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643 Sentences With "serves as"

How to use serves as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "serves as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "serves as". Mastering all the usages of "serves as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The primed pumpkin serves as a hat, the unprimed-pumpkin serves as a face.
RiverNorth serves as the fund's investment adviser and DoubleLine serves as sub-adviser to the fund.
Graves serves as the chairman of the panel's Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee, while Napolitano serves as the subcommittee's ranking member.
Currently, Nancy Pelosi serves as the Democratic minority leader, while Steny Hoyer serves as the minority whip, the No. 2 position.
Arif Nurmohamed from Nutopia serves as the series showrunner and founder and CEO of Nutopia, Jane Root, serves as an executive producer.
The Secretary of State serves as the Chair of the Board and the Secretary of the Treasury serves as the Vice Chair.
His daughter Ivanka Trump serves as an advisor, and her husband, Jared Kushner, serves as assistant to the president and senior advisor.
Joaquin Duato serves as Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson.
President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, who serves as Advisor to the President, and her husband, Jared Kushner, who serves as Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor, each forgo their White House salaries.
Grand Lake serves as the headwaters for the Colorado River.
He now serves as President Donald Trump's chief of staff.
Under President Truman, Anderson serves as the ambassador to Denmark.
"Infested," in Trump's lexicon, serves as a racist dog whistle.
"The book kind of serves as a memory," Scheinbaum said.
Lorenz Larkin serves as the UFC Fight Pass prelims headliner.
Fey currently serves as president and COO of Blue Coat.
Loeb serves as a director on Sotheby's board of directors.
Their patriotism serves as an example to all of us.
This serves as a metaphor for rescue, survival, and perseverance.
The culture of the "other" serves as a looking glass.
Lewandowski serves as senior adviser and spokesperson for the group.
Eyles currently serves as AHIP's vice president for public policy.
The cocoa serves as the base for all Cisse products.
Jean serves as president of the museum's board of directors.
He currently serves as a Special Correspondent for NBC News.
Now, he serves as Head of Product for Airbnb Lux.
And a fresh pita serves as the perfect edible napkin.
Ultimately, though, the EP serves as a tool of empowerment.
Instead, it serves as an example of effective authoritarian modernisation.
The R1 serves as the centerpiece of Nuro's safety report.
Wilkerson currently serves as the president and CEO of AnitaB.
He serves as a great foil to Omega's faster pace.
Eberhard now serves as "chief innovation officer" for SF Motors.
He currently serves as the managing director of GEN India.
She also serves as the face of Lady Dior handbags.
The iPad serves as the viewport into the augmented world.
Mnuchin serves as the national finance chairman of his campaign.
Rhode Island serves as an example of how this works.
It's not, but it serves as somewhat of a vindication.
For many artists, the studio serves as a sacred space.
Her mother serves as their family and friends' liaison officer.
First Lady Melania Trump serves as the committee's honorary chairwoman.
Brandon, who goes by WriterBoy, now serves as his manager.
Jessica also serves as the Mayor of Mill Valley, California.
Jordan also serves as an executive producer of the film.
The sitting U.S. President serves as the BSA's honorary president.
It serves as a spellcheck of sorts for empowering words.
The old mast serves as an attachment for a swing.
Finally, the announcement serves as a useful bit of publicity.
He serves as the finance chairman of Messer's Senate campaign.
Pack currently serves as the president of Manifold Productions, Inc.
Executive producers: Ben Queen serves as writer and executive producer.
Mostly, the project serves as a showcase for the actors.
She serves as counsel in League of Women Voters v.
Rao currently serves as Trump's top official on regulatory matters.
Ellison serves as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.
His wife, Kayla Moore, currently serves as the organization's president.
Today, it serves as a theater, museum, and historical site.
She also serves as a board observer in both firms.
Cliff Maloney serves as president of Young Americans for Liberty.
Peters now serves as the CEO of The Carter Center.
Abedin currently serves as the vice chairwoman of Clinton's campaign.
He currently serves as a director at the Gates Foundation.
He also serves as chairman of the Joint Economic Committee.
And here the past serves as an instructive prologue; we've
Raymond serves as the commander of Air Force Space Command.
Lachlan currently serves as the CEO of the Fox Corporation.
He now serves as Senior Director for CMPP at FDD.
He now serves as an adviser to Trump's reelection campaign.
A JBL Soundbar serves as the speaker for the van.
It serves as a dramatic backdrop for arts troupes' performances.
Ian serves as CoJit's director, according to the organization's website.
In Far Cry Primal, an owl serves as your scout.
He also serves as Senator Leahy's senior foreign policy aide.
Peatlands are usually waterlogged, which serves as natural fire protection.
He currently serves as Land and Buildings' chief investment officer.
A rap lyric serves as the epigraph of each chapter.
Blair serves as Mulvaney's senior adviser for national security issues.
It serves as a call to discipline and hard work.
The material, after all, also serves as a protective coating.
Much of the book serves as an ongoing personal manifesto.
