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"remorse" Definitions
  1. the feeling of being extremely sorry for something wrong or bad that you have done

936 Sentences With "remorse"

How to use remorse in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "remorse" and check conjugation/comparative form for "remorse". Mastering all the usages of "remorse" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Buyer's remorse is as old as capitalism, but online buyer's remorse is the essence of the 21st century and endlessly refreshed.
But buyer's remorse -- or, more accurately, source remorse -- isn't the same thing as raising substantive questions about specific details in the Woodward book.
In the intervening months since President Donald Trump was sworn into office, America has fractured into two groups: those with buyer's remorse, and those with just remorse.
Researchers find that juries are more likely to recommend the death penalty for defendants who are perceived as showing a lack of remorse — and innocent people don't display remorse.
McArthur never addressed the court nor did he express remorse.
Me being around him I sense his remorse for him.
Nessel says she expressed remorse in court for her actions.
A Charmander, with neither remorse nor respect for my belongings.
The FBI notes that he showed no remorse when questioned.
"They don't feel any remorse, they just feel the attention."
He told The Daily Camera that Wilkerson's remorse was genuine.
We've yet to see that elusive, perfect expression of remorse.
A child who bullied might express remorse but then relapse.
Sweeney says McIntosh showed no remorse during a police interview.
Cough up some remorse with a side of reusable content. 
And even at You've Got Mail's finale, Joe feels remorse.
It's been 20 years, but I still carry great remorse.
"It's a testament to his sincerity of remorse," Flood said.
"They have displayed no remorse or guilt," the figure says.
"Vice" has only the whiskey, served quietly, with extra remorse.
The lasting sentiment from the vote seems remorse, not resolve.
Filled with remorse, he sat on the ground and cried.
Two electronics revolutionaries collide on this subtle exploration of remorse.
But where is the space for real remorse and introspection?
Even so, he showed plenty of remorse for his actions.
I still have buyer's remorse about the bathrobe I chose.
Norma Peek remarked afterward at Mr. Jackson's lack of remorse.
With Seema, however, the reader discerns authorial restraint, even remorse.
But they have recounted their behavior with feelings of remorse.
Mr. Roof never demonstrated any public remorse for the attack.
But his White House speech indicated he has little remorse.
"I don't hear any buyer's remorse from them," he said.
Remorse is a purely personal matter, not a circus performance.
Yang admitted her guilt and expressed remorse, the report said.
The President will lie and twist the truth without remorse.
The judge was lenient, noting that he believed Papadopoulos' remorse.
Survivor's Remorse airs Sundays at 10 pm Eastern on Starz.
Questions of rehabilitation, remorse, and reform rarely received equal treatment.
"At least one of the teens expressed no remorse while being interviewed by detectives," Martinez said, claiming the fact that they did not report the incident to authorities further speaks to their lack of remorse.
Airs: Survivor's Remorse returns for its third season on July 280.
When Carol actually showed remorse about having to kill Paula.  21.
"He's never shown any remorse for what he did," Connor said.
She since has apologized and expressed remorse over her past record.
It looks like Verizon is feeling some buyer's remorse with Tumblr.
She leaves him to die, slowly, alone, with seemingly no remorse.
At worst, we're stuck with buyer's remorse over a nauseating splurge.
In an interview with ESPN over the weekend, Hunt expressed remorse.
The newspaper reports all three expressed remorse Wednesday and admitted wrongdoing.
"Bye," she added, without any hint of remorse in her voice.
FOR A MAN expressing remorse, Yang Seung-tae looked remarkably defiant.
"I have no remorse for whatever happens to Jenna," Phillip continued.
Filled with remorse and roundly vilified, Griffith's career never really recovered.
Throughout his trial, Roof made a point of showing no remorse.
But during a recent interview with the CBC, Jóhannesson expressed remorse.
"This complaint seems to be driven by seller's remorse," Tanzella said.
"No genuine remorse, no public accountability has been done," he says.
The White House on Thursday accused lawmakers of experiencing buyers remorse.
In my personal experience, impulsive purchases always lead to buyer's remorse.
However, Cardinal noted that Sidhu had expressed "profound remorse," Warick tweeted.
Chris Christie appears to be marinating in a stew of remorse.
Remorse is the only thing that can repair a fractured soul.
She's full of remorse, and Pierre is in full Duckie mode.
This isn't a bad man doing bad things with no remorse.
She attacked Aunt Louie and had Franklin robbed with no remorse.
She expressed no remorse for her behavior, instead charging that Rep.
Alere filed a lawsuit saying Abbott had suffered from buyer's remorse.
Once the deed is done, however, Judas is crushed by remorse.
I anticipate confusion, grief and buyer's remorse from this work force.
Buyer's remorse from voters who helped elect Donald Trump in 2016.
But he voiced remorse over repeatedly engaging in sexual discussions online.
He may also be experiencing a serious case of buyer's remorse.
He has expressed true remorse for his actions on that night.
They want to hear you acknowledge and express remorse for that.
A stark choral lament dovetails with Phèdre's overwhelming monologue of remorse.
Gornall looks back with remorse at his inattention to his son.
Among the primates, the most suggestive cases of remorse concern bonobos.
Griffin would not say if James showed remorse for his rant.
This will lower the likelihood of blown budgets and buyer's remorse.
Transcripts from his hearings show that he attempted to express remorse.
To avoid buyer's remorse, do more preparation and research, said McBride.
At that point, the gunman showed no remorse, Mr. Lea said.
Will there be a political backlash, a surge of buyer's remorse?
Yet Trump betrays not an iota of remorse or self-reflection.
"She shows remorse," said Anthony Cotton, one of Geyser's defense attorneys.
His entire campaign depends upon a pandemic onset of buyer's remorse.
With that immense wealth should come real responsibility—not token remorse.
When people make mistakes and express remorse, forgiveness is rarely denied.
He was still shaking his head with his nearly crippling remorse.
We were more like a clash Of unrequited like and remorse.
Rather than remorse, it offers his allies and supporters an excuse.
The killer has not expressed any remorse over the 20153 killings.
I get why it's tempting to take Manigault's remorse at face value.
Gregor Clegane is a fearsome, violent warrior with no capacity for remorse.
Interviewed after her arrest, Sutton showed "no emotion, no remorse," Dorris says.
The screenplay was filled with long, pensive silences and expressions of remorse.
During his confession, Ramos showed "no sign of remorse whatsoever," Chitwood said.
She said the students expressed sincere remorse for what happened on Saturday.
In fact, 261% feel buyer's remorse, compared to just 20% of boomers.
No conscience, no guilt, no shame, no remorse, no regret, no apologies.
Or, on the other side of the deal, it's called seller's remorse.
He was cooperative, police said, but showed no remorse for the shooting.
Priebe himself made a statement expressing remorse, according to CNN-affiliate WILX.
Save on this Fire HD 8 tablet, and avoid any buyer's remorse.
Finally, Roof "demonstrated a lack of remorse" for the cold-blooded killings.
"He never showed any remorse for what he had done," Salerno says.
Plus, the prices are so low you won't feel any buyer's remorse.
Asked if either Geier or Ishler had expressed remorse, Stock says, "None."
If Parker has shown any remorse, it has been awkward at best.
His remorse and apologies to the victims of his abuse are hollow.
That appeared to give $200 billion Verizon a case of buyer's remorse.
Trump never apologizes or acknowledges any sort of remorse or wrongdoing. 4.
"That man has no remorse for human life at all," he said.
The 21-year-old Daniels expressed remorse last year for his actions.
Harrouff also appeared on Dr. Phil and expressed remorse for his actions.
And Yuli has great remorse, and I appreciate that out of him.
This political season, he is muting and unfriending without guilt or remorse.
" He added, "I can tell you the killer showed no remorse whatsoever.
And for the city that "wins" the project, buyer's remorse will follow.
It's not the first time Stone has expressed remorse about the controversy.
"There's no buyer's remorse," the auctioneer, Dennis Alestra, announced through a loudspeaker.
McCoy also suggested Rose had no remorse about what happened that night.
Some teachers expressed remorse for the difficulties their students face at home.
Refrain from expressing regret or remorse and mentioning non-performance-related specifics.
Imagine if you displayed honest self-appraisal and even moments of remorse.
When he was suspended the first time, Robinson didn't have much remorse.
More specifically, it's an album about the feeling of remorse over loss.
But even when I thought they did, I didn't feel much remorse.
Watch the clip and listen closely ... it's more self-pity than remorse.
Parole officials remarked on Mr. Smith's apparent inability to expresss true remorse.
In the books, however, it's less clear that Theon feels such remorse.
Prosecutors cite Roof's "racist hatred" and said he had showed no remorse.
Afterward, Callaway expressed remorse and apologized to his players in the clubhouse.
It's Emma's remorse that tips the novel's final third into darker territory.
"The Lion King" is surprisingly frank about survivor's guilt, remorse and reflection.
In the long account of his life, Mr. Paddock never expressed remorse.
I feel a sense of remorse and a little bit of shame.
The next morning, I woke up with a headache and buyer's remorse.
It reflects a hardened adherence to committing crimes and lack of remorse.
The comedian admits the allegations are true and expresses his remorse. Nov.
The pardon office usually recommends pardons only after an expression of remorse.
Though Tim has admitted a degree of shame, he shows no remorse.
Or maybe they buy a poor quality item and experience buyers' remorse.
Breakingviews A spate of corporate deal remorse has left investors regretful, too.
We have a name for our erasing our mad purchases — buyer's remorse.
Now, however, Mr. Trudeau may be experiencing a bit of buyer's remorse.
Sick with remorse, Catherine aches for a do-over with her daughter.
When the alarm goes off at 203, the immediate remorse sinks in.
The man accused of killing my mother did not show any remorse.
Jose served time in juvenile detention and decades later expresses deep remorse.
During the court process, I saw no remorse or emotion from Angus.
Watkins addressed the court at her hearing Thursday, expressing remorse for her crime.
"Mel has showed some remorse over his past behavior," said a Gibson source.
Calling the crime "egregious," she noted Schroeder's lack of remorse as a factor.
The cheater has to feel some remorse and want to change their life2.
" Says Kevin: "When this was all over with, those guys showed no remorse.
Survivor's Remorse director Mahoney quickly established herself as a particularly urgent, clear voice.
