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"called" Synonyms
named christened dubbed baptised(UK) baptized(US) termed entitled styled labelled(UK) denominated known as appellated labeled(US) so-called tagged titled described as by the name of under the name of designated chosen elect favoured(UK) favored(US) appointed favourite(UK) favorite(US) handpicked preferred select selected elected preferential choice picked pegged conscripted exclusive nominated proposed suggested cried screamed shouted screeched yelled shrieked bawled bellowed hollered howled roared yelped bayed squealed squawked thundered vociferated whooped crew crowed asked invited enticed received welcomed bade bid solicited summoned wooed allured entertained had over had someone round sent invitation asked over called upon included as guest requested the pleasure of someone's company asked out seen consulted sought out called on looked up dropped in on referred to talked to turned to conferred with consorted with sought advice from sought information from sought the opinion of called in taken a meeting with taken counsel from talked things over with had recourse to begged pleaded pled appealed implored beseeched besought clamoured(UK) clamored(US) entreated prayed pressed prest petitioned requested importuned supplicated made estimated derived gaged(US) inferred reckoned suspected approximated assessed believed calculated concluded considered counted determined forecast forecasted gathered gauged(UK) judged identified cleped clepen clept addressed addrest answered to the name of went by the name of gone by the name of branded denoted described esteemed nicknamed stamped billed marked referred to as regarded as categorized as characterized as predicted foretold prognosticated projected prophesied foresaw foreseen presaged augured divined predetermined read readen speculated vaticinated adumbrated portended soothsaid contacted phoned telephoned dialed(US) dialled(UK) got gat gotten buzzed reached ringed rang rung rang up rung up beeped belled called up made a call to Skyped hailed paged beckoned fetched asked for sent for ordered commanded arranged decreed commissioned declared demanded dictated directed mandated ordained organised(UK) organized(US) announced authorised(UK) authorized(US) required requisitioned exacted assembled convened convoked mustered rallied collected called together visited dropped by saw came come comen came by came over come over crashed ran over run over stepped in called in on dropped in went to gone to looked in on popped in woke waked woken wakened awakened roused aroused stirred woke up waked up woken up brought around brought to knocked up gave someone a shout given someone a shout abandoned aborted cancelled(UK) canceled(US) scrapped dropped revoked scrubbed repealed rescinded called off code-named alias or a.k.a. identified by also known as otherwise called known also as identified as better known as also called otherwise known as aka AKA otherwise More
"called" Antonyms
nameless unnamed unknown innominate untitled anonymous unidentified pseudonymous incognito mysterious unlabelled faceless undesignated unacknowledged unspecified no-name shadowy untagged unrecognized(US) unrecognised(UK) unchosen ignored omitted overlooked disregarded excluded snubbed neglected unnoticed unsung mumbled chuntered grumbled muttered rambled slurred stammered stuttered whimpered whined maundered garbled droned gabbled maffled murmured babbled grunted rumbled whispered disinvited rejected repudiated uninvited disavowed dismissed spurned banished deserted disowned forsook broke with turned down turned one's back on washed one's hands of brushed aside brushed off passed skipped bypassed shunned avoided kept clear of stayed away from steered clear of shied away from turned away from listened refrained anonymized de-identified disassociated unrelated doubted questioned challenged disputed distrusted mistrusted disbelieved misdoubted skepticized called into question determined ascertained established knew known confirmed settled fixt fixed verified corroborated substantiated validated had nothing to do with kept away from expelled ousted ejected outed discharged dispatched rid ridded threw out thrown out kicked out sent away sent off showed out shown out casted off cancelled(UK) canceled(US) scrapped aborted abandoned dropped scratched scrubbed axed nixed turfed called off dispersed scattered separated dissipated disassembled cleared disbanded broke up broken up dispelled dissolved stopped sedated pacified quietened relaxed soothed tranquillised(UK) tranquilized(US) anaesthetised(UK) anesthetized(US) put to sleep put under continued persisted proceeded progressed persevered carried on cracked on kept going

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How to use called in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "called" and check conjugation/comparative form for "called". Mastering all the usages of "called" from sentence examples published by news publications.

She often called friends; this time she called my brother. Called.
Called for Trump Trump approval: +232 Called for Trump Trump approval: + 14 Called for Trump Trump approval: -29 Called for Trump Trump approval: -10 Called for Trump Trump approval: -7 Trump approval: -29 Called for Trump Trump approval: -7 Called for Trump Polling as of March 83, 2020: Trump 91, Weld 4 Trump approval: -1 Called for Trump Trump approval: +14 Called for Trump Trump approval: +18 Called for Trump Polling as of February 27, 2020: Trump 94, Weld 4 Trump approval: +5 Called for Trump Trump approval: +8 Called for Trump Trump approval: -32
There's a sports site called Deadspin, a gadget site called Gizmodo, a car site called Jalopnik, and a video game site called Kotaku.
No. It's called intelligence, it's called the CIA, it's called all kinds of ways.
Called for Trump Trump approval: -10 Called for Trump Trump approval: -27 Called for Trump Trump approval: +8 Called for Trump Trump approval: +14 Called for Trump Trump approval: +19 Trump approval: +9
"We called the Red Cross, we called the hospitals, we called the police," Elizabeth said.
I called someone on the owner's contact list who called him who then called me.
In a Detroit neighborhood called Black Bottom, at the heart of a club district called Paradise Valley, a trumpeter called Blue runs a joint called Paradise, where he fronts a quartet whose sidemen include a drummer called P-Sam and a pianist called Corn.
President Trump He wanted it but we called called called, they can't make a meeting with him.
No one called it music, no one called it art, no one called it singing or dancing.
So indoctrination can be called education, hypnotism can be called entertainment, criminals can be called leaders, and lies can be called truth because their mind was never truly their own.
You know, he's called me 'ugly,' he's called me 'short off the tee,' he's called me all these ridiculous things.
So this is called — this is called the snake.
It's called raw foods, it's called dancing your pounds off.
He never called me 'boy,' he always called me 'son.
It was either they called me or I called them.
She called him a racist; he called her a bigot.
The Nazis called Jews rats, Rwandans Hutus called Tutsis cockroaches.
Called "ice," it's taken from a forthcoming project called world001.
However, time had been called before the balk was called.
The first is called Prologue; the second is called Epilogue.
Her supporters called it humanizing; many reporters called it patronizing.
One is called Startup Include; one is called VC Include.
Workers called a neighborhood human rights activist who then called a neighborhood animal rights advocate who then called a nearby animal hospital.
Other ill-fated attempts include: a Snapchat clone called Slingshot, a Snapchat clone called Bolt, a Snapchat clone called Flash, another Snapchat clone called Lifestage, and, the original Facebook-tries-to-copy-Snapchat app: Poke.
The company also offers a pale ale called Patagona, a dark ale called Yagán, and their newest concoction, a dark imperial called Dunkel.
And then across the street from that is a place called Naming Gallery, and another one called Omiiroo, and another one called Tilde.
There's a retail store called Native Sun (winner), a toy store called Giggle's (loser) and a jewelry store called Sax (it, too, failed).
"I cold called him and he called me back," says Tia.
As you know, this church is called is called St. Photini.
Muhammad Ali called himself the greatest, his fans called him #GOAT.
Once, they called it off, called it -- put it back on.
It was called, I wrote about it ... It's called Freeloader. Freeloader!
In fact, I called him; I called Mitch and we talked.
After the shooting, he called his daughters and then called 911.
The network is called InLinkUK, and the kiosks are called InLinks.
You know, before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare.
It's called, the one I'm referring to is called The Coach.
And what would whoever you called do, when you called them?
" Another Weibo user called Jin said: "This is rightfully called uncultured!
That is exactly why the album is called what it's called.
You used to get called thoughtful—now you get called weak .
And this is called a show, this is called a crowd.
Bosses called it 'tons of fun,' while employees called it 'mandatory.
In the J2, the analysts called him the So-Called Expert.
It is "A Child Called Noah," not "A Boy Called Noah."
A designer's female dummies are called Judy (males are called James).
So-called edge providers have also called for a legislative fix.
They never called America a democracy; they called it a republic.
It used to be called global warming, that wasn't working, then it was called climate change and now actually it is called extreme weather.
