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"stoppage" Definitions
  1. [countable] a situation in which people stop working as part of a protest or strike
  2. [countable] (sport) a situation in which a game is interrupted for a particular reason
  3. [countable] a situation in which something does not move forward or is blocked
  4. stoppages [plural] (British English, old-fashioned, formal) an amount of money that an employer takes from people’s wages for tax and other payments
"stoppage" Synonyms
block blockage obstruction blocking occlusion airlock arrest stasis suppression stopping up stopping stemming barrier barricade clot clog congestion obstructing closure constriction cessation end halt termination discontinuation finish ending conclusion close stop discontinuance shutdown cease expiration arrestment cutoff lapse closedown obstacle blockade hindrance impediment restraint restriction curb snag delay inhibition check bar deterrent difficulty fetter prevention jam gridlock tailback logjam snarl traffic jam jam-up bottleneck snarl-up backup hold-up holdup tie-up restricted access strike slowdown walkout standstill lockout layoff lay-off industrial action sit-down wildcat strike work stoppage work to rule go-slow protest revolt rebellion mutiny job action general strike lightning strike pitstop stopover layover stop-off pit stop deduction subtraction debt liability arrears obligation indebtedness bill account deficit commitment charge collectible payout withdrawal financial obligation money owing entry amount due record sanction prohibition ban embargo veto proscription interdict injunction boycott interdiction moratorium decree writ limitation exclusion tariff measure disruption disturbance upset disarray confusion disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) disorder derangement interruption break division interference dislocation disarrangement disarranging disordering disorderliness turmoil confusing demonstration rally demo march picket parade morcha procession lobby gherao hartal hikoi fast sit-in protest march crowding overcrowding clogging mass choking plugging stuffing cramming crowdedness excess jamming mobbing nonfeasance default delinquency dereliction failure misprision neglect negligence oversight abortion bankruptcy bomb botch breakdown bungle bust checkmate collapse decay decline crash malfunction disintegration hitch crackup crumbling crumpling downfall foundering mishap stammering faltering halting lurch pause splutter sputtering stumble stutter wobble stuttering hesitation repetition More
"stoppage" Antonyms
beginning continuation start continuance continuity commencement persistence opening introduction prolongation go perpetuation preservation maintenance initiation resumption action activity advance protraction aid assistance encouragement help promotion support clearance advantage liberation release permission acceleration quickening expedition agility haste speed quickness rapidity rapidness promptness swiftness expeditiousness hastiness fastness hurriedness speediness alacrity urgency velocity briskness hastening hurry agreement breakthrough motion movement progress solution good fortune organisation(UK) organization(US) calm system method order connection outset instigation conception inception birth genesis inauguration intro preamble preface proem prolog(US) prologue(UK) foreword concealment hiding kickoff onset startup commencing dawn dawning launch arrival creation establishment foundation seamlessness uninterruption uninterruptedness continuousness flow passage hole gap space orifice break access passageway avenue freedom of passage means of access progression mobility moving locomotion shifting transit traveling(US) travelling(UK) emptiness lack necessity need want rally assembly gathering congregation convention assemblage meet get-together facilitation accessibility availability convenience accomplishment achievement adequacy ascent benefit betterment blessing development enough improvement increase perfection plenty rise satisfaction strength success sufficiency growth accession boom buildup burgeoning expansion accumulation aggrandisement(UK) aggrandizement(US) addition functionality operation running workability working behaviour(UK) behavior(US) functioning performance variation fluctuation change difference alteration swing oscillation flux variability changeability unsteadiness inconstancy wavering

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In the moments after the stoppage, an infuriated Shamrock stormed around the ring, unleashing a profanity-laced protest of the stoppage.
After another stoppage to take a look at a swipe by Aleksandar Prijovic — he's given a yellow card — the referee blows his whistle and ends a hectic eight minutes of stoppage time.
The stoppage by the union's 2,500 workers began on Feb.
The companies turned the stoppage into an expanded maintenance project.
The work stoppage affected Cargill operations in grains hub Rosario.
The stoppage could begin within three days, the union said.
A bloc is good for stoppage, but poor for starting.
A potential stoppage is also looming in the auto industry.
Thomas Cook said all its flights operated during Friday's stoppage.
Even better than 'Rocky,' 'cause 'Rocky' didn't get the stoppage.
In stoppage time in the first half of Palmeiras vs.
The union announced plans for the work stoppage last week.
The only downside of the bout was the strange stoppage.
The stoppage was awarded to Hug in three minutes flat.
Subasic stays on, and there's five minutes of stoppage time.
Between 75 and 145 are part of the work stoppage.
A Verizon work stoppage in 2011 lasted for two weeks.
Uber said it had nothing to do with the stoppage.
Seattle Tunnel Partners had no immediate comment on Thursday's stoppage.
The stoppage could begin within 3 days, the union said.
Specifically, language reportedly foreshadowing a possible work stoppage in 2021.
Ray told them he could help organize a work stoppage.
There has not been a work stoppage at Ford since 1976.
More than halfway through the work stoppage, Weiss addressed employees again.
The production stoppage, which started from the night shift on Jan.
The stoppage came at the 1:27 mark of round one.
Advocates of the program first reported the stoppage Thursday, and Sen.
Among those affected by the stoppage is Japanese clothing giant UNIQLO.
Two minutes of stoppage time are added to the first half.
Current pass count on that last stoppage: Spain 231, Russia 58.
Matt Hedges scored a consolation goal for Dallas in stoppage time.
Five minutes of stoppage time for Mexico to close this out.
The production stoppage threatens to derail Harley-Davidson's bet on electrification.
Until this stoppage, the productivity of the stoma had revolted me.
Governor signs pay raise bill The work stoppage comes after Gov.
GM (GM) isn't the only one affected by the work stoppage.
Why don't you go lose half a season to a work stoppage?
Many have had to cut back production due to the work stoppage.
The time of the stoppage was 2:36 of the fifth round.
The stoppage was due to a shortage of braking products, Toyota said.
In response to union plans to stage a work stoppage on Dec.
I don't know that this work stoppage would have happened without it.
In defeat, Krylov has a streak of five-straight stoppage wins derailed.
Sajewski, meanwhile, experiences the first stoppage loss of his 43-fight career.
"It's bizarre that I achieved it, in stoppage time too,"she added.
And Alexander said it could take a work stoppage before owners budge.
The stoppage would last at least until Monday, a company spokesman said.
When you put a giant stoppage on it, how does it restart?
Belgium will have 6 minutes of stoppage time to find an equalizer.
The stoppage of nickel ore exports was also a factor, he added.
That's because GM stockpiled inventory at dealerships ahead of the work stoppage.
LaGuardia Airport had a ground stoppage, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
The longer the stoppage continues, the more people will feel the squeeze.
This week, J20 organizers are asking for a one-day work stoppage.
More teachers declare a 'work stoppage' About 200 miles south of Seattle, members of the Camas Education Association have announced a work stoppage -- starting with their first day of school next Tuesday, Camas School District Superintendent Jeff Snell said.
Southampton scored a stoppage-time consolation through another former Chelsea player Ryan Bertrand.
"It's not a line stoppage because the entire line never stopped," Bergman said.
During a 60-minute stoppage, Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell faced a tough decision.
Crawford, of Omaha, Nebraska, has won four of his last five by stoppage.
Every day of pipeline stoppage is costing Russia $2000 million in lost revenue.
The company said last week that the stoppage was not significantly affecting production.
They staged a three-hour stoppage on Wednesday to protest against the sale.
The work stoppage had shuttered schools across the state, as I reported yesterday.
The effects of the stoppage will also be felt in the soccer world.
The crowd reacted angrily, and afterward Mr. Diaz said the stoppage surprised him.
He sought a play stoppage but did not get one from the officials.
If there are fewer opportunities for a stoppage of play, this is good.
The stoppage will have no immediate extra impact on oil and gas output.
It would be the entertainment capital's first major work stoppage in a decade.
It's the first work stoppage in the US auto industry in 12 years.
The stoppage crippled Brazil's roads, hampering deliveries of everything from fuel to grains.
It would also cut steel output at its plant in Bremen, Germany, in the fourth quarter of the year, extending a planned blast furnace stoppage for repairs, and extend a similar scheduled stoppage in the final quarter in Asturias, Spain.
UPS said it's trying to avoid disruptions in the event of a work stoppage.
Many small businesses were shut after the groups called for a state-wide stoppage.
The Minnesota action will be the first major US work stoppage for the company.
The result was the longest auto industry work stoppage in more than 20 years.
Libyan production dropped due to a stoppage at the Sharara oilfield, the country's largest.
But the one-day work stoppage created enough at a stir within the newsroom.
City was down 22-20 to Queens Park Rangers F.C. going into stoppage time.
He later chipped the ball in for Russia&aposs fourth goal in stoppage time.
More than 24,000 workers participated, on average, in each major work stoppage in 2018.
This old geezer was reveling in England's stoppage-time comeback against Wales on Thursday.
Both are on impressive win-streaks, highlighted by stoppage defeats over other top contenders.
"I'm ready for the next (fight)," said Ngannou following the first round TKO stoppage.
Moreover, the opportunity cost of a work stoppage is higher when demand is robust.
The government has said the stoppage has cost the country more than $6 billion.
During one stoppage, he walked back onto the court to a smattering of applause.
Upping the ante, the plan for July 15 is a six-hour work stoppage.
Put the puck over the glass and you can't change players during the stoppage.
Flurrying for the finish, Yamamoto's finest moment was somewhat undercut by a premature stoppage.
Then, it continued when he thrashed fellow prospect Curtis Blaydes to a doctor stoppage.
Three minutes of stoppage time coming and the consensus in press row is: Why?
Instead, because South Korea scored twice during stoppage time, Mexico gets to move on.
After three minutes of stoppage time, Mark Geiger blows the half to a close.
He added his eighth of the season in the second minute of stoppage time.
The work stoppage led Charter to hire contractors to serve customers during the strike.
Temporary employees were a focal point of UAW&aposs labor stoppage late last year.
An engineer at the field said production stood at 70,000 bpd before the stoppage.
A work stoppage to punish a player for expressing his opinion may seem extreme.
"For us, this work stoppage is not about missing class," the students tell CNN.
For many of the employees hired since 2007, this is their first work stoppage.
Prisoners in Alabama claim guards have retaliated for a work stoppage by withholding food.
UPS said it is trying to avoid disruptions in the event of a work stoppage.
POTENTIAL STOPPAGE: The combined annual production at both Chilean mines is 22,2265 tonnes of copper.
The company branded the stoppage illegal but said its operations had not yet been affected.
The agreement also reduces the risk of another stoppage to copper concentrate exports from Grasberg.
The New York Times corroborates the news citing a person familiar with the production stoppage.
The sector estimated overall losses related to the stoppage at 3 billion reais, BRF said.
The work stoppage also slowed the unloading of beans at soyoil and meal manufacturing sites.
In April, a brief work stoppage by Kuwaiti oil workers sharply cut the country's production.
The Coyotes scored shortly after goaltender Louis Domingue held the puck to get a stoppage.
But an arbitrator found that the stoppage violated the contract's no strike provision, she said.
Piatti scored in the 71st, and Anthony Jackson-Hamel added a goal in stoppage time.
The next day, unions announced they would begin a statewide work stoppage on Feb. 22.
Their success has inspired teachers in Arizona and Colorado to prepare their own work stoppage.
Sporting Lisbon's Jérémy Mathieu, a former Barcelona defender, added an own goal in stoppage time.
The "cure," in this case, is social distancing, and the mass economic stoppage it forces.
It warned that a longer-term stoppage would carry heavier production risks and financial penalties.
It hasn't yet decided whether it will extend the work stoppage in China beyond Feb.
The stoppage is to "resolve production issues" including bottlenecks in battery supply, the story said.
