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"their" Definitions
  1. of or belonging to people, animals or things that have already been mentioned or are easily identified
  2. used instead of his or her to refer to a person whose sex is not mentioned or not known
"their" Synonyms

950 Sentences With "their"

How to use their in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "their" and check conjugation/comparative form for "their". Mastering all the usages of "their" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's their talent, their management, their capital, their cars, their technology, and ultimately their business.
I like their muscles, their musk, their gleam, their vigor, their heft — and their spring.
" "They're losing their careers, their livelihood, their healthcare, their ability to support their families, their ability to support their units.
The left, with their smears, their witch hunts, their slanders, their insults, their riots, their violence, and their weaponizing of the federal bureaucracy.
They tape their face, their hair, their hands behind their back, their legs.
What people, especially women, wanted to talk about was themselves, their friends, their families, their bodies, their rights, their actions, their reactions, their feelings.
People in those places identified with their political party, their job, their cause, their sexual orientation, their city, their race.
They will lose their hearing or their eyesight, their vision, their memory, their mobility, whatever.
They come with their history, their culture, their language, with their looks, with their preferences.
"This is their one safety, their security, their home, their normalcy, their routine," she said.
They filled them with their property, their money, their families, their legacies and their voices.
They brought their cultures with them, their films, their music, their tastes and their products.
Beauty fanatics know their retinol from their vitamin C, their AHAs from their PHAs, and their hyaluronic acid from their salicylic.
Their background, their influences, their look, their sound, their club night, and their philosophy has been forged in a hinterland between their two homes, Brixton and Chile.
Myanmar's army wiped out their villages in August, turning their houses, their mosques, their corrals, their grain stores, their fields, even their trees into dunes of ash.
Their talent was tremendous — their ability to work, their minds, their intelligence, their hearts were amazing.
Families here have lost everything: their children, their parents, their homes, their cattle, and their livelihoods.
"We will remember their faces, their voices, their stories their courage, and their love," Trump said.
They'll grab their lunch menu and organize their fruit, their veggies, their snack and their drink.
It changed their relationship to their families, to their city, to their church, even to their God.
Destroy their economies, burn their corporations, destroy their businesses, sink their ships and bring down their airplanes.
The best graffiti writers know their spots, their techniques, their style, their history, and—especially—their audience.
Their bodies were their dad's, or their brother's, or their husband's.
Their hair, their eyes, their shoe size...maybe even their laugh.
To protect their families, their communities, their histories and their futures.
Their hopes, and their regrets, and their loves, and their hates.
We have their statements, their videos, their posters, and their words.
They store their emails, their conversations, their appointments, their photos, sometimes even their medical information, all in a device they carry in their pockets.
Copyright holders have always had the ability to license their portions of their work, their ideas, their art, their inventions and, yes, their music.
What their PowerPoint doesn't mention is their misogyny, their homophobia, their deception at hiding their own troubling history.
The rich can buy their politicians, their tax breaks, their ability to endow their privilege to their children.
You hate their calls, their promotional offers, their bills, their service reps.
It's their celebration of their story and their revival and their victory.
My children left their school, their friends, their home and their country.
They're not sure about their safety, their intentions, their motives, their realities.
She's there for their pregnancies, their breakups, their addictions, their intractable anomie.
They include in their interest their community, often their state, their country.
As each skater performs their routine, viewers are treated to their innermost thoughts — their hopes, their dreams, their insecurities and reflection on their own movements.
It considers their rises to fame, their struggles to sustain their influence and their relationship to their own work.
The Kushner family lost the wealth of generations: their home, their businesses, their candlesticks, their fur coats, their jewelry.
People don't want other people to come in their territory, in their country, and change their cultures and their religions, their way of living, their way of eating, their way of dressing.
Without treatment, Sanfilippo will rob children of their speech, their ability to walk, their ability to feed themselves, their memory, and in their teens, their life.
Their outfits are a rumination of their beliefs, their taste, and their environment.
"Whether that's about their history, their heritage, their race, their memories … we're there."
That their fat was the measure of their intellects, their eloquence, & their worths.
The two are heralded for their connection, their chemistry, their charge, their romance.
Their humor and style of speaking, their look, their grit and their legacy.
Watching people with their babies, their toddlers, their school age children, their adolescents.
Their reasons for rising up, their demands, and their hopes are their own.
If you ever have anything to do with their entertainment, their food, their toys, their custody, their childcare, their health care, their education – listen to the children, learn about them, learn from them.
So you take their pictures, find out their names, and share that information with their communities, their friends, their employers?
The nation hurts for those who lost their lives, their homes, their animals, their sense of community, their communities themselves.
The boys who were told that their creativity, their softness, their queerness and their beauty were incompatible with their blackness.
In their statements, our participants variously described the devices as their friends and their family, their enemies and their addiction.
They haven't made their cases by pointing to their percentages, their ratings, their crowds.
They wipe their eyes, scratch their noses, bite their nails, and twirl their mustaches.
Their illness paralyzes and galvanizes them; it is their devil, their angel, their devil.
He has demeaned people based upon their race, their religion, their nationality, their gender.
We need a world where women can claim their bodies, heal their traumas, and celebrate their love, their sexuality, their joy.
Students raise their arms over their heads, rotate their wrists, lower their arms and then make circular motions with their hands.
There are exhibits devoted to their manager's business acumen, their stage costumes, their multitudinous Gold and Platinum plaques, their microphones, their studio setup, and their pre-show ritual.
Jimmy Connors, Arthur Ashe, Bjorn Borg and Vitas Gerulaitis wore their personalities on their sleeves — and their chests, their shorts, their tennis racket covers and their track suits.
What we think we know about celebrities and project on them — their authenticity, their fakeness, their goals, their failures, their interests, their dislikes — we consume, we taste, we judge.
The couples turned over their entire lives to the author; we can sift through their diary fragments, their text messages with their lovers, their bitter Gchats with their spouses.
"People care about their hops and their cheese and their coffee and their dairy and their meat, but they don't even think twice about their grains," Ms. Marvin said.
I've spent countless hours hearing the people close to me tell stories about their fathers, their mothers, their siblings, their boyfriends, their spouses, even their bosses or co-workers.
"The athletes will show their love for their motherland and their patriotism through their results, through their accomplishments and medals," Velikaya said.
Many top golfers keep their heads down during a round, their eyes locked on their target, or their ball, or their caddie.
It's a reminder of what Latinos have to balance: Their families, themselves, their countries of origin, their Americanness, their successes, their failures.
Let's let their ethos come out in their movement, in their vocalizations, in their costumes.
The students, their faces illuminated by their laptops, toggled between their notes and their code.
I want to learn about them, about their history, their culture, their stories, their struggles.
Their kitchens, their exercise equipment, their hobbies — their lives — were in cinders at our feet.
Most people said nothing, they found their place, swallowed their resentment, their contempt, their anger.
The average person unconsciously chooses their friends, their boss, their spouse, or their significant other.
The Jews had lost their homes and their businesses, all their capital, all their documents.
"Their own legacy, their own history, their own territories, their own loyal fans," Maurer said.
They were there to go meet their-- their delegates or their-- their representation in Congress.
She worried about what their choice would do to their son, their family, their marriage.
Authors thank their publishers for their patience, and their editors for their brilliance and vision.
Their social capital is draining away, along with their jobs, their savings, and their dignity.
Their palates — and their noses — are their instruments.
Actors dress up and get to gush about how much they love their work, their co-stars, their directors, their process, their agents, their plastic surgeons (okay, none do that).
Many people mistake one relative for another—mistake their daughter for their mother, or their son for their husband—and many forget that their spouse or their parents are dead.
Independent applicants should list both their dependents and their spouse, not just their dependents, while dependent applicants should list their parents and their parents' dependents, not just their parents' dependents.
"Businesses are ramping up their employee screening strategies to safeguard their brands, their reputations, their existing employees, and their customer base," Stoddard says.
Many Internet companies have extraordinary access to individuals' personal data – their actions, their friends, their preferences, their interests, and their most intimate secrets.
People have shaved my face into the back of their heads, they've inked it on their backs, their forearms, their legs, their asses.
So they are taking their dreams, their talents, their ambitions and their future family roots elsewhere.
It went into all their family medical history, what their habits are, their occupations, their academics.
Their squad included their nannies, their other nannies, and their gynecologist, whom they happen to share.
Museums are reimagining their archives, their collections, and their relationship to their visitors through social tagging.
VENETIANS have their vaporettos, Londoners their double-deckers, Japanese their bullet trains and Filipinos their jeepneys.
People work hard to build up their business, their farm, their ranch, all their working lives.
Their undying debt compromises their health, or at least their ability to pay their healthcare bills.
Instead, it keeps burdening us with their divorces, their environmentalism, their grief over their dented brands.
It was an attack on individuals expressing their sexuality, their heritage, their gender, and their freedom.
Their beliefs, their chants, their connectedness is powerful and meaningful and I respect their culture immensely.
Once their eyes were refreshed they worked their hands, flexing their fingers, kneading their swollen knuckles.
Ghost-like, their hair falling over their faces, their clothes ripped to shreds, their skin hanging.
Their whole bodies — including their faces — are covered, thus expressing their cultural identities through their craftsmanship.
You have to manage their abilities, their hunger levels, their emotional state, and their social relationships.
This season, they're fighting for their bodies, their lovers, their families and their freedom — and the truth about their origin is finally within reach.
The entire time we've known them, their marriage has been defined by its various constraining factors: their work, their children, their sources, their secrets.
People who have finished their sentence, done their probation, paid their court costs, paid their fines, paid their restitution — and have still been waiting.
In Ramanuj's conception, a person's experience of pain is shaped by their experience of life: their personality, their environment, their family, their social class.
We cook from their books, watch their TV shows, wear their aprons, buy their clogs, give their olive oil to friends — these days, we even do their marketing for them by posting pictures of their food on social media.
Athens, Ohio, is a place where people brew their own beer, shoot their own deer, fix their own cars (also grow their own weed, fight their own fights, get their own revenge).
They want their loggias, their terraces, their barbecue, their roof deck, their fireplace, their two outdoor showers in the master bedroom and outdoor Jacuzzis, one in the pool, another on the roof.
And the kids were communicating through this music about their love, their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations.
With nearly 10,000 air strikes, we're taking out their leadership, their oil, their training camps, their weapons.
"I see their peculiar sensitivities, their melancholy about aging, their memories from their vibrant youth," he says.
"They loved their families, their friends, their colleagues, their dogs and cats, and most importantly, each other."
