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"impairment" Definitions
  1. an injury, illness or condition that means that part of your body or brain does not work as it normally would or as it does in most people
"impairment" Synonyms
damage injury hurt destruction deterioration loss disability wreckage ruination disablement condition disorder complaint defect breakage deficiency diminishing weakening ruined goods affliction defilement corruption degradation ruin debasement sullying contamination vitiation harm pollution poisoning tarnishing spoiling tainting befoulment disfigurement defacement sabotage disruption interference interruption obstruction subversion undermining conspiracy treachery treason deception subversiveness connivance intrusion machination demolition impediment ruining putridness rot breakdown decline decomposition putrefaction putrescence degeneration rotting atrophy decadence disintegration spoilage withering failing putridity mortification degeneracy fading malfunction failure fault flaw glitch crash collapse blip bug error gremlin slip exception mistake problem limitation virus frailty infirmity feebleness weakness debility enfeeblement delicacy fragility frailness incapacity infirmness puniness weakliness asthenia debilitation decrepitude enervation faintness illness indisposition deactivation incapacitation spiking lesion bruise wound abrasion contusion sore trauma cut gash laceration puncture scrape scratch tear ulcer ulceration abscess canker speech impediment stutter stammer speech disorder falter hesitancy speech defect faltering hesitance hesitant speech lisp malformation deformity deformation distortion contortion crookedness disfiguration misshape misshapenness warping abnormality malconformation misshaping twistedness warp abberation aberration bending buckle disadvantage drawback downside handicap liability minus snag trouble catch disbenefit nuisance pitfall burden hindrance deprivation diminution privation abatement decrease decrement depletion drop forfeiture reduction squandering depression diminishment dissipation fall falloff shortfall dent lapse worsening descent downturn falling slipping sinking slide waning declension devolution recession decay dereliction abuse maltreatment mistreatment manhandling bullying cruelty oppression violence assault persecution torture malevolence violation wronging beating More
"impairment" Antonyms
enhancement improvement restoration reparation rebuilding reconstruction renewal rejuvenation reform building construction creation development upgrading renovation transformation re-establishment refurbishment purification ability advantage benefit capacity competence competency extra fitness health help potence potential qualification strength capability potency adequacy working perfection assistance abetment aid contribution service support comfort relief succor(US) succour(UK) benefaction generosity devotion easement boost kindness backing beneficence ascent betterment combination growth increase morality rise snapback revitalization recovery comeback rehabilitation rally recuperation achievement continuity hardihood backbone chutzpa chutzpah firmness fortitude hardiness mettle moxie nerve resoluteness robustness toughness vigor(US) vigour(UK) healthiness soundness maintenance preservation conservation upkeep protection repair prolongation safeguarding safekeeping sustainment retainment servicing aftercare care asset forte metier speciality(UK) specialty(US) talent gift skill thing ableness department métier effectiveness faculty aptitude oyster efficiency authority control superiority edge power ascendancy drop sway dominance jump precedence convenience supremacy lead plus vantage pre-eminence upper hand inception commencement establishment origin beginning constitution inauguration incipience incipiency initiation formation foundation founding genesis kickoff launch nascence nascency start acquisition acquirement acquiring collection gaining obtaining obtainment accession accretion amassing collecting finding gain procuration procurement procuring appropriation increment

779 Sentences With "impairment"

How to use impairment in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "impairment" and check conjugation/comparative form for "impairment". Mastering all the usages of "impairment" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's more common in women than men, and symptoms cause severe impairment in 50% of people, moderate impairment in 35%, and mild impairment in 15%.
The police report makes no mention of impairment or suspected impairment ... it's completely ignored.
CBI reported net losses of AED467m in 2015 due to a sharp increase in impairment charges, which was more than double its pre-impairment profit (222% of 2015 pre-impairment profit).
However, high loan impairment charges absorbed about 60% of Alior's pre-impairment operating profit in 2015 and 9M16.
The T11 and T12 classes also indicate visual impairment, with a lower number corresponding to more severe impairment.
Pre-impairment profitability is adequate; however, large impairment charges resulted in negative operating profitability in 2015 and 203.
This suggests you are at a moderate level of impairment… you should avoid driving until your impairment decreases.
He said existing gambling regulations address impairment from alcohol, but the statutes and regulations are "silent" on marijuana impairment.
Impairment charges reached 72% of pre-impairment operating income at March 2017 (62% and 54%, in 2016 and 2015, respectively).
Additional impairment losses, which made up 5.5% (annualised) of end-1H16 gross loans, could be absorbed through pre-impairment profit.
Results for 1Q16 are encouraging with sound pre-impairment profitability and modest net impairment charges, the latter supported by rather significant recoveries.
Pre-impairment results may improve somewhat as funding costs decline, but impairment charges are likely to remain a drag on net income.
What it shows: Changes in the hippocampus with (a) early mild cognitive impairment, (b) late mild cognitive impairment, and (c) Alzheimer's disease.
With impairment charges consuming less of the bank's pre-impairment operating profit (9% in 2016), return on equity remains healthy (23% in 103).
Impairment charges absorbed 75% of the bank's pre-impairment operating profit in 2016, resulting in 3.4% return on equity, strongly below its peers' average.
Loan impairment charges (LICs) absorbed a significant 58% of pre-impairment profit at Turkiye Finans in 9M16 and 41% at Kuveyt Turk in 1H16.
Sharply higher loan impairment charges (at 96% of pre-impairment profit at BPS, 49% at BGPB and 85% at BelVEB) affected profitability in 2015.
PB's performance on the pre-impairment level is undermined by significant accrued interest income (AZN11.3m or 16% of 2015 pre-impairment profit) but remains reasonable.
The Stable Outlooks on the ratings reflect Fitch's view that the banks' pre-impairment profitability should absorb potential asset quality impairment without losses eroding capitalisation.
"The impairment is therefore assessed as being in the visuospatial domain which is not easily perceived to be an impairment by an individual," Fitzcharles added.
When pressed, he said that investigators had looked into the possibility of driver impairment, but noted that no charges related to impairment had been filed.
Eating mushrooms may reduce the risk for mild cognitive impairment, or M.C.I., a type of memory impairment that is often a precursor of Alzheimer's disease.
Fifteen had mild-to-moderate dementia due to Alzheimer's; 24 had mild cognitive impairment, also from Alzheimer's, and 15 were healthy controls with no cognitive impairment.
Bottom line results were affected by sharply higher loan impairment charges, which accounted for between 244% (BBK) and 495% (BIB) of pre-impairment profits in 2530.
But the secondary results suggested that the intensive treatment reduced the risk of mild cognitive impairment and the combined risk of mild cognitive impairment and dementia.
But at high levels, it can lead to serious health consequences like vision impairment, tingling in the hands and feet, poor coordination, speech impairment, and muscle weakness. 
Most alarming ... she says Nichols has major impairment of her short-term memory and moderate impairment of understanding abstract concepts, sense of time, place and immediate recall.
With any mental health problem, the key criteria is that it has a significant impairment on your social relationships, on your day-to-day functioning, and it causes impairment.
The company said it may have to take a goodwill impairment charge of about $2157 billion, and asset impairment charges of $22.37-$1.2 billion, based on its preliminary analysis.
The company also said it would take an additional C$1.9 billion ($1.45 billion) pretax goodwill impairment charge and intangible assets impairment charge related to its oil and gas business.
"We currently believe that a comprehensive restructuring plan will require a substantial impairment or conversion of our bonds, as well as impairment, losses or substantial dilution for other stakeholders," Seadrill said.
At the 10-year mark, nearly one quarter of the study volunteers had some impairment of their contrast sensitivity, and that impairment was associated with levels of cadmium, but not lead.
The company said it took a non-cash impairment charge on the equity investment in Spire Healthcare of 164 million pounds and non-cash Hirslanden impairment charges of 98 million pounds.
" As an exploration of rising above visual impairment — "blindness . . .
"We recorded a $4,461 million non-cash goodwill impairment charge as a result of our annual goodwill impairment test conducted in the fourth quarter of 2015," it noted in its earnings release.
"Mild cognitive impairment is often harder to pick up than dementia because it's often much more subtle," she said, noting that many people with cognitive impairment may be high-functioning in their homes.
Ericsson said its cash position is strong and will not be impacted by a potential impairment and that an impairment is not an indication of the performance of the business in the quarter.
Amec said asset write-offs and impairment charges accounted for 371 million pounds ($481.8 million) out of 440 million pounds in total non-cash impairment charges for the first half of the year.
YZ: There are nine modifiable risk factors found to account for a third of [dementia cases], including certain medications that can exacerbate cognitive impairment, including poorly controlled cardiovascular health, hearing impairment and depression.
This absence could result in lasting cognitive and physical impairment.
Others live to a ripe old age with cognitive impairment.
It then periodically reviews this sum in an impairment test.
The impairment charge was also reflected in the revised estimate.
It's a more serious impairment, of both color and acuity.
Counting that "goodwill impairment," Yahoo lost $4.53 billion this year.
Only Westpac reported an increase in impairment charges in 1H17.
The rate of cognitive impairment was "astonishingly high," she said.
On the negative side, loan impairment charges have been increasing.
I failed to acknowledge the danger of my own impairment.
Excluding impairment and restructuring charges, earnings per share were $2.02.
