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"often" Definitions
  1. many times synonym frequently
  2. in many cases synonym commonly

836 Sentences With "often"

How to use often in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "often" and check conjugation/comparative form for "often". Mastering all the usages of "often" from sentence examples published by news publications.

European conservatism evolved in defense of established institutions, orders and hierarchies, often nobility, often monarchy, often established churches.
Insurgents are often female, often young and often nonwhite, all groups that are part of the Democrats' base strategy.
I often think the longer podcasts are often better, when in print a longer story is often, usually, not better.
Replication is often absent or woefully inadequate; theories are often driven by hype and media attention; peer review is often weak.
It's often used by performers, and often involves a coach.
The encounters often end with violent — too often, fatal — outcomes.
"I don't see you cleaning very often," I often hear.
"Satisfying" videos are often relaxing but are too often repetitive.
It often sells for around $22, so check prices often.
These types of defaults happen (not often, but often enough).
But people and record companies often think they can. Often.
The Sky is often blue, and other colors less often.
They often wrap themselves in Israeli flags; they often cry.
More often than not — much more often — he was right.
Ms. Ferré (pronounced fay-RAY) wrote about Puerto Rican identity, often in a historical context, often from a feminist perspective and often satirically.
Often because it's an opportunity, often because they think they can get away with it, often because they feel compelled to do it.
Kids often ask for extra time, and we often give in.
That bloodletting is often lifesaving, and the songs are often beautiful.
Blunt trauma victims are often insured; penetrating trauma victims often not.
And it's often cheaper and new models are released more often.
Johns was often present in these works, sometimes spiritually, often literally.
You're often attracted to dark, mysterious, and often dangerous things, Scorpio.
I think I should run more often so that you can call me more often and we can talk over the phone more often.
In contemporary romance he's often a billionaire; in historical, often a duke.
I often worked 16 hour days and often slept in the office.
Post-gel nails often crave more moisture — while we often want color.
And people who are often contrarian are actually often wrong as well.
I wonder how often they meet with party officials, how often they
He often eats lunch by himself, often drives to practice by himself.
Amazon's low-wage employees often work grueling jobs, often during the holidays.
Viktor was often away, and Malci and the girls were often alone.
Secondary characters often suffer, because his subjects' enemies often become his enemies.
The often lackluster fare meant the men were often obsessed with food.
SEALs had reported him often and been brushed off just as often.
And, as we are so often reminded, perception is often the reality.
Yeah diversity, but it's often it's kind of past words often used.
But it says something about the nature of nationalism that its most frequent and forceful manifestations are often reactionary, often tribal, and yes, often racist.
They are served often by others, often in repetition over time, often by family members, or other favorable social events: parties, holidays, picnics, things like that.
"I think I should run more often so you can call me more often and we can talk over the phone more often," Zelensky told Trump.
We so often (too often) treat sports like a life-or-death thing.
"Infection is often a problem, and grafting rates are often poor," he said.
Far too often, you often see voices on the right get shut down.
This is often a fair criticism, and often applies to legal restitution too.
The blasts from right-wing media come often — and I often blast back.
Makes you wonder how often these mistakes happen—and how often nobody notices.
They often lasted for days, often at places not prepared for the onslaught.
It was a move the industry applauded but health groups often often criticized.
Ms. Lange is often acting beautifully, but she is also often palpably acting.
Meanwhile, women have often been blamed and shamed, often unjustly, for their defeats.
Moreover, underperformance is often attributed to 'tanking,' which too often has been tolerated.
What they say: Women are often seen as dependable, less often as visionary.
As a result, nonfiction books often contain errors and, every so often, plagiarism.
Media often report on fake news; fact-checking often falls by the wayside.
Each Instagram page bio often unveils elaborate details, often including height and weight.
It also doesn't help that studies have shown the news often slants negative because people are often more drawn to depressing stories, often without even realizing it.
How often are your lyrics fictional and how often are they purely from you?
Falk's camera — often a shaky handheld one — is often just a little too close.
People have ran on bills often, and it's often too busy to do anything.
These facts are often historic, but even more often they're weird, fun, and fascinating.
Emoji are often about personal expression; they're not that often about fact-based things.
Those countries often borrow in U.S. dollars, which often rise in value alongside rates.
Often doctors recommend one implant and one hearing aide, often from a different maker.
Sanders wasn't on the news often because he was often unable to make news.
In other words, buildings often look like matter, and matter often looks like buildings.
Streaming services often only support 30fps, while sporting events often come in at 60fps.
I think about Ed and his Little Black Sambo often and I mean often.
Moreover Stephens's right hand is often the haymaker that Bas Rutten often preaches against.
Often it's very well thought out, but often it's just you got lucky. Right.
You see them in smaller airplanes more often, in big airliners not very often.
And while we are irrational pretty often, we're less often irrational than most people.
"But often calling a job unskilled often ends up to be a code word."
It strips away what we often call nuance, but more often is self-deception.
Wire staff very often unsung and very often the heroes of this trade. pic.twitter.
He also stole a base, something Michael often encouraged him to do more often.
Often stigmatized, cancer was feared to be contagious and was often a death sentence.
People come to the table as they are — often in pain, often in need.
This often means trying new things — things at which they're often terrible at first.
So it often goes with veterans, a population our nation reveres but often forgets.
These do not happen often—oh, once every 20 years, thereabouts—but often enough.
Women are often expected to take care of others but too often neglect themselves.
Clients often come in seeking crescent moon tattoos, which often hold some important meaning.
They are often men, but they are also often not men of color either.
The company says those users reply 76 percent more often, ghost people 63 percent less often and turn their online matches into offline dates 24 percent more often.
While industrialized food is often cheaper to buy, its production is often damaging to the environment, while the farmers growing the crops often receive low wages, said Gil.
Credit-card interest rates are often quite high, often reaching the 20 to 30% range.
Pet owners tended to be younger, more often were married, and more often were white.
Often this syndicate is made up of other corporate investors (often referred to as "Strategics").
"Lesbian women orgasm more often than heterosexual women but less often than men," he said.
He talks often about energy dominance and the world often asks: What does that mean?
Farmers often plant on companies' concessions, and firms often clear land outside their allocated areas.
Such U.S. assessments often take days and often lag behind official announcements by militant groups.
And they're right: The system is often fundamentally unfair, and ordinary voices are often unheard.
Patches were often poorly tested, and far too often they broke more than they fixed.
Although his timings are often off, he's more often right than wrong about Apple's plans.
Most often, teens engage in relationships with predators willingly, though they often keep them secret.
Though they're often reluctant at first, those friends often warm up to these two nuts.
They determine when and how often they work and often work in bursts of time.
Since stocks often jump or drop after earnings, there's often heavy activity around quarterly reports.
Some of these may occur more often among women and others more often among men.
You often need to get a ticket and wait, often for an hour or more.
The world, so often terrible, is one he often wants to get out of it.
And it's often been said that necessity is often the mother of, um, significant art.
Why women don't say 'no' often enoughLondon mentioned two reasons women often fear the word.
He talks often about energy dominance and the world often asks: what does that mean?
Those products can often be found on competitors' sites as well, often at different prices.
This is often the last option, and more often than not there's room to negotiate.
And Asian immigrant couples have been buying homes up — often for millions, often in cash.
Aside from surgery, opioids are often — probably too often — prescribed for people with chronic pain.
Humans are more often a source of rescue than error, more often heroes than villains.
Special interests often claim privacy regulations are burdensome to business owners and lawmakers often agree.
That sounds inherently homophobic, but often it's not — often it's queer creators doing the queerbaiting.
Yet very often, this kind of treatment isn't accessible — often due to explicit policy decisions.
Why this matters: Trump's foreign leader interactions — often improvised, often hot and cold, often disregarding diplomatic conventions and basic briefing materials — have confounded much of the administration's national security staff.
The ability to work from anywhere is often presented as a perk, and it often is.
Movies often overdo exposition; people too often launch into monologues about things other characters already know.
They are often stoned, tortured and raped before they are killed, and crimes often go unpunished.
Not only are our interpretations of the world often arbitrary, but we're often overconfident in them.
Often the mentality is to scale as quickly as possible, often requiring large chunks of money.
They are often strong; they are often cheap; and they don't show up in urine tests.
The new-home sales figures are often volatile on a monthly basis and are often revised.
Hospitals in developing countries are often overcrowded, meaning vulnerable infants often get overlooked in the shuffle.
Employees said the conversations are often cursory at best, often amounting to exhortations to work faster.
The fish are often crowded into one small space, living in poor conditions and often starving.
Thus couples often find themselves living with, or being watched over by, several—often contending—elders.
But since the poisoning often happens without obvious symptoms at first, lead poisoning often goes untreated.
Consumers upgrade their tablets less often than their phones, but maybe more often than their PCs.
This isn't making us very happy: One-third of people feel lonely often or very often.
Walsh said women often represent change candidates, simply because politics is so often dominated by men.
Writing often came with colorful, child-friendly illustrations, but it wasn't often created specifically for me.
These disorders are often "invisible," in that those who struggle with them often suffer in silence.
Since ambient or electronic songs often don't include words, they often convey emotion with sound alone.
Too often, we assume policy ambition corresponds with political style, but that shortcut often misleads us.
Advertising has often been overly concentrated in areas that are often the furthest from public service.
People often deal with vaginismus or vulvodynia alone, not realizing their symptoms can often be treated.
But retaliation often happens anyway, and unions often take legal action on behalf of their members.
The landscape, often enough, was quite recognizable but equally often overrun or partially obstructed by buildings.
Mr. Farago often runs the place with just one other worker — often his son Jim, 46.
When we watch movies, we often don't often question the privilege of the gaze behind them.
El Paso, Texas (CNN)I often -- way too often -- write about mass shootings across the country.
Often they engage in explicit lobbying, and often that lobbying is successful, both domestically and internationally.
The issue is, these priorities are often not national-security related but often budget wedge issues.
Could he adapt his voice, often described as angelic, for a character who was often drunk?
