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"stream" Definitions
  1. a small, narrow river
  2. a continuous flow of liquid or gas
  3. a continuous flow of people or vehicles
  4. a continuous supply of something; a large number of things that happen one after the other
  5. (computing) a continuous flow of video or sound sent over the internet; a continuous flow of computer data or instructions
  6. (especially British English) a group of students of the same age and level of ability in some schools

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"stream" Synonyms
brook river creek beck tributary rivulet burn freshet rill runnel streamlet anabranch bayou billabong bourn watercourse winterbourne brooklet confluent influent flow rush flood surge torrent gush spurt jet current outpouring cascade tide course outflow spout drift efflux fountain effusion run battery chain series barrage volley avalanche onslaught spate string succession deluge hail shower storm flurry bombardment class grade set division group grouping category band form year school group study group tutor group tutorial group course group crowd throng horde mob rabble mass multitude host army herd flock drove swarm sea troupe pack press crush collection beam ray streak gleam flash shaft sparkle glint shimmer glimmer glare glow flare glitter twinkle beacon flicker bar emission radiation channel conduit waterway canal ditch trench flume gutter aqueduct racecourse drain raceway culvert sluice sequence cycle procession progression train array line order rash round row wave introduction influx accrual accumulation addition arrival entrance entry inclusion incorporation increase incursion inflow infusion injection proliferation accretion accumulating admittance expansion well reservoir repository reserve stockpile supply cache mine surplus wellspring allocation fount hoard store storehouse amount bank cradle floodlight illumination lighting searchlight spotlight limelight light torch lamp lights flashlight headlight headlamp foglamp stage light search light bright lights trail wake slipstream wash backflow backwash tail path track turbulence furrow waves disturbance churning drizzle trickle dribble sprinkle drop drip droplet sprinkling covering topping driblet dash splash lick smear small stream show program(US) transmission programme(UK) radio show TV show presentation broadcast production telecast simulcast videocast webcast vodcast radiocast mobcast livestream netcast audiocast video chat FaceTime live stream video call videotelephony spring geyser spa source aquifer baths bubbler hot spring hydrolysate spray wells sulphur spring thermal spring undercurrent undertone hint suggestion atmosphere feeling aura flavour(UK) murmur overtone tenor tinge connotation intimation nuance trace implication sense suspicion trend strip stripe slash stria striation stroke fleck lane layer vein ridge rule belt swathe gas vapor(US) vapour(UK) smoke air effluvium fume fumes miasma smog haze pollution reek exhaust fog mist stench exhalation soot pea-souper arm inlet cove fjord bay firth estuary bight branch passage strait embayment fiord gulf loch narrows neck spill issue emit pour emerge shed pour out spew discharge glide sail sweep roll slide coast cruise slip breeze skim whisk bowl brush pile teem mill move in a crowd rush together troop flap flutter waft blow float fly swing ripple undulate thresh flail stir sway shake billow twirl waver oscillate flit march file parade walk promenade stomp process stride pace tramp traipse hike funnel snake tread trudge ooze seep distil(UK) distill(US) trill go transmit televise relay cable radio communicate publish send telegraph podcast colorcast send out put out race speed barrel careen career hare hasten hie highball hump hurl charge jam squeeze push shove tumble elbow jostle climb stuff cram load heap upload Godcast update pelt down bucket down chuck it down lash down pelt pour down rain cats and dogs whip down fall rain hard rain teem down bucket come down in stair rods come down in torrents come down in sheets rain stair rods soar wing mount hover aviate plane wheel hang circle circumnavigate cross dive air-dash go by plane travel by air go by air travel by plane travel in an aircraft travel jet out go by jet travel by jet water cry moisten weep leak salivate get wet exude water fill up become wet fill with tears abound brim bristle overflow pullulate burst bustle crawl bulge buzz hum bear grow overrun inundate engulf submerge drown submerse swamp overwhelm drench whelm soak souse wet sop douse flush freshwater lake pond More
"stream" Antonyms
trickle dribble drip rivulet runnel seepage thin stream dearth drop influx inflow inrush instreaming inpouring incursion ingress flux continuity peace defence(UK) defense(US) retreat recess regression regress recession retrogression rest delay slowness individual loner person member one interruption single entity single whole dullness darkness crawl drought drouth break pause disruption ebb downtime hiatus breakdown cessation discontinuance discontinuation discontinuity gap halt stop surcease suspension cutoff need some disorder disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) one-off handful sprinkling smattering couple scattering smatter sprinkle minority spattering several small amount small quantity small number pullback withdrawal evacuation turnaround turnabout retirement fallback katabasis departure climbdown clearance backdown eviction leaving vacation retraction pullout backtracking exodus exit egress egression outflow escape exiting depletion lack absence shortage sharing administration circulation distribution delivery dissemination spread dispersion supply transportation dispensation circulating dealing dispersal apportionment handling propagation division transporting allotment consequence result conclusion corollary culmination effect outcome outgrowth pinnacle climax end end result apex completion eventuality finale issue offshoot acme aftereffect distributary effluent downpour antithesis antagonism antipode antipole contra contradiction contradictory contradistinction contraposition contrariety contrary contrast converse counter inverse inversion obverse opposite reversal reverse refluence reflux backflow backwash detention isolation storage keeping retainment conservation containment preservation conserving preserving singularity impermanence temporariness fleetingness transitoriness momentariness evanescence impermanency insubstantiality transience transiency ephemerality finish idleness inaction indifference standing stoppage walking flounder struggle back up cease repress suppress flow into creep drizzle dangle be quiet gather collect remain stay land walk subside conceal retain drain hide take in hurtle face pour ascend correct increase rise go up gush flood flow keep receive secret withhold bottle up keep quiet check hold hold on contain stem restrict terminate arrest curb deactivate discontinue interrupt suspend desist plug slow staunch bring to a stop dry become dry dry off dry out dry up poke dally dawdle ignore neglect procrastinate shun wait run away sink recede withdraw flow back scatter separate space disperse distribute strew disseminate stagger bestrew be distributed fade dissipate disappear dwindle wane vanish perish abate attenuate lessen taper evaporate discourage dissuade retard go be contained be sealed up be stopped up seep leak spill weep ooze settle sit develop energise(UK) energize(US) enlarge expand extend grow await tarry bide abide hang back hold back pull up stand by confine control maintain hold down censor bowdlerise(UK) bowdlerize(US) cut expurgate delete remove unpublish excise edit purge gag stifle blue-pencil red-pencil clean up prevent publication of refuse transmission of suck up absorb inhale soak up sponge take up clear empty evacuate vacate void straighten run step stroll strut amble dash drive jog march meander promenade saunter shuffle sprint ambulate gallop lumber mosey perambulate stay put motor scooter bowl along go by car ride by car tool along travel by car travel on wheels decide direct divide guide set spend go direct dehydrate dehumidify exsiccate remove the moisture from scowl marine

296 Sentences With "stream"

How to use stream in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "stream" and check conjugation/comparative form for "stream". Mastering all the usages of "stream" from sentence examples published by news publications.