Stories about impairment hit on my life's lowest, rawest moments.
She was suffering from aphasia, a type of language impairment.
Increasingly forgetful, she had been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.
The greater the degree of infection, the greater the impairment.
But the largest disabled population are those with mobility impairment.
Then latest quarter includes $2 billion in pretax impairment charge.
The Mesa police said Heap showed no signs of impairment.
Do you or anyone you know have a visual impairment?
"We currently believe that a comprehensive restructuring plan will require a substantial impairment or conversion of our bonds, as well as impairment, losses or substantial dilution for other stakeholders," Seadrill said in a statement.
The group said the impairment was taken because of lower value of its CSOB unit in Slovakia as well as CIBANK and DZI Insurance in Bulgaria, adding the impairment would not affect capital ratios.
In 21974, the World Health Organization estimated that there were 253 million people living with vision impairment across the globe, including 36 million blind people and 217 million with moderate to severe vision impairment.
It's not that we assume less intelligent people are more likely to drink; it's that the perceived correlation between drinking and cognitive impairment is so strong that we assume impairment even if there isn't any.
All banks benefit from high barriers to entry, a strict and hands-on regulator, sound liquidity and capital ratios, and pre-impairment operating profit levels that enables them to absorb high impairment charges, if necessary.
The net loss includes a goodwill impairment charge of $804 million and a brand intangible assets impairment charge of $866 million related to its $3 billion acquisition of Belgian over-the-counter drugmaker Omega Pharma.
Redstone has a speech impairment that hinders his ability to communicate.
CVI is a neurological blindness, sometimes also called Cerebral Visual Impairment.
It took a 200 million pound goodwill impairment on the unit.
"Police, pundits and lawmakers already conflate breathalyzers with impairment," says Armentano.
Drugs with a weaker effect could cause impairment within 90 days.
In 2015, it incurred another $1.1 billion after-tax impairment charge.
Of those, 53 had mild cognitive impairment, which may precede dementia.
Symptoms include seizures, visual impairment, dementia, and loss of motor skills.
An asset-impairment charge of $232 million also weighed on earnings.
However, laws and interpretations vary about the definition of drug impairment.
Occidental recorded impairment charges on its Qatar assets of $220 million.
She refuses to let impairment drive her into a cave somewhere.
It's a serious condition and can cause developmental and intellectual impairment.
Excluding restructuring and impairment costs, profit fell to 2.86 billion crowns.
The bank cited higher impairment charges for the fall in profits.
Corneas are resilient, but injury can cause pain and vision impairment.
Impairment does not appear to be a factor, according to police.
The net loss figure includes an impairment charge of $185 million.
The company said it recorded an impairment charge of $122 million.
GRAPHIC: Proportion of goodwill impairment to Chinese listed firms' profits - tmsnrt.
And texting and driving impairment poses an even greater crash risk.
Aljazira attributed the fall to higher impairment charges for credit losses.
They were 18% less likely to exhibit signs of cognitive impairment.
Pre-impairment profit weakened to 2% of average loans from 4%.
B.I.) would be a clinical designation preceding mild cognitive impairment (M.
Most of the impairment was from its mobile phone unit Pelephone.
They can result in grave impairment of nearly any bodily system.
Most of the impairment was from its mobile phone unit Pelephone.
Woods, 41, was tested for impairment and did not fare well.
The impairment will be booked in the third quarter, it said.
He is cooperating with investigators, who report no signs of impairment.
" It added that the symptoms included "immune, neurological and cognitive impairment.
Anglo American recorded an impairment on Cerrejon operations of $334 million.
Santander, one of the largest banks in Europe, also said it took an impairment of €683 million related to the decline in value of software, and an additional goodwill impairment of €435 million during the quarter.
The company said such a plan would require a substantial impairment or conversion of its bonds, impairment and losses for other stakeholders, including shipyards, while shareholders are likely to receive minimal recovery for their existing shares.
"We currently believe that a comprehensive restructuring plan will require a substantial impairment or conversion of our bonds, as well as impairment, losses or substantial dilution for other stakeholders," Seadrill said in a statement on Tuesday.
Impairment charges remained high, at 68% of pre-impairment profit in 1Q16 (72% in 2015) compared with 57% in 2014, and consequently bottom line ROAE was a moderate 8.2% (6.7% in 9563), compared with 9.6% in 2014.
We expect loan impairment charges in Italy to continue a gradual reduction as the bank focuses more on lower-risk corporate clients, but the group's weak asset quality in Italy means that impairment charges will remain elevated.
Diagnoses often include nebulous ​criterion like "clinically significant impairment," subject to interpretation.
It sounds like he has a very specific type of vision impairment.
The $2 billion impairment resulted from the company's review of its reserves.
A small group of 35 were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).
On Monday, GE signaled it would take a $23 billion impairment charge.
That information because particularly important with the government's strict new impairment laws.
The boat's motion, engine noise, sun and wind accelerate a drinker's impairment.
Cops say they noticed signs of impairment ... and arrested MF for DUI.
Hertz also booked an impairment charge of $30 million in the quarter.
At the beginning of the study, all 1,983 participants had no impairment.
The latest quarter's loss included a goodwill impairment charge of $132 million.
For starters, Spencer was informed that dyslexia wasn't some kind of impairment.
The company recorded $265.7 million in impairment costs in the latest quarter.
These exposures in total were 48243x covered by loan impairment reserves (LIRs).
Schlumberger referred questions on the impairment charge to its coming financial filings.
The effects can range from slight social challenges to severe cognitive impairment.
The impairment resulted in Lonmin breaching its loan agreements with its banks.
They are proposing the creation of a new diagnosis: mild behavioral impairment.
People who have a cognitive impairment, have Alzheimer's, they can still think!
These are officers specially trained to identify and respond to drug impairment.
There was a humor impairment there for me; that was the problem.
Even mild allergies can still lead to real misery and temporary impairment.
The company attributed the loss to a large impairment charge on land.
People with full-blown mania experience what he calls significant functional impairment.
The year-earlier quarter included an impairment charge of C$124.4 million.
Diagnoses often include nebulous criterion like "clinically significant impairment," subject to interpretation.
People with visual impairment seem to detect those movements a lot better.
Collectively, that is a staggering number and an impairment of our GDP.
Neglect was more common among those with poor health and cognitive impairment.
She told investigators after the crash that she has a medical impairment.
It's only a disorder when it causes extreme distress, suffering, and impairment.
China Chengxin cited factors including falling revenues and significant asset impairment provisions.
Was he under any kind of impairment -- drug, alcohol or even fatigue?
It wasn't appreciated that impairment and dementia are things you can address.
The program has made the iPhone indispensable to people with visual impairment.
"You will have reasonable doubt as to whether impairment occurred," she said.
Iodine deficiency is considered the world's leading preventable cause of mental impairment.
Deploying drug-recognition experts can help, particularly in cases of marijuana impairment.
Impairment charges on bad loans rose 49 percent to 85 million dirhams.
Low rates remain a challenge for earnings, but do limit impairment charges.
Provisioning costs consumed a moderate 24% of pre-impairment profit in 2016.
Does your aging loved one have Alzheimer's, or another cognitive-impairment condition?
The writedowns consisted of an impairment loss of $142.9 million on nine very large crude carriers leased from Ship Finance, a $112.8 million impairment loss on goodwill and a gain on derivatives of $2.3 million, the company said.
"There is now strong evidence relating greater depressive symptoms to increased progression from normal cognition to mild cognitive impairment and from mild cognitive impairment to dementia," Dr. Donovan and colleagues reported, citing their findings and those of others.
Pre-impairment profitability has been supported by strong net interest margin (4.4% at end-2016) and good cost efficiency (cost/income ratio of 45%), which has offset high loan impairment charges (LICs; equal to 13% of average gross loans).
That includes a higher chance of cognitive impairment or adoption of risky behaviors.
He knows now that people won't slight his message because of his impairment.
Exceptions are to prevent a woman's death or her serious risk of impairment.
Loan impairment charges should be manageable, although they remain sensitive to economic uncertainty.
Later they noticed vision impairment, including blurriness and distorted vision, according to Reuters.
Asset and goodwill impairment write-downs also contributed to the loss, it said.
Cognitive testing looks for signs of mild cognitive impairment and/or Alzheimer's disease.
Marathon also took an impairment charge of $129 million in the latest quarter.
An impairment in this process might be involved in certain disorders, like schizophrenia.
Stripping out impairment charges and other costs, earnings were 48 cents per share.
However, capital buffers are strong and can absorb sharp increases in impairment charges.
In 2013, BHP booked a $1.25 billion after-tax impairment on the assets.
Capital generation is also constrained by high non-financing expenses and impairment charges.
Smoking also seems to be associated with cognitive impairment, even at mid-life.
Monday's write-down was the second impairment charge recorded on Tumblr this year.
In February, Yahoo disclosed its first noncash impairment charge that cost $230 million.
In the year ago quarter, Encana took an impairment charge of $1.22 billion.
Cops performed a field sobriety test and they say his impairment was obvious.
Pre-impairment profitability provided additional loss absorption capacity of 5% of average loans.
The company recorded impairment charges of $249 million in the year-earlier period.
There is some evidence it may reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment.
With vision impairment, women were 47 percent less likely to get breast screenings.