James Murdoch currently serves as chairman of Sky PLC SKYB.
The pioneering artist Sonya Rapoport serves as an animating spirit.
Then again, Turkoglu also serves as an advisor to Erdogan.
The space also serves as a showcase for local artists.
Sometimes it's the onset of cramps serves as a warning.
The DNA serves as the memory for the state machine.
A giant antique Japanese door serves as a coffee table.
This stream also serves as the city's sewage disposal system.
More often, it serves as the setup for a joke.
This weekend also serves as the unofficial end of summer.
It serves as a check against unjustly harsh court sentences.
Rion serves as White House correspondent for One America News.
And there is a relevant precedent that serves as proof.
She also serves as an auctioneer for the auction house.
Lachlan Murdoch currently serves as 21st Century Fox's executive chairman.
An orchestral ritornello serves as a bridge between each variation.
Cabral, 29, serves as a program specialist in Malden, Mass.
The airship gondola further serves as the baroness's dressing room.
Sheila Oliver serves as acting governor, NJ Advance Media reported.
A Scrabble board serves as the base of the tree.
Williams serves as Pence's special adviser on Europe and Russia.
Kenneth's wife, Jill, serves as a spokesperson at official events.
Pfannenstiel serves as the chief political correspondent for The Register.
It serves as a research notebook, and as meeting minutes.
FundPartner Solutions (Europe) SA serves as the fund management company.
It also serves as a consoling touchstone in political speeches.
The tech billionaire serves as its CEO and lead designer.
Huckabee's daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, serves as Trump's press secretary.
It also serves as a makeshift shelter for the homeless.
The page also seemingly serves as a FAQ for Instagram.
Shriver serves as President of Save the Children Action Network.
MacDonald currently serves as the chief client officer of Citi.
He now serves as a managing director at Two Sigma.
He currently serves as president of the Los Angeles Kings.
He also serves as treasurer of the state of Alabama.
Geraldine Gonzalez, 20, serves as a lawyer and volunteer firefighter.
Ms. Trump serves as a senior adviser to the president.
Interestingly, the tiny screen also serves as a view finder.
This crumbling installation serves as an meditation to these paradoxes.
This reveal serves as the show's profound and edgy thrust.
It serves as a virtual confession of the entire operation.
Norman Eisen, a former chief ethics lawyer for President Obama, now serves as the group's chair and Richard Painter, a former chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush now serves as the vice chair.
Daniel Elwell currently serves as the acting chief of the agency.
It serves as a place to make art and experience it.
Zuckerberg also serves as the chairman of Facebook's board of directors.
January 11, 2011-January 8, 2019 - Serves as governor of Colorado.
He also serves as the somewhat unreliable narrator of his own
O'Reilly's current public image also serves as the antithesis of decorum.
Salil Deshpande serves as the managing director of Bain Capital Ventures.
For now, however, Stormfront's jettison serves as a strong symbolic victory.
She does use email, which sometimes serves as a useful reference.
But Hector, who serves as national youth director for the Rev.
Bill serves as a Board Observer at Avalanche Technology and Docker.
The social experience of college also serves as a powerful motivator.
It also serves as a pigment for the cheeks and lips.
Next, that serves as your identification at the TSA security checkpoint.
Additionally, Sergey Brin serves as president of Alphabet, Google's parent company.
He currently serves as the CSO and co-founder of Rappi.
China serves as a huge secondary market for major Hollywood releases.
The box serves as a relatively odor-free form of composting.
It serves as a distraction when anxiety starts to take over.
This serves as your unique authentication mechanism to unlock your device.
For Trump, the constant bullshitting serves as a highly effective filter.
Today, it serves as the capital of Peru's war on drugs.
He now serves as a special correspondent and works on documentaries.
Britt now serves as a lobbyist for Fertitta-owned Station Casinos.
The episode serves as a cruel metaphor for the ailing party.
He serves as the non-executive Chairman of The Wendy's Company.
Ms. Sohoni serves as a Vice President at Innovation Advisors, Inc.
Tracy Dorée serves as an Investment Manager at MMC VENTURES Ltd.
David Katzman currently serves as the chief executive officer of SmileDirectClub.
The letter essentially serves as a warning to net neutrality supporters.
Blankfein currently serves as both CEO and chairman of the board.
She serves as president of her school club Crusaders for Life.
The 2017 corporate tax reform law serves as the best example.
The incident still serves as a cautionary tale for us all.
Mohandis serves as the chief state administrator for Shi'ite paramilitary forces.
Whatever works for your budget, but serves as a thoughtful gesture.
A ceramic work called "Small Peach" (2013) serves as an example.
Social media serves as viral advertising for up-close animal encounters.
Keith Ellison serves as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Chances are, probably not, but the Box serves as additional protection.
Carla Hall's upcoming cookbook serves as a lesson on soul food.
His new pal just serves as a mouthpiece for those anxieties.
This is where Rotten Tomatoes ultimately serves as a limiting comparison.