There would a cocaine stream, a smokeable/injectable stimulant stream, a heroin stream, a cannabis stream, and then a psychedelic stream.
Of those, 19.4% stream from Amazon Prime, 9.1% stream from Hulu and 18.5% stream Netflix.
I flipped nomadically on League Pass, from stream to stream.
Keynote live stream: Google's live stream is available on YouTube.
Live stream: Oculus' live stream is available on YouTube and Twitch.
One is understanding their work stream and driving their work stream.
Gamers can also stream online games through the Stream Link app.
Look, they can stream, they can stream live NFL games, right?
Stream it at: Amazon Prime Salt Fat Acid Heat Nominated for: Broadcast Series, Broadcast Cinematography Stream it at: Netflix The Sentence Nominated for: Broadcast Film Stream it at: Various sites Stay Close Nominated for: Short Film Stream it at: POV Tigerland Nominated for: Broadcast Cinematography Stream it at: DirecTV Tricky Dick Nominated for: Broadcast Series, Broadcast Editing Stream it at: Fubo, DirecTV XY Chelsea Nominated for: Unforgettables Stream it at: Showtime, DirecTV
Which one is being searched more: "Debate live stream" or "Trump live stream"?
Why you need to stream 2100 or why you need to stream 2200k.
Google announced Project Stream today, which allows Google Chrome users to stream video games.
Live stream: Microsoft's live stream is available on the MSDN website or on YouTube.
Unfortunately, each VR stream must also be duplicated twice to stream individually to both eyes.
"Sorry for the lag, I will fix when my stream gets put down, I will re-upload," Garcia said in a comment stream that ran in the stream he uploaded.
Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to stream the Fox telecast, as well as three alternative commentary options: Storm and Kremer, a Spanish-language stream and a U.K.-English stream.
Stream it at: Kanopy, Frontline Ghosts of Sugar Land Nominated for: Short Film Stream it at: Netflix The Great Hack Nominated for: Graphic Design Stream it at: Netflix Hail Satan?
BEAMISH is currently working at the Rutford Ice Stream, a fast-flowing West Antarctic ice stream.
It should be #GameofThrones — infiltrate the stream, people, from my brain to yours — infiltrate the stream.
Gazprom has remained dedicated to building Nord Stream 2 to Germany and Turk Stream through Turkey.
The stream will flow wherever it will, but I just know I'm in the right stream.
Additionally, "Team Stream by Bleacher Report" for team-specific coverage will include the North Carolina Team Stream on TNT and the Villanova Team Stream on truTV, also a Time Warner company.
The race is on for stream processing as new stream native solutions like Kafka Streams and Twitter Herron go up against multi-purpose batch systems with stream bolt-ons like Spark.
"We believe this will be our main commodity, main revenue stream and main profit stream," Becker said.
Keynote live stream: Apple's live stream is available on its website and Twitter for streaming on desktop.
It's available to stream for free on The Design Network, and live episodes stream every other Sunday.
Dimitri started a new live stream, and the original live stream appeared as a non-playable video.
Stream it at: Hulu Crannog Nominated for: Short Film Stream it at: YouTube The Family Nominated for: Broadcast Series Stream it at: Netflix Fast Horse Nominated for: Short Film Stream it at: YouTube For Sama Nominated for: Feature Film, Production, Audience Choice, Unforgettables Read our interview with the filmmakers.
If that stream isn't working, the committee will likely stream the hearing on its own event page or you can check C-SPAN's designated hearing page for a live stream with light commentary.
Nord Stream 2 would double the existing capacity of Nord Stream to 110 billion cubic metres per year.
Madison and Marquardt will live stream the séance on Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stream and YouTube on Oct.
STREAM IT: If you have a cable subscription, you can stream the game through the NBC Sports app.
Live stream: If you have a TV provider login, you can live-stream the awards on MTV Live.
When the final stream rolled around, I was relying almost entirely on the charitable souls on the stream.
He'll stream again soon, and he's fully confident one day, on one stream, this will all be over.
With the exception of my very first flight, the camera live stream was just that — a live stream.
Nord Stream 2 would double the existing Nord Stream pipeline's current annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters.
Stream it at: Netflix Last Chance U, Season 4 Nominated for: Broadcast Series Stream it at: Netflix Leaving Neverland Nominated for: Broadcast Film, Broadcast Editing Stream it at: Various sites Maiden Nominated for: Audience Choice, Unforgettables Stream it at: Various sites Midnight Traveler Nominated for: Production, Unforgettables Read our review.