The Shenzhen bourse also questioned Leshi about its operations, asset impairment and auditing.
Gazprom has carried out an impairment test on the contract, the paper added.
BHP booked a $1.25 billion after-tax impairment on Nickel West in 2013.
As someone with a lifelong physical disability — or is it a "mobility impairment"?
Tribune said it recorded an impairment charge of $122 million in the quarter.
Severe cognitive impairment that increases the policyholder's health and safety risk also qualifies.
Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is the most common visual impairment in US children.
Increasing the pH can lead to irritation and impairment of the skin barrier.
The cop said there were no signs of impairment they were just tired.
"Rio Tinto was required to assess impairment at every reporting period," it said.
You could have real short- or long-term memory impairment by then, too.
My cognitive impairment began six or seven years ago and has slowly worsened.
The elephant in the room remains that the devices do not determine impairment.
Popolare's profitability metrics improved somewhat in 203, particularly at pre-impairment operating level.
They were rarely fed, with some so severely malnourished they have cognitive impairment.
Even without DenizBank, impairment charges were up 78% on lower writebacks and recoveries.
Even without DenizBank, impairment charges were up 78% on lower writebacks and recoveries.
Profitability was affected in 2016 by higher funding costs and financing impairment charges.
The most profitable banks are those that have the lowest financing impairment charges.
This does not extend to the UAE because of high financing impairment charges.
The company reported a non-cash goodwill impairment charge of C$116 million.
This is counterbalanced by ongoing cost containment measures and low loan impairment charges.
GE further warned it will take an impairment charge related to GE Power.
Lower loan impairment charges from improving credit quality will also support operating profits.
It seems to occupy this weird middle ground between mental and physical impairment.
Guide dogs for people with visual impairment are perhaps the best-known type.
Understanding that a patient struggles with mild cognitive impairment is helpful "because your approach to a patient changes when you know there's memory impairment and you can start having those conversations with family earlier and plan for the future," she said.
KEY RATING DRIVERS VIABILITY RATINGS, IDRS, NATIONAL RATINGS AND SENIOR DEBT The banks' 'CCC' Long-Term IDRs and 'ccc' VRs reflect weaknesses in both banks' credit profiles, in particular, high loan impairment, weak pre-impairment profitability and low capital ratios.
I would like to see a blind veteran … or someone with a visual impairment.
The impairment charges are preliminary and subject to finalization of control procedures, it said.
The year-earlier quarter included a non-cash, asset impairment charge of $5.34 billion.
Horace sued Tim for physical pain, mental anguish, physical disfigurement, impairment and other damages.
She is blind and has cortical visual impairment and a very rare seizure disorder.
The company booked an asset impairment charge of $204 million in the latest quarter.
Near-vision problems were less associated with higher odds of dementia or cognitive impairment.
Alphabet has not taken impairment charges in the last three years on its acqusitions.
People with visual impairment who use large text sizes will appreciate the extra room.
It can help people avoid physical impairment, as well as reduction in brain function.
Alphabet has not taken impairment charges in the last three years on its acquisitions.
The year-ago quarter included a non-cash, asset impairment charge of $5.85 billion.
Extended weightlessness has even been linked to vision impairment and problems with genetic expression.
The year-ago quarter included charges of about $2.83 billion, mainly for asset impairment.
On Wednesday the company signalled it may have to run further asset impairment tests.
The year-ago quarter included a non-cash, asset impairment charge of $5.34 billion.
Creating social impairment and anxiety in a primate is clearly a highly significant harm.
Impairment charges for the quarter were below the quarterly average for first half 22.
It booked a A$246 million ($183 million) impairment on the investment in August.
Newell took an $8.1 billion non-cash impairment in the third quarter last year.
MDMA's risks include disrupted circadian rhythm and cognitive impairment after excessive long-term use.
Nomura said it booked an impairment charge of 81 billion yen during the period.
In 2014, there were only 147 cases of the neurological impairment in the country.
Loan impairment charges increased, but were stable y-o-y relative to average loans.
Hyflux took a S$916 million impairment charge for the nine months ended Sept.
Impairment charges might therefore edge higher again, but we expect pressures to be manageable.
The company took a goodwill impairment charge of $1.05 billion in the latest quarter.
Results in domestic markets were also helped by lower loan impairment charges in Italy.
Profitability metrics have improved, primarily as a result of lower loan impairment charges (LICs).
Most of the impairment costs are associated with the banking group's network, Sakai said.
The quarter included asset impairment and other charges of $406.5 million, the company said.
Klepierre, however, booked a 704.5 million euro goodwill impairment charge related to the acquisition.
The company said an asset-impairment charge of $2125.3 million also weighed on earnings.
The high impairment levels reflect long debt-servicing delays, a common practice in Morocco.
Insurance claims and allowances for impairment losses also increased, according to its financial statement.
Other symptoms include fatigue, lightheadedness, feeling faint or passing out, weakness and cognitive impairment.
Evaluate damage according to degree of efficiency impairment and/or threat of product contamination.
Allergan said it concluded that Teva's decline was not temporary and took the impairment.
Over age 230, almost one-fifth of American adults experience some mild cognitive impairment.
"Nuances come in with impairment," said Julie Dussliere, the vice president of U.S. Paralympics.
The point is to focus on the athlete instead of his or her impairment.
The group's credit impairment charge increased by 24%, mirroring a similar spike across peers.
The trick was to look for causes of cognitive impairment that could be reversed.
More symptoms, more impairment, can mean more complex regimens, combining different kinds of drugs.
Altria took a $4.1 billion impairment charge for its investment in Juul in January.
We've seen some digital health players start making strides in better assessing cognitive impairment.
Depression and anxiety are very common among people with mild cognitive impairment and dementia.
For that year, it booked a large impairment charge at its investment banking business.
Exceptions would be to prevent a woman's death or her serious risk of impairment.
Earnings growth remained steady in 20153, aided by low impairment levels by historical standards.
The restructuring plan was likely to involve raising about a billion dollars of new capital, a five-year extension for its bank facilities and require "substantial" impairment or conversion of its bonds, as well as impairment and losses for other stakeholders, including shipyards.
As of June 2016, the bank's operating profits-to-risk weighted assets ratio stood close to 2.1%, driven by adequate operating efficiency with a cost-to-income ratio of 52.2% and low impairment charges representing 3.2% of the bank's pre-impairment operating profit.
We forecast stronger economic growth in 2017, which should stimulate credit demand, but high loan impairment charges, which neared 40% of 1H16 pre-impairment operating profits reported by large banks, will depress profitability, making it more difficult to boost capital through earnings retention.
Some preliminary studies on subjects suffering from mild cognitive impairment — considered "a transitional state between the cognition of normal aging and dementia" — have found that using transdermal nicotine patches over several months showed significant improvements in attention, memory, and ratings of cognitive impairment.
In these disorders, severe visual impairment begins often in infancy, and sometimes degrades over time.
The company took an impairment charge against goodwill of 112.1 billion yen, or $962 million.
Sticking points: The big one is how to test users for impairment, primarily when driving.
Photo: Getty ImagesFor people with visual impairment, Instagram just got a bit easier to use.
In October it said it had taken only a 217 percent impairment charge against 22017mobile.
Oftentimes, for instance, someone's mild cognitive impairment might not be caused by Alzheimer's after all.
"He does have some left side impairment," Jacari's mother, Tatiana Thompson, told the news station.
It's something that's used for people who have visual impairment because it's easier to read.
NPLs were fully covered by impairment reserves, and restructured loans were negligible at end-2016.
Adamas is also testing the drug to treat walking impairment in patients with multiple sclerosis.
The bill only has exceptions to prevent a woman's death or serious risk of impairment.
ABI's own share price dipped briefly in February in the wake of Kraft Heinz's impairment.
Here those with mental impairment and those without it live and work together as friends.
The impairment charges are preliminary and subject to finalization of control procedures, Kraft Heinz said.
We expect loan impairment charges to normalise, but to remain low in the benign environment.
The company attributed the net loss to impairment of assets caused by low oil prices.
Capital ratios have been on a declining trend since 2014, impacted by high impairment charges.
Interestingly, they discovered that females suffered from more memory impairment after smoking cannabis than males.
In addition to his vision problems, he also has a mild speech and hearing impairment.
Metabolic syndrome was associated with cognitive impairment before but not after age 75, Forti noted.
Symptoms of poisoning – neurological impairment and behavior disorders – can be hard to distinguish at first.
Mental impairment should be evaluated independently from criminal investigations, using medical criteria and standardized measures.
Several US studies are tracking intellectual impairment and behavior problems in children exposed to pesticides.
Cognitive impairment such as dementia is a common factor that increases the risk of falling.
The bank was only marginally above break-even on a pre-impairment basis in 9M16.
If exploited, this vulnerability could result in permanent impairment, a life-threatening injury, or death.
Around $200 million of the $950 million impairment charge is being used for severance payments.
Paralympic athletes are classified "based on their impairment," according to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
Excluding the impairment charge and other one-time items, Continental lost 17 cents per share.
With proper implementation, such a device could correct faulty signals to mend a cognitive impairment.
If "disabled" remains the standard term, some artists and activists resist its connotation of impairment.
But frequent exposure can come with debilitating symptoms, including memory impairment, dizziness and vision problems.