Later, the justice serves as a mentor as career choices develop.
Rranxburgaj serves as her primary caretaker, and dresses and bathes her.
Chapman's new paper serves as a reminder and to offer solutions.
The company hasn't said whether Hardwick still serves as its CEO.
McMahon currently serves as head of President Trump's Small Business Administration.
In addition, she serves as executive producer of the ABC revival.
The whole ordeal serves as a microcosm of the Colts' season.
She now serves as the spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign.
In this role, she serves as an assistant to the president.
Rodrigo Garcia also serves as executive producer and directed the pilot.
She now serves as Uber's vice president of communications and policy.
Burr serves as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
An experience Scott had with Page serves as a perfect example.
She currently serves as the Civic Action & Campaign Lead at DoSomething.
Najib currently serves as both prime minister and chief finance minister.
He currently serves as student media director at Louisiana State University.
Your present work serves as a foundation for your future happiness.
She also serves as the president of iAmerica and iAmerica Action.
She also serves as strategic adviser to the Campaign Legal Center.
Oldham, 39, who currently serves as general counsel to Texas Gov.
Yarmuth serves as the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee.
Ms. Rubin now serves as The Times's bureau chief in Paris.
Seema Nanda currently serves as CEO of the Democratic National Committee.
The apocalyptic climate serves as a fitting backdrop to political upheaval.
He serves as executive vice president of business development and strategy.
Taggart said the flag serves as a "snapshot" of the state.
The Texas senator's win serves as a rebuke to that effort.
Michael Reese serves as the sheriff of Multnomah County in Oregon.
Lachlan, 46, currently serves as executive chairman of 21st Century Fox.
At the same time, the show serves as an adoption event.
The media also serves as an all-purpose receptacle for blame.
Kavanagh also serves as a senior political scientist at Rand Corp.
The electric cooler serves as both a fridge and a freezer.
Ivanka Trump serves as an unpaid adviser in the White House.
Herb Stephens, a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur who serves as Democracy.
Lerner currently serves as the deputy to UN ambassador Nikki Haley.
Rob Nichols serves as the president of the American Bankers Association.
He now serves as chairman of the economic advisory firm Sonecon.
Rogers remains at Nest, where he serves as chief product officer.
Ye Jianming also serves as a special advisor to President Zeman.
It serves as the core of the country's vibrant LGBT community.
Dana also serves as a Board of Director to IMAX Corporation.
Overall, UMPQ's earnings profile serves as a constraint on the ratings.
His third question is whether cannabis serves as a gateway drug.
He serves as a partner at the firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.
Steve Palmer serves as a Vice President at Van Scoyoc Associates.
He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Hilton Worldwide.
Toggling among languages, he serves as a guide, spy and interpreter.
The fact of your presence serves as a lesson unto itself.
She has a basement that serves as a perfect party room.
The other, Our Revolution, serves as Sanders's main national political organization.
The back room serves as a modest dance floor on weekends.
NBA superstar LeBron James serves as an executive producer alongside Spencer.
An open area between the bedrooms serves as a TV room.
A charity's webpage often serves as its most important public gateway.
The exam serves as a pipeline to radicalization for new recruits.
He also serves as an assistant whip in the Democratic caucus.
A big tent, closest to the gate, serves as mess hall.
The film serves as a reminder to be true to yourself.
Texting from that phone number serves as proof of your identity.
The editorial serves as a call to arms for more research.
And on auction day, Madley serves as master of the proceedings.
In fiction, Batman serves as the brooding protector of Gotham City.
The thank you serves as a reward and reinforcement It's catching.
And Mr. Taylor still serves as the top diplomat in Kiev.
The ministry serves as the North's intelligence and secret police agency.
West serves as board chair and president of The Hispanic Institute.
Shin Dong-bin currently serves as chairman of the Lotte Group.
However, the document serves as a window into the administration's priorities.
Graham chairs the subcommittee, while Whitehouse serves as its ranking member.
The attorney general serves as the nation's top law enforcement officer.
January 14, 2006-January 15, 2010 - Serves as governor of Virginia.
It serves as "an investment into the performer's craft," he said.
In this regard, the Brazilian constitution serves as a cautionary tale.
The judiciary serves as a check on government overreach and abuse.
He also serves as commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
The evolving Tate Modern serves as a model for public spaces.
Netflix's move above Disney and Comcast serves as a symbolic moment.
Which of these serves as the home agency for the center?
She also serves as one of the Trump campaign's senior advisers.
Even the land beneath our feet serves as a constant reminder.
In their scheme, he serves as a linebacker on some plays.
Lin serves as a partner at Foundation, focusing on business strategy.
The chairman serves as the principal military advisor to the president.
It serves as an advertising vehicle for launderers of cartel money.
It serves as a traveling lab, replete with pumps and motors.
I'm a weekday morning "faster," so the latte serves as breakfast.
But if history serves as any guide Lightfoot will cave eventually.
