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"British" Definitions
  1. (abbreviation Br.) connected with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or with the people who live there
  2. the British noun [plural] the people of Great Britain or the United Kingdom
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270 Sentences With "British"

How to use British in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "British" and check conjugation/comparative form for "British". Mastering all the usages of "British" from sentence examples published by news publications.

There are six types of British nationality: British citizens, British subjects, British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizens, British overseas nationals, or British protected persons.
In marked British accents, they told us about their British children, their British partners, their British homes, and their British lives.
The British Heritage is a British oil tanker operated by British Petroleum.
British people were described as "British subjects," not "British citizens," until 1983.
What does it mean to be British, to look British, to sound British?
The UK's British Caledonian and British Midland were both acquired by British Airways, itself created by the 1974 merger of British Overseas Airways Corporation, British European Airways, and two smaller regional carriers.
The highlight of Mr. Dobkin's storied career, he said, was winning the British privatization mandates, including those for British Gas, British Steel and British Petroleum.
As a remedy, Thatcher and her ministers embarked on a campaign of privatization, releasing British Gas, British Airways, British Telecom, BP, and British Leyland from government control.
Dua Lipa won best British female artist, while Stormzy won best British male artist and best British album.
Artists will compete in categories including female and male solo artist, British group, British album and British single.
Just ask fans of the BBC Two series The Great British Bake-Off, wherein extremely British people make extremely British things and then judge them in extremely British ways.
British band Coldplay picked up the British Group award, but lost out to Adele for British Album of the Year.
British territories are parts of the former British empire that have not chosen independence or have voted to remain British territories.
They failed then, and they'll fail again," he said, and then concluded: "We're born British, we'll remain British, we'll die British.
There was a national British economy, a national British Army and a national British politics dominated by two national, unionist parties.
The full itinerary is as follows: September 24: Victoria, British Columbia September 25: Vancouver, British Columbia September 26: Bella Bella and Great Bear Rainforest, British ColumbiaSeptember 27: Kelowna, British Columbia and Whitehorse, YukonSeptember 28: Whitehorse and Carcross, YukonSeptember 29: Victoria, British ColumbiaSeptember 30: Haida Gwaii, British ColumbiaOctober 1: Victoria, British Columbia In July, it was revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had invited the couple and their children to Canada.
Clearly, holding two British passports doesn't make me doubly British.
He's British, and I imagine Howard Moseley to be British.
British couple tie the knot in the Antarctic A British couple became the first to officially wed in the British Antarctic Territory.
Anne-Marie is in the running for four prizes - British Female Solo Artist, Mastercard British Album of the Year for "Speak Your Mind", British Single and British Artist Video of the Year for "2002" at the British Record Industry Trust (BRIT) awards, to be held on Feb.
What makes the current mess so deadly is that, whereas many past crises were imposed on the British people by the British state, this one was imposed on the British state by the British people.
Meanwhile, the National Farmers Union is encouraging everyone to "back British farming" for Christmas, by buying local British turkeys from local British farms.
The island, a former British colony, hosts two British military bases.
The British Foreign Office said she was not a British citizen.
" Keefe quotes an English journalist as saying that the unionists are "more British than the British, about whom the British care not at all.
British population growth is not generally perceived to benefit British-born people.
British employers group, the Confederation of British Industry, called Grayling's announcement "fantastic".
" Whether Brexit will happen "depends on the British Parliament and British people.
"That depends on the British parliament and the British people," he said.
"Victoria is probably more British than (the) British," said resident Bill Bray.
I feel like I've always felt British, not white British obviously innit.
