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"his" Definitions
  1. of or belonging to a man or boy who has already been mentioned or is easily identified
  2. His of or belonging to God

875 Sentences With "his"

How to use his in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "his" and check conjugation/comparative form for "his". Mastering all the usages of "his" from sentence examples published by news publications.

His cousins, his managers, his accountant, his musicians, his grandchildren, his women friends, his protégés.
I will never forget his spirit, his conviction, his professionalism, his passion, his love for his daughter, his love for Asia and her kids, his vision, his stories, his drive for justice, and his wicked sense of humor.
His birth certificate, his fist bump with his wife, his tan suit, his salute with coffee in his hand, his golfing, his wife not covering her head in Saudi.
Floyd Mayweather is breaking his silence on his late ex-girlfriend Josie Harris ... remembering her as his rock, his angel, his love, his sweetheart, his friend and his heart.
He lied about his mother, his father, his education, his literary history, his loves.
"His command, his grasp of issues, his clarity, his candor, his quickness, his sense of humor, his experience — this guy is phenomenal," Mr. Martin said.
Whatever the reason, he never obscured his authoritarian tendencies, his will to power, his sexism, his greed, his dishonesty, his racism, his thirst for vengeance.
NAIROBI, Kenya — Ismail Ali Ibrahim gave away everything he owned: his bed, his sheets, his shirts, his pots, his pans, his plates, even his house.
When I asked where his cancer had spread, Ali's hand rested on his abdomen, his side, his chest, his rib cage: The cancer was in his colon, his kidneys, his lungs.
He prized the "freedom" — his word — of being left in his own world, with his atelier and his muses and his books and his Birman and his imagination and his ideas.
"I was his first girlfriend, his first love, his wife, his best friend, his confidante, and his protector," she said.
He conducts not only with his hands and his arms but also with his shoulders, his torso, his legs, his feet.
His conspiracy theories, his thin skin, his strange obsessions, his impulsive behavior, his poor management, his bizarre tweets — all of it was present in his campaign too.
They're in his past, his present, his family, his cabinet.
His supporters admire his determination; his enemies disparage his stubbornness.
"His kids are his legacy, his beautiful children, those are his jewels, his gold," says Hennessey.
His knowledge, his brilliance, his work ethic, his pedantry, his stubbornness: these things keep the Spaniard locked in his fortress of solitude.
And, as his endearments attest — his favorite is "sweetheart" — Marcello loves his work and his furry clients, his compatriots and his daughter.
In his speech, he dedicated his win to his director, his friend and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, his stuntmen, and his kids.
We knew about his family, we knew about his twin sister, his older brother, his meemaw and his relationship with his mother.
His age, his origins, his inspirations, his white supremacist ideology and vision, the particulars about his weaponry, his scowling image and his name were plastered across the screen.
Donald Trump exudes macho, wearing his trucker hat, retweeting bimbo cracks, swearing with abandon and bragging about the size of his manhood, his crowds, his hands, his poll margins, his bank account, his skyscrapers, his steaks and his "beautiful" wall.
One way to view Trump is that only his personal failings — his bullying, his petulance, his egomania, his ignorance, his inconsistency, his mendacity, his racism, his hair-trigger temper, his arrogance, his disorganization and his misogyny — stand in the way of his emerging as the logical victor in an anti-status quo, pro-change election that produced in Bernie Sanders the other political phenomenon of 2016.
Nobody cares about his prevarications, his hypocrisy, his misogyny, his illiteracy, his rants and, most of all, his lack of a moral compass.
Twombly himself does not appear, except metonymically: in his works, his marks, his drips, his paint-saturated rags, his objets d'art, his slippers.
She put words to his faith and to his pious fear, his bafflement at his worldly daughters, his love for his defiant wife.
Normally his bike rides were his time to think — about his family, his ministry and his increasingly complex relationship with his Christian faith.
"He LOVED his job, his STUDENTS, his LIFELONG friends and his FAMILY," his wife wrote on Facebook.
We miss his smile, his generosity, his wisdom, and his love.
He loves his family, his friends, his dog, and his life.
His ego is his constituency, and his persona is his platform.
He could've called his parents, his brother, his grandparents, his aunt.
I studied his punctuation, his cadence, his vocabulary and his endearments.
His relatives burned his effects, including his papers, after his death.
His work is his story, and his story is his celebrity.
His bigotry, his boasting, his lies, his pride, his scams of the vulnerable, his worship of materialism, his insults of the dead, his turning a blind eye to refugees, his bragging of adulterous behavior, his treatment of "the least" among us — all of this is antithetical to Christian philosophy.
His survivors include his mother, Aida; his father, Felipe; his wife, Alaine Parker Alvarez; his sons, David, Tyler and Benjamin; his sister, Aida Lugo; and his brothers, Fernando and Phil.
Over the past three seasons, Forrest MacNeil has sacrificed everything for Review – his family, his health, his money, his freedom, his dignity, his soul.
His other ink includes his forearm, right bicep, inside of his lip, across his shoulder blades, across his chest and then around his chest.
He was doing it on his face, his neck, his balls, his legs, every part of his body.
Much of his appeal has come from his youth, his dynamism, his good looks and his oratorical skills.
They asked about his birthplace, his parents, their marriage, his schooling, his journey to the camp, his religion.
His laugh, his eyes, the smell of his hair, his voice, the feel of his hand in mine?
Since his death, anecdotes have been shared elsewhere about his generosity, his toughness, his contradictions, and his friendliness.
We remember his intelligence, his wit, his warmth and his good advice.
Please pray for his grandparents, his siblings, his dad and his friends.
His mistakes were his mistakes, but his strengths were also his strengths.
" And she sympathetically reminds us that "his every step along the way" has been "inspected and analyzed: his promise, his awkwardness, his happiness, his suffering, his betrayals and embarrassments and mistakes, his loneliness, his success — and especially his relentless search for meaning, approval and love.
The President added that like his relationships with his immediate family, his relationships with his close friends remained intact amid his challenges and his successes.
And Trump's fragrance line, his board game, his ghostwritten books, his energy drink, his eyeglasses, and his chocolate bars.
Neymar went to his knees, then onto his stomach, his hands covering his face, struggling to control his emotions.
His phone is his sin, his soul, his torment, "an oxygen tank for his breath-starved mind," Schulman writes.
He has covered up his academic record, his health reports, his dalliances with women, his finances, his family history.
The new order— Wagner, Schumann, Liszt—rejects his perfectionism, his style, his anguished sincerity, his ethnicity, his transparent vulnerability.
Bellocchio admires his bravery and his virility, but doesn't turn away from his hypocrisy, his opportunism or his cruelty.
He needs to hang up his cleats, for his sake — and for the sake of his body and his brain and his children and his reputation.
The words and images he's picked tell the story of his life, his Texas roots, his high school years, his rodeo days, his music, his family.
EVERYTHING ABOUT Alan García was big: his bulky frame, his oratory, his political talents, his ambition, his sense of self-importance, his mistakes and moral flaws.
William has his hands on his knees, breathing slowly, and Randall, his body twisted toward his father, had his hand firmly on his old man's back.
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant in 2019 "I was his first girlfriend, his first love, his wife, his best friend, his confidante, and his protector," she said.
He's got his mind on his money and his money on his mind.
He's got his grind on his money, and his money on his grind.
He saw as his little buddy, his star, his future, his better self.
His whole deal is embarrassing defenders with his handles, his passing, his steals.
His hi-top fade, his chain, his DJ skills, his Jay Z gestures.
Gone are his blocks, his passes, his points and his unmatched, electric presence.
" He said his nephew "has his religion, his prayer, his honesty and commitments.
He explained his decision to his doctors, his sisters and his best friend.
I'm going to miss his spirit, his presence, his sunglasses, his voice, everything!
Over the next 10 years, despite some stints in rehab, his friend lost his wife, his home, his money, the ability to see his girls, his law practice, and even his driver's license.
His paintings were not exhibited during his lifetime, but after his death, his family chose to make his work public.
Through trying to complete his masterpiece, he has lost his child, his wife, his mind, and of course, his leg.
A few conversations later, we've learned all about his motives, his insecurities, his backstory, his worldview, his sense of humor.
His parents, his wife's parents, his wife's grandparents, his sister-in-law and his wife's uncle also lost their homes.
He has never obscured his cruelty, or his misogyny, or his greed, or his dishonesty, or his will to power.
Provide evidence of his life, his close relationship with his daughter (now 8), his efforts to help his elderly mother.
Along with his genome (all his genes), Dr. Snyder published his transcriptome (the molecular signature of which of his genes were active), his proteome (all the new proteins his body produced), and his metabolome (all the molecules involved in his metabolism).
His hat, his headphones, his rebelliously-branded sweater, his dead eyes, his swollen lips, and even his iPod were all painstakingly recreated through the art of knitting.
Mr. Thompson is survived by his wife of 17 years, Lu-Shawn Thompson; his children, Kennedy and Kenny; his mother; his father; his brother; and his sister.
Bryant sits on a bench, his eyes closed, his feet soaking in an ice bucket, his head resting on his palm, his elbow pressing onto his knee.
But his ascension marks only the newest power center in Mr. Trump's political orbit: There is his White House staff, his vice president, the Republican National Committee, his family, his campaign alumni, his super PAC, his congressional allies, his conservative media friends and now his re-election team.
We will miss his wisdom, his friendship, his humor, and his love for life.
His look, his scowling, his staring down then muttering his response, he was perfect.
We will miss his wisdom, his friendship, his humor and his love for life.
He loved his God, his family, his friends and his country more than anything.
"His community accepted his gift but diminished his light," McCraney explained in his speech.
Renzo kept his hands on his knees and his knees coiled into his chest.
He edits his shots on his smartphone, sharing his favorite ones with his friends.
His shoulders slumped, his arms fell to his sides and his knees fell open.
But he lost everything else: His job, his status, his country — and his wife.
Loved his work ethic, his story, his approach to the game, and his tenacity.
His family, his supporters, and members of his party who stand by him despite his comments advocating assault validate his actions.
His inferiority complex, his various childhood traumas, his creative ambitions, his insecurity about his hair, are all rendered in loving detail.
How I hated his stupid face, his clothes, his friends, his co-workers, his family members who didn't teach him better.
His courage was matched by his compassion; and his dedication to country was equaled only by his devotion to his family.
His fist clenched an invisible microphone under his chin, while his other hand held his heart and his eyes gripped theirs.
His Wednesday speech underlined his key weaknesses: His failure to do any homework, his narcissism and his half-baked policy ideas.