He has called same-sex marriage a sign of "societal collapse" and once called for funneling taxpayers' money toward so-called gay conversion therapy.
"The president called me today, the vice president called me in Maine over the weekend, Secretary Price has called me, it would probably be a shorter list of who hasn't called me about this bill," she said.
I mean, he called out Germany but he also called out Russia.
Oh wait, is it called "Queen" or is it called "Bohemian Rhapsody"?
A second experiment, called CASPEr Electric, uses a material called lead titanate.
" In a Twitter post on Sunday, Lovitz called called Lowndes his "bunny.
One side or team is called Upper, the other is called Lower.
The app, called IowaReporterApp and developed by a company called Shadow Inc.
She called our POWs hypocrites and liars, and called their torture 'understandable.
So, at a place called... oh, I don't remember what it's called.
He called Kylee's mother, Corrine Blake, for help, and Blake called 911.
I screamed, jumped up and down, called my mom, called my boyfriend.
"He has called him weak, he has called him disappointing," Clinton said.
Before it was called Obamacare it was called Hillarycare, as you remember.
In the past he's called him weak, he's called him a disappointment.
It's called Love Island, not Genius Island; it's also called amazing television.
"We never called anyone fans — we called them friends," he tells PEOPLE.
He also called Pruitt an "embarrassment" and called on him to resign.
"He never called me 'boy,' he always called me 'son,'" Biden said.
That's when he called Delcroix, who then called planetary scientist Ricardo Hueso.
What one party called "federal colonialism," the other called responsible land stewardship.
You've called Turkheimer and Nisbett and Paige Harden, you've called them fringe.
"Now I am called to act and called to serve," she said.
Tim Cook called me yesterday and told me that's what it's called.
Called for Trump Trump approval: +3 Called for Trump Trump approval: -18
I was being called names that I've never been called: Uncle Tom.
They called me a f****t, they called me a n****r.
The platform formerly called Google Wallet is now officially called Google Pay.
A startup called Elephant Robotics developed a robotic pet cat called MarsCat.
A fourth expert called by Republicans called the inquiry slipshod and rushed.
" He also called the targeted travel ban "inhumane" and called for "empathy.
The FBI got called, local cops got called and nobody did anything.
And what Mr. Sandweg called unfettered discretion, they called enforcing the law.
Women who were once called spinsters eventually started being called old maids.
The Americans laughed—what I called canned bread, Americans called Pillsbury dough.
KS: And it's called ... What's the program called that you were in?
A group of apes is called a shrewdness; a group of ferrets is called a business; a group of small satellites is called a constellation.
You know, I called for reigning in CEO pay, I called for closing the carried interest loophole, I called for a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures.
Truffaut called Bachchan a "one-man industry"; a nation full of disheartened unemployed youths called him "the angry young man"; mothers called him their son.
They includes a documentary from Lilly Singh called A Trip to Unicorn Island, a series from PewDiePie called Scare PewDiePie, a movie from AwesomnessTV called Dance Camp and a feature film called Lazer Team from production company Rooster Teeth.
One called The Elders and another one called Carbon War Room and another one called the B team that all are working on climate change issues.
" Someone called their pooch "Satan," while 210 New Yorkers called their dogs "Angel.
T-Mobile sold the access to a so-called location aggregator called Zumigo.
The deliveryman then called one of the homeowner's relatives, who then called 911.
" He added that Eastland "never called me boy, he always called me son.
She's also called Donald Trump a "faker" and called for him to resign.
I get called to auditions I never would have been called to before.
Season two is called FLCL: Progressive and season three is called FLCL: Alternative.
I've got a python called Ruby, and have a boa constrictor called Khaleesi.
It's called Susan because the Queen's favorite Corgi was also called Susan. Everything.
"He called me three times before I even called him back," Hamilton said.
Greene says she called an Uber, and while waiting she also called 911.
Sangomas - sometimes called witchdoctors - believe they are called by their ancestors to heal.
The police called it sexual assault, and an appalled public called it rape.
"I've been called a bigot; I've been called a white supremacist," he said.
Using Apple's beta testing platform called TestFlight, I tested the app, called Wehe.
It's called Blond, although it could be called Blonde, nobody's quite sure yet.
Gagliardi hated it when people called him "coach," preferring to be called John.
Then he waited, and called some more, and waited, and called yet again.
" A waiter, passing by, called out in Taishanese, "That's called gai mo yin.
Not all are called by God and not all who are called respond.
Brown called for a foul, Jordan indignantly called out Brown's manhood and sexuality.
Her son, Titus Cleveland, then 5, called his grandmother, who called the paramedics.
I never called myself an R&B artist – that's what I was called.
For COVID-193, it's called social distancing; for HIV, it's called safer sex.
Emancipation Avenue was previously called Dowling Street; it was not called Downing Street.
He called Gatson just after the incident and the manager called Chicago police.
Iran called the attack deliberate and the United States called it a mistake.
After ABC's moderators called Chris Christie to the stage, they called Ben Carson.
I've been called a robot, I've been called 'Go Go Gadget,' I've been called 'Tink Tink,' I've been called all of these things, but it's like when I step on that track, nobody including myself cares about this prosthetic leg.
Facebook has been dumping cash into its long-form Instagram product called IGTV, its Craigslist competitor called Facebook Marketplace and its dedicated video tab called Facebook Watch.
In addition to iFood, Movile is also an investor in a payments fintech called Zoop, a ticketing application called Sympla and a children's entertainment platform called Playkids.
CNN called it 'unacceptable,' The Times called it 'outrageous,' and BuzzFeed called it 'one of the top seven things Trump did today that will blow your mind.
The so-called "Toba Catastrophe Theory," as it's called, may actually be a myth.
When she awoke to the commotion, she called Ashley's brother, who called the police.
This area is called Silicon Valley and it was not always called Silicon Valley.
The compact electric bike is called Meld and the folding one is called Merge.
Well the so-called comedian called Ivanka Trump as you heard the c-word.
It is sometimes called the "internal market" and was once called the "common market".
"'The girl who called medical emergency,' that's what the judge called you," she said.
"He also called Marco Rubio short, he called Ted Cruz something else," she said.
The drone is called the Bee, and its base station is called the Hive.
" The Russians called it "the Polish disease" and Arabs called it "the Christian disease.
"I don't care what I'm called, it's more about what I'm called to do."
After she called her mother, cell phone records indicate Donna Adelson called Charlie Adelson.
In legalese it's called "Auer deference" referencing a 1997 case called Auer v. Robbins.
His brother called him slow, classmates called him retarded, and he was teased relentlessly.
The accelerator is now called Axeleo Scale, while the fund is called Axeleo Capital.
I ran back to the hotel room and called Mike and called the editors.
It starts with a company called Vergence Labs, and a product called Epiphany Eyewear.
It's builder, a private company called IVRCL, called the collapse an 'act of God'.
Years ago, we'd have called it a butler; today it's called a digital assistant.
I called Eli Roth, I called all his friends and got them all together.
He eventually started a crypto company called IOHK, and a blockchain project called Cardano.
"This is not called a recovery, this is called a rocket ship," Trump added.
"This is called, not recovery, this is called rocket ship, what's happened," Trump said.
In order to avoid what Chase called "unintentional iced coffee," there's something called Ember.
It was called the Adverse Childhood Experiences study; the stress factors were called Aces.
The nuclear weapon called Sarmat will replace the current Soviet-era missile called Veovoda.
I think most bands that are called psychedelic don't want to be called psychedelic.
" It's in decisive men being called "the boss" and superior women being called "bossy.
In one post, he called Hillary Clinton "decrepit" and in another called Virginia Sen.
Iran's Foreign Ministry called the incidents "worrisome and dreadful" and called for an investigation.
" Kelly denied that he called the President an idiot and called Woodward's book "B.
After the Brewers called for a video review, the second runner was called out.
The big question ... was it Trump who called Tom or Tom who called Trump?
We called our parents, we called our friends and then we sat in silence.
The molecule's ingredients, called nucleotides, are four components called adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine.
"He never called me boy, he always called me son," he said of Eastland.
It's called Pier 55 and probably is gonna end up being called Little Island.
Here is my question, does the shrill, so-called "fake news," not so-called, it is fake news, so-called news, does it -- does it win the day?