Facebook: A MLS deal to exclusively stream 2017 regular season matches in English, an MLB deal to exclusively stream 25 games in 2017, a WWE deal to stream matches for 12 weeks on Facebook Watch.
Now, when you start a live stream, you have the option of adding someone who's already watching the stream.
Stream on FuboTV Start your free seven-day trial on FuboTV to stream the Super Bowl live this Sunday.
Live stream: Google is live-streaming the event for desktop viewing, or you can stream the event on YouTube.
It will stream weekly on Netflix in Japan, but likely won't be available to stream elsewhere until early 2020.
She sees them ahead, beside a stream at the border of the forest, the stream half overgrown with bracken.
Once your stream starts recording, you'll see a preview in Periscope from which you can publish the stream publicly.
Just as a home is a stream of future housing services, a stock is a stream of future dividends.
Nord Stream 2 would run alongside the existing Nord Stream 1, doubling import capacity to 110 bcm from 2019.
That ended, as did a second stream, but after over an hour, the third stream revealed the release date.
But the second stream of business is one that many do not associate Adobe with – its digital marketing stream.
YouTube is the official live stream partner for the RNC, with a stream set up by the convention itself.
Google previously tested this service as Project Stream in recent months, allowing Chrome users to stream games in their browser.
There's Google's Project Stream, which saw the company team up with Ubisoft to stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey to Chrome browsers.
NASA's live stream begins at 12:45PM ET, and SpaceX's live stream will start about 20 minutes prior to takeoff.
Once accepted, the stream divides in half (either horizontally or vertically, based on the orientation you're watching the stream). New!
Then, instead of giving them obvious names, it went with colors: Sling Blue (multi-stream) and Sling Orange (single-stream).
Nord Stream 2 will double the existing Nord Stream 13 capacity from 55 billion cubic metres of gas a year.
As we reported ... April's live stream pulled in some big viewer numbers, with Toys 'R' Us sponsoring the live stream.
Even Twitter saw pirated versions of the stream going around, with one Periscope stream pulling in more than 70,000 viewers.
It will stream weekly on Netflix in Japan, but likely won't be available to stream elsewhere until sometime in the summer.
Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia's episodes will stream exclusively on Funimation for 30 days, before they stream on Crunchyroll.
Vox will also live-stream it on Twitter and Facebook, and we'll embed a live stream here when one is available.
Fox says Saturday's college football stream is one of a number of games it hopes to stream this year with LiveLike.
The cloud DVR feature will be available to single-stream Sling subscribers (Sling Orange) and multi-stream Sling subscribers (Sling Blue).
Players are given a starting balance of Stream+ loyalty points when they visit the Stream+ Breakaway channel (Twitch .tv/PlayBreakaway/StreamPlus).
By sending a steady stream of pulses, the system collects a constant stream of precise monitoring data simply and non-invasively.
Sometimes one has the sense—this is the very opposite of Greenwell's novel—of a stream of consciousness without a stream.
The stream attracted more than 628,000 viewers and broke a Twitch record for most concurrent viewers in a non-tournament stream.
The Taurids' Northern stream sometimes brings bight fireballs when it overlaps with the Southern stream in late October and early November.
Live stream: If you have a TV provider login, you can live-stream the awards on NBC and the NBC App.
Watching a stream also appears to look a lot like watching a stream in a browser — it seems you can even chat.
Most streamers, however, stream in 720p or above, which is why the options are needed for Squad Stream to work, says Twitch.
Good news: You probably already stream all your TV shows, and you can actually stream lots of boutique workout classes online, too.
And Nvidia's even created a gaming service, GeForce Now, that lets you stream games to play like your friends stream a movie.
All air currents like the jet stream and ocean currents like the Gulf Stream would change which would drastically change the weather.
The new multi-stream product lets you stream a limited number of Sling TV's channels to up to three devices at once.
If climate change influences the intensity and position of the jet stream, the turbulence resulting from that jet stream would be impacted.
The "News Feed," once a stream of status updates and friending activity has now become an endless stream of news other links.
Peacock will stream "The Office" starting in 2021, when the workplace comedy will leave Netflix to stream exclusively on the forthcoming service.
The stream even comes complete with its own peanut gallery — a never-ending stream of comments encouraging or mocking the armed men.
Gulf Stream Global warming's having an adverse effect on the Gulf Stream, scientists say, which could exacerbate the effects of climate change.
ChilledCow's popular 24/7 live stream went down between July and October 2017, just a few months after the live stream started.
On average from January to September, Keating earned about $0.003 per stream from Spotify, and about $0.012 per stream from Apple Music.
It would run 1,200 kilometers, mostly under the Baltic Sea along the existing Nord Stream pipeline — hence the name Nord Stream 2.
It connects through HDMI and can stream in 1080p at a smooth 60 frames per second, so your stream will look great.
The sponsorship will include support of the stream through branded replays, live in-stream stunts and product integration (here's me trying to imagine integrating insurance products into a video game stream), event-based remote streams, sponsored giveaways, and social content.
Most companies will live stream their own press conferences, and many have dedicated their own websites to stream, like Nintendo and Microsoft's Xbox.
Putin said the expansion of the Nord Stream pipeline, under the Baltic Sea, was not an alternative to the canceled South Stream route.
The company has already been testing the waters with Project Stream, which let users stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey through its Chrome web browser.
A stream from a free user, for example, could be worth less than a stream from a paying user, similar to Spotify's system.
This will immediately launch the stream in question, without you needing to navigate to the live stream from within the TV app itself.
After the live stream ends at 12:01 am Eastern on July 1, you will probably be able to stream it elsewhere, eventually.
The show's first stream sloooowly zoomed in to reveal the now infamous ice block, but the stream gave out after about 15 minutes.
Nord Stream 2 would add two pipelines to the existing Nord Stream pipeline and increase overall annual capacity to 3.9 trillion cubic feet.