MasterCard British Album of the Year: Adele, "25" International Male Solo Artist: Justin Bieber Hollywood Reporter: Brit Awards: Gary Oldman, Lorde salute David Bowie International Female Solo Artist: Bjork British Male Solo Artist: James Bay British Female Solo Artist: Adele British Group: Coldplay Hollywood Reporter: Brit Awards: Adele sings "When We Were Young" British Breakthrough Act: Catfish & the Bottlemen British Single: Adele, "Hello" British Artist Video of the Year: One Direction, "Drag Me Down" International Group: Tame Impala Critics' Choice: Jack Garratt British Producer of the Year: Charlie Andrew Read the original story at
Skepta racked up the most nominations, gaining recognition in the British Male Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, and Mastercard British Album of the Year categories.
Another brazen poisoning on British soil would present several problems for British authorities.
This time, people loath the British Chancellor rather than the British Prime Minister.
The British Academy Television Awards is the top award ceremony for British television.
"a disaster for British science" The British scientific community has overwhelmingly opposed Brexit.
The first is a British afterthought, and the second an indispensable British ally.
British diplomats and the last British Viceroy, a good bit of the Muslim
The British Film Institute has ranked it among the top 100 British films.
For more British Chinese cuisine, check out the MUNCHIES Guide to British Food.
The tale won the 2010 British Academy Film Award for outstanding British film .
In interviews on British television, she sounds British; in America, she sounds American.
The Crown, of course, is a British show, about British people, governing Britain.
Moscow retaliated on Saturday by expelling the same number of British diplomats from Moscow, shuttering the British consulate in Russia's second city of St Petersburg and closing down the Russian activities of the British Council, which promoted British culture overseas.
Nick Saltmarsh: Hodmedod works with British farmers to offer British-grown pulses and grains.
Have you noticed how your British fans have reacted to this very British album?
Gordon Brown, the prime minister in 2007-10, promised "British jobs for British workers".
The British army arrived in 1917 and left in 1948, when British rule ended.
The British Masters is a series where we interview, well, masters of British music.
Khan and other British politicians called on the British government to cancel Trump's visit.
It means I have certain role models who define British-Indians and British-Asianness.
"He's a British citizen," British security minister Ben Wallace told BBC TV, Reuters reported.
To the white Briton, the hyphenated identity — Bangladeshi-British, Pakistani-British — only highlights otherness.
He is a former British member of Parliament and a former British foreign secretary.
"We were essentially raised British but would not be of British stock," Tai said.
There's this great British show called "Happy Valley," which is a British crime show.
British organizations like Fishing for Leave campaigned to take back control of British waters.
"This is British land, and it will stay British land," she then told me.
He is a former British Member of Parliament and a former British foreign secretary.
The British ban affects domestic and foreign airlines, including British Airways, the country's largest.
OBE stands for Officer of the British Empire, not Order of the British Empire.
During these centuries, the British crown deployed civil forfeiture practices under the Navigation Acts, which mandated vessels importing or exporting products from British ports fly the British flag.
BRITISH AMATEUR Scott Gregory of England beat Robert MacIntyre of Scotland to win the British Amateur in Porthcawl, Wales, and earn a place in next month's British Open.
One military team has been deployed to the British Virgin Islands, and a British military reconnaissance team is on standby to go to the British territory of Montserrat.
A British bulldogChurchill occupies a special place in British culture as the victor of World War II and by far the most powerful British statesman of the 20th Century — a "British bulldog" who could hold his own with Josef Stalin and Harry Truman.
"Guests at a Fancy garden party at the British Consulate Generals residence celebrating the royal wedding (and learning some British etiquette) with my own gorgeous British prince," she wrote.
While Brexiteers trumpet the importance of giving British workers first pick of British jobs, it's unclear whether British workers want these high-risk startup jobs in the first place.
I don't have a British passport, and the British public won't let me ever consider that I am British — because of things like Brexit, because of things like racism.
British foreign minister and Brexit cheerleader Boris Johnson wants people to stop insulting British politicians.
The consummately British Lily James is a major muse to the consummately British Burberry brand.
PA), which sold its British and Norwegian North Sea fields, and British utility Centrica (CNA.