The work stoppage has rippled throughout GM's North American operations, causing thousands of additional layoffs.
The strike has now gone on longer than a two-week work stoppage in 2011.
Scientists believe that the victims die from a stoppage of blood flow, not from suffocation.
The stoppage was needed, according to Trump officials, to conduct a review of vetting procedures.
Teixeira, on the other hand, experiences the second stoppage loss of his 30-fight career.
Iran beat Morocco 1-0 after an own goal by Aziz Bouhaddouz in injury stoppage time.
Meanwhile, travelers noticed the stoppage and United acknowledged that they were working to remedy the situation.
The Illinois High School Association forbids athletes from striking schools to compete during a work stoppage.
Allegedly, amid stoppage in a 3-3 draw against Sarnese, Liberti walked over and exposed himself.
"And so when we think about a work stoppage, think about what that does for them."
The protests, dubbed #ParoNacional (National Stoppage), have brought business in the capital to a near standstill.
Reporting at the time suggested that the sudden Twitter stoppage was a kind of silent protest.
The stoppage came as Poirier timed the low kick perfectly and countered with a left hand.
The fight became a good deal more frantic when a Moraes elbow threatened a cut stoppage.
Arnor Ingvi Traustason clinched the win with a goal in the fourth minute of stoppage time.
Minor scuffles broke out between protesters and commuters as some grew frustrated over the train stoppage.
The size of the current stoppage, though, suggests growing confidence among workers emboldened by recent triumphs.
The work stoppage ended when the union agreed to extend the previous contract for 18 months.
While the legal action prompted a temporary work stoppage, it ultimately fell short of its goal.
Teachers' strikes One strike ends in one city as a new work stoppage begins in another.
The stoppage came in the second round when Kasuya looked to transition to a leg lock.
Teachers in Denver have decided to strike, but it's unclear when a work stoppage would start.
Bayern's Leon Goretzka then slotted in their second in stoppage time to kill off the game.
Some boarded the bandwagon as he beat Benson Henderson, but many thought the stoppage too soon.
What's even worse for T.J. ... he lost the fight against Cejudo in a 1st-round stoppage.
Johnson made a big save against Greg Garza on a breakaway during second-half stoppage time.
Nearly 100 workers at the facility, known as JFK193, plan to participate in the work stoppage.
Nearly 100 workers at the facility, known as JFK8, plan to participate in the work stoppage.
Now, they've got another work stoppage underway because they're ticked off about a new education bill.
He then went to the bench, where his heart issue occurred during a stoppage in play.
The strike action has been repeated every month since, including a networkwide stoppage expected this week.
During a stoppage, Glenn was shown on the video screen, and introduced to a rousing ovation.
A work stoppage by the pilots could seriously affect the airline's operations both domestically and internationally.
Should the work stoppage drag on, GM can easily absorb a few idle weeks of production.
A California strike would be the second major work stoppage in the grocery industry this year.
Overeem said after the fight that the stoppage was early and that he could have continued.
Needless to say, on a good night, Saunders will sniff out the stoppage like a bloodhound.
D.C. got into it with McCarthy after the stoppage in an emotional reaction to the loss.
The field had only just returned to production, after a week-long stoppage ending in early April.
But as the game entered the third minute of stoppage time, Yerry Mina headed in an equalizer.
Uber did not register a huge spike of demand during the temporary work stoppage for yellow taxis.
The work stoppage at Verizon stretched across several U.S. East Coast states, including New York and Massachusetts.
A final notable performance from the night was Joanne Calderwood's stoppage of the famously tough Valerie Letourneau.
Boeing and Airbus have declined to comment on the potential for a work stoppage at the factory.
Lufthansa has put the cost of the stoppage at around 10 million euros ($11 million) per day.
After BRF announced the export stoppage on Friday morning, its shares fell to their lowest since 2011.
Lufthansa has put the cost of the stoppage at around 10 million euros ($11 million) a day.
I want to think about P.K. Subban and Nashville contending until the next work stoppage in 2019.
Edin Dzeko evened things up in stoppage time, but a tie would do the team no good.
Pratama acknowledged exports had stopped, and added that a prolonged export stoppage could affect contracts with buyers.
Manfred certainly doesn't want a work stoppage resulting from an impasse in his first CBA as commissioner.
David Allen was sent to hospital after his 183th round stoppage loss to domestic rival David Price.
Niall McGinn, a substitute, added a second deep in stoppage time as Ukraine was trying to tie.
Although Uber reps have pointed out the advisory came after the taxi stoppage at 7:36 p.m.
The stoppage was to press for higher pay and better work conditions, it said in a statement.
When there was finally a stoppage, the play was reviewed and the goal awarded at 19:08.
The export stoppage was expected to reduce Grasberg's copper output by around 70 million pounds per month.
Business Insider was ringside in July for his bruising stoppage-win over Tyson Fury's cousin, Nathan Gorman.
With this win, Santos rebounds from a pair of stoppage losses to Gegard Mousasi and Eric Spicely.
Golovkin, on the other hand, had broken the natural welterweight's eye socket, which led to the stoppage.
Pulisic then scored from 18 yards off a Kljestan pass in the second minute of stoppage time.
This stoppage has not been effectively lifted for EPA and is a crucial part of Trump's plans.
The players' approval heads off any possibility of a potential lockout and work stoppage for next season.
The two-day work stoppage was estimated to have cost GM more than $300 million per day.
He called the referee Andreas Egli on court to lobby for a stoppage because of the wind.
The moment came in the waning moments of stoppage time in a tie game on Aug. 12.
Officials warned that the work stoppage could even delay flights in and out of Ben Gurion Airport.
Lee Yong is down getting treatment, as American referee Mark Geiger gives 6 minutes of stoppage time.
Sharara's production had recovered to 213,000 barrels per day (bpd) by Sunday, when the latest stoppage began.
Moreno scored the stoppage-time equalizer in Mexico's 2-2 opening draw against Portugal, the European champion.
Fans littered the ice with hats, which caused a brief stoppage as crews cleaned up the rink.
Romelu Lukaku scored Inter's winner in first-half stoppage time although the Belgian knew little about it.
By one estimate, the work stoppage could cost the company as much as $100 million every day.
The stoppage has resulted in thousands of layoffs and cost both sides hundreds of millions of dollars.
It is the UAW's first national strike against GM since a two-day work stoppage in 2007.
Lindahl tipped over a fierce strike from the pink-haired Van den Sanden in second-half stoppage time.
That late stoppage was okay, Lewis said, because of the past allegations of domestic violence against his opponent.
Modric scored with a hooking shot in the 80th and Ivan Rakitic added the third in stoppage time.
Stoppage of oil flows not only affects refineries but also budget revenues from a loss of transit fees.
Sources on the ground, including in the country's tech community, confirmed to TechCrunch internet stoppage over the period.
The win marks Latifi's second consecutive first-round knockout, and the eighth first-round stoppage on his record.
The incident happened in the first quarter of New York's 119–115 loss during a stoppage in play.
He coached just one game, a 2018 World Cup qualifier against Slovakia that England won in stoppage time.
The race came down to the final seconds of stoppage time in the final game of the season.
Korea's talismanic forward Son Heung-min struck a scorching consolation goal in stoppage time from outside the area.
It was the first such work stoppage to hit the Los Angeles Unified School District in three decades.
Yannick Ferreira Carrasco scored the fourth goal in stoppage time as Belgium set up a meeting with Wales.
The workers, who have been without a contract since August, began the work stoppage at 6:00 a.m.
PREMIER LEAGUE Santi Cazorla scored on a stoppage-time penalty kick as host Arsenal beat Southampton, 2-220.
Devin Haney produced another statement win Friday when he forced a fourth round corner stoppage against Zaur Abdullaev.
In a statement, he said that the stoppage could jeopardise the future of the company's biggest revenue earner.
Germany made a similar mistake Wednesday, giving up two goals to South Korea in stoppage time, he added.
During the construction stoppage, part of the Xanadu roof was destroyed in February of 2011 after heavy snowfall.
James McArthur evened the score, and Christian Benteke headed in the winner for Crystal Palace in stoppage time.
"If you can free yourself from that kind of mental stoppage, look at what great things can happen!"
Janogy added a goal four minutes into stoppage time by outmaneuvering three defenders to put the game away.
Some stores had to close during the stoppage, while others were left with empty shelves and few customers.
Economic activity typically snaps back soon after a shutdown ends, but not before the partial stoppage damages growth.
Matias Carnero, a union leader at Seat, told Reuters the stoppage could last up to around six weeks.
Two minutes of stoppage time left, as a bit of sting has been taken out of the game.
They said the players had refused to sign an agreement for a wage cut while the stoppage continues.
Millar said the stoppage cuts nominal GDP in the quarter by an annual rate of about $36 billion.
In the headlining fight, Brock Lensar badly bloodied Frank Mir en route to a second round stoppage win. 
Antofagasta is also trying to avoid a stoppage by workers at another of its copper mines, Los Pelambres.
A lengthy stoppage could substantially disrupt Foxconn clients, the most visible being Apple, from shipping devices to customers.
The strike is the UAW's longest national work stoppage against GM since a 67-day strike in 1970.
The stoppage comes one week after a nearly three-week strike by unionized workers ended at Tasiast mine.
The work stoppage at Verizon stretched across several U.S. East Coast states, including New York, Massachusetts and Virginia.
After 21970 days, the longest stoppage in the school system's history, State Supreme Court Justice Emilio Nunez disagreed.
Floored four times by Ruiz before the seventh round stoppage, Joshua can take some hope from history, however.
" Mayor Jim Kenney urged "both Septa and the Transport Workers Union to maintain communication despite the work stoppage.
It is the union's first national strike against the automaker since a two-day work stoppage in 2007.
Minor League baseball players affected by the cornoavirus pandemic work stoppage are about to get some financial  assistance.
Air France pilots are due to start a separate four-day stoppage on Saturday in protest at pay cuts.
"Everyone was taken by surprise," he said, referring to Indonesia's stoppage of copper exports from Grasberg on Jan. 12.
Thomas Cook was not immediately available for comment, but has said all its flights will operate during the stoppage.
Paraguay's Federico Santander scored an own goal and Kagawa put the result beyond doubt with a stoppage-time effort.
Estimates are that hundreds of thousands of non-GM workers are off the job because of the work stoppage.
The current deal expires after the season, and baseball has not had a work stoppage in over 20 years.
Microsoft on Monday said it has resumed sales of Huawei laptops on its website after a weeks-long stoppage.
On Tuesday, Thrillist employees had returned to work, but kept the possibility of another work stoppage on the table.
It was a one-day work stoppage that led union members to vote to authorize a strike if needed.
Though the company isn't certain what caused the elevator's stoppage, it believes "this was a mechanical break," he said.
"I thought it was close, though, and I thought it was a bit of an early stoppage," McGregor said.
Then France came in with this opportunity in stoppage time that was just mind-blowingly close to going in.
It ended 1-1 after a dramatic late goal by Russia's captain, Vasili Berezutski, that came in stoppage time.
It didn't happen, because in the second of three minutes of stoppage time, Russia summoned up a tying goal.
José Fuenzalida's goal for Chile, three minutes into stoppage time, was one of the final touches of the game.
Adam Lallana's shot went through goalkeeper Matus Kozacik's legs in the fifth minute of stoppage time in Trnava, Slovakia.
Luan added a goal in the 79th minute before Neymar's penalty kick in the first minute of stoppage time.
Baseball's last work stoppage was the strike that canceled the 1994 World Series and bled into the next season.
The carrier's unions called a strike for wage increases amid a wider labor stoppage across France paralyzing rail services.
Mayweather retired for the third time in 2017, after he labored to a 10th round stoppage victory over McGregor.
