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460 Sentences With "members"

How to use members in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "members" and check conjugation/comparative form for "members". Mastering all the usages of "members" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They're already doing favors for members, hosting members, doing fundraisers for members, helping members get legislation through.
But the church has Asian members, Latino members and black members — like Mr. Chunn.
Your team members benefit, their team members benefit, and all their collective team members benefit.
As of March, GSUSA reported 1,566,671 youth members and 749,008 adult members, down from just over 2 million youth members and about 800,000 adult members in 2014.
DNC members include state party chairs and committee members elected by state parties, along with at-large members.
Six will come from independent members from CBS, four independent members from Viacom, Bakish, and two National Amusements members.
The House Democratic Caucus comprises of 220006 members, meanwhile the Hispanic Caucus has 2202 members, the Black Caucus has 2628 members, and the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus has 28500 key members.
She traveled the country, interviewing members, former members and people they thought should be members about their attitudes toward dieting.
Seven members from one family, five members from a second family and two members of third family were among those killed.
Forty-three of the 103 current members of the CNBC Global CFO Council responded to this quarter's survey, including 20 North American-based members, 17 EMEA-based members and 6 APAC-based members.
He expanded the unit from eight members to 30 members.
Today, A.R.O.P. has 4,20193 individual members and 180 corporate members.
What members doing with data after is up to members.
For instance, staff members of the Harvard Crimson student newspaper and members of student government may be members of single-sex clubs.
How members of GCC members engage with Islamist groups and Iran determines the nature of the organization and relations between its members.
The total includes members that employ former Facebook executives, members whose boards include Facebook board members, and numerous ties through common investors.
Privately, both Republican members and conservative House Freedom Caucus members blamed one another, with Republican members saying the Freedom Caucus members on the panels protested that they wouldn't be included in the interview and Freedom Caucus members suggesting the GOP chairs were trying to protect Rosenstein.
Thousands of people are eligible to make nominations, including committee members, members of national parliaments, cabinet members, heads of universities or past laureates.
By the same token, members of Congress themselves should be paid more to narrow the economic gap between serving members and ex-members.
Members often move to get jobs and be near family members.
Members and non-members can use the café and consult advisers.
Tags on products show different prices for members and non-members.
"Among our members about 60 percent were party members," he said.
Students, faculty members and staff members of all races listened intently.
Composed of members current and former members of Twin Stumps, Pop.
Of them, 442 are uniformed members and 6353 are civilian members.
LATEST: 28500 guard members being deployed today, additional members tomorrow. pic.twitter.
Recently, I heard from the members (and ex-members) of Journey.
Prime members spend considerably more on Amazon than non-Prime members.
Annual Prime members won't see any hikes: Prime members will continue to pay $99 and annual Prime Student members will continue to pay $49.
The chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate committees each appointed three members, for a total of 12 members on the panel.
Nor were they often taught by Salzman anymore, but rather by members she had instructed, members whom those members had instructed, and so on.
They find "Communities" to join: Photography (20153,22015 members), Belgian Beer (22013 members), Kosher Roommates ("for coping or recovering roommates of Kosher adherents"; 22013 members).
Current members have conducted flyovers for the return of service members' remains found in Vietnam, making connections with original unit members along the way.
Four new members of the inner sanctum are members of such groups.
We rely on community members, family members, neighbors, school officials, to help.
To his side, members of the press outnumber members of the public.
All LF Deep Learning members have to be Linux Foundation members, too.
Older family members give younger family members red envelopes filled with money.
Additionally, all board members are also members of the same development company.
That includes family members of chorus members who hadn't previously accepted them.
Teams are capped at four members, and all members must be students.
"Can four family members speak for all 140 family members?" she asked.
There is also a fitness studio, open to members and non-members.
The members of the 15-person board are appointed by council members.
Family members of dead crew members have sued Tote in federal court.
The UAW has 400,000 active members and more than 580,000 retired members.
So, you could have Wing members who aren't actual, physical Wing members?
Both are members of the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress.
But these initiatives are mostly created by young members for young members.
Jacqueline's clients are split into two categories, open members and private members.
"Members still believe that Hoyer is the members' member — that he is the kind of guy who represents the members and protects them," said Rep.
He said the members won't sit next each other, they'll alter where the members stand, and staff will be cleaning as members come and go.
Rather, unions looking to energize their members need to provide clear benefits that members value related to their identity as professional employees — benefits that those members can't get elsewhere and that members have to pay dues to get.
The Senate has seven new members and the House has 52 new members.
Within Nissan there are six full Board Members and three Representative Board members.
Klan members on social media and at the rally members voiced their support.
Voting is open to all SAG-AFTRA members, which totals over 165,000 members.
Committee members, played by SNL cast members, then began to ask Kavanaugh questions.
Others include female academy members, and the wives and daughters of male members.
"Pupil" refers to Basij members in high school; "student" refers to college members.
Prime members spend more and buy more frequently than non-Prime members do.
"Membership can now be categorized into User Members and Equity Members," said Crowell.
