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"slept" Definitions
  1. past tense, past participle of sleep

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How to use slept in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "slept" and check conjugation/comparative form for "slept". Mastering all the usages of "slept" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I slept in villages, I slept in the suburbs, I slept on farms.
She slept with good guys and she slept with lunks.
Jim Ede slept downstairs and his wife Helen slept upstairs.
Some slept on stretchers while the others slept directly on the ground.
Some have slept in the newsroom, when they have slept at all.
About 20183 percent averaged five or fewer hours of sleep each night, 24 percent slept six hours, 31 percent slept seven hours, 26 percent slept eight hours and about 5 percent slept nine or more hours per night.
Some days neither elephant slept, and neither ever slept in the same place.
The people who came and slept for eight hours slept for eight hours.
But I had barely slept the night before, and I barely slept last night.
He had not slept well, though he had not slept well since the day.
We slept on the floor, and the carpet that we slept on was so nasty.
"I had a cold shower, slept without sheets, slept naked, but nothing works," she said.
Like people who slept less than 5 hours a night, people who consistently slept 8 or more hours fared worse than those who slept 6 or 7 hours a night.
Those who slept two-in-a-bed had better sleep efficiency than those who slept alone.
"Everyone I Have Ever Slept With" included my grandmother, who held my hand while I slept.
They slept longer on both Friday and Saturday nights, but women slept longer only on Fridays.
Kesha slept on the bed in the hotel suite, while Dr. Luke separately slept on the couch.
I've never slept on an airplane floor but I've definitely slept on the floor of the airport.
Sleeping Naked Could Be Good For Your Relationship One 2014 survey found that 58% of people who slept naked said they were happy in their relationship, compared to 48% of people who slept in pajamas, 43% who slept in nightgowns, and 38% of people who slept in onesies.
When awake, she stared at us intensely; when she slept, she slept a lot — one night, for nine hours.
In centuries past, the lower class slept on itchy straw pallets, and I bet they slept really fucking well.
At 216 months, babies who slept alone had the longest stretches of uninterrupted sleep -- by about 23 minutes, on average -- though they slept about the same amount of time as babies who slept in their parents' rooms.
"Lauren slept in a beanbag last night and I slept on the couch so we could be close to her room, just in case, 'cause she's never slept in a room by herself before," Thomas Rhett says.
People who slept-in on weekends tended to sleep shorter hours during weekdays, but slept more hours overall across the week.
The girl slept in a small closet, with just a blanket, and the boy slept on a bathroom floor, prosecutors said.
Bowie slept in a closet separated by a curtain, and her parents slept in the living room, which overlooked an airshaft.
Those who slept with artificial light had higher body mass index and larger waist circumference than those who slept with no light.
South Koreans slept an average of 6.3 hours per night according to a study last year, while Hongkongers slept 5.149 hours per night.
My sister was shot to death while she slept and my two nephews, aged 2023 and 12 years, were shot while they slept.
One night they slept in regular stationary beds; another night they slept in beds that gently rocked from side to side all night.
During the study, mice that slept on their sides had more efficient glymphatic systems compared to those that slept on their stomachs or backs.
In the docs, Todd says he had trouble with his mobility during their time together, so he usually slept downstairs while she slept upstairs.
Young said those who slept seven hours or less had a 30% lower risk of mortality than people who slept five hours or less.
Nearly 30% slept less than seven hours per night and nearly 25% slept less than seven hours per night but also struggled with insomnia.
"He slept, ran, ate, slept, ran, ate," George Hirsch, the chairman of New York Road Runners, which organizes the city's marathon, said on Friday.
In those quarters, they see where Ann and Tom Greggs and their children Phoebe and Henry slept; where Dorcas and Sambo Richardson, and their children Charles, Rachael, Victoria, Elizabeth and Julia slept; and where Betsy Crutchfield and her children Thomas, Jane and William slept.
Subjects who slept fewer than six hours were 27% more likely to have atherosclerosis throughout the body than those who slept seven to eight hours.
Children who slept more than 10.7 hours on average had significantly less weight gain than kids who slept less than 10.4 hours, the study found.
During sex education, they told us that every time we slept with someone, we were also sleeping with everyone that person had ever slept with.
Gilchenok slept on a child-size mattress so that she could be next to him as he slept in a hospital bed in their bedroom.
Nadia slept in what had been Saeed's room, on a pile of carpets and blankets on the floor, having refused Saeed's father's offer to give up his bed, and Saeed slept on a similar, though thinner, pile in the sitting room, and Saeed's father slept by himself in his bedroom, a room where he had slept for most of his life, though he could not recall the last instance he had slept alone, and for this reason the room was no longer completely familiar to him.
At night, she covered herself in ferns or slept in the mud to stay warm, and once even slept in the den of a wild boar.
He and his brothers slept on a pullout sofa and rollaway cots in the living room, while his sister slept in a cot in the kitchen.
They slept on an air mattress on the floor, and Jordyn, who had just moved to New Jersey, to begin first grade, slept on the couch.
On the way, Jessa tells Adam that Minnie has slept with all the same people that Jessa has slept with at this point in their lives.
I usually get up right away, but I slept the best I've slept in a long time so it's hard for me to get up right away.
In 2019, about more than 60,000 people slept in the city&aposs shelter system, while an estimated 4,000 slept on the streets, subways, or other public areas.
At one point he slept on the trail instead of making it to his support van — and then he slept the next morning on the dirt again.
People who slept nine to 10 hours had a 17 percent increased risk, and those who slept more than 10 hours increased their risk by 41 percent.
The 142 infants who were sleeping independently at 4 months slept, on average, 7.8 hours without waking, while those who were still room sharing slept seven hours.
The report, in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, compared 1,080 women who slept less than five hours with 4,025 who slept the recommended seven hours.
Clothing samples consisted of onesies that infants had slept in for one night, or cotton T-shirts slept in for one night by kids up to age 18.
People slept slightly better when the dog was off the bed; dogs slept the same whether they were on the bed or in another location in the bedroom.
Even among people who didn't report difficulties falling or staying asleep, about 1 percent slept four hours or less and about 22 percent slept six hours or less.
A 2003 study published in The Lancet reported that those participants who slept on "medium-firm" mattresses experienced less back pain than those who slept on "firm" mattresses.
Another from 2014 found that people who slept for longer periods of time are more likely than those who slept less to have persistent symptoms of depression or anxiety.
That evening, I slept heavily and without interruption, but the next night while my husband slept, I caught a glimpse into the lightkeeper's life with only wind as company.
" - Leo, 225 "Slept with his best friend. Oops.
" - Carly, 27 "I've slept with over 100 people.
" - Bryan, 303 "Slept with my ex's best friend.
" - Kate, 32 "Slept with my best friend's boyfriend.
" - Nick, 39 "Slept in a functioning refrigerator. Hours.
In 2010, researchers from Sweden and the Netherlands took photos of people who'd slept for at least eight hours the night before and people who hadn't slept in 31 hours.
As Nanny recalled, he told his family she slept all day and didn't work; he cheated on her and vehemently denied it; he told their children their mother slept around.
Women who slept on their right side or on their back were no more likely to experience serious complications than women who slept on their left side, the study found.
You can also see your Sleep Score, which is based on how long you slept for, how deep you slept, and whether you woke up at all throughout the night.
He would come home three days later, claiming he'd slept over at his friend's place, but I could tell from his huge pupils that he hadn't slept for a second.
It found that women who slept five hours or less were more likely to develop pneumonia, though oddly enough, those who slept nine hours or more were also at higher risk.
" In his 1990 sit-down, Rivers says to Trump, joking: "If you had slept with every woman they [the media] claimed you slept with…" He deadpans in reply: "I'd be dead.
Bridget smoked Fortuna cigarettes and wrote furiously in her journal about people she'd known and slept with, or wanted to sleep with, or had slept with and then been rejected by.
