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"ensure" Definitions
  1. to make sure that something happens or is definite
"ensure" Antonyms

956 Sentences With "ensure"

How to use ensure in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ensure" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ensure". Mastering all the usages of "ensure" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Mangudya directed banks to ensure the ensure official exchange rate reflected market conditions.
They direct staff to ensure customers are satisfied and manage the business to ensure its profitability.
Otherwise, ensure your Android software is fully up to date to ensure you're protected in the future.
We want to ensure we can put him over the top and ensure that he is safe.
The only way to ensure any longevity in this ceasefire is to ensure the UN has a central role.
States' efforts to ensure equal rights Meanwhile, there are other official protections that ensure equal treatment among the sexes.
Its sensors ensure your maximizing efficiency — saving you money — and will always ensure arrive home to the perfect cozy house.
These provisions would ensure that predators have enough food to survive and reproduce — and would help ensure a sustainable ecosystem.
Leadership should ensure that promotion and performance assessments are bias-free to ensure new moms have the opportunities they desire.
If airlines cannot ensure with 100% certainty that their pilots are emotionally stable, they certainly cannot ensure that their passengers are.
The Government must ensure that local authorities are properly resourced, and local authorities should ensure that Trading Standards are properly trained.
He also allegedly said he would ensure both of them get arrested to ensure their child gets placed in protective custody.
Those changes would "help ensure House acceptance of the Senate plan ... and help ensure House and Senate plans agree," Paul wrote.
One is to ensure a stable and predictable schedule for shift workers, and the other is to ensure access to hours.
"[Companies] must ensure that job requirements only ask for essential skills and that they ensure a speedy hiring process," said Johnson.
"We will ensure that the investigative process that is ongoing will ensure the reporting of conduct that is like this," he said.
President Trump says he takes seriously his responsibility to protect American citizens from threats, to ensure our safety and ensure homeland security.
"We will ensure that the investigative process that is ongoing will ensure the reporting of conduct that is like this," he added.
We've worked hard to ensure that the right to be forgotten is effective for Europeans, including using geolocation to ensure 99% effectiveness.
To ensure standards and reputations are upheld, colleges must ensure each application is thoroughly reviewed by a university employee — and rightfully so.
"I think it's important for the administration to ensure that it cares about the students and ensure their safety: open up workshops and counseling centers, do whatever they can to ensure that their safety is a number-one concern," she said.
"That has to be corrected to ensure that technologies are put (in place) to ensure we reduce those emissions," he said without elaborating.
But what does Singapore need to do to ensure its relevance and to ensure that it stays competitive as an International Maritime Centre?
We must, as we innovate, ensure that every step into our future is deliberately accompanied by work to ensure we are more inclusive.
Henry said last week he needed to stay to "ensure an orderly succession of the CEO and also to ensure appropriate board renewal".
Thus did McCarthy help ensure Hubert Humphrey's defeat by Richard Nixon in 1968—and Mr Sanders help ensure Hillary Clinton's to Donald Trump.
Bhurtel said it was imperative that employers take full responsibility for their overseas workers and ensure all provisions are made to ensure their safety.
I believe that the best way to ensure a strong connection between the military and society is to ensure that the force reflects America.
Stine crafted a system to ensure it can accurately track when farmers save and replant seeds and ensure they pay Bayer the appropriate fees.
We need to ensure equitable access to quality sexual health information, reproductive health services and ensure women's agency over their own lives and bodies.
When NEPA was enacted in 2628, it was intended to ensure that federal projects would be evaluated to ensure compliance with existing environmental laws.
The purpose of bail is to ensure that defendants return to court to answer charges against them and, in part, to ensure public safety.
"Making space an operational domain will help us ensure all aspects are taken into account to ensure the success of our missions," he said.
Regulations and processes are in place to ensure that all exhibitors adhere to code of conduct guidelines and help ensure a positive experience for everyone.
Also on Friday, Fischer ordered an inquiry into all city programs involving children and teenagers to ensure measures are in place to ensure their safety.
Nikai is considered close to LDP partner Komeito and will ensure the Buddhist-backed party is placated to ensure the bill's passage, the three say.
And while we can't ensure that any particular job endures, we can and should ensure that a decent life endures even when a job doesn't.
"We want to ensure appropriate justice is served, and the contents of the cell phone could contain critical information needed to ensure that happens," Velasco said.
For the company, it was important to ensure that its shares see a healthy pop to set the tone moving forward — and ensure everyone makes money.
You create the innovations in the labs, ensure that every product produced is of 'unsurpassed quality' and support doctors and nurses to ensure the patient's health.
Republicans are under pressure to ensure that a replacement for ObamaCare moves alongside repeal to ensure a new option for the 20 million people now enrolled.
To ensure a perfect fit, your Bumas Muzzle will come mostly fitted; you still have to fine-tune the straps to ensure the best possible fit.
More money wouldn't ensure that everyone who needs treatment actually gets it, but it could ensure that everybody who wants treatment doesn't face insurmountable logistical barriers.
"The attorney general continues with his work to ensure we get legally-binding changes to ensure that we are not locked in the backstop," Brokenshire said.
The blades are scalloped to ensure tough foods fall away without sticking and their anti-rust properties ensure you'll be chopping for years with no issues.
Ensure that this doesn&apost happen againPassengers have to believe that they&aposre safe inside a 737 Max — and Boeing needs to ensure they actually are.
Under Wheeler's chairmainship, Clyburn emerged as one of the strongest advocates for the FCC to ensure that the regulator did everything it could to ensure net neutrality.
They should review legal procedures to ensure that victims of sexual violence are not re-victimized and ensure adequate punishment for perpetrators, so that others are deterred.
The charges include failing to ensure the health and safety of the workers, and failing to ensure the compressor equipment was serviced in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
Trump says his economic record will ensure he is reelectedTrump went on to say that his record on the economy would ensure he is victorious in 2020.
That would ensure that any lawmakers who are sick with the coronavirus, currently self-quarantining or otherwise unable to travel could still ensure their votes are counted.
For owners, they're asked to ensure network devices are up-to-date, change default passwords, and ensure the firmware on the device is from a trusted source.
" The company does this, its spokesperson said, to "ensure we can support their travel needs and to ensure we can resolve any issues that may affect their trips.
To ensure no other strikes occur, the US announced that it hopes to create a tanker protection force to ensure shipping vessels can pass through that area unimpeded.
Senate passes bill to ensure furloughed workers get back pay Later Thursday, the Senate has again passed a bill to ensure furloughed federal workers will get back pay.
To ensure that buyers and sellers are treated fairly, Nasdaq has for decades looked for ways to ensure that trades are processed in the order they are placed.
The scallops in the blades ensure you can cut through tough foods without any sticking, while their anti-rust properties ensure you'll be chopping for years to come.
States wishing to sell arms to Iraq should ensure strict measures to ensure weapons will not be used by militias to violate human rights, he added in a statement.
" The federation also urged governments to "ensure humanitarian assistance is never deemed unlawful," ensure that humanitarian organizations can help migrants, and "create firewalls between public services and immigration enforcement.
"The attorney general continues with his work to ensure we get legally-binding changes to ensure that we are not locked in the backstop," Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said.
China is also asking Argentina to ensure the safety and legal rights of Chinese fishermen and take steps to ensure such incidents do not happen again, the statement said.
Graham said the president should ensure that the negotiations are "very focused and get quick action" to ensure North Korea doesn't get the time it needs to build missiles.
We must ensure that the river basin safely gets through the floods, ensure that the safety of the Yangtze River — this mighty artery of the Chinese economy — is safe.
Shouting overtook the floor in May when GOP lawmakers changed their votes to ensure a measure to ensure protections for members of the LGBT community narrowly failed to pass.
Moscow must ensure its allied Syrian government forces adhere to the pause, while the United States and regional powers must ensure opposition fighters are also on board, he said.
"We are determined to ensure that light is shed on the exact circumstances of this crime and to ensure that this horrendous act ... will not remain unpunished," Kabila said.
Having flown on countless flights, I developed a strategy to ensure I get a good seat on every flight, taking in numerous factors to ensure a perfect flight experience.
To ensure independence, Congress needs to be involved at highly classified levels to ensure the intelligence community can do its job properly and free of interference from the White House.
"We need to ensure that all the vital government services are provided, and at the same time, we have to ensure we bring our budget back into balance," said Turnbull.
We receive 290 pieces of content a minute and need to ensure that information posted on our site adheres to our content guidelines to ensure the integrity of these posts.
Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) says it is working with agencies "to ensure a smooth transition," and that it is "exploring innovative work solutions to ensure work processes remain efficient."
The TV leverages quantum dot technology to ensure that colors are bright and vivid, plus it boasts 16 dimming zones, which help ensure that black levels are deep and natural.
Facebook's representative told The Verge the company has made major efforts to ensure a positive experience for ethnic minorities from Myanmar, and ensure a two-way dialogue on these issues.
"We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens, military personnel and diplomats in country, and to ensure our right of self-defense," Esper added.
"We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens, military personnel and diplomats in country, and to ensure our right of self-defense," Esper said.
He said regulation of artificial intelligence was needed to ensure proper human oversight, but added "there is a balance to be had" to ensure that rules do not stifle innovation.
"We are determined to find a away to ensure that investments are used to ensure less CO2 is emitted and achieve a good legal framework that supports this," he said.
The proposed merger will be reviewed by the Justice Department on antitrust grounds, to ensure that the deal doesn't run afoul of important US laws designed to ensure competitive markets.
The State Department negotiates with host countries to ensure that released detainees get access to things like employment, health care, and housing to ensure a smoother transition to civilian life.
"To ensure veterans are able to continue accessing state-of-the-art facilities and the quality care they deserve, I am granting exemptions to ensure the minimum staffing required to become or remain operational, and to ensure that the safety and health standards required by law are met," Snyder wrote in the memo.
We work hard to ensure the integrity of our products, and we've put a number of checks and balances in place to ensure they continue to live up to our standards.
Sentencing reforms are needed to ensure that punishments for low-level nonviolent offenses fit the crime, as well as to ensure that limited prison resources are being focused on violent offenders.
The team now carefully vets each submission to ensure that it fits the adventurous yet professional vibe, and to ensure they don't offer fonts that are too similar to each other.
"The government must now ensure a coherent and coordinated cross-sector response, and that the right levers are in place to ensure local actions deliver the national ambitions," the audit concluded.
The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure a constant government approach to the technology and ensure that the United States will continue to lead AV technology development, research and integration.
I expect full accountability & will work to ensure it.
"Our intention here with this — and this fell within the authorities that are provided to me right now — was to ensure that we had redundant capable fighters support on the ground to support our partners and ensure that we could take advantage of opportunities and ensure the continuing progress that we've been seeing," Votel said.
Samantha wrote in her petition that she wants to "ensure the continued stability for Emani and ensure that she will be able to maintain her current and ongoing relationship" with her fam.
Additional challenges aheadAll this work needs to be done under stringent quality and safety conditions, to ensure it meets global legislative requirements, and to ensure staff and the wider community are safe.
To ensure that the information was secure, the members should give over their electronic devices for scanning to ensure no malware was on them, and that they have not compromised the SCIF.
Plus, their design is ergonomic – the two-part ear canal soft silicon tips ensure a snug fit, at least in my experience, without requiring tricks like memory foam to ensure a seal.
Kalandi Samal, a local BJP leader who is leading the protests, said the demonstrations will continue until authorities ensure safety measures to prevent such tragedies and ensure adequate compensation to the victims.
"The airlines have been briefed to ensure the advice has been passed on to their pilots and to ensure appropriate measures are in place," said Chris Sheehan, the AFP's acting assistant commissioner.
Rights group Amnesty International has called on Lebanese authorities to ensure that the concert goes ahead and to "take the necessary measures to ensure the band is protected from this spiteful campaign".
Honda said it was working on a recall fix to help ensure proper latching and, in the interim, had posted a detailed instruction sheet on how to ensure seats are properly latched.
Now that the statute's full disclosure obligations for independent expenditures have been restored, we will be monitoring groups closely to ensure they follow the law—and the FEC, to ensure it's enforced.
" FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said last week the rollback will ensure more investment by providers and will ensure "better, faster, and cheaper Internet access and more broadband competition to the American people.
"This proceeding has the potential to impact all Americans and as the expert agency, you should ensure that the Commission provides ample time to ensure all voices are heard," the senators wrote.
Similar working groups exist in the US to ensure that "all the biometric systems in different departments could communicate to ensure they could share information on known and suspected terrorists," Campbell wrote.
"This is not about the state trying to ensure respect for life or ensure public health interests are met," says Amanda Allen, senior state legislative counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights.
For example, hospitals contracting with third-party telemedicine vendors will want to ensure their virtual docs have up-to-date patient records before diving into a consultation to ensure valuable care delivery.
To ensure the industry was reliably and predictably regulated in order to promote regular commercial launches as well as ensure our international obligations were met, the Commercial Space Launch Act was passed.
We need to ensure Congress and the Administration are doing everything they can to ensure the promise of this new economy is available to and is being realized by all of us.
" FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said last week the rollback will ensure more investment by providers and will ensure "better, faster, and cheaper Internet access and more broadband competition to the American people.
The scallops in the blades ensure you can use them to cut through tough foods, while their built-in anti-rust properties ensure they'll be slicing and dicing for a very long time.
In order to ensure that Daydream apps meet a certain level of quality, Google has also published a page of Daydream app quality requirements to ensure that any VR experiences meet Google's standards.
However they stressed that the government would need to ensure people knew about the law, and that adequate resources be provided to ensure law enforcement agencies and the judiciary implemented and enforced it.
"Secure" sites can't ensure that your information is impenetrable, but Chrome says it plans to make continuing efforts in this space to ensure that its users have the most secure browser experience possible.
Britain's tax and revenue service should ensure that all estate agents are registered with it to ensure compliance with rules aimed at stopping proceeds of corruption being stashed in property, the report said.
Macron also said France had asked the Libyan government to ensure migrants would no longer be placed in custody in the country and that appropriate measures would be taken to ensure their safety.
"National supervisory authorities are required to ensure that insurance undertakings and insurance intermediaries take appropriate contingency measures to ensure the continuity of services for cross-border insurance contracts," EIOPA said in a statement.
But to ensure we are able to achieve the next generation of wireless innovation and the many services it promises, we need to ensure we have enough spectrum available to meet the demand.
Since then, Omar says she's received a rash of new death threats, prompting Pelosi to speak directly with the House sergeant at arms to ensure steps are being taken to ensure Omar's safety.
The agency's ability to ensure that compliance, through a strict regimen of inspections, is considered critical to the survival of the accord, which is intended to ensure that Iran's nuclear activities remain peaceful.
The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure constant United States Government (USG) approaches to AV technologies and ensure that the United States will continue to lead AV technology development, research and integration.
"We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens, military personnel and diplomats in country, and to ensure our right of self-defense," Esper said in a statement.
"It will ensure increased employment and investment in an important industry sector in Tasmania, while the safeguards we have put in place will ensure they pay their tax," Morrison said in a statement.
They are a focused group of experts who interact with campaign organisers to ensure that donations get into the hands of the intended recipients and ensure GoFundMe is the safest place to give.
We want our fleet commanders to get together with their leaders and their commands to ensure that we are taking all appropriate immediate actions to ensure safe and effective operations around the world.
You have to ensure it's aligned and straight and focused.
How to ensure the performers' safety without killing the mood?
The platform will ensure effective communication among the various options.
Did it ensure the fertility of women and the land?
And one of them has been to ensure fiber access.
Democrats said that the new guidelines would ensure that the
Whitney in 2008 to ensure that the building wasn't sold.
Automating everything helps ensure that you always stay on track.
When you cannot be bothered to ensure that the sick
Ensure you're logged into your Bitmoji app and open Snapchat.
A battles ensure, including one between Danny and his past.
The filibuster in the Senate was designed to ensure debate.
The pharmacist would then ensure customers understand the new rules.
To ensure optimal freshness, secure them with a rubber band.
That principle is intended to ensure stability in the law.
How do they ensure safety and that kind of thing?
To ensure that, you need to keep the kids busy.
These products will ensure everyone knows you're the Alpha Nerd.
How do you ensure you're part of that top tier?
Advocates for fingerprinting argue that it helps ensure rider safety.
And the U.S. should ensure it has its own copy.
It would almost ensure him another four years in office.
It is a way to ensure that workers come back.
We've asked YouTube to ensure this does not happen again.
He said he would strive to ensure a smooth transition.
And how can I ensure I'm a considerate coffee buyer?
Sometimes we will hire an outside investigator to ensure impartiality.
The only truly successful way to ensure spoilers are avoided.
This bill will ensure there is no blocking, no throttling.