Here's the bigger issue for most people who want to stream the game: The internet really isn't set up to stream live sports.
That temperature contrast is responsible for the existence of the jet stream; when the contrast shrinks, the jet stream tends to slow down.
One frack well sucking 5 million gallons out of small stream over a few days in a dry summer is likely to have a significant impact on stream temperatures and stream flow affecting aquatic insects, fishes, and bottom-dwelling mussels, the study said.
At the end of October, Nord Stream 22 said the pipeline was 22% complete, or 2,100 kilometers long (the total of both Nord Stream 2 and its parallel predecessor pipeline, Nord Stream), so it's estimated that the pipeline is currently 90% complete.
Stream it at: Hulu At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal Nominated for: Broadcast Film Stream it at: Various sites The Biggest Little Farm Nominated for: Audience Choice Stream it at: Hulu Black Mother Nominated for: Score Read our review.
Stream it at: Netflix Honeyland Nominated for: Feature Film, Direction, Feature Cinematography, Unforgettables Stream it at: Various sites The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley Nominated for: Graphic Design Stream it at: Various sites Jawline Nominated for: Debut Feature Read our review.
Keynote live stream: Apple's live stream is available on the company's own website, though it requires either Safari or Microsoft Edge on the desktop.
Google has been working on its Project Stream service over the past six months, which allows Chrome users to stream games in their browser.
Facebook, meanwhile, this year partnered with Fox for rights to stream Champions League soccer, and with the MLB to live stream regular season games.
Once playback ends for a network stream, the app will save the URL in a "Network Stream" view for easy access in the future.
Its former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder advocated the first direct link to Germany from Russia Nord Stream-1 and chairs the Nord Stream shareholders' committee.
In addition to a partnership with Bloomberg News to stream the debates, Twitter secured contracts in 85033 to stream NFL, MLB and NHL games.
"Depending on the type of video, a 720p stream can consume twice as much or more data than a 480p stream," the firm insisted.
CBS and NBC will also have the ability to stream the games they broadcast, and Verizon will stream the games to its wireless subscribers.
If you want to know how to stream the Super Bowl, the answer is that you can stream the Super Bowl on the FoxSportsGo.
From January to September last year, Keating earned $0.012 per stream from Apple Music, and about $0.003 per stream from Spotify after distributor fees.
In May, the company announced plans to live stream Major League Soccer matches; in June, it said it would live stream Champions League Soccer via a deal with Fox; and in August, it partnered with sports network Stadium to stream live college football games.
Stream it at: Hulu Apollo: Missions to the Moon Nominated for: Broadcast Film, Broadcast Editing Stream it at: Disney+ and other sites Aquarela Nominated for: Production, Feature Cinematography, Score Stream it at: Various sites Ask Dr. Ruth Nominated for: Audience Choice, Unforgettables Read our review.
Stream it at: Kanopy, Apple Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists Nominated for: Broadcast Film Stream it at: Various sites The Case Against Adnan Syed Nominated for: Broadcast Series Stream it at: Various sites Cold Case Hammarskjöld Nominated for: Direction Read our interview with the director.
"Creators can join forces right from the dashboard, stream content they wouldn't normally stream, and grow their communities all at the same time," Thieblot adds.
"I can't wear on stream what I'd wear on a regular non-stream day, for fear of harassment/judgment," tweeted musician and streamer Resurrection Fern.
However, both have a common interest in the Nord Stream 2 project, which is expected to double capacity of the existing Nord Stream 1 route.
NASA's live stream will begin at 5:45PM ET on the agency's dedicated TV channel, and SpaceX's live stream will begin around the same time.
Once installed, you'll be prompted to enter your stream key so that OBS can communicate with your Twitch channel and actually, you know, stream something.
The only trade-off is that unlike normal Facebook Live stream, there's no option to let people replay the stream later or rewind to earlier.
The stream includes a view inside of the PC to live-stream the hardware, but nothing much happens—at least from the human viewer's perspective.
It is also broadcasting a stream on its website, but that stream is laggy, perhaps because of the strain on internet traffic in the country.
For now, the stream will keep the same graphics package (like scores and on-video text overlays) as a regular stream, but that may change.
TL;DR: Stream with ease by picking up the U-STREAM Junior Social Media Streaming Studio for $19.99, a 75% savings as of March 27.
FACEBOOK TO STREAM COLLEGE GAMES Facebook has struck a deal for exclusive rights to live-stream 23 college football games this season, beginning next week.
While the payout per stream is small, some as low as $0.006 per stream, if a song goes viral it can mean a big paycheck.
Last year Apple extended its iPhone event stream to Twitter, and the company has been gradually increasing the availability of its stream in recent years.
Icahn's insider campaign provoked intense scrutiny from Congress, in a steady stream of oversight requests, and from the media, in a steady stream of reporting.
You can also stream the ceremony through subscription-based TV streaming services; Hulu, DirecTV Now, Philo TV, and SlingTV will stream the Emmys via NBC.
Selfridge: Season 1 (4/113)Our Wedding Story: Season 1 (4/1)Run: Season 1 (4/12) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (HBO)Tales from the Loop: Season 1 (4/3)The Bureau: Season 43 (4/1)The Good Fight: Season 4 (24/25) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (CBS All Access)The Mallorca Files: Season 24 (216/24) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (Britbox)The Mind of a Chef: Season 211 (23/22)The Undoing: Season 24 (2/10) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (HBO)Vida: Season 1 (4/1)Vida: Season 3 (4/43) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (STARZ)World on Fire: Season 1 (4/5) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (PBS Masterpiece) ACM Awards (4/5) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (CBS All Access)RBC Heritage (4/16) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (PGA Tour Live)The Masters (4/11) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (CBS All Access)Valero Texas Open (4/2) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (PGA Tour Live)Zurich Classic of New Orleans (4/23) – available to stream on Prime Video Channels (PGA Tour Live)
My first stream is gunna be on February 18th at 3pm PST– I'll donate 100% of proceeds from the first stream to Australian bushfire recovery efforts.