BULGARIA 4, LUXEMBOURG 3 Luxembourg lost at Bulgaria after leading in the second half and leveling in stoppage time.
Berentsen said that unless OPEC deepened cuts or there was a large, unexpected production stoppage, prices will remain low.
New Zealand looked on course for a well-earned, but unexpected, point before conceding two minutes into stoppage time.
Sometimes they're semi-understandable tantrums at perceived injustice, like when Jason High shoved the ref after an early stoppage.
Tripod as he might, he couldn't relieve the pressure and was forced to tap in his only stoppage loss.
Masvidal out-struck Diaz, opened up cuts, and forced a doctor's stoppage at the end of the third round.
Giovinco finished the scoring by dipping a shot neatly past Johansen, just inside the far post, in stoppage time.
There was a work stoppage at an FCA plant in Canada, a coronavirus case at another factory in Indiana.
In 1990, an 11-day work stoppage over similar issues led to better wages, but the increase was temporary.
The owners have an incentive to avoid a lockout like the four month off-season work stoppage in 2011.
Many of them have implemented patchwork measures on their own to try to mitigate the effects of the stoppage.
It was the final deal reached during the stoppage, which had spread to 23 Marriott hotels in eight cities.
Usually, six months is the minimum time suggested to stay out of competition after suffering such a brutal stoppage.
" Monday, Trump said: "As you know, the border was a tremendous problem and they're close to 80 percent stoppage.
Memorable moment: Manny Pacquiao scored a late stoppage victory when he was arguably at the peak of his powers.
The fight, though, was nowhere near as exciting, as Mayweather coasted to a straight-forward tenth round stoppage victory.
In stoppage time, Cristiano Ronaldo rounded off the victory, Madrid's seventh consecutive in the league, with his 31st goal.
The work stoppage has caused a ripple-effect throughout the automaker's North American operations, causing thousands of additional layoffs.
The work stoppage has caused a ripple effect throughout the automaker's North American operations, causing thousands of additional layoffs.
Though Trump opposed that government shutdown, he has previously said the United States could use a government work stoppage.
Even here at Vox Media, in early June, more than 300 employees participated in a one-day work stoppage.
Bloody Elbow called Freire's win over Chandler "perhaps the finest" of his 15-year career, despite the controversial stoppage.
Union officials said they met yesterday with state lawmakers, and small strides had been made to end the stoppage.
The two-day work stoppage was estimated to have cost the Detroit automaker more than $1583 million a day.
It appears lawmakers in both parties would rather avoid more shutdowns after the three-day government stoppage in January.
Their 48-hour work stoppage affected hundreds of thousands of passengers, leading to delayed trips and flat-out cancellations.
The two-day work stoppage was estimated to have cost the Detroit automaker more than $300 million a day.
But the N.H.L. and N.H.L.P.A. plan to meet again soon with the goal of avoiding a potential work stoppage.
While the first round of this one was close, Miranda found his way to an impressive stoppage in the second.
The 113-year-old kept the game scoreless in the waning moments before four minutes of stoppage time was added.
Breath is always a continuance, never a stoppage (tellingly, in the altered texts, periods are eliminated along with the words).
"First of all, a slowdown isn't a stoppage," said Dr. Robert Green, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School.
The Portuguese converted a stoppage-time penalty in the second leg to knock the Italians out 4-3 on aggregate.
Earlier in the day, the Chamber of Port and Maritime Activities said the work stoppage had not affected grain exports.
The company says a seven-week work stoppage (that is, a strike) negatively impacted earnings by seven cents per share.
Just two days after the event, the YouTube clip of the stoppage has already been viewed nearly 1.5 million times.
The sewage problem has forced beach closures in Gaza and Israel, as well as the stoppage of groundwater pumping stations.
Daniel Sturridge, who swept home the winning goal two minutes into the three allotted for stoppage time, shook his hips.
As Spain pushed even more desperately, Graziano Pellè finished off a break in stoppage time to add an insurance goal.
The strike is now in its second month, much longer than a two-week Verizon work stoppage lasted in 2011.
Midfielder Ignacio Piatti curled home the winner in stoppage time to give the Eastern Conference leaders a second straight victory.
Both sides hope that starting negotiations early may help to avoid a work stoppage after the end of next season.
Morocco, who conceded a stoppage time own goal to lose against Iran in their opener, cannot afford a second defeat.
Chinese steel mills may source coking coal supplies from Russia and Mongolia with the stoppage in Australian exports, traders said.
In stoppage time, Raheem Sterling summoned up a peach of a cross for Kane that ripped through the back line.
It was Lewis' last stand and Hunt stepped in to pick up the stoppage on the exhausted giant immediately afterwards.
If you need more proof that the 2018 World Cup is one for the ages, consider its stoppage-time goals.
If you need more proof that the 21894 World Cup is one for the ages, consider its stoppage-time goals.
This is the largest commitment by the four major American sports leagues to support stadium workers amidst the work stoppage.
Andrew Das: Both players were holding, Geiger tells a furious Herve Renard at the next stoppage, and the replays confirm.
The NOC said on Monday it had been losing about $9.8 million in export revenues daily due to that stoppage.
In the end, Pacquiao forced a ninth round stoppage victory and announced his presence as a pay-per-view star.
The last work stoppage was the strike that wiped out the 22013 World Series and bled into the next season.
Whiston also warned that a prolonged stoppage could pose economic issues for GM's regional suppliers of small parts or tools.
We reached out to Harley-Davidson for more information on the production and delivery stoppage for the new electric bicycles.
Wilder briefly protested the stoppage, as a pro-Fury crowd of 15,816 at the MGM Grand hotel roared in delight.
Audi's electric e-Tron SUV is in the middle of a production stoppage due to a battery shortage, Bloomberg reports.
Maxi Moralez fired over the bar on a penalty kick for N.Y.C.F.C. (11-7-4) in second-half stoppage time.
Daniel Royer scored in stoppage time for the Red Bulls, who had last lost at home on April 24, 2016.
Tournament officials will be keeping an eye on any thunderstorm development, and a stoppage of play is again a likelihood.
Yohan Croizet scored in the third minute of stoppage time — with an assist from Russell — to make it 83-2.
The 29-year-old defended the world title in his following fight, a stoppage win over Dewayne Beamon in Mexico.
" Becky Barth, third-grade math teacher "In 1990 (during the last teachers' work stoppage), not all 55 counties were involved.
If the two sides don't come to an agreement, it could lead to a work stoppage for the 2021 season.
Though it's tough for you to relax your ambitions, Saturn doesn't ask for a full work stoppage; just a refocus.
We have an extended stoppage as trainers surround Tunisian goalkeeper Mouez Hassen, who walks off the field holding back tears.
During the last negotiation, in 2011, the owners locked out the players, and the work stoppage lasted about four months.
A short-term stoppage to obtain basic parliamentary fairness, or in defense of the rule of law, could be defensible.
The Los Angeles work stoppage differs in that educators face a predominantly Democratic political establishment more sympathetic to their cause.
The shutdown over President Trump's demand for border wall funds has broken the record for the longest stoppage in U.S. history.
The stoppage threatens a partial revival of Libyan output after years of disruptions due to conflict, political divisions and local protests.
The NBA has not had a work stoppage since the 20113-2011 lockout which shortened the regular season to 66 games.
Saturday's stoppage came after the leaders in the 30-man field had completed only five holes in the season-ending event.
Over the past two weeks eastern factions had come under intense international pressure to end the stoppage, according to diplomatic sources.
In response to the ban, the NY Taxi Workers Alliance called for an hour work stoppage at the airport in protest.
The stoppage of dividend will save about $157 million per annum, besides helping in cutting its nearly $500 million debt burden.
The NBA's last work stoppage lasted just 21985 games, and it looks like next year's new CBA is already almost done.
Energy shares climbed nearly 22.37 percent after a pipeline stoppage in Nigeria helped oil prices pare some of this week's losses.
Gatot, who was unaware of the production stoppage, declined to say whether terms under Freeport's existing contract would still be applied.
The work stoppage comes two days before Uber's long-awaited public debut Friday on the stock market, and that's no coincidence.
As in West Virginia, Oklahoma teachers technically do not have the right to strike; their walkout will be a work stoppage.
That stoppage triggered another 43-0 Harvard run capped by another Johnson 3-pointer to slice Minnesota's margin to 45-42.
Substitute Jozy Altidore scored a consolation goal for the visitors in stoppage time but it was too late for the Canadians.
Masvidal was winning on all three judges' cards at the time of the stoppage, but even he wanted to keep fighting.
Hudson County, Mr. Kennelly said, estimates the stoppage will add as much as $120,000 to the cost of rehabilitating the bridge.
In 2011, a work stoppage over a contract dispute lasted for two weeks, and ended without a contract being agreed upon.
Kumi Yokoyama scored in stoppage time to give Japan a 3-3 tie with the United States in Commerce City, Colo.
Substitute Jozy Altidore scored a consolation goal for the visitors in stoppage time but it was too late for the Canadians.
Over 190 people were arrested during the stoppage on Wednesday and nearly 50 on Thursday, said local rights group Penal Forum.
Damien Perquis made it 20-1 in first-half stoppage time when he got a sliding touch on Giovinco's free kick.
After four fights he had already claimed the middleweight title from Japanese promotion, Heat, on the back of four stoppage victories.
They also guarantee that a player gets most of his money even if the season in interrupted by a work stoppage.
The child is potential future... Life is a flux, a flowing into the future, and not a stoppage or a backwash.
Your use of the traumatic time-stoppage effect of both Vietnam and the Kennedy assassination seems to do the same thing.
Neither team did much of note during a choppy, stoppage-filled first period, but Philadelphia took control in the second frame.
Nothing in the nation's recent history, not even 9/353, had brought about such a long and thorough stoppage of play.
On the undercard, Jarrett Hurd defended his WBA and IBF 154-pound belts with a fourth-round stoppage of Jason Welborn.
Crew goalkeeper Zack Steffen preserved his team's first-leg advantage by pushing away Bradley Wright-Phillips's glancing header in stoppage time.
For Romero, measuring the action is important but getting to work early might give him the best chance of a stoppage.
The stoppage will affect about 27,600 Honda employees in North America, all of whom will continue to be paid, Honda said.
About one-third of the money raised has already been approved and allocated to cover costs associated with the work stoppage.
The game included four yellow cards, and Orlando's Kaka was given a red card in the seventh minute of stoppage time.
On May 1, the guild sent an email to members urging them to help create an afternoon work stoppage at Lyft.
The first stoppage lasted 20 minutes as marshals dried up wet patches on the track after Manor rookie Pascal Wehrlein crashed.
A toxicologist and cardiologist advised that the medication could cause heart stoppage or failure in a short time span, Green said.
The workers agreed they would not work overtime hours, which they said could derail the effects of the U.S. work stoppage.
In their statement, the players seemed to signal that they had no intention of beginning a work stoppage in January, either.
But the Los Angeles work stoppage differs in that educators face a predominantly Democratic political establishment more sympathetic to their cause.
He completely ground Paul Felder down, made the fight ugly and eventually forced a stoppage via TKO due to a cut.
The big picture: The shutdown sets a new record today, matching the longest stoppage yet: a 21-day closure that ended Jan.
Ethiopia is taking steps and making statements in that direction, but this week's net stoppage shows there are still hurdles and disconnects.
In a statement announcing the stoppage of shipments, August CEO Jason Johnson cites "performance challenges in specific user environments" as the reason.
During that stoppage, Williamson arrived and took a seat behind the Blue Devils' bench, sparking a wild reaction throughout Cameron Indoor Stadium.
GM, meanwhile, reportedly lost over $2000 billion in profits due to the work stoppage, but the losses may be a lot less.
Things would get even wilder down the stretch as Martinez sent the crowd into a frenzy with his header in stoppage time.