It's a winding, often confusing journey, as is so often the case with Final Fantasy stories.
Throughout the day, images and words often clashed, as is often the case with Mr. Trump.
Other programs often collect limited types of samples or data, often focused on a specific disease.
Attacks are most often never reported, and if they are, the perpetrators are often never found.
Do I detect muffled giggles when he says, "I think I should run more often so you can call me more often and we can talk over the phone more often"?
So in my write-up business, I often spend a lot of time with "Corpcomms" people and they're often very important, and they're often very useful to me as a reporter.
With the latter, one can often feel lectured or moaned at — and while the films themselves are often well-made dramas, they can often be a bit of a chore to watch.
Controlling shareholders often want to maintain managerial control — that's often why they establish the dual-class structure in the first place — while public shareholders often hope to sell to the highest bidder.
Businesses often complain that high commercial lending rates, often around 18 percent or more, stifle corporate investment.
Though the benefits of diversification are often the same, the specifics are just as often very different.
More often than not, we celebrate the often oversimplified advantages of being multiracial — you're a melting pot!
CF: As I often say, often cultural logic has to change before legal logic can catch up.
They're often hunted across the Middle East and Africa and their eggs are often captured for profit.
An often-overlooked fact is that increased sebum production often goes together with irritated or sensitive skin.
Businesses often complain that high commercial lending rates, often around 18 percent or more, hobble corporate investment.
Hood girls are often uplifted as purveyors of style and culture, creating trends that are often appropriated.
"As an environmentalist, you often are told or you often tell the bad news stories," he explains.
And an attack we have seen all too often that you have reported on way too often.
Here, though, it often works, with time moving quickly during certain songs in an often credible way.
Men in South Sudan typically marry as often as their wealth—often measured in cattle—will allow.
People often ask me who takes my Instagram pictures and more often than not it's my boyfriend.
The mix of people coming through has completely rebuffed that idea — they're often much younger, often female.
But since it is often the government carrying out the massacres, permission is often refused or delayed.
Police shot Hispanics slightly more often than whites, and Asians far less often than any other race.
Their experience teaches them machines often don't work the way you expect them to, and often malfunction.
That said, Apple's often bizarre and inconsistent app approval process has often been the stuff of legend.
I find it's often the simplicity of things that masks their profundity, and often masks their complexity.
Such a boy often was referred to as a prikkenbijter (lamprey biter), and often was an orphan.
"There is often an affective bias, and it's often positive, but it can be negative," he says.
In housing, the seller is often also a buyer and a buyer is often also a seller.
The area often exhibits equity-like behavior, and it's often seen as a key stock market indicator.
However, since cities often went with other proposals, these designs often don't see the light of day.
Most often, the streams with the most viewers are fast-paced, exciting, and, often, over-the-top.
An HP IoT study found smartwatches often send data to multiple backend destinations (often including third parties).
Trump's interactions with foreign leaders — often improvised, often hot and cold — disregard diplomatic conventions and briefing materials.
These descriptions are often ... They go through edits and things like that, but they're often absolutely tortured.
He was often euphoric when he played with the group because his grooves so often clicked perfectly.
Scapegoats and new diseases have often gone together, often to lift blame from the people in charge.
Journalists often include caveats, but they often lose force when combined with a flashy, click-bait title.
I think often we're in a moment now where we live in an academic, theoretical world often.
They often have spent years accumulating some expertise and they're often eager to share it with others.
And while birds often get pinned as an unaffectionate animal, they're often incredibly affectionate toward their owners.
The stakes are often enormous; a mere indictment often means reputational and financial ruin for the accused.
Resistance and change often begin in art and very often in our art, the art of words.
The team's best reliever was often called its fireman and was often asked to work multiple innings.
It's often the case that looming deadlines can often jolt both sides back to the negotiating table.
The wine writer often seems to speak a foreign language (and often does, with words like "terroir").
Their work often feels too fabricated and not authentic, often similar in style and choice of subject.
That's a far bigger task, involving: therapy (often difficult to access), medication (often expensive), or complete lifestyle overhauls that involve fitting exercise and healthier habits into our daily lives (often really, really hard).
But doctors often only ask about medically prescribed medications, and patients don't often say that they're taking supplements.
Women are diagnosed more often with depression — so it makes sense that they'd be given ECT more often.
The new law shows how safety often gets in the way of convenience — and how convenience often wins.
Because those are often the first to try new places, too, their movements often tend to presage trends.
Below three is often unwatchable, and in-between is more often than not something I won't regret watching.
We often see the market make a quick knee jerk reaction and it's often in the wrong direction.
Hammer says her schizophrenia often manifests itself as vivid "daydreams" that often turn into intense conversations with herself.
Authorised dealers are often far-flung, much more expensive than independent ones and often cannot fix a problem.
Well, she'd retort, they often did, but not always; just as straight men often did, but not always.
Newscasters often become local celebrities, which all too often comes with dealing with unnecessary comments about their bodies.
Still, the economy often ranks among the top priorities in polling, and its importance often cannot be overstated.
But small-market public broadcasters, most often found in rural American towns, often rely heavily on federal funding.
It's often the enemy of the public interest and it often uses regulations to try and crush entrepreneurs.
He's a chucker who's yet to justify how often he chucks, and often makes illogical risk-reward decisions.
Death is often central to horror narratives, but its functional use in video games is often incompatible thematically.
They should continue to fight early and often to force the Warriors to react as often as possible.
In a world where noise often drowns out the signal, finding the best ideas can often be difficult.
To a degree, this is understandable, because often these sites are run by businesses, and businesses often fail.
That flight has often born the number 954 and it has often traveled on various Fridays the 13th.
Meijer said she often thinks of her 13-year-old niece, who she often sees scrolling through Instagram.
While large banks often build internal security systems, small banks often outsource their cyber security to specialized firms.
A basic metric — how often ambulances are late — is often defined differently, if it is measured at all.
Analysts are often asked to attempt to provide context, and the make sense of the often seemingly senseless.
"There is often a breakdown of communication, with partners often lashing out or, conversely, self-silencing," Kerner said.
Wednesday nights are often the most difficult for those of us trying to cook more often at home.
Meanwhile, 229 percent get cable TV news often and 230 percent watch the national evening news shows often.
They often feel that they are 'bringing them down' because of their (often chronic) harassment or negative experiences.
This mission is often fogged and often obfuscated, but any journalist with proper training will not forget it.
That greasy, often gross, buildup occurs more often in older ears than those of the young, experts say.
Often they're forsaking traditional retail schedules and creating staples made to last and, often times, available year-round.
And yet introverts can make the best kind of friends — often the most loyal, often the best listeners.
And nationally, Italy's leading politicians were often accused of entanglements with the sticky, and often invisible, Mafia web.
Ms. Rey was often chosen for Italian roles as well, often playing mothers and grandmothers, Gypsies and fortunetellers.
Often described as Norway's most provocative artist, he has often explored sexual and drug themes in his art.
The stakes in criminal proceedings are often enormous, but civil disputes often produce life-shattering outcomes as well.
Medical dramas often rely on real world events — and more often than not, catastrophes — to inspire their storylines.
You often see just his skin or nostrils or lips, and there is often white contrasting against blackness.
The problem is more often petty corruption or bureaucratic sloth or ignorance — against which persistence often pays off.
Boyband BTS is often seen as sympathetic to LGBTQ rights, although their statements in support are often vague.
It's often been noted that stocks — and even sectors — that outperform one year often underperform the following year.
Being impulsive often has a negative connotation, but I think that it is very often a positive thing.
To me entrepreneurship was often synonymous with loneliness, as you often have to figure out your own answers.
They often provided a preferable short-term alternative but the blowback often caused more problems than it solved.
Traffic accidents are common in Indonesia, with roads often cutting through rough terrain and vehicles often poorly maintained.
"Refugee families often don't have an opportunity to make plans and often times families are separated," she said.
We often compared one another to Ayan who was, as the dead often are, perfect in our memory.
Given that personal and often humiliating details are often shared, survivors have final say over who can attend.
Small business advertisers said they were particularly affected by the political ad filter since ads are often flagged automatically and they often don't often have quick access to a human reviewer to appeal to.
They often know little about the scourge of puppy mills, which produce millions of animals for the commercial market, animals often raised without love or care, often in ill health, frequently with no socialization.
Treatment is often too expensive for victims to afford, and often it is administered too late to save lives.
Buying in bulk often results in significant discounts, and you'll have to go to the store way less often.
In America, public transit is often seen as only benefitting low-income populations, groups often ignored by government agencies.
Too often, it's women whose wedding stories we hear about most often — especially when it comes to bridesmaids dresses.
Because retail cards are often available to people with lower scores, they often come with smaller lines of credit.
Later, in my twenties, worries about my vagina would enter my mind often — too often for my own good.
If you can switch your display off more often, or check your phone less often, it makes a difference.
It's often caused by prolonged exposure to hot temperatures with high humidity, often in combination with strenuous physical activity.
Since that's often followed up with quizzical looks, and I often find myself explaining that I'm originally from Russia.
We often get these wild changes in direction from either the White House or often from Congress as well.
Critics in the region often focus on Sinno's way of singing: he elongates words so they are often incomprehensible.
Killings often were based on false evidence Accusations made against black people were often based on false evidence, though.
Because these children often do not communicate through typical speech, they often lack the ability to call for help.
As we've noted often, such passages are an unnecessary burden for hurried readers, and often lead to grammatical trouble.
Uber tracks how often drivers cancel, Ms. Spaeth said, and if they cancel too often, they get a warning.
The company often unveils ambitious new speech and translation tools, and they often perform less fluidly than we'd hope.
The idea here is that while aggregate ratings are often useful, your individual taste often differs from the masses.
Restaurants in Hokkaido often host all-you-can-eat melon buffets, and demand for the fruit often exceeds supply.
"Deaf people, we often tell people we know how to raise our children and we're often ignored," said DiMarco.
While comic book characters often come back to life, this grace is extended far less often to fridged women.