We ensure that communication takes place throughout the entire process.
That provision would ensure American manufacturing workers earn strong wages.
Margins are charged to ensure customers can meet their obligations.
To ensure a flawless rendition, producers had to get creative.
In Poland, the government released strategic reserves to ensure supply.
PrEP, though, helps ensure that even asymptomatic cases are diagnosed.
CamSoda has also locked down the service ensure proper security.
How will we ensure this data is not used perniciously?
Modern updates like these ensure that the show stays relevant.
Institutions must ensure the accuracy, reliability, and validity of decisions.
Ensure your knees do not cross over your toe line.
Successful appeals ensure that our systems get better and better.
And, once released, their safety may be harder to ensure.
And to ensure that innovation is as inclusive as possible.
The int'l community needs to ensure justice for victims - #Zeid.
Please review this program to ensure it meets military values.
They must ensure that the promises he made are kept.
Remain focused on your safety and act to ensure it.
The Bureau of Guardians eavesdrops on conversations to ensure productivity.
It was the only way she could ensure my safety.
We must ensure young people feel included and have prospects.
Using a fork, prick the dough to ensure even baking.
How do I ensure my pet doesn't hate my child?
Basically, you want ensure it shows off your real friend.
And that's a normal way that democratic governments ensure accountability.
To ensure you're always primed for the elements, wear layers.
We need global cooperation and regulation to ensure space safety.
We regret this and will ensure it doesn't happen again.
Engineers test products to ensure they aren't harmful to humans.
EditorsNote: resending to ensure delivery to all clients; Updates 1.
Supporters argue that the restrictions ensure quality and safety standards.
Enders said he would work to ensure a smooth transition.
But it would also ensure that FIFA received harsher scrutiny.
Donate to ensure that this critical humanitarian program can continue.
"It really helps ensure profitability every quarter now," Navellier said.
True, the French electoral system is designed to ensure governability.
It's work to ensure Overwatch is a place that's welcoming.
It also likes to ensure that people honor its rules.
The pants will be designed to ensure comfort during exercise.
They acted very quickly to ensure my health and safety.
"Words and political stunts cannot ensure our security," Rubio warned.
The Security Council must now ensure this resolution is respected.
Taking a multivitamin helps ensure your basic needs are met.
Donahue said a bankruptcy regime would ensure 100 percent participation.
We all have to ensure that AI systems operate fairly.
It just foams the runway to ensure a safe landing.
Russia pledged to ensure Assad eliminated his chemical weapons stockpile.
But to ensure its failure, Remainers must do two things.
RetailMeNot will ensure that you never miss a sale again.
They want to see government policies to ensure equal compensation.
How do you ensure that — Let me be very honest.
They'll be carefully designed to ensure the optimum customer experience.
Congress should ensure that inheritance is not squandered through neglect.
That helps ensure you aren't accidentally giving out inaccurate information.
The National Guard is often called in to ensure order.
Meanwhile, ensure that almost every school has enticing science laboratories.
It may take outside help to ensure a fair contest.
The bill says the changes will ensure compatibility among schools.
EU institutions working together to ensure security of staff& premises.
International monitoring groups worked hard to ensure a credible election.
The efforts to weaken and destroy unions ensure everyone loses.
Ensure your Fitbit is connected to the phone via Bluetooth.
As policy makers and parents, we must ensure community immunity.
And they need to ensure three percent growth or higher.
Higher demand may ensure you'll get the freshest possible food.
The safeguards exist to ensure patients' access to necessary medicine.
Rule out items for discussion to ensure a preordained conclusion.
"You have to ensure that all human rights are protected."
It also helps ensure that history will not be forgotten.
He said his government would ensure enforcement of the legislation.
Putinism relies on the president's popularity to ensure regime stability.
To help ensure that safety, we do not discuss specifics.
"The redundancy and replication will ensure it'll never be lost." 
They undergo regular inspections to ensure they're following the plan.
Dirt composition tests are done to ensure ideal race conditions.
But CFTC registration is not necessary to ensure this result.
Build sticky, scalable software: Ensure you are used every day.
How, exactly, will you move teachers around to ensure "equity"?
It is Congress' job to ensure competition and foster innovation.
They acted very quickly to ensure my health and safety.
Pour slowly to ensure that the streusel is not displaced.
How should we regulate automated cars to ensure public safety?
He asked citizens to help ensure safety and public order.
Simeone also relies on his Argentine connection to ensure success.
How do they ensure that water and oxygen supplies last?
WIC helps ensure that newborns in poor families aren't malnourished.
This would both tie the president's hands and ensure action.
You simply have to ensure Location Services are turned on.
This will help ensure lasting and meaningful change in athletics.
They also want to ensure monitoring protocols are properly followed.
This will ensure your computer restarts normally, without the prompt.
The new Savings Plans ensure higher utilization and less waste.
Ensure greater numbers of people from deprived areas attend university.
That is the way to ensure a golden glazed underside.
Britain's health agency is mulling how to ensure medicine supplies.
Some alternated vacation time with their spouses to ensure coverage.
Obviously, companies should always do their best to ensure security.
Or simply accompany the caravan to ensure an orderly passage?
"Any action should ensure full accountability for abuses," he said.
Ensure coronavirus treatments, and not just testing, will be free.
Finally, regulations should ensure that Uber treats its drivers fairly.
This will help ensure her living was not in vain.
We must ensure that peace is more profitable than conflict.
However we need strict monitoring to ensure good quality. Yes.
This "collateral" would ensure their unquestioning compliance, prosecutors have said.
Employers should be transparent and use data to ensure accountability.
Order soon to ensure delivery by Father's Day (June 16).
But states need billions, not millions, to ensure secure voting.
She was careful to ensure that Teresa retained some softness.
This will both ensure accountability and deter bad faith behavior.
These exercises ensure we are trained for combined joint operations.
Participating companies also help ensure employees are registered to vote.
But Jared's family wants to ensure his vision lives on.
It's also key to ensure you're present during the interaction.
Understandably, sellers want to ensure that those prospects — any prospects!
Ultimately, Trump can ensure America's place as an AI superpower.
Politicians are eager to ensure that tourism picks up again.
The measure was taken "to ensure public health and safety".
We conducted spot checks to ensure schools were appropriately stocked.
Personal profiteering must be put aside to ensure national prosperity.
They ensure respect for everyone, according to this Opinion writer.
Instead, he assembled a war room to ensure its survival.
The challenge is to ensure that it would never try.
And piles of money have been spent to ensure that.
Bernie Sanders to ensure our political system works for everyone.
"We want to ensure the chaos is eased," he said.
The first was how to ensure high quality engineering design.
Green used that process to ensure a vote on impeachment.
Congress must also ensure that the tax code is simplified.
Such deals are meant to ensure nonproliferation standards are met.
The change is meant to ensure naval shipyards remain open.
Modify to ensure the task is appropriate for your classroom.
Ensure plans for visitor access have been reviewed and updated.
Surely this is the wisest way to ensure our security.
Ensure everyone in your party knows there is an issue.
"That," he said, "helps ensure that we are social beings."
Ensure that children have support, including speaking to a therapist.
Legislatures also must act to ensure those standards apply broadly.
Union supporters say they want to ensure standards are maintained.
This is to ensure no untoward incidents or accidents occur.
"We used to ensure politics played no role," he added.
" But said he would delay his departure "to ensure stability.
"Donald Trump will ensure we stay woke," Mr. Jealous said.
Pruitt pledged to ensure that the EPA avoids further missteps.
First is to ensure there is not a bank run.
However, I always ensure that my home is child friendly.
The Han elite spared no expense to ensure their continuance.
We'll likely need regulations to ensure it doesn't keep happening.
Standards are needed to ensure quality control and consumer safety.
The government says the aim is to ensure greater transparency.
This would ensure representation of alternative viewpoints at all times.
"Our primary goal is to ensure American leadership," he said.
However, we must work to ensure it stays that way.
We are empowered to ensure that we change our country.
This is probably to ensure people don't hog the network.
I offered bonuses and other incentives to ensure maximum engagement.
Ensure you need to have it in the first place.
Other efforts have required enormously expensive engineering to ensure protection.
Another tries to ensure accuracy and consistency across the globe.
If you can't ensure consistency, Facebook functionally has no policy.
Democratic lawmakers want to ensure that every detail is shared.
In some cases, the person carries money to ensure prosperity.
That is to ensure a peaceful, free and fair process.
