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"New World" Definitions
  1. the Americas and Oceania, especially when regarded collectively as the inhabited landmasses of the world that became known to Europe after its discovery of the Americas.
  2. Western Hemisphere.
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742 Sentences With "New World"

How to use New World in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "New World" and check conjugation/comparative form for "New World". Mastering all the usages of "New World" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Trading in shares of New World Development and New World China Land Ltd 0917.
"It's a new world, Hillary Clinton, it's a new world," West said during the concert.
The move also allows New World Development to invest in mainland China through New World China.
JS: I think it's what I characterize as a new world order, or perhaps a new world disorder.
New World China's shares jumped nearly 21 percent after the announcement, while New World Development's shares slipped 4.4 percent.
There are glimmers of a new world, our new world, transposed into the fantastic and the science fictional video game worlds.
Traveling opens our minds and souls to a whole new world (cue A Whole New World music from Aladdin and montage).
For the New World of France, consumers will depend on best practices in all New World wine regions: Follow the producer.
"It's a new world, Hillary Clinton, it's a new world," Mr. West said from his floating platform stage above the crowd.
It would be the second attempt by New World Development in less than two years to take New World China Land private.
New World Development and New World China Land subscribed for perpetual securities issued by Evergrande, which they have the right to convert into shares.
It's a whole new world — you can't say a whole new world without hearing the song and getting confused by the noise in your head.
Without the burden of onerous regulations, the New World of France, like most New World wine regions, has been prone to following fads and trends.
The moment we start imagining a new world and sharing it with one another through story is the moment that new world may actually come.
Why Brave New World is No Longer the Terrifying Dystopia it Used to BeBrave New World used to be one of the most terrifying stories about a false utopia.
I Hear A New World, Kamron Hazel Kamron Hazel's I Hear A New World uses wooden structures and objects to represent larger social structures and institutions that govern mobility.
HONG KONG — New World Development, a Hong Kong property company, offered on Wednesday to privatize New World China Land, its property developer unit, in a deal worth about $2.8 billion.
Property developer New World Development Co Ltd, which owns 72.29 percent of New World Department Store, is offering HK$2 apiece for all outstanding shares it does not already own.
Facebook's new World Effects Facebook's new World Effects "We want artists, developers, brands and more creators to be able to build and share amazing AR experiences," writes Facebook director Ficus Kirkpatrick.
Shares of New World China, on the other hand, shot up 20.2 percent after Hong Kong-based real estate developer New World Development made another attempt to take the company private.
" NOHlab were responsible for the fifth section, "new world.
But it's three generations — it's a whole new world.
Because it's a clean slate — and a new world.
For him, a good American brandy is a matter of interpretation and translation: taking Old World techniques and figuring out how they work in New World soils and climates, with New World grapes.
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Shares of New World China Land 0917.
She escapes to the New World and later establishes Ilvermorny.
We want the old days, or a brave new world.
It's a whole new world — and that world is CGI.
Excerpted from Children of the New World by Alexander Weinstein.
I feel like a whole new world has opened up!
O brave new world, That has such people in 't!
"With VR, it's a totally brave new world," says Layden.
We have seen a brave new world of inclusive multiculturalism.
AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order.
The Pokini family isn't stopping at their new world record.
It's just the new world, you know what I mean?
They can collectively work on ideas for the new world.
New World Order is split across two loosely related arcs.
Urban landscapes are breeding a brave new world of opportunists.
Finding a new world leaves everything less clear, not more.
He is happy and healthy and enjoying his new world!
Will the new world order put Daron at the top?
In this new world order, actions still lead to reactions.
Heather says the scan "opened up a whole new world".
Across the entire New World, there were about 10.5 million.
This is a new world and individuals should be accountable.
"This is a whole new world for us," Silver said.
Elon Musk just colonized a whole new world of WTF.
You must understand that we are in the new world.
That's not part of any kind of brave new world.
It's a brave new world of throwing refrigerators off balconies.
HONG KONG (Reuters) - New World Department Store China Ltd (0825.
When the ice finally receded, a radically new world emerged.
And just getting used to that new world, I guess.
It's a whole new world, and I am not prepared.
How do we prepare our citizens for this new world?
In our new world, armed conflict threatens all of humanity.
The Disney imagineers decided to build a whole new world.
NOAH S. BERNSTEIN Program Officer New World Foundation New York
But can she learn how to navigate the new world?
"Going Home" is based on Antonin Dvorak's "New World" symphony.
We stand on the threshold of a brave new world.
Altındere pointedly offers a VR experience of this new world.
Flashback: SCOTUS sends sports betting into a brave new world.
In this new world, who are the players that matter?
We are perched at the edge of a new world.
"We are in a brave new world of therapeutic potential."
This is a new world in which I am moving.
"Drones are opening up a whole new world," Hoffman said.
Now she is seeking to conquer a new world: streaming.
Where do you see your place in this new world?
How often does that happen at a "New World" performance?
But we are about to enter a new world order.
He wasn't the first European in the New World, either.
As I chewed, the image brightened into a new world.
"Welcome to the New World" typically has fewer than 200.
The formula is 5G meets AI, producing brave new world.
Trade agreements must reflect this new world, not cripple it.
In this new world, Trumpism appears brittle, hollow and impotent.
It's a whole new world for her, Sander can tell.
There are more MacKenzies to meet in the new world!
Power producers are learning to adapt to this new world.
"For us it is a new world," Mr. Wozniak added.
Welcome to the shiny new world of group chat apps.
Still, even Roche cannot work alone in this new world.
In this new world, the fire didn't seem to burn.
There's a new world that requires new ways of thinking.
Or are they just speeding headlong into this new world?
Europe had lots of workers; the new world not so many.
After a whole new world kicks in, I got chills guys.
American women woke up in a terrifying new world Wednesday morning.
The sense of standing at the abyss of a new world
But the new world they create can be a better one.
