aerospace industry in Quebec.
It also acts as a light maintenance facility and data center.
It acts as a hub for your HomeKit-powered smart home.
It essentially acts as a cross-device bookmarking and reminder system.
The EU acts as a bloc, not through its individual leaders.
And for queer people, it acts as a moment of solidarity.
We can only hope he also acts as 'white boy Jarrett.'
Yet the regime acts as if the revolution were only yesterday.
VEB acts as a sort of venture-capital firm and incubator.
Cavallari also acts as an awards show correspondent on the network.
Because, essentially, the color filter also acts as an age-map.
John Kasich acts as if he never stopped running against Trump.
Now, instead of a wall, that grid acts as a membrane.
The quinces also acts as a fundraiser for transgender military vets.
Disclosure: FBR Capital Markets acts as a market maker for Apple.
"She plays, hides, and acts as cats act," her bio reads.
" Méndez, who acts as Niall Horan, "used to hate One Direction.
The media acts as an echo chamber for these call outs.
It's basically a computer program that acts as a musical partner.
In practice, the Senate rarely acts as a check on government.
Mr. Wilson, podcasters say, acts as Apple's de facto podcast gatekeeper.
Incapable of emotional connections, John acts as if he has them.
Both heterosexual and homosexual acts as well as masturbation are represented.
Mombasa acts as a trade gateway for much of East Africa.
XRP acts as a bridge between fiat currencies during a transaction.
Teigen's mother Vilailuck acts as bailiff in the 10-episode series.
But the government, he says, acts as if nothing has changed.
Oh, and long con artist Albert Finney acts as shady puppetmaster.
They're a node that acts as the hands of the gods.
When it does reach the bloodstream, melatonin acts as a messenger.
Reviving it was one of President Trump's first acts as president.
In this case, the Strava app acts as a friendly intermediary.
A new character, she acts as an unflappable mediator between poles.
"He acts as an ambassador for the regime," said Mr. Halvorssen.
Lilla acts as if there are easy answers to these questions.
They also define 57 specific acts as federal crimes of terrorism.
It acts as an interface and executes orders on your behalf.
This current level now acts as a "technical ceiling," he says.
It acts as a referee, calling some speech out of bounds.
Specifically, Twitter often acts as the small bowel of digital news.
Luckily for Susie, her best buddy acts as her noble steed.
They also detected a cough suppressant, which acts as a sedative.
The resulting quote then acts as an offer from a lender.
Joey's famous pickup line acts as a trim for the garment.
Impeachment, in this case, acts as a message to other countries.
Senna acts as a laxative and will cause more bowel movements.
There's a button on the front that acts as your doorbell.
After you initiate interaction, there's excitement, which acts as a reinforcer.
The waterproof device acts as identification, charge card and location beacon.
The substance that acts as a gravitational glue is dark matter.
The relative sparseness acts as suction: There are barely any distractions.
It acts as confirmation of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.
Too often, it acts as a kind of super-empowered legislature.
It acts as a sort of living document of his spirit.
The second benefit is how Suboxone acts as an opioid-blocker.
Moreover, it acts as a deterrent for all of Kelly's successors.
And it acts as an incentive for people to show up.
For example, a wireless repeater is a device that connects to a wireless network, so it acts as a client, and then relays the signal to other clients, so it also acts as an access point.
Mr Rubin acts as a mentor and life coach to artists, too.
It also acts as insurance against catfishing, which is always a relief.
The community also acts as the QA department for open-source software.
Medley is hoping this closet clean-out acts as a drama detox!
He acts as if chastity keeps him protected, acts like a shield.
A Thief's End acts as a spectacular conclusion to a great series.
An exchange matches buyers and sellers and essentially acts as a middleman.
The US Postal Inspection Service acts as the agency's law enforcement arm.
It's meticulously detailed and acts as a center-piece for the area.
When it sits in this dock, it acts as a full computer.
The ITC staff acts as a third party in such trade cases.
Or erbium, which acts as a laser amplifier in fiber optic cables.
The PayPal Giving Fund essentially acts as a middleman for charitable donations.
According to Delish, McConaughey acts as creative director for the bourbon brand.
When we started out they weren't booking the same acts as us.
Skip's new 28.7-inch retractable steel wire acts as a scooter lock.
As a blowout buddy, Jean acts as friend and confidante to Rebecca.
On off years, he acts as a kind of informal community liaison.
She acts as both an ambassador and trustee of the nonprofit organization.
It gives moisture but also acts as a toner and a cleanser.
There's even a chamois thumb that acts as a convenient goggle squeegee.
Intentionally or not, that acts as a defense of the status quo.
An emboldened Saudi Arabia acts as it sees fit to fill the
Ending prospects for TPP was one of his first acts as president.
Rice acts as a flavor delivery device in this ketchup-based combination.
This acts as an assurance of the quality and reliability of information.
All that extra nitrogen and phosphorous acts as fuel for Sargassum seaweed.
Iron Man's armor acts as an exoskeleton, but it's also a prosthetic.
The oils soften your skin and the hop acts as an exfoliant.
But should we classify such acts as a form of sexual assault?
"There's stuff on there that acts as a confessional, almost," Thieler explains.
Re-enactment footage acts as visual padding that dilutes the words' power.
It acts as a clever sideshow to my all-consuming Twitter empire.
His recusal was one of his first public acts as attorney general.
Some say it even acts as an outlet for their physical desires.
"Lyft acts as a very important valuation benchmark for Uber," she said.
FertilityIQ reviews fertility clinics and doctors and acts as an information clearinghouse.
A tin can acts as cash register; the honor system prevails here.
"One would hope it acts as a wake-up call," he added.
It acts as an energy source and keeps the world in balance.
Between meetings, we're in the car, which acts as Aaron's second office.
With these, Edu simply arranges the tour and acts as a middleman.
KBC Group's 'A-' IDR acts as a cap on KBC Verzekeringen's IDR.
Hydropower acts as a catalyst for economic growth, according to its advocates.
The UniFi Dream Machine acts as the DHCP server in my home.
Rather, Chapter 28500 acts as a substitute for the domestic court appeals.
She coaches them, produces their records, and sometimes acts as a manager.
Beechwood also acts as a reinsurance provider for CNO Financial Group Inc.
Yet, McConnell acts as judge and juror in the Alabama senate race.
Mucus acts as a protective barrier between us and the outside world.
That insistence acts as oil poured on the bonfire of player discontent.
Enter the Amazon Echo Plus, which acts as a smart-home hub.
He throws a pretty nasty split that basically acts as his change.
The music acts as a skeleton plan for riders, keeping them together.
Now, the group acts as a support network for the young singer.
And the Watch's display itself acts as its antenna for LTE and UMTS.
The pinna only acts as a small part of your overall hearing system.
The book, out this week, acts as a direct prequel to the movie.