Pre-impairment profit remained stable, at an annualised 3% of average earning assets in 9M16.
Loan impairment charges are expected to increase due to a continued decline in write-backs.
It took a $619 million impairment charge, due to weaknesses in the company's fresh segment.
In Trump's parallel universe, contemptuously imitating a person's physical impairment is neither mocking nor wrong.
LICs for the Sparebanken have averaged below 20% of pre-impairment profitability in recent years.
Total operating expenses fell by 8.4 percent as impairment charges for financing and salaries dropped.
He recognizes that the price of playing the game can be long-term cognitive impairment.
Just 3.1 percent of the cases with a diagnosis of ocular trauma involved vision impairment.
Low funding costs and cyclically low loan impairment charges have also helped support operating profitability.
Typical symptoms of mercury poisoning include trembling, vision impairment, lack of coordination, and muscle weakness.
There is no link between the amount of THC in a person's blood and impairment.
It also incorporates measures of severity using biomarkers and a grading system for cognitive impairment.
The VR also considers higher loan impairment charges and improving risk controls under new management.
Common complications of moyamoya include vision impairment, trouble speaking and moving, developmental issues and seizures.
Because mitochondria help produce energy within cells, their impairment can damage or kill brain cells.
The latest quarter's results include asset impairment charges and other items of $3.82 per share.
Females reported greater impairment in their quality of life, and showed more symptoms than males.
With a likely diagnosis of menopause-related cognitive impairment, the doctor prescribed hormone-replacement therapy.
Eighteen of them contained THC, which could lead to intoxication or impairment in some individuals.
About 70 percent of residents have some degree of cognitive impairment, her studies have found.
President Trump received a perfect score on a test screening for neurological impairment on Tuesday.
The latest quarter's results include asset impairment charges and other items of $3.82 per share.
And the effects of autism can range from slight social challenges to severe cognitive impairment.
Angela described a set of diffuse symptoms—fatigue, muscle aches, cognitive impairment—that defied diagnosis.
The disorders listed by the psychiatrist do not necessarily cause severe impairment, even in combination.
" And for the man, too, there would have been "no impairment of his body's integrity.
But any number of presidents have remained in office despite some level of mental impairment.
The company said the impairment charges on assets also reflected a drop in capital spending.
But I woke up fighting the breathing tube with no signs of paralysis or impairment.
We expect impairment charges to gradually decrease and this to translate into higher operating profitability.
Sustained reductions in problem assets resulting in lower impairment needs would strengthen internal capital generation.
Overall earnings generation benefits from the currently benign operating environment and low loan impairment charges.
Macro has kept impairment levels under control, while the reserve coverage ratio is also ample.
Mashreq said the rise was primarily due to a 15 percent drop in impairment charges.
Before the procedure, all had some visual impairment but could see well enough to drive.
It mostly benefits from very cheap funding and has improved with lower loan impairment charges.
The trooper later testified in court that Mr. Murray had shown no signs of impairment.
This woman's case was admittedly extreme, but Dr. Devi told me that "60 percent of women go through menopause-related cognitive impairment" that, when serious enough to be brought to medical attention, is too often misdiagnosed as "mild cognitive impairment," a precursor to dementia.
Millions of children continue to suffer brain impairment because of the greed of the lead industry.
Worms interfere with nutrient uptake and could lead to anemia, malnourishment and physical and mental impairment.
It had said in February that it took a $230 million impairment charge related to Tumblr, .
Still, Rosengren added, all that preparation may not be enough to avoid potential impairment of banks.
Authorities have yet to determine "if impairment" was a factor regarding his involvement with the crash.
Pearce has made an unfathomable comeback; he's regained almost all function save for some vision impairment.
In this case, to address Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), the most common form of childhood blindness.
Do you have to calibrate it so it works with someone who has a different impairment?
The AOC added that there was no "neurological impairment and consequential damage can be ruled out".
An all-too-common misconception is that all forms of visual impairment have the same effects.
A goodwill impairment on its German business led a loss for the fourth quarter of 08003.
Several had cognitive impairment and nerve damage from extreme and prolonged physical abuse, the prosecutor said.
HollyFrontier took an asset impairment charge of more than $600 million in the year-ago quarter.
Reported pre-impairment profit fell to 103% of average loans in 1H17 from 4% in 2016.
HB's pre-impairment profit (annualised) was equal to a high 7% of average loans in 9M16.
The sector is, however, expected to remain profitable despite weaker operating income and higher impairment charges.
A woman with a speech impairment uses Voiceitt to "translate" her words into a clear message.
Torstar recorded charges related to restructuring and impairment of some assets in the prior-year quarter.
Computer glasses allow me all the glory of wearing "real" glasses without any visual impairment requirements!
That was mostly because of a $23 million impairment charge tied to The Sports Authority's liquidation.
Nearly half of older drivers who caused fatal accidents last year had signs of cognitive impairment.
Traditional THC screening cannot differentiate between actual impairment and presence due to past use of cannabis.
Allowances for impairment losses on loans and other debt fell 30 percent to 582.1 million ringgit.
"It might be that regular cocaine use leads to impairment in the long run," Hutten says.
The company took an impairment charge of more than $1 billion in the year-ago quarter.
The company also reported pre-tax asset impairment charges totalling $1.775 billion in its Subsea segment.
In 1H16, AB reported pre-impairment profit of AZN13m or 3.1% (annualised) of average gross loans.
But hurt by falling energy prices, the company has posted impairment losses for the project twice.
The condition has been linked with lifelong neurological impairment and developmental delays, as well as death.
It's hard to test for impairment from weed—but it's hard to dose the stuff, too.
Endo said it would also suffer additional depreciation and impairment-related charges of about $255 million.
For each task, Maxwell evaluated me based on a set of "clues" that would indicate impairment.
The latest quarter was hurt by pre-tax restructuring and asset impairment charges of $20 million.
Petrofac expects to take a post-tax impairment charge of roughly $55 million from the sale.
Disney also recorded a $353 million impairment charge from its ownership stake in media startup Vice.
Field sobriety and alco-sensor tests for both drivers were negative for any signs of impairment.
Net impairment charges reached 311 million dirhams, down 29 percent from the corresponding period of 2015.
Excluding an impairment charge for Waterworks, RH earned $3 per share, beating Refinitiv estimates of $2.86.
"That makes me fearful that cognitive impairment or physical limitation contributed to their homelessness," Kushel said.
The quarterly net loss includes an impairment charge of $185 million related to the Omega acquisition.
Police just use impairment, like seeing if the person can walk in a straight line, etc.
All the while, children are facing real, irreversible risks of mental impairment from exposure to lead.
While wrestling with disconnected feelings about my racial makeup and looks, I struggled with visual impairment.
Retinal dystrophy due to mutation of the RPE20073 gene causes severe visual impairment beginning in infancy.
Excluding impairment charges, TMX Group earned 87 Canadian cents per share for the quarter ended Dec.
Her son, Matt, has Tourette syndrome, accompanied by significant impairment of fine motor and social skills.
Mallinckrodt similarly had a giant impairment charge, leading to a $3.7 billion loss in the quarter.
Full-year impairment loss of its investment portfolio is estimated at $215 million, the company added.
In the following days, they developed vision impairment, including blurriness and distorted vision, their lawsuit said.
Loan impairment reserves improved only slightly to 4807123% from 212001% of gross loans for the period.
Fitch understands these provisions are not final and further impairment may be recognised in the future.
High impairment charges have significantly weakened profitability, which we expect to remain the case until 2018.
It was long believed that cognitive impairment from multitasking was temporary, but new research suggests otherwise.
Sparebanken and Sandnes have good pre-impairment profitability, and the regional franchises support stable revenue generation.
For example, genetically engineered mice that accumulate human amyloid in their brains show only mild impairment.
But she was clearly concerned even if the impairment from heading did disappear within 24 hours.
Survivors can experience permanent brain damage that results in seizures, mental impairment, and even personality changes.
The recall followed multiple complaints of symptoms including hearing loss, dizziness, visual impairment, headaches and fatigue.
The fresh business, though, floundered, leaving Campbell with a $619 million impairment charge this past quarter.
And there are studies that show that alcohol causes far worse a driving impairment than weed.
AX, and a previously flagged impairment charge for online wagering business Sun Bets among other items.
Most previous research on head injuries in football has focused on former athletes with cognitive impairment.
Developed in 1996, the MoCA uses 30 questions to test for mild cognitive impairment in adults.
If President Trump's doctor does not screen for cognitive impairment, he is not doing his job.
This is the challenging, needy underbelly of living with an impairment that positive stereotyping can obscure.
Spending a long time in bed was tied to a 15% greater chance of cognitive impairment.
Celiac disease may also associated with depression, cognitive impairment, sleep problems and attention deficits in children.
The only exceptions would be to prevent a woman's death or her serious risk of impairment.
The 25th Amendment is imprecise, but clearly the intent is to cover impairment arising from illness.
The company recorded a one-time impairment charge of $36.6 million in the year-ago quarter.
Mr. Smith doesn't romanticize mental illness or sentimentalize intellectual impairment, and he isn't telling war stories.
When it comes to new devices, OrCam is expanding to hearing impairment with the OrCam Hear.
Also, there are side effects like muscle pain, cognitive impairment and an increased risk of diabetes.
