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"citation" Definitions
  1. [countable] words or lines taken from a book or a speech synonym quotation
  2. [countable] an official statement about something special that somebody has done, especially about acts of courage in a war
  3. [uncountable] an act of citing or being cited
  4. [countable] (North American English) (also summons British and North American English) an order to appear in court
"citation" Synonyms
excerpt passage quotation extract quote piece line reference source cite saying example quoting snippet fragment verse stanza section portion part commendation tribute accolade eulogy homage panegyric encomium paean hymn eulogium salutation honour(UK) dithyramb acknowledgement(UK) honor(US) mention acknowledgment(US) award honourable mention(US) honorable mention(UK) allusion referral attribution invocation naming reference to indication hint intimation remark statement declaration observation nod mention of citation of summons process subpoena writ court order subpoena ad testificandum arraignment warrant indictment mandate requisition notification call documents decree document TRO paper replevin prescript phrase expression idiom maxim adage locution wording axiom phraseology motto phrasing dictum byword diction catchphrase parlance slogan accusation charge allegation impeachment imputation assertion claim complaint incrimination suit asseveration inculpation insinuation denunciation beef blame censure authority note credit footnote resource bibliography plug information source bibliographical data cross-reference documentation afterthought explanation decoration medal prize distinction trophy premium order bays ribbon plume laurel laurels badge gong kudo star monition admonition caution caveat forewarning notice warning cautionary advice exhortation proviso qualification condition reservation clause rider provision listing entry item record article thing log account memo memorandum minute jotting registration element register list insertion posting trial case hearing lawsuit litigation tribunal appeal inquiry(US) contest court case enquiry(UK) proceedings retrial action counterclaim court-martial cross-examination More

150 Sentences With "citation"

How to use citation in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "citation" and check conjugation/comparative form for "citation". Mastering all the usages of "citation" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Even for the most common misdemeanors for which citation is an option, most have citation rates 25 percent or lower.
Web of Science is the largest publisher-neutral citation index, powering global discovery and citation analytics across the sciences, social sciences and art & humanities.
He received a traffic citation in 2015 A CNN review of criminal records found a 2015 traffic citation against Bowers for allegedly driving without tags.
Better still, after you quote one of the sources you find in Researcher, it will automatically configure the inline citation and bibliography entry using your preferred citation style.
More than half of the states have a statutory presumption of citation for certain offenses, and some task force members are interested in making most misdemeanors citation-only.
In that case, Congress would have to rely on a civil contempt citation (rather than a criminal citation), which is far less powerful and would likely take much longer to enforce.
On Monday, Aretha Franklin was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation honor, becoming the first individual woman to earn a special citation prize since it was first awarded in 1930.
Wheels Up recently bought Travel Management Company, which operates a fleet of light jets to complement Wheels Up's existing fleet of King Air turboprops, Citation midsize jets and Citation X super-midsize aircraft.
"It should be instant for students to create a citation—web, book, article, whatever—and it should be equally instant for the teacher to check that citation," Hegland explained of the app's strategy.
Again, however, the BPPE says that while it recognizes that Lambda School appealed the original citation in March, the fact that it upheld the citation in July means that this fine is due.
The citation was issued 1,000 miles away from his home.
Congress ultimately got the documents, the contempt citation was dropped.
Dudar showed up, was handed a citation, and quickly left.
No. Besides, we don't need a citation for every fact.
"Wiesel is a messenger to mankind," the Nobel citation said.
Amusingly, the one citation to this paper is a miscite.
Their objection was to the citation of the Senate report.
The civil contempt citation was designed to coerce her testimony.
The civil contempt citation was designed to coerce her testimony.
The regiment earned a Presidential Unit Citation for its actions.
If an officer is dispatched, a citation can be issued.
The impact of a contempt citation could be simply symbolic.
Yeah, I can't find that Malooley citation in the book.
MUELLER: Well, what I'm asking is if you can give me the citation, I can look at the citation and evaluate whether it is actually... COLLINS: OK. Let -- let me just -- let me clarify.
Since a criminal citation would likely get ignored by the Department of Justice, a "more attractive" option would be to file a civil suit and ask a judge to enforce the citation, Raskin said.
"There are opportunities to catch a citation," the Virginia DGIF says .
The contempt citation is a key part of that congressional clout.
G Suite's quick citation update will be available on December 6th.
