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"duplicate" Definitions
  1. exactly like something else; made as a copy of something else
"duplicate" Synonyms
identical same corresponding equal alike equivalent matching indistinguishable twin tantamount coequal even matched identic replica very same self-same like similar comparable spare reserve backup standby fallback replacement supplementary auxiliary relief second additional substitute emergency extra supernumerary surplus alternative another free leftover dual double twofold binary duplex bipartite paired coupled bifold duple binate binal doubleheader double-edged double-barreled two-fold in pairs forged fake false counterfeit bogus sham imitation pretend reproduction artificial copy mock pirated ersatz faked phoney(UK) phony(US) quasi simulated synthetic clone duplication counterpart match likeness image ringer carbon picture doppelganger spit fetch replication lookalike photocopy Xerox mimeo mimeograph photostat facsimile reprint print stat Photostat transcript offprint imprint microfiche transcription hard copy ditto duplicate Scrabble reproduce replicate imitate reduplicate render xerox mirror repeat copycat pirate reiterate redo remake reprise renew do again perform again do over again double down redouble recast dualize double up increase twofold multiply by two multiply amplify magnify augment enlarge grow dupe increase supplement duplify escalate boost iterate rehearse restate retell quote recap recapitulate rehash echo recite reissue relate replay resemble follow simulate parallel mimic approximate be like be similar to look like take after bear a resemblance to remind one of smack of correspond to appear like put one in mind of back up make a backup keep a backup keep a copy make a copy make a facsimile of transcribe make a copy of manifold copy out note record rewrite set down take down tape tape-record transfer write out decipher copy in full print out put in writing type out write in full save video download wax audiotape telerecord videotape video-record video-tape make a recording of make a record of make a tape of put on tape put on video put on cassette More
"duplicate" Antonyms
different disparate dissimilar distant distinct distinctive distinguishable diverse nonidentical other unalike unlike mismatched original unequal unmatching variable contrasting contrary heterogeneous genuine authentic real unfaked actual dinkum echt honest kosher legitimate true bona fide unakin balky contumacious defiant disobedient froward incompliant insubordinate intractable noncompliant obstreperous rebel rebellious recalcitrant refractory full-size regular standard normal ordinary archetype prototype difference dissimilarity enemy model opposite reality reverse unlikeness entity master source seriousness solemnity genuine article pattern being template mismatch incongruity oddity discord discrepancy incongruousness conflict distinction inconsistency incompatibility disparity dissemblance incomparability matchlessness peerlessness inimitability distinctiveness exceptionalism exceptionality incomparableness rarity uniqueness exclusivity rareness real image true image originate divide be original ignore reject repulse turn off create destroy stop abridge compress condense curtail decrease diminish halve lessen reduce contradict contrast deviate differ disagree differ from vary diverge fluctuate be distinguishable not be alike not look like be distinct be dissimilar be different be unlike contrast with juxtapose be dissimilar to counter diverge from be contrary to be diverse from conflict with depart from deviate from stand out from clash with oppose be distinguished from differentiate oneself from dedupe raze ruin tell truth

777 Sentences With "duplicate"

How to use duplicate in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "duplicate" and check conjugation/comparative form for "duplicate". Mastering all the usages of "duplicate" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"It was sometimes a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate," he said.
It's a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate, and each time the grain builds up.
And often the footage in their archive is a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate, so it's got all this grain, this buildup.
To clarify the map, he filtered out duplicate or near-duplicate locations, and eliminated the "banding" effect of Tweets sent from iPhones.
Handling Duplicate Content Once we identified which URLs were missing from our archive, we realized we had a new problem: duplicate content.
Instead, they thought they made the mistake of thinking, 'Duplicate Netflix,' and now it's too late for them to duplicate or buy.
"They did what they'd never had another human cell do — duplicate itself and then duplicate itself and then duplicate itself," Winfrey, who plays Lacks' daughter Deborah in the movie, tells PEOPLE during the latest edition of The Jess Cagle Interview, excerpted in this week's issue.
Investigators found that she submitted duplicate requests for reimbursement, to be paid straight to her bank account, and used the duplicate payments for her personal spending.
First duplicate your current layer (Layer then Duplicate Layer) then go to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur and adjust the level so the details are just getting lost.
If someone saves their Instagram Story and then posts it to Facebook, or posts a duplicate version natively via Facebook, treat them as different and don't de-duplicate them.
You can only vote once — duplicate votes will be discarded.
Chip cards are much harder, if not impossible, to duplicate.
A duplicate petition goes viral within the local Facebook groups.
Those duplicate data outputs and check them against each other.
Did she have the wherewithal to create a duplicate dress?
Many simply duplicate work that other agencies are already doing.
We immediately had to know how to duplicate each one.
That's an outcome that every founder here hopes to duplicate.
Chances are they won't want duplicate appliances cluttering their cabinets.
"We can't duplicate NATO, we cannot replace NATO," she said.
In many cases, these steps only duplicate their extensive training.
Only professional sports would willingly duplicate the airplane boarding process.
The aim now, Martine said, is to duplicate that success.
Now scientists hope to duplicate the effects with a pill.
"There's this crazy atmosphere here you can't duplicate," he said.
Finally, duplicate what they did to get where they are.
Walgreens and Walmart could look to duplicate the CVS feat.
It already paid off, so why try to duplicate that?
But there's still too much duplicate software for my taste.
PUZ (First download the free Across Lite software) PDF Proofread your puzzle carefully, watching out for duplicate entries in the grid, and making sure there are no typos or duplicate words in the clues.
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (valued at $37.98) Between selfies and countless photos of your cat, your computer is probably filled to the brim with duplicate images that take up a massive chunk of its memory.
But suppose a computational duplicate of your brain can be created.
Look for blurred pictures, duplicate pictures, and pictures you'd rather forget.
And a duplicate will take another day in the 3D printer.
To duplicate Johnson's whistling, music director Colin Frechter added the ocarina.
I also discovered that I had A LOT of duplicate clothing.
It's much easier to duplicate a credit card than an iPhone.
He rarely writes checks, which are easy to duplicate and steal.
Files Go now also shows you where duplicate files are located.
However, you may not be able to duplicate his drinking partner.
Certain neurons appeared to be sending duplicate messages to receiving neurons.
You might be annoyed by Oppo's duplicate apps to Android's, though.
After the thieves cut the duplicate keys, the real fun began.
"I was really surprised to see duplicate crosswords," Mr. Pwanson said.
This would reduce duplicate registrations and help clean up voter rolls.
The strategy works, analysts say, because online retail can't duplicate it.
"How do you duplicate Times Square and the distractions?" he said.
KeyMe offered to mail a duplicate to me for about $10.
The biggest way Echo changes the game is her ultimate, Duplicate.
"So far, we haven't figured out a way to duplicate it."
Google said it's not trying to duplicate Facebook's (FB) news feed.
Do you have duplicate coverage in Ohio, of Ohio State football?
A duplicate medal would be given to any competitor he beat.
Some of those "fake" accounts may be duplicate or false accounts.
"It is possible to duplicate anywhere in the world," he says.
Duplicate accounts fish for personal information under the guise of intimacy.
If you have work contacts stored in your office Outlook account, you can remove duplicate entries there, too, but you'll have to do some fancy footwork, since Outlook can merge duplicate contacts only when importing them.
For example, duplicate files can be a problem, especially when it comes to photo libraries, but Duplicate Files Finder (free, Windows) and DupeGuru (free, macOS) are two of the best tools we've found for tackling the issue.
The drones are quadcopters with duplicate sensors and autopilot systems on board.
It's where you can split video, detach audio and even duplicate clips.
He said the group is looking to duplicate the venture in Europe.
You basically duplicate the existing text and then update the numbers accordingly.
Once the worm gets in, it leaves a duplicate and moves on.
Screenshot: GizmodoSome bits of digital data are easier to duplicate than others.
Well, apparently there are duplicate envelopes for each category as a precaution.
Grant has a message for young entrepreneurs seeking to duplicate her success.
So which duplicate of the contract should try to fetch the data?
Competing provinces, long a benefit, are a liability when they duplicate infrastructure.
Billy: I'm never trying to duplicate what they're doing in the country.
It was also fairly easy to duplicate those ads over to Instagram.
Functionally, it is a duplicate of Vine, but without the social network.
Me, I like the setting that keeps you from opening duplicate tabs.
The forum on Etsy for duplicate charges is approaching one thousand posts.
It even has a duplicate finder so if you're juggling multiple accounts.
Insurers will need to participate in data crosschecks to prevent duplicate enrollments.
Producers of other spirits have sought to duplicate its credibility and success.
He gave Beatty the duplicate, instead of the envelope marked best picture. 
Live the type of life that you want your kids to duplicate.
The money can't duplicate what insurance provides, but it can supplement it.
Mr. Son has sought to duplicate his Alibaba investment again and again.
However, Google said it was not trying to duplicate Facebook's news feed.
But Tesla could not duplicate the problem and it was not repaired.
After his case, there were many failed attempts to duplicate this success.
They want to aid, not duplicate, the work of governments and civic groups.
The EU is trying to duplicate the scheme with transit countries in Africa.
Her techniques are so easy that even a rookie can duplicate the twists.
This post has been updated to include more clarification on duplicate account usage.
So we do have real people there, but we duplicate and replicate them.
Facebook will treat duplicate videos in the same way — when it finds them.
The program locates duplicate files and well as functions you hardly ever use.
To switch fabs requires companies to duplicate R&D invested in TSMC's technology.
Duplicate and fake accounts were used to spread the content wider, it added.
If You could duplicate the best golfer's swing you'd be better at golf.
The city collected $6.1 million in overpaid and duplicate parking tickets between Jan.
And new presidents love to create new agencies without abolishing those they duplicate.
Lawmakers in other states have also expressed interest to duplicate the flawed rule.
The hackers were able to duplicate the TSA keys for two different reasons.
Nintendo fans will only buy so many duplicate copies of Super Mario Bros.
Also, in many cases enterprises may maintain duplicate keys for their own purposes.
It also used biometric voter registration to stamp out duplicate or "ghost" voters.