In Minnesota, workers at an Amazon warehouse are planning a six-hour work stoppage to demand safer conditions and more secure employment.
There was still time for Tunisia to earn a reward for their positive approach is as Wahbi Khazri scored in stoppage time.
Uber's notification regarding surge pricing went out at 7:36 Eastern Time, after the end of the taxi drivers' announced work stoppage.
But Mexico was persnickety and leveled yet again deep into stoppage time thanks to a header off of a corner kick. Hoooweee.
Later in the 2100nd the referee called a temporary medical stoppage due to profuse bleeding from the area—before RDA could capitalize.
However, Trump did get everything he asked for: a stoppage on interest rate hikes and the end of the balance sheet runoff.
Mary Fallin declared it a "historic evening for the state of Oklahoma," and intimated that a work stoppage might have been averted.
And even MLB, once thought to be the king of the sports work stoppage, hasn't had one for 22 years and counting.
LONDON (Reuters) - Oil pumping from Iraq's Kirkuk fields resumed on Thursday after a stoppage lasting several hours, two shipping sources told Reuters.
Several hard and clearly reckless challenges led to several scrums on the pitch in the final minutes of regulation and stoppage time.
The stoppage coincides with legal action taken by local app Beat against the head of the taxi drivers union for alleged defamation.
A ceasefire refers to a stoppage of violence that is tied to the framework of a peace process that is being negotiated.
"The production stoppage will have an impact as output will not be able to keep up with demand," he told a briefing.
The stoppage came just two weeks after a power line repaired by Whitefish blew, plunging most of the island back into darkness.
There's been a brief stoppage in play, so most of the players are up to their usual 'tough guy' push-and-shove.
Take, for example, this beautifully soft touch that he administered to the ball after a free kick in stoppage time against Everton.
Instead after fourteen minutes of beating him, Lamas managed to force a stoppage with one minute to go in the final round.
The drama continued as Kagawa grabbed another goal for Dortmund and Aubameyang headed over the bar in stoppage time from six meters.
A prolonged stoppage in shipments would hit the company's profits and deny Jakarta desperately needed revenue from one of its biggest taxpayers.
The first stoppage came in the 28th minute when a stadium announcement said the game would be abandoned if the behaviour continued.
Mr. Mattiace said he did not think the work stoppage would have much of an effect on the condition of the roads.
Video of the play would then be reviewed during a brief stoppage in play, and the referee would make a final decision.
The union will bring to court the issue of how many workers will remain at Escondida during the work stoppage, Tapia added.
A stoppage would also buoy global copper prices that have slipped nearly 4 percent so far this year on worries about oversupply.
"A rail stoppage will not just impact rail commuters," Mr. Hammer said at a news conference at the Secaucus Junction train station.
It followed a 24-hour stoppage at the same sites last Monday but stored crude cushioned against any immediate oil supply disruption.
With two minutes plus stoppage time left, PSG were still firmly in the driver's seat, with the score at 3-1 Barcelona.
And yet, when the two teams met at Vicarage Road, it produced a five-goal thriller capped by a stoppage time winner.
What makes this even weirder is that there was no stoppage in play between this moment and the end of the period.
Ruidiaz scored in first-half stoppage time off an assist from Nicolas Lodeiro to give the Sounders a 1-0 halftime lead.
In four days, more than 23,000 people donated to a hardship fund for striking workers, who weren't getting paid during the stoppage.
But for many fans, fairly or not, he and the former commissioner Bud Selig were the faces of a devastating work stoppage.
The full four minutes of stoppage time has elapsed, but we will probably have a few more because of the extended VAR.
In 1972, the Red Sox finished a half-game behind the A.L. East champion Detroit Tigers because of a brief work stoppage.
Serbia has a must-win match against Brazil — which scored two game-winning goals against the resilient Costa Rica in stoppage time.
The airline has experienced minor disruption due to industrial action in Germany and Portugal, but has so far avoided a major stoppage.
The chairman of Libya's National Oil Corp (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, said output could fall to 72,000 bpd soon if the stoppage continues.
The eight-day-long work stoppage at Canada's largest railroad sent shocks through the country's economy with grain and propane shipments scuttled.
After a double overtime, in the 22rd minute — stoppage time — Alex Morgan headed the ball into the net to win the game.
It's already the longest auto strike in nearly 50 years, and the stoppage is costing the company about $75 million a day.
A shutdown would come only months after a partial government work stoppage in December and January that lasted a record 35 days.
Much like the first fight, McGregor got the better of the first round, battering his foe to the brink of a stoppage.
But Byrd's calculation to call a stoppage was likely not based on signs of fatigue, but rather signs of traumatic brain injury.
When the punt bounced around then went out of bounds at 1:57, that even cost Carolina the two-minute-warning clock stoppage.
A stoppage would also buoy global copper prices that fell around 25 percent last year and hit six-year lows in mid-January.
His son earned a first-round stoppage and perhaps boxing's biggest upset of 2016 after dropping Fonfara twice with his explosive right hand.
The stoppage was called by workers seeking to change their union representation, and Mexico's Miners Union blamed the deaths on a rival group.
Joshua retained his IBF, WBA and IBO world heavyweight titles with a 10th-round stoppage-win over Carlos Takam in Cardiff on Saturday.
The union has not issued a strike deadline but left open the possibility of a work stoppage any time after midnight, Kane said.
And they're doing more than just typing: The gig-economy workers are staging a three-day work stoppage to drive home their concerns.
Editors and admins have proposed various protest actions, including a work stoppage, freezing the main site page, and forking all of English Wikipedia.
There are roughly 3 million Uber drivers across the globe — a workforce too vast and diffuse to organize for an effective work stoppage.
After Dunn scored in first-half stoppage time, Sam Mewis added a goal off a long ball from Abby Dahlkemper in the 61st.
This strike is the longest auto industry work stoppage in more than 20 years, and the longest nationwide auto strike in 50 years.
Casey battered Stanciu with elbows from mount and from the back to claim the stoppage at the midway point of the first round.
The restart is a boost for Libya's oil industry, coming one day after an unrelated stoppage at major eastern oil terminals was ended.
Manchester United needed a penalty-kick goal from Wayne Rooney in second-half stoppage time to avoid a tie against third-tier Sheffield.
"Due to the current work stoppage in the port, no new trucks will be allowed to queue on port roadways," the alert said.
The stoppage hit short-haul flights departing from German cities, forcing Lufthansa to cancel 816 out of around 3,000 planned flights on Tuesday.
A prolonged stoppage in exports would hit Freeport's profits and deny the Indonesian government desperately needed revenue from one of its biggest taxpayers.
He said that in the last four contract cycles, there had been a work stoppage 50 percent of the time, the newspaper reported.
"It is unlikely the work stoppage will materially impact the fundamental value of the mine," analysts at Canaccord Genuity wrote in a note.
But Barkley was just salt-bae-ing fleur de sel into Bournemouth's wounds in stoppage time after beating his defender and the keeper.
The between-round intermission couldn't clear away Weidman's daze, and more strikes from Rockhold ended the fight with a fourth-round TKO stoppage.
Freeport says the stoppage of its exports and attempts to enforce the new rules on taxes and divestment violate its contract of work.
DHL had warned of delays to inbound and outbound shipments to portions of the Americas through Thursday as a result of the stoppage.
The grid operator said regulatory obligations to curb pollution led to the stoppage of France's last six 250 megawatt coal-fired power plants.
A lengthy export stoppage would have hit Freeport's profits and denied the Indonesian government desperately needed revenue from one of its biggest taxpayers.
AT&T spokesperson Marty Richter expressed frustration with the union's action, but insisted that the company is prepared to handle the work stoppage.
D.C. United had a corner kick in the fifth and final minute of stoppage time, and everybody came up for the last sequence.
But in the fifth minute of stoppage time, Leicester's substitute striker Leonardo Ulloa displayed coolness from the penalty spot to tie the game.
The stoppage should have helped the Dane but when play resumed Ostapenko continued where she left off, holding serve to level the match.
Suárez tied the game in the 62nd minute, and deep in stoppage time, he was upended inside the penalty box by Aymen Abdennour.
The freight division at UPS is significantly smaller than the company's domestic small parcel delivery operation, limiting the impact of a work stoppage.
Venezuela's second-largest city, Maracaibo, suffered looting and fires during the stoppage, according to local reports that have not been confirmed by authorities.
Eric Dier, a Tottenham Hotspur defender, then finished the job with a headed goal following a planned corner-kick routine in stoppage time.
Although many debated the stoppage backstage, McKee buckled top rated striker Tommy McCafferty in the first exchange before finishing him with grounded strikes.
Be smart: The stoppage of location data sharing with brokers will not affect users' abilities to share locations within apps or other devices.
There have been 23 goals scored in the 90th minute and second-half stoppage time so far, shattering the previous high of 14.
There have been 219 goals scored in the 21969th minute and second-half stoppage time so far, shattering the previous high of 14.
But it will take more than an internal, neighborly effort to realize what the work stoppage is all about: long-term, systematic change.
Rank-and-file teachers pushed their union to support their demand that the state act before April 2 or face a work stoppage.
The inning included two delays — a short break to fix the mound and a 37-minute stoppage when the showers fell too hard.
Flights at Egyptian airports were suspended on March 19, and the stoppage had been due to last until the end of the month.
Portugal's Cédric Soares scored on a deflected shot in the 86th minute, but Héctor Moreno tied it with a header in stoppage time.
It was fully automatic and rarely jammed, in contrast to the American M-16 rifle, which required constant cleaning to prevent a stoppage.
The production stoppage put a damper on Harley-Davidson's first foray into electrification just weeks after deliveries of LiveWire began to ramp up.
Only Emre Can made this one memorable, by meeting a Lucas Leiva cross with a bicycle-kick score in first-half stoppage time.
But if the company had left the surge on, the same protesters would have probably accused it of profiteering off the work stoppage.
Many people in West Virginia said that the high health insurance costs they face are the main sticking point in the work stoppage.
A prolonged stoppage could affect G.M.'s Canadian and Mexican operations, crimping the company's bottom line and the fortunes of its parts suppliers.
"We assume (Spirit) will elect to stop production and furlough employees at a cost of $0.40 per month of the stoppage," Copeland said.
The head of the state's largest teacher organization earlier said that small strides had been made in the effort to end the stoppage.
I was not prepared for it, I was not used to it ... and he walked me down and end up getting the stoppage.
The national team enters 2017 without a collective bargaining agreement, meaning that either side can declare a work stoppage with 60 days notice.
On Friday, the miner said it could not meet contractual obligations for copper concentrate shipments from the mine following a five-week export stoppage.
Even in stoppage time, when Lozano got the ball in a dangerous position in the penalty area, he was immediately surrounded by four defenders.
In stoppage time while trailing Stoke City 0-1, Rooney was given a free kick outside of the box from quite the difficult angle.
Guards at Holman also joined the work stoppage last month after a corrections officer was stabbed during an altercation in the facility's dining hall.
On Friday it said it could not meet contractual obligations for copper concentrate shipments from the giant mine following a five-week export stoppage.
And just when Sunderland's nails couldn't have be bitten any closer, the five minutes of stoppage time ticked down and the game was over.
His environment minister, Roy Cimatu, earlier ordered the stoppage of all small-scale mining in the Cordillera region, where landslides had killed 24 people.
With this stoppage win, the rising Mexican star reaffirmed his reputation as one of the most exciting contenders in the talent-rich featherweight division.
Drivers in several cities in the UK, including London, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Glasgow, are also participating in the work stoppage, according to The Independent.
In one corner, we had streaking karate stylist Stephen Thompson, who entered the Octagon with a first round stoppage of Johny Hendricks behind him.
It was the left hook which followed which put Arlovski to the mat, and some effort was necessary once there to procure the stoppage.