He belongs to his family; his hometown, Scranton; his Democratic Party; his Senate; his nation, and is inexplicable without those roots.
He is protesting a war that has, so far, swallowed his father, his uncle, his sister, his eyes and his love.
Also already deemed out-of-this-world: his speed, his strength, his determination to be great, his inquisitiveness, his investment strategies.
Teams liked his size, his rim protection and his toughness, but there are concerns about his athleticism and his post game.
His hair is raised, his neck is snapped, his chest is beaten, his knee is slapped and his ankle is bitten.
Those who knew him in his later years emphasize his charm, his wit, his slyness, his generosity toward like-minded colleagues.
When he arrived at the station, police immediately took him back to his house and began rummaging through his possessions — his clothes, his papers, his furniture, his electronics.
His death resulted from injuries he had sustained at his parents' hands, and neither his mother nor his father sought medical attention for his wounds, his mother said.
He uses his legs, his knees, his thighs, to bring his arms and hands to his face in order to be able to eat his cheese and crackers.
He is survived by his partner, Violaine Etienne; his daughter, Anna Golin; his son, Ari; his stepdaughter Blue Etienne-Gay; his sister, Susan Dickson; and his brother, Larry.
Walker himself was beloved for his democratic exuberance, manifested both in his vivacious clothing (his jaunty ties, his pocket squares, his pig cufflinks) and in his untiring enthusiasm.
They saw him lying on his left side, unresponsive, stuck between two benches, with his shirt over his head, his pants around his ankles, and his boxers down to his thighs, according to the report.
They may not agree with his actions, but they understand what's going on in his head: his animosity toward his father, his feelings of inferiority to his brother, his true nature as a trickster god.
His memoir describes his fearful upbringing before the end of apartheid, his relationship with his parents, and his journey of self-discovery.
I always got the sense that she couldn't handle all of him: his complexities, his illness, his light, his dark, his vulnerability.
Every aspect of his political and business life is under investigation, including his 2016 campaign, his transition, his inauguration and his presidency.
He also seems to look towards modernity in his attitudes: his ambiguities, his ironies, his dancing humor, his profound spirit of irreverence.
But Mr. Daly finds something universal in Forrest: his denial, his workaholism, his stubbornness, his inability to break his self-destructive patterns.
During his TED Talk, Railton notes that Gates holds his hands above his waist and keeps his hands close to his body.
His abductors also sent his photos to his family demanding a ransom for his release.
His obit notes his likes: Playing with his sister, his blue bunny, thrash metal music.
We're guessing Rick had his mind on his money, and his money on his mind.
He credits his survival to his rubber boots—and his ability to control his mind.
Instead of stroking his beard, or his fleeces, his hands lay still in his knees.
His body, his armor, his vast wealth and his voluminous papers came back from London.
His religion, his name, his beliefs were his to fashion no matter what the cost.
"His size, his weight, his speed, his ability to go inside and outside," raved Burleson.
His head's down, his face behind his hand, his hair a Joker shade of green.
His remarkable solution was to switch his takeoff leg from his left to his right.
By contrast, Logic has built his whole career on his humanity, his ordinariness, his relatability.
His body was angled halfway toward his band mates, his trumpet held at his side.
I was his VeBe, his principessa, his reina, Queen Mama -- Mamba -- and his [inaudible nickname].
He remembers his heart leaping out of his chest, his hand rubbing his champion colt.
Trump cares only about Trump, his brand and his image, his family and his fortune.
She was his nurse, his housekeeper, his only friend, and, more important, his public defender.
Go, and lose it all: his wife and son, his job, his apartment, his world.
His attorneys say his mother's death exacerbated his struggle with his depression and mental illness.
His bearishness and his way of flaunting his scholarship were immutable aspects of his personality.
In addition to prioritizing his faith, he focuses his energy on things that bring joy to his life, including his son, his farm and cheering on his favorite MMA fighters.
She showed John a photo of him in his classroom at Orange Academy, his feet crossed on his desk, his hands behind his head, a big grin on his face.
Hovering about in the suffocating room are all types: Mago's father, his brother, his trainer, his cut man, his manager, his manager's son.
" After police confirmed his death, Alice tweeted: "I want his funeral to be as big as his personality, his heart, and his spirit.
His coach in Hershey, Troy Mann, said Gomez played his best game Saturday, displaying his vision, his "skill set" and his playmaking ability.
He was doing everything by the book: paying his city taxes, his state taxes, his federal taxes, his licensing fees, his worker's comp.
He likes his rallies, his businesses, his TV show, his Twitter account; you see now his reluctance to leave any of them behind.
He said that what kept him going was his desire to see his family, including his children, his sister, and his ex-wife.
But it did not treat the infection, which spread from his thumb throughout his body to his brain, his ankle and his spine.
He wrote extensively in his journals about his efforts to lose weight, detailing his diet and exercise regimens, his goals, and his failures.
France, which was the country of his heart and of his success, will always dearly remember his voice, his silhouette and his humor.
As his Big calls out his name, a pledge, or ''Little,'' crosses his arms across his chest and walks toward his Big's voice.
His tweets were an extension of his mood, his brain and his ego, and they felt like a manifestation of his true self.
I mean, just off the top of my head, Donald Trump's approval rating, his inauguration size, his concern for Puerto Rico, his concern for immigrants, his concern for hurricane victims, his golf handicap, his high I.Q., his tan, his hair, his saying that no one respects women more than him, and Fox News.
His voice can sing, his voice can drink, his voice can argue, his voice can seduce.
His tweeting, his coarse language, his destruction of Washington norms, don't upset his supporters one bit.
Al fights to protect his own: himself, his people, his business — and by extension, his community.
But by his own design, the point of his life was his movies, his winning yeses.
Usually, his anger animates his face, his posture and his gestures and gives him alpha status.
And it's his music, his personas, his artifice and his art that we're talking about here.
He builds his entire relationship with his father out of his relationship with his living friends.
We will miss his smiles, his sincerity, his concern for others, and his impressive musical talent.
They'll be sick of his crudeness, his misogyny, his abrasiveness, and his lack of policy knowledge.
But it's really his way of excusing his ignorance, costuming his incompetence and greenlighting his hooliganism.
Questions swirled about his inconsistent defense, his cost and his ability to sustain his improved hitting.
Morris Melnik had lost everything: his parents, his sisters and brothers, his wife, and his child.
Simons made his first million dollars by his early forties, his first billion by his sixties.
How he took down his pants, exposing his short, hairy legs, his penis in his fist.
His outfits, his instruments, his changes of guitar, they were all reflective of his artistry evolving.
He's learning to accept himself, his sexuality, his cerebral palsy and his … codependency with his mom.
His stoicism, his dexterity, his unerring calm, his gift for narrative storytelling — they were all pathbreaking.
His fame and his career have more to do with his words than with his music.
And his tools were his thick Israeli accent, his brash manner, and his captivatingly dry observations.
So did his father, his daughter, two of his uncles, his grandmother and several other relatives.
So his great-great-grandfather taught his great-grandfather, and his great-grandfather taught his grandfather.
Here was a man who gave everything to his country: his career, his body, his life.
Pompeo introduces his followers to his wife, Susan, his son, Nick, and his Labrador retriever, Sherman.
They wonder about the president's inconsistencies, his immaturity, his bullying, his inaccuracies and his incessant narcissism.
His hands at his hips, he shook his head again and again, rubbing his right temple.
His family noticed his anger, his social withdrawal and what they now acknowledge as his alcoholism.
There's his love-hate relationship with his own ambition, his ambivalence about his own complacent fans.
America, his adoptive country, could not give him back his job, his wife or his health.
Like the grandiose figure he writes about in his masterly central section, Knausgaard, too, is always telling you about his feelings and how profound they are, his weeping, his lusts, his ambitions, his insecurities, his frustrations and regrets.
According to court documents of the annulment of his and Georgulas's marriage, the court found that Younger lied about multiple aspects of his life: his career, his previous marriages, his income, his education, and even his military service.
The philosopher blinks or twitches his right eyelid; his son taps a tooth with his tongue; his son raises or lowers his left eyebrow; his son sucks on his upper or lower lip; his son flares a nostril; my grandfather blinks or twitches his left eyelid; my father taps a tooth with his tongue; and I write down the letter.
Warnecke completed a memoir before his death in 2010, that covered his life, his loves — including his romance with Jackie — and his architecture, which his children are currently preparing to publish.
His refusal to follow norms set by his predecessors and divest from his real estate empire, opting to maintain ownership of his businesses but hand operational control over to his sons, continues to raise questions about how his official actions impact his and his family's bottom line.
Aren't his tweets – and his behavior – overshadowing his accomplishments?
His songs his lyrics & his melodies, True pop royalty!
He was awful – his opinions, his voice, his mannerisms.
The participants were then invited to rate the politician on his perceived hypocrisy, his courage, his flexibility, his effectiveness and his worthiness of support.
His mother still did his laundry, and his sister cooked, and he spent some of his free time attending his nephew's Little League games.
His delight in his own technical prowess was evident, but, as his repertoire broadened and his discography lengthened, the refinement of his artistry intensified.
His neck whipped back and his head hit the ground so violently—sending his goggles flying off his helmet—that he broke his neck.
We are getting his anger, his resentment, his grievances, his obsessions, and his fears, channeled by an increasingly embittered circle of loyalists and hacks.
We will study his opinions, yes, but we will also study his speeches, his sound bites, his turns of phrase and his travel schedule.
He gives his mom a heads up about his situation with his fiancée, Blac Chyna, and his catch-up with his sisters is next.
His superpower, more than his alarming athleticism, or his preternatural lack of fear, or his inexhaustible work ethic, was his ability to spin hate.
His ear for dialogue, his eye for character and his dramatic gifts are as powerful in his stories as they are in his plays.
Yes. So if he's selling his home, and his trainer his selling his home, and he's voiding his contract, what does that tell you?
Embodying that former champion, Mr. Wilson recounts the boxer's teenage years, his womanizing, his marriages, his major bouts, his retirement and his eventual comeback.
They put his arms on his head, said that they would kill him, his family, that they would rape his girlfriend, kill his brother.
Mr. Blumberg recorded his raw conversations with his wife, his awkward haggling over equity with his new partner and his employees' complaints of burnout.
Senator McCain's survivors include his wife; his mother, who is 106; his brother; his sister, Sandy McCain Morgan; his seven children; and five grandchildren.
He lay on his back with his helmet off, his hands over his eyes, as trainers appeared to pop his kneecap back into place.