Sitting across from Consular Officers, they discuss their schooling, their dreams, their finances and their family tree.
"Think about their life, their commitments, their emotional makeup, the demands on their time," Ms. Bonior said.
Striving is inherent in their outlook and seems to galvanize their discipline, their disposition and their optimism.
Their fame is their gift and their curse because their personal issues were broadcast to the world.
They saw their parents lose their jobs, their grandparents lose retirement money and friends lose their homes.
We compared their sleep habits, their behavior on the playground, their first words, and their first tantrums.
Refuse their ads, ban their accounts, cancel their crowdfunding, adjust algorithms to eliminate their hate and bias.
Their dorm keys were left in their mentor's bag and they took their clothes from their rooms.
Visibly nervous, they shifted in their chairs, rubbed their palms and pressed their fists against their foreheads.
They get their nails done, their vision tested, their pumpkins picked and their hardware needs supplied locally.
Their descriptions — of his choking, slapping, spitting, threatening their lives, insulting their bodies, mocking their professional ambitions and trying to control their appearance — are horrendous.
But children don't leave behind their emotions, their diet, their traumas, their safety fears, their dental problems and so on when they get to school.
The New York Mets had their biggest, their longest, their noisiest, their sweetest and their third victory celebration in 24 days at Shea Stadium yesterday.
" President John F. Kennedy similarly defined a liberal as someone who "cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties.
It's their pride, it's their identity; it's their economic wellbeing.
You have earned their love, their respect and their attention.
We listened to their concerns, their fears, and their desires.
They were complicated by their staff, their customers, their context.
They love their house and neighborhood, their grandchildren, their jobs.
Their enemies want to destroy their people and their faith.
Millions of Americans lost their homes, their jobs, their savings.
He acted as their judge, their jury and their executioner.
These pellets have pierced their hearts, their abdomens, their brains.
Their belt would tighten around their road and their necks.
Their lives become disconnected from their past and their community.
Their parents mirrored their emotions and attended to their needs.
I love hearing their backgrounds, their stories, and their dreams.
We would interview their family, their friends, and their colleagues.
How I can feel their heat, their vibrations, their energy.
Their hearts break for their patients and their patients' families.
They've sold out their country, their people, their religion, everything.
They feed their families and their promoters with their winning.
I've depended on their leadership, their advice and their contributions.
That question gets at their integrity, their qualities, their values.
Their personalities, their lives, their beliefs are all polar opposites.
Their lawyers, their demeanor and their clothes talk for them.
Their housing is taken care of, along with the schooling for their kids, their food, even their camaraderie.
All they want is their president, their senators, their representatives, to do their jobs, just do your jobs!
Their goal was to have a wedding that included their beliefs, their heritage, and represented their dynamic identities.
Overall, I have been very impressed with the Chinese entrepreneurs, their spirit, their speed, their dedication, their friendliness.
It's clear that women want to see stories that reflect their thoughts, their lives, their feelings, their issues.
And then, when the conversation deepens, I ask them about their lives: their families, their jobs, their homes.
Their car breaks down on their way to their date, which feels like a metaphor for their relationship.
We have overheard their arguments, eavesdropped on their secrets, endured their arid stretches, weathered their short sharp shocks.
All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their wellbeing, including their prosperity.
And I wanted everyone to feel grateful for their curves, their sass, their honesty — thankful for their freedom.
Per the director, Suspiria is a film about women: their pain, their fears, their sensuality, and their identity.
Mommies sway their hips and pump their arms, while their tots get lightly jostled in their baby carriers.
Professors shouldn't be forced to hide their political viewpoints in their classrooms, their scholarship, and their social media.
"They're thinking of their sons, they're thinking of their husbands, their brothers, their uncles, and others," Trump said.
Because they're thinking of their sons, they're thinking of their husbands and their brothers, their uncles and others.
Some practiced writing in their notebooks and their slates, their bangles clinking as they focused on their letters.
It knew precious little about its subjects, their wealth, their landholdings and yields, their location, their very identity.
Their wines astound for their purity, their distinctiveness and their almost radical evocation of a pre-modern age.
The American people deserve safe, clean water from their homes, their schools, their jobs and their public spaces.
All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests, and their wellbeing, including their prosperity.
They do not naturally open their homes, their dinner tables, their churches, and, yes, their countries to others.
And they welcome you into their homes and you meet their children or their grandchildren or their partner.
It was a revealing look into their lives, their sacrifices, their triumphs and even, perhaps surprisingly, their paychecks.
They do it with their generosity, with their contacts, with their business savvy and with their personal commitment.
The Patriots stood with their right hands over their hearts, and their left hands on their teammate's shoulder.
"This family has shared their mother, their grandmother, their aunt, their cousin with the entire world," Ellis said.
They leave their purses in their cars, leave their doors unlocked and their drinks unattended in a bar.
Their eyes are a liquid brown, their noses inquisitive, their udders homely; small children thrill to their moo.
These athletes give their all to represent their teams, their colleges and universities, their cities or our country.
They've gone through their Lego phases, their sporty phases, their drama phases, their communicating-only-via-eyerolls phases.
They used their wits, their two extra legs and — yes — their bushy tails to fend off their pursuers.
All this, as Russians were losing their jobs, their savings, their respect in the world and their dignity.
Oliver judged their stitch too fine, their length too short, their colors too bright, their patterns too busy.
Regardless of their 'job titles' (a fashion designer and an artist), their origins, their gender, or their nationalities, they let their creative minds explore without limitations.
But he also promised to solve people's problems — with their health care, with their jobs, with their living standards, with their communities, with their children's prospects.
Quite a few factors affect this otherwise subliminal decision: their location, their proximity to the entrance of a building, their lighting, their grandeur, their odor, etc.
"When tourists flocked to Italy in the '70s, their caravans were not only their living rooms, but their bedrooms, their toilets and their kitchens," Wurm says.
These parents may worry about how their illness negatively impacts their children's lives, how their death will impact their kids, and how to explain their prognosis to their children in an age-appropriate way.
Look at their head, look at their neck, look at their chest, look at their abdomen, look at their pelvis and their legs, and we flip them over to see whether or not we have gotten every single area of their body examined.
They showed us teenagers in cars, in classrooms, at parties, in swimming pools, on playing fields and in their beds; teenagers with their dogs, their moms, their friends, their homework, their makeup, their video games and their prom dates; teenagers running, jumping, studying, singing, vaping, taking selfies, protesting and kissing.
All these women's canvassing, their fundraising, their sign waving, their speech making, their cow milking, their porkchop flipping, their weeks and months and years of campaigning — all of it came down to just one day.
No longer will young families see their own incomes, and their own hopes, eaten away simply because they are carrying out their deep moral obligations to their parents, and to their uncles, and their aunts.
We have seen the couple through their early friendship, their dating life, their engagement, their wedding, and the pregnancy and births of all three of their children.
They tend to put their families, their relationships, their friends, everyone's needs in front of their own, so they put the least investment in their own lives.
And within this capitalist system, rich and powerful people who overplay their hands get their comeuppance all the time, losing their jobs, their fortunes and their reputations.
They spend their training hours in that position, their torsos torqued to the left, their weight on their left legs as their right legs sweep powerful strides.
Patients need to realize their lifestyle, their weight, their physical activity, their smoking all have a big influence on the likelihood their cancer will recur, Spring said.
If their premises were correct, their conclusions would be logical…but their premise being wrong, their whole argument fails.
With nearly 10,000 air strikes, we are taking out their leadership, their oil, their training camps, their vicious ideology.
Their hollow eye sockets stare blankly outward, beckoning us to imagine their flesh, their personalities, their desires and pains.
I was touched by their love for their son and their country and their defiant conviction in American values.
Bernstein chose those companies because of their approach to their customers and their willingness to reward their brand ambassadors.
You see their world through their cameras, getting an intimate look at their lives via their computers and phones.
It's all there: their passions, their hobbies, their ideological leanings, their love of terrible haircuts and sublime anonymized cringe.
First, their entire music collection lived on their iPod, now their entire world is on-demand via their iPhone.
They allude to their success, but also veer the conversation toward their pets, their kids, and their personal problems.
Some push their kids to achieve; others prefer to let their kids discover their talents under their own steam.
Are they assuming their partner changes their patches/rings, takes their pill, or gets their shot perfectly on time?
Temperamental people perform poorly because their emotions cloud their judgment and their lack of self-control destroys their relationships.
People have lost their homes, their jobs, lost their children, their right to travel, all because of marijuana prohibition.
Citizens open their app with their thumbprints or retinal scans and then cast their vote with their private key.
They both hold their morals, and their moral compass and their code of honor, very close to their chest.
Users may want to talk on their cellphones, or put their fingers under their masks to scratch their noses.
But by marking their skin in their own way, people are able to redefine their relationship with their bodies.
It affects their ability to do their job and their willingness to do their job, and it shouldn't be.
We have all read their résumés and watched their debate performances; their platforms and programs are on their websites.
Their eyes are closed, their bodies motionless, even their adrenaline is suspended within the calcified will of their stillness.
And every American who cares about their kids, their health care, their jobs or their housing should take notice.
Their goal is to "embrace their journey and encourage them to love their children well," according to their website.
They talked about their career goals, their desire to give back to their country and their love for family.
With nearly 10,000 air strikes, we are taking out their leadership, their oil, their training camps, and their weapons.
All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests, and their well-being, including their prosperity.
But their animus, their antipathy, their hate, it&aposs downright hatred.
Everyone should carry it in their purse, their bag, their worksites.
We really don't tolerate their culture, their dreams, or their families.
You choose their look, their gender, their clothes, all of it.
They tucked their hands behind their backs, bowing their heads pensively.
Their heads are shaved and their hands bound behind their backs.
What's happened to their newspapers, their job base, their talk space?
In their heads, their retirement plan is basically their parents dying.
That's because their policy, not their rhetoric, defined their administration's legacy.
Their positions outstripped their capability and it was not their fault.
She keeps thinking about their lives together — their marriage, their bond.
Their vanity, their insecurities, and their delusions are on full display.
A woman who is their guest, their co-worker, their peer.
My girls will miss their teammate, their sister, and their friend.
Who was on their land, in their view, on their horizon.
The quake destroyed their television, their fridge, their plates and glasses.
They tell me about their children, their jobs, their favorite movies.
They've got their own lives, their own destiny, their own goals.
Let's start with their adorableness, their adorableness, oh, and their adorableness.
Their cute nicknames, their pet voices, their awful inside jokes, etc.
