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780 Sentences With "countries"

How to use countries in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "countries" and check conjugation/comparative form for "countries". Mastering all the usages of "countries" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Other countries—wealthy countries, developed countries, stable countries, democratic countries—have also used shutdowns to contain the virus's spread.
We and the GCC countries, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, the countries in the Horn of Africa, the countries of north Africa, west African countries, east Asian countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
Austria2019 ranking: T53 (access to 184 countries)Ireland2019 ranking: T6 (access to 183 countries)Netherlands2019 ranking: T5 (access to 184 countries)Portugal2019 ranking: T5 (access to 184 countries)Switzerland2019 ranking: T5 (access to 184 countries)
It's the ability to work with people, work with countries, know countries, travel to those countries.
Five Latin American countries made the list, followed by three European countries and two Asian countries.
I'm a NATO fan, but many of the countries in NATO, many of the countries that we protect, many of these countries are very rich countries.
Australia2019 ranking: T93 (access to 180 countries)Canada2019 ranking: T6 (access to 183 countries)Czech Republic2019 ranking: 8 (access to 181 countries)Malta2019 ranking: 7 (access to 182 countries)New Zealand2019 ranking: T9 (access to 180 countries)
Belgium2019 ranking: T63 (access to 183 countries)Greece2019 ranking: T6 (access to 183 countries)Norway2019 ranking: T6 (access to 183 countries)United Kingdom2019 ranking: T6 (access to 183 countries)United States2019 ranking: T6 (access to 183 countries)
"Shithole countries:" Trump referred to Haiti and other African countries as "shit hole countries," reported on January 213.
But the countries selected were easy countries, and we've had more problems from other countries that were not identified.
"I'm a NATO fan, but many of the countries in NATO, many of the countries that we protect, many of these countries are very rich countries," Trump told his crowd.
"Countries like Denmark, countries like Holland, countries like Italy and Spain, countries like Poland can see the big, big benefits in the future deal that we are talking about," he said.
Countries — and regions within countries — work the same way.
"We're encouraging other countries, particularly other European countries, NATO countries, to step up and make a greater contribution, too," he said.
Hungary2019 ranking: 11 (access to 178 countries)Lithuania2019 ranking: T9 (access to 180 countries)Slovakia2019 ranking: 10 (access to 179 countries)
Denmark2019 ranking: T3 (access to 186 countries)Luxembourg2019 ranking: T3 (access to 186 countries)Spain2019 ranking: T4 (access to 185 countries)
The richer countries can then enter into the poorer countries.
And this, you see other countries rooting for other countries.
These countries have traditionally been countries that receive large inflows.
Some countries are willing to share gateways with other countries.
They were meddling within their own countries, not other countries.
Some countries will extradite nationals only to other EU countries.
There's more inequality within countries and more disparity across countries.
Countries often make rules about things coming into their countries.
Big countries know that small countries can be quite obstreperous.
Five countries, five predominately Muslim countries are on this list.
But if you look at other countries, many other countries.
Twenty-nine countries, primarily EU countries, had already revealed the beneficial owners of all assets, and 11 countries agreed to join them.
"That's accomplished through countries that are more secure, countries that are more prosperous, and countries that are more sovereign," the aide said.
The country's performance also dropped in the Best Countries for Education, the Most Transparent Countries and the Best Countries to Headquarter a Corporation.
So small, liquid countries, fast-moving, learning countries, they will be super competitive and they will just disrupt the large countries. Absolutely. Yeah.
TRUMP: Because we&aposre protecting those countries -- many of those countries.
I have friends from other countries, they're patriotic about their countries.
Many larger countries would do well to learn from small countries.
But countries with walls are generally poorer than countries with gates.
"We are protecting those countries, many of those countries," he said.
Those countries include other countries in East Africa that border Rwanda.
Only developed countries can save the world, not the developing countries.
Five — five countries — five predominantly Muslim countries are on this list.
However, most countries that run seafood trade surpluses are developing countries.
Werman: And that is significantly behind other countries, other developed countries.
Sixty-eight countries have already indicated that they plan to ramp up their goals, but these countries are mainly smaller developing countries on the front lines of climate change, like island countries facing sea level rise.
Rich countries must pay for damaging the environment by helping developing countries build cleaner economies, not by making these poorer countries curtail their growth.
"All the growth in this country is dependent on relations with the other countries -- European countries, United States, all the countries," he told CNN.
"But for small countries, it is justified because small countries cannot compete on the same terms as the big countries," the Malaysian leader added.
And for certain countries that are especially the countries that generally are the more poor countries in the world, that is a big problem.
Countries like India, Brazil, and Indonesia, plus smaller countries the world over.
"Other countries have done 50s, other countries have done 100s," he said.
None of those countries is included on the list of banned countries.
Other countries under TPS include Sudan, Syria and some Central American countries.
But we protect countries, and take tremendous monetary hits on protecting countries.
With rich countries falling short, some developing countries are starting to balk.
Some neighbouring countries have closed their borders with several countries stopping flights.
Poor countries, by definition, are not as economically significant as rich countries.
But other countries make movies and other countries need a bad guy.
They want rich countries to help developing countries reach a basic standard.
But you have so many countries already, China, Pakistan, you have so many countries, Russia, you have so many countries right now that have them.
"If you look at the countries that are involved in One Belt One Road, there's developed Asian countries and there're less developed Asian countries," he said.
"You have so many countries already — China, Pakistan, you have so many countries, Russia — you have so many countries right now that have them," he said.
For ASEAN and the respective ASEAN countries and the respective RCEP countries and non ASEAN RCEP countries, actually they already have the bilateral free trade agreements.
In other words, countries buy more goods from countries with leaders they respect.
Some countries list Treasury holdings offshore and they show up under other countries.
However, he said other countries could trigger similar debates in other EU countries.
"Both countries are obviously very strong countries with very large markets," he said.
That upsets wealthy destination countries like Germany as well as the southern countries.
"We have sent the invitations to 78 countries, including NATO countries," Col. Gen.
Other countries can maintain informal relations with Taiwan, and Taiwan with other countries.
Elaborate welfare states  Scandinavian countries are in a different situation than most countries.
Most countries would not call their "partners" racists -Turkey is not most countries.
Only two involved refugees from countries on Trump's list of majority-Muslim countries.
African countries, and even disaster-struck countries benefiting from TPS, are no exception.
"In some countries it's legal, and in some countries it's not," Sinclair said.
Not powerful countries, but – in some cases they are powerful – but rich countries.
Many settled in Central Asian countries and in Turkey, others in Arab countries.
The Arab Spring wasn't about wars between countries but rather upheaval inside countries.
"The rich countries have an obligation to help [poorer countries] decarbonize," Kollmuss said.
Local integration in current host countries (subject to those countries consent); or 3.
For those countries—there are countries too that are heavily based on hydrocarbons.
Income inequality between rich and poor countries, and within countries, has increased greatly.
"The bottom line is only large countries influence other large countries," he said.
It's clear that both countries, businesses of both countries are interested in this.
In response, some countries have implemented harsher regulations on travelers from those countries.
Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good.
Now countries like Japan are shipping their plastic to countries in Southeast Asia.
"This is a guy that calls those countries s-hole countries," Booker said.
The Arab Spring wasn't about wars between countries, but rather upheaval inside countries.
Last December, countries in the 164-member World Trade Organization (WTO) agreed to end these subsidies - developed countries immediately and developing countries by the end of 2018.
In August, many countries sought an international agreement committing countries not to detain undocumented children; the United States was among the countries that balked at such language.
Tariffs targeted at specific countries can reduce bilateral deficits with those countries, but they tend to increase deficits with other countries, leaving the overall deficit little changed.
Well, naturally like everything else, it has evolved and it's in 70 countries ... 47 countries in 023 languages or 70 countries in 47 languages, all these services.
But the variation within countries was generally less than between countries, the authors note.
AI and biotech-dominant countries could use other countries' bio-data for economic growth.
And those countries -- by the way, and those countries know that it's not right.
In retaliation, Arab countries cut production and prohibited exports to a number of countries.
It's very hard to truly vet these people in these countries, the seven countries.
Experts are heralding these countries as examples, particularly for those countries with increasing cases.
Netflix is available in 190 countries globally, including several countries in the Middle East.
It's clear that both countries -- the businesses of both countries are interested in this.
Generally, most countries accept that other countries use espionage and conduct their own espionage.
Countries are inhabited by human beings; when human beings become perfect, so will countries.
Countries involved: 29 member countries, including Canada, the US and most of western Europe.
But other Western countries like England and Germany, indeed most countries, criminalize unlawful entries.
The three countries also initiated Tuesday&aposs letter, which was signed by 32 countries.
The international coalition's 73 members also include European countries, other Arab countries and Turkey.
Fifty-six countries abstained, including Canada and Germany, and 15 countries did not vote.
It's clear that both countries, the businesses of both countries are interested in this.
It's clear that both countries — the business of both countries are interested in this.
South and southeast Asian countries accounted for half of the 10 most vulnerable countries.
France2019 ranking: T4 (access to 185 countries)Sweden2019 ranking: T4 (access to 185 countries)
Finland2019 ranking: T2 (access to 187 countries)Italy2019 ranking: T3 (access to 186 countries
Countries that are at the top-right of the curve include several developing countries.
Romania was one of 35 countries to abstain, while 128 countries condemned the announcement.
Political repression in West African countries like Gambia, insurgent violence and famine in countries like Nigeria, and civil war in Sudan, all fuel emigration out of home countries.
On one hand, developing countries created a massive market for Western countries to sell in, on the other, many products from these developing countries also entered developed markets.