We have not issued a citation to the company as yet.
A cursory Google search offers only speculation and citation—no answers.
None of those encounters led to an arrest or citation. Rep.
Mr. Trump's Cessna Citation X landed a little after 11 a.m.
The full House never took up the contempt citation against Rove.
Curiously, Phil Chess was neither inducted nor mentioned in the citation.
The star was given a citation but was not further detained.
The citation came after Callaway was stopped at 2:59 a.m.
He also received a citation for not providing proof of insurance.
After that, violations will follow the city's standard civil citation procedures.
Passing a contempt of Congress citation is just the first step.
That drew a contempt citation and five more years in prison.
The citation for Wyandotte National Burying Ground in Kansas City, Kan.
Correction: The original version of this article included an inaccurate citation.
The National Transportation Safety Board said it was a Cessna Citation 550.
And this time, Dean wasn't just a citation; he was their boss.
But the great dictionary's only citation for this dates back to 1425.
The deputy issued her a disorderly conduct citation, which WRDW shared online.
After receiving a citation, the individual will have to appear in court.
He had devoted his life to defending these victims, the citation said.
If you're curious: She doesn't have a citation for that claim either.
For those unaware, there is an actual MLA citation format for memes.
The same facility was hit with a citation days later on Sept.
And the Capital Gazette was awarded a 2019 Pulitzer Prize special citation.
However, it could be a useful citation during your next family argument.
But many New Yorkers are seemingly not concerned about getting a citation.
Police came, detained Maxwell and wrote up a citation for disorderly conduct.
The sixth protester received a citation for disorderly conduct, the newspaper reported.
The citation made no mention of the downing of Iran Air 655.
Neither resident was injured, but this too resulted in an abuse citation.
"I think it's likely that he will face a contempt citation," Rep.
However, there is no need to provide an in-text citation. 213.
He is a master of the homage, the pastiche, and the citation.
Rob Scholl, a spokesman for Textron Aviation, said he expects NetJets to firm up the orders for up to 175 super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft and up to 150 Cessna Citation Hemisphere aircraft in the coming weeks.
"We will use any and all power in our command to make sure it's backed up — whether that's a contempt citation, whether that's going to court and getting that citation enforced, whether it's fines, whether it's possible incarceration," Rep.
On its face, the book — subtitled "The Battle to Save America's Middle Class" — is all about economic issues, and the index is correspondingly flecked with terms like "layoffs" (one citation), "manufacturing decline" (one citation) and "rent assistance" (two citations).
We disagree with the issuance of this citation and are considering our response.
The panel is slated to vote on Wednesday on finalizing a contempt citation.
An extra citation, legal precedent or expert commentary could make all the difference.
None of the factors, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted, included "a single citation".
He also added that the parking citation was overturned a few days later.
The Cessna Citation 525 aircraft left Burke Lakefront Airport at 10:57 p.m.
Dr. Dre was given a citation that requires him to appear in court.
The citation states that the two men confronted each other outside the vehicle.
Pennsylvania Received citation for sale of underage puppies; some dogs not properly vaccinated.
Hernandez's final citation for fighting came a year later, on June 153, 2016.
They were given the option to get a citation and leave the area.
This could lead to a later citation pending a review of the case.
The sheriff's office's solution was to issue the driver a $11,400 overload citation.
The only citation in the article was from a speech by the Pope.
But Trump's citation of this flimsy paper doesn't even get the facts right.
"If we were guys, they would have written us a citation," Vinberg says.
The Cessna Citation I is a small jet, according to the Cessna website.
" Citation ... 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Music, to rapper-songwriter Kendrick Lamar for "DAMN.
But the biggest fear is a second citation, which can lead to closure.
Lambda School first received the citation in March, which it appealed in April.
He also says there is no appeal on the affirmed citation on file.
That's because Lambda School first received the citation in March, which it appealed.
Stallone appreciates it, and the 2 exchange pleasantries as he accepts his citation.
If she doesn't show Johnny's lawyers could go in for a contempt citation.
In this case, a contempt citation does not guarantee an outcome Democrats want.
They must have made some kind of mistake in their citation, he thought.
The Cessna 150 was carrying two people and the Citation had five aboard.
A representative for CBS declined to comment on the citation and the fine.
The prize-giving committee made no mention of Iran in its award citation.