There is a new generation growing up in a new world.
Trump's bold new world is already pushing the boundaries of tolerance.
She was emerging into a new world, a new life's adventure.
"It opened up a whole new world for me," she said.
Those working in entertainment media continue to navigate their new world.
There is even room for commerce in this brave, new world.
A whole new world Or at least a whole new island.
But our brave new world isn't so fantastic for this reboot.
Grave New World: The End of Globalisation, the Return of History.
"I think we are in a new world," says Mr Domenèch.
Because the crew will be focused on exploring a new world.
Any new world he would usher in would be a nightmare.
But this was resented by existing workers in the new world.
In the early years, it was like a whole new world.
Spoilers for The Thinning and The Thinning: New World Order below.
But it has yet to prove itself in this new world.
"A Whole New World" (End Title), Aladdin – Zayn and Zhavia Ward
In this new world, Duterte decides who stays and who goes.
In this new world of VR content, NextVR is a leader.
When Facebook launched, it dove headfirst into a brave new world.
Galton's theories gained increasing prominence internationally, particularly in the New World.
Aladdin is a whole new world with a whole new cast.
Let's kind of be mindful that this is our new world.
But modernised as celebs, it's a whole new world of magic.
So, how did the workforce adjust to the new world order?
We are entering a brave new world of genetic-guided therapies.
At that point, we will wake up to a new world.
"The city recognizes, however, we're in a new world," Green said.
Injustice 2 gave us a new world order policed by superhumans.
"I wanna show you the new world, Carl," he says crying.
Introducing people to this new world is what's important to us.
But it feels great to live in this grand new world!
"All these books opened a new world for me," writes Gates.
"The show opened up a new world to us," Benjamin said.
In their new world, these young heroes inevitably become new people.
And he wasn't the first European in the New World, either.
That's how we fund this revolution against the New World Order.
There, her eyes were opened to a new world of possibilities.
"I don't think we're living in a new world," he said.
Even the states are reorienting themselves toward this new world order.
Flavor-wise, however, #TraderJoes Chocolate Hummus presents a whole new world.
Gordie was amazed at this new world of money in sports.
The New World can certainly learn much from the Old World.
It was like a step into an absolutely brand new world.
SI), a property management subsidiary of New World Development Company (0017.
"It's like jumping into a new world with someone," she says.
It's kind of opened up a whole new world for me.
New World Development, one of the city's largest developers, sank 3.6%.
Plus, the series is entering a whole new world this season.
BLOOMFIELD "Songs for a New World," musical by Jason Robert Brown.
The new world order has spurred a deluge of healthtech applications.
We live in a brave new world of cross platform support.
Most companies are not prepared for this new world of politics.
The E.P.A. is setting the table for a dangerous new world.
The other leads to the French authorities and a new world.
This brings us back to Kosmic, the new world record holder.
Other companies will inevitably follow, our New New World columnist writes.
It's a new world in which he can find no refuge.
"I expect that the founders will adjust to the new world."
Go deeper: The unusual new leaders of our unusual new world
Would it remain focused on the horror of this new world?
These nations, she notes, have since anchored the new world order.
In its place is the brave new world of advocacy journalism.
"Trying hard to build a Brave New World," said one comment.
Each new world revealed by the Voyagers was a head-scratcher.
After my essay was published, a new world opened before me.
This opens up a whole new world of multi-tasking possibilities.
Fares for the new world cruise start at $64,999 per person.
"I am so ready for Rio," the new world champion added.
What, if anything, surprised you about "Welcome to the New World"?
HK) and Cheng Yu-tung of New World Development Co (0017.
Trammell: Yeah, why didn't she come along to the new world?
We're big, and we've got processes in place that frankly, as you move from this world to the new world, the new world being in cloud ... I'll give you one example, the way we write contracts.
Trading in shares of New World Development and New World China Land Ltd, which has market value of HK$54 billion ($7 billion), was suspended on Monday pending a statement in relation to takeovers and mergers.
Harley-Davidson is trying to find its way in a new world.
Chris Pratt is promising audiences a whole new world — a Jurassic World.
Visitors to Dakar, the capital, fly into a new world-class airport.
The key to joining the new world of comedy: Work like mad.
"I have had so much help navigating this new world," Tilley said.
But, there are plenty of boxers circling the new world heavyweight champion.
This might just lead you to a whole new world of thrifting.
Days two to three: The Andrews family adjusts to their new world.
The special glasses transport them to a whole new world of color.
Catholicism in the entire New World may turn into a seamless web.
And alliances are generally temperamental in this brave new world of transportation.
"[I]t's the beginning of a new world," Rihanna told T magazine.
New World Stages, 663 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
The García family enter that new world with a brutally intimate introduction.
This new world of romance may also have unintended consequences for society.
In this new world of film, sometimes we don't have tangible markers.
Get Out opened the door to a whole new world of horror.
We woke up feeling like the new world we deserve is imminent.
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 241113-239-6200,
New World Stages, 2330 West 216th Street, Clinton, 2866-239-6200,
New World Stages, 340 West 41113th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 86603 West 2259th Street, Clinton, 2259-221970-221980,
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-374,
Humans and dogs dispersed together across this bridge into the New World.
As this new world came into being, the fringe had become mainstream.
Take on this crazy new world of alternative facts and fake news.
It'll undoubtedly help humanity find a new world to contaminate someday.[NASA]
Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" follows a similar arc to Zamyatin's story.
And in that future, in this new world, what have we found?
"Welcome to the new world," said the hacker who broke open Doom.
We're at "Peak Complexity" — a hybrid of old and new world systems.
Welcome to the brave new world, which is neither brave nor new.
Truth and the punk jester-theorist of a New World Order master
But then you open it up, and it's a whole new world.
One thing we do have, in the New World, is beautiful sunsets.
I quickly discovered that blogging was a whole new world of challenges.
"Russia's actions are not standing up a new world order," Power said.