When he was 4, his father was killed; he grew up believing his grandmother was his mother, and his mother, Rachel, was his sister.
He told me about his Midwestern childhood, his punk years in college, his first girlfriend's betrayal, his unfortunate job history, his parents' acrimonious divorce.
Finding nothing, he rubbed his eyes with frustration, propped his elbows onto his desk and rested his chin on his hands to think. ''Oh!
They think of his outrageous or amusing pronouncements, his grand gestures and his obsession with his cat, Choupette, who is one of his heirs.
"I will always remember his immense imagination, his ability to conceive new trends for every season, his inexhaustible energy, the virtuosity of his drawings, his carefully guarded independence, his encyclopedic culture and his unique wit and eloquence," Arnault said.
Babe Ruth's gilded image isn't diminished by his showboating, his attention-seeking, his on-field antics or his off-field behavior—those are what cemented his status and effectively sealed his legacy.
On the stump, Trump is always the subject of Trump's speeches, whether touting his wealth, his elite connections, his fundraising prowess, his beautiful family, his beautiful resort, or his artistry with dealmaking.
His sound is incredibly pop, but soulful with it, his lyrics steeped in true life tales from his childhood—be it struggling with his race, sexuality, or his relationship with his parents.
But his relationships with his neighbors the Melskis, his elderly best friend Gene, and his coworkers are especially affecting, especially when he navigates his newfound romance with his girlfriend Sarah (Jo Firestone).
After his death in 22000, Alexander, his son, and Jonathan and Lauren, his grandchildren, took his mantle.
His saving grace was his work, which he never doubted; his art was his identity, he said.
The singer reflected on his sexuality, his new relationship, and how his love life affects his music.
When he talks about his daughter -- his "Carly," his "Carlita" -- his husky, deep voice breaks into sobs.
His father was allowed to re-enter his home to tell his two sons about his arrest.
The foundation was formed shortly after to preserve his life's work — his photographs, his films, his music.
Although his cult largely collapsed after his arrest, some of his loyal followers still maintain his innocence.
I already carried his fire, the lessons that he taught me, his compas­sion, his love, his kindness.
Mirra had his spleen removed, lacerated his liver and frequently twisted his knees and sprained his ankles.
The mayor has made his sexuality, his marriage and his religion part of his pitch to voters.
This guy is clearly in his feels about his life, his friends, and his upcoming directorial debut.
Papi choked on his beer, pounded his fist against his chest and shook his head, eyes watering.
Before his trip, Gaskell wrote in his blog about his desire to find himself through his experiences.
He is survived by his wife Amy, his 6 kids, his sister Patricia, and his 4 grandchildren.
He had lost his home, his stability and his memories, such as photo albums from his wedding.
His limitless narcissism continues to cloud his view of himself, his policies, and his impact on America.
He's got to get obviously his foot, his ankle, his calf, his legs into baseball game shape.
And we see how his decisions affect both his relationship with his government and with his family.
His personality, his instinct, his humor, his wit -- all of that is so wonderful, and it's remained.
His instructor, his school, and his fellow students should be far more than ashamed of his behavior.
He slowly shook his head, hunched over, closed his eyes, and placed his forehead into his hand.
They speak of his humor, his mischievous quality, his friendliness; they share, to a degree, his cynicism.
To pay his lawyer, he planned to refinance his house, and his grandfather advanced him his inheritance.
Still wearing his uniform, eye-black smeared on his face, Keenum dropped his head to his hands.
Uncountable articles rushed to report about Prince and his legacy — his music, his religion, and his sexuality.
That control is largely the source of his power over his audience, his employees and his critics.
Pulock surpassed his point total from his rookie year, registering his 33rd point of his sophomore season.
His fans — a generous portion of the population of Ohio — admire his sportsmanship, his talent, his philanthropy.
So go ahead, ignore us "deplorables" And laugh at his scandals, his stupidity, his immorality, his hair.
With his pedigree, and his easygoing personality, he was able to transcend his series and his sport.
His cruelty, selfishness and shortsightedness are somehow inseparable from his loyalty, his steadfastness and his existential courage.
His glasses slid down his face, and his shirt rose above his midriff as uniformed officers followed.
On his commute between his home in Daly City and his job, he sketches his fellow residents.
His responsibility now is the American people, not his family, his companies or his own bottom line.
His courage to reveal his status, his trauma, and his vulnerabilities make me love him even more.
With that one move President Obama showed his humanity, his parenting skills, his sensitivity and his humility.
If we believe his biographer, the historian Thucydides, his listeners shared his definition of his nation's values.
His face was fat, his eyes cold and tortured, his striped tie wrung tightly around his neck.
There the editors weren't interested just in Weegee's photographs but also in his wiseass persona, his bug-eyed face, his huge Speed Graphic camera, his car trunk stuffed with equipment, his nocturnal habits, his slovenly ways and his tall tales.
In his writing, though, Lowell drew upon the experience of feeling his mind speed up, his ideas accelerate, his sense of himself heighten and change, his sense of power and ethical behavior fracture, his memory and his reading switch places.
His death leaves his family gutted — especially his older sister Kathleen — and his secret girlfriend, 14-year-old Irene, alone and pregnant with his child.
But he, too, ends up desperately unhappy, abandoning his dreams of academia as his gambling addiction, his children and his unfaithful wife consume his life.
But the ad's most important moments come from his three most effective surrogates: his children, who praise his teachings, his personal touch, and his motivations.
With his tantrums, his apostasies, his vulgarity, his abundant flip-flops and his transparent lies, he has certainly done all he can to sabotage himself.
He shared his real name, his Facebook page, and the GoFundMe page set up by his girlfriend to help his family pay for his funeral.
He growled at the back of his throat, lowered his head, sank on to his forepaws, snarled, showed me his red gullet, his yellow teeth.
Without his family here, Shapovalov's player's box includes his coach, Martin Laurendeau; his trainer, Nicola Perrotte; his physiotherapist, Nicholas Martichenko; and his manager, Andrzej Kepinski.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughters, Samantha and Erin; his son, Matthew; his sister, Anne Lacey; and his brother, Frank.
In the past five playoff runs, Paul has sustained injuries to his thumb, his hamstring, his hip flexor, his hamstring again, and his third metacarpal.
He is the only person on this show who has always, consistently aligned his actions with his relationships, his country, his colleagues, and his conscience.
His eyes grew glassy as his news conference wore on, as if his feelings about the loss had traveled from his mouth to his marrow.
Zak tries to cover up his desperation and bring his powers of persuasion to bear on Richie, genially reminding him of his obligations to his family and his partners — in return, Richie uses his newfound kung fu moves, thrusting his open palm at Zak and breaking his nose.
He's in the land of the living, but only just, hanging on by his fingernails, his memory, his imagination, his never-ending obsession with his father, his blue thermal socks (nicked from a movie set) and his ongoing arguments with women, including a sometime-girlfriend 50 years his junior.
Of all the dimensions of Elon Musk that fascinate his fans—his intellect, his work ethic, his rockets, his dating life—there's one that hasn't been definitively explained: his seemingly self-restoring hairline.
"He's more concerned about his legacy in terms of his family, his faith, his country and his party than about this place," a Republican source familiar with Romney's thinking said about his motivations.
Buffett expressed immense gratitude for everything he'd accomplished in his lifetime and said he maximizes his happiness through his work, his charitable giving, his love of bridge, and his legendary junk-food diet.
But no one — not his friends, not his partner, not his bosses, and not his colleagues — seemed to know the depths of his despair until he was found, near death, in his apartment.
His shoulders were hunched, his hands hidden in his pockets.
His wife had an affair with his barber — HIS BARBER.
His cheapness affected his grandson, and his last son, Timmy.
His car was ruined, his possessions destroyed, his future uncertain.
He held onto his television, his DVDs and his footlocker.
It's all about him, his desires, his confusion, his cruelty.
His arms are contorted, his body stiff, his face expressionless.
His body quivers, his eyes blink rapidly, his hands clench.
His conversations are about him, his image and his needs.
How did no one -- his brother, his father, his family?
"His attorney has his points, his royalties, everything," Khaled said.
His voice is haughty, his smile cruel, his motivations mysterious.
His eyebrows crinkle, his lips crease and his head tilts.
His critics say prolonging his tenure is his central objective.
His eyes were wet, his fists balled, his face stormy.
Before his hearing he kept his eyes on his cellphone.
Corkin cataloged his verbal tics, his malapropisms, his stock phrases.
He still had his watch, his cellphone, and his wallet.
He has his olive trees, his olives, and his oil.
It sings with his collaborations, his influences, and his ingenuity.
He's going to lose his money, his power, his allies.
It comes out of his skin, his eyes, his hair.
He killed his parents, his sisters and his sisters' children.
But wrestling was his calling, his passion, and his legacy.
Is his father really his grandfather, as his uncle asserts?
His wife and his daughter are his only immediate survivors.
Mr. Trump's business, his campaign, his inauguration and his presidency.
"I like his sincerity, his personality, his experience," he said.
His daughters were not at his bedside, holding his hand.
His survivors include his wife, LaTresa, and his father, John.
His eyes seemed bright, his voice light, his demeanor relaxed.
His memoir traces his roots; it doesn't prophesy his future.
Check out his threads, his shirt sums up his situation.
His tone, his behavior, his actions are encouraging racist movement.
Time is measured by his visits, his winks, his yawns.
He put in his heart, his soul and his mind.
His scoring average is his lowest since his rookie season.
She could be his daughter, his granddaughter, his favorite student.
His wife Maureen was by his side holding his hand.
His jaw is stronger, his stubble obvious, his legs unshaven.
Depression marred his childhood, his hockey career and his retirement.
You've taken enough — of his taxes, his freedoms, his culture.
Nadal will often take 20 seconds or more to deliver his first serves, owing to a ritual that includes bouncing the ball a few times, tugging at his shorts, pinching the fabric on his left shoulder, then his right shoulder, bouncing the ball, swiping at his nose, his left ear, his nose, then his right ear, tucking his hair behind his left ear, then his right ear, and bouncing the ball a few more times.
And he impressed us all with his vision, his values, his personality and his enthusiasm for the club.
His family hasn't commented on this talk, but at his funeral, his children spoke of his sunny optimism.
He's lying on his back, with his limbs askew and his oversize belly sneaking out of his shirt.
Prince was iconic in his performance and his style, because his is unique and very much his own.
"They got his bracelet, four rings, his watch, his chain, and his cell phone," Smith told FOX2 Detroit .
We&aposll have more on his life, his legacy and his profile in courage that was his life.