"Overall, for this price, I really can't have buyer's remorse," said the writer.
"There's going to be a lot of buyer's remorse" in 2020, Wisconsin Rep.
A decade after the fight, speaking with Sherdog, he still had no remorse.
She added that Mr. Anger had not shown remorse for Mr. White's death.
"We haven't seen any sign of remorse right now," he told the station.
I just don't think he is someone who felt remorse for his actions.
She expressed remorse over the deaths, saying her target was only her husband.
Prosecutors charged, however, that Pistorius has not shown genuine remorse for the crime.
But in the absence of remorse, he did not deserve probation, she said.
Miyagawa bowed for 15 seconds to show his remorse for a late hit.
He expressed remorse that the controversy became a distraction from the Olympic games.
The abuser expresses remorse and may promise to never let it happen again.
"I would say this is an individual not capable of remorse," she says.
HTC's shown no remorse doing the same for its new flagship U-series.
What's actually quite predictable is Clinton's seeming lack of remorse and self-reflection.
Brexit's grisly first week, and the misery ahead, have already provoked buyer's remorse.
The officer, in a statement on Tuesday, publicly expressed remorse for the post.
But no sooner have they landed in Oahu than buyers' remorse sets in.
But, I asked my brother, would there be buyer's remorse, as with Brexit?
In the "BBC Newsnight" interview, Andrew expressed remorse over remaining friends with Epstein.
Those convicted pleaded guilty and expressed their remorse at the trial, it said.
"Survivor's Remorse provides a different perspective that people didn't see coming," says Ash.
This happened on Cutler's watch but she has never expressed concern or remorse.
And he has never expressed anything approaching remorse for any of WikiLeaks' actions.
The regrets and the remorse are—mostly—part of that game, I think.
In more than six hours of interviews, not once did he express remorse.
But Jackson, who is originally from Carrollton, Ga., will leave TV without remorse.
" On Friday, Walsh expressed remorse and apologized for saying "hurtful things about Islam.
But showing a bit of realistic remorse might help in more practical ways.
Now it appears that Verizon has a multibillion-dollar case of buyer's remorse.
Mr. Canunayon felt remorse about not honoring their wishes while they were alive.
Then, we feel huge buyer's remorse because we rushed into a bad decision.
Cruz's court-appointed lawyer said her client had expressed remorse for his crimes.
Before his sentencing, Mr. Baroni expressed remorse as he sought to avoid prison.
"I have in my heart the deepest remorse for my actions," he said.
At the same time, she added, Mr. Weinstein seemed incapable of expressing remorse.
Dad glares at Earl, and the 10-year-old's smile buckles into remorse.
Based on recent Google searches, it seems some Americans are having buyer's remorse.
That's what he said, and he felt remorse for the words he said.
"I have no remorse over supporting it," he said of the nondiscrimination bill.
The remorse and shame that I feel is more than I can convey.
He was also videotaped expressing remorse for soliciting prostitution and betraying the motherland.
Why didn't he apologize or express even a little remorse for his actions?
Implicit in their words of remorse is a question: Will you forgive me?
But at least in Hoover's case, there doesn't seem to be much remorse.
But for those of you who might get donation remorse, stop reading right here.
Roof, the prosecutor said, is capable of remorse -- but felt none for his crimes.
Pelosi expressed no remorse for her comments to The New York Times on Wednesday.
Morgan and Anissa responses are plain, distanced, matter-of-fact—and seemingly without remorse.
That's when I'll lay in a fetal position with remorse from the night before.
At the time of this writing, canine culprit Caliph appeared to show no remorse.
After being taken into police custody, Echartea showed "he had no remorse," Dyer said.
Or maybe at anytime, they can choose to attack you viciously and without remorse.
Furthermore, she said, remorse was "completely absent" from the presentencing submissions from his lawyers.
During the podcast, Hayes expressed remorse for the killings and denounced Mr. Komisarjevsky's appeal.
Eggert, 46, expressed remorse at Wednesday's press conference for not standing up for Polinksy.
"That was a very painful experience and painful accident," DJ Koh says with remorse.
Van der Zwaan's expression of remorse was "muted, to say the least," she said.
However, those who opted to Leave have stronger feelings of remorse about their vote.
Both his attorneys and prosecutors said that willingness to accept responsibility showed his remorse.
Prosecutors and relatives of Roy claimed Carter has not expressed remorse for her actions.
"More women come in, some are angry, some convey concern, some remorse," he said.
But it was his remorse for prior remarks to analysts that highlighted the call.
"He&aposs able to, honestly, express some remorse and shock about it," she testified.
Bamberger, a veteran from Ohio, has reportedly expressed remorse over shoving the woman suing.
No words can express our deep remorse in the face of such an enormity.
" She added: "I realized he had absolutely no remorse or sympathy for his son.
You know when they say you have a wedding then you have remorse afterward?
Even if the organization comments, it's unlikely that the editors would show any remorse.
He took away a day I worked years for and still has no remorse.
The market rallied on Thursday, and Jim Cramer said the reason was seller's remorse.
Arpaio was clearly guilty and hadn't done anything to demonstrate remorse or make restitution.
But underneath there's a profound lack of remorse, callousness and a lack of empathy.
The music community at large has widely mourned his passing with shock and remorse.
There is not a lick of remorse for what you did to this woman.
Millennial homeowners have a bad case of buyer's remorse, according to a new survey.
I am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the American people.
" She added: "I note with considerable concern that you have expressed no remorse whatever.
There is also some evidence of buyer's remorse on the cuts that already passed.
But at no point did Manafort express remorse for his actions — something Ellis noted.
Or Stephanie Clifford's incredible reporting in The New Yorker on a former cop's remorse?
"He apologized to those affected by the decision and tearfully expressed remorse," she said.
Even so, Craddock acknowledged that he felt little remorse about knocking off the amateurs.
I mean, some people, you may appeal to their sense of guilt or remorse.
Buyer's remorse has been known to strike people who've just purchased high-ticket items.
On Tuesday, from his hospital bed, Saipov seemed to show no remorse, authorities said.
Respondents who earn more than their partners more commonly feel remorse over combining finances.
Rummy was hated, and people hated the movie because he didn't show any remorse.
I think remorse is what you would call a derivative or a secondary emotion.
I stood on someone's sandaled foot and didn't even feel remorse when she winced.
Davis has expressed remorse and says that he has transformed while on death row.
"I cannot express deeply enough my remorse for what I have done," he said.
We must join in common effort without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancor.
The remorse still exists with online shopping; it's just deferred, with extra pain later.
"It was not so much remorse as a need to talk," Ms. Beaugé says.
They both went on to become model prisoners who expressed remorse for their actions.
A worm you'd happily tread on down the garden without a hint of remorse.
The authorities say Mr. Little displays no sign of remorse while discussing the killings.
After Epstein expressed remorse, Lloyd said, he accepted two grants in 20173 and 2017.
Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said on Twitter Schumer is incapable of expressing such remorse.
For those who sank money into Thomas Cook, all that's left is investor's remorse.
Ever sold a much-loved item and experienced the sharp pang of seller's remorse?
They are harmful to others without remorse — whether it be financially, emotionally, or physically.
She said she feels remorse and sorrow and regret, and begged to return home.
"It was obvious to everyone who was here — the remorse, the regret," he said.
Kenwright said Watts had expressed no remorse and given no explanation for her actions.
Maybe Chuck is going to reckon with remorse over how he has treated Jimmy.
This can induce a realm of emotions, including fear, worry, anxiety and even remorse.
Guyger's friend Maribel Chavez told jurors that Guyger felt "immense remorse" for killing Jean.
"He continues to deny his crime, and he shows absolutely no remorse," she said.
But he insisted his father's total lack of remorse allowed him to move on.
During the trial, Reichel expressed remorse and apologized for his actions, Deutsche Welle said.
It was a killing without a purpose, the Judge said, without mercy or remorse.
But they can be ruthless snakes-in-suits: they have a lack of remorse.
The central stack, for example, is terrific: BUYER'S REMORSE, PARODY ACCOUNT and MUSEUM EXHIBIT.
Mr. Harvey showed no remorse for his actions during his 1987 trial in Ohio.
Addressing the judge, Huffman expressed remorse, and said she had learned a valuable lesson.
" He added that the assignment was "culturally insensitive" and the teacher expressed "significant remorse.
Trump voters might be unwilling to admit out loud to buyer's remorse, he allowed.
Trump voters might be unwilling to admit out loud to buyer's remorse, he allowed.
While he has been cooperative, he's shown no remorse for the shooting, police said.
Japanese political leaders have expressed regret, remorse and apology for their country's wartime actions.
They showed little remorse for committing atrocious acts like torturing and dismembering their victims.
Do you feel any conflicted emotions or remorse about taking on Major League Baseball?
Defense lawyers say Edwards&apos remorse and efforts to change behind bars should be considered.
Occasionally, Hagatha had fleeting moments of remorse and tried to soothe our tears with treats.
So do the brothers feel remorse for the violent crime that resulted in their incarceration?
If you're starting to feel a little remorse kicking in, there is some good news.
Then the next day I'd feel empty inside and be filled with remorse and shame.
"From his responses, there's very little remorse – about anything," he said, according to WOOD-TV.
Roof, a white supremacist, was clearly guilty and has never expressed remorse for the killings.
I would, however, advise you to spend a little more now to avoid buyer's remorse.
In a letter from jail, he expressed his remorse for kidnapping the 13-year-old.
Several other organizations likely would have avoided some of the buyer's remorse they're currently experiencing.
We especially feel remorse for the impact on our fans and the game of baseball.
" On Friday, independent special counsel William Forsyth said Nassar's statements of remorse "were a farce.
You sit there with a blank face with no remorse and today is our day.
"If he was faking it or showing false remorse, this would come out," Cohen said.
Sheela, per her interviews in Wild, Wild Country, seemingly has no remorse for her actions.
Zellmer has never shown remorse for his crimes, his family said Monday, the Post reports.
In a statement, Timothy Piazza's father, Jim, said the accused largely have shown no remorse.
Remainers predicted that Leave voters would soon suffer from an acute case of buyer's remorse.
Correa, meanwhile, said he was "overwhelmed with remorse and regret" in court before his sentencing.
In court on Friday, Boucher expressed remorse and apologized to the Paul family, Baker said.