It's that game that opened my ears to a whole new world.
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Real estate developer New World Development Co Ltd (0017.
This bizarre computer would be my window to an exciting new world.
Feit explained the implications that the new world of crowdfunding could have.
Now, with the ACA, it was kind of a whole new world.
You're "giving up opportunity to go into a new world," he said.
Large issuers are struggling to adapt and participate in this new world.
"You have this new world order with Saudi and Russia," said Croft.
Instead, parents are encouraged to curate a new world for black daughters.
The team is entering the brave new world of mixed reality too.
New World Stages, 212101 West 22th Street, Clinton, 245-2222-251,
New World Stages, 26200 West 21th Street, Clinton, 246-2126-2800,
New World Stages, 21975 West 22th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 251 West 2800th Street, Clinton, 2745-23000-2,
New World Stages, 242 West 2212th Street, Clinton, 2239-26200-22,
How will the emergence of a Brown New World handle such encounters?
New World Stages, 2003 West 245th Street, Clinton, 22-2103-215,
New World Stages, 2800 West 2982th Street, Clinton, 242003-22-200,
New World Stages, 80063 West 80053th Street, Clinton, 80043-80033-80023,
New World Stages, 340 West 230003th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 25196 West 22th Street, Clinton, 245-29673-251,
New World Stages, 220 West 213th Street, Clinton, 237-2866-2811,
New World Stages, 2800 West 2982th Street, Clinton, 22787-22-233,
Should China become the new world leader in science and engineering research?
And in this new world of investing, Blackstone is the undisputed winner.
"This is a new world in how people work together," said Hackett.
They are, without question, the two brightest stars of this new world.
"Wow, everyone looks so different," Baldwin's Trump said of this new world.
It's a new world for him..." -- Amy Walter: "Trump has one speed.
The best of adult judgments may scarcely apply to their new world.
New World Stages, 2215 West 22150th Street, Clinton, 2265-221-599,
New World Stages, 21 West 250th Street, Clinton, 212-217-62008,
New World Stages, 2239 West 26200th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 245 West 2262th Street, Clinton, 2866-2811-24111,
New World Stages, 28683 West 23050th Street, Clinton, 745-21-193,
New World Stages, 221 West 2245th Street, Clinton, 221-22212-21252,
THE INVENTION OF NATURE: Alexander Von Humboldt's New World, by Andrea Wulf.
New World Stages, 003 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 228750 West 221th Street, Clinton, 22-230-2425,
New World Stages, 340 West 242003th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 22212 West 19th Street, Clinton, 226200-220-2250,
New World Stages, 240 West 2227th Street, Clinton, 242-2212-2719,
So we have Old World soils and climate in the New World.
There would be a new heaven, a new earth, a new world.
New World Stages, 230 West 212th Street, Clinton, 237-2866-2811,
New World Stages, 23010 West 21th Street, Clinton, 200-2003-245,
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 230063-239-6200,
New World Stages, 222 West 2215th Street, Clinton, 22305-357-2239,
An admission that she does, in fact, head a new world order?
But also, in this new world we live in, we have gentrification.
What is the place of women in the Illuminati new world order?
It's such a new world in terms of our relationship with entertainment.
He swung by the office to play us five new world premieres.
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-60883,
New World Stages, 420003 West 2230th Street, Clinton, 2259-2259-2259,
New World Stages, 853 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 13-239-6200,
The new world order has brought together an odd assortment of characters.
Few generations are blessed with the ability to define a new world.
New World Stages, 6200 West 21th Street, Clinton, 245-2154-6200,
New World Stages, 800 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200,
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 27373-239-6200,
A flute part from the 343 premiere of Dvorak's "New World" Symphony.
It might not be a brand-new world for millennials after all.
The show would seem to welcome visitors to a brave new world.
What advice did 500 have in the face of the new world?
She manages to explore her own emotions and enter a new world.
The New New World Chen Siqi doesn't eat out so much anymore.
Meet your new co-worker in this surreal new world: your spouse.
In this brave, new world, there's no need for private vehicle ownership.
It's a brave new world, and we're all struggling with the terminology.
But every new town you visit is a new world to understand.
Then, after a 100-minute wait, they could explore their new world.
Around the time the ship sank, Columbus was discovering the New World.
Vox Media is also doing well in the new world of media.
I believe there's come a whole new world, driven by his spirit.
You're "giving up opportunity to go into a new world," he says.
New World Stages, 224111 West 221975th Street, Clinton, 222-2220-11,
Data collection is a brave new world for consumers and companies alike.
He wanted Helter Skelter, a new world order, to culminate in cataclysm.
New World China Land's US$600m new issue tightened to T+235bp.
The New New World Beijing wants greater sway over global public opinion.
The New New World Beijing wants greater sway over global public opinion.
But it has yet to gain its footing in the new world.
It&aposs kind of, it does seem like the the new world.
It was a whole new world, but with men at the top.
Idea after idea is borrowed and repurposed to make a new world.
So what is your value in this new world if not labor?
Last season, Philip K. Dick imagined a new world order, circa 1962.
"It was a strange new world," the New York Times later wrote.
A tree stump is an opportunity to create a whole new world.
And so, what is this new world where we can redefine ourselves?
And are they gonna have an economic future in this new world?
The orchestra, conducted by Jiří Bělohlávek, performed Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" (also known as "New World Symphony"), composed in 1893 while Dvořák was the director of the National Conservatory of Music of America.
Hong Kong-based real estate developer New World Development said it will offer HK$7.80 per share to take New World China Land private in a deal that could be worth as much as HK$21.45 billion ($2.77 billion).
The boats and the regattas, however, are heading for a brave new world.
In the brave new world all companies may be Sears and Radio Shack.
In this brave new world, that is simply not the case right now.
"We're in a brave new world of how people receive information," Warner said.
Pace is a botanist studying the diversity and evolution of New World orchids.
Exploring a new world, going on a trip to a completely different place.