His benevolence His family was his band and his crew, and he was deeply devoted to that family.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Cindy, his mother, Roberta, his children, and his entire family.
His home run was his 18th at Minute Maid Park, his most at any venue in his career.
There's Riyadh Khalaf, who got his lilt from his Irish mother and his name from his Iraqi father.
Throughout his life, Nichols was known for his incredible intelligence, his quicksilver wit and his empathy with actors.
Pirsig is survived by his wife, Wendy, his son, Ted, his daughter, Nell Peiken, and his three grandchildren.
His moniker grew out of his boxing aspirations in his youth; "Buster" a conflation of his middle name.
We remember him for his humor, his charm, his unshakeable integrity, and of course his fantastic Twitter account.
In addition to his wife, his sister and his stepson, Mr. Temperley is survived by his son, Stephen.
" She likes his modesty, his persistence, his elegance, his enthusiasms for "food and tequila and music and women.
Mark Nagy is his half brother, not his stepbrother, and Linda Lopez is his sister, not his stepsister.
Let's focus on the clarity of his darkness, his illusory deceptions, his insatiable avarice and his colossal conceit.
Later that night, Rodriguez was joined by his teammates, his family and his friends to celebrate his birthday.
This documentary from Kevin Kerslake looks back at his music, his drug use, his trauma and his relapse.
He also discussed his formative younger years, his relationship with his father, and the murder of his uncle.
He has his own bedroom, his own toys and games, his own set of books, his own nightlight.
In "Filming 'Othello,'" Welles appears to privilege his editing over his directing and his directing over his acting.
Wilber seethes at his twin brothers for imposing on his time, consuming his money and disrupting his plans.
Furthermore, Mr. Allen's art in particular is saturated with his personality, his preoccupations, his biography and his tastes.
Yet the harvest wasn't enough to feed his family — his wife, his six children and his elderly parents.
At 19, with the world at his feet, he is famed for his maturity, his intelligence, his politeness.
Herbert was, in his own way, trying to express his love and maybe his distress and his hopefulness.
And then they put a man in jail and destroy his life, his family, his wife, his children.
His feet, his knees, his hips, his shoulders ... all pretty square so it looks very good at address.
Every year, his father contacts his friends on behalf of his son, and his mother delivers the wreaths.
Does his time with Rogers lead him to reconsider his relationships with his dad and his infant son?
Because Donald Trump is a narcissist and his only agenda is himself: his greed, his grievances, his gripes.
His legacy to me is his tireless warmth, his unfailing optimism and his belief that government is good.
"His bat, his offensive skills and his attitude, just the way he goes about his game," Barreto said.
Was his anger at his own father, his devotion to his mother, a result of violence he'd witnessed?
Alec's framing, his color, his sense of light, his angles: They are all his, and they are inimitable.
His lawyers said his condition, cavernous hemangioma, would make him choke on his own blood during his execution.
And I'll tell you, his passing tonight, our prayers are with his family, with his wife, Maureen, who he adored, his nine children, his 2012 grandkids.
"I contend that his mother Nelly, his father Said, his sister Yasmine and his brother Sami are the foundational pillars to his rise," Downey Jr. wrote.
His two favorite tattoos are his mom's name written across his shoulder ("I love that one," he says.) and his newest one of his dog Abby.
He had seen his family, including his wife, his son and his daughter, near the campfire, and decided to shoot his pistol, according to the report.
Throughout the years, Kanye West has become an icon for many reasons — his songs, his family, his style, his attitude, and of course, his rapping skills.
And, in his only his second game on his rehabilitation assignment, he felt tightness in his right quadriceps on Monday, during his second game at Reno.
He takes ownership of his inability to control his anger, his lack of communication and dishonesty in his relationships, and his own ability to self-sabotage.
Shakespeare managed to register Shylock's mordant sense of humor, the pain that shadowed his malevolence, his pride in his intelligence, his little household economies, his loneliness.
Over the years the specific deficiencies have alternated: his free throws, then his perimeter game (both vastly improved since his rookie year), his defense, his health.
Mr. Woetzel, in his 10th year as festival director, discussed his eclectic programming, his love of music and how his own dancing career informs his choices.
"They had those fingerprints on 'em: Here's his slider, here's his curveball, here's his changeup, here's his two-seamer, here's his four-seamer," Treinen said recently.
Mr. Vincent is survived by his wife, Katherine; his daughters, Debra and Maria; his son, Anthony; his brothers, Nick and Jim; and his half sister, Fran.
The authors include his top foreign policy advisers, his communications gurus, his intelligence chief, his photographer and even the stenographer who recorded his every public utterance.
He chucked his racket onto his courtside chair, turned to his delighted supporters with arms raised, then pounded his chest three times with his right fist.
Throughout his term, the president has systematically blurred the lines as to where he, his office, his government, his business, and his campaign started and stopped.
He'd go out with his hands clasped behind his back, his pipe in his mouth, his stride lopsided because one shoulder was higher than the other.
He lost the use of his muscles one by one, first in his fingers, then in his toes, then in his arms, then in his legs.
There are items about Trump's unpredictable temperament, his divorces, his exaggerated business acumen, his misogyny, his racism, his selfishness, his general shittiness as a person—subjects we've examined ad nauseam for the past year.
The mama is out to his family and hides nothing about his identity at his bar, but that's not the case with his partner who hides his Shinjuke 2 Chome life to his family.
More than 100 people attended the service at Riverside Memorial Chapel, where his colleagues and loved ones recalled his sly wit, his passion for his work and his dedication to his wife and children.
His face is flushed, with his mouth hanging open and the skin on his neck pouring over the collar; a hoe rested between his legs and his dog laid its head on his lap.
But it was on his 2007 hit "Homecoming," off his third studio album Graduation that he decided to voice his appreciation for his hometown city, rhyming about his love for Chi-Town and his guilt over leaving "her" to pursue his musical dreams.
"His strengths are his dexterity, his honesty, his passion, his ability to process the information, his palate, his love for food, and the ability to be thorough and honest with the process of learning a new skill and a new thing," says Choi.
At one point, he walks through his London apartment in a casual striptease, removing his T-shirt, then his underwear, his watch, his glasses, and his gold necklace, before taking a shower, with a ring of water jets hissing over his flesh.
The show "allowed Dave to be his entire self, to express his intellect, his anger, his morality, his silliness, his hypocrisy, his sadness, his blazing talent," said Neal Brennan, a comedian who was a co-creator of the show and who gave a speech Sunday that brought Mr. Chappelle to tears.
According to his father, during his withdrawal from alcohol he had a blood infection, his kidneys shut down, his liver was swollen, his blood pressure plummeted and his dear sweet heart raced out of control.
Through his father's paintings, it becomes clear where Magdy gets many of his signature qualities: his fixation with color, his wild perception of the future, his preoccupation with history, and his romantic obsession with nature.
His hostility to congressional oversight is evinced by his refusal to surrender his tax returns, his many lawsuits against congressional committees investigating him and his businesses, and his ordering staff not to comply with subpoenas.
According to his father, during his withdrawal from alcohol he had a blood infection, his kidneys shut down, his liver was swollen, his blood pressure plummeted, and his dear sweet heart raced out of control.
His candid account ultimately leads to his personal downfall -- the loss of his career and his reputation -- and, as seen in the first episode, ultimately his life.
In his New Yorker profile, published in July, Hunter addressed the end of his relationship with Hallie, his struggle with addiction and his history with his dad.
During his acceptance speech, Jordan, 38, thanked his staff and his parents, and dedicated the award to his son, Akil, who loves cooking by his Dad's side.
But his bravery, his risk-taking, his fearless style, his uncompromising stance -- those are the values that have influenced every musician who has followed in his wake.
The Victor holding the card looked markedly thinner: his eyes were sunken, his cheekbones protruded out of his face, and his skin stretched tight against his brow.
The questions also hit Trump for not releasing his tax returns, his business connections and his ability to separate his responsibilities as president with his businesses ventures.
In a long, tender post on Instagram, Bell praised his devotion to his family, his hard work, and his willingness to tell his story to the world.
Before Trump was exaggerating his poll numbers and the size of his rally crowds, he was exaggerating his wealth, his television ratings, the size of his buildings.
Mantenuto is survived by his wife, his daughter, and his son, in addition to his father and his three sisters, according to the New York Daily News.
What makes Dean a loser isn't his awkwardness, his sublimated mourning, his arrested development, or even his cringing attempts to avoid reality by living through his cartoons.
His cheating doesn't reflect something lacking in her, it is just about him: His gluttony, his stress, his savior complex, his ongoing attraction to damaged, needy women.
His anger, his sadness, his frustration, his confusion, his real and honest emotion are not something that should be so easily dismissed as just more political pablum.
Systematically, Haynes ramped up Bilott's tension: his blinking eyes, his twitching hands, his juddering feet, his fumbling for the chair, and his flailing spasms on the floor.
Blazer marked the event on his blog, Travels with Chuck Blazer and His Friends, by quietly underlining both his alienation from his classmates and his own success.
He talks about his own grandmother, his family life, his political influences, his unsuccessful run for Congress and his work in a nonprofit dedicated to helping children.
There must have been others in his circle of contacts who knew about his hatred of Jews, his anger, his rants on social media and his guns.
And he becomes more poetic in his recollections of his life as he shares memories from his time in the military and his love for his wife.
In addition to his wife, Ms. Karttunen, his survivors include his son, Kevin; his daughter, Carolyn Crosby; his stepdaughters, Jaana Karttunen and Suvi Aika; and two grandchildren.
She continues to love him, despite his refusal to divorce his wife, his drunkenness, his negligible work prospects and his willingness to cheat on and exploit her.
His father had been his male role model and daily counselor in his ministry, as well as his entry into the evangelical world that financed his church.
Except for his bluejeans, everything about the thirty-six-year-old director was gray, from his MacBook to his denim jacket to his shirt to his bag.
But after his wife, functioning as his bookkeeper, began tracking his gas mileage and calculating his net earnings after subtracting fuel and other expenses, his approach changed.
"I'll tell you what's impressive for his age: his makeup, his poise, his competitiveness, and what I'm learning, his aptitude," said Tommy Phelps, the RailRiders pitching coach.
He is survived by Ms. Thompson, his second wife; his son John, from his first marriage, his daughter Lily, from his second marriage, and a grandson, Oscar.
After delivering his morning coffee to his home, she'll do everything from feeding and walking his dogs to restocking his fridge to filling up his gas tank.
His idea of fun is hanging out with his family, using his PlayStation 4, playing with his Boston terrier and Rottweiler, or getting dinner with his friends.