One customer called the email "fishy," another called it "suspicious" and another called on the company to explain why they had to reset passwords in this unorthodox way.
Living in Texas alongside Triopticus were large, semi-aquatic croc cousins called phytosaurs, big four-legged meat-eaters called rauisuchians and four-legged armored plant-eaters called aetosaurs.
He says he used a gene-editing technique called CRISPR-Cas9 to disable, in one of the twins, called Nana, both parental copies of a gene called CCR5.
In addition to guitar, Lee plays a reed flute called a piri, Kim plays a bowed instrument called a haegum, and Sim plays a zither called the geomungo.
Young voters called themselves more motivated than older voters did, women called themselves more motivated than men did, blacks and Hispanics called themselves more motivated than whites did.
Uncivilized is a little too raw to be called atmospheric, a little too pub-band to be called jazz, and a little too antivirtuoso to be called orchestral.
For me, the story went like this: I called the Washington editor, who called the reporter covering Mr. Trump in Florida, who called the press secretary on duty.
Not all 12 new lines have been debuted yet, but Target has announced four of them—a women's clothing line called A New Day, a men's line called Goodfellow & Co, an athleisure line called JoyLab, and a home decor line called Project 62.
One is called The Tucci Cookbook and the other, brilliantly, is called The Tucci Table.
One was called Home Away on 14th Street, and another one was called Logan Hardware.
But, Flair also CALLED OUT a bunch of his so-called friends who DIDN'T call.
He was the architect of the company's huge annual shopping event called called Singles Day.
Patton says her attorney then called Thicke's attorney to say the police had been called.
They also called for an end to the so-called catch and release immigration policy.
Radio Host Mark Levin called the action a "silent coup," and called for an investigation.
Dom: This is called the Deadhead OG. It's from a shop called 14er in Boulder.
Called "Be Internet Awesome," it includes a classroom curriculum and a video game called Interland.
That's called peaceful protest, that's called you're exercising your right to vote for better choices.
Unfortunately for DeMarcus, when he called Alderson after the shoot, she never called him back.
Over the seven-day testimony, the state called 21 witnesses; the defense called on nine.
As part of this story, Joseph called up customer service for a company called MobiStealth.
They're part of a government project called Swarm and created by a company called Granular.
The nurse called over a doctor, who called the police, who sent her to jail.
So-called called "acquired growth" at the end of the second quarter stood at zero.
Actually not Sina, more our subsidiary called Weibo, is sometimes called, you know, China's Twitter.
The bold crimson lipstick is called Rita's Red and the polish is called My Grey.
Remember, she called Anderson "spineless" when he publicly called her out over the Trump thing.
Large pieces, called tektites, often form teardrop shapes, and small droplets, called microtektites, produce spheres.
"That is called a bollard wall and that is called a levee wall," Spicer responded.
Twenty minutes later, Adeleye called the baby's father, who called 911 as he raced home.
We continue to see what's getting called and what's not getting called in the league.
It already has a tablet called Pixel C and a laptop called the Pixel Chromebook.
The DNC chair called Trump "extreme and vile" and called the GOP race "utter chaos."
" Stewart also called Paul a "scalawag and a ragamuffin" after Paul called him a "guttersnipe.
Called Vikram, the robot is part of a larger $140 million mission called Chandrayaan-2.
It replaces a wine bar called Fifty Paces, which replaced a wine bar called Terroir.
"My husband is called Zhao, but I'm called Yang," the 47-year-old cleaner said.
Trump repeatedly called for more funding to refresh what he called a stagnant American military.
She then called police, she tells the News-Herald -- but it's unclear when she called.
One of them was called Shadowman, the other was a certain dinosaur hunter called Turok.
The devices, called Source, are manufactured by an Arizona-based company called Zero Mass Water.
We just called it dance music, which is what we called anything with an 808.
I'm on a show called "Veep," and I started a group called Upright Citizens Brigade.
The peer-to-peer payment service that was called "Circle" is now called Circle Pay.
Last week, developers called off an upgrade called SegWit2x, initially planned for around Nov. 16.
But they acknowledged that Uber employees used a so-called ephemeral messaging app called Wickr.
Instead of attempting a field goal, Philadelphia called its inverse: a play called Philly Special.
Each player was called for a technical, and Kanter was then called for a second.
This is done by heating the raw oil, called bitumen, in a process called coking.
It's called called Bullet Train, a clever title, since it included both bullets and trains.
It used to be called The Trapp, and now it's called the Sun Trapp. Why?
Cannes Festival called me and said that they called Arab filmmakers but they don't answer.
A small association called Movement for Spain has called on citizens to protest the exhumation.
The Huffington Post called Crowley a military man, and USA Today called him a filmmaker.
He called one of the homeowner's relatives and they called 911 shortly after 10 a.m.
An upgrade called SegWit2x was called off in the fall after it lost widespread support.
"  Android's changeable ID is called "Advertising ID" and iOS's is called the "Identifier for Advertisers.
The officers stressed that they were called out only because an employee had called 911.
Mr. Sanders called President Nicolás Maduro a tyrant and called for democratic elections in Venezuela.
I was called #fat during my #pregnancy and I was called #fat after my #pregnancy.
Myanmar was then called Burma, and its capital, where they grew up, was called Rangoon.
The medication in question contains a combination of levothyroxine, called LT3543, and liothyronine, called LT3.
Rick Scott called the FBI's response to the tip "unacceptable" and called for Wray's resignation.
The clinic was part of a company then called Bioheart, now called U.S. Stem Cell.
President Trump called for immigration reform and an end to what he called "chain migration".
Some of the more elongated forms are called whalebacks, and the largest are called megawhalebacks.
My dad called me "little girl" more than he called me by my actual name.
It also accepts a cryptocurrency called BTZ, created by a Canadian bartering platform called Bunz.
There's a song by the band called Amebix called the same thing that's pretty good.
On Monday, Gillibrand called the allegations credible and called on Trump to resign over them.
He got around it by launching a brand called Inhibitif, whose products prevented hair regrowth, a supplement drink brand called Fountain, and an anti-aging hand care brand called Hand Chemistry, all under the umbrella of a company called Deciem (tagline: "The Abnormal Beauty Company").
" Pathetic BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot & "Christaphobe" @jimcarrey attacks @PressSec for her faith; what would be hypocritical Hollywood reaction if he called someone a "so-called Muslim" or "so-called Jew?
We have a DJ and producer called Terror Danjah, Jerry Dammers from the Specials (who also performed back in the 1970s), a musician called Saskilla, a punk band called Spektrum.
The startup, called Archetype Interactive, produced a 3D multiplayer role-playing video game called "Meridian 59."
A cloud provider called Cedexis phoned home to a registration in Beijing, while something called pixel.onaudience.
This place called The Trinity in Harrow-on-the-Hill do this thing called £2 Tuesday.
Around 1:45 am he called the police; a half hour later he called the navy.
They called it the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy Structure, a mouthful more easily called AMIE 1.0.
L'Oréal's version of a lightening cream, called White Perfect, features a trademarked ingredient called 'Melanin-Vanish'.
One of those programs, called Adylkuzz, exploits the vulnerability to mine an obscure cryptocurrency called Monero.
Then there's a collider called a lepton collider which would, well, smash particles called leptons together.
One Australian Aboriginal group called the Songlines believed in a giant tiger shark called the Bangudya.
A start-up called BestSelf Co and a meticulously designed productivity journal called the SELF Journal.
He's in a band called Open Reel Ensemble, and has a solo project called Electronicos Fantasticos!
That change is a process called hashing, and the jumbled version is called a hashed password.
Of course, back in February, Wear OS wasn't called Wear OS; it was called Android Wear.
The two motorists who originally called 911 witnessed the shooting and called police again, WGXA reported.
Spain's Christmas lottery, called El Gordo ("The Fat One"), is often called the world's biggest lottery.
We called each other names and called out our weak points, and it was so competitive.
There's an audio tour app called Otocast, and a fitness coach app called Pear for Bose.
A guy called Steve Bicknell and his girlfriend Sheree Rashit ran a label called Cosmic Records.
"He called me last Saturday we talked about it, he called me this morning," Alexander said.
I know it's been reported, but people who reported that never called me, never called Connie.
He called diversity "a bunch of crap," and called Kwanzaa a "phony holiday," among other remarks.