Google had already been testing the idea via a project it called Project Stream, which let users stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey through its Chrome web browser.
But they have a common interest in the Nord Stream 2 project, which is expected to double the capacity of the existing Nord Stream 1 route.
Now, streamers can kick of a co-stream by clicking the co-stream button on their Mixer Create profile, then send out invites, among other things.
At its peak, the stream was trending on Twitter and hit 628,000 concurrent viewers, smashing the previous record of 388,000 viewers for a single-player stream.
Once you've signed-in, tweak your broadcast settings like quality, stream title, and comments before you hit the "Start Broadcasting" button to kick off the stream.
If you're watching a stream of a new game you can just click "join" and get the game—or even queue up for the YouTuber's stream.
Users had to use a smartphone to live stream, but Facebook announced Tuesday that it will let any camera stream live to Facebook, even a drone.
The live-stream was Twitter's most-viewed stream to date, surpassing the 6.8 million unique viewers who watched BuzzFeed and Twitter's live video on Election Night.
Nord Stream 2 AG, which will double the existing Nord Stream 1 capacity, is led by Russian gas giant Gazprom and financed by five Western companies.
You can use the water stream to floss without brushing or brush without the water stream, or you can combine them for a fast, effective session.
The stream was soon trending on Twitter, and it hit around 630,000 concurrent views, blowing away the previous record on a single-player stream of 388,000.
But it can enable easier stream sniping, in which onlookers tune into a stream while playing the same game to gain knowledge and enhance their gameplay.
"The game will stream free on the NFL app on Roku unless Fox blocks your ability to stream it," reads a Friday blog post from Roku.
The account that was used to stream was created about two months prior to streaming the shooting and had only attempted to stream only once before.
Immediately you can stream the first five episodes that Sunday, and then the following Sunday when the second five get launched, you can stream the others.
Stream it at: Various sites Mike Wallace Is Here Nominated for: Feature Editing Stream it at: Hulu and other sites Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements Nominated for: Graphic Design Stream it at: Various sites One Child Nation Nominated for: Feature Film, Direction Read our review.
The VR stream will be made available as part of NBA League Pass, NBA Digital's platform that lets users subscribe and stream every NBA game all season.
Apache Kafka offers a new way to analyze stream data, Apache Flink offers a new framework for "big data" and Apache Apex unifies stream and batch processing.
The service also boasts a stream delay of less than one second — it's several times longer in Twitch — meaning viewers see the stream almost as it happens.
To stream in 360 degrees on Facebook, you'll need to go live from within the 360 Degree app, then log on to Facebook to start the stream.
It will also surface top clips from the stream and let creators know how the stream helped them on their path to achieving Affiliate or Partner status.
That allows it to stream to the Apple TV, and that means the HTC 10 the only Android phone that can stream to every major streamer available.
"No rush, but remember: the appreciation stream, not the dividend stream, that's the real pot of gold at the end of a very tortured rainbow," Cramer said.
Live stream selling app expands to in-person sales NTWRK is a weird hybrid of QVC and HQ Trivia, with people selling you stuff via live stream.
Video analytics company Apical provides facial recognition, while protecting consumer privacy by only communicating the relevant metadata from a video stream, rather than the video stream itself.
Streaming a game eats up a lot of data and even the Google Stream beta required about 25Mbps in order to stream anything remotely playable and attractive.
The NFL already has a deal with Twitter to stream games across multiple devices, and startup Cheddar partnered with the company to stream daily financial news programs.
Dropping in on the stream actually feels like getting a balcony-level view of the parade, with a few  different vantage points that cycle throughout the stream.
Meanwhile, Stream Summary let creators view detailed analytics about their stream that may help them achieve various goals — like engaging fans and getting them chatting, for instance.
For those who are interested in catching the live stream, you can also find the stream directly on Facebook's page, with the keynote featuring CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Last month Gazprom said the sanctions might delay some giant gas projects, including Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream gas pipelines and deepwater, Arctic offshore or shale projects.
With VVOS, users can stream a 4K 360 video using roughly half the Internet speed that would be needed to smoothly stream that type of content otherwise.
Still, Drake tweeted when he was about to play, so everyone tuned in, and the stream quickly broke Twitch's record for most people watching a single stream.
The details: Nord Stream 2 is an expansion of an existing pipeline, Nord Stream 1, that already transports some gas from Russia to Germany, per the WSJ.
At least once a week, a sewage pipe bursts and a stream of human feces runs through the camp before gravity carries it to a nearby stream.
Twitch is an online platform that allows users to stream or view video broadcasts, and it is primarily used for users to stream themselves playing video games.
"I've seen people live-stream their rooftop overnight with 10,000 people watching, or people stream a glass of milk while they're gone at work," Mr. Reyes said.
The History In 1834, Robert Pagan and his family immigrated from Scotland, ultimately settling in Valley Stream, said Guy Ferrara, president of the Valley Stream Historical Society.
Sewage in the greater Hebron area, with over 300,000 people, flows via the Hebron Stream to the Israeli town of Beersheba, where it becomes the Beersheba Stream!
Netflix competitors Hulu charges users more money to stream ad-free content, while Amazon Prime also shows skippable ads for its own original programming before each stream.
The giant retailer, which tried but failed to land a deal to stream live NFL games, wants to stream other sports via its growing web video operation.
But for streaming devices — which saw issues during the earlier regular season game with HDR due to HLG and HDR10 spec problems, Fox is promising that the online stream will offer nearly identical performance as the broadcast stream by converting the base HLG stream into HDR10 in real time.