When you're getting towards double digits in stoppage losses, it's getting ridiculous—but neither of their careers were as ridiculous as Arlovski or Overeem's.
Some of the strikes, such as a six-day work stoppage in Los Angeles last winter, have involved similar demands for more school resources.
Deep into stoppage time, Nishino decided he was not done gambling and urged his players forward at a corner looking to clinch the winner.
Nick Cousyn, chief operating officer of Ulaanbaatar-based brokerage BDSec, said the clause "could have easily resulted in another work stoppage for underground construction".
The stoppage comes as at least one state natural gas producer has diverted supplies of the fuel to China's north for residential heating use.
The stoppage has taken a toll on the country's power stations, which have been forced to turn to more expensive fuels to generate electricity.
Neuer saved the Germans from being 2-0 down at halftime, diving acrobatically to deflect Berg's header from Sebastian Larsson's stoppage-time free kick.
The Valencia fans were pissed at the outcome—that Barcelona had been awarded a penalty with roughly 20 seconds to go in stoppage time.
The March 15 stoppage is expected to shut schools and universities, and follows similar walkouts by primary school teachers in October and December 2017.
They were among 250 inmates rounded up, along with other work stoppage organizers, during the raids where zip ties were used to control inmates.
In 2018, 485,000 workers participated in what the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies as a "major work stoppage," up from just 25,000 in 73.
In 2018, 33,000 workers participated in what the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies as a "major work stoppage," up from just 25,000 in 2017.
The stoppage coincides with a strike over wages by around 15,000 workers in the petrochemical industry that showed no signs of ending on Monday.
How they qualified: Salah scored a dramatic stoppage-time penalty against Congo to seal qualification for the World Cup with a game to spare.
Basra port has restored full operations with no stoppage at the oil exports jetties, said a statement from the state-run Basra Oil Company.
The stoppage is the latest disruption to global copper supplies to put pressure on prices, amid a month long strike at BHP Billiton's BLT.
While we respect our associates' rights to participate in this work stoppage, we also will welcome any associate who chooses to continue to work.
DHL said operations have resumed at the DHL Americas Hub after its airline partner ended its work stoppage and pilots have returned to work.
"We're able to take the dues and put them away into an investable war chest for a work stoppage for that reason," explained Winston.
The Bulls paid tribute to Butler and Taj Gibson with a video on the scoreboard during a stoppage in play in the first quarter.
Workers at GM approved a deal in late October that ended a contentious 40-day U.S. strike, the longest automotive labor stoppage since 1970.
Workers at GM approved a deal in late October that ended a contentious 40-day U.S. strike, the longest automotive labor stoppage since 1970.
It's hard to know how widespread the strike will actually be — for many drivers these are crucial hours and a work stoppage isn't feasible.
But Lapindo's latest plans may be held up by a temporary stoppage in preparations imposed by the government late last week amid public concerns.
Red Bulls 1, Crew 1 Ola Kamara scored late in stoppage time to give the host Columbus Crew a draw with the Red Bulls.
The FUP, Brazil's largest oil workers union, said it had not been informed of the ruling and planned to go ahead with the stoppage.
Air France said it hoped to guarantee about 903 percent of flights on Saturday when pilots start a four-day stoppage over pay cuts.
Anything short of a total stoppage of nuclear-arming and missile-building will consign any deal to the too-good-to-be-true category.
Oil prices rose after a pipeline stoppage in Nigeria, but crude ended the week down nearly 4 percent on persistent worries about global oversupply.
An export stoppage would deal a blow to Freeport's profits and deny the Indonesian government desperately needed revenue from one of its biggest taxpayers.
The crews of express, suburban, regional and intercity trains are all on strike, and they voted Friday to carry on with the work stoppage.
With the dazzling knockout win, Mina moves to a solid 13-0, with all but one of his wins coming by way of stoppage.
Earlier this month, more than 300 employees at Vox Media participated in a one-day work stoppage during the final stages of contract negotiations.
But baseball has now gone 22 years without a work stoppage, and, after great upheaval and acrimony, it has instituted a stringent drug policy.
Japan, still pressing for a victory, forced two saves from Courtois in stoppage time — including one that would eventually lead to Chadli's winning goal.
It's kinda hard to tell the difference between an intentional work stoppage and a normal "business day" in a country with a broken economy.
Although many shopkeepers opened their doors today out of self-preservation, the ones I talked to said they quietly support the national work-stoppage.
The 20 goals, the last coming by Carli Lloyd in the second minute of stoppage time, is a World Cup record, men or women.
Analysts believe the company was losing about $2 million a day during the stoppage, which surely pressured executives to offer workers a better deal.
The durational performance, "Stoppage I and II" (2017), refers to the oppressive forces that literally obstruct women, controlling their womb and ability to move.
The head-spinning nature of the sudden crisis has so far led to a patchwork of measures to mitigate the effects of the stoppage.
The head-spinning nature of the sudden crisis has so far led to a patchwork of measures to mitigate the effects of the stoppage.
A total of 35,000 educators and school staff didn't go to work during the stoppage, adding up to a total of 318,0003 lost workdays.
Seat officials and union leaders will meet on Monday for talks about the stoppage, which could lead to temporarily lay-offs, said the spokesman.
A group of delivery drivers in Ohio have been discussing a potential work stoppage over the risk of coronavirus infection, according to one worker.
Looking back, King's most trusted confidants say his death was but a temporary stoppage in the movement that still continues forward in his name.
Nunes, a veteran from Brazil, claimed her belt with a violent stoppage of Miesha Tate at U.F.C. 200 in July, completing her unlikely ascent.
The work stoppage has carried on for eight days because legislators have not yet met teachers' demands for a 5% raise and better benefits.
He had won by stoppage — a statement every bit as impressive as his 2015 bamboozling of Klitschko, when he became the unified heavyweight champion.
DETROIT – The fallout from the United Auto Workers' strike against General Motors continues to grow as the work stoppage carries into its third week.
GLOBAL STOPPAGE U.S. and European health regulators said last month they were reviewing the safety of ranitidine, after online pharmacy Valisure flagged the impurities.
Arsenal's only achievement was denying Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois a shutout, as the substitute Olivier Giroud headed in a consolation goal during stoppage time.
Union members voted to approve the strike in the past week and have filed paperwork to secure government permits for the stoppage, Vargas said.
The truck driver had been stopped on the highway in traffic due to utility work, but did not resume driving after the traffic stoppage.
If they don't make progress, then they can vote to authorize a strike but must then wait 30 days before beginning the work stoppage.
Many people in West Virginia tell CNN that the high health insurance costs they face are the main sticking point in the work stoppage.
Alvaro Morata wrapped up the 6-2 aggregate victory by tapping in a rebound in stoppage time after Pepe Reina had denied Cristiano Ronaldo.
Though you won't hear much about it in the various reports and conferences, maybe the future of work is a lot more work stoppage.
As the president stews over his wall, more and more Americans are feeling the squeeze from what has become the government's longest stoppage ever.
In a gesture of solidarity, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance called for an hour-long work stoppage of cabs headed to the airport.
In the end, however, it was Reyes who was able to rally, flattening his foe for a stoppage win late in the third round.
Phillips quickly established a willingness to dig in on seemingly every labor issue—and if doing so meant a work stoppage, so be it.
Protests sprang up all over, and New York City taxi drivers went on a one-hour work stoppage at JFK Airport to protest the ban.
Bahrain led the USA 3-1 in stoppage time of the COTIF tournament when American Pierre Da Silva got tripped up by a Bahraini player.
The man who calls his hands "the tools to win my life" is fixated on realizing his UFC potential, one cataclysmic stoppage at a time.
Of those 32KOs, he's now scored 22 in a row, meaning he's been winning fights exclusively by stoppage for the nearly the last 8 years.
LAFC nearly won the game right before stoppage time expired but Adama Diomande's left footed shot from the center of the box sailed just wide.
"Such a short-term stoppage in gas supplies has not affected consumers' ability to take off gas from the pipeline in required volumes," he said.
This will be the fourth such work stoppage in four years, and follows on Instacart's much-derided (and later backtracked) changes to its tipping structure.
While no strike date has yet been scheduled, union leaders now have the ability to call for a labor stoppage if they deem it necessary.
The work stoppage has ground GM's vehicle production to a halt and forced nearly 50,000 hourly workers to live on strike benefits $250 a week.
Japanese clothing giant UNIQLO is among those affected by the stoppage, which has led Pacific Textiles to report a "significant financial impact" from the disruption.
A total of 35,1003 educators and school staff didn't show up for work during the stoppage, adding up to a total of 318,600 lost workdays.
"There is sometimes mandatory overtime if we are trying to make up for a production stoppage, but it is dropping almost every week," he wrote.
Just think: theft isn't illegal on Purge night, so I wouldn't have trouble on the resale market — the major stoppage point for most art theft.
All this to say, there seems to be a high probability that Bigfoot's record grows by one more stoppage loss in the next few months.
"I was disappointed by the CTU's decision to begin a work stoppage and force the cancellation of classes," Lightfoot said at a late afternoon briefing.
A serious stoppage in data flows would not just hurt transatlantic trade, it would also set a terrible example to the rest of the world.
Although he didn't get the win against Yakovlev when they met in April 2015, Maynard managed to stop three fight streak of consecutive stoppage losses.
The stoppage by the Union of United Maritime Workers (SOMU), in pursuit of higher wages, started on Friday and does not have an end date.
Controlling play for the most part, Argentina won, 2-1, scoring two second-half goals in quick succession before Chile notched one in stoppage time.
Then, 10 minutes into stoppage time, Adebayo Akinfenwa, playing what he expected to be his last Wimbledon game, finished the scoring with a penalty kick.
The ceaseless artificial noise pumping from the speakers inside the arena — during every possession, every stoppage, in turn triggering crowd noise — added to the mania.
Two sources confirmed to Reuters that the next stoppage on the general assembly line at the Fremont, California, plant was scheduled for May 26-33.
The stoppage could also further damage the economy, which is forecast by the central bank to stagnate this year after expanding 1.3 percent in 2015.
Such a work stoppage could have tremendous implications — some 71% of freight is moved by long-haul trucks, including groceries, manufactured goods, and even money.
Taylor said he's not even studied McGregor's style in his only boxing bout to date, his 10th round stoppage loss to Floyd Mayweather in 2017.
On Monday, German rail workers staged a four-hour stoppage that brought long-distance rail traffic to a standstill and disrupted commuter and freight trains.
The protests took place as a work-stoppage continued in schools and some hospitals, after unions representing teachers and doctors launched strikes late last week.
And still, it took a frantic Daniel Sturridge goal in stoppage time to secure a 2-1 victory that left Wales crushed and England soaring.
At the other end, Karim Ansarifard got an equalizer for Iran in stoppage time after the referee awarded a second VAR-assisted penalty for handball.
The hosts threw everyone forward in the two minutes of stoppage time but Mexico held firm to reclaim the title they last won in 2015.
Meek was his equal, however, shimmying to his left, before unleashing numerous hellacious elbows and punches to the dome of Palhares to draw the stoppage.
"The work stoppage in the US negatively affected North American business results in the third quarter and expected results for the year," the company said.
U.S. industrial production rose 0.2 percent in November due to a rebound in extracting oil and natural gas after a stoppage due to Hurricane Nate.
U.S. rival Boeing is also leaning toward a temporary stoppage at its twin-aisle jet factories, people familiar with the matter told Reuters last week.
It was the unions that started the long walkout by conducting a vote and calling for the statewide work stoppage, which began on Feb. 22.
Terence "Bud" Crawford made boxing look pretty easy against challenger Felix Diaz, forcing a stoppage before the start of the 225th round on Saturday night.
After that, it was almost an anticlimax when, a few minutes later, the Swedish midfielder Elin Rubensson scored on a penalty kick in stoppage time.