Twenty-two EU countries and four non-EU countries in Europe are also part of the Schengen area, which means people can travel between the countries without passport checks.
Over the opposition of those from developing countries, we secured strong intellectual property protections — which protected the intellectual property of the advanced countries, but not that of developing countries.
And one point I want to make here that is not made very often, you have incredibly wealthy countries in that region, countries like Saudi Arabia, countries like Qatar.
The following are some key features of the regulations: NEW COMPARISON COUNTRIES Like many countries, Canada regulates drug prices in part by looking at list prices in other countries.
The years of hyperglobalization helped reduce inequalities across countries but raised inequalities within countries, leading to the social disenchantment that is now driving political change in many Western countries.
When the researchers examined countries by economic status, poverty was the main reason for youth homelessness in developing countries and family conflict was the main reason in developed countries.
Countries that are still very poor are countries that haven't got It; countries that are already rich are already at the technological frontier, limiting the space for rapid growth.
"It's in the interest of all countries, whether they're developed countries or developing countries, to put a stop to this," he told reporters at a G85033 summit last year.
Some 28 countries ratified the treaty, which has been signed by 45 countries, including Bulgaria.
Few countries ever Trade relations Even trade between the two countries hasn't been especially strong.
Eporta lists over 1,000 sellers in 55 countries and over 10,000 buyers in 85 countries.
Yet poor countries are often desperate for them and rich countries rely on American imports.
So many of these developed countries or developing countries, that's where people are using bitcoin.
Of the 19 countries for which Pew has data, U.S. favorability improved in 13 countries.
Be smart: Western countries are generally perceived as less corrupt than most countries in Africa.
If those two countries work together .... then both of those countries will do extremely well.
We're collaborating with countries like Canada, Mexico and the Nordic countries on girls' education efforts.
For many countries in the world, in particularly developing countries, these are extremely important sums.
"The countries that embrace openness do exceptional and the countries that don't, don't," Cook said.
Workers in developed countries make much more than workers in developing countries doing identical labor.
It calls for merciless violence, especially in Muslim countries where Western countries have some influence.
But several other countries argued that they raised excessive barriers for poor countries, costing lives.
Of course, even if 227 countries have achieved decoupling, more than 2270 countries have not.
It will range across 10 countries and involve 37,000 troops from at least 18 countries.
Wealthier countries are better for the environment, poorer countries inevitably are harder for the environment.
"(In) developed countries ... we are over-impacted by the vision in our countries," Pouyanne continued.
Last year, developing countries invested more in renewables than developed countries for the first time.
And there comes a point that, and many of these countries are tremendously rich countries.
Several sub-Saharan countries already have a greater proportion of female lawmakers than wealthier countries.
Zero. Not just European countries, but also the US, Australia, and many other developed countries.
And this is where Nordic countries are delivering much better than some other Western countries.
They are moving because the rich countries have stolen the future of the poor countries.
While Western countries have begun to speak out, where is the outrage from Muslim countries?
" As you know, Trump reportedly made hateful remarks about African countries, calling them "Shithole countries.
Several countries have made even pledges that are contingent on other countries matching their ambition.
When stronger countries provide security for weaker countries, they receive non-material benefits in return.
This would make developed countries bigger stakeholders in the wellbeing of the sponsored, developing countries.
Germany2019 ranking: T2 (access to 187 countries)South Korea2019 ranking: T2 (access to 187 countries)
"Many of these countries are very rich countries," he complained at a rally in Florida.
Several countries have come together to prevent the dumping of e-waste on other countries.
The Airbus retaliations are against the member countries individually, they're tailored to the individual countries.
Developing countries would prefer not to lose so many excellent minds to the developed countries.
Overall, scores rose in 109 countries between 2015 and 53 and dropped in 32 countries.
So especially trade war between two big countries G2 countries make our markets quite volatile.
Our big countries, big regions are all the Eastern European countries, Middle East, Southeast Asia, those are our main countries, and we have a more challenging position in Europe, US, with a lot, of course, immigrants from the countries where we are very strong.
Tax accounts for over half the price in almost 80% of high-income countries, compared with around 50% of middle-income countries and less than 20% of low-income countries.
"If people really only went to countries which do not invade other countries and respect human rights, then they would stick to countries like Andorra or Bhutan," he told me.
Trump reportedly referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as coming from "shithole countries," suggesting the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries such as Norway.
" Asked at the time which countries constitute the "terror countries," Trump said, "they're pretty well decided.
All devices will ship at first in 28 countries, with 30 more countries one week later.
Coinbase is currently available in more than 100 countries — 85 out of 103 countries support USDC.
OPEC is and they better stop it because we're protecting those countries, many of those countries.
I think we should do that in many countries in Africa, many countries in the Pacific.
We're talking about different countries, the names of different countries, what he likes, what he's seen.
Germany's economic woes will hit the V215 countries directly too, and harder than other EU countries.
And it is not as if the two countries are fighting proxy wars in third countries.
How might they behave in different countries—and what can countries do to prevent their rise?
Two countries, Iran and Syria, score among the world's ten most restrictive countries on press freedoms.
Some Asian countries, including India and Vietnam, are wary and most Western countries share their unease.
Member countries can prohibit or punish Uber in their own countries without involving the European Union.
From the largest and most advanced countries to the most war-torn countries, such as Afghanistan.
"Our top countries for Android are so different from our top countries for iOS," says Cash.
Look at who is paying for them, and other countries, and by the way, other countries.
It urged member countries to take "appropriate measures" against countries that move their embassies to Jerusalem.
That has expanded the prosperity of both our countries and the workers in both our countries.
The rate paid is currently 25 percent, which is low versus other countries in Europe countries.
Many countries show unusual sympathy for migrants from specific countries to which they have historic ties.
What about the ability of EEA countries and Switzerland to strike trade deals with other countries?
Iraq said the two countries would continue to cooperate in implementing decisions by oil exporting countries.
In most high-income countries, supply could meet demand, but not in many low-income countries.
Trump calls African countries and Haiti "sh*thole countries" in a private meeting with lawmakers. 4.
Rich countries, such as the U.S., agree to charge less and pay more to poorer countries.
I traveled a lot to many countries and other countries are doing well, why shouldn't Malaysia?
And both countries will sign an accord to work on joint infrastructure projects in developing countries.
Smaller countries like Belgium, France, England and South American countries like Chile are more open, too.
It's different in different countries, and in different parts of countries and within different population groups.
European countries have also taken in asylum seekers from several other countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan.
If you see community transmission in countries like Nigeria and other African countries, should borders close?
More than 190 countries — most of the countries on the planet — are signatories to the agreement.
And it is difficult to sanction countries for producing products that the sanctioning countries are consuming.
The system is present in all prosperous countries and developing countries long to replicate such infrastructure.
In 26 countries of those countries, the penalty varies from 10 years in prison to life.
"Partly free" countries were as likely to improve as to get worse, but "free" countries regressed.
If the World Bank's job is coordinating policy advice for poor countries, and the rapid gains against poverty in East and South Asia mean that "poor countries" is increasingly a synonym for "sub-Saharan African countries," then one can make a strong case that sub-Saharan African countries, or developing countries more broadly, should be able to choose their own policy coordinator.
Many had been displaced for several years or longer * At least 30 countries illegally forced refugees to return to countries where they would be in danger * Armed groups committed human rights abuses in at least 36 countries * War crimes or other violations of the "laws of war" were carried out in at least 19 countries * At least 122 countries tortured or otherwise ill-treated people * At least 156 human rights defenders died in detention or were killed * At least 113 countries arbitrarily restricted freedom of expression and the press * At least 61 countries locked up prisoners of conscience * At least 55 percent of countries conducted unfair trials Editing by Tim Pearce.
Somalia Citizens from these countries can access between just 25 and 203 countries without a visa, and need prior visa approval for between 158 and 168 countries, according to both indexes.
"You have so many countries already — China, Pakistan, you have so many countries, Russia — you have so many countries right now that have them," Mr. Trump told the host, Anderson Cooper.
To counter widespread VAT fraud on trades between EU countries, the Commission also proposes that countries where goods are produced collect tax on behalf of the countries where they are sold.
The gap between rich and poor countries globally is much wider than the gap between the richest and less-rich countries within Europe, and most poor countries are not Pacific-island paradises.
She envisions a future where countries with enough water and other resources -- predominantly richer countries in the Northern Hemisphere -- could hold access to water over drier, poorer countries in Africa and Asia.
The council's recommendations call on G7 countries to make political and economic advances for women within their own countries but also a centerpiece of foreign policy, encouraging other countries to follow suit.
The 113 countries with the lowest poverty rates in the world are all in Europe (the US ranks 34 out of 35 total countries in the OECD, an organization of wealthy countries).
This map shows that the countries that receive the most remittances aren't always the countries with the most emigrants in the United States — they're the poorest countries with large US-emigrant populations.
"The problem with RCEP overall is that it's more countries and it's less open countries" King continued, noting that many RCEP players aren't open in the way that most TPP countries were.
It has a title ("Countries set to join the EU"), a key for countries too small to have their names imprinted directly on the map, numbers for those countries, and population levels.
Since many donated clothes end up in less developed countries, "they also displace the opportunity to produce and manufacture things locally, creating a dependency between rich countries and poor countries," he said.
The countries that use the currency are collectively called the Eurozone — and other countries outside the EU, like the Vatican, also use it, while other EU countries are looking to adopt it.
The aim is to help countries hold each other accountable in reducing emissions; it also asks richer countries to help out poorer countries that will suffer the worst impacts of climate change.