Selecting "Duplicate this display" instead will show the same image on both screens.
It has a tendency to create duplicate entries, and is tedious to search.
"I don't want to duplicate until I reach that operational excellence," she says.
A small amount produces an airy, brittle crumb that's hard to duplicate otherwise.
I recently found a duplicate of my brother's robot on eBay for $2,000.
A set of independent duplicate sensors drive the co-pilot's (right side) display.
I'd brought a bidding tray and a duplicate board to use as props.
I defy any mere mass of circuitry to duplicate this deeply human feat.
That leads to all sorts of duplicate tests and procedures, which is expensive.
Our sources say HGTV will duplicate the '70s look from the iconic show.
Right now, it is relatively easy to spot duplicate or near-duplicate comments generated by a comment-bot, but as advocates and hackers use smarter algorithms, agencies are going to have to deploy better tools to screen out the comment spam.
When Echo has Duplicate available, it becomes nearly impossible to plan around what Echo's team will do in a fight, since that team essentially has access to 11 possible ultimates (five of her teammates, six possible ults from the Duplicate).
Others could not duplicate his result, but few doubted that gravitational waves were real.
"It's a fantastic summer in a setting that you just can't duplicate," Vichinsky said.
It's not yet clear whether Cruz can duplicate his Iowa success in other states.
I've tried every search I can think of and am not finding a duplicate.
"We asked the charities not to duplicate services so they'd work together," she said.
Customers reported a range of issues with their online banking including "duplicate transactions". ind.
The feature is designed to help remove unused or duplicate files from your machine.
Others have tried to duplicate this style of action filmmaking, but they've mostly failed.
Then, demonstrate success at home first, and duplicate it later in a bigger market.
Those are creating duplicate photos each time you snap a picture in those modes!
They then make duplicate cards using the information and drain cash from bank accounts.
But there is evidence Trump may struggle to duplicate his success there in 2020.
The W.H.O. aims to duplicate its success in widening global access to H.I.V. drugs.
I can't duplicate it because this is the result of 35 years of pleasure.
" Moderators said they have been deleting duplicate complaints when "there is no new information.
Start by trimming out the easy ones: duplicate photos, blurry shots and old screenshots.
On Windows, for example, it'll just duplicate what's on your laptop screen by default.
The company estimates that about 200 million accounts are duplicate, used by real people.
If the markets were to duplicate that gain during a Trump administration, the S.&.
He understood himself, for good or for ill, to exist in duplicate or triplicate.
To "duplicate" is to COPY PASTE, and to "Disappear" is to UP AND VANISH.
Even these 88 potential duplicate voters are likely not cases of actual double voting.
He had a personal bond with white fundamentalists that no other pastor could duplicate.
It's not exactly a duplicate entry, but it kind of stuck out to me.
They aren't patient friendly5 clicks to delete each of 5 duplicate (error) appts pic.twitter.
It drives me insane when I lose my last set of duplicate keys. Again.
He told The Times that he had created duplicate versions of Mr. Epstein's servers.
They are betting their size and other businesses offer advantages smaller producers cannot duplicate.
She can even duplicate Cher's casual swagger while wearing strategically placed shreds of fabric.
And it was the sort of event impossible to duplicate in any other locale.
It was so rare and you could never duplicate that in a home environment.
The younger Artest doesn't feel any pressure to duplicate his father's success on the court.
It's a clever app too, taking care not to duplicate Twitter's own highlighting, for example.
The FSDC consists of two duplicate systems right next to each other on one board.
The setting makes it less likely for users to see duplicate tweets and automated responses.
They may sound complicated, but with Falcone's tips, they seriously couldn't be easier to duplicate.
This includes duplicate detection, limiting Vignette's scans to select contact groups and better Facebook integration.
It's easy to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone through your Phone or Contacts app.
He offered to buy a duplicate and not tell the feuding siblings who had mom's.
"Don't go to college just to duplicate the same experience you had in high school."
However, any duplicate use of her passwords could have offered up other accounts to hackers.
It was almost an exact duplicate of her own minus her friends and her posts.
Outliers like Pokémon GO come from specific sets of circumstances and are hard to duplicate.
Employer-sponsored plans could not duplicate benefits provided by Medicare, but could offer extra benefits.
"Knowing the history of relievers, it's hard to duplicate that type of thing," Sims said.
Early on, Jones worked to decipher how H.I.V. uses a specific protein to duplicate itself.
They have included attempts to sabotage petitions by flooding them with false or duplicate names.
Mr. Keogh will find it to hard to duplicate Audi's success with the Volkswagen brand.
So as long as you're being honest with yourself, then no one can duplicate that.
She has boxes full of duplicate labels ready to trade or send to new collectors.
Again I posted a photo: did anyone know a jeweler who could duplicate my earring?
Were you trying not to duplicate anything on your show that's already in the movie?
This year, more than five million potential duplicate voters were identified throughout the Crosscheck membership.
This makes sense, since every person's fingerprint is completely unique and nearly impossible to duplicate.
Some users had been noticing that there were duplicate charges when they executed a transaction.
Deleting files can also leave behind digital fingerprints and there can be duplicate files elsewhere.
A serious effort to duplicate Hong Kong's financial functions in Shenzhen would require radical change.
"Fauda" is also a family drama, in a way that American thrillers can't really duplicate.
While Raynham Hall can't duplicate that, it does have an inherent advantage over other museums.
That file was probably created by converting an MP3, which may have been ripped years earlier from a CD, which itself may have been created from a suboptimal "safety copy" of the LP master — or even from a dubbed duplicate of that dubbed duplicate.
You might even find you can ditch a few redundant or duplicate cables along the way.
Because of that, you can edit or duplicate nearly any asset in the entire existing game.
At this point, the thieves would return to each Jeep with a duplicate key in hand.
For instance, the camera roll goes right to Google Photos; there's no duplicate HTC gallery app.
At the time, Disney stuck with Brown, hoping to duplicate that type of R&B success.
To eliminate the impact of luck, the tournament is arranged as two pairs of duplicate hands.
It also included numerous duplicate entries that made the list look longer than it really is.
He also weighed in on how many factories it would take to duplicate Ford's global production.
The numbers cited in the story are based on a conservative assessment of potential duplicate entries.
ICARDA took the duplicate seeds so it could continue its breeding program in Morocco and Lebanon.
Other Twitter users, desperate for validation, endlessly retweet their own tweets, spamming followers with duplicate information.
And then there's the perennial complaint with Samsung's software: why are there so many duplicate apps?
HTC has even removed many of its own duplicate apps that are better offered by Google.
Both takes were then combined, and the "duplicate" balls were painted out to complete the illusion.
The Danish study didn't duplicate the findings of the earlier study, but they do seem complementary.
No matter how much I tried, I could never duplicate that factory fresh edge for myself.
It also banned bulk tweeting and duplicate accounts in an effort to crack down on bots.
Now, I see duplicate stories and still manage to miss other stories I wanted to see.
It's an experience they'll never be able to duplicate by filling up their Amazon shopping cart.
Her enforcement notice clarifies what constitutes a "copy" or "duplicate" weapon under the assault weapons ban.
When duplicate or confusing topics arose, curators were told to "inject" a more accurate Topic term.
A botched server update resulted in duplicate charges and dropped transactions for Etsy merchants and sellers.
When he sat down to read, the sentences floated past his eyes or appeared in duplicate.
"You can't duplicate that in Florida, in Jersey, in California — anywhere," says Montana on the show.
With sales in over 120 countries, the company has geographical scale that is hard to duplicate.
Other states have taken steps to erase duplicate voter registrations without imperiling someone's right to vote.
Would it have been a mistake to attempt to duplicate what happened with Scott this year?
Millions of comments were provided using temporary or duplicate email addresses, while others recycled identical phrases.
According to Mayberg, that team was able to duplicate exactly the first implant's location and settings.
In some cases, voting officials have been able to duplicate and fix problems with voting machines.
Fortunately, private duplicate servers can be and are already being established, as well as local copies.
The commissioners said their server computers, where the biometric data is stored, automatically separate duplicate votes.
In response, he laid out a plan for Grubhub to essentially duplicate its rivals&apos offerings.
The agreement eliminates the need for duplicate inspections and should cut the cost of drug production.
Outside the bloc, Britain might opt to duplicate the agency's work, but at a significant cost.
Instead of quelling anger, the apparent discovery inspired more questions: When was the duplicate key made?
She unsuccessfully tried to help him duplicate the escape when he was captured the next year.
And one of the reasons it will last is, it's not that damn easy to duplicate.
On the downside, it seems that this duplicate day hasn't been deemed as official as the first.
ComScore has a system in place to de-duplicate those views, but some publishers dispute its accuracy.
It also offers other useful features like file cleanup, duplicate finding, disk health monitoring, and data protection.
The subject line of the email was "Duplicate ITOPs with last normal menses date," the newspaper reported.
I feel like this has been a special, kind of magical experience, and you can't duplicate that.
UCF has agreements with its partner schools so that they do not duplicate degree offerings, he said.
"We are beginning to roll out improvements to identify more duplicate and similar articles," the source said.
Except that's not how it works; there are other methods to weed out duplicate and unrelated emails.
Because many arteries travel similar routes, they duplicate one another and often can't operate at full capacity.
Every night in Lexington I've been sleeping surrounded by thousands of cartridges, some in duplicate or triplicate.
Sure, they duplicate shortcut keys, but so do a bunch of the things they showed onstage today.
HeLa cells duplicate quickly and easily, and could survive for longer lengths of time in laboratory conditions.
Businesses should duplicate this concept by having team leaders, area managers, directors and the C-suite involved.
The problem is it's impossible to avoid getting duplicate sets of numbers, which don't help at all.
Online marketplace Poplar created duplicate sites that don't mention "CBD" or "cannabis," and routed Facebook ads there.
"He's had a career in law enforcement that very few, if anyone, can duplicate," Lieutenant Giorgio said.
But the bar will be far from a duplicate of the small, darkened den in New York.
Initially, I was trying to duplicate the way old cartoons look, specifically ones directed by Bob Clampett.
All the community knew was that sometimes, if you pushed money into a pile, it would duplicate.