Welcome to a whole new world and a whole new cast for Aladdin.
But in the relatively new world of campaign apps, it's actually quite substantial.
"Volta is the next generation, the next giant leap into that new world."
"We are entering a new world here, and we know it," he said.
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, 212-239-6200, (Collins-Hughes)
Attending Twins Days is like getting a glimpse into this brave new world.
" Dolores quips cruelly, "Your new world is just another one of their traps.
Felicia Sevigny makes her living in this new world by reading tarot cards.
Netflix is ready to open up a new world of death and destruction.
Groceries litter the aisle at the New World, in Miramar area of Wellington.
Twelve hours later, The Thinning: New World Order went live on YouTube Premium.
After success in the New World, Kosciuszko moved to change things back home.
If so, then the two populations then migrated separately into the New World.
That just opened up a new world that just wasn't really accessible before.
All becomes clear in a new World of Color nighttime show called Villainous!
Subscribe now for a look into her complicated new world, only in PEOPLE!
This is a new world for Tommy, and one she's excited to conquer.
Slipping on Google's Daydream View headset, I'm instantly immersed in a new world.
There is a whole new world here, one that they never knew about.
There's a reason they call it transformation — it's like a whole new world.
It's a new world that in many ways feels like a new show.
French Ambassador to the U.S. Gerard Araud foretold of a new world order.
It's time we thought harder, took greater risks and embraced a new world.
Youth, on the other hand, has real currency in this brave new world.
They could soon set their sights on "New World" regions, like South America.
Are you in favor of the SEC regulating more of this new world?
Tom (16-years-old) from Hertfordshire tries to explain this new world order.
"And Whole Foods is adapting to the new world it finds itself in."
Not in a bad way, but it was a new world for me.
We are committed to hiring a new world class CEO to lead Uber.
Dale Carnegie doesn't apply to the brave new world of digital murder emporiums.
Kong: Skull Island is merely the first installation in a brave new world.
Netflix just made its first acquisition—and it's for a whole new world.
Banking on blockchain: Can established banks keep up with the new world order?
America's lot in this new world is, on the whole, a happy one.
New World Stages, 81113 West 81103th Street, Clinton, 222015-223-221, 'Bayside!
New World Stages, 213 West 259th Street, Clinton, 259-259-2212, 'Bayside!
New World Stages, 811 West 215th Street, Clinton, 2505-2800-2838, 'Bayside!
It's a whole new world for anyone aspiring to be America's Chief Diplomat.
In this new world, European companies have been relatively more responsive to change.
CHIP has opened up a new world to these children and their families.
This is a first step into a whole new world of 3D capture.
We're in a new world where attitude seems to count more than facts.
New World Stages, 22581 West 221212th Street, Clinton, 22070-2124-2212, 'Bayside!
"It was a brand new world that opened up to me," says Vibskov.
Through a series of intimate interviews, Thorne welcomes us into her new world.
I am dragging them into a whole new world they never knew existed.
This is a whole new world when it comes to nominating a president.
When colonists came to the New World, they brought bees in straw hives.
Today's male toys already offer an entirely bold new world for most men.
Yet Mr. Gunther isn't sold on the brave new world of smart appliances.
That was exciting for me, because I get to create a new world.
The Languedoc region has regularly been described as the New World of France.
"It's a really old system engaging in a very new world," Pallesen said.
Paycheck or no, everyone needs to change up strategies for a new world.
Of course, we're living in a new world now with the coronavirus pandemic.
They're from "The Tempest": "O brave new world, that has such people in't."
"Being part of that fraternity opens you to a new world," Ogundimu said.
The main work on the first half was Dvorak's popular "New World" Symphony.
Whether a whole new world of Byte stars emerges remains to be seen.
Finally, artificial intelligence (AI) will be unpredictably consequential to any new world order.
The near future promises surprising reactions and adaptations to the new world disorder.
Hearing this new piece certainly helped me hear the "New World" Symphony afresh.
Danish officials said it was like dealing with an opaque new world superpower.
In "Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World" (1998), Pocahontas travels to England.
In this new world we're living in, nothing can be taken for granted.
There's room for so many voices in this new world we're living in.
As the days go by in this new world, home fades in memory.
Players and their agents, perhaps, must recognize and adapt to this new world.
Talk about the perfect occasion to… open a whole new world of rap.
We are committed to hiriring a new world class CEO to lead Uber.
We are committed to hiring a new world-class CEO to lead Uber.
In this new world of voice-driven computing, that model will not work.
They wanna know, are their kids gonna be safe in this new world?
These two ideologies both want to see a new world come into being.
She also announced a new world tour right on the heels of the performance.
For Nike, this opens a new world of smart data insights into athletes' workouts.
We're told Darren went on to sing "A Whole New World" too, all impromptu.
It is a new year, but for single women, I want a new world.
Germanotta is back on the global stage, gearing up for a new world tour.
This is a new world, and we're trying to figure out how it works.
How The Handmaid's Tale Costume Designer Created The Brave New World Of Season 2
Yet, in order to get each new world, you're forced through it every time.
In other words, if Dany wishes to create a new world, she'll need democracy.
He won't be the last man to be convicted by this brand new world.
Instead, it mainly follows Tray through his many adventures adjusting to the new world.
New World Development had offered 6.80 Hong Kong dollars, or 87 cents, a share.
Prince Albert of Monaco was honored with the foundation's first New World Leadership Award.
However, the development of the new World View building hasn't been without some drama.
It's a brave new world, an accepting world — and it's waiting to be disrupted.
Civil-liberties groups rightly claim that this new world presents untold opportunities for surveillance.
"The possibilities are intriguing and suggest a whole new world for racers," he said.
Stepping into an entirely new world has also brought a new set of challenges.
Nobody knows just how this virus migrated over the oceans protecting the New World.
BLOOMFIELD "Songs for a New World," with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown.