Now the trend line acts as a resistance feature capping any future rises.
As one of his first acts as president, he gave us Neil Gorsuch.
The attorney general acts as their supervisor, but he alone cannot terminate them.
JPMorgan normally acts as a U.S. clearing bank for lenders operating in Malaysia.
The company acts as a judge and can make or break some companies.
Yorke acts as a "celebrity judge" forced to choose between two Bobby Flays.
One of his last acts as prime minister was to form the PMF.
Respectable matrons were lured with such "dignity acts" as opera singers from Europe.
By reducing future earnings, inclusionary zoning acts as a tax on new development.
CVS Health's CVS Caremark unit acts as the PBM for the other four.
"The bell acts as a way of concentrating what is there," Benaim explained.
The answer, I'd say, is that Iowa acts as a Schelling focal point.
So I decided to break Empire episode 4 into four acts as well.
Normally, this pathway acts as a sort of resource manager within a cell.
It follows Ori, a guardian spirit, and Sein, who acts as Ori's guide.
FBR acts as a market maker or liquidity provider for Netflix's securities. Disclaimer
One of Mr Swan's early acts as boss was to pull the plug.
And yet the world acts as if it's still our problem to fix.
Avocado Truffle Chocolates Avocado acts as a creamy substitute for butter or oil.
The non-hormonal option is a copper IUD, which acts as a spermicide.
It acts as the highest religious authority in matters of doctrine and practice.
Historically, the law considers images containing nudity or sexual acts as "private" information.
The internet acts as the connector, facilitating a more seamless transmission of money.
H: Yes H: Well, I think George acts as the consultant to me.
It soothes our souls and acts as a moral evasion of America's ills.
UBS acts as swap provider, subject to collateralisation and best-effort replacement triggers.
Committed warriors like USADA's Tygart argue that testing acts as an effective deterrent.
CS acts as swap provider, subject to collateralisation and best-effort replacement triggers.
Smartphone sync The rider's smartphone acts as the bike's brain and navigation system.
Users slide a recent Samsung Galaxy phone in, which acts as the screen.
Trump Acts As If He's Above The Law (& He's Getting Away With It).
She grew up in Bath, singing in various folk acts as a teenager.
The German firm acts as the global distribution hub for the combined company.
But it acts as if there's no middleman like Uber taking a cut.
A central bank acts as market-maker, supplying cash on demand for bonds.
"He was funny," Mika Baba, who now acts as Baba's manager, told CNN.
Trump acts as if he does not believe women are equal to men.
A student of the game, he acts as a teacher for the Bills.
And either the United States acts as a great power, or it doesn't.
Until then, the decision acts as binding precedent within the Ninth Circuit's jurisdiction.
This acts as a constant reminder of what we let into our pages.
Other Music seemed willing to stock local underground and punk acts as well.
The node network acts as a consensus and provides a mechanism of trust.
Not to mention that the collective itself acts as a network of resources.
It's a group of women that acts as an unofficial group of advisors.
The wallet also acts as a credit account for the highest-rated passengers.
The Venmo Card acts as a debit card and operates through Mastercard's network.
Salt acts as a desiccant, so it will absorb that fresh wine stain.
They see their acts as blows against "political correctness" and victories for lulz.
She acts as both a gentle lover and an egocentric, vengeful parent figure.
His mordant language acts as a foil to Knausgaard's more searching, languid prose.
Nur-E Farhana handles business operations and acts as the restaurant's gregarious host.
In effect, the stimulation acts as an orchestra conductor, listening, synthesizing and leading.
The DEA alleges he acts as a stash house manger for the cartel.
But don't you think that isolation acts as a means of protection here?
The orange, she explained, acts as a sunscreen, protecting the green layer underneath.
Light acts as a "zeitgeber," a natural cue to our bodies' circadian rhythms.
It acts as an indispensable counterbalance to our nation's hard (read: military) power.
And the more meth is supplied, the more it acts as a whip.
Cloudiness acts as an insulating blanket, preventing warmth from escaping the ground level.
It's guarded by Gelflings and acts as the center or capital of Thra.
They run for office, they hold office, they conduct acts as political figures.
The regulatory agenda acts as a policy blueprint of sorts for federal agencies.
Serena had a way of construing the most harmlessly neutral acts as provocations.
JPM normally acts as a US clearing bank for lenders operating in Malaysia.
"The witchcraft of scent somehow acts as an emulsion, fusing all," Bannerman insists.
The House effectively acts as accuser - voting on whether to bring specific charges.
Now that they've bought their property, this account acts as an emergency fund.
Aging Japan's long stagnation acts as a permanent cap on the yen's popularity.
The frenetic Neo Da Matrix-produced track acts as a playground for Wayne.
The high priestess Melisandre acts as a guide and spiritual advisor to Stannis.
Secondarily, it also acts as a reassurance that Ye remains in fine form.
Just 15, he acts as a sort of mascot for the open-information movement.
Typically, when any entity is facing bankruptcy, an appointed judge acts as an arbiter.
Holiday work thus acts as a path from economic inactivity into the labour force.
The June Oven is a $1,500 toaster oven that acts as a sous chef.
The output floor acts as a backstop to ensure a minimum level of capital.
The media still acts as if this is just the way districts are drawn.
Acts as placement agent in $225 million private placement for Select Interior Concepts, Inc.
A period acts as a preemptive strike of sorts to ensure this doesn't happen.
The hefty monolithic cylinder still acts as most people's entrant into the Echo ecosystem.
And one of Trump's first acts as President will be to name Scalia's replacement.
The SLF rate acts as a de facto ceiling for interbank lending, analysts said.
State visit invitations are extended by the government, but the queen acts as host.
This acts as an engagement ring of sorts, albeit filtered through the fantasy setting.
Built acts as a layman's primer into the history and science behind structural engineering.
The included keyboard acts as an input method, stand, and case for the tablet.
In countries with foreign-currency debts, the exchange rate acts as a financial amplifier.
Fire Emblem Heroes uses a stamina system that essentially acts as a time gate.
A staircase provides a bench for people to sit and acts as a bookshelf.
Mozilla is doing that in partnership with Cloudflare, which acts as the DNS resolver.
They also built a desk that acts as an extension of your computer keyboard.
This marble wine cooler acts as an insulator, keeping your mom's favorite beverage chilled.
It also acts as neutral ground, on which the Middle East's scientists can meet.
Mr. Schouwerwou acts as our bartender today to give us: 17A: EXTRA VIRGIN = GIN
Each one acts as a portal between the earthly realm and the transcendent realm.
A bank acts as a middleman broker between a foreign issuer and local buyers.
The case acts as both protection and a stand with two different fixed positions.
It has created its own logistics division and acts as its own freight forwarder.
Some overseas will perceive those acts as a power struggle within the American government.
In places like northwest Europe, currents acts as a radiator, delivering heat from elsewhere.