He added that 55 countries now accept Alipay around the world, with 29 countries in Europe alone.
They were sold in European countries including Germany, France and Britain, and in some countries in Asia.
You guys meddled; a lot of countries try to get in the middle of other countries elections.
It did not say which countries' representatives had made the comments, or which countries' envoys had attended.
Twenty-four of the 13 countries included were Muslim-majority countries — and the 25th was North Korea.
"Countries are sensitive ... democratic countries have concerns," Reuters quoted Wickremesinghe as saying with regard to his dismissal.
Inequality has fallen between countries, which is good … while simultaneously rising within most countries, which is not.
If we think about what would help developing countries, good programs in their own countries is good.
These are not strictly socialist countries; they're capitalist countries as well, and we can learn from them.
Poor countries next to war zones receive huge influxes, while rich countries try to shirk their obligations.
It's true that in some countries we are, for example, very strong in some countries, like Myanmar.
None of the other countries, however, have managed to catch a beloved pokémon to promote their countries.
More countries are getting Apple Music search, too, including multiple European countries, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Japan.
Well, it can get pretty complicated when countries overlap and different countries have different laws regarding citizenship.
The implication: People from predominantly black countries are bad, while people from predominantly white countries are good.
Last year's 60 countries were pre-selected by Blizzard, which didn't include many countries with Overwatch communities.
Such itinerant banking services are common in developing countries but rare in Japan and other wealthier countries.
The 300 fighters come from 26 countries, with about 85033 percent coming from Western or European countries.
" On refugees migrating to other countries: "Uncontrolled migration is greatly unfair for the receiving and sending countries.
Now in other countries-- most industrialized countries-- a number of them are also around 5% in 1960.
I mean, there's some countries that are very small countries that have an awful lot of businesses.
They were sold in European countries including Germany, France and Britain, and in certain countries in Asia.
All of the countries on Trump's new travel ban list are on the list of eligible countries.
Countries that hold down the value of their currency can sell goods in other countries more cheaply.
However, those that live in the countries other than Russia are being prosecuted in their respective countries.
At least 18 countries are expected to join in the massive exercises, which will span 10 countries.
More than 100 countries ban some kinds of cigarette advertising, and several countries ban all of them.
Many countries have closed their markets since CoP220006 but countries like Japan still need to take action.
It also allows the United States to punish people or countries who trade with the designated countries.
The index does not exclude countries based on credit ratings but does exclude countries with capital controls.
The underlying principle is that countries should not use their own courts to litigate against other countries.
Check out contemporary movements for democracy in other countries—Serbia, Iran, China, and countries in Eastern Europe.
Both countries have restricted the movements of millions of their citizens by instituting lockdowns across both countries.
Cuba offers some countries free medical assistance out of solidarity, while other countries pay for the services.
While 56 countries abstained from voting or did not show up, only nine countries voted against it.
"If the rich countries don't want the poor countries to migrate, then there's another solution," Mehta suggests.
Twelve countries remain endemic for measles, and the four countries mentioned previously have re-entered measles transmission.
Those were the first countries with high risk, and most of those countries stopped flying to China.
For sure we would have epidemics, large epidemics in more countries and more places within the countries.
The group documented shutdowns in 35 countries last year, a sharp uptick from 25 countries in 2018.
American companies have long argued that their involvement in other countries carries important benefits for those countries.
The polling organization asked people in 134 countries to rate the leadership of a number of countries.
Sanlam is present in 45 countries, including countries in sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.
The United States' position in the world is now one of a few countries that -- powerful countries.
The two countries have since focused on multilateral talks that include other countries affected by the conflict.
The Journal's sources said it's unclear which countries, or how many countries, are being examined by regulators.
Pay with Amazon is available in 170 countries including the countries in the European Union and Japan.
About 70 countries around the world observe daylight saving, but many countries near the equator do not.
The government's informal reasoning here is that the countries listed in the CAA are Muslim-majority countries.
Its function is to mobilize resources from rich countries to help fund development programs in poor countries.
Tipping is not expected in many countries, and in some countries like Japan, it can be insulting.
It turns out that advanced countries, politically stable countries, have a tremendous amount of leeway on debt.
Other developed countries have much lower numbers — Nordic countries have recidivism rates between 20 and 30 percent.
Twenty-four of the 25 countries included were Muslim-majority countries — and the 25th was North Korea.
Still, the Southeast Asian countries are divided over how aggressively to resist China's military expansion, with maritime countries like the Philippines and Vietnam pushing for more vigorous action than continental countries like Laos.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and non-OPEC countries reached an agreement on Saturday to moderately boost production after consuming countries including the United States had urged them to produce more.
Some countries fear that, if launched now, the pan-European deposit insurance scheme could lead to savers in countries with more stable banks bailing out consumers in countries where they are more fragile.
Cochetel said some evacuees may be resettled in third countries, while others will be helped to return to countries where they previous had asylum, or to their home countries if it is safe.
"We have a particular focus on the least developed countries and small island developing states and African countries — the most vulnerable countries [to climate change]," said Simon Wilson, communications coordinator for the GCF.
The company has global reach, manufacturing products in approximately 25 countries and selling them in approximately 120 countries.
"Women who are pregnant in affected countries or travel to these countries are understandably deeply worried," Chan said.
And now many, many countries have equalized gay marriage, although affluent countries are still going through that process.
The countries with the tallest citizens are still similarly taller than the shortest countries from 100 years ago.
Both countries have tightened asylum rules to stem the flow and force other countries to share the burden.
In some countries, that's the problem, and in being able to protect yourself in countries that are autocratic.
To the delight of countries like Germany, aid to poorer countries will be linked to economic-reform efforts.
The list of countries reportedly includes Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and, Yemen — all majority-Muslim countries.
Many rich countries say they are already doing their bit by cutting emissions more steeply than developing countries.
African countries have learned not just from each other but also from countries such as Brazil and Mexico.
We can use other countries as examples and we can use crime rates of cities, states and countries.
The WHO says dengue is now endemic in more than 100 countries, up from 9 countries before 1970.
Government-bond yields in rich countries are at historically low levels; in some countries, they are even negative.
Most African countries produce a narrow range of goods and have export sectors geared towards supplying rich countries.
Indeed some countries see this option as a threat that would marginalize them from the core European countries.
He said compliance by OPEC countries had been 100 percent and compliance by non-OPEC countries 106 percent.
We're launching in 150 countries and each of those countries has different network environments and things like that.
The disease is endemic in 128 countries - compared with nine countries experiencing severe dengue epidemics prior to 1970.
Russia recognized the two provinces as independent countries soon after but only three other countries have followed suit.
Also, countries that support cross-border data flows are reaping a 40% economic benefit over less connected countries.
For years, travel across dozens of European countries has been easy, unhindered by border checks across several countries.
According to the GCIP authors, inequality within countries has increased since 1980, but between countries it has decreased.
The program brings officers from foreign countries to U.S. military schools and sends U.S. trainers to foreign countries.
Headquartered in New York City, Mongo has employees in 19 countries and customers in more than 85 countries.
Other Eastern Mediterranean countries and transitory countries may join the forum later, the ministry said in a statement.
The situation points to perennial difficulties that academics from certain countries have obtaining travel visas to Western countries.
There are some countries that have good distribution channels and some countries that have not good distribution channels.
And renewables aren't just available to major economies: Developing countries invest more in renewables than rich countries do.
The two countries have expressed concern that an offset program could be an economic burden on developing countries.
Also, public health advances in wealthier countries may not reach countries at the other end of the spectrum.
Three of those countries, Malawi, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, were not among the original 2628 focus countries for PEPFAR.
While the level of reliance varied across countries and regions, it topped 50 percent in all polled countries.
These laws are present in 169 countries, but only 46 of these countries meet the best-practice recommendations.
Visitors from other countries are covered (Hopefully the other countries will pony up for some of the costs).
YouGov solicited nominations from panelists from 35 countries before polling residents of those countries on who they admired.
Trump praises "strong" nationalistic leadership in authoritarian countries, while democratic leadership in allied countries is criticized as weak.
All countries monitor and all countries censor, in ways that are visible and invisible to us as users.
"In reality, Brunei will not succumb to pressure from countries that are not Muslim-majority countries," said Cristobal.
The list of targeted countries is Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — all Muslim-majority countries.
Other countries, big countries, India, and others, we had to pay because they considered them a growing country.
These countries donate money to refugee camps that are held in other countries, such as Jordan and Lebanon.
"Every year it is estimated that a trillion dollars illicitly leaves poorer countries for richer countries," he said.
The rate of growth observed in developing countries was much faster than in already brightly lit rich countries.
Most immigration laws in European countries bypass international treaties, and countries are yet to be reprimanded for it.
"The contacts [with those countries] show that the countries were not necessarily aware of their presence," Parly said.
Spend time in affordable countries"One of our strategies is go to the cheap countries first," Joe said.
In countries like India and countries like the United States, we still have a long way to go.
Just as carbon dioxide emitted in the United States harms other countries, emissions from other countries harm America.
Are the rich countries obligated to take in any and all comers from the countries they have despoiled?
And that's as true within countries like the US as it is among high- and low-income countries.
With well-designed policies, migration can achieve a 'triple-win', benefiting destination countries, origin countries, and migrants alike.
Only five EU countries have happier passengers (and most of them are in countries without many railway lines).
Haiti ranks 111 out of 117 countries on the Global Hunger Index, near poor sub-Saharan African countries.
Some European countries, including France, have been pushing for deeper economic ties between the 19 euro zone countries.