If you are on Wi-Fi, your cellular data selection will not have any impact on your stream — the app will automatically stream at the highest possible quality.
Live stream: Apple's live stream is available via the dedicated Apple Events app on Apple TV, Safari on Mac or iOS, or the Windows Edge browser on PC.
You stream games, just like you'd stream a YouTube or Netflix video, as a series of compressed video frames — only now, those videos are reacting to your inputs.
If something a friend says during their live stream concerns you, you can reach out in real-time, by messaging them directly or reporting the stream to Facebook.
Stream sniping, the act of watching a stream to determine where someone is during a game and using that knowledge to kill them, is not a new phenomenon.
The payout is determined based on the total aggregate social reach a stream reaches and the interaction rate between a gamer and their audience for a single stream.
Google has introduced a new feature called Stream Transfer that lets you transfer an ongoing music stream, YouTube video or podcast from one compatible device to the next.
MLBAM: In addition to weekly live MLB games that stream on Twitter this season, a new 3-hour once weekly MLB program will live stream exclusively on Twitter.
Three days a week, I stream an hour of Super Mario Maker on Twitch, which later requires me to upload an edited version of the stream to YouTube.
You've got a shift away from single-stream recycling, when you put everything into the one big container, to multiple stream, where you're separating recyclables into different containers.
Comcast's current streaming products include Seeso — a comedy-focused subscription offering — and Stream, which lets customers in Comcast TV markets stream their channels over broadband without a cable box.
Stream a video from an iPad to a Chromecast via Google Cast, on the other hand, and the stream carries on even if the iPad disappears from the network.
If you want to stream anything else, you can use another device and stream it to the speaker via AirPlay 2, which will arrive this fall in iOS 11.
Live stream: Samsung is streaming the event live on its website for desktop viewing, or you can watch via the YouTube stream embedded at the top of this post.
Currently, you can accept or reject the pop-up co-stream invites, but in a few months, you'll be able to send out these co-stream invites as well.
According to Veritasium—aka Derek Muller—the force of the vertical water stream perpetually pushes the ball up and away from the stream, but also makes the ball spin.
If you tune in early, you'll likely see another I/O session in the live stream, but don't despair, we're pretty sure that we embedded the right video stream.
If storing your photos on one device is enough for you, turn Photo Stream off by going to Settings > Photos > Upload to My Photo Stream and toggle it off.
The new phone was officially unveiled March 29 after a steady stream stream of leaks, and delighted Samsung fans with its "infinity display," internal specs and DeX desktop functionality.
Virtual-reality live stream: This being Oculus, you can of course watch the event as a 360-degree video stream as well, but it's limited to Gear VR owners.
Italy, Bulgaria and others that lost out on South Stream accuse Berlin of hypocrisy, while Poland and Baltic states say doubling Nord Stream would negate EU support for Ukraine.
"We are pleased to have obtained Denmark's consent to construct the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline," Samira Kiefer Andersson, a Nord Stream 2 official, said in a statement on Wednesday.
Those days where all the ingredients combine, you get the humidity, you get the dry air, you get the jet stream, you get upper energy in the jet stream.
If the content of the stream would normally trigger a quarantine on the site (a term used by Reddit to mean restricted or hidden), it shouldn't appear on stream.
Daxue cited its own analysis of the Chinese live-stream platform YY, in which 32 of 1,051 live-stream feeds on a day in March were related to education.
Even if you pay for the Pro version of Stadia, which is supposed to stream games in the highest 4K resolution, games played through Chrome don't stream in 4K.
Prime subscribers will have more than the women to choose from, as games will also be streamed with options for a Spanish-language stream and a UK English stream.
Live stream: NBC has exclusive rights to the awards show, so the surefire way to stream the 2019 Golden Globes is via the NBC website or the network's app.
Nord Stream 2 can — and should — be stopped.
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Potential new U.S. sanctions against Moscow may delay some of Gazprom's projects, including Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream gas pipelines, the Russian gas monopoly said on Monday.
Stream on DirecTV Now If you need to stream the game on the go, DirecTV Now's free seven-day trial is a great way to do it from any device.
"Nord Stream 2's permits will be handled exactly the same way as for Nord Stream 1 ... This will not complicate the matter or affect it at all," Lintila said.
Twitch today announced the launch of a new feature called "Squad Stream," which offers a way for up to four creators to go live and stream together within one window.
With the Chromecast, you can stream content at a faster speed, stream from your devices to your TV, and pair it with a Connected Home device for voice control features.
Ronda's first stream will be next Monday ... and if you weren't already psyched to watch, Rousey says, "100% of proceeds from the first stream go to Australian bushfire recovery efforts."
Starting time: San Francisco: 6:30AM / New York: 9:30AM / London: 2:30PM / Berlin 3:30PM /Beijing: 10:30PM / Tokyo: 11:30PM Live stream: Nintendo's live stream is available online.
Amazon: A two-year NFL deal to stream Thursday Night Football games to Prime members and Twitch users, a one-year English Premier League soccer deal to stream 20 matches.
Twitch plans to stream eight hours of Who per day, starting at 11AM PT, and it will repeat those blocks three times a day for a continuous 24-hour stream.
The $11-billion Nord Stream 2 project, led by Russia's Gazprom, aims to double capacity of the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline from next year, bypassing traditional routes through Ukraine.
Google's Project Stream, first unveiled last October, gave gamers a taste of what it would be like to stream heavy games directly from the cloud—from a Chrome browser, even.
The news follows similar deals Twitter has made with the NFL to stream Thursday Night Football this fall; Wimbledon; CBSN, to live stream convention coverage; and Bloomberg, for financial news.
And Apple was right when it proposed July 15 to the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board that owners of compositions should receive a simple, per stream rate on every authorized stream.