In Brazil, the public ministry acts as a kind of fourth branch of government.
It also acts as if men are the only people who do standup comedy.
You'll want to take note of Jeri Hogarth, who acts as Danny Rand's lawyer.
Emile's rat pal, Remy, also acts as a nanny to the cafe's needy kittens.
Every "like" or comment acts as a hyperlink back to your social media account.
In turn, the company acts as more of a social community for fashion exchanges.
"This study acts as a cornerstone for exciting questions to follow," said Dr. Ricaut.
"The filibuster no longer acts as an emergency break on the nomination," he said.
If she was committing illegal acts as secretary, it happened literally on his watch.
I think Raven acts as an audience surrogate when she finds out the news.
And Attias isn't the only Council donor that acts as an agent of Bongo.
A physician acts as demonstrator; he bears a wand and points out the procedure.
While Photoshop serves as a digital darkroom, Lightroom acts as an entire photography studio.
Lu says Blood runs in three acts, as signified by the three "KINDRED" interludes.
On the show, Juicy acts as a mother figure to the younger cast members.
Kichwas believe that the tea acts as a protective barrier against predators and pests.
Still, this study acts as more of a proof of concept than anything else.
Even in the petri dish of Washington, the market acts as the preeminent equilibrium.
Sessions had defended the practice, saying it acts as a deterrent to illegal immigration.
Many people don't worry about retirement until a looming number acts as a lightbulb.
Derby day always acts as an adrenaline shot, but this edition is particularly energizing.
Scrubbing too hard could break your skin, which acts as a natural protective barrier.
Another cabinet in her staircase acts as her closet, where she hangs her shirts.
Nicolas Jaeger, who acts as head of investor relations, will become the new CFO.
Scrubbing too hard could break your skin, which acts as a natural protective barrier.
Trump acts as if his brand of hyperbolic personal diplomacy can overcome negotiating barriers.
Security Research Labs acts as a security consultant to major global clients, including banks.
And in person, he acts as a hype man for his legions of fans.
Indeed, it is the excess of evidence that now acts as Trump's sturdiest armor.
The lightsaber also acts as a pointing device for navigation within the game's menus.
One device even acts as a portable Bluetooth speaker, which is another college necessity.
Alcohol acts as a diuretic, says Stevie Smith, a registered dietitian and Ironman athlete.
But this twistron yarn is strong, flexible and acts as a supercapacitor to boot.
Ellen Pearlman, director and curator at the Volumetric Society, acts as the show's libretto.
They said that life is just an illusion, and death acts as a release.
The most atypical feature: moss lining the dashboard that acts as an air filter.
Scrubbing too hard could break the skin, which acts as a natural protective barrier.
"Kirkland acts as a universal club marshal," said Timothy Campbell, analyst at Kantar Retail.
I came to fire eating, like most performers in sideshow acts, as an apprentice.
This marble wine cooler acts as an insulator, keeping your mum's favourite beverage chilled.
Electrical cable impersonates spaghetti and a black lipstick acts as the lonesome Monster's cigarette.
It is a primary ingredient in gumbo, where it acts as a flavorful thickener.
In this case, THE MET is primary, and the locations acts as sub-brands.
He described the acts as aimed at overthrowing the North Korean regime, KCNA said.
This president acts as if he is above the law, or is the law.
In her own lab, Dr. Holscher acts as a round-the-clock personal chef.
But at other times, Trump acts as though she knows exactly what she's doing.
Kaztransoil acts as an operator for Kazakh oil producers that send supplies via Russia.
President Obama ended the residency program in one of his last acts as president.
Link acts as Woodford's Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) and is the fund's legal owner.
Rock formation acts as a way to track the changes in the magnetic field.
They yearn for a government that acts as a facilitator, not just a regulator.
Trump is like a guy at a bar who acts as his own wingman.
It acts as their "travel fund" if they ever want to plan a trip.
He acts as the public face of the company's cloud business and technical infrastructure.
Then the case goes to a review board, which acts as a grand jury.
Fred Rogers's widow, at 91, still acts as a spokeswoman for her husband's legacy.
At Lord & Taylor, a sidewalk bower of illuminated greenery acts as an enchanted tunnel.
He acknowledged that such blatant acts as destroying evidence and encouraging perjury were impermissible.
Mr. West acts as his own pitchman for the brand, which can be complicated.
"Arlington values its trees and acts as their steward," she said in emailed comments.
He sometimes acts as a brake — or tries to — on the president's tweeting impulses.
A graduate of Stanford, she speaks and acts as a polished, well-informed performer.
Excess liquidity is still in the system, which acts as fuel for asset bubbles.
It acts as a barrier, forcing any potentially cooling precipitation away from the city.
It acts as an albatross around the neck of the economy and hinders growth.
A stronger euro acts as a deflationary pressure, which the ECB wants to avoid.
This acts as a visual meter, enabling her to better judge when she'll climax.
But our friend doesn't credit them; he acts as if he is the author.
The idea is that the drone acts as a personal assistant for the user.
A rain garden acts as a natural buffer between the building and bus drive.
It acts as Amazon's "chief lobbyist," Trump has said on Twitter, without presenting evidence.
Tombot robotics, for example, builds a golden retriever robot that acts as a support animal.
The uptrend line remains important because it acts as a resistance feature in the future.
She acts as a bridge between Angelo and the people who trust her street smarts.
The bottom of the remote unfolds and acts as a secure holder for your smartphone.
Coinbase acts as what's known as an "agency" and earns commission by executing client trades.
Nitrogen acts as a weak base, and can easily take on protons, becoming positively charged.
After Waze, he co-founded and acts as chairman or board member in several startups.
This series acts as a poignant reminder of the many hurdles left in achieving equality.
"Wine," which stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator," acts as a substitute for Windows.
The European Research Group of hardline Brexiteers acts as a party within the Tory party.
Carve out a distinctive entry using a storage piece that acts as a room divider.
"In these times, such simple acts as listening and learning are an act of resistance."
Among Trump's first official acts as President was signing a special dispensation for Marine Gen.
The program acts as a tool for people to open their homes in affected areas.
"Every little bit you can squirrel away in a savings account acts as a buffer."
J.K. Rowling has some important words about one of Donald Trump's first acts as POTUS.
A protein called cas9 acts as a pair of scissors to cut through the DNA.
For amphibians like frogs and salamanders, skin acts as more than just a protective covering.
Bromelain has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, and acts as a digestive enzyme.
An adult advocating for an unheard child acts as an amplifier for that child's needs.
However, one of Barack Obama's last acts as president was to commute the woman's sentence.
The second model acts as a kind of testing ground for more cutting-edge tech.
Amazon has to tread carefully as it acts as a gateway between customers and sellers.
These include exotic options such as cobra venom, which acts as a nerve-blocking agent.
