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"purchase" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, countable] the act or process of buying something
  2. [countable] something that you have bought
  3. [uncountable, singular] (specialist) a strong hold on something with the hands or feet, for example when you are climbing synonym grip
"purchase" Synonyms
buy procure acquire score take secure earn obtain patronise(UK) patronize(US) redeem pay for pick up invest in come by get hold of shop for snap up deal in take up gain get realise(UK) realize(US) achieve attain cop win land bag shop hunt look market go shopping buy things buy what one needs do the marketing do the shopping get in supplies look to buy stock up window-shop acquisition investment order deal goods acquirement asset bargain holding item merchandise shopping possession property booty steal addition accretion purchasing buying procurement ordering procuring securing acquiring getting obtaining consumption buys spending transaction errands browsing bargain hunting supermarket run grip hold foothold footing grasp support toehold advantage leverage anchorage attachment friction resistance fingerhold lever firm contact firm footing traction adhesion stability absorption adherence stress suck suction adhesive friction physical resistance tractive force drag contact takeover buyout coup incorporation merger amalgamation combination annexation occupation overthrow tat change of ownership gaining of control change of leadership coup d'état request booking requisition application demand reservation commission call contract engagement sale shipment purchase order agreement compact covenant pact treaty settlement arrangement bond convention negotiation trade business business matter business activity proceeding undertaking proprietorship possessorship control title claim dominion use hand deed piece slice cut having proprietary rights gaining achievement attainment profit getting hold of winning appropriation realization(US) accomplishment fulfilment(UK) completion consummation fruition fulfillment(US) stake interest share stock ante portion capital concern expense finance interests involvement money savings capital invested money invested financial interest More

848 Sentences With "purchase"

How to use purchase in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "purchase" and check conjugation/comparative form for "purchase". Mastering all the usages of "purchase" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Starz, iTunes (for purchase only), Amazon Prime (for purchase only), Google Play (for purchase only), FandangoNOW (for purchase only).
Among these are AOL's purchase of Time Warner in 2000, Sprint's purchase of Nextel in 2005, Microsoft's purchase of aQuantive in 2012 and Hewlett-Packard's purchase of Autonomy the same year.
Pier 1: Buy More, Save More: Save $303 off $100 purchase, $40 off $200 purchase, $100 off $500 purchase through June 18.
Here are a few examples of how airlines handle the Visa: -Southwest: $50 – Purchase online & delivered at the gate -JetBlue: $50 – Purchase at gate -Delta: $50 – Purchase at gate or through mail -United: $75 – Purchase at gate -American: $85 – Purchase online & sent via regular mail -Frontier: $110 – Purchase online & sent via regular mail Do yourself a favor and don't stay in a hotel.
Used it both as it was built, but also manipulated it and the purchase of information, the purchase of posts, the purchase of ads, the purchase of whatever that was going on, paid for with rubles in, yeah, exactly.
""Sorry @Steelers fans, it is 'What is the Louisiana Purchase, the Louisiana Purchase.
The monthly purchase limit is £20,000, with a yearly purchase limit of £50,000.
If you purchase it, you purchase their opposition research, I guess it's okay.
Bank of America uses the Mortgage Bankers Association Purchase (MBAVPRCH) index, which tracks mortgage purchase applications for single-family homes, to monitor for lower mortgage purchase activity.
Additionally, you may get purchase protection or an extended warranty on a big purchase.
Making the purchase (more accurately, making my mom make the purchase) signified my transition.
You can purchase immunity from prosecution, but you cannot purchase immunity from a pandemic.
For better purchase and travel protectionsMany credit cards offer certain purchase and travel protections.
Take Mastercard's $920 million purchase of most of Vocalink, First Data's $750 million purchase of CardConnect, Vantiv's earlier purchase of Paymetric or JPMorgan's takeover frenzy as just some examples.
Fortune first reported the UStream purchase and reports peg the purchase price at $130 million.
Workers often can purchase company stock through their employee stock purchase plan at a discount.
Post-purchase rationalization is when we overlook an expensive item's flaws to justify the purchase.
An overdraft fee of $35 on a $100 purchase would quickly become a $135 purchase.
The $1 million cost included the instrument's purchase and its installation, not just its purchase.
Available for purchase and rent on iTunes or purchase on Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.
Domestic purchase transaction fees are zero; purchase transaction fee for countries inside the European Economic Area is a reasonable 250%, and the international purchase transaction fee is 2000% per transaction.
When customers make a purchase, the bot will remind them of cardholder benefits, like purchase protection.
Bangladesh's cabinet purchase committee approved the purchase on Wednesday, its food minister, Qamrul Islam, told reporters.
Purchase protectionSometimes you make a big purchase and it turns out to be lacking in quality.
Both cards offer purchase protection of up to $10,000 per item within 120 days of purchase.
Before you make your investment purchase, ask yourself if you can afford to make the purchase.
" That document describes Edison as providing "consumer purchase metrics including brand loyalty, wallet share, purchase preferences, etc.
You do not owe any taxes when you purchase company stock through a qualified employee purchase plan.
The idea is that the more Coins you purchase, the more you'll save on the purchase amount.
Purchase perks and protectionsWhen you make a purchase with this card, you get additional insurance and protections.
Purchase protectionThe Amex Platinum has one of the best purchase protection policies of any major credit card.
The "Gift With Purchase" Sometimes, gifts are worth it — especially if it's a nice surprise with one purchase.
Starting Thursday, residents have needed to purchase masks with their IDs and can only purchase two per week.
If you purchase the Pixel 3 at Best Buy, you can get a $103 gift card with purchase.
Instead of seeing a dollar amount associated with their purchase, app developers show the purchase amount as coins.
Travel and purchase protectionsBoth cards have no foreign transaction fees, and their travel and purchase protections are similar.
You will need to provide proof of purchase, and claims must be made within 30 days of purchase.
While few people purchase their groceries online right now, more shoppers are switching to purchase goods that way.
In order to succeed, you purchase properties, avoid bankruptcy, and generate rent so you can purchase more properties.
Assault weapons were prohibited for civilian purchase from 1994 until 2004, when the law banning their purchase expired.
Through a permit-to-purchase system, an individual seeking to purchase a gun must first obtain a permit.
"That way, every time you consider making a purchase, you'll consider how that purchase translates into physical money."
If you're not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year of purchase, except for outdoor electronics, which must be returned within 90 days of purchase.
The purchase set a record for a property sale in California, eclipsing Lachlan Murdoch's $150 million purchase last year.
Similarly, your score will go up if you purchase local agricultural products and down if you purchase Japanese anime.
The purchase reinforces the view that modestly-priced property stocks are still worth investing, despite Beijing's home purchase restrictions.
Post-purchase rationalization is when we make ourselves believe that a purchase was worth the value after the fact.
Analyst Joseph Spak of RBC Capital said the upgrade option will cost $8,0003 at purchase or $9,000 after purchase.
Purchase protectionIf you buy a new valuable that becomes damaged or lost, you can take advantage of purchase protection.
If you need to make a big purchase, you should also consider using a card with comprehensive purchase protection.
He also flagged Google's acquisition of the Apture, Amazon's purchase of Blink, and Facebook's purchase of Beluga and Gowalla.
There will be three free decks to choose from, and users can purchase additional decks for an in-app purchase.
Just be aware: you can't go and crack your screen and then purchase AppleCare+ thanks to this new purchase window.
The research was deemed relevant to both GE's purchase of LM Wind and Siemen's purchase of wind turbine maker Gamesa.
But the software is a separate option that costs $2,500 at purchase, or $3,000 as an after-purchase add-on.
Purchase homeowner's insurance for the propertyIf the property is being financed, you will need to purchase homeowner's insurance before closing.
Hunt down a last-minute airfare on SkyscannerThe Purchase Eraser should work for any airline, hotel, or travel agency purchase.
This card would be my choice to make a mattress purchase anyway, since it earns 23% back on every purchase.
"I'm not sure EHS staff understands that parents purchase the dresses that are available to purchase in stores," Vittitoe wrote.
Instead, Amazon will offer a direct stock purchase plan, which usually allows an investor to purchase stock without a broker.
The most recent large-dollar purchase was GM's purchase of self-driving technology startup Cruise Automation for $1 billion in 2016.
"If you were planning a large purchase six weeks from now, you may want to make that purchase today," French said.
Cisco grabbed seven companies in 210, including a $22017 billion purchase of Jasper Technologies — its highest-profile purchase of the year.
That can have consequences for your home purchase if the purchase overlaps with your engagement or occurs shortly after the wedding.
The model assumes that the $250 purchase comes with free shipping, which is fairly typical for a purchase of that value.
The album was available to purchase for a matter of hours before West pulled the ability to purchase it on Sunday.
At Fandango, "there has been a shift from day-of purchase to advanced purchase," according to Harry Medved, a company spokesman.
When you purchase this Charity by Design bangle, 20% of the purchase price will be used to fight AIDS via (RED). 
Some people actually purchase an Ikea sofa for the first time because of the opportunity to purchase a cover from Bemz.
Companies like Sephora are also utilizing Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers in the purchase and post-purchase phase of shopping.
But the purchase is a head-scratcher for a Wall Street analyst, who said the sizable purchase sends a puzzling signal.
Or when you make a purchase, and it doesn't go through text or call your bank to thumbs-up the purchase.
Available to purchase: Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu Available to stream with subscription: HBO Go, Netflix Available to purchase: YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Available to purchase: YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Available to rent / purchase: iTunes, Amazon Video Netflix search suggests: Three other Christmas movies that star Mickey, which probably are fine.
The government limits the services both programs can purchase and, as we'll see, often produces or reprices the services both programs purchase.