Meanwhile, Democratic Party strategists are desperately trying to ensure Rep.
It takes an office to ensure that obligation is met.
"There remains a need to look closely at ways to improve debt management to ensure that economic growth has sustainable foundations and that borrowed money is invested wisely to ensure inclusive growth," it said.
"I sat down on the floor and I banged my head as hard as I could to ensure that I got a bump, to ensure that my parents could hear the bang," Larson said.
C) (IIRIRA), and in order to ensure the safety and territorial integrity of the United States as well as to ensure that the Nation's immigration laws are faithfully executed, I hereby order as follows.
In order to ensure the safest, most hygienic experience possible, Buono recommends calling ahead to ensure that the spa doesn't "double dip" — instead, that they use a new stick for each application of wax.
But just as a judge is expected to set aside personal views to ensure the integrity of a trial, our journalists are expected to do the same to ensure the integrity of their journalism.
He added that China would ensure the smooth operation of local governments amid the coronavirus outbreak and that the finance ministry will ensure the funding needs of Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak.
A Treasury spokesperson said OFAC has and will continue to ensure that the companies covered by the deal take the necessary steps to ensure that Deripaska doesn't have influence or control over board members.
Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are likely to hold Trump's feet to the fire to ensure he lives up to his promise to appoint justices who could ensure a generational conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.
On at least four other occasions, the FISC used that "exclusive means" section to ensure (or to try to ensure) that NSA didn't get away with keeping the data it obtained by breaking the rules.
It must also take account of the need to ensure SME access to NHS data, and ensure that patients are made aware of the use of their data and given the option to opt out.
Spicer added that while the summit could be a positive step, the Trump administration should ensure that it receives certain concessions from North Korea ahead of the meeting to ensure Kim abandons his nuclear program.
" The Army is restructuring the AIAMD program and extending the schedule to ensure the program includes significant new capabilities and to ensure emerging requirements are satisfied before IBCS enters Low Rate Initial Production or "LRIP.
A spokesman for Ontario's Ministry of Transportation said on Thursday it would ensure it was satisfied with the steps Uber has taken to ensure the safety of its automated vehicles, before resuming testing in Toronto.
But the company told CNN Business that it was "monitoring the protests closely to ensure the safety of clients and staff," and adding extra security to ensure that only invited guests would be allowed entry.
Since learning that we were paying women less than men for equal work at Salesforce, we have spent $1.63 million to ensure equal pay; today we conduct annual audits to ensure that pay remains equal.
Then, if DHS decides to maintain its relationships with some of the better, more humanely designed private facilities, it should ensure that it's overseeing them effectively to ensure the health, safety and dignity of detainees.
"He is now able and willing to talk with the congressional committees seeking his testimony, though I will be working with all parties to ensure his identity remains confidential to ensure his safety," she added.
"We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens, military personnel and diplomats ... and to ensure our right of self-defense," Esper said in a statement obtained by The Hill.
The university beefed up its security presence to ensure student safety.
These two books should ensure that she is back for good.
Governments also legislate to ensure that markets are in fact competitive.
Instead to live in one's own country and ensure familial continuity.
That means we do need to ensure that vigilance is maintained.
These scenes ensure that Freddy walks off with the entire movie.
Ellsworth oversees the professionals to ensure they have the proper guidance.
That can help ensure the whole family benefits from your help.
That approach will ensure every exchange is helpful, thoughtful and beneficial.
Protect hard-hit communities, but don't ensure everyone has a job.
Mills consulted Planned Parenthood to ensure the film was historically accurate.
The first and the most important is to ensure wage growth.
Or to ensure that everyone in your group makes smart decisions.
Great care was taken to ensure it did not break apart.
Charitable institutions were eager to ensure that their inmates conformed to
""Elevation will also ensure that critical cyberspace operations are adequately funded.
It's a formula filled with vitamin C to ensure thorough hydration.
Ensure calls go straight to voicemail (call flooding, OSINT, HLR) 3.
Chairman Pai's proposal to repeal Title II regulations will ensure the
So what should companies do to ensure their staff remains happy?
There has also been legislation to ensure greater supply-chain transparency.
Her company was hired to ensure water met various environmental standards.
A new voice-recording wearable could ensure that never happens again.
Regular firmware updates ensure these artificial intelligence technologies remain cutting-edge.
How will they ensure trans men who are admitted are safe?
Or to ensure that our homeland is protected against new threats?
He would ensure its return to "the top of the pack".
There are a lot of ways to ensure a happy marriage.
These are precautions we recommend to ensure rider and home safety.
It's a way to ensure all your private conversations remain private.
Please ensure all in-person participant counts are correct before confirming.
The mission of JFF is to ensure economic advancement for all.
"We will ensure the professional standards of the department are upheld."
A flight attendant's job is to ensure passengers' safety and security.
They also scatter food to ensure plenty of marine life appears.
It's also much more difficult to ensure, across states and geographies.
Sofia is yet to adopt legal changes to ensure his accountability.
Participating founders receive free, extensive pitch coaching to ensure peak performance.
My boyfriend gave him that name, to ensure they'd get along.
Hope - Freeze the scheduled sales tax hike to ensure economic recovery.
It helped ensure 10 of the first 12 presidents were slaveholders.
But money alone cannot ensure you will ultimately claim your prize.
But some survivors need more help than others to ensure that.
The development will ensure that "appropriate insurance" is available for them.
To ensure that continues, airlines should be tireless about combating tiredness.
This will hopefully ensure that the money helps, not hurts, them.
Every effort is being made to ensure that he is safe.
This will help to ensure that customers receive their pizzas fresh.
"This is by design to ensure fairness and objectivity," Crowell wrote.
It was our job to ensure all these parts moved cohesively.
Can it ensure that you brush the recommended amount of time?
The police took extra precautions to ensure safety at the event.
Not to ensure diversity from the foreigners coming into this country.
If you want to ensure a breezy trip, take a break.
Certificates ensure the validity of software and help keep things secure.
The system is designed to ensure that evidence reaches defence lawyers.
We have taken the following steps to ensure our clients' success:
So how do you ensure there is no child left behind?
The feedfeed team will be onsite to ensure "insta-worthy" photos.
Farmers need a reason to ensure that good data is collected.
And strong antidiscrimination laws help ensure that everyone shares those freedoms.
And all the advance buzz will likely ensure a big opening.
We will continue to work to ensure legitimate concerns are addressed.
And it's one way to ensure that your love burns eternal.
And, to ensure the fastest turnaround, it offered no seat assignments.
To ensure a flawless finish, Lee swears by the Beauty Blender.
The Treasury said Padrino helped ensure the military's loyalty to Maduro.
Mandates higher pay for child care workers to ensure better care.
Experts say police shooting investigations should be independent to ensure objectivity.
We are studying our operations to ensure our speed and efficiency.
It might even help ensure that their money is spent well.
But it's worth it because that will [help ensure] European sovereignty.
Consider planning to vote with friends to ensure comfort and safety.
He proposes a two-year nationwide trial to ensure due process.
Instead, it would ensure that taxpayers do not indirectly fund abortions.
SeLFIES ensure retirement security, and the government is a natural issuer.
Well, that's one way to ensure a stocking full of coal.
Finally, they take a selfie, to ensure the two faces align.
Companies will need to ensure that algorithms are being constantly monitored.
A process of this nature will help ensure accuracy of fees.
Lenders need to ensure that customer privacy is sacrosanct, said Brainard.
You also want to ensure the company shares your business model.
Twitter said it was working to "ensure we overturn any errors".
And this collaboration between Google's DeepMind and Blizzard will ensure it.
Someone played a takeover card, to ensure the call got made.
DHS says it is conducting a review to ensure greater accuracy.
You could possibly ensure better cars, better service and better pricing.
Drain the pasta well to ensure it is no longer wet.
In uncertain times I want to ensure that everyone understands that.
But that was to ensure we didn&apost bleep something up.
He was also injected with drugs to ensure he remained conscious.
Physician advisors ensure hospitals operate in accordance with different medical codes.
Seven shades of nude ensure every woman can meet her match.
He opted not to release a plan that would ensure everyone.
Groundwater is essential to ensure farmers can grow enough food crops.
This is, of course, impossible to ensure on a global scale.
A lot more has to be done to ensure a hit.
I will ensure my future shoots and projects reflect that mission.
" Only then will we truly ensure "liberty and justice for all.
Will there be meaningful change to ensure this never happens again?
Take little bits of food and ensure you chew everything fully.