"We will use any and all power in our command to make sure it's backed up -- whether that's a contempt citation, whether that's going to court and getting that citation enforced, whether it's fines, whether it's possible incarceration," said Rep.
Congress finally relented and now follows a procedure by which one house approves a contempt citation and either the Speaker of the House or Senate President certifies the citation to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia under U.S. Code.
It's up to the US attorney to submit this citation to a grand jury.
"A civil contempt citation won't get an answer before the 2020 election," said Rosenberg.
Due to a prior citation, she also cannot operate a lab for two years.
Police initially issued Maxwell a citation for disorderly conduct on Saturday and released him.
He hit Orta with his baton, hurled slurs, promised a citation for refusing orders.
The Pulitzers refused a special citation for Duke Ellington, who never won the award.
Bell was arrested and later released with a citation after posting $20,000 in bail.
The cops made no arrest, issued no citation, filed no paperwork about the stop.
The mother apparently had a traffic citation in the past, according to the affiliate.
What's not similar is the cost: the Citation 500 is priced at $599.95/€649.
The citation was filed Tuesday before Millcreek Township District Judge Laurie Mikielsk, reports GoErie.
Frisch's article is credited in Abramson's endnotes, but Frisch says the citation isn't enough.
The committee would have three options under which it could pursue a contempt citation.
The award citation praises Atwood's "political awareness and alertness for developments beneath the surface".
She was handcuffed and charged with prostitution; he got a citation, Ms. Biddle said.
Krasner said that 90 percent of instances of possession now result in a citation.
The BPPE says it has no such appeal to the affirmed citation on file.
A civil citation could take months or even years to move through the courts.
Indeed, there could not have been a citation because there was no such implication.
The NPR book critic Maureen Corrigan will receive a citation for excellence in reviewing.
It was not immediately clear when Democrats might pursue a contempt citation against McGahn.
Nadler said he would move forward with a contempt citation as soon as Monday.
Despite the citation, Hill told the outlet that he had no regrets about his actions.
Their citation to two paragraphs of the PSR (Presentence Investigation Report) indicates U.S. Probation agreed.
"Come on, come on," she starts her song off—an obvious citation of Smash Mouth.
She called it "unbelievable" that a loaded gun could be unattended without even a citation.
Citation differences could simply be indicative of the current state of gender discrimination in physics.
Unlike Scholar, people can hook into Microsoft Academic's API and see its citation graph, too.
You could find a citation to a paper, sure—but good luck actually reading it.
However, volumes of Cessna Citation business jets were up by 23.09 unit at 23.17 aircraft.
Hansen was eventually transported to the Benton County Jail and released, according to the citation.
They don't offer any citation for that supposed factoid, but we'll go with it anyway.
The differences range from grammatical adjustments to correcting a citation of a non-existent law.
" Asked if the contempt citation is simply a symbolic move, Speier said: "I'm afraid so.
Oher has been ordered to appear for booking on Monday, March 8, for the citation.
The Nobel citation notes that a combination therapy targeting both proteins could work even better.
Update 8/28/18: The Citation 500's US price has been corrected to $599.95.
However, as a result, the couple has received a blight citation for $100 a day.
He received a citation in 2013 for "swaying" in his establishment, and sued the city.
Just after the story broke, the Jonas brother tweeted an emoticon shrugging off the citation.
According to law enforcement ... he was issued a citation for using his phone while driving.
Law enforcement sources tell us officers reviewed the casino's surveillance footage before issuing the citation.
"If we find marijuana, we'll give you a citation," one of the officers tells Sousley.
Tech patents with the highest rates of citation are those produced by mixed-gender teams.
One citation of four recorded in that state since 2015 was for improperly restraining children.
According to Florida Times-Union's Larry Hannan, Robinson just pled no contest to the citation.
His last, a Citation X, had the range to transport him anywhere in the world.
According to the rep, Smoot had a misdemeanor traffic citation for driving without a license.
Tech patents with the highest rates of citation are those produced by mixed-gender teams.
If there were, the couple could get slapped with a citation and a $435 fine.
The earliest citation Mr. Sullivan could find crediting the saying to Chekhov was from 1981.
Citation cross-references only cited each other, without linking the document to an original source.
Through this citation, Smith contrasts spatial measures with different human experiences of enclosure and freedom.
Urquiola is also adept in using reference material without indulging in heavy-handed postmodernist citation.
No, I think if you credit it and have a citation, you aren't lifting it.

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