At Finca Tierra, they often braise often with a coconut milk-based béchamel, which can be ladled on pasta.
While deaf people often grow up thinking that sound is not meant for them, that often isn't the case.
Racebending most often occurs in fanart, as fandom's most immediately visual medium, but it's often found in fanfic too.
It tells me often -- more often than not, that a company believes its stock is more valuable than cash.
In practice, if the couple has children the person with custody often keeps the home—more often the mother.
Trans men are often housed in facilities for women, and trans women are often housed in facilities for men.
Dreamers are often portrayed as sympathetic young people trying to go to school, but that portrayal is often erroneous.
This might sound crazy to people, but airlines often sell miles directly to consumers, and they often have promotions.
This is understandable: Often, healthcare executives and providers often have very different priorities and incentives than their disaster planners.
In reality, they often pad PBM and insurers' bottom lines — to the point where PBM profits often rival manufacturers'.
Other regional races showcased the often-dizzying convolutions of local politics that are so often overshadowed by bigger contests.
These mixtures are often used in celebratory occasions -- most often to ease the digestive impacts of overindulgence, Shelke said.
Those two things often have almost nothing to do with one another, and in fact are often at odds. 
Clinton's language is often about coming together, and she mentions family five times as often as any other candidate.
Clinton talks about men three times as often as she does women, and Mr. Rubio 18 times as often.
Besides Frankl, he often brings up Nietzsche, the philosopher whom his father read most often, and theologian Reinhold Neibuhr.
I often have to remind myself that exercising for immediate physical results will often just lead me to disappointment.
That often clashed with Google's more open, experimental ethos, a fact that many Googlers noted often in many forums.
We could have sex but not often—the intrusions often jumped in, a hellish cock-blocking ménage à trois.
Having the best regular-season record is often a curse, as it has often meant little in the playoffs.
He often addressed questions with accusations, and Clinton responded to the accusations — sometimes at Holt's encouragement, but often not.
And accommodations on issues were often made (and as often regretted) in order to win or stay in office.
Indigenous names, which often express love of country and connection to the land, often tie up white people's tongues.
As he so often has with Mr. Kim, Mr. Trump veered between conciliation and belligerence, often in dizzying succession.
The intentions are often good — avoidance of funky flavors or spice, for example — but the results are often disappointing.
Hallways and gathering places are often small and tight (often deliberately so, to make it easier to control inmates).
We have an expensive and abusive legal system that often rewards "wins" and often distributes dollars, but not justice.
"The first step is often the hardest but often leads to things that we would never expect," Daisley said.
In fact, often they often get the opposite of what they want, then get wiped out in elections anyway.
In movies, women haven't often had that right, having been too often shut out — and shut up — on screen.
Sure, in physics we often include historical or mathematical evidence to support big ideas, but that often isn't enough.
It depends on how often you use it, what you use it for, and how often you wash it.
What happens more often is federal employees accept settlements that often include suspensions or resignation, without a formal charge.
People who supply drugs are often friends or family members of those who overdose and often use drugs themselves.
European forecasts are often considered better than most, in part because European governments often devote more resources to them.
The "how we got there" narratives often include characters who can take blame — most often immigrants and establishment politicians.
" The outlet has often been exempt from Trump's harsh rhetoric towards the media, which he often calls "fake news.
She saw him often in the morning and often again around dusk as he walked out by the river.
Which brings us to the other big reason Noé's films are so often despised: His protagonists are often despicable.
When they aren't, neighbors often step in to do the job — and, often, encourage the person to move elsewhere.
In most of the world, older people kill themselves more often than the young, and men more often than women.
Morticians are also often required to have a college degree of some kind, and phlebotomists often must earn a certificate.
I recall an article I read the other day that said often anxiety/depression in women is often undiagnosed ADHD.
Authorities said Curtsinger often relied on go-betweens to find customers, and the group often made connections through softball tournaments.
So you sit down, you pick the topic, it's often Trump, at this point it's often ... or something like that.
The prose often espouses the conservative "textualism" philosophy that was so often articulated with a rapier wit by Justice Scalia.
You often write your own screenplays, and they're often noted for being bleak and darkly comedic, with distinctive deadpan dialogue.
When abortions are illegal, women who want them often turn to clandestine measures and often unsafe abortions, creating new problems.
Studies have found that users are often confused by the sites navigation, and that information is often incomplete or incorrect.
Studies have found that users are often confused by the site's navigation, and that information is often incomplete or incorrect.
A pet is often a conversation starter and being out with a pet often warrants questions or comments from passersby.
The upshot is that wellness programs often recommend screenings for otherwise healthy people far more often than their doctors would.
Now, I don't often agree with Marco, and I don't often agree with Ted, but I can in this case.
The part-time painter often reported on art and his disdain for contemporary works often set the art world atwitter.
American Horror Story's social media has often provided the biggest clues for the show, which is often cloaked in mystery.
Users were often already downloading their Stories before they expired, but often might forget, causing them to lose their content.
There's one additional, and often neglected, way pregnant women at work continue to be overlooked at work: They're often invisible.
We do know families often contact the Coroner and ask that they not perform an autopsy, often for religious reasons.
With women often thrust into the role of caretaker, the deluge of obligations—to themselves and others—often proved overwhelming.
She'd occasionally slip it, more often take it, or—most often—they'd miss and suddenly they'd be in the clinch.
This happens quite often even in games produced by big-budget game studios, and often the glitch results are hilarious.
Time often tempers the raucous spirit, in a show of "maturity" that's just as often welcome as it is tedious.
And while neither of the sound prizes correlates with Best Picture all that often, the editing award quite often does.
We often attest these qualities to attractive people based on very little knowledge of their personalities, so it's often incorrect.
The pair often train together and often share shots of themselves playing around and posing for the camera on Instagram.
Often, he adds, individuals are imprisoned based solely on accusations, and often logistics impede them from getting a fair trial.
Until now this has often been left to "introducers" in the client's home country, who often fail to do it.
Since her 1941 comic book premiere, Wonder Woman has inspired an enormous amount of critical thought—often feminist, often psychosexual.
People often stop using them just a few weeks into seeing someone, often before they even decide if they're exclusive.
That the words are often impenetrable, and the material often discomforting, is also true, but perhaps not the primary issue.
Faith's son doesn't appear to resent her, as the children of that generation of feminists often did, and often publicly.
Corporate travelers often book on big airlines that offer the most flights and flexibility because their plans change so often.
As Matthews explains in great depth, suicide is often an impulsive choice, one often not repeated after a first attempt.
In addition, there's concern that because of larger developers' deeper pockets, they can bid more often, then win more often.
Quality of sleep was defined by how often they woke up and how often they moved during the sleep phases.
Data on the internet is often routed across the country in a way that's "good enough" but not often optimal.
His minimalistic works often have sharp contours, which create an interesting blend with his often perspective-bending and surreal pictures.
I think Halloween is too often an opportunity to be sexy, and not often enough an opportunity to be disgusting.
Between the lines: Patients often have a hard time accessing their own records, and providers' systems often don't communicate well.
In an intercultural hoax, therefore, the hoaxer is often white and the fake persona is often a person of color.
It is expensive, takes loans, often is inadequate and often results in debt-burdened "nomads" taking menial jobs in cities.
Iran is young, often unemployed, and often looking on social media at a globalized world it remains cut off from.
These small fixes often don't do enough to help the people whose sole mental health resource is often social media.
Sugar is often used by food manufacturers to extend a product's shelf life, so even savory items often contain sugar.
" One reason, she said, may be that "candidates are often identified through informal networks, which often tend to be homogeneous.
Florida governors are often tested by disasters, namely hurricanes, which often rock the state and cause billions in physical damage.
Black sharecroppers would often be in perpetual debt to a store, which was often owned by their landlord and employer.
They often left for lunch without me since I was often pumping before lunch during discussions about where to go.
So that work on "Brand New" brought me into the curious, often cliché, often eyes-glazingly cliché field of leadership.
Because mobile games often compete with external noise, they also contain louder sounds that often carry beyond the player's earbuds.
The survey shows that the Forbes staff is obviously aware of the "hidden" advantages that often often contribute to success.
They often must rely on their husband's relatives, who often demand that they marry the next available brother or cousin.
They are skeptical about their parents' (often effusive, unwavering) praise and they are scarred by their parents' (often hypercritical) judgment.
That often attracts men who hurl sexual abuse at them with abandon — often not even bothering to disguise their names.
It often bears the unpleasant feeling of not being able to stop; often, individuals with the condition do it subconsciously.
Many often take public transportation to work, where they are then handling money, food, and drinks — often in enclosed spaces.
While smaller companies often cannot spare their work force for training in future technologies, larger ones are often more willing.
While locals don't often stay at the hotel, they do often go to the bar and restaurant in the hotel.
The expenses outlined in the indictment were often quotidian — not the luxurious things that often produce titillating political corruption scandals.
"It's a community that is not often seen, and often pushed into another conversation, like 'Republican stronghold,'" Mr. Smit said.
In early England, the House of Lords often refused to hold trials on impeachments, which often were raw political exercises.
They're often the only gathering places for blocks around, but they're alienating, in part because the employees often look miserable.
While neighborhoods are often replete with nonprofit and government agencies, services are often disjointed, with little or no meaningful collaboration.
Tenants most often complained to us about illegal construction — often, those same apartment improvements that helped landlords increase their rents.
But as is often the case with Trump, the reality that he sketched was often at odds with the facts.
One-third of Americans say that they have been in pain "often" or "very often" in the last four weeks.
Amateur drivers, often called gentlemen drivers, will often finance smaller teams, working alongside a professional racer and improving their skills.
"They are not often forthcoming; often don't tell the truth about what's really happening," said the New Jersey Democratic congressman.
It drives money to companies but often seems hype to build up the egos of founders who often get lucky.
Ludington said he often saw Kavanaugh "staggering from alcohol consumption," and said he often became "belligerent and aggressive" while drinking.