Most countries have seen their homicide rate fall, but in Latin American countries, it is on the rise.
They often leak, as targeted countries can redirect trade to countries that are not in on the punishment.
Western countries have long shipped their trash to less wealthy Asian countries as they lack stringent environmental regulations.
It includes forecasts for house prices, arrears and mortgage lending for 44 countries, and compares trends between countries.
Nordic countries Norway, Sweden and Finland were among the top scoring countries, followed by Nicaragua, which ranked fifth.
Few countries in the world guarantee free college, but in most countries college is cheaper than in America.
"Those who move to happier countries gain, while those who move to less happy countries lose," Helliwell said.
S., Germany) offset by lower price countries (France, Italy) and balanced with "average" price countries (UK, Sweden, Switzerland).
Instead of the US blacklisting countries whose residents can't come to the US, it's whitelisting countries that can.
Just like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always and should always put your countries first.
That is, are rich countries just "outsourcing" their climate pollution to poorer countries, by shifting their factories overseas?
Poor countries, even if we figure out how to take livestock and land use in rich countries and get that down to zero, there's going be a lot of emissions out of poor countries.
In the 129 countries they examined, Google searches for "sex" and tweets having to do with sex peaked during Christmas for Christian countries, and Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha for Muslim countries.
Given that slavery is illegal in all countries but modern-day slavery exists in many countries to varying degrees, we're going to look at the women's rights records of these top donor countries instead.
A World Bank survey of more than 750 firms with FDI in developing countries found that those from developing countries themselves were more willing to set up shop in smaller and higher-risk countries.
The gap between countries with the lowest and highest maternal mortality rates has doubled between 1990 and 2013 and huge differences exist within countries, including rich countries like the United States, the report said.
Woody: What efforts have the US, its partners in the region, and other Western countries made to counter China's influence among Pacific Island countries, and how have those island countries responded to those efforts?
Countries like Mexico, for example, should have a much higher per-country limit than other countries, given the historical connections and the cultural connections and the human connections that exist between the two countries.
Many countries have been slow to prepare, and the W.H.O.'s appeals for funds to help the poorest countries get ready have largely gone unanswered as the world's wealthiest countries struggle to protect themselves.
Total countries so far: 12 Add 'state sponsors of terror': 8773 countries; 45,935 nonimmigrant and 10,22 immigrant visas in 2571 An additional three countries -- Iran, Sudan and Syria -- are designated as state sponsors of terrorism.
His 2018 criticism of "shithole countries," a reference to places like Haiti and several countries in Africa, came as he fought to limit diversity visas and worked to end temporary protected status for several countries.
While most countries still only have a handful of cases, some countries, like Italy, South Korea, and Iran, have recently seen a spike in the number of infections and deaths, causing alarm among neighboring countries
European Union countries must better coordinate fiscal policies so low-debt countries spend more to boost the region's economy while high-debt countries shore up their finances, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni said.
The legislation also bars affected countries and those countries' citizens from taking part in the privatization of Russian property.
In countries like Turkey it's harder to pull off a coup then in younger, less established countries, Marshall said.
Most countries back an idea to set up centres in safe countries outside the EU to review asylum applications.
In disclosing some of these athlete's home countries, Hines inadvertently outed them to their families, teams, and home countries.
For better or worse, other countries will learn from how cryptocurrencies are used in first-mover countries like Venezuela.
Nine out of these ten countries, these aren&apost even the biggest Muslim populated countries, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria.
Of the six countries targeted by Trump, only three were in the top 10 countries that refugees come from.
But I have said repeatedly that countries that can spy do and countries that can meddle in elections do.
Countries with a very high HDI had levels, on average, six time higher than countries with a low HDI.
NordVPN boasts 5,437 servers in 62 countries, which means it has more servers than ExpressVPN but in fewer countries.
Now nine countries are doing so, and 28 other countries have drone programs, according to a New America study.
We have countries fighting with each other, countries fighting over which bomb you have and which bomb I have.
The countries most prone to wars appear to be neither autocracies nor full democracies, but rather countries in between.
The report noted a key divergence between OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries and non-OECD countries.
TransferWise currently lets people in 38 countries send money, and has the facilities to receive money in 61 countries.
In 30 countries, citizens (including some professional journalists) faced repercussions for online speech — up from 20 countries last year.
But Americans are unique in not caring to learn from other countries even when those countries do things better.
The ocean around countries belong to those specific countries, while seabeds outside those boundaries are fair games for everyone.
The company's footprint currently spans 100 cities in 27 countries, up from 13 cities across 18 countries in 2017.
Researchers from the management consultancy surveyed 13,416 millennials across 42 countries and 463,009 Gen Z respondents across 10 countries.
Many countries have closed borders to deter migrants passing through their countries to get to more prosperous northern Europe.
But Schengen-area countries could crack down on countries that try to game their visa systems by selling passports.
It also reveals which countries listeners are from, for over 150 countries in which the podcasts app is available.
He said he particularly appreciated Xi's remarks that developing countries are owed equal treatment as traders by developed countries.
Of the 2015 total, 20143 million barrels came from OPEC countries, and 1.5 million came from Persian Gulf countries.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The word house instead of hole, as in (EXPLETIVE DELETED) house countries, not (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole countries.
It was releasing in 80 countries worldwide, so you are talking multiple distributors and censor boards in several countries.
Far from locking countries in cycles of dependency, smart aid investments actually help countries unlock virtuous cycles of growth.
Its 750 servers are dispersed across 140 countries — many being in countries that other VPNs haven't even touched yet.
Guaido is backed by some 50 countries, while Maduro maintains support from countries such as China, Russia and Cuba.
Its beaten out countries like Singapore, Japan, Germany, and the US, countries that are no stranger to technological innovation.
Many Asian countries, such as India, still had better growth prospects than Western countries and than global growth predictions.
In it, group members from different countries waved the national flags of South Korea and their countries of origin.
Of the countries with nuclear facilities, developing countries with new nuclear programmes such Egypt and Algeria are least secure.
Countries without armed police officers on average exhibit gun-homicide rates markedly lower than countries with armed police forces.
Last summer, a lot of the countries we wanted to go to were considered "banned countries" by the administration.
Gritty details: Banks said the following countries would probably be interested: Japan, Australia, India, Vietnam and some African countries.
Donor countries cut off aid, hampered development in Malawi, one of the world's poorest and most aid-dependent countries.
Ironically, the countries where immunity is most needed are the very countries where it is most prone to abuse.
Rich countries have typically chosen the former, but the countries that have adopted the euro have embraced the latter.
These companies are not just prohibiting fins from countries that allow finning, but also from countries with finning bans.
The prevalence of breastfeeding varied among high-income countries but not so much among low- and middle-income countries.
It has issued waivers to some countries including Turkey, but wants pledges from those countries to continue reducing imports.
European countries built up welfare states, and the countries of the global South demanded consideration of their economic needs.
Should countries that pay cash receive more deference on the use of it than countries that receive U.S. aid?
Other countries believe there should be additional contributions from the euro zone countries to boost the euro area's budget.
Trump last year reportedly referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from "shithole countries," drawing criticism.
"Those advances haven't been passed on to middle-income countries and certainly not to low-income countries," said Kassebaum.
The United States, Canada and most Western European countries recognize same-sex marriage while most African countries do not.
That experiment was also tried in socialist countries or some capitalist countries with tax rates in the 90 percent.
That could include new rules on production levels for some countries and possibly include now exempt countries, like Nigeria.
The U.S., China, Britain and several other countries have in recent days urged the two countries to ease tensions.
The data was shared with other European countries, and UBS said it expected other countries to file similar requests.
Those in low-income countries have a risk that is three times higher than those in high-income countries.
Others countries - including heavily coal-dependent developing countries - will be watching their experiences, and the costs involved, Whitley said.
AISSOT's co-owner AMPTC was established in 1973 by member countries of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries.
This extended, Trump said, to the Baltic countries right on Russia's border — the very countries Russia might conceivably invade.
For some countries, domestic availability also insures them against supply fluctuations and potential geopolitical pressure from dominant supplier countries.
Macao has banned anyone from overseas countries from entering, while Shanghai is enforcing quarantine for travelers from 12 countries.
Last week I reported on how volunteers from wealthy countries perpetuate a harmful system of orphanages in poor countries.
Other countries, like Britain and France, have been reluctant to take their citizens back, officials from both countries said.
There are necessities of life in rich, cold, urban and individualistic countries that are less needed in poor countries.
Privacy laws that let countries locally store their own data (specifically how authoritarian countries might use that against citizens).
"The coronavirus has already spread to other countries, while trade war tariffs similarly could've targeted other countries over time."
Here are the 10 highest-ranking countries and the number of countries their citizens can visit without a visa.
India does not comment on the internal affairs of other countries and similarly expects other countries to do likewise.
Participating countries will stage equipment at 14 air and seaports in eight European countries as the exercise gets underway.
The organization has also asked countries with larger stockpiles of protective equipment to share with other countries in need.
In May, the countries reached a deal to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from those two countries.
Multinational corporations use it to shift their costs to high-tax countries and their profits to low-tax countries.
BRICS countries may try to step into that gap, negotiating wide-ranging trade agreements with many countries, Biswas continued.
Countries like Iraq and Somalia also saw precipitous drops, with admissions from those countries falling 98% and 96% respectively.
The second would be historical relationship, measured by the long, historical ties some developed countries have with developing countries.
Yet, these proportions are dismal when compared to most countries in the world, both advanced democracies and developing countries.
So instead of launching a new product in two countries, in three countries, we are launching these products globally.