"It's almost impossible to duplicate what we do in the stores online," CEO Butler said last year.
But he sees these instances as an opportunity to provide personal service, something online retailers cannot duplicate.
He said such duplicate accounts could be from people who had lost their password or were confused.
But the duplicate of the special Medeco key failed to turn the lock for my building gate.
There's no distracting layer of junkware and hosts of duplicate apps, as on third-party Android phones.
But the editorials will not duplicate those of The Times and will be written by different people.
However, ESPN+ doesn't duplicate what you're viewing on ESPN or ESPN2, such as NFL and NBA games.
It's that it was a charity fad that no one has figured out how to duplicate. ♦
You can select multiple files on Windows 10 simultaneously in order to move, delete, or duplicate them.
And is there any part of that — or all of it — that the United States can duplicate?
Often, the tickets they send customers have forged bar codes or are duplicate copies of legitimate tickets.
Those are things, unlike a new app or phone feature, that are hard for rivals to quickly duplicate.
Additionally, the duplicate of the iOS App Store that was previously part of iTunes has been removed completely.
But there's a big problem: By its nature, you can't save or duplicate information on a quantum computer.
Today: a consulting senior analyst who makes $38,27 per year and spends it on a duplicate mail key.
Now we've got to find a way to duplicate that performance and repeat it over and over again.
We humans do this intuitively, and Yildirim aims to duplicate this kind of intuition with hardware and software.
But Clinton failed to duplicate that success in any state that was up for grabs in this election.
If you're looking to duplicate the taste in your own home,  try our recipe for sweet potato casserole .
Since it's a limited test, only visible to some users, I wasn't able to duplicate the autoplay results.
In some cases, The Verge could not determine whether multiple, similar entries represented different detainees or duplicate logs.
For this one in particular, we're trying to duplicate past imagery from ice storms in the graphic itself.
Duplicate samples of some of the world's most important crops are stored within the facility's cold, dry caverns.
I expect them to try to duplicate the C.J. Spiller contract at other positions—hopefully with better results.
During mitosis, or cell division, these sets of chromosomes duplicate and then split off to form new cells.
"Don't go to college just to duplicate the same experience you had in high school," the president added.
It confirmed that Cullinan mistakenly handed the presenters the duplicate Best Actress envelope instead of the Best Picture.
Ken was cremated in his Founder Member t-shirt, although a duplicate now hangs in the museum exhibit.
Chipmakers have responded by using the extra transistors that came with shrinking to duplicate a chip's existing circuitry.
The Blaschkas' craftsmanship was so advanced that contemporary glassblowers have been unable to duplicate their marine life sculptures.
The park will even attempt to duplicate the floating mountains (at smaller scale, of course) seen in Avatar.
But one new(ish) reality show couple must not have gotten the "don't duplicate famous kids names" memo.
I'm currently adjusting my savings plan to include a mattress fund and a duplicate passport, just in case.
"What we want to do is in fact to encourage other people to duplicate our methods," Deibert said.
Otherwise, carmakers could face costs of about 13,000 to 600,000 euros ($552,600-$737,800) per model to duplicate approvals.
You can try to duplicate me, but I can't be duplicated because I got my shit all together.
It's also different from the DMV's own scanning, which looks for duplicate faces on licenses to detect fraud.
While she has had success making sandwich loaf or a baguette, she's never been able to duplicate it.
The government says nearly 30 million fake and duplicate cards have been weeded out, saving about $2.35 billion.
Spotify, which is moving toward an IPO, would get a service that complements, but doesn't duplicate, its own.
His rhetoric on spending reductions is about getting rid of duplicate programs, not slashing the social safety net.
Alcatel's wireless business and duplicate sales and marketing functions are likely to bear the brunt of future cuts.
The exchange said challenges in reconciling the missing and duplicate messages resulted in a longer process than expected.
Reproducibility, or the ability to duplicate an experiment and achieve similar results, lends validity to the scientific process.
The duplicate contact will be gone and you should only have one entry for it in your phone.
Mr. Gyawali said survivors would need to get duplicate victim identity cards from their local Village Development Committees.
Excel provides an easy tool that removes duplicate values for you, but it can only remove exact duplicates.
There aren't duplicate versions of Google's own apps, too, which are still too common in many Android flagships.
Congress doesn't evaluate whether these subsidies are delivered efficiently and in many cases, they duplicate existing spending programs.
That compares with the 500-600 million offers from third-party sellers on eBay, which includes duplicate products.
Meanwhile, the Pew analysis reveals that many other duplicate comments submitted were generated through advocate platforms like battleforthenet.
The app doesn't steal followers or duplicate current Instagram functionality, but rather adds to the overall Instagram experience.
We should not remove federal prosecutors from high-level cases to duplicate the work of these local experts.
"Having created a facility uniquely for Africa, our goal is to duplicate it in five locations," he says.
Researchers said that in many cases, information was provided in duplicate and triplicate, or was incomplete or corrupted.
These tactics — fake and duplicate accounts, coordinated sharing, and amplifying divisive topics — come straight from the Kremlin playbook.
Rather, I realized that my youthful Thanksgivings past were perfection, and I should not attempt to duplicate them.
They want to duplicate this process to see if new drug therapies can be derived from the fungi.
CROSSWORD Because of a production error, this weekend's KenKen puzzle is a duplicate of the March 31 puzzle.
We underbid, and in duplicate bridge, especially if you are not "vulnerable," if you do that you lose.
That's all well and good, but it also means that the problem of duplicate apps has gotten worse.
But its CEO felt forced to duplicate some of the unprofitable practices of its rivals amid slowing growth.
Naspers executives acknowledge that Prosus is unlikely to ever duplicate the astronomical return generated by the Tencent stake.
It's easy to duplicate a Google Sheet and copy it onto a new spreadsheet or an existing one.
Naspers executives acknowledge that Prosus is unlikely to ever duplicate the astronomical return generated by the Tencent stake.
But countries including Britain, Lithuania and Poland are wary of any steps that duplicate the work of NATO.
But Visa said that it has not made any changes that would result in customers seeing duplicate transactions.
"I play duplicate bridge and I play golf and I go swimming once in a while," he said.
What this lackluster product launch does accomplish, however, is showcase how difficult it is to duplicate Uber's service.
But the camera crew, risking unknown consequences if they were caught, kept a duplicate memory card of each shoot.
I pick up my key on the way back to the office and pay for the duplicate in cash.
If the FBI had decided to duplicate CrowdStrike's work, it's not clear they could have done a better job.
The Secret Service would have to "duplicate an inventory of spare parts" if the brand was switched as well.
It explicitly mentions typewriters, parchment paper and the copying press—the technology to duplicate papers that George Washington used.
It can remove duplicate photos and other poorly shot images, as well as rank similar photos based on aesthetics.
First, create two extra layers: right-click on the original image in the Layers pane and choose Duplicate Layer.
His first season as Western Kentucky&aposs head coach was almost a duplicate of his first season at Purdue.
This is because electronics supply chains and innovation ecosystems in China are highly specialised, efficient and hard to duplicate.
The samples will be compared to those from a duplicate experiment on Earth, which is serving as the control.
A Facebook spokesperson said the company removed a "number of fake and duplicate accounts" that were violating its policies.
" Stocky did admit that curators "are instructed to disregard junk or duplicate topics, hoaxes, or subjects with insufficient sources.
"In that case, you might be trying to duplicate what you had in that [previous] positive relationship," she says.
That's combined with the powerful light field camera for a view of the surgery a human could not duplicate.
There's a reprint button the side of the camera for instantly printing a duplicate to give to a friend.
Will Trump offer sanctions relief first and thereby cede more ground to North Korea and possibly duplicate past mistakes?
Critics of SHIPs often argue they duplicate services available on Medicare's 800 toll-free line, or from Social Security.
Most people would groan -- or worse, not even notice the duplicate charge -- but for me, it was game time.
They're also re-architecting how Edge handles animations by removing duplicate frames at the beginning and end of loops.
Attempting to duplicate the results of AntiToxin's study, or otherwise access child pornography online, may lead to your arrest.
Many people re-uploaded the live stream with slight edits so that it wouldn't be detected as a duplicate.
Common billing errors include, duplicate charges, incorrect patient information, increased quantities, in-network balance billing, and separating bundled procedures.
I know that some of you received yesterday's newsletter late — and received a duplicate copy when it did arrive.
Of course, just as technology companies can't easily duplicate car companies' manufacturing prowess, the same is true in reverse.
Lopez said Coronel told him the following month that Guzman, then at Altiplano, wanted to duplicate his earlier escape.
Scientists had long tried to duplicate the procedure that led to the first long-term remission 12 years ago.
Scientists have long tried to duplicate the procedure that led to the first long-term remission 24 years ago.
To build a duplicate tech hardware supply-chain would take $2trn or so, 6% of the superpowers' combined GDP.
It's perhaps the most serious of the problems that Google looks for, more so than duplicate or weak passwords.
Mr. Price and Mr. Nolan began by making duplicate negatives and then initiated a complex method of color correction.
Its development has been hit by poor weather conditions, delays and oversights including duplicate credits and procurement back-charges.
During rare polyploid events, a screw-up in the reproductive process caused the whole genome to duplicate at once.
After her follow-up album, 2001's More, failed to duplicate her initial success she was dropped by Elektra.
Trading items on Steam allows you to get rid of duplicate items and receive new ones in their place.
UPDATE: This story has been updated to remove a duplicate statement, and its headline has also been updated accordingly.
If anything, do-good organizations are ever on the hunt for a way to duplicate the ice-bucket success.
That means the prosthetic's impression would be virtually impossible to recognize as a fingerprint, let alone duplicate, Wei says.
One of the agency's first tasks was to identify the compounds used on the surfaces in order to duplicate them.
I tweak exposure, take duplicate shots for safety, and I sweat all the pixel-level details in editing my pictures.
" What's more, the paper says investigators "have been unable to duplicate in a lab the effects the diplomats have experienced.
Youngstown State (1-1), ranked 20th in this week's FCS poll, was hoping to duplicate its 2012 upset at Pitt.