Only 25 out of the IOC's 126 members and honorary members are women.
In total, the foundation now has eight Platinum Members and 24 Gold Members.
The eight new members bring the total number of IOC members to 98.
Here's what's new: 12 new members, bringing the total coalition members to 48.
Members then get compensated for successfully selling to others and recruiting new members.
He huddled with Freedom Caucus members, House Armed Services Committee members and Rep.
Members of its Cast Members Union went on strike last week, disrupting rides.
As a result, our Members work out 80% more than non-Peloton Members.
Many members who practice medical specialties are also members of other doctor groups.
These members are outliers; most Republican members of Congress represent safe Republican seats.
The remaining board members will choose five new members as quickly as possible.
Amazon Prime members spend more, and buy more often, than non-Prime members.
"Membership can now be categorised into User Members and Equity Members," said Crowell.
Do the majority of cult members recognize themselves as being members of cults?
The school's program currently has 5003,200 members with two full-time staff members.
With the newest deployment, there are now about 5,420 U.S. service members on the border, including roughly 3,85033 active-duty service members and 2,100 National Guard members.
But nearly a dozen members of each party broke with the other members of their party, making the issue surprisingly less about partisanship than individual members' views.
Delta SkyMiles members get a discount to use Clear: general SkyMiles members can enroll for $99 while Platinum, Gold and Silver Medallion members can enroll for $79.
" While military family members were taken back to the US, service members would continue their tours in Adana — what family members called "a new 15-month deployment.
The elected board members represent the perceived interests of the members, while the appointed members represent the broader interests of the taxpayers and communities as a whole.
Because the pool of potential members consists of the three RNC members from each state, there isn't much turnover and the members are likely longtime party activists.
In 203, the House had 2,027 committee staff members and 7,067 personal staff members.
An additional 42 members of the party's political bureau also resigned, members announced Sunday.
And ISIS members had the most money, especially more senior members of the group.
The change is about people: teachers, faculty members, students, parents and community members alike.
Close allies of the five permanent members, including NATO members, have been similarly disdainful.
Transgender people are our beloved family members and friends, and our valued team members.
Immediate Family Members and Household Members are also not eligible to enter or win.
Bottles can be purchased by Flaviar members for $95 and non-members for $110.
Only 241 members attended the session in which two members abstained from the vote.
The event is free for students and museum members and $15 for non-members.
Their members usually span all ages, and they welcome women to be active members.
Since 2016, when it had only 6,500 members, DSA has added nearly 50,000 members
House rules prohibit members of Congress from engaging in sexual relationships with staff members.
Members include clinicians, nurses, lawyers, researchers, medical students, paramedics and state legislative staff members.
Express is starting grocery deliveries at $2.99 for members and $4.99 for non-members.
Only a small handful of members of Congress and staff members have reviewed them.
The document also provided Rotterdam crew members a statement to give to family members.
D.N.C. staff members say that he regularly communicates with members of the Veterans Council.
Republican House members have also joined the boycott in solidarity with their party members.
Both measures would make certain euro members at least partially carry other members' deficits.
Attracting new members takes money, but churches need new members to get that money.
Four members are politicians, two of them ministers and two members of the Knesset.
The rest are elected by PERA members, and usually are also PERA members themselves.
White audience members and audience members who don't identify as white have enjoyed it.
Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found that Prime members spend more on average on Amazon, with members spending $1,300 per year compared to about $700 for non-Prime members.
The communique said a Central Committee full member and three alternate members had been expelled from the party, while two alternate members had been promoted to full members.
About three-quarters of Parliament members opposed leaving the union, including the overwhelming majority of Labour members and a smaller majority of members from the governing Conservative Party.
The larger picture: Clark is beloved by caucus members; she's a behind-the-scenes Democrat who fellow members say works extremely hard to support new members and candidates.
"It's not what you thought when you first began it," sings first Trump, then members of his Cabinet, then members of his country, then members of his planet.
There is a dedicated "r/liamariejohnson" subreddit with more than 42,000 members, rivaling subreddits for A-list celebrities like "r/mileycyrus" (39,900 members) and "r/Rihanna" (34,000 members).
Under North Carolina law, the governor appoints the five members of the state elections board, and those members, in turn, appoint the members of the 100 county boards.
Other options including DivaDance ($24 per class, and the first class is free for members) and Body by Fleur ($28 per class for members; $35 for non-members). 
Members of Congress, their staff, members of the media and other D.C. leaders will sample and judge original-style beers brewed with the help of members of Congress.
Death threats from local gangs, the murder of family members, retaliatory rape and political persecution prompted members of the caravan to flee, members of the group have told Reuters.
Our members will be in Washington, D.C. to ensure members of Congress and regulators hear our collective voice as they consider policies that will affect how our members practice.
Up to 11 members of the Politburo are likely to retire at the congress, including five members of the Politburo Standing Committee, a more powerful body with seven members.
A tradition since 1909, the charity game features Democratic House members playing Republican House members.