It's rechargeable and even acts as a power bank so you can charge your devices.
One acts as a petard, blasting through a wall to grant access to the others.
However, the donor still acts as an advisor with respect to the distribution of funds.
Uber already acts as a hook to lure people into the financial system, Ranero said.
A big takeaway is that shale now acts as a check on long-term volatility.
Cohn acts as Trump's chief economic adviser and Powell is a deputy national security adviser.
My dad Drac begins dating, so in this one Mavis acts as the overprotective parent.
HNA Group's chief executive, Adam Tan, acts as chairman of Hainan Cihang's board of directors.
Smith currently acts as a coach and marketing manager with the IWFL's New York Sharks.
She still does all the prep, cooking, and serving, and also acts as the cashier.
Effectively, a PPA acts as an insurance policy for the operator against falling power prices.
Panama has pushed back on the image that the country acts as a tax haven.
But, there's plenty of support from other electronic acts as well in this eclectic mix.
Its cultural significance means that it acts as a propaganda win for the Russian forces.
Disclosure: Robert W. Baird & Co. acts as a market maker in the securities of Netflix.
In many individual images, the shift in perspective acts as little more than a gimmick.
The newest gameplay feature is the ace mechanic, which acts as a character's super ability.
From sea to shining sea, prom acts as the receptacle for every teenager's wildest imaginings.
For a retail start-up, the 100 million number acts as a moat around Amazon.
Moscow also acts as a security guarantor in a long-running standoff with neighboring Azerbaijan.
"A lot of people see these individual acts as harmless, trivial or insignificant," he says.
It acts as a buffer against stress, while also creating a space to build camaraderie.
Since it's removable, the battery acts as a portable charger that can be taken anywhere.
Walker said she believe FERC currently "acts as a rubber stamp" for energy infrastructure projects.
He also acts as Digital's liaison in the newsroom coordinating the digital and TV teams.
Aerith has a wide range of magic spells, and often acts as the team's healer.
It not only must play the best soccer, it also acts as a role model.
You've told us on this program that inflation acts as a weight on stock valuations.
Blockchain is the underlying technology behind bitcoin and acts as a decentralized ledger of transactions.
This not only supercharges earning potential, it acts as a safety net against job loss.
The proposal, presented on Thursday, acts as an update to Ohio's "heartbeat bill" that Gov.
Also, there is a thick, musty smell that acts as a balm to jerky nerves.
While Mufasa is busy attending to kingly business, he acts as a guardian for Simba.
Instead, banks generally report to Dun and Bradstreet, which acts as a business credit bureau.
NetShade VPN acts as your shield so you and your browsing activity can maintain anonymity.
Argon gas between the panes acts as a thermal insulator in both summer and winter.
It's for hygiene, comfort, acts as a barrier, and provides support or creates a silhouette.
He is the witness of fate and acts as the connecting agent in this world.
Nothing actually happens on your phone or computer, the Spotify app acts as a remote.
He no longer invests money, but acts as a go-between with the firm's clients.
The camera often acts as a voyeur, peering at characters as they pass a doorway.
At Van Ða, the menu acts as something of a survey course in Vietnamese cooking.
Watch, the company who acts as an agent for the "Ryan's World" license, reached out.
A VPN acts as a secure tunnel through which all your online traffic can flow.
As if all that wasn't enough, the top also acts as a Qi wireless charger.
The dulse acts as a kind of flavor enhancer, a natural version of monosodium glutamate.
In a politically demanding time, it acts as if ambiguity and discretion were automatically virtues.
Despite a politically demanding time, it acts as if ambiguity and discretion were automatically virtues.
It acts as if you don't know whether or not the other person is there.
It then acts as the managing partner for those buildings, signing leases directly with renters.
The roof of the circular building acts as a track for kids to run on.
Arrokoth is largely unchanged after billions of years and acts as a primordial time capsule.
One of Trump's first acts as president was to throw out his predecessor's priority list.
Clements also takes Phenergan, which acts as an antihistamine, and Tizanidine, which treats muscle spasms.
It acts as glue that holds together the chains of nucleotides that make up DNA.
It acts as a safeguard, but it doesn&apost mean that something will go wrong.
In short, it's a structure that acts as the centre of all time and space.
The code acts as homage to the days when Janeites flew studiously below the radar.
Removed from the rest of the section, it acts as a self-contained reading experience.
There's an on-screen button called the touch modifier, which acts as a keyboard shortcut.
But television, these days, acts as if you had all the time in the world.
The decentralized nature of American election administration acts as its own safeguard, the association said.
By increasing the difficulty of recruitment substantially, it acts as a significant deterrent for traffickers.
He currently acts as a strategic advisor to the Grow America's Infrastructure Now (GAIN) coalition.
When spare capacity is high, it acts as a shock absorber to the energy market.
One of Pai's first acts as chairman was to begin scaling back the Lifeline program.
Fill your tub before bed, acts as a humidifier - desert air is dry as hell.
Maryam is now 14, but acts as if she were much older, her father said.
Hession focuses exclusively on municipal bonds and acts as a subadvisor for separately managed accounts.
The organization acts as a liaison between the university and its community and facilitates scholarships.
Now when he's at LAX, he's not only nice ... sometimes he acts as a peacemaker.
It acts as a digital compass that vibrates every time he faces Earth's magnetic pole.
That interview, called a "credible fear" interview, essentially acts as a screener for asylum seekers.
Like Secretary of State John Kerry, the British foreign secretary acts as the country's top diplomat.
This mineral is naturally present in water and acts as protection against minerals dissolving from pipes.
Martin acts as Meow Wolf's landlord; the group pays rent and has a 22005-year lease.
The blanket is functional and acts as casual decor for any room in your girlfriend's home.
It acts as a Facebook Messenger bot, allowing for easy, real-time translations on any smartphone.
Trump withdrew from the massive free trade deal as one of his first acts as president.
Nakash appears in many videos and photos, and he even acts as the vlogger's photographer sometimes!
Some participants described their sexual acts as different based on whether they were high or drunk.
The glass tower would be wrapped in latticed wood, which acts as a load-bearing brace.
Between the hallway and the Clean Room, there's an area that acts as a mud room.
Suri acts as a guide for the wearer, explaining details about different pieces in the exhibition.
Essentially it is an eight-sided device that is Bluetooth-enabled and acts as a timer.
Mimir acts as a useful exposition-man, feeding Kratos information about the world of Norse gods.
The House only acts as an institution when it votes — exactly what Pelosi has sedulously avoided.
Canon says that an empty square space on the clip acts as a viewfinder of sorts.
Wine chiller This marble wine cooler acts as an insulator, keeping your mom's favorite beverage chilled.
Because of this, the Union acts as a platform through which our employees can hold shares.
In this scenario, Wefox effectively acts as a lead generation or matching service for local brokers.