Agencies must ensure proper consideration and assessment of input from stakeholders.
Their role is to ensure the integrity of the voting process.
Even so, the unique aspects of this confirmation fight ensure surprises.
But let's also ensure that we are prepared for that reality.
It's the only way to ensure 2017 doesn't turn into 1984.
Every student-athlete at Duke is reviewed to ensure their eligibility.
They previously had to ensure they were giving only "suitable" advice.
The multiple laps ensure that no one misses the action, repeatedly.
Strong hash chaining techniques ensure the safe transmission of new policies.
They said their own background checks are comprehensive and ensure safety.
Ensure the whole bird is dry, especially the skin and cavity.
I ensure I outline the marbling and layered coffee as well.
It added it was working with Deloitte to ensure correct accounting.
We have corrected our process to ensure this doesn't happen again.
These requirements would ensure that the information is clear and accurate.
Only the wisdom of the President can ensure its appropriate use.
They zoned in ways to halt fire spread and ensure egress.
Would the limited staff have been able to ensure everyone's safety?
To ensure these forces are ready requires regular training and exercises.
They're fighting now to ensure it doesn't happen again next year.
To ensure their survival, Catholic hospitals have also overhauled their leadership.
This gradual adding will ensure that you don't overmix your batter.
How did you ensure these were actually extraterrestrial, rather than industrial?
The council is designed to ensure that the network never forks.
That is how we ensure America does not get left behind.
Ensure healthy plant growth just a few drops at a time.
It means passing laws that ensure paid sick and family leave.
On Thursday, the Communist Party vowed to ensure Hong Kong's stability.
He stressed the need to ensure regional stability and avoid escalation.
Somsak said Thailand needs to ensure QR payment systems are secure.
"We're taking our time to ensure it's done right," he said.
Wipe or suction its nose and mouth to ensure clear airways.
This helps ensure that only you can access your account.1.
They may well ensure you are able to avoid getting Trumped.
How do we ensure that laws are enforced clearly and impartially?
A third works on the front lines to ensure abortion access.
In an effort to ensure continued support for the program, Sen.
Ensure an orderly release of migrants who are not safety threats.
And they expect some necessary solutions to ensure their very survival.
Primary elections ensure the strongest Democrats emerge to advance that agenda.
Criminal activity helps ensure a constant flow of money to terrorists.
But, his allies note, he can't ensure his supporters follow suit.
Now, they wanted to retire and ensure that their business continued.
Pittsburgh's next loss will ensure it can finish no better than .
That's a good initial strategy, as it almost ensure LiveWire's profitability.
Innovation must be coupled with affordability in order to ensure access.
I also worked hard to ensure agricultural research was well administered.
No, they will ensure that they have alternatives you don't have.
We call on our lawmakers to ensure that that doesn't happen.
I have a duty to ensure that people come before profits.
The various reforms do not ensure the USPS won't run deficits.
We do our best to ensure this rule is fully enforced.
Move your phone to ensure it has the 3D effect.10.
Favorable economic tailwinds should give Flint scope to ensure further outperformance.
Americans look to FDA to ensure the safety of these products.
Ensure your Apple Watch is strapped securely to your wrist. 2.
Free speech for all has to ensure safe speech for all.
So how do we ensure our children are not left behind?
These CCP cells ensure the companies comply with directives from Beijing.
Financial examiners ensure compliance with laws governing financial institutions and transactions.
It seeks to ensure 13.2 trillion pesos for 2020 funding needs.
Glass surfaces everywhere ensure for an open and productive working environment
Many believe going to university will ensure better career prospects too.
The best way to ensure a successful delivery is by practice.
Police said they had made arrangements to ensure protests remained peaceful.
There was, however, no movement to ensure livable wages for workers.
It dictates absolute loyalty from the military to ensure regime security.
It also seeks to ensure that they are compassionate toward travelers.
The legislation would also take measures to ensure that wouldn't happen.
And what are we doing to ensure that this doesn't happen?
We must absolutely try to ensure that there is no failure.
Ensure that doesn't happen by gifting your favorite traveler this wallet.
Congress should also ensure that the VA personnel policies are overhauled.
It's our job to ensure she makes it to the Hill.
She wants to ensure that her daughters remain safe -- and alive.
Officals will carry out inspections of companies' operations to ensure compliance.
However, intransigence by the CFTC will all but ensure that result.
But it did ensure that Republicans faced the steepest possible gradient.
The app makes the call for you to ensure your privacy.
Valimail helps businesses ensure that nobody can impersonate them over email.
Employees are often videotaped to ensure they follow standard operating procedure.
Now, all eyes are on NHTSA to ensure the program's success.
Schumer is now taking the lead to ensure they press forward.
That will help ensure you make the most of everyone's time.
The couple is taking great lengths to ensure that isn't necessary.
I've shut down our [production environment] to ensure data is safe.
Won't a big cache of cash ensure survivability through hard times?
Health policy experts say the mandate helps ensure a viable market.
You should also ensure that roaming settings are turned on.1.
This all helps ensure that he knows that people are good.
Ensure 80% of Britain&aposs electricity use comes from renewable sources.
Tap on "Everyone" to ensure anyone can AirDrop to your iPhone.
How to ensure that any new Constitution would be more representative?
"We have no more income to ensure his education," he said.
It will be up to Democrats to ensure they don't succeed.
We must ensure that votes sent by mail are counted accurately.
To ensure that more girls have opportunities and access to justice.
How does she ensure it won't happen, again — to her granddaughter?
Check to ensure the product is not past its expiration date.
We must also ensure that these hearings involve real due process.
The SNB will take additional steps to ensure liquidity as necessary.
We need help to ensure that such carnage doesn't happen again.
"This will ensure America's lead in future wireless technology," Broadcom said.
He also wanted to ensure that the lease would be renewed.
To ensure that, Clips is designed to look like a camera.
The police chief said authorities will ensure the suspects are prosecuted.
How people store their wine can ensure it maintains its value.
He's seemingly doing everything he can to ensure the industry's supremacy.
We'll have to ensure that's actually true — for all of them.
"We will continue to ensure this reckless project is shelved forever."
Mr. McMaster urged residents to ensure people and pets were safe.
You now have a responsibility to it ensure that it thrives.
Stocks, stocks and more stocks will ensure that your portfolio grows.
Did Hiroshima and Nagasaki ensure 70 years without a nuclear bombing?
But a few efforts to ensure accountability are still moving forward.
Extreme measures must be put in place to ensure their survival.
Brex says Landria staff will help ensure transaction accuracy for customers.
It's also working to ensure all processes stay clean and sanitary.
We're working with the properties to ensure that there's adequate security.
The tweet helps to ensure that Iran's leaders do not miscalculate.
Despite often-challenging vocabulary, we discuss each paragraph to ensure comprehension.
It's the only way to ensure a complete and independent investigation.
Democrats are already pushing to ensure any bailout includes strings attached.
Law enforcement is being asked to "ensure compliance" with the order.
My job is to ensure those cultural differences are a nonissue.
Dick Durbin in April 2007 to ensure his colleague received protection.
We must do everything to ensure that they are not hungry.
A stronger showing could all but ensure a strictly partisan one.
""This means we should ensure they have access to IMF assistance.
Databases that track election results ensure that it lives on indefinitely.
He proposed cutting Social Security to ensure its long-term viability.
But regulators must ensure they're safe before people will accept them.
The first is to ensure that its statutes are fully implemented.
It does ensure deliberation at the highest levels of the government.
What can be done to ensure a better balance of power?
Military personnel will help ensure travelers comply with the new rules.
The second task would be to ensure economic security for all.
But employers should take precautions to ensure spaces are not crowded.
Helping ensure that there's sufficient water and emergency services requires planning.
Wendy's also had to ensure that it was Rainforest Alliance certified.
Captioning services follow rigorous style guides to ensure consistency and clarity.
Backup systems ensure that steering and the engines do not fail.
I'll ensure your feedback is passed on to the relevant teams.
Congress needs to pass comprehensive, economywide legislation to ensure this happens.
We must ensure peace between Taiwan and China on our terms.
Instead, we should want public oversight to ensure accountability and fairness.
There's no way that we can ensure leadership without doing both.
She was on hand to ensure the client's event ran smoothly.
Lawmakers should ensure pass-through companies benefit as much as corporations.
Salahi was on a diet of Ensure nutrition shakes and antidepressants.
We'll be monitoring this page to ensure that pricing is accurate.