In brief, Asian and African countries were estimated to be far richer, compared to other countries, than previously imagined.
If Europe's industrialized countries aren't willing to make dramatic changes to slow down climate change, why should other countries?
The US needs cooperation from African countries in the fight against terror; African countries need US firepower and expertise.
The number of countries the United States challenged last year was down from 2014, when it targeted 19 countries.
We're not going to let our countries be raided by other countries where we don't make our product anymore.
Paris asks richer countries to help out poorer countries There's a fundamental inequality when it comes to global emissions.
His work should start with the Paris Agreement, which went into effect in November aiming to "combat climate change [and] assist developing countries to do so" through the Green Climate Fund, a redistribution operation under U.N. auspices that sends developed countries' money to poorer countries or, really, to ruling elites in poorer countries.
If the World Bank's job is coordinating policy advice for poor countries, and the rapid gains against poverty in East and South Asia mean that "poor countries" is increasingly a synonym for "sub-Saharan African countries," then it feels only just for sub-Saharan African countries to choose their own policy coordinator.
Last year alone, TSA worked with 23 other partner countries to improve their in-flight safety practices, a TSA spokesperson told CNN, who added that since 2002, TSA has had 87 training-related engagements with 39 countries - providing inflight security officer training to 19 countries, and general engagements with 20 additional countries.
"But, generally speaking, I hope that in this region all countries' actions consider the security concerns of relevant countries and be beneficial for mutual trust, peace and stability between countries," Hua told a daily news briefing.
"I think it's time for the traditional Western countries to begin to see how they could support developing countries more, so that developing countries are not forced into just relying entirely on China's assistance," Waheed said.
Under a wide range of estimates, birthrates will remain below replacement in rich countries, and poor countries will continue to get wealthier and to have fertility patterns that are more similar to those in wealthy countries.
He thinks governments "send" migrants to other countries and deliberately choose bad people to send; he wants to reduce migration from "shithole countries" and increase it from countries where people are already better off (and white).
"When countries are in financial crisis ... it is a good time for reform when countries have no choice," he said.
Countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia should be on the list of countries of concern, but they are not.
Nine out of 10 of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world, according to various surveys, are Arab countries.
Other countries are starting to see that, and looking at what pieces of that could work in their own countries.
Other countries are copying the American blueprint for startup activity and making their countries more attractive for new company creation.
That refunding included requirements that the bank shift lending away from middle-income countries including China toward lower-income countries.
You have a lot of countries with a regime of prohibition, and they are countries with full rule of law.
In countries marked orange or tan, it's decreased, and in countries marked green it's decreased by one half or more.
Adopting robots has made it economical for some manufacturers in high-wage countries to "re-shore" production from poorer countries.
They argue that "brain drain" from poor countries is robbing those countries of the people they need to escape poverty.
Three other Latin American countries joined Venezuela among the worst countries for supply chains: The Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.
This trend emerged later than the one for longer lives, first in developed countries and now in poor countries too.
But most European countries, and some other rich countries outside the US, have figured out an ingenious way around this.
He did not elaborate, but Arab countries want Washington to retract its decision, and to stop other countries following suit.
In most African countries wages are around a third of those in newly industrialising countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh.
The countries hurt most by the crisis received financial support from the IMF, European Central Bank and other EU countries.
They could not build their own countries, so they had to go and build other countries to feed their children.
There's a caveat, however, for those who come through safe third countries, meaning countries with which US has an agreement.
But economists and officials in some countries have said privately that simultaneous introduction in all countries may not be feasible.
It might have something to do with how people in "loud" countries were socialized differently than people in "low" countries.
In the declaration that all 20 countries agreed to sign, 19 countries recommitted to the goals of the Paris agreement.
Western and southern European countries have generally become friendlier to foreigners, while northern and eastern countries have grown more hostile.
Since then, Western countries have started shipping their waste to Southeast Asian countries, but it's not a long-term solution.
That includes big majority-Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey; European countries including Italy; and Asian powers like India.
Guaido has since been recognized by more than 50 countries, including the U.S. and most Latin American and European countries.
And I have entire countries now, presidents and prime ministers of countries, that are working with us, using this format.
High-spending countries produced more papers, but proportionately no more of the highly cited ones than countries which spent less.
Founded in 1973, Lidl operates more than 10,800 stores in 29 countries, while Kaufland has 1,300 in seven European countries.
Just as countries' demographic challenges vary in scale, so the remedies will help more in some countries than in others.
This board is composed of 24 permanent individuals, who are elected by individual member countries, or by groups of countries.
Like too many developing countries, countries like Chad and Niger rank high on lists of the world's most fragile states.
Taipei now has formal relations with only 17 countries because Beijing opposes countries pursuing relations with the East Asian state.
Europe's No. 3 insurer, present in more than 60 countries, is looking to sell businesses in about a dozen countries.
Political rights and civil liberties became weaker in 68 countries since last year's report, and improved in only 50 countries.
The German upper and lower houses of parliament decide which countries go on the list of safe countries of origin.
Countries you never knew existed pop up, bodies of water reveal themselves, and the borders of countries look totally random.
Now citizens from other countries have taken to social media to ask Musk to bring his technology to their countries.
Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras -- all countries that are grappling with rampant poverty -- are among the primary countries of origin.
It said those countries with trade and current account surpluses needed to work with deficit countries to reduce these imbalances.
We have to understand whatever we do to foreign countries, those foreign countries then turn around and do to Americans.
Since June 2017, the report found, internet freedom declined in 26 countries, while only 19 countries saw their scores improve.
"If you look particularly at countries that are not reserve currency countries, would this lead to backdoor dollarization?" she said.
Tax avoidance is the art of moving profits from higher-tax countries to lower-tax countries before tax is paid.
Likewise,countries are rated unfavorably if they try to bolster their own innovation capacity at the expense of other countries.
The countries with the lowest vaccination rates are all very poor, but many developing countries run excellent programmes (see chart).
Britain, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries are likely to be in favour, with some Mediterranean countries, notably Italy, against.
That's bad news because countries with more equal incomes tend to have stronger economic growth than countries with unequal incomes.
In developing countries, or certainly countries with collapsed currency it is more important and could be used for daily use.
These are small countries, but the uprisings of 2011 show that small countries can serve as a model for others.
But that's where developed countries like the U.S. can help—by offering incentives and other financial help to those countries.
He told reporters that "only communist countries, dictatorships and countries without democracy" denied its citizens the freedom to travel overseas.
" Moreover, Mahathir declared, countries have been paying "lip service" to free trade, while "most countries practice some kind of restriction.
Landlocked countries are not docked for lacking a navy, but countries with navies are penalized if their fleets lack diversity.
Some OECD countries have been pushing for the tech giants to pay tax in all countries where they have users.
While most are displaced within their own countries, an unprecedented number are seeking political asylum in the world's rich countries.
Getting there will require rich countries like the United States to help finance much of the transition for poor countries.
It is now beyond argument that liberalized trade between wealthy countries and developing countries exposes vulnerable workers to substantial perils.
As far as Japan and other countries, we are being ripped off by everybody in the — we're defending other countries.
"   Both also campaigned against allowing in refugees and promised to make their countries "great again" and put their countries "first.
And yet the US still lags behind many other countries — including low-income countries — on many other tobacco control basics.
But tax changes require unanimous support by all EU countries, and some smaller countries have expressed concern, per the WSJ.
Countries like India will expect countries like the US to go first — to invest in and develop the technology early.
This group of 41 companies comes from 10 countries representing over ten countries, with a notably diverse set of founders.
Those countries have all rejected proposals from other European countries to allow a certain number of refugees into their nations.
People in wealthy countries have a lot of good will, time and money to help vulnerable children in poor countries.
In rich countries where water is clean, a bottle is not lethal the way it sometimes is in poor countries.
More than 70 countries criminalize gay sex, most of them Muslim countries or former British colonies, according to advocacy groups.
To say nothing of climate change: Wealthy countries' enrichment is destroying the planet, hitting the poorest countries hardest of all.
Historically, certain countries tend to vote for each other in very high numbers, putting some countries at an inherent advantage.
Aside from reducing carbon emissions, Keny-Guyer said, Western countries can do much more to build resilience in poor countries.
Countries including New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are now requiring people to self-isolate when they arrive in the countries.
Two charts exploring increases in new coronavirus cases indicate worrying trends for countries outside China and European countries outside Italy.
The policy requires migrants who pass through other countries before reaching the U.S. to apply for asylum in those countries.
That means developed countries must go negative earlier, to allow for a slower and more difficult shift in developing countries.
As a partner that's trusted in these countries for many decades, we have signed data-sharing agreements with those countries.
US News & World Report has released its fifth annual Best Countries list, which ranks 216.77 countries based on global perceptions.
The rankings are part of its annual "Best Countries" study, which evaluates 80 countries based on responses from 21,000 people.
Some countries think that they should be forbidden, as I believe; some countries think that no, that is not justified.
Sweden is one of the few European countries that recognize statehood — not "one of a few countries" that recognize it.
The promises rich countries made to secure the Paris agreement included mobilizing billions in financing for poor countries like India.
But there are some countries that are making greater reductions in order to compensate for other countries that are underperforming.
Foreign governments may censor Snapchat in their countries, restrict access to Snapchat from their countries entirely, or impose other restrictions.
Sweden and Finland are two other countries which operate their own storage facilities, though neither accept contributions from other countries.
As a result, stolen art from countries like Nigeria and Senegal were returned from French museums to their home countries.
"The increased use of robots in developed countries risks eroding the traditional labor cost advantage of developing countries," it states.