Lifen acts as an interface with multiple electronic messaging protocols — MS Santé, Apicrypt, Zepra and Medimail.
The BOJ acts as a secretariat of the council, which conducts surveys and financial education programs.
President Obama declared Bears Ears a national monument as one of his final acts as president.
Portal also acts as a Bluetooth speaker, and Spotify Connect lets it power multi-room audio.
Chuck Schumer -- the incoming Senate Democratic Leader -- and acts as something of a counterbalance to Sen.
"In this way, the koi acts as a storyteller to connect human and machine," Nissan says.
As far as the positives go, it also acts as a sort of password manager solution.
Surety's main product is called "AbsoluteProof" that acts as a cryptographically secure seal on digital documents.
However, rates moving up too much acts as a regulator that slows growth and cuts inflation.
The cable comes with an adapter that acts as the magnetic hold for the breakaway mechanism.
Seydoux is still credited as co-founder and Olivier Levy acts as co-founder and CEO.
It also acts as a marketing opportunity for Amazon's other publishing concern: mobile e-book readers.
This is also near an historical resistance level, so this acts as a double resistance feature.
In the here and now, Green acts as fulcrum of the most unstoppable play in sports.
A button on the right side of the device, towards the bottom, acts as a release.
This practical course acts as a walkthrough for the filmmaking process, from casting to final cut.
The people usually begin with a definable and obvious characteristic that acts as a comic well.
Reducing the balance sheet, like hiking interest rates, acts as a tightening measure on the economy.
Nottingham's famous underground electronic music event consists of international acts as well as UK-based talent.
Cartilage provides a smooth, gliding surface for joint motion and acts as a cushion between bones.
The letter acts as a request, and the agencies are not required to act upon it.
In wakala, one party acts as agent (wakil) for another, managing assets under certain investment conditions.
DTCC acts as a centralised clearing house and more for dozens of exchanges and equity platforms.
After Mary's mother died, her uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans) acts as the precocious girl's guardian.
The idea is that this account key acts as a sort of two-factor authentication system.
For TBRs, a trust company acts as the custodian of the loan; for DAMPs, brokerages do.
"The FPO acts as a neutral and reliable intermediary and partner in promoting peace!" it said.
The question is whether non-violent Islamism acts as a barrier to jihadists, or a gateway.
The box acts as a small business for them, essentially drawing money out of the air.
OneLogin acts as a single sign-on access point for all of your enterprise cloud applications.
Her sister acts as a sort of campaign manager, though she was not on this trip.
That was the origin of EPOC, which acts as connective tissue between the government and citizens.
And yet, for a poet profoundly interested in time, nostalgia often acts as a covert poetics.
She now acts as the intermediary between her employers and the mostly male stagehands she hires.
DTCC acts as a centralized clearing house and more for dozens of exchanges and equity platforms.
They noted that the OSTP director also acts as an intermediary with Congress on scientific policy.
Rob Ryan, who was not available for an interview Tuesday, acts as a roving defensive analyst.
The standards embrace student-centered "discovery" learning, where the teacher acts as more facilitator than instructor.
The added emotion of fear in a video game acts as a catalyst for increased awareness.
Fifth-generation Herbert Fisk Johnson III acts as the current CEO and chairman of the company. 
Apple also upgraded the Apple Watch, its smartwatch that acts as a companion for the iPhone.
It also acts as the robot's brain, telling it how to move and where to go.
The sun, also called Overmother, acts as, well, his mother, with the moon as the father.
The clerk acts as a middle man for official documents sent between Congress and the president.
Few have heard of Dyn, but it essentially acts as one of the internet's giant switchboards.
Blockchain is the underlying technology for digital currencies and acts as a global database of transactions.
He described the acts as part of a greater plot aimed at overthrowing North Korea's government.
Mellgren says the bowls acts as a filter, allowing you to release emotions you've been harboring.
Now reopened, it acts as a portal to the massive trove of volumes in the library.
A globe-shaped planetarium acts as a Death Star-like foil to all this pleasant lightness.
He now acts as a bridge between the scouting operation, the first team and the academy.
That's because the region's geography acts as a basin that traps dirty air over the city.
It acts as a central distribution center for companies, groups, and individuals who want to donate.
The director, Katie Mitchell, acts as a de facto conductor of these overlapping excavations of grief.
It's not new that the president acts as the cheerleader-in-chief for the stock market.
She is also on the attendance and college committees, and acts as the child-abuse liaison.
The president's tweet repeated his false claim that the Post acts as a "lobbyist" for Amazon.
This Bread Nightlight looks tempting enough to eat, but really acts as a glowing LED nightlight.
One such chief, Djiby Demba Diery Sow, acts as his village's registrar and de facto mayor.
" In consumers' minds, the 99 acts as a cue that says, "This is a low price.
Data suggests piracy acts as a sort of invisible competitor and a metric of consumer dissatisfaction.
At low doses it acts as a stimulant, leading to a feeling of pleasure, she added.
For this orphaned black rhino, named Kitui, park ranger Elias Mugambi acts as a surrogate parent.
White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters denied, however, that Graff acts as a go-between at all.
Mr. Sessions's decision to recuse himself was one of his first public acts as attorney general.
Melting permafrost, which acts as a cement holding slopes together, increases the risk of rock fall.
It acts as an acquirer, essentially bundling all the transactions for a retailer and processing them.
Hence, the large increase in scholarship support, which acts as a sensible form of price discrimination.
The pressurized air is denser than the helium, so the superpressure balloon acts as a weight.
Some greens have long complained that FERC acts as a rubber stamp for the energy industry.
Law and his contemporaries had another insight, namely that credit when it circulates acts as money.
The lactic acid of this mizumoto acts as the starter to stimulate the booze-making process.
He turns up a web of betrayals and secrets, and acts as the book's moral compass.
"Trump acts as if he has the same vision of the appropriate use of government power."
He causes mischief, enables bad behavior, and acts as the main source of meta comic relief.
They work by making more serotonin, a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter, available in the brain.
Meltwater also acts as a lubricant underneath a glacier, allowing it to move faster toward the sea.
Naloxone acts as an opioid antagonist, knocking opioids off those receptors in the brain and restoring breathing.
When I get to work, I put the salmon on top which acts as the dressing, too.
But a well-crafted resume acts as both a strong first-impression and a convincing sales pitch.
One of his first acts as prime minister last year was to welcome Syrian refugees into Canada.
Plus, it acts as an invisible shield, protecting polish from chipping and dulling — no UV lamps required.
Two of the accounts pertained to a website that acts as a marketplace for private gun sales.
It later transpired the domain acts as a "kill switch" and stopped WannaCry dead in its tracks.
For the uninitiated, a witch bottle acts as a "recharging" agent for different parts of the psyche.
He never checks his phone, runs out to another meeting, or acts as if you don't matter.