"He is still claiming innocence, which indicates that the defendant has no remorse," she said.
Throughout that incident, Moore expressed no remorse and said repeatedly he would "do it again."
An earlier version of this article carried an incorrect time for "Survivor's Remorse" on Starz.
" Athenahealth said it's "aware" Bush has "made amends" with Seldon and "has shown deep remorse.
The second time I saw Moreno-Ocampo express remorse was when I told him this.
After criticism, Wilson repeatedly offered remorse for sharing the article with a series of tweets.
If it seems like we made the wrong choice, then we feel regret or remorse.
When Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) killed Verna (Debra Mooney), for example, he wasn't overcome with remorse.
They'll kill and steal without remorse, doing whatever it takes to get what they want.
" Assistant U.S. Attorney John Neal said Rathburn's comments show that he has no remorse. "Mr.
He told the judge he is not a bigot and expressed remorse for his actions.
I really feel the remorse of this situation, I feel it deeply in my heart.
Today he expresses remorse for his invention — and is increasingly tired of the whole story.
Charando expressed remorse at the time that its mascot had caused problems for its hometown.
Remorse: That's the emotion that the passersby show when they refuse to stop to help.
Remorse: That's the emotion that the passersby show when they refuse to stop to help.
Or, if it couldn't be avoided, feeling deep remorse and performing some sort of penance.
Please do not waver and do not let him pretend remorse because he has none.
"Only then was I satisfied with H&M's apology and show of remorse," Carter said.
The Astros have apologized for the scandal and players have expressed remorse about the scandal.
Now, Mr. Iván is left with a deep-seated remorse for having not acted sooner.
Throughout the letter, Hernandez expressed remorse for his actions and asked for a second chance.
But it's anyone's guess if he will express remorse for his crimes, as Ellis recommended.
This is what he has created for himself, prison, lack of remorse, lack of accountability.
He became one of the few top Nazis to express remorse for the regime's crimes.
Cardinal Connell expressed remorse several times about the abuse and how the scandal was handled.
" Rotunno said Weinstein has "remorse for the devastation that even these allegations themselves have caused.
Barr said she feels "remorse" for the racist tweet she wrote about Jarrett last month.
MORE (R-Ariz.) also criticized Trump's pardon of Arpaio by citing Arpaio's lack of remorse.
"Not one single word of remorse," said a banner headline in The Mail on Sunday.
Before he was sentenced, Mr. Casado expressed remorse for his actions and asked for leniency.
Japan has extended its sincere apologies and remorse to former comfort women on many occasions.
In 1994, she wrote that she felt "enormous regret, sorrow and remorse" about her actions.
There are no words that would fully express my remorse for the pain I've caused.
President Donald Trump is having a case of buyer's remorse with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
AP: Do you have any regrets or any remorse about how this has impacted children, though?
Last year she told the daily Magyar Nemzet that she felt remorse over what had happened.
Buyer's remorse may be easy to remedy this holiday season — just remember to mark your calendar.
They're staring at their 2020 lineup and wondering whether it's a guaranteed recipe for buyer's remorse.
"Mel has showed some remorse over his past behavior," a source previously told PEOPLE about Gibson.
He showed no remorse for his past actions and did not renounce any of his writings.
In 2014, she joined the cast of the LeBron James-produced sitcom Survivor's Remorse on Starz.
But if you have any remorse in your body, in your soul, you will come forward.
Her brother, Waseem Baloch, later confessed to the killing in a video and expressed no remorse.
"A lot of companies have buyers' remorse when signing these contracts," says Kyle Harrison of BloombergNEF.
Knowles showed remorse when he pled guilty in May, apologizing and admitting he had done wrong.
But her statements show a remorse and contrition that are unfortunately rarely heard from public figures.
When I told him I had been in pain afterward, he showed no surprise, only remorse.
Akihito has repeatedly expressed remorse for Japan's aggression in the first half of the 20th century.
She said the teenagers' parents were "very disturbed" and some of the teens did show remorse.
It may also be associated with pathological eating, feeling out of control, remorse, guilt, and shame.
Cantaloupe said the teenagers' parents were "very disturbed" and some of the teens did show remorse.
"He would be able to express remorse and fashion a productive life for himself," she said.
After taking a trip in Ibiza, one clubber is coming home with some serious buyer's remorse.
When an agent asked if Stein had any misgivings about killing children, he expressed no remorse.
The biggest reason for buyer's remorse among millennial homeowners was unforeseen costs associated with their home.
It sounds as though the shame he felt all those years ago never turned to remorse.
As he stood alone at the train station, he was visited suddenly by feelings of remorse.
But Mr. Nel, who cross-examined Dr. Scholtz, suggested that Mr. Pistorius had not expressed remorse.
"My son was murdered in cold blood, with no remorse and no medical treatment," he added.
During the trial Manson and the women showed no remorse and often giggled during the proceedings.
For some players who did skip the Games, the decision did not come without some remorse.
But unlike Coleridge, he seems to have felt no real remorse, about this or much else.
The elephant in us can mispredict which purchases will make us happy, leading to buyer's remorse.
And that may come with a tremendous amount of remorse and accountability for what they've done.
We can't overstate the severity of President Trump's buyer's remorse from signing last month's spending bill.
His descent into madness is palpable, and seems entirely fueled by the jungle's lack of remorse.
But it was remorse for something that had not yet happened, and could not be avoided.
Goldman's lawyer said the bank had been diligent and that the Libyans were feeling "buyer's remorse".
The Minnesota Democrat and former comedian has expressed remorse and publicly denied most of the allegations.
He spoke to a television reporter about his remorse, hoping the Giglio family would be watching.
"Well, listen, grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse," he said.
Remorse also factors in, albeit in a way that does not let anybody off the hook.
In our personal lives, in our familial lives, we understand the importance of remorse and regret.
Mr. Visinescu showed no remorse at his trial and insisted that he only been following orders.
" Prosecutors argued that Weinstein's sentence should reflect his "lifetime of abuse" and "total lack of remorse.
They're supposed to be "better" people than Deadpool, but he's the only one who's showing remorse.
Prosecutors were pushing for a harsh sentence, claiming Weinstein had shown a total lack of remorse.
Far from exhibiting a sense of carefree detachment, three-fourths reported feeling grief, remorse and sadness.
She showed little remorse in court as she described wiping away fingerprints and burning her clothing.
Perhaps he was overcome with guilt and remorse and decided that he didn't deserve to live.
Teyonah Parris, Tichina Arnold, Erica Ash, Mike Epps, Jessie Usher, and RonReaco Lee on 'Survivor's Remorse.'
Last week, Trump all but greenlighted the ethnic cleansing of Kurds without an ounce of remorse.
If things don't work out, you can simply cancel your membership with virtually no buyer's remorse.
"I deeply regret my foolishness and I feel great remorse," he said, according to BBC News.
"We're supposed to measure remorse, but it's kind of hard to do that," he told me.
The key, they said, is for Zuckerberg to show remorse and let lawmakers have their say.
Judge Steven O'Neill characterized that stance as a lack of remorse, which factored into his sentence.
Mr. Arpaio shows no sign of remorse; to the contrary, he sees himself as the victim.
" "Tim has expressed remorse in a public statement and has also done so with us privately.
This is why she's using a disingenuous process argument to explain away the Democrats' buyer's remorse.
"Make sure you won't have a sense of remorse about what you're leaving behind," Hamrick said.
Louis C.K.'s expressions of remorse might have sounded persuasive, but his behavior exhibits no shame.
Fellow Europeans seem ready to accept that some British citizens feel a shared remorse about Brexit.
In that proceeding, where he faced potentially more prison time, Manafort expressed regret but not remorse.
There is no more tenuous comfort than that which rests on the possibility of another's remorse.
"Remorse has been part and parcel with my being since I've been in here," he said.
Although I was justified in not wanting to go to school, I felt a burning remorse.
Forgiveness can profoundly alleviate moral injury, and includes confession, remorse and recompense in its full form.
Wassel tells MUNCHIES he's further frustrated by the department's lack of remorse for its false accusations.
Photo: GettyYou can lead a drug company to public shame, but you can't make it feel remorse.
They let us know why and how they bought it — and if they have any buyer's remorse.
I'm still filled with sadness over his loss and remorse for my failure to reach out sooner.
Younger homeowners — millennials and Gen Xers — expressed the most buyer's remorse after closing on a new dwelling.
"His deep remorse is palpable, and the judge sentenced him considering that and his background," Runfola said.
In his arguments at the trial, Nel said Pistorius had shown no remorse for the 2013 shooting.
O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Underground) and actresses Tichina Arnold (Survivor's Remorse) and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Underground).
Those people know the difference between right and wrong and may feel no remorse for their actions.
Light and Mia make out and commit murder seconds apart, without an ounce of remorse or humanity.
But just because they are entering the housing market doesn't mean millennials are free from buyer's remorse.
In America, perhaps the most reliable one is that voters express buyer's remorse in mid-term elections.
Some tattoos reflect remorse: at least 22010 inmates have tattoos with variations of the phrase "Mother tried".
In interviews with The Verge, Dana expressed remorse that she hadn't shown Lila the chat logs sooner.
Diocese leaders responded to the report Tuesday with expressions of remorse for the victims, the AP reported.
For instance, research shows that remorse is not an accurate indicator of whether a prisoner will reoffend.
What was Christie looking at with such an apparent combination of remorse, longing and unfathomable soul-pain?
"I think that's commendable, and I think that speaks to his true level of remorse," Bruno said.
Emperor Akihito has repeatedly expressed remorse for Japan's aggression in the first half of the 20th century.
And although Harding continually denies her involvement in the scandal, she has remorse about the Kerrigan scandal.
But when it comes to the rest of her questionable fashion decisions, does Hudson ever feel remorse?
"When they acknowledge wrongdoing and show remorse, what should our response be?" one of Beam's sources asks.
"I did what I thought would make the biggest wave," Roof wrote, noting he had no remorse.
Ruth, who later in life took Goeth's surname, never showed any remorse except once, according to Hertwig.
ETE suffered buyer's remorse as gas prices declined in the months after the merger agreement was signed.
No matter what he says or how much remorse he expresses, it's clear that attention fuels Weiner.
I really wanted to avoid buyer's remorse on a purchase that would be pretty hard to return.
Nancy also choked up over Casey saying she has no guilt or remorse, and sleeps just fine.