Abe wants to ensure Tokyo's security interests are taken into account.
We must forever ensure Lady Justice remains attired in a blindfold.
How do you ensure that where you're going is mobility-friendly?
These audits will ensure that every voting machine is working properly.
And we'll work to ensure our speakers can share their talks.
"My aim is to ensure that Boris's deal succeeds," Letwin said.
Unions can help to ensure that automated hiring platforms are fair.
"We need a breakthrough, and we must ensure it," he said.
So who's going to ensure that these critical deadlines are met?
Everyone wants to ensure that the secretary has a dignified exit.
Inspection teams were working to clear bridges and ensure their safety.
Deploying such technology, we want to ensure that traffic accidents decrease.
Trump said he was working to ensure all voices are heard.
We must ensure that our client's constitutional rights are not violated.
There is a process to ensure parks get these additional funds.
Get like-minded leaders elected, and you ensure your continued existence.
Accordingly, riders can pay extra to ensure a more comfortable ride.
"The ultimate goal here is to ensure compliance," Silver said Friday.
Together, they ensure that your food develops more flavor and creaminess.
The only person who can ensure that doesn't happen is you.
Maintenance workers disassemble the air conditioning evaporator to ensure clean airflow.
He wants to ensure that the Senate remains in Republican hands.
They have earned the conditions necessary to ensure their full readiness.
There are others, and people will try to ensure they can't.
Kempczinski needs to ensure McDonald's is keeping ahead of its competitors.
We will ensure that the rule of law is fully respected.
The changes will also ensure certain key features won't be available.
Ask "why," and ensure the answer aligns with your true self.
This would ensure that newly unionized workers actually want union representation.
The Employee Rights Act would ensure workers' voices are heard. Rep.
Finally, the department and Congress should ensure transparency of the results.
Such a sentence should ensure that Sayoc never walks free again.
A desire to ensure current customers don't have too much FOMO?
We need political will to ensure these pledges translate into places.
"Your job is to ensure the burden is met," said Westling.
So would working to ensure pay equity and reduce gender discrimination.
He also wants to ensure free broadband to public housing residents.
This plastic protector will ensure that your tub drains as expected.
In addition, we could ensure data never left its storage facility.
Will Kelly's fame finally fade enough to ensure he's held accountable?
How can I ensure my work is helpful to your goals?
"It's critical to ensure that there is business continuity," he added.
They covered her mouth with their hands to ensure her silence.
Find ways to ensure that the United States burns no bridges.
Ensure you&aposre logged into your Facebook account, then visit Facebook.
"We need to ensure this never, ever happens again," she said.
On its face, the ERA seemed to ensure equality for women.
But more needs to be done to ensure that it sparks.
Who could rescue language, ensure it stayed supple, strong and alive?
Contact the state you're voting in to ensure your ballot arrived.
Moving forward, CAIR hopes to ensure that no similar situations arise.
The Fed is raising rates to ensure the economy doesn't overheat.
The low profile will also ensure passersby won't trip on it.
Military personnel will help ensure travelers comply with the new rules.
Here are some tips to ensure your hashtag isn't an #epicfail.
And we will ensure that we are putting patients over profits.
And we're working very hard to ensure that everyone is aligned.
It's also designed to ensure clear communication, not succeed in obfuscation.
Those regulators periodically scrutinize rates to ensure that they are reasonable.
Now they need to ensure that those products keep consumers safe.
Oenophiles should ensure they select a variety with a thin screw.
The only way to ensure that is to begin impeachment proceedings.
That's the only way we can ensure our system is fair.
That, by itself, isn't enough to ensure the pipeline gets built.
Its mandate is to ensure just and reasonable rates, through competition.
Trump has said the ban would ensure unit cohesion and readiness.
I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized.
Or is it to ensure that they don't do it again?
The London court has crafted its license to ensure just that.
We will fully survey and track pollution in vulnerable communities, ensure the creation and implementation of the Green New Deal is accessible to people with disabilities and non-English speakers, ensure equitable hiring standards, expand nutrition and home energy assistance programs, and much more to ensure that environmental justice is front and center as we transition to a 100 percent sustainable economy.
In short, in order to ensure that our immigration system works properly, we must secure our Nation's borders, and we must ensure that our laws allow us to process, hold, and remove those who unlawfully enter.
Their letter called for Javid to "stand with the victims of sexual violence and seek to ensure the case against Mr Assange can now be properly investigated", to ensure "due process" is followed for the complainant.
What are the issues we face during our daily lives, what is the technology that is available to us, and what kind of alternatives can we offer to ensure security, and to ensure visibility and protection?
The recall is to ensure that a legal loophole which allows manufacturers to throttle back emissions treatment systems under certain circumstances is tightened to ensure lower levels of pollution going forward,according to the government official.
The recall is to ensure that a legal loophole which allows manufacturers to throttle back emissions treatment systems under certain circumstances is tightened to ensure lower levels of pollution going forward, according to the government official.
This is done to ensure both sides come out as being perceived as winners, but also to ensure that the summit is not a failure, with both sides having egg on their faces and looking foolish.
Buttigieg said he would ensure employers cannot interfere with union elections, fine companies if they did, and enforce gender pay transparency, fight workplace harassment and discrimination against women, and ensure sick leave and paid family leave.
"I am publishing this proposed amendment to ensure that the tax provisions are ring-fenced for bona-fide securitisation purposes ... and ensure that the Irish tax base is appropriately protected," Michael Noonan said in a statement.
To ensure GeForce-Gamers continuously have access to GeForce-graphic cards even in the current situation, we recommend our trading partners to take according measures to ensure they can provide the needs of gamers per usual.
Snowman and its graphics team did a lot of work to ensure that even when things can get confusing on screen, effects like a contrast color highlight for your character ensure you know what's going on.
Semiconductor companies test all chips to ensure they will perform properly, with military/aerospace, industrial, automotive and medical grade components (high reliability) subjected to even more rigorous testing to ensure they will function under extreme conditions.
"I want to ensure that when we leave the EU at the end of October, all appropriate steps have been taken to ensure frontline services are fully prepared," health minister Chris Skidmore said in a statement.
The American public is counting on CDC to ensure that science prevails over semantics; and they are counting on Congress to ensure that CDC's budget appropriation is grounded in free speech rather than limitations on it.
Tata Global Beverages says it works to ensure all its suppliers meet ethical standards and follows a strict code of conduct to "ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains".
"We work hard to ensure the integrity of our products, and we've put a number of checks and balances in place to ensure they continue to live up to our standards," he said in his statement.
" He also said that the government's main objective of "proportionate reduction" was to ensure that the herd was brought down to "an ecological, economically and culturally sustainable level as well as to ensure sound animal welfare.
"I want to ensure that I work with my fellow Republicans in both the House and Senate to ensure that we're doing everything we can to get my colleagues to be supportive of it," Rubio said.
In its review, the FDA examined 23andMe's data to ensure that the test is accurate and can provide reproducible results, as well as reviewing the reports to ensure that they can be easily understood by a consumer.
After this story published, Air Canada responded: "Air Canada uses customer provided information to ensure we can support their travel needs and to ensure we can resolve any issues that may affect their trips," said a spokesperson.
The application requires companies to outline things like their pricing structures, proposed service area and fleet size, how they plan to ensure proper parking, and how they will ensure equal opportunity and fair wages among its labor.
The government said it would replace the board of IL&FS with six selected nominees and ensure IL&FS has the liquidity needed to ensure no more defaults take place and the infrastructure projects are implemented smoothly.
" Walker added that the UK government wants to ensure there is "no physical infrastructure at the border ... the government absolutely recognizes that we want to ensure that there is no return to those borders of the past.
One modest, but critical step is to ensure that there is clarity in the criminal law, and that we do not enact vague criminal provisions and count on prosecutorial discretion to ensure that they are not misapplied.
To ensure that a global coal phase-out is as rapid as the climate science demands, we need banks to act responsibly and adopt policies that ensure sharp declines in all bank support for the coal industry.
It would also ensure that agricultural products move more efficiently from farm to market through a network of roads and inland waterways to ensure that the global demand for American products is met and continues to grow.
However, Kudlow said U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who will lead the American side in the talks, will be looking to ensure that any agreements can be fully enforced and monitored to ensure follow-through by Beijing.
If they do appeal, Uber can continue to operate and we will closely scrutinise the company to ensure the management has robust controls in place to ensure safety is not compromised during any changes to the app.