But more people admired him, even loved him, for his principled stands, his high spirits, his lightning mind, his winking self-regard and, yes, his rhyming motormouth.
Stark defeating the villains was also about defeating his own demons: his ego, his damaged relationship with his father, his irreverence for any kind of authority, etc.
"I'll tell you what's impressive for his age: his makeup, his poise, his competitiveness, and what I'm learning, his aptitude," said Tommy Phelps, the RailRiders pitching coach.
That night, as his family and his fellow officers grieved, his wife asked the hospital to retrieve his sperm, so that someday she might have his child.
They pulled at his arms, walked on his back, slapped him, and folded his legs behind his ears; in a particularly cruel move, they tickled his feet.
Hardliners say they are the guardians of his legacy while his grandson feels his views mirror his grandfather's values.
Donald Trump will let you make fun of his hair, his family, his sex life, and his failed businesses.
Egan is visited in his travels by his son, his daughter and, finally, for the last leg, his wife.
His charisma and his flaws and his amazing formula for inspiring and his illness left me feeling so sad.
GQ's Chris Heath spoke with Ford about his illustrious career, his childhood, his family, and his recent plane crash.
Throughout his recovery, his mind was focused on his concert dates, which he eventually postponed due to his surgery.
His 160 hits were his most since 2012 and his 71 RBIs were his most since 2012 as well.
It was either his childhood teacher or his neighbor or his boss from his summer jobs in high school.
Throughout his career, he's tapped into his political side, his darker, more inquisitive roots, and his self-sacrificing nature.
Jud, on the other hand, is open about his desires, his anger, his nonconformity, his inability to fit in.
He let his emotions and his pride cloud his judgment, ignoring Sansa's advice and torpedoing his own army's plans.
If you ever questioned him, Snoop Dogg's still got his mind on his money, his money on his mind.
With his son David by his side on Thursday, Luis Alvarez gave his final interview from his hospice bed.
His grief for his murdered son and the subsequent dissolution of his marriage have further fixed his natural inflexibility.
"My son's cheekbone is smashed, his nose, his upper-eye, his head, his brain," Salvator's father told
But when his pain didn't go away, his girlfriend urged him to tell his doctor about his water habit.
He definitely puts his money where his mouth is and most importantly, he brings his time and his presence.
He has his own office, his own hype man (his dad, DJ Khaled), and his own chart-topping singles.
His colleagues credit his success to his relentless work and to his skill at building international networks of collaborators.
His hood is up, his headphones are in his ears cancelling out the sounds of strangers screaming his name.
Proud of his friends, proud of his bandmates, proud of his family, and most importantly, proud of his fans.
He said the cramping was in his left arm, his right forearm, both quadriceps, his hands and his hip.
He gave his name as Charlie, his home as Brooklyn, his destination as his parents' Deer Isle summer house.
But the comedian said his personal experience with his son influenced his decision to discuss politics on his show.
Mr. Trump acted for his own sexual gratification, despite his marriage, and to, in his mind, burnish his image.
Mr. Trump's posturing, his crassness, his rudeness, his simplistic descriptions of international issues, his demeanor — we see it all.
Winn says Tinsley began touching him on his leg, putting his feet on his butt and rubbing his back.
"To just discard his body like his life meant nothing?" his daughter protested after she learned of his end.
Beloved by his teammates for his humor and his energy, Lobaton pumped his fists as he rounded the bases.
His unusual proposal appears to tie his support for that bill with his commitment to Americans like his daughter.
Mr. Hansell, 23, pulled his cellphone from his suit jacket pocket, extended his arm, smiled and took his portrait.
The whole of his life was gliding on the strings — his lost hopes, his charred path, his extinguished future.
Think about what's currently under investigation for him: Trump's campaign, his transition, his inauguration, his business and his presidency.
Sweat spiked from his temples, then his chest, then his limbs, until his whole body was damp and freezing.
"Tangled Up" is his second album, not his debut; and "Life Changes" is his third album, not his second.
Heather is happy to be Colin's oracle, his nemesis, his rival and his fiend — but definitely not his protector.
"I wanted to capture his personality, his swagger, his love of life, his sense of humor," Mr. Boseman said.
To maximize his recovery time, Nadal rushed to his news conference after his match to finish his media obligations.
As his incredulity builds, he squeezes his eyes shut, twists his neck, and begins violently convulsing in his chair.
"He has diminished his usefulness to his cause, to his country and to his people," The Washington Post declared.
He puts up more and more collateral — so his home, his parents' home, his farming equipment and his farmland.
But onstage, when he becomes Barbara — or his father, his grandfather, his younger brother — his face and body recede.
"I thought he mixed his pitches, his changeup and his slider and his fastball," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.
Congressional and federal investigators are probing his administration as well as his business, his inauguration committee and his foundation.
His father manufactured X-ray machines, and used to test his equipment on his children in his basement laboratory.
In his poetry, as well as in his prose, he conveyed the complexities of his city and his country.
The war in Afghanistan had taken many things from him: his eyes, his father, his sister, his first love.
WASHINGTON — One by one, they praised President Trump, taking turns complimenting his integrity, his message, his strength, his policies.
I described his life history, examples of his integrity and kindness, his reactions to world events, his corny jokes.
He spent his last few days at home, surrounded by his family, some friends, his work, and his music.
Mark makes his move after his 16-year-old son, Joaquin, gets his headgear ripped off by his foe.
He prizes his three Durant jerseys, his two Durant T-shirts, his Durant sneakers and his Durant athletic socks.
Leo James spent his first week as a pedicab driver studying Mr. Legarreta — his routes, his banter, his sales.
His little sister was his world and his love and pride for his older brothers was off the charts.
Trump has lied about his net worth, his reasons for not releasing his tax returns, and his charitable donations.
The other team member devours his lunch at his desk, smacking and crunching his food before licking his fingers.
Not just his skating, but his puck handling and his shot.
She is his pillar of strength, his confidante, and his light.
His father wasn't in his life, so his mom raised him.
Scott doesn't want his son wearing his pants below his waist.
There was his room, his parents' room, the bathroom, his brother's.
Are you looking at his early writings, his speeches, his activism?
The man was missing his fingers, his toes, and his genitals.
His first tattoo on his forearm pays homage to his hometown.
He humiliates his wife, curses his daughter and bedevils his son.
His authenticity extends beyond his endorsements to his investments as well.
He finishes his meal and wipes his hands on his trousers.
His instinct is move his wife and his five children again.
Even his face, his nose and his mouth were all covered.
His sincerity, his joy, how connected he was to his work.
His slouch said as much about his Iago as his lines.
They had shot him in his legs, his chest, his face.
His jaw clenched and his breath deepened as his heartbeat increased.
She takes his hand and touches his arm, then his face.
He puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head.
But perhaps his second TD was his monument to his prowess.
His upbringing shaped his global outlook as well as his morality.
Michael cut his siblings and his dad out of his will.
With his ultra-aggressive style, even his losses bolstered his stock.
His technique remains Italian, but his flavors are distinctively his own.
Onstage Justin joked about his OCD, his substance abuse, his neuroses.
His attorney asked CNN to change his name for his safety.
It cost him his family, his job, and even his home.
His problem is not with his heart but with his head.
He dropped his racquet and held his head in his hand.
His foaming anger, his "cover emotions," his disrespectful evasiveness towards Sen.
His health … he has his good days and his bad days.
His parents, his doctor and the cleaning woman lauded his illustrations.
Kim, for his part, kept his clothes on for his shots.
At times I was his father, his best friend, his doctor.
His lawyer, Leonard Ressler, said that his client maintained his innocence.
After his first attempt, were his cell and his supervision changed?
Fled his wife and his son and his son's autism diagnosis.
He expects it from his allies, his employees, and his supporters.
I have faith in his character, his beliefs, and his balls.
It could be his back or his hand or his wrist.
His death was announced by his wife, Alice, on his website.
Nor was the opening of his trial, his conviction, his sentence.
"His strength is his jab and his right hand," Farhood said.
He was doing this for his family, his wife, his daughter.
Martin Short played himself, his father, his grandfather, and his child.
She mentions his socks, his cooking, his humorous arrangements of utensils.
His creativity helped him overcome his anxiety and find his voice.
He slammed his accusers; he made clear his pain, his rage.
"How could he forget his friends, his family, his baby's face?"
So he passed his skills, and his passion, to his daughters.
Marwen is his escape, his therapy and his complex multimedia masterwork.
They became his flunkies and minions, his accomplices and his defenders.
His management of his own pay package may be his downfall.
His comfortable life was upended when his solicitor embezzled his fortune.
His appointees, who share his goals but not his methods, resist.
His family, following his wishes, did not announce his death publicly.
It's his uncle, it's his brothers, it's several of his cousins.
His voice is his whole thing, his whole bag of tricks.
His masterpieces, his timbre, his unique influence will long survive him.
His true self bleeds through into his lyrics and his music.
Wright was rapt, his hands pressing his headphones into his head.
Cut in closer, we see his body, his back, his hands.
Condolences to his wife, his family, Baltimore, his constituents & the nation.
His defenders counter that his celebrity was commensurate with his brilliance.
His mother documented his milestones in one of his school notebooks.
His self-titled album was his second album, not his first.
His batting average, his ambition, his hopes: all is in flux.
They are his solace, his defense and his route to freedom.
In his last act, he stuck his head in his mouth.
" According to Rocco, he "loved his wife, his dog, his children.
My philosophy was scoring his reality, his lifestyle and his taste.
His actions warrant his impeachment and demand his removal from office.
His thumb, his ring finger, and his little finger were black.
Zidane's power, his infallibility, is rooted in his charisma, his status.
His shame and the nation's trauma are his, and his alone.
His back, his neck and his shoulders bore fresh machete scars.
His emotions were now pinned to his uniform alongside his badge.
Fidyka closed his eyes; he buried his forehead in his fist.
He closed his eyes, his backpack still hanging from his shoulders.
Is this his ultimate game, his epic writing of his ending?
He lost everything: his tools, his guns, his childhood report cards.
His goofy side at times, his serious side, his moody side.
His goal is peace for his country and for his family.
The beatings suffered at the hands of his brother, his immigration to Sweden as a youth, the stereotypes he endured based on his Iranian lineage and his eventual arrest that resulted in the loss of his freedom, his career, his superficial friendships and precious moments with his new born son—it is clear the Reza Madadi has struggled his whole life.