Their relationships, their strategic partnerships, help them advance their own agendas.
They have their own schools, their own training, their own everything.
I don't know the players, their personalities, their lives, their skills.
My girls will miss their teammate, their sister and their friend.
We need their business, their taxes, and their customers and employees.
These entertainers let us into their lives, their families, their stories.
"It's their state, it's their work, it's their campaign," he said.
We are relieved for their families, their friends, and their communities.
It connects them to their family, their friends and their classrooms.
It connects them to their friends, their classmates, and their teachers.
I pray for their development -- from their fingers to their toes.
Their choice now appears one between their biographies and their principles.
Their passing, their cutting, their ability to play of each other.
Their hard work, their passion and their determination has paid off.
They snap their fingers, hit their chests, constantly twisting their bodies.
Their aggression enhances their performance and tells their opponents to beware.
Their muscles ached, their lungs heaved, their bodies creaked and groaned.
These are their murdered friends, their bloodstained schools, their upended lives.
But in their daily lives, their religious beliefs are their guide.
Their needs, their priorities, and their values taken for granted, again.
Their adjacent reports highlighted their similarities, but also their glaring differences.
Remember their hurt and their pain; but also remember their contribution.
We took care of their health, including their family, their children.
He is fighting for their primacy, their privileges and their power.
He is fighting for their primacy, their privileges and their power.
People had returned to their meals, their WhatsApp chats, their conversations.
People make their own choices about their care — and their coverage.
You are struck by their openness, their optimism and their patience.
Encourage them to share their experiences, their ideas, and their solutions.
But people missed their families up north, their children, their grandchildren.
You're competing with their free time, their wives and their babies.
In their departure from their predecessors, they honed their own aesthetic.
It burns their fat, chisels their jaws, and clears their skin.
This isn't new, women on television not being entitled to age, having to erase any signs of life from their faces and reducing their reactions, their facial responses, their fun, their joy, their anger, their laughter, to an ever-present, part-frozen, Botox-regulated grin.
So together let us resolve to use our power, our resources, and our voices not just for ourselves but for our people, to lift their burdens, to raise their hopes and empower their dreams, to protect their families, their communities, their histories and their futures.
So hate crimes are crimes committed against the most personal parts of people's identity and the things they can't change about themselves: their race, their gender, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their disability, their gender identity.
Patients depend on Planned Parenthood health centers for their health care, for their dignity, and for their right to make their own decisions about their pregnancies and future.
Explain that inhalations should fill their lungs, like balloons under their ribs, making their hands expand out with their ribcage.
Many are cropping their hair, crushing their eyeshadow and throwing away their lipstick—and posting videos of their rebellion online.
All of the mothers' beauty, their warmth and their coldness, are reserved for their intimate, treacherous relationships with their offspring.
The company's social networks serve people as their address book, their events calendar, their messaging services and their photo albums.
They can leverage their talents, they can interface with machines to extend their reach, their sales, their products and services.
They focus their energy on directing the two things that are completely within their power — their attention and their effort.
"He continued: "These victims were held captive, stripped of their humble financial means, their identification, their freedom, and their dignity.
What parents do affects their children — their brains and their behavior — and the ways that children behave affects their parents.
Snipers also have to carefully consider their movement, their screens, both natural and artificial, their cover, and their body position.
Voters respond to their character and attributes, their look and feel, their accomplishments and failings more than to their ideas.
They never had to use their singing voices or their chutzpah to convince men, or their public, of their worthiness.
He often uses their looks as a way of diminishing their abilities, their intelligence or their effectiveness — sometimes all three.
The women, flaunting their curves and swishing their hair, grabbed their customers' shirts and pulled the buttons on their jeans.
Their partnership sealed at their party's convention, the two went their separate ways, crisscrossing the country on their own planes.
In exchange for their autonomy, their charters – their performance contracts – can be terminated if they fail to educate their students.
In the last few years, they have changed their trafficking and their routes, their contacts, their financial and commercial links.
If you know their identities, please respect their privacy so they and their families can focus completely on their health.
Through their profiles, you'll learn about their artistic journeys, visions for the future, and how their origins influence their work.
"We are destroying their launch points, we're killing their engineers, we're dismantling their manufacturing facilities and their users," said Col.
Ginny watches them step onto the escalator with their identical ponytails, their small shoulders, their fleeces tied around their waists.
Contestants will sharpen their pitches, hone their business models, expand their presentation skill set and finesse their live demos. Attend.
Their lips close behind their teeth so that they can dig with their teeth without getting dirt in their mouths.
"These victims were held captive, stripped of their humble financial means, their identification, their freedom and their dignity," Brewer added.
Their hands rested in their laps, shackled with a chain around their waists and another around each of their ankles.
They're offering their homes, their food, and their hard earned cash to make sure neighbors get back on their feet.
They not only received questionnaires, Waldinger said, but they were also interviewed in their homes, provided their medical records from their doctors, got their blood drawn, their brains scanned and let the researchers talk to their children.
Despite their differences in age, background and temperament — and despite their mortal enmity in World War II — there was a symbiosis, even an affinity, between the two: in their careers, their ideologies, their methods and their psyches.
In other words, if a user is interested in digitally tracking their sleep, their heart rate, their menstrual cycle, their caloric intake, their running route or mile pace, or their blood oxygen levels, the possibilities increasingly exist.
They're sexually harassed by their bosses, their peers, and even their subordinates.
Their focus was to serve their customers, and their customers want security.
Facebook is essentially their mortal, not their mortal enemy, their killer really.
Their overconfidence in their prognosticating abilities of pending crisis was their weakness.
They see me now as Meera — their friend, their student, their neighbor.
Social listening Successful companies understand their markets, their customers and their partners.
Their testosterone was evident in their rippling muscles and their aggressive sexuality.
We should not accept their proposals, their premises or even their language.
People have discussed their roller derby team, their church choir, their cat.
The officials ask residents about their families, their "ideology," and their neighbors.
In fact, their identities are derived by their relationship to their parents.
He welcomed their hatred, mocked their opposition, and humiliated their chosen candidates.
It was interfering with their jobs, their military service, and their lives.
We talked to them about their experiences, their families, and their vacations.
This time, it was their schools and their homes and their churches.
Watch their TV shows, see their movies, and stream their comedy specials!
Guests share their audio using their phone's microphone, but not their video.
I know how much they love their sister, their daughter, their grandchildren.
People just seem so dedicated to their faith, their religion, their family.
Dictatorships thrive off their own vastness, their nightmarish mysteries, their apparent permanence.
Read their stories, learn their lessons, and try to avoid their mistakes.
The players have been extraordinary for their effort, their professionalism, their solidarity.
Men in their early 20s, their late 20s, and their early 30s.
Their attorneys aren't denying their clients' actions, only their categorization as terrorism.
Bans on their service not only threaten their careers but their safety.
One moment they have control of their movements, their limbs, their life.
Many took off their hats or put their hands over their hearts.
You see how they handle their kids, their parents, and their partners.
I am, nonetheless, awed by their beauty, their depth and their range.
Along with their property, their liberties — and often their lives — were eliminated.
We wanted to hear more about their fears, their frustrations, their ambitions.
Millions of people lost their homes, their life savings, and their jobs.
Maybe it's their position, maybe it's their stardom, maybe it's their wealth.
They quit their jobs and gave all their attention to their children.
The host, he tells them, needs their help — their applause, their affirmation.
They want their fries, their drink, their milkshake, and that's basically it.
Their bodies, their faces, their intentions a perfect mirror of your own.
Firing Brittany becomes all about them — their guilt, their anxieties, their comfort.
The Tar Heels could keep their scholarships, their recruiting rights, their coach.
They slept curled with their purses between their knees and their chests.
Yet, their success is possible because of their dedication to their craft.
Patients keep getting their medications and their surgeries and their office visits.
All the while, the dancers show their skin, their flesh, their sweat.
Those who ride their bikes are taking their lives in their hands.
But respect the people living there, their culture, their history, their culture.
Their data plans are capped, their computers break, or their connections fail.
Their brows were heavy, their chins small, their faces flat and wide.
All large organizations have their catch-22s, their inconsistencies, their maddening snafus.
Their knowledge, sophistication and awareness of their appearance belied their young age.
But they lost their jobs, their status and their country almost overnight.
This is about our members: their livelihoods, their futures, and their pocketbooks.
He had attended their weddings, their children's christenings, funerals for their relatives.
This is their government, this is their Congress, this is their presidency.
We'll get to their jobs, not just their jobs, but their wages.
Where are their journals and their notebooks and their pencils and pens?
Would improving their training — and their pay — improve outcomes for their students?
Treating their depression might ease their symptoms and improve their employment prospects.
Their teeth are gold; their hair is steel; their souls are fireproof.
They'd like their kitchens remodeled, their lawns mowed, and their taxes prepared.
By diverting attention to their clothing, they're shifting the focus away from their (alleged) crimes and onto their exterior selves, their taste, and their access to money and luxury.
We have also begun to extract some of their key components — their metadata — starting with their dates, their schools, their fields of study and the texts that they assign.
They blur imperfections, plump their lips, thin out their noses, and brighten their skin — or sometimes go even further, enlarging their eyes and changing the proportions of their face.
With their thick skins, their graceful way of moving on their toes and their ability to communicate to their herd without seeming to speak, elephants remind her of Ali.
Across Africa, a disenfranchised and downtrodden generation, used to their governments leaving nothing in their hands, found mobile phones in their pockets and discovered their best weapon — their voice.
That — that as their economy begins to grow again, that — that they will abandon their ideology, their theology, their revolutionary principles, their meddling in various parts of the region.
I know how messy things can get when adults overstep their boundaries and insert themselves — their politics, their fears, their prejudices, their ignorance — into the lives of young people.
I think their base ... If you talk about bases, their base are their employees and their customers, and that once they're true to their alleged values, they do well.
Large majorities of female voters will conclude that the only way to protect their rights, their standard of living, their children, their health, their families, their dreams and their futures will be to vote Democratic for the presidency, the House, the Senate, governors and state legislators.
They fly their private jets, cruise their massive yachts, drive their luxury cars, visit their mega mansions, dine at Michelin three-star restaurants, swig $21,000 bottles of Chateau Petrus, parade their hyper-fancy clothes at their hyper-fancy clubs and work full-time on their golf games.
So, together let us resolve to use our power, our resources and our voices, not just for ourselves but for our people, to lift their burdens, to raise their hopes and to empower their dreams, to protect their families, their communities, their histories and their futures.
