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"language" Definitions
  1. [countable] the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country or area
  2. [uncountable] the use by humans of a system of sounds and words to communicate
  3. [uncountable] a particular style of speaking or writing
  4. [uncountable, countable] a way of expressing ideas and feelings using movements, symbols and sound
  5. [countable, uncountable] a system of symbols and rules that is used to operate a computer

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130 Sentences With "language"

How to use language in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "language" and check conjugation/comparative form for "language". Mastering all the usages of "language" from sentence examples published by news publications.

When this language wasn't understood, she wrote the essay — using a simpler language (the language of text).
His first language is Q'eqchi -- a Mayan language used in Guatemala -- and Spanish is his second language.
Music the language of emotions and language the language of propositions—this is so drastic a simplification of what we do as humans with both music and language.
A poet wants to move with language, shock with language, or at least exert some influence with language.
I don't like that language, I wouldn't use that language, but I wouldn't establish language standards for my colleagues.
"Before humans have language, they have the language of touch, they communicate through the language of touch," Dr. Meltzoff said.
Plus, he spoke our language — the language of business.
The language — the literary language, anyway — remains very stable.
Changing your keyboard language can be incredibly useful if you often write in a language other than your computer's default language.
It is an official language, along with English and New Zealand Sign Language; it is not the country's only official language.
Honig noted the distinction between expressive language and receptive language.
Language Skills • Must have strong command of the English language.
The language public art should use is the poetic language.
Learning a coding language is like learning a foreign language.
The language is stronger when culture and language are together.
For another customer, it can mean making common sense language connections to ensure natural language processing models can understand language in context.
The language you learn is a puzzle language specific to the game, and it slowly teaches you that language step-by-step.
Inappropriate Language – Content should not contain excessive use of derogatory language, including language intended to offend or insult particular groups of people.
All of Infocom's games were created using the Zork Implementation Language (ZIL), which is based on another old programming language called MIT Design Language (MDL), which itself was based on a the programming language Lisp.
High schools are typically designated either as English-language or Cantonese-language schools, with the other language and Mandarin being taught as electives.
In works by Art & Language, both art and language become abstracted.
Playbook created its own language, which became the language of Washington.
A site capitalizing on abuse language and USING that abuse language.
Language and literature students learned about the political uses of language.
The language of finance replaces the language of agriculture and industry.
It's a language for building a language, which is pretty wild.
Literature, because it is made of language, returns language to us.
But how do we translate that nonverbal language into verbal language?
Grizz has secretly been learning sign language so he can talk to Sam, but Grizz accidentally learned British Sign Language, not American Sign Language.
Harris: Over 90% of the individuals that we arrest will only speak the Spanish language, or the Spanish language will be their first language.
You look at a lot of the language that these people use and it's the language of eating disorders and the language of restriction.
Its most-spoken language (Hindi) is sometimes mistaken as the national language.
Lorne is deaf — his first language is American Sign Language, or ASL.
I grew up deaf, so American Sign Language is my primary language.
Arabic is sometimes considered a language family, rather than a single language.
Anytime you understand another language, you understand your language and culture better.
We do in language, and we even have scripts in sign language.
The film's queer coding penetrates both its verbal language and body language.
Interpreters work in spoken or sign language; translators work in written language.
My language can be a language of science, but it's not yet.
The story also misidentified neural natural language processing as natural language generation.
Should language experts aim to describe the state of the language accurately?
In the Settings app, click on "Time & Language," then click on "Language." 
Then language arrives, and with language history, and with history the Fall.
This is not simply a war language; this is an American language.
Namely, did the mind create language or did language create the mind?
Peterson also crafted the Dothraki language, and eager learners can take a one-year course on Living Language for about $30 to learn that language.
Hoping to blur the line between sound and language, the artist often intones sounds in a non-language (or perhaps 'troll language') during her performances.
"If you are speaking a new language and hearing a new language, you need to wear a new clothing language to express that," she said.
Whether it is obscuring state language or the faux-language of mindless media; whether it is the proud but calcified language of the academy or the commodity-driven language of science; whether it is the malign language of law-without-ethics, or language designed for the estrangement of minorities, hiding its racist plunder in its literary cheek—it must be rejected, altered and exposed.
There is already two broken links—brain to mouth and language to language.
That's because diplomatic language is only a sign language for deeper political realities.
You'd be trying to go from one unknown language into another unknown language.
It's like focusing on the language rather than what the language is saying.
Asciidots is a unique sort of programming language known as a dataflow language.
Sign language is a full language with its own grammar, syntax, and structure.
But Baby Sign Language is not the same thing as American Sign Language.
An important part of learning a foreign language is also mastering body language.
The best organizations figure out how to use "we" language, not "I" language.
Conservatives make language and history conservative by excluding those ordinary assumptions of language.
The English language ad is above, while the Spanish-language as is below.
Here's how to add a language and change the language on your Chromebook.
In other words, every language is a shitty language given the right context.