Deportations of MS-13 members Over the years, authorities have deported many MS-13 members.
Seven board members resigned in protest of that decision, and staff members threatened a walkout.
Other members were critical and wondered how older members of the academy would be affected.
Members of Hurras al Din's predecessor had killed and been killed by members of ISIS.
Without any members, these apps would fail, but too many members could be equally damaging.
As seen in Dear White People, the former members look out for the current members.
Additionally, it has about 75,000 members in the U.S., and other members around the world.
Chat groups are limited to 200 members, while supergroups can have up to 1,000 members.
"Female members and male members are equals, they don't sexually harass each other," Tauscher said.
It had more than 400,000 members in 2018, up from 186,000 members the year prior.
"As small-business owners, our members often employ family members, neighbors and friends," Day said.
There are still about 3,000 Klan members and unaffiliated members nationwide, according to the ADL.
Members of the new working group include members from communities impacted by recent shootings: Rep.
It'll cost $10 a month for existing members and $15 a month for new members.
A tradition since 143, the charity game features Democratic House members playing Republican House members.
Amazon's Prime members are estimated to spend more than double what non-Prime members spend.
Members of COMESA, for example, impose a common external tariff on goods of non-members.
And members of a particular drug scene love to judge the members of other scenes.
Fraternity members required them to do "wall sits" while members walked across the pledges' knees.
"Leader Pelosi is very confident in her support among Members and Members-elect," Hammill said.
The October 4 raid left four US service members and five Nigerien service members dead.
You know the usual victim groups, gays, minority members, union members, the poor you name.
If members change locations, they'll see posts, or yaks, of members in the new area.
Tickets cost $22 for the space's members, The Sun said, and $25 for non-members.
The dealers and gaming staff members, who are not members of Unite Here, continued working.
The disciplined service members were members of SEAL Team 7, according to multiple defense officials.
Its Facebook page has about 85,000 likes and its Facebook members' forum has 7,000 members.
The service now has a total of 137 million members, and 130 million paying members.
He continued by speaking to service members and members of law enforcement in the country.
You may want to check off the "Display role members separately from online members" option.
That body requires that members treat all other members equally when it comes to trade.
Cabinet officials, senators, House members and family members also gathered Wednesday morning to pay tribute.
House members said they expected any measure would have support from members of both parties.
"It's like members of the community broadcasting to members of their community," Ms. Pluton said.
Rank-and-file members of Congress earn $2023,000 annually, while members of leadership earn more.
It has grown from 30,000 members in 2019 to 40,000 members in 2020, Sankaran said.
The club has 482 members, Mr. Lembcke said, but has a cap of 500 members.
Republican NRA members are also more activist in pushing gun rights policies than non-members.
The concept, dubbed WeMRKT, consists of products curated by its members for other WeWork members.
Trump doesn't have any endorsements from Freedom Caucus members — or any current members of Congress.
It focused on the Aswad family, which it said lost eight members in a single air strike, the Hashish family, which it said lost 18 members, the Badran family which it said lost 39 members, and the Fayad family which it said lost 16 members.
They further argue that since unions must represent members and non-members fairly and equally, non-members should pay for services unions provide like contract negotiation and representation in grievances.
This lattice consisted of fixed members in the direction of the wood grain of the board and sliding members perpendicular to the wood grain that tunneled through the fixed members.
It also became a player on the conservative media stage, securing interviews with Trump Cabinet members, loyalists and family members, as well as members of Congress and Republican media stars.
Sisterhood members became aware of the loophole through a Chrome extension that allowed one of the members to download detailed information for thousands of members in a matter of minutes.
The list of surrogates makes up the campaign's A-list of supporters: members of the Obama administration, high-profile members of Congress, including members of Iowa's House delegation, and more.
For example, House members are capped at hiring 18 paid staff members and four non-permanent paid staff members, and a paid intern would take up one of those slots.
It also appointed 10 new members to its board of directors, while seven members stepped down.
Prime members make more purchases on Amazon than non-Prime members and spend more per year.
At this point, the members of the Kardashians' glam squads are basically members of their family.
Members would gain status by selling drugs, collecting debts and assaulting community members, court documents state.
He was visiting hospitals because the injured include Cabinet members, commissioners and members of his team.
He tapped local union members to identify churches and community organizations whose members needed filtration devices.
This is a ticketed event, costing $20 for non-members of the museum, $15 for members.
When FBI members attempted to tell FLDS members about Jeffs's misdeeds, they refused to believe him.
Prime members shop more frequently and spend more money on Amazon than non-Prime members do.
We learned that, during that period, Democratic members sent 2200,2000 Tweets and Republican members sent 2365,981.
These Startup Heroes—F6S members themselves—serve as inspiration for the up and coming Alpha members.
Mike Rogers told members of the House Intelligence Committee that no conversations including members were monitored.
Eight of them are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a left-leaning group of members.
With three members of the chamber absent, all of the other 72 members voted in support.
Members, who are either members of the military or DoD civilians, represent each branch of service.