EU rules will ensure consistency across the 28-country bloc and ensure all regulators have a "resolution authority" with a suite of powers to intervene early enough to avoid a failing clearing house sparking mayhem in markets.
But just like acknowledging the reality of climate change is necessary to ensure a sustainably habitable planet, acknowledging the reality of genetic differences between people is a necessary step for us to ensure a more just society.
If we want to ensure that the 'fullest extent' does not mean gender and/or race-based practices, then it is incumbent upon us to ensure that we do everything in our power to solidify this tenet.
Airlines do employ cleaners to ensure aircraft are cleaned but a flight delay or the pressure placed upon airport staff to ensure flights depart on time means that aircraft sometimes don't receive all the cleaning they require.
"It's time to ensure that judges do not hear cases where they have conflicts of interests, strengthen our nation's ethics rules for judges, and ensure accountability for judges who violate these rules," Warren wrote in the proposal.
BAT added that it has strict rules to ensure outdoor advertising is not seen within 100m of a school and that its marketing principles ensure that products are marketed responsibly in the 200 markets where it operates.
"With Juan-José Gonzalez as CEO, we ensure that Ambu also has the necessary global experience to execute the announced strategy and ensure the successful commercialization of our product launches," Chairman Jens Bager said in a statement.
During the presidential campaign Donald Trump said he would ensure HBCU funding.
Use your personal loan with care to ensure you hit your goal.
The Egyptian government must ensure that security forces cooperate fully and transparently.
Kevin Durant took less to ensure an empire in the Bay Area.
These are needed to ensure that the economy revives before the election.
Government officials said the law simply aims to ensure transparency and accountability.
She has enough to ensure that her kids won't want for anything.
She said washing contaminated lettuce won't ensure that harmful germs are killed.
That&aposs the best way to ensure that your family stays together.
That force helps ensure that your laptop doesn't fall through the table.
Stacking correctly is incredibly important to ensure the place doesn't get messy.
This would ensure a better spread of added value along the chain.
And he wants Russia to ensure that Iran gets out of Syria.
As a result, companies need to make the effort to ensure compliance.
The perforations in the panels ensure that the sound doesn't get garbled.
Nor does election of a pro-expansion governor ensure that it happens.
Ten thousand is just a safe number to ensure accountability, he said.
We will also ensure that clubs' interests will continue to be protected.
We must ensure that this kind of hatred does not become normalized.
You want to ensure that your assets go to the right people.
Of course, a lower average history of rain doesn't ensure perfect weather.
And to ensure that the 'whatever' knows who helped it get along.
You also ensure we finish our projects and hit our deadlines. 18.
This would ensure easier yearly renewal and thus a consistent liquidity buffer.
Gilead wants its Handmaids to be well fed to ensure healthy pregnancies!
We can match and we can ensure that we're always performing service.
For the athletes we have to ensure to give them excellent conditions.
Information and structure helps to ensure calm by providing a clear path.
Binns said police took immediate action to ensure the safety of Hammontree.
One priest checked submerged cars to ensure no passengers were trapped inside.
"We will ensure that those responsible are brought to justice," Weerasak said.
It helps to ensure banks have enough capital to support their lending.
Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, to help ensure his father's safe passage.
"We have one remaining path to ensure justice is served," said Booker.
To ensure that you're buying a quality hemp product with less than .
He said U.S. and Turkish officials would temporarily ensure security in Manbij.
Anthony Bourdain  worked to ensure his little girl&aposs future is bright.
What work are you doing to help ensure these women get justice?
To ensure you're earning more than you're spending, track your daily expenses.
This five-move workout will ensure you never skip leg day again.
"Why not invest to ensure that the revenue continues unimpeded?" he added.
The men acted swiftly to ensure a clean kill with minimal pain.
We must, first, ensure there is no return to a hard border.
"We can and must do better to ensure the safety of pedestrians."
The EU has made every effort to ensure these tariffs are avoided.
We are investigating the matter and will ensure it is handled appropriately.
Improve education to ensure that engineers and techies are in good supply.
The group employs a lawyer to ensure they abide by antitrust laws.
Take this guy down there to ensure a pleasant, and minty experience.
Companies must ensure their products "be capable of complying," the bill states.
"An [administrator] can ensure something like this doesn't happen with their printers."
It's designed to ensure games run at the best frame rate possible.
They also suggest platforms commit to ensure "appropriate age specific adverts only".
That is the only way to ensure the integrity of the vote.
If successful, it could ensure Israeli security for 10 to 20 years.
For its part, United seems masochistically determined to ensure people don't forget.
Many voters will do whatever it takes to ensure a Democrat victory.
High executive pay may not be the way to ensure company earnings.
"There are other ways to ensure you've got adequate screening," he said.
Please check your anchor position and ensure it's dragging anchor or not.
And if no, is a transition possible to ensure a soft landing?
The bike's hydraulic disc brakes are there to ensure a confident stop.
This should also ensure that the government does not block the deal.
Market forces ensure that the best ideas win funding, irrespective of gender.
We must ensure we protect competition, protect our economy, and protect consumers.
When they work well, liberal states ensure that citizens enjoy individual freedom.
According to Holt-Lunstad said, further evidence is needed to ensure this.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - France will ensure the long-term viability of Renault (RENA.
Ensure your feet are firmly on the floor and don't cross legs.
The point: to ensure laws and regulation would not negatively impact innovation.
To ensure accuracy, it's best to keep updating your calculations every month.
Mr Li's job is simply to ensure that the chrysalis stays healthy.
Fortunately, G-Sync helps ensure there's no tearing at lower frame rates.
The president wants to ensure this innovation occurs in the United States.
One proposal would ensure a congressional vote on every significant new rule.
That helps to ensure the patient is treated as quickly as possible.
And they're trying to ensure that other students follow in his footsteps.
Maybe because … Diane wanted to ensure her support in promoting the song.
But legal disinterment is carefully controlled to ensure respect for human remains.
We thought our Jedi mind tricks to ensure a girl were working.
It means taking steps to ensure that hiring and promotions are unbiased.
Purchase tickets now to ensure that you're part of the conversation IRL.
There were multiple tests to ensure the cubesat would work as intended.
Find that perfect move that will ensure he ends up with Avery.
That should be sufficient to ensure the offer is approved by creditors.
We take careful measure to ensure our brand is not impacted negatively.
It takes years of experience to ensure these massive events run smoothly.
GoFundMe's goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets support he deserves.
But that will not be enough to ensure the ample supplies needed.
India's chief objective is to ensure that Indian data benefits Indian citizens.
One of our concerns is educational, to ensure this doesn't happen again.
How will we ensure that the justice system better addresses sexual violence?
ForeScout also helps automate response to security incidents and ensure legal compliance.
It ultimately saved the euro, and will ensure it survives and thrives.
Ichiran has taken several precautions to ensure customers can avoid human interaction.
Make this a habit to ensure you're always getting the best deal.
But, we'll do everything we can to ensure that we do that.
The company is working to "ensure this can't happen again," Mayur said.
We will write and call our representatives to ensure this doesn't happen.
And to ensure that everyone is treated with respect at all times.
This metric helped ensure an even geographic distribution for the Upstart 100.
How is that racist to enforce the law and ensure public safety?
Congress has passed legislation to ensure that federal employees receive back pay.
Simple steps can ensure that tourniquets are not left on too long.
We will ensure any customer affected by this issue is fully refunded.
That speedy recovery will ensure that our economy does not suffer unnecessarily.
It also helps to ensure faster and lower latency data transfers worldwide.
He betrayed his best friend to ensure his own fame and fortune.
"GoFundMe's goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets support he deserves."
To ensure everyone gets some compensation, Ms Bhattacharyya is reducing the awards.
National monument designations are meant to ensure consistent protection for public lands.
The city has announced other plans to ensure the dead aren't forgotten.
They're also mercerized and pre-shrunk to ensure longevity throughout repeated washes.
More than 200 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians ensure patients receive their prescriptions.
No institution, at least in theory, is required to ensure trustworthy transactions.
The tax credits for renewable energy generation will accelerate and ensure progress.
This is unless she can ensure unfettered trade with the European Union.
Let's work to ensure that such heinous abuse never happens to anyone.
It's that level of commitment that helps ensure a great customer experience.
I want to ensure a trophy by the end of the season.
This precise sign's influence will ensure that your thoughts flow with clarity.
Instead, they ensure your ensemble is a guaranteed win — every single time.
To ensure they never have to, Mr Jassy's team crunches customer data.