Lot 18 serves as HelloFresh's partner in the wine-sourcing enterprise.
The large, upfront cost serves as an effective barrier to competition.
Peltz serves as the non-executive chairman of The Wendy's Company.
Alfonso Santamaría, 43, serves as one of Father Ángel's altar boys.
Tim Roemer (D-Ind.), who serves as the caucus's strategic adviser.
And the road-movie setup serves as its own running gag.
That anxiety serves as fuel for the lucrative test preparation engine.
He serves as chairman of the Puerto Rico Shadow Congressional Delegation.
He currently serves as MD Anderson Cancer Center's chief medical officer.
She also serves as administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration.
She also serves as strategic advisor to the Campaign Legal Center.
He serves as a foreign policy adviser to presidential candidate Sen.
Insurance essentially serves as a risk management and wealth preservation tool.
She serves as chief executive of United Therapeutics, not American Therapeutics.
Ryan, who now serves as Speaker, continues to back the idea.
Ivanka Trump, the president's oldest daughter, also serves as his adviser.
He serves as a life peer in the House of Lords.
This guide serves as a place to begin exploring the process.
The rear of the sun-filled building serves as Nats's studio.
Rather, he serves as a metaphor for the spread of Christianity.
In the context of Bosa, Kaepernick serves as a useful counterpoint.
He currently serves as an executive producer on The Good Place.
Evangelist Alveda C. King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., serves as a Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life, directing its outreach to the African-American community and Fr. Frank Pavone serves as the National Director.
Lores currently serves as president of HP's Imaging, Printing and Solutions business.
The car's curvy, horizontal-bar grille serves as the brochure's main motif.
The uninsured rate serves as a gauge for Trump's impact on coverage.
Napolitano currently serves as president of the massive University of California system.
Gorsuch serves as an appeals judge for the 10th Circuit in Colorado.
"Jakarta serves as a national political barometer," said Gerindra official Arief Poyuono.
A former foundry, the Barberí Laboratory serves as RCR Arquitectes' Olot office.
In his stead, his best friend Miguel serves as a pseudo father.
I don't know what good this particular drawing serves as 'political art.
Reasonable minds still disagree about whether incarceration serves as any real deterrent.
The line serves as a reminder that, yes, these were books first.
Alassane's favorite animal, the frog, serves as a mascot for the retrospective.
Joseph Guzman serves as a labor relations professor at Michigan State University.
There is a goat stomach that serves as the container for cheese.
The album's most propulsive track "Curiosity," practically serves as a mission statement.
Helena is asked to defend Dewey, while Gordie serves as the prosecutor.
Ro Khanna serves as the US Representative from California's 17th congressional district.
Timeline:1990-1998 - Serves as deputy district attorney for Alameda County, California.
The head represents a rounding top and the neckline serves as support.
The figurine also serves as a piggybank, or llamabank in this case.
In a way, Wings serves as a good response to the skeptics.
Your bear serves as a friendly guide to your current VPN location.
It also serves as a way to rally people around the flag.
It serves as a friendly little reminder: Hey, we're the good guys.
Arya remains at Harrenhal and even serves as Lord Tywin Lannister's cupbearer.
Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark, serves as the royal family's winter residence.
Ed Rollins serves as chairman of the pro-Trump Great America PAC.
Disagreement on anything major serves as a warning not to go ahead.
Moreno also serves as one of the executive producers alongside Spielberg, 72.
That act of witnessing serves as a central thread of the film.
The exquisite Marwar Hall serves as the dining room in the hotel.
On land, the Gulf Coast serves as a major U.S. refining hub.
So that serves as incentive to actually make the changes this time.
Jessica, 45, founded the charity in 2001 and serves as its president.
Musk serves as chairman and CEO at Tesla and chairman at SolarCity.
Hutchinson currently serves as U.S. ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Norway provides diplomatic support and Cuba serves as host for the negotiations.
For both, it serves as a humble reminder on a worthy anniversary.
It also serves as a community space, and offers healthy dining options.
Instead, he serves as its linchpin — something the unwieldy film desperately needs.
Red Hook serves as the point of inspiration for The Cold Wake.
He effectively now serves as the manager of Kasich's "Good Housekeeping" brand.
DeWitt, 2000, serves as the Detroit Fire Department's first-ever data scientist.
James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic, serves as an adviser.
He now serves as the Vice President for Communications at Seattle University.
She also serves as the vice president of the New Progressive Party.
She serves as artistic director for AITAF — and they seem perfect together.
The bathtub that he just had sex in serves as the stage.
For some ailing veterans, the delay effectively serves as a death sentence.
For the rest of the sensates, Nomi serves as an internet resource.
It serves as snacks to the full meal of our television audience.
Kustoff also serves as a member of the House financial-services committee.
The Statue of Liberty serves as a dramatic backdrop for both shows.
This serves as a warning to all public relations firm or consultant.
Where it leads, if history serves as a guide, is anyone's guess.