Rouhani added that OPEC members should also negotiate with non-OPEC members to stabilize the market.
The bill has support from 50 members of Congress, including a half-dozen ranking committee members.
Not only the freshman members, but most members of Congress will have to face their constituents.
U.S. presidents generally salute U.S. service members, but do not salute members of other nation's militaries.
Not to get too political, but we have Republican patients and staff members and board members.
Members of Congress, members of the cabinet and American diplomats need to pick up the slack.
When NATO enlarged there were set rules that all new members had to be full members.
Presently the board has three members: Chairman Mark Pearce and members Philip Miscimarra and Lauren McFerran.
African-American and Latino members of Congress serve as our ranking members on nine House committees.
Military members in jeopardy: Immigrant military members can obtain citizenship if they receive an honorable discharge.
It added 184,3.463 net new members during the first quarter for a total of 975,000 members.
Currently, House Republicans hold the majority at 238 members, and Democrats lag behind with 193 members.
"I have some family members who are both gamers and members of the military," she said.
We learned that, during that period, Democratic members sent 10,272 Tweets and Republican members sent 7,981.
Two members of Iraqi security forces were killed, and three additional members wounded, Reuters reported Monday.
Two cabinet members have already advocated adopting an immigration policy, as have some LDP panel members.
Bold PAC also endorsed six sitting members seeking reelection who are not members of the CHC.
They accept members and don't require the members to actually go out and conduct paramilitary training.
Former members have also accused the group of using nude photographs of its members as blackmail.
The remaining 5 percent is made up of board members, life members and a fan representative.
According to Rapp, a few members raised concerns about the gathering, and those members stayed home.
The ad targets members in swing districts, as well as members of the moderate Tuesday Group.
They lobbied members of Congress and members of the executive branch in the US around 2013.
Members of the Russian government The new sanctions list also includes members of the Russian government.
NEW MEMBERS IN CLIMATE CAUCUS: The House's Climate Solutions Caucus says it has five new members.
All Nordic-Baltic countries are members of either organization; half of them are members of both.
Some conservative members have vowed not to support any members of the leadership team for Speaker.
Those designees could include members of the committee or members of the Joint Committee on Taxation.
The first MPC will have four internal members and three external members, with Orr as chair.
Audience members still gasp and moan and shout warnings at the cast members, horror-movie-style.
Hispanic members now make up the largest share, and white members make up about one-quarter.
Volunteers speak with congressional members face-to-face about bills they want the members to support.
Under the treaty's Article 5, NATO members pledge to defend fellow members if they are attacked.
Tickets to the event are $20 for members, $25 for non-members, and $14 for students.
Mr. Logan said 1,400 of the union's members currently had an open investigation, and that he and his members felt many of them were dubious, touched off by disgruntled staff members.
As the article correctly noted, while most members who are recruited are white, there are also small numbers of nonwhite members; it is not a rule that members must be white.
On the same day, Gyeonggi Provincial government said 210 Shincheonji members had agreed to call 33,000 fellow members to ask about symptoms, as Shincheonji members often don't answer calls from nonmembers.
Sadly, labor unions compel citizens to furnish funds for the propagation of opinions they disbelieve and abhor every day, by using the dues collected from members and "agency fees" collected from non-members to engage in political activity many of their members and non-members oppose.
Despite early opposition from conservative groups and some members of Congress, there was a lot of optimism among the House leadership members charged with passing the legislation that members would come around.
In a test where Rekognition was used to identify members of Congress it had an error rate of 39 percent for non-white members compared to only five percent for white members.
Mr. Stoltenberg, during his visit to the United States this week, has met with members of Congress, including members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and members of the NATO Observers Group.
"So I think you'll see a lot of members talk policy issues, but I also think you'll see members, even Republican members, talk about, obviously, the laundry list of stories," said Rep.
But this members-only deal is not just for select Nyx reward members — anyone can use it.
Party members can be punished for adultery as they are supposed to be upstanding members of society.
It shows acting service members that, in a dangerous situation, their family members would be cared for.
Tickets for the event retailed at $300 for non-members of the organization and $275 for members.
The group today is 75 percent descendants of the original members, with three charter members still participating.
Presidents have long treated cabinet members as gloried administrators rather than critical members of the policy team.
On September 2000, gang members went looking for rival gang members to kill in Brentwood, authorities said.
Members of Ocasio-Cortez's office say offering all team members a living wage is worth the sacrifice.
As of now, the commission has seven Republican members and four Democratic members, according to the lawsuit.
A firefight ensued, and at least 10 cartel members died, according to community members and press accounts.
Prime members buy four categories per month, versus two categories for non-Prime members, by Cowen's estimates.
The deal covers around 15,000 pensioner members and around 7,200 deferred members, it said in a statement.
"There is a sad misconception that gang members only terrorize and target other gang members," Vega says.
However, other members publicly accused of sexual misconduct — such as Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck— remain members.
The union has about 400,000 active members, or more than 1 million members if retirees are included.