You can only purchase the watch with bitcoins, and the transaction ID for the purchase will be engraved on the bezel's edge.
If you purchase an item from one of his stories, he may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase.
You may also miss out on potential warranties and purchase protection if you use cash to make an expensive purchase, McBride says.
Aluminium giant Norsk Hydro will purchase power produced from the site through a 19-year fixed volume corporate power purchase agreement (PPA).
Instead, they've helped airlines increase ancillary revenue as customers purchase things like seat assignments, or choose to purchase a standard fare instead.
Evaluate the purchase of a stock the same way you'd evaluate the purchase of a house, a car, or even a dishwasher.
Upon texting, you'll receive texts or emails that ask you to purchase an Amazon gift card for the amount of your purchase.
Then they gave some participants $40 to spend on a material purchase, and others $40 to spend on a time-saving purchase.
As for purchase protection, you are insured up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per account up to 120 days after purchase.
Parents can purchase the smaller, individual packs as stocking stuffers or opt to purchase bigger sets that come with more surprises inside.
ICD has undertaken and shall be unconditionally and irrevocably obliged to purchase the outstanding portfolio on the maturity date and/or following the occurrence of a dissolution event pursuant to the purchase undertaking deed and the relevant ICD purchase agreement.
Leandro Erlich: Port of Reflections continues at the Neuberger Museum of Art (Purchase College, SUNY, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase) through July 30.
Livement hopes to fix that by allowing people to not only purchase tickets online, but also purchase concessions within stadiums through an app.
The refund purchase program is now the only way to buy paper savings bonds; otherwise, you must purchase electronic versions of the bonds.
Look, if a substance is legal to purchase, then I should be allowed to purchase as much of it as I so desire.
While the links to purchase the beverages aren't currently working on Torti's site, they are all available for purchase on Great Wine Direct.
Eloquii: Take 50% off your entire purchase, get a free $353 credit toward your next purchase, and enjoy free shipping with code CYBER.
"Congress has plainly stated its unhappiness with the planned purchase, imposing sanctions via CAATSA for the purchase of Russian defense equipment," she added.
They develop a plan for a cost-effective purchase and long-term conservation management before making the acreage available for purchase on
The game works like this: players continually purchase "keys" as a timer counts down, with each key purchase adding time to the clock.
For example, in most places, when you purchase a book from a local store, you expect to pay sales tax on your purchase.
One who responded did not want to discuss his purchase and another hung up on a reporter asking questions about a recent purchase.
The Swiss company this month announced the purchase of Canadian vitamin maker Atrium Innovations for $2.3 billion, its fourth purchase in recent months.
UPDATE 4/24: Tidal has now put the album up for purchase, available with the film for $17.99, and you can purchase here.
There is no purchase more ridiculous than the purchase you will make when your paycheck and your period arrive on the same day.
According to the sale-purchase agreement, the purchase price for LNG is indexed to the monthly Henry Hub benchmark price, plus a fee.
This was the most expensive purchase this year, according to eBay, and also served as the most expensive charity purchase on the site.
Just make any travel purchase with the card like usual, then log into Capital One to reimburse yourself for the purchase with miles.
Applications to refinance a home loan and purchase a home fell sharply, with those applying to purchase falling 11 percent for the week.
He has already purchased a $31.5 million ad campaign purchase, the most expensive purchase of any candidate in one week of political advertising.
Purchase protection and extended warrantiesThe Capital One Spark Miles and Capital One Spark Cash offer the same purchase protection and extended warranty coverage.
Chinese Laundry Use the promo code "LBRDAY" during check out to get 5% off your purchase of $75 or more, 25% off your purchase of $100 or more, and 30% off your purchase of $150 or more, from August 28 to September 4.
"We urge all law enforcement officers to boycott the purchase of Beyoncé's music and the purchase of tickets for her performances," the statement read.
While Conditt's skirt likely won't be available to purchase any time soon, those feeling crafty can still purchase their own stickers by the thousands.
Earlier this month the Swiss company announced the purchase of Canadian vitamin maker Atrium Innovations for $2.3 billion, its fourth purchase in recent months.
The deal will see Aramco purchase the 0003 percent stake in Sabic held by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund in a share purchase agreement.
The financial leverage ratio was 9% as of 1H17, reflecting purchase GAAP accounting and the resulting write-up of equity to MYL's purchase price.
Additionally, there's an array of Sanrio merch available to purchase and the lucky first 50 customers will receive an extra-special gift with purchase.
Given that a call purchase is a bullish trade, and a put purchase is a bearish one, buying both may sound a bit odd.
And if you purchase extended coverage, your owner's title insurance policy may even cover title issues that surface after the purchase of your home.
Perhaps this would help Tesla convince consumers ready to purchase a decked-out Nissan Leaf to fork out the difference and purchase a Tesla.
Canada announced earlier this month that it would scrap a $5.2 billion purchase of new fighter jets from Boeing and purchase Australian jets instead.
Such mass-appeal ads are less potent on the internet, which allows marketers to target people whose spending habits are tracked purchase by purchase.
Possible compromises include approving a relatively small bond purchase scheme without changing previously established purchase limits, to avoid stirring up a legally contentious issue.
So if you earn 250% on a $2000 purchase, that $21 is not extra income but considered a $22 rebate on your $13 purchase.
"We saw a 2.7 percent increase in government purchase applications, which contributed to a decrease in the average purchase application loan size," Fratantoni said.
Other private-equity backed deals include WaterBridge Resources' purchase in August of EnWater Solutions, and Goodnight Midstream's purchase this summer of infrastructure in Texas.
There's a phenomenon called "shopping momentum," which occurs when a purchase provides a psychological impulse that encourages you to purchase a second, unrelated product.
The surveys can help identify possible reasons that crowdedness affects purchase likelihood, after matching the purchase records and measured crowdedness from the field data.
But when it comes time to complete a purchase, Instagram will send people to the purchase page on a retailer's mobile website or app.
Those include Facebook's $19 billion purchase of the secure messaging service WhatsApp and $1 billion deal for the photo-sharing platform Instagram, as well as Google's $3.2 billion purchase of the smart-thermostat maker Nest Labs and Amazon's $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods.
Bezos' purchase eclipses the last record set in the Los Angeles area — the $150 million purchase of the Chartwell estate by Lachlan Murdoch last year.
Sure, Samsung had its own tablets and watches, but it was Apple that was able to build loyalty, convincing customers to make purchase after purchase.
As the interest rate sunk to six, five and four percent, the purchase of land rose to twenty, five-and-twenty, and thirty years' purchase.
Slice's research confirmed Dollar Shave's dominance, but noted that Harry's customers spend more per order ($17 per purchase) than Dollar Shave clients ($7 per purchase).
Though Kennedy defended the purchase, other Obama-era officials were more critical, questioning why such a purchase was made when the agency faced budget cuts.
We expect more of the same so make sure you have your account set to 1-Click purchase and Alexa enabled to purchase for voice.
The VRDP purchase agreement requires the liquidity provider to purchase all VRDP Shares of the applicable series tendered for sale that were not successfully remarketed.
Purchase and travel protections As a premium American Express card, the Business Gold card comes with a wide range of travel insurance and purchase protections.
Chase Offers earn you cash back — usually in the form of a percentage of your purchase — at participating retailers when you make an eligible purchase.
For the purchase of 200,000 common shares * Manila broadcasting co -the total purchase price is 200 million pesos Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Second, all Amex cards that offer purchase protection will offer this for up to 90 days from the item purchase date, down from 120 days.
Once the purchase posts on your statement, log in to your account, select that purchase, and use points for a statement credit to offset it.
Alternatively, customers who used Peloton's financing service to purchase their equipment could include with their purchase a prepaid subscription lasting one year to 39 months.
Regardless of your place of purchase, your application to purchase a firearm will be sent to the state's Department of Justice for a background check.
Because people will no longer have to purchase health insurance, they may no longer receive tax credit subsidies for insurance that they do not purchase.
Silicon Valley's deals are under the microscope US regulators already scrutinized big tech deals like Facebook's purchase of Instagram and Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods.
Source: First Insight First Insight surveyed 750 participants in the U.S. on their shopping habits, purchase behavior, discount expectations and influences that drive purchase decisions.
It also limits the amount of drug any one person can purchase and it requires individuals to present a photo identification to make the purchase.
There are some products I want to buy, but I cannot figure out how to purchase the items, or if they are even for purchase.
Even though that fast fashion purchase was far from my norm, it really shook me to feel like my purchase was implicated in that tragedy.
Alexandria White | CNBC If you click on one of the latest transactions, in this case my purchase at Posman Books, you see more detail on the purchase, which includes Daily Cash earnings: Alexandria White | CNBC Click on the arrow next to the amount of purchase and Daily Cash earnings to view the same information as above, plus the time of purchase and the status (pending or approved).
The cap table includes factors such as shareholder information, ownership position, rights to purchase additional equity in the future, vesting schedules, voting percentages and purchase price.
Legal fees, prescribed by the Barbados Bar Association, are between 1 percent and 2 percent of the purchase price, with 1 percent on higher purchase prices.
The report found parents would be involved with 25 percent of all U.K. property purchase this year, making an average contribution of £17,500 for each purchase.
In another change that may have been aimed at addressing criticism of its asset-purchase program, the BOJ tweaked its exchange-traded fund (ETF) purchase plan.
Reuters reported that the share of direct bidder purchase was the largest since July, while the share of indirect bidder purchase was the smallest since July.
Visible also has plans to support the Pixel 3a/3a XL (both BYOD or for purchase), and the Moto G7 (purchase only) in the coming weeks.
Eloquii: Take 503% off your entire purchase, get a free $100 credit toward your next purchase, and enjoy free shipping with code CYBER on November 2017.