"People often ask me why I don&apost fight back against them often," Omar tweeted of the conspiracies on Tuesday.
Our selections are often nature-focused, but sometimes they address human emotions and concerns, often explicitly or implicitly about spirituality.
He was somebody who you would often see around New York, somebody whose presence you could often take for granted.
The company's current transparency report only discloses how often governments made requests, not how often users reported content to TikTok.
They are often dozens of hours apart, sometimes hidden behind oblique requirements, and often so fleeting as to be forgettable.
Both incidents point to a persistent, often overlooked problem in medicine: Women's symptoms are often diminished and dismissed by doctors.
His comments in unscripted settings often fail to follow any obvious train of thought; he often goes off on tangents and rehashes old riffs; he often fails to demonstrate an understanding of the actual policies being discussed.
The pattern isn't hard to figure out: when a person (often a person of color, often a woman, often both) is singled out by popular accounts and pages for something they've said or done, the mob descends.
Franchise quarterbacks don't often make it to free agency in the NFL, but they don't often make it to Washington, either.
What people need to learn is often in the long tail, the right teacher is often in the long tail. Interesting.
The thing about being sincere in an age when that's often unexpected is that it often gets confused for something else.
The Guardian said Peterson's arguments often include "pseudo-science and conspiracy theories," and often involve topics he is unqualified to discuss.
We're currently stuck with 28 different national laws that are often contradictory, and that's often causing problems in the online environment.
Their opinions often hinge on how a film looks, when the pleasure of games most often stems from how they feel.
When death occurs, as often these days, in hospital, families cannot observe the gradual, and often gentle, process of natural dying.
HIV is diagnosed nearly five times more often and benign enlargement of the prostate nearly twice as often, the study said.
Critiques of Soros are often called anti-Semitic, and bashing Soros himself is often understood as an outlet for anti-Semitism.
It alleges that Hope "often slept with different women with Tay in same bed" or "was naked around Tay" quite often.
Female stars of Weinstein's films often wore Marchesa designs on the red carpet, and Chapman and Weinstein's businesses were often linked.
In that context, cases are often easily forgotten and legal concerns are often set aside in a fast moving news cycle.
Musicians often borrow from each other's sounds, and every so often, they take someone else's song and make it their own.
They often have HIV, MS, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cancer and other serious conditions requiring frequent and often costly care.
He often calls her "crooked Hillary," and his supporters often chant "lock her up" at rallies for the Republican presidential nominee.
Many addicts often become addicted to painkillers and subsequently turn to heroin because it's cheaper, more potent, and often readily available.
Victoria and David often gush about each other and their family on Instagram and often post shots of their family life.
Messages intended to be positive often are interpreted as neutral, and neutral texts often are read as negative, she told CNN.
But the truth is, we often work closely with one another, often behind the scenes, on issues important to our constituents.
While often sympathetic to the Palestinians, Israeli Arabs seldom resort to political violence - a fact often noted by the Shin Bet.
Often they grab what they can as they go out in the fields, and often that choice isn't a healthy one.
The toy is often a tiny collectible like a mini bike or an animal figurine, and it often requires some assembly.
In addition, testing for co-infections is often unreliable, as it is for Lyme disease, so co-infections often go undiagnosed.
They compared how often husbands and wives said they actually orgasm during sex to how often their partners think they orgasm.
Implications Feedgrains are often used in trade disputes because there are often multiple substitutes, both in terms of commodities and countries.
This is often described as "courting" the media -- yet a better description would be attempting to tame it, often in vain.
Our traders often joke that their key phrase "Are we giving up on this?" often encourages a client to finally answer.
Dancing is often considered a recreational activity and all too often overlooked for the positive physical, mental and social health qualities.
Such studies are often flawed, however, in that those on Medicaid are often poorer and sicker than those who are uninsured.
When they were beaten on the perimeter — which didn't often happen, thanks to quick, lengthy lineups — the U.S. was often toast.
It turns out that Local 124 often gives to the same politicians as the Squitieris — and often on the same day.
"The nice thing about podcasts is it's often a joint activity, so often parents and kids are listening together," Elgersma said.
While other departments often try to delay the public identification of officers involved in shootings, his department often releases the names.
Knockoffs are a longstanding part of fashion industry and are often hard to block, as the perpetrators are often offshore manufacturers.
Scientists often react strongly when their work is criticized by those who know very little about science, often with good cause.
Though there's often more to it than the numbers, data often provides an objective view of how your business is doing.
Their role still matters, and workforce development is often where the results of education policy often become tangible in the economy.
Lenovo ThinkPads are often associated with business uses, and they're often issued by companies to their employees for that reason: work.
He sings it, often as a jingle with an Arabic-style melody, and often while dancing in front of his stand.
The linear march of time is scattered with vignettes from Gander and Wright's life together, often out of order, often repeated.
While New Yorkers often land seats on the Financial Services panel, those who do are often more sympathetic to Wall Street.
Unlike an individual in the red, a country is often right to keep spending, and is often rewarded for doing so.
But often, the bad place can be comforting because its repetition is familiar, and breaking free is often its own struggle.
Often migrants are scapegoated for that, but companies are often acting outside of the law in order to keep down wages.
I'm not sure that they often align ... They have similar interests, but they often, too, seem to be kind of different.
But because men die of suicide 3.5 times more often than women, we often assume suicide is only a men's problem.
They're often old and big companies, so they're often somewhat hidebound in a top-down corporate culture that doesn't encourage dissent.
I was often asked if the slaves there got paid, or (less often) whether they had signed up to work there.
They didn't view it as a crime, let alone as a crime that often leads to murder—which it often does.
Dungeons often have release forms for attendees to sign to minimize problems, but ultimately, legal cases around play are often complex.
It is not Mr. Trump's overexposure that should concern anyone, but his juvenile, often alarming, often puzzling dramatics and his ignorance.
It's interesting to see how often people assume Hollywood is this super anti-religion place, where I often find it's not.
What the very rich want, they often get; but what they want is often harmful to the rest of the nation.
The arrest broke through a barrier law enforcement often faces when pursuing Russian hackers, who are often sheltered by their government.
Even though he often goes by himself, he often clicks with people there, broadening his connections in and to the city.
Voir dire can often seem like a mystic art, passed down through generations and often riddled with superstitions and ingrained biases.
What we decide to do with our hair and how often we switch up our style often sparks or reignites trends.
Their work involved investing in start-up companies in Latin America, so they traveled often, and we spouses often tagged along.
However, my tests on Sprint's network often showed half the speeds of what I often saw on the high-band spectrum.
"It's often the tips that you don't think that are going to lead to something big that often do," Hook said.
More often than not, I end up on coaching calls about debt — which they often accrue trying to be good friends.
Conditions often prevent them from flying at all, rendering them less of a savior than the public and politicians often believe.
"What history does tell us often is that if you do overshoot the top, you often will check back," he said.
While it's true that states and corporations often desire privacy, they just as often desire that I myself have less privacy.
But don't worry – I'm not suffering anything like millions of other people, often in silence and even more often in shame.
Black Americans are often seen as a community without a culture, without a country; our culture is often trivialized or erased.
Every so often, a studio dusts off an old property in the hope of selling it anew, often to diminished ends.
East Asians often want to reduce sun damage, and clients of South Asian descent often want to be a shade lighter.
Trump has often tweeted and spoken at rallies about violence in Chicago and he's often threatened to send in federal authorities.
Unfortunately, the dolphins are often swept up in the nets that are used to catch those fish, with often deadly consequences.
Spiritual self-help seeks less often to fix, and more often, to understand, and to soothe and calm like self-care.
And when that doesn't happen, it is often a shock to the community where the couple often face discrimination and rejection.
She said that firms often advanced reasons, but that those reasons were often influenced by subjective factors like friendships or camaraderie.
With Congress largely gridlocked, the rules often are the only way to change policies, even if they're often challenged in court.
But every so often a different creature darts into view: a novel that is genuinely original — and, often, very quietly so.
Spiritual self-help seeks less often to fix, and more often, to understand, and to soothe and calm like self-care.
"We all remember how as children, when we were having fun, we often forgot to eat or sleep," he often said.
You're still often that fly in the buttermilk and you're often sort of asked to be the voice of your people.
But in reality, there are often long delays as managers often wait for advice from their internal replay assistants before challenging.
About men who had used their professional power and influence to harass or abuse younger, often subordinate women, often at work.
Incidents often occurred a long time ago, and victims often do not retain the evidence, making their cases difficult to prove.
The divisive and often vulgar rhetoric that's aimed at everybody, but often is focused on the vulnerable or women or minorities.
To test this hypothesis, we asked YouGov, a pollster, to survey 1,500 American adults about how often they dine out, how often they eat sushi and how often they eat four particular ethnic foods: French, Mexican, Italian and Indian.
They often suffer with excess facial or body hair (often in a similar pattern to men — known as hirsutism) but at the same time may notice shedding of scalp hair (often manifesting as thinning over the crown and temples).
But, just as often, Jobs also answered hard questions with candor and aggression and did not often back down from a fight on numerous issues over his life, often deploying a mischievous smirk as he said something very naughty.
The government has cracked down on smaller operators, often known as teapots, which often use outdated equipment to make lower grade fuels.
While children often tend to wriggle out of these constraints, the constant jostling between two often opposing opinions is a worldwide phenomenon.
Low sperm counts are often an indicator of other health problems, and are often used by doctors to predict health and morbidity.
Then came the primi (first course, often pasta) and secondi (second course, usually fish or meat), followed by dolci (dessert, often gelato).
But while they often put on a strong show of political unity and shared intent, the devil is often in the detail.
Research has shown that individual practice is often not productive because learners receive limited feedback and too often lose interest and motivation.
While their names are often not public, the suspects are often contacted repeatedly by police looking for a break in the case.
Often there is not even a physical infrastructure to leapfrog—so-called third-tier cities, for example, often lack big retail centres.
Men more often resort to shooting or hanging, while women often choose drug overdose, and therefore have a better chance of survival.