Yet many of the younger people lucky enough to own a place still suffer from buyer's remorse.
"I want to pass on his deep, deep regret and remorse as to what happened," Rodriguez said.
Yet Hamm showed little sign of remorse on Tuesday, betting that oil prices will jump before 10.53.
Red does speak to Piscatella briefly, but he doesn't appear to have any remorse for his actions.
Grison felt remorse for betraying her boyfriend, and she asked whether he would be extradited to America.
But whenever I asked him about his crimes or whether he had any remorse, the smile disappeared.
Starz has the smart comedy "Survivor's Remorse," a fictional series about a young basketball star in Atlanta.
" The judge called the lies "blatant" and excoriated Mr. Libous as showing a "total lack of remorse.
The conclusion here is a simple one: Trump lies with zero sense of shame, guilt or remorse.
"I feel deep regret and remorse and I hope she can accept my sincere apology," he said.
GG seems different, Green says, because from the start she noticed a lack of remorse from him.
When someone shows instant remorse for something they've done wrong, that certainly should be taken into account.
Franken has expressed remorse and publicly denied most of the allegations, which started to surface last month.
He lamented that the defendant never once looked him in the eye with an expression of remorse.
But because of his "continuing refusal to accept responsibility and show remorse," they stood by their decision.
His face showed little emotion, even as he professed great remorse and deep shame for his actions.
It might also have prompted a little buyer's remorse for a few other members of the council.
It felt intense, beautiful; and it had something to do with my hard-earned capacity for remorse.
On Facebook, the Buildings Department mocked Mr. Hui's remorse in a post promoting renovations for dilapidated structures.
"I am full of remorse and regret," Mr. Zeigler, a retired firefighter, said in court on Tuesday.
He needs to do enough to avoid Democrats having buyer's remorse before the next round of primaries.
Mr. van der Zwaan, who served a 30-day prison sentence, expressed little remorse during his sentencing.
Numerous statements posted in a private messaging channel used by protesters expressed remorse and appealed for understanding.
But there are also other realities, including people who do these acts and who have enormous remorse.
I feel that I am rehabilitated with remorse and the realization of what I did was wrong.
Several suggested that Democrats had suffered from buyer's remorse by giving the CFPB director immense personal power.
In a jailhouse interview with The Sun Herald, Mr. Vallum said he felt remorse for the killing.
When I come up for parole, they're not going to hear me say that I have remorse.
Ellis told Manafort he was surprised he didn't hear him express any remorse for breaking the law.
And that's what he did, without apology or remorse, until it was politically necessary to express regret.
Maybe somehow, the shock, embarrassment and remorse of this accident could jar calcified regime thinking in Tehran.
The first film, "Without Remorse," will tell Clark's origin story, followed by a sequel, called "Rainbow Six."
Jackson signed Anthony, the team's leading scorer, to a handsome contract extension and suffered immediate buyer's remorse.
The white supremacist showed no remorse for killing nine members of a black church in South Carolina.
She likes to believe that their father too felt a rush of remorse the moment he leapt.
Many adolescents told us that they had feelings of guilt, remorse, or embarrassment about their suicidal crisis.
Mr. Bostic expressed remorse, telling the board that he had been hanging around with the wrong crowd.
Even if Gianforte thinks he is right, now is not the time to express anything but remorse.
The post-Thanksgiving slump is inevitable — it's an overwhelming feeling of after-turkey sluggishness and buyer's remorse.
Instead of remorse over a holiday season well spent, the best medicine may be a simple shift.
On Wednesday, the convicted men did not appear to show remorse for their actions, the prosecutor said.
He said he had been kidnapped and robbed by gang members and expressed remorse for his actions.
But humor aside, Ms. Andelman said she had no buyer's remorse, having long admired Mr. Cattelan's work.
Never once did you openly apologize or show any remorse to me, my wife or my family.
Jeffrey Zeigler said he has "full remorse and regret" over the incident last spring in Rochester Hills.
There was no remorse, there was no even acknowledgment of the type of behavior that was going on.
Ajin, who expressed remorse during his testimony on Tuesday, had served probation and paid fines for those incidents.
Relatives allege David understands the seriousness of the allegations but that Louise seems in denial, showing zero remorse.
The newspaper quoted prosecutors as saying that Nguyen&aposs prison sentence can be reduced if he shows remorse.
"Shkreli's email communications confirm that any remorse he may express publicly is a carefully constructed facade," prosecutors said.
Buyer's remorse will come for those who, having taken the leap, suddenly decide the evolution is too painful.
He said he was "sent by God to clean up the streets" and had no remorse about killing.
The silver lining is—regardless of whether they feel actual remorse—now they know what not to do.
Omar reiterated the remorse she feels for her comments last month—and the pain she knows they caused.
" When she learned that Haskell apparently didn't express remorse, Cassidy Stay said, "Only God can help me now.
Even if I could have afforded one, life's too short to live with that kind of buyer's remorse.
One set of problems are the collisions between unlike users, and the offense, outrage, and remorse that follow.
How do we explain to little girls the support for a presidential candidate who disparages women without remorse?
" He confessed the murder on video and expressed no remorse, saying, "I am proud of what I did.
The details are fuzzy but it sounds like he attacked this woman, and that he has no remorse.
Both had agreed to plead guilty, but a judge tossed their deals, saying they didn't show sufficient remorse.
For all but the most dedicated Apple loyalists, the new Apple TV is likely to inspire buyer's remorse.
Unlike the country's conservative politicians, he has consistently expressed "deep remorse" for Japan's wartime actions during his speeches.
She said Trump may not recover from that damage if he does not do more to show remorse.
In the years that followed, I often wondered whether his remorse was strong enough to overcome his past.
According to Gross, the father of the little girl hasn't expressed any remorse for attacking the good Samaritan.
When questions called for him to discuss his remorse, he cited all the weddings he missed while incarcerated.
The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has expressed "sincere apologies and remorse" for their suffering, which was appalling.
No LikeComing out less than a year after their predecessors they're sure to fill many with buyer's remorse.
Doing that research ahead of time will help avoid what you don't want: a case of buyer's remorse.
That Bush is back and brimming with remorse is a painful reminder that all publicity is good publicity.
In Turner's case, Judge Aaron Perksy noted that he thought the defendant expressed "genuine" remorse for his crimes.
FP did indeed kidnap him but it was Cliff who killed Jason with nary a hint of remorse.
Dickson suspects K-2SO's sass comes from Disney or Lucasfilm's remorse over making droids, essentially, slaves to humans.
The Attorney General has earnestly reached out to each of us to apologize and express his deep remorse.
"One of the great concerns to me is that you lack remorse," the judge said to Mr. Osborne.
The judges expressed remorse and said the White Castle brawl was an "isolated incident," according to court documents.
Even the smallest acts of remorse or kindness in an unlikeable person can feel like a massive shift.
Angie tells Leanne that she's "raped guys before," expressing remorse for what she and Leanne did to Chapman.
He at one point accused the former "fixer" of blaming others for his crimes and having no remorse.
They calculate that the experiment with Mr. Trump, if he loses, will trigger buyer's remorse within the party.
And "Survivor's Remorse," the basketball comedy with LeBron James as an executive producer, returns for a third season.
Assistant US Attorney Jane Kim said Sayoc "set out to terrorize people" and had not sufficiently shown remorse.
To the Editor: The people have spoken, but how long will it take before buyer's remorse sets in?
They simply gouge holes in it, without a flicker of shame or remorse, and see what wells up.
Deep down, I don't trust her because of the terrible crimes she committed and her lack of remorse.
The buyer's remorse felt by so many in the party establishment — including the pathetic #NeverTrump movement — went nowhere.
Dickey told a judge that the incident was a "complete accident" and has expressed remorse over the fire.
Michele Roberti, the carabinieri commander in Macerata, told local media that Traini had no remorse for the shootings.
After losing Bielfeldt, Beilein seems to have seller's remorse, and Albrecht is the one that's suffering for it.
Major News: A newly released statement from the Stanford rape survivor's sister questions Brock Turner's lack of remorse.
There is further remorse for those individuals — some he did not know — who worked hard to release him.
After all the favors the oil and gas boys did for him, he'd best not show any remorse.
The experience of shame, guilt, remorse and confession is supposed to bring about the prisoners' conversion and renewal.
He has shown little sign of emotion or — as Ms. Peterson said she kept hoping to see — remorse.
Raniere did not express remorse about his claimed role in DOS nor even admit to it to me.
If anything, it seems to be just remorse over the fact that Wunderlist itself will be shut down.
We are not done with life until we reconcile those things about which we feel shame or remorse.
In retrospect, I know what I did was wrong, but at the time, I didn't feel any remorse.
Nor, as he replied to a question he was often asked, did he feel remorse, in any case.
Despite the overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Mr. Martoma has never acknowledged any wrongdoing or shown any remorse.
Ronald dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police, knows the value of a public display of remorse.
The office suggests that usually, though not always, an expression of remorse for the crime committed is appropriate.
Ms. Flynn also said that Ms. Carter had shown no remorse, a statement that her defense lawyer disputed.
The knowing protection of lies is a lie itself, and will ultimately bring remorse or shame or both.
The prime minister embraced a hard Brexit at a moment when some people are finally experiencing buyers' remorse.
The interview was widely considered a PR disaster, since the prince showed little remorse for Epstein&aposs victims.
Some right-wing ministers welcomed the homecoming of Mr. Azaria, who has expressed no remorse for his act.
They said people should not forget that Mr. Velásquez had been a coldblooded assassin who expressed little remorse.
I want people to feel pride, shame, loss, gratitude, remorse, respect and everything else there is to feel.
In recovery, his depressions were severe, his remorse profound, the work of repairing the relationships he'd damaged unrelenting.
Missing out on Alibaba had also been a source of remorse for the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.
The court also said Choi, 30, "did not feel remorse after mass-raping drunken victims," the BBC reported.
They're going to ride the storm out and you're not going to see that buyer's remorse as much.
Prosecutors asked that his lack of remorse be considered when they render their judgment, most likely next month.
Yet Huffman's conduct following the exposure of these crimes has exemplified grace, contrition, remorse and acceptance of responsibility.
An article about his case last year quoted Ms. Jacobson's family criticizing Mr. Hawkins for showing no remorse.