The Amazon Echo Connect specifically hooks into a landline and acts as a voice-controlled speakerphone system.
A protein called CTLA-4 acts as a brake on a T-cell, blocking it from action.
Protesters marched on bases of the hashd, the militia that increasingly acts as the elite's praetorian guard.
Leading up to Charlottesville, we saw an increase in such acts as the desecration of Jewish cemeteries.
The RNC, which acts as the political arm of the White House, is essentially following Trump's lead.
It's home to a dense concentration of photoreceptor cells, and acts as a focal point for vision.
The Trump administration claims Huawei acts as a conduit for Chinese state spying, an accusation Huawei denies.
Instead, it acts as a kind of collaborative conduit for your streaming devices, cable and gaming consoles.
The café offers a three-course lunch for £1, but also acts as the area's social centre.
Additionally, Miami acts as a gateway to Latin America, and the city is encouraging small-business development.
It also acts as a reference of Alexa Connect Kit for other device makers to learn from.
The AHSAA acts as if the players exist for the AHSAA, and not the other way around.
Funderbeam acts as a funding and trading platform so that angel investors can invest in your startup.
Whether its butter-pie or stew, food acts as an anchor against novels' horror and high stakes.
"At low concentrations, lactic acid acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin," says Dr. Lain.
The macro editor that acts as one of the application's main screens is comprehensive without being confusing.
For them Tether, which is pegged one-to-one to the greenback, acts as a dollar substitute.
We all make and need mucus regularly because it acts as a protective layer over our cells.
Currently his Troller bandmates help with management duties; Amber acts as VP & CFO, and Justin handles art.
It also acts as a weight of sorts that aims to keep the headphones from bouncing around.
Instead it develops in your uterus during pregnancy and acts as life-support for your growing baby.
It should stop the display from cracking, and acts as an additional area to hold the phone.
But as one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump signed an executive order on Jan.
It's a gel developed by UK-company D533O that acts as both a liquid and a solid.
There's also a handful of audio-based story games, and Golfshot...which acts as a virtual caddy.
We will comply with the Federal Records Act and the Presidential Records Acts, as stated by law.
His death acts as a stark demonstration of just how ruthless Voldemort and his followers can be.
Giuseppe Recchi currently serves as the Italian phone group's chairman, while de Puyfontaine acts as his deputy.
Finally, it acts as a beacon that can be used to help find your keys or purse.
Goldman usually acts as an advisor to companies being sold in these deals, rather than to buyers.
Hope Hicks One of Trump's longest-serving political aides, Hicks currently acts as his senior communications adviser.
The attorney general acts as the country's chief law enforcement officer and head of the Justice Department.
Daniel Ives: FBR acts as a market maker or liquidity provider for the company's securities: Microsoft Corporation.
Latex acts as a great barrier, but it can also increase friction and cause condoms to rupture.
Whichever way you've got your monitors configured, you can set which one acts as the primary one.
Technicals suggest Nifty has strong support at 3.93,929 points where as 11,046 acts as a strong resistance.
The $99 device also acts as a nightlight and you can turn it on and off remotely.
But it also acts as an attack on the economic well-being of the American middle class.
The idea that piracy acts as a competitive check on markets is certainly not a new argument.
But even beyond the self-anointment by homage, the video acts as an exercise in subliminal messaging.
It is what separates democracies from dictatorships, in which the executive acts as judge, jury and executioner.
Atmospheric ozone acts as a sunscreen for the planet, blocking cancer-causing ultraviolet light from the sun.
It also acts as a prequel to another album he's releasing in Spring next year, Stranger Returns.
The port of Tangier acts as a link between the African continent, the Mediterranean Sea, and Europe.
The report acts as a precursor to the more comprehensive government nonfarm payrolls data due on Friday.
PItzi acts as a reseller for insurance companies to offer products around mobile phone insurance across Brazil.
Jason Bateman The Super Bowl commercial veteran acts as an elevator operator in the latest Hyundai ad.
Patients are able to take over more of their own care, while he acts as a facilitator.
The bespoke kitchen acts as an outpost for restaurants where demand is high but supply is limited.
There's an absolute immunity from a Supreme Court case in 1982 when the president acts as president.
The big picture: The Moon acts as a time capsule of our solar system and Earth specifically.
There can be just as little space on social networks for criminal acts as on the street.
Honeyfund's online registry system acts as a crowdfunding website where couples can raise money for their honeymoon.
But the president's own assault on the truth acts as a force-multiplier for the Kremlin's attacks.
New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who acts as trustee of the retirement fund, applauded the vote.
This acts as financial protection to the lender in case you aren't able to pay your mortgage.
Plus, as the world's only superpower, the United States often acts as a balancer in regional disputes.
One of Mooney's first acts as conservator was to donate Henry's brain to Corkin and her colleagues.
The report acts as a precursor to the more comprehensive government nonfarm payrolls data, due on Friday.
But the lack of translation also acts as a delightful way to further enjoy Seven Plums' videos.
There's a button just under the lens, a circular cut-out that acts as a manual shutter.
This suit acts as a sculptural representation of the project that stays on the ground for display.
Khloé immediately recoils and acts as if she hasn't been buying her mom's love this whole time.
Floodwaters flowed over the Laurel Ridge levee that acts as a barrier for the Baton Rouge area.
Everything happens on your phone, but the desktop browser acts as an interface for your mobile wallet.
Here, acts as diverse as Mark Ronson, Deadmau5 and Carl Cox offer well wishes and funny anecdotes.
Meanwhile, the worm is secreting sericin, which acts as a bonding agent and glues the filaments together.
Their participant-ownership structure keeps wealth in local communities and acts as a bulwark against financial crises.
The experience opens in a living room, whose wall art acts as a portal to exotic destinations.
This song is a lengthy posse cut that acts as a lighthearted thesis statement for the movement.
A small speaker on the top of the guitar acts as a sort of built-in monitor.
Alcohol acts as a diuretic—meaning it makes you pee a lot—which can lead to dehydration.
It brands the hazing acts as purely sexually debasing, which the vast majority of us never felt.
Spanish courts have since taken a softer approach, seeing such acts as a form of political expression.
Before forensic evidence is back from the lab, that history acts as a road map for detectives.
Look up, and you'll see Mi Teleferico, a cable car system that acts as the city's subway.
It also acts as a transit hub and the Washington, DC, Metro and bus systems stop there.
But not all adolescents, or adults, know that it typically acts as a useful and protective emotion.
It acts as a skin soother, and its extract is often used as a remedy for sunburns.
Relied on as a leavener, it also acts as a preservative, because it has a dehydrating effect.
His "Dark Waves," in effect the predecessor of the immense "Become Ocean," acts as the prelude here.
Interpol acts as a clearinghouse for national police services that want to find suspects outside their borders.