From the lawsuit (emphasis ours):Newegg issued fraudulent purchase orders for the purported purchase of home theater personal computers ("HTPCs") and other goods manufactured by Moneual.
Reuters reports that this purchase of Panera Bread Co. by JAB Holdings is the biggest restaurant chain purchase ever to take place in the United States.
All 12 songs and the full film are available, with individual tracks up for singular purchase and the visual component only with a full album purchase.
" Apple says Spotify is trying to remove its in-app purchase option in favor of sign-up feature "intended to circumvent Apple's in-app purchase rules.
Find your purchase APRIn order to calculate the interest you owe on any leftover balances on your credit card, you'll need to find your purchase APR.
You may be required to put down a down payment to purchase your car — that's the initial lump sum of cash you're putting towards the purchase.
Customers will first have to purchase a Never Ending Pasta Pass and check an opt-in box for the Lifetime Pasta Pass before completing their purchase.
The law's requirement to purchase insurance, with penalties for non-purchase, would lessen the possibility that workers would keep all the money rather than buy insurance.
On the last day of the airshow, Boeing signed a final purchase agreement with Kazakhstan's SCAT Airlines for the purchase of six Boeing 737 MAX 8s.
If consumers no longer purchase cars and only purchase Uber rides and Zipcar rentals, that will drastically change the billions of dollars spent on automobile advertising.
Initiative 1639: An "affirmative" vote supports implementing restrictions on the purchase and ownership of firearms, including raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21.
At Apostrophe, the cost is $20 that's then applied to your prescription purchase; prescriptions, which you can purchase following your appointment, range from $30 to $90.
In July 2016, he was approved by his board to purchase, but did not actually purchase, up to thirty-five per cent of Herbalife's total stock.
Start the body of the email by thanking the customer for their purchase, then prompt them to give feedback or share their purchase on social media.
As more games come online, I wonder how users will decide what games to purchase on Stadia and what games to purchase on their other platforms.
Open Studios December 5th, 12:00-8 pm Purchase College, Visual Arts and CMFT Buildings 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577 Participating programs: Visual Arts MFA, Media Arts MFA, and New Media BA To Apply to the SUNY Purchase programs, visit
As part of its tools, Blueprint allowed cardholders to choose purchase categories to pay off in full each month, and to divide a larger purchase into installments.
"Purchase activity remains skewed towards the higher end, with the average purchase loan size at its second highest level in the history of the survey," said Fratantoni.
It may be offering savings products like a neighborhood bank might, and will perhaps allow customers to purchase stock just like Cash users today can purchase bitcoin.
Since taking over in early 2014, Nadella has led the purchase of only one billion-dollar company: the $2.5 billion purchase of Minecraft creator Mojang that September.
He's using the money he's saving on living expenses toward the FHA purchase of another duplex, which he will move into while renting out his first purchase.
Plus, for any purchase made on the Catrice website on October 21 and October 22, a free gift-with-purchase will magically appear in your shopping cart.
If there are a lot of dollars out there trying to purchase stuff, and not enough real stuff to purchase, that stuff becomes more expensive — so, inflation.
Imperial Brands waded into the U.S. market last year with its $7 billion purchase of certain brands from Reynolds to ease the $25 billion purchase of Lorillard.
"Rights held by the triggering entity will become void and will not be exercisable to purchase shares at the reduced purchase price," Versum said about its plan.
And lucky for you spendy Americans out there, Amazon is leveraging its purchase of Whole Foods once again, making it easier than ever to purchase things impulsively.
Here's a look inside the sprawling apartmentJust days before news of his January NYC purchase was announced, news broke of Griffin's $122 million mansion purchase in London.
With these promotions, you only have to use 13 credit card point toward your purchase, and you'll be eligible for up to $50 off your Amazon purchase.
The next-largest deals, Tilman Fertitta's 2017 purchase of the Houston Rockets and David Tepper's 2018 purchase of the Carolina Panthers, were both valued at $2.2 billion.
There is no minimum purchase amount, but you do have to pay for your Saks purchase with the Amex Platinum in order to receive the statement credit.
The central bank had defended the deal, saying it had initiated the purchase of the land and that the purchase was conducted as an arm's-length transaction.
Our favorite offering may be the store's impressive gift-with-purchase game, which features full-on skin care sets gifted with the purchase of a single item.
I use a gift card to pay for the $28.03 purchase and also get a $10 gift card for a future purchase in addition to cash back.
CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some case, if you purchase an item, we may hey a small share of revenue from your purchase.
Products returned within 3o days of purchase will get a full refund, and products returned within 31 to 60 days of purchase will get a store credit.
The alleged robbers targeted people who had arranged to purchase items from them over social media, but upon arriving to get their purchase, were robbed at gunpoint.
Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old shooting suspect, was able to legally purchase an AR-15 under Florida's law allowing 18-year-olds to purchase semiautomatic rifles.
STOCKHOLM, March 17 (Reuters) - Sweden's central bank said on Tuesday it would make its first purchase on March 18 under an asset purchase programme announced on Monday.
Policymakers should let consumers decide the best way to purchase tickets, which is exactly what they are doing when they choose to purchase from an online reseller.
You&aposll get purchase protection against damage or theft, for example, provided you report the incident within 120 days of purchase (26 days for New York residents).
The government plans to purchase up to nearly $85 million in dairy products in the food purchase program and up to nearly $560 million in pork products.
Whenever you make a purchase — whether that purchase is processed as credit or as debit — funds are drawn immediately from that account and transferred to the merchant.
Moreover, one must be at least 21 years old to purchase it from a dealer or at least 18 years old to purchase it from another person.
If China were to purchase more goods from the U.S., it will accordingly purchase less of those goods from U.S. allies, such as the EU or Australia.
On the personal credit card side, the following cards offer some of the best purchase protection:Amex Platinum card: covers items against theft and damage up to 2000 days (90 days for New York residents) after purchase with a maximum of $10,000 per covered purchase and up to $50,000 per eligible card per calendar yearBlue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express: covers items against theft and damage up to 120 days after purchase with a maximum of $503,000 per covered purchase and up to $50,000 per eligible card per calendar yearUnited Explorer Card: covers items against theft and damage up to 120 days after purchase with a maximum of $10,000 per covered purchase and up to $50,000 per eligible card per calendar yearChase Sapphire Reserve®: covers items against theft and damage up to 120 days after purchase with a maximum of $10,000 per covered purchase and up to $50,000 per eligible card per calendar yearBottom lineYou might think that simply earning thousands of points or miles is reason enough to make large purchases with a rewards credit card.
If you purchase the pans in a bundle, you'll get up to 20% off—meaning you'll save $19 if you purchase both the 8-inch and 10-inch pans, $23 if you purchase both the 903-inch and 11-inch pans, or $38 when purchasing all three pans.
But the number of examples of how the purchase of one product relates to the purchase of another are relatively few by comparison to cats on the Internet.
As both the RAM and SSD (the two components typically upgraded after purchase) are soldered to the logic board, this would further complicate already difficult post-purchase upgrades.
Visiting an Apple Store to purchase a new Mac got $99 cheaper this month if part of that purchase required store staff perform a data migration for you.
U.S. officials have warned that Turkey's purchase of Russian S-400 defense systems would jeopardize Ankara's purchase of F-35 jets and possibly even result in U.S. sanctions.
While you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer, the age limit drops to 18 to purchase one from a private, unlicensed seller.
But in 2000, Varella had signed a "purchase order for 'Digital DNA' — like those that the City uses to purchase other materials and goods," as DeMarzo told Hyperallergic.
But months after the purchase, the buyer had doubts that the diamond originally belonged to Shah Jahan and demanded that Christie's cancel the purchase over questions of authenticity.
I decide to purchase them using a $100 gift card I received from the president of my company at Christmas and have been saving for a big purchase.
Quinn Whitehead, Throwflame's founder, tells Gizmodo by phone that people will likely purchase the $1,499 attachment for the same reason they purchase any of the company's other products.
For gun control laws, we defined "strict" laws as states where buyers must be registered to purchase guns, or where background checks are always required to purchase guns.
It marks a victory for the company, which was able to obtain the regulatory approval for the purchase that eluded Comcast when it tried to purchase Time Warner.
You can purchase discounted gifts cards at sites like GiftCardGranny or CardPool, or via your credit card shopping portal, then use them to make an in-store purchase.
This observation leads to what many will view as a radical conclusion: What if people were able to purchase police services the way they purchase almost everything else?
One technology it has tested to prompt impulse purchase through digital is a click-and-collect technology that encourages people to add a Coke product to their purchase.
CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase.
Thus, when Americans purchase foreign goods, it lowers the cost of purchasing U.S. dollars, making it cheaper for foreigners to purchase American goods or invest in American companies.
Microsoft provides them for free with a purchase of its software and copies are available for free download on its website to anyone who has a purchase code.
So much existing and referral-based business is at stake that most carriers do not allow consumers to purchase insurance online —  they make consumers purchase through an agent.
To take on your home purchase, they may require you to cash out your bitcoin so that your transaction can be treated more like a traditional house purchase.
Consider that a proportional sense of quantities is what sometimes leads people to expend more effort saving $5 on a $10 purchase than $10 on a $100 purchase.
General purchase and travel benefitsOutside of the benefits when traveling with Southwest, the Southwest Performance Business card offers a competitive set of travel and purchase benefits and protections.
According to Facebook's industry manager of retail Robert Petrausch, the social media giant is interested in three main phases of the consumer journey: discovery, purchase, and post-purchase.
By comparison, 15% of millennials halted an online purchase and 21% halted an in-store purchase three to five times over the past year because of lousy experience.
Earlier this year, it entered a five-year hydro power purchase agreement in Washington and began negotiations to purchase power from a new wind farm in the state.