He has expressed no remorse over his actions, instead seeking to strengthen his hold over the executive branch.
Gunn&aposs son and daughter testified against Griffin&aposs release, noting that he has not apologized or shown remorse.
The sources are saying that the suspect does not show remorse for the attack, that he is being cooperative.
Despite its heartfelt remorse, the university was fined £400,000 (about $500,000) for the miscalculation reportedly made on a cellphone.
I get the rest of my baked goods and head to work with lingering buyer's remorse about the smoothie.
Barriss has little remorse for the swatting — the day he was charged, he tweeted that he "didnt do shit."
Now, on the day after, residents of Virginia Beach faced the day with a mix of remorse and resilience.
Yet 68 percent of those feel buyer's remorse — almost double the share of Baby Boomers who say the same.
What if, when it's identified, the perpetrator doesn't apologize, or demonstrate any remorse or shame, and there's no punishment?
A court official said that Nguyen admitted to the violation and showed remorse, which resulted in a lenient sentence.
The actor's vocal remorse and lack of criminal activity may benefit her sentence, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Bloom himself commented in the thread multiple times Thursday, seemingly with no remorse for his actions or the accusations.
A pre-sentence report stated that she had no remorse for what she did, but Flint, her attorney, disagreed.
In other words, you shouldn't worry too much about buyer's remorse if you've been waiting to buy a Switch.
But the district attorney pushed for the maximum penalty, pointing to what he said was Cosby's lack of remorse.
"I hope that their parents impress upon them the seriousness of what they did and that they demonstrate remorse."
It is a perfectly crafted statement, designed to seem vaguely remorseful while simultaneously lacking even a modicum of remorse.
There is little evidence that Trump will show any signs of remorse about his style or about his policies.
Monte is a serial murderer and rapist who has no remorse for his acts of fatal brutalizing five women.
On last Sunday's episode, Kardashian claimed Thompson was full of remorse after the incident and even expressed suicidal thoughts.
On Wednesday, he told the judge that his client felt remorse for murdering Alina, according to the Post-Gazette.
On December 26th and January 1st, as the fog of cheese, chocolate oranges and champagne lifts, remorse creeps in.
Despite what Trump suggested in his Memorial Day tweets, Biden has expressed remorse for his "tough on crime" past.
Catherine Herridge, our own Catherine Herridge reporting the suspect did not show any remorse during an interrogation with authorities.
"They showed no remorse, no apologies, not anything, no 'sorry for your loss,' no condolences," Bush told the outlet.
In the season 2 premiere, we see the former carefree yoga teacher consumed by not only remorse, but resentment.
The reinstatement committee noted that the alleged abuser "displayed considerable amount of remorse over his actions" towards that daughter.
It felt filled with poignant moments of grief and remorse and honestly some shame - because who is that stupid?!
Those who opt for the evolutionary upgrades may quickly develop buyer's remorse upon seeing the more radically improved model.
The girls show no remorse as they write her mean notes and toss drinks on her at a party.
Emmerich recast Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest) and Jessie Usher (Starz's Survivor's Remorse) to play their parts instead.
"Why would I have any regret or any remorse when I've got nothing to be blamed for?" he said.
Thanos certainly seemed to feel remorse (within the limits of a CGI budget) when he, you know, murdered Gamora.
That really put me on edge because he has publicly said he has no remorse for what he did.
"   "I encouraged him to express what I believe is his sincere, personal remorse, and he did that Friday night.
A reflection perhaps of buyer's remorse from the previous election, the deck is generally stacked against the incumbent party.
So did Harwood feel any contrition, any remorse that he represented his network so poorly and with such partisanship?
Psychopathy is a disorder characterized by antisocial actions, excessive risk taking, egotism and a lack of empathy and remorse.
Federal prosecutors have said that Mr. Roof, 22, "expressed hatred and contempt towards African-Americans" and showed no remorse.
Every new attack — every Paris, Istanbul, Brussels — makes it harder to feel anything but remorse about urban holy warfare.
Now a few of his big donors are feeling buyer's remorse and asking that their campaign contributions be refunded.
People hear the word "narcissism" and they think self-involved, big ego, using others for personal gain without remorse.
Maliki said the coalition expressed remorse for "collateral damage to civilians" but did not specify the extent of casualties.
The general tone of many of the stories was that Prince Andrew didn't show enough remorse in his interview.
I have great remorse for all the men and women going through this crisis right now in our country.
He refuses because it would require that he sign a form expressing remorse for the rape he didn't commit.
" He would be expressing his remorse, they said, and using "his unique skills to assist his fellow New Yorkers.
He has spent much of the week offering defiance and remorse, and trying to hold on to his job.
Overcome with remorse, they brought about his resurrection every year, bringing with it spring and the regrowth of vegetation.
It suggested little remorse; she and others like her still believe in the poisonous ideas of the Islamic State.
Hiking in Aspen in the throes of remorse over his failed marriage, he pauses to read a Puritan prayer.
"I really feel remorse for this situation, I feel it deeply in my heart," Weinstein told Burke on Wednesday.
Sergeant Bergdahl has expressed profound remorse and admitted that he "made a horrible mistake" when he left his post.
"The expressions of remorse, even those made on his behalf, were somewhat muted, to say the least," Jackson said.
Weinstein, for his part, enters his trial with apparently little remorse for the acts of which he's been accused.
Whatever consequences I face for my actions today, none will be more hurtful than the personal remorse I feel.
You'll be able to clearly articulate, without guilt or remorse, your honest decision about the assistance you can provide.
As for Trump's wife, Melania, who Trump was married to during the alleged affair, McDougal expressed remorse and apologized.
"Tim has expressed remorse in a public statement and has also done so with us privately," the statement continued.
He's not an entirely admirable figure, and he doesn't cooperate with the authorities out of remorse or civic responsibility.
During the meeting, Korey also expressed remorse over some of her past actions, despite her decision to remain CEO.
Yes. I don't think there has ever been a real, genuine effort to show some sort of real remorse.
"When I come up for parole, they're not going to hear me say that I have remorse," he said.
As if we could replenish spirits quickly, pitching containers without remorse —who did we imagine would pick them up?
In court, Hernandez spoke of his remorse and how he failed the young fans who look up to him.
The rapists didn't express remorse and described themselves as "inmates" instead of offenders, often blaming their victims, Pandey says.
And without remorse and accountability from any party caught in a potentially compromising situation, it's only somehow going worse.
"He's got no remorse for anything he's ever done in his life," Ms. Reinemann, 50, said as she watched.
He ultimately gave it a glowing blurb, calling the stories "authentic and rare" after learning of Mr. Dawkins's remorse.
Is it possible, as this theory holds, to detect remorse — or any other emotion — just by looking and listening?
He destroyed the lives of more people than just his victims and never once shed a tear of remorse.
Wells, who was one of the field researchers, also noted a simmering "voter's remorse" among those they had interviewed.
During the interview she rehashed her life within the drug cartels and made it clear she felt no remorse.
Expressing remorse At odds with much Japanese behavior of recent years, ranging from Prime Ministerial visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, which enshrines war criminals among others, to whitewashing Japanese atrocities in school textbooks, Akihito has been expressing remorse and making gestures of repentance that convey Japan's contrition regarding the nation's regional rampage.
But the first step toward being forgiven is to show remorse and apologize, something to which Parker never fully committed.
"I feel no remorse from her and I'm glad we don't have to go through a trial," the mother says.
Also, brain trauma causes people to repeat themselves and have flat facial expressions, demonstrating a nervousness not indicative of remorse.
Thankfully, most of my drinks tonight are bought by the guys, so I don't have much remorse on that front.
" McCaw said Sorokin has shown "almost no remorse" during the trial and took "more seriously her clothing than anything else.
Drugs and alcohol reduced my inhibitions, so I didn't have a lot of remorse about eating ridiculous amounts of food.
Indeed, studies suggest as many as two-thirds of millennials who rush into property purchases wind up with buyer's remorse.
That decision could be further accelerated by a GOP that is now having a rather serious case of buyer's remorse.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also expressed remorse not just over Suzy's death, but her life in captivity.
Years after the shotgun slayings, do the brothers feel remorse for the violent crimes that resulted in their permanent incarceration?
For all her expressions of remorse, she had made it very clear that she did not "miscalculate" D.J.'s intellect.
An attorney representing Kane told CNN affiliate KYW that she has deep remorse for violating the trust of Pennsylvania residents.
It's possible that he doesn't feel remorse, or that the famously gaffe-prone candidate just hasn't found the right words.
Since then, Swarm has been trying to make amends with the FCC, and Spangelo has expressed remorse over the incident.
Brown's attorney, Joshua Tomsheck, tells PEOPLE that his client has shown remorse for the part she played in the abduction.
"It's essential that women know I hear them," his remarks read, amid expressions of what appear to be genuine remorse.
In the note, Lockhart "expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness," explaining that he "snapped" after the two argued, Armold said.
While some accused him of hypocrisy, other Democrats and political commentators commended Herring's honesty and genuine remorse over his actions.
It's insanely slow, and I have immediate buyer's remorse, but I don't want to go the entire week without email.
His conduct after pleading guilty "reflects a hardened adherence to committing crimes and lack of remorse," the special counsel said.
" His attorney, Phillip Beauvais, tells PEOPLE he "has shown genuine remorse for his actions and the death of his child.
"I think what we've seen in the United States Congress is a case of rapid-onset buyer's remorse," he said.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Gina Parlovecchio said Chapo deserved his life sentence and seemed appalled at his apparent lack of remorse.
Larry has stepped away from the Giants while cops and the MLB investigate the situation -- but he's also expressed remorse.
But, Wilder says only part of his split personality would feel remorse, and even then it's part of the game.
Because today the Nvidia RTX 212080 Super GPU starts shipping, and it's so much better you'll immediately have buyer's remorse.
At least one of the teens had "expressed no remorse while being interviewed by detectives," Martinez told CNN last week.
Still, this snap election should be another referendum on Brexit, which appears to have caused a lot of buyers' remorse.
"This hurts, but I don't feel an ounce of remorse coming from him, and that kills me too," he said.
The next day Nick Denton, Gawker Media's founder, had the post taken down and offered a rare expression of remorse.
It was a step that he said he had taken with absolutely no remorse, given the Democrats' efforts at obstruction.