You feel the sharpened perceptions of people who know they may be saying goodbye to their homes, their land, their families for the last time; that this may be their last meal, their last kiss, their last conversation.
That was in addition to the thousands of police officers, some on horses, with their sniffer dogs, their metal fencing, their vehicle recognition technology, their closed-circuit TV cameras, their helicopters and their marine patrols of the river.
" He concluded: "Not enough time to think about their families, their country, their flag, or about their lives or their deaths, but more than enough time for two very brave young men to do their duty...into eternity.
This is especially true for millennials, who consider their manager as their work parent and their co-workers their work family.
"Because of their influence and also their financial influence, they're affecting decisions by their children and their children's children," Moreno said.
Instead, they focus their energy on directing the two things that are completely within their power—their attention and their effort.
People often have mixed feelings about their periods, and their relationships with their time-of-the-month change throughout their lives.
People will often hide their jobs, their families, their life circumstances out of fear that those details will sabotage their game.
Their romances and negotiations lead to some complex dialogue where trans women explain their relationship to their bodies and their sexuality.
They're also spending more of their time binge watching their way through their shows, and getting addicted to their original content.
The shooters grip their the wrists of their "children" with their left hands and hold them firmly to their left hips.
For decades, women artists have challenged every false, sexist assumption: about their autonomy, their creativity, their money and, yes, their music.
People who want to do well for themselves and their family — and do their part for their communities and their country.
Their ability to get jobs, or pass their dissertation, relies on the whims of their lab leaders and their review committees.
When employees and their work are not valued, their productivity decreases as their stress levels and satisfaction with their jobs rise.
It was seeing the personification of someone's brain trying to reconcile their reason with their hope, their doubts with their desires.
Whether they succeed or not depends on whether their instincts, their experience, their knowledge, and their psychological makeup fits the time.
They share their worry about their children's wellbeing and care arrangements, and how their children will manage their grief and fear.
And their divergent strategies reveal how the candidates and their campaigns see the race, their strengths and their opponents' weaknesses. Mrs.
Memorized the curves of their bodies, the symmetry of their limbs, the hardness of their nipples, the sparkles on their swimsuits.
As their Facebook event explains, anyone can put on their pyjamas, bring their laptop or smartphone into their bedroom and login.
In marked British accents, they told us about their British children, their British partners, their British homes, and their British lives.
"He sexualizes them, and puts out their name without consideration for them, their family, their friends or their legacy," she said.
I want them to stop praying with their thoughts and starting praying with their bodies and their votes and their voices.
Americans routinely balance their checkbooks, scrutinize their credit card statements and review their banking phone apps to manage their household budgets.
Love their passion for skateboarding, their clutch of goofy friends, their independence and street smarts and their persistent search for fun.
As they pondered their next steps, their basement flooded, forcing them to move their work space upstairs and hastening their decision.
So, I hope that no one will do anything untoward against counsel, their children, their families, their firms, their cars, whatever.
Water loss turns victims ashen; their eyes sink into their sockets, and their blood turns black and congeals in their capillaries.
In the United States, people love to brag about their children's accomplishments — their grades, their athletic wins, their piano recital applause.
Or, did their parents lead their children to believe that their success is an exclusive and direct result of their talent?
The American people live their life trying to make their family unit, their block, their local community a little bit better.
They spend time evaluating their transactions and making sure that their spending habits are aligning with their values and their goals.
That's the thing about dorky white guys like Macklemore: Their confidence stems from their lack of shame, paired with their conviction of righteousness and liberal-mindedness, born of their subscription to the New York Times, their decision to keep their kids in public school, their drafting of Richard Sherman to their fantasy team, their purchase of both Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore from the iTunes store.
Blurb text tells some of their secrets, but I fill in the gaps, looking at their poles and their equators, conjuring up mental images of their skies and their surfaces.
The Lovings will hear from their lawyers about the progress of their case, nod their approval, then get back to the business of living their lives and raising their children.
You can take out their oil fields, you can take out their oil refining capacity, you can take out their infrastructure, you can target their troops and their troop movements.
But we kept getting distracted by their hilarious Instagram posts, their powerhouse performances, their beautiful eyes, their even more beautiful abs, and our own bizarro shrine erected in their honor.
So did teens' self-esteem and their satisfaction with their lives, especially their satisfaction with their friends, the amount of fun they were having, and their lives as a whole.
He wants to understand how their sense of themselves as black people and their ideas about black people shape their politics and how their politics shape their identity and ideas.
Without serious and continuous relief efforts, these Midwesterners will lose everything — their crops, their wages, their farms…their livelihood and their whole way of life — which means we lose too.
Participants were asked about their body image, how much TV they watched, their personalities, their relationship styles, how satisfied they were with their lives, and their overall mental well-being.
This was all so sad to me: I see them limiting their thoughts and their ambitions, their preferences and their identity, their very liberty, only to satisfy some collective abstraction.
Women across the country are sitting at home, or at their computers, or in their cars, living their lives and trying to do their jobs or care for their families.
They want to know how this phenomenon affects them, will alter their reality, whether or not it will impede their access and their success and their wealth and their privilege.
The pleasing harmony of structural elements, supporting elements, their positioning, their dimensions, their alignment, their hierarchy, their context and their color palette, all have long been the distinction of the skilled designer who brings the human intangible of aesthetic.
Instead of their I.Q., I want to know their C.Q. — their curiosity quotient.
We see them in their quarters, in their PJs, brushing their teeth together.
It suppresses their wages; it destroys their healthcare; it destroys their school systems.
They're watching movies on their phone, on their laptop, or on their tablet.
We could follow their flights, predict their next steps, and channel their aesthetics.
Their diaper bag completely ready, their clothes are organized, their playroom is organized.
So sexual in their teasing incompleteness, their unpredictable tumescences, their latex-garbed sound!
He went to their conferences, bought their books, and posted on their forums.
They were able to navigate because of their power, their influence, their wealth.
Since their launch, LuminAID has expanded their product offerings and updated their designs.
They don't blame one another for their emotions, their problems, or their behavior.
Their families, meaning well and at their wit's end, sign away their freedom.
And they're generous with their information, with their space, with their knowledge, everything.
Their passion for owning their own business started early on in their friendship.
We come into their bedrooms, into their kitchens, we're going into their place.
Workers inform on their colleagues, students on their professors, husbands on their wives.
As their bodies changed, so too did their feelings towards their own bodies.
They're addressing the benefits to their businesses, to their customers, to their employees.
" Afterwards, "we took their cows, their land and the contents of their houses.
Their conduct cannot be separated from their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs.
They told me their names, their local government area (and) their grandfathers' names.
She liked their pics, watched their Instagram stories, and commented on their selfies.
Just try to tell their story and how their outside reflects their inside.
We met bands they toured with, their crews, their friends, their business representatives.
They can change their hair, the shape of their face, their physique—anything.
We will always be grateful for their bravery, their selflessness, and their sacrifice.
They understand their minds can be their best asset or their worst enemy.
They are pitied for their ignorance, and for their ignorance about their ignorance.
Helen did through their writing, in their political work, and in their own
He is always having to deal with their biases, their mistakes, their flaws.
There is no remembrance of their body, of their flesh, of their family.
Their expression of their authentic gender will be incongruent with their assigned sex.
The Warriors would have been celebrated for their determination, their moxie, their brilliance.
They also talk — about their failed marriages, their distant children, their disappointing careers.
Women should talk to their physicians about their concerns with their birth control.
Here are their stories, their lessons learned, and their best advice to you.
It legitimizes, in their view, their dictatorship and legitimizes their nuclear weapons program.
Their barns are close to their homes, and their children play in them.
Their connection to their families is a big reason why their relationship works.
In their three-wheeled chairs, their heads are down, their bodies angled forward.
In their minds, the party should revert to their control and their agenda.
They uploaded pictures of their bruises, their scars, their bloodshot and teary eyes.
In fact, it's their sporadic correctness that reinforces their beliefs in their methods.
Happiness was risking their life in service of their leader and their country.
Their other accomplishments far outweigh their participation in something their era considered ordinary.
"People are getting married in their 40s, their 50s, their 60s," she said.
Why were their costumes perfectly contoured around their boobs and into their buttcracks?
Let's cherish their memory and celebrate their lives by dancing in their honor.
They grow their own food, build their own furniture, distill their own whiskey.
People wonder why their life isn't exciting: It's their think and their talk.
It's their responsibility — as well as their right — to use their time wisely.
Those powers can deprive defendants of their liberty, their property, even their lives.
Some people volunteer their time, others their equipment or access to their property.
There is no crime in being their daughter, their brother, their best friend.
People took up arms to protect their families, their homes and their neighborhoods.
Their being Jews issued from their being themselves, as did their being Americans.
They wear their Japanese shirts; they wear their Irish shirts, their Samoan shirts.
All said their biggest frustration had been watching their fathers beat their mothers.
They cry about their histories of trauma and their relationships with their parents.
We know about their past problems, their secrets and their reactions to Edward.
For many people it's their mid-40s or their 50s or their 60s.
Car buyers love their S.U.V.s; they love their planet and their lungs, too.
It will take their woes seriously, and nurture their welfare, not their grievance.
Their owners are their protectors, docents and, when the occasion calls, their caretakers.
And that their principles will trump their personal satisfaction with their health care.
One might attribute this fact to their paternalism, their myopia, or their rectitude.
Their reward for risking their lives for their adopted country is U.S. citizenship.
They're going to protect their grant programs, their payments to states, their Superfunds.
They deserve the respect that their humanity, their accomplishments, and their work demands.
"Their ability to run their business properly should be their responsibility," he said.
Their muscles weakened, their sight grew dim, their friends and peers gradually disappeared.
Players retape their joints, adjust their pads and change their undershirts and shoes.
I'm interested in and intrigued by their background, by their ethnicity, their experience.
Their suffering, their hubris, their senses of humor were more familiar than not.
Their eyes can become yellow, their bodies swollen and their muscles continuously cramping as their kidneys become irreversibly damaged -- until they die.
At their worst, their goal is often to maximize their take-home of a deal, rather than satisfying their client 100 percent.
Countless other disenchanted fans took to Twitter to express their grief for their team and their rage for their trusted fortune teller.
Companies need their investors to use their tokens to grow their platform and network, but their currencies have become pure speculative investments.
Harding pegs their success on a few things: their song composition, their nostalgia-fueled lyrics, and they way they release their work.
It has those users' psychological profiles, their likes, their music listening, their religious and political views, and their locations, among other information.
