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"might" Definitions
  1. used when showing that something is or was possible
  2. used as the past tense of may when reporting what somebody has said
  3. used to make a polite suggestion
  4. (British English) used to ask permission politely
  5. (formal) used to ask for information
  6. used to show that you are annoyed about something that somebody could do or could have done
  7. used to say that you are not surprised by something
  8. used to emphasize that an important point has been made

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985 Sentences With "might"

How to use might in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "might" and check conjugation/comparative form for "might". Mastering all the usages of "might" from sentence examples published by news publications.

That's inevitable—might be Paragon, might be Overwatch, might be Battleborn.
The shoes themselves might be beautiful or they might be ugly, they might be too tight, they might cause blisters, they might look glamorous at first but tawdry later.
Is that overly optimistic or something you might think might be -- might happen?
One might be Wirecutter, one might be Mashable, one might be The Verge.
You might not need lawyers, which some people might celebrate... you might not need accountants.
It might be a rhythm, it might be a chord, it might be a word.
Exceptionality might fade to proficiency; motivation might curdle into frustration or boredom; interests might lose their appeal.
We might go to war and need to protect an area, the enemy might attack that area, they might throw a grenade that might land in your foxhole.
"They might get fired, they might lose their clearance, it might get suspended for 30 days," Comey said.
One person might call it turquoise, one might call it cerulean, and one might simply call it blue.
We might stop them, but we might … what we might say... You can do chairs but not microwaves?
Now, maybe one of those shows might have a dinner, one might have a shipping bill, one might have fabrication costs, and one might have all of those things.
But the 219 Emmys mightmight — be different.
It might pay better, it might have better benefits, it might look better on a resume and on paper.
You might have work, or you might not have a car, or you might hate crowds and clever signs.
For somebody else, it might be games; for somebody else, it might be editing video, whatever it might be.
For example, roads might be repaved, apartments might be renovated, and stop signs might be replaced with traffic lights.
Together everyone might come up with a list of reasons people might follow news — and why they might not.
"Some women might want maternity coverage and some women might not want it, might not choose it, might not feel like they need that," Verma told senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan).
"It might be shame about the situation, there might be (job) insecurity ... or you might internally attribute what is happening to you, you might think it is your fault," she said.
You might go to a restaurant, you might go to a cabaret bar, you might go to a jazz club.
If you called for one it might come, it might not, you might make it to the airport on time.
I think they feel we might be different: hanging out with us [might be different], and sex [might be different].
"You might alert, you might lock down, you might try to escape, it just depends on the situation," he added.
You might laugh, you might cry, you might be disgusted, and what more could you want out of a book?
It might—I don't know, it might ease her mind or it might even make her feel better about you.
You might love it, you might hate it, you might not even know if you loved it or hated it.
"We can speculate about what the agencies might do, and whether what they might do might be unlawful," he added.
PERINO: But that might -- it might not work, Greg.
Some might say 30 years — I might be there.
It also might — just might— be electric, he said.
You might be, too — or you might hate it!
I might not know enough, I might actually be taking the opportunity to teach myself because I might not know enough.
The pace of life might be way slower, the Internet might be patchy, there might not be a Starbucks for miles.
It's going to make sense for a business instead of hiring a human who might show up drunk or hungover at work, might get sick, might have a baby, might adopt a kid.
And -- and that might be -- that might be the breakthrough.
" That, he said, "might happen, but it also might not.
It might be quite poppy, it might be fucking alternative.
And this might be a week, might be a month.
Some people might agree and some people might not agree.
Might be a door key, might be a car key.
In short, the characters might die, or they might not.
People might like it or they might not like it.
You swipe, you might get a match, you might not.
And you might be right or you might be wrong.
Ya might -- or might not -- be surprised by his answer.
Wormholes might exist, and we might never reliably detect them.
"Illness might progressively vanish," he writes, "but so might identity."
Tyrell might be alive but he might also be dead?
They might mean well; they might want to develop rapport.
That record might goad Germany, or it might embolden Italy.
They define where we might or might not be welcome.
Physicians might decline to participate; home care aides might quit.
We might look at nutrition, we might look at fitness.
It might happen at a party, there might be drinking.
You might not get it perfectly right, but you might.
"That might be immature, that might be bad," he said.
Rulings in Wisconsin might or might not be the same.
It might be a DVD; it might be a recording.
Plus, taking Trump on might just might provoke him further.
Whose bodies might be nourished, and whose might be poisoned?
"[Band therapy] might work, and it might not," finishes Milstein.
The markets might go up, or they might go down.
Who might beat Game of Thrones: Boy, who might not?
He might be getting up; he might be falling back.
It might be your family members, it might be your friends, it might be people that you've befriended through playing the game.
I grew up afraid of what my body might do if freed, what attention it might garner, what shame it might bring.
Parents think: 'My son might have A.D.H.D., might not fit in as well in school, there might not be jobs for him.
Every so often in "The Dark Tower," you catch a glimpse of what might have been: the might-have-been narrative ambition, the might-have-been pop mythology, the might-have-been genre assemblage.
And about to in the timeline of 36 years might mean a year, it might mean two years, it might mean six months.
So, a man might jump into the lane, a cyclist might pop a wheelie, a human driver might cut the robot car off.
Algorithms can already tell you what you might want to read, who you might want to date and where you might find work.
It might come across as new, and it might come across as innovative, and it might come across as progressive, but it's not.
You might have to get a little loud, and you might have to say some words that you might not like to say.
It might be better, and it might be freer, and it might be more patient-centered, but it's not going to be cheaper.
Now, they might not throw 97—they might throw 91, 92.
Halfway through, you might wonder if Ellison might be a professional.
The iPad might get Face ID and might lose its bezels.
It might pair you with someone you might never have expected.
Like we said, he might mean well, or he might not.
We might live delightfully ordinary lives, or we might be superheroes.
It might be a 7, or it might be a 4.
They might be hard to hear, and you might dismiss them.
Phase two might be positive, and it might be very negative.
Your car might not have CarPlay, but your next motorcycle might
That might turn out to be true, or it might not.
They might get fired, or they might live happily ever after.
It might be accurate and it might be pessimistic, but yeah.
One business idea might not pay off, but the next might.
She might even change your mind, or you might change hers.
You might destroy it, or you might end up somewhere else.
I might have an image in my mind, I might not.
You never know when goals might align, and opportunity might strike.
A bigger concern is who might — or might not — be selling.
It might be Blink-182, or it might be The Fall.
I might love reading news articles, you might love watching videos.
You might buy the 8K, I might stick with a 193K.
They might be burying bodies, or they might be peaceful farmers.
But that might have sounded, as Trump might put it, weak.
It might be six rooms or it might be one room.
I don't know, I might be right, I might be wrong.
As one might expect, refugees face challenges other immigrants might not.
It might, or it might not – worrying won't make any difference.
But it might be very dangerous and it might not work.
Still, you might be wondering: How long might this all take?
It might, or it might go up, but not prohibitively more.
Some stores might be closed and operating hours might be reduced.
There might be a story there that might be worth exploring.
It might go bad for me, or it might go good.
You might expect it to be bigger, you might expect smaller.
Sometimes you might pay a little more, sometimes your friends might.
But now how might these two matters connect, you might ask.
It might suggest Islam, or it might suggest a sports logo.
The Democrats might take control of Congress, or they might not.
One year might be monetization, the next might be going international.
The wine might be trash, and the rooms might be gross.
Instagram might have challenged Facebook, might have been the new Facebook.
Then again, "I Am a Nightmare" might never appear on the album, the album might never come out, Brand New might live forever, they might already have broken up, this might be a reworking of a demo from 2004, it could all be about Morrissey for some reason.
"I loved the perpetual possibilities of what you might find for fans of King behind any door, who someone might be, who they might be related to, what they might have been involved in," he said.
We might be misunderstanding the laws of physics; those laws might not apply to dark matter; or those laws might be wrong or incomplete.
You might get tactile hallucinations—you might feel as if you're being held, or you might feel someone breathing on back of your neck.
The husband is worried the wife might bring somebody, and the wife is worried the husband might bring somebody, and the situation might escalate.
Yet while that might satisfy users, artists might balk at the concentration of market power in streamers' hands (and regulators might take an interest).
A fullback like Ruud Krol might appear on the wing, a winger like Piet Keizer might drift inside and Cruyff might pop up anywhere.
A lot of us feared that our phones might be tapped, that we might be followed, that private investigators might be looking into us.
You might need to swipe your card, you might need to dip it, or you might be encouraged to try faster mobile payment instead.
That might be us directly doing things differently, that might be getting executive coaches involved, that might be changing people out of roles altogether.
It might be tricky, and there might be compromises, but that's reality.
It's a jumble that might make sense eventually, or it might not.
And we might hate our neighbors, and our neighbors might hate us.
One might argue that Trump is just fighting fire with fire. Might
It might be academics; it might be in athletics or something else.
" Deny: "The money might not be tainted, or it might prove illusory.
It might be a map, but it might also be... something else.
You might accidentally kill yourself, or you might accidentally win the game.
"It might be soon, it might not be for a long time."