Despite some Republicans expressing a sense of buyer's remorse about Mr. Trump, conservative Christians seem to be sticking with him.
Trump demands apologies anytime he is impugned but shows no compunction or remorse when he does the same to others.
Judges in Delaware, where any legal case would probably be heard, have typically been unsympathetic to companies with buyer's remorse.
And finally, a judge will often weigh whether a defendant has demonstrated an appropriate level of remorse for their behavior.
But you chose to take that from her, and you have shown absolutely no remorse for anything that you've done.
He's churning out hilarity as a writer on the STARZ comedy series "Survivors Remorse," which just premiered its fourth season.
That way you'll still get the rush from finding the best price—without having to worry about buyers' remorse later.
He could have left one of the great legacies, but he made a deal and now he has buyer's remorse.
Like Obama, Trump was talked into a "surge" in Afghanistan by the Pentagon, and quickly expressed buyer's remorse for acceding.
When he's finished unloading two clips into the now-dead Buress, Andre appears to have a moment of baffled remorse.
They're good at pretending to show remorse and appear to be progressing, even if there's no real motivation to change.
He immediately expressed remorse, but in a way that made it clear he was unaware of the way patriarchy operates.
Then, if you then found out they did die after you performed this ritual, you would feel no remorse whatsoever.
He expressed absolutely zero remorse at the death of Heather Heyer and championed the violence used by the alt-right.
New York GiantsOne thing to know: Is there a buyer's remorse in East Rutherford over the hiring of Adam Gase?
" Although his church opposes the death penalty, he acknowledged that Mr. Roof's lack of remorse had given him "momentary pause.
But Connolly continually returns to the final days, when Laurel broods, despairs and expresses remorse for a life gone wrong.
" The ruling said that Mr. Pistorius "displays a lack of remorse and does not appreciate the gravity of his actions.
In an odd public display of buyer's remorse, China's envoy to Switzerland has slammed ChemChina's $43 billion takeover of Syngenta.
Rafael Lacava of Carabobo State, one of the few officials who expressed remorse over the fire and promised an investigation.
To most Indians, however, it was an act of justice, especially because, unlike Dyer, O'Dwyer had never shown any remorse.
A spokesman for Charando, the design company that owns Chiitan, expressed remorse that it had caused problems for its hometown.
Paradoxically, had he been punished, after a finding of guilt, and shown remorse, you might have reason to show clemency.
" The poet, above, expressed remorse, too: "Treading anywhere close to blackface is horrifying to me, and I am profoundly regretful.
If anything, he felt an excess of remorse and culpability, convinced that targeted killings had very likely made things worse.
" Ivey spokesperson Gina Maiola told CNN that the governor also reached out to Alabama lawmakers Thursday to "express her remorse.
The gunman, who has been charged with capital murder, showed no remorse or regret when he was arrested, police say.
Ms. Brennan-Jobs may be experiencing a kind of author's remorse as her book makes its way toward store shelves.
Although she's received less-than-positive feedback, the newlywed said she feels little remorse for her outward affection toward Justin. 
Denying all charges, he showed no remorse, and uttered no words of regret for those who were killed or injured.
So far, the Astros' hitters, who were spared punishment from M.L.B., have shown little to no remorse for what happened.
Four people were killed and several injured, and Couch continues to show no remorse and blatant disregard for the law.
Rauner stood by his political ally for as long as possible and never showed remorse for profiling him so prominently.
He answered a number of questions regarding the article and expressed remorse for the piece and support for Mr. Trump.
Uber expressed remorse in a statement and that it would continue to improve the safety of its self-driving program.
I can't rewind and expunge my past actions, but perhaps I change who I am in my act of remorse.
The interview has led to near-universal condemnation for his specific denials of wrongdoing and his apparent lack of remorse.
Many graduates have expressed buyer's remorse regarding the cost of their education, according to a separate survey by Citizens Bank.
The remorse is so overwhelming, they then feel they need another hit (or click of the "add to cart" button).
" Assignment was 'culturally insensitive' The assignment was "culturally insensitive," Booker wrote, and he said the teacher had expressed "significant remorse.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it an act of terrorism, and there was a collective outpouring of remorse and empathy.
At his proceeding last week, he expressed regret for the situation he was in but no remorse for his crimes.
That accounts for a serial killer's lack of remorse, because they have little ability to empathize with others in pain.
Dickie Arbiter, who one worked as a spokesperson for the Queen, called out Andrew for failing to show any remorse.
Among other factors, the parole board will consider whether Mr. Simpson shows remorse and how he has behaved in prison.
While Mr. Kazdal had bought Nintendo's previous console, the Wii U, a few years earlier, he soon had buyer's remorse.
Mr. Bissonnette, he argued, had showed signs of remorse, had cooperated with the police and had surrendered after the attack.
Many graduates have also expressed buyer's remorse regarding the cost of their education, according to a separate survey by Citizens Bank.
Kim's take is that the only "remorse" Tristan feels is stemmed from his basketball career, which is suffering from the scandal.
Mahama on Friday ordered them freed after they expressed remorse in a direct appeal, said a government statement distributed on Tuesday.
Of all the defendants, Schultze provided the most comprehensive testimony to investigators and expressed remorse for his actions during the trial.
In a fable by Harry Mulisch, Sergeant Massuro literally turns to stone "from remorse" at his jungle atrocities in New Guinea.
In a statement provided to BuzzFeed News on Friday, C.K. acknowledged the women's stories were true and said he felt remorse.
BUYER'S remorse is often experienced in Silicon Valley by investors who plough money into risky startups only to see them fail.
While the lengthy letter by Dan Turner talked about his son's "true remorse," critics seized on other parts of his remarks.
Leaver remorse is strongest among those who didn't expect their side to win: one in ten of them regret their vote.
He also questioned the psychologist's claim that Pistorius truly felt remorse, saying that the athlete likely just felt sorry for himself.
Absolution and atonement require contrition and remorse for the harm caused, and that has been lacking in most of these cases.
" Lloyd's remorse suddenly gives way to conviction: "But at the time, I was just done, and needed it to be done.
There's also a bit of a grace period, just in case a few hours pass and you begin feeling deleter's remorse.
Before the sentencing, Manafort expressed no remorse but talked about how the case had been difficult for him and his family.
" Asked if she felt any remorse about denying her daughter a relationship with her father for 20 years, Barnett replied: "None.
The administration contrasted her case with that of fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden, saying Manning had stood trial and expressed remorse.
"In anything he has said throughout this entire process, he hasn't had any remorse for me," she said, according to WLWT.
It's the most remorse and self-awareness he's shown the entire series; but it leads nowhere and comes far too late.
But Trump has expressed no remorse for taking out the ads, which didn't specifically mention the so-called Central Park 22004.
Eubank Sr. has continually expressed the remorse and devastation he experienced after his fight against Michael Watson in Tottenham, North London.
You can easily spend a few grand, and industry-wide improvements come so fast that buyer's remorse is always a threat.
"You won't find much buyer's remorse around here," Mayor Alan Zavodny of David City, the county seat for Butler, told CNN.
Asked Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press" about the "Buyer's Remorse" book blurb, Sanders said the economy has improved under Obama.
BUT -- Marcellus says the 23-year-old HAS to show remorse in order to latch back on with another NFL team.
Speaking for the first time following the announcement, Carlson told The Washington Post that she feels no remorse for Ailes' outcome.
And he's a glamorous narcissistic vagabond that drinks all the time and never shows remorse or a hint of self-consciousness.
A probation report said he "showed no real remorse and seemed smug" in his interview and recommended he not receive probation.
"At least one of the teens expressed no remorse while being interviewed by detectives," Cocoa Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said.
And so we keep buying these new Things, seduced by their promises — and later often find ourselves saddled with buyer's remorse.
Muslims expect the offender to display remorse and directly request forgiveness from the harmed party so that justice can be restored.
Spencer asked Gersh, "What do I do?" and according to the suit, she expressed remorse about stoking turmoil in the community.
It's unclear if Childish Gambino is suggesting Yeezy has remorse over his support for Trump, but that's the way it seems.
Check. Extreme bar-hopping that ends with deep feelings of remorse and a pair of flip-flops that aren't actually yours?
"He expressed remorse for his actions, and he said he did not intend to harm the child," the police chief said.
Gregg's perceived lack of remorse (she didn't mention Harambe's death) in this Facebook post has garnered an outpouring of online hate.
Whether you need a brand-new bikini or 12, you can snag everything your heart (and closet) desires, sans buyer's remorse.
Protesters have expressed remorse after a peaceful sit-in turned violent at one of the world's busiest airports earlier this week.
The judge, Mr Justice Inman, said that Shakil showed no remorse and knew her son would grow up to join ISIS.
Blanton has never shown remorse or accepted responsibility for killing children, which alone should have disqualified him for parole, Jones said.
It's one of the first times Biden has publicly conveyed remorse about not jumping into the race to succeed President Obama.
According to the Washington Post, the 39-year-old has shown remorse for his killing and earned his GED in 2009.
Even though some of those investigations were known before the deal was signed, Abbott has since appeared to have buyer's remorse.
In 2016, right-leaning voters elected a president who would finally carry out their polices and do so without any remorse.
After watching the Mets thin their farm system to trade for him, some impatient fans were perhaps already experiencing buyer's remorse.
"We might be seeing a bit of buyer's remorse from yesterday," said Mike Bailey, director of research at FBB Capital Partners.
I mean, there are a lot of legal reasons she can't jump up and down in the courtroom and claim remorse.
"Breivik is quite simply a very dangerous man," Mr. Emberland said, adding that Mr. Breivik had shown no sign of remorse.
It's a nice respite from the zigzagging of blame and guilt and relief and remorse of the actual torrid separation experience.
But the other thing is narcissists and sociopaths lack remorse, are highly aggressive, and deceitfulness is one of their key characteristics.
We see no evidence of remorse or a change in culture — and we suspect that the art world does not either.
"My photographs are acts of eloquent homage and deep remorse about the city," Mr. Stettner wrote of his New York work.
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday voiced remorse for calling President Obama a "son of a b---h" the day before.
But there's a catch — they need the "four Rs of apology" to make it work — remorse, taking responsibility, recognition, and remedy.
At times Sloan expressed remorse over the bank's scandals, noting he felt "terrible" that some servicemen and women had been harmed.
But the judge also noted that Pell had abused his position of power and had shown no remorse for his crimes.
