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"bring up" Definitions
  1. [often passive] to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave, etc. synonym raise
  2. (law) to make somebody appear for trial
"bring up" Synonyms
raise nurture rear foster parent nourish nurse breed cultivate mother support feed care for look after take care of provide for attend to minister to protect tend educate instruct develop school train teach discipline shape mould(UK) guide prepare edify inform direct indoctrinate give character verse enlighten elevate propose broach introduce suggest moot submit mention advance ventilate place offer move discuss initiate refer advert tender put forward talk about vomit spew regurgitate disgorge expel discharge retch gag heave barf hurl puke upchuck throw up sick up chuck up be sick spit up chunder keck stop arrest halt check stay still stall catch draw up pull up hold up fetch up come to a standstill freeze come to a stop come to a halt brake park pause arrive debate address argue canvas canvass agitate air dispute consider talk over talk through converse about comment on confer about touch on put your heads together about average up increase level up round up table present illustrate deliver give demonstrate display state cite express lodge unveil demo issue proposition relate voice register assert communicate declare examine expound look reveal sound utter propound advocate pose proffer postulate bounce contend hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) concern deal with cover be about scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) go into tell of analyse(UK) review relate to report on treat analyze(US) have to do with study affect potty-train housebreak housetrain socialise(UK) socialize(US) toilet train toilet-train drag up revive dredge up rake up return to dig up recollect allude to call to mind remind people of speak out about revive the memory of uplift boost lift hoist perk up crane heft heighten hike up upgrade uphold upraise buoy up jack up pick up take up dredge search scour ransack rummage comb rake rifle troll unearth clean deepen widen hunt through dig through sort through forage fossick domesticate tame break domiciliate gentle subdue master subjugate control herd house-train break in bring to heel bring under control prompt cause occasion effect effectuate engender enkindle induce inspire launch produce spur start beget bring compel make up constitute comprise compose complete form represent be embody fill make total account for amount to contribute to add up to equal spell construct hint insinuate imply indicate intimate infer allude signal connote cue leak expose mean whisper angle adumbrate remind More

991 Sentences With "bring up"

How to use bring up in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "bring up" and check conjugation/comparative form for "bring up". Mastering all the usages of "bring up" from sentence examples published by news publications.

You want to bring up Teen Mom to bring up your issues.
You want to bring up 'Teen Mom' to bring up your issues?!
"I do bring up things that are -- things that people don't want to bring up," he said.
He didn't bring up his proposed ban on Muslims entering the US. He didn't bring up the dangers of refugees.
Of course, before you can bring up solutions, you have to be able to bring up climate change at all.
JOE KERNEN: You see in a trial where one side will bring up something that the prosecution wants them to bring up.
"I&aposm certain that our coaches, when they recruit, they obviously bring up Tony Romo, they bring up Jimmy Garoppolo," Kidwell said.
While her actual travel plans are TBD, it does bring up an interesting question: Will this trip bring up painful memories of her traumatic robbery?
A less erotically-charged way to bring up sexuality is through family planningA less erotically-charged way to bring up sexuality is through family planning.
Allen: At the end of the day it's about the music and people like to bring up money, they like bring up fame, but it's gotta be Kendrick.
You don't necessarily have to bring up the dream (in fact, Zimmerman suggests you don't), but you do need bring up any issue that might be manifesting in those dreams.
A lot of people bring up God, pull out God whenever its convenient for them because you've done fucked up so bad, is when you bring up our Lord and Savior.
JOE CONCHA, REPORTER AND COLUMNIST, THE HILL: I think, judge, any time you bring up Nazi or you bring Hitler or you bring up the Third Reich, suddenly people their eyes glaze over.
In prior debates I've heard you even bring up — I mean, now you bring up President Obama here in South Carolina in defense of the fact of your cozy relationship with Wall Street.
You can't bring up issues like this with an oncologist.
Swiping up and pausing will bring up the multitasking view.
Swipe up and hold to bring up the Recent Apps.
How can a caring friend bring up a potential problem?
Obama isn't expected to bring up Syed's case, but still.