This allows them to purchase shares at $222 per share ($215 million cap / 27 million shares outstanding), resulting in the purchase of 1.503 million shares from their seed investment.
Disclosure: CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase.
Now the mothers are advocating for "right-to-purchase" laws, which could allow non-profits and low-income tenants to purchase buildings before they're scooped up by an investor.
Pier Paolo Pasolini: Subversive Prophet is on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, SUNY (735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, NY 10577) from February 12–May 31.
We purchase the same five items from produce, to protein, and a prepackaged good to determine which store's purchase was a splurge and which delivered on the savings front.
Customers pay an initial $20 styling fee that can be used toward the purchase of clothing they keep, and receive a 25 percent discount if they purchase every item.
Among the top ten largest transactions so far this year, Bayer's $66.3 billion purchase of Monsanto in May was number one, followed by ChemChina's $43 billion purchase of Sygenta.
Levine accuses John and Kristine Woodward of overcharging her for the purchase or joint purchase (with the gallery as co-owner) of more than $1 million worth of art.
Those included doing away with the law's mandate to purchase health insurance and expanding coverage options through association plans, which allow small businesses to band together to purchase insurance.
"Being licensed and available for purchase, and having taken advice from our suppliers, the party believed the purchase was legal," National Party President Peter Goodfellow said in a statement.
"The administrator had spoken with someone at the Trump Hotel, who had indicated there could be a mattress he could purchase, an old mattress he could purchase," said Hupp.
States would be able to set up high-risk pools for expensive patients to purchase coverage, while healthier individuals would be able to purchase cheaper bare-bones health plans.
When a reader clicks through and makes a purchase, both the blogger and the retailer can track that purchase and send a commission to the blogger for the lead.
By allowing individuals to purchase health insurance through groups, it would greatly strengthen the purchase power of such groups while creating value and adding benefits for their members.  220006.
"The average fan vying to purchase a ticket ... has little hope of competing against brokers, many of whom use illegal and unfair means to purchase tickets," the report stated.
The site is encouraging fans to purchase the album and merchandise, participate in social media activities, and more to "get a boost" at the opportunity to purchase potential tickets.
Sidestep: Lets eventgoers view/purchase merchandise before or during the event from their mobile phone, allowing them to skip the long lines and have the purchase ready to go.
That's because it offers purchase protection for up to 120 days from your date of purchase, with a maximum of $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per account per year.
The bizarre nature of the Jones Act often means that it is cheaper to purchase foreign goods shipping from much further away than it is to purchase domestic goods.
Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, recently became the first company to make a purchase under the 2017 Taiwan Electricity Act, which allows non-utility companies to purchase renewable energy.
Cash can also be used to purchase items at specific buy stations on the map, and you can purchase killstreaks, redeploy tokens for teammates, self-revive kits, and more.
Cash can also be used to purchase items at specific buy stations on the map, and you can purchase killstreaks, redeploy tokens for teammates, self-revive kits, and more.
A new computer or sofa is a major purchase for most Americans, and a 25 percent tariff could force many to seek out cheaper brands or delay the purchase.
For example, the purchase of fully automatic firearms is largely banned already, and I cannot purchase an AT-4 rocket, grenades, a Bradley fighting vehicle or an Abrams tank.
Whether it's a frequent flier, or someone looking to purchase a last-minute trip out of town, conflicting theories abound over the best time to purchase the lowest airfares.
The first discussion is a concern for low-income households who would like to purchase, or are required to purchase, flood insurance but would struggle financially to afford it.
Purchase protection and extended warrantyNearly anything you purchase will be covered against damage or theft for 3003 days, up to $500 per claim and up to $50,000 per account.
In a regulatory filing, Tesla did not say explicitly that Musk's stock purchase was to pay for Tesla's fine, but the value of the stock purchase matches the fee.
The U.S., meanwhile, has expressed alarm and frustration at Turkey's purchase of a Russian S-400 missile defense system alongside its purchase of American F-35 stealth fighter jets.
In order to purchase a suppressor, one must be a resident of the U.S., must be legally eligible to purchase a firearm, and consent to a BAFTE background check.
Toomey told reporters on a conference the Treasury will then be able to make loans, purchase loans or purchase corporate debt, which could be a major boost for automakers.
Although the purchase was intended to be a Christmas gift for the Kimoji creator, she was more than fine with letting the property purchase pass them by, the source says.
"Isaac Julien, Western Union: Small Boats" is on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, SUNY (735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, NY 10577) from February 12-May 31.
The exhibition is organized by the Neuberger Museum of Art and co-curated by Helaine Posner, Neuberger Chief Curator, and Louise Yelin, Purchase College, SUNY, Professor Emerita, Literature, Purchase College.
Unlike Walmart, which requires a minimum purchase of $35 for an order to qualify for free next-day delivery, Best Buy and Amazon do not have a minimum purchase requirement.
"Some involve sophisticated groups that purchase programming scripts on the dark web that allows them to automate the creation of fake profiles and follow certain items to purchase," Soto said.
The question is how closely the interest in watching these videos is tied to purchase intent, and if bringing those things together can create a new purchase model on mobile.
Fox's board met on December 13th to go over the proposals, while Disney's board met to discuss the purchase and agreed to extend Iger's position if the purchase went through.
"Applications for home purchase loans increased for only the second time in the past six weeks, but purchase activity in 2016 has generally been stronger than in 2015," Kan said.
Specifically, hospitals contract with them and typically pay a percentage-of-total-purchase-price fee to the GPOs to be able to have the GPOs purchase drugs on their behalf.
"We have asked the anti-monopoly body for permission to purchase 100 percent of Bashneft because that automatically gives us the right to purchase any minority stake," the spokesman said.
CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so, in some cases, if you purchase an item listed here, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase.
And considering Visa's credit purchase volume for general purpose brands totaled $1.96 trillion in 2018, more than doubling Mastercard's credit purchase volume of $810 billion, boycotting Visa could prove costly.
The Sapphire Preferred and Reserve also include purchase protections — the Preferred's coverage is only for up to $500 per claim, but extends for 120 days from the date of purchase.
"You'll get 20% off your first purchase right off the bat, and then you get a new coupon at least once a month for 15% to 30% off your purchase."
The $20173M price-tag for Robopolis is around 0.9x its trailing 12-month revenue, ended June 2017, subject to customary purchase price adjustments set forth in the definitive purchase agreement.
The last comparable merger, involving Comcast's purchase of NBCUniversal, was approved by the Justice Department and the F.C.C., but Comcast's attempt to purchase Time Warner Cable was blocked by regulators.
Massachusetts, for instance, only allows WIC to be used to purchase skim milk or 1 percent milk, while Connecticut also allows beneficiaries to purchase 2 percent milk under its program.
Analysts say the purchase is a part of its larger move back into music with Apple Music, a service created following its purchase of Dr. Dre's Beats Music in 2014.
I, for one, was unaware that almost every concert ticket, Domino's pizza and Amazon purchase (including a 2014 accidental purchase of the film "Tango & Cash") was being logged by Google.
Her plan would also force the rollback of some acquisitions by tech giants, including Facebook's deals for WhatsApp and Instagram, Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, and Google's purchase of Waze.
It already comes in a ceramic bowl, eliminating the need for another accessory purchase, or you can purchase standalone pucks if you've already got a shaving bowl in your arsenal.
By shopping for gifts on Rakuten, Fink earns cash back on every single purchase, so by the end of the video, she's able to make one last purchase — for herself.
But the purchase is a head scratcher for a Wall Street analyst who said the purchase sends a puzzling signal and appears to muddle Intel&aposs vaunted AI game plan.
After building up a balance with a flat rate 2x Miles per dollar on every purchase, you can use the Purchase Eraser to wipe recent travel purchases from your statement.
On Wednesday evening, the European Central Bank announced a new Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program that will deploy €750 billion ($819 billion) to purchase securities to help support the European economy.
Under New York Law, the commission can declare certain items in short supply and prevent stores from excessively increasing prices, require the purchase of a minimum quantity of the item, deny consumers equal opportunity to purchase the item or require consumers to purchase another item to get the item in short supply.
Both SunTrust and CFRA retained their hold opinion on Yahoo shares, mostly tied to the fact that Verizon will likely still purchase the internet company and has renegotiated the purchase price.
It now sorts products by category instead of brand, and notes whether or not the devices are actually available for purchase or not (along with links to purchase those that are).
Pardon me for saying so, but nearly every book available for purchase at Amazon Books is also available for purchase in my mom's basement, or my hometown church's annual rummage sale.
"The increase in purchase activity was driven by borrowers seeking larger loans, with applications for purchase loans above $417,000 increasing 16.8 percent for the week," said Michael Frantantoni, MBA's chief economist.
HUD spokespeople initially denied that Carson and his wife had anything to do with the table's purchase, though later internal emails revealed that Candy was actively involved in the purchase. Whoops.
Other steps to bolster the program could include stronger penalties for Americans who defy Obamacare's "individual mandate" to purchase coverage, and larger subsidies to make more Americans want to purchase coverage.
Those costs are revealed in power purchase agreements (PPAs), in which a buyer agrees to purchase a fixed amount of power at a fixed price over a fixed number of years.
Sinclair's $3.9 billion purchase of Tribune Media and Coach's $2.4 billion purchase of Kate Spade were both rumored, which sent the stocks of Tribune and Kate climbing ahead of the announcements.
Those that spend frequently, but pay less per purchase, are likely to balk at the new rewards program, while customers who tend to spend more per purchase will appreciate the switch.
"The people who come to Latvia and purchase alcoholic drinks also buy petrol, they also use accommodation to stay over night, or they purchase other goods in the shops," she said.