We can't duplicate the other, non-visual sensory components yet, but really, that seems like just a matter of time.
The whistleblower noted investigators would have subtracted duplicate emails: "Old laptops could do it in minutes-to-hours," he tweeted.
I have to try to believe that it will be enough this time, if I'm able to duplicate that performance.
You might see a charge for something that never happened, duplicate fees, or things being billed at exceptionally high prices.
Duplicate accounts also often represent real activity from the same person using multiple profiles, according to Facebook CFO Dave Whener.
AlphStar could only complete 22 non-duplicate actions in a five second window, putting it in league with human players.
The survey also warns against increase in fraudulent withdrawals from ATMs using duplicate cards and other risks in online banking.
To make a new Flotato app, you literally duplicate the Flotato app in the Mac's Finder and rename that copy.
The ring seems to be a duplicate of their engagement ring, a cushion cut by master jeweler Lorraine Schwarz. E!
At the time, trading in the securities market was suspended for several hours because duplicate trade confirmation messages were generated.
Staff had been hired for duplicate roles, and now things just needed to be adjusted accordingly, another former employee explained.
All your duplicate apps are handled through the Parallel Space interface, which makes them a bit more awkward to use.
When Facebook has verified a report, it will remove the post, along with any duplicate posts that have been created.
Twitter is wording this new quality filter as a tool to hide notifications from bots and duplicate tweets from spammers.
Mike Ryan, Uproxx Some day, hopefully soon, DC will get the recipe right again and duplicate Wonder Woman's storytelling magic.
Chertoff said creating a "duplicate key" into iPhones for government warrants compromises security for the vast majority of innocent people.
"We did not want to duplicate the functions of the phone," says Igor Basargin, What Watch's co-founder and CEO.
Of course, if the order does eventually make its way through, other states will likely attempt to duplicate its success.
The gun also is considered a copy or duplicate if key parts are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon.
The progress being made by America's billionaires certainly makes it harder to justify their government's attempts to duplicate their efforts.
The Meissen Porcelain Manufactory outside Dresden, Germany, was the first European factory to figure out how to duplicate Chinese porcelain.
Frank Bruni wrote a good column about how it wouldn't be easy to duplicate Trump — he's one of a kind.
But they said the last thing they were thinking about was how to duplicate the success of "Let It Got."
Homeland Security auditors said the immigration agency had instituted several methods for addressing problems with erroneous or duplicate green cards.
In discussing this expanded partnership with Rakuten, I asked if members like me will be able to combine duplicate accounts.
It's like every piece here has a handwritten gesture that's personal of mine, that no one else can really duplicate.
But complicating the firestorm of controversy surrounding Pai's near-certain forthcoming repeal is the issue of spambots and duplicate comments.
In a statement, Worldpay admitted to causing the duplicate charges for Etsy users in its attempts to rectify the problem.
A potential health problem exists when commercial products are used to try to duplicate the presumed smell of fresh air.
I sometimes duplicate the hand-painted panels, shifting the logic so that the hand-painted panel becomes the repeated image.
Juul Labs, the leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes in the U.S., is looking to duplicate that success in markets overseas.
Of course, when Echo's Duplicate runs out of health she becomes regular Echo again, complete with her toolchest of damage.
After they published these videos, Silberstein and Navarro were flooded with requests from strangers who wanted to duplicate the trip.
The thing about this product, though, is that it does duplicate some functionality — like, say, with PayPal's WordPress plug-in.
An inspector general report found that a partial check of an immigration service center found 364,000 duplicate visa lottery applications.
If Sanders can duplicate his strength in Nevada among Latinos and black men, he would broaden his base even further.
The program should also alert you if it finds duplicate fonts on the computer and fixes the issue for you.
That kind of delay often leads to duplicate tests to rule out potential diagnoses, which are expensive and potentially avoidable.
Gannett has a ton of papers in Florida, so do you have duplicate coverage of the governor or the capitol?
It also acts as an insurer for other seed collections by holding duplicate samples, which owners can withdraw as needed.
We were not able to duplicate the same experience here in the U.S., which indicates it's still limited by geography.
The brian-body is a complex system, and being able to duplicate that doesn't seem likely in the short-term.
A few, like the Cowboy, seem drawn by something else: Mr. Trump's unlikely success story, which they hope to duplicate.
Larry Bowler Jr., Warrington, Pa., High School A textbook cannot duplicate the current nature of politics and the global economy.
More than 200 sites eventually turned up nearly duplicate versions of this innovation across an enormous span of the region.
Nothing's a clone and Your descent through that choral throat says You've already encountered the first fungus, a duplicate life.
Down the road, Pornhub said its new AI model could help prevent spam, identify duplicate videos, and offer viewers better recommendations.
Such websites are full of duplicate accounts, many of which are rarely or never used and are registered under false names.
With the setting on, Twitter users will be less likely to see duplicate tweets and tweets that may be automated responses.
The original version of Instavest allowed experts to share their stock trades (and rationale) for others to see and potentially duplicate.
That's why Adam chose that studio — rather than trying to duplicate those sounds digitally, he said, 'This is the real deal.
Many of the comments were filed using temporary or duplicate email addresses, and millions were repeated verbatim using industry-friendly scripts.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China will stabilise investment growth and avoid duplicate investment projects, state radio quoted the cabinet as saying on Wednesday.
Allowing firms to constantly estimate their own market value would duplicate the job of investors and also be a dog's breakfast.
There was a 15-page application, which I would assume required submission in duplicate, pertaining to the pedigree of the pup.
The muddled Quantum of Solace was a disappointment after Casino Royale, and Spectre's attempts to duplicate Skyfall's success yielded mixed results.
Ultimately, Srinivasan envisions Coinbase operating more algorithmically so that it will be easier to duplicate its processes for adding additional cryptocurrencies.
A bunch of extremists use fake and duplicate accounts to create entire networks to fake public support for their divisive agenda.
Amazon says that this could help people avoid requesting the same item on different lists and ending up receiving duplicate gifts.
What's more, Quan said moving the show calendar wouldn't mitigate the ability for fast-fashion retailers to duplicate high-fashion designs.
These three particular studies could be flawed or contain greater uncertainty than indicated, depending on subsequent work to duplicate the results.
Doppler also includes a variety of presets that attempt to duplicate the aural atmosphere of famous musical locations around the world.
I didn't receive anywhere near enough in my time playing, as you must catch duplicate pokémon to collect the requisite candies.
With Enzyme, Seehafer says startups don't need a background understanding in regulatory issues and don't have to duplicate the paperwork, either.
In addition, regulators would be required to review other existing rules that may duplicate, overlap and conflict with their proposed rule.
"Few, if any, activities can duplicate the power of golf to boost one's career regardless of gender," she writes for CNBC.
Smaller companies cannot afford to duplicate those operations and would have to absorb the costs over a small line of products.
Mass comment campaigns are collections of identical and near-duplicate comments sponsored by organizations and submitted by group members and supporters.
The four agencies no longer negotiate their own contracts with cellphone companies and no longer buy duplicate copies of software licenses.
Plus, duplicate cards can still drop, meaning that you're not even guaranteed any progress at all when you buy a box.
The department employs well over 600,000 contractors, many of whom do tasks that duplicate work already being done by government employees.
But today, even unanimous bipartisan bills like HR 477/HR 609 are subject to filibusters, duplicate committee hearings, and partisan politics.
In theory Crosscheck seems like a fine idea: States come together to see if there are duplicate names among registration lists.
Lance McCullers Jr. will try to duplicate Fiers' performance when he gets the nod in the opener opposite lefty Ariel Miranda.
The company says positions are being eliminated in part to de-duplicate roles and to move more staff from Time Inc.
For Michael's pavilion' I wanted to install television sets that were timed to duplicate this diorama effect on a miniature scale.
And that's something you can't take for granted because he learns from his mistakes and he doesn't duplicate it very often.
Third, the sad fact of the matter is that very few artists can duplicate their creative genius time and time again.
MAGAZINE The "Boxing Match" variety puzzle on Page 2698 today is a duplicate of the puzzle that ran in the Oct.
I imagine we could duplicate this experience in any wine region where taxonomists have tried to classify characteristics briefly and simply.
They combine soy leghemoglobin with more soy and potato and other plant ingredients to build a convincing duplicate of ground beef.
The two companies have a long history of cooperation, which would be hard to duplicate with other partners, Mr. Wells said.
Nonetheless, much of this bill would just duplicate what is already done, but with far more numerous and onerous analytical mandates.
Republicans are submitting their questions to leadership, which is expected to organize them by topic and try to cull duplicate questions.
"She just loved the color and they asked us to duplicate the color of the coat for the seats," Roth explains.
You can either right-click on the sheet that you'd like to duplicate or select "Edit" from the top menu bar.
You can delete or duplicate questions as needed by clicking the trash can or layered rectangle icon, located below each question.
For instance, if you're paying multiple subscriptions to the same service, Ramp is going to flag that as a duplicate subscription.
LHP Robbie Ray hopes to duplicate his last outing against the Mets in Monday's series opener against New York at home.
Apple solved the challenge for iMessage by using unique keys for every device and sending your messages to each device in duplicate.
After gaining control of the molecular machinery of a host cell, the virus rapidly begins to duplicate itself, destroying its host cell.
Simulations had features such as curb-like platforms and treadmills with projection systems to duplicate what people might see on a street.
To help with this, each listing on Kasaz is verified, as are prospective buyers, and duplicate listings from competing agencies are prohibited.
Also, MAYDAY is a bit of a duplicate entry, as it uses the word DAY and is not part of the theme.
State Department spokesman John Kirby said Friday's release included a large number of "near duplicate" emails, largely identical to previously released emails.
Microsoft introduced code in its latest update to delete the empty and duplicate known folders, but it appears they weren't always empty.
Because of this, past research to model the planet would simply place a duplicate of Earth and its topography in Venus' orbit.
Burgher said the deal would achieve $3.5 billion in synergies and cost savings through divestitures and by eliminating redundancies, including duplicate offices.
Duplicate video streams of the lip-syncing performer are projected overhead on either side of Rodger's video, as in an oversized triptych.