By enforcing competition rules, it can ensure that poor conduct is punished.
The ABAB formula prevents that, whereas Mr Palacios-Huerta's reforms ensure it.
Millennials, however, face myriad other financial pressures that ensure budgets are stretched.
In this series, the novelty at least will ensure a full house.
France's help should ensure Mr Déby's survival, for a while at least.
If we don't continue to ensure that, our democracy is at risk.
This causes the polyps to eject them, to ensure short-term survival.
These infiltration trenches were meant to ensure sufficient water to the saplings.
Others sought to ensure that Darling's practices were ethical by magical standards.
Moving to newer versions helps ensure a more secure Web for everyone.
You'll have to check periodically to ensure that the camera hasn't died.
So we do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy.
The isolating grommets (4) help ensure isolation between the different data channels.
They want to improve recycling infrastructure and ensure their packages are recyclable.
Net neutrality rules ensure consumers have equal, consistent access to the internet.
He will do anything to ensure the CIA reclaims its autonomous power.
Labrie will have GPS ankle monitoring to ensure he complies with curfew.
They want to ensure they're receiving the best product in the world.
To what lengths would you go to ensure your best friend's happiness?
It is simply impossible to ensure that these myriad components are secure.
When she wants to perform, he takes pains to ensure that ticket
For instance: What anti-doping arrangements will ensure Nike's athletes are clean?
The industry can ensure that our forests are sustainably managed and healthy.
Even with a bot, there's no way to ensure a successful purchase.
Add stops if you want to ensure your drawers never fall out.
The vessels are digitally identified to ensure privacy and full device compatibility.
This assessment will ensure that people with autism are receiving appropriate treatment.
So do policies that ensure responsible stewardship of the data they gather.
We never sought professional support to ensure the health of our partnership.
"We are working tirelessly to ensure it stays that way," he said.
Overcooked and other couch co-op games like it will ensure that.
We are working to ensure that health care dollars are spent wisely.
Amazon has an unsettling, if creative way to ensure drivers don't steal.
It would also ensure that their emails remain available for public inspection.
All this technology helps to ensure you get the best clean possible.
The strict liability model will ensure that the practice is discontinued completely.
We could ensure it didn't suffer when it was put down socially.
"Rest assured, changes will be implemented to ensure this never happens again."
They also want the government to ensure Lion Air keeps its promises.
Overcooked and other couch co-op games like it will ensure that.
The global body also cut some men's categories to ensure gender equality.
Conflict of interest laws attempt to ensure that those conflicts don't arise.
I can't always promise change but can at least ensure you're heard.
The government did nothing to ensure relief to the lowest earning citizens.
Small businesses should ensure they are complying with all existing tax laws.
The IMF urged Asian economies to ensure their currency rates move flexibly.
"Publishers cannot ensure their audience is not abused by adtech," Carthy added.
Hillary is the one mother who can ensure our movement will succeed.
We must ensure that the data is accurate before we can proceed.
It will have to ensure that breakneck growth does not bring indigestion.
But is there a way to ensure that you'll always choose wisely?
It will take real competition to ensure consumers get a better deal.
Get involved now to ensure equal treatment of gender and sexual minorities.
Obama pledged to work alongside Trump's team to ensure a seamless transition.
Puerto Rico's Congress needs to act to ensure the orders become law.
These ostensibly ensure that the ethnic-Malay and -Indian minorities are represented.
Some Republican lawmakers want to fund the payments to ensure stability, though.
There's also fingerprint recognition to ensure that only authorized users can sail.
Turnbull called on Russia to do more to ensure peace in Syria.
Goodlatte argued that the rules changes would ensure lawmakers' due process rights.
We also made efforts to ensure that we correctly identified large donors.
Some families have tried to ensure they have both kinds of documents.
Our goal is to ensure they are kept safe in the process.
What about in terms of guidelines and regulations to ensure performer safety?
Which is self-defeating because it would also ensure their own destruction.
We will ensure that they are recycled, with 0% going to landfill.
Blood and DNA do not ensure loving bonds between child and parent.
But first, it wants to ensure that it's gotten its product right.
China had gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the summit ran smoothly.
Supporters say the measure will ensure a safe workplace for porn stars.
It is spending to ensure users are not scared away by scandals.
Turning the red-state behemoth blue would ensure Democrat national political domination.
The United States will ensure that our networks are secure and reliable.
A sunset provision is the clearest way to ensure that this happens.
We must go forward to ensure full reproductive justice for all women.
Mr. Guzmán-Saladín urges buyers to ensure their lawyer performs due diligence.
His addition will ensure more accountability and transparency in this sham process.
Geography and 70 years of history ensure that outcome will not happen.
It was meant to ensure that old age wasn't synonymous with poverty.
Can the same regulator simultaneously ensure the fair use of Americans' data?
Phelps said similar rules are needed for all athletes to ensure fairness.
Legislation will also help ensure that such overreach does not occur again.
We need to ensure states and armed groups abide by these standards.
You'll also want to ensure that your hiring process is legally sound.
Davutoglu said measures would be taken to ensure the safety of citizens.
Generic drug labels are then changed to ensure their warnings are identical.
Mr Rangel intends to mentor the victor to ensure a smooth transition.
Thanks to smart contracts, Melonport can ensure commitments and everything remains auditable.
We used various other controls to ensure there was no "order" effect.
Others, like Kern, research managers to ensure they're experts in their strategies.
The United States has the cards to ensure stability in East Asia.
We simply want to ensure that there is integrity in the process.
We simply want to ensure that there is integrity in the process.
Others argue that the diagnosis is essential to ensure access to care.
They ensure a fresh food supply and that data centers are operational.
But Modi must also ensure efficient utilization of public land, argued Godrej.
Comprehensive political reform is the best way to ensure it remains fictional.
The resolution will ensure that impeachment proceedings continue, now in public view.
Praise and recognition are the ways to ensure employees feel their value.
BI has repeatedly said it would ensure the market has enough liquidity.
" Yet he said the U.S. needs to "ensure we have military options.
This money is an investment to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.
And, perhaps most importantly, ensure I do not have access to guns.
Whenever we do something, we want to ensure we do it well.
It can ensure that an infectious disease does not become an epidemic.
Making Medicaid beneficiaries work will ensure they bring themselves out of poverty.
"We have done whatever we could to ensure service continuity," Somchai said.
Ensure high school graduates finish with a minimum of one college credit.
But to fix it, we need to ensure both are held accountable.
"Our aim is to ensure equal opportunities," said University Minister Frederique Vidal.
Schulman's second challenge is to ensure PayPal's burgeoning lending business doesn't overheat.
There's also a froth separator, to ensure your drinks go down smooth.
They help ensure Washington, DC doesn't dictate all decisions on every subject.
What Democrats must do is ensure that every American has that opportunity.
We must understand what happened before to ensure it doesn't happen again.
Keeping him in government should also ensure continuity in negotiations currently underway.
It's important to ensure that there is consistency and fairness across them.
The measure would sunset the language to ensure it is only temporary.
How can we ensure that the system does not escape our control?
On the Site settings page, also ensure that "Ads" are turned off.
So what can be done to ensure compounding safety and patient protection?
Cruz ironed out campaign ground rules that would ensure his participation. The
A Way," and "it took a delicate hand to ensure these somewhat
We need 'all hands on deck' to ensure that Mr. Trump prevails.
Then, under the Haptics header, ensure the alerts are set to Prominent.
Heavy tools ensure placement of the wheel (almost 4 feet in diameter).
Together, we can ensure America continues to lead the world in wireless.
The trick is to ensure that all corporate welfare is accounted for.
And we stand ready to ensure that it does not become so.
Acosta has defended the deal as necessary to ensure Epstein served time.
Instead, they want to ensure those payments don't count toward the caps.
We must ensure that they have homes and jobs after their service.
By contrast, P3s actually ensure that maintenance and upgrades cannot be deferred.
At the end of the line, cobots ensure headlamps are properly aligned.
Cute sleep masks to ensure they both get a great night's rest
It should also ensure that every level of government is held accountable.
It is imperative these are added to ensure freight rail remains secure.
We will make sure we deliver this experience, and ensure good development.
Homework is still key to ensure that a company's fundamentals are strong.
Aides said she wanted to ensure Britain's negotiating position was not undermined.
You can ensure that you'll see your newly subscribed to calendar here.
To ensure it does, however, will take a great deal of work.
Several lawmakers are pushing to ensure that DACA remains in place. Sens.

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