In Las Vegas, a 2016 survey of over 400 homeless people found that 84% slept most often outside of a shelter, including 52% who slept on the street, sidewalk or doorway.
" And he said, "I heard she slept with men.
" - Walt, 34 "Slept with jerk so he'd like me.
"; "I'm not to be slept on as a vocalist.
He then gave a tour of the center, showing the room where a woman and her two small children had slept the previous night and in which 24 teenagers had slept until May.
I haven't slept in this much since getting my pup!
Oh, because he'd slept with her before, reports Us Weekly.
She was strangled in her bedroom while her parents slept.
I looked down the morning after we first slept together.
The kitten slept and never woke up, the complaint says.
He often slept at the workshop where he built things.
While the families slept rough, their meals came from donations.
We shipped it and everybody just slept for a week.
He'd slept for just one hour during the entire race.
How am I tired if I slept all day yesterday?
While Harry slept, they played video games in his room.
I looked like a queen who slept in her makeup.
On the third night, she slept in an art gallery.
She might have rubbed the fur around as she slept.
When his money ran out, he slept in subway stations.
"I haven't slept for two days, believe me," Maher said.
Strebe slept with it under her pillow for several months.
But I slept with two guys recently (before the shot).
To avoid attention they slept by day, travelled by night.
"I suspect Job slept less than I did," he said.
He slept on borrowed couches and skipped school with frequency.
We spent two days in Santa Barbara, and we slept.
I am happy I slept in, but am really disoriented.
About 60 slept there Thursday night, many of them homeless.
It has so slept, albeit fitfully, for almost 100 years.
Not to mention they both slept with John from maintenance.
Thankfully, my boyfriend slept over and helped calm me down.
I slept there for Thanksgiving with Arnold starring [at me].
One night last autumn, 4,103 people slept on the streets.
Cardi allegedly thought Jade had slept with her man, Offset.
She slept that night still wearing her exhibitor's name badge.
I have performed in things that I have slept in.
Kelli spots no fewer than three men she's slept with.
Despite all I slept today, I am still fairly tired.
You haven't slept a full night in over a year.
Neither of us slept as well as we used to.
I haven't slept in once and my body hates me.
Doege thought she had slept wrong, until Floyd's neck stiffened.
We have only slept for two hours in three days.
Often while I'm working, suddenly I realize I haven't slept.
Me and Tom have taken MDMA and slept together. Finally.
Remy also says Nicki slept her way to the top.
A swollen hand was nothing, she just slept on it.
I fell asleep pretty quickly and slept through the night.
Lo and behold, he slept over five glorious, continuous hours!
After we slept together, she started talking about her man.
Yes, in a flat where we slept on straw mattresses.
Gallery Furniture even slept 60 National Guard troops between shifts.
We haven't slept much, we can't think of anything else.
Katelynn McKnight died a few steps from where she slept.
Migrants slept outside, on benches, beneath trees, atop their belongings.
Alessandro slept in their room and didn't consume much space.
That morning, Yasser looked as if he hadn't slept much.
There were no pancakes this morning because I slept in.
Despite the tight quarters, Ms. Akins said she slept well.
The victims had both worked and slept in the buildings.
Most slept on crowded floors, with little food and water.
He kept his merchandise in the bunk where he slept.
We slept on each other's couches, ate mustard sandwiches together.
Plus, we slept better knowing that the room was free!
The homeless people who slept there would be out scavenging.
And she hadn't slept a whole night through for weeks.
It was lovely and afterward, I slept like a baby.
Have you ever slept with any of the hotel guests?
He slept on her lap during the flight to Newark.
They slept on the floor, where cockroaches crawled over them.
She slept on the sofa, while they had her bed.
If everyone slept at the same time that would help.
I have slept with men for a line of coke.
It's hard to imagine when Mark Zuckerberg slept in 2017.
Last night I slept about eleven and a half hours.
They slept in huge, filthy dorms that smelled of urine.
He worked most of the day and almost never slept.
I can't tell him that I haven't slept in days.
By late June, Lee had barely slept for three months.
Neither of us has slept for more than an hour.
Mullen often worked the night shift, then slept all day.
He had slept more soundly than usual during the night.
I slept on an old dog bed stuffed with wigs!
Delgadillo's grandchildren — Yunery's little girls — slept in the second bedroom.
Why should it be different with someone I slept with?
Only one hemisphere of their brain slept at a time.
Before the race, she asked casually how I had slept.
He stayed up all night and barely slept that weekend.
Over the course of a week, I slept 10 hours.
The days blended together as she slept for long stretches.
"One thousand people slept here last night," she told me.
Twenty-three." - Marie, 28 "Slept with my sister's boyfriend. Twice.
What was more startling, the dancers apparently hadn't slept either.
The people that he slept in the same dorms with.
They all slept on fraying mattresses, sharing a single toilet.
"For four months we haven't eaten or slept," he said.
He slept all day and was either feverish or chilled.
They slept on iron beds, using rags as mattress padding.
"We've listened to this album as we've slept," he said.
I haven't slept, O.K., I'm going to get poetic [laughs].
I slept through it, but I heard it was nuts.
The night before, the platoon had slept in the dirt.
No argument here, I slept like crap again last night.
Yael: I don't think he's slept in many episodes, either.
Between the noise and the incessant brightness, he slept fitfully.
The departing family's two young children slept in the extension.
Week after week, they ate, slept, fought and prayed together.
They slept in their witches' dresses for the whole week.
We slept in trailers and they were correctional facility beds.
She slept on a sleeper sofa in the living room.
We slept together maybe four times over a few years.
He once said he slept only four hours a night.
I have slept on the floor of an airport terminal.
They had slept in and then lost track of time.
For four years, Mr. Calloway slept on his mother's sofa.
The second time he slept over, he brought a toothbrush.
The women slept on the floor, using curtains as blankets.
We slept overnight on the floor of a motel room.
That night, I slept better than I had in weeks.
I'm not the one that slept with the porn star.
Last night only four of us slept in the house.
We ate, we slept well, we had date nights still.
After the accident, Alex never slept in my room again.
So, he crashed with friends or slept on the streets.
The test concluded she slept normally, but she remained unconvinced.
It was shallow and sounded painful, even as he slept.
Sam's dad slept on it when he visited from California.
Rumaf slept swaddled next to Ms. Hussein on the sofa.
A jaguar killed one of the children as he slept.
People slept on the floor, or on small metal benches.
Afterward, Mr. McIntyre was so exhilarated that he barely slept.
Just before Valentine's Day, Witt had slept with a friend.
In 21960, it was still a place that never slept.
She said she slept on a bed of old clothes.
In the early days, Pippa mostly slept through my meetings.
He was so hungry, and he slept behind trash bins.
"I haven't slept well since," Cassidy told reporters shortly afterward.
I even slept there during a particularly brutal finals week.
This suggested that over half of the population slept between five hours 30 minutes and eight hours 133 minutes; and about three-quarters slept between five and nine-and-a-half hours per night.
So, if you punched your fist through that Corvette window, slept with that person at the bar you really shouldn't have slept with, or stole your neighbor's cat, well, it's now on the gin.
Tip "Start low to the ground," says Andrew Joslin, who first slept in a tree 10 years ago, when he was a tech worker who regularly slept in a hammock in his Boston backyard.
They found that people who slept an average of 5 hours and 50 minutes to 6 hours and 30 minutes per night performed better on the test than people who slept more or less.
Many - about 22,22 - slept with a nightlight in the room, while more than 73,27 left a light on outside the bedroom and about 210,22019 slept with a television or light on in the bedroom.
" He also liked to boast about his association with Kennedy, Watts says, even going as far to label the room in his house where Kennedy had slept with a sign that read "JFK Slept Here.
Teens who slept for less than six hours per night were three times more likely to report considering suicide, planning a suicide attempt or attempting suicide, compared with teens who slept eight hours or more.