Light acts as a stimulant, similar to the way caffeine does, even in people who are blind.
The ice acts as an insulating layer to protect the tiny buds from the colder temperatures above.
It also acts as a shield to protect internal components from potential sources of radio wave interference.
A tri-band dual stream design acts as an AC2200 router, range extender access point, and bridge.
His brother Gustavo, acts as a sort of consigliere, a pattern shared with Jorge and Rodrigo Messi.
He is supposed to be the nation's head law-enforcement official, but acts as a Trump loyalist.
Unlike the Apple Watch, which acts as a companion to your smartphone, the iPod was just redundant.
And while it won't last, this asteroid acts as a temporary mini-moon whirling around our planet.
The US claims Huawei acts as a conduit for Chinese government espionage, an allegation the company denies.
Placing its hackers in other countries acts as a sort of advanced war planning for North Korea.
One prototype uses a recycled polyethylene terephthalate polymer film barrier, which acts as a thin internal lining.
This fourth episode, "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum," acts as both a war cry and beacon of hope.
As an impeachment manager, Jeffries' acts as a prosecutor for House Democrats outlining the case against Trump.
OLED TVs—a type of panel in which every pixel acts as its own backlight—are outstanding.
Afterward, that indictment moves to the Senate, which acts as a jury presiding over the impeachment trial.
I hate it when he acts as if every place with black people is a death zone.
After all, the sport acts as a high-speed laboratory for Pirelli to refine its consumer tires.
Even if Virginia acts as expected next year, there is no guarantee the amendment would take hold.
While the podcasts are also distributed via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, YouTube acts as a first stop.
He faces charges of criminal sexual acts, as well as both first-degree and third-degree rape.
A certified financial planner who acts as fiduciary can work directly with your accountant and family lawyer.
It is owned by Noranda Income Fund but in essence acts as a tolling operation for Glencore.
One of Trump's first acts as president was to ditch the multilateral Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
At the same time, this also acts as a brake (hence the term regenerative braking, or "regen").
KBW or an affiliate currently makes a market and/or acts as a liquidity provider in JPMorgan securities.
Evidence from Singer's lab and elsewhere has also shown that sewage acts as a potent catalyst for superbugs.
Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan banned the procedure last May as one of his final acts as president.
Now, Dawe's work made with thread, plays with gender stereotypes, and acts as a tribute to his grandmother.
It usually acts as a support under a touchscreen phone; but the KeyOne's low keyboard makes this impossible.
A president's budget typically acts as a statement of White House priorities rather than an actual legislative vehicle.
The new building is directly grounded on the original underground industrial constructions, which acts as the building's foundation.
One is we hope that the museum, and specifically the show, acts as a lever for the community.
The case also acts as a place to stash you keys and other small belongings while you exercise.
" In this sense, he added, the choir's song acts as "a rallying cry to stand up and resist.
One criticism of the League's leader is that he acts as if he is still on the hustings.
Instead, the display acts as a trackpad below or above the keyboard, depending on where you place it.
The display itself acts as the antenna — and there's an embedded electronic SIM card in the device's hardware.
It acts as a form of historical shock therapy in a country which only abolished slavery in 1952.
The EMA employs nearly 900 staff and acts as a one-stop-shop for drugs oversight across Europe.
For now, Zelle acts as the backend network powering these individual partners to allow cash transfers between banks.
All the sumptuous food and expensive wine merely acts as window dressing for the relationship turmoil at hand.
It's a developer conference that acts as Facebook's largest event of the year, and is scheduled for May.
A small, intricate circuit board acts as the "brains of the operation," Rober explained in his YouTube video.
Crystal Ventures acts as an "icebreaker" for the private sector, says Frederick Golooba-Mutebi, a Kigali-based researcher.
Jebel Ali is the busiest port outside Asia, and already acts as a hub for trade with Africa.
These currents acts as a kind of underwater conveyor belt, bringing cold water to the planet's equatorial regions.
Blockchain acts as an open ledger that tracks every transaction that has taken place with a given cryptocurrency.
The case would be heard by the EU commission, which acts as judge and jury in competition cases.
After the ice is made, the silicone base acts as storage, so you can keep the cycle going.
Pivotal Ventures also acts as a Limited Partner, investing in venture capital firms that prioritize backing diverse founders.
The lanyard acts as a carrying strap that secures firefighters to the device, in case of a fall.
The device includes a cover display that acts as a phone, and a main 7.3-inch tablet display.
As one of first acts as crowned king, Maha went on to present his wife with traditional regalia.
"Think about how the retina acts as a display that provides all kinds of visual information," Howard said.
The hardwire connection is more reliable and acts as a fail-safe if the Wi-Fi goes out.
For bonobos, sex acts as a glue that binds together all of the members of a social group.
He currently owns 10 percent of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team and acts as its non-executive chairman.
Micellar water is an increasingly popular skin care tool that acts as a cleanser, moisturizer, and makeup remover.
It also acts as a digital vault for all your private documents, photos, credit cards, and other files.
It acts as a middleman between Indonesia's car dealers and consumers who want to part with their vehicle.
Single-sign-on acts as a sort of skeleton key to all of your accounts across the internet.
Sekiro acts as a reminder of a world before the term "Souls" became a genre—nay, a trope.
It acts as a tactile anchor to an exhibition that includes around 50 works, both realized and conceptual.
Made of leftover plant skins and stems, the coating acts as a barrier that slows the decay process.
The silver exterior acts as a projection screen, letting the driver change colors and patterns on the fly.
The electoral authority, which in practice acts as a branch of the government, is stalling the referendum process.
Hedging acts as insurance against price drops, letting producers drill with more certainty they can earn a profit.
Malon acts as peer, surrogate, and helpmeet, and it's at Lon Lon Ranch that this boy finds belonging.
That Dolce & Gabanna seems to be embroiled in politics, but defend these acts as a-political is surreal.
The MLF rate acts as a guide for the PBOC's new lending benchmark, the Loan Prime Rate (LPR).
Nora acts as a cheerleader, reminding Nicole of her worth whenever she expresses doubt over Nora's cutthroat methods.
Trump administration officials have repeatedly defended the policy, arguing that it acts as a deterrent against illegal immigration.
It's not the kisses in the rain, and the way young love acts as a vehicle for maturing.
He gives them rides to the airport, helps out at shows, and acts as a one-man entourage.
In these ways, the press often acts as a gatekeeper to the floods of information we may consume.
Dominica has a police force called the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, which also acts as a coastguard.
Divar acts as an intermediary platform for people to buy and sell second hand or new goods online.
In Fitch's opinion, Banestes is strategically important to the state, as it acts as the state's financial agent.
The music acts as emotional connective tissue, imbuing the images as they pass with an episodic, operatic quality.
This guide acts as your CBD244.95, sifting through the safety stuff, the legal stuff, and the fun stuff.