Trump called Cook "a great guy" after the announcement and called him up to thank him.
In today's America, to be called a racist is almost equivalent to being called a pedophile.
The structures — called stromatolites — were discovered in 2012, in a remote area of Greenland called Isua.
Trump has called the deal "unfair" to the United States, and has called for new negotiations.
But it could also be called to inject capital under a so-called precautionary recapitalization scheme.
He was one of those people that called you "ma'am" all the time, called everybody ma'am.
The cooler's shell is made of a common plastic called polyethylene with a process called rotomolding.
We had some trouble getting the play called right and trouble getting the protection called right.
He also called an ABC reporter a "sleaze" and called the press corps "dishonest." http://bit.
This can be called "shutting down debate"—or it can be called an insistence on sanity.
The previous version was called the Soundboks 503, yet this one is called the New Soundboks.
If you feel called to go on a first date, you're not being called to marry.
So, you have to wait until your number is called, and they just called our number.
That year, a start-up called Kaleo won approval for a talking injector, called Auvi-Q.
Iran's Foreign Ministry has called the tanker attacks "worrisome and dreadful" and called for an investigation.
Ten unions called for a 24-hour strike, while others called for two-hour work stoppages.
"They called for a strike unprepared and now called it off without adequate guarantees," he said.
He won't fight Frankie, even off this last injury they called Nate before they called Frankie.
She called him "Donald" until he called her "Hillary" — going after her, petulant and red-faced.
There's a restaurant there called Lyle's that's owned by a friend of mine called James Lowe.
For newcomers, that is the story of Elena Greco, called Lenù, and Rafaella Cerullo, called Lila.
ISTAT said so-called called "acquired growth" at the end of last year stood at -0.2%.
We are not only called to believe in Christ; we are called to be like Christ.
These nerve poisons can inhibit an enzyme called cholinesterase, which breaks down a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.
The Saudi government has called the report "absurd" and called for an investigation into the claims. 
The mayor's office called the chief of detectives, and the chief of detectives called Sergeant LoPuzzo.
I downloaded a pair of them: one called Lost Cities, and another called Biomes o' Plenty.
But the details of the call, which Britain called "frank" and Germany called "friendly," are murky.
Engels called him the "black fellow from Trier"; his wife and children called him the Moor.
The Saudi government has called the report "absurd" and called for an investigation into the claims.
One is called Ready for Michelle 2020, while the other is called Friends of Michelle 2020.
That's too lucid a position to be called naïveté, and too defiant to be called defeatism.
That's too lucid a position to be called naïveté, and too defiant to be called defeatism.
One Democrat, Representative Paul McHale, called the president morally repugnant and publicly called for his resignation.
His plan, called Abenomics, called for more spending on public projects and a loose monetary policy.
Ultimately, it doesn't really matter whether this person was called Carolyne Roehm or what she's called.
" The episodes include one from Season 8 called "Rome," another from Season 10 called "Southern Italy: The Heel of the Boot," and a final one from Season 11 called "Hong Kong.
Visitors can enjoy the view while sipping an alcoholic ode to Urungus called Oderus Eternal, a dark tropical beverage called the Jagermonsta Colada, and a stiff drink called the Undead Scumdog.
From being called a gorilla to being called the n-word at a tournament, from getting her body picked apart to being called a man, Williams's career is punctuated with harassment.
Abraham Lincoln called attention to it, Dr. Martin Luther King called attention to it, Tommie Smith and John Carlos called attention to it at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.
The first batch of programming available to subscribers will include a documentary from Lilly Singh called A Trip to Unicorn Island, a series from PewDiePie called Scare PewDiePie, a movie from AwesomnessTV called Dance Camp and a feature film called Lazer Team from production company Rooster Teeth.
Among the products on display were a life-logging camera, called Xperia Eye; a projector, called Xperia Projector; and a little robot somewhat similar to the Amazon Echo, called, worryingly, Xperia Agent.
The collection will be available throughout the month of May at Sephora, and includes a reddish pink called Sexy as Hell, a peachy coral called 36DDD and a magenta shade called #BeautyBeyondSize.
We also got a glimpse at a bunch of new Pokémon, including a sheep one called Wooloo; a flower thing called Gossifleur (which evolves to Eldegoss); plus a "bite" type called Dredgnaw.
"We may be called a liberal, we may be called a RINO, we may be called whatever it is -- let's solve the problem and then see what happens," the Georgia Republican said.
The group called its protests "actions," and this action was called SWARM — Stop the War in Mexico.
His team instead developed a pseudo-research company called Proctor and Lever and a website called PornforScience.
I called my boss and he called the vet who came out at four in the morning.
A woman called Marilyn Noble gave Widman the manuscript for a memoir called Orphan Girl No. 58.
Bruce Rauner, an erstwhile Republican ally of his Missouri counterpart, called for called on Greitens to resign.
The 10,000-year-clock, as it's called, was created by a group called The Long Now Foundation.
"Now, before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare, as some of you might remember," Mrs.
Other tweets from Kollab shared on Canary Mission called Jewish people "stupid" or called for their destruction.
"They called me a faggot, called me a queer," said Casarez, who was open about his sexuality.
Because this factor is called intelligence for individuals, we called our new factor for groups collective intelligence.
The new theme park, called called Ark Encounter, will officially open in Williamstown, Kentucky, on July 7.
The Clinton campaign quickly called those rebate "insufficient," and renewed called for a price slash on EpiPens.
U was still called oo after the Great Vowel shift; around 1600 it started being called yoo.
Called proof-of-stake, it replaces the current system, called proof-of-work (also used by Bitcoin).
The song in the background is called "Supernova," and it's by a Minneapolis band called the Hand.
And in 2014, a North Carolina label called Paradise of Bachelors called to offer a record contract.
His last three mixtapes were called Return of the Wave, Toothy Wavy and A Wave Called Yes.
The big one for us was a band called Pest and there was another called Dirty Deep.
The Swedish hosts called for constructive talks to end what Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom called a "catastrophe".
That addition is a character called Sarra, who will be played by an actress called Danielle Galligan.
In search of a better answer, I called Matt Williams, the cohost of a podcast called Seincast.
The president has repeatedly called Mueller's investigation a "witch hunt" and this past weekend called it illegal.
"I don't agree with a lot of the things that were called or not called," he said.
A parasite called toxoplasma gondii, which causes a disease called toxoplasmosis, is transmitted from cats to humans.
Called TauMark, it uses a radioactive "tracer" called FDDNP to bind to tau proteins in the brain.
Today, a studio called Rewind released a game called Pane in the Glass for the HTC Vive.
But a new track called "Buggy Tip," by an artist called Cola Boyy, which we're premiering below.
President Barack Obama called Mrs Clinton on June 7th to congratulate her; he also called Mr Sanders.
Klobuchar called the ruling "absurd" and called on lawmakers to work to improve the health-care law.
It's a so-called "smurf latte," available at a vegan café called Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, Australia.
It's called the "Luna Edition," because nothing Final Fantasy can go without being called something like that.
She called her mom her "biggest supporter and my best friend," and she called Donovan her brother.
In 1976, a significant number of conservatives still called themselves Democrats, and many liberals called themselves Republicans.
In his statement, Trump called on Congress to end so-called chain migration by extended family members.
A penalty on Stewart was called, but it was offset by a penalty called on the Panthers.
That morning, he called the group's pollsters -- and, a few hours later, he urgently called them back.
There's a tiny, dense bookshop called Fakel Books and a hip clothing store called Second Hand Labor.
The Democratic National Committee called on Gardner to step down from what it called a "sham" commission.
A company called Rayzone Group and another called Magen 100 both sell tools for smartphone-data interception.
"No, we weren't called to tolerate each other, we were called to love each other," he continued.
The new Instagram feature is called Stories; it's a copy of a Snapchat feature also called Stories.
Stone's wife, Nydia, called Smith almost immediately after CNN had called to alert him of the arrest.
The company released a WeChat rival called FlipChat, and a video-messaging app called Duoshan in 2019.
Harris has called herself a progressive prosecutor, while others have called her a prosecutor with a heart.
Airline executives called it government meddling; the transportation secretary, Ray LaHood, called it a victory for consumers.
The song called on people to "rebel" and "raise hell" in protest and called out Bush personally.