The deal they offer them is simple: They will provide a steady stream of customers and a locked-in revenue stream and, in return, they ask for a sizable discount.
BIGO LIVE - Live Stream Kind of like Twitch and YouTube, BIGO LIVE lets teens stream live video of themselves that other users can see and comment on in real time.
Last fall, the company launched a pilot program of sorts with Project Stream, allowing gamers to stream gameplay of Assassins Creed Odyssey in their internet browser at 1080p in 60fps.
It's also unclear whether or not Twitter will make money from the stream through advertising as it will with the ten NFL games it plans to stream later this fall.
When I tried to stream a 4K movie over Netflix to my Samsung TV, the stream took around 50 seconds to buffer enough to switch to a 2160p (4K) feed.
Unadulterated individual preference will inevitably drive choices in a world where it's just as easy to stream self-released bedroom producers as it is to stream a Miley Cyrus album.
That stream had 1.4 million concurrent viewers, which, according to Mr. Chadha, made it the largest gaming live stream on the platform — and one of the largest on Twitter ever.
Stream it at: Hulu Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle Nominated for: Broadcast Series Stream it at: Various sites Knock Down the House Nominated for: Audience Choice, Unforgettables Read our review.
The document also referred to a live video stream and linked to a Facebook page, an indication that the author may have tried to stream the shooting in real time.
As before, Verizon won't stream every NFL game throughout the season: It will stream evening games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights, along with the games local TV affiliates carry (in New York City on Sunday, that meant I could stream the Giants-Cowboys, Jets-Broncos and Eagles-Rams games on my iPhone).
You can stream video to your device by pressing the stream button, or you can transfer the whole thing to your phone, but that will eat up a lot of storage.
In a Stream In a video she shared on YouTube, doula Simone Thurber is seen squatting in a stream in the Australian Daintree Rainforest before catching and cuddling her own baby.
The paired pipelines of Nord Stream 2 were intended to follow the route under the Baltic Sea of Nord Stream 1, which opened in 2011 and is already at full capacity.
Whereas only Sony phones could live stream in 2014, today, we have a GitHub page compiling up to nine different live streams and even live stream translations of those live streams.
The feature will allow Tumblr users to live stream video directly to their followers' Dashboards, and will also send out push notifications when users go live or reblog a live stream.
Intended for educational and promotional purposes, the stream got off to a rocky start when alleged animal rights activists flagged the YouTube stream for removal, citing nudity and sexually explicit content.
After all, companies like Netflix are able to stream 4K HDR video to millions of viewers running off of Amazon AWS, and you need that kind of power to stream games.
Plus, thanks to its mobile app for iOS or Android, you can stream content from sites like Netflix or YouTube, or you can stream from your device using AirPlay or Miracast.
HP is expanding its Windows-based Stream PC lineup this month with a new 14-inch laptop and a revamp of its older offerings, including the Stream 11 and the x360.
NORD STREAM-2 Gazprom has been pushing for the Nord Stream-2 underwater gas pipeline project, which would double the existing annual capacity of the current two pipelines from 55 bcm.
There are a lot of apps you can use to stream radio stations to your iPhone – or stream online services that, for all intents and purposes, sound like traditional radio stations.
Sony PlayStation now has launched and lets you stream to PCs and to a PS4, while Microsoft Project xCloud is in public beta testing and lets you stream to Android devices.
All payments from Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG are to be directed to the Swiss bailiffs, Gazprom said in a programme for a eurobond issue dated Nov. 9.
Stream virtual workouts Whether you're a fitness fanatic, or just someone trying to get some movement in amid quarantine, you can pretty much stream any type of workout online these days.
To watch from home, tune into Fox for the big games, or, to stream, login to the Fox Sports app with your cable provider or stream all the games with fuboTV.
Unlike many competitors, Plex has structured its deals in order to stream content outside the U.S. Plex told TechCrunch the majority of its content will stream in some 220 countries worldwide.
It has a 'moments' stream where contacts share their pictures and updates, much like Facebook's newsfeed, and a 'search' stream that leads you to news articles, popular topics and official accounts.
HomeSpot Dual Stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter — $25.49 See Details
" The key is to find "a viable income stream.
Locke & Key is now available to stream on Netflix.
HomeSpot Dual Stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter — $29.99 See Details
"When people are diagnosed with cancer ..." Again, Stream pauses.
Netflix's stream lower seems to have stopped — for now.
MIRANDA SINGS LIVE … YOUR WELCOME (2019) Stream on Netflix.
" Where to stream or rent "It Comes at Night.
A name suffix meaning "stream" in Icelandic — A 2350.
Julie & Julia is available to stream beginning November 219st.
The only difference between Stream TV and other streaming services is the unfair advantages Comcast has given Stream TV. You can get unlimited access to Comcast's "Stream TV" for $15/month, but unlimited access to Netflix will now cost $35/month, on top of your subscription to Netflix, to get the 'unlimited bandwidth' package.
Additionally, right before the free period ends on Amazon Prime Video, the movie will stream on two other platforms, for an even more limited time, also for free: Guava Island will stream one time on both Coachella's YouTube channel and on the gaming live-stream site Twitch starting at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern.
The new law triages appeals into three streams: A fast stream — like the express lane at a supermarket — to correct simple errors; a medium stream, in which a more experienced department specialist reviews more complex issues at a local level; and a final stream where veterans can take cases to an independent board of appeals.
While NextVR and the NBA have worked together to stream a live game before, this will be the first time the league has offered a scheduled reoccurring VR stream of a game.
The shutdown is another example of the project-by-project – at times, foot-by-foot, stream-by-stream – guerilla warfare being waged against energy infrastructure by extreme elements of the environmental community.
All an affiliate user has to do is stream a game that's offered on the store, and a purchase link will automatically show up on the page for viewers watching the stream.