Yet fewer than 50 percent of those with cerebral palsy have any degree of cognitive impairment.
But she also has mild cognitive impairment and can have trouble remembering what day it is.
The concept was developed with the help of experts in hearing impairment, surfing, and competitive cheerleading.
Traders call Shell shares 2% lower, pointing to lower capex and impairment charges in the quarter.
Sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, memory loss, weight gain, job impairment, and more.
Famous Brands said it would book an impairment of intangible assets at group level, estimated to be between 241 million rand and 322 million rand and an impairment of property, plant and equipment at GBK, estimated to be between 59 million rand and 78 million rand.
It's the same technique Facebook uses to help people with vision impairment "see" photos on their timeline.
However, the VR also factors in the bank's solid pre-impairment operating performance and its ample liquidity.
"When it has become more sustained, causes some impairment, and creates some sort of distress," says Hunter.
The transaction will result in an impairment charge of around $350 million in Q2 2017, Shell said.
As noted above, these symptoms can result in impairment to daily activities, such as avoiding social interactions.
Ailments include vision and hearing impairment, heart and kidney problems, seizures, and more, according to WFAA News.
The Outlook also incorporates the risk of a potential impairment in EFGInt's portfolio of life insurance policies.
Falling loan impairment charges, including material loan loss reserve reversals, were a material contributor to the improvement.
It creates health effects, sleep disruption, hearing loss, learning impairment, and there are economic effects as well.
Excluding a $690 million impairment related to investments in DCP Midstream, the company earned $3.11 per share.
"We just recently have started providing training for chief judges on cognitive impairment issues specifically," Hamilton adds.
THC disappears from the breath within two to three hours, and that's generally the window of impairment.
It said it incurred $282.6 million in intangible asset impairment charges related to its pharmacy services segment.
However, Fitch believes Christian Savings' low impairment ratios do not fully reflect its credit and concentration risk.
But how long the vision impairment lasts, and how bad it can get, are not well understood.
It will be interesting to examine: When does the enhancing effects of cocaine turn into an impairment?
There are still a lot of attempts at different ways to approach the problem of hearing impairment.
Adorable fact: Though their strange faces might seem like an impairment, star-nosed moles are extremely quick.
This included an impairment charge of 32.8 billion yen related to the sale of its battery business.
Compared to robust patients, those with frailty and cognitive impairment were four times more likely to die.
Yahoo recorded a total goodwill impairment charge of $482 million related to its purchase of Tumblr. Whoops!
One limitation is that, with the exception of alcohol, toxicology cannot produce 'per se' proof of impairment.
The real driver in high damage awards in personal injury cases is long-term pain or impairment.
It said the impairment is related to its U.S. securities trading execution company Instinet and Lehman Brothers.
Smucker recorded a $57.5 million impairment charge and a $21.5 million derivative loss in the fourth quarter.
The bank was helped by a fall in operating expenses and impairment charges for financing and investments.
Pre-impairment profit is robust (337144% of loans) offering a good buffer against potential asset quality deterioration.
Italian retail and personal finance together accounted for 62% of the group's loan impairment charges in 9M16.
The group took a non-cash impairment charge of 200 million pounds relating to historic pension changes.
The second quarter this year included a noncash franchise rights impairment charge of 8 cents a share.
Sources say Arana didn't show signs of impairment at the scene, so prosecutors dropped the DUI charge.
Impairment expenses were A$202 million, halved from the A$427 million incurred in the previous year.
Those conditions include thinking problems, visual impairment, urinary incontinence and falls, write the researchers in The Gerontologist.
It forecast first-half profit to fall more than 34 percent and flagged a possible impairment charge.
BG's overall loan quality is sound with low impairment ratios and concentrations, as well as adequate provisions.
But how many of those games would be playable by a kid with vision impairment or blindness?
"In this case, the person didn't develop cognitive impairment for nearly 43 years after that," Reiman said.
As a result, the amount of the impairment in the company's books may be different, it said.
Before developing symptoms of Alzheimer's, some people, but not all, experience a condition called mild cognitive impairment.
The Montreal test, or MoCA, is able to detect mild cognitive impairment about 90% of the time.
Petronas said lower prices across all products and higher net impairment on assets had also reduced profitability.
TSB's annualised pre-impairment profit weakened to 2956% of average loans in 29901M200093 from 200083% in 200073.
The lender said it had taken a 100 million pound impairment provision to account for greater uncertainty.
Viability Ratings may be pressured if excessive growth leads to significant impairment risks and weakened balance sheets.
This rare genetic defect causes severe visual impairment beginning in infancy and can eventually lead to blindness.
Hunt took a field sobriety test and allegedly showed numerous signs of impairment on all tests conducted.
Core profit, which excludes non-operating items, fell 12.5 percent due to one-off provisions for impairment.
Patients also might not be able to provide their consent because their stroke has caused cognitive impairment.
Research has shown that oral fluid testing technology are fairly effective at determining someone's level of impairment.
The Montreal assessment is a standard test of cognitive fitness and should rule out obvious neurological impairment.
Lead poisoning in children can lead to cognitive impairment, behavioral disorders, lower IQ, and decreased hearing ability.
"We'd been studying the unlikely link between hip-hop and visual impairment," Geering tells The Creators Project.
However, revenues from RB's core banking businesses should be sufficient to cover any future loan impairment charges.
At the start of the study, participants reported - on average - moderate to severe functional impairment and pain.
"Additional signs of memory impairment include irritability or even explosiveness when questioned about their memory," she added.
Intensive treatment did, however, significantly reduce participants' risk of mild cognitive impairment, a frequent precursor to dementia.
Nonetheless, the impairment does not appear to be severe, which is likely why Toxocara receives little notice.
Still, like its peers, the lender reported a spike in its credit impairment charge, which rose 18%.
It took several years to get a diagnosis: first mild cognitive impairment, then early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
My father is quadriplegic, while my mother has a traumatic brain injury resulting in severe cognitive impairment.
Who wouldn't prefer to simply take a whiff of lavender and feel at peace with no impairment?
"Widowhood is an underrecognized risk factor associated with Alzheimer's-related cognitive decline and impairment," the study concluded.
The trooper tried to check on her and "observed possible signs of impairment," the patrol spokesman said.
The firm reported impairment charges this year of about $700 million in the terminal and tanker business.
Patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease exhibit detectable and worsening impairment of cognitive and functional abilities.
The intrigue: Repsol said it's taking a $5.3 billion "impairment charge" to the value of its assets.
It added that a pick up in collections were now expected to offset impairment trends in 2020.
Operating profitability metrics have improved due to lower financing impairment charges and remain slightly above conventional banks'.
The company expects an impairment charge of $290 million related to its Sierra Leone-based rutile operation.
For the first time, the group recommended physical activity as an approach for managing mild cognitive impairment.
Excluding asset impairment charges, restructuring costs and other one-time items, Devon earned 6 cents per share.
But even the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that that enforcement standard doesn't correspond with impairment.
"The potential interactions between neurosensory (vision and hearing) impairment and cognitive impairment are still not very well understood," said senior study author Dr. Suzann Pershing, chief of ophthalmology at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System and a faculty member at Stanford University School of Medicine in California.
Fitch expects to see continued downside pressure in profitability in light of the increasing trend in impairment charges.
They included cognitive, balance, visual, and auditory dysfunction, sleep impairment, and headaches (sometimes so severe they required treatment).
Impairment allowances for the lender surged 18 percent to 640 million dirhams due to higher cost of risk.
Thankfully, there didn't seem to be any other signs of chronic lead poisoning, such as severe cognitive impairment.
This job involves helping people who have disabilities, chronic illnesses or cognitive impairment with their daily living activities.
He also said it can be tricky to determine a person&aposs impairment based on post-mortem blood.
But even so, detecting THC alone is not enough to prove impairment, which is required for DUI convictions.
Because A'Deja is receiving them at such a young age, her language impairment will only be slightly delayed.
About one quarter of participants in each of the surveys were found to have cognitive impairment or dementia.
Excluding goodwill impairment, D.R. Horton earned 76 cents per share, compared with the average estimate of 77 cents.
Several of the siblings also had cognitive impairment and nerve damage from being chained and beaten, authorities said.
Experts say they are often too ashamed or may be unaware of the abuse due to cognitive impairment.
In addition, both groups were given information about vascular cognitive impairment and tips for eating a healthier diet.
Thomas Cook also took an impairment charge of 1.1 billion pounds relating to a 2007 merger with MyTravel.
Irving, Texas-based Exxon also took a $115 million impairment charge in its U.S. oil and gas operations.
Fitch's assessment incorporates the large impairment charges registered for the legal case related to the Boubyan Bank shares.
It can cause flu-like symptoms that lead to vomiting, kidney impairment, and both external and internal bleeding.
It attributed the net profit fall to a 14 percent increase in provisions and impairment losses, without elaborating.
Impairment of the driver is also suspected due to the careless driving that resulted in the traffic crash.
Equally striking is the company's new $15bn impairment, a recognition that the value of giant brands has shrivelled.
Part of those results included a write-down of 21 billion JPY ($22014 million) in consolidated impairment losses.
The restructurings have reduced the borrowers' debt levels, and restructured loans have been performing well with limited impairment.
And even if you're lucky enough to survive the experience, you'll probably be left with lifelong neurological impairment.