Ahead of their wedding, the couple sat down with PEOPLE exclusively to discuss their big day, their life together — and their future.
Their original value lay not in their utility, he writes, but in their ability to increase the social status of their users.
Each culture's unique dishes tell a story about the people who make them, their land, their struggles, their art, and their beliefs.
In The Perfection, students pay for mistakes not merely with their blood but with their bodies, their minds, and perhaps their sanity.
After their free speech challenge failed, the plaintiffs' pressed their claim that the ban violates their right to freely exercise their religion.
We admired them for their honesty, their aggressive personalities, their ability to fuse fantasy with reality, and their respect for the craft.
In Cannes, everyone's trying to get their film reviewed, their script read, their pilot green-lit, and their next big thing noticed.
Every digital gadget your paramour loves, from their desktop to their laptop and their tablet to their smartphone, is a dirty mess.
Their academic future, their health, their identities and their institutional roles on this campus were, in many ways, inseparable from that labor.
Mifepristone was supposed to give women more control over their bodies, their families, and their health by expanding their choices and privacy.
The Sharks, sunk by Letang's guile and Bonino's precision, bemoaned their nerves, their slow start, their turnovers, their stagnant neutral-zone play.
Career executives may have multiple and sometimes conflicting loyalties to their agency, their mission, their profession and to their oaths of office.
The children from elite homes are convinced by their test scores that they deserve their high status; their scores demonstrate their superiority.
Trans people can experience dysphoria about more than just their faces; they can detest their shoulders, or their arms, or their genitals.
They went by, fallen, dragging their packs, dragging their lives, deserting their homes, the years of their childhood, cringing like beaten dogs.
Also people, their gestures, their sounds, the way they phrase themselves and how they wear their influences through their art and speech.
Basically, everyone who spends a lot of their day meeting their customers or clients in their office as part of their business.
In the image's center, one man stands above the crowd, naked, their penis exposed, their arms to their side, their eyes expressionless.
"Many of them have their roots in their environment today — in their data centers or their hosting partners' data centers," Neil said.
Entrepreneurs placed more of their identity in their work than their managerial counterparts, becoming more personally invested in their companies' successes.7.
You could manipulate their bodies, bending their arms and knees, rotating their hips and shoulders, and sometimes even their hands and necks.
Populist strongmen — because of their relationships to their citizens, their fellow elites and to their own policymaking apparatus — tend to be different.
Their minds overloaded already, the plebes are ordered to hustle to their rooms, change into their new uniforms and organize their belongings.
Despite their late entry into the war, they had shaped the conflict decisively with their manpower, their matériel and their chirpy marketing.
Everything about their heads seems to have been big, from their giant molars to their thick jaws to their massive brain cases.
"Men pay attention to detail in their grooming, from their beards or mustaches to their eyebrows and their haircuts," Ms. Cromwell said.
In the days that followed, birders poured their hearts out on their instas and their blogs, sated paparazzi having captured their Beyoncé.
In the series, you see their playful courtship, their declarations of love, their private yearnings and their frequent and fiery public arguments.
In this survey, 61% said that their mental health impacts their productivity, and 37% said their workplace environment contributed to their feelings.
Their right to enjoy their private property, their homes, their businesses and all the other lawfully acquired rights is now at risk.
"A lot of people were in shorts, T-shirts, so their faces, their arms, their hands, their legs (were burned)," Hopkins added.
It romps through their playgrounds, attends their birthday parties, shows up in their classrooms and rides with them on their school buses.
"True, there's athleticism that's involved, but the way the jumpers move their body — their timing, their rhythm, their steps," Ms. Johnson said.
As he shut the door, I glimpsed the two men on their knees, their hands behind their backs and their heads bowed.
Like any business, agencies tend to expand their reach, increase their power and grow their influence if left to their own devices.
Their parroting of talking points that only benefit them, their belief in their own superiority, their self-delusional arrogance — that's what's ridiculous.
They said this has not only helped their personal relationship, but also their family life with their kids and their professional careers.
But many of these bloggers found that instead of derailing their careers, sharing their experiences reinforced their authenticity to their core readership.
The women I interviewed have cracked their kneecaps, fractured their feet, torn their rotator cuffs, developed early arthritis and wrenched their backs.
Why aren't the most powerful men in America — with their great privilege — crying out against these attacks on the rights of their wives, their sisters, and their daughters — their fellow humans?
They take care of their parents, their children, their spouse, their employer, their employees, everybody — and then at the age of 50 they realize they forgot to take care of themselves.
BCG surveyed 345,000 people on their levels of engagement at 36 companies, measured by factors including their relationships with their colleagues, their opportunities for advancement, and their coworkers' appreciation for them.
Results showed that women valued both their partner's sense of humor and their own ability to make their partner laugh; men valued only their own ability to make their partner laugh.
Instead of opening their beaks, they flick their wings open at their sides to make the Bips, and then snap their wings up over their backs to produce the extraordinary WANNGG.
They're reconciling themselves with their place in time and what it means for their growth and who their friends are, and who their enemies are and what their next steps are.
"Their leaders told us that we could persuade their fighters about peace, but their leaders will never change their minds until their demands are granted," said the marchers' leader, Iqbal Khyber.
Many sellers come to Amazon looking for a new distribution channel for their retail business or a way to jump-start their company, but they find that Amazon has become their advertising firm and their storefront, their warehouse and their shipper.
Why did the robber barons drive their factory workers and coal miners to impoverished early graves — and why did the robber bankers of the 21st century clear their bonuses as their countless victims lost their jobs, their health, and their homes?
Through their sheer weirdness — their scuttling movements, their violence, their primal language, their creepy smiles, and their apparent lack of purpose beyond "killing everyone and holding hands a lot" — we come to think of the Tethered as Others early on.
The white working class once sat comfortably at the core of the American idea, but now its members have seen their skills devalued, their neighborhoods transformed, their masculinity delegitimized, their family structures decimated, their dignity erased and their basic decency questioned.
It's their eyes, which are huge relative to their faces (eyeballs don't grow all that much after birth); their heads, which are too big for their bodies; their cheeks; and their tiny chins that get adults to fixate on them.
They can't conceive of this because many of them are fundamentally incapable of doing this themselves: Their politics, their need to protect their party's president, overrides their reason and guides their actions.
But because their trial is happening outside their home country, they are often unable to gather evidence to support their claim—so their entire fate hinges on how believable their testimony is.
Their saving grace, their democratic imperative, is that they force leaders to justify and debate their policies, while providing competing narratives of their own on the nature of efficiency of their governance.
Given how crime occurs in this city, if they were robbed in Rio de Janeiro, they would not still have had their cellphones, their watches, their clothes, their wallet or their shoes.
Men have more intimate conversations with their girlfriends and wives than women do with their husbands and boyfriends because women have their intimate conversations with their girlfriends, not necessarily with their man.
They can log into their accounts from anywhere, do their homework (it even saves their work automatically every few seconds), communicate with their teachers and classmates, and even submit their homework online.
The officers found the men's bodies side by side on the bedroom floor of their residence, their chests punctured with stab wounds, their throats slashed and their hands tied behind their backs.
"We need them to change their behavior on a number of threats that they can pose with their military, with their secret services, with their surrogates and with their proxies," Mattis said.
"I can recall the kids leaving Roxbury Prep — boys especially — untucking their shirts, putting their hoodie on, putting their backpack underneath their sweatshirt, hardening their face — getting ready to go," King says.
They sold most of their things, told their jobs they were leaving and let their landlord know they wouldn't be renewing their lease.
Both companies attribute this success to their ability to connect their users with their "real" friends so they can be their "authentic" selves.
Millions of people across the globe are searching for peace that is greater than their regrets, their fears, their storms and their stresses.
"Whether it's turning on lights in their home using their phone, or they're adjusting temperatures in their home using their phone," she said.
They lived in the same apartment, and their conflicts usually had something to do with their love lives, their friendships, or their jobs.
Their voices blend perfectly to convey their shared struggle over whether to remain faithful to their fiancés or give in to their passions.
They would rather know now if they have to make choices about their careers, their health insurance, their training plans, and their families.
Now we are calling for a great reawakening of nations, for the revival of their spirits, their pride, their people and their patriotism.
They can also analyze how their Instagram audience overlaps with people who visit their site, download their app or like their Facebook Page.
They've been reclaiming their power by stealing from their clients, but one of their customers wises up to their scheme, and reports them.
All the while, these characters exhibit the very human idea of explaining their misfortune, their abandonment, and their loneliness as their own fault.
Before everyone can know about their dating life, no one can know — not their friends, not their family, and certainly not their fans.
All democratically elected leaders should be held to account for their character, their honesty and their effect on the fabric of their nations.
In photographs, you can see their concern with the cuff of their jeans, the shine on their boots, their grooming and social presentation.
Porn actresses use their bodies as instruments for their work; new moms use their bodies as instruments to nourish or nurture their children.
And they open their door, let you into their house, and tell you their lives, their life story, and that is so riveting.
Musicians don't need to give their whole selves — their travel plans or their thoughts on makeup — to their audiences on a regular basis.
Its practitioners pride themselves on their athletic conditioning, their toughness, and their ability to make their fake fights look as real as possible.
"We are destroying their launch points, we are killing their engineers, we are dismantling their manufacturing facilities and their users," Dillon told reporters.
"Daphne lived alongside elephants and learned to read their hearts...she understood their fragility, their intelligence, their capacity to love," the statement said.
Decisions being made in Washington about their way of life, their communities, their coastal resources and their livelihoods would have very real consequences.
My view has always been to focus them on knowing their product, knowing their buyer, knowing their industry, and, frankly, knowing their competitor.
Now these companies will be able to plow those tariff savings into their supply chains, their payroll, their factories and their design labs.
The Farrells have their own dialect, their own religion, their own way of doing things, and their own enthusiasm for long, braided hair.
When their creations started to become defective, those star-makers abandoned their protégés, just as their fans were abandoned by their own elders.
Asking other people questions — about their lives, their interests, their passions — is a surefire way to get brownie points in their friendship books.
People will be able to express their pride, their pride as Irish-Americans, their pride as L.G.B.T. Americans, their pride as New Yorkers.
Now we are calling for a great reawakening of nations, for the revival of their spirits, their pride, their people, and their patriotism.
By providing education, employers can increase their benefits package without increasing their budget and give back to their most valuable asset, their employees.
No one has figured out how to make their access to care not be damaging to their self-esteem, their career, their identity.
Back in my Catskills studio, I wove that fabric through their printed faces, bringing their DNA, their sweat, their hair, into the portraits.