And if China gets involved, the New Cold War becomes a New World War.
The Hypnos Zero has ushered me into a whole new world of lung obliteration.
This really opens up a whole new world of binge-watching Spandex to consider.
Japan threatens war if the United States refuses to accept a new world order.
She admits that she's not feeling like herself since embarking on this new world.
Dutch officials admit that they are still finding their feet in this new world.
But bone surgeons in what would be the New World were just getting started.
Do we have to completely rethink the concept of work in this new world?
Advertisers are also grappling with how to measure their ads in this new world.
It's just a really cool, new world for Randall and Beth to be in.
Outside the Red Center at last, the two are shocked by this new world.
"He is very inexperienced, this is an absolutely new world to him," Hayden said.
Competing, and most importantly, being successful in this "new" world requires a different approach.
Ultimately ideas like Tushy will lead us to a new world of butt hygiene.
Here's what you need to know about this new world we find ourselves in.
"It's a brand new world!" one of the students says during the wedding. Truly.
It could open up a new world of miniature robotics in the operating room.
We need to meet as I have already started building the new world. #masterbuilder.
None of these specs are unique to the relatively new world of electric skateboards.
This is a whole new class of technology product, and a weird new world.
This brave new world of ours, after all, it started long before November 8th.
The new episode, dubbed "New World Order," finds Bruce Wayne in a difficult situation.
In Brave New World, the lower classes are drugged and conditioned into thoughtless cooperation.
Irma's 185 mph winds lasted for 37 hours, setting a new world record. Weather.
It's like we're in a new world that we don't know the rules of.
New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Clinton, 212-239-6200, (Collins-Hughes)
In this new world, employees face sale restrictions that only their companies can lift.
The brave new world of negative-yielding government debt recorded a milestone last week.
Everyone thought this was some sort of new world that would go on forever.
"His is a new world with, for the moment, no rules," Serge said sadly.
Her reign coincided with the first six decades of the new world of pictures.
"Yup, it's a brand new world," one character says in response to the marriage.
It's a brave new world for General Electric on Day 2 outside the Dow.
Lorin Stein's fall is the latest evidence that a new world is available, suddenly.
But the way she's running her campaign isn't doing the new world any favors.
INTERACTIVE: China's new world order Yet it also generating a range of unwanted consequences.
That doesn't mean that you don't enter this new world with eyes wide open.
"Barbara Cook: Then and Now" begins performances on April 13 at New World Stages.
A New World viognier could work, too, so long as it has sufficient acidity.
"  "People were asking themselves 'is this a new world we're living in right now?
An alien sky introduces a set of paper girls to a strange new world.
Now it's a question of, What does the new world begin to look like?
But the study is promising — and inches ever closer to a brave new world.
It was a really cool new world I had no idea even existed [laughs].
Delivery is emerging as a crucial service in the new world of autonomous mobility.
Natural resources and food shipped from the New World helped Europe's population to expand.
For a New World tree, it is interesting to note its Old World connections.
It's a whole new world, crafted with a hand tied behind its creator's back.
"The idea was that it was glasnost, and a new world order," Tool said.
It also set a new World Cup record for group stage goals, with 18.
It's a brave new world now, though Douglas did not live to see it.
If you start running away you open up a whole new world of problems.
The New World, by contrast, comprises wine regions without traditions in need of protection.
"There's A New World Coming" originally alluded to colonialism and the war in Vietnam.
Although she was a Korean immigrant herself, she was entering a completely new world.
"It's like a whole new world of hops has opened up," Mr. Bensch said.
"When we succeed, a whole new world will be born," she tells Mr. Robot.
Our new world is one of total connectivity, with all of its germy entanglements.
J's new World Trade Center project sits "not even half occupied," Pauline has vanished.
The institutions that steer the economy must be remade for today's strange new world. ■
"AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order" by Kai-Fu Lee
Mr. Bennett then became the head of television station acquisitions for New World Entertainment.
And the "brave new world" beyond Prospero's cell suddenly feels more revolting than tempting.
An application has been made to confirm the flight as a new world record.
"Boating opened up an entirely new world for us out here," Mr. Makoid said.
And I have now begun to suffer from my love for the New World.
Then the screen fades to red, and Elliot wakes up in his new world.
They'll need to make it fresh in whichever brave new world they find themselves.
It's going to be a whole new world for Jimmy Fallon's girls this Halloween!
What's going to happen to on-ramp jobs in this new world we're creating?
And we will recount events from 1945 that shaped the postwar new world order.
Growing in this new world, I can turn my hindrances into power: my voice.
"François Fillon is in a new world now," said Mr. Caron, the ethics expert.
"This is a new world of learning experience platform," Franklin previously told Business Insider.
Now, three years later, we are navigating this increasingly hostile new world, holding hands.
So in preparation for this brave new world, I decided to replace my fingerprints.
And I find that there's a whole new world that I'm really focused on.
It's not what's happening in California, because California is like a whole new world.
Morgan told Rick everything he needed to know about surviving in the new world.
We have to make sure that this new world, we have some grasp over.
Seeing this brand new world feels surreal when you think about the Game Boy days.
Law enforcement needs to find a way to do its job in a new world.
INGRAHAM: He is just another character in this new world order under Trump, Dan Bongino.
Are they historical novelties or vital symbols of resistance against a neoliberal new world order?
It began the day our founding fathers and mothers set sail for a new world.
"It's a whole new world out there!" she tells PEOPLE in the magazine's new issue.
In the end, Ledecky swam the distance in 8:04:79, a new world record.
The end of the Cold War did not give rise to a new world order.
The new world of TV is unbundled from time, removed from pipe and device agnostic.
It can't compete with Skyrim for vistas or the sense of experiencing a new world.
"I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct," he replied.
But for developers, Facebook is a whole new world — and an empty one at that.
In this version, Aric isn't just transported in time — he's exploring a whole new world.