You're not like that British auction show, what's that British ... You know what I mean.
LONDON — The Great British Bake Off is — as the name might suggest — a British institution.
And British coins have a worldwide appeal, he said, thanks to the British imperial history.
British officials, however, did not recommend its use and reimbursement for British women until 2002.
When asked, a decade later, British lawmakers prevented British participation in the bombing of Syria.
All of these people carried British passports because they were members of the British empire.
The club hosted last year's Women's British Open and is in the British Open rotation.
The President told British newspaper The Telegraph that the European Union "magnified" British global influence.
The British proposal on Thursday was to extend the customs area to the British mainland.
"The Great British Bake Off"/"The Great British Baking Show" Forget about pandemics with patisserie.
At least four of them were British teachers, according to the British Embassy in Beijing.
A spokesman for the British consulate in Shanghai said it was assisting a British national.
British authorities are also investigating Cambridge Analytica, and its British-based parent company, SCL Group.
On Thursday, British voters voted in favor of "Brexit" — British exit from the European Union.
In 1998, the British Ministry of Science named her as an ambassador for British scientific excellence.
British Olympic cyclists Victoria Pendleton and Nicole Cooke backed her claims of sexism in British Cycling.
He was overthrown by British and American interests because he threatened oil interests of the British.
On July 10th a British warship drove off Iranian boats trying to "impede" a British tanker.
Vanderpump Rules was being filmed, and I rode on the "British Bum" with the British consulate.
Both are former British nationals and appear to have British blood on their hands, as well.
The British pound had fallen more than 10 percent against the dollar since the British referendum.
The British PM most connected with British expansion of power, Disraeli uncategorically would have supported Brexit.
"The British people, the majority of the British people, voted to leave the European Union," Mrs.
The British index was little changed after PMI data showed British construction growth slowed in March.
The British government also issued guidance to aid agencies receiving British funding to leave the city.
Plus, as a British subject, I came to Britain legally and officially, believing I was British.
British South Asians have only tentatively started to see their own place in this "British" story.
But that debate revived questions around British identity — including who is British and who is not.
French and British warplanes also fired long-range missiles, while a British submarine launched cruise missiles.
"You have notable Americans with degrees from British universities, British actors famous in Hollywood," Parakilas said.
Its biggest decline was against the British pound , falling half a percent at 89.53 pence, with relief that British Prime Minister survived a no-confidence vote also boosting the British currency.
Written by British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur Balfour and addressed to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, a British financier and Zionist leader, the declaration promised British assistance to create a Jewish homeland.
What's more, after a first issue that proudly celebrated British talent, what stopped Enninful from putting a British actress on the cover — or, at the very least, a British fashion brand?
The majority of people living in Gibraltar — designated as a British Overseas Territory — are British citizens with British passports, although thousands of Spaniards cross from mainland Spain every day for work.
So it's up now to the British politicians and to the British prime minister to find a way out and hope that the agreement might be accepted by the British people.
The majority of people living in Gibraltar - designated as a British Overseas Territory - are British citizens with British passports, although thousands of Spaniards cross from mainland Spain every day for work.
The British economy would be at serious risk: About 44 percent of British exports go to the EU, so new UK-EU trade barriers could well cause a new British recession.
What the British are saying: The United Kingdom said in a statement that the British naval vessel HMS Montrose had been accompanying the commercial ship, British Heritage, through the narrow strait.
The British presence in India was run by the East India Company from 1600 to 1858 and was subject directly to the British crown from 1858 until 1947 (the British Raj).
Members of the Association of Labour Providers, British Beer and Pub Association, British Hospitality Association, British Retail Consortium, Food and Drink Federation, Fresh Produce Consortium, and the National Farmers Union, took part.
They started absolutely fucking bodying each other on Twitter: It's hard to know what this means for the state of British pop music and British football; indeed, for British culture at large.