There was a bill called — so-called, it had a long title to it, Welfare Reform Bill.
He created an European TV series called "Borgia," not the American and Canadian one called "The Borgias."
Now I am practicing journalism in a local newspaper called BZ and another one called Bild Berlin.
Caviar also has an expedited service called Caviar Fastbite and a corporate offering called Caviar For Teams.
Then, Trump called the raid successful: Backed up by Spicer, the president called the operation a success.
" The ministry also called on the US to step back from what it called a "wrongful decision.
Thomas Jefferson's followers called themselves Republicans, but their enemies called them Democrats — just to confuse us today.
" The technique is called overspreading, and the project that introduced it is called "The Certainty of Uncertainty.
It is an aerospace company called Sierra Nevada, not a craft beer company, also called Sierra Nevada.
One in Australia, in Melbourne, called Bookworld, and then one in London, called E-Books By Sainsbury's.
The nascent incel community became divided between two online forums: one called IncelSupport and another called LoveShy.
Shortly after, he called her to tell her she shouldn't have called the TIPS line on him.
It was called "Kontrollpunkt," ("control point," from Checkpoint Charlie) but everyone just called it "Kellerloch" ("cellar hole").
Before Android, Rubin created a company called Danger in 1999 that made a smartphone called the Sidekick.
He called the leak "malicious, unprofessional, unethical and unpatriotic," and called for that individual to be prosecuted.
There's this song called "Pancake Robot" and another called "Yum Yum Breakfast Burrito" — just goofy, goofy music.
The meeting was called off late last month over what Trump called "open hostility" from North Korea.
A startup called Spira, for instance, is attempting to develop algae called spirulina as a food source.
In "Beasts," the girl was called Hushpuppy and she lived in a tumbledown paradise called the Bathtub.
There is an employee group called GCat Rescue that traps the cats around the so-called Googleplex.
FREEMAN: Because if you called there and you have never called before, you got the wrong number.
Uber devoted teams to so-called competitive intelligence, purchasing data from an analytics service called Slice Intelligence.
Sea Shepherd conducts a yearly campaign called Operation Dolphin ByCatch on a ship called the Sam Simon.
Widespread outrage Brazilian President Michael Temer called the killings a "cowardly attack" and called for an investigation.
The language called Esperanto was born of such considerations, and one more—the so-called Jewish question.
While I called Annie my girlfriend, she called me her partner, which exemplified the trouble between us.
Lavrov called for an extension on an expiring U.S. and Russian arms control agreement, called New START.
It laid out plans for a so-called "open social network platform based on blockchain" called RRCoin.
" He called The New York Times "failing" and called The Washington Post a "lobbying tool for Amazon.
One report is called CLUE, for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, and the other is called A-PLUS.
A Jewish group called Tech Tribe is throwing the event at a VR club called Yokey Pokey.
So something called the Telly Awards which is a video awards program, something called the Communicator Awards.
Doing sex during a Muse live set is not called sex, it's called "coitus" and it's weird.
It's a track called "False Alarm," and it's by a New York-based band called Fraternal Twin.
Abrams's ad is called "Trusted" while Kemp's is called "Offends," and they only diverge further from there.
" Called back my boy and I was like, "I called and they pretty much just punked me.
In the past few years, Alphabet has poured money into its self-driving car company, Waymo, the anti-aging project Calico, a life sciences division called Verily, an energy-kite company called Makani, balloon internet project called Project Loon, a drone delivery project called Project Wing, and more.
He works out for 90 minutes, and does a few moves he coined — deep squats with side stretches, called Cheyennes; sumo squats to build up his legs, called Beyoncés; yoga flows called Infinity.
Women cover their faces in the traditional cosmetic yellow paste called thanaka, men wear long skirt-like sarongs called longyi, and people everywhere chew a combination of spices and tobacco called betel nut.
Among patients who acted on their symptoms, 18 percent came straight to the hospital, 17 percent called emergency services, 55 percent called their doctor, and 10 percent called other services like eye doctors.
Afterward, Elvis called her friend and said that Sidney had called her and asked to get back together.
The main opposition party called for a parliamentary debate into what it called a "witch-hunt" against Gordhan.
Traditional menswear in Rajasthan consists of a loose tunic called a kurta and drawstring trousers, called a dhoti.
Well, I mean, both these ... a company called Bird and a company called Lime have both raised money.
The company also creates products, like a game called What Do You Meme and a tequila called JAJA.
Trump called Erdogan to offer congratulations when the referendum passed, while critics called it a "deathblow" to democracy.
But she believes that she has been called to this task just as Joan was called to hers.
This president — and, by the way, Secretary Clinton, who called Assad a reformer — she called Assad a reformer.
He is based in Jerome, Arizona, and he has a winery called Caduceus and another winery called Merkin.
It also has a streaming music service, called Baidu Music, and has a Wikipedia-like site called Baike.
In a direct nod to GRECE, the Italians called their journal Elementi, and the Germans called theirs Elemente.
The most prized and expensive dye was called Tyrian purple, which came from small mollusks called murex snails.
Logitech is launching a new keyboard called the G512 that features a new switch called the GX Blue.
The most common one is called R2; the other is called "e-Stewards" and was created by BAN.
Perfect for fall is a full-bodied red wine called Touriga Nacional from a region called the Douro.
"He called this woman 'Miss Piggy,' then he called her 'Miss Housekeeping' because she was Latina," Clinton said.
Peskov told reporters on a conference call that the so-called "oligarch list" could hardly be called positive.
There's this song called, "Get to Know Ya" and a song called "Fool to Love," ... they're just amazing.
On Earth, the outer layer of most cells — called membranes — are made up of fatty molecules called lipids.
The first trailer for Ocean's 8, previously called Ocean's Eight and previously, previously called Ocean's Ocho, is here.
The gunman called 911 and pledge allegiance to ISIS The gunman first called 911 about 2463:30 a.m.
Lexa Doig, actress: Recently I've been loving a product called TruMarine Collagen by a Vancouver company called withinUs.
I have friends, really good friends and they've always called me Don, Donald, DJ, they called me anything.
The president's son said he couldn't remember whom he called — and Democrats questioned whether he called his father.
It announced a new "intelligent" camera called the Cloud Cam, and a new smart-lock service called Key.
Google Duplex's AI assistant called a hair stylist to schedule an appointment and called a restaurant requesting information.
Meanwhile, opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for another round of so-called "indicative votes" for Wednesday.
The ethereum network runs on a crypto asset (sometimes called a cryptocurrency) called ether, which is abbreviated ETH.
But Peters called the so-called "super pollutants" a form of "low hanging fruit" for climate change action.
As we reported ... April's parents called 911 to report the shooting, saying Jace had called them and confessed.
Another so-called "fork" is on its way, which will result in another new cryptocurrency called "Bitcoin Gold".
Around the same time, citizens' groups formed that some called anti-crime organizations and others simply called vigilantes.
He also had a weekly tropical bass residency called Shake 'n Bass at an Orlando club called Backbooth.
Don't forget, it used to be called global warming, that wasn't working, then it was called climate change.
The structure was printed with a machine called Vulcan I using a proprietary concrete-like material called Lavacrete.
If she were a man, she might have been called bold or courageous; instead, people called her crazy.
Trump called Obama's climate change regulations "stupid" and has previously called global warming a "hoax" perpetuated by China.
"We called local emergency services, we called the fire department, and nothing would go through," Craig told KXAN.
He also called Zuckerberg's influence "unprecedented and un-American" and called on lawmakers to protect citizens from monopolies.
To even be called "ice cream," a product must contain at least 10% milk fat, also called butterfat.
I have called things I have deemed problematic out, and just been chased out and called a 'snowflake.
It sits across from a giant industrial warehouse called Futon Factory and another place called Paul's Plumbing Supplies.
The BfV also called for action to halt the emergence of what it called "right-wing terrorist structures".
Rice called McGregor a "scumbag lowlife" and called on sellers of the whiskey everywhere to follow his actions.
Instead, it makes them through a so-called real estate investment trust, called Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance.
A private organization called the B612 Foundation is also raising $450 million for a complementary mission called Sentinel.
But protesters called for the wholesale removal of what they called "the system" — everyone associated with his reign.
Maloney also created an encrypted email service called Dmail, and a "spam-resistant" encrypted messaging protocol called Dpush.