Starting time: San Francisco: 211PM / New York: 230PM / London: 4AM (Jan 13th) / Berlin 5AM (Jan 13th) / Beijing: 12PM (Jan 13th)/ Tokyo: 113PM (Jan 13th) Live stream: Nintendo's live stream is available online.
I love being able to stream seamlessly from my desktop, and in my tests, I was able to stream video games without degrading graphics performance, as often happens with Twitch or YouTube.
Finally, a stream option allows you sot start and end a stream right from the overlay, with settings like Twitch and YouTube end points, resolution, audio quality and more customizable in settings.
Users will be able to to stream live footage from the Gear 360 to a connected smartphone, although whether or not the camera can stream to the Gear VR itself is unknown.
So for instance, instead of a single 4K video stream on your TV that slows every other device to a crawl, you'll be able to stream multiple 4K videos to multiple devices.
So the idea that we want to get ahead of that and say wow they are going to get a great revenue stream — we don't know how much the revenue stream is.
Also new is the option to play back a live chat when a video wraps, which will give you the feeling of watching a live stream, even if the stream has ended.
That buffer of extra frames is key to how we stream video, but you can't rely on it when streaming games because you're not just sending the stream, you're controlling the game.
As the hearing's live stream aired on the House Judiciary's YouTube channel, comments in the live chat accompanying the stream were so inflammatory that YouTube actually disabled the chat feature mid-hearing.
The jet stream flows between these two regions, and trees revealed the range of temperatures in their rings and the frequency of fires over time, an expansive chronicling of jet stream behavior.
Gazprom, which is majority owned by the Russian government, owns 28 percent of Nord Stream 22022 and all of Nord Stream 240 AG, which is developing and will operate the new pipelines.
Nord Stream 2 is estimated to cost 9.5 billion euros (about $10.5 billion) and will double Nord Stream 1's capacity to 110 billion cubic meters, or about 3.9 trillion cubic feet.
One channel advertising free money in the children's game Roblox stipulates that players must subscribe and like the YouTube Gaming stream and "stay this stream 24/7" to get their free cash.
Multi-stream support means you'll be able to connect to more than one audio device (or earbud) at the same time, without interrupting the audio stream of anything else that's already connected.
This could explain why over 25% of fans surveyed illegally stream games as a part of their viewing schedule, the exact same amount of people who legally stream the Thursday Twitter broadcast.
Since I'll miss out on spending time with my nephews, a good assistant will live-stream them for me the entire time while discreetly muting the live-stream whenever they start fighting.
"We have three streams emptying into the Ala Wai Canal — Palolo Stream, Manoa Stream, and Makiki Stream — and they all pour into this canal, and if the tide is extra high, you could see flooding from the backside of Waikiki along with flooding from the surge on the frontside of Waikiki," Caldwell said at a press conference in Waikiki.
USA-RUSSIA-NORD-STREAM-COMPLETION Nord Stream 230 to press on with Europe gas pipe, despite U.S. sanctions MOSCOW (Reuters) - The group behind Nord Stream 200 said on Saturday it aimed to complete a pipeline to boost Russian gas supplies to Europe as soon as possible, after a major contractor suspended pipe-laying activities due to U.S. sanctions.
The default setting sets stream quality to a level that uses 1 GB for every three hours you watch, which gives a stream quality between medium and low and uses about 600 Kbps.
Nord Stream 210, aimed at doubling the annual capacity of the existing Nord Stream pipeline by adding 55 billion cubic meters, is to run via the waters of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Twitter doesn't stream NBA games, but soon it will stream parts of NBA games — just not the parts you usually watch on TV from the NBA's traditional broadcast partners like Turner and ESPN.
Sea's week-long ban comes from two different incidents, one in which he says he threw up on stream (a three-day ban) and assaulting the woman on stream (another three-day ban).
Honestly, even if this is the most sophisticated thing the Stream Deck can do, at least we can all agree memes are good and having them in a live stream is good, too.
You can stream live programming with the Xfinity Stream app from a mobile device or desktop web browser, or watch on-demand shows with TV Everywhere apps like HBO Go, WatchABC, and others.
Today, that footprint includes 39 U.S. states, plus D.C. At the time of the nationwide launch, Stream TV will also be rebranded to eliminate confusion between it and this new "Stream TV" app.
You can also stream free, live coverage of the debate on many digital platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which says it attracted two million viewers for its stream of the first debate.
All payments from Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG to Gazprom are to be directed to the Swiss bailiffs, Gazprom said in a program for a Eurobond issue dated Nov. 9.
The app's most popular feature then was the 'Reflection Stream,' which is a social stream that allows users to share a story, photo or a tip about Ramadan with others using the app.
It didn't include ESPN or the other Disney-owned channels, but it allowed users to stream on up to three devices simultaneously (the ESPN package only allows for one stream at a time).
When you are watching the live video stream of a football game or any major event online, chances are that the stream usually isn't really as "live" as you'd like it to be.
Just as the endless stream of name-calling and off-the-cuff remarks from the president has served to numb us to their content, so too has the elaborate stream of obfuscating outfits.
"I was at the polls most of the day, and I did note a steady stream of female voters — there were plenty of male voters, too — but just a steady stream," she said.
The Nord Stream 2 project would double the capacity of the existing Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany and allow Russia to bypass Ukraine, currently its main transit route for European sales.
Seasons 1-2 are available to stream on NOW TV. Season 3 of Broadchurch will show later this year on BBC America, and Seasons 1-2 are available to stream now on Netflix.
Could social stream of #ZikaDengueHotSpot images prompt community & gov't action?
FIFA will also stream the congress on its website,
Boxes is available for stream and sale on May 6.
You can hear the stream flowing from Wales into England.
Where to stream it: Hulu, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube
Jawbreaker is available to stream on iTunes and Amazon Video.

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