You might not be able to, or you might not want to.
We take money we might or might not have to support others.
We might-- we might feel we have a little selling to do.
You might say, you might talk, you're politicians, all talk, no action.
The rally might be persuasive, but he might not even need it.
It might have been him, or it might not have been him.
It might be soon, it might not be for a long time.
It might be a happy end, it might be an unhappy end.
We might get a stimulus bill, we might actually get tax cuts.
While the president might support Moore, his daughter Ivanka might feel differently.
Today it might be harmless, but tomorrow it might be more dangerous.
I might not even write; I might just be picking out beats.
One night, it might be him or it might be another guy.
We might be in the Depression, but then again we might not.
Or the opposite might happen: Abuse might be ignored or policed erratically.
It might take them a minute, there might be a pause there.
Gamby and Russell might end up making out, or they might not.
Some of these might be daily, others might occur even more frequently.
We might depict the exact opposite of what we might feel sometimes.
Trout might be recognized walking along Fifth Avenue, but he might not.
That definitely might make someone uncomfortable and might definitely be a problem.
"You might think it's funny, but someone might kill themselves," he said.
What might it be able to accomplish that traditional approaches might not?
And that division might be special needs, might be adoption, who knows?
Your rage for the Democratic nominee might dissipate, or it might not.
It might also become repetitive, it might be that your interests change.
It might be millions of years, it might be billions or trillions.
She might be a good employee; she might shoot off her mouth.
First, the statements in Judge's letter might or might not be true.
It might erupt suddenly, or it might be a slow, burning spill.
It might be a good game, it might be a bad game.
Emilia might have been of color, might have had a mixed heritage.
There's a big scam, might be a mining license, might be land.
Kanye insinuated there might be evidence Abraham Lincoln might have been black.
Insults that others might shrug off, they said, might stick with him.
If public, how it might smell or how unclean it might be?
It might have been very successful, but it might have been wrong.
You might have a stolen card; you might be a master forger.
That might be illegal, and you might be risking going to jail.
What might be offensive to one person might appear harmless to another.
The deal happened before the tariffs, but I think they might have gotten wind that something like that might come up and might affect them.
I will also probably be doing something else: I might be taking a walk outside, I might be driving, I might be unloading the dishwasher.
The doctor might be startled, might bridle, might have visions of a supposedly confidential discussion showing up on YouTube — or in a malpractice lawyer's files.
He might never drink champagne or taste caviar; he might never hold a woman's hands in candlelight; he might never backpack through Peru or Scotland.
"It might not be Paralympics; it might be a cello, it might be a scholarship to go to university and become a lawyer," Alcott said.
Your attachment might snap back to close friends, it might even snap back to your parents, or it might snap back to an ex-lover.
You might feel proud or you might feel scared; you might feel excited or you might feel sad; whatever you're feeling, let it flow onto the paper so you're in a place to share, think, and move forward.
A Mediterranean meal might incorporate chickpeas; a Mexican meal might have black beans or pintos; an Asian meal might include edamame; an Italian meal might use white beans or lentils to make a "Bolognese" pasta sauce, Blatner explained.
You&aposre going to get 17 politicians and you might get a Michelle, or you might get an Oprah, or you might get a Mark Ruffalo.
You might use Apple pay you might buy songs you might rent movies and so it is all of these things and it really adds up.
"People are concerned that their neighborhood might end up like this or somebody might retaliate against them for something they might do or say," Morton said.
"Even if you might think the battery is dead, it might not actually be dead, it might still be able to emit a signal," she says.
They might not eat a good diet, might put off exercising and might not get enough sleep if they're solely focused on getting the job done.
I'm working from within, for the most part, from what might draw me and what might dwell in me, what might sustain me or my interest.
The biggest danger is almost that people might have too much talent in cinema, leaving people potentially blinded to things that might or might not work.
It might work for someone else, and it might not work for you.
Or parents might choose traits in their children that others might consider disabilities.
Violent crime might decrease, and we might lower dementia rates across the population.
EpitomeThis store is what you might imagine Luke Skywalker's closet might be like.
It might feel good, but it might not be able to sustain that.
But Facebook Stories might claim that title — and it might be even better.
It feels like your voice might snap, your chords might snap in half.
There might be something better on its way, but there also might not.
People walking by might just look, or they might not even look. Really?
A European breakaway might be derided by fans, and it might never happen.
It might happen early, it might happen late, but it's going to happen.
I don't... 100 percent, but it might go places you might not think.
They might have been sisters or they might have been a sister act.
Their skin might be leathery with age, or they might have tired eyes.
"Why waste brain space on what might or might not happen?" he added.
We might not have sort of the 16 growth, might be more moderate.
The clip might be satire; it might be a work of fanatical support.
And it might be another indictment that you might see, you know, soon.
All that might, by itself, might be hard enough to believe or explain.
You might like her, you might not, but to call her a DOG?
His answer might surprise you, and so might his favorite Brit workout song.
That might happen this year, or it might happen a decade from now.
Justin Timberlake might not know who BTS are yet, but he might soon.
It might be too late for my father, but it might help others.
Other unknowns: how effective it might be, or how much it might cost.
One might have a yellow undertone and one might have a peachy undertone.
"Dan might like Europe more and we might like Europe more," Nolte said.
It might be the later part of the monsoon which might be stronger.
There might be a second book, or there might be a deluxe edition.
Many people might choose not to work at all; social tensions might rise.
Trump's Democratic outreach might be in earnest or it might be a threat.
A father might choose to access these benefits and another father might not.
That might get you through those hard periods where you might normally relapse.
But every carrier's policy might be worded differently and might have specific exclusions.
It might be uncomfortable, it might be messy, and the outcome is unsure.
Might work, might not… I'll stay awake to see whether the deluge stops.
People might like it, or they might not, but you can't force them.
Who knew what might happen, or what we might learn about Judge Kavanaugh?
Rural America might want one thing, and urban America might want something else.
But what the left might call harassment, the right might call free expression.
You might not recall very much; you might not recall anything at all.
I might have with lunch and I might have it again with dinner.
The Post might let Hollywood do both, which might make it the frontrunner.
Despite what you might think, that might be about more than Facebook's Libra.
Some might be released together; some might take much longer to be ready.
"You might have one, you might have two," he said of unplanned disruptions.
All y'all might not — it might be four bikes out of 153 kids.
It might be a year before I go, it might be 218 years.
They might be misguided, they might be a little naughty, but they're nice.
This might make up for the scant availability of NES Classic Edition. Might.
WARREN BUFFETT: We might-- you might have to change it a little bit.
"He might not have the signs -- he might tell you wrong," Rose says.
"It might be sooner, and it might be later," Sijbrandij told Business Insider.
They thought they might find a new continent — and it might be inhabited.
Potentially, as Janis might prophesy, myopia might impoverish decision-making within the administration.
They might not be able to do it, but they might really try.
"This year, everybody might rally, we might find the money," Mr. Pearce said.
Evidence might be tampered with; juries might be biased; eyewitnesses' memories may fail.
You might end up with Amazon, or you might end up with
Sweeping social programs might be popular, but they might alienate that powerful constituency.
VICE: Why might you think guys might want to masturbate in different ways?
Whiteman told me that might be the case, but it might not be.
"To me, experimental implies that the writer had a plan to test some preconceived writing strategy and see if it would work; that what resulted might or might not prove anything, and might or might not be successful," Davis writes.
So we might think that successful business leaders might have a reason to hide their money — because they might be worried the government will come after them.
It matters when you are able to extend it to somebody who might not deserve it, or who you might not like or might not agree with.
That's the kind of politics that people might be able to stay engaged with, that Democrats might win consistently with, and which might just save us all.
"That attempt in itself can be very dangerous, because it might propagate the virus, that might perpetuate the virus, and that might ensure that it becomes endemic."
If you want to know how much your child might learn, how much happier they might be, what kind of relationships they might forge, well, good luck.
There's a risk that friends and family might not like it; they might not like it so much that they might not want to be around you.
And if it's down 800 in the pre-market session you might see a-- you might see four numbers up there eventually-- ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: You might.
"Because of the uncertainty associated with a new Congress and what they might do [or] might not do, that might end up being a challenge," Stovall said.
It might be customers, it might be recruiting, it might just be someone that you trust with you on the entrepreneurial journey, quote unquote, as they say.
Some states might want subsidies, some won't, some states might go to single-payer.
"Let's Seamless some sandwiches for lunch," you might say, and it might feel good.
It also might reduce the leverage that hospitals might have to threaten to close.
Now again, that&aposs probably a coincidence but it might -- it might not be.
Click or tap here for 8 might you might not be using and should.
Or she might choose the vertical angle and he might measure an oblique one.
They might respond with reproach, or they might broach the subject of a breakup.
Your iPhone X might not always unlock; a cop might arrest the wrong person.
For one reason or another, it might be happiness or it might be sadness.
He saw an opening that might (repeat might ) be historic, and he took it.
We might end up at one end; we might end up in the middle.
But when they have that conversation, I think then I might be satisfied. Might.
On another occasion, it might be because the available information might not be reliable.