It's true that some members of r/The_Donald would welcome new members with liberal, less extremist viewpoints.
The company had 4.6 million total members, topping the 4.5 million members in the year-ago quarter.
And, as Geekwire points out, Prime members spend significantly more money at Amazon than non-Prime members.
Amazon Prime members spend $1,400 a year on Amazon versus $600 a year by non-Prime members.
They will attempt to do to the nation's union members what they did to Wisconsin's union members.
Members of the Assembly serve eight-year terms, while members of parliament are elected every four years.
Members of Scalise's whip team reminded members of that in arguments to lawmakers still on the fence.
Sixty-seven House members voted no, including 20 Texas House members who are still in Congress today.
There are supplies to feed the crew members of your ship, and there are the members themselves.
Certain members are forced to sign agreements that [do] not allow them to speak to ex members.
They are my friends, my family, members of my church, the members of my community, my neighbors.
Meanwhile, members running for top spots in committees typically spend months working members of the steering committee.
My board members disagree Board members should work cooperatively and have vigorous discussions prior to any vote.
Though the 76 members account for 90% of global trade, they are a minority of WTO members.
But more than 85033 House members have co-sponsored the bill, including several Ways and Means members.
King Abdullah II appoints the prime minister, cabinet members and members of the upper house of Parliament.
While members of leadership in both parties have dedicated security details, rank-and-file members do not.
With 60 members, Congress is the single largest party in parliament's upper house, whose members total 245.
The Freedom Caucus lost two members, for instance, but is still expected to gain five new members.
Members of the store's rewards program have spent upwards of $2000,000 to redeem exclusive members-only trips.
MA members also tend to have higher rates of clinical and social risks than traditional Medicare members.
A Congressional Commission is temporary and advisory, with members appointed partly or wholly by Members of Congress.
Furthermore, female service members comprise 2628% of dual-military marriages, compared to 28503% of male service members.
Equinox members and Soul Cycle members are now threatening to boycott the fitness brands, Business Insider reported.
The allegation led to the downfall of several members of Congress and senior members of the government.
There is also a possibility of institutional support for members of the Alliance from its other members.
And despite Trump's repeated suggestion that NATO members owe the US, members do not pay each other.
Members of Congress are less liable and less willing to collaborate with members of the other party.
October 16: Trump and members of his administration meet with Pelosi and members of the Congressional leadership.
The service generally costs $7.99 a month for Prime members or $9.99 a month for non-members.
One of the members, Ken Clark, a Democrat, urged audience members to follow them, and they did.
Included in the tally are 174 service members, 59 civilian employees, 61 family members and 85033 contractors.
Instead, five members of a close-knit blended Stockton, California family died, family members confirm to PEOPLE.
Prime members also buy more goods from Amazon than non-members, Bezos has said, further boosting profit.
"The chamber is made up of 63 members and clearly 32 members is a majority," he said.
And although the majority of the members are white, the Oath Keepers does have African-American members.
In 2015 the DNA prosecuted one prime minister, 5 members of cabinet and 21 members of parliament.
Included in the tally are 2023 service members, 59 civilian employees, 61 family members and 27 contractors.
Members of the gang have committed brutal rapes and grisly murders, mostly targeting members of immigrant communities.
Members of Congress are bound by the Stock Act, which prohibits members of Congress from insider trading.
Ryan also transferred $1.7 million directly to GOP members, in addition to hosting 49 fundraisers for members.
WoVeN members also have access to a national online social network of other members around the country.
Netflix had 23.23 million domestic members as of the end of June and 52 million international members.
Those sentenced on Thursday included former members of parliament and members of the Freedom and Justice Party.
What separated the members who survived from the members who didn't was a close connection back home.
After the first month, the ad ran monthly for paying Grindr members and bimonthly for free members.
On Tuesday afternoon, WeWork emailed its members about how it's approaching operations and best practices for members.
Nearly 75 percent of all House members have no top staffers who are members of minority groups.
Only 170 out of 328 members voted, with most Sunni Muslim and Kurdish members refusing to attend.
Members earned points by uploading new and popular videos to the site or by inviting new members.
Union members have significantly higher median incomes than full-time employees who are not members of unions.
Active and former military members are eligible, as well as many family members, including spouses and children.
Only members can buy insurance policies from Knights of Columbus, but not all members have those policies.
The Discord members are split into various groups, such as podcast staff, podcast members, and podcast advocates.
If they can help deliver two members—and they helped deliver at least two members—they're effective.
Members of the president's party cheer lustily, while members of the other party often sit stone-faced.
The plan also trains chosen members within organizations, as well as executives and members of the board.
Members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, members of the transition team, family members and other invited guests can attend, with some sitting on the inaugural platform where the President takes the oath office.
She was joined by three other members of Congress who are Native American tribe members, making it the first congressional bill in history to be introduced by four members of federally recognized tribes.
Farah Provincial Council Chair Jamile Amini has accused Iran of sending IRGC members to join the Taliban ranks and files, adding that 6900 Taliban members recently killed in this province were IRGC members.