He slept through the night and was a courteous canine guest.
We didn't have furniture, so we slept on blow-up mattresses.
Most people slept through the temblor and no damage was reported.
My whole body is sore, so I'm happy I slept in.
Remember a year ago, when most of us slept on Hulu?
He slept while I used his body as a prop lol!
Slept through my alarms and woke up with a massive headache.
Detectives suspect the husband and children were shot as they slept.
Margaret Thatcher slept about four, but then sometimes more on weekends.
Their rivalry peaked when Logan slept with Jake's ex-girlfriend, Alissa.
Or maybe you, like me, slept through the entire Royal Wedding.
I slept the whole night through, seven days in a row.
She slept in a 24-hour McDonald's on her first night.
"They haven't slept in their own beds once," Stanton wrote. "Stinkers."
Because I slept in the street, an older man abused me.
I slept 14 hours, woke up, and had a goddamn cappuccino.
Is The Game claiming to have slept with all of them?
It was overwhelming and stressful – I slept for, like, four hours!
He slept over all the time, but we never had sex.
I slept less and drank more than I ever have before.
Her baby brother and three of her four sisters slept nearby.
On average, these birds slept for only 42 minutes per day.
I can't remember the last time I slept for eight hours.
How about the time Eric slept with his (kind of) sister?
Many of them were shot in the head as they slept.
She slept rough before a homeless street worker brought her here.
They had slept all night right next door—very classically French.
He's literally slept with two of its leaders, Fig and Linda.
In the past month, what is the latest you've slept in?
Nevertheless he was "very happy" and slept well at the hospital.
The three of us slept in her bed for three days.
No one in the organizational group slept a wink that night.
School records show that he came late and slept in class.
He slept in a surfboard factory and sometimes on the beach.
Have you ever slept on your arm after a big night?
A study from the 1970s found that pet rabbits mostly slept.
Tuesday, slept "four or five hours," and hit the campaign trail.
The two survivors told police they were attacked as they slept.
He slept well and is ready to play a great game.
If you've ever slept on Jennifer Lopez, congratulations, you played yourself.
I just slept for an hour and a half this afternoon.
In Vancouver, Canada, Kazumasa Shibata slept for only about four hours.
We have no physical evidence that Reggie and Sam slept together.
You can't trust a fat black bear when he hasn't slept.
People believed that Perchta could enter their homes while they slept.
It was too hot in the house, so we slept outside.
She slept on a twin bed next to Courtney every night.
One thing led to another, and I slept with my friend.
People that slept through the covfefe craze were nervous about it.
He is very happy and slept super good the first night.
Although they never slept together, it was a pretty close encounter.
The woman told CBC that she hasn't slept in a week.
"No, I actually slept a lot during the project," Kanye replied.
Police told Barbara that the bed had never been slept in.
After that burst of activity, she drifted back inside and slept.
A strong motivation He slept in homeless shelters as a kid.
It was the first time I'd slept alone since leaving America.
You cannot imagine how well I slept at that Hampton Inn.
They slept in tents or with friends or friends of friends.
She wasn't, as she'd almost never slept with men for money.
It wasn't too firm or too soft, and I slept soundly. 
Monica Rochester said there were no locked doors where guests slept.
She'd nearly slept with Thomas, but had a crush on Salvador.
With luck, Janet would have slept and would be sleeping still.
They slept overnight on the grounds of the nearby Ommegang brewery.
We wouldn't be surprised if you slept with a night light.
When he could sleep at all, he slept an entire day.
He slept on a bed on top of the filing cabinet.
Slat had a cold, and hadn't slept much for several weeks.
Its flippers were crossed over its chest as it slept deeply.
He slept in his own bed almost the entire primary race.
I haven't slept in 4 days, and my flight got cancelled.
Worried about deadlines, he said he rarely slept through the night.
Turner made many explicit erotic drawings and apparently slept with prostitutes.
I took it home and slept on it for three weeks.
"And that's where they've slept for literally 110 years," he said.
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While the rest of the band slept, I explored the building.
Unsure what to do, exhausted, I lay down and fitfully slept.
I'd slept with him on the first date, though, I said.
When Leo slept at my house, we cuddled the entire night.
You will look like you just slept for 10 hours, guaranteed.
They were polishing the glistening Hub while its true benefactors slept.
He trained alone at night and slept on a friend's couch.
I slept in hostels and tried to save up every ruble.
They slept that night at the Rockpile, or anyhow under it.
Typically, when he wasn't teaching, he slept in, sometimes until lunch.
Her stepdad had slept through a brawl at a recent party.
Visitors can see the basements, attics and kitchens where slaves slept.
Now Carmella slept in a little bed in Shannon's living room.
I was 23 then and slept sitting up in my seat.
At night, they slept in tents and were entertained with sideshows.
On a recent afternoon, three men slept in sour-smelling blackness.
Mothers brought children, vendors hawked falafel and families slept in tents.
She returned home, laid a towel on her bed and slept.
And worst of all, he slept through the entire thing, folks.
He slept in the same bedroom where he had been born.
So they slept in their car, with a newborn, for months.
Her daughter had acid reflux, screamed a lot and slept little.
Having jumped the German train while the convoy slept, he limps.
Some slept, while others read or watched videos on their tablets.
She's slept on the ground, eaten handouts and walked for miles.
Instead, they have slept outdoors — in parks and on the beach.
Ed Sheeran dropped out of school and slept in subway stations.
I checked the little pine needle burrows where people sometimes slept.
I slept 10 hours instead of my usual five or six.
"We slept here," Ms. Kelly-Voicu, 21, said with a laugh.
"I slept in the shop for two years," Mr. Egilmez said.
She slept in his bed, and Mustapha didn't friend anyone else.
She delivered the orders as he slept in the car seat.
At night, his father slept on a sofa outside his room.
We slept in until after nine, an extravagance of unprecedented dimensions.
Some had also slept at polling booths to beat the crowd.
Because my husband slept beside me and I let him sleep.
A nearby guest room was where the three Kerr boys slept.
"Last night, she slept in the bed with me," he said.
Some had slept overnight to buy a maximum of two notes.
In the corner, a half-dozen homeless laborers slept on blankets.
Then he slept under the desk in Andy's and Earl's room.
The bed wasn't even unmade, as if he hadn't slept there.
Modern Love The first time he slept over was an accident.
We gave her the spare bedroom and we slept on couches.
She's at fault; she slept with him before he stabbed her.
I slept very badly and continue to snooze for a while.
Last night was the best I slept since I've been here.
Washington, as commander of the Continental Army, not only slept there.
I slept in the center of the room for three days.
I couldn't get my dress unzipped so I slept in it.
She didn't speak, she barely ate, she slept all the time.
His ruff has the crumpled look of having been slept on.
She slept on the sofas of strangers who took her in.
Alexander told investigators that he slept for most of the flight.
Many slept overnight in the communal hall or in vehicles outside.
He slept until afternoon and did not eat until almost evening.
Fireplaces abound, except in the attic, where some slaves probably slept.
That night, Mr. Vaughan returned home and slept for 14 hours.
I figured she must have slept through her stop as well.
Will Ed Green, 31, slept for just an hour and half.
They slept in mosques at night, getting up at 2 a.m.
And so I slept in the car with four other people.
The reporters slept in their offices overnight to avoid being detained.
I usually sleep naked, but that night I slept fully clothed.
He slept for two months straight; he wouldn't talk to anybody.
And then, in a random order over the next two nights, the volunteers either slept as usual, or slept in a bed that was gently rocked from side to side with the help of a motor.
Overall, about 23 percent of survey participants said they slept six hours a night, while 57 percent said they slept between seven and eight hours and 8 percent reported getting at least nine hours of sleep.
I've had long conversations with my friend, and she confessed to me that she has slept with more than 10 other men while being married and even slept with an ex-­boyfriend while she was engaged.