Some people might find that firm pillows work best, and others might prefer soft.
Drugs might become as widely used as alcohol—and alcohol abuse might also rise.
If you like everything else they post, you mightmight — like their music, too.
It might be the thinnest in class today, but it might be swiftly forgotten.
And the concern about what would the Fed might or might not be doing.
You might buy apps across the App Store, you might subscribe to Apple Music.
You might have a CEO or director, but then you might have a curator.
He might be a villain, or he might just be a force of nature.
You might have an expertise in one area, somebody else might have something else.
Well, because good skin might just be more important to me than cheese. Might.
You might become less optimistic, and sleep deprivation might even lead to cardiovascular disease.
And who knows, you might just make it through—whatever that might look like.
I might get ridiculed, or I might get laughed at — I'm prepared for that.
He hinted that people might not like what they see and might freak out.
That might help, and it also might make Twitter's verification system even more confusing.
They might look a little lost or their English might not be that great.
So you might be wondering how 2012 might stack up in terms of volume.
Similar problems might or might not exist for more than three large space dimensions.
We might not have sort of the 16 (percent) growth — might be more moderate.
The characters on the show might be tempted, and they might occasionally screw up.
You might be working here today but you might not work here tomorrow, right?
One thing that might be different this year: It might launch on T-Mobile.
Trump might ignore the FCC entirely, or the agency might focus on unrelated issues.
So might a nuclear war; at a pinch climate change might wreak similar havoc.
You might be shopping for the office, or you might be shopping for yourself.
I might know others in my network who might be better suited to help.
You might watch it in 50 minutes, or it might be closer to 70.
Chances are that whatever you might want to do, a battery might be useful.
You might get married and divorced, or your life partner might die before you.
My favorite is something that might be a horse or might be a chair.
There are plenty of reasons someone might (or might not) wait to have children.
This might lead to a weaker America, but just might create a safer world.
They might repeat certain behaviors and might not want change in their daily activities.
It might-- it might not be totally the amount of the decrease in taxes.
They might not outwardly call you names, but they also might not help you.
So I might do stuff that might shock people, but you can't block me.
"Facts are sort of, 'I might take them or I might not,'" she said.
There might be a big possibility I might never want to have a child.
You check constantly because it might not be every time, but it might be.
Corporate tax rules might be overhauled, but it is uncertain when that might occur.
If you do this effectively, they MIGHT let you go; operative word is MIGHT!
They might want to watch a film together; they might want to be alone.
What one person might describe as hate speech, another might describe as free speech.
In other conditions, local demographics might go largely unnoticed, or else might remain depoliticized.
Now it might be the podcast, it might be The Daily on your screen.
The blowback might have been worse; the movie's box office haul might have suffered.
While low inflation might sound great, a never-ending shortfall might hurt the economy.
Some VC firms might retract term sheets, others might slow down their investment pace.
I thought he might shoot them, and then I thought he might shoot himself.
We might see bigger cutbacks in the IT budget which might delay the industry.
For now, the universe might have 11 dimensions, or it might be somebody's dream.
But the DVD service might not be as dead as one might have thought.
All the doodads that might, just might, be useful at some point … also gone.
Everyone's palates are different, and you might find something totally new you might like.
No one knows where the virus might bloom — or how long restrictions might last.
It might go up a little bit, it might go down a little bit.
They might have filled your former position, the reporting structure might have changed, etc.
You never know what you might teach them — or what they might teach you.
"Some stuff might be more chamber music, and some might be heavier," Iyer said.
"Hopefully Robert Mueller might be coming to a final conclusion, whatever that might be."
"Those bond funds you thought might be safe might be showing losses now," Bankrate.
They might be with us a lot, they might just be in the hotel.
What you think might give you that passion and energy might not be it.
" "You might actually make more money and your company might survive, just an idea!
The post might have been deleted — or it might have never existed at all.
McCabe might still prove to be a legitimate cause or he might not be.
They can win it, they might win it, they might lose, it doesn't matter.
Someone else might be into plain clothes so that might be their starting point.
"Next week the triage might be different: We might be rationing care," he said.
Here's how that might work, and why it might be good for Spotify's investors.
It might come on their first run, it might come on their millionth run.
At times, a surging candidate might feel unstoppable; a slumping candidate might seem doomed.
One day he might want to wear a dress, one day he might not.
This might be historically rare, but shifting demographics means this might become more common.
It might not get you hired, but it might get you in the door.
I see both sides of why one might care and why one might not.
But they know these social media posts might also offer potential clues as to where the perpetrators might be hiding out and which victims might need help where.
What might work for the Obama campaign might not have worked when Clinton was the messenger, and what works in the summer might not work in the fall.
But that may not include any of the descriptions of Trump's actions that might have constituted obstruction, or Mueller's analysis of why they might or might not qualify.
"Some might choose to carry the traditional weapons of a soldier; some might teach or build roads; some might write computer code to protect vulnerable systems," she writes.
They might have to make cuts elsewhere, which they just can't do, or they might have to raise taxes elsewhere, which they might not be willing to do.
Businesses buoyed by strong sales might expand; workers might find it easier to move into better jobs; increased investment in research might even lead to higher productivity growth.
The Resistance might also wonder whether the obsessive focus on which racial slur Trump might or might not have uttered many years ago matters to the average American.
It might be Taiwan, it might be the South China Sea, or it might be any number of Middle Eastern or African Countries that Beijing is gobbling up.
It might be to make you stronger, it might be to teach you patience, it might be for you to show others your spirit, there is a reason.
Assad might have negotiated his resignation; millions of refugees might not have flooded out and destabilized the Middle East and even Europe; ISIS might not have created havoc, and hundreds of thousands of Syrians who died in the war might be alive today.
It is safe to say that without the special prosecutor, the tapes might not have been obtained, the House Judiciary Committee might not have started its impeachment inquiry, there might have been no bipartisan vote on impeachment, and Nixon might never have resigned.
A little kid might jump into the road, a car in front of you might have to stop unexpectedly, or a giant fucking sinkhole might swallow the entire road.
They might be carried out with limited funds and they might be mediocre, or even scandalous; in short, they might be cultural events that do not merit international exposure.
And, though they might not be trendy, they might not fit on your head, they might have already fallen into a puddle of gravy, that doesn't matter one jot.
It might be said that his guiding principle was to seek the truth, whatever it might be, and to be open to the idea that you might be wrong.
Some interventions might be deployed at scale more quickly; others might have been proven more effective, but cost more; still others might show great promise, but require more testing.
There are definitely better ways to describe someone who might actually be just speaking up, or might be empowered or might have boundaries that they want you to keep.
You might think since this one is new, it might not fetch that much money.
Her conditioning her releases on what the Republicans might or might not do is mystifying.
The Ethereum network might get congested, and transactions might take a while to go through.
Or it might not; or X-Force might materialize before the deal is even finalized.
Obama said he liquidated assets that might raise questions about how they might influence policy.
We could have gone out many times -- death might come, but death might come anywhere.
Best case scenario, it might hurt like crazy, but he might be able to play.
In those attacks, people might die, some infrastructure might be damaged — but nothing overly significant.
Employees might start seeing Twitter light up, or they might start getting pinged by reporters.
He might turn around and not ever address it or he might address it tonight.
You might play well, but you might not sound like you can play at all.
It might be a matter of time — or you might simply need to move on.
It might have a scent, because of the bacteria, or it might be completely odorless.
You might be buffing your brain or might just be shitting away your limited funds.
One might expect that at some point, the public might experience some burnout from Trump.
But a breakthrough might — and we need to stress might — be possible before Tuesday's vote.
It suggested that Ms Samoilova might perform remotely or that Russia might choose another contestant.
That might happen, but it might attract regular Lyft users looking for some account credit.
You might own this car one day, or you might split it with your family.
Ryan and McConnell might or might not have thought that the cuts would be popular.
He said energy might do better with Trump because it might get less regulatory scrutiny.
Out there, Starlink might be a godsend, while in big cities it might be superfluous.
Only those outside the car might, and I emphasize might, know this is a diesel.
One platform might win with the audience, and the other might win with the advertisers.
He might have been seeking Yusuf's religious guidance; he might have wanted to kill him.
We might like it, we might not, but the first model you make, everything changes.
He did not say what the changes might be or when they might be implemented.
We wonder how their lives might have unfolded, how their dreams might have taken shape.
Other police forces might be different; and body cameras might make civilians behave better, too.
The results might not be politically helpful to a company, or they might be unpredictable.
Where one person might see a friendly neighbor, Hillary might see a giant, evil crow.
In such a turbulent environment, new alliances might be possible—and so might new fractures.
Where they were, here's some people you might like, here's people who might match you.
European Union, Brits might turn to him for clues as to what life might look
I mean, yes, that might happen, but a lot of other things might happen too.
And he&aposs willing to say, hey, we might get something done, we might not.
The talent might come from high school kids, it might come from someone in jail.
I think it might get slotted in behind something else that we might move to.
You might get the right skills and it was worth it, or you might not.
This might manifest as extreme unresponsiveness—staring blankly—or it might manifest as extreme agitation.
You might not care about New Edition, which means I might not care about you.