Those petitions often originate in another idiosyncratic part of Google's internal culture: a sprawl of overlapping and often painfully specific mailing lists.
Words that demean and degrade are often the gateway drug to words that threaten and the very real violence that often follows.
The loudest guys are often the weakest, and will often go to great lengths to hold back strong women who intimidate them.
I wonder, often, what I could do with that energy if I didn't have to battle against my own mind so often.
Downturns come often enough to be a serious irritant, but not often enough to give economists sufficient data for rigorous statistical analysis.
What Trumps supporters often say they love about him is his brash, often politically incorrect, and even boastful speaking style that resonates.
You should watch and listen to recordings of them, and enjoy the often delightful, often moving, always unique ways he said them.
Although polls this early do not pick the winner very often, they do often correctly place the candidate in the right tier.
For those orders, Walmart often ships items in multiple boxes and uses fulfillment centers that are often far away from customers' homes.
But the Trump team's story has changed so often during this furor that its own credibility has often been called into question.
Carrying and operating a phone is often difficult in winter gear, especially for skiers who often have their hands full with poles.
But low-income individuals often hop from doctor to doctor in search of low-cost care, meaning their records are often scattered.
Unlike those migrating across the U.S. border for economic reasons, who are often young and male, asylum-seekers often arrive as families.
The word "Hillary" was spoken disdainfully onstage that day more often than "Trump" or "America", and four times more often than "economy".
It is precisely because government officials too often lack virtue, and too often place partisanship over principle, that we need institutional checks.
Customizing which notifications you receive and how often how often you receive them can be a lengthy process but is relatively straightforward.
And now with social media, public figures, who often have massive followings, can respond to the public directly, as Trump often does.
"Race and gender are often ignored, often belittled with ridiculous sound bites," said Donna Brazile, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.
Federal prosecutors in white-collar and organized-crime cases often begin by bringing charges against low-level members, often on unrelated charges.
As is often the case, public perception and reality do not often match up when it comes to national conversations about veterans.
Fish will often appear as just shadows, and even more often, slight variations in hue from the waters in which they live.
But more often than not, parents are giving so much of themselves that they are often miserable and exhausted as a result.
On average, home-cooked meals often exceeded recommendations for calories and some nutrients, while commercial meals more often fell short on nutrition.
In fact, U.S. importers and exporters are often one and the same, so "protecting" some companies often hurts the very same companies.
The actor doesn't often make the news for his sense of humor; it's more often for throwing a punch or a phone.
We know how much money they spend on rides, how often they frequent the city and how often they order from restaurants.
In all, Dardar allegedly demanded over half a million dollars from those companies, but, often the hackers often accepted much lower payments.
Also, it doesn't hurt that there are often sharp things (knives) involved in the clips, an often critical component to #oddlysatisfying art.
Both artists' works are technically cartoons, often with themes of death, and often critiquing the status quo through the use of satire.
What that means is their skin can often feel "velvety" or "loose" and, the organization said, that often bruises and scars easily.
But access is limited and a challenge to locate, benefits are often inadequate or nonexistent, and treatments are too often applied sporadically.
Young travelers often want to experience a place like a local, but popular, inexpensive and fast modes often have poor safety records.
The takeaway lesson is that in politics, clear symbolic actions are often more important than results (which are often ambiguous or unclear).
News of women — often young, often Western — being attacked abroad has raised hard questions about how the world is greeting the shift.
So the tablet computing experience was often subpar, and users often just fell back to using an old-fashioned keyboard and trackpad.
"It doesn't happen very often, so NASA chooses to spend their money on things that happen more often than not," Christiansen said.
When somebody sends us something on WhatsApp, for instance, we'll often, especially if it's from a friend, we'll often forward it on.
CARAMANICA Too often on Margo Price's first two albums, her ambition was undercut by her production, which was faithful and often polite.
Of those respondents, 37% said they will use Skype for Business more often and 28% said they'll use Microsoft Teams more often.
Many of Ms. Lang's dances exist in specific, often spare environments — architectural investigations that often come off as more clinical than spiritual.
In fact, Dr. Ursano said drawing is often used to treat children, since they often lack the vocabulary to express their emotions.
The letter "x" occurs sixteen times as often in drug names as in other English words; "z" occurs eighteen times as often.
Republican lawmakers don't often have the same constituency, leaving many to face the president's popularity, which is often higher than their own.
"People often remark on the futility of marching, but I was raised by a family who marched steadfast and often," she said.
As the Swan Queen, Yakatarina Verbosovich is often more absurd than anyone, but no less often she is an outstandingly good dancer.
People often call Spanish-style houses "stucco houses" because of the plaster that is often used to build the homes' exterior walls.
She thought more often about Gautama, and as she thought more often about him he began to gain in importance for her.
Too often, those promises have ended up being hollow; election year sound bites are often discarded as quickly as they are made.
Conservatives often reflexively dismiss infrastructure spending as a boondoggle, and liberals, perhaps in reaction, often reflexively defend it, no matter how wasteful.
Adoption of WhatsApp often follows a curious pattern — older relatives often suggest it to younger ones, rather than the other way around.
These forms, often associated with the FBI's internet crime center or IC3, are often the first step in reporting potential online exploitation.
Despite this, Gill's chatty, often conspiratorial tone helps mitigate some of the anguished hand-wringing that often accompanies discussions of Woolf's life.
But liberals appalled by such language often fail to recognize that left-wing talk of "resistance" often has a violent subtext, too.
Animal rights advocates say that the journeys are often too long, regulations aren't up to scratch and the rules are often flouted.
But the restrictions on the rights of children that are commonplace around the world often aren't justified and often leave kids vulnerable.
" The New York Times also reported that Farenthold often bullied his aides and led an office that often engaged in "inappropriate banter.
"I think so often in my experience as a Black trans woman, so often it's assumed that I'm HIV-positive," she says.
Trying to achieve such a feat often leads to lasting glory, but it can just as often lead to truly disastrous blunders.
Thirty-nine percent said journalists did so about as often as before while 2202 percent said media professionals do so more often.
The researchers developed simulations based on variables like how fast zombies move, how often humans kill them, and how often bites occur.
It seems that better data are often not wanted, because the stated goals of legislation are often different from the actual goals.
Queer black artists have often been siphoned for their creativity and erased visually as to not offend the heteronormative, often white public.
People often assume that daigijno sake is the best out there because it's pricier than other categories, and people are often wrong.
"These individuals are often loners, often bullied and often victims of isolation, so I hope that [the PSA] elicits feelings of compassion to report at-risk behavior and help get somebody connected to whatever services that they need," says Barden.
These jobs can't be outsourced, are often accessible with only a high school or technical degree, and are often located in rural communities.
Jurors and the broader public often give police officers the benefit of the doubt, and there is often a high burden of proof.
When we've seen these individuals de-cloaked—often very publicly and often amidst legal dire straits—the underlying personalities are frequently very… different.
The often shocked and sometimes angry reactions of peers is often more potent than that of a single therapist pointing out obvious insensitivities.
These are understandable decisions as the episodes often depicted violence that was eerily similar to the real-life events, often featuring triggering images.
Ahmed Alaa, 24, a marketing agent, said his desire to avoid congestion often shaped his days, and often that means simply staying home.
But cryptocurrency exchanges have often been perceived as risky due to numerous hacks and the often unregulated nature of trading on these exchanges.
Critics on the right often viewed CVE as a waste of money that often amounted to anti-poverty programs masquerading as terrorism-prevention.
That's true if you were using video calling often on your mobile phone or if you were using video calling often on Portal.
Thirty-five percent of teens said they use Snapchat most often out of any internet platform, while 32 percent used YouTube most often.
Air travel is often a hassle, especially during the holidays, and unfortunately, adding a pet to the mix often makes it more difficult.
I don't know how often is too often to see him, but we just started hooking up, so I'm just going with it.
"The bots often serve the trolls, and they often work in unison with the same goals — they're just different tool sets," Linvill said.
What my films try to do is to show how these things happen and that what's often asserted as fact is often ideology.
And because of the pure frequency of how often you wear your go-to topper, most people often settle for a black version.
Brown and Houston were often high in front of Bobbi Kristina According to a family source, Bobbi Kristina often looked after the singer.
They don't control how often people use the facilities, what sort of messes they make in them, or how often they are cleaned.
It's that readers often contradict themselves — and what they say they want in theory is often belied by the media they actually consume.
Their repetitive and often simple actions have brought fun to—and often poked fun at—the internet platforms that now mediate our lives.
It's just that women's contributions are often forgotten by history – maybe because we're often too busy doing the work to shout about it!
Barangay is often translated as "village," but the feel is often more of a neighborhood, and within a barangay, few people are strangers.
Older workers are often seen as out of touch or less capable, despite often being highly qualified for the roles they apply for.
Social media posts featuring sensitive keywords are often taken down, and users who share photos with sensitive imagery often have their posts blocked.
Parker said her agent supported her in a time where women were often at the mercy of the often male directors and executives.
The remaining women, however, were pretty evenly split: 28 percent wanted to initiate more often, while 29 percent wanted to initiate less often.
Egalitarianism and equity in relationships is often a stated goal of couples, but the division of work often doesn't shake out that way.
It in turn holds stakes—and often outsized voting rights—in their main, listed firms, at which family members often take leadership roles.
The problem: Caught sharks are often "finned," where the whole — often still alive — shark is tossed back after just the fin is removed.
Far easier just to accept the implicit ticketed system architecture, often crafted in haste and in passing, often by a non-technical manager.
New software is often prone to bugs, and Apple's other apps that serve millions of users, such as Apple Music, don't crash often.
I've often wondered if Wilder made them to help Pryor who was often struggling with drug dependency and, in later years, Parkinson's disease.
Abuse was often hereditary, the inquiry found, with family memories of war or Nazi crimes often at the root of abuse generations later.
But would you say you use your phone to call your family and friends more often or less often than 10 years ago?