Madelen Janogy came in off the bench and added a goal in stoppage time for the Swedes, who are ranked No. 133 in the world.
The White House said the stoppage was needed so that it could review, and possibly beef up, its vetting procedures for visa holders and refugees.
The work stoppage forced officials to cancel classes, but school buildings stayed open for children in need of a place to go during the strike.
They wager on who will score the next goal, or how many goals will be scored in the final 10 minutes or in stoppage time.
As early as Tuesday, television and movie writers could go on strike, creating the first major work stoppage in the entertainment industry in a decade.
But the stoppage resulted in Freeport shelving billions of dollars of planned investments and has threatened to unsettle business sentiment in Southeast Asia's biggest economy.
The eight-day teacher work stoppage has closed every single public school in the state and left more than 277,000 students with unexpected free time.
Nicolas Lodeiro scored twice, the last in second-half stoppage time, as the Seattle Sounders defeated the visiting New York Red Bulls 26-215 Sunday.
When about 20073,000 workers went on strike Monday against General Motors, they launched the largest American labor stoppage against any business since the financial crisis.
Union officials told the website that they are beginning to work on work stoppage plans for use in the event of a strike next month.
They made a brief return during the 2011-12 season, when the league scrambled to cram games into a reduced scheduled after a labor stoppage.
But as the game ticked into stoppage time, Landon Donovan found a break, streaking down the field with hopes of finding the go-ahead goal.
Kasper Dolberg came close to tying the score on a break in stoppage time, but Courtois got a hand up to block the awkward shot.
RemiMartinn took a 2-1 lead with an 88th-minute goal, but Fiddle tied it in stoppage time and then prevailed 4-3 on penalties.
As a result, more organs, especially in Europe, are being removed and transplanted after the more traditional declaration of death: the stoppage of blood circulation.
The Alabama prisoners have also been coordinating with inmates in Mississippi and Virginia to call for a nationwide prisoner work stoppage on September 2125, 22014.
Once the early stoppage was out of sight, Sanchez got back to fighting more methodically and Gomez began to have some success on the inside.
I'm well able to finish him and I can see his desperation to take the fight to the ground opening the gaps for the stoppage.
There is also likely to be an exception in the refugee stoppage for those fleeing religious persecution if their religion is a minority in their country.
The unexpected knockout marked the first stoppage loss of Hendricks' 21-fight career, and pushed him to a tough 2-3 in his last 5 fights.
The government had been shutdown for 35 days — the longest stoppage in U.S. history — as both sides could not agree on funding for a border wall.
The temporary permit is being considered to avoid a stoppage to Freeport's exports while it completes the requirements for a new special mining permit, he added.
The production stoppage is not expected to impact HBO's planned 2016 launch for the series, though the network had originally hoped to launch Westworld in 2015.
The St. Louis, Missouri, native also possessed an impressive record of KO wins before Saturday with 21 of his 23 wins coming by way of stoppage.
Credit rating agency Moody's had already warned that once the strike reached two weeks, the labor stoppage would probably have a material impact on GM's finances.
In its earnings release, that prediction rang true, with Verizon reporting that quarterly earnings were negatively impacted by about 7 cents due to the work stoppage.
Batshuayi, on for Lukaku, set up Marouane Fellaini for a final flourish in stoppage time to complete a sixth straight game without a win for Egypt.
Tens of thousands of teachers, educators, and supporters descended on the Capitol building in Oklahoma this morning as part of a long-planned school work stoppage.
Nomura Securities' Kunugimoto said that while the stoppage could impact this year's results, he maintained his forecast for a strong recovery from the next fiscal year.
It was not immediately clear if Ryanair's concession would be enough to stop a 24-hour stoppage by pilots in Ireland and Portugal on Dec. 20.
The NHL's CBA can expire as soon as 2020, and we're all used to it being the owners who inevitably push for the next work stoppage.
You just beat Ukraine in your first matchup of Euro 2016 with a stoppage time goal on a super sub—your defender made a miracle save.
The failure of the contract negotiations has already triggered a rise in the global price of copper on expectations of a potential stoppage at the mine.
It was not clear how long the stoppage had lasted, but passengers stuck on the ground had already taken to social media to express their frustration.
A stoppage would leave one of the state's biggest industrial users, the Portland aluminum smelter, without power, according to a spokesman for the metal processing plant.
Everton slotted a second goal in at the last second, so Alli's stoppage time goal ended up being the game-winner for Tottenham at 3-2.
The doctors are planning a 48-hour stoppage later this month and a full withdrawal of labour, including emergency care, for nine hours on Feb. 10.
A prolonged stoppage at Grasberg could support copper prices but would also deny the Indonesian government of desperately needed revenue from one of its biggest taxpayers.
Construction in the heap leach valley that is needed for full operations to resume at the mine was not affected by the work stoppage, Barrick said.
SC Freiburg was beating Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 in stoppage time when the ball was cleared out of play and Frankfurt's captain, David Abraham, gave chase.
Zlatan scored an absurd game-tying goal just five minutes into that debut and followed it up by punching in the game-winner in stoppage time.
The 8-hour stoppage began after negotiations between the pilots' union and the airline's management failed to agree on terms of a new collective labour agreement.
During the subsequent stoppage in play, Rivers left the court and disappeared to the locker room as a trainer held a white towel over Rivers's face.
FRANKFURT, March 22 (Reuters) - A drone sighting prompted a 30 minute stoppage of air traffic at Frankfurt airport early Friday on evening, an airport spokesman said.
But they're not going to trigger a work stoppage, because the 2020 lockout has been inevitable since the day the new CBA was signed in 2013.
He argued with the chair umpire and a tournament official over the stoppage, and lost five games in a row to drop the set, muttering throughout.
Stoppage time: Major League Soccer decided to delay until next year its decision on whether to add Cincinnati, Detroit or Sacramento as its next expansion club.
Vancouver Public Schools said the Vancouver Education Association informed the system that it will conduct a work stoppage on Wednesday, so there will be no classes.
Netherlands 1, New Zealand 0 Jill Roord scored on a header two minutes into stoppage as Netherlands recorded a Group E victory at Le Havre, France.
Alexander Ring made it 2-0 in first-half stoppage time by getting behind the defense for a through ball and chipping it over Brian Rowe.
When you saw Aldo protest the stoppage, you had to wonder if the only outcome he'd accept began with him waking up in a hospital bed.
In North America, FCA has already experienced a work stoppage at its factory in Windsor, Ontario and a positive coronavirus case at a facility in Indiana.
The two have history -- Chael famously fought Jon back in 2013 (Jon won in a 1st round stoppage) ... and they've had a cordial relationship ever since.
Son ran it down ahead of Süle and made it 2-53 with a flick of his left foot in the sixth minute of stoppage time.
On Friday, the union finally agreed to end a week-long strike after it failed to generate enough votes to continue the stoppage into next week.
It was the largest American strike since the last, very brief work stoppage at G.M., in 21773, and the longest industry action in over two decades.
The work stoppage canceled classes for 361,000 students, but school buildings stayed open for children who need a place to go during the strike, officials said.
Six years ago, he started beekeeping as a hobby but has found himself trying to sell as much honey as he can during the work stoppage.
The NOC has said the blockade was ordered by Haftar's forces, though Haftar's backers have sought to portray the stoppage as the result of popular pressure.
In the email, Ryan Price, the guild's executive director, instructed members to order rides on Lyft so they could urge its drivers to join a stoppage.
"Due to a work stoppage affecting our airline partners, inbound deliveries to portions of the Americas will be delayed today," the company said in a statement.
Should he push for a stoppage he would have to abandon the style of fighting which saw him rise to the top of the heavyweight division.
Neymar picked up a second yellow after lashing out at Yacine Adli in stoppage time, meaning he is suspended for PSG's game against Dijon next Saturday.
Apart from costing GM more than $1 billion, the work stoppage has forced it to idle operations along with nearly 10,000 workers in Canada and Mexico.
The work stoppage, which impacts plants in six states, is unaffiliated with the GM or Aramark strikes but is expected to add to the union's costs.
The consignment, which was confiscated in September, has not yet been returned but the company resumed exporting other diamond packages after a brief government-mandated stoppage.
A number of retailers announced restrictions on or the stoppage of gun sales in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting that left 17 people dead.
Nurses are planning a work stoppage this week for the first time in 30 years after rejecting an NZ$520 million offer that included pay increases.
Brazil striker Adriano headed an equalizer in the final seconds of stoppage time to take the final to a shootout 163 (Venezuela): Brazil 3 Argentina 0.
The stoppage, which was first reported by Bloomberg, marks the first time an automaker has had to idle a facility in Europe due to the virus.
In a joint statement, they declared a one-day stoppage for March 25 for workers in all factories not directly linked to the beleaguered health sector.
Much like the first fight, McGregor once again seemed to tire in the second frame, at which point Diaz nearly scored a stoppage of his own.
"We saw that a stoppage can work," said Victor Gonzalez, an ESL teacher in Stillwater, Oklahoma, who juggles two part-time jobs while teaching full time.
The shootings occurred on Saturday at a road blockade mounted as part of a stoppage of the mine near the town of Atzcala in violent Guerrero state.
Under the Railway Labor Act, as well as the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement, this issue would not constitute grounds for a legal work stoppage.
Joshua defeated late replacement Carlos Takam in Cardiff last month and Barry said the France-based Cameroonian had exposed the Briton's weaknesses before the 10th-round stoppage.
A federal funding stoppage would be "pretty dramatic" for a school district, and could lead to staff reductions and cutbacks in curriculum and teacher training, Packer said.
Triumph spokeswoman Lynne Warne said in response to Reuters questions that the company would continue to operate during any work stoppage and "meet its obligations" to customers.
Josh Eidelson and Spencer Soper report: Workers at a Shakopee, Minnesota, fulfillment center plan a six-hour work stoppage July 15, the first day of Prime Day.
With nearly 210,2000 GM employees on strike, this is the largest work stoppage at any US business since the last time autoworkers struck GM (GM) in 2250.
That goal, beautifully headed by the Brazilian striker Jonas in the first minute of stoppage time, resulted from Benfica players' being left undefended on a free kick.
No injuries occurred during the incident and the stoppage happened near the beginning of the ride's track on the first "lift hill", Alton Towers confirmed to CNBC.
Scotland were eliminated from the tournament after their keeper Lee Alexander saved a stoppage-time penalty against Argentina only to be penalized for coming off her line.
And, they got it at the eleventh hour: a goal in the second minute of stoppage time, and then a second goal minutes later that sealed it.
The Quillin stoppage had seemed a little hasty and it all happened so fast that it seemed like a textbook case of a fighter getting caught cold.
A stoppage would have left one of the state's biggest industrial users, the Portland aluminium smelter, without power, according to a spokesman for the metal processing plant.
His opportunity to do so came against Derek Campos, who looked to regain his footing after a pair of stoppage losses to Michael Chandler and Brandon Girtz.
The work stoppage came at a critical time for the likes of Amazon and Deutsche Post AG unit DHL, in the run up to the U.S. holidays.
Roughing his man up on the ground, Volkanovski forced a stoppage with ground and pound which was more from mercy than a decisive point in the action.
The Central Americans kept the score goalless until stoppage time when Philippe Coutinho broke the deadlock and then Neymar made sure of the outcome six minutes later.
"The state did not want a work stoppage, nor does the state believe the strike is necessary to reach an agreement," Commissioner of Administration Kelly Tshibaka said.
But the Rapids couldn't find an equalizer, even after a combination of video reviews and injuries influenced Elfath to allow eight minutes of second-half stoppage time.
Griezmann's first goal Thursday came on a penalty in first-half stoppage time that swung the match's momentum toward France after 45 scoreless minutes dominated by Germany.