The scale identifies three main factors typical of maladaptive daydreaming: yearning, kinesthesia (a sense of movement) and impairment.
The lender, however, said that excluding the ICBCS impairment, profit rose 2% in the nine months to Sept.
The expected profit drop is due to impairment allowances of HKD5003 million and translation losses of HKD87 million.
In the worst cases, there were effects beyond behavior in childhood, including mental health problems and intellectual impairment.
When McGrath came to see Salinas, one of his medications was causing body tremors and some cognitive impairment.
ADT took a goodwill impairment charge of $88 million in 2018 due to underperformance of its Canadian business.
Microcephaly causes babies to be born with an abnormally small head and is usually accompanied by intellectual impairment.
The company said restructuring and impairment costs had a negative impact of 317 million crowns on the results.
The year-ago quarter included impairment charges to write down the value of acreage throughout the United States.
"In my mind that raises the question, did the cognitive impairment potentially lead to their homelessness," she said.
On the other hand, loan impairment charges have not been as material at Credem as at other banks.
In a haze of rage and drug impairment, he had punched a wall and shattered a picture frame.
As such, we see limited capital impairment risk, even with a large increase in non-performing loans (NPL).
Which, if you're a person with a physical motor impairment, is a huge part of the appeal here.
However, there is limited volatility in impairment, which is adequately provided for and priced into the group's lending.
UBB UBB's VR primarily reflects the bank's substantial capital buffers, solid pre-impairment profitability and limited refinancing risks.
More specifically, the new rule singled out people who use a representative payee and possess a mental impairment.
Overuse or misuse of MDMA can lead to sleep problems, urinary problems, and in severe cases, cognitive impairment.
Corrects Q3 net profit and net interest income in headline and body text following impairment update for Q3.
Air Arabia faced impairment charges of 1.13 billon dirhams mainly on its overall exposure to Abraaj-related investments.
The company recorded a $96 million impairment charge on its third-quarter earnings related to the 22 stores.
"Of course we're not pleased to have to take an impairment charge on the Juul investment," Willard said.
The bank booked impairment charges of 407 million dirhams in quarter, down 7 percent from a year earlier.
The bank said its loan impairment charges rose by 3.2 billion shillings last year, denting its overall performance.
ROAE remained at a low 6% as most of the pre-impairment profits was utilised for creating reserves.
The company took a $246-million impairment charge in the first quarter following the devaluation of Venezuela's currency.
That included an impairment of £372 million related to the French operations that have been targeted for sale.
Credit impairment charges jumped 20 percent to A$449 million, hurting every business unit except for New Zealand.
I grew up with a severe visual impairment and went to a school for the blind in Vienna.
Along with other chronic diseases, blindness and vision impairment increases with age particularly among people older than 75.
When I finished it gave me my results, which appeared in red: Your DRUID impairment score is 50.3.
The study also aimed to differentiate people with mild cognitive impairment, the pre-dementia stage of Alzheimer's disease.
The latest results included a one-off charge of 21.22 billion rupees on impairment of its overseas assets.
However, overall, the impairment appears to be modest—akin to driving with a blood alcohol level of between .
Capital-impairment risk is therefore likely to be low for most major Indonesian banks in a stress environment.
She pointed out that there is no nationally accepted way of testing the drug impairment level of drivers.
It posted a 37 percent drop in half-yearly profit, hit by a surge in loan impairment losses.
Ms. Morris battled frequent frustration, particularly with the damage to her speech, which included impairment of her language.
Founded in 1831, NYISE serves students with visual impairment as well as those with emotional or learning needs.
When I see a patient with word-finding difficulties or new behavioral challenges, I screen for cognitive impairment.
But a neurologist diagnosed mild cognitive impairment last summer and prescribed a drug intended to ameliorate its symptoms.
Compared with a balance test, "we've demonstrated tandem gait is more sensitive and shows more impairment," she adds.
The revamp would lead to an impairment of 13 billion rand ($94.51 million), including provisions for closure costs.
BEA's profit halved in 2019 due to a significant rise in impairment loss in its mainland China business.
A study funded by the UK Alzheimer's Society found an association with immune disruption and mild cognitive impairment.
On Friday, Mitchell said he had no vision impairment but would not watch any videos of the incident.
However, the multinational oil firm said an impairment charge and higher costs had resulted in a pretax loss.
He found that there was a range, with some children showing high levels of impairment and others less.
It also said its revised oil price outlook led to the impairment charge on its Big Foot project.
It reported a quarterly loss on a more than $1.7 billion in impairment and other charges on Thursday.
It also booked a 150 million euro impairment charge in Australia, which was ravaged by bushfires in December.
Excluding the impairment charge, Altria earned $1.02 per share, in line with Wall Street estimates published by Refinitiv.
Redstone's attorneys say he has a severe speech impairment but knew exactly what he was doing in October.
At the very least, the Turpins may have struggled with mental impairment; we'll learn more as details emerge.
AT&T also made changes to its compensation structure last year, further deepening the impairment charges, GameStop said.
"There is a possibility that we may post impairment losses in additional projects," Sumitomo said in a release.
They began by recruiting 174 healthy people in their 60s and 70s with no signs of cognitive impairment.
Total operating expenses increased by 0.5 percent, limited by a drop in impairment charges on financing and investments.
The tests we use for measuring the presence of THC, though, do not measure the level of impairment.
But in the secondary outcome — developing mild cognitive impairment or MCI — results did show a statistically significant difference.
Impairment charges and impaired loans ratios, while higher than at mainstream lenders, are acceptable given PFG's risk profile.
First of all, the familiar range of intoxication levels, and how they correlate to impairment, is pretty uncontroversial.
Rather, it appears to be associated with increased levels of criminal activity simply because of general cognitive impairment.
"The impact of the challenging retail environment, the decline in the Company's stock price, and the reduction in the Company's forecasted earnings represent impairment indicators which required the Company to test its goodwill and indefinite lived intangible assets for impairment during the third quarter," Ascena said in a press release.
Nomura analysts say Cnooc could soon have to take an impairment charge of more than $5 billion on Nexen.
Elijah opened his eyes up in there, and that was a big deal because he has cortical vision impairment.
Pre-impairment profitability was a solid 3.3% of average assets in 1Q16 (3.2% in 4953) underpinned by trading gains.
KGHM on Monday recognised a $494 million loss following an asset impairment test prompted by persistently low commodity prices.
THC activates CB1 receptors in brain areas that are associated with euphoria, relaxation, anxiety, and short-term memory impairment.
She is not able to give consent due to some cognitive impairment issues, and that's what our concern is.
And the impairment hasn't impacted his growth and development: He has no signs of cognitive or other health problems.
"It makes intuitive sense that vision impairment might lead to social disengagement and speed up cognitive decline," Pershing said.
Lin points out that it was thanks to her hearing impairment that she has a heightened sense of touch.
The mid-sized developer said it had booked an impairment of 593 million dirhams on land values in 53.
Suncor announced the write-down on Wednesday when it reported a larger fourth-quarter loss due to impairment charges.
BlueScope also said it would recognise a A$65 million impairment charge alongside its first-half results on Feb.
Conversely, some children without signs of neurodevelopmental impairment in early childhood will have impairments that manifest at school age.
According to Loewy, many instances go unreported because victims suffer from cognitive impairment and are unaware of what's happening.
Thomas Cook added it had taken an impairment of 1.1 billion pounds relating to a 2007 merger with MyTravel.
It would be impossible to practice every possible scenario a person with mobility impairment will encounter in real life.
For those with greater impairment, she added, only 14 percent have employment in the community in which they live.
The company recorded asset impairment charges of 165.4 million in the quarter, compared with $448.4 million a year-ago.
The adjusted impairment ratio, which considers charge-offs, also improved to 0003% as of 1Q17 from 8.1% in 2016.
The bank's core pre-impairment profit (3.8% of average gross loans in 2015) provides reasonable additional loss absorption capacity.
At 22.5% (end-0003H), the loan impairment ratio is one of the highest among MDBs (20.3% at end-1435H).
Even excluding the impairment, margins declined in 2018, while those of rivals such as PepsiCo and Nestlé held up.
Their results, Mercuri says, shows that more marijuana use leads to more impairment of episodic memory and episodic foresight.
Last month, KGHM said it would have to run an asset impairment test because of continued low commodity prices.
It also took an $800 million impairment loss related to Oyu Tolgoi, the miner's massive copper project in Mongolia.
Gaucher is caused by mutations in the GBA gene and leads to serious joint pain, convulsions, and cognitive impairment.
Last year, the company took a nearly $250 million impairment charge on Shanghai Golden Monkey, its Chinese chocolate business.
"My body is more than my impairment, it's more than any perceived limitations," she wrote in her Instagram post.
A forced retreat from Venezuela could trigger impairment charges on its investments, Jennifer Rowland, analyst with Edward Jones, said.
The key problem: While urine and blood tests can show whether someone has used marijuana, they can't test impairment.
The expense includes $650 million for asset impairment, while the remainder will go to expected downtime at certain plants.
The year-earlier quarter included a $43.9 million pre-tax charge related to goodwill impairment in its Mexican business.
Impairment charges, especially at the second-tier banks and those owned the federal government, are likely to remain high.