Swaraj tweeted back to Patel to have his wife contact her; a little later Swaraj said a duplicate passport would be issued.
People duplicate passwords, use short or no passcodes at all and have terrible operational security in their day-to-day lives. Why?
Bostrom says we can send tiny robots to other planets, which will self-duplicate and turn the planet into a huge computer.
And duplicate that in their big platform database, and they can prevail very quickly and they can win the market very quickly.
"Since you can't move this circuit, and you can't duplicate it, it can always be counted on to be there," he said.
Check. Use of the word "strange" somewhere in the show's lineage as possible Hollywood mojo to duplicate the success of Stranger Things?
I knew that the facade of the hotel would look similar to the skyline of New York, but it wouldn't duplicate it.
The image shows off a rather bland-looking smartphone with an uncluttered home screen devoid of any duplicate apps and unnecessary bloatware.
"Every time somebody has a pair of shoes on, there's no duplicate, there's only 'one of one' of that shoe," he says.
They needed Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira to avoid injury and duplicate their 2015 production, which was probably too much to ask.
The Argentines are not good enough to duplicate what they did in Athens, but Scola hopes they will play just as hard.
In July this year trading in the securities market was suspended for several hours due to duplicate trade confirmation messages being generated.
He wrote: Twitter is wording this new quality filter as a tool to hide notifications from bots and duplicate tweets from spammers.
Or that of his half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, a self-avowed reformer who wished to duplicate China's modernization in North Korea.
In his own statement, Husted said he hoped the ruling would give other states a path toward purging duplicate or obsolete registrations.
So, we'd often have to force the marketing team to give us realistic prototypes — something we can really work with and duplicate.
Most of these duplicated anti-net neutrality comments likely came from spambots, which autogenerated responses using fake or duplicate emails and names.
Smith told Motherboard via email that he could detect duplicate frames in the White House video, which could indicate it was doctored.
That way, you'll never miss a due date, but you'll catch any fraudulent or duplicate transactions before you pay in full.7.
A copy is a duplicate for which the model is still known, while a forgery is created with the intent to deceive.
When its packages get stolen, the entire cost of the stolen item plus duplicate processing and shipping is at stake for Amazon.
It's a process meant to clean up the system and delete registrations from people who have died or who have duplicate registrations.
Tesla is also aiming to duplicate another of Apple's key strategies: making big investments to lock in its supply of key components.
They were less likely to report having duplicate tests or procedures and more likely to understand the costs associated with their care.
As a result, teams will need to prioritize shutting Echo down in teamfights to prevent Echo from getting value out of Duplicate.
"I'm not opposed to us doing oversight but we have a lot to do here -- no need to duplicate efforts," Cornyn said.
However, for every user we spoke with, we confirmed that their phone numbers appeared in multiple non-duplicate posts on the site.
Another product from the makers of the Instant Pot, this cooking blender is marketed as a duplicate of the much pricier Vitamix.
Furthermore, they placed the duplicate board in a number of different positions—each of which, it turns out, conveyed a particular meaning.
If you really want to make a great impression, Salemi recommends sending duplicate thank-yous by snail mail as well as email.
These groups work to preserve vulnerabilities on our elections when they assert, in court, that simple spreadsheet functions cannot detect duplicate registrations.
The English Bridge Union asked to have the same exemption from value added tax as sports associations for tournaments of duplicate bridge.
Management's aim is to duplicate the small teams and excellent design of Apple, among other things, without Apple's infamous culture of secrecy.
We don't know what happened backstage, but somehow that card -- or a duplicate of it -- ended up in Warren and Faye's hands.
But at the time, the company said that the figure was a worst-case scenario because it included millions of duplicate records.
Businesses say they are being asked to provide additional and, in some cases, duplicate documents to prove their status as seasonal employers.
But it appears to have inspired central banks in China and Europe, which are also considering ways to duplicate Bitcoin's underlying technology.
The bottom line is that we should not expect to see a duplicate of Homo sapiens as we look for life beyond Earth.
That's why you had so many duplicate comments, comments from disposable email addresses, and comments that were just form letters from activist groups.
Organization efficiencies are also expected as a result of the acquisition, so presumably there will be some staff reductions owing to duplicate roles.
In an April 2015 presentation entitled 'Confessions of a Capital Junkie', the Italian accused the auto industry of wasting billions on duplicate products.
Garcia gets the chance to duplicate the feat Friday, when the St. Louis Cardinals open a three-game series against the visiting Brewers.
An additional player represents the Homunculus, an artificial intelligence developed from harvested online data to be a "digital duplicate" of that departed friend.
Most seem to pay tribute to Medley's singular sense of style, but there's one space she's not afraid to admit is a duplicate.
The group is working to fix the duplicate entries, but could not provide a timeline for when they expect that to be completed.
Studies have found that when consumers can't access their health information, it leads to medical errors as well as duplicate tests and procedures.
Instead of administering duplicate databases, blockchain comprises one record maintained by a network of participants rather than a centralized entity: accessible and unchangeable.
This could create friction, duplicate effort, and, if not carefully managed, a "platform" that doesn't truly serve the "experiences" of Microsoft's consumer customers.
Sometimes an Amazon package can be misplaced or stolen, and Amazon's refund policy means customers can request a duplicate of the original order.
Meanwhile, Xiaomi has found it hard to duplicate its online sales success in other countries, where phones are primarily sold in physical stores.
The weather service said it had received 22 reports of tornadoes by late Wednesday; some could be duplicate reporting of the same twister.
Meanwhile, on the desktop app, I've been a guilty offender of sending duplicate messages because Slack keeps telling me it hasn't sent them.
Experts cite ballooning costs, including from duplicate procedures, potential harm from the tests themselves and the overtreatment of harmless conditions found during scans.
The RLJ-FelCor deal will create annual cost savings of about $22 million from the elimination of duplicate corporate general and administrative expenses.
Identity Health will help to avoid issues such as surgeries on the wrong patients, incorrect medication administration, identity theft and duplicate medical records.
Obviously, this will also require cheesing up the place, making it 1973 authentic with cottage cheese ceilings and all to duplicate the show.
If a node goes offline or gets re-encrypted by a ransomware attack, CryptoMove can re-duplicate your data and recover your stuff.
Enel has plans to duplicate similar services in countries where Enel operates power distribution infrastructure such as in Latin America, Spain and Romania.
So now I am very fond of Lives — it has a kind of impromptu, ad hoc aspect I never tried to duplicate again.
The Secretary of State's office will review the petitions in the coming weeks to ensure no duplicate signatures or unregistered voters were included.
"The 'Fast & the Furious' franchise is one of the industry's most successful, and we haven't seen any attempts to duplicate that," he said.
They could not duplicate the feat Sunday, however, when Wall was again out of the lineup, this time with a swollen left knee.
The labs are also part of a broader network, with facilities in member states performing their own analyses and double-checking duplicate samples.
And Tesla is also aiming to duplicate another of Apple's key strategies: making big investments to lock in its supply of key components.
The app also is capable of detecting duplicate sponges, even if they're held up in front of the camera in a different orientation.
The sinuous sculptures duplicate themselves as cast shadows; the pots, half-invisible in the side room, have the presence of a massed chorus.
Visa and Worldpay said in February they would reverse duplicate transactions that led to unauthorized withdrawals for some users of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.
Republican Senator Susan Collins, whose vote is crucial, declined to say if the Senate bill would duplicate the House's proposed estate tax repeal.
"We have removed a number of fake and duplicate accounts that were violating our authenticity polices," Facebook said Sunday, according to ABC News.
The 13th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (1926, essentially a duplicate of the fabled 11th), acquired by my mother before I was born.
He also likes the sector because housing is an income-producing asset that is not as easy to duplicate as other consumer products.
A former employee said that repair notes and other data can sometimes get lost across these disparate programs, sometimes leading to duplicate work.
It's the same in Hearthstone and both games have a system whereby you can trade in duplicate cards for individual cards you want.
When one room fills up, users are spawned into new ones while the performers and host avatars are "mirrored" into the duplicate rooms.
If you're not looking across the entire digital landscape of a company, you're going to duplicate, which creates confusion and disparate customer experiences.
The biological process of making an egg cell, called oogenesis, typically produces a polar body, which contains a duplicate copy of egg DNA.
It is curious, then, that Ellis chose to duplicate "The Shoemaker," a painting not actually in the collection, in deliberately subdued, homogenized hues.
Ms. Winner's team at Boston College published its study, "Essentialist Beliefs in Aesthetic Judgments of Duplicate Artworks," in the society's journal in June.
So sometimes you're seeing an exact duplicate of what was on-screen 37 years ago, and some things on-screen are educated guesses.
We literally can't afford to duplicate efforts and double-spend, so collaboration allows us to augment our approach and share resources with colleagues.
For some time he was obsessed with the card game duplicate bridge, until he dropped it in favor of bicycling and mountain climbing.
That anxiety of influence was palpable, too, for collaborators like Steven Zaillian, the "Irishman" screenwriter, who strove not to duplicate other Scorsese films.
Some other Android phones, like Samsung's, can be cluttered with other things, like a competing (but worse) assistant named Bixby and duplicate apps.
To minimize them, developers will often duplicate certain game assets in order to form contiguous data blocks, which the drive can read faster.
Tap in on days, and you'll head to a view of every single picture taken on that date (including duplicate shots and screenshots).
If you really want to personalize it, you can add emoji or stickers, draw directly on the image, duplicate images — whatever you want.
His debut album Project: Funk da World was certified Gold, but Mack was never able to duplicate that success later in his career.
The filter, which had been rolled out to some verified users last year, can screen for spam bots, offensive language, and duplicate accounts.
He was reluctant to designate a chief of staff, not wanting to duplicate the power of Haldeman or Eisenhower "deputy president" Sherman Adams.
Pen and ink drawings — stippled to duplicate antique comics' Benday dot coloring — detail the heroes' clashes with evildoers while performing at a circus.
In total, Allen estimates that he spent around $1,000 on the project, although a lot of that went into duplicate parts and extra tools.
He recommended considering seeking the dismissal of "meritless" cases with defective legal theories and frivolous facts and "parasitic" lawsuits that duplicate pre-existing investigations.