I was at Bloc, and without wishing to go down any shit drug story rabbit-hole, this generation is doing hedonism just fine: most people I was with slept during the day if they slept at all.
Authorities said the truck driver hadn't slept in more than 24 hours.
The couple says they have not slept a wink in three days.
Water leaked from the cabins' bathrooms onto the ground where people slept.
Moon has slept in Julianna's room nearly every night since she passed.
The night I took the Fitbit off, I slept like a lamb.
In earlier centuries, Europeans seem to have slept in two nighttime blocks.
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First, she asks him just how many women he has slept with.
One resident slept in his car instead of going to a shelter.
I assume I slept through my morning class, which thankfully I didn't.
Things led to each other, as they will, and they slept together.
" "She slept with the father of my child, while I was pregnant.
That night I slept like a baby, because I wasn't for sale.
I hadn't slept that long in ages: five hours, six hours, seven.
In some cases, mothers and their children slept outside in the rain.
She slept with sailors, musicians, fans and members of the Hells Angels.
My son was with his father and he had slept through it.
I often worked 16 hour days and often slept in the office.
Her mother kept an ice pick under her pillow when she slept.
After finding out he slept with Jaden — they were on a break!
They hadn't slept together yet, and she wanted to move things along.
I told the man I'd slept with, and asked him to help.
There have been two nights that I've slept on the couch downstairs.
What's more: After the killing, the victim's husband even slept with Lazarus.
"He slept like everyone else, he ate like everyone else," he says.
She slept in my bed, and guided me through my postoperative anxiety.
The other two, year-old cubs, slept curled up in a corner.
I'd probably have slept even longer if everything hadn't gone to hell.
We've slept over at each other's places enough that it makes sense.
I had worked all week and hadn't slept well the night before.
She yells at him and blurts out that she slept with Justin.
" The person asked: "When you say cheated, do you mean slept with?
Tell me how they sent that footage off and slept that night?
The women slept on the ship, which would relocate in the night.
We all nap (none of us really slept last night) while waiting.
"In the last 48 hours I've slept probably two hours," he said.
The Puerto Rican with New York roots should not be slept on.
You can rape people that you've consensually slept with before too, Hank.
I enjoy the extra morning time and prefer believing I've slept longer.
Last night, she finally slept through the night, and I was devastated.
You joke that they haven't slept in a week, they start screaming.
I slept so deeply that I didn't even hear him getting ready.
She just said that you slept with this girl in this bed.
I've slept so well the last two nights, so I'm feeling energized.
MM: Tony Fadell, he slept on the doorstep outside of General Magic.
Klaver went to bed early that night and slept for twelve hours.
He was kept in handcuffs for 10 days, even while he slept.
She and her husband slept in that spot, their children between them.
It's the firmest surface I've slept on since my last camping trip.
I remember, driven by a dark fury, attacking Kris while he slept.
She slept most of the two days we spent at the hospital.
"They slept; they ate; they acted like normal passengers," one woman said.
At Grytviken whaling station, in South Georgia, he slept beside his grave.
My son Chris slept in our room up until six months ago.
When I was juggling both [nursing and Happily Grey], I barely slept.
When I ate, when I walked my parents' neighborhood, when I slept.
I would probably be a lot more likable if I slept ever.
I wake up positive and hopeful, even though I slept very little.
Jews worked the estate's fields and slept in its barns and stables.
Space was tight, and the kids slept on the floor that night.
Many Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), never slept.
Other days she slept still as death, tears streaming down her face.
The pain occurred anytime she slept longer than an hour or two.
We slept in the same bed twice and cuddled "platonically" three times.
Like, even after we slept together, he could have just told me.
I slept for 48 hours and probably could have seriously harmed myself.
"Hopefully, it's nothing serious, he just slept on it wrong," Gibbons said.
I wonder if anyone would notice if I slept under my desk.
He found a key under a stone and slept on the floor.
A homeless man slept near a pier on Waikiki Beach in March.
It was blisteringly hot; he slept on the ground, outside the barracks.
The plush king bed was exceptionally comfortable and I slept very well.
I slept well, however only after dealing with one significant noise issue.
As we slept, sea levels would rise by a whopping 66 meters.
I couldn't feel the disks as I slept, so it wasn't uncomfortable.
She slept there the following day, long enough to get a sunburn.
They discovered that she hadn't slept at her apartment the night before.
That risk was greatest for drivers who slept less than four hours.
I know which two friends slept over Saturday night at our apartment.
An overnight sensation While millions slept, a small raccoon did something remarkable.
They also slept better and took fewer days off from work annually.
Shania Twain slept in a homeless shelter with her mother and siblings
Still, she said he merely slept there, and left in the morning.
But I slept soundlessly each night after getting over the initial fear.
"We slept in the same bed until it became ridiculous," she said.
We slept in a shutdown work camp, reopened for refugees like us.
I slept in the back seat, using my remaining wardrobe as bedding.
He never slept, spending the whole night pecking away at his laptop.
Tesfazgi was stabbed 50 times in a doorway where he occasionally slept.
That night we slept in an old Hairstream, as Cora called it.
He testified that he had slept with transgender women, not transgender men.
Together Marcus and Buakaw, ate, slept, and trained together for eight months.
We rehearsed, drank, talked, rehearsed, slept, and rehearsed in a constant loop.
That project had me overworked, under slept, and eating not-so-intuitively.
She slept very little, though; yoga training began at 7 AM sharp.
I woke up eight times, I slept a total of five hours.
This album is slept on—and it's not hard to understand why.
His non-stop energy also meant he rarely slept a full night.
There was this one chick that slept with every hustler one summer.
The bed I was in was the bed we'd slept in together.
I haven't even slept that well with my husband of eight years.
That night, she slept with that hand cupped neatly against one cheek.
I slept in an open, one-room dormitory with 60 other women.
They slept curled with their purses between their knees and their chests.
Dawn's hero worship of Bill is complicated by their having slept together.
The migrants slept in tents, on mattresses, and on the street itself.
For two months, we slept on a couch in her living room.
When we got back to the hotel, he slept for 12 hours.
On Mother's Day in 2013, I slept in until 10:30 a.m.
Ms. Fesseau's husband, Jacky, a retired fisherman, slept right through the performance.
In 21981 I slept four hours a day and worked the rest.
I barely ate, I barely slept, and I didn't care about anything.
Many of the men on the hill slept under the open sky.
As her daughter slept, Ms. Wilson showered with the stroller in reach.
While he slept, she ordered a servant to shave off his hair.
He and Gay slept in the original homestead, a one-room cabin.
That night I slept in a R.V. trailer next to the cabin.
Petro and his family say they have not slept for three nights.
"We actually slept in it before we bought it," Ms. Kim said.
They slept with the same women, and Zhang knew everything about Wang.
He later estimated that he had slept with more than 1,703 women.
I've always slept well at the Polynesian; the rooms are surprisingly quiet.
She crept under our duvet at night and slept on my feet.
Because he slept under the stars, he decided to learn about them.
I slept for the majority of the day and couldn't eat anything.
In the meantime, when the babies slept, I lay on the bedspread.
I slept in Belfast in the home of my aunt and uncle.
By the time I turned 23, I had slept with 100 women.
"I have not slept, and cry frequently," Robin Doyle, of Hanover, Minn.
We slept on gym mats as the wind howled through the night.
Around me people slept, or lay awake as if in a trance.
Teenage boys nearby slept off their highs on tombstones or in hammocks.
I slept past the hummingbirds and got to breakfast at 8:30.
I've slept four to a room, and six to a tiny apartment.
I'm all about the casting couch — I slept with everybody I could.
The bed was one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in.
The men slept on his floor and left for Afghanistan at dawn.
Christopher slept in a crib at the foot of their parents' bed.
Nearby, a few patients slept on identical recliners, draped in soft blankets.
"We wake up on mattresses tired, like we haven't slept," she said.