So what you might experience might not be exactly what we see Celeste going through.
You might wake up with a hangover, but I think it might be worth it.
What's vital about Goat is not who it might incriminate, but who it might terrify.
You might go down the Oculus VR route, I might go down the PSVR route.
Sometimes you might feel like you're irrational, maybe at times you might be, but hey!
Flatbush, Brooklyn As loud as that beep might be, your neighbor might not hear it.
Some units might turn on one another; others might rebrand themselves as Islamic State fighters.
"We might shock the world, and y'all might be asking me different questions next time."
It might not be [the right fit] now; it might be later down the line.
Some might also have started to worry that WeWork's troubles might harm their own reputations.
Some of them might have five different mediums throughout, and others might have even more.
That might mean that the piece might not directly have lines that specifically tackle Brexit.
There's no indication when the eruption might stop, or how far the lava might spread.
There was no indication when the lave might stop or how far it might spread.
Super glittery highlighters might photograph well, but they might not always shine in real life.
Although this might not be a big deal for everyone, it might be for you.
A career transition might involve quitting today — or it might involve some more gradual experimentation.
A critical-minded sacramentarian might wonder what anything other than a "real presence" might be.
But while this deal might increase the chances for passage, it might not come today.
You might never own a home anyway, so might as well get some more avocados.
He might get an invite to major league camp next spring or he might not.
The tariffs might or might not achieve their objectives, but their symbolic value is great.
A team might crunch at any time, and a crunch might endure for several months.
They might have a canvass packet with 75 people, and they might talk to 30.
And Tuesday might prove that a culture war against liberals might not be enough, either.
And yet, the data might not fully capture what a commercial service might look like.
He might (or might not) be one of the unnamed transition participants Mr. Flynn identified.
They might be patterns on the wall, or they might be entire corridors to search.
"There might be nothing wrong — it just might not be the right doctor for you."
So this might mean an oligarch's daughter who hasn't spent a dime yet — but might.
Sellers might have to lower expectations; buyers or renters might have more leverage to bargain.
Cons: The island is small, which might (or might not) feel sleepy to your pace.
It sounds like he might be joking, but also ... he very well might not be.
The Martian might be a good example, The Goblin Emperor might be a good example.
"The Eagles still might run it up the middle, but they might not," Frigo said.
It might be a good cause, but it might not be good for your retirement.
The eye might close up; the uniform, cold clouds surrounding it might break into bands.
They might be good and they might not be, but that's not really the point.
A certain set of points might relieve stress, while another might improve digestion, for instance.
"I thought to myself, 'Well, it might work, something really might happen here,'" he said.
Here are some reasons the league might hang around and some reasons it might not.
If they're "up," they might be sitting on angels' heads and they might be HALOS.
We really like him; parents might love their children, but they might not like them.
"It might behave the same as comets from our own sun, or it might not."
There's no assumption that somebody who might not agree with you might just be wrong.
Some 10-year-olds might be really mature; some 16-year-olds might not be.
As individuals, they might be Republicans or Democrats, and might live in Ohio or California.
One might say Kevin Nguyen is the Asian party boy; others might use other terminology.
That person might then see advertising for hotel chains that might appear on other websites.
This might scare potential health focused drinkers away who might fear the percentage of fat.
There's no idea of where they might have come from or might have originated from.
An issue Murata leaves hanging, tantalizingly, is how deranged Keiko might or might not be.
That might mean late July, that might mean August, but at least it means soon.
"Paul Reubens," the base of the frame might read, "born that he might live again."
The skin around your eyes might look puffy or dark circles might look more pronounced.
That unconventional new model might have a fingerprint scanner under the display, it might have a vertically-positioned dual camera on the back, and it might have a glass back.
If the models tell us that all humans are going to die, then extreme solutions — which might save us, or might have unprecedented, catastrophic negative consequences — might be worth trying.
"You might have food, you might have water, you might have shelter, but there are many deep-rooted psychological traumas that refugees around the world are facing today," Frieder said.
I didn't notice, however, that he might be a robot—and I fear that Rachel might be making the same mistake (of not noticing that he might be a robot).
But Republicans who might trust Attorney General Barr with such a broad power might pause to consider how the FBI or a future Attorney General might treat their own supporters.
A new mother might envision dropping her child several stories; a pedestrian might picture hurling himself in front of an oncoming car; a devout person might see herself blaspheming god.
"The market might need some clean-up, maybe some shake-up in terms of some companies might have to exit the market, some might have to reposition themselves," he added.
So while $80 might be Saudi Arabia's purported magic number, its spell might prove short-lived.
He did not specify what form easing might take or when exactly it might occur though.
LG might want to update how its processing works as software might be doing too much.
The doctors might order more tests or the family might seek a second or third opinion.
They might sleep on transport at night, they might sleep in parks where they aren't seen.
You might want it, and if you can't help yourself, you might buy the iPhone 8.
But it might might cut traffic, and be better for the planet in the long run.
There might be a small number of these voters, but in competitive states, this might matter.
Some of [the solutions] might work from place to place; others might need to be adapted.
And, if you're worried it might not arrive on time, you might not have to be.
Might be straight-up, simple ad supported, might be other things that we do going forward.
So President Trump might be asking his negotiating team how the U.S. might address these concerns.
You might want to look at them to see what you might want to say tonight.
Raising a mountain might connect two paths, or it might uncover a hidden area to traverse.
"Retirement might be 20 years away, but an education need might come much sooner," says Burke.
"Emmerson Mnangagwa, someone we might not associate with democracy, might lead through Tsvangirai's legacy," she said.
Downloads might slow to snail speed and your League of Legends screen lag might be absurd.
It might be their husband's favorite book, or they might remember the circumstances of reading something.
She knows that it might all be folly, that she might be playing someone else's game.
He might even cringe at the idea that others might see it on Facebook as well.
Some will get bigger, some might hurt, and some might still need to be removed ASAP.
But that might only be the first step in how the film might shape Marvel's future.
But it has a handful of guidelines of what might and might not violate the exception.
One university might want to offer a star halfback $40,000, while another might offer him $60,000.
But there are more: You might agree with some of these outcomes, or you might disagree.
What might Trump's moves towards deregulation do for tech company valuations — might they be pushed up?
A role might be written white, but we might bring in other ethnicities because why not?
"Lay out all the reasons that you might go and you might not go," Sethi says.
Winning might mean looking in places and at ideas investors might not expect to be successful.
"We might even be able to stop people getting the illness who otherwise might," said Morgan.
Timelier provisions might not have prevented the crisis, but troubles might have been admitted to sooner.
It only rarely takes into account what people might want or what might limit their choices.
One school might not consider a 17-minute walkout an unexcused absence, while another one might.
Someone new might get a nude through Snapchat, whereas their friends might receive them in iMessage.
One pit stop might add 1 to the variable, while another might chop it in half.
For one person it might be cathartic, but for another it might actually fuel their rage.
You might look at a chart, or you might see what your friends are [listening to].
One place might have brightly colored buildings and the other place might be like baroque architecture.
You might even send an update on a topic you think this person might find interesting.
It seems my plan might have already worked—as Amazon Studios might be taking over. Hopefully.
But might some people might say a book like this arms young people to take drugs?
There's no telling who might be interested in it and how big an offer might be.
Regulated exports might not dislodge the poached stuff, as the criminal product might still be cheaper.
That might hamstring him in the White House; more immediately, it might prevent him reaching it.
In another, this same wrong answer might not be labeled as neutral and might really count.
"Trying to predict what Congress might or might not pass is almost always a bad idea."
The war against scalping bots might not yet be won, but we might be getting there.
That might be a failure to exercise reasonable care, and the blogger might lose the case.
That might sound cold, but it also might be necessary to the salvation of Facebook's utility.
However, purists might say otherwise, and a first-time "serious camera" owner might not even care.
For instance, your better half might like snoozing in sauna-like conditions, but you might not.
Yet another goal might be to try and find anything—anything—you might have in common.
Because some things might be important to you but they might not resonate with the public.Exactly.
"I'm not going to go into what we might or might not do," he told reporters.
But one might be older than the other, one might be younger than the other, okay?
If you turn your head to the left and squint, you might — I said might, okay?
Marisol, who leaves no immediate survivors, might or might not have cared about the renewed attention.
One session they might be fundamentalist Christians, and in another they might be anti-American socialists.
All of which is to say: this might be a hoax or it might be real.
Enforcing rules might push Italy to exit; not doing so might encourage others to break them.
Worry that Washington might not be with them in a crisis might well encourage harsher crackdowns.
Also, a model that might perfectly represent the energy markets might not factor in financial impacts.
And the case officer might be the only face of America that source might ever see.
"How we might write something might show an entirely different taste in books," Mr. Malkin said.
Some nights you might have the 20 shots; other nights, it might be 12 or 13.
This might sound kind of obvious or it might come as a bit of a surprise.
It might be the foyer of a St. Petersburg apartment building; then again, it might not.
Their eyesight might get muddier, and they might start to need glasses where they didn't before.
You might be a freak, and you might love control, but are you a control freak?
This might seem surprising given how strict airport security is, but it might be totally legal.