Merkel said she favoured all members of the EU meeting after the so-called 'Brexit' vote to discuss the bloc's future, rather than just the six founding members, or the euro zone members.
The nonprofit Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is helping out lower-ranking members, offering $550 to married members and $350 to single Coast Guard members who need help paying for food or overdue bills.
To fulfill the group's communitarian vision, unmarried members are sometimes placed to live in homes with married couples and their children, and members often look to buy or rent homes near other members.
After a few minutes of back-and-forth between Nadler and Republican members, with Nadler repeatedly refusing to recognize members, Gaetz asked Nadler whether congressional members would be "dealt out" of the hearing.
Tim Bale, who leads the Party Members Project, was surprised in December when a poll of Conservative members found that 57 percent of Tory members surveyed preferred leaving without a deal to Mrs.
A press release stated that May 26 will be the last day for the board's "independent members," all the Rail's day-to-day senior staff members, and six additional members of its staff.
In defiance of their leadership, Republican members voted Monday night to severely weaken ethics rules governing House members.
At the time of registration, Seneviratne said eight crew members from Sri Lanka were listed as crew members.
The move left hurt feelings, particularly among black and Muslim members of Congress, as well as freshman members.
According to Democrats in the meeting, she also urged members against tweets admonishing fellow Democratic members of Congress.
Many YMCA locations offer affordable cooking classes in communities across the country for members and non-members alike.
The collective, which now includes 22 members, regularly releases zines and organizes events to highlight their members' work.
Most members of Congress do not have armed protection, but members of the congressional leadership like Scalise do.
Initially six members, they gathered to sort out their political position and determine the requirements for new members.
Next year's congress will see the election of more than 300 full members and alternate Central Committee members.
Only six on board the flight survived: three Chapecoense team members, a journalist and two Bolivian crew members.
According to Democrats in the meeting, Pelosi also urged members against tweets admonishing fellow Democratic members of Congress.
The campaign will be aimed at Republican members of Congress and some members of the conservative Freedom Caucus.
Last year, Facebook allowed former members of extremist groups to create fake accounts and engage with current members.
This baggage restriction doesn't apply to MileagePlus Premier members, MileagePlus credit card holders, or Star Alliance Gold members.
Corbyn won across the board: with affiliated members, with full members, among the labor unions, and so forth.
They reenact alleged incidents of abuse involving senior members of the church, based on accounts from ex-members.
The company expects these members to be potential mentors, vendors, customers, or collaborators with the WeWork Labs members.
The rally was organized by a group of white nationalists, KKK members and members of the alt-right.
A new board of 16 members of whom all but two are new members is now in place.
American steel produced by United Steelworkers members must be used to make wind turbines erected by Laborers members.
A credit union's members elect its directors, and the transaction-processing revenue is divided up among the members.
Most of the "family" members were young women, including the members who brutally killed Tate and several others.
The deaths of the Czech service members came after two U.S. service members died in Afghanistan last month.
All 20 members of Pennsylvania's current congressional delegation -- including its 18 House members and two senators -- are male.
Delta loyalty members, for instance, earn five miles for each dollar spent; American and JetBlue members earn three.
Prime members pay £7.99 per month or £79 per year; while non-Prime members pay £9.99 per month.
"Leader Pelosi is very confident in her support among members and members-elect," said Drew Hammill, her spokesman.
Members also apparently took part in a digital campaign to out secret members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Victims tend to be members of the immigrant community, rival gang members or individuals who spurned the gang.
So I've got a fiduciary duty to members and members of my conference, but I oppose the bill.
A total of 87 House members have expressed support for an impeachment inquiry, including the four "squad" members.
Haspel was approved to brief members, and senators agreed to limit the number of members at the meeting.
Schengen was established over 30 years ago and now counts 26 members, 22 of which are EU members.
We watch him order members of the FBI to break into the homes of suspected Weather Underground members.
The chapter in wildrose country boasts about 22015 to 230 active members and more than 2100,35 members online.
House members and many McCain family members joined, along with Frank Gamboa, McCain's roommate at the Naval Academy.
That's because of the simple fact that everyone — band members and audience members — has gotten older, Finn said.
Valle frequented the members-only Dark Fetish Network, a forum where over 77,000 members share their sexual fantasies.
The only thing that was the same were the members of the guilds and their female family members.
While officers and some staff members are allowed to eat in guest areas, many crew members are not.
At least 608 uniformed NYPD members and 88 civilian members have tested positive for coronavirus, the report said.
Former members have recounted abuse — mental, physical, and sexual — at the hands of senior members of the church.
But how unions deal with their worst members really falls on individual unions and their members to decide.
Some members of Congress have even introduced bills requiring members of Congress to commit to 40-hour workweeks.
The party was attended by Mr. Pence, as well as Trump family members and several members of Congress.
Prime members shop more frequently and spend more than non-Prime members do, and also price-compare less.
All command members are closely monitoring their own health as well as the health of their family members.