These traits include his obvious need for self-aggrandizement, his overreaction to perceived slights, his tendency to make decisions based on intuition, his refusal to change his views based on new information, his routine carelessness with the facts, his unwillingness to listen to others and his lack of respect for the law.
When supposedly religious conservatives were able to look past Trump's bullying, his clear lack of religious conviction, his appearance in pornos, his lying, his provocations to violence, his adultery, his three marriages and his professed — taped — propensity for sexual assault, they became blind to bawdiness.
But many of Trump's supporters see his businesses as a positive, while his detractors seem less exercised about the issue than they are his ties to Russia, his racist remarks, or his choices for his Cabinet.
Guileless about others, indifferent about his own possessions, Dennis was all too happy to allow Manson and his girls to move in, use his charge cards, take his clothes, eat his food, even drive his Mercedes.
Besides his brother Brandon, he is also survived by his sister, Brieanne Kohrt; another brother, Barret; his stepmother, Lois Kohrt; his stepsisters, Jennifer Baldwin and Katherine Czapla; his stepbrother, Ryan Baldwin; and his girlfriend, Kendra Cannoy.
In this test, we took his brain on a demanding, cognitive test drive to assess his verbal, visual, and working memory, his language, his abstract skills, his processing speed, and many other aspects of his intellect.
But he left in his trail a host of players and coaches smitten with his play, his enthusiasm to sacrifice his own body, his willingness to fight an opponent's toughest player in defense of his teammates.
Bieber just shared the tattoo shots while chillin' poolside with his shirt off ... revealing his ink starting from his colorful Crocs and working his way up his legs to his torso covered in majestic animal art.
But many of Trump's supporters see his businesses as a positive, while his detractors seem less concerned about the issue than they are his ties to Russia, his racist remarks, or his choices for his Cabinet.
With his wife Ghazala by his side, Khan recalled his son's character, his faith, his patriotism — and, ultimately, his courageous death in the service of the country he loved, and the fellow soldiers he was protecting.
In his first interview since Japanese prosecutors seized his father as he stepped off his private jet, Anthony Ghosn said his father would fight to clear his name.
Trump prevails in his public fights when his adversaries overestimate one or more of the following: his intelligence, his attention span, and/or his power to harm them.
Most of the tributes that followed his death pinned his greatness not on his boxing ability, but on his willingness to defy the government for his religious beliefs.
His cautious style permeated everything that happened in his White House, from his statements to his policy proposals to his often-bloodless responses to domestic and international crises.
But throughout his career, he's been refining his sound, his process, and his soul, taking every past experience with him into his next release and the next moment.
But his outsider status may hamper his ability to deliver on his promises, especially early in his presidency when he has no lawmakers representing his party in parliament.
Major figures from his own party routinely criticize his impulsive rhetoric and chaotic management, belittle his intelligence, mock his political ideas, and bemoan his lack of policy knowledge.
Like most things Xi — his eating habits, his earthy expressions, his celebrity wife — his jacket has been extolled by the Chinese media as proof of his political wisdom.
He criticizes his business practices, including stiffing contractors and laborers; his tax avoidance; his refusal to disclose his tax returns; and his ties to the Bank of China.
"I will forever be grateful to Jim for his leadership, his belief in me, and for his many valuable contributions to his community and his country," Case wrote.
His Facebook profile, some of which is public, is full of compliments on his career, his love of music, his talent as a vocalist, and his good looks.
Much has been of Mr. Weir's Kewpie doll maquillage, his Birkin bags, his jeweled brooches, his furs, his 13 travel trunks, his Louboutin shoes and elaborate bouffant hairdo.
Soon his face popped up on separatist websites, his piercing eyes staring at the camera, his bushy hair now down to his shoulders, a Kalashnikov in his hands.
Sitting in the driver's seat, his father "collected his organs by his hand," Jan says, and he tied a scarf around his abdomen to hold his guts in.
He makes his living as a short-order cook and uses his weekly paycheck of $300 to support his wife, his wife's parents, and his three small children.
"I'm almost an atheist" reveals his curiosity, his hesitation, his willingness to open his mind beyond what he knew, and his drive to keep searching for the truth.
His mechanics are polished, his stroke is effortless, his release is fast and high, and his range is ocean deep.
Mountbatten discussed his struggle to accept his sexuality in his youth and his subsequent marriage to Penelope Thompson in 1994.
Reeves, in contrast, acts with his shoulders, his arms, with the way he twists his neck and swings his hips.
Others have commented on his brilliance, his dry wit and his skill at deconstructing arguments made by his political opposites.
He said his decision to skip the Games came from his desire to prioritize his family over his Olympic ambitions.
Bernie Sanders talked about his folk music album, his tiny red Chevrolet, his 27-year marriage to his wife Jane.
But his supposed pivot did not conceal his reiteration of themes deployed throughout his campaign and in his inaugural address.
I think about his family, I think about his band, who were really his brothers, and I remember his voice.
Wilkinson torpedoed forward, landing on his head, breaking his arm, knocking out his two front teeth, and smashing his glasses.
From his buildings to his golf courses to his ties, Trump wants you to believe his products are the best.
"His positivity, his excitement, his energy, his work ethic brought a positive energy and experience to the guys," Neufeld said.
We're supposed to admire his muscular arms, his ability to ride motorcycles alongside raptors, his rough stubble — not his intellect.
His alarm about foreign competition, and his suspicion of trade deals, runs deep in his rhetoric, permeating his stump speeches.
Still, his mother stayed with her husband, who considered Jaen his son until his death decades later, his attorneys say.
Bieber stepped away from his Purpose Tour last year to focus on his family, his faith, and his personal relationships.
It conveys his charisma, his intellect and the evolution of his political beliefs, including his advocacy of Hindu-Muslim reconciliation.
And Clinton at his peak was a 10, although his partners often whispered about his propensity for fudging his scores.
With KARK by his side, Henderson visited his parent's Arkansas-home before the Games and told his mother his plan.
He is used to holding power over women with his wealth, his bullying, his employment and his threats of lawsuits.
Rather, it was his deep religious faith, his love of country, his love of wife Annie Glenn, and his children.
Like the conventions of his youth, Sanford adored his time spent with his online friends—including his fellow podcast hosts.
His mom homeschooled his younger siblings while his stepdad worked remotely and was largely in charge of his own schedule.
Obama pressed his case that his pick should at least be given a hearing during his speech announcing his pick.
His voice, his gait, his idiosyncrasies and mannerisms, the undulations of his laugh—all are replicated with near-perfect similitude.
But Trump's tweets are most valuable as a record of his inner life: his obsessions, his rages, his guilty conscience.
His work on his mechanics, particularly getting his bat head out in front of the plate, has boosted his confidence.
He wants to be playing basketball; he'd rather be fishing; he misses his dogs, his girlfriend, his family, his friends.
Rivals tallied his failings, but his genius was to learn from his mistakes and keep his cool in the meantime.
He asks only, instead, that his players, his supporters and his employers subscribe unquestioningly to the cult of his personality.
Despite his age and his thinning grey hair, he hasn't lost his fiery  progressive spirit or his legions of fans.
Trump degrades it all with his crassness, his obscene language, his fear-mongering and his inability to offer soaring rhetoric.
He is, finally, his own man, his own creation, able to tailor his character and style to his personal preferences.
Lambert's condition pitched his wife, some of his siblings and his nephews, against his staunchly Catholic parents and other relatives.
But over time, because of his character, his principles, his success, and his personality, Ali grew to be globally loved.
In his 353 autobiography, I'm Still Standing, Muamba recalls opening his eyes and seeing his fiancee Shauna by his bedside.
And mentions of the governor — his office, his staff, his campaign, his reputation — were even more common, topping 1,500 occasions.
His mother, by his account, was his father's longtime paramour, whom he had met through his songwriter friend Buddy DeSylva.
Park's virtues were not necessarily related to his talents, though: he was cherished for his industry, his energy, his discipline.
He said Mr. Spacey put his left hand on his thigh and then unzipped his pants, before rubbing his penis.
His cheeks were hollow, his eyes sunken, his lips were bloodless, and his entire countenance bore signs of great suffering.
But his impact on the Senate, his influence on his colleagues, and the force of his will won't be forgotten.
Besides his daughter, from his first marriage, he is survived by his wife, Arnaz (Minwalla) Marker; and his brother, Minoo.
His supporters point out his working-class roots (his father was a police commander) and his family's relatively modest home.
Through it all, the camera was locked on his face, capturing his every smile, his every glance, his every move.
Often I wore his socks, always his coat, most times his shirts and sometimes his jeans, which hung on me.
His first thought, upon sensing that his teeth are marbles in his mouth, is to feel pity for his dentist.
Removing his microphone pack from his pants, the star shocked Fallon and his studio audience when he dropped his pants.
I've noticed that his mother cleans his room, packs his lunch, cooks dinner for him and even schedules his appointments.
On his flight home, he leaned all the way forward in his seat and covered his ears with his hands.
His Air Max Triax 96 features his nickname, as well as nods to his family and his dialysis nurse, Pam.
But he also has major strengths, including his experience, his political skills, his middle-class image and his evident humanity.
His jaw was dislocated, his face battered — and, most critical, his skull had been fractured and his brain was swelling.
His struggles with drugs, his failed marriages, his larceny when he needed money — they all contributed to his present straits.
He had argued his religious rights were violated because he couldn't have his imam by his side at his execution.
His job – his fiduciary duty to his shareholders – is to keep growing and to take out anything in his way.
"Or his 'business calls' with his 'business manager,' or his shoe rack with all his children-sized shoes," she continued.
Just before his death in 22006, Sir Oswald asked his son to write his biography and left him his papers.
" Caro, he says, has "measurably enriched our lives with his intellectual rigor, his compassion, his openness, his wit and grace.
Two days after his arrest, Norris, then 18, began banging his head on his cell and allegedly threatening his cellmates.
Bill Cosby is launching his defense in his sexual assault trial with one of his most powerful weapons ... his wife.
He gripped his golden flute in his hand, glanced at his son, then closed his eyes and began to blow.
He told me about his wife and children that he needed to support, his mortgage, his car payment, his utilities.
His impact on the sound, structure, and presentation of music is indelible, his style, unforgettable, his interviews, his shade, his side eye game, his rivalries, his restless creativity, his early push to free funk and R&B from the "Black Singles" box, his advocacy for women, his pliable sense of male sexuality, his innovative interaction with the growing world of the internet, his resistance to the major label machine, his quiet altruism, his quick, sharp grasp of social media and memes, his demand for more writers of color in the music press, all of it was a revolution, the likes of which we would be lucky to live to ever see again.