Babies often slept in a car seat, swing or their mother's bed.
For the first time in months, Mr. Shields slept through the night.
I hadn't slept much the previous couple of days before the race.
She slept on couches and helped him edit his last two books.
I had not slept in days because we shot [mostly] at night.
She slept on park benches and rooftops, couches if she was lucky.
One can only surmise that Mnuchin slept through his undergraduate economics classes.
Many have slept in a park under heavy blankets brought from home.
We slept late, bought each other thoughtful gifts, met each other's parents.
The point was not belabored but Mary Richards slept with her boyfriends.
In a room the size of a parking space, four men slept.
He slept on the floor and had nowhere to sit or eat.
Families slept in common rooms; traveling strangers often shared the same bed.
We slept late and took long walks through town, wary of bears.
Somehow I'm tired even though I slept for most of the day.
They always slept in groups in areas where they could rest undisturbed.
She slept in a room in the basement five nights a week.
They stayed with me … they slept with me day in, day out.
The kitten slept in her bed, with Nadira and her two children.
Both he and Trump's representatives also say Trump never slept with Daniels.
My parents slept upright in plastic chairs next to my hospital bed.
At this point, the sailors haven't slept for more than 48 hours.
Even five minutes can help if you've slept badly the night before.
I slept half the day, because sleep was freedom from my thoughts.
It sounds like an economics class that I slept through in college.
Cook is a talented player whose skill set cannot be slept on.
I did, I slept for at least 11 hours the day after.
They slept together a few more times before Suttle ended the relationship.
After factoring out traditional risk factors for heart disease, the researchers found that subjects who slept fewer than six hours were 27% more likely to have atherosclerosis throughout the body than those who slept seven to eight hours.
The study, in the European Heart Journal, found that compared with people who slept six to eight hours a night, those who slept eight to nine hours had a 5 percent increased risk for cardiovascular disease or death.
Now, when Lyndon Johnson said his opponent slept with a pig, you knew when you said, "Lyndon Johnson said his opponent slept with a pig; his opponent denies it," that you're not being fair when you do that.
After adjusting for variables such as age, body mass index and ethnicity, they found that women who slept less than 6.25 hours a night were almost three times as likely to have gestational diabetes as those who slept more.
People who slept around six or seven hours a night appeared to have the lowest risk of cognitive disorders, while the risk was elevated for people who slept less than four hours or more than 10 hours a night.
Some of the victims were reportedly killed while they slept in their beds.
You know how many people I have slept with these past 10 years.
"My kids especially loved to hear him snore when he slept!" she recalled.
But otherwise, you kind of slept through most of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Instead, they slept in horse trailers, trucks, and campers they owned or rented
Contestant Elizabeth Sandoz has the unique distinction of having already slept with Viall.
At the moment, he has no idea that Daenerys and Jon slept together.
Since the first night I tried it, I've slept so much more soundly.
He slept at the factory because he had no time to go home.
I barely slept at all, and I am on the struggle bus today.
"I was a frontal nerd — I ate, breathed, and slept frontals," she laughs.
I must have slept weird because my neck hurts when I move it.
Many felt safer outside and slept on streets and driveways -- especially in Ridgecrest.
"SLEEP" is a story about a woman who hasn't slept in 17 days.
Some have slept within view of the border wall and the United States.
I felt like I basically slept with oneeye open and one eye closed.
"I've slept in her guest bedroom a lot," Aniston told More in 2014.
The first fat girl they've ever dated, slept with, took out to dinner . . .
Evacuees slept in their vehicles in a parking lot in Santa Rosa, Calif.
Pratt cameos as Disgusting Donald, a man that Ally (Faris) once slept with.
He inspects his cell to see if anything has changed while he's slept.
I invited myself to tables of strangers, and sometimes I slept with them.
He said his children have slept outdoor in the freezing cold since Sunday.
But Hollywood certainly slept better Monday night after news of the deal broke.
Every quilt the family slept beneath had been made by Gram's own hands.
They were tired, having slept and eaten poorly for more than a week.
Later that year, Sarah Marbeck claimed to have slept with him in 2001.
He slept in the lounge until the school would let him change rooms.
He threw acid over her as she slept and then locked the door.
As recently as the mid-218s, people slept around nine hours per night.
I don't think the number of people you've slept with relates to confidence.
However, the love he extends to his three daughters can't be slept on.
My boss is out of the office, so I slept in a little.
She slept on an air mattress in her parents' room for several months.
"At one point throughout the journey we slept in a paddock," she says.
I think you are one of the most slept on vocalists for sure.
Ms Westover slept with a "head-for-the-hills" bag by her bed.
My husband gets up and asks if the baby slept through the night.
She slept with said President while he was married, in case you forgot.
Do you make the eggs for the man after he's slept with you?
Or perhaps the PA who usually delivered the card slept in that morning.
"My girlfriend had slept over and I couldn't even see her," she said.
At Reykjavik's Keflavik International Airport, passengers slept at the airport after canceled flights.
" If I slept late on weekends she would text me "Leena misses you.
That night I checked on the kids like 10 times while they slept.
Eventually, about 30 children slept in an informal school on the camp's edge.
I think I even nicknamed it "CanCan" and slept with it every night.
Over two weeks, the team slept, ate, worked, and socialized in close quarters.
He slashed Jovanni's throat as the boy slept, and then stabbed him repeatedly.
She slept on benches and survived on food she found in the garbage.
Many have slept in the open, often in the rain and low temperatures.
I can't remember the last time I slept that well or that late.
At night he slept,exhausted as a gravedigger, too tired even to dream.
"We slept in a car both nights, in awful heat," Rodrigues remembered (fondly).
So we did both, and then we slept, for a very long time.
When Becky slept at the apartment, she and Charlie still shared the bed.
I've slept through my alarm and debate whether I should skip the gym.
Each week, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview a man they've slept with.
The past 2 days I have been totally exhausted, and I over-slept.
If you've never slept on bamboo sheets, you're in for a real treat.
He drove across country to see me.. slept behind my work for weeks.
I slept for a long time last night, despite some incredibly wacky dreams.
In the post, Lawhorn allegedly described shooting his mother twice as she slept.
They got to know each other as they slept out under the stars.
Why doesn't he wanna sleep with me since he slept with someone else?
Farmer and Ward woke up Karl, who had slept through the whole thing.
There were so many things that I'm not sure if he ever slept.
Everyone from J-Lo to Will Smith has slept in a Star Waggon.
Her husband had thrown acid on all three of them as they slept.
"I haven't really slept since I saw the video," La Salvia told WTKR.
All we know is that the man hasn't slept in a long time.
"No one slept in the city for most of the night," he added.
"I barely slept last night," Jessica Zahn told me a few weeks ago.
For almost the whole month of September Seamie Ferris slept like the dead.
I don't know where we slept or what we ate or did together.
I slept with my head under the covers just to be safe, though.
He slept until nearly eight and got up just in time for breakfast.
"They said there were contractors working and they slept there sometimes," she said.
I slept well in it that night, and for every night since then.
I slept in a little on Saturday, tired from the busy night before.
In fact, prisoners slept, ate, and went to the bathroom in their cells. 
Barbara, a United Methodist pastor, slept in a chair beside Hannah's hospital bed.
I think he was so competitive, 24/7, I think he never slept.
The two followed each other around and even slept together, according to Getty. 
Kelly Clarkson slept in her car before she eventually auditioned for "American Idol"
"family trees" to trace how many of them had slept with certain women.
One night while she slept, he made an engagement ring from anchor wire.
"We just ate and fucked and slept and talked and talked," Moshfegh said.
Ian slept as we drove though the town, past the fires and smoke.
I slept on it for three weeks to see how it stacks up.
Thursday, and had slept in his car, waiting for the station to open.
I cried my eyes out, hugging my own little daughter while she slept.
The first time I slept with another girl, it was awkward as hell.