New World Development (NDVLY), a major property owner and developer in Hong Kong, surged 4.3%.
If you're not sure, check the stylebook or our newsroom dictionary (Webster's New World College).
The blight also traveled from the New World to the Old following a similar path.
This affordability and keyboard interface opened up synthesis to a whole new world of users.
It also opened up a new world of killing at arm's length via technological advances.
This is a brave new world and we should all learn to live in it.
Shareability is another feature that Lukas expects to see in the new world of email.
Canada set a new world record for the largest earthquake ever triggered by fracking. Fantastic.
To escape, Holden flees into the ring, and into a strange new world beyond it.
And just like that, a door to a completely new world was opened for me.
In this new world, he says, churches are not the only institutions which "do religion".
Beat all of the available worlds, and a new world appears for you to tackle.
"We are entering a new world of aviation," said Frank Anton, head of Siemens eAircraft.
And when we do that, we will make of this old world, a new world.
Their 10-point program reads like a rough policy outline to create a new world.
It was less robust, but suited the brave new world of (semi)portable electronics better.
As Bicca-Marques explains, "New World monkeys" avoid traveling via the forest floor, preferring trees.
"This kind of new world of information sharing is just that, it's new," Brookie says.
It's a brand new day and a brave new world and they are both beautiful.
"It's a whole new world out there!" she said of re-entering the dating ring.
The internet was supposed to mean a whole new world for the business of advertising.
Is the killing of the Russian ambassador going to set off a new world war?
But there hasn't been much of a place for her in the new world order.
A new world with snazzy algorithm trading machines requires new rules to play the market.
Unlock a whole new world of literary possibilities with the Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle.
The New World served as a platform where political innovators could experiment with unconventional ideas.
Unlike Offred, she came to this new world order willingly, and with her eyes open.
Paul Dowling, Deeptech Mondays Startup Central Zone • The New World Order of Early Stage Investment
Exit West meets the challenge of thinking through a new world, governed by isolationist fear.
Welcome, indecisive person, to the brave new world of Humito—the world's first smoked tequila.
And the state, not the free market, served as midwife to the new world order.
And when we do that, we will make of this whole world a new world.
"In the shale new world, lower oil prices mean slower US growth," Shepherdson wrote. 2.
Above all, Nixon was committed to forging a new world order in partnership with Beijing.
"It's a new world for Ace," said Mr. Leslie, who is trained in forensic accounting.
"  "Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world?
Last year, Earl Sweatshirt sounded far less invigorated about life in our brave new world.
And while love may be taboo in this brave new world, sex is apparently O.K.
Hang Lung Group dropped 4.42 percent, and New World Development was down by 1.89 percent.
"  "Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world?
"Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World" (1998) shows Pocahontas as she travels to England.
But by the time I got to be 60, it was like a new world.
Pelosi's second stint as Speaker is a new world for many of her old hands.
The Democrats are taking us to a brave new world, untried, untested, untethered to reality.
We're living in a brave new world of technology, and the possibilities really are endless.
"Corinne fits perfectly in this strange new world we're living in," Seyfried captioned the video.
"In this new world," he said, "there is much more insecurity than there was before."
What I thought would limit me actually opened up a whole new world of styling.
We live in a new world now, and it favors the big, not the small.
Hillary opened my eyes to a whole new world of public service by private citizens.
I view the role of women in this new world order as kind of suppressive.
It's the fact that the soldiers have already bought in to the new world order.
This diverse culture opened my mind and ears to a whole new world of music.
As the film achingly reviews, when Hull went blind, he entered a frightening new world.
But ultimately, the Kingsglaive story is too muddled to ease viewers to this new world.
Reopens on Tuesday at New World Stages, 340 West 8663th Street, 212-239-6200,
"He has opened my eyes to a whole new world about Islam," Dillon told CNN.
Outokumpu supplied textured stainless for a building in the new World Trade Center in Manhattan.
But also mostly at danger, because everything in this new world wants to eat me.
For example, we have 20A's "Big part of the New World," which is NORTH AMERICA.
The New New World Shao Chunyou rose from the assembly line to the boss's office.
In November, New World Records released a 220-minute Eastman solo-piano improvisation from 1980.
"In this new world, visited links [won't] work the way they do today," Stefan said.
Every one of these efforts has the potential to create a new world that's unrecognizable.
I've learned that you can't create a new world until you've mourned the old one.
It's the exponential growth in wealth that makes high-end malls like New World possible.
"A new world will appear out of this cocoon, flying very fast," Mr. Gabyshev said.
So, if you're going to buy a bottle of new-world bubbly, consider your budget.
This is where he smashes the bust and breaks out into a completely new world.
Central bankers and politicians must find ways to adapt economic policy to this new world.
If you'd like to explore the brave new world of interactive video, go to #1.
It is only one year later for Collins, but it feels like a new world.
Off-Center production of "Songs for a New World" — bears the brunt of this problem.
So be skeptical when encountering views that aver humans are entering a Brave New World.
The working process with Wu Wei and the sheng opened up a completely new world.
We won't be able to save the planet if we can't save the New World.
In fact, I have an inkling that a new world is dawning for this cast.
We have some time now where we can see that this new world is coming.
Because we just brought in a new technology to evolve it to the new world.
The first show will tape in 2017, following a new world tour being planned now.
Telsey explained how important data analytics and leadership is for retailers in the new world.
When the decade began, this new world was already forming, the plot already in motion.
Each new world encouraged you to consider the ways different puzzle mechanics could work together.
What does "Avengers: Endgame" say to Afghan refugees, fighting to survive, in this new world?
Also, there should be no more free passes in this new world of speed baseball.
"It just opened up a whole new world for Westcott and its students," she said.
A ranking of how well countries are moving to a new world of technology. 1.
This opens up a whole new world of redemption possibilities for Citi Double Cash customers.
During his title drought, the men's game has been overtaken by a new world order.
It's looking to bridge the old world of entertainment with the new world of content.