Both players eventually apologized, with Rudolph expressing remorse for his role in the fight, saying he should've handled the situation better.
Players express remorse The Astros had a team meeting about the issue Wednesday night, players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve said.
Dr. Friedgood came closest to expressing remorse for his wife's death in his final appearance before the Parole Board, on Nov.
Drejka, who is white, seemed to express little remorse for fatally shooting McGlockton, who is black, and denied being a racist.
"Mr Fognini accepts and will not appeal this decision and he has expressed remorse for his admitted misconduct," the statement said.
You contain me till death in a concrete box that measures only eight by ten and you expect remorse as well?
More than anything, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to express my remorse to you, your Honor, over this situation.
In the ValueInsured survey, 64 percent of respondents predicted that, if they did purchase a home, they'd probably feel buyer's remorse.
The Bills took issue with the play and called Landry out for a dirty hit, while the Dolphins receiver expressed remorse.
"Without Remorse" is directed by Stefano Sollima and is produced by Akiva Goldsman, Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, and even Jordan himself.
Sandusky told the court, "I apologize that I'm unable to admit remorse for something that I didn't do," the station reported.
Some members of the family had misgivings about talking to Mallin, but Cory and Ruby heard genuine remorse in her voice.
She is likely to be asked to express remorse for her role in the program — a potentially delicate balance to strike.
She noted that the defendant had a clean record but also that he had not expressed any remorse for the killing.
Ross Wilburn, where he delivered a similar message of remorse that Harris has not been able to stay in the race.
It came gradually, in spurts, as the wife demonstrated her remorse and trustworthiness, and the husband became better at opening up.
There has been a sense of "buyer's remorse" within the Obama administration about some of the deals, said a third lobbyist.
Mr. Fleury expressed remorse in a 25-minute video that was shown at the sentencing hearing on Monday, Ms. Puglisi said.
Because the thing about the year's apology marathon is that they all lack the one thing that makes sorry stick: remorse.
She added that apologies should be timely, and that the odds of forgiveness are much higher when people show genuine remorse.
Another defendant, Sukru Seymen, also denied a link to Gulen, but showed no remorse about playing a role in the coup.
On the 70th anniversary of Japan's defeat, Akihito expressed "deep remorse" over the war, a nuanced departure from his annual script.
When asked by Chandra about the time he pushed the kid down the stairs, Naz doesn't demonstrate remorse or even regret.
While the actual Wolverine died, his spirit — the strange amalgam of vengeance, remorse, homicide, and humanity — was still around in the comics.
At the end of the video, Knight spoke dearly of his brother, Eric, whom he seemed to express remorse for treating badly.
The American Immigration Council and several other advocacy groups have demanded meetings with DHS, but as Feliz says, "We've heard no remorse." 
Relatives say David understands the seriousness of the allegations but that Louise seems in denial, showing zero remorse for her alleged crimes.
McFarland told the court that he felt a crushing remorse for his actions, according to a Vice reporter present for the sentencing.
Unlike Trump-loving evangelicals, with whom conservative Catholics cemented a political alliance in the 1990s, the bishops appear to have buyer's remorse.
The results could be traumatic — some old nightmare gems still linger on YouTube — and buyer's remorse was a feature, not a bug.
With jet black armor and a fiery red lightsaber, he killed without remorse and stood by as an entire planet was annihilated.
"That man has no remorse," said Tommy Davis, who lost his son, nephew and brother in the explosion, CNN affiliate WSAZ reported.
And looking back on it, Julie and I have some remorse that we didn't even understand how to treat it more seriously.
It's hilarious the way Iggy confesses to his shady behavior almost immediately, with absolutely no remorse or awareness that it was shady.
They said Rahimi has "failed to show remorse" and has tried to radicalize fellow inmates with Islamic State and al Qaeda propaganda.
"Meng Hongwei made final remarks, and admitted guilt and expressed remorse to the court," the official People's Daily said of the hearing.
"I kept the pressure on like in movies and he died," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, with no sign of remorse.
"He has shown no remorse and continues to conceive conspiracy theories out of each new mass shooting," they wrote in a Dec.
"You have the mother of his child, and the child himself that he is responsible for and showed no remorse," Mascara said.
The court said it was more like Terrence had "buyer's remorse" -- and he had other options besides signing on the dotted lines.
Testifying before a Senate subcommittee, Kirby expressed remorse for the way United booted passenger David Dao off a packed flight last month.
"To this day even though she admitted her involvement she shows no remorse and takes no ownership of the baby," Hildenbrand added.
" When asked if Carlson, 50, felt any remorse or regret about Ailes' decision to leave the network, she gave a firm "No.
But prosecutors and family members said after the hearing that Couch has never apologized for anything or shown any remorse to families.
Read MoreCramer: Market filled with 'seller's remorse' But just because the market likes value, doesn't mean all value stocks are worth owning.
Imagine that same manipulation in a restorative justice program setting where the offender fools college administrators and the victim with fake remorse.
Testifying before a Senate subcommittee, Kirby expressed remorse for the way United booted passenger David Dao off a packed flight last month.
" Sharpe asked ... "He's shown no remorse, he's shown no willingness to change his behavior ... but you believe it and that's the problem.
"His offenses are just so egregious, and he has shown no sign of remorse," she said of McCarrick before he was defrocked.
"There is no remorse or contrition shown by the offender," Newcastle Court Magistrate Robert Stone said of Wilson in emailed sentencing remarks.
John McCain, who said the move undermined respect for the rule of law because Arpaio had shown no remorse for his actions.
"Remorse extinguished every hope," Victor says, in Volume II, Chapter 18223, by which time the creature has begun murdering everyone Victor loves.
"I wanted to make the smartest choice every step of the way," 46-year-old construction worker Huang Liexian said with remorse.
Many college graduates have also expressed buyer's remorse regarding the cost of their education, according to a separate survey by Citizens Bank.
Mr. Pistorius, the judge said, had shown genuine remorse in trying, repeatedly and unsuccessfully, to apologize in person to the victim's parents.
The judge said Mr. Pistorius had shown genuine remorse in his repeated, unsuccessful efforts to apologize in person to Ms. Steenkamp's parents.
" Press is host of "The Bill Press Show" on Free Speech TV and author of "Buyer's Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down.
"A statement of remorse is only as good as the change in behavior that follows," said the head of one leading organization.
Jim Jordan (Ohio) said Cohen was already turning back on his claims of remorse for actions he took as President Trump's lawyer.
Craig told the press on Monday that the officer, Sean Bostwick "expressed remorse" for posting the photo and said it was misinterpreted.
A person who just wants a really good laptop that balances power, price, and design so well you won't have buyer's remorse.
SunEdison had a case of buyer's remorse while the TerraForm Power board openly talked of trying to get out of the deal.
Mr. de Kock had expressed remorse, cooperated with the authorities and helped victims to track down the remains of their loved ones.
You wouldn't be wrong it you considered these songs full of reflection and remorse to be their own subgenre within his discography.
Ending a relationship is certainly not about immediate gratification and my decision came with uncertainty, which compounded into remorse, guilt and depression.
In the summer of 1981, he wrote to the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, reflecting with remorse on the atomic bombings there.
" In his statement on social media, Mr. Liu apologized to his wife, Zhang Zetian, and said he felt "deep regret and remorse.
Because they don't really believe in Trump's belligerent nationalism and racist conspiracy theories, we keep expecting them to feel shame or remorse.
Cosby, meanwhile, has remained silent, declining to testify during the trial, speak about the allegations, or show any remorse for his behavior.
"Meng Hongwei made final remarks, and admitted guilt and expressed remorse to the court," the official People's Daily said of the hearing.
"I was struck by her honesty and her absolute feeling of responsibility and remorse for those crimes," she wrote of Ms. Wright.
I believed it as a central moral principle as a soldier and an officer and felt deep remorse and turmoil for decades.
While none of us can truly read the heart of another, I have doubts about how sincere this brilliant woman's remorse is.
"Mea culpa" voters, Mr. Emanuel said — those who did not turn out in 2016 and feel remorse over the resulting Trump presidency.
Contrary to the film's implications, Mr. Kennedy immediately and forever after felt deep remorse and responsibility for the accident; it haunted him.
Furthermore, the Applicant has been a leader in these activities for decades and has shown no regret or remorse for his actions.
" The parole board turned him down, writing in its decision that Dennis was "still in denial" and "does not voice any remorse.
Buying a house is often the biggest purchase a person will ever make, so it's natural that many experience some buyer's remorse.
In a series of interviews this week from a sprawling camp in northern Syria with her infant son, she expressed deep remorse.
His attorney, Brian Legghio, said his client felt "profound remorse" and was going through an "ugly divorce" when he committed the crimes.
When the Alere deal was announced, and shortly thereafter, Abbott has expressed a lot of buyers remorse, Jefferies' analyst Raj Denhoy said.
After one of his "panel reviews," immigration officials denied him release on the basis that he showed insufficient remorse for his crime.
The only analog I have for that kind of buyer's remorse is when I order the Filet-O-Fish sandwich at McDonald's.
First, we have a president who says politically incorrect and vulgar things with regularity and has no shame or remorse about it.
No one has driven by the cinema where it had stood and not felt just a tremendous pain and pang of remorse.
Hebert expressed remorse about the incident and agreed to meet with local ministers to improve his department's relationship with the West End.
" He added: "The museum is the victim in this case, and I would expect very different behavior from someone who shows remorse.
And he is, indeed, riven with remorse, courtesy of a new bit of back story that's likely to enrage the Christie faithful.
His expression of remorse — written in a letter from jail — and the mosque's forgiveness and subsequent advocacy for him, inspired my Aug.
Earlier Wednesday, Mr. Stein had sent an email to the board expressing his remorse and suggesting any missteps would not happen again.
He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people's vanity, ignorance or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.
But the judge said she believed Patten's remorse was genuine and said she credited his substantial cooperation with the special counsel's office.
Even Joe Biden recently expressed remorse for his tough-on-crime legislation against crack cocaine in the 1980s, which disproportionately affected African-Americans.
"Li voluntarily gave himself up and has strongly expressed remorse, " the court statement said, adding that the victim's family had accepted civil compensation.
And of course, the day after, just like with drugs and booze, there was the comedown, filled with shame and remorse and confusion.