In their own specific way, the Trumps actually are doing what their forbearers did: using their clothing to reflect their approach to governance.
But more than that, it was an involving, big-hearted story of kids, their dreams, their challenges, their triumphs and their everyday drama.
They clench their muscles and cross their arms over their chests when they walk across prison grounds to prevent their bodies from wiggling.
Many said their main goal in life is to make their small town better at their death than it was at their birth.
Students can follow their friends and track their progress and participate in helping other students clear their doubts and pose their own questions.
The former are pouring out their stories under hashtags like #WhyIDidntReport, sharing their own experiences of burying their attacks silently in their memories.
I wanted to learn the reasons behind their ownership, their relationships with other Muslims and their weapons, and their views on gun control.
" "And when giant corporations -- and their leaders -- cheat their customers, stomp out their competitors, and rob their workers," Warren said, "let's prosecute 'em.
They're thinking of their sons, they're thinking of their husbands, their brothers, their uncles, and others and women are, I think, extremely happy.
Their power rests in their stupid postcards and their ability to terrorize members on the Hill and have them panicked about their rating.
Now we are calling for a great reawakening of nations — for the revival of their spirits, their pride, their people and their patriotism.
Cheers to the 41 countries, to their experts and exporters, their researchers and academics, their industry partners, and their heads of national security.
But informed by their feminism and a desire to live their values, Ms. Furie and Ms. Miriam ran their restaurant their own way.
Everyone who loses their pride becomes a miser of a sort; their self-importance increases, their eyes die out, and their resentments accumulate.
Their shared mania slightly contorts their faces and glazes their eyes, especially Mr. Kirby's.
I was asking them to share their faces — their real voices, their real stories.
The long red cloaks mask their bodies, and their large bonnets cover their faces.
That's understandable—"People showcase their personalities and their identities through their clothing," says Roberts.
You can hear their voice, see their face, and read their words every day.
For years, the Germans saved their money, balanced their books, and grew their economy.
I think they really did understand their sports, their finance, their things like that.
Everyone has their own group, their own contexts and their own set of facts.
Likeable people balance their passion for their work with their ability to have fun.
They reveal their darkest secrets, talk about their miscarriages, or detail their plastic surgery.
Some people get annoyed when their co-worker clips their nails at their desk.
We started working early every day, experiencing their dances, their food and their paintings.
We empathize with their sincerity and share their fears, but we question their strategy.
Even thinner women have reclaimed their stretch marks, their belly roles, and their cellulite.
Documenting their stories cements their legacy and ensures that their service is always remembered.
Others bounced their shoulders, nodded their heads, shuffled their feet in a two-step.
Young black adults are spending their time supporting their families and raising their children.
It means misusing their narrative and their storyline and their experience and exploiting that.
Their careers are more versatile, their marriages are stronger, their children are more resilient.
Whether it's their schedule, their after-school activities, their spiritual beliefs, sleepovers, travel, etc.
Spitting in their swim lane, holding on to their shorts, dunking in their face.
Others have had their government access limited, their operations suspended, and their offices raided.
All of my friends lost their friends, all of their friends lost their friends.
Everyone has cultural biases developed through their upbringing, their friends and their life experiences.
By tying their fate to his, they are harming their country and their party.
Their restaurants were unsophisticated, their kitchens filthy and their chefs rude—and often drunk.
Some of their losses have come because their rivals have co-opted their causes.
Their dress, their behavior, their inherent womanliness are all stumbling blocks for hapless men.
Who cares about measured justice, their lives and their families, let alone their rehabilitation?
Presidents can pivot on their priorities, their White House management, or their public image.
Companies invented and produced their own products, limiting their facilities to their own inventions.
They are doubling down on their spending on their embassies and their development projects.
They subsequently shared videos of their attack on their phones in their group chat.
Their rulers often highlight their sizable foreign aid budget and their women's rights efforts.
Their parents tape up pictures of their family and pets to their hospital bed.
LEVI The older generation clung to their language, their food, their habits and beliefs.
My students inspire me because of their dedication, their commitment, their motivation to learn.
"I treasure my circle of women, their humor, their wisdom, their eccentricities," she wrote.
Their families had histories that were understood by their friends, shared by their neighbors.
Their visceral hate for the president has clouded their judgment and hijacked their party.
And their hair cannot cover their ears or eyebrows or touch their uniforms' collars.
We tested the palettes on their shade ranges, their color payoff, and their blendability.
Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.
Likable people balance their passion for their work with their ability to have fun.
"Rhode Islanders are responding and adding their voice about their place and their identity."
Their shot frequency is intelligent, but their intentions don't yet align with their execution.
They're friends, which makes their presence, their love, and their intimacy unconditional and constant.
They want to be tagged in—for their paintings, their outfits, for their asscheeks.
When you go to a country, you admire their intellectuals, their ideas, their work.
The performers describe their characters, their settings and their histories in the third person.
The sheer scale of the paintings conveys their seriousness; their intensity is their importance.
People can create their own narratives, their own alternative news networks, their own realities.
Instead, ask them tough questions about their campaign message, their policies or their background.
"Their lives, their dreams, their futures, were stolen from them by hate," she thinks.
They're posting about their fancy dinner or their fancy vacation or their fancy outfit.
Extracurriculars gain much of their power from their connections to their associated professional domains.
Their dresses are not a reflection of their own style or their professional achievements.
And then stealing from their homes, stealing from their cars, stealing from their wallets.
"I've depended on their leadership, their advice and their contributions," he wrote on Twitter.
Others painted flags on their cheeks and used their cellphones to document their presence.
These women sacrifice their jobs, their health, their own well-being to become caretaker.
They talk about their hopes and fears for their futures and their children's futures.
His family lost their house, their church, their school in damage from Hurricane Dorian.
Every day, I worry for their safety, their health and their mental well-being.
You're injecting yourself into their conversation to their followers, showing up in their mentions.
"The protesters lost hundreds of their friends, their brothers, their family members," he said.
They talked on the phone about their work, about their lives, about their families.
She knows their names and handles, their inside jokes, their favorite Percy fan theories.
Their cell phones were tucked away in their pockets; Smith had their full attention.
They want their pharaoh or their czar or their emperor to set a path.
An elderly couple savagely executed in their home, their ears sliced off their heads.
It had burned down their houses, looted their shops, and blown up their shrines.
Senate Democrats, for their part, are still keeping their cards close to their chest.
Polls showed that Americans had lost their trust in their leaders and their government.
They could allow their prejudice to overcome their own camaraderie with their own sex.
Their gums would swell and bleed as their skin disintegrated and their brains decayed.
"Who else is going to make their illusions, their myths, their beauty?" she said.
Their formula involved leaning heavily on their stout bullpen and their high-powered offense.
Some attendees snapped their fingers and clapped their hands, while others bowed their heads.
Their priorities have been on making their own movements and protecting their intellectual property.
They talk about their hopes and fears for their future and their children's futures.
Would they shear their bangs away, to get their hair out of their faces?
I sketched styles that I find embody their style, their strength, and their leadership.
Part of their motivation for starting their business was rooted in their own experiences.
They make everyone feel comfortable — in their indignation, in their suspicion, in their hostility.
You inspire the many, you lend the seasons their colors, their continuity, their movement.
It is possible because Trump speaks to the basest but also some of the most ineradicable traits of human beings — their capacity for mob anger, their racist resentments, their cruelty, their lust, their search for scapegoats, their insecurities — and promises a miraculous makeover.
After speaking to these women about their respective journeys through pregnancy and childbirth, one thing that's consistent across their stories is how their passion for fitness enhanced their relationships with their pre- and postpartum bodies — and even changed their approach to motherhood.
And there are hundreds of free, ad-supported, easy-to-use apps that track menstruation and fertility and simultaneously invite users to track their diet, their workouts, their sex lives, their mood, the state of their skin, the smell of their vaginal discharge.
To make matters worse, some passengers act as if their preferences are more important than everyone else&aposs by ignoring their seat assignments, keeping their headphones in when flight attendants ask for their drink order, or clipping their nails at their seat.
"Shoppers have decided to call all their relatives, their spouses, their mothers, their daughters, their sons and the house-helps (maids) so they can get as many packets as possible," he told Reuters.
I travel to their offices, learn their businesses, then design and build software to meet their needs, help them test it, then hold their hands while they roll it out to their employees.
In other words, UC Berkeley rejected 76 percent of qualified applicants without even considering their teaching skills, their publication history, their potential for academic excellence or their ability to contribute to their field.
And because they have their fingers on the pulse of their communities, they often have valuable knowledge, for example, about which boys -- their neighbors' or their own -- have guns stashed under their mattresses.
Celebrities file trademark registrations all the time — for their names, their children's names, their catchphrases, their song lyrics, and even, as was the case with former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, their prayer posture.
For Abby and other feminists in predominantly Mormon areas, this is their community, its their home, its their entire family, it's the place where their kids have made all of their best friends.
Each element of Iceland's imperious performance – their tactical cohesion, their clear blueprint for victory, their refusal to accept their place in the hierarchy – served to show up the exact opposite in their opponents.
Whether their religious choices are accepted by their community at large or their beliefs are something they fight for, their faith makes for some of the most compelling moments of their respective shows.
For instance, a voter could pick Tom Steyer as their first choice, Amy Klobuchar as their second, Pete Buttigieg as their third, Joe Biden as their fourth, and Elizabeth Warren as their fifth.
They deserve to make their own decisions about their health, their bodies, and their future -- not to have politicians make those decisions for them.
" The singer added in the documentary: "And I wanted everyone to feel grateful for their curves, their sass, their honesty — thankful for their freedom.
They love their routine, Waldthausen said, and handle many parts of their lives independently -- dressing, making their beds and having meals on their own.
Like, everyone has to accept their own personal responsibility for their discourse, their rhetoric, their conduct, everyone, including the President of the United States.
Their job is not, as Kendrick so selflessly did yesterday, give up their own life to save their classmates' lives or their teachers' lives.
Being thin was so prized in their world; it was prized by their mothers and other women in their lives, prized by their culture.
They spoke openly about their experiences as women of color in the music industry, their voice, their identity, and of course, their personal style.
Unlike humans, their ears don't provide convenient handles on either side of their heads (their one ear is in the middle of their chest).
It's their livelihood, it's their first point of recognition for their fans, and in some cases, it's roughly 90 percent of their earthly value.
Studios watched their young stars' weight carefully, restricted their food, and even fed them amphetamines to keep their energy up and their appetites down.