Three Iranian vessels attempted to block the passage of the British Heritage through the Strait of Hormuz but withdrew after warnings from a British warship, the British government said on July 11.
More than 3,600 people died in three decades of violence between Irish nationalists, who want a united Ireland, and the British security forces and pro-British "unionists" defending the region's British status.
Some Rohingya were originally brought in as laborers under British rule from 1824 to 1948 in what the British considered an internal migration because the area was part of British-administered India.
Meeting with British government official Two months before the presidential election, a British government official met with Papadopoulos for a "working level meeting," a British foreign office spokesperson said in a statement.
Colonialism, the British empire, and the vestiges of that empire, which people haven't really considered, is that the British government and the British people have moved on, but the colonial states haven't.
Adele's hit single "Hello" will also compete for British single and British artist video of the year.
The British prime minister said she would appeal to the US if the ban affected British citizens.
Margaret Thatcher drives a British tank during a visit to British forces in Fallingbostel, Germany, on Sept.
Yet British industry might find it more difficult to pivot to new foreign markets than British services.
The British government can probably rely on net emigration of British nationals of about 230,2000 per year.
British Steel told the British government that it needs more state aid because of "uncertainties around Brexit".
The British and Kenyan governments have teamed up to capture wanted terrorist Susan Danford, a British citizen.
The British Library's Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) is streaming nearly 8,000 Syliphone tracks at British Library Sounds.
Last week Iran seized two tankers, one British-flagged and one British-operated, in the Persian Gulf.
During British colonial rule, the British forced locals to work in slave-like conditions in the mine.
The family-owned British team have British rookie George Russell and Poland's Robert Kubica as their drivers.
The Open Championship (also known as the British Open) is played on a roster of British courses.
Indeed, since the British referendum on June 23, the British stock market is up about 15 percent.
Here are three lessons from British comedy that the British people could have heeded, but didn't. 1.
British media reported that May has also ordered British submarines to move within missile range of Syria.
She also faced the wrath of British lawmakers for failing to consult parliament before committing British forces.
Trump has also worn Fendi (Italian), Roksanda Ilincic (British) and Emilia Wickstead (British) on the campaign trail.
In a nod to their British bosses, the creators later changed her to Lara Croft, British heiress.
But the British painter Celia Paul has an atelier overlooking the columned facade of the British Museum.
There was a feeling that while British industry was thriving, British design could do with a boost.
Olivia Cooke stars in this new British adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's 1848 satire of British society.
The British broadcaster said Mr. Khater came from Darfur in 2010 and later became a British citizen.
I then turned to the camera and I said, 'Film me, I'm British, I'm a British Muslim.
The British Home Office, however, has been automatically registering everyone from Northern Ireland as a British citizen.
British officers set up a command post inside the Bost and coordinated the joint Afghan-British counterattack.
But Land Rover BAR is predominantly British; all but one of its sailors carries a British passport.
"That man had the blood of British troops on his hands," Johnson told British lawmakers on Wednesday.
British officials only get involved in such cases if the person involved is a British passport holder.
Sometimes it is possible to switch categories: for instance, before the British handed Hong Kong over to the Chinese on 1st July 1997, some British overseas territories citizens registered as British overseas nationals.
Protesters also plan to gather outside the British consulate on Sunday to make sure China honours the Sino-British Joint Declaration which was signed in 1984, laying out the former British colony's future.
In Twitter posts, Facebook messages and a live British television news program, people pointed to Abu Izzadeen, a radical British cleric who was imprisoned last year for running afoul of British terrorism rules.
Then there are people from former British colonies like Naveed Khan, whose father was in the British army.
And she had a British accent, and I have a British accent, by the way, in Ben-Hur.
British colonial-era restaurants and bars flourish there, and many still observe the British tradition of afternoon tea.
But the British were outraged by this, and Lord Palmerston, the British prime minister, sent troops to Canada.
The British Foreign Office said British nationals were involved, but didn't say how many or in what capacity.