Price currently serves as a member of Congress representing Georgia's Sixth District.
At Citigroup, Tina Fordham serves as the firm's chief global political analyst.
Higgins also currently serves as the vice chairman of the Miami Dolphins.
She also serves as a Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Mickey serves as the shroom guide, there to facilitate a good trip.
Seacrest also serves as one of the executive producers of the show.
MORE (R-Ariz.) serves as chairman of the group's board of directors.
According to ScreenDaily, Headey also serves as executive producer of the film.
The Nest Guard serves as the hub for all of your devices.
It also serves as custodian for South African defence-related intellectual property.
The website often serves as a forum to criticize the oil major.
This information serves as the underpinnings for anomaly detection against a baseline.
Quirk and Friedman's book also serves as a manifesto for the movement.
Craddick now serves as in-house counsel for a health-care company.
She also serves as vice chair of the Head Start Policy Council.
She currently serves as the director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce.
Kenneth Quinn serves as the president of the World Food Prize Foundation.
For him, his distinctive bright gold helmet serves as his lucky charm.
He currently serves as both CEO and chairman of French carmaker Renault.
Joseph Hall, who serves as the U.S. Embassy's military attaché in Pakistan.
He currently serves as under secretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.
Hatch serves as chairman of the JCT and Brady as vice chairman.
We hope this serves as a helpful case study for aspiring founders.
A separate downstairs area of the home serves as Mr. Listfield's studio.
Andrew S. Oldham, who currently serves as general counsel to Texas Gov.
He plays the video game publisher, who serves as the film's villain.
He also serves as a Strategic Advisor to Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck.
She also serves as the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
Mulvaney currently also serves as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Today, Balyta serves as the President of Education Technology for Texas Instruments.
The director typically serves as the main science adviser to the president.
His account consistently serves as his go-to platform to make statements.
Charlottesville serves as a tipping point in the great American democratic experiment.
A rusted table covered in a lace cloth serves as an alter.
Joanna serves as the interior designer while Chip is the lead contractor.
He now serves as the vice president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums.
Mozzi also serves as the firm's CEO, according to his LinkedIn profile.
Michael McKee, a longtime tenant organizer who serves as the treasurer of
Anthony Daniels, who serves as the Democratic leader in the state House.
William Burke, who serves as the chief maritime officer for Carnival Corp.
Kearns serves as a pro bono advisor FarmLead on clean technology matters.
The center serves as a refuge for boys crossing the Mexico/U.
The GCA score serves as a rating cap on future flow transactions.
And now, their Saturday face-to-face serves as a perfect epilogue.
This picturesque ski town serves as a popular but pricey winter getaway.
Taxi Fabric serves as the perfect meeting point between these two spheres.
Aftab Pureval, who currently serves as the Hamilton County clerk of courts.
Sylvia Trent-Adams, a nurse who currently serves as deputy surgeon general.
Meanwhile, Gabi serves as an extension of his personality on the pitch.
Nearby, a small reproduction of Liu's photograph serves as a reference point.
One serves as the main router and connects directly to your modem.
He currently serves as the chair of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.
Bannon is Trump's chief strategist, while Miller serves as his policy adviser.
Paoletta serves as Pence's chief counsel, the top lawyer in his office.
All of this serves as important context for the EARN IT Act.
He also serves as chairman of the Aspen Institute's Cybersecurity & Technology Program.
The family's deck serves as a play area for snacks and coloring.
And the coronavirus pandemic serves as a teachable moment: We weren't prepared.
A recent seven-day period serves as a snapshot of that work.
He looks after the kitchen, cleans the toilet and serves as treasurer.
Its Instagram account serves as veritable proof that it understands its customer.
In Banal Presents the present serves as the grounds for critical intervention.
Vilda also serves as director of women's soccer for the national federation.
A third room on this level currently serves as a home gym.
Mr. Murdoch's oldest son, Lachlan, serves as the new company's chief executive.
It also serves as a campaign platform for Democrats ahead of 2020.
It also serves as a lounging area to visit with studio guests.
He also serves as Mr. Stern' s de facto manager and publicist.
As vice president, Mr. Pence also serves as president of the Senate.
She currently serves as the Met's deputy director for collections and administration.
Now, it serves as a tool to enhance, rather than to hide.
During the academic year, school serves as child care for many families.
Social media, though, serves as a pretty apt approximation for the Panopticon.
He replaces John Sullivan, who now serves as U.S. ambassador to Russia.
The other bedroom serves as Ms. Williams's office and a guest room.
She also currently serves as a fashion contributor for Good Morning America.
Anthony Brown of Maryland, who also serves as a campaign co-chair.  
Mr. Trump "serves as a factor that mobilizes Democrats," Mr. Henson said.
MLF now serves as a guide for the new LPR lending benchmark.
A large basement serves as a storage space and a utility room.
The movement serves as a political weapon in the caucuses and primaries.
She's a freshman journalism major who serves as the HU Resist spokeswoman.