Their startup, LOLA, makes sure that never happens by letting subscribers order tampons to their door and customize their pack according to their flow.
After telling my mother all their secrets about their private lives and their husband or their lover, they were completely transformed after the treatment.
Some brag that their beginnings add to the allure of their unique products, while others opt to keep their cards close to their chests.
Their names reveal a little about the enthusiasts who dream them up: their tastes and workout habits, their aspirations, and their weird in-jokes.
The fans set up their tents, hung their Titans flags, unpacked their packets of hamburger buns and filled their coolers with ice and beer.
"Cancer is very democratic in the sense that it attacks people regardless of their race, their gender, their national background, or their political persuasions."
Their family, their friends, their unit, the Air Force ... so killing themselves in their mind is a way to remove themselves as a burden.
Crisply composed and starkly cool in their visual palette, the shorts draw their strength as much from their pictorialism as from their conceptual rigor.
Most recently, they've gotten their first stoplight, their first Williamsburg-inflected beer bar, their first school curriculum teaching tourism (and English!), their first D.
They're also at an age where their love for their parents might obscure their ability to understand the corrupt motivations behind their parents' actions.
Service members (and their families) put their faith in their leaders, up to and including the president, that they will spend their lives wisely.
Even though survivalists tend to be discrete about their lifestyles and don't directly admit their interests, we can determine their habits through their purchases.
My client envied her own kids their siblings, their comfortable childhood home, their opportunities to visit museums and travel, and their young, energetic parents.
They cry until their bodies are found on the ground, twitching in their last moments, or on their backs with their legs pointing upward.
For off­spring and extended families, old people write books about their horses, their houses, their dogs, and their cats, published at the kitchen table.
Where should they go if they're fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools, kicked out of their homes or shunned by their communities?
Women have been studying people's feelings since they were toddlers; they've been perfecting their radar—their intuition or their empathy or their interpersonal whatchamacallit.
The Safdies spent their boyhood shuttling between Queens, with their father, and Manhattan, where their mother lived with their stepfather, who worked in finance.
They also had to buy all their supplies, including their bed, their clothes, and the phonographs they set up to entertain their American clients.
The couple publicly shares details of their donations, their thought processes and their research into causes on the website of their foundation, Good Ventures.
So here's to men keeping their d**ks in their pants (and their d**k pics on their own phones) until they're explicitly requested.
And sometimes they use their fingernail, sometimes they use the side of their hands, sometimes they use their palms, sometimes they use their elbow.
To protect their identities, we've withheld their full names and, in most cases, their nationality.
That's...taking away their esteem, taking away their resources, and taking away their role models.
How can they always beat out their roommate and their friends and their cousins, right?
But on the other hand, support their passion, nurture their work, and follow their lead.
I'm curious like how people think about their phones and their relationship to their phones.
From their first flirtations to their recent split, here's a complete timeline of their relationship.
Now, Netflix's Fab Five openly discuss their personal lives, from their husbands to their children.
Taylor is their own person, whether or not their parent approves (or understands) their decisions.
All stressed their agencies' adhesion to democratic norms – necessary, in their views, for their existence.
People vote their pockets, and they vote their wallets, and they vote their bank accounts.
Everyone has their own facts, their own private Idaho stored in their expensive cellular phones.
That includes their masses, their distance, or how their spins line up with one another.
Nevertheless, they can't help projecting their own fears and their own baggage onto their kids.
"Their jobs and their families and wanting to do well for themselves and their families."
"Who wants to leave their country, the comfort of their home, their families?" she asked.
You can tell by their clothes, their hair, and of course, by their skin color.
"Who wants to leave their country, the comfort of their home, their families?" one asked.
Depending on their gender identity, their sexuality, or their political leaning, things skewed a bit.
Their love for their father is understandable, but their desire for murder really defines them.
And I know how much young people value their independence, their autonomy, and their rights.
It can help young people understand and protect their bodies, their emotions, and their relationships.
Their audience: 16 parolees who ranged in age from their late teens to their 30s.
There's no mistaking the soldiers in their black jackboots, carrying their MP40s, driving their Kubelwagens.
He felt their loneliness, their waywardness as the world spun frantically out of their control.
Many of those people told me they'd lost their loved ones, their homes, their things.
"Their actions show their commitment and dedication to their grandmother and this country," Fergie said.
Typically, backpacks are boring, with little variation in their shape, their materials — even their colors.
Otherwise, their tastes differ on everything from their favorite recording artists to their favorite films.
Sometimes, people keep apps on their phone because their subconsciously looking toward their next relationship.
Their apartment buildings have elevators for their cars; their private jets have on-board pools.
Their adjusted gross income was $846,394 and their donation amounted to 6% of their income.
"I think their strength is their depth in their roster," Brewers manager Craig Counsell said.
He's not their best shooter, nor their best passer; he's not even their best defender.
So white nationalists, by their logic, had to take their safety into their own hands.
The people they turned to for protection — their police department, their community — wanted their silence.
We ask authors how their novels resemble their real lives or about their research process.
The user logs into their profile and verifies their identity through their phone's biometric scanner.
Their stocks gradually went lower as their revenues shrank, making their yields seem more attractive.
Whites had their own community, Blacks had their community, and Latinos had their own community.
His fans showed their love by lobbing their drinks at him and losing their minds.
The theme is really about stripping people of their affiliation, their ideology, and their labels.
Their political careers and each of their states will suffer from their mean-spirited stupidity.
We know a fair amount about their personal lives, their jobs, their hopes and dreams.
"They've lost their food, their homes, their clothing, every bare necessity they have," Cochran said.
We will keep hacking their websites, shutting down their Twitter accounts and stealing their bitcoins.
Some lost their husbands or wives, their sons or daughters, their parents, friends and neighbors.
They catalog their journeys — and their smart financial moves — on their blog, Go Curry Cracker.
I respect their knowledge of their craft as much as I despise their callow ruthlessness.
Politicians, their parties, and their supporters must start immediately moderating their incendiary rhetoric and actions.
Their family is low-income, their past personal financial troubles hurt their credit score, etc.
Respondents answer questions about their demographic background, their party affiliation and their choice for president.
"They very much felt like it was their organization, their space, their facility," he said.
We know their exes, their current flames, and their regrets when it comes to each.
They gave up on their friends, their networks, their communities—they find themselves worse off.
They're more focused on everyday concerns about their families, their children, and their aging parents.
Even as their eyes betrayed their nerves, the girls kept grins plastered across their faces.
They were worried about their lives, their families, their kids, what was going to happen.
Their female friends even started to explore their own sexuality, much to their parents' disapproval.
Their own names rarely appear on their graves, let alone their portraits or any poetry.
We have not lost their spirit, their values and principles, and their sense of mission.
Their defense was porous, their pitching was abysmal and their hitters had nothing to offer.
And they create their own community in the palm of their hand on their device.
In the photos, their skin is tightened against their bones and their eyes are sunken.
Their common ground is only their Holocaust denial and their hatred of all things Jewish.
Their immune systems are different, their brains function differently and their bodies are structured differently.
The girls — in their makeup, their hair, their clothes — barely made it onto the stage.
They begin to base their sense of self-worth on their tribe, not their behavior.
The government looking at their success and dominance and sticking their beak into their business.
The invaluable remnants are testament to their rich history, their sense of belonging, their culture.
No one would be threatening to derail their ambitions, stifle their educations, throttle their dreams.
That's money small business owners could be investing in their stores, their employees, their futures.
"All humans are equal, whatever their origins, their beliefs, their skin color," he later added.
They have their [user interface], they have their algorithms and they have their knowledge base.
The birds carry the bacteria on their feathers, on their feet and in their droppings.
Mostly, they talk about their families: about their mothers and fathers, their sons and daughters.
Their attorney provided Reuters email documentation of their application to verify some of their account.
"They can offer their bilingualism, their multiculturalism, their perspective of the world," Ms. Kleyn said.
No word quite captures their all-encompassing magnitude, their frequency, and, often, their sheer pointlessness.
Their anger, their violence, even the ways in which they publicly processed their own fatherlessness.
In our society, women are still judged harsher by their looks, their clothes, their haircut.
These female characters are already well-aware of their sexuality, their bodies, and their needs.
Their metaphysics, their epistemological and ontological approaches, inform every aspect of their governance and society.
So people use their image-making in the service of their promotion and their voice.
Some refuse to wear their hijab in their car, arguing that it's their private property.
Some owners have their dogs on their laps while they are seated at their desk.
Their problems are not of their own making, but systemic, institutional, out of their control.
Their instruction papers, their students' responses, and their teachers' comments all traveled by U.S. mail.
I'm fearful for my daughters and their futures, and their children, and their children's futures.
Everything about the band bled retro, from their sound to their haircuts to their attire.
Babies don't get their food, nor control how they eat; their parents interpret their desires.
Great leaders, real leaders, don't throw their people, their mission, their office under the bus.
But their rituals, their families and their food — these are governable and protectable across time.
We're also talking about our anxieties about women, their bodies, their money, and their pleasure.
Schultz was their mentor, their guide, their teacher and an icon in the theater world.
Now, skaters had the freedom to pair their outfits to their music and their routines.
Opinion He said black people had three tools: their voice, their pen and their vote.
And maybe (hopefully) not my friends — but certainly their cousins, their uncles, and their friends.
On policy, people may take their cues from anywhere — their party, their president, Fox News.
Some, like Sabathia, stash their cheat sheets in their caps, and others in their pants.
When husbands smile at their wives, the corners of their mouths move toward their eyes.
Their two other children, Kirk and Rick, were in their 20s when their father died.
Also with them was their 9-year-old brother, their mother, and their mother's boyfriend.
"Women gauge their happiness and judge their success by their relationships," one curriculum taught students.
It is an incredible violation of their trust, of their rights and of their dignity.
I'm fearful for my daughters and their future, and their children and their children's future.
The older girls flailed their arms, worried about their hair or weakly tossed their hand.
Excited by the frozen forest playground, their children invited their friends, who invited their friends.
For enslavers, mortgaging their workforce was easier than mortgaging their homes or mortgaging their land.
They need to focus on the basics: their service members, their training and their equipment.
After voters complete their ballots, they sign their name using the touchscreen of their device.
It shatters their sense of the world, their sense of safety, their conception of trust.
But their own stories are also riddled with uncertainties, from their origins to their ages.
They need to prove their capabilities, and that their quality and their content is acceptable.
It's their hatred, their refusal to leave their bubbles, that was really taking up space.
Today they have left their jobs, lost many of their friends and endangered their reputations.