She pushed a baby carriage, where her son slept through the entire march.
He's been slept on as a contender by fans, employers, and opponents alike.
The first time Andrew Johnston slept outdoors, he curled up under a tree.
In 1970s, we slept 203 to 8 hours, presently it's 6 to 7.
In court, he humiliates Celeste with a slideshow of men she's slept with.
On our walk to the subway, drunk businessmen slept soundly on the sidewalks.
Give the guy who slept over last night something to remember you by.
Citizens slept with the comfort of knowing they were part of something larger.
Was it weird to meticulously tally up how many people you'd slept with?
They slept in motels, dorm lobbies, even the shed on the football field.
"I slept the whole next day," the former New York Yankees shortstop said.
Hunter said that, at that point, he had not slept for several days.
"I don't think he slept all night because I was leaving," Victor said.
So thinking about those discussions, you might have not slept well last night.
He took approximately 10 naps per day yet slept soundlessly through the night.
Spoiler: George Washington slept there (and did some pretty key Revolutionary War planning).
Palmer, the mother, said she had not slept well for over a year.
If he was lucky, he slept for 333 or 20 hours a day.
Until his trial months later, he lived and slept in his Manhattan penthouse.
Before he switched to Alimentum, Arlo cried all the time and barely slept.
When it wasn't, he would later accuse me of having slept somewhere else.
Erin and I slept on a uniform King mattress with split King frames.
"I slept in a Walmart parking lot somewhere off [Interstate] 85," Gaetz said.
I slept a full night, but was startled awake at 8:00 a.m.
Mills: So. Callimachi: So. Mills: Is it even worth asking how you slept?
Angeli Guadalupe, 11, whose little brother slept inside, shivered as she watched them.
Years before Halle Berry won an Oscar, she slept in a homeless shelter.
Some residents slept on a warm afternoon, covers pulled up to their face.
I barely slept as gusts burst off the lake and rattled the tentpoles.
In December 2011, prosecutors said, he raped the same woman while she slept.
She decides her life would be better if she slept all the time.
Hastert then slept in the same motel bed with the student, prosecutors said.
He told me he'd slept with men, which, at the time, surprised me.
For six months in Barcelona, he slept in the basement of a greengrocer.
The next night, he slept in the basement of the pizza shop's building.
Strangely, he slept through them all — sleeping up to 20 hours a day.
She continued to explain that she slept in a different room that evening.
To save money, Schumer slept in the living room, on a foldout couch.
Ms. Maia disputed that account and said she had slept on her sofa.
One of his patients, a retired police officer, had long slept with his .
The delineation is given to lesbians who has never slept with a man.
I slept well and the room was surprisingly quiet, except for one morning.
Peter took a leave from his practice and slept in my hospital room.
I ended up kicking the blanket down toward my feet while I slept.
I slept fine with earplugs, so come prepared if you're a light sleeper.
"I slept in public toilets, in the Métro," he said matter-of-factly.
You find out who slept with whom, and everyone's dirty laundry gets aired.
Is it the best and the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in?
He slept on an air mattress in a friend's attic for a time.
Why, when I was your age, we slept in barracks in the hostel.
I slept quite a bit last night, but I am just dragging today.
We all slept a solid eight hours and wake up feeling pretty good.
Everything in his room, where he's slept since he was 10, is gone.
He seemed pretty happy with the choice and slept contently in the video.
"We slept a quiet night, but sadly the shelling is back," he said.
He denied specific allegations that he slept with any women trafficked by Epstein.
A majority of the mental health patients who took CBD also slept better.
On a bed of Jerome's shorn hair, they slept into the early morning.
Mr. Khan slept on a bunk bed until he was in his 2871s.
Mr. Stowers slept on the floor and made Mr. Lukach's clothes by hand.
He didn't know it when they slept together, but she was actually 15.
For example, the first time I ever saw snow, I slept in it.
Dwight Brown slept in his church two nights last week, he said Wednesday.
They're too serious and there are circles under them, like he hasn't slept.
I haven't slept more than a few hours in the last three days.
For two years, he phoned in robberies, fires and mayhem, and slept late.
Pete, the more outdoorsy of the two of us, slept in the tent.
We slept on the kitchen floor, supposedly the safest room in the house.
It made it to the animal shelter safely and slept through the night.
She finally escaped last spring, slipping into the bush while her captors slept.
In the first week, it felt like a vacation and she slept better.
"I only slept four hours after I got out on bail," he said.
And a gunman shot dead seven guards while they slept near a checkpoint.
Well, let's just say it's the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.
He returned at 5am, missing his curfew, and slept through his morning practice.
SB: Oh my god, he definitely slept through the rest of the day.
One such study, published last September in the journal Sleep, reported that adults who slept less than five or six hours a night were four times more likely to catch a cold than those who slept at least seven hours.
Elephant sleeping patterns (Image: Gravett, et al) The healthy 30-year-old Matriarch 1 slept for 2.3 hours on average in bouts distributed mainly at night, while the 37-year-old Matriarch 71.33 only slept for 1.8 hours, on average.
Older adults who started sleeping more than nine hours a night — but had not previously slept so much — were at more than double the risk of developing dementia a decade later than those who slept nine hours or less, researchers report.
I couldn't live at home, so I left home and slept wherever I could.
While they stayed up doing drugs on a table, I slept on the sofa.
They were exhausted, and soon slept on top of one another on the floor.
Everyone else runs around the hospital freaking out, but you've slept through the drama.
I slept in my bed a grand total of 28 days the whole year.
Every single time we slept there someone came in and pissed in the room.
Paris and Berlin have long slept in the same bed with very different dreams.
Her savings dried up quickly, and when they did, she slept at the airport.
Infidelity used to be so simple: You slept with someone who wasn't your partner.
I also slept really well last night so I don't really have any excuse.
It was like 8:30-9 PM. Nobody in my house slept that early.
He had slept with someone else, an ex-girlfriend, six months into the relationship.
"Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night," he said.
The Bad: Ever slept on your side and woken up with a numb arm?
Bowers also claims Hepburn and Tracy never slept together throughout their 26 year relationship.
According to his biographer, Nikola Tesla slept no more than two hours a night.
They each slept alone, and the bedroom layout with furniture arrangement was kept consistent.
I even went to Glastonbury and slept in a tent just before treatment started.
Worried for their safety, Cummins allegedly slept with his gun while they camped there.
She noticed first she was naked — even without underwear, which she always slept in.
We barely slept for months, drinking coffee like water and eating pizza for breakfast.
At home, he slept in the living room of his father's two-bedroom apartment.
He also suggested Marlon Brando slept with James Baldwin, Marvin Gaye, and Richard Pryor.
Last night, she slept in her mom's bed, "like a little kid," she remarked.
Detainees slept in four-person tents and were under constant surveillance by armed guards.
"She slept but her family said she coughed throughout the entire night," Gonzales said.
In the hiker's dormitories, we slept in bunk beds flush next to each other.
But then, after a week of things slowly deteriorating, he slept with someone else.
I slept above the record player, and I would dream inside Shostakovich or Bach.
Batiz slept in the warehouse on a bed of empty boxes and bubble wrap.
Like most days, she's slept only a handful of hours, and she looks tired.
He said that [Archie] slept for the first 24 hours like all babies do . . .
"She and her loved ones have barely slept this week," the source said. broken.
He slept in churches, under trees or wherever he found himself when night fell.
"We slept in the car because of the dogs," Ms. Wiget said on Sunday.
He thought he just needed to rest on Friday, and slept until 2 p.m.
Wolfie Masters: She said some things that didn't make any sense before she slept.
She points out the bed where she slept for nearly two weeks last winter.
Erin slept on the couch, an arrangement that ended up stretching on for months.
More than 300 people slept inside an auditorium filled with cots and wheeled beds.
My alarm clock known as my four-month-old baby slept in a bit.
Mr. Tian said he had barely eaten or slept since his companion was taken.