Similarly, I can't worry about what the developers might think or how a fan might react.
Your safe state vote might be wasted, or it might even be subverted by rogue electors.
"You might think it's not important, you might think you're not important," says Mark Ruffalo earnestly.
You might own a private jet, but your dogs might take a dump in it occasionally.
Despite what beauty people might claim, a fashion girl's best accessory might be a hair tie.
Some might have pitied them, some might have hated them — most were probably disgusted by them.
The attendees were a mix of those whom one might expect and those one might not.
The first 2020 census mailing you get might include a written questionnaire -- or it might not.
K., you can say this, do this, we might do that, some we might do that.
The difference that you might experience is being sick for longer than you might otherwise expect.
For example, you might have seen them, you might get them after you watch a video.
And it might always be only first steps, and there might not be a perfect unknown.
Some subject matter you might write about in a column then might appear in a song.
The upsides were what you might imagine, and the downsides were what you might imagine, too.
The first 2020 census mailings you get might include a written questionnaire -- or they might not.
I might be paying for these financial transgressions for years — and salaried employees might be, too.
Your mother's shoes might not fit properly, or the heel might be too narrow for her.
"Amazon gets hurt on supply, but might gain as Walmart, et al might suffer," Allen said.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers might help prevent you from getting COVID-19, but it might not.
Schools might have to close, conferences could be canceled, businesses might make employees work from home.
"You might go through a healing crisis that might be a little bit tough," he said.
"You might lose one, you might lose two," she said, "but losing eight is unheard-of."
This plate might increase energy return, or it might improve foot function during the running stride.
Again, I might have enough arrests, but I might not have enough C summonses for them.
"I think that might be, since '84 — that might be the fourth hat," Mr. Shear said.
One name for that elusive quality might be empathy, but it might be something even simpler.
It might be shiny or matte; it might have gold swirls or a little Santa hat.
And that might help you understand exactly who else they might have been in contact with?
"He might not play much, but he might have been our most important player," Turris said.
If your flight is overbooked, your carrier might or might not compensate you, depending on circumstances.
Sanders is now the clear frontrunner, which might or might not change depending on upcoming primaries.
And the old product might disappear, the new product might come in to make better products.
While you might be thinking "duh, I'd quit," the decision might be a bit more complicated.
Explain what information might be most vulnerable and where you might be most exposed to hackers.
They might have family members, they might have a mother, a sister [dealing with similar issues].
People might take that to believe by declaring any supremacist statement might result in a ban.
A picture of an individual might take 15 minutes; an entire scene might take two hours.
Increases in gas might mean magma is rising, but that might not itself generate an eruption.
Of course, your teens might not agree with your expectations and you might get some pushback.
You might not need as much sleep as you think, but you might need better sleep.
Khosrowshahi declined to say when the company might resume testing or what might have gone wrong.
Consider what you might crave or lack at work that might be fueling any negative thoughts.
She might have been happier with one of them, and I might have been happier too.
You do not pay a worker for what they might or might not eventually do tomorrow.
Hank might not be guilty of hurting Adam, but he might not be completely innocent, either.
Who else… it might be a bit of a heavy conversation, but Einstein might be good!
The big question, though, is just what this flipping might entail — and whom Gates might implicate.
Smart electrical sockets might launch the next cyberattack, or might even put your life in danger.
You might see some new area get started, you might some specific piece of Wolfram Language documentation get finished, or you might see a piece of final visual design get done.
He might have bailed out himself, or he might have overplayed his hand in negotiating conditions, or he might have been given the Luke Pell treatment just to spite Reality Steve.
" "Moral panic might be influencing formalization and might increase due to it," the article said and might "result in poorly thought out and ineffectual public policy efforts to restrict gaming time.
"It might be bots, it might be human-augmented bots, or it might be humans who are tired of taking the survey and are just randomly clicking the buttons," he says.
This includes my driver, "Dan Greene," who, according to the rumor mill, might not be a real person, might be many people, or might be someone simply lying about their identity.
But here's the thing: Everyone is different, and some of these questions might not apply to you, you might word them differently, or you might ask them at a different stage.
There might be numerous depictions of any given place, both visual and written, but how might we discover them whilst there, and how might they change our perception of that place?
"Put yourself out there, treat this like a job, and recognize that you might need some guidance, you might need some mentorship, and you might need some critical feedback," Davidson said.
And you might think it's O.K. he lied about it to the F.B.I. You might say that's all O.K. You might say that's just what you need to do to win.
On a typical Friday in Washington, lawmakers might be returning home, the president might be visiting one of his golf clubs and tour groups might be roaming an otherwise empty Capitol.
Obama might have pulled the economy back from the brink, he might have fended off a comical plutocrat in Mitt Romney in 2012, he might have given millions more people healthcare.
"The only reason why I could see that members of the Caucus might have some problem with [a menthol ban] might be based on contributions that they might receive," he said.
We might be getting better at thinking and talking about them, but we still have only a glimmer of a clue about when they might happen or what might hasten them.
Samsung, for instance, as per its policy, might collect GPS information from your phone, might pass your voice searches on to a third party for speech-to-text conversions, and might share all this data with business partners who might use it to advertise to you.
With decreasing degrees of certainty, according to the degree of consanguinity, it can divulge a relative's susceptibilities to certain diseases, for example, or information about paternity, that the relative in question might or might not want to know, and might or might not want to become public.
We might be leaving the largest free trading bloc in the world, the NHS might be crumbling, the UK might be headed for a future as a low-regulation tax haven, but hey – maybe one day, at some point in the future, one good thing might happen!
You might actually also hallucinate; you might hear voices, or footsteps, or mechanical sounds, or you might see dark shadows moving around the room, or lights, or monstrous figures, or shadow people.
Perhaps. But the tantalizing thought that they might have been kidnapped — might still, indeed, be alive, perhaps in Italy — has kept some sliver of hope that this strange case might find resolution.
But in the nervy 1970s and 1980s, when an American attack on the Soviet Union might happen at any time, an alert might be a practice, or might be the real thing.
" When asked if the boys will chose the same school, Davis said, "I might have thought before this week they might separate, but now sticking together might present a lot of opportunities.
We&aposve talked about how the terminology is kind of changed and how the president is saying it might be one, it might be two, it might be a number of summits.
It might have been alcohol, might have been coke, might have been medication that some deep-web psychonaut discovered is good at making it feel like your tongue is about to explode.
We're trying to really represent human beings, and to extrapolate, to the extent it's possible with this kind of drama, where humanity might go, how ethnicities might mix, how people might look.
Some folks might want it for the nostalgia factor, some might want it for the price, and in some markets, it simply might be what it is: a cheap, solid feature phone.
Before we speculate what art C.K. might or might not make in the future, why don't we ask what art his victims might have made absent the trauma he visited on them?
" Professor Ball concludes: "Lehman might have survived indefinitely as an independent firm; it might have been acquired by another institution; or eventually it might have been forced to wind down its business.
That was the pressure that might have derailed Ajax, that might have caused de Jong and his young teammates to second-guess themselves, that might have brought a stutter to their rhythm.
"It might be the executives, it might be the road warriors who travel the most, and it might be travelers in the divisions that bring in the most money," Mr. Sabby said.
At this point, a reasonable person might wonder whether the September 8th quake might have triggered today's.
Someone who is feminine-presenting might or might not also be feminine-of-center and vice versa.
Someone who is masculine-presenting might or might not also be masculine-of-center and vice versa.
JC: You mean other countries in Europe might decide actually that might be better for us too.
Some Pages might see a small increase in referral traffic, and some Pages might see minor decreases.
I feared there might be something bigger going on with her, that she might have other issues.
"They might not have proper governance, and they might not be good for our environment," he said.
You might think that the one person, one vote principle might offer a solution to partisan gerrymandering.
If you buy an Echo, you might someday never use Google, and you might not even notice.
The girl might guess you sent your friend, but she might not be able to prove it.
While viewers might empathize with this creature, Goodman never offers a reason why it might be sad.
One spankee might love the feeling of powerlessness, while another might be all about the physical sensation.
That might include many of the items on the list above, or it might include other steps.
Introverts might research their goals a lot, where extroverts might talk to lots of people about it.
Even if their character might be questioned and even if there's trauma that might come with it?
"My thesis might be mediocre, it might not be scholarly enough, but it's completely honest," said Zakharova.
Longer-term variations might reveal planetary seasons; shorter-term, more chaotic ones might be evidence of weather.
You'll have scars and you'll hate them, or you might die from skin cancer, like I might.
Well, in reality it might be 22 hours, or it might be 220 hours—it doesn't matter!
"I'm not going to speculate about what he might say, or what I might do," he said.
They might have a larger network on Instagram, and they might already be using Instagram's permanent feed.
Initially, you might fly insects — or you might fly mice to start with, like the Americans did.
Grocery stores might make a feature of wood, for example, or an office might emphasise natural light.
Adele might have just confirmed one of her fans' worst fears — that she might never tour again.
They might like a small film… or they might diss a humongous film with a big star.
But each new love has expanded my sense of what I might encounter, what I might claim.