For example, the card includes new purchase protection that will cover new items against damage and theft for 120 days after purchase up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per account.
A shortage of eligible bonds for the ECB's purchase programme has also fuelled speculation that the central bank may have to start unwinding its asset-purchase scheme sooner rather than later.
They're not buying things on credit that they can't pay forWhether it's a $210,2000 purchase or a $250 purchase, those who are good with money won't pay interest on their purchases.
Often, it just means reversing a merger the government shouldn't have allowed in the first place, like Facebook's purchase of Instagram or WhatsApp, or Google's purchase of DoubleClick, YouTube, or AdMob.
Basically, you need to pay off the entire purchase you make with the card by the end of the promotional period to avoid paying more than the purchase price in total.
That not only expands an existing program that involves the purchase of €60 billion of assets a month, but it also includes for the first time the purchase of corporate bonds.
Licensed dealers are required to run a check on every individual who seeks to purchase a firearm, but buyers are sometimes turned down, and they sometimes purchase more than one firearm.
If you're unable to return an item to a merchant within 203 days of the purchase date, American Express will refund the purchase price up to $300 (excluding shipping and handling).
Consider using a credit card like the Chase Freedom Unlimited (to maximize your points earnings) or the Platinum Card® from American Express (to get purchase protection) to make your purchase.
The European Central Bank (ECB) late on Wednesday announced a new Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program that will deploy €750 billion ($819 billion) to purchase securities to help support the European economy.
"Now more than ever their purchase and other business decisions need to be extremely thoughtful as everything has changed, and one poorly informed purchase decision can lead to insolvency," Sugarman said.
For example, before you purchase your ticket, the ticket sales person could ask if you would like to hear the warnings for the content your about to purchase a ticket for.
The initial restrictions limited the purchase of dollars, and required companies seek permission from the central bank to access the foreign exchange market to purchase foreign currency and make transfers abroad.
Therefore, I support the following: Defining what constitutes an assault or tactical firearm and not allowing them for future purchase — just as we already prohibit the purchase of fully automatic firearms.
Though you can't purchase literal motivation, you can purchase a good night's sleep with a new mattress — an investment that could be the boost your body need to fuel those resolutions.
While individuals can purchase the premium Vicis helmets or sign up to reserve one for purchase later, the Zero1 costs $1,500 today and has primarily sold to college and professional players.
It was China's first purchase of the variety, used to make breads and noodles, since March and its largest one-time purchase of U.S. wheat since December 2000, USDA data showed.
"We sold it throughout much of 2016 and we did a purchase of the rose back in May or June, primarily because the distributor we purchase from had some," Leach said.
The European Central Bank (ECB) late on Wednesday announced a new Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program that will deploy €210 billion ($819 billion) to purchase securities to help support the European economy.
Anbang's purchase of U.S. insurer Fidelity & Guaranty Life FGL.
You can purchase tickets to benefit both organizations here .
Bond redemptions in the ECB's asset purchase programme will total 129.8 billion euros over the next 12 months, with 101.5 billion euros in the bank's public sector purchase programme, the data showed.
After purchase, if buyers decided they wanted the extra range that the full battery pack could give them, they could "unlock" the extra battery capacity through a sort of in-app purchase.
This now means iPhone insurance through Apple has the same purchase window as Macs and the Apple TV, but the Apple Watch and iPad are still restricted to 60 days after purchase.
Again, I purchase guns, and I can assure you that it is much more difficult to purchase a firearm than it is to get the ingredients of a salad at the supermarket.
Those include Monsanto Co's purchase of the Climate Corporation for $930 million, Google's purchase of Skybox Imaging for $478 million and ViaSat Inc's acquisition of WildBlue for $568 million, the study showed.
But even with the additional verification and low purchase limits, the acceptance of debit cards should still lead to a flood of new users signing up to purchase Bitcoin on the platform.
The concept of managing a pipeline, opportunities and accounts is very germane to B22B companies and a small segment of B22C — where the purchase is a large, multi-step, highly considered purchase.
Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99 How: This one also costs you, but you can more easily stream it on Apple TV. Price: Digital Purchase $12.99 How: Again, you'll need an account.
That's particularly going to be lower-income people, who will receive smaller subsidies to purchase coverage, and older people, who will face substantially higher premiums and therefore elect not to purchase coverage.
That's because manufacturing companies tend to neglect to mail titles following a purchase, or, in the case of a second-hand purchase, buyers often can't reach former owners to transfer the title.
Not only would this help all of us purchase safer technologies, but it would also shape our expectations about what we should be looking for when we purchase IoT gadgets and apps.
If you have an eligible Amex card and you're targeted, you can get 20% off an Amazon purchase, with a maximum discount of $50 (so 20% off up to a $53 purchase).
For instance, because many U.S. residents currently on travel ban lists can legally purchase firearms, aspiring gun owners looking to purchase high-capacity assault weapons should undergo extreme vetting — by the voters.
Casalena's total property purchases are just $8 million shy of Montauk's biggest residential purchase, Andy Warhol's former estate worth $50 million, making Casalena's the second-largest Montauk residential purchase, the Journal reports.
For example, as of publish time, the department store was offering $50 off a $250 purchase, all the way up to $275 off a $1,000 purchase, when you use the code FALL19SF.
Most credit cards that offer purchase protection offer coverage for 90 to 120 days after you make a purchase, and the coverage amount may vary depending on the state you live in.
Update: This is part of a co-selling agreement, which means Box will not be selling Azure services on their own, but as an option to purchase with a purchase of Box.
If you don't opt in and you make a purchase with your debit card that would overdraw your account, the purchase will simply be declined and banks can't charge you a fee.
The theater organization announced its plans to purchase and renovate the building in 2008; the purchase was delayed, first by the unexpectedly long run of "Rock of Ages," and then by litigation.
If collectors like the Green family were unwilling to purchase unprovenanced antiquities — items that do not have a clear and clean history of discovery and purchase — the black market would dry up.
I'm encouraged that allies in the Asia-Pacific region are stepping up to purchase front-line U.S. weapon systems for themselves, including Australia's purchase of advanced American combat systems for their submarines.
"The average loan amount on purchase applications, at $320,100, was the highest since November 2017, as supply constraints likely continued to weigh down lower dollar purchase transactions," MBA economist Joel Kan said.
Lastly, some credit cards also provide extended purchase warranties, which means if something happens to the product you bought — such as it broke unexpectedly or was stolen — they will reimburse your purchase.
This came after the European Central Bank announced a new "Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme" on Wednesday night that will use 750 billion euros to purchase securities to help support the European economy.
The liquidity provider must also purchase all outstanding VRDP Shares of the applicable series if the fund has not obtained an alternate purchase agreement prior to the termination of the purchase agreement then in effect if not extended at the scheduled termination date or following the downgrade of the liquidity provider's rating below 'F2' (or equivalent).
While it's not unusual for companies to purchase domains that directly relate to its intellectual properties, the purchase some six years later, has raised questions about what Apple's planning to do with it.
Users won't be able to purchase these products on Facebook, though; clicking on a specific product from the catalogue brings the user to the advertiser's own website or app to finalize a purchase.
You can only earn enough V-Bucks to purchase maybe one mid-range item per season, or you can save them over the course of multiple seasons to purchase a high-end item.
"The rise in purchase activity was led by conventional purchase applications, which surged almost 12 percent, while government purchases were essentially unchanged over the week," said Mike Fratantoni, chief economist for the MBA.
And whether it's a CEO who is going to defer a purchase or that individual who is going to defer a purchase, you know, you are seeing the seeds of a global slowdown.
The gift cards can't be used on the TV purchase itself, but they can be used on a PC laptop, pair of headphones, or anything else you may have been waiting to purchase.
Google has been quietly keeping track of nearly every single online purchase you've ever made, thanks to purchase receipts sent to your personal Gmail account, according to a new report today from CNBC.
If you have yet to purchase the appliance that's been taking kitchens by storm, just think of these impressive sales, which wrap up tonight, as the perfect excuse to finally make the purchase.
Speculation points to a possible interest rate cut deeper into negative territory, tweaks to its assets purchase program or new rules on the duration of securities it will purchase in the bond market.
Its biggest recent deals were last year's $250 million purchase of LoopPay, which formed the basis of Samsung Pay, and its $200 million purchase of SmartThings, which makes an internet-of-things hub.
The obnoxious lines at Whole Foods will likely be killed, and it will be much easier to purchase goods—all while Amazon builds a detailed profile of the things you like to purchase.
Announces $3.5 million registered direct offering * Microbot Medical Inc - has entered into securities purchase agreement with one institutional investor to purchase 700,000 shares of common stock Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Tesla said the purchase was 'separate and apart from the settlement' between Musk, Tesla and the SEC and did not respond to Reuters requests for more information on the reasons for the purchase.
However, other Obama-era officials have been more critical of the purchase and are questioning why the purchase was made when the the State Department was facing budget cuts and a hiring freeze.
Thirteen percent of UBS survey respondents indicated that they prefer to purchase Nike products on Amazon compared with the 9 percent who said they prefer to purchase the same products at Foot Locker.
That I can purchase a polyester trombone case online for $20 — and USPS will carry it all the way from California to Washington, DC, for a portion of that purchase price — gives wonder.
More than 60 percent of respondents said they'd purchase DIY repair kits if the manufactured them and 58 percent of them said they'd prefer to purchase from a manufacturer that offered repair kits.
"The 21 documents themselves can be broken down into four main categories: drone use reports (2), equipment lists/purchase requests (11), receipts or purchase forms (6), and permission documents (2)," the authors write.
At the time of the Louisiana Purchase, free black residents made up about 20 percent of the city's population, largely because French and Spanish officials had allowed enslaved people to purchase their freedom.