Nadiya Hussain, the British Bangladeshi winner of "The Great British Bake Off", appeared as a castaway in 2016.
Fields represents an American problem, just as British extremists – like ISIS executioner Jihadi John – represent a British one.
French workers, whom the British like to dismiss as holiday-hogging sluggards, are more productive than the British.
A British person can have black or brown, not only white, skin and still be just as British.
"I am very passionate about British-made products because I myself am a British-made product," she says.
Shares of British American Tobacco were down 6.8 percent and British peer Imperial Brands were down 3.8 percent.
Some British citizens were also "caught in the blast," said British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris.
Russia then expelled 23 British diplomats and closed the British consulate in St. Petersburg, which further escalated tensions.
Just a few years later, she was awarded British Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council.
Dua Lipa, the night's most nominated act, took two awards: Best British Female, and Best British Breakthrough Act.
There's no better way to celebrate a British royal wedding than with the most classic of British beverages.
The British Embassy in Beijing said on Friday that four British nationals have been arrested in eastern China.
It will absolutely remain in the UK. BRIAN SULLIVAN: Keep the British in British Petroleum—formerly known as.
Cameron says it also protects British interests and restricts British welfare payments to migrants from other EU nations.
She also talked about the effect climate change is having on British weather — and in turn, British wine.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson traveled on Tuesday to the Caribbean to visit British territories devastated by Irma.
A Brexit will only hurt the British economy if Brussels decides that it will hurt the British economy.
Under recent legislation, British-born citizens can only be stripped of British citizenship if they have another nationality.
There is one more British asset that can easily slip the British market: people with good tech skills.
British media reported Wednesday that May has also ordered British submarines to move within missile range of Syria.
" Jones wrote to Deech again, saying: "I have now freed up a British job for a British worker.
Tea let British dealers, and the British government, reach the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean and the American colonies.
British American Tobacco – British American Tobacco will lay off 2,300 workers by January, about 4% of its workforce.
With its findings, British authorities also took aim at Cambridge Analytica and its British affiliate, the SCL Group.
The public can chime in online with its picks in the British breakthrough and British artist video categories.
We're not talking actual "British thrones?" here; "thrones" refers to the British nickname for toilets, which is LOOS.
British Airways If you have a British Airways flight booked, you might need to make some alternate arrangements.
British Prime Minister David Cameron had vowed to continue in office even if British voters opted to Leave.
However, British businesses do not seem to pay attention to such developments, Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce told CNBC, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce told CNBC.
HILTON: Well look, from a British perspective, because as you know, the British media and the British public are very strongly in a hostile disposition towards President Trump, always have been, always will be.
"When I talk about a Brexit that supports British jobs, British investment and British business I mean a Brexit that avoids those cliff edges," Hammond said in an interview with BBC television on Sunday.
The Pentagon declined to identify the dead, but one was a British soldier embedded with US troops, the British Defense Ministry confirmed — the first British death in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria.
They were obtained by the British Museum after the British Parliament bought them in 1816 from Lord Elgin, who was a British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire when Greece was still a part of it.
LONDON (Reuters) - Three Iranian vessels attempted to block the passage of a ship, the British Heritage, through the Strait of Hormuz, but withdrew after warnings from a British warship, the British government said on Thursday.
Activists also plan to gather outside the British consulate on Sunday to demand that China honors the Sino-British Joint Declaration that was signed in 1984, laying out the former British colony's post-1997 future.
A deadline set by British Prime Minister Theresa May passed early Wednesday without comment from Russia after the British government demanded answers about an ex-Russian spy attacked on British soil with a nerve agent.
"This very British heritage brand, with links to automotive, returns back to British ownership," Ineos said in a statement.
" "When the President of the United States attacks the British ambassador, the British ambassador has no right of reply.
India is very heavily influenced by the British and there is a huge respect for the British royal family.