But he says it's possible Claypool was inadvertently reviewing duplicate reports about the same incident, given the number of different individuals who made reports.
But at the end of the day, the issue stemmed from Swann producing duplicate keys—not the family failing to understand the company's mistake.
The blockchain prevents duplicate spending of coins through a process known as "proof-of-work," but it needs an army of computers to function.
Payments processors Worldpay and Visa said Friday they are reversing duplicate transactions that recently caused unauthorized withdrawals for some users of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.
So, while one story gets an 80% reduction in traffic after a fact-check, copycats still have time to duplicate it and keep profiting.
The original source of inspiration was drawn from him, but I don't think we're by any means trying to duplicate his life or anything.
One glaring "bug," as Facebook dubbed it, miscalculated the daily reach of a Facebook Page by neglecting to take out duplicate, or repeat, visitors.
Anonymous sources later told Reuters that the FBI would be able to duplicate the hack but only on phones with the exact same specifications.
In combining Kraft and with Heinz Foods, which 3G and Berkshire had acquired years prior, the partners saw a chance to duplicate that strategy.
"Other applications obtained duplicate enrollment or obtained coverage by claiming their employer did not provide insurance that met minimum essential coverage," the GAO said.
It could, for example, show a burst of confetti to encourage you to start your day or create a digital duplicate of the object.
Other small things: there's an option to duplicate photos, which is useful when you consider the raft of editing options in iOS these days.
Those, too, appear to be mostly duplicate chains, though there are notable individual emails, including the first ones in which Clinton's personality came through.
"The make-up team of Feud even fitted a chin prosthetic to Zeta-Jones in order to further duplicate the actual appearance," they claim.
Documented incidents of duplicate voting are sporadic, largely arise from human error, and are insufficient in number to sway the outcome of any election.
The issue at hand is whether the EPA should duplicate the requirements already placed on mining companies to cover clean up and reclamation costs.
The Administration is seeking to end funding for organizations that duplicate the efforts of other Federal programs or the non-profit and private sectors.
"Nell is really amused at my picture taking, and also my taking measurements so that I can duplicate the things I see," he wrote.
The long-term goal is to be able to replicate the greenhouse at the company's future restaurants and allow others to duplicate their plans.
Cisdem DuplicateFinder 4 Everybody ends up with a few duplicate files on their computer because staying organized is hard and we're all so busy.
She does have plenty of luck with homemade cinnamon rolls, but something about "real, delicious, artisan bread" has remained impossible for her to duplicate.
The editors can "inject" newsworthy topics under certain guidelines and can also "blacklist" duplicate topics or those not related to a real-world event.
They will also drive out a lot of duplicate costs of running two sets of similar assets which are now under one Disney roof.
The Singapore Exchange Ltd said securities trading was suspended just before midday local time on Thursday due to duplicate trade confirmation messages being generated.
On Thursday, the company said the data set contained duplicate entries and that the official number of exposed phone numbers totaled around 220 million.
One mutual fund sector for which it is likely to be especially hard to sustain and duplicate past performance is United States real estate.
The end result is an impressive duplicate of Cushing (there's also a young CGI version of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the movie).
In the last three years, it said, the immigration agency produced at least 19,000 cards that included incorrect information or were issued in duplicate.
Walmart is already a discount behemoth, with 4,627 stores in the United States, but it has not been able to duplicate its dominance online.
Agency officials told the paper the lower number was after duplicate complaints, and a number of "proactive rodent abatement" cases undertaken by the department.
The T-Mobile customer support I spoke with said that someone was trying to duplicate my SIM card and that's why they were calling.
"We then duplicate that posting as an Instagram story, where we have nearly 145,000 followers," said Karen Frascona, the museum's director of public relations.
"Moved" presents a speculative view of this scenario, in which the duplicate intended to sexually replace a girlfriend ends up emotionally replacing a boyfriend.
With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is simply no way to duplicate the banking sanctions that have proved so damaging to the Iranian economy.
Microsoft and Google are both hoping that adopting Apple's business model will allow them to duplicate Apple's record of innovation and, ultimately, Apple's profits.
His struggles illustrate how Mr. Trump's lightning-in-a-bottle victory may not be easy to duplicate this year in swing states like Pennsylvania.
Recognizing the cause was pressure from the toy's many plastic beads, Keith looked to duplicate the experience of instant calm on a larger scale.
The British broadcaster, which revealed the duplicate mailings, said the party had been unable to determine precisely how many extra ballots it sent out.
China's first duplicate cat marks the country's emergence in gene research and its entry in a potentially lucrative and unregulated market for cloning pets.
And a third new tool will highlight if you have any duplicate open tabs when you hover over a tab with your mouse pointer.
Those five million are "potential duplicate voters" in the same sense that every person who walks into a bank is a potential bank robber.
In these regions of the genome, the DNA molecule tends to duplicate itself, like it's stuttering over the same word over and over again.
Patients today are still struggling to access their medical records, leading to all kinds of unnecessary medical errors, duplicate tests, and other added costs.
But it may be hard for Xerox to duplicate them until the company can prove that it can get sales growth back on track.
Beyond that, many Mexican states have still not enacted the mandatory systems meant to duplicate the federal anti-corruption effort on a local level.
If you have a supremely expensive project that would be hard to duplicate, the people who do the project design [secondary checks] within the system.
Further, the hack requires an attacker to chain together several vulnerabilities and have proximity to the device, making it difficult to duplicate in the wild.
By default you just see a duplicate of your phone's screen, but you can switch to DeX mode using the menu that appears on screen.
Miranda Cosgrove was all smiles as she took her striped style to the streets ... can you detect the differences between these two nearly duplicate photos?
McConkie admonished Naugle for submitting duplicate requests, requests from people whose names have already been removed, requests from deceased or faithful members, and incomplete requests.
From a rug designed by former first lady Laura Bush, to duplicate Winston Churchill busts, Donald Trump's redecoration of the Oval Office is predictably retrograde.
You can apply for as many lotteries as you like, but be sure not apply to the same lottery twice: Duplicate applications are automatically disqualified.
There will be job cuts, based on eliminating duplicate roles, but Avast is not confirming how many or where they will come at this stage.
To replace it he had a metal duplicate made, with spring-loaded fingers that could hold a sword, shield or the reins of his horse.
Since I've logged in from my home computer, work computer, web browser, and app, I've unwittingly ended up with duplicate accounts of the same name.
Unlike the iPhone X's studio lighting mode, it doesn't overreach and try to duplicate a studio effect; it just produces nice-looking black and whites.
It's chaotic, and one result of that chaos is that SoundCloud is overrun with duplicate tracks — one in front of the paywall, and one behind.
Carolina was coming off a five-day layoff when it won Saturday night at Detroit, but it was unable to duplicate that kind of performance.
We have removed a number of fake and duplicate accounts that were violating our authenticity policies, as well as one Page for name change violations.
But regardless of profession, it's really the soft skills that will elevate us above the automation--the places where humans excel and algorithms can't duplicate.
By keeping a duplicate of any machine they sent into space, they could troubleshoot a malfunctioning component while its counterpart was thousands of miles away.
Of 22016 others who said their names were "used to file comments we did not make," Gizmodo was able to duplicate the experiment 12 times.
After all, going completely wireless means sacrificing both battery life and weight, due to the need to duplicate much of the electronics in each ear.
For example, the store brand product comparison app Brandefy ranked the Equate Beauty facial cleansing towelettes a 91 percent duplicate of the Burt's Bees version.
What's more, cutting this extensive lead time makes it more difficult for fast-fashion retailers to duplicate designers' looks before they even hit their shelves.
He was most likely translating and following nearly duplicate instructions from the crafting blog A Subtle Revelry, which were posted months before his own video.
Wisely, it makes no attempt to duplicate the original 1938 scare, although a few passersby at the outdoor sites were momentarily bewildered by the racket.
Eleventh-seeded Syracuse, which seems to be on the NCAA Tournament bubble, couldn't duplicate the performance from a night earlier when it defeated Wake Forest.
It, or a duplicate, was set up on the tree-lined main street of Bagnères de Luchon on Saturday and remained completely filled with air.
Open the photo on which you wish to draw, and make sure to duplicate it if you want to keep a copy of the original.
Although paved with good intentions, the bill would duplicate state laws, erode federalism, and do little to advance its stated aim of supporting local police.
The law relies on the Kansas Secretary of State's Crosscheck system that matches voters by name and date of birth and flags potential duplicate voters.
Some eastern and Baltic EU nations worry stronger European defense coordination could duplicate or undermine NATO, while Ireland, Sweden and Austria are more generally cautious.
For Turchin, digital immortality—creating a conscious, virtual duplicate of our minds that could outlive us—is only the third-best way to become immortal.
"I have reviewed the list of unique identifiers generated during the operation and confirmed that there were in fact no duplicate identifiers generated," Alfin adds.
We're looking at those products and we're basically trying to duplicate their texture or we're looking at the ingredients they used — and that's very common.
This portrait of the mustachioed senator and its duplicate mounted on the other façade of the fountain were created in 1933 by Julia Bracken Wendt.
Now Apple seems to be seeing the wisdom of Google's approach, implicitly conceding that car companies have unique capabilities that Silicon Valley can't easily duplicate.
Vanguard adds that it can provide duplicate tax forms for any year it generated one for a participant who invested in a 401(k) plan.
But those contacts can get disorganized over time as you rack up duplicate entries, outdated information and numbers for people you no longer talk to.
That means if you are locked out, you can simply go to a kiosk, log in to your account and quickly cut a duplicate key.
"Newspaper opinion piece" for OP-ED sounds like it might be a duplicate because of OP and opinion, but they are not the same thing.
"I believe the CDC struggled to give a really strong answer on being able to duplicate some of the places like South Korea," he said.
The Obama administration appeared to pursue few cases involving duplicate identities, unless they involved egregious wrongdoing or naturalized citizens who had received government security clearances.
In attempting to explain why he stores a virtual duplicate of his basketball life on a 48-terabyte hard drive, Stackhouse pointed to his childhood.
Unions would be allowed to maintain their clinics and provide supplemental coverage, as long as it doesn't duplicate the benefits available under Medicare for All.