Home Depot also noted a 22019-cents-a-share one-time impairment loss related to its Interline Brands unit.
However, ABC's profitability remains sensitive to local competition, local currency's volatility and higher loan and financing impairment charges (LICs).
The company said it took a $54.3 million impairment charge related to its Japanese joint venture in the quarter.
Measles can have serious, long-term consequences, such as immune-system suppression and cognitive impairment, even for healthy children.
We expect some pressures on asset quality from the operating environment, which could lead to higher loan impairment charges.
"There are many risk factors for falls including environmental factors as well as vision impairment," Straus said by email.
Tata Motors took a non-cash charge of 278.38 billion rupees for an impairment at JLR in the quarter.
The AbilityOne Program is a federal initiative that helps people with vision impairment or other significant disabilities find employment.
He wants to see how social relationships affect brain volume, and the risks of developing cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's.
His doctors told CNN on Wednesday that he had no sign of neurological impairment before or during his surgery.
They watched the daughter of the former N.B.A. player Harvey Catchings overcome a hearing impairment that affected both ears.
The company also lowered its 2017 earnings forecast to $1.56-$1.66, due to asset impairment, restructuring and other charges.
People with cerebral palsy are often mistaken for having a mental impairment, although the two are not necessarily linked.
After an average follow up of six years, 151 participants developed Alzheimer's disease and 255 developed mild cognitive impairment.
Credit losses are compensated by strong margins, and LICs only consumed approximately 14% of pre-impairment profit in FY16.
NPLs and restructured loans were only moderately provisioned by 44% at end-3Q16 meaning continued impairment charges are probable.
A majority of the 20 million people living with schizophrenia worldwide experience some degree of cognitive impairment, Biogen said.
All three astronauts who developed this visual impairment also experienced a narrowing of the central sulcus in the brain.
It's also a red flag if one's caffeine consumption is causing a meaningful impairment at work or at school.
Evidence suggests that heavy exposure to alcohol can be tied to brain impairment and cognitive deficits, including memory problems.
Consumer loan impairment expenses rose because of continued stress in regions affected by a downturn in the mining sector.
Metro also said it would take a 385 million euro ($430.89 million) impairment charge on the loss-making chain.
A year earlier, Cummins had also reported restructuring and impairment charges due to weak markets, which had hurt profits.
He also hinted at another potential future use-case for the location positioning tech — assisting people with visual impairment.
A Boeing spokesman declined to comment on the identity of the airline involved in the order reduction or impairment.
But cannabis impairment in drivers is harder to detect than alcohol, and therefore more difficult to set restrictions around.
A draft version of the 2018 list said "gaming disorder" can cause "significant impairment" to a player's life.—Motherboard
According to the CDC, vision impairment is the single most prevalent disabling condition among children in the United States.
There's no precise boundary between "depressed mood" states and "clinical depression", but differences lie in impairment, symptoms and duration.
Studies find that malnourished children do less well in school, and the mental impairment is visible in brain scans.
About a quarter of adults, and more than half of those over 80, have some degree of olfactory impairment.
Jessie Oldham, a doctoral student at the University of Delaware, studies gait as the main test of movement impairment.
Madison suffered several strokes in recent years, resulting in brain damage, dementia and memory impairment, according to court papers.
This Microsoft research project uses augmented reality to help kids with vision impairment "see" the people they're talking with.
The challenge people with vision impairment encounter is, of course, that they can't see the other people around them.
"Long-term exposure to noise can lead to cardiovascular disease and hearing impairment," Ms. Rivera said in an interview.
Cops ultimately said he showed signs of impairment so they arrested him and booked him for suspicion of DUI.
Some players are retiring from the league because they say the risk of cognitive impairment is not worth it.
Scholars have studied the "spread effect" — how one visible impairment gets transferred to all aspects of a person's ability.
The participants were followed up for two more years to record levels of dementia and mild cognitive impairment development.
Elevated cortisol levels are associated with greater cognitive impairment, brain shrinkage, and a more rapid decline in cognitive function.
The company took a $3.5 billion asset impairment charge in the latest quarter, related to its generics reporting unit.
Results also reflect increased loan impairment charges in its US credit card division and some pressure on operating expenses.
A recent PET study of brain metabolism in patients with mild cognitive impairment predicted who would develop Alzheimer's disease.
Altria took a fourth-quarter impairment charge of $22.56 billion related to its investment in e-cigarette maker Juul.
He understands cannabis has detrimental side effects on developing brains, such as short-term memory loss and learning impairment.
Many patients with cognitive impairment have anxiety or depression, but standard treatments are difficult for people with memory issues.
The deal turned out to be a disaster, underscored by the $22 billion goodwill impairment charge recorded last quarter.
Post-tax impairment charges are expected to range between$1.7 billion and $2.3 billion for the quarter, Shell said.
The study was a small proof-of-concept trial of people ages 55 and older with mild cognitive impairment.
Hershey also said it recorded impairment charges on both its Tyrrells and Shanghai Golden Monkey businesses during the quarter.
The report, from the National Transportation Safety Board, said investigators found no sign of mechanical failure or driver impairment.
It also estimated a potential gain of $200 million over the first quarter from a lack of impairment charges.
Plus, documentation will likely be needed — medical proof diagnosing that there is an impairment and a record of its existence.
BoV's profitability benefits from sound core revenues generated from commercial business activities, sound operating efficiency, and contained loan impairment charges.
Net income attributable to the company fell to $45 million from $186 million, due to a $97 million impairment charge.
"Some of the students were complaining of upset stomachs but had no other signs of impairment," a police report states.
Last year, GE took a $22 billion goodwill impairment charge to reflect the deterioration of the power business it acquired.
The bank booked a $198 million pound loan impairment charge, much less than the roughly $500 million expected by analysts.
The company's second-quarter net loss widened as it took a $55 million impairment charge and revenue fell 4.7 percent.
Most of the charge will be a noncash asset impairment charge and will be excluded from the company's adjusted earnings.
Leasing companies' performance remains undermined by pressure on revenue due to muted lending, and still material loan impairment charges (LICs).
In addition, the recent introduction of premium increases, which EFGInt is contesting in court, could result in a significant impairment.
And users with visual impairment may benefit from the option to make and consume audio-only content on the platform.
Conversely, a settlement on outstanding litigation could trigger impairment of goodwill at the parent bank, which would negatively impact ADIs.
CVS had taken a $3.9 billion goodwill impairment charge related to its Omnicare business in the second quarter of 2018.
Given our economic growth forecast, increases in non-performing assets should remain modest and rising impairment charges should remain manageable.
However, recognition of asset impairment is likely to be a protracted process as authorities often encourage support for troubled counterparties.
Alcohol impairment was a major factor, with nearly half of deaths involving a pedestrian or driver over the legal limit.
Playing the sport didn't lead to cognitive impairment at age 65, according to a study published today in JAMA Neurology.
The company recorded asset impairment charges of $165.4 million in the reported quarter, compared with $448.4 million a year-ago.
The tumors are usually benign (noncancerous), but the condition can cause severe pain, vision loss, speech impairment, and learning disabilities.
In a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange, Westpac said cash earnings growth was lower due to higher impairment charges.
His doctors told CNN on Wednesday, however, that he had no sign of neurological impairment before or during his surgery.
The year-ago quarter included an asset impairment charge of $39.973 billion and restructuring and transaction costs of $247 million.
But Fitch also said exposed banks did appear to have collateral or sufficient pre-impairment profitability to cover potential losses.
When Morey Belanger began attending Maine's Dayton Consolidated School in 2017, she became its only student with a hearing impairment.
AHB's asset quality metrics deteriorated in 2014 and further in 0003 with the impairment of two of its largest exposures.
Over the course of the study, 151 participants (or 16.1%) developed Alzheimer's, and 255 (or 34.2%) developed mild cognitive impairment.
Workers in the mining sector, followed by those in construction and manufacturing, are most likely to suffer from hearing impairment.
Already, some conspiracy theorists are spreading the idea that the shooter, Nasim Aghdam, was a victim of free speech impairment.
Her 7-year-old son, Garrett, suffers from a rare neurological illness called Batten disease, which causes progressive neurological impairment.
In February, Heineken declared a €286m ($353m) impairment loss for 2016 in Congo, after closing down two of its factories.
In the robust group of patients who didn't have cognitive impairment or frailty, 20 of 168 died within four years.
Profitability is sound, supported by strict cost control, low loan impairment charges (LICs) and the absence of material conduct costs.
Its revenue base is weak, and earnings are highly vulnerable to even a moderate increase in impairment charges or overheads.
Stephan is 35, has a one-year-old daughter, and writes and makes podcasts about life with a visual impairment.
The insurer said the impairment charge at year-end could be higher than the 39.3 million pounds incurred in 2016.
The bank has been loss making since 2013 due to shrinking revenues, a large cost base and high impairment charges.
Between 20 and 70 percent of cancer patients experience some degree of fertility impairment, according to Cardozo in Rhode Island.
One of the most important things to remember is there is no definitive evidence linking these THC levels to impairment.
The device does not say how much THC is in a person's system and failing it does not indicate impairment.
The bigger loss stemmed from higher goodwill impairment charges than foreseen when the bank announced its restructuring on July 7.
A forced retreat from Venezuela could trigger impairment charges on its investments, according to Jennifer Rowland, analyst with Edward Jones.