And it's worth re-iterating, what some might refer to as trashy, others might call downright feminist.
Such advances might not just enable the settlement of space, but might be realisable only in space.
It might not be essential, but at this price the Essential Phone might be nice to have.
"It might work out, it might not, but we're going to give it a shot," he says.
This might be the last Olympics for me so I thought maybe God might give me gold.
For those who don't know what they might want to buy, Flipp might be a better option.
It might be bad for certain kinds of life, but it might be irrelevant for other kinds.
So I might have clients who might love to sneak candy into places they shouldn't have it.
In another way it is too abundant, overflowing with facts that might or might not be salient.
Venus Williams might not consider herself a feminist — but it's not for the reasons you might think.
Depending on the scenario, though, you might be cooking with charcoal; you might be cooking with gas.
Sonos says it can't predict what speakers you might be using and what their capabilities might be.
Dakota Johnson and Giovanni Ribisi might be a new couple ... or they might be extremely eco-conscious.
Blocks on economic grounds might also be allowed, as, perhaps, might curbs on American investment in China.
It might cause her score to be slightly above what it might have been but probably marginally.
I prepared myself that this might have a negative impact on me or people might hate me.
Oliver might be joking, or he might simply be in Season 7 in a much minor role.
Murderers might be sent to jail, and thieves might be forced to return their ill-gotten gains.
The ministry did not say how big the airport might be or how much it might cost.
And it is immune to any disapprobation they might express or shame they might try to induce.
The end result might be another recession, and the Fed might respond by returning to monetary stimulus.
I might hurt myself or I might do something that wouldn't make sense in the long run.
You might know one or two of these personalities — or you might be one of them yourself.
Some of these might be old hat to you, some might be new, but all are useful.
Here are our compiled top 30 podcasts might might not have listened to, but definitely should.  1.
If I see a band live, I might like the drummer, I might like the bass player.
The commute might not even be that much worse, and the local food might be far better.
The official wouldn't say what the legislation might look like or when a bill might be introduced.
Sometimes you might need to gather or craft some fuel, other times you might need electronic parts.
More than you might think — largely because we don't need as much space as you might expect.
While that might work to gather info about your ex, it might just make you feel worse.
Yes, cocaine might be stronger than ever, and dealers might have diversified into Xanax and 2C-B.
Foreign writers might still be considered strange or different, and they might not be covered at all.
"People who might be under reactive might say, 'holy moly, I've got severe symptoms here,'" Serani said.
Perhaps, though, something even more seemingly impossible might happen: Liam Gallagher might actually apologise to his brother.
One day, you might embrace florals, or you might keep it low-key with some neutral solids.
They might be taken from frozen samples of placentas; they might be created from existing body cells.
Even during the show we might get on the stage with some emotions that might be unpredictable.
A good remote controls anything you might have today and anything you might buy in the future.
At one level, people might think one thing, but on another level, they might think another thing.
"I thought by coming in with Andy, it might stop some of the boos Andy might get."
One resident might use the space for a meeting; someone else might hold a cocktail party there.
So super-cheap bamboo goods, which might be made outside the US, might actually just be rayon.
There might not be one definitive Gucci project of the decade, but there just might be three.
"It might be nice, it might be nice, to get Democracy back on track," the cast sings.
The industry, despite its boom, might not be big enough, and mineral enthusiasts might not care enough.
Johns starts coming, we might have to give the boot or else we might get it ourselves.
On the one hand, they might have some (limited) hope that this accusation might derail Kavanaugh's confirmation.
"She might start off doing that but the Conservatives might well replace her mid-stream," he said.
At the moment the average person might have two devices, in four years, they might have 10.
"They might be fearful or they might not be in an atmosphere where that's encouraged," Hartmann said.
"It might not be the driving factor, but it might a filter," said Morningstar analyst Philip Gorham.
In other words, one MDL plaintiff might get a large settlement, while another plaintiff might get nothing.
So, sometimes men might, you know, act out behaviorally, whereas women might focus on their internal experience.
And I haven't talked about all the things that might happen and what I might run for.
For someone who might be intimidated by the opposite sex, it might help them to shake that.
That prize might be worth thousands of dollars or might be a "zonk" like a farm animal.
You might want to block Petfinder first, though, because these pups might spur some major adoption motivation.
It was not clear how many soldiers might face disciplinary action, nor how harsh it might be.
We asked legal scholars how this mess might have been avoided, and how it might be fixed.
Better-than-expected numbers might suggest that the impact might not be as deep as many thought.
But I was worried I might be missing something I might get from an in-person visit.
Warren's proposals might or might not succeed, but they are serious, based on work by top scholars.
Here is a closer look at some reasons the merger might succeed — and why it might flop.
Know that sitting still might actually be uncomfortable at first and might take practice — just like exercise.
One's life might depend on voting, but it also might depend on preventing exposure to the coronavirus.
I might do them over easy, or I might make a veggie egg sandwich with tempeh bacon.
That might mean other bags; it might, one day, mean things you can wear on your travels.
Michigan might have done a de-briefing about Thursday; it might eventually just self-reported this violation.
Better-than-expected numbers might suggest that the impact might not be as deep as many thought.
It might be approved, it might not be approved, but it doesn't just sit there for years.
It's important to research charities to fully understand how they might — or might not — spend your money.
The jurors might have said, 'He had a gun, and he might have been reaching for it.
"Phase two might be positive, and it might be very negative," Trump said at a Cabinet meeting.
An infraction that might seem clear and obvious to one officiating crew might be disregarded by another.
Other positions might play 65+ snaps per game, whereas I might have 12 snaps in a game.
The president might be better positioned against all of his possible rivals than these surveys might imply.
Iowa voters might switch between Warren and Buttigieg, or black voters might switch between Harris and Biden.
I pre-pay, but might be charged more later as I'm guessing what the total might be.
Heck, we might even push for income subsidies instead if it might bring a championship to Minnesota.
It might also depend on what's on TV. The Hallmark Channel might be re-airing a classic.
And cooking might also save you a small annual fortune, which in turn might benefit your health.
And they might have the absolute correct answer, but I might not have the solution for them.
Denim might create a more casual look; an all-black outfit might come across as more sophisticated.
It might have had none, or might been provided with fake paperwork purporting to show legal export.
In addition, depending on the college, U.S. students might, or might not, have access to financial aid.
I might feel that law enforcement might actually be serious about breaking the cycle of such actions.
Mr. Comey demurred, saying he could not discuss any investigations that might or might not be underway.
Just as critics might misunderstand her style as naïve, they might misunderstand her pedagogy as self-help.
How quickly customers might start saving — and how much cheaper drugs might actually be — isn't yet clear.
Alternatively, it might have even turned up more witnesses who might have supported Kavanaugh's version of events.
"I hear these things in my head, where they might go, how they might sound," King says.
I might put my stick this way, I might read it this way and get body position.
The sound might be wonderful or terrible, or wonderfully terrible, or it might be nothing at all.
She might not tell him anything, might not even get back to him at all, in fact.
You immediately take stock of what that person might have sacrificed and whom he might have betrayed.
We might even have, instead of the drone landing, it might be more of a parachute system.
"It's indicating this might not be as simple as one might have initially hoped," Dr. Rogers said.
It might be the most featherweight of genres, but it also might be among the most important.
Ski instructors might not work in July, scuba instructors might not work in December, and so forth.
Of course, it might happen, but it might be 20.15 degrees on Christmas Day in Boston also.
In one episode, she might be energized and manic; in another, she might be snarly and depressed.
Cigarettes might not give you cancer, and if you do get cancer, it might not kill you.
He would have it at his office and might have it, you might want to ask him.
But they might, and they might also be influenced by reports from lower-level commanders who do.
I wondered who I might see in the waiting room or, better yet, who might see me.
The latter charity might have higher overhead — but might also be offering a much more meaningful service.
When it comes to the iPhone X, Apple says that some devices might "experience touch issues" because of a failed component in the display module — parts of the display might not respond, might respond only part of the time, or might react even when you're not touching it.
"It's a fucking nightmare to keep track of all these guys who might be dead, or might have a new name, or might want to come home," said an Italian law enforcement official.
I might be able to shift this story, I might be able to leave this job, to get out of this toxic relationship, I might be able to move to a different city.
"It happens to a lot of DIY or places that are hard for the traditional bureaucracy to understand, so it might be LGBTQ, it might be Latino, it might be black," she said.
Like, we're afraid to even bring it out into the air because we're afraid of what it might do to us or how it might change us or how people might perceive us.
In the case of apples, one filter might be focused on finding the color red, while another might be looking for rounded edges and yet another might be identifying thin, stick-like stems.
Wordplay MONDAY PUZZLE — You might think you've got a grip on your Monday; you might feel like your energy is up and nothing can stop you, and you might be right about that.
It might start by comparing the loan amount with your income; then it might look at your credit history, marital status or age; then it might consider any number of other data points.
Meeting them might somehow degrade the experience of reading them, and I might be a bother to them.
Vladimir Putin might or might not intend to escalate his war with Ukraine in the next few days.
Language might be different, customs might be different, but you feel the energy when you're around your people.