The language of most memorials — the architectural language — doesn't interest me at all.
Talk to me about that movement—from implicating visual language to language itself.
The language is plainly dehumanizing, and such language — historically and psychologically — is dangerous.
His first language is Q'eqchi', a Mayan language spoken in Guatemala and Belize.
This language provides a rough guide for what words and language involve tennis.
But the language that Alexa's missing isn't Japanese — it's the language of locations.
" More broadly, "movements propelled the language and/or the language propelled the dance.
Poetry is the language that sits really close to feelings that defy language.
Its Arabic-language channels can differ in content from its English-language channels.
Now, language algorithms analyze oceans of text to teach themselves how language works.
"Almost everywhere the language had ceased to be a first language," he said.
M.J. Connolly, a professor of Slavic and Eastern European linguistics at Boston College, said that Russians tend not to carry the construction using the word "language" after the language name (such as "Russian language," or "Romanian language") when they speak English.
We need to embrace the flexibility of language and recognize that language that serves marginalized communities is just as valid as the language that serves white men.
But he also cautioned that language laws were still necessary to protect French language and culture in Quebec because globalization and the internet are eroding the language.
Netflix has had successful run with foreign language shows, including Spanish language crime thriller hits like Narcos and Money Heist and German language sci-fi show Dark.
People conflate "language" as any means of communicating with language as a particular set of natural languages that have all the fully fledged features of natural language.
He would also use body language, since they do not speak the same language.
Youn examines the body, language, and the language used to describe the female body.
"His language is a weapon - he can destroy people with language," Koch told Reuters.
We believe coding is a language — a language that should be accessible to everyone.
I think it will inspire anger — if that language did not, other language will.
Language is not just language; it is the interface with other kinds of knowledge.
He believes it will be possible to recognize an alien language as a language.
For a language to be a language, it also needs something called conditional probabilities.
Google says its language identification model (LangID) can now distinguish between 2,000 language pairs.
The western Yugur language belongs to the Turkic branch of the Altaic language tree.
The eastern Yugur language belongs to the Mongolic branch of the Altaic language tree.
The language was the language of the center of the world, which was them.
It's written in the C language and has its own "Varnish configuration language," VCL.
Do you want to create a language that's a genuine, realistic, linguistically viable language?
It takes white language -- 'your language' -- and makes it something white people can't understand.
He graduated from the Army's Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, Calif.
We not only have the postgame language, but also the in-game commentator language.
The language they used was the language politicians and media figures were also using.
Tech Tip Q. How do I find English-language content with English-language subtitles?
"The only language that President Putin understands is the language of strength," he said.
The other plans' Spanish language translations link lead back to the English language versions.
His language is the language of pre-emptive strikes and confrontation — competing, hitting, winning.
First, there are technical challenges to bringing a natural language app into another language.
Throughout the course of the exhibition, she has offered weekly readings from the treaties, wrapping herself in the corresponding quilt — "language over language over language," she called it.
You can change the language on your Apple Watch using the Language & Region settings of the Watch app to make it display a different language than your paired iPhone.
Macedonians spoke another closely related language; a minority also spoke Albanian, a non-Slavic language.
Japan's Lotte Holdings said the Japanese-language release takes precedence over the Korean-language release.
Print statements vary a bit language to language, but it's the same concept all around.
And if they have a shared language, it is a language Italo Calvino speaks, too.
Two people who speak a language well will come one day to the 'secret language.
Chernobyl uses the visual language of a horror film because no other visual language fits.
But if language is the principal metaphor for life, what is the metaphor for language?
He speaks Q'eqchi', a Mayan language used in Guatemala, and Spanish is his second language.
Language apps also struggle with some of the unspoken aspects of communicating in a language.
Remember, foreign language word in the clue means the answer is also in that language.
Brown uses an additional language in "Fever Year" — a visual one — and that language soars.
MAPS OF LANGUAGES are often deceptively simple: language X is spoken here, language Y there.
It is a foreign language clue, so the answer has to be in that language.
Which language is spoken by the most people in the world as their primary language?
Singaporeans adopted English as the working language because it was the international language of commerce.
A Native American language instructor won't be able to monetize her Navajo language teaching channel.
"Poetry is heightened language, and language exists to effect change, not to be a tranquilizer."
Van Hove, whose first language is Flemish, brings to English-language texts a guileless irreverence.
My research shows that both minority- and majority-language children benefit from dual language education.
Changing the language in Google Docs can be useful for translating documents in another language.
They used language that is terrible language, but that's the way those two guys operated.
Still, there's one language that hasn't been as easy for technology to translate: sign language.
And now when the Trump administration uses similar language with regard to separating families, I don&apost think they should necessarily use that language, but that language is not unprecedented.
Across the country, bilingual schools and language immersion programs are currently booming, while online language apps like Duolingo have exploded, showing that in fact many Americans are eager language learners.
When they say something in their language, a voice will speak it in Skype in your chosen language and a transcript will show it in your chosen language as well.
They include racist graffiti that uses language derogatory to African-Americans, a post-it note with anti-Native American language and graffiti with language derogatory to Asians, according to police.

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