It's definitely not his business how many people his girlfriend slept with before him.
His home was so poor that the rats slept six to a bed too.
It shows Tabaouni sitting on a bed in between where Haddadi and Usman slept.
A friend had been chastising her for the number of people she'd slept with.
At an evacuation center, she slept on a cot outdoors next to his kennel.
At this point, Ashley had slept with Kyle knowing full well about our history.
I hadn't slept in days, and the thought of the relationship ending broke me.
Velasco: I've never slept with him; it's not that type of thing at all.
I slept for over 10 hours, so I really must have needed the rest.
On the second date, they slept together, and after that, they were dating-dating.
"I've slept on the street to understand the struggle of the homeless," Silva said.
And after we slept together, he started ignoring all my messages and my calls.
Mat reveals in this episode that he slept with someone else during a break.
" Isabella, 30, ConnecticutRelationship length: two yearsWaited: three dates"We slept together after three dates.
If I'd slept fewer hours, maybe just maybe it wouldn't have been so hard.
I slept absolutely terribly last night, mostly due to my child hogging my bed.
Plus, this could explain why human communities historically have slept in mixed-age groups.
While I slept in Minneapolis, overnight wind chills in the city topped –50 degrees.
As he'd slept, civil rights and new technologies had taken hold and manufacturing migrated.
And the only time I slept in beds was when I was on tour.
Elephants didn't lie down during the day, but slept on their sides at night.
People did not have normal food, many slept on the floor or in shifts.
We scrapped 2750,22018 useless regulations, we created an economic boom, but Trump slept around.
"Asia had revealed that she had indeed slept with Jimmy Bennet," McGowan's statement read.
In some ways, they were even worse off than people who consistently slept poorly.
Some used suitcases for pillows as they slept next to airline check-in desks.
We ate fries and ketchup, caught up on the news and then just slept.
I slept literally on all the flights I watched no movies had no drinks.
Messy, beachy, slept-in, model-off-duty waves are great, no question about it.
At night, when students went to their dorms, the families slept in the classrooms.
Their passion had since faded, but they still slept together from time to time.
Which meant he slept for a good 38 minutes of the 11 hour flight.
"We slept in the bush with no blankets despite the chilling weather," Kyari said.
He's literally slept with every woman in town, or so he's bragged via song.
While the rest of the house slept, I sleuthed until night turned into dawn.
Fans haven't slept on it though, with the Kickstarter going over its $50,000 goal.
Or a friend's parents would toast it in the oven when you slept over.
In the morning, you can pop open the app to see how you slept.
"I got on the boat, and I virtually slept for seven days," she said.
Anna has slept with their third alone, and Ben has planned to as well.
"I had just slept through the biggest meeting of my professional life," she says.
When McKenna first moved to LA, she slept on Byer's couch for 8 months.
He was 26, had slept with a total of one person, and was miserable.
He slept for about 30 minutes, meeting his other colleagues at the transportation depot.
"The only time you slept was when you couldn't stay conscious anymore," Baker said.
DiCaprio slept in a horse carcass and ate raw bison liver for the role.
He stockpiled weapons and even slept with a butcher knife next to the bed.
At 26, I've slept with exactly zero women, and I've kissed — again — zero women.
I've slept in my surfboard bag in more airports than I care to recount.
BREAKFAST BROWSE From homeless to Harvard As a kid, he slept in homeless shelters.
Author's Note I know someone who knows someone who slept naked with James Baldwin.
I slept on the couch or floor depending on what time I got home.
Wearied women slept on the bus before we arrived into our last destination, Derry.
"I slept in yards and on porches in a state of fear," she added.
As the storm raged Sunday night, the St. Petersburg first responders slept in shifts.
Understandably, Ms. Callan had not slept well the night before the earnings conference call.
Op-Ed Contributor Elizabeth, N.J. — I SLEPT only a couple of hours Sunday night.
If I worked 37.40 and slept 51.81, this left 78.79 hours for other things.
"This was a place where you slept and had dinner," Dunlap told the Times.
Jaime felt "like a traitor" after he slept with Brienne for the first time.
The boat can hold a maximum of 46 people, and guests slept below deck.
But beyond the exterior, these wagons are nothing like the ones pioneers slept in.
Eventually, he set up a mattress on the floor and slept on his stream.
Other times, they took longer to take effect, and I slept with them overnight.
A bedtime hero He heard there were local children who slept on the floor.
She and other women slept on the floor under "aluminum paper" blankets, she says.
They slept on the floor and were given only aluminum-foil blankets as cover.
This rose to 9.4 in people who slept six or fewer hours a night.
But one day after school, I came home and slept for 16 hours straight.
The medications made her so sedated that she sometimes slept fourteen hours a night.
WeWork booked and paid for employees' plane tickets, and employees literally slept in tents.
The U.S. high jumper Chaunté Lowe once slept in a car as a child.
Bayer said the study showed that participants slept like babies in the rocking bed.
I'd slept in my clothes, had only to tie my sneakers to rush outside.
A gift card to buy the best set of sheets they've ever slept on
They brought sleeping bags and actually slept at the office to work 24/7.
In the past five or six days it was pure racing, I barely slept.
Eric and Issac slept in their car overnight and were later treated for frostbite.
He slept on the same pillow his childhood nanny had once made for him.
In 1942, almost 85 percent of us slept at least seven hours a night.
Paul Volcker would not have slept if he'd ever heard that in the 80s.
If my door was closed, she slept outside my room like a security guard.
They turned up nothing in the duplex where Williams, Ferguson, and her children slept.
The boys I slept with were hopeless, and I quickly grew tired of them.
Saldaña points to a spot near the door where he slept on the floor.
Everyone else in this story has a second act, and she slept through hers.
I still only slept eight hours to catch up on the five missed days.
I slept with him and just knew that it would be the last time.
When I got home, I went straight to bed and slept for 12 hours.
Adults and children alike are weak, hungry, sick, traumatized, and haven't slept for days.
Another says that Franken forcibly kissed her and later groped her while she slept.
Reached by phone on Wednesday morning, after the midterms, Hogue said she hadn't slept.
My husband slept but I woke at their every moan or rustle, all night.
For the price, Emma is one of the best mattresses I've ever slept on.
They whined to be fed, ate, pooped, slept, then whined to be fed again.
The American Red Cross said that about 292,2159 people slept in shelters on Tuesday.
They have not slept much, and the sleep they have had has been fitful.
The American Red Cross said about 7,800 people slept in shelters on Wednesday night.
Even after months of use, there was never an indentation where my daughter slept.
A confrontational energy arrived late last night, though you may have slept through it.
He had slept through his alarm and was going to miss the school bus.
In the winter, she slept in a woolen hat, gloves, pajamas, and a nightgown.
We slept in our vehicle on bloodstained stretchers among boxes of medicine and munitions.
Another time, he blocked a homeless man from stealing Nakesha's purse while she slept.
The newborn slept through his first interview before meeting the queen, his great-grandmother.
People often slept in communal beds, which was very typical until the Victorian era.
Those who benefited from the extra hour slept an additional 34 minutes, on average.
Unable to sleep in her childhood room, Ms. Rinehart slept on the family couch.
People who slept more had an increased risk for cardiovascular events and premature death.
During their first months, they slept inside empty containers despite the cold, residents said.
Team members killed the sniper by tossing grenades into his house while he slept.
Begin to worry that this diary will expose how perpetually under-slept I am.
No one cares you were a slut and slept with POTUS 12 yrs ago.
Veeraporn describes a mollusk that discovers its shell has gone missing while it slept.
Cardi had a longstanding beef with Jade because she thought Jade slept with Offset.
On a low-carb diet, he lost 25 pounds, walked daily and slept more.
"Coronavirus be damned," said the major, who said he hadn't slept in two days.
"Coronavirus be damned," said the major, who said he hadn't slept in two days.