Nearly three-quarters of voters think the president and his administration make statements "very often" or "somewhat often" without evidence to support them.
Collecting this water, sometimes from isolated areas, is a task that often falls on women — it's time-consuming, physically demanding and often dangerous.
Sharing passwords for streaming services — such as HBO, Netflix, and Hulu — bends the rules, but happens often and it isn't often legally enforced.
"As is often the case with small grants of power to the executive, those grants can often expand to absurd overreaches," McClintock said.
Latinx folk are often painted the same way in comedy: big, loud, sexy or virginal (can't be both, sorry), and often lacking dimension.
Ted Kennedy has often been caricatured as a boorish drunk, but Clarke gives him an emotional depth that Kennedy's detractors too often discount.
When their owners die, these shells often sink to the seabed, where they accumulate in sedimentary ooze that often gets transformed into rock.
He shows up just often enough that we won't forget about him, but infrequently enough that he often feels like a bit character.
First, physicians, hospitals, and schools can address the role of implicit racial bias, which is often described as automatically activated and often unintentional.
This group not only reads political news much more often than the average person, but also participates in politics more often as well.
Amazon is often associated with great value while Whole Foods has often been called "whole paycheck," due to its higher-priced organic goods.
As a frequent traveler, I am often on the hunt for a good travel hack, and that often involves packing smarter and lighter.
Amazon's earbuds didn't seem quite as loud as Apple's AirPods, and I often found myself cranking up the volume more often than usual.
The original-size 20 mil cartridges are often still on sale but are often sold as extra-large cartridges for even more money.
Physicians often prescribe strong painkillers for migraine sufferers — including teenagers — in an effort to mitigate the severe and often debilitating pain and discomfort.
That can be very taxing for startups, which are often founded by immigrant entrepreneurs and often have sizable immigrant employee bases as well.
It rarely pushes out a CEO the way some other activists do, and it often sticks around, often for years, as transformations occur.
"They will do anything to protect their animals because often that pet is often the only positive thing in their lives," she said.
But migrants are often at the mercy of wherever smugglers drop them off, which is often far from a legal point of entry.
Pickens based his career on a set of ethics and lessons he often shared with the public, often accompanied by off-beat aphorisms.
Candidate policy proposals often lack specificity, are rarely comprehensive, change as time goes on and are often moderated by political and economic forces.
Clouds often move through the Genji illustrations, stretches of blank space often painted in lambent gold leaf washing through buildings and obstructing forests.
In May 2017, The Washington Post reported that Trump often demanded brevity in briefings and often interrupted his briefers to discuss unrelated matters.
But patients who lose weight that way often hesitate to reveal it because other people often feel it is "cheating," Dr. Slade said.
Barra doesn't disappoint his fans and often replies to them personally not only on social media platforms but often with hand written notes.
Often, consumers don't see similar products from smaller (and often cheaper) brands, because the more dominant labels take over much of the displays.
Jihadists will take Saudi money but often consider the royal family apostates and Western puppets — and will often attack the Saudi government itself.
Pitchers are behind in the count less often today than they were ten years ago—about 4.4 percent less often, to be exact.
They have empathy for the victims (who were less often strangers and more often other family members) but are asked to choose sides.
Often in these cases you're dealing with a high profile athlete and a woman you've never met whose name you often don't know.
Critics say Thailand's judicial system often favors the rich and famous and that those who are well connected often get away with crimes.
They have a ferocity and complexity to them that I often see in women in the real world but not as often onscreen.
"I am aware that we are often numb to violence and more often women are the subject of violence," not men, he said.
More often than not he will lead with the right hand and perform those running combinations which so often get fighters check hooked.
Proponents of incentives often claim that these subsidies pay for themselves, and voters often support these efforts, believing the promises of good jobs.
There's no need to dilute very good Champagne over ice, but I often opt for a pétillant naturel (often shortened to pét-nat).
Here's a truth that you don't often hear about too often in the newspapers, on the television, or in the halls of Congress.
The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption asks three simple questions: how often people drink, how much, and how often they drink heavily.
Some additional context: Trump has often criticized Bezos, the Post, and Amazon, and often incorrectly suggests that Amazon, not Bezos, owns the Post.
Many buggy accidents go unreported, he said, partly because uninsured buggy owners often negotiate cash settlements with drivers and often refuse medical attention.
Teenage boys are under tremendous pressure to "act like a guy," which often means fitting into narrow (and often toxic) conventions of manhood.
Your bank will often hold onto the money, dispensing it as the work is done, adding another layer of bureaucracy and, often, delay.
More often than not, she also jumps on emerging trends, and often renders complicated dances like the Renegade with easier-to-learn moves.
But she often said that her decision was a stroke of luck, since she had no inkling that she would marry so often.
Agency officials have often declared themselves frustrated by pressure — which often comes from journalists — to say exactly when a pandemic is officially underway.
And her accessibility — she often wrote her personal cellphone number on the back of the business cards she gave out — was often lauded.
Too often, students are coddled, and too often, students who disagree with the majority of the class or professor feel unsafe speaking out.
As a cybersecurity and national security reporter, the government all too often is "the nemesis," often a target of journalistic inquisitions and investigations.
The family gathers as often as work schedules and other responsibilities allow, most often on Sundays, when Ms. Obaidi prepares a large meal.
Insurance to cover liabilities is often an afterthought for many start-ups, but it should often be at the top of the list.
It's often also more cost-effective for miners to join mining pools and collaborate on solving the equation, often for a small fee.
"The divisive and often vulgar rhetoric that's aimed at everybody but is often focused on the vulnerable or women or minorities," Obama said.
European forecasts are often considered better than most, in part because European governments often devote more resources to them, including costly computer time.
Incriminating personal communications are often hard to find, but financial records are often also kept by third parties and tell their own story.
The highs are often more optimistic than the business might really deserve and the lows are often much lower than they should be.
Doctors and nurses would often refuse to care for AIDS sufferers, and when the untreated patients died, undertakers often turned them away, too.
My scholastic, athletic and professional careers have always taken me through white-dominated spaces in which I'm often alone and often the first.
We'll see how often his angry tweets and behind-the-scenes obsessions cash out, and how often they're just a way of venting.
In suburbs and rural areas, thieves often follow delivery trucks and snatch just-delivered packages from homes, often out of sight of neighbors.
Their erections often get less firm and frequent and may take more stimulation to achieve or maintain, and their ejaculations are often weaker.
It's most often caused by airway obstructions, but also often due to the brain not sending proper signals to the muscles controlling breathing.
It's often asked why you can't fix stupid and why the culture war is bigger and more important than is often talked about.
Opioids are often prescribed to treat a patient's pain, while benzodiazepines are often prescribed to treat associated symptoms like anxiety and sleep disorders.
"Nazi and Gestapo documents often have a denunciatory character and often reflect conflicts over power and influence within Nazi institutions," the statement said.
That has often included the website InfoWars, which was founded by the right-wing radio host Alex Jones and often publishes conspiracy theories.
It's a move that I often struggle to counter because it so often causes my target to disappear from my field of view.
You see, I'm a chronic night owl, often to my detriment; I often can't get to bed before midnight without a little help.
It's often lamented that members of Congress no longer spend time socializing with each other — both between parties and often even within parties.
The work of domestic staff is often stigmatised in Russia, and the lines between personal and professional in their jobs are often blurred.
Moreover, it upholds biotech and pharmaceutical patents nearly three times as often as it upholds electrical and computer patents and almost four times as often as it upholds mechanical and business method patents, categories that trolls often use to establish patent traps.
"The problem is that when they try to do so, so often they're violently attacked" — and often by the very governments in Central America.
First, her record is in fact more nuanced than is often appreciated — she has just as often pushed for diplomatic solutions as military ones.
Now that I have a toddler, I think often about how the classic image of a scientist is often Einstein, which is too narrow.
Instead, it often requires a three-hour drive into the heart of Silicon Valley, which Moneta's small team has been making more often lately.
Twenty percent of U.S. adults polled by the company say they "often" get news from social media while 16 percent "often" turn to newspapers.
That means our Theory of Mind abilities get turned onto ourselves just as often (or far more often) than it is wielded on others.
These restrictions often benefit Republicans, studies have found, because minorities, young voters, and others who might struggle to meet their requirements often vote Democratic.
Because people can live with forms of Alzheimer's or dementia for so long, often in good physical condition, their care needs can change often.
Scorpios can often be seen as aloof and difficult to approach, but they are paradoxically impossible to ignore, often becoming an object of fascination.
What is good is often unpopular at the start and what is bad very often rides in under the banner of strong popular sentiment.
I thought about 'unwifeable' in the context of how I was often received by men who often looked very nervous after they googled me.
But the site hasn't had the best reputation for reasonable debate and Reddit often being seen as a Wild West with often-offensive comments.
Overnight's rentals are often cheap (you can book private rooms or entire homes), and users can often find accommodations in 10 minutes or less.
They were often created by women, they starred women, and they were, you could often guess, made with an audience of women in mind.
The two often talked about music at length, Hines remembers, and often at odd hours of the night as Prince was known to do.
Compared to hospitalists, primary care physicians used consultations 133 percent more often and other generalists used consultations 6 percent more often, the study found.
Tim Cook often talks about building products that enrich people's lives — in an education and accessibility context, this sentiment often becomes a literal truism.
Those ads have been described as divisive, often pro-Trump, and often anti-Hillary Clinton, Trump's rival in his run for the White House.
But all too often, it leads to an awful experience for consumers who are tricked into using crappy apps and — less often — crappy hardware.
Yes, there was the mischief and sure, he was often a curmudgeon, but there were often love and life lessons behind those tough exteriors.
At the conference, I learned that women attempt suicide more often than men, but men succeed more often because they use more lethal methods.
But, unfortunately, support is often cherry-picked; positioning one cause or group of people above another occurs more often than when it does not.
And some of the most memorable characters in comedy (unfortunately often modeled after Black women) are often characterized by their refusal to code-switch.