Big progress being made in ridding our country of MS-13 gang members and gang members in general.
A constant reminder, too, that the lines between cartel members, former members, and vigilantes are almost always blurred.
The offer is extended to old members, or members who join now—and there is a free tier.
"The inequities that these women champions have faced as members of the USWNT are indefensible," the Members wrote.
"Clearly, most board members are not campaign contributors, and most campaign contributors are not board members," she said.
Members of Congress seem to underperform compared to members of Parliament in Poland and across the democratic world.
Often, the treasurer's ledger listed members by numbers so that, in case of discovery, members' identities remained protected.
One, he argued, is that although non-members cannot see groups' membership lists, members of private groups can.
The committee never convened under Mr. Trump, members said, and the president has not appointed members so far.
Two members of the group survived the blast, while three members died, according to The New York Times.
Some members of the party, including senior members of Corbyn's team, have indicated they would campaign to remain.
It remains unclear whether Aetna will extend its discounts from employees and/or members to their family-members.
Others say they are innocent but were turned in by family members who themselves were members of ISIS.
The fee increases will impact around 35 million members, roughly half of them executive members, the company said.
Freedom Caucus members say moderate members of the House Republican Conference no longer want to repeal Obamacare. Rep.
I've known some members—I don't even like to say "members," because they're my family, they're my friends.
It encouraged members to take more classes to move up the ranks and to recruit other members to help create more revenue, which left some members in debt to Nxivm itself, the affidavit said.
So I've had just a constant sort of interaction with members and friends and colleagues, who have been in and out—either members or WCR or people who have won awards or become members.
"We have members who are literally waiting for other members to die to request their cabana," Ms. Matthews said, adding that the club keeps a waiting list on a computerized spreadsheet noting members' preferences.
Further, May added that international members may still be warming up to the service, with overseas members spending $35 to $40 per month compared to the $120 per month spent by American Prime members.
Political party leaders get to pick four members from that list of 25, and the four members then pick a fifth member, who cannot be from the political party of the other four members.
Within the justice system itself, 2,280 judges and prosecutors, 105 members of the Supreme Court of Appeals, 41 members of the Council of State, two members of the Constitutional Court, and three members of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors were arrested on terror charges following the coup attempt.
Die Welt newspaper reported late Friday that published lists included names of 410 members of Merkel's conservatives, 230 Social Democrats, 106 Greens party members, 91 members of the radical Left party and 28 Free Democrats.
Newer members, in particular, have grown frustrated with Democrats' tendency to yield influential positions to members who have seniority.
Members are allowed to bring spouses and other family guests on the trips, and members frequently go multiple times.
The company has been driving sales by adding more rewards members, with the number reaching 16 million active members.
The first group of board members will be chosen by Facebook, with succeeding members chosen by the existing board.
Members, their family members and aides had special credentials to enter the floors where the closed meetings took place.
They also recommended charges be brought against Elovitch, members of his family and members of his Bezeq management team.
Reports say Raleigh White members blocked members of the black church from entering one Sunday in March, prompting action.
When we measure both members for color, or both members for shape, we find that the results always agree.
Police have collected intelligence on MS-13 members and created a list of gang members to put under surveillance.
Which members of the interagency in our government -- and members of Congress -- should be informed of our anticipated actions?
On Mr Grillo's blog, one of the most popular in Italy, members debate, vote and even purge other members.
Many more members, or merely friends of members, suffered injury or assault at fraternity-sanctioned parties or chapter houses.
Two weeks ago, management laid off close to 1,19603 staff members, according to local officials and former staff members.
But a number of senior committee members had other ideas, and the list of interested members already includes Reps.
The changes will go into effect on May 11 for new members, and on June 16 for existing members.
Meanwhile, "Instagram Like & Comment" had 45,364 members, with 1,771 new members added in the two weeks prior to removal.
Associates, family members, business partners and members of the community said they had never seen or met Mr. Richardson.
Even when members act in good faith, not all members of Congress know how to conduct an effective interrogation.
Traffic acquisition costs to Google Network Members rose to $2.62 billion, 70 percent of revenues from Google Network Members.
Members of the advisory body do not enjoy immunity from prosecution, unlike members of China's largely rubber-stamp parliament.
Two members left years ago and the changes now mean the vacant seats can be filled by new members.
Many FLDS members have left the town amid government-ordered evictions because group members refused to pay occupancy fees.
Insurance that covers stays in nursing homes so that family members can simply be family members instead of caretakers.
At the time, just four members of its caucus had previously served as Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs).
"Members of Congress, members of the United States Senate have heard from the lobbyists and the corporations," he said.
A number of group members began online feuds, while others removed members from secret groups where they discussed plans.
"Leader Pelosi is confident in her support among Members and Members-elect," said spokesperson Drew Hammill in a statement.
The organization says it has nearly 2.3 million youth members, a decrease from the 2.8 million members in 2012.
The CII has about 9,000 major companies as its direct members plus about 300,000 small businesses as indirect members.
Police arrested four members of the Wagner family yesterday in connection with the shooting deaths of Rhoden family members.