Risk was even higher when a person slept less than five hours a night.
That first night I slept with my weighted blanket, I don't remember falling asleep.
Tests revealed when he slept his breathing stopped more than 100 times an hour.
" Presley chimed in with a far-fetched claim: "We slept with each other's husbands.
The sisters slept together in a bed that took up most of the room.
I've been using it for a few months now and I've never slept better.
" —Anya A.  "I slept at a girl's house recently and she had two cats.
With incongruous formality, he explained to me that he hadn't slept in two days.
Bridget herself slept in Angela's bed upstairs, which was thin and narrow and hard.
He says he just moved here from Philadelphia and hasn't slept in 36 hours.
In the summertime the children flew kites and slept peacefully on the cool roof.
I slept well through the night and loved waking up to those ocean views.
I then slept for 5 hours then arrived at the club at around 7.30am.
As they slept, Kuei, 48, a stay-at-home mother from San Jose, Calif.
For three months, Roberto and Kendra walked all day and slept outdoors at night.
The mattress had the right mix of firmness and softness, and I slept great.
Some slept beneath underpasses, on residential streets, or on the edges of warehouse lots.
He must have gotten home really late and slept downstairs in the guest room.
Ainamo-McDonald said that her son slept in the box for the first month.
As we slept through the morning, he reached for me shyly and held on.
I wrapped my hair, I wore a bonnet, I slept on a silk pillowcase.
After my grandfather's death, I slept in my grandmother's queen-size bed for years.
As Hogan later testified, he slept with Heather "three, maybe four" times, in 22015.
It was the first time in years that he had slept on a mattress.
As orders streamed in while Chapman slept, he realized he was on to something.
"We slept together," he recalled last week, rather awkwardly, his wife by his side.
"Even though people slept as much as they could, it was insufficient," Wright said.
He looked even thinner than usual and as if he hadn't slept in days.
Animals had always been mysteries to Jacob, but never more than when they slept.
President Trump is our President, regardless of who he slept with 85033 years ago.
Clearly, he was a good actor: In 1928, the dog slept through a burglary.
But this past week was the first time I slept outside at Yankee Stadium.
I have not slept a full night in days; I won't rest that month.
At night, when Ava slept, she managed a Web site called Women in Iran.
He demanded to know if she had slept with other people at the wedding.
Finally, Private Glover grabbed a baseball bat and clubbed his victim as he slept.
I slept deeply, waking only when the light had turned golden in the window.
You did not work, grub was galore, clothing was plentiful and you slept good.
"The entire town slept with one eye open," a Ventura resident, Tracie Fickenscher, said.
Years ago, I blew smoke out of my bedroom window while my parents slept.
Over the course of his show's first four seasons, he's nearly slept with teenagers.
He lived in a dilapidated place full of garbage and slept in his bathtub.
I completely lost my sex drive, was convinced everyone hated me, and barely slept.
See, in gay culture you run into people you've slept with all the time.
But I do like one remark a journalist made, that if Capone had eaten in all the restaurants or slept in all the hotels [that people claimed he eat and slept in], he would hardly have had time to run the Chicago Outfit.
PERINO: I thought that was -- I actually really enjoyed reading about that exchange where the North Korean general asking Mike Pompeo twice, surely you couldn&apost have slept well last night and our secretary of state said, oh, I slept just fine.
When I was seven, I became convinced that if I didn't cover my face while I slept an earwig or a redback spider would crawl into my ear canal and lay eggs so I slept with a hand over my ear for years.
He drank water from a nearby faucet and slept on mattresses spread on the floor.
So I came back late Sunday, was exhausted, and slept right through until 11:30.
The alleged victim corroborated the pair slept together, though he and Bucy gave different timeframes.
Some slept on pool tables and cots, while others monitored the water, the station reported.
We just slept in the bush and then at 6 this morning we started walking.
Duncan exists to make jokes about how many dudes he's slept with — not much else.
She initially slept on the floor in a crowded two-bedroom apartment packed with Venezuelans.
Michelle is literally so centered that she slept on Election Night without knowing the outcome.
"Reign was the only one who has always slept in his own bed," she reveals.
They lacked access to adequate nutrition, stayed in cold facilities and slept on the floor.
We slept together every night in the same bed, but we never, never had sex.
The fact that I still hadn't slept with Phoebe, or anyone, didn't preclude these scenarios.
One customer even commented that he and his partner slept through the San Fransisco earthquake.
The man who slept in the bed next to him was on his fourth return.
I stopped hovering over him as he slept and tending to every peep he made.
He lovingly looked down at Valentina as she curled up against his chest and slept.
At first she found comfort in me, and we slept together twice after the breakup.
He says he slept on either the floor or couch and didn't have a closet.
He fixed his schedule so he slept during the day and did schoolwork at night.
But unfortunately for Lauer, the kid slept through the whole damn thing, Pop Sugar noticed.
Add up all the 7, 8, 9 hours you slept each night for 30 years.
She had a way about her that made it seem like she slept with women.
As he slept, some of the last boats sprinted, or inched, to the finish line.
But that night's danger didn't choose us, and we slept as though it never would.
I slept well, other than waking up for a few minutes during some moderate turbulence.
Just past 6:30AM, three people slipped quietly into my hotel room while I slept.
Three juries have found him guilty of shooting Troy Wicker to death as he slept.
She lived on the streets, slept with women and men, got pregnant by the men.
But we barely slept last night, and this morning, daylight savings time hits us hard.
We bought food at the grocery store and cooked at the campsites where we slept.
"  "A note on your memorial in Dublin read, 'Because you slept, many of us woke.
She was introduced in season 5 as a vamp who slept with Karen's husband Stanley.
First of all, he's never been in Mr. Gallant's room, let alone slept with him.
The confession, of course, came after she and Josh slept together following his sister's wedding.
In 2010, some iPhone users slept through alarms that didn't sound at the proper time.
After hundreds slept outside Saturday night, police allowed women and children onto the first floor.
We'd not slept before the gig and it took us three flights to get there.
There's no longer any point in discussing whether or not Gucci Mane has slept lately.
"Andrew slept through the night and is making really good progress," Joe tweeted Monday morning.
She told local station KCAL 9 she hasn't slept since she learned her daughter died.
Though he may have once slept with von Furstenberg, Gere, 69, is now happily married.
Lawrence doesn't like that Aparna has slept with one of their other co-workers, Collin.
She slept and ate with the firefighters and went with them on all their calls.
"We slept here at the roadside because our house collapsed in the quake," he said.
If you only slept with Stormy Daniels and this other playmate, you might be gay.
I slept with a brick under my pillow until I was probably 12 years old.
Last Friday night, for example, I slept a total of 11 hours and 20 minutes.
I haven't slept because I am trying to figure out how we can stop this.
The flight passed unremarkably: I watched a movie, slept, ignored the wine cart at dinnertime.
They haven't violated my sexual consent or my body because they haven't slept with me.
After he tore up her bedroom floor, Slater slept on the couch for 18 months.
Read more: Our ancient ancestors may have slept better than you, but also less 2.
I guess that's to be expected when I slept a majority of the day yesterday.
To close this storyline out, Wendy later doesn't tell Chuck she slept with someone else.
"Waking up, I don't know if I slept, even if I did sleep," said Federer.
We slept and welcomed visitors, who asked Sam how she knew he was a boy.
We was in the projects, where I grew up, so we slept on the balcony.
"I tried my best," Ronda told us while noting she hasn't slept in 2 days.
She was awake all night and slept during the day when her family was awake.
On occasion, she slept in the abandoned dens of wild boars that roam the forest.
Sixteen-year-old Emma Walker was killed in her bedroom while she slept on Nov.
They slept on brand-new couches and watched local coverage of the floods in recliners.
My dog sat and slept by the door, and watching her made me feel sad.
While on a business trip in Chicago last month, I accidentally slept for 12 hours.

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