Second, they were branded with the flags of countries like Mexico and Argentina — countries where Payless didn't have any stores.
"We're more focused on developed countries, instead of developing countries," Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer business group, told CNBC.
More diverse countries perform better economically and migrants create business networks with their home countries that foster trade and investment.
But for the normal courses of production, countries we have seen, countries go a little bit up and sometimes down.
Eighty percent of U.S. humanitarian funding is used for countries experiencing violence, including countries such as Syria and South Sudan.
"Fiscal responsibility in high-debt countries should go hand in hand with more supportive policy action in low-debt countries."
Georgia has free trade agreements with Turkey, the European Free Trade Association countries, and CIS countries including the Russian Federation.
Crucially, the countries tied to the "Belt and Road" initiative are some of the riskiest developing countries in the world.
"If they exclude all these countries, there aren't many countries left that will be subject to the measures," she added.
Wealthier countries have also recently used the threat of revoking funding from other countries that aren't upholding their environmental commitments.
Then, in May, the countries reached a deal to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from those two countries.
Because it was led by countries in the West, it set the stage for rising living standards in those countries.
These countries include Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa (known as the BRICS), and several other countries around the world.
The GPE said donor countries pledged $2.3 billion at the conference to fund education in up to 89 developing countries.
But Ms. Merkel's government stopped enforcing those rules when other European countries balked at handling the migrants in their countries.
Under the reforms, lending to China and other wealthier developing countries will decrease with more resources going to needier countries.
Countries seeking to displace China have begun pointing out that exports from their countries are less likely to face tariffs.
In the latter two countries, a majority of respondents said that diversity made their countries a worse place to live.
The countries that do well today are by and large the same countries that did well in the interwar period and in the decades after the second world war, namely countries in Europe and southern Latin America.
And then each of these continents has countries, some of them MULTIPLE countries and all of those countries have LEADERS and they all have names that aren't easy to remember like George or Ronald or even Donald.
And one point I want to make here that is not made often, you have incredibly wealthy countries in that region, countries like Saudi Arabia, countries like Qatar, the largest, wealthiest country per capita in the world.
He thinks governments "send" emigrants to other countries and deliberately choose bad people to send; he wants to reduce migration from "shithole countries" and increase it from countries where people are already more well-off (and white).
"This accords with the common interests of China and all countries in the region, and we hope that countries outside of the region can respect the joint interests and wishes of countries in the region," Lu said.
The remark also comes months after it was reported Trump referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from "shithole countries" and suggested the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries such as Norway.
The Group of Less-Developed Countries (LDC) – a multinational delegation of developing countries affected by climate change -- met in Ethiopia ahead of COP23 this year to press developed countries to ramp up financial and capacity-building support.
"When I traveled around the world on your behalf as secretary of State, went to 112 countries, one thing I saw everywhere was how European countries, Asian countries were supporting their companies back in their countries to be able to make sales and contracts in a lot of the rest of the world," she said.
Many people of color from all these countries — mostly, actually, it's not like it's the Canadians that are ... it's from these seven Muslim countries ... bringing in talent, obviously many, many companies in Silicon Valley were started by people of color from other countries, from these countries that are under siege right now by our government.
And so, the fact is that we now have so many countries who have signed up to the agreement, we are over the 55 countries and we are over the 55 percent of admissions represented by those countries.
Meanwhile, two billion people live in countries that have emitted the least carbon dioxide over history – the poorest countries on planet earth – which are also the countries where people are likely to suffer the most from climate change.
"Levels of inactivity are more than twice as high in high income countries as compared to low income countries, with an increasing trend in high income countries," lead study author Regina Guthold of WHO wrote in an email.
The United States, along with 140 other countries, is a signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, an agreement requiring countries to hunt down the offshore money of corrupt officials and return it to the victimized countries.
Strong US dollar and pressure on countries running current account deficits, and pressure on countries with a high volume of, well countries or companies, with a high amount of non-local currency debt, in particular US dollar debt.
"Chile has a readiness to dialogue with all countries, especially with neighboring countries," he told reporters during a visit to Berlin.
It is not known how broad a set of countries the tariffs would reach, or how dramatically those countries might react.
"We urge the developed countries to review their management of plastic waste and stop shipping garbage to developing countries," Yeo added.
The two countries established coordination last year to avoid conflicts in Syrian airspace, ostensibly to allow both countries to operate freely.
Correction: A previous version of this article said USDC was already available in 35 countries and expanding to 50 additional countries.
Trump himself has called African countries "shitholes" and asked why the US couldn't bring in more immigrants from countries like Norway.
Many stowaways come from African countries Stowaways have gone undetected and hopped aboard planes in 44 different countries, the FAA said.
This is an agreement that allows partaking countries to set common external tariffs, allowing goods to travel freely between those countries.
"The proclamation dropped multiple Muslim countries and exempted multiple types of non-immigrant visas even from the Muslim countries," he said.
The original temporarily banned people from seven countries from entering the U.S. Six of these countries are still on the list.
Government spending in parliamentary countries is about 5 percent of GDP higher, after controlling for other factors, than in presidential countries.
If Donald Trump was targeting Muslim majority countries, why wouldn&apost he target the largest Muslim majority countries in the world?
That's helped the company grow into 34 countries, with major Asian and Middle Eastern countries being added this year, he adds.
First, governments need to do more, both in consuming countries in North America and Europe, and in sourcing countries like Thailand.
This model could have two SIM slots in some countries to make it easier to roam in other regions and countries.
The two countries "must take constructive steps to appropriately manage and control disputes that exist between the two countries", Xi added.
Citi has physical operations in 98 markets, with trading floors in 77 countries and serving clients in more than 200 countries.
When comparing data across countries, the interactive chart will only display the range of dates available for all the countries selected.
Over the past year, several NATO countries have rotated forces throughout countries near the Russian border as a show of support.
Final tally: 40 countries The State Department granted 2,571,762 nonimmigrant visas to residents of those 40 countries in fiscal year 2015.
"I will always put America first, just like you, the leaders of your countries, should put your countries first," Trump said.
Although he didn't specifically name any countries, the pope called out health care inequality in the world's wealthiest countries, Reuters reports.
West African countries Niger, Mauritania and Senegal also cut ties with Doha last year in solidarity with the other Arab countries.
Also, Artist Lessons were previously only available in 20 countries, but are now accessible to all users in over 150 countries.
Ms Mencarini and three co-authors show that what is true for countries as a whole is true within countries too.
Additionally, Tokyo removed South Korea from the list of "white countries" — countries that Japan deems to have trustworthy export control systems.
Wealthy countries host just 33 percent of the world's refugees and must not leave poorer countries to manage the crisis alone.
The big picture: Homosexual acts are outlawed in many Muslim countries as well as former British colonies, including 32 African countries.
OECD's 27 member countries are advanced, industrialized nations, which makes their data valuable in comparing the United States to similar countries.
Investors expect the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other producing countries to extend output cuts into next year.
Many companies promised an industrial revolution by bringing back factories to service-driven countries, such as the U.S. and European countries.
When many countries are covered by tariffs, trade may simply be diverted through those countries that are let off the hook.
The virulence of highly pathogenic bird flu viruses has prompted countries to bar poultry imports from infected countries in earlier outbreaks.
Trade between African countries accounts for a woeful 10%, compared to 40% and 20203% between North American and European countries respectively.
"An agreement that has been adopted by 195 countries would require 195 countries to agree to any new negotiation," she said.
More than 50 countries, including the U.S. and most Latin American and European countries, have recognized Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate leader.
Its 10 team members, who have been displaced from five countries to five other countries, embody tremendous fortitude, discipline, and courage.
By 2011, the ratings for PEPFAR countries rose to about 80% while in non-PEPFAR countries, the rise was around 50%.
The list will serve EU countries to decide which countries and jurisdictions may need a further screening of their tax practices.
Countries commit to the 2% target for defense spending -- a goal only five NATO members currently meet -- within their own countries.
The United States, meanwhile, came in 13th in the best countries for women ranking — and fourth on the best countries list.
Where Arab countries belatedly started to promote non-oil exports, they found that more competitive Asian countries had got there first.
Global strategy: Nearly 250 countries signed the accord to slash greenhouse gas emissions and help poor countries cope with climate disruptions.
The results are based on interviews with 1,000 adults conducted throughout 2014 in 135 countries and through 85033 in 132 countries.
We are two countries and sovereign countries, so there will always be issues where we don't completely see eye to eye.
Over the past five years, the Northern Triangle countries have repeatedly made the top five of the world's most murderous countries.
However, while other countries waver, two countries show no signs of retreating from an aggressive nuclear power future — China and Russia.
Central American countries account for about 50% of illegal immigrants, including the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.
A few refugees have been resettled in third countries, including Cambodia, and many have been returned to the countries they fled.
Behind the plot, he said, were the 'Iron Curtain countries,' and 'communist men in England, Hong Kong, and probably other countries.
"The political risks certainly remain significant for countries like Lebanon and Syria and neighboring countries of those as well, " he added.
That might, in part, mean the host countries have much lower infectious disease death rates than the countries the migrants left.
Now, its season in these countries is lengthening significantly ... and the disease is spreading to less tropical and more temperate countries.
Meanwhile, a 2018 report from the International Labour Organization concluded that robotization in developed countries negatively affects employment in emerging countries.
The Zika virus in Brazil and other Latin American countries has brought with it a focus on those countries' abortion laws.
Leaders from the three countries signed the USMCA in November, but lawmakers in all three countries must still ratify the agreement.
There are countries where people are still being executed for doing what is completely legal in a number of countries now.