It is called the Triple Axel, because no one would understand if you called it the Tonya Price.
Fastway released seven albums, including its 1983 debut, called simply "Fastway," which Mr. Clarke called a personal favorite.
Some Democrats have called for Mr. Acosta's resignation, and some Republicans have called for investigations into the matter.
As a candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly called the sergeant a "traitor" and called for him to be executed.
For iPhones, the program is called Apple Pay and for Androids, Google has a system called Google Pay.
These sequences are called introns, while the chapters that make the cut for the book are called exons.
He called himself the "Trump of Pahrump," nodding to his political style and the town he called home.
Prisoners are called by their first names instead of by number, and corrections officers are called reintegration officers.
By no coincidence, the building from which Mr. Yeltsin had called for resistance was called the White House.
She has written a book called "Hi, Anxiety" and runs a collective healing hive called Chefs With Issues.
Most of the legislators he's called or texted are Republicans who had not called for him to resign.
She called the lab and added a third test to check the level of a protein called haptoglobin.
"The defensive guys hold, too, and they don't ever get called, but we always get called," he said.
Meanwhile, Rivian plans to sell its own pickup called the R1T, as well an SUV called the R1S.
A Jamaican writer called Andrew Salkey, who wrote a Y.A. novel called "Hurricane" before Y.A. was a term.
On Thursday, a search start-up called ThoughtSpot revealed a new product called SpotIQ to automate that task.
Dewji popularly called Mo, launched a beverage brand called Mo Cola to compete with Coca Cola in 2014.
It's called socialism, it's called social justice, and it's something that Venezuela has made a big step toward.
Mira — or Major, as she is mostly called — leads an organization called Section 9, which combats terrorist activity.
Or about how my teammate called it—literally called it—way back before all of this got crazy.
We talked earlier about the role of elite demophobia as you called it, oikophobia as you called it.
A growing number of groups have called attention to this framing: In 2016, a coalition of 100 education groups called the Dignity in Schools Campaign called for police officers to be removed from schools.
"Dude, please come, now I'm being pulled over because I called the cops and the guy called the cops," she cried to an MTV producer whom she had called to explain the incident to.
By the time PEOPLE was putting its July 22, 1991, issue together, Trump had called Carswell to confess that he was, in fact, the so-called John Miller who called a couple weeks earlier.
As our democratic institutions succumbed to the fascist agenda, I called and called and called friends and other contacts who might have skills or resources to invest in anti-racist community organizing in Charlottesville.
In particular, women have called on advertisers to drop Clemmie as a sponsor for her comments about Candice, which they called racist, and even called for her to lose her job as a midwife.
AQIS has also begun publishing an online magazine called Resurgence that has called for attacks in Bangladesh, while al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri has called on Bangladeshi clerics to lead protests and encourage martyrdom.
The day before Trump called Johnson, the actress Rose McGowan, who was prominently featured in The New York Times investigation that broke the Weinstein story, compared being called a woman with being called a nigger.
These Alexa-summoning wearables — a pair of black glasses called Echo Frames, a dark gray ring called Echo Loop, and a pair of earbuds called Echo Buds— mark a move into a notoriously tricky market.
Last week, the New York Times noted that Airbnb has acquired a payments startup called Tilt and a vacation home rental company called Vacation Retreats and was investing in a restaurant reservation app called Resy.
Third, Giuliani runs a management consulting firm called Giuliani Partners, which has a branch called Giuliani Security and Safety.
"Now, before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare," she told an audience last month in Clinton, Iowa.
Their new joint venture — called Drinkworks —is debuting its first product today called the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig.
The researchers found plaques of a protein called beta amyloid, along with the tangles of another protein called tau.
Opdivo works by blocking the activity of a protein called PD-1, while Yervoy tackles another called CTLA-4.
But she later called a friend to say that Sidney had called her and asked to get back together.
" Young added, "Could you imagine the INSANITY if Chelsea, Sasha or Malia were called what Samantha Bee called Ivanka?
They may not have called me garbage like they called my mother, but that's how they made me feel.
After a federal judge blocked Trump's executive order on immigration, Trump called him a "so-called judge" on Twitter.
The researchers discovered the flaw in an open source software library called gSOAP, made by a company called Genivia.
It's called the Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP), and it's being organized by a consortium called Genome 2603K, or G10K.
Gillibrand called for 45's resignation Monday after Trump's accusers called for Congress to investigate him for sexual misconduct.
This new requirement of martial arts instructions via belles-lettres, called la communicative, called back to the Socratic methodology.
A new streaming startup called Loop Media is announcing its first acquisition — a 30-year-old company called ScreenPlay.
Last year, 42% of black Democrats called themselves moderates, 29% said they were conservatives and 27% called themselves liberals.
Young's most recent entry in my mailbox was called Sauce, and attributed to an imprint called World Wide Suicide.
My mom's side of the family has always called my Kayla, my dad's side has always called me Edrina.
In contrast, 27% of nonconsumers called the smell a major problem and another 29% called it a minor problem.
Sally Krawcheck also has a network called Ellevate, and they have a program called Squads that is really helpful.
At the heart of this fight is a neurotoxin called domoic acid, which causes something called amnesic shellfish poisoning.
The department, along with college watchdogs called accreditors, have ultimate say over whether the so-called conversions go through.
The so-called FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, which is now called Alphabet) are growth's leading lights.
On Wednesday, party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann called the accusations "deeply disturbing" and called for Boulton to leave the campaign.
It's being called "the halvening", an event where the rewards to so-called bitcoin miners are cut in half.
There's a great American podcast called the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and an English one called the Adam Buxton Podcast.
It will be called City Place, exactly the kind of name you'd expect from an organization called Related Companies.
Other liberals openly called her the type of names aggressive women who want to run for president get called.
Sweden's foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, recently called for investigations into called "extrajudicial killings" of Palestinian attackers by Israeli forces.
First, in January of 2015, Microsoft announced that their new browser, called "Spartan" (now called Edge) would support extensions.
Earlier today, the President called Omarosa in a tweet he says -- I think he called her a low life.
From that doc—which was called Pier Kids: The Life—I published a photo book called Bound By Night.
The actress called out a male Twitter user who called her "anorexic" and told her to eat a hamburger.
"This is called the Republican Party, it's not called the Conservative Party," he reminded the conservative movement last month.
Last week, police were called Mangan's wife's home after she called 911, claiming he was trying to get inside.
For a researcher like Prause, a so-called g-spot orgasm is indistinguishable from a so-called clitoral orgasm.
It's called a CloudBook, according to reports, and it'll run a new variant of Windows 10 called Windows Cloud.
Separately, it sells surplus stock in so-called outlet centers and also in an online community called "Best Secret".
A biotechnology company called BioMarin, formed in 1997, was interested in turning the therapy into a drug called Aldurazyme.
Up top: Apple's broaching of the $1 trillion barrier, which some people called early and some people called late.
Man called TV station, said he was Marine veteran Police were called from the location around 9:30 a.m.
It was called the Gros Michel, and it was unfortunately wiped out by a fungal pathogen called Panama Disease.
This current phase consists of two spacecraft: an orbiter, called the Trace Gas Orbiter, and a lander, called Schiaparelli.
Trump called Judge Robart a "so-called judge," described the opinion as "ridiculous," and predicted it would be overturned.
We've seen real news called fake news, fake news called real news, and a straight up disregard for democracy.
He called the whistleblower highly partisan without evidence or knowledge and repeatedly called the whistleblower untruthful and a liar.
When Unsworth called the mini-submarine from Musk impractical, the SpaceX CEO called him a "pedo guy" on Twitter.
In 2012 Mr Thrun founded an online-education startup called Udacity, and Mr Ng co-founded another, called Coursera.
I'm called to do what God called me to do, and that's it, and I do it with passion.
In Silicon Valley, such a change in strategy is called a "pivot"; anywhere else it is called good fortune.
Time, for instance, has robot helpers called Seconds, who can stack themselves Minions-style into larger entities called Minutes.
Erin Little, whose daughter has a disease called cystinosis, runs a small cystinosis research foundation called Liv-A-Little.
Another body of psychological research looks at these so-called automatic thoughts using what's called the Implicit Association Test.