It felt like a "sort of" duplicate to me, because I'm used to seeing twin clues used to describe words that coincidentally have different meanings.
The spokesperson said the database contains many duplicate entries and the company estimates the number of users impacted is about half of what TechCrunch reported.
A 2006 study estimated that more than $20 billion a year was being spent on duplicate testing -- and the number is probably far higher today.
Kennedy sometimes joined the liberal justices on key rulings on divisive social issues like abortion and gay rights, a practice his replacement may not duplicate.
The research group found they could temporarily duplicate the frequency of the strontium in a maser (a laser beam made of microwaves instead of light).
The rights holder feeds a "reference stream" of the video into Facebook's system and the matching technology works simultaneously to search for other, duplicate livestreams.
Screenshot: Victoria Song (Gizmodo)I only use most of the apps on my phone occasionally, while others duplicate the functionality of other apps I like better.
To attract task-requesters, the brothers have devised a mechanism to reduce redundancy in microtasks, which they hope will translate into fewer payments for duplicate work.
He made four of his 953 3-point attempts, helping the Trail Blazers (12-for-26) nearly duplicate Golden State's 212-point output (224-for-29).
One of the deep findings of modern quantum theory, this principle states that it is impossible to make a duplicate of an arbitrary, unknown quantum state.
Both Macs and PCs have built-in backup utilities that not only backup spare files, but can make a perfect duplicate of your internal hard drive.
She's rightfully concerned that he's trying to duplicate exactly his own life in honoring his two fathers, and walks away from him in the parking lot.
The only reason he was in the convoy was to travel to another base to submit a duplicate set of fingerprints for his US citizenship application.
The average age of life insurance agents is 103 years old, and it's estimated there are an average of three duplicate processes in each customer sale.
So-called duplicate bridge is considered a sport by the tax authorities of Austria, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, but not by Ireland and Sweden.
The company said in May that duplicate accounts, according to an estimate from last year, may have represented some 383 percent of its worldwide user base.
Holding the touch modifier down when you're using the Move tool will automatically toggle to let you duplicate layers without having to select the function manually.
As we now know, sealed inside Beatty's envelope was the duplicate card featuring Emma Stone's name, who had accepted the Best Actress award just moments before.
Gus Van Sant was reviled in 1998 when he claimed his $60 million Psycho remake would be a shot-for-shot duplicate of Alfred Hitchcock's classic.
And by using the company's mobile vision technology, the app suggests which files users should delete like unused apps, duplicate files, low resolution videos, and memes.
HP believes there are meaningful cost synergies related to the deal by leveraging the A4 segment supply chain and elimination of duplicate non-revenue-generating costs.
It's also good for patients, he said, as they can present everything to a doctor rather than having to be subjected to duplicate tests and procedures.
The app seems to be more than just a WeChat or WhatsApp duplicate—it can also be used for delivery orders, ride-hailing, and money exchange.
While some speculated that the erroneous withdraws were down to a Coinbase engineering issue, Coinbase issued a statement saying it wasn't liable for the duplicate charges.
Over the last two days, some customers who used a credit or debit card at Coinbase may have seen duplicate transactions posted to their cardholder accounts.
The paper continues:Using the second code obtained from the database, the thieves would program the chip in the duplicate key, allowing them to operate the car.
Britain has long vetoed the idea, worried that it would be expensive, duplicate stuff that NATO is much better equipped to do and unsettle the alliance.
If you trusted in the random number generator to select your numbers (clearly quicker than filling out each sheet by hand) you'd surely get duplicate tickets.
The nursing staff often get stuck with duplicate work, requiring both educating patients on care and checking to see if they have all the necessary information.
He also said it was unclear how many may duplicate those already released but that there were "likely to be quite a few" not previously disclosed.
Related: Fake news targets voters days before election Meanwhile, biometric voter registration will allow Kenya's Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to eliminate duplicate and "ghost" voters.
That would typically involve mailing the full terms of disclosure to the consumer, adding an unnecessary expense for a duplicate disclosure of terms to the consumer.
He gave the example of Crosscheck, which is a Kansas-sponsored program to check voter rolls for duplicate voters by compiling data from 26 other states.
This delay means that some users may be seeing the second charge come through before the refund, which without clarification would just appear as duplicate charges.
In Carnes' case, finding the duplicate was just the first lead, and it took a lot of police work to unravel the rest of the scheme.
Under Healey's notice, a weapon is a copy or duplicate if its internal operating system is largely the same as those of a specifically banned weapon.
Pai said on Wednesday that the allegations against Total Call demonstrated that carriers could abuse the system to sign of duplicate customers and bilk the government.
The Spartans (1-3) were unable to duplicate what the program accomplished the last time USC Upstate visited Blacksburg — a 64-63 upset win on Nov.
As a result, efforts to limit the coordinated submission of large numbers of identical and near-duplicate comments should not be a top priority for lawmakers.
There is no evidence to suggest that voting twice is a widespread problem, though experts say removing duplicate registrations are a good practice if done carefully.
Last year, the VA paid out an extra $4.5 million in duplicate benefits because officials were late reading email alerts to update payments, a watchdog found.
"I found in-game vulnerabilities that allowed me to become invisible... duplicate in-game gold, and move into restricted/unintended map areas," he told Business Insider.
The end result is one that many tried to duplicate, but few got right—including that turn-of-the-millennium pop group based out of Orlando.
They looked at team size, identified duplicate roles and overlapping work, as well as individual performance to determine who would be laid off, the source said.
Facebook has never sold its user data, fearful of user backlash and wary of handing would-be competitors a way to duplicate its most prized asset.
Since then, at least three others have tried to duplicate Ousland's feat without kites, raising the stakes and trimming the margin for error by several degrees.
She began thinking of a way to duplicate those moments in her community with students who were now forced to practice social distancing in their homes.
There's wacky stuff for making duplicate versions of apps, using AI to optimize memory usage, and a bunch of other stuff that you may never use.
What none of these others can ever quite duplicate is Mr. Stanley's entirely singular vision, as well as the essential ingredient he brought to his store.
Do your memories define your personhood, or is it something deeper, more physical, more fundamental, that a clone with a copy of your brain can't duplicate?
Perhaps this detail in Adams's column provides the answer to this puzzle: He claims that "more than five million potential duplicate voters" were identified by Crosscheck.
Next, talk with your physician about your prescriptions to make sure you are taking the most affordable drug, and that your prescriptions don't duplicate each other.
What do they plan to do with his abilities to see the future, bend space and time, duplicate himself, and make humans disappear by manipulating matter?
The inclusive approach PCORI takes advances knowledge, fills gaps, and helps ensure that we do not duplicate efforts both within the federal government and more broadly.
Separately, Facebook estimates that around 10 percent of its accounts are "duplicate" accounts, meaning they are accounts run by a user separate from their main account.
Calacanis argued much of the initial run that sent prices skyrocketing was manufactured through duplicate bitcoin wallets, giving the appearance more investors had bet on bitcoin.
Users are also strongly encouraged to engage with other users, through "response" videos or by means of "duets" — users can duplicate videos and add themselves alongside.
Rights holders can ingest live events into YouTube's system for matching purposes as they are happening, and then the technology will simultaneously look for duplicate streams.
To complicate things even further, some of the known bat species were given  scientific names  despite having incomplete analyses, and other species received duplicate names, Patterson explained.
Authorities say Apple made the duplicate payments to the credit card company, and Branca allegedly used the resulting credit balances to shop for clothes, electronics and furniture.
We hook directly into GitHub and your CI/CD pipeline, categorize and de-duplicate each bug found, and then notify you through tools like Slack and Jira.
For most Big Food companies, it is hard to duplicate the innovation and culture necessary to create the same success seen by younger brands like Kind Bar.
The stated purpose of the program, known as the Interstate Crosscheck System, is to identify potential duplicate registrations among states and provide evidence of possible double voting.
In Texas, Oscar landed 216,000 customers during its first full open-enrollment season, and the partners think it can duplicate that growth rate in California, he said.
The LA-based company had unknowingly — and embarrassingly — exposed its own copy, one that was so spot on it didn't know it was, in fact, a duplicate.
There are also still a bunch of duplicate Samsung and Google apps, like two email apps, two app stores, two browsers, two virtual assistants, and so on.
And the detail shots of watches display "different angles, highlighting the complexities," Mr. Malachard said, in a way that would be hard to duplicate in another medium.
It wasn't supposed to house all of Tumblr's lost devotees looking for a new place to live, and it was never supposed to be a Tumblr duplicate.
"If you step back into a character's life, the best way to achieve that is to try to duplicate what [makeup] they would have used," Denaver says.
"Yeah, it's meals on fries, but meals that are not so easy to duplicate, and so we've got some good long legs ahead of us," Nelowet said.
There was a kickstarter for a brand that said it would have 68 bra sizes, but if you look at their size chart, there were duplicate sizes.
We have removed a number of fake and duplicate accounts that were violating our authenticity policies, as well as multiple Pages for name change and other violations.
As pointed out in the New York Daily News, state and federal governments, as well as lottery officials, have a vested interest in selling you duplicate tickets.
According to Mashable, when the company detects a duplicate account, it will prompt the owner of the original account, who can then decide to flag the imitator.
Trends excludes data for unpopular searches: duplicate queries made by the same person in a short amount of time, or searches that generally happen in low volume.
The product changes are part of broader efforts to combat online violence that include using artificial intelligence to prevent abusive users from opening duplicate or fake accounts.
The REMS document and national PDMP will be checked by the pharmacist at the time of medication dispensing as a safeguard against inappropriate and/or duplicate prescribing.
You can follow along in this spreadsheet, and if you want to experiment with the numbers, you can duplicate the sheet and plug in your own numbers.
Many of these apps duplicate functionality provided by Apple's apps, including browsers, photo management, cloud storage, note taking, content stores and players, email clients and so on.
Dozens of artisans and restorers were called upon to duplicate the room in the 1980s, and essentially tasked with reviving the lost art form of amber carving.
And while they aren't trying to duplicate these fictional structures, there seems to be an influence in futuristic designs and even the sprawl of large modern complexes.