Why is the new World Energy Outlook (WEO) so much more optimistic about renewable energy?
But the new world he has created in his latest paintings is decidedly less familiar.
Around the holidays, a whole new world has opened to me these last three years.
It should be a brave new world, but doesn't feel like anything of the sort.
Now Silicon Valley is scrambling to assess its own exposure in this new world order.
HONG KONG, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Shares of New World China Land are set to open more than 20 percent up on resumed trade after New World Development Co Ltd makes a second attempt in less than two years to take the China unit private.
Think of the internet as a portal to a whole new world of snacks and treats.
Once established though, where could this brave new world of pore de-clogging really evolve to?
He believes that, for the new world order to rise, there must be a massive reckoning.
Before heading to the New World, the Pilgrims took shelter from English religious persecution in Leiden.
This new world of psychedelic-assisted therapy functions as a kind of parallel mental health service.
Williams' best friend Caroline Wozniacki won the Australian Open and became the new world No. 1.
Now with the arrival of Uber, a whole new world of small talk has opened up.
And when I was scared, he would sing 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin to me.
With Trump's influence, a new World Bank leader could potentially reduce lending to the Communist state.
The video app recently added a text filter that created a whole new world of possibilities.
"This is a new world, and we're trying to figure out how it works," Blumberg said.
How did Whitaker Wright go from English preacher to becoming filthy rich in the new world?
The point he makes to Carl: this is what respect looks like in the new world.
The company is showing off small parts of two other PC games, New World and Crucible.
That all changed when urethane wheels came about and opened the door to a new world.
Pivot to how this new world will benefit the UK and keep more money at home.
This new Facebook policy opens a frightening new world for political communication — and for national politics.
A new world of politics in the MeToo era Campaigns are, by definition, raw and freewheeling.
Túngara frogs are tropical New World creatures that live both in the countryside and in towns.
Be cool, you can do it / Just understand the new world, then you'll be cooler, cooler!
When you enter the hole, it's a new world—one that smells like death and shit.
Ben and I do a really great rendition of 'A Whole New World'...according to us.
Everyone's favorite street rat is celebrating 25 years since he first discovered a whole new world.
It's well worth watching if you want to open your eyes to a whole new world.
With that said, here is our guide to the new world of venture capital securities filings.
The 'NEW ORDER' shirts show we're trying to make a new order in the new world.
Only those who can adapt quickly will survive, much less thrive, in the new world order.
Semiosis by Sue Burke In the 2060s, colonists leave Earth for a new world called Pax.
At best, we are settling the wilderness for those who will later monopolize our new world.
I think that we're finding some creative ways to bridge people over to this new world.
The scale and promise of the New World seemed to demand a new monumental art-form.
HAYDON ROCHESTER JROnancock, Virginia I'm glad you got around to mentioning Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".
Instead they opted to focus on the game's social features and explore the big new world.
There was a whole new world of opportunity and potential and a curiosity about the sound.
Because we live in this new world, this is where our lives are taking place now.
A massive two-ton cheese board assembled in Wisconsin has officially set a new world record.
It's true that this new world is complex, but it's worth the investment to map it.
Excerpted from AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee.
Donald Campbell set a new world water speed record of 248.62mph on the 10th November 1958.
"It is such a new world," Smith told The Huffington Post when asked about the photo.
That puts DOT in the position of regulating a strange new world, outside its usual ambit.
It's a New World but the people carried their totems and tokens along as they came.
From there, they explore a new world and shape the corporate-owned colony they're stranded in.
Fourierist communes foundered across the New World and Old; his ideas about gender equality lived on.
It's one of the most important new-world skills we can teach our kids — and ourselves.
And now they're going to move all those singles into the brave new world of video.
So, we may be in a new world, the world that Japan entered back in 0093.
You can tell where Greg's mind is opening up to a whole new world of music.
"We are confident that in this new world we will become a market leader," he added.
But millennials aren't the only ones employing irony in this brave new world of wine consumption.
When it comes to where millionaires are moving from, New World said, France tops the list.
It's the only human pathogen of the genus Thogotovirus to make it to the New World.
A new world order is unfolding — one no longer clearly dominated by America and its values.
By now you're asking — is there some sort of sizzle reel for this brave new world?
The new World War II movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, will hit theaters on July 21.
Trump's new world is full of uncertainties, but there is one thing we can count on.
Developers must adjust our approach to designing clinical trials to take advantage of this new world.
Other papers across the globe printed dramatic headlines, declaring "The New World" or "The Moon Vanquished."
So if you ever go off to find the New World, talk to the Shore Porters.
We started writing songs together and it was a whole new world, a whole new band.
Each time that he busts through to the other side, he enters a completely new world.
"This might open up a whole new world for me and my running scope," Pappas said.
But as we started writing it, it made more sense to create an entirely new world.
Ford was a top sports advertiser, and it opened an attractive new world to Mr. Frank.
When European settlers landed in the New World, they nearly hunted the gray squirrel into extinction.
In addition to New World Angels, Kairos counts Kapor Capital, Backstage Capital and others as investors.
A New World Hacking member told the BBC the group includes eight men and four women.
"It just raises the public awareness there's a new world just next door," Dr. Belikov said.
Some might ask whether Trump's imagined new world order really represents a threat to American values.
The new world that emerges is utopian, and every Uncle Dave wins the lottery every week.
"It is a new world order," Erik Solheim, head of the United Nations Environment Program, said.
"Into a new world," said Bruce Babbitt, who ran the Interior Department under President Bill Clinton.
The latest iteration of the country's new world is in both a funk and a recession.
In the new world of proliferating ETFs, products that sound the same may no longer be.
But seriously, I never mind being plunged into a new world, innocent as a newborn babe.
Discovery builds a whole new world, and then tears it down, all in about 85 minutes.
We're midway to our own destruction, but we're also midway to creating a new world together.
This is a brave new world, and we're trying to bring some order to the chaos.