In some Southeast Asian countries, fishermen have found it more attractive to smuggle cheap fuel to neighboring countries rather than fish.
Third, it is bringing lifelines to countries, and bringing them [other countries] into its embrace by setting up institutions with them.
What other countries are doing wrong In other countries, the authorities have struggled to keep up with the demand for testing.
Since 1969, poor and developing countries — including China — have been assessed lower rates than wealthier countries in Europe and North America.
Indeed, during the 21625 A/H2900N220006 influenza pandemic some countries experienced several fold higher mortality rates compared to well-developed countries.
If the United States refused to consider the impacts of its emissions on other countries, other countries could respond in kind.
The countries' numbers are changing constantly and both the totals and the rank order of countries could change at any time.
To this I added information about the world's countries that were ruled by other countries as part of a colonial empire.
Some relatively smaller temperature rises in large countries contribute more to mean global temperature than do larger rises in smaller countries.
Because right now China is getting absolutely decimated by countries that are leaving China, going to other countries, including our own.
Other countries will undoubtedly fill the void left by American withdrawal — most notably China and Russia, countries we consider significant rivals.
The agreement requires the United States and other developed countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but not developing countries like China.
According to the treaty, rich countries are to start phasing out HFCs by 2019, while lower-income countries have more time.
Other countries have retaliated, including China, Europe, Canada and Mexico, taxing American-made products that flow into their countries, including apparel.
The report categorized countries with scores below or equal to 33.3 as least prepared, and 72 countries fell into this category.
The Schengen Area consists of 26 countries that have signed the Schengen agreement to eliminate border restrictions between the signatory countries.
All EU countries, with the exception of Britain and Ireland, trade more with other EU countries than with the outside world.
In 20200, industrialized countries pledged to mobilize $21950 billion by 2020 to help the world's poorest countries deal with climate change.
Since the financial crisis in 2008, however, the outsourcing of emissions from wealthy countries to developing countries has started to slow.
It no longer makes sense for countries to shut their borders against the affected countries, as the disease is present everywhere.
Six hours of television would be enough to cover the histories of most countries satisfactorily, but China is not most countries.
They typically require developing countries to accept imports while restricting the entry of products from developing countries into their own markets.
World Vision would then distribute the items according to need: Cold-weather countries received sweatshirts, while warmer countries received T-shirts.
Adding to the costs, research suggests that these countries face higher interest rates than similar countries less exposed to climate risks.
"We'll certainly preview xCloud in countries before we launch, but not all countries where we're previewing will definitely launch," says Gluckstein.
Affected countries Eight countries are affected by the new travel suspension: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.
However, if you are successful, a lot of Israeli companies are also able to sell into European countries and Asian countries.
Now consider, there were at least 196 shutdowns in 25 countries in 2018, up from 75 in 24 countries in 2016.
Fifteen countries sided with Britain and voted against the resolution, and 65 countries abstained, effectively sending the case to the court.
In other countries, leaders appear poised to hold on to power until death, with little threat of intervention from neighboring countries.
Airbnb has released multiple ads responding to things like Trump's travel ban and his "s***hole countries" comment about developing countries.
So far, 68 countries have stated their intent to enhance their commitments, but those countries represent just 8% of global emissions.
Amazon delivers to over 50 countries in Europe and has made its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) delivery eligible in 26 countries.
"But I wanted to get other countries -- other countries should also pay because, frankly, it affects them more," the President added.
The stamp is on 12,000 products in over 58 countries; consumers can search products by countries to find what they need.
It is reminding us that the reasons why countries register trade deficits is that those countries consume more than they produce.
These SIM cards came from 86 different countries, according to a spreadsheet of the researched countries shared with Motherboard by Melette.
While Russia and other European countries will probably loudly voice their views on America withdrawing, Asian countries will be less vocal.
"Boys in countries with a full ban showed 1.13% the rate of fighting found in countries with no ban," Elgar said.
But, the stress of the crisis fueled lingering bitterness between crisis countries, like Greece and Italy, and creditor countries, like Germany.
When poor countries can sell cheap goods to rich countries, or bring in a lot of foreign direct investment, growth skyrockets.
NATO countries are supposed to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense, but only five countries hit that target in 2016.
"The increased use of robots in developed countries risks eroding the traditional labour cost advantage of developing countries," the report states.
Orders review of countries to be added to the ban The order also directs the secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a 30-day review to determine which countries do not provide "adequate information" for its citizens to be issued visas to enter the US. During the campaign, Trump talked about these countries as "terror-prone" countries.
On an even larger scale, European countries give large amounts of foreign aid to the third countries through which refugees typically pass, such as Turkey and Libya, so that those countries will stop the refugees from crossing the Mediterranean.
Because adding countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and other similar countries to the list will inflict severe economic, diplomatic and policy costs, including sinking existing anti-terrorism relationships with those countries which have proven useful in the past.
The accord, which has been agreed to by more than 190 countries and ratified by 147 countries since it was signed in December 2015, established a specific set of tools to help countries cut greenhouse gas emissions over time.
While only a minority of countries currently meet the 2202 percent target, seven countries (United States, Greece, United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania) met the goal in 2628 — a considerable increase from just three countries four years earlier.
High-performing countries are branded Tier One (such as South Korea, France and the Bahamas), struggling countries, Tier Two (Dominican Republic, Mexico and Lithuania, for example), and outright failing countries, Tier Three (China, Syria and North Korea, for example).
"Liberal abortion laws tend to be found in countries with better sex education and better access to contraception, so it makes perfect sense for those countries also to have lower abortion rates than countries without those things," she says.
Unlike the Paris accord, the emerging Kigali agreement will have the force of international law, a legal requirement that rich countries give poor countries money to help them comply, and trade and economic sanctions against countries that do not.
Experts also question why two European countries — the UK and Ireland — were left out of the ban, given that both countries have reported cases and deaths and both have visa-free travel with other countries in the European Union.
By 2030, 7 million lives could be saved if governments invested about $3 per person in low-income countries, $4 in lower-middle-income countries and $8 in upper-middle-income countries in cancer resources, according to the report.
And there's a lot of support in Europe for it, because there are more than 40 countries, all the NATO countries and many countries beyond around the world — Japan, New Zealand, Australia — who have troops in and around Afghanistan.
Rates of blood-giving in rich Middle Eastern countries are two to three times lower than those in similarly wealthy European countries.
Residents of other countries are able to contribute skills for human capital development and to the labor market of the receiving countries.
That's one in six deaths worldwide, with most of these occurring in low- and middle-income countries and industrializing countries like India.
Former President Barack Obama had identified these six countries plus Iraq as countries of concern because of a growing threat from terrorists.
The two countries established the coordination last year to avoid conflicts in Syrian airspace, ostensibly to allow both countries to operate freely.
There's a caveat, however, for those who come through safe third countries, meaning countries the US has entered into an agreement with.
ISIS activity spreads It also says ISIS became active in more countries -- jumping from 13 in 2014 to 28 countries in 2015.
"In the long run, of course, countries with lower fertility are richer more developed countries where women have more opportunities," he said.
The situation is similar for people from Trump's seven banned countries who also hold valid passports from Trump approved countries: confusion reigns.
Zika, a mosquito-spread virus linked to birth defects, has now reached 60 countries worldwide and has largely affected Latin American countries.
The company launched in 130 countries in January (adding to the 225 existing countries), and recently received a whopping 212 Emmy nominations.
In 2014 less than 70% of education aid actually reached recipient countries (much of it was spent on scholarships in donor countries).
It partners directly with 750 designers and boutiques in 40 countries and sells to more than 1 million customers in 190 countries.
The communiqué also reiterates the importance of developed countries providing financial assistance to developing countries to help them deal with climate change.
The big picture: Unlike many countries affected by the global migration crisis, Latin American countries have absorbed new arrivals mostly without hostility.
As countries with advanced economies slowly inch toward 2100% usage of smartphones and the Internet, developing countries have been closing the gap.
Moscow then recognized two breakaway pro-Kremlin Georgian regions - South Ossetia and Abkhazia - as independent countries, though most other countries have not.
The bottom line: The tech giants are extracting value from countries' populations much as oil companies extract value from countries' oil fields.
Again, such a deal is efficient but prevents member countries from agreeing separate deals with other countries (as Britain wants to do).
BRI emphatically drives Belt and Road countries to raise the level of development and bring benefits to people living in these countries.
And although roughly the same proportion of children start school in rich and poor countries, most in poor countries do not finish.
Until recently laws in several European countries—unlike America's more stringent Foreign Corrupt Practices Act—did not punish bribery in third countries.
Among the countries where the equipment and additional forces could be deployed are Hungary, Romania and the Baltic countries, Pentagon officials said.
Migrants from countries that acceded to the EU in 2004 (EU8 countries) have a higher employment rate than EU migrants in general.
This changed in March when Mr Trump removed Iraqis from the list of countries of his temporary travel ban from Muslim countries.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries pointed to a larger surplus next year due to new fields in non-member countries.
In addition, the UAE imported much more gold from most of the other 9.53 countries than those countries said they had exported.
They're often doing it with the help of foreign nationals from other countries, whether they're from Portugal or China or other countries.
The OECD, a club mostly of rich countries, looked at foreign direct investment (FDI) rules in 68 rich and middle-income countries.
More than 50 countries, including the U.S. and most Latin American and European countries, have now recognized Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate leader.
First, the problem is not just that Trump called these countries bad; it's that Trump suggested these countries' people are all bad.
If host countries benefit from immigrants, then the countries that send them must be losing out on manpower, skills and tax revenue.