This chunk of money, which amount can range from almost nothing to up to 5 percent or 10 percent of the purchase price, gives the seller the exclusive right to purchase the home.
However, if the BOTS Act were to become law, it would create a federal ban on the sale or purchase of the software that these resellers use to purchase tickets from box offices.
At about $16 a share in late 2018, GameStop was apparently fielding interest from private-equity groups looking to purchase the ailing retailer — but those suitors couldn't persuade banks to finance the purchase.
"A precise timeline for the possible purchase of marketable instruments issued or guaranteed by the Hellenic Republic under the PSPP (Public Sector Purchase Programme) cannot be specified at the current juncture," Draghi said.
They will be available for purchase in May of 2017.
This purchase has really changed my view on Walmart entirely.
Last month, it completed its purchase of online retailer Jet.
That purchase was something he says he will never forget.
Taxpayer funds were used to purchase equipment and pay salaries.
The purchase brings his total GE holdings to 416,000 shares.
Learn more and purchase tickets on The Met's website, here.
Stock purchase prices have been changed to reflect the revision.
Pull The Trigger "Never pause on the purchase," says Johnson.
In addition, fans can purchase sweaters, bike shorts and pins.
One $200 million purchase later, Uber has neutralized the threat.
It's free, but there is premium content available for purchase.
PA) purchase of Opel and Vauxhall from General Motors (GM.
However, additional purchase incentives are available in a dozen states.
Purchase volume was 11 percent higher than a year ago.
Gratuities run into the hundreds of dollars for every purchase.
It's an official accessory that buyers will have to purchase.
Ortega's domestic opposition in the Congress sharply criticized the purchase.
Copeland's doll is available to purchase now on Barbie's site.
Dimon's $26 million purchase last year was larger than normal.
You can also pledge less money to purchase individual pieces.
People who purchase Snap stock will have no voting rights.
Either way, this is a purchase you 100% won't regret.
Think of this kind of purchase like a carbon offset.
Namely, what was their biggest purchase of the past year?
ENDS SOON - Earn a $10 Armour Card on $50+ Purchase
Customers can purchase the whole lot for 1000 bitcoins ($780,000).
Just remember to purchase a telescope in the early 2020s.
But the coal miners are not able to purchase anything.
We purchase the chocolates at Costco, and they are amazing.
Private equity giant Blackstone (BX) had been considering a purchase.
Larrea's terminal sees dozens queue up daily to purchase tickets.
The separate wireless adapter was available as an optional purchase.
"What about men having to purchase prenatal care?" he said.
Makala is available to digitally rent or purchase on Amazon.
Purchase volume is at the lowest level since February 2017.
Highlighter. Plus, get free shipping for every purchase over $35!
GASC did not give a further breakdown of the purchase.
Installment purchase platform Fenqile said the number of its Nov.
This still looks like it could be an expensive purchase.
The extensions will be available for purchase on November 25.
After the purchase, surveillance shows him heading to her apartment.
" Female consumers, she says "make 85 percent of purchase decisions.
The purchase could also help ease trade friction with Washington.
Purchase The Tale of the Princess Kaguya on Amazon Prime.
Instead, Trump hailed Saudi Arabia's purchase of American military equipment.
All the images are available for purchase through Sanderson's shop.
He did not comment on the purchase tax cut proposal.
I'm not enthused about this large purchase, but it's necessary.
Critics of the purchase said the cost was wildly inflated.
Handguns and certain semiautomatic rifles required separate permits to purchase.
Purchase Karma Fields' New Age | Dark Age via Monstercat here.
You can purchase the record console today from Wrensilva's website.
I take a photo of the bottle to purchase later.
You even get a travel case included with every purchase.
To prepare for the purchase, set up automatic saving contributions.
Listen to "Shox" below and purchase the full EP here.
I am extremely happy with this purchase and the price.
Misery is available to rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Scream is available to rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Poltergeist is available to rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Alien is available to rent or purchase on Prime Video.
You can't just purchase extra batteries and swap them out.
At least I could purchase some legitimate Newcastle merchandise here.
You can also purchase an optional Surface Pen for $99.99.
Schools can purchase Apple Pencil for $22013 (a $240 discount).
Let's Take a Trip is available for purchase on Bandcamp.
Simply make a purchase of £20 or more on
She was even able to purchase the family's first car.
Warm clothing and binoculars are recommended, as is advance purchase.
We're raising funds to purchase a new Mobile Express bus!
The Sprint acquisition is now the company's largest successful purchase.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 735 Anderson Hill Road.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 123 Anderson Hill Road.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 296003 Anderson Hill Road.
Housebuilders have also reported pulling back on land purchase plans.
You can purchase it separately for $27 beginning in November.
His political rise coincided with his purchase of the newspapers.
Irrationality of price can be another form of purchase friction.
You can purchase The Frame on June 18th from
Some of the items were no longer available for purchase.
Imagine you've stepped into a bakery to make a purchase.
Suicide Squad is available for rent or purchase on Amazon.
Almost every new resort in Belize includes residences for purchase.
You will not regret the purchase of the NuWave Oven.
A financial adviser can help you purchase your dream home.
You can't purchase a gun unless you're — well, bad example.
In November, Deere said it would purchase Monsanto Co's MON.
There was no name or any purchase record to review.
Now you can do both with just one online purchase.
It complements Vudu's rental and purchase library of 180,000 films.
You can get up to $60 off of your purchase.
Witness is out now and available to stream and purchase.
It manages purchase orders, payments and other expense related transactions.
Only now, a "purchase" button has replaced the "download" option.
So perhaps MLB was influencing the design before the purchase?
Making it harder to purchase a gun could save lives.
The purchase needs to be approved by China's securities regulators.
After a bike purchase, the ambassador gets a $200 check.
Dunkin' Donuts has a free doughnut with any drink purchase.
You can purchase just a small fraction of one bitcoin.
You can purchase them together at a discount for $159.99.
They could change the amount [they purchase] to a range.
This is possibly my greatest gear purchase of all time.
The full purchase experience takes place without leaving the app.
Too Much Is Not Enough is now available for purchase.
Chris Rock himself contacted the artist to purchase the piece.
Today's announcement is the culmination of that purchase, Prince explained.
"The Craft" is available for purchase and rental on iTunes.
The selection of products has been decoupled from their purchase.
Strand didn't consider school districts at the time of purchase.
This will be RBI's third bond OMO purchase in March.
They get you an impressive 20% off your entire purchase.
Absolutely worth the purchase and so much better in person.
The collection is now available for purchase online at CB2.
Might the NYPD also purchase its tasers from Digital Ally?
You can purchase the line of Echo speakers from Amazon.
They also need it to purchase inventory and replace equipment.
The NBA star's first purchase was a $2000,22011 Mercedes Benz.
Trump made no mention of the pending Whole Foods purchase.
Siris completed its purchase of Electronics for Imaging last month.
I purchase the mug and am very excited about it.
That person browses a certain item, but doesn't purchase it.
Learn how to purchase tickets for the April festival here.
It said it would finance the purchase from retained earnings.
I am giddy with excitement when I make the purchase.
CNBC did not purchase any products from the illegal dispensaries.
The campaign said the total purchase would equal $4.8 million.
I purchase two tickets and he Venmos me for his.
However, you won't get the free Echo gifts with purchase.
I think I'll save the purchase until next month anyway.
It's available to purchase at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.
The first season is available for purchase from digital vendors.
"We'll immediately refund your purchase, 100 percent, no questions asked."
News of the possible purchase was first reported last week.
The original Whistle is still available for purchase for $49.95.
Marriage is a good time to purchase life insurance, too.
Don't wait, purchase your Founder, Investor or Insider passes today.
Most visitors to Absintherie purchase macerated alcohol by the shot.
The Alstom purchase has backfired dramatically for the American group.
It turns your purchase decision into a cinematically heroic act.
It also helps us purchase new material for the archive.
However, you've needed Verizon account credentials to make the purchase.
America opposes not just the system's deployment, but its purchase.
A peek at the Purchase for the Planet online store.
Regardless of your purchase, both have that sweet Prime shipping.
The other 11 songs are not available for individual purchase.
You can purchase these bonds electronically from the Treasury Department.
Purchase volume was still 7% higher than a year ago.
Contact your point of purchase to obtain a full refund.
It's not a bad purchase for a big Tesla fan.
Coverage does not kick in until 30 days after purchase.
Both the phones will be available to purchase on Oct.
O) application for approval to purchase Tribune Media Co (TRCO.
It's still available for purchase directly through my website gabrieldishaw.
Some users are reporting errors when completing a purchase, too.
For more information on and to purchase tickets click here
If you wish to purchase a Smile Kit, click here. 
"Few would purchase insurance under such conditions," Fiedler told me.
You can use coins to purchase new and unique spaceships.
Then, you have to purchase a visa for around $50.
Tap Voice Purchasing and toggle "Purchase by voice" to Off.
Stream Ringtones below and and purchase on Friday right here.
Ant Financial declined to disclose the terms of the purchase.
Yes. Would I purchase it from a fancy French shop?
The service cannot be used to purchase Amazon Gift Cards.
She defended the purchase as proof of her fiscal conservatism.
Purchase applications were 0.2 percent lower than a year ago.
What does TouTiao plan to do with its expensive purchase?
The Air Force plans to purchase 0003 of the jets.
But that doesn't make either of these an automatic purchase.
The typical deposit is 2 percent of the purchase price.
And will you actually go through with the $35,000+ purchase?
Plus, they have accessible room for impulse purchase inventory storage.
The Data_Dress will then be available via Ivyrevel for purchase.
Nomad will purchase some of the shares Ackman is selling.
The cologne, which is available for purchase today at Nordstrom.
Plus, get a $150 Visa prepaid card with your purchase.