A British regional carrier based in North West Leicestershire, the airline was a former subsidiary of British Midland International.
The concern is not just that a Brexit could weaken the British pound, it could also hurt British banks.
Jordan McIldoon, 23, of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, was also killed, said the premier of British Columbia, John Horgan.
In the U.S., GBBO airs as The Great British Baking Show on television's home for all things British, PBS.
The British government said on Saturday the plane had more than 200 people on board, including non-British nationals.
British mid caps jumped 0.4 percent after shares in British engineering software firm Aveva rocketed more than 24 percent.
Image: A320 via British AirwaysRemember how a week ago, British Airways thought that they had collided with a drone?
The BDO data chimes with other recent surveys from the British Retail Consortium and the Confederation of British Industry.
The British government gave Russia until March 14 to explain how the nerve agent ended up on British soil.
Glynne's name also featured in four categories including British Female Solo Artist and British Single for "I'll Be There".
The British connection Also hoping for a change of heart is Rawand Aziz, who is actually a British citizen.
Their press photos were pretentious, to the point of being labeled "British Image 1" and "British Image No. 2".
A British court recently convicted two British businessmen of bribing Kenyan election commissioners to get contracts for printing ballots.
Special Report: British Grand Prix In terms of track action, the British Grand Prix of 1981 offered nothing exceptional.
"During Queen Victoria's reign, she was big on British products to show her support got British manufacturers," she said.
I can be Pakistani, Muslim, British and European at the same time; my wife can be Scottish and British.
So the British government has warned that such a move may result in Boeing losing its British procurement contract.
Yes, the face of the general who defeated the British is on one side of a British-made object.
Mr. Putin responded on Saturday, expelling 23 British agents and closing the British Council, a cultural center, in Moscow.
They are classified as a British Overseas Territory and help to project British military power in the Middle East.
The British government is also weighing whether owning Sky would give the Murdochs too much control over British media.
It makes British democracy more responsive to the concerns of citizens at little or negative cost to British taxpayers.
When the British of that time talked about empire, they meant Ireland and nothing much beyond the British Isles.
"BALL IN BRITISH COURT AGAIN" The British parliament defeated similar deals struck by Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May, three times.
By forcing British authorities to respond to superficially ludicrous claims, it muddies the waters with British and international audiences.
British Prime Minister Theresa May's disastrous speech at the Conservative Party conference today was entitled 'Renewing the British Dream'.
The British Foreign Office said it was "supporting a British woman following an incident in Queensland," news reports said.
In addition to top British government officials, the board includes senior representatives from British telecom operators and Huawei executives.
He studied in a British school, listened to British music, while at the same time reading ancient Chinese philosophy.
Lawmakers are urging British Prime Minister Theresa May to strip Weinstein of his Commander of the British Empire title.
In all over 3,600 people died during the 30-year armed conflict between Catholic Irish nationalists seeking a united Ireland, the British armed forces and pro-British loyalist paramilitaries who wanted to keep Northern Ireland British.
He also used it to describe comments made by Meghan Markle, the American turned British royal, in an interview with a British tabloid before he was to meet her new family at a British state dinner.
British trade with Cuba was less than $100 million last year while only a handful of well-known British companies have investments there through subsidiaries, for example Imperial Brands Plc, British-American Tobacco Plc and Unilever.
Even the Chatwins, the British family that stars in Quentin's beloved Fillory and Further series — The Magicians' answer to the Chronicles of Narnia — have been shifted from chipper British schoolchildren to slightly more dour British teenagers.
British law does allow the interior minister to deprive a person of British citizenship when conducive to the public good, though such decisions should not render the person stateless if they were born as British citizens.
The British ambassador to Peru, Kate Harrisson, said British officials were in contact with Peruvian authorities and commercial airlines to enable the evacuation of British citizens who were traveling there when the country announced its closures.