Also in the high yield segment, New World China Land's bonds saw yields widen about 1bp.
Well, as it turns out, there's this other part of Brave New World that is unregenerate.
Comcast's takeover of NBC has proved a model for this new world of media deal-making.
To help us navigate this unsettling new world of grocery shopping — can you reuse your bags?
No one stops making dinner when a space probe enters the orbit of a new world.
Hacktivist groups Anonymous and New World Hackers were quick to claim responsibility for the online siege.
And that opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the sound of the band.
Monika Khichi supported Mr. Modi, arguing that he was fashioning India into a new world superpower.
Barty, the new world No. 1, will be looking to build on her success this year.
The New New wORLD The images were meant to exonerate Richard Liu, the e-commerce mogul.
Apples made their first appearance in the New World with European settlers in the 17th century.
Hip hop was a "secret society" that brought him into a "whole new world," he said.
Linkin Park and its wildly successful album Hybrid Theory was my introduction to this new world.
Earlier this year, Amazon offered a short preview of "New World" to members of the press.
Men still control love and pleasure in this new world, turning women into desperate, anxious rivals.
"The new world of work is about skills, not necessarily degrees," Dimon said in a statement.
JENNA FISCHER This is a whole new world for us, so honestly we were taken aback.
Bookmakers are putting the odds of a new world marathon record at greater than 60 percent.
Turn the lights down, and then you have a chance of getting into a new world.
The new world means a well-executed idea can beat an incumbent with a similar product.
Shares of New World Development dropped 1.07%, Henderson Land fell 0.68193% and CK Asset tumbled 0.46%.
Then, my colleague, Joe Desantis, helped me to better understand this new world we are entering.
When Columbus arrived in the New World, the mosquitoes there were pesky but carried no diseases.
Saudi Arabia's challenge is to become a meaningful participant in this new world of networked innovation.
In July 2019, Ethiopia planted 350 million trees in a day, setting a new world record.
Welcome to the New World (2017) The true story of a Syrian family's journey to America.
Time to start work on our historic mission to lay the foundations of that new world.
Katz and Bohbot are similarly uninterested in the brave new world Israel is helping to create.
Fatimah Asghar's brilliant offering is a dexterous blend of Old World endurance and New World bravado.
Ms. Alicea became their guide to the new world, taking them on vacations to New York.
And they found an oddly alluring sound to match their feelings about this strange new world.
Like all paradises, however, this new world has a much darker undertone of dissatisfaction and discontent.
Your brain is engaged immediately, the electrons fire, and you are immersed in a new world.
In a filing with the Hong Kong exchange, New World Development said that New World China would be able to use the parent company's "greater financial strength" and its "more competitive financing terms for raising bank borrowings" without being subject to the requirements of a listed company.
Article of the Day Article: Welcome to the New World Before Reading "Welcome to the New World" is the first installment in what will be a regular feature in future editions of the Sunday Review, chronicling the true story of a Syrian family's journey to America.
How will you keep track of all your commitments in the brave new world that is 279?
It was made to usher people into a new world, rather than keeping them at arm's length.
As the Cold War ended, a new world was taking its place, one dominated by American power.
We'll just have to wait and see how this brave new world of furry wetsuits shakes out.
Along the way, Woody runs into Bo, who introduces him to a whole new world of possibilities.
An ancient European construction technique, it was introduced in the New World by Spanish and English invaders.
But the real thing is the left is trying to create this new world war with Russia.
The landscape Hawkins traversed was murky, disorienting, wild—a new world that no European could easily comprehend.
And if a USB charger seems intimidating, forget the whole new world of WiFi-enabled teledildonic toys.
This is a new world where stocks can be impacted by tweets and photo ops for Trump.
Think of problems with the new world as graft-versus-host disease — a mutual attempt at rejection.
"McKinsey marks a turning point in front office acceptance of the new World Trade Center," he said.
" She added: "When your parent's an addict and they get clean, it's like a whole new world.
Freeform's new series Good Trouble is all about the struggles of adulting in a brave new world.
Climate crisis Changes to climate patterns could create a whole new world of haves and have nots.
Sasha Issenberg in his revealing and timely new book, Outpatients: The Astonishing New World of Medical Tourism.
"Our partnership with eBay opens a whole new world of shopping experience," said noon founder Mohammed Alabbar.
But, in Campbell's case, this new world order is an opportunity to perfect his most monstrous impulses.
When we remove the edge-to-edge restriction, we open up a whole new world of tilings.
Those are quasi-crystals, and their existence means there's a whole new world of forms of matter.
"We are in a new world ... and we are committed to rising to the occasion," he said.
That said, Lost Sphear takes place in a completely new world, and has a slightly different vibe.
In just one movie, Black Panther expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include a fantastic new world.
In most versions the new world that emerges is a fresh chance for gods and men alike.
These leaders make grandiose promises of a new world, and need to show that they are delivering.
Mr. Leal was somewhat prepared for the new world he entered after accepting Mr. Logan's job offer.
Were the Weinstein allegations the mark of a new world order where men can't abuse women anymore?
To go with this brave new world was a third, more old-fashioned initiative: practising set-pieces.
Navigating this new world of known and unknown attacks may require both sides to make painful concessions.
I'm glad to see the team at Timex is ready to take on this fascinating new world.
Everything – from our currencies to our databases – are supposed to exist, immutably, in this strange new world.
One of the cemeteries is older, where people were buried before Europeans landed in the New World.
"At that moment, asking for a teacher was like walking into a new world," Yip tells PEOPLE.
A not-so-quiet week in Westminster has provided a peek at a possible brave new world.
This new world order leads to lots of shirtless makeouts, blue-hued teenage angst, sobbing, and violence.
When the conquistadors encountered the metropolises of the New World, they felt an instant sense of recognition.
Laura reacts to her new world of gods and monsters with a dead-eyed and implacable smirk.

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