" Thinking internationally, however, often creates an "us and them" binary, often leading those "domestically" to place ourselves in a superior position to those "internationally.
Instead, they drew whatever they thought would entice and excite audiences, drawing on their own—often limited, often inaccurate—knowledge of the Middle East.
Image: ShutterstockAs a breed, labrador retrievers often have serious food-related issues—a behavioral quirk that often leads to over-eating and canine obesity.
What do you do about residential property, for instance, often the largest part of any estate and often treated very leniently for tax purposes?
And he shows how analysis of human bones reveals that family diets often differed; that ancient cultures, in other words, were often quite inegalitarian.
Fantasy is often a genre about adventurers whose dangerous pursuits force them to leave the safety of home and often the safety of childhood.
But as I previously posited, history shows us that, more often than not, disruptive leaps forward often result in a net gain in employment.
Often they share the commonality of wanting a space to cultivate gender expression in a way that is secretive, as they are often closeted.
This, more often than not, leads to experiences where these women—who have often spent years mastering the art form—are belittled and objectified.
Defendants are often forced to try and settle suits to avoid racking up legal fees that can often top $300,000, even if they win.
Children are often the last link between abusers and their victims and that abusers often exploit family courts in an effort to retain power.
When asked how often this occurs, the majority of Ghanaians surveyed (59%) said voters are sometimes (773%), often or always (29%) threatened with violence.
For example, The best director winner is often the best picture winner and the best production design winner is often the best costume winner.
The point, he often says, is to prick the conscience of a world often apathetic about the plight of the poor and the marginalized.
Hashtag Mindfulness often finds expression in serene looking yogurt eaters or tree posers, but mindfulness can often be difficult work that requires acknowledging discomfort.
The investors behind them are often pretty interesting, too, given the expertise needed to make informed bets on what are often completely unproven projects.
Though the industry does often feature empowered women who have chosen to be there, more often than not there is some kind of coercion.
There's often no answer; hear enough such bands and ask the question often enough, and a healthy respect for the gods of arbitrariness emerges.
Often, people will come in with a self-diagnosis, "which often has little to do with the actual causes of their symptoms," Pashinsky added.
Woody Allen is a good example, since he's often written, directed, and starred in his movies, so is often treated as the sole creator.
Americans are often quick to boycott companies and commercial sponsors to address a social injustice or to create positive change, often with astounding success.
Expanding and maintaining power lines in remote places can often be a money-losing proposition for electric utilities — so they often don't do it.
And then there are "phantom clowns," who are often reported or "seen" by children trying to lure or abduct them, often near wooded areas.
Often athletes "disappeared" for months or even years, unable to comment on doping speculation, as the process worked its way through, often including appeals.
Because police officers are often armed with overly sensitive semiautomatic pistols, such tactics often result in the multiple wounding and even killing of suspects.
After all, cowards who like to project strength are often the most dangerous people, for they'll often stop at nothing to safeguard their egos.
Trump's policies are often at odds with those of conservatives, and his comments on the campaign trail have often been both incendiary and crude.
Drinking lots of water also gives me an excuse to walk to the kitchen often and to go to the bathroom even more often.
While child marriages are often seen as a way to ensure financial stability and security for a girl, the reality is often more complicated.
We are now often the largest producer of natural gas in the world – often beating the Russians at their own natural gas production game.
Women's shirts are often more expensive to dry clean than men's, and they often determine the gender of the shirt based on button placement.
Participants gave anonymous reports about hazardous drinking, including how often they drank and how often they had more than six drinks at a time.
Having to often face failure, urbanites often like to have a safety net and don't mind having the social security provided by the government.
Cuban dissidents have said they are often targeted by authorities, most often detained for a few hours or days, for having a different opinion.
If I tried to preserve my tabs, I'd often find myself crashed out of the game and Google Chrome, often needing a full restart.
Poorer, less educated women often simply don't know about them, and if they ask male monks about the possibility of ordination they're often deterred.
For example, the "nurturant parent [mother]" metaphor is most often associated with liberals, while the "strict father" metaphor is most often associated with conservatives.
While top influencers often have direct partnerships with product companies, others with smaller audiences often take advantage of affiliate networks to build their revenues.
Though Mr. Vassell would often take his son, Tyshawn, for long walks to try to impart life lessons, father and son often reversed roles.
Above all, for many members, there are Pastor Morris's weekly messages themselves: wry, often self-deprecating, sprinkled with biblical scholarship and often affectingly personal.
Asian mothers got human milk at discharge more often than white women, while this happened less often among black, Hispanic, and Native American mothers.
All of these things are just as important and often clouded by the blowjobs, the sex, and general kinkiness most outsiders often think of.
That's the theory, anyway; unfortunately feminist efforts often manifest less equitably, often neglecting the needs of poor women, women of color, and transgender women.
Both "rule of law" and "law of order" are tossed around as political slogans more often than not — and often by the same people.
People are going to listen to me more often, receive my message more often than they would from a gender nonconforming person of color.
Unless I pointed out these lapses (which he'll tell you I often did, and I'll tell you I often did not), he was unaware.
The Yankees' pitchers trailed only Houston's staff in strikeouts, but their hitters whiffed too often, a trait that good pitchers often exploit in October.
Little more than lip service is often paid to this necessity, and there is often too little political will to enforce any effective change.
Our Cruise autonomous vehicles encounter challenging (and often absurd) situations up to 22013 times more often than other places self-driving cars are tested.
Amtrak tickets between New York and Washington can often be had for under $100 each way, though private conversations can and are often overheard.
But candy and other items you can find in the grocery store are often marked up, while electronics are often outdated and cheaper online.
The provisions, often called Blaine amendments, were initially adopted in the 19th century and often had the goal of restricting funding for Catholic schools.
Defined in this way, the first two elements of a possible alliance are often relatively benign and often hard to prevent in any case.
Mr. Jahnsch said Europeans and Americans often are looking for apartments in historic buildings, while Chinese buyers are often more interested in new construction.
The researchers often relied on the old tags and cards stored with the specimens to figure out where they lived — often a difficult task.
While Knight often preached about academics and sticking to the rules, Mallory concurred and often talked about the need to find the right players.
And while Mr. Bernier laid out a detailed and often provocative platform, Mr. Scheer offered few campaign promises that often dealt with small issues.
A tempered realism about the vagaries and uncertainties often obtains the best result, but parents crave assurances and doctors too often indulge that inclination.
Call-outs are often akin to a snowball rolling down a hill; what starts small often quickly gains momentum and spirals out of control.
But just as Glee often lacked subtlety with its messaging, the queer characters on AHS were often tortured or brutalized in very explicit ways.
Hebei is adjacent to Beijing and its factories are often blamed for much of the pollution that often cloaks the capital in the winter.
Stars often sign deals and contracts right on the spot, which is why Polo Lounge is often credited as the original "power breakfast" spot.
However, funding for prevention is often difficult as it relies on a long-term perspective, is less dramatic, and often relies on government action.
His tweets often track closely with the programs he's watching, and he'll often quote snippets of dialogue or political arguments that favor his narrative.
But they don't come as often, and they don't drop in on muggy Saturdays as often to laugh, gab or just pass the time.
She would often meet Mr. Regelson at various dance studios, and afterward they would often hang out together, sometimes having dinner or a drink.
There were large, purple Dr. Seuss-looking hats, often favored by women for church, and more subtle black ones, most often worn for mourning.
Hackers often ask to be paid in Bitcoin, an online cryptocurrency whose value has skyrocketed over the last year, and their victims often comply.
He said the M.E.K. had been his client for 12 years, and that he had often spoken on its behalf, often for a fee.
That's predictable enough — some judges (often conservative) tend to favor law and order, while others (often liberal) tend to be skeptical of law enforcement.
We think of warlords as agents of evil and violence, and often they are, but just as often they are symptoms of state breakdown.
Its policies often seem to be defined by its most extreme cases, which often spur outrage when handled poorly by the company's content moderators.
And we're often making a grave mistake in trying to argue: The arguments we personally find convincing are often unlikely to convince an opponent.
The sermons were often sexist, often about abortion and described a relationship to women, to our category that felt really fundamentally offensive and appalling.
Machines that combined these two functions (often called grooveboxes) were often difficult to use and required a more nuanced technical knowledge in music production.
Snyder, often referred to as simply 'Julie' in Quebec, appeared to foreshadow the upcoming announcement from Péladeau, often referred to by his initials: PKP.
"Even though often the human impact of conflict and conflict displacement is prominently in the press, actually the displacement from natural disasters is far greater and often unreported as well," Glasser said, pointing to smaller-scale disasters that often go unnoticed by the media.
In my not-so-secret identity as 60-something wannabe hipster, I have an overwhelming preference for live performances; I go to concerts as often as schedule allows (which isn't often enough — but going tonight!), but videos are often a pretty good second best.
Seventy-eight percent had often warned their children to stay away from authorities; 65 percent had often talked to their children about changing their behavior, "such as where he/she hangs out"; 62 percent said they'd often avoided medical care, police, or other services.
Senators in both parties often put "holds" on nominations, sometimes because they loathe the nominee, but just as often to press for other policy goals.
This kind of vision is often criticized for ignoring deeper structural inequalities: Development can often entrench inequality or price out poor and minority residents altogether.
Mr Muller even landed his first serve slightly more often on high-pressure points, while Mr Nadal missed a bit more often in those moments.
Kevin's brother Brian, 18, said he was verbally bullied by Erickson and often complained to the STEM school administration -- as often as every other week.
This technology is often highly inaccurate, because cameras do not often capture images of people head-on, and light surrounding cameras is in constant flux.
The musical composition copyright in the sample is often owned by a publisher and the sound recording copyright is often owned by a record label.
Those films, after all, are often about warriors in search of a better fighting style, which often involves returning to the roots of their art.
Alt-right ideology is closely aligned with neo-Nazism, though adherents often reject the Nazi label despite sharing hatred of nonwhite people and often Jews.
I put females in central roles, but they are often conflicted females, they are often struggling with interpersonal relationships or with the world around them.