All that and we got to bring up signaling risk.
They try to just bring up solutions to the community.
I am not the first to bring up these issues.
That&aposs the -- precisely why I bring up this point.
Both Mars haters and defenders inevitably bring up his corniness.
People who praise password manager software bring up three points.
Clinton on Monday did not bring up Trump's personal transgressions.
It's never easy to bring up difficult topics with friends.
A.J. Pollock then drew a walk to bring up Peralta.
Seacrest has been especially reluctant to bring up the issue.
It's not taboo, and it's not weird to bring up.
This might be a good time to bring up drugs.
Start big, scale it down, bring up variance pretty quick.
I am not even going to bring up poor Libya.
The charge can bring up to 99 years in prison.
So you're bring up a group ... so address the concerns.
A thing you bring up first, before anyone else can.
They're not, and that's ... How do we bring up everyone's?
Ask spouse to bring up devotion to text in eulogy.
Members occasionally bring up Roll's legend in a different light.
Curious how to bring up Siri without a home button?
Excellent time for Kaine to bring up Trump's own returns.
I have several dietary restrictions I need to bring up.
What does Trans Day of Remembrance bring up for you?
And then ok, for the vocals bring up the same.
"When people bring up Quest, we get angry," Trinity said.
I'm reluctant to bring up my children in future interviews.
I think that you bring up a really good point.
So, I bring up Kendrick and J. Cole a lot.
I rarely bring up the "protect your neighbor" argument anymore.
Last thing in the world they want to bring up.
I think we have a chart to bring up there.
But Trump did bring up Eisenhower's grand achievement in Cincinnati.
But will the President bring up Democrats' mess in Iowa?
Bring up Clinton's health, be labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist.
The House speaker did not bring up politics or impeachment.
People talking about "The Source" would always bring up Snowden.
Likewise, Comic Sans may bring up memories from elementary school.
What feelings and thoughts does it bring up for you?
It may bring up things that are on their mind.
All the dealers need to do is bring up product.
And we started to bring up this issue around coding.
"We've clearly got to start the process," Mattis added, noting that it is among the issues Pentagon leaders will bring up bring up on Friday morning when they meet with National Security Advisor John Bolton.
DIGENOVA: Oh, please, don&apost even bring up Trey Gowdy tonight.
We have that support system and we can bring up everything.
The one bad thing I need to bring up is connectivity.
SOLTYSIK: It&aposs funny, I expected you to bring up Venezuela.
"He did bring up his frustration," the North Dakota Republican said.
"There was no reason to bring up Biden," the person says.
That's why I always bring up the 6 wherever I go.
In her concession speech, Cockburn did not bring up the erotica.
How did you bring up the conversation of sex with Scott?
Something like "driving directions to London" will bring up exactly that.
Sportsmen are known to bring up milestones in a grand way.
"Oh, god," says one friend when I bring up Taco Tinder.
If you double tap the button you'll bring up Apple Pay.
Other people are gonna bring up the issues of the day.
He didn't publicly bring up political prisoners in Vietnam or China.
It's likely Kanye and Trump will also bring up Colin Kaepernick.
Another fan tried to bring up another loathed ump, C.B. Bucknor.
Expect executive to bring up issues that matter to their companies.
But Democrats were eager to bring up the news, as well.
After that, he started to bring up the issue of kids.
"They didn't bring up me taking a knee once," Axson said.
So it's complicated to bring up "new steps" in the relationship.
Trust me, don't even try to bring up the placebo effect.
As with everything on PLL, answers only bring up more questions.
Ms. Silverman said she would bring up the case during sentencing.
How can they say we can't now bring up our children?
The word "basketball" will bring up a basketball image, for example.
But number two, I would never bring up such a subject.
They are uninviting places in which to bring up a family.
What could he possibly bring up to raise the stakes there?
Money was almost a taboo subject that we didn't bring up.
"I will absolutely bring up 'meddling,'" Mr. Trump said as Mrs.
REPORTER: How did you bring up the issue of election meddling?
To bring up questions and conversation that I wasn't hearing anywhere.