The sisters boasted to their brother about their large house and garden, their pet rabbits.
They have been using their cellphones to capture their thoughts and moments from their lives.
For others, it means ditching their besties for their significant other or even their kids.
"I love their persistence, their maturity, which is remarkable for people their age," she said.
We lose their inventions and innovation, their collaborative input and their contributions to our communities.
Instead, they showed us intimacy with their families and friends, their teams and their classmates.
Agents strewed their clothes atop trees and cactuses, crushed their food and pocketed their cigarettes.
The 2008 financial crisis cost millions of Americans their homes, their jobs and their savings.
They scurried around the Capitol with their chests deflated and their tails between their legs.
Others still say tunnel collapses killed their children, broke their spines, or maimed their limbs.
" Eisenman said, "Like, everyone has their own fingerprint, their own thumbprint, their own mark-making.
Companies are being pushed by their employees, by their customers and sometimes by their ideals.
"They want to enjoy their wealth now with their families in their homes," she said.
Also not surprisingly, their objections are notable more for their volume than for their logic.
They have their own election laws, their own political culture, and currently, their own battle.
"They remain in their relatives, in their friends, in their deeds and in our hearts."
"Folks need access to their criminal defense lawyers, their public defenders, their investigators," Davidson says.
Maybe those hosts will be proud of their insults and their attacks and their hates.
"Today everyone is defined by their background, their ethnicity, their particular identity," one colleague said.
Many campaigned with their young children and made their personal stories central to their message.
She also chatted with fans daily, learning their habits, their sexual predilections and their insecurities.
"People have lost their homes, their farms, and people have lost their lives," he said.
Their stories then shift to picking up their lives again, without their victimizer hanging around.
That's taking away their esteem, taking away their resources, and taking away their role models.
They go to work, raise their kids, fight with their spouses, gossip about their neighbors.
They lose their jobs, their homes, their families, their kids get taken away, and they carry around for the rest of their lives the burden of being part of something where somebody got shot.
Workers have the ability to shape their corporations to some degree, but their ultimate agency is their ability to walk out the door and apply their talents to companies that match their ethical values.
" Then there's this from singer Pink, who tweeted Tuesday in support of women "using their brains, their strenght, their work ethic, their talent, their 'magic' that they were born with, that they only possess.
Their decisions to take a job to make a better life for themselves and their kids, their choices in partners, in how they spend their Friday night, for good or bad, affects their child.
Or, most likely, for kids whose mothers cheated on their fathers with their friends' grandparents, before secretly sleeping with their own ex-boyfriends, before marrying their friends' grandparents, and then re-marrying their dads.
A whopping 76% of respondents said they manage their money themselves, followed by 15% who said their spouse or partner handles their finances and 4% who said their parents take care of their money.
At the playground, other nannies fielded texts from their bosses: they had to report what their alagas had eaten, the contents of their diapers, the timing of their naps, subtle vacillations in their moods.
The program improved their access to care, made them less depressed, reduced their financial strain, and improved their perceptions of their health and well being — all measures that are likely to improve their overall health and reduce their mortality risk in the long run.
My main goal is to stay close to them, to observe the lives of the different groups of people, listen to their voices, and then be able to share their stories through filmmaking—showing their happiness, their anger, their sadness, but also their hope.
He used the technology to track their movements, read their text messages, and remotely activate the microphone on their phone to eavesdrop on their conversations.
The Navajo bury umbilical cords in their birthplaces so their children will always know where their home is and can always find their way back.
Candidates have to speak to these young progressive women and their communities directly, on their level and on their terms, or they're not their candidates.
Still, when considering a second term, Americans seemed willing to forgive their flaws, favor their strengths over their liabilities and make allowances for their transgressions.
The players are claiming their birthright, as is their entitlement; but they are also sharing their family and legacies with pride on their own terms.
Their central banks have earned more inflation-fighting credibility of their own, making it easier for their governments to sell debt in their own currency.
But group owners can easily rename and refocus their groups, while keeping their original members – and their ability to push content into their daily feeds.
I also tell men with athlete's foot to put their socks on before their underwear to avoid spreading fungus from their feet to their groin.
The organization said that the students had left all their keys in their mentor's bag and all their clothes had been removed from their rooms.
The titles were selected based on their iconic status, their continued popularity, their geographical reach and their influence on games development, entertainment and pop culture.
They explicitly desire American hegemony over their region because it serves their interests, helping to maintain their rule at home and their outsize influence abroad.
When I went to visit them at their front line position in their neighborhood, they kept up their watch of their section of the line.
Their study, published in the Journal of Dental Research, suggests that 5.5 percent of people grind their teeth or clench their jaws in their sleep.
Your friends are doing well, or seem to be, but they all seem a little uncertain about their jobs, their homes, their family, their future.
Most mothers in the survey said their biggest critics were people close to them: their spouse/co-parent, their own parents, and their in-laws.
Although women said their newfound union power had opened their eyes to their rights - from social security benefits to overtime - they fear losing their jobs.
They're not going to care whether or not you like their outfit, their jacket, their tie, their dress or whatever else they may be wearing.
Few people, communitarians argue, would truly consider their moral duty to a stranger analogous to their moral duty to, say, their mother or their child.
There are many genuinely lovely images of people inhabiting their apartments: resting on their sofas, playing with their children, showing off their furniture and knickknacks.
"People who chose to take on this role cut their hair and assumed male identities, changing their names, their dress, and their behavior," Peters writes.
Their existence was their argument, their echo into the industry was their force, and they've etched an impact into the games that have come after.
Teenagers, who usually have their armor up with strangers, told me all about the stresses in their life, their fears and their mental health challenges.
They'd let it sit on their tongues before chewing, exploring the taste before following its journey from their tongue to their teeth to their belly.
The conversation naturally drifted as the athletes talked about their various nations, their family histories and their connection with their indigenous heritages or lack thereof.
She's been sending holiday cards to their kids, showing up at their fundraisers, working with them on their bills, meeting with them on their priorities.
When patients are admitted to the hospital, they are asked about their tobacco use and their flu shots, their employment status and their religious affiliation.
Even when her subjects are dwarfed by their tapestries, their furniture, their throw pillows, their sweeping vistas, there is never any ambiguity about the relationship.
I've listened to their stories, I've heard their pain, their confusion, their anger and I've learned from them and I think I've grown from them.
He starts each practice by shaking their hands and asking them about their day, or their parents, or their progress in recovering from an injury.
Their parents, of course, heard it as well, on their way to their many jobs, while buying groceries, or when walking their kids to school.
It's like, no, they have their own lives and their own families and their own passions and you get to see all of their layers.
All summer they kept to their individual tasks, building their nests and tending their young, but their fledglings are more or less self-sufficient now.
Yet their family members, including their mothers, pushed school and a love of reading; their neighbors and educators fought for them and encouraged their talents.
"For some people, the most intensive relationship in their lives might be with their children or with their parent or with their pet," Jauhar said.
All summer they kept to their individual tasks, building their nests and tending their young, but their fledglings are more or less self-sufficient now.
The list is based on agency and peer nominations, their awards and campaigns, their influence on their companies, and their potential to be industry leaders.
But companies at a vulnerable stage in their development may benefit from giving control to their leaders as they pursue their visions for their companies.
Adults feared emo: it made their kids slit their wrists, dye their hair black, and encouraged their nice straight son Henry to snog other boys.
Their struggle for dignity, and ultimately, for their freedom, comes with great hardship, and for many, at the cost of their liberty and their lives.
I saw them choosing the candidate who will best advocate for their interest in their own civil rights, their right to their own bodily autonomy.
Those who gestured with their hands and moved their arms "nearly doubled their odds of getting a 'yes' from their partner," compared with those who sat still or kept their arms to themselves, she said.
This group is responsible for virtually everything related to military working dogs -- their procurement, their training, their handlers, their assignments, and whatever services they may need after their time as a working dog is over.
They could not persuade outsiders to hold their money or their debt through thick and thin, unless they anchored their exchange rates to the dollar and denominated their debt in harder currencies than their own.
These differences show up in their views towards immigration and racial and ethnic diversity; optimism about the direction of their lives and their children's future; their opinion about government or their support for Donald Trump.
So, if we put their four biggest banks under, that means, their banking system is dead, their financial system is dead, their economy is dead, and if all this goes, Mark, their political system goes.
The "evil" of a villain lies in their actions — the means they pursue to achieve their ends — but their job is, ultimately, to challenge the hero's worldview, their ideals and beliefs, with their own ideology.
They were installed and flown as an everyday reminder to black Southerners, that their homes are not their own, that their bodies can be taken the way their ancestors were, that their voices don't matter.
"As people go through their open enrollment, oftentimes their patience runs out after choosing their 401(k) solution, their health-care solution or their [health savings account]," said Jamie Kalamarides, president of Prudential Group Insurance.
"Millennials witnessed their parents go through the financial crisis of 2008, and they saw the way their parents were kicked in the teeth: They lost their jobs, their health insurance, sometimes their pensions," Messenger said.
"When these extraction projects come onto their [indigenous] territory, it's completely devastating to their way of life—their waterways, their environment, their culture," says Leila Salazar-López, executive director of the conservation nonprofit Amazon Watch.
Asylum applicants already struggle — they have left their lives, and their worlds, behind, in search of safety, often running for their lives with just the clothes on their backs and the money in their pockets.
To avoid having their information taken from their profile, Facebook users should change their privacy settings to omit their profile from search-engine results and to allow only friends to see their posts, Comparitech said.
"The strange situation is in many cases highly predictive of how children will develop their self-confidence, their problem-solving ability, their independence, their language competence, their ability to form social relationships," Dr. Shiller said.
That was followed by those who knew their partners wouldn't approve; were embarrassed by their situations and didn't want their partner to find out; and those who feared their partners wouldn't agree with their actions.
This gap will not elicit any sympathy from Chicago Cubs fans, who have been waiting their lifetime plus their parents' and their grandparents' and their great-grandparents' lifetimes to see their team take a bow.
Their school grades are false, their district grades are false, and their graduation rates are false.
We are in their brains, we are in their hearts, we are on their bucket list.
Snapchat users can integrate their account with Bitmoji, then use their customized emojis in their snaps.
Women running for office regularly get comments about their looks, their clothes, and even their voices.
I can see it in their beady little food-colored eyes — their defiance, their sheer pluck.
It means that our chefs honed their craft and pursued their ambitions on their own terms.
That love is clear in the way the film frames their faces, their eyes, their surroundings.

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