The Kardashian-Jenner family might always be making moves, they just might not be the moves you think.
Sometimes you can recruit the quest-giver, though they might or might not be helpful on your crew.
How a 'dead' bill might come back to life Announcing that a bill is "dead" might sound final.
"It might be better, it might be worse," for the funds in terms of the rate, he added.
"So the soldiers might be angry, there might be abuses of power from the government troops," he said.
And we might, for those of you who don't know, we might own -- if we do own NetJets.
You could predict something similar might be happening as we have climate change, we might get bigger cicadas.
For another, he will have views about what they might or might not want to hear from you.
Corporate America might fire you, but an acquirer, by contrast, might reward you with a very significant exit.
One friend might have $4 off—respectable—while another might somehow have 50 percent off of every ride.
Smoking a joint might constitute misuse, as might drinking a beer, or even taking fewer pills than prescribed.
"Those surveys are at the same levels as 1999 and 2007, which might be good, might be bad."  
Everything might already be built into your smart TV already, or you might just have one streaming box.
Some people might question the creation of human-pig hybrids, and opinions might change from country to country.
Its visual motifs seemed to beckon him though, no matter what they might or might not amount to.
During a melee brawl, one voice might tell me to dodge and another might tell me to block.
Not only was it only stuff I might want, and might even receive, but it was only that.
Sometimes you might have an emergency that you might be able to use it for, so it's beneficial.
That might be a good idea or it might be a bad one, but either way, it's clear.
She ought to know that employees might wonder whether their prospects might be affected by how they respond.
I suggested he might be wrong and that, on graduation, he might drive from New York to Patagonia.
It can't say, there might be new people out there who we haven't seen who might be great.
"I think the next one, I might be talking too soon, but it might be Rugrats," Tutiven says.
But I never dreamed that the roles might be reversed and life might require those things from me.
"Our job is to pick up any items that might reflect who this person might be," he said.
I understand your big concern isn't who might die, but the idea that not enough heroes might die?
"You might not necessarily be feeling confidence, and the situation might require you to be confident," she says.
The answer, though, might actually be that quality isn't really as important a factor as you might expect.
An alternative might be temporary EEA membership, but Brexiteers might fear that the temporary arrangement would become permanent.
If you thought the gingham trend might be reaching its saturation point, this might be its saving grace.
By that time, Trump might no longer be in office and a future Congress might change the law.
The playlist might be impeccable, you might get home before bedtime, but it's all still much too much.
Serbian-inhabited north Kosovo might rejoin Serbia, while majority Albanian areas in Serbia might become part of Kosovo.
Science magazines were saying things like, 'We might be finding lost people, we might be finding lost animals.
It might sound like an interrogation, but these questions might help you figure out your best next move.
That said, this particular strain of Ebola might arise anew in future outbreaks, or different mutants might emerge.
The church might have reformed more from within; it might have fractured even more deeply than it did.
Drink too much and you might black out — though that might land you in unexpected situations as well.
White folks might be more likely to consider a government agency a trusted source; racial minorities might not.
But ultimately I decided that defying fear might serve me better than a traditional to-do list might.
So it might feel especially cold out there, since you might not be quite ready for the change.
Musk didn't provide any more information about when this feature might be available and how it might work.
The reality is that your friends and family might be more willing to help than you might think.
And I was aware that they might know I was aware that they might know who I was.
"It might be a wine, it might be on something else," the President said later in the interview.
Some workers might find texting easier than emails or phone calls, while others might find it too invasive.
"The information might come too early or the weather might not necessarily be what was predicted," he said.
But that might also mean you're thinking too hard about what your mom (or dad) might actually like.
Some chocolate might have a bright and fruity flavor while others might have an earthy or smoky flavor.
It's why not, you get their number, and they might not text you back, but they might do.
There might be deception or misunderstanding, or one friend might be violating physical or emotional boundaries, she says.
So he might search for answers outside the mainstream, and that might lead him to an extremist group.
Some lesser-known areas still might meet your earlier requirements, [but] might be a little bit more affordable.
For work, I might do a house cleaning, I might talk to someone about ghost in their life.
So heavily, in fact, you might think I was trying to kill myself, and you might be right.
Although he might be "trippin," it seems that daddy might be the reasons Jayde can speak so well.
Conventional medicine offered no cure for the developmental disorder; intensive behavioural treatments might help, but they might not.
STRANGE as it might seem, the modern Olympic games might owe their existence to the sport of rugby.
It might be a relief for some that feelings of extreme anxiety and hopelessness might fade fairly quickly.
Crunching the numbers You might wonder how the authors estimated what might have been expected without the laws.
It is unclear where Whitaker might go, including whether he might seek another role in the Trump administration.
That's a lovely sentiment, and might be true for some people, but sometimes you might actually not know.
But there is no word of when Trinity Lutheran might be scheduled — or when deadlock might be broken.
All these difficulties were compounded for immigrant women, who might not speak English and might not have documents.
"The bad stuff might be over soon, but maybe the good stuff might be over soon," he said.
You might like reading late into the night, but your roomie might want lights off at 10 p.m.
Republicans might look across the aisle and the Atlantic to see what that counter-reaction might look like.
Some might say finger-lickin&apos good, but they might get in trouble with a certain retired colonel.
An American Airlines Boeing 738 might have satellite-based WiFi, but an American Airlines Boeing 757 might not.
Then calculations suggested that orbit might not be stable, and the spacecraft might crash into Venus shortly afterward.
A thick smoothie might work okay (add after blending) or you might sprinkle it on top of yogurt.
As China's economic and political might grows, the age of leniency for Westerners there just might have expired.
It's a hypothetical question, so people might like to think they might pay more than they really would.
Although the term blockchain might sound like a torture device, you might know it from another source: Bitcoin.
It might be a fence, it might be underground sensors, we need to utilize technology to the fullest.
Volcanoes care not for your puny human schedules, so you might expect an eruption soon ... or might not.
This might mean building roads, but it might also including caring for the elderly or working at daycares.
"You might not see the biggest change that you're asking for, but you might see something," Sussman said.
As far as when they might go, and who might replace them, serious people are in the dark.
Some of it you might not like and some of it you might like, but it's all happening.
Our models might just be incorrect, or there might be a whole new, so-far unknown neutrino variety.
It is not clear when these products might be launched, nor what kind of pricing they might have.
And it affects us and those around us in ways that we might or might not realize immediately.
But Vogt says that nobody knows how this might impact their PTSD, or which treatments might work best.
Nu disco might be bad to some, it might be aggressively sexual, but there's a reason for that.
If you're on other drugs, it might hit you harder, or it might not hit you as hard.
But then, "events, dear boy, events" had intruded once again, as Macmillan might — or might not — have forecast.
"The market might be extrapolating bigger stories into broader themes, which might not be the case," he said.
Misremembering a bad thing as less bad might liberate a survivor, but it also might exculpate a perpetrator.
The pillows are firmer than many might expect, which might be good or bad depending on your preference.
I might make a delicious smoked salmon sandwich on seven-grain bread; I might take a tabbouleh salad.
For some, this might mean mediation, for others it might mean writing in a journal, exercising, or knitting.
But the conventional wisdom about what China might — or might not — be prepared to do could be wrong.
It's with a heavy heart that we might have to admit that PC Music might soon be kaput.
A second path might be bolder, and for this reason it might be more appealing to Mr. Trump.
Crutcher might not have been seen as bad and might not have been killed if he'd been white.
Similarly, adversaries might be deterred from jamming this spectrum because they might be operating on the same bands.
We might be looking at the world through Angela's eyes, and we might be primarily following her story.
As a result, she said her margins might shrink and it might be harder to pay her mortgage.
But Sinclair's influence might not be so apparent going forward; it might be far more difficult to track.
They might never watch Terminator, but they might watch Wall-E and play with their Roomba at home.
So I can see why one might think that bundling content with wireless might be a good idea.
He might not agree with that; people who have worked on other shows might not agree with that.
So that would mean I might not have enough shifts, or there might not be enough job positions.
It's anyone's guess which of these new books a child might reach for — but it might surprise you.
But that might seem burdensome to some people, so they might choose a different form of representative democracy.
"Once I call the play, everybody starts communicating: 'They might run this, they might run that,'" Shazier said.
Depending on your business, billboards or radio ads might make sense, and overreliance on social media might backfire.
The night before a flight, I'd call to reserve a cab, and it might — or might not — arrive.
You might be having connection issues, or you might not have any storage space left on your device.
A door might open onto a live tripwire, another might introduce some item of melodrama — a photograph, say.
But this might not be the case; he might be a boy who likes dresses, Ehrensaft explains similarly.
Even for long commutes, an hours-long playlist that refreshes every day might qualify as content overload. Might?
The intimate quarters of an Uber car ride might invite inappropriate behavior—and a partition might prevent it.
Alexander tops the list of Republicans who might break with Trump — or he might be the whole list.
The government might set rules about who could enter, and they might end up stranded on the water.
The robots might be taking taking over retail, but some of them might be too cute to fear.
And there are risks, of course, that artificial intelligence might miss targets or threats a human might see.