SB: In that last final issue, we did bring up Trump.
And they bring up important issues, sometimes long before anyone else.
"These were not issues they wanted to bring up," she said.
I thought there was a real ... They bring up Al Franken.
Amazon could bring up to 25,000 employees to Long Island City.
Keywords like "mountains" and "ocean" also bring up corresponding outdoor shots.
"He's hesitant to even bring up his name," Josh Romney said.
"How do you not bring up the Steele dossier?" asked Sekulow.ADVERTISEMENTgoogletag.cmd.
Bring up Trump's health, you're only part of the Clinton cult.
They'll lean into Hunter Biden and bring up the infamous dossier.
That's inevitably going to bring up some new challenges for people.
Our job was to bring up the champagne from the cellar.
And, perhaps help bring up the competition level across the grid.
Hovering over a region will also bring up the exact number.
Alternatively, searching for an area will bring up the same information.
Sandberg's post did not directly bring up the Trump administration's policies.
Every world leader must bring up Bob and the others detained.
He did not bring up ongoing impeachment proceedings during his remarks.
I didn't expect it to bring up the feelings it did.
To be clear, Johnson didn't bring up DeGeneres's "thing" in Texas.
But the press loves to bring up the name 'Ann Coulter.
People often bring up Alec Baldwin as sort of a counterweight.
When Republicans bring up repealing Obamacare, this effort usually isn't included.
But these collaborations also bring up concerns around data and privacy.
Allowing witness testimony could bring up new evidence damaging to Trump.
But she did not expect him to bring up her husband.
Second, the Pentagon's own explanations bring up more questions than answers.
Fiction issues, but I think you should bring up First Amendment.
For more complicated operations, they'll be able to bring up handheld versions of the flatscreen interface, similar to the way that users of the Tilt Brush or Medium art tools can bring up a virtual palette.
The separate "Maps" tab on DuckDuckGo will only bring up Apple Maps.
Oh, but you didn&apost mention, you didn&apost bring up. Instead.
They are going to demonize him and bring up Venezuela and socialism.
So why did the campaign even bring up birtherism to begin with?
If you press and hold, you can also bring up Google Assistant.
All of those are good things to bring up with your doctor.
Users can also speak "Hey Siri" to bring up Apple's voice assistant.
"We'll see who I bring up on stage," Blunt told The Guardian.
Preeti Mistry gets excited when I bring up The New York Times.
Ah, the memories an entry in a crossword puzzle can bring up.
This should allow you to bring up the search with expression categories.
I bring up Jamie Dimon because I had that conversation with him.
The terms "contraception" and "abortion," meanwhile, bring up no results at all.
Was it appropriate for Donald Trump to bring up Bill Clinton's infidelity?
Bruce Babin, when asked whether Trump should bring up Lewinsky and others.
By the way, do not bring up anything about women in bed.
The nightmare scenario that everyone likes to bring up is The Matrix.
Maybe, if Thursday night goes badly, the Rangers will bring up both.
When they bring up the infamous Pepsi ad, she becomes incredibly defensive.
He set off an explosion (which the D.A. didn't even bring up!).
Do we bring up that it's an option for her as well?
They will also most likely bring up his meetings with Russian officials.
"It seemed like such a weird thing to bring up," she recalls.
I immediately began to gobble up [the sequel] Bring Up the Bodies.
It gets better -- watch Holder's reaction when we bring up Donald Trump.
They all bring up Chris Webber when talking about the worst years.
Like before, you bring up the new notifications feed by swiping up.
"Style" + a keyword will bring up our rules for story style: 9.
They're stressful, and this square will bring up a lot of anxieties.
It will bring up a dense but readable alphabetical page of sellers.
As Celeste prepares her new apartment, her lingering bruises bring up memories.
The revised bill clarifies which areas Congress can bring up for votes.
The VARs are accompanied by a technician who helps bring up replays.
Can you swipe left on it to bring up the recent apps?
Just tap and hold their snap to bring up the share screen.
Do I bring up the bombing and risk agricultural markets collapsing again?
But this is not the issue that critics bring up most often.