A solution filtered from boiled, cracked horse chestnuts serves as hand soap.
Like any checklist, this one serves as a reminder of proper protocol.
Now, he serves as chief technology officer at 3D modeling company Matterport.
Isaac Brown serves as executive director of the Center for Methane Solutions.
He also serves as Chief of the New Jersey Bureau of Securities.
Sinatra, serves as Meme 2020's primary liaison with the meme community.
Its over-supply serves as an unspoken taunt to the hungry Kims.
For her, the branding serves as a reminder of her late husband.
"Both," Setoodeh, who also serves as Variety's New York bureau chief, responded.
Jim DeMint, who now serves as chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute.
If the challenge is in vain, the donation serves as a penalty.
My deaf right ear now serves as a repository for that earbud.
Santana now serves as a direct provider of fully assembled truck beds.
The president has defense lawyers, and the Senate serves as the jury.
At 20 years old, Gonzalez serves as a lawyer and volunteer firefighter.
The home serves as one of the settings for Cavallari's new E!
Mohammed's work serves as a powerful symbol of humanity's ability to persevere.
He also serves as the director of CCNY's international relations master's program.
She also serves as vice chair on the board of both companies.
He currently serves as counsel at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Los Angeles.
In short, Rao serves as President Donald Trump's czar for regulatory rollbacks.
Rosenstein now serves as the deputy attorney general in the Trump administration.
She serves as chairperson of the North Tryon Vision Plan Advisory Committee.
Can anyone believe this serves as an actual constraint on the EPA?
She also serves as a strategic adviser to the Campaign Legal Center.
He serves as the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Chouinard serves as the brand's CEO and led its push for sustainability.
She serves as Vice Ranking Member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.
Ackman is Howard Hughes' biggest shareholder and serves as the board's chairman.
McCollum serves as Ranking Member of the House Interior-Environment Appropriations Subcommittee.
She serves as curator of the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard University.
Rachel Hoff serves as the policy director of the Ronald Reagan Institute.
Watters also serves as a correspondent, producer and managing editor for
Philadelphia serves as the most recent and alarming example of this issue.
Okerstrom had replaced Dara Khosrowshahi, who now serves as CEO of Uber.
"My thoughts are two," Munger, who serves as the Journal's chairman replied.
Destruction serves as a backdrop, but within the frames, there's only life.
But this bill also serves as a setup for steep government cuts.
His brother, Knox Williams, serves as the association's president and executive director.
By negotiating this territory, she serves as a guide through contemporary civilization.
Another robot, iPal, above, serves as companion to older and younger users.
And, of course, visiting Naples serves as an extension of the books.
The remaining 35 percent cut serves as The RealReal's main revenue stream.
Your new album serves as a manifesto for a more virtuous Slim.
As a leader, Baghdadi serves as ISIS's chief executive and ideological head.
We talked earlier today with Lipson about the company, its challenges and working with his big brother Zach, himself a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Dutchie and today serves as its chief product officer while Ross serves as CEO.
The Echo Plus serves as a united hub for 100 different device makers.
Libicki also serves as an adjunct senior management scientist at the RAND Corporation.
Today he serves as the CEO of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
Kate was greeted by Herbie, a cockapoo who serves as the school dog.
The unique design and function of these roboguts also serves as a failsafe.
Bai said that Medicare pricing simply serves as a "useful benchmark" for comparison.
This expertly crafted, thoroughly entertaining documentary serves as a fitting tribute to both.
Zandberg also serves as chairwoman of the Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse.
He currently serves as the chairman of the Jim Henson Company in Hollywood.
Financial adviser Therese Nicklas serves as a model for her Boston-based clients.
Ansari serves as the show's writer and director, as well as its star.
The third reason is that academic freedom serves as an error-correction mechanism.
MI) and serves as chairman at trucks and tractor maker CNH Industrial (CNHI.
The match serves as a litmus test for the progress of machine learning.
Gillibrand currently serves as the junior senator from the state of New York.
"[Roastery] serves as a really unique laboratory for experimentation and exploration," Rothstein said.
A map, which serves as a sort of menu for the Fat Duck,
Neo-Western released this year—the sole Native American character serves as a
For oil traders, hedging data serves as a leading indicator of future supplies.
All great music, I think, serves as a method of emotional time travel.
This serves as another example of when you see something suspicious, say something.
In a region marred by conflict, hummus serves as a common culinary ground.
He now serves as the education sponsor and advocate in the Windows team.
The app launched last summer and serves as Google's answer to Apple's FaceTime.
This serves as your group's invitation to the puzzling, macabre world of Personas.
Current company/position: Silverstein now serves as dean of infrastructure at Khan Academy.
What Swiftmile offers serves as a win for operators, riders and cities alike.
Air travel serves as something of an equaliser for tall and short people.
Sia wrote a number of the film's songs and serves as executive producer.
The FCC is led by five commissioners, one of whom serves as chairperson.