Some British conservatives and segments of the British news media interpreted the article as a frontal assault by New York itself on the British capital, which might be a surprise to the City of New York.
Members of the British royal family are fond of sharing the following statistic: The contribution from U.K. taxpayers toward the full overhead of the British monarchy is equivalent to approximately £1 per British person per year.
Others opposed certain British attitudes -- such as Franklin Roosevelt's hostility to the British Empire beloved by his friend Winston Churchill.
And so, the British people will decide what we do through the elected representatives they send to the British Parliament.
The British Museum in London in 2018 also said it will return Benin bronzes looted by British soldiers to Nigeria.
The poisoning turned into an international incident, as British officials insisted that Russia was behind the attack on British soil.
If Britain is running a current-account deficit, for instance, it means that non-British residents are accumulating British assets.
Some British officials including Prime Minister David Cameron have argued that departing the European Union will disrupt the British economy.
British businesses grew steadily over the last three months, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)'s latest survey.
For lunch I get aubergine (British word for eggplant) and "meatballs" with noodled courgette (British for zucchini) in tomato sauce.
What are British companies doing to prepare themselves for Brexit and what effect will this have on the British economy?
Yet the British political system is likely to prove much more difficult to disrupt than, say, the British high street.
Fans can vote for their favorites in the British Artist Video and British Breakthrough categories at the BRIT Awards website.
As the British moved into the region, they came into conflict with the white, non-British settlers known as Boers.
According to advocacy group Universities UK, 15% of teaching and other staff at British universities are non-British EU nationals.
It's not the only period drama involving a British monarch the 26-year-old British actor has in the pipeline.
As the article correctly notes, it is the Yale Center for British Art, not the Yale Center of British Art.
Facebook misled British lawmakers about what it knew about the data shared with Cambridge Analytica, a British lawmaker said Thursday.
Khan added that the British government should be asking Trump to delete the tweets and apologize to the British people.
The British political theorist Michael Freeden expressed the thought that social liberalism was the British version of Scandinavian social democracy.
British troops protected the Suez Canal, through which oil from the Persian Gulf, also British-protected, moved to European markets.
An independent state successor to the British colony of Southern Rhodesia, it was named after the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes.
In 1813, Ball left a British ship filled with runaway slaves who were sailing to freedom in a British territory.
It was a sort of British—she wasn't British—sophisticated voice... She walked around as if she owned the Plaza.
On the same day, Zuckerberg turned down British lawmakers' invitations to explain to a British parliamentary committee what went wrong.
"China," its premier told his British counterpart, "would prove her words by her deeds," according a declassified British government memo.
The British, and particularly British youth, deserve the right to determine their long-term future on the basis of reality.
Mr. Trump has repeatedly claimed that British intelligence spied on his campaign, an accusation the British government has vigorously denied.
Her impact on the British fashion industry led to her being awarded an Order of the British Empire in 2012.
The British pound promptly popped by more than 2100 percent against the dollar, and yields on British government bonds rose.
It's a very British book; so British that there are currently no plans to publish it in the United States.
As a British Overseas Territory, Bermuda creates its own laws, but all must be endorsed by the appointed British governor.
Some weakness in British gilts also filtered through to euro zone bonds, with focus on a British government Brexit proposal.
After graduation, he worked at the British Foreign Office and was secretary to the British delegation at major disarmament talks.
Both the Mining Association of British Columbia and the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce have cautiously endorsed B.C.'s bill.
The London-born singer also scooped awards for best British female, best British single, and the "BRITs Global Success" award.
Facebook is facing pressure from British lawmakers and academics to shed more light on potential Russian interference in British politics.
U.S. bonds and British gilts rallied after British polls showed the ruling Conservatives as runaway favorites to win the Dec.
German Navy U-boats had, in fact, devastated British merchant fleets so badly by 1917 that British defeat was imminent.
While the British embassy did not name which man held a British passport, local media speculated that it was Lee.

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