It's something people still bring up on Twitter to make fun of.
Now, at age 39, Kourtney is ready to bring up old wounds.
He didn't even bring up making Mexico pay for the wall — weak!
"People often bring up their mortgage, their new car payment," she says.
Let's bring up the 85033 clean repeal bill and keep our word.
BECKY QUICK: You know, you bring up nuclear power or nuclear bombs.
Talking to Siri directly though the phone will bring up print articles.
Strange that Pence didn't bring up how much he loves fetus funerals.
Will the Ripa and Strahan bring up the big victory this week?
Moore went on to bring up the nickname in two other tweets.
He added that he plans to bring up the issue in court.
I minimize the text and bring up Facebook: 2.3k shares, 7.9k likes.
Mr. Mueller's representative did not bring up Section 1513, the person said.
They will add Sabathia to the injured list to bring up Loaisiga.
For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder in this particular case.
Click on the search result you want to bring up more details.
Alternately, swiping up from any screen will bring up the control center.
If doctors don't bring up the topic, family members can and should.
At the end of the book, you bring up some bright spots.
Gail Collins: Well, I was really planning to bring up infrastructure funding.
Expect his rivals to bring up his past and question his sincerity.
I mean, the example that I always bring up is the WTO.
All the other forms of fear that people bring up are artificial.
Readers bring up how much they love these blondies all the time.
Bring up your concerns and ask that the company conduct an investigation.
"We should definitely bring up Hillary's connection to special interests," she said.
If you mention Mitt Romney I get to bring up his dog.
You can tap the button to bring up all your emoji options.
"We'll bring up the hard stuff on those walks," Ms. Davidson said.
Additionally, I didn't want to bring up "stupid" questions and look incompetent.
And hey, if all else fails bring up the latest Trump tweet.
Is she too real for some — does she bring up bad memories?
But that game didn't bring up my heart rate too much either.
McConnell is also loath to bring up bills that split GOP senators.
Democratic leaders did not bring up the topic during their public remarks.
Selecting the dice in the corner bring up a few game options.
What memories and feelings does preparing these dishes bring up for you?
Like Twitter and Tumblr, they bring up the K-pop group BTS.
Like Pornhub and Tumblr and Instagram, they bring up Fortnite and ASMR.
Austin: That is literally the touchstone I was going to bring up.
McConnell is nonetheless planning to bring up the BCRA for a vote.
So why else would Republicans and the NRA bring up mental health?
Full moons bring up sensitive feelings, so have yourself a big cry.
Bring up gun violence in your house of worship or community group.
You're seeing ... I mean that's an interesting thing that you bring up.
So when we bring up racism and inequality, we're told we're overreacting.
I figured this is the perfect time to bring up Justin Bieber.
I only bring up Alien because that's how the movie is being sold.
The Federal Network Agency didn't bring up zero rating in its decision, however.
Even that is nice to bring up a story when we played together.
When the moment seems right, I bring up the purpose of my visit.
Anybody one else you would like to bring up from a golden past?
Loop #224 is relatively short, although it does bring up an important point.
Urinary incontinence can be embarrassing to bring up to anyone, even your doctor.
The end of summer tends to bring up an array of mixed feelings.
How do you make those decisions about what to bring up to HR?
Bring up gun violence in your house of worship and/or community group.
"You have to bring up a question or issue of substance," he said.
Tapping on the graph will bring up your data in a list format.
Ms. Cohen said many of her patients bring up eating issues in therapy.
"I didn't bring up the topic, they did," DelVecchio says in his defense.
Until then, he said, people should bring up their concerns to their doctors.
In your white paper, something you didn't bring up was breaking up Facebook.
Perjury, the only felony charged, can bring up to seven years in prison.
The beginning of a new year can bring up a lot of feelings.
Lieberman didn't seem embarrassed to bring up his new line of work Saturday.
It's interesting you bring up the power of inferences to plant false memories.
She didn't bring up the subject again on the earnings call in October.
" Meanwhile, Rose has been the first person to bring up Paltrow as "Becky.