Their names have been recorded on Pages of Testimony, which serves as tombstones.
Currently, Mahlock serves as deputy director of operations, plans, policies, and operations directorate.
Pros: Lightweight and breathable upper, super comfortable, serves as a great casual sneaker.
DelBene, who is little-known nationally, currently serves as a DCCC finance cochair.
Keith Ellison, who now serves as deputy chair in a still-divided party.
The central tab is called "people," and it serves as a phone book.
There's the funny sidekick who serves as both her accomplice and her conscience.
The evolution of his take on startup growth serves as an excellent example.
The app runs on video platform Snakt, where DeFranco serves as an adviser.
ONEHOPE offers beautiful packaging that serves as the perfect gift for any occasion.
Steve Scalise (R–La.), who serves as the House of Representatives' majority whip.
Sundar Pichai serves as CEO of Google, and Page is CEO of Alphabet.
Lee now serves as a board member, but isn't involved day-to-day.
On the strategic side, India serves as a counterbalance against a rising China.
Jeffrey DeLaurentis, Obama's nominee, currently serves as the US charge d'affaires in Cuba.
But if history serves as a guide, that could be about to change.
The Catholic church serves as a convenient foil for Mr Duterte's populist routine.
He also serves as the general director for the Switch as a whole.
Laurie Hernandez is 16, but serves as an example of how to represent.
She currently serves as deputy director and will also have to be confirmed.
The Huffington Post reported that the navel serves as a "repository" for scent.
That is why Greg serves as a bit of an anti-Jack Pearson.
Warner serves as the vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
It serves as a kind of digital art gallery devoted to his work.
It serves as an amazing kitchen TV if you're a YouTube TV subscriber.
Model Chrissy Teigen serves as the show's DJ, and she appeared equally tickled.
Priorities USA Action, the Democratic super PAC that serves as Clinton's main attack
Instead, it often serves as residents' entry portal to the internet in general.
A book called Idea Factory serves as a history of Bell Labs innovations.
The double-slit experiment serves as a foundation for our understanding of matter.
Chorley is on the board of directors; Baker serves as the executive director.
This suggests that, for unhappy men, masturbation serves as a substitute for sex.
It currently serves as an icon of the white nationalist alt-right movement.
Emin — the pop star son — also serves as executive vice president at Crocus.
She serves as president and founder of the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation.
Your VPN serves as an anonymous middleman that does your browsing for you.
Gender identity only serves as a fraction of the show's plot and characters.
In the U.S., the "OK" hand emoji serves as a symbol of agreement.
It also serves as a summary of everything that makes Green so useful.
Along with her other jobs, Brown currently serves as the reigning Miss Alabama.
He also serves as an advisor to energy-efficiency start-up Bluon Energy.
YouTube serves as the official live stream partner for this year's Streamy Awards.
Kyengé currently serves as the only African-born member of the European Parliament.
But it serves as a guide to his ideas for space policy reform.
He currently serves as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.
He serves as a senior fellow in constitutional jurisprudence at The Heartland Institute.
The case of the ancient city of Palmyra serves as an illustrative example.
Kishida now serves as policy chief of the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).
This serves as a restraint on unchecked spending and an overly broad investigation.
A square wooden floorboard, about 20' by 20', serves as a rehearsal space.
Crossley serves as the executive director of the United Kingdom Major Ports Group.
Glazier, who serves as senior executive vice president, has been promoted to president.
He now serves as the managing member of research and analytics firm Ospreylytics.
Besides the kitchen, there's a living room that serves as a common area.
Jon Huntsman Jr. (R), who currently serves as the U.S. ambassador to Russia.
Rachel O'Leary Carmona serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Women's March.
He also serves as a board member at a handful of small nonprofits.
Steil serves as the first vice chairman on the Rock County Republican board.
Trump's literalism serves as a useful indicator of the conservative movement's general health.
Livingston Avenue cuts through the township and serves as the town's main street.
Hopefully this serves as a useful case study for other founders and investors.
In addition, Kornfeld serves as a peer mentor to Recovery Without Walls patients.
He serves as the first vice chairman on the Rock County Republican board.
Your ISP serves as the conduit for everything you see and say online.
He is currently a chairman at the company, while she serves as CEO.
This serves as a formal introduction, to show respect, and to express gratitude.
Saha also serves as the center's union steward to the NWS Employee Organization.
He now serves as chairman of the US Department of Defense's innovation board.
Garland serves as the chief judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
The app also serves as a riding logbook and records specific ride statistics.
Unnecessary testing or treatment (called defensive medicine) serves as a safeguard from litigation.
Murdoch also serves as the executive chairman of Fox News and Fox Business.
Thomas Goldberger currently serves as chargé d'affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.
An incursion from the outside world, he serves as Will's double and rival.
Sellers, 34, signed with CNN in 2015 and serves as a political commentator.
Today, it serves as the official London residence of Prince Charles and Camilla.
He currently serves as the vice chairman of the bipartisan National Governors Association.