Of course, Zeke has some pretty unique ink all over his body -- there's an Ohio State logo on his shoulder, a portrait of his mom on his chest and even one of his dogs on his forearm.
He's got his single-payer health care plan, his tuition-free college plan, his infrastructure plan, his youth jobs plan, his expanded Social Security plan, his (borrowed from Kirsten Gillibrand) paid family leave plan, and many others.
We know from his conversation with Belcove that he was already open to an image of a man burying his head in his arm, given his exploration of the Burrows photograph, despite his dissatisfaction with his work.
HIs new "Dad's Maybe Book" is a love letter to his sons that encompasses everything from his own struggles as a young boy to his harrowing experiences in Vietnam to his memories of his sons' earliest years.
Alisson Becker, Liverpool's goalkeeper, fidgeted on his line, like Rafael Nadal waiting for a serve: he adjusted his gloves, he bounced on his heels, he stretched his hamstrings, he adjusted his gloves, he bounced on his heels.
His bench at St. John's was so organized that one could span the chronology of his career with a glance: His first coach, Gene Keady, sat to his left; his first recruit, Rico Hines, to his right.
These traits include his obvious need for self-aggrandizement, his overreaction to perceived slights, his tendency to make decisions based on intuition, his refusal to change his views based on new information, his routine carelessness with the facts, his unwillingness to listen to others and his lack of respect for the rule of law.
His search for his own identity began here in his late teens.
Warren's success didn't create his optimism; his optimism led to his success.
"Obviously it's his goals, it's his career, it's his objectives," Tiley added.
Frank with his dog Nikko in his bedroom at his parent's house.
His studio is his basement, which was once his aunt's hair salon.
He wished his mother hadn't taken his phone away, or his Zippo.
The two centers of his life was his family and his workplace.
The ads criticized his judgment, his temperament and his position on issues.
His throat had been slashed, his body stabbed and his forehead smashed.
His eyes were closed, and his arms were folded below his chest.
I pulled his sweater up his back and over his shoulder blades.
He is with his children and his parents and his brother, Mark.
His family released a statement on his Twitter page following his death.
His direwolf is, of course, by his side, sensing his need. pic.twitter.
His twin brother, his older brother, his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents?
His reluctance, his anxiety, and his beauty make him the realest Chris.
Karthik Nemmani attributed his success to his father and his spelling coach.
His albums "Relapse" and "Recovery" deal with his addiction and his comeback.
His agility, his sense of the game, his skills are quite significant.
At his headquarters, his followers strictly adhered to his teachings and beliefs.
He sends his best regards to his fans and his fellow castmates.
It shows in his lyrics, his public persona, and even his style.
One user says his phone sent all his photos to his girlfriend.
Katie fell for his smarts, his good looks and his charming personality.
That's where he hangs with his friends, his family and his dog.
He rolls right on his back, his hand at his sides, snoring.
His estate, his family, and Jackson during his life, deny the accusations.
His father was never part of his life, according to his grandmother.
His mother, Cornelia Reynolds, found his body that afternoon in his bedroom.
His eyelids droop over his blue eyes and his mouth is ajar.
It's his legal team or his communications team or his senior staff.
He'll use his changeup, he'll throw his slider, he'll use his curveball.
He confesses his need to shed his hard exterior for his daughter.
His father told WCAX and CNN that his son loved his job.
He defends extremely well with his stick, his skating and his smarts.
It was just his body language, his face and, especially, his eyes.
In his statement Tuesday, he touted his accomplishments from his political career.
Trump directs people to his website for his info on his policies.
His attorneys entered not-guilty pleas on his behalf at his arraignment.
His family held a private celebration of his life before his burial.
"Oh my God," his father said, dropping his head into his hands.
He was infamous for his adulteries, his gluttony, and his constant indebtedness.
His attitude, his energy and his individuality are in every single piece.
During his acceptance speech, he thanked his fellow nominees and his costar.
His addiction also took a toll on his relationship with his son.
His cap covered his scalp; the dim lighting concealed his damaged eye.
He mentions the good company of his patients, his teachers, his colleagues.
His roles exploited his physical strength, especially his big frame and girth.
" Stump folded his hands under his chin and cocked his head. "O.
We have seen this in his teachings, his writings, and his practice.
Poke jammed his hands in his pockets, flexing his fingers, unforming fists.
His solution: He removes his hearing aids and turns to his iPhone.
Democratic politics drove his days, his conversations and his social media profiles.
There was his mining giant, his power generator and his ports company.
From his vacations to his cars, see how Nadal spends his millions.
His appointments grow worse, his resentments more inflamed, his policies more damaging.
They will go after his tax returns, his family and his friends.
They defend his decisions, distract from his scandals and attack his opponents.
They justified his behavior, they minimized his offenses, they excused his insults.
His wife, Danielle Gibson, 31, and his family were by his side.
Hearing his playing mechanically reproduced profoundly altered his sense of his sound.
His movements, his hair, and his gleaming grill have their own gravity.
Jung showed variety in his takedowns, his ground game, and his striking.
There's the vanity lie — about his hair, his height or his wealth.
Instead, he's honest about his pain and his struggles and his hope.
His survivors include his wife, Rosemarie, and his children, Stephen and Christine.
In his meticulous approach to his own work, McPhee resembles his subjects.
His family said he had been writing his memoirs at his death.
The war in Afghanistan claimed his father, his uncle and his eyes.
His eyebrows arched, his features twisted, his plosives smacked against the microphone.
His outrage, his strategy, his fate: All of it was about beer.
Callimachi: His words, his thoughts, his videos start to haunt the internet.
His incompetence, his hair, his lack of regard for pomp and manners.
He was sitting at his desk with his head in his hands.
We experience his world, we feel his fears and share his obsessions.
Then add his sense of eminent danger, his conflicted empathy, his frustration.
He closed his eyes, his face reflecting the solemnity of his task.
His family jokes about his sudden fanaticism, but Carter defends his passion.
Instead, he blasts Cruz for his opportunism, his rhetoric, his flip-flops.
There were disputes over his behavior, his cat and his personal hygiene.
You use his language, praise his leadership, tout his commitment to values.
He does not wear his work-rate, his physicality, on his sleeve.
His death was announced by his wife, Kelly, on his Twitter account.
It lists the name of his parents, his mother and his father.
With his newfound stability, he has renewed his focus on his studies.
Throughout his ensuing job hunt, he said, his weight hurt his chances.
They kissed his cheeks, reached for his hands, and took his photo.
His popularity was always rooted in his relatability, his humanness and imperfections.
Expect his rivals to bring up his past and question his sincerity.
His face was serious behind his steel-rimmed glasses, his lips pursed.
Eduardo leaned on his little podium, propped his chin in his hand.
So were his parents, his wife, and his 3-year-old son.
If his first love is music, his second is his own destruction.
Nevertheless, I will certainly miss his cool, his poise and his gravitas.
In his 70th year, he turned his thoughts to his next life.
Among his siblings, only his elder brother Ved survived into his adulthood.
At his office building, the man made his way toward his lab.
It comes out of his character, his humanity, all of his pettiness.
His death was confirmed by his wife, Ivana Gottova, on his website.
His approach to his subjects, and to his métier itself, was unconventional.
He uses his Smart Board to display his work on his poem.
"He adored his family, his friends and his fans," Ms. Oberg wrote.
His hair was black; his eyes were black; his complexion was swarthy.
Lundqvist sat at his stall afterward, his head collapsed in his hands.
And he's here back with his family, his domicile, basically, his pack.
Yet his drive and his passion for his work has sustained him.
He covered his face with his outsized hands to mask his shame.
Trump and his allies frequently argue his critics unfairly racialize his comments.
He is survived by his wife, his four daughters and his sons.
Trump is delusional in his obsession with his numbers, with his size.
DeGrom also helped his own cause with his bat and his glove.
Could his unemployment be based more on his ability than his politics?
My heart breaks for his parents, his wife and his little girls.
They trusted his business acumen, his experience, his loyalty to the city.
Throughout his career, Mr. Mtukudzi kept his family and his work entwined.
This is about Trump's character, his temperament, his impulsiveness, his basic decency.
They share a house with his parents, his sisters and his brothers.
His research leads him deep into his mother's childhood and his own.
Pell has maintained his innocence and his lawyers have appealed his conviction.
Do his views look more like his industry's or his prospective bosses'?
His feet are closer, his hands higher and tighter to his body.
His hand leapt to his head and he brushed his hair back.
His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread.
His brashness, his offensiveness, his immaturity — none of this is an act.
Robbie interprets the food through his family, his travels, and his palate.
It made his facial muscles rigid, stifled his gait, impacted his sleep, and at times, hampered his breathing, according to an AARP interview with his wife, Yolanda "Lonnie" Ali.
In that family snapshot, Rivera held his baby girl Jennifer in his arms, with his younger son Richard to his left, and Jacques Jr., the oldest, to his right.
The taller Trump leaned forward in his chair, his forearms resting on his thighs and his hands connected by his fingertips as he appeared alongside with Russia&aposs leader.
His poorest choices are the decisions of the player, who dictates his interactions with his coworker Delilah, the nuances of his conversation, and the paths that decide his future.
With his generous decision not to play the reward advantage, his heartfelt reunion with his brother, his immunity win and his idol play, Adam was the episode's center point.
He puts his attack dog tail between his legs, opens his big blue eyes, bats those CoverGirl worthy eyelashes, and bites his tongue as he appeals to his partner.
Jet-lagged and still reeling from his divorce, his business failings, and the vicious judgments of his ex-wife and his father, Alan has lost most of his confidence.
His boundless, energetic personality left him bored and restless with his chosen career, so he directed his energy and his engineering expertise into his two passions: filmmaking and skydiving.
Politically, they were a reminder of his extraordinary baggage—his tendency to put his foot in his mouth and his years of opposition to busing and other integration efforts.
Donald Trump brags incessantly about his big buildings, his billions, his supermodels and his male endowment, but he is at root as insecure as many of his greatest fans.
He is survived by his wife, his pugs, his friends, his music, and his legacy, and floods of heartbreaking tributes from those close to him continue to pour forth.
Rather than lamenting his situation, his marginality, his quiet suffering, he would take what his society and his culture had given him and make something revolutionary out of it.
Like his party, Mr. McCain has been caught between his self-interest and his principles, between his instinct to survive and his instinct to sacrifice for the greater good.
It was Thursday, and Kunieda, his coach, his trainer, his clothing sponsor and his wife were all bent over, trying to pump air into the tires of his wheelchair.