The common thread here is that airframes themselves, while often in need of enhancements and reinforcements, often remain viable if not highly effective for decades.
Democracy is often referred to as "The Great American Experiment" — an experiment, many often omit, built on the enslavement and extermination of people of color.
The second reason why OCD often goes unnoticed for so long is that it is often an incredibly secretive disorder that is shrouded in shame.
GIFs of Carly Fiorina often show her as emotionless and unsmiling, while GIFs of Mr. Bush often depict him as a bit goofy or awkward.
While crime stats are "often confusing, misleading and incomplete," Karp argues they are often "directly responsible for what happens to [a] property" and property values.
"I think often our immediate response is to think about physical safety, but all too often we underestimate the level of emotional safety," she said.
While women are often blamed for not asking for more money, research shows that those who do bring up the topic are often perceived negatively.
"If an image gets popular a victim will often be contacted by sick 'fans' who often attack victims with vicious slurs," Goldberg, the attorney, said.
A Georgetown University study also recently revealed that unregulated facial recognition is often used by police departments across the country, again often without public knowledge. 
The study suggested that smokers who used e-cigarettes not only tried to quit more often but were successful at quitting more often than nonusers.
By the numbers: Nearly 15 million Americans act as unpaid caregivers for older patients, often family — and spouses, especially, often have to go it alone.
Was other garden-variety metadata — the type we are often told is harmless and which is often unregulated — used in the investigation to any effect?
White nationalists often have many more followers and tweet more often, due at least in part to Twitter's campaign to shut down ISIS-related accounts.
Pinterest users, or Pinners, often come to the site for discovery and idea generation and are often in various stages of the commercial intent funnel.
"S-year" keynotes often feel like downers to the tech world, even though S-model iPhones are often Apple's most popular and well-loved devices.
I pay $99/month for an unlimited membership, and I go as often as I can (which, on days I'm not working, is often twice).
Perhaps those who spread falsity "followed" more people, had more followers, tweeted more often, were more often "verified" users, or had been on Twitter longer.
So it was a surprise how often translators would use the same strategies of translation, and how often they would bring up the same concerns.
Airline computer systems often function via multiple layers, with data coming from diverse and often aging sources that are might be too expensive to update.
Soldiers often carry spare battery chargers in the 90-pound combat packs they carry into war zones, but the batteries are often lost or broken.
But tariff changes were often too small or too late to have these purported results; monetary policy and other factors are more often to blame.
Given that concerts happen in large arenas with a lot of people in often-tight spaces, they can often trigger anxiety and panic in people.
McGregor doesn't often use his jab all that much or all that dexterously, because he is so often able to lead with his left straight.
Because people often reuse the same username and password across multiple sites, attackers can often use one piece of credential info to unlock multiple accounts.
We're often befuddled by the traction that obvious, malignant bullshit gets online, but that obviousness—including literal satire disclaimers—doesn't often percolate upward to headlines.
Instead, operators are often left with the tricky job of discerning not just what's wrong but where, in the course of an often panicked conversation.
If those are in, for example, Oakland, they potentially displace the (often poor, often African American) people who already live there, and the problem spreads.
Human trafficking has often been described by advocates as an invisible crime: Too often, people think these horrors don't happen in their cities and neighborhoods.
That truth often gets lost in discussions about faith and politics, which most often center on the white Evangelical Christians who power the Republican Party.
That aspect can often disappoint at all-star friendly tournaments: the teams are big hitters, but some of the star players often remain at home.
That revealed, for me, how leftist women of color's outrage is often delegitimized by the Establishment, and how pro-status-quo outrage is often justified.
"These behavioral techniques can be very effective, and often, they're better than trying medications," Dr. Hershner said, noting that medications can often be habit-forming.
That is often extremely far from the case on Twitter, where networked harassment campaigns are common, with white nationalists often take part in those campaigns.
Most of the time, those cars travel through rural areas, but often they pass through industrial sections of cities, often in poor, predominantly black areas.
The problem was often a financial or health system barrier, and these women were more often using less effective methods, like condoms, or hormonal contraception.
", "How often have you made pledges or promises to alter your sexual behavior?" and "How often have your sexual activities caused financial problems for you?
I looked at the TIOBE index today, as I do every so often, as most of the software pros I know do every so often.
He said the incident could affect security across Comic-Cons around the world, as attendees often bring prop weapons to heighten their often-elaborate costumes.
But many parents often just share their account with the whole family — often ruining their recommendations and special features, like Spotify Wrapped, along the way.
It's an experimental record that often sounds like a meditative one, or vice versa, and it often seems better on paper than through the speakers.
Donald J. Trump's own proposals have often been vague, his prepared statements often contradicted by his own off-the-cuff remarks in speeches and interviews.
Shyamalan's psychological horror/thrillers often suggest that our senses can deceive us, and that what we think we know about the world is often wrong.
And while the sweet, often-poetic connections between lovers take centerstage on a lot of these Morrison songs, they're often set against a pastoral backdrop.
Tips for Surviving in a Tiny Home Turning 18 often means going to college, and going to college often means staying in a tiny dorm.
But funeral homes often forget to put the information in or, if they do remember, often fill out the forms in ink that smudges easily.
"Political campaigns are a rough business and are often about highlighting our differences, and unfortunately these days they often spiral into downright demagoguery," DeSantis said.
The New York Times reported Wednesday afternoon that Trump often talked about his desire to get rid of McGahn, who often pushed back against him.
Among college professors, I am often the smartest person in the room; in the bureaucracy, I was often the dumbest, and the laziest to boot.
Cooper's whisper-by-whisper retelling of the shah's final days is often rich in detail, but he resorts too often to Aladdin-lamp-lit analysis.
How often you poop isn't just about how much you eat — it's also related to what you eat, your genetics, and how often you exercise.
Lewis explained that while authoritarian parenting did often help children do better at school and stay out of trouble, it often left them emotionally scarred.
Other foreign markets outside of Europe are often hard to break into and often not worth the hefty investment for smaller distillers, several companies said.
Regional conflicts in these countries often see Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and Shia-majority Iran supporting different factions that are often split down religious lines.
I am a libertarian, and Kennedy's votes aligned with my philosophy more often than any other justice's -- albeit often accompanied by somewhat inscrutable judicial opinions.
When born, these children would often find themselves with abnormal reproductive organs—often causing infertility—and an elevated risk of developing various forms of cancer.
In the past, Mr. Cruz has often deflected some of Mr. Trump's more outlandish attacks by posting playful pop culture videos, often from the 1980s.
Being there so often for other people of color—up to 15 hours a day—often prevented Merritt from being there for his ex-wife.
Blaming the victim (often a woman) and exonerating the perpetrator (often a man) is a well-known phenomenon in cases of sexual assault as well.
Their third album, There Will Be No Peace, sees them crafting an often uplifting, often melancholy composition that feels epic, brutally timely, and, indeed, haunting.
He is often the only professional actor onscreen, yet his performance comes across as utterly natural, humanizing a role that is often reduced to stereotype.
So far, often in pilot projects focused on menial tasks, artificial intelligence is freeing workers from drudgery far more often than it is eliminating jobs.
There's a leader, typically a single leader or maybe one or two, often two in tech, actually ... There's often someone that balances the other person.
Other times, our paired photographs strike a similar note — often a penchant for surreal or surprising or enigmatic moments — although often in two different keys.
She shares in the introduction, the practice of making a delicious dish often entails a large mess—something often associated with the creation of art.
"Yes, realpolitik often wins out over values, and it often seems steeped in hypocrisy," said Michael Wahid Hanna of The Century Foundation in New York.
But there's also my favorite app, Seafood Watch, which I consult nearly as often as I check my weather app (which is, maybe too often).
But often it is difficult to tell whom hackers are working for, and state-sponsored hackers often go to considerable lengths to hide that information.
Additionally, because honor killings are often perpetrated by family members, the "next of kin" who forgive the murderers are often themselves accomplices to the crime.
And when talking about phones, laptops, or gamepads — as I often do with this column — it's often the software that's more important than the hardware.
And when talking about phones, laptops, or gamepads — as I often do with this column — it's often the software that's more important than the hardware.
The second ramps up the number of people -- often into the hundreds, and often including more members of at-risk groups -- for a randomized trial.
The result has often been self-censorship by L.G.B.T. artists, but that is changing, with artists challenging old viewpoints, and often finding a welcome reception.
Adding autonomous capabilities to cars often necessitates the need for the car to get fresh access to maps or other data, often in real time.
It's most often used to describe labor that keeps a household running smoothly — and the division of that labor often corresponds to traditional gender roles.
Mr. Theis said that the local newspaper often has stories about people he knows well, and that he often finds uplifting stories there as well.
Those who live in Irvine are often highly educated and affluent, especially the businesspeople from mainland China and Korea who often buy up new subdivisions.
Galleries rarely post prices and often don't provide basic wall text, so one often has to ask for the title or even the artist's name.
Often the pair try lay out their simple camp in people's yards or behind churches, but almost as often, locals invite them to stay inside.
Being somewhat social oddballs who were often left to our own devices, we became, as people who are marooned together often do, a little funky.
The often-expensive dish is deemed as a symbol of prestige and often consumed during celebratory events like the Lunar New Year or wedding banquets.
Even then, it appears that judges may often honor Chevron in the breach, with one study finding that the Supreme Court often ignored the doctrine.
"They take on other people's stress, and they get overwhelmed often because everything seems like it's coming at you too fast, too often," she says.
But this influence is often suavely merged with spirituals and African percussion accents — often deployed in the service of love triangles and mystic conjuring spells.
Many of the most lucrative projects often involved people in Mr. dos Santos's inner circle, though their involvement was often concealed behind layers of partnerships.
Often these descriptions employ topological properties: simple, countable characteristics that don't depend on size or shape, such as how often strings in a knot cross.
Instagrammers often complain about Chinese fast fashion companies copying their looks and using their photos (often with their faces cropped out) to sell cheap knockoffs.

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