In his four fights since, he has been beaten solidly, with only one loss not coming by stoppage—his last outing from April 2015 against Alexander Yakovlev.
Commentary The U.S. prison strike that began on August 21 and is scheduled to last until September 9 may be the biggest prison work stoppage in history.
After Carwin gassed out waiting on a stoppage that never came in the first round, Lesnar immediately took the challenger down and submitted him in the second.
"Every work stoppage we've had in the past 15 to 20 years has been a lockout," Gabe Feldman, professor of the Tulane University Sports Law program, summarized.
Reflecting this, GM suffered operating losses of nearly $2bn during the recent stoppage, according to one estimate, or nearly twice the sum of wages lost to workers.
The labor unions in the North Sea have said their members won't work overtime on Monday, and will begin a full-fledged 24-hour stoppage on Tuesday.
Polster made it 2-1 during first-half stoppage time, scoring his first career Major League Soccer goal on a header off a cross from John Goossens.
Although it was another stoppage win in the books for Davis, it comes with an asterisk as Davis is yet to land himself one career-defining win.
Ruiz produced one of boxing's biggest upsets by beating the 29-year-old Briton with a seventh-round stoppage at New York's Madison Square Garden on Saturday.
Jorge Masvidal opened Nate Diaz up and forced a bloody stoppage in the UFC 20193 main event at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday.
On March 13, all elite level soccer matches in England, including the Premier League, were suspended until April 4 with that stoppage subsequently extended until April 30.
Italy, making its first appearance in the tournament since 1999, upset Australia by 2-1 in its opening Group C match with a goal in stoppage time.
Spain looked to have blown the game, and their chance at winning the group, until Aspas got a flick on to Dani Carvajal's cross in stoppage time.
Discussions between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association regarding issues surrounding the coronavirus-induced work stoppage produced an agreement, ESPN's Jeff Passan reported Thursday night.
The heavy-handed Kiwi gifted the experienced Dimitrenko only his second ever stoppage loss and Parker maintained his reputation as one of the division's most exciting talents.
At 7:36 pm — half an hour after the TWA said the stoppage would end — Uber tweeted that it had turned off surge pricing at the airport.
The main separatist movements said that they planned to demonstrate today and called for a work stoppage at noon to protest the detention of the two leaders.
A strike by the United Auto Workers was one of the dominant stories for GM last year, and the work stoppage partially occurred in the fourth quarter.
The Chileans thought they had taken the lead in first-half stoppage time when Eduardo Vargas slotted the ball past Fabrice Ondoa after a pass from Vidal.
The same day, 25,000 public-school educators with the Chicago Teachers Union began their own large-scale work stoppage, aspiring to repeat their successful strike in 2012.
Cleveland's Kyrie Irving won rookie of the year in 2011-12 after playing 51 of the Cavaliers' 66 games in another season shortened by a work stoppage.
Herb Dean, the referee, stopped the bout with Rousey still on her feet, and Rousey briefly protested the stoppage before leaving the cage in her mother's arms.
Ruiz shocked the boxing world with a seventh-round stoppage in their first fight in June, taking Joshua&aposs belts and undefeated status despite their physical disparity.
Failure to reach a labour deal during last year's negotiations led to a 44-day stoppage at the mine, which accounts for 5 percent of global supply.
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A drone sighting on Friday prompted a 30-minute stoppage of air traffic at Frankfurt airport, one of the world's busiest, an airport spokesman said.
A prolonged stoppage at Camisea could fan inflation in Peru, where natural gas powers about half of the country's electrical production and also fuels cars and homes.
Avary King, a sophomore at Fairmont Senior High School, says that some members of her community are upset that the work stoppage could impact school sporting events.
Somehow, this is not even the top USWNT double-overtime-stoppage-time comeback of the decade, but it's still one of the craziest games of soccer ever.
Last week, Alvaro Barrenechea, the manager of corporate affairs for Toromocho, said the planned stoppage would not likely curb production because a contingency plan would be implemented.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN 23, NAPOLI 21 Angel Di Maria rescued Paris Saint-Germain with a superb equalizer in stoppage time to salvage a draw with visiting Napoli.
That is, a stoppage in the action to listen to a word from our sponsors versus a pre-roll ad that may deter people from watching altogether.
The Azzurre, back at the World Cup after a 20-year absence, prevailed when striker Bonansea headed home from a free kick five minutes into stoppage time.
In the 10th round McGregor became what he described as "wobbly and floaty," forcing Hall-of-Fame referee Robert Byrd to call a stoppage to the fight.
There was manager interference, foreign object use, a fake TKO-stoppage and the time-tested false finish of one wrestler getting pinned with his foot on the ropes.
Pulisic, a Hershey, Pa. native, converted a penalty in the 66th minute and nabbed an 89th-minute winner before setting up a third goal deep in stoppage time.
Houston led 3-1 before LAFC's Diego Rossi completed a hat trick by scoring in the 78th minute and then the fifth minute of second-half stoppage time.
A day before the stoppage, Subaru had announced production and sales plans for this year, saying it planned to build 650,000 vehicles in Japan, and 1.03 million globally.
The UAW said 57% of hourly workers at GM voted to approve the deal to end a 40-day U.S. strike, the longest automotive labor stoppage since 1970.
Earlier on Friday, Mujica had said Cerro Verde workers were evaluating whether to strike after the union said the company had threatened punishment for a previous work stoppage.
In addition to the taxi stoppage, transit to JFK was roiled on Saturday by temporary restrictions on the AirTrain system that connects the airport to the city's subway.
The vote ends a painful work stoppage that has lasted six weeks, costing GM nearly $2 billion in lost production and employees nearly $1 billion in lost wages.
The stoppage was part of a wave of planned Christmas strikes by groups including rail workers and cabin crew that Prime Minister Theresa May has called "completely unacceptable".
For the past three decades, Hyundai workers have gone on strike nearly every year but this year's stoppage is particularly severe, according to statistics from brokerage Kiwoom Securities.
Another substitute, Roberto Firmino, delighted the Liverpool fans in the Anfield crowd by adding the second in stoppage-time with a well-taken lob from inside the area.
The company has not given an estimate for the cost of the stoppage, but extrapolating from its usual production rhythm gives a loss of close to $1 billion.
Those unfamiliar with Till before this bout might have looked at his record and noticed that in the UFC he had only achieved one stoppage in four bouts.
The Codelco-owned Chuquicamata mine, which produced 320,744 tonnes of copper in 2018, headed for its fourth day of a stoppage after a failed labor deal last week.
A day before the stoppage, Subaru said it planned to build 650,000 vehicles in Japan and 1.03 million globally this year, up 1 percent on the previous year.
Freeport McMoRan's Indonesian unit has resumed production of copper concentrate at its giant Grasberg mine, a spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday, ending a more than one-month stoppage.
The company last week reported a 75 percent plunge in first-quarter operating profit due to a slump in domestic sales as a result of the sales stoppage.
This is especially good news for fans of late night shows like Saturday Night Live, which would've been the first to have been affected by a work stoppage.
Meanwhile, the NHL has had three major lockouts that all wiped out huge chunks of the schedule, including the only work stoppage to ever cancel an entire season.
But their leaders declined to confirm that a nationwide work stoppage was being planned, prompting shouts of "traitors" and "set a date for the strike" from some members.
A red flag stoppage played into their hands with the tyre strategy then, but Haas went one better in the next race in Bahrain when they finished fifth.
Workers at mines representing around 12 percent of global output are due to renegotiate contracts in Chile in 2017, with any stoppage likely to affect volatile copper prices.
Public employees have no collective bargaining rights in West Virginia, a so-called right-to-work state, so teachers have accepted serious risk by launching the work stoppage.
The United Auto Workers work stoppage took 42,000 auto workers out of the job market and hindered some GM suppliers, according to BLS, temporarily shrinking the labor pool.
Higuaín's replacement, Manolo Gabbiadini, opened the scoring, and Lorenzo Insigne doubled Napoli's lead from the penalty spot after Samuel Souprayen was sent off in first-half stoppage time.
Although the American disputed the referee's stoppage, it was clear that a right hand from Mousasi had done significant damage to him just one minute into the bout.
Frank Lampard scored his second goal of the match three minutes into stoppage time to give New York City F.C. a 222-211 victory over visiting D.C. United.
Production of copper concentrate has yet to resume at Grasberg as a result of the export stoppage, a company source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
Samantha Kerr's header pulled Australia to a 247-22019 deficit in the 81st minute but Pugh chipped in the insurance goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time.
Meanwhile, I held off telling her about my side of things: in particular, the bizarre condition to which I fell victim on that night—a catastrophic neural stoppage .
Kim Young-gwon gave the Koreans the lead in stoppage time with a close-range strike that was referred to the video assistant referee (VAR) before being confirmed.
Faced with an impasse over a GOP push to stop ObamaCare, the government shut down for 85033 days that October, the first stoppage in more than 17 years.
The United Auto Workers work stoppage took 21625,2900 auto workers out of the job market and hindered some GM suppliers, according to BLS, temporarily shrinking the labor pool.
The miner, which operates in Peru, Chile and Argentina, said Pallancata's guidance for 2016 production and associated all-in sustaining cost had not been affected by the stoppage.
The agreements reached on Sunday and Monday between Verizon and two major unions will most likely bring to an end the work stoppage, which began on April 13.
No goal was called on the ice, and after the sides continued to play for nearly another minute, it was finally reviewed at the next stoppage of play.
The last WGA strike - a 100-day stoppage in 2007-2008 - cost the California economy an estimated $2.1 billion in lost output according to a Milken Institute review.
Stoke was denied its first win of the season when a header by Salomon Rondon of visiting West Brom in stoppage time canceled out a Joe Allen goal.
As long as you think MBA for "degree of business" and remain open to ERGO for "therefore," then I guess EMBARGO, or "Trade stoppage," is in your realm.
The two-hour work stoppage from 0600 GMT to 0800 GMT was intended to influence ongoing negotiations between trade unions and the airline on pay and working conditions.
FCA has already dealt with a work stoppage at a factory in Canada and a single coronavirus case at a transmission plant in Indiana that wasn't shut down.
Ali followed Lyle to the ropes and kept the pressure on, sneaking enough blows through to secure the stoppage in a fight which was making him look vulnerable.
He kept 10 men behind the ball and prayed for most of the game but lost in stoppage time, anyway, when Brazil finally broke through for two goals.
From suppliers to shippers to restaurants, the impact of the work stoppage is spreading through the web of businesses whose fates are tied to the biggest American automaker.
Madrid's easy win was marred only by Sergio Ramos being sent off in stoppage time when he picked up his second yellow card for elbowing an opponent's head.
Substitute Felipe Caicedo scored a stoppage-time goal as Lazio claimed a fifth successive win in Italian soccer league by beating lowly Sassuolo 2100-240 away on Sunday.
It caused hospitals in Britain to turn away patients, a massive work stoppage at a Spanish telecom and the infection of 1,85033 computers at the Russian Interior Ministry.
General Motors will meet with striking members of the United Automobile Workers as the union's first work stoppage since 85033 nears the three-week mark, according to Reuters.
The stoppage win meant Tyson Fury left the MGM Grand Garden Arena as he entered it — as a king, crowned this time as the new WBC heavyweight champion.
In June, graduate students went on strike for three days, carrying picket signs that left little doubt that the work stoppage was occurring on an elite college campus.
The Canadiens have nuisances like Brendan Gallagher, Shaw and Steve Ott, who in Game 3 felt like tousling Mats Zuccarello's hair during a stoppage, and so he did.
The latest change in tone from Jakarta could signal a near end to a more than 10-week stoppage of exports from the world's second-biggest copper mine.
Then during stoppage time Costa Rica captain Bryan Ruiz's penalty struck the bar and went in off goalkeeper Yann Sommer's back for an own goal and 2-2.