Specifically, the nuclear policy outline called for so-called low yield warheads and a new sea-launched cruise missile.
The main issue is that the company developed an app called an app called "thisisyourdigitallife" to harvest user data.
"Baz called me 'the boy on the roof,' I called him 'the man on the roof,'" Mr. Carrozzini said.
It was called the Social Democratic Party, but, in reality, it could have been called the Oligarchic Business Party.
Then your supervisor, Jim, called you into his office, called on the two-way you kept on your belt.
They called for changes when the rule is finalized, while Republicans have called for the proposal to be scrapped.
After the foul called was called on Green, Nurse had been tagged with two technical fouls and was ejected.
I called up a friend to say goodbye and he made me go get my roommate, who called 911.
Refresh, a saline IV, also included an anti-nausea medication called Zofran, and an anti-inflammatory medication called Toradol.
Lana Del Rey's new single is called "Venice Bitch"; her sixth studio album will be called Norman Fucking Rockwell.
Another called on Russian authorities to stop what it called "repression based on national and religious grounds in Crimea".
At that time I'd also listened to an album by a guy called Nitin Sawhney, called Beyond the Skin.
It's called Siren reticulata (the reticulated siren), and it belongs to a rare genus of giant salamanders called Sirenidae.
The strike is being called for by Instacart shoppers and a newly formed non-profit called Gig Workers Collective.
Those collapses have sometimes been accompanied by what Americans have called cheating, but what the North has called prudence.
But what Ms. DeVos called "tough love" policy experts and observers called the ultimate display of a frustrated federalist.
In general, the actors are what might now be called versatile, and also what might now be called bad.
Its plans called for 3,800 species of plants and animals, including hummingbirds and lemur-like primates called bush babies.
Ted Cruz (R-TX) called for Castro to retract the tweet and called for everyone to tone things down.
A person from Starwave actually had told someone at Google about me, and they had called ... Omid Kordestani called.
With the release of a new single called "Your True Name," they've launched a new imprint called Just So!.
It was a $99 electric multicooker called the Instant Pot, made by a tiny Canadian company called Double Insight.
We lived across the street from a gastronom called Odessa, which was attached to a restaurant/nightclub called Odessa.
I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also).
The molecule's ingredients, called nucleotides, are four components coiled in a double helix called adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine.
An album called "Farmer's Daughter," by a band called the Keyes, which had collaborated with Brian Wilson, looked promising.
But to be honest, whenever my name is called, my number is called, I'm out there giving 110 percent.
Shakira's so-called tongue thing is actually called a zaghrouta and may have been a nod to her heritage.
"Yeah, I probably called, I'm sure I called — Lutsenko didn't have my number," Mr. Giuliani said in an interview.
They don't know about rock and roll, or a band called the Beatles, or a place called Strawberry Fields.
The fourth defendant, Scott Chandler, promoted the service, called Bitcoin Funding Team, and another bitcoin-based scheme called Jetcoin.
One of Facebook's newer tools is called Privacy Checkup, which can be found in a menu called Privacy Shortcuts.
This is called Hooke's law, and the proportionality constant relating force and compression is called the spring constant, k.
After Polish MPs called for an EU investigation of their government, the prime minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, called them traitors.
Apple released a set of developer tools called ARKit recently, followed by Google with its own version called ARCore.
The twins, Santino (called Sonny) and Giovanni (or Gio), have a rare disorder called chronic granulomatous disease or CGD.
An antiseizure medication called gabapentin and a blood pressure medicine called clonidineare can ease sleep problems and hot flashes.
In between, Democratic presidential candidates called for Kavanaugh's impeachment; Trump called for everyone involved in the story to resign.
In a 2012 Facebook post, Emineth called Obama a socialist and liked a comment that called Obama a Muslim.
" Furman called the poor results an "investment-driven slowdown" and called productivity growth a "driver of middle class incomes.
" Bloomberg has called Warren's wealth tax "probably unconstitutional," slammed Medicare for All and called free college tuition "totally impractical.
Sebum is a food source for bacteria called Cutibacterium acnes (also called Propionibacterium acnes) that reside in the skin.
She called Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-Porter, who now runs a venture capital fund called Imaginary.
The Jakobshavn glacier, also called the Ilulissat glacier, has been called Greenland's "fastest-flowing and fastest-thinning" by NASA.
The moderators called Donald Trump's name, and then called Marco Rubio before Trump had made it to the stage.
Planets will be a luminescent, interactive pond called Koi & People and a squishy, tactile installation called Soft Black Hole.
Robot," those "other places" include the VR experience, a book called "Red Wheelbarrow" and a mobile game called "1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa.
Trump responds to media claims that he called immigrants "animals" by clarifying that he called MS-13 members that.
"There's this really awesome article called Taming the Mammoth on a blog called 'What Wait But Why'," she says.
I called my agents and asked what are they doing with that, and my agents were like, 'It's weird you just called because they just called us about you and said you were their first choice.
Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called today's ruling "outrageous" and called on an appeals court to void the decision.
That year, members of an art group called the Electronic Disturbance Theater were invited to demonstrate a program called FloodNet.
Reacting to the AP&aposs report, the State Department called the allegations "disturbing" and called on the UAE to investigate.
I don't know if you remember when it was called Application Service Providers, and then we called it on demand.
Those physicists are now reporting a so-called "gravitational anomaly" in a special kind of material, called a Weyl semimetal.
Then the next day, he called my agency and complained I called him names in front of clients in Paris.
She also runs a dog-rescue organization called Vanderpump Dogs and wrote a book called nothing other than Simply Divine.
Trump has called Mueller's investigation a witch hunt and on Tuesday called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end it.
EFF lawmakers called Zuma an "ANC thief" as he walked into the National Assembly and protesters called for his removal.
The most popular solution, called the Peccei-Quinn theory, requires an extremely light new particle called the axion to exist.
Helme traced the source of the infection to an accessibility plugin, called Browsealoud, created by a UK company called Texthelp.
Cubs manager Joe Maddon was ejected in the bottom of the fifth for arguing a called strike called against Caratini.
Safety advocates have called for a national moratorium on the testing of all so-called robot cars on public roads.
You walk onto a film set and you've got the female bathrooms called 'Lucy' and the male bathrooms called 'Desi.
In the early 90s, a three-person team in Stockholm called Norse developed a fantasy platformer called Dorke and Ymp.
The lander is called Beresheet, the Hebrew word for "Genesis," and it's the creation of an Israeli nonprofit called SpaceIL.
" After leading Democrats called for him to step down, Acosta defended his actions on Twitter and called Epstein's crimes "horrific.
"  The review's author reportedly called the tool "creepy" and apparently joked that it should be called "not-a-trojan-horse_dot_exe.
The series, one called WandaVision and another called Falcon and Winter Soldier, don't have a release date at this time.
To make them more efficient, the researchers first fed the bacteria a chemical called cadmium and a compound called cystine.
He acts as if the last election was a victory for a man called Trump, not a movement called Trumpism.
" Trump called the author "gutless" and said that the Times' decision to publish the op-ed could be called "treason.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker this month in Madrid called on Europe to reject what he called separatist poison.
" Family lawyer Michael Oppenheimer has called for a special prosecutor to look into the shooting, which he called "beyond horrific.
This so-called "deep learning" system is called Caffe2Go, and it is what makes stylized videos in the app possible.
In these embryos, one wing bone called the humerus wasn't completely formed, while a leg bone called the femur was.
A lack of substance across the so-called — I don't even call it that anymore — the so-called mainstream media.
A simulator called X-Plane is developed by Laminar Research, and Lockheed Martin makes a program called Prepar3D (pronounced prepared).
A company called Breakfast designed a massive "display" called Brixel Mirror that reacts to movement to change what it shows.
When that happened SimpliSafe reps called me on the phone and when they couldn't reach me called the local precinct.
But I think I only called you Ice Queen because you said your previous boyfriend also called you Ice Queen?!
He called her by name, and when he did, Mary recognized the voice that had first called her to freedom.
The company [I worked for] was called CyberMind, and it exclusively featured VR machines by a British company called Virtuality.
This pathway appears to operate through a protein called Rhes, which belongs to a larger family of proteins called Ras.
People are talking about Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a place called Engadine, pants filled with shit, and something called Maccas.