But instead, the elusiveness of Picnic at Hanging Rock acts as a mirror of the central subject matter.
Elfriede is accompanied by her grown son, Tobias (a bellicose Austin Durant), who acts as his mother's interpreter.
The Haggadah, which means "telling," acts as both a storybook and a guide to the meal's many traditions.
With the app, your phone acts as a digital key so that only you can use the scooter.
Now signed to Elite Models NY, Forrest acts as a spokesperson for albino Black people the world over.
Instead of a cash advance, a leash, and a sliver of the revenue, UnitedMasters acts as a partner.
He acts as entitled while trying to claim that his speech all about him is to benefit Mellie.
Patrick Lucas, the founder of the program, acts as a liaison between the provincial government and tribal bands.
Similarly, this central form acts as pair of binoculars, ones that peer beyond the world of given appearances.
President Obama granted 209 commutations and 64 pardons on Tuesday as one of his final acts as president.
Then the person you're sharing with has to download it, while your cloud service acts as a middleman.
Eseentially, slow motion acts as time's sidekick, suspending belief for a briefest of moments to heighten our emotions.
The Earth's magnetic field acts as a shield, protecting us from damaging cosmic rays and harsh solar winds.
Trump administration officials have repeatedly defended the policy, arguing that it acts as a deterrent against illegal immigration.
Investors are only taxed on that income, so by reducing it, the investment acts as a tax shelter.
She felt equally invested in Papers, Please, a game where the user acts as a border control agent.
It's breathable and lightweight thanks to a thin knit, but still acts as a toasty layer under jackets.
And also like many internet fads, it mostly acts as an excuse to post a photo of oneself.
Each category not only describes the emotions the music evokes, but also acts as a recommended listening environment.
The water then acts as a greenhouse gas, which traps more incoming heat, which speeds up the evaporation.
The thermometer data "acts as an early warning system for illness spreading," said Inder Singh, the company's founder.
Well, 6D is "Acts as a decoy for, possibly," so it could end in S, which kills SNUG.
Yet Lynch's lush, poetic prose deliberately and painfully acts as a foil to the reality of the famine.
He helped find a progressively minded landlord to rent an apartment to her and acts as her guarantor.
In ABC's legal drama, Nicholas Pinnock plays Wallace and Wright acts as an executive producer on the series.
To trigger the mechanism, the European states notified the European Union, which acts as guarantor of the agreement.
Jeremiah, crudely discusses the particulars of the case, hits on Marissa and acts as if he's being persecuted.
Then, the center acts as a menu button for cycling between features like presets and the looping function.
This acts as a key constraint on the IDR, and results in tight headroom under the 'B' rating.
When the device is held, the slope between its two thicknesses acts as a grip for the hand.
The hybrid cloud acts as a funnel for Microsoft's Azure cloud business, Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said.
She's also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, along with her brother, who acts as her power of attorney.
The living room on the first level acts as a "lens" to take in the landscape and bay.
The window in the apse acts as an icon with the help of the architectural language of cathedrals.
Cameron now also acts as an adviser for the financing company, according to articles posted on Greensill's website.
Rather, it acts as a warning that irrational exuberance is back with a vengeance in the metals markets.
A higher retirement age acts as a benefit cut, since it raises the bar for receiving full benefits.
Ibuprofen acts as an anti-inflammatory, which will reduce the number of uterine contractions and relieve the pain.
The deputy administrator at the EPA acts as its chief operating officer and oversees employees, among other responsibilities.
Gun culture is the catalyst that brings these people together, but the range acts as a social club.
He acts "as if he's always in a film," Florence Almozini, one of the retrospective's organizers, told me.
Finally, we were jettisoned off the ship in an escape pod that acts as the ride's climactic drop.
The ash acts as a disinfectant, and gives the yogurt a unique aromatic taste and bright grey color.
Achieving that target is hampered by the way the projected uptrend line now acts as a resistance level.
The sequence acts as a tutorial, explaining the basics of the character's movement and capabilities to the audience.
All the while, he acts as if everything he does is exactly what he wants to be doing.
It acts as a "reboot button" for him, breaking his anxiety loops and allowing him to start fresh.
The curators hope the act of destruction acts as an invitation to go forth and build something new.
Abbas acts as the intermediary between Hamas (which doesn't recognize Israel) and Israel (which controls Gaza's power lines).
Among the various poems recited, Margaret Walker's "Harriet Tubman" acts as the connective tissue in Ephraim Asili's film.
The pressure is exceptionally harsh when it acts as a gate closing off potential education and future possibilities.
King Abdullah, who acts as custodian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, has not committed to attend the conference.
In Toss's case, essentially it acts as a funnel to help traditional banks find and vet customers for services.
How much of mod development, especially one who acts as a sales NPC, is based on feedback from fans?
In one of his last acts as president, Dwight Eisenhower broke off diplomatic relations with Havana in January 1961.
Basically, Iris Automation brings situational awareness to drones, and acts as the machine eyes on board any given UAV.
" Her imagery acts as a "visual roadmap, and according [to] the viewers generosity, they can go in with me.
The MLF now acts as a guide for the LPR, which is set on the 20th of each month.
Instead, it acts as a barrier against the humidity that makes your hair expand and fluff in the heat.
The second approach acts as a mirror, examining the subtle changes in ice and the people who monitor them.
When a user pauses a video, an image will appear on-screen that acts as a transparent banner ad.
"The Astro's front office acts as if it is tired of being yelled at about this subject," Apstein wrote.
One person acts as the "host," and they can play music from SoundCloud, YouTube, or their own local library.
Similarly, transactions by a hospital that acts as a medical marijuana dispensary would likely trigger a suspicious activity report.
In another, one player acts as if he has collapsed from the excitement while another hurries to resuscitate him.
Sulzberger added that the paper will soon name a successor for the position, which acts as the paper's ombudsman.
The service also acts as a content delivery network (CDN) to keep latency low on Westwing's image-heavy websites.
Using it while coloring the hair not only repairs past damage, but also acts as insurance against future grievances.
Another one of Jonas's sitting rooms acts as a trophy room and proudly displays gold records and DNCE memorabilia.
This acts as a single protocol, allowing SpotHero to bring some kind of standardization to an otherwise fragmented system.
The company announced "Playables" at GDC 2017, an ad format that acts as mini-games or teasers of gameplay.
According to the law, the head of the legislative body acts as interim president until elections can be held.
The State Council Information Office, which acts as the public relations arm of the Chinese government, declined to comment.
For one thing, it is easy to exaggerate China's ability to retaliate—especially if the West acts as one.
Here, color acts as a framing device, allowing the shapes and textures of Murray's work to stand out dramatically.
" "We should be trusted to elect our own head of state who acts as our ambassador around the world.
The tightening technology relies on a single cable loop that's threaded through the motor, which acts as a spool.

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