JORDAN Ryan [and I] started getting into the back story of where he came from and how his upbringing really affected his personality, his outlook, his rage, his agenda.
In addition to his daughters, Mr. Frankel is survived by his partner, Mary Casey; his son, Gordon Frankel Light; six grandchildren; and his brother, Ronald, his frequent thoroughbred partner.
Thanks to his arrogance and his lack of discipline, he has lost his proximity to the president, lost his billionaire benefactor Rebekah Mercer and lost his precious platform, Breitbart.
Acolytes, he added, were drawn to his "joy in the life of the mind, his discipline, his rigor, his unbelievable devotion and his sharing of that with young people."
His illnesses, his meticulous editing habits and his decision not to write while classes were in session contributed to his relatively slim literary output, some of his colleagues said.
In preparation for his virtual patients, Nagrani put on his classic white doctor's jacket, stitched with his name, over his sweater and draped a black stethoscope over his shoulders.
His F.E.C. filing for his 2024 senate re-election campaign lists his party affiliation as "independent" and his Senate website continues to have an "I" next to his name.
The government had subpoenaed his e-mails, his phone records, and his instant-message logs; prosecutors and F.B.I. agents had studied his communications patterns and his trades in detail.
Gorsuch introduced several family members sitting in the audience, including his wife Louise, his brother-in-law, his brother-in-law's parents, his nephew, his cousin and her daughter.
They watched video of his two-hour confession and heard readings of his online essays, a journal found in his car, letters to his parents and his jailhouse manifesto.
Scala is quick to credit Buffon's "maturity, his eagerness to learn, his calmness" as explanations for his success, but his intensity has been equally significant in ensuring his longevity.
They are real, and they reflect his life and talents — his quest for spiritual strength, his Jewish heritage, his eye on Europe and European art, and his 91 years.
"That loose, sweet, jazzy style that permeated his speech, his writing, his cartoons, his way of existing in the world was right there" in his very being, she said.
Styles made a name for himself this decade through his refreshing take on masculinity, his self-expression through his music, and his commitment to treating his fans with kindness.
This is a question that could be applied to so many things when it comes to Trump — his health records, his taxes, his foreign investments, his business dealings with Russia, his foundation's pay-to-play schemes, his charitable giving (if any), his wife Melania's immigration history, etc.
"Even though his IQ was approximately 60, his common sense, his theological depth, his delight for life, and his unfeigned love for God, his family, and absolutely everyone constantly astonished us all," Franks wrote in the Washington Examiner about his brother, Bruce, who died earlier this year.
DeGrom told Wheeler that during his recovery, he changed his mechanics to lift his elbow sooner during his delivery to take stress off his elbow and, as a bonus, get his hand on top of the ball more.
Trump has already been roundly attacked for a whole host of conflicts, including his children's presence on his transition team while running his companies, his meetings with foreign business people, and his refusal to disclose his tax returns.
The interior designer had his heart ripped out and stomped on, got booted from his shared apartment, moved back in with his parents in his mid-30s — and then put his life (and yes, his home) back together.
" He also reflected on his father's legacy, saying he would miss his "unique blend of self-deprecation and dignity, his approachable elegance, his charisma without audacity, his old-world gentlemanliness and the hand-forged tower of his work.
Nadal threw his arms skywards and turned to his entourage including coach and fellow Mallorcan Carlos Moya and his uncle Toni who stood down from his coaching role last year after his nephew worn his 10th French crown.
Come for his inspirational speeches about Damon getting his shit together, stay for his fond memories about his wife's sleep farts.
He felt them everywhere—his penis, his anus, his pelvis, and his perineum (the place between the anus and the scrotum).
He told me the house was his long before his wife had arrived, the furniture his choice, the design his conception.
Throughout his life Trump has cited his wealth as evidence of his excellence but without offering verifiable proof of his claims.
I think his beautiful voice and his beautiful face and his beautiful moves and his beautiful music were such a gift.
When he puts his cup down he runs his hand through his hair and starts scratching at his heavily tattooed arms.
But his new book is his most personal, showing how forcefully the undercurrent of his own experiences flows through his fiction.
People admired his, I don't know what the word is, but just his work ethic and his inclusiveness and his words.
And so I sat next to his communications director, his chief speechwriter, David Wade, and his press secretary, his political director.
He has analyzed the microbes in his gut, his nose, his mouth and his skin more than 600 times, he estimates.
His cough was rasping, his thighs as thin as his calves, and a thumb and forefinger could practically encircle his ankles.
In hospital his condition deteriorated: his hair fell out, his skin turned yellow and he threw up parts of his stomach.
During his session, Erik began to experience numbness in his legs, tightness in his chest and tingling in his left arm.
Mr Young trudges along the stage between his distortion pedals and his band mates, his head swaying in his dark hat.
But even if he does, his slim margin could damage his authority in his divided party and embolden his conservative enemies.
His size became his key defensive trait; and his clumsiness made his climb to the heavyweight championship all the more absurd.
Slightly shorter and leaner than his peers, the barrel-chested Wawrinka says his strength comes from his core and his legs.
Later reports mentioned his use of cocaine, his boat, his lavish spending in restaurants, and his fiancée, a former Penthouse model.
Even by modern athletic standards, his entourage is necessarily small: his agent, his manager, a few close friends and his family.
The renowned portraitist Chuck Close, 76, has radically upended his style and his life, leaving his wife and worrying his children.
Besides his wife, his brother and his nephew, Dooley's survivors include his sons, Jim, Billy, Sean and Ashton, and two granddaughters.
Trump emerged from his limo tugging at his jacket, looking tense, his red tie dangling, as usual, below his belt buckle.
His focus on his own misery, and his single-minded determination to carry out his plan, struck her as self-absorbed.
Perhaps his musical gifts — his innumerable melodies, his harmonic convolutions, his endearing voice — are so prodigious that they overwhelm any skepticism.
Singh became king after his grandfather because his mother was his grandfather's only child and his father, Narendra, was a "commoner."
Inside his club and on his golf course, Trump told his confidants that he has relished his first year in office.
Wall attributes his alcoholism to three factors: his heredity, his personality and how he handled the enormous stress of his job.
Facing forward with his hands on his belly, the hair on the back of his head shows off his elaborate coiffure.
Despite his deeply cemented superstar status, Kanye West is still motivated to give his career his all thanks to his family.
The question becomes whether that means his fate is preordained by virtue of his blood, his faith, or his skin color.
An insipid question asked for decades about his drawings and his distinct hand — does his jaunty line somehow reveal his homosexuality?
His eyes welled up with tears and he walked with his wooden stick back to his shelter to tell his wife.
He flexes his fingers and shows off his new tendon, which doctors took from his arm and stitched into his hand.
Thanks to mismanagement of his assets by his oldest son, and then by his grandchildren, his billions had dissipated within decades.
Facing us with his arms above his head, his fingers splayed and a stricken look on his face, he slowly crumples.
Jensen gave her his hand and she clutched his rather than shaking it, cupping both hands around his, caressing his palm.
In addition to his brother, his survivors include his children, Nitin and Aysha Vadukul; his mother; and a sister, Nilam Kumari.
"I started digging into the past, his relationships with the family, his childhood, his relationship with his own father," Caballero explains.
Jessa-Lynn's father killed himself in his workshop, leaving his daughter to discover his body and inherit his failing taxidermy business.
Even when he was a little kid, his relatives — his cousin, his aunt and uncle — already sensed his ability to manipulate.
Along with his soundness, his adjustment to his new life is one of the things Moore attributes to his continual improvement.
Did his torturer poke a stick into his wounds, were his toenails pulled out, were electric wires attached to his ears?
At the last moment, his prey in his trap, his point made, he calmly knocked the ball off to his side.
Zolak is best known for his rollicking sense of humor, his loyalty to his old team and his passionate radio calls.
In addition to his brother, he is survived by his mother, Judy Cane; his father, Tony; and his sister, Briony Cane.
In his approach, his vision, his obsession with superstars and famous people, his sense of commercial product, he was very democratic.
His principal vice is condescension, the unwillingness or inability to resist demonstrating his superiority to both his subjects and his readers.
"One on his lower spine, one intertwined with his brain stem and two behind his pons," Ms. Allen, his sister, said.
He excelled at filling space, with his girth, his personality, his grand and unprecedented home runs, and his sense of himself.
First we need to spend some riotous time getting to know his routine, his tricks, his snitches and his blood brothers.
It consumes his time, his energy, his attention: All he does is sit in the lab behind his microscope, studying nematodes.
His theatrical persona, his rallies and his hyperbolic tweets have become the "big stick" he waves from his transformed bully pulpit.
His completion percentage was his lowest mark since 2013, and his yards per attempt average (4163) was his lowest since 2002.
It seems this tension — his resistance to ballet, and his ardor for it — propelled his urge to make his own dances.
It is a museum of his life: all his obsessions, all his reading, all his thinking, all accumulated in these rooms.
His greatness lay in his power, his dynamism, his explosiveness; over these last two, three, four years, all have visibly diminished.
Murray was making his seventh appearance in a final in his last eight tournaments, and his 14th in his last 16.
His statement for his trial, which he was not allowed to read out, served in his absence as his Nobel lecture.
Wheeler said a small change in his delivery — not bringing his hands over his head in his windup — was the difference.
"He endured massive, unnecessary, and frankly counterproductive demands on his time, his family, his scarce resources, and his life," it continued.
Walker apologized to his competitors for his displays of frustration and told his wife that his mood changes were scaring him.
His proposal to separate himself from his business would have him continue to own his company, with his sons in charge.
" Mr. Weber, he said, thanks "his studio, his family, his friends and the people who love his work for their support.
His father had already cut off his monthly allowance and canceled his phone plan because of his participation in the unrest.
Baehrel wouldn't let me meet or talk to his friend Terrance, his wife, his Mennonite meat supplier, or his seafood broker.
He even makes a point of pushing it aggressively: his buildings, his golf courses, his private plane, his super-model wife.
He spent most of his campaign with his airplane as his mobile headquarters, writing speeches and giving interviews from his seat.
One jiggles down his leg toward his ankle; another presses on his sciatic nerve; a third has migrated to his hip.
His lawyers believe he was coerced into giving his confession, citing that police took advantage of his age and his disabilities.
In the days that followed the policeman's discovery, he began digging up his living room, his bathroom, his bedroom, his kitchen.
Consequently, his story is less focused on wielding his power with responsibility, and more on his responsibility to embrace his power.
" A beat later: "He covers his acerbic face with his hands, as if he could feel his visage with his fingers.

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