A startup called AliveCor announced in 2016 that it is developing a Apple Watch band called Kardia to track electrocardiograms.
" After leading Democrats called for him to step down, Acosta defended his actions on Twitter and called Epstein's crimes "horrific.
Numerous lawmakers called on him to stop tweeting after he called Brzezinski "crazy" and made critical comments about her appearance.
" Cruz (briefly) channeled Stevie Wonder: "I just called to say I love you, I just called to say I care.
We're told the writer was not about to let it go ... he called his agent, who then called network honchos.
"He called this woman 'Miss Piggy,' then he called her 'Miss Housekeeping' because she was Latina," Clinton said on Sept.
He called his gadget a Naxon Beanery, as it was inspired by the slow-simmered Jewish bean stew called cholent.
Acerta received accelerated approval for a drug called acalabrutinib, which treats a rare form of lymphoma called mantle cell lymphoma.
People get stoned when an ingredient in marijuana called THC binds to a receptor called cannabinoid receptor 1, or CB1.
Myerson attributed the exploitation of the bug to a group called Strontium, a Russia-linked group also called Fancy Bear.
He'd called me "reliable and hardworking," which are two things I'm positive I'd never been called before in my life.
The Defense Ministry and the South's Unification Ministry called them a "provocation" and called on the North to stop them.
The 16-year-old desktop operating system will no longer be called OS X—it will, instead, be called MacOS.
Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) called for the Secret Service to investigate immediately what he called a threat on Clinton's life.
After the explosion, Russian officials called for an evacuation of an area near Nyonoksa, Russia, and then called it off.
Some of them are called treasonous; some of them are called treacherous, which is kind of completely over the top.
Some scientists have called on the federal government to regulate it, and some environmental watchdogs have called for a moratorium.
On Wednesday, Frerichs called the decision "a positive step for investors and the environment," and called for additional governance changes.
Others have to rely on a grand jury that has to be called by them or called by local prosecutors.
Just 22 percent called her nomination a step forward for the country, while 28 percent called it a step backward.
" And on the way home I called my agent, and my manager called me, and they were like, "It's yours.
Just this year, ByteDance has released a WeChat-competing chat app called FlipChat, and a video-messaging app called Duoshan.
The first step is to drain a substance called whey from milk to get these blocks of curd called "cagliata."
Like Biden's plan, O'Rourke's called for a $5 trillion investment in renewable energy, and he called for a 2050 timeline.
It called the court's determination of "basic facts" a "major mistake" and called for Mr. Jia's life to be spared.
They should not be called upon because of their faith; they should be called upon because they are European citizens.
Trump has called North Korea a "big problem," while Chinese officials have also called for a stop to missile tests.
Other devices in the competition, including one called Fido and another called Cyranose, were based on roughly the same theory.
What they called a banh mi may have been a decent sandwich, but it should have been called something else.
In 2002, he began what he called a "Fun Campaign," canvassing Germany in a bright yellow bus called the Guidomobile.
For example, Bitcoin uses a hashing algorithm called SHA-256, Monero uses CryptoNight, and Ethereum's PoW algorithm is called Ethash.
Handshake started with an app for sales staff called Handshake Rep, before launching an e-commerce app called Handshake Direct.
There is another vineyard up here called Stolpman Vineyards and they have put together a red wine called La Cuadrilla.
Well, we will probably have the first clues early: Florida gets called for Clinton and also Virginia gets called early.
Antminers are a special type of computer chip called an ASIC, and are manufactured by a Chinese company called Bitmain.
"So this one is called 'Weird Berries in the Wood' after a Dead Kennedys song called 'Forest Fire,'" Ochota explains.
Sheikh Amoudi also owns half of a steel company called Yanbu, and a large chain of gas stations called Naft.
The Palestinian Authority has called for immediate international intervention to halt what it called a "horrific massacre" of the protesters.
And the show's 16 images, called "Stations of the Cross," refer to the final cluster of events called the Passion.
She works for a subscription clothing start-up called Armoire out of a women's co-working space called the Riveter.
The drugs in question at the time were a generic antibiotic called doxycycline hyclate and an antidiabetic medication called glyburide.
"He was called back and called to account for what seemed to be a lack of competence," Mr. Price said.
He also called on the E.P.A. to review what he called "the questionable scientific foundation" for calculating the co-benefits.
Hayes hung up and called 911, while his mother called the community gate house and asked for a security guard.
" They used a cluster of companies linked to one called the Internet Research Agency, and called their campaign "information warfare.
The guideline focuses specifically on what is called mTBI, for "mild traumatic brain injury," which might otherwise be called concussion.
She called a friend, who called 911 and — told that conditions were too dangerous for rescue operations — dove into Facebook.
What was once called Google Wi-Fi is now called Nest Wi-Fi in its updated Google assistant-focused configuration.
And there is even a song called called our national wish No. 1, which is about unification with North Korea.
In that case, the prosecution called the same expert witness that was called by Buck's defense attorney, Dr. Walter Quijano.
Trump called out a practice commonly called "shadow banning," in which Twitter limits visibility in search results for particular accounts.
So the Russian executive called a member of the president's inner circle, who then called Expo employees, Ms. Kobalia said.
She called my father's sister Sofia in northern Argentina, who called a cousin whose son worked in Argentina's secret services.
" — STEPHEN COLBERT "It was being called the Super Bowl of politics, but it ended up being called the Fyre Festival.
As a result, the brand will no longer be called Kat Von D; it&aposs now called KvD Vegan Beauty.
" His most recent projects were a series called "Hotel Du Loone" and another show on Pure Flix called "Mood Swings.
The issue is with a flash storage chip called the eMMC that is embedded on a board called the MCU1.
These children of World War II veterans learned their responsibility to serve when called — or to volunteer before being called.
" This was my second relationship where what I called "the lack of appreciation for my help" my partner called "controlling.
I was called to do Pam and he was called to do Michael, so we got together and practiced together.
He had a processional walk and moved his head slowly when his name was called—and it was regularly called.
The police were called to the building and discovered the bodies after a neighbor called to complain about an odor.
Trump has called the book "untruthful" and Wolff a "total loser," while some reporters have called out apparent factual inaccuracies.
Conway called Stefanik "lying trash" following last week's impeachment hearings and called on people to donate to her 2020 opponent.
They called the university's challenge a delaying tactic, and they called it that in a Christmas-themed song, no less.
Eye color at birthHuman eye color is determined by a pigment called melanin, which is secreted by cells called melanocytes.
At CES, a start-up called Sixa showed a wireless adapter called Rivvr that eliminates the need for those cables.
What's left is called "gross profit," and the relative total of gross profit generated from revenue is called gross margin.
"He called this woman 'Miss Piggy,' then he called her 'Miss Housekeeping' because she was Latina," Clinton said Monday night.
The agreement called for an egalitarian prayer plaza, south of the traditional prayer area, in a place called Robinson's Arch.
In a statement on Saturday, they called the resignations "reassuring," but called for the organization's entire board to step down.
The bill also does not defund so-called "sanctuary cities," something the White House specifically called on Congress to do.
Robey-Coleman could have been called for pass interference or helmet-to-helmet contact, but instead was called for neither.
There's a great woman called Natasha Schüll, who wrote a book called "Addiction by Design," showing how slot machines work.
On Twitter, Trump called him a "so-called judge" whose "ridiculous" opinion "essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country".
Last year, a software venture company based in Dubai called ArabianChain Technology launched its own digital currency, called DubaiCoin-DBIX.
They might even take a nap, the pinnacle of offenses in so-called privately owned public spaces, sometimes called POPS.
By the way, they're called Spectre and Meltdown, so if we keep saying Spectre and Meltdown, that's what it's called.
Our source says the girl and her boyfriend went to their room and called hotel security, who then called cops.
The lawsuit, filed by a company called Six4Three with a now-defunct app called Pikinis, was originally filed in 2015.
In that same interview, the president said, in one case I called him and in one case, he called me.
Before it was called Hillarycare — I mean, before it was called ObamaCare it was called Hillarycare because we took them on, and we weren't successful, but we kept fighting and we got the children's health insurance program.
In addition to the new Apple credit card, Cook announced a subscription gaming service called Apple Arcade, a new streaming service called Apple TV Channels, a subscription news service called Apple News+ (in which Vox is participating).

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