If I could purchase it by the gallon I would.
QUICK: would you call your purchase of IBM a mistake?
You can purchase that here and stream the tape below.
Current / Elliott 25% off your purchase; select exclusions apply; currentelliott.
Existing AirPods customers can purchase the standalone Wireless Charging Case.
But investors in Samsung had reservations about the purchase price.
Far Point plans to make a purchase within 24 months.
"Your first purchase should be some lube and plastic gloves." 
The purchase program currently runs until the end of September.
It would not bar the suspect from making the purchase.
"We expect a continued rise in purchase demand," added Khater.
This dad is sadly not available for rent or purchase.
Aramco says it does not intend to purchase those shares.
Obsessed is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Antichrist is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Jawbreaker is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.
The move to slash Verizon's purchase price was long expected.
Justin Bieber just made a pretty dazzling, albeit unconventional, purchase.
Great sequel to their roughly $90 million West Coast purchase.
Customers should include their original purchase receipt with their return.
Each month, the Fed spent $100 billion to purchase MBS.
The Trump administration blocked the purchase of Petro last month.
To crowdfund the purchase of members of Congress' internet histories.
Magic Leap One Creator Edition is now available to purchase.
Millennials are focused on being able to afford their purchase.
PS: What is the last purchase you made for yourself?
About three years after their purchase, they decided to divorce.
But the real reason for the purchase -- QT with Liam.
Check out the exact pieces you can purchase now below.
I "yes, and" one woman's purchase of the domain basic.
Single day and full festival passes are available for purchase.
PA) $12.5 billion purchase of WhiteWave or Reckitt Benckiser's (RB.
Impose a tax on people who refuse to purchase broccoli.
This shift is changing purchase and coverage preferences for MPLI.
Stream "Make War" below and purchase it on iTunes here.
It's available to purchase here, and available to stream below.
Industry groups broadly support raising the purchase age to 21.
Within this moral void, other Christian voices can gain purchase.
If the included strips aren't enough, you can purchase more.
The fifth season is available for purchase on Amazon Prime.
This box could finally be the fruit of that purchase.
And free shipping through Prime doesn't require a minimum purchase.
Yahoo has since written down most of the purchase price.
Here are all the Kitten Fur items available for purchase.
They purchase it because, for the quality, it is cheaper.
One in 5 of Americans would purchase someone else's data.
The pen purchase was first reported by The Washington Post.
The purchase price is $150 million in cash, Meredith said.
Any donut (with a hole) is free, no purchase necessary.
The voucher codes are available for any purchase between Oct.
We could also purchase one of his books or CDs.
"I think long and hard about every purchase," she said.
The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.
It is one of the largest such purchase agreements yet.
The Zebra wants to change how car owners purchase insurance.
Visitors can purchase additional food or drinks á la carte.
Without the necessary documents, the purchase had to go through.
That purchase was confirmed by a representative for the company.
The tour's meeting location will be provided after ticket purchase.
Both cards come loaded with useful travel and purchase protections.
You're more likely to purchase more food when you're ravenous.
A bottle of cleaning solution is included with your purchase.
The Ministry of National Defense plans to purchase 20 more.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 87383 Anderson Hill Road.
But you can still purchase it for $9.99 through Thursday.
The big story was Walmart's $3.3 billion purchase of Jet.
The purchase comes amid increasing tensions near the Baltic Sea.
You won't have the access or ability to purchase medications.
Scheels requires a background check and ID verification before purchase.
He had gotten a $592,000 mortgage to finance the purchase.
PURCHASE "Burgers, Beers & Brahms," Kazem Abdullah conducts the Westchester Philharmonic.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 2463 Anderson Hill Road.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 251 Anderson Hill Road.
In China, many credit cards also offer installment purchase plans.
The purchase programme currently runs until the end of September.
Your purchase also provides mothers in need with prenatal vitamins. 
Unless you purchase a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet.
Bids for the purchase must be submitted by Jan. 27.
After a bike purchase, the ambassador gets a $200 check.
Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, 735 Anderson Hill Road.
Purchase benefits and other perksThe benefits don't stop at travel.
It may have been the best purchase I've ever made.
Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, 183 Anderson Hill Road.
Microsoft recently announced the largest purchase of solar power ever.
All tallied, that would top Verizon's $4.8 billion purchase price.
You can purchase additional sensors to cover a wider area.
But Mr. Reed saw the purchase as a definitive commitment.
Price: $2 for each cupcake at the time of purchase
When making a purchase, use a credit card, said Papadimitriou.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 91453 Anderson Hill Road.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 19503 Anderson Hill Road.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 91443 Anderson Hill Road.
The group can designate one person to purchase and send.
The same purchase would now cost at least £214 ($10.20).
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 225 Anderson Hill Road.
You can also purchase the tablet at Amazon for $399.
Paraphernalia that is available for purchase is also being resold.
I deeply loved those shoes, my first ever luxury purchase.
O) planned $1.2 billion stake purchase in Crown Resorts (CWN.
We will transfer purchase to Faizon Love or Donnell Rawlings.
Furthermore, consumers are more than willing to purchase generic drugs.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 53 Anderson Hill Road.
The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, 510013 Anderson Hill Road.
Video are already available for purchase on the project's website.
"They made it very purchase focused," he said of Firefly.
The sale will undo Valeant's May 2015 purchase of Paragon.
I made my purchase and clasped it around my neck.
You can purchase tickets to Full Moon Fest right here.
One caveat: The brand is limiting one Prism per purchase.
Just scan your phone, and walk out with your purchase.
February 27: The NYT breaks the news of the purchase.
There are 562 million items available for purchase on Amazon.
Are you looking to purchase RAM for a personal computer?
A first purchase of 284,20183 shares was made on Oct.
Like, that's how he concludes a purchase at a deli.
Her purchase comes with a complimentary pretzel and cheese dip.
The Bank kept its asset purchase programs unchanged on Thursday.
Analysts said it should not have problems financing the purchase.
Carefully investigate the seller before making a purchase of Bitcoin.
That is an equivalent 103% cash back on every purchase.
Here's a closer look at why the purchase makes sense.
The eShop will take a moment to process your purchase.
The tax bill repeals the requirement that individuals purchase insurance.
Refusing to purchase costly drugs can have real health consequences.
That will protect consumers' ability to purchase annuities, he said.
Sinclair's purchase of Tribune is being challenged on other fronts.
We headed to the school store to purchase her gear.
The purchase represents only a small portion of Hoeven's portfolio.
A purchase like this comes from that pool of money.
And now, it's fielding purchase orders from across the country.
Berkshire proposed an option purchase price of $21 per share.
After the jamón ibérico, guess what my best purchase was?
Obamacare includes a much weaker requirement to purchase health insurance.
In the Greenland case, Trump's solution was to purchase Greenland.
A small number of prints will be available for purchase.
To finance the purchase, he plugged his information into LendingTree.
I had one person come in to purchase 15 sandwiches.
Food and medicine is too expensive for many to purchase.
I'm referring to the purchase date moving up, of course.
I'm referring to the purchase date moving up, of course.
I decide to sleep on it before making a purchase.
Some offer a test drive for amenities you can purchase.
Food and medicine are too expensive for many to purchase.
It's a curated collection of items available for immediate purchase.
" Purchase the Afterglow 12" here and stream the track below.
It's available for purchase, and Dr. Guinan bought 100 pounds.
Casper has managed to make mattresses a sexy, branded purchase.
" As Mr. Lebon said, "Now every purchase is really considered.
We did not apply a Prime membership to either purchase.
The tax does not apply to the purchase of apartments.
So far, Allen has splurged on just one big purchase.
They are not available for the general public to purchase.
Customers can purchase and manage their policy through the app.
Simply purchase a Startup Alley Exhibitor Package for €745 + VAT.
"We have nothing to hide," he said of the purchase.
Following the purchase the state owns about 83% of Komercijalna.
Dynamic ads were difficult to purchase and challenging to measure.
And that's far from Griffin's only major real estate purchase.
November 2017: The Meredith Corporation agrees to purchase Time Inc.
Purchase & download the full Esports Report from our research store.
Which is the most virtuous hybrid vehicle I can purchase?
Unless, Left thought, the point was never to purchase it.
That isn't the Amazon (AMZN) founder's only Los Angeles purchase.
Mejuri jewelry is a recurring purchase for Insider Picks reporters.
TriNova includes a large microfiber towel with each cleaner purchase.
There may be a ticket purchase in my near future!
Your purchase also provides mothers in need with prenatal vitamins.
You'll need to start saving for that purchase, like, yesterday.
In Florida, customers can only purchase solar power from utilities.
As their purchase volume increased, they qualified for deeper discounts.
The purchase of company stock is made via payroll deductions.
It was Kasptream's first purchase of this type of asset.
There's every purchase you've ever made in a loyalty program.
It is expected to soon end its asset purchase program.
The author requested $500 in the ad for the purchase.
It will be Netflix's first purchase of a studio complex.
In short, it's been packaged as a nifty impulse purchase.
"Everyone's delaying their purchase for the next iPhone," Chokshi said.
ObamaCare mandates they purchase health insurance on the law's exchanges.
China wanted and needed to purchase the agricultural goods anyway.
Its feet worked spastically for purchase but finally caught hold.
It wasn't clear which airline Buffett would purchase, if any.
The company even offers loans to help sellers purchase inventory.
Now, that purchase is up to her fiancé, she said.
Definitely my best Amazon purchase ever and definitely worth buying.
You can even split your purchase with convenient monthly payments.
In exchange, China has promised to purchase US agricultural products.
There will always be bigger, better and more to purchase.
After that, Emerson Collective may purchase Mr. Bradley's remaining interest.
Afterward, they receive an itemized digital receipt showing their purchase.