So the stone-throwing might be apartheid — but it might also be the temptation of the train itself.
It might temporarily push up growth, but (the economy) might run out of breath in fiscal year 2017.
Strikes and boycotts might not be for everyone, he said, no matter how dire the situation might seem.
A quantum computer worth worrying about might be just on the horizon, or it might be decades away.
You might choose to caption your snapshot with something heartfelt, or you might be looking for something lighter.
She might need to pay out of pocket for home care; the burden on family caregivers might increase.
"I think that might be something they might have to consider, at least having that discussion," she said.
The government might set rules about who could enter, and they might end up stranded on the water.
Muñoz might have thought he would never see his child again, but he might not have been wrong.
I thought it might be yelling or myopic or — I don't know what I thought it might be.
If I stayed, they might get thrashed anyway, in front of me, which might have implied my acquiescence.
A really major expansion of Social Security might fall into that category too, although smaller enhancements might not.
For one thing, someone might break in and steal it; for another, you might use it against yourself.
The best players, those who might earn millions of dollars playing professional basketball, might do well to leave.
So while you might not pity oil companies, you might at least give a thought to the workers.
It might be a two-minute or five-minute fight, sometimes you might be fighting for 20 minutes.
You might like that kind of thing, or you might have trouble watching because your eyes keep rolling.
But if you care about people who might be, you might be worried about offering information to authorities.
She is the opposite of what we are taught a woman is supposed to be: She might be fat, or she might straightforwardly pursue sex, or she might just genuinely like herself without apology.
You might not go to the Olympics, you might not go to the NHL, you might not get 10 million subscribers, but there is value in competing and playing this game of social media.
It might therefore be best to characterise Brexit and the American election as political shifts which create the possibility of an escape from the trap, which the respective governments might or might not seize.
One risk might be that the partner might see this information and wouldn't be happy about it, so [the survivor] would be in actual physical danger because there might be some form of retaliation.
It might be endlessly checking a smartphone, it might be pornography, videogames, reddit, gambling, or it might be cocaine… since the 1950s the average number of close friends an American has been steadily declining.
For example: Season four might be the show's last; Amanda Abbington's character, John's wife Mary, might die; and Mary's potential death might be a red herring to divert us from the season's real spoiler.
Might have been alcohol, might have been cocaine, might have been an expired angina medication that some deep web psychonaut discovered is good for making it feel like your tongue is about to explode.
And there are concerns, he says, that autonomous vehicles might increase the miles traveled as someone who might have taken transit in the past might turn to using a driverless car for their commute.
She might be the youngest of his four kids and she might have the least relevant experience and she might be a political liberal (at least in the vague sense of all rich liberals).
They might not have health insurance, their insurance company might not cover the treatment they need, and they might face weeks- or months-long waiting periods for care even if they can afford care.
For others, a narrow loss (such as in 1968 or 2016) might suggest that a different candidate might have produced a different outcome, and that a different nomination procedure might have selected that better candidate.
You'd expect that it might raise another fund in 2017 (if it's not actively in the market already); you might also expect that some focus on biotech might elicit even more enthusiasm from those investors.
Jacques Doucet (Radio Radio): I think musicians come and go in Montreal because they might want to expand their music to a larger audience and might feel that other markets might help in that process.
Mention 'absinthe' to your average Mensch and, although they might breathlessly describe an urge to try it, they might also mention a fear they might trip out and saw their ear off in a hayfield.
Projects might have to be redone, timelines revisited, investors might back out, sales may be lost and product design might have to go back to the drawing board — all because of a decision you made.
But what our studies emphasize is that repeat options also might have high hedonic value and might also come with less costs to acquire than a purely novel option, and people might sometimes overlook this.
That might have made "Plot," the story of how one man's run for president might have nudged history off course, an uneasy fit for Simon's philosophy, as much as it might mesh with his politics.
The caveats include: Iris scanning might not work well if you are wearing glasses or contact lenses; it might not work in direct sunlight; it might not work if there is dirt on the sensor.
Some might worry that these purges suggest a weakened regime, a regime so unstable that it might not be deterrable, that it might deliberately launch a nuclear strike even though it would mean certain suicide.
That might be the only difference between what they discussed at that meeting and what they might discuss today.
Bronn might kill some people or, as with season 6, he might barely be in the show at all.
It is understood that the president might be going -- they might be both going home after this all happens.
If you don't, that's cool, but there might be points where you might refer to previous material from …somewhere.
The clever observer might assume that Samsung is thinking hard about how MicroLED displays might work in mobile environment.
A general warning might use an exclamation point, and a fire warning might use an illustration of a flame.
If I'm really tired or sick, well, I might be sick and I might be tired at the Olympics!
He tells me he might not be at school tomorrow since senior skip day might have a part two.
Eat lots of fat might sound great, but the keto diet is harder to maintain than you might expect.
And while you might have expected the same smoky eye essentials from its eyeshadow palette, it might surprise you.
They thought she might be pregnant, they examined her for kidney stones, they suggested she might have acid reflux.
Still, people might dismiss the idea that an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization might "catch" stars to fulfill their energy needs.
As you might imagine, genetically altering the world's entire rat population might wind up being a pretty big problem.
That proclamation might have some truth to it, but in India's case access and cost might be bigger issues.
You might find yourself painfully rejected, walking away red-faced with embarrassment, or you might meet your future spouse.
"Scared of what I might say, cause I'm at the edge," might be the most Demi Lovato lyric ever.
That means some political issues that might be important for some groups might not be as crucial for others.
As a worker's time without a job grows, his professional connections might weaken and his skills might become obsolete.
When Game of Thrones comes around, they might just sign up for HBO and then they might drop it.
She might be doing some [work], coworkers might be shoring her up, but I am not worried about that.
You might be able to get a good deal, but [the quality] might not be quite up to par.
You might have heard of "upscaling" before, and you might even think that your TV already handles that well.
What to him might be vaguely threatening, to others might mean sexual assault, verbal abuse, and getting followed home.
At first glance, it might seem that an enormous pile of cash might be raised through such an offering.
Some might sit out and some, like John McCain's former advisor Mark Salter, might say that they're with Hillary.
For some, it might be the multitasking constraints, while others might have issue with the limitations of mobile Safari.
There might be an air of friendly competition between you, or you might not agree with their deepest principles.
You can turn to any page and find something that might make you laugh or might make you think.
Mascara: Your first mascara might have been a basic black formula — and you might still be loyal to it.
All of them already had latent tuberculosis — a silent infection that might or might not progress to active tuberculosis.
Depending on what's given to the chefs, though, they might actually do worse the "better" the basket might seem.
If more refugees arrive, aid agencies might not be able to cope and more people might die, he said.
The self-driving/car-sharing combo might do great things for car owners, but it might ruin taxi drivers.
Think critically about how long it might take you to get a position, and what you might reasonably earn.
During a binge, someone might feel a loss of control, and afterward they might experience shame, distress, or guilt.
It might clear up, it might not — it happens to some people with retinols or some cleansers and masks.
They might not be able to fight us in the field, but they might launch terrorist acts against us.
I might like it when love interests are playful jerks to me, but that might turn someone else off.
They might be decorated with rock art, or they might have been converted into some kind of stone monument.
There might be a revived Virtual Console or you might just get them through the already announced subscription service.
The actress says after high school she might continue acting in films, but she also might head to university.
A customer might post a potential job to Craigslist, or a worker might post their availability to be hired.
Even if you manage to install it, the game might behave erratically, and you might get banned from playing.
The moment of totality might be the most obvious thing to photograph, but it might not be the best.
The decline of the iPhone might steepen and other services might not be able to compensate, dollar for dollar.
It might or might not work as planned, but there is enough uncertainty to make it a powerful deterrent.
He also might get them to physically open holes in the field through which he might get conventional hits.
It might seem odd, but pro wrestling might actually be one of the entertainment arenas most like the Oscars.
A new paper hopes to help predict where these outbreaks might happen, and what animals they might come from.
Not everyone might agree with approaches this radical; critics worry that too much sharing might encourage scientific free riding.
I can opt out, but people might not realize I've left, or might forget, even if they do know.
Some colleagues might think by talking an idea out while others might prefer to collect their ideas before speaking.
Studying the impact of violence on gifted kids But what things might gifted children might be more sensitive to?
There might be a rise, there might be a coup, and someone tries to shoot the president or whatever.
You might not have this sort of open relationship with your family, though, so this convo might not work.
Breakingviews explains how the People's Republic might avert a meltdown, but might find a credit crunch harder to dodge.
"Flu viruses might do better in colder temperatures, but other viruses might do better in tropical climates," Adalja said.
So antidepressants might be bad for your baby, but going off them might be bad for your baby too.
One area where there might be considered to be what you might call proxy conflict between you is Yemen.
You might spend that fifty bucks on a dog toy—or you might spend it on marijuana for yourself.
There might be a fridge in there with some beers chilling out, or there might even be a tap.
But his team might have other ideas, which means that we might finally get a real answer on Monday.
You might think Tinder is your best bet, but new data shows you might actually have better luck elsewhere.
But it also might be possible that turning snakes into sneks might make us feel more positive about snakes.

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