He admitted killing these innocent and well-liked people, and never once expressed any remorse or offered any rational justification for his acts.
I did this with nary a shred of guilt, remorse or any greater thought beyond that of the loot at my quest's end.
Armold said Lockhart "expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness" in the note, as well as explaining that the two had had an argument.
"I believe he has remorse, I believe he can come back, I just want him to talk about it on stage," she said.
Business comes second, and yet, as there is no groundswell of buyer's remorse, she still seems to be sniffing the political wind correctly.
And while Jair shows some signs of remorse and uncertainty during his conversation with Jenny, he maintains that it is for the best.
At his sentencing last week before US District Judge T.S. Ellis III, Ellis said he was surprised that Manafort didn't express more remorse.
This includes the guilt, remorse, and mental anguish that many police officers and soldiers experience after even the most justified acts of killing.
But Warren soon had buyer's remorse as an energy slump deepened, and wants out without having to pay billions of dollars to settle.
" Patterson wrote that he had "huge amounts" of remorse and regret for the things he did, adding, "I can't believe I did this.
Recently the son finally made a tearful confession in a video program because he has been eaten alive by remorse all these years.
Nearly every single respondent told him there wasn't anything they would have done differently, except for a small handful who expressed some remorse.
Artist's conception of newly discovered galaxies / ICRAROur thieving Milky Way stole a bunch of stars from unsuspecting galaxies—and it feels no remorse.
That described "a highly impulsive individual" who "has difficulty controlling his urges and emotions" and "seldom feels a sense of guilt or remorse".
"Throughout his criminal career, this defendant has not shown one shred of remorse for his crimes, and you heard that today," Parlovecchio said.
That way, you're less likely to have buyers remorse for buying something that you didn't actually want in the first place, Luken says.
"In family and small businesses you'll often hear about 'seller's remorse,' " he said, noting that sellers haven't figured out what they'll do next.
In a prior statement provided to TechCrunch, Didi expressed its "deep remorse" at the incident which it said it has "undeniable" responsibility for.
The key to happiness is limited choice (watch this Ted Talk, you'll thank me) and I was seeing buyers remorse in my future.
But certain people do feel remorse — like Sheela's insider Jane Stork, who was convicted of attempted murder and served three years in jail.
Dragging it out of the box I suffered some serious buyer's remorse, and my roommate slowly chopped her parsley and glared at me.
Police marched Waseem Baloch in front of a news conference on July 16, where he confessed to the killing and showed no remorse.
Turner's lack of remorse and buck-passing were notable throughout the process, as he blamed peer pressure and party culture following his conviction.
Having had hilarious turns on shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Survivor's Remorse, "I'm blessed," she shared of her 35 years in Hollywood.
Read More Cramer: We have scars from the Great Recession The market rallied on Thursday, and Cramer said the reason was seller's remorse.
"Despite his indicated remorse, make no mistake about it — this man is a monster," he said in a news release, the Herald reports.
At the same time, those who opt for the evolutionary upgrades may quickly develop buyer's remorse upon seeing the more radically improved model.
At times Sloan expressed remorse over the bank's scandals, noting in particular he felt "terrible" that some servicemen and women had been harmed.
Cote said she was "affected by the degree of remorse" Gonzalez showed in a statement she read to the court through an interpreter.
"We had a report of him being seen this morning," Bartholomew says, noting Valentine expressed no remorse for the violence during their conversation.
"I think there are a lot of suburban Republicans who voted for Trump who feel buyer's remorse and feel guilt," he told me.
The department's command staff was immediately directed to contact Valenti, who expressed remorse and had already taken the post down, the chief said.
That does not mean every violent criminal who expresses some remorse or who seems a changed man or woman should soon go free.
Whether it's weekly Thai takeout or an air purifier you never took out of the box, most people have buyer's remorse about something.
Judge Pangalangan noted five mitigating factors: Mr. Mahdi had admitted his guilt, cooperated with prosecutors, shown remorse and initially advised against the demolition.
On Wednesday, he summoned Kim Martin, a cousin of Ms. Steenkamp's, to testify about what the prosecution contends is a lack of remorse.
Yet America or the Democratic Party may suffer some buyer's remorse if the candidates don't have a deep, detailed debate about foreign policy.
" On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter summed it up in blunt terms: "Nate Parker's Failed Media Tour: Anger, No Remorse and Oprah's Advice Ignored.
Some level of buyer's remorse -- particularly among Democrats -- who believe that had Biden run in 2016, he would have easily beaten Donald Trump.
One of the most powerful themes that emerges from the story is the power of remorse and the difficulties of dealing with it.
At the same time, high-level former employees are publicly repenting or expressing remorse for their role in making these companies so powerful.
Freak accidents or the results of the behavior of others tend not to generate as much remorse as one's own actions and inactions.
Via all this antisocial behavior, they display what psychologists have always assumed was an inability to feel guilt or remorse about their actions.
I posted a throwaway joke about buyer's remorse, and within an hour someone had messaged me asking if I wanted to sell it.
"For years, Russia has violated the terms of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty without remorse," Pompeo said, speaking from the State Department.
The site's advice — plan now and avoid buyer's remorse — seems pretty basic, but it can work for anyone who shares some millennial characteristics.
"An apology is a statement of remorse, regret, and responsibility and essentially proves a case for medical negligence," authors of one study write.
These feelings must now include remorse for the trauma he inflicted on his granddaughter when he yelled at her in the previous episode.
Experts do not believe any remarks from him will approximate remorse because his team has already announced his plan to appeal his conviction.
One shouldn't have a second chance after committing crimes like these no matter how carefully one rehearses a long-delayed statement of remorse.
In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI apologized with "shame and remorse" to the victims of decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland.
" However, it's not all bad from Pence ... who continues, "I am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the American people.
Details of Fields' interactions with law enforcement and his mother have offered a muddled impression of whether he felt remorse for his actions.
The one time when Cunanan's eyes suggest remorse comes when he sees his fragile mother being hounded by reporters outside her California home.
Though he has spent much of the past week offering remorse to his family, he has denied ministerial misconduct and refused to resign.
And the president has shown no remorse for the ways his rhetoric has helped bring alt-right anti-Semites out from the woodwork.
But the news that it was Brent Taylor was soon all over Utah, relayed in expressions of remorse by politicians and civic leaders.
Mr. Heger's lawyer, Nicole A. Kettwick, said that while he feels remorse over the videos, he disputes Ms. Teeson's characterization of their marriage.
Mr. Cataldo said that for legal reasons, his client could not express remorse in court, particularly if her conviction is overturned on appeal.
On its website, the firm said that the parents had shown "true remorse" and had taken full responsibility for their lapses in judgment.
Emotions among the survivors ran high -- and spiked further when Judge Aquilina received a letter from Nassar showing a complete lack of remorse.
Now that he is in over his head amidst a maelstrom of data-mishandling allegations, Facebook's regular shareholders should be feeling buyers' remorse.
Still, he accepts some responsibility for his actions, and says his cooperation with investigations in the US and UK come from his remorse.
Before his execution, Mr. Williams expressed remorse for his crimes, which left four people dead, and apologized to the families of the victims.
But where there has been ample punishment, proof of rehabilitation, acceptance of responsibility and genuine remorse, the door of mercy must remain open.
But as soon as Jackson jumped in to question Stone, he began to contradict his explanations for the post and for his remorse.
The sentencing combined with Manafort's failure to express remorse sparked immediate speculation about the possibility that Trump could pardon his former campaign chair.
In a subsequent review, they denied him release on the basis that his expression of remorse was merely a "tactic" to get released.
What was meant to be the creation of an energy giant quickly collapsed into recriminations and a bitter fight fueled by buyer's remorse.
The financial crisis accelerated the shift, with banking plummeting from "mid-table mediocrity to relegation-threatened remorse" in the trust league, Haldane added.
Israel media reported Netanyahu as saying Israel had expressed remorse over a shooting at its Amman embassy last summer that killed two Jordanians.
And then Joe, in a rare moment of honesty with himself or anyone else, admits to Henderson's murder and to feeling no remorse.
On Tuesday, Mr. Buhari said he regretted the error, and Nigerian military officials also expressed remorse, acknowledging they had targeted the wrong spot.
Even if Verizon has buyer's remorse, it is going to have a hard time walking away from this deal as a legal matter.
In the end, the jaw-dropping interview saw Andrew, 59, show no remorse for his links with Epstein or sympathy for Epstein's victims.
That was part of the idea when we started putting this together, just to try every silly or stupid idea with no remorse.
Wyatt, who's Cosby's only visitor, added that the convict doesn't feel any remorse for what he did to Constand, or for anything else.
Unanimous jury sentences Dylann Roof to death after he showed no remorse for mass murder in South Carolina church Unanimous jury sentences Dylann Roof to death after he showed no remorse for mass murder in South Carolina church A unanimous jury sentenced Dylann Roof to death for killing nine black churchgoers as they attended Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina, in June 2015.
It seems that there is going to be considerable remorse and regret among those who voted for Brexit without really understanding what it meant.
" The office also says that when considering applications, "pardon officials take into account the petitioner's acceptance of responsibility, remorse, and atonement for the offense.
When Kim confronts Kanye about his family-changing proclamation — and reminds him they have a fourth baby on the way — he shows no remorse.
Wade ruling has repeated itself in many other cases in which courts rewrite the Constitution to fit their own desired policy goals without remorse.
We can also overlook the reality that Mayweather has never shown real remorse or admittance despite being found guilty in the case of Harris.
Far from showing any remorse for personally destroying the FBI's reputation for trustworthiness and impartiality, Strzok is acting as if he is beyond judgment.
Karen McDougal, the ex-Playboy model claiming to have had an affair with Donald Trump, is expressing her remorse to First Lady Melania Trump.
He also seems entirely at home in his milieu, even as he is troubled from time to time by stirrings of compassion or remorse.
At this early point, a few of our Leave respondents expressed voter's remorse, while others still felt bullish about Brexit's potential benefits for startups.
" In a statement the day before, McMillan wrote that "the students involved have expressed deep remorse and voluntarily came forward to report their actions.
He feels no remorse, he said, for ripping off credit card companies and banks, but he is sorry for fooling people who befriended him.
He wrote a forward for a book that basically argued voters should have buyers' remorse when it comes to President Obama's leadership and legacy.

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