The investment bank's shares fell 4.6% on the proposed purchase.
She even offered to purchase them all back from her.
If you don't, it'll replace them or refund your purchase.
It was only a few years after his brother's purchase.
I purchase my ticket ($22.91) and find the boarding gate.
I purchase the pass and put 500 yen on it.
Purchase mortgage activity hit the highest level since October 2009.
All the buyer has to do is purchase building permits.
Our IP address, our purchase history, the websites we've viewed?
The NBA star's first purchase was a $214,22015 Mercedes Benz.
Companies often purchase DDoS protection by the gigabit (1000 mbps).
Now, shoppers can purchase both products in a $50 bundle.
The operation was also used to sell and purchase malware.
Cliff Krause said he was looking to purchase the property.
The Fed also reversed course by promising to purchase bonds.
Also available for purchase on Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.
Mama is available to purchase on all major streaming services.
Apple says education customers can purchase the device for $299.
The bitcoin enthusiast's Lamborghini purchase isn't just a crazy bargain.
The purchase of Humbolt's Puppet Theatre, in Barksdale, for example.
Musk's share purchase is unusual -- for CEOs, not for him.
And of course, eBay is the marketplace to purchase it.
I highly recommend doing this if you purchase the product.
For more information and to purchase tickets go to:
A first purchase of 284,341 shares was made on Oct.
He should not have been able to purchase a firearm.
She and Fehlbaum arranged to purchase it in its entirety.
You can purchase the kit from the restaurant for $3.
The BOJ's massive asset purchase programme has reduced market liquidity.
But more efficient does mean it's a more expensive purchase.
It did not disclose a purchase price for the portfolio.
Customers just want to purchase a breath of fresh air.
Your purchase will largely be about resolution and screen size.
The retailer may retain information about you from the purchase.
Last year Charter completed a purchase of Time Warner Cable.
The new asset purchase program will also include Greek securities.
I think people don't pay enough attention to that purchase.
In return, China would pledge to purchase American farm goods.
But there are no restrictions on the purchase of magazines.
"Why wouldn't I just purchase Barolo or Barbaresco?" he asked.
Learn more about the party here and purchase tickets here.
But every such purchase carries a risk for the company.
This was in the day of pooling and purchase accounting.
The Air Force plans to purchase 351 of the jets.
Most stores will reward a guaranteed purchase with a discount.
It's illegal to purchase and consume in New York state.
I think that is the most fascinating purchase of all.
Storefront Hitchcock is available to purchase via iTunes and Vudu.
If I had my way, I'd never purchase beauty products.
Sure enough, brand perception strongly predicted purchase and loyalty behavior.
But human blood isn't available for purchase to just anybody.
" This would all seem to indicate that the loan and subsequent purchase of the collection was not discussed, but Hiley said that, "Nothing in the records says the purchase was to be kept secret.
CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so, in some cases, if you purchase an item from one of our gift guides, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase.
While the scavenger hunt for holiday cheesiness can be enjoyable, anyone who has made the purchase for a whimsical holiday party knows that there are few additional opportunities to show off your festive purchase.
The China Smelters Purchase Team (CSPT), a grouping of some of the largest copper processors in the largest copper processing country, slashed their concentrates purchase floor price by 23.4 percent for the second quarter.
Previous presidents have made deals with foreign countries — including the Louisiana Purchase, bought from France, and the purchase of Alaska from Russia (called "Seward's Folly" after the secretary of state who inked the deal).
In order to access the attraction in Disneyland, all visitors will be required to purchase admission to the theme park, while in Florida, guests will need to purchase a ticket to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Buyers can purchase a home with a down payment as small as 5 percent of the purchase price, but insurance is typically required by lenders when the down payment is less than 20 percent.
"While an increasing number of flippers are financing their purchases, more than two-thirds are still using cash to purchase compared to about one-third using cash to purchase back in 2006," said Blomquist.
The senator also said she would appoint regulators to undo what she called "anti-competitive mergers," such as Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram and Google's purchase of Waze.
According to the offer page, the $5 credit will be applied to your account within two days of your digital gift card purchase, or within two days of your physical gift card purchase shipping.
Under federal law, it is unlawful for an individual under the age of 21 to purchase a handgun but entirely legal for that same person to purchase an assault weapon like the AR-15.
But the commission approved AT&T's purchase of DirecTV last year, giving the telecommunications company a deeper foothold into the television market, and this week approved the purchase of Cablevision by European firm Altice.
M. S. Rau will give someone 5 percent over the purchase price per year for the first five years after an item is bought, and then 125 percent of the purchase price after that.
Visa Signature cards include a number of perks, including roadside assistance, lost luggage reimbursement, travel and emergency assistance services, auto rental collision damage waiver, purchase warranty extensions, and an annual year-end purchase summary.
Nintendo removed the ability to purchase in-store currency (Wii Points) last March, and starting January 30, users will no longer be able to purchase any WiiWare or Virtual Console games from the service.
Through the Academy's purchase program, paintings, works on paper, and sculpture are eligible for purchase and placement in museum collections nationwide through the Hassam, Speicher, Betts, and Symons Funds and the Academy's general endowment.
Recent investments by private equity into the commodities sector include EMR's purchase of Golden Grove copper mine in West Australia in January, and Pembroke Resources' purchase of the Olive Grove coal mine last year.
He has also been skeptical of rules against broadcast ownership limits, given that the agency has approved mergers in competing industries, including Charter's purchase of Time Warner Cable and AT&T's purchase of DirecTV.
And if you are able to find this watch at Target (or make any other purchase over $224 today), you'll get a 244-percent off coupon for you to use on a future purchase.
In August 20153, we repurchased an aggregate of 260,832 shares of Class B common stock from Mr. Horowitz, at a purchase price of $30.72 per share for an aggregate purchase price of $8.0 million.
To redeem this offer, participants must complete the online claim form, upload proof of purchase, enter the model number, and provide all other required information up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
And while individuals don't have the ability to purchase the kind of big, sophisticated drones that governments can, the small ones they purchase can still wreak havoc — as ISIS is proving every day in Iraq.
Now, most people probably didn't go out of their way to purchase the Rayz Plus from Amazon, so today the company is also announcing that they'll be available to purchase at Apple Stores worldwide soon.
SNAP participants will be able to purchase foods like bread, cereal, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, and dairy products (the SNAP program does not cover the purchase of beer, wine, pet food, or household supplies).
Anheuser-Busch recently announced a 15-year virtual power-purchase agreement with Recurrent Energy for a 222-megawatt (AC) project in West Texas as part of its pledge to purchase 100% renewable electricity by 2025.
Disclosure: CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item from one of our gift guides, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase.
Customers have to purchase (or re-purchase) games to play them on Stadia — so if you already bought a game on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, you'd have to buy it again for Stadia.
Culture has become a commodity that the audience is invited to purchase—and, given the way in which cultural objects are serialized, franchised, and spun off into expanded universes, the purchase is an ongoing investment.
Online purchase scams were among the most highly reported and successful scams documented by the study, with 84% of respondents who reported online purchase scams engaging with them and 47% losing money as a result.
Her mother is an adjunct lecturer in design history at Purchase College in Purchase, N.Y. Both the bride's parents are on the board, and are among the founders of JCC Manhattan, a Jewish community center.
"Sign-up bonus: NoneRewards: 2% cash back on every purchase — 1% when you make the purchase, and 1% when you pay your billAnnual fee: $0Click here to learn more about the Citi Double Cash card "
The average APR for a borrower with good credit (a score between 661 and 780) was 4.96% for a new car purchase, and 6.36% for a used car purchase, according to Experian data from 2019.
The $110 billion agreement included Saudi Arabian pledges to purchase tanks, fighter jets, combat ships and a sophisticated missile defense system, known as THAAD -- some of which Saudi Arabia has wanted to purchase for years.
Once a person makes it through the process, he's allowed to purchase guns and ammo — although some types of firearms, like handguns and certain semiautomatic rifles, require "endorsements" from police and separate permits to purchase.
Her credit and purchase approval came back in a few seconds.
Facebook declined to disclose the size of its purchase of Ozlo.
Questions still remain about the purchase of the Michigan Central Station.
After your purchase, you'll receive a key in your confirmation email.
At least not compared to a $35,000 purchase (without tax, even).
Should people on terror watch lists be able to purchase guns?
We snack and catch up — and my latest Glossier purchase arrives!
Three main motivations have historically driven Westerners to purchase Chinese companies.
The annual purchase of foreign currencies will remain capped at $50,000.
It aims to eventually purchase a total of 100, it said.
Another option is to purchase life insurance with the IRA money.
All I Bonds mature (stop earning interest) 30 years after purchase.
Listen below:  Last Dance EP is available for purchase exclusively here.
And just like that, you'll be able to make a purchase.
But when you're tipsy, it's a purchase that just makes sense.
Now, anyone can purchase a pair of Wearhaus Arc Social Headphones.
But most products will not be available for purchase for months.
She also wants to purchase backpacks and other needed school supplies.
We understand they're designed to manipulate our feelings and incentivize purchase.
Between now and February 15, you can purchase tickets for $55.
It's unclear why the buyer was seemingly unsatisfied with their purchase.
My husband and I purchase Shakeology monthly because it's so easy.
It also let you purchase movies, albums, and individual music tracks.
Fans may also purchase the album on his official website,
Spectacles, Snap's video-recording sunglasses, are now available for purchase online.
What are some of your favorite places to purchase baby stuff?
ET. The bank is expected to extend its asset purchase program.
Scream (1996) is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Alien (22016) is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.
Beetlejuice (1988) is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.
"It is necessary to move forward with the purchase," he said.
Hereditary (2018) is available for rent or purchase on Prime Video.

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