According to the Washington Post, Gaines displayed "signs of neurocognitive impairment" after allegedly suffering from lead poisoning as a child.
Impairment clues: Maxwell said I showed two of a possible eight clues—the minimum number of clues for a fail.
While I still exhibited a couple of impairment clues—trembling eyelids, putting my foot down once—I was mostly normal.
But inflammation and blood vessel impairment, which are characteristic of hypertension, are also known to be involved in pregnancy loss.
The sector's profitability also remains solid, despite the challenging environment and rising loan impairment charges, and performance outlook is stable.
But the unit has performed poorly, incurring one-off costs including inventory writedowns and a significant goodwill impairment this year.
This impairment charge will be recorded in the third and fourth quarters of this year, according to the SEC filing.
However, loss absorption capacity is still solid given BoG's pre-impairment profits of 7.7% of average gross loans in 2016.
Impairment of tissues and organs are by FDA standards a disease, to wit, a medical problem that must be stopped.
Nevertheless we expect some pressures on asset quality from the operating environment that could lead to higher loan impairment charges.
Andeavor on Tuesday said it took a $40 million asset impairment charge in the fourth quarter related to the project.
But an investigation into that impairment by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice has added to nervousness.
Excluding impairment charges, hedging gains and other one-time items, the company posted a loss of 43 cents per share.
Even a modest level of age-related cognitive impairment can make managing an investment portfolio challenging, to say the least.
Profitability is driven by steady interest margins, continued loan growth, improving operating costs and low impairment charges over the cycles.
" That's critically important, added Sundermann, because "these interventions seem to be most effective when given at earlier stages of impairment.
Management said earnings were hurt by $193.8 million in noncash impairment charges that were related to some under-performing stores.
The announcements on the slashed profit outlook and the impairment costs came after Tokyo's stock market closed for the day.
Its operating expenses rose about 41 percent to $4.12 billion in the latest quarter, including due to the impairment charge.
The company - whose businesses include property development and infrastructure - made provisions for impairment of S$21.4200 million during the year.
The company booked an impairment loss of 1.792 billion zlotys on its fixed assets in the fourth quarter of 2016.
The diagnosis was Leber's congenital amaurosis (LCA), a rare inherited eye disease that causes severe visual impairment beginning in infancy.
Statoil added it will book an impairment of $500 million-$550 million from the transaction, excluding negative currency effects. bit.
We expect pressures on profitability will be alleviated by loan growth, with impairment charges contained, and funding and liquidity comfortable.
Net profit fell 73% to 813 million euros due to impairment charges on some of its coal-fired power plants.
The company expects to incur a pre-tax impairment charge of about $20 million in the second quarter, Endo said.
Pre-impairment profit, net of interest income accrued but not received in cash, was negative at both banks in 1Q16.
Researchers looked at adults ranging from their 60s to their 80s who had no signs of memory loss or impairment.
The latest quarter included a provision for impairment of $138.6 million on its goodwill and sugar milling assets in Australia.
It affected the shape of his head, face and ears, causing a hearing impairment for which he wears hearing aids.
KKB reported net interest income and pre-impairment profits of 29% and 23% of average earning assets, respectively, in 000H24.
Fitch expects a mild increase in impairment provisioning in anticipation of the implementation of IFRS 9 on 1 January 0003.
This should be manageable for Qatari banks because profitability is sufficiently robust to enable them to write additional impairment provisions'.
"DHEA supplementation cannot be justified as necessary to protect this athlete from significant health impairment," WADA wrote in its decision.
Still, "early diagnosis is a double-edged sword," Mr. Posvar said when asked about creating a mild behavioral impairment category.
Chung's team also had to consider the way patients with vision impairment typically relied on memory to navigate different spaces.
Asset quality remained resilient in 2015, and Fitch expects impaired loans and loan impairment charges to stay low in 2016.
Provisioning requirements remained high at all three banks in 1Q17, wiping out 13%-79% of their annualised pre-impairment profits.
Later in life, vision loss and impairment are also connected to other illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.
The company's year-earlier quarter included a $43.9 million pre-tax charge related to goodwill impairment in its Mexican business.
A A$700 million ($13 million) impairment expected in the results is said to be already priced into the stock.
This was supplemented in 2016 by higher loan impairment charges as the bank wrote off large amounts of SME loans.
Autism isn't any one thing: not all bad or good, not all joy or devastation, not all giftedness or impairment.
We expect loan impairment charges (LICs) to increase only moderately as releases from loan loss reserves are likely to decrease.
The company also reported a fourth-quarter loss of $7.05 per unit as it booked impairment charges of $3 billion.
Officials have said it's hard to assess how much THC results in impairment, further complicated by individual tolerance and metabolism.
At one point, the volume drops dramatically and closed captioning comes on the screen to mimic Michael's own hearing impairment.
Lynn said Hound's clinical trial did not test subjects for cognitive impairment or put them through a drug recognition evaluation.
His apparent alcohol impairment combined with the rational fear any reasonable person would be consumed with in a similar situation.
The result reflected an impairment of $1.5 billion at Maersk drilling and one of $1.1 billion at Maersk Supply Service.
Banks' ability to continue to generate solid performance indicators largely depends on developments in asset quality and loan impairment trends.
Zara's parent company wrote a near-$335 million impairment for its spring/summer inventory and said sales have fallen 24%.
But the statistics remain daunting, especially when one adds rising age-related incidence of mild cognitive impairment to the mix.
Older men and women who ate mushrooms several times a week were at reduced risk of developing mild cognitive impairment.
And most studies have shown that insomnia impairs cognitive performance, a possible risk factor for mild cognitive impairment and dementia.
It said growth in credit impairment struck mostly in unsecured retail advances and to a smaller degree in commercial lending.
Experts also disagree on how effectively the police will be able to screen motorists for marijuana impairment once sales begin.
Professional sport at the highest level is brutally Darwinian: Show a hint of physical impairment and the lions quickly circle.
That's not all: The same activity can also reduce the risk for cognitive impairment and even help us live longer.
Cops added that the driver is currently under investigation for impairment ... although a motive for the incident is still unclear.
"We can administer diagnostic interviews and determine if the symptom causes significant distress or impairment in functioning," Dr. Fairbrother said.
Traditionally, doctors diagnose impairment when someone experiences a loss in hearing of at least 25 decibels, a somewhat arbitrary threshold.
Provident said its car and van financing arm, Moneybarn, failed to match its internal targets due to higher impairment charges.
It had an IFRS net loss of 929.1 million in 2018 after taking a 883 million franc goodwill impairment charge.
Some scientists are looking at non-traditional and less-invasive roadside approaches to detect impairment from cannabis and other substances.
Dijkhuizen noted the current loan impairment level is still lower than would be expected on average throughout the economic cycle.
More than half of the impairment is related to Chevron's Appalachia shale holding, the company said in a press release.
The net loss was largely fuelled by a 16.9 billion dirham post-tax impairment and because of lower oil prices.
The bank cited a 47.9 percent rise in operating expenses mainly due an increase in impairment charges for credit losses.
The company recorded an impairment charge of C$70.3 million on its outboard engine assets in the year-ago quarter.
Teck said that a negative decision would result in an impairment in the quarter in which the decision is received.
It had an IFRS net loss of 929.1 million in 2018 after taking an 883 million franc goodwill impairment charge.
Symptoms include cognitive impairment, slower physical growth, a flat face, a small head, a short neck and poor muscle tone.
Agrium said it will take a $178 million impairment charge on the Conda sale and retain its historic environmental obligations.
Nevertheless, financing impairment charges jumped in the UAE and the impaired financing ratio for UAE banks remains well above others.
According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 1.3 billion with some sort of vision impairment, Amazon says.
It's well-known that diseases of the vascular, or circulatory, system increase the risk of cognitive impairment as we age.
That was aided by a 145.5 percent jump in "other non-interest" income while loan impairment charges dipped 3.9 percent.
That was aided by a 145.5 percent jump in "other non-interest" income while loan impairment charges slipped 3.9 percent.
However, the bank's earnings remain well below most peers' because of large loan impairment charges to improve coverage of NPLs.
It cited a rise in impairment charges for credit losses as the Saudi economy weakened because of low oil prices.
The weaker performance was mainly due to impairment losses related to the company's investments in Yemen and Jordan, it said.
Such drugs can lead to more harm — like cognitive impairment or falls — than good, and often safer options are available.
Some state licensures ask about current mental conditions, previous mental health conditions and/or impairment from a mental health condition.
Such a decline could impact the group's overall current steady rate of earnings generation via a higher level of impairment.
It had taken an impairment charge of about $1 billion related to some brands in the segment earlier this year.
In the long-term, regular high doses can also reorganize neural networks, potentially leading to chronic flashbacks or cognitive impairment.
In mice where this impairment happens quickly, the drive for consuming more alcohol goes away before drinking escalates into binging.
The accounting standard is generally expected to lead to increased write-downs on loans, as under IFRS 9, an impairment allowance must be made for expected credit losses at the reporting date * Preliminary calculations indicate a moderate change in impairment losses Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Reporting by Gdynia Newsroom and Oslo Newsroom)
Profitability benefits from lower loan impairment charges, in part due to recoveries, and renewed lending growth, in particular in retail lending.

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