Fariello's former top boss, Rex Tillerson, now serves as the State Department's secretary.
Kildee serves as a co-chairman of the bipartisan House PFAS Task Force.
She also serves as co-editor of the European Journal of Development Research.
He also serves as executive editor of its publishing arm, The National Interest.
As they see it, Palestinian despair serves as a breeding ground for radicalization.
The commission also serves as a source of election-related information and data.
He now serves as the president of its lobbying arm, BGR Government Affairs.
"This mechanism serves as an important 'automatic stabilizer' for the economy," she said.
It has no road access but serves as one of the race's checkpoints.
Young serves as the most senior member of the House Natural Resources Committee.
The Martus experience serves as a sort of cautionary tale in Ball's eyes.
Instead of sustenance, it serves as a reward, celebration, or even a balm.
Perhaps more importantly, "Africa" serves as the intro to Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol.
Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, serves as a senior advisor to the president.
If those conditions are violated, incarceration serves as the next form of punishment.
One man serves as the most obvious antecedent to Del Rio: Eddie Guerrero.
It's portable, packable, and it serves as both social experience and solo escape.
Currently, Queen Elizabeth II serves as the face of Canada's twenty dollar bill.
There's a net beyond the leg rest that serves as a comfortable footrest.
The attack on Las Vegas serves as a stark reminder that evil exists.
There's a net beyond the leg-rest that serves as a comfortable footrest.
Blunt serves as the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee that funds NIH.
The groom also serves as a director on the Fairfield University Alumni Board.
So it serves as a proxy for other emissions that warm the atmosphere.
No state serves as a better metaphor for the 2016 election than Michigan.
Always, the blur serves as the mark of faith and doubt in painting.
He also serves as a board member of the North London Collegiate School.
The second-floor landing serves as an office; a half-bath is adjacent.
I hope it serves as a salve and tiny motor for moving forward.
The judge who convicted Lula, Sergio Moro, now serves as Bolsonaro's justice minister.
"This serves as a wake-up call," he said at a press conference.
It also serves as a reminder of unanswered questions about Melania's immigration status.
For other couples, the photo shoot serves as an extension of the wedding.
The base also serves as a training center for a pro-government militia.
If history serves as a guide, Mr. Gilbert's lawyers face a tough road.
Then there is Amy, Dan's wife, who serves as the book's emotional heart.
Stephanie Acosta, a Cuban-American artist, serves as its dramaturg and assistant director.
I pray that my missing finger serves as a constant reminder to me.
She serves as president of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR).
Martin created the Canyon de Chelly Ultra race and serves as its director.
Evdokiya Sakharova, 81, serves as an informal greeter at the sandy landing strip.
It serves as a reminder of what is at stake if we stop.
For directors like Ms. Kahiu, Cannes serves as a home for exiled films.
Through the rest of the day, this stark realization serves as a motivator.
A balcony off one of the bedrooms serves as a private exterior entrance.
It also serves as a symbolic gravesite for bodies that were never recovered.
Jack Lew, who was a top Citigroup official, now serves as Treasury Secretary.
One man, standing on another man's shoulders, serves as a third man's perch.
Levchin now serves as the CEO of Affirm, a payment platform he cofounded.
He currently serves as the Russian gas distribution company Gazprom mezhregiongaz's deputy CEO.
One location serves as a daily reminder: Point State Park, which is stunning.
The tax serves as a way to essentially punish people for their independence.
The memo serves as Trump's fulfillment of a ban he announced on Twitter.
Oasis also serves as an umbrella for other offshore investment vehicles they control.
Ivanka serves as an unpaid adviser to her father in the White House.
Mike manages the groups' business relationships and serves as the voice of reason.
The discussion serves as a critical step to bridge podcast analysis and writing.
Salesforce Tower now serves as the global headquarters for the cloud-software company.
Maxine Waters, the California Democrat who serves as ranking member of the committee.
It also serves as a way for people to connect with one another.
She also serves as the senior employment counsel in New York for Berluti.
Hunter serves as Williams' manager and is also a producer on her show.
Betsy DeVos currently serves as the secretary of the US Department of Education.
Whineray currently serves as the chief executive of energy retailer Mercury NZ Ltd.
Rapper and entertainment mogul Jay-Z serves as a brand strategist to Caliva.
Eli Lehrer serves as the president and cofounder of the R Street Institute.
Solomon currently serves as one of two deputy chief counsels at the agency.
That history serves as a reminder that impeachment is not a neat process.
Raymond J. Keating serves as chief economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.
Regardless, FanDuel's Bitcoin Bowl serves as evidence that cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream.
The black community of Chicago's Southside serves as a backdrop to the story.
Hardwick currently serves as legal counsel at Deputy, a workforce management software company.
In each case, transparency about corporate practices serves as a check on puffery.
The deputy, who serves as a school resource officer, has not been named.
Brown also currently serves as an appointee to Fairfax County's Economic Advisory Commission.

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