Several members of Congress have also pushed legislation that would penalize members for allowing a shutdown to occur. Rep.
The earliest members of Team 10 members included social media stars like Alissa Violet, and Lucas and Marcus Dobre.
We are members of the EU. We're negotiating as members of the EU and we're for that of course.
Ethics rules for members of Congress say members may, in some cases, accept gifts valued at less than $220006.
Some members of my association would otherwise be able to offer service members the option to purchase such insurance.
Acknowledge that right now, only members of one nation enjoy basic rights, while members of the other lack any.
Each of the teams has Republicans, Democrats, members of the media and members of our team, our pro-athletes.
Warner, and other members of Congress expressing similar sentiments, including some of those hoping to be members after Nov.
The founding team recruited the team members from their personal networks of medical students and family members of investors.
OPEC members have previously said they lean toward oil cut extensions, so long as non-members are also involved.
At that scale, the network of volunteers, board members, students, alumni and family members would number about 20,000 adults.
Two of the more than 6900 members on the council are well-known members of the anti-vaccination movement.
Eighty-one percent of NRA members reported voting for Mitt Romney, compared to 41 percent of non-NRA members.
Schengen was established over 30 years ago and now counts 26 members, 22 of which are European Union members.
Several DGA members forwarded us an email written by a member and received by at least 66 DGA members.
Last Congress, FairTax was endorsed by 76 members of the House and 9 members of the Senate — all Republicans.
The source added that board members were meeting in Washington on Friday with federal agencies and members of Congress.
Two members of the same community were murdered a decade ago after a confrontation with local drug gang members.
We'll also need to engage clergy members, community elders, entertainers, board members, stockholders, chief executives, more people like you.
The bride and groom are both associate board members at Covenant House and members of the Central Park Conservancy.
The rocket attacks killed three service members — two Americans and one British soldier — while injuring 14 other coalition members.
When AMPTP members sign a contract with the WGA, they agree to only hire writers who are WGA members.
Cabinet members who had stood doggedly by her privately told members of Parliament and journalists that she was finished.
The council is made up of seven black and six white members, not six black and three white members.
Members pay $20 a year to support those lobbying efforts—in exchange, they get perks, as AARP members do.
The board typically has 17 voting members, including six members chosen by the governor and four by the mayor.
Members of AAA's premium tiers can receive free passport photos, while other members can get them for a fee. 
Absolutely, and I'd expect that there's been robust debate about this strategy among N.R.D.C. board members, donors and members.
More than 214,22020 passengers and crew members are aboard, and 19 crew members and two passengers have tested positive.
Sources briefed by members of the Clinton transition say team members are developing short lists for key Cabinet positions.
Prime Pantry members are also eligible for special deals, coupons, and promotions not accessible to other Prime members.5.
We've all got those clumsy family members who always make a mess (OK, maybe we are those family members).
Several other members who are also senior members also have other reasons for not jockeying for this role. Rep.
So there's no rule that says that members of the House can't also be members of the defense counsel.
House members have reportedly invited female Republican senators and Cabinet members to wear red, white and blue as well.
Prior to this, Wall Street partnerships prevailed with partners being members in an exclusive privately controlled members-only NYSE.
Three members preferred to keep interest rates on hold and two members preferred a cut of 25 basis points.
Trump has also alienated members from his own party this week, with several GOP members backing away from him.
Additionally, members are allowed to bring three extra guests free of charge, while non-members are only permitted 2.
The new members will join three existing PG&E directors on the board, and seven members will step down.
Costco's 93 million members are exceedingly loyal: As of June, Costco reported 90% of its members renew their subscriptions.
With 235 members, House Democratic leaders can only afford to lose 17 members in passing a partisan budget resolution.
As members of the Peace Corps Caucus, we are moved by the work of volunteers and their community members.
What's even more interesting than the districts these members are leaving is the ideological profiles of the members themselves.
In total, these clubs serve 21 million members, an increase of 20113 percent from 22011's 290 million members.
Whether backed up by band members, or flirting with audience members on his lonesome, each Femminielli show was different.
GATT/WTO members are required to give the same treatment to imports from all other members, so any privilege given to an importer from one country must be given to importers from all other WTO members.
" In order to both grow and diversify the voting panel, along with allowing current members to sponsor new members, the Academy is launching a global campaign to recruit new members who they believe "represent greater diversity.
It was formed by two former members of Jefferson Airplane, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, who are currently the only former members in the band; it is not "composed of several former members of Jefferson Airplane."
The idea that members of the unpopular class of political insiders, and/or members of the unpopular class of members of Congress, would show contempt for the decision of voters is grossly unfair and politically insane.
At Yale, nearly 30 faculty and staff members work part time or full time in support of Title IX efforts, and twice as many faculty and staff members and students volunteer as advisers and committee members.
Nine members of one family are among the dead, and two members of the family survived, a spokesperson for Gov.
The changes will be applied to all existing members over the next few months and to all new members immediately.

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