The sheriff said the list had since been scrubbed of all duplicate names and that investigators had caught up with a backlog of unprocessed missing-persons reports.
The Power Drill Guru says the adjustable D-handle at the back of the Makita drill provides a nice level of comfort that cordless drills cannot duplicate.
On top of the found table McMakin has placed a duplicate painted in white enamel, with his version placed upside-down on the top of the other.
If you're storing your contacts in Google's address book, you can merge those duplicate contacts on the web by clicking the "Duplicates" option in the left sidebar.
Since September, New Orleans and Los Angeles had jockeyed for the conference's top seed, with one coaching mastermind named Sean striving to duplicate the success of another.
This means that Echo can effectively become any hero and almost instantly have an ultimate (or several) waiting to go for the 15-second duration of Duplicate.
The physical keys are tamper-proof in order to make it harder to duplicate them (but you should still disable keys if you lose them of course).
"We hope we can duplicate this, and have this carry on and be the norm, not the exception," the police department's media chief, TJ Smith, said Tuesday.
It is unclear whether some of these documents are duplicate of the 30,000 emails already released by the State Department or whether they are new messages altogether.
According to an academy spokeswoman, the documentary branch forecast that a groundswell of filmmakers would attempt to duplicate the film's success with multipart series of their own.
The electronic lottery has made it easy for the Department of State to screen the online registrations for duplicate or fraudulent entries, which are eliminated from consideration.
This might also mean having a trusted relative receive duplicate statements online or via email if the client is unable to handle his or her own affairs.
Because Google—whose own ambitions are huge—did not control what happened in other divisions, it sometimes had to duplicate what another part of Alphabet was doing.
Instead, the Nationals will be aiming to duplicate the feat of the 1924 Washington Senators, the one and only Washington team to actually win a World Series.
The first reconciliation act of 2017 is the right place and time to duplicate the reconciliation bill defunding Planned Parenthood that President Obama vetoed one year ago.
If shopping on Amazon can feel a little chaotic — duplicate listings, weird variations, descriptions that don't quite match a product — this daily edit is a big reason.
"We believe the expertise Tesla has accumulated in key aspects of electric vehicle development and manufacturing is very difficult to duplicate," JMP's Joseph Osha said in a note.
The apps are apparently intelligent enough to spot duplicate activities and make sure they aren't logged twice, and we haven't noticed any problems using the two apps together.
" Debunking website Snopes agreed, stating, "No evidence was presented to demonstrate that hackers are currently using photographs to duplicate fingerprints in order to commit crimes or steal identities.
The news outlet spoke with an officer who encouraged others not to duplicate the prank, but then it closed its coverage with a shoutout to Uresti's Instagram account.
The magnetic strip on the card was a duplicate of one of your existing cards, so it charged the same account as your regular old Visa or Discover.
Airbnb's decision to ban the users was "irreversible and will affect any future or duplicate accounts," the company wrote in an email to one of the rebuffed customers.
The house also literally has no end: Margot and Jules escape outdoors to find that they are still, eerily, inside the house—except in a duplicate, alternate world.
Because you can duplicate scenes, that second step is a bit faster, but I couldn't help but think that there had to be a better solution for this.
It would give money to organizations that are already in the arena — you don't need to duplicate good work that's under way, but you can greatly amplify it.
However, what is not so clear is how the company will duplicate the rapper's real-time movements — through capturing a live human performer or via computer software animation.
"Honestly, when John [Ratzenberger] and George [ Wendt] and I walked on, it was a little bit like The Twilight Zone because it was an exact duplicate," she says.
LHP Jamie Garcia (2-5, 3.59 ERA) tries to duplicate his scoreless outing at San Francisco on May 26 as he faces the Giants in Atlanta on Thursday.
One charge was credited back to his account after 12 days, but then his account was hit with another phantom duplicate charge, which has not been refunded yet.
Inclement weather may have impacted turnout in some areas, and the IEC said it would conduct an audit for certain polling stations because of reports of duplicate voting.
Neither launcher gives you an exact duplicate of the Pixel interface (you may need to play around with some icon packs) but both of them come very close.
"It's not that hard to duplicate what they do if all you care about is making money, but we're in the news business," Cooper previously told BuzzFeed News.
"Reviewers are required to accept topics that reflect real world events, and are instructed to disregard junk or duplicate topics, hoaxes, or subjects with insufficient sources," Stocky writes.
How many of those players can duplicate what Barnes provides and be willing to sacrifice money/touches to slide into Golden State's system on a short-term deal?
Yet these policies duplicate others designed to tackle the same problem, including capital surcharges, stress tests, living wills and a push to "bail in" bondholders when disaster strikes.
In the filing Tesla revealed that as of May 15th, it currently had 373,000 preorders after 8,000 customer cancellations and 4,200 duplicate orders were cancelled by the company.
Or take the case of the more than 6900,2628 private contractors that the Pentagon employs, many of whom do jobs that duplicate work being done by government employees.
Four years ago, a young newspaper reporter in San Antonio named Colin McDonald set out to duplicate the source-to-sea trip, using Reicher's journals as a blueprint.
The Paris Agreement prioritizes the Green Climate Fund, but unfortunately, UN-led financial institutions often compete for funds and duplicate one another in terms of climate-related programming.
Johnson told The Hill that he doesn't want to duplicate the Intel panel's efforts, but added his committee "may have to go beyond" what that panel is doing.
They don't have to duplicate everything our smartphones and computers can do, but instead serve as an additional way to interact with the devices we can't live without.
Essentially, the FCC's decision to reject duplicate comments means that a system of website autogeneration that was intended to make democratic participation easier has ultimately made it moot.
The New York Knicks fell apart after a Christmas Day loss a season ago and they will be hard-pressed to avoid a duplicate performance this time around.
The duplicate has breached the border between worlds to warn of a rogue assassin who already crossed it; the odd couple must team up to hunt him down.
The news comes nearly 24 years to the day after the first patient known to be cured, a feat that researchers have long tried, and failed, to duplicate.
"I believe the [Centers for Disease Control] struggled to give a really strong answer on being able to duplicate some of the places like South Korea," he said.
So if you have the patience, knowledge, and resources to replicate the machine learning tool used here, I guess you can try to attempt to duplicate these results!
So, when a client accidentally paid me twice for a project — sending a duplicate $1,000 check a week after they'd already paid me — there was no internal debate.
We can duplicate the Navy Aegis systems already being deployed in Poland and Romania, using the Aegis SM (standard missile) and its related radar and command and control.
Gupta was one of the leaders tasked with evaluating his team, identifying duplicate and overlapping roles, as well as individual performance to determine who would be laid off.
The hedge fund's plan is "not a duplicate" of Campbell's, said Michael Silverstein, a Third Point nominee for the new board and former executive at The Carlyle Group.
Its debut comes as carmakers are embroiled in a tech arms race, raising questions about the ultimate profitability of new services that often duplicate those available on smartphones.
The public comments on the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) net neutrality docket are rife with duplicate messages and fake identities, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis.
They manufactured glue from birch bark, which required heating the bark to at least 644 degrees Fahrenheit — a feat scientists find difficult to duplicate without a ceramic container.
After the furor this year over the loss of the key, temple caretakers said they had found a duplicate in the record room of the local magistrate's office.
"There has been a clear breach of trust," he said, relating to unanswered questions on the loss of the temple key and the supposed discovery of a duplicate.
Software cruft refers to digital dust bunnies: duplicate files, orphaned "temporary" files, forgotten downloads, files attached to ancient emails, abandoned files from apps you deleted, and so on.
If he can duplicate or better that all across those big Southern Super Tuesday states, topping Cruz, neither of those two rules would be a problem for him.
Though the S8, like all premium Samsung phones, runs Android with the basic Google suite of apps, Samsung keeps trying to duplicate Android functions with its own software.
To know the identities of ad buyers, internet companies might need to duplicate the "know your customer" practices of banks and regularly share information with authorities, Ravel said.
It's not flawless and it's not easy, but with a little work and a few apps, you can duplicate all the best things about iMessage on an Android phone.
This typically means lifting a bib number off of someone's Instagram ahead of a race, creating a duplicate, and then using the hoisted entry to run a race incognito.
The one big exception is that when people do leave the house, they now require experience, since there isn't a way to duplicate a concert in their living room.
So, ya gotta think they won't be tickled pink with her attempt to one up Kylie in a duplicate strapless frock, which BTW ... goes for about $4,600 by Attico.
Facebook said the new estimation technology is also why it now pegs duplicate accounts at 10 percent of monthly active users or 200 million, versus 6 percent last quarter.
"  Speaking to Economic Times, she added, "services like Uber can instantly match passengers headed in the same direction at the same time, thereby reducing the number of duplicate journeys.
And there may be occasional duplicate entries; the totals for the more than 100,000 individual expenditures, for example, are slightly larger than the summary amounts recorded by the FEC.
Because the addressing system gives a unique three-word combination to a location, it fixes a major flaw with a lot of voice-operated navigation systems: duplicate street names.
Two more AV-specific features found on the chip, though not in duplicate (the compute pathways converge at some point), are some CPU lockstep work and a security layer.
The industry has said it believes the reforms duplicate processes that already exist, and could hurt Canadians' access to new drugs as well as spending on research and development.
Everything syncs neatly with iCloud Photo Library on iOS, and your photo gallery (managed by Google Photos) on Android, so you don't need to worry about creating duplicate albums.
There's a cool "Parallel Apps" feature that lets you duplicate an app (great for logging into a separate user account), but they're woefully limited to just a few apps.
They would unlock the door with the duplicate key, put the key into the ignition and then use a handheld computer key programmer to connect to the car's computer.
Afterwards, user interactions like duplicate tab 'Ctrl+K' and other interactions like right click 'Print Preview' or 'Print' commands on the web-page may also trigger the XXE vulnerability.
You might not have Rihanna's wealth or access to ANTI, but you can duplicate the listening experience captured in her tweet with a few small purchases and basic tools.
Not satisfied to duplicate what these two federal agencies have accomplished, EPA wants to preempt the authority of state regulators who impose their own bonding requirements on mining operations.

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