Serrano followed up her first-round stoppage over Eva Voraberger in January with a dominant 10-round decision over the blood-and-guts New York warrior Heather Hardy.
While the last UAW strike in 2007 ended after just two days, at least one union leader suggested Monday this labor stoppage could go on for much longer.
In terms of the line stoppage in February, Tesla issued this statement: Our Model 3 production plan includes periods of planned downtime in both Fremont and Gigafactory 1.
Across the N.H.L., goals have decreased year over year since 2013-14, the first full N.H.L. season since a work stoppage resulted in a shortened 2012-13 campaign.
At the start of stoppage time, City was given a lifeline thanks to a goal from Edin Dzeko, but still needed one more score to win the league.
Wayfair has more than 12,000 employees, which means a walkout would possibly count as a major work stoppage (more than 1,000 workers), per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The current collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players' union runs through the 211 season, so Severino is protecting himself against a potential work stoppage.
Writers are already joked about Bill Belichick deploying squirrels during the playoffs so the New England Patriots can get a game stoppage without having to use a timeout.
Today, in the Scottish Cup Final, the always-a-bridesmaids Hibernian went up against perennial favorites Rangers, and squeaked out a victory in the final seconds of stoppage time.
Indeed, skirmishing has already started, judging by the one-day walk-out to protest against 120 job cuts, which union leaders view as a "reprisal" for this year's stoppage.
BHP will not replace striking workers for at least the first 30 days of the work stoppage to show that it is committed to negotiations, according to the company.
Press reports, and a source speaking to TechCrunch on background, said Ethiopia's internet stoppage was done to stop students from cheating on national exams, which took place this week.
With time winding down, the 31-year-old Messi gave Argentina a bit of hope with a cross to the left that Aguero headed into goal in stoppage time.
The stoppage was the third to hit the project since it started up in March, limiting output at a time of rising although still relatively low spot LNG prices.
Just this week, boxer David Whittom died after ten months in a coma—he had suffered 11 stoppage losses in his career, again many of them back to back.
The end of the strike was reported by TV channel SIC & radio station Renancenca and followed a nationwide stoppage which had prompted the government to declare an energy crisis.
With the N.H.L. season lost that year to a work stoppage, Slaney anchored a Philadelphia Phantoms team featuring the future N.H.L. stars Patrick Sharp, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards.
But only about a third of the district's 492,000 affected students turned up on the first day of the work stoppage, many parents choosing to keep their children home.
Similar incidents can be explained away by experts in MMA refereeing, but based on Marc Goddard's reaction to the non-stoppage, Perceval was clearly at fault during the sequence.
The stoppage could prove to be brief though as President Joko Widodo's administration hammers out new regulations that could ease the ban and allow the resumption of some exports.
Petrobras' exploration and production head, Carlos Alberto Pereira de Oliveira, also pointed to other one-off issues, such as a production stoppage at an FPSO in the Buzios field.
The company said it suspended work at its mine in Appin owing to elevated gas concentrations and that the stoppage would immediately hit sales because of low inventory levels.
The Ducati rider twice passed Suzuki's Alex Rins, the long-time leader, before and after a 40-minute red-flag stoppage to record his fourth victory of the season.
Low inventories and the prospect of reduced supply over the summer have pushed up local prices, making mills even keener to operate at full tilt until the stoppage begins.
Meanwhile, freight company Aurizon Holdings Ltd said it was unable to run its bulk haulage services on the closed line, although it added that the stoppage was "not material".
If there is no agreement, the WGA is prepared to call for a stoppage and for picketing of the big TV and movie studios as early as Tuesday morning.
BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania's Black Sea ports including the main port of Constanta reopened on Tuesday after a two-day stoppage as snowfalls and winds eased, a port official said.
The song remains definitely bad, but the legacy of the lockout—the first and only labor stoppage in North American sports to cancel an entire season—is more complicated.
Bonansea scored the equalizer for the 15th-ranked Italians in the 56th minute and headed home the winner past goalkeeper Lydia Williams in the fifth minute of stoppage time.
For workers frustrated by stagnant pay, a work stoppage may be the only way to determine if an employer is constrained by competitive markets or abusing its market power.
UNITED IN F.A. CUP FINAL Anthony Martial's stoppage-time goal sent Manchester United into its first F.A. Cup final in nine years with a 22-21 victory over Everton.
But unless there's a government shutdown, work stoppage or strike, society doesn't have to face the unpleasant reality that the civil servants who help us sometimes cannot help themselves.
London's sprawling Heathrow Airport was most affected by the work stoppage as it is the airline's hub and is used for many of the company's long-haul international flights.
The ATA wrote that reports of a trucker work stoppage would stir up consumer panic, not unlike when hurricanes or other natural disasters lead to folks emptying grocery stores.
"This is irresponsible," Vidalies said, adding that nobody would understand why a stoppage over planned pay curbs was timed to start one day into the month-long soccer festival.
The work stoppage came as a surprise because "there were no major issues that we knew of to precipitate this," according to a Port Authority official who requested anonymity.
Coal and Minerals Director General Bambang Gatot declined to comment on the work stoppage and planned demonstration, but said the company had not applied for an export permit yet.
Officials warned it would take days to restore supply lines disrupted by the crippling stoppage that at its height saw over 1,000 roadblocks on key highways across the country.
The biggest drop is in Iraq, OPEC's largest source of supply growth in 2015, due to the stoppage in flow along the pipeline carrying crude from the Kurdish region.
Hull City booked their spot in the next round after coming from behind to beat struggling Stoke City 2-1 thanks to a stoppage-time winner from Markus Henriksen.
The work stoppage has raised fears that some voters in and around Philadelphia, which is heavily Democratic, might face difficulties getting to the polls for Tuesday's U.S. presidential election.
Lundqvist was whistled for delay of game during an odd second-period sequence in which he threw his own net off its moorings to get a stoppage in play.
Carmelo Anthony's hoop forced the Celtics to call their final full timeout, and coming out of the stoppage, Jae Crowder was guarded by Kristaps Porzingis on the inbounds pass.
Chelsea and Everton played a fantastic match today at Stamford Bridge and it ended in a 3-3 draw at the very end of seven minutes of stoppage time.
There have been small bursts of activity, but the only thing we've really learned this offseason was that we might be looking down the throat of another labor stoppage.
Everything Else That Was Great Yoel Romero continued his strange tradition of seeming to fade as the fight progresses then exploding into an exciting stoppage in the third round.
Uber's counterpoint: The company denies trying to break the strike and noted to BuzzFeed News that its tweet was sent out after the appointed hour for the work stoppage.
Fury annexed the WBC belt with a brilliant seventh round stoppage of American Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas and Wilder has invoked his contractual right to a re-match.
The first fight saw the massive underdog Groves score an early knockdown against Froch, before eventually losing to a controversial referee stoppage as Froch's pressure wore on the Londoner.
He scored on a penalty kick, set up Arturo Vidal for a goal to reduce the deficit to 3-2, and added a second goal late in stoppage time.
For example, in Youngstown Steel, President Truman, who was facing a more acute emergency of stoppage of steel production during the Korean War, wanted to seize the steel mills.
The final five minutes of stoppage time became eight as Senegalese referee Malang Diedhiou twice stopped play to look at incidents, but Costa Rica was unable to take advantage.
Unheralded midfielder William Carvalho completed the rout in stoppage time as Portugal stayed second in Group B with eight points, five behind leaders Ukraine with one game in hand.
According to Agence France-Presse, the bales of hay caused a stoppage about 16 miles into the stage's 135-mile route as farmers protested a decline in state aid.
On Tuesday afternoon, managers at Chile's Escondida copper mine, the world's largest, will present their final labour contract offer to the union amid threats from workers of another stoppage.
Carmelo Anthony's hoop forced the Celtics to call their final full timeout and coming out of the stoppage, Jae Crowder was guarded by Kristaps Porzingis on the inbounds pass.
Instead, with a seventh-round stoppage, Ruiz took Joshua&aposs belts, his undefeated record, and his status as the top fighter in the heavyweight division in one fell swoop.
Muilenburg has proven unable to get Boeing's 737 Max fleet back in operation, and this week the company announced an indefinite production stoppage that was at one point unthinkable.
That led to accusations that it was trying to undercut prices of taxi drivers who had just been involved in a work stoppage to protest the president's travel ban.
Syria scored deep into stoppage time at Iran to keep alive its hopes of qualifying for the World Cup for the first time amid a civil war at home.
The work stoppage forced officials to cancel classes for more than 300,000 students, but school buildings stayed open for children who need a place to go during the strike.
The effects of the production stoppage, which began September 16 when 49,000 United Auto Workers went on strike, is causing a ripple effect through the Detroit automaker's global operations.
Masvidal became the fight game&aposs BMF, an acronym which means "baddest mother f-----," after he beat Nate Diaz by doctor&aposs stoppage in New York, late last year.
Ecuador's main refinery, the 110,000 bpd Esmeraldas facility, will have a planned, 20-day stoppage in the middle of this month to repair some catalytic units, the minister added.
Even though these medications can slow down breathing to the point of stoppage, doctors and nurses are very comfortable giving them, knowing that they might hasten a "natural" death.
Cabdrivers joined in, with their union, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, calling for an hourlong work stoppage for drivers serving the airport during the height of the protest.
Loomis pointed to a 1983 labor stoppage where thousands of copper miners and mill workers went on strike for almost three years against the Arizona-based Phelps Dodge Corporation.
That week marks the time Oklahoma's public school system begins standardized testing, a statewide effort that would be thrown into chaos by a work stoppage at even some schools.
A strike by about 22018,000 General Motors workers could further dent motor vehicle production, but much would depend on the duration of the work stoppage, which started on Monday.
Recall that soccer has two halves, each 45 minutes long, for a total of a 483-minute game (plus "stoppage time" for injuries and substitutions, at the referees' discretion).
But while Klassen minimized the impact of the fire on production, an economist told VICE News the stoppage at oil sands facilities could have a nation-wide economic impact.
Despite the stoppage of the pipeline, which can transport up to 210,000 barrels per day, production and exports from the Cano Limon field, operated by Occidental Petroleum Corp, were unaffected.
Though not among the initial signees, one veteran Google engineer—Liz Fong-Jones—successfully raised $100,000 toward a "strike fund" in the event of another major work-stoppage at Google.
Why it matters: Negotiations had been ongoing at Ford even during the GM strike, so when that work stoppage ended, the deal at Ford came swiftly without any labor disruption.
It would be the first work stoppage at a US facility during a peak shopping time, the most ambitious in an escalating series of actions at the Shakopee fulfillment center.
Uber was also criticised for continuing to operate and disabling surge prices during a taxi work stoppage in New York that was called to protest against Trump's Muslim travel ban.
But given the measures already in place, it's far from clear how it could be improved dramatically without resulting in a complete stoppage of any refugees coming in at all.
The longest amount of stoppage time added on in the Copa was nine minutes in Brazil's goalless draw with Venezuela, during which three goals were ruled out — two by VAR.
Nearly the entire editorial staff at the food and travel website site Thrillist voted to authorize a strike on Monday, the first known work stoppage at a digital media startup.
"Domestically, the impact of the sales and production stoppage of mini vehicles will lead to a drop of 60,000 cars from last year," senior executive officer Yoshihiro Kuroi told reporters.
The union showed no sign of giving up the stoppage, saying teachers needed a written contract proposal and it should not have taken this long to get students' needs met.
Joshua, full of confidence after his devastating seventh round stoppage of the fierce-hitting veteran Russian which took him to 22 fights unbeaten, said Wilder was still his preferred choice.
New Zealand pushed hard as Cameroon looked increasingly shaky, but Nchout kept her cool deep into stoppage-time, beating Erin Nayler with a right-foot effort from inside the area.

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