"China is a big country and other countries are small countries, and that's just a fact," he said to the crowded room.
"  "But it's countries that have tremendous terror and it's countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems.
They are not the only such countries, but if others were added to the list, they too would be predominantly Muslim countries.
Facebook has restricted access to content in countries before, blocking some 55,000 pieces of content across 20 countries from July to Dec.
More than 50 countries, including the U.S. and most Latin American and European countries, have since recognized Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate leader.
For other OPEC countries, the market must rely on secondary source estimates and for non-OPEC countries, production numbers are self-reported.
Last week, Netflix, which previous only had a presence in 60 countries, expanded its global footprint to 190 countries, notably excluding China.
While rich countries exhibit more happiness, economic growth is just one component of a broader platter of attributes that successful countries demonstrate.
"The danger of our two countries being on a collision course is something that both countries should try to avoid," Lew said.
A number of countries have closed their borders, effectively leaving migrants stranded in countries –such as Greece - and making the problem worse.
Eighty-eight countries conducted unfair trials, and at least 61 countries locked up people who were simply exercising their rights and freedoms.
They found that from 2004 to 2013, political instability fell by 40% in PEPFAR countries and just 3% in non-PEPFAR countries.
The list of countries affected by the ban also now includes North Korea and Venezuela, two countries that are not Muslim-majority.
The Germans have been at the forefront of that in Europe, but what about countries like America, Canada, Australia, the Gulf countries?
While countries with big local markets were in favor of the move, many smaller countries have yet to support the new tax.
In those countries, the rate is 37 abortions per 20103,000 women, compared with 34 per 1,2220 in countries where it is legal.
Donald Trump has been able to make business deals in multiple countries at the same time, without actually living in these countries.
It reflected growing frustration among industrial countries over China's trade practices, along with concerns that other developing countries will follow Beijing's lead.
Fintech is stimulating Chinese consumption and capital flow As countries progress, citizens migrate from remote villages to large cities and foreign countries.
Did you know that in 22017 countries it's illegal to be gay and in 212 countries, you can be put to death?
"Rich, Western countries get information but poorer countries in Africa do not," he said, adding that secrecy enabled money laundering and theft.
But he exempted Canada and Mexico, backtracking from earlier pledges of tariffs on all countries, while other countries can apply for exemptions.
In total, the Economist Intelligence Unit measured a decline in democracy in 72 countries and an increase in 38 countries last year.
World Rugby will release tender documents to interested countries in May, and countries must formally confirm their intention to bid in June.
Many of the countries in OPEC and many of its partner countries are distrusted in the US for past oil price manipulation.
Asaro said surveillance drones are now used by more than 100 countries, while armed drones are used by five to 10 countries.
But four other delegates from countries in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries said such a meeting was unlikely to happen.
Italy and Greece are the European countries on the frontlines, but they're getting scant help from Germany or any other EU countries.
"The countries suffering from wars and conflicts are the same countries who are also struggling from problems of climate change," Elayah said.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Russia and other producer countries agreed more than a year ago to reduce supply.
Other countries will benefit from that broad interest in Asia, such as the Philippines, Malaysia — even less well-followed countries like Vietnam.
The system called IQOS (I quit ordinary smoking) is currently available in about 30 countries, including Canada and many countries in Europe.
After those countries, I'd argue that the Middle East is home to several countries that apply all sorts of internet censorship methods.
The ban affects people outside of those six countries as well, since citizens from those countries could be living elsewhere, like Canada.
Being gay remains illegal in many countries, including 34 countries in Africa (despite a recent victory in Botswana, which recently decriminalized homosexuality).
Dunkin' Brands has more than 11,500 Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in 40 countries and about 7,600 Baskin-Robbins outlets in nearly 50 countries.
" Fragile countries become "unfragile" only when "the people in those countries look to those governments and institutions and say, 'Yes, they're mine.
Several Caribbean countries including Belize are on the State Department's 2016 list of countries that present a "primary concern" for money laundering.
LBGTQ individuals, the report says, were attacked in 20 countries, with 56% of cases registered in countries that do not criminalize homosexuality.
We picked twenty-five countries [and made people register]—twenty-four of them happened to be what we call predominantly Muslim countries.
Citizens of newly developed countries are eager to visit other countries, and cheap airfares are encouraging more and more people to travel.
Instead, he said, too often it has been used as a platform for countries to take largely symbolic jabs at other countries.
This drops rapidly to under 10 percent in upper-middle-income countries, and to well under 1 percent in low-income countries.
He tells me that, according to studies they've done comparing European countries, Nordic countries should be less prone to dampness and mold.
There are also now countries like Chad, Venezuela, and North Korea, on the most recent list, that are not Muslim-majority countries.
Plainly, holidaymakers can't be expected to probe their host countries' defects — quite often linked to their home countries' hypocritical "foreign aid" programs.
They designed a measure to see if certain countries tended to disproportionately award their points to specific other countries, and vice versa.
That's because countries can always find ways to retaliate — and there are already signs that countries are planning to do just that.
Moreover, migrants provide a boost to the economies of their host countries as well as to their countries of origin, he said.
It ranked 17th in greenest countries, 18th in most transparent countries, and 26th in best places to travel alone -- another safety issue.
And as protesters have seen success in neighboring countries, they have been emboldened to call for similar protests in their own countries.
Reaction to the travel curbs from some Muslim majority countries not on the list of seven designated countries has been more muted.
Four more countries reported their first virus cases, with countries other than China now accounting for about three-quarters of new infections.
The global economy has suffered as more countries discontinue flights from countries hardest-hit by the virus, such as China and Iran.
That's especially notable in countries like Germany, where companies can easily hire lower-wage workers from EU countries like Poland and Romania.
That means encouraging more investment spending, particularly in the economically weaker countries, and more consumption by cutting taxes in the stronger countries.
Since the vote, Israel has reportedly reduced diplomatic relations with 12 countries, though the individual Israeli ambassadors will remain in the countries.
Venezuela ranked 1153 out of 190 countries in the World Bank's 2017 Ease of Doing Business report, which evaluates countries' regulatory systems.
Same-sex relations remain illegal in 72 countries worldwide including in a majority of countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Also, two-thirds of patients were from middle-income countries, where better levels of care are available than in Africa's poorest countries.
Developing countries are also set to push for support from developed countries through a financial mechanism to deal with loss and damage.
The researchers also found that cardiovascular disease was more common in middle-income and low-income countries than in high-income countries.
More attention to economic ties and economic cooperation, it is clear that both countries, business of both countries are interested in this.
Starting with China and most countries in ASEAN and many of the countries in the Middle East and elsewhere where we operate.
Unlike Western countries and institutions that try to influence how developing countries govern themselves, China says it espouses the principle of noninterference.
Mr. Xi said that the interests of developing countries and industrialized countries would need to be carefully balanced in the digital economy.
A full-blown trade war between the two countries could cause the price of goods and unemployment to surge in both countries.
Today, 180 countries have ratified the treaty, which commits the countries to anti-smoking regulations, such as requiring graphic warnings on packs.
" When asked which countries are the heaviest supporters, Cheadle told PEOPLE, "It's the difference of who are the countries that are supporting on paper and who are the countries that are actually going to be substantively moving on this issue.
In recent months, Scandinavian countries, like other countries in Europe, have expressed increasing concern about the scale of the influx of migrants seeking to reach prosperous Northern European countries known for their generous welfare systems and for relatively welcoming attitudes.
MSCIs EAFE Index includes 21 developed market countries, while the MSCI ACWI ex USA IMI includes 22 developed market countries, similar to EAFE, but adds Canada, as well as 26 emerging market countries, including China, which has a 7.5% weighting.
A new UNICEF report released Wednesday that ranks countries by breastfeeding rates shows that in high-income countries, more than one in five babies is never breastfed, whereas in low- and middle-income countries, one in 212 babies is never breastfed.
The report also found that more than one billion children live in countries plagued by poverty; 240 million in countries affected by conflict and fragility; and more than 575 million girls live in countries where gender bias is a serious issue.
MSCI's EAFE Index includes 21 developed market countries, while the MSCI ACWI ex USA IMI includes 22 developed market countries, similar to EAFE, but adds Canada, as well as 26 emerging market countries, including China, which has a 7.5% weighting.
Globally, four more countries abolished the death penalty in 2015, for a total of 102 countries — up from just 16 in 1977, when record-keeping began — while 38 more countries have not used the death penalty in at least 10 years.
It also calls for the countries to increase their emissions cuts ahead of 2020, when they will meet again, and for oil rich countries to detail the aid they intend to send poorer countries to help them install clean energy.
Some of the countries where the researchers spotted Pegasus in democratic countries, such as the United States, France, and the UK, but there's also countries with questionable human rights records such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mexico, Turkey, and Yemen.
Reforms should correct some countries' discrimination against investments by other countries and companies, and not be used as a way to deprive China of the right to enjoy differentiated treatment as a developing country, Wang said, without naming any countries.
The two countries had long been at odds because China had insisted on different reporting rules for developing countries, while the United States favored consistent emissions-accounting rules and wanted all countries to be subject to the same outside scrutiny.
To get other countries to move on climate change, and to prevent European businesses from fleeing to other countries with less severe restrictions on greenhouse gases, the European Green Deal taxes emissions associated with imports from countries with weaker climate goals.
It provided some $13 billion to countries in the Middle East and North Africa, $6.7 billion to countries in South and Central Asia, $1.5 billion to states in Europe and Eurasia and $2.2 billion to Western Hemisphere countries, according to USAID.

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