If all else fails, you can also bring up an important work project.
And the best way to do that is to bring up our resolution.
It's never easy to bring up what venture capitalists call a down round.
I bring up the dialogue and ask Stephen whether he found it convincing.
They also worried they might inadvertently bring up pornography rather than health information.
I'd like to bring up a question that comes from-- Marcelo P. Lima .
Unless of course they bring up politics—then I can start ranting again.
And yet if you bring up cannabis as an option, it's just demonized.
If this question comes up just bring up a good Black Friday deal.
"People tend to bring up the refugee crisis quite a bit," she said.
Sources there say Monica didn't bring up politics at all during the trip.
You cannot bring up the woman comedian without discussing beauty standards on television.
When the murk clears divers bring up any giant clams that are revealed.
When you bring up the disagreement, you get a hell of an education.
It's also so perfect that you bring up her first interaction with Deadshot.
It gets reallllly awkward after they bring up her son, and his arrest.
It's the third time Democrats have tried to bring up the stopgap measure.
Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment.
Gail: This is when I'm supposed to bring up the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
It's also yet another way to bring up Diamond and Silk in Congress.
I didn't bring up Trump in my conversation with Labrador, but Labrador did.
Women in leadership positions invest in their communities to bring up other women.
This will bring up a screen that allows you to customize your reminder.
Senate Republicans have indicated they won't bring up the resolution in their chamber.
"There's not a single person who doesn't bring up Hurricane Katrina," she said.
Giuliani says he didn't bring up military aid with Ukraine 21202:21628 p.m.
This could help rally the Democratic base and bring up some swing voters.
WATTERS: Yes, to bring up the P-word, unprompted, on the day where.
Plus, you'll have something specific to bring up the next time you speak.
Edge Sense lets you squeeze the phone to bring up apps or controls.
That was like '07, why you trying to bring up old stuff, bruh?
You know, Sheed gets to talking some trash and he'll bring up something.
When I visit the gynecologist, I'm too embarrassed to bring up tokophobia myself.
"It doesn't bring up a moral issue in our eyes," Ms. Vasgaard said.
"We have to bring up some of your tonality a notch," he said.
The first words of 'Bring Up The Bodies' suggest their blood-stained ghosts.
Often, he would bring up "problems" that were just attempts to get attention.
Who are the people that you should bring up for any different query?
"We will bring up the issue of the abductees as well," he said.
And just how do you bring up the subject in truck stop conversation?
There were details he would recall and bring up long after this meeting.
Do you have any advice on how I should bring up this discussion?
He threatened me and warned me never to bring up this issue again.
The reason to bring up "Porky's" now is the laughter — the uproarious laughter.
How to bring up great ideas that we help them think are theirs.
Simply pointing a phone at a restaurant would bring up reviews of it.
He was able to continually bring up his number-one issue, climate change.
He said it was a "recommendation" of the organization to bring up Almonte.
On Sunday night, he said it was his "intention" to bring up DACA.
It is unclear if House Democrats will bring up the bill for consideration.
We obviously have to try to bring up our ideas in this process.
Ani might be generally annoying, as Twitter is extremely happy to bring up.
Click the three dots to bring up the Options menu and click "Delete."
The move also comes as Senate Republican leaders plan to bring up Rep.
Ryan committed Thursday to bring up an immigration bill that Trump would support.
It can also integrate with your phone to bring up visuals like maps.
I casually bring up C. when L. asks if I have weekend plans.
If the artist doesn't bring up a drugstore brand, it turns you off.
Naysayers were happy to bring up Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes' Silicon Valley debacle.
Highlight sections of text and the extension will bring up a translation. Viola!
Members of my team are able to bring up problems and tough issues.
Under no circumstances should you bring up salary or benefits during the interview.
But it's false that Holt simply did not bring up Trump at all.
Trump said he would bring up the issue of nuclear disarmament with Putin.
This is about my storyline and you want to bring up your issues.
Even an attempt to bring up that bill with dispatch failed when Sen.
For instance, we can bring up the — Mr. Browder in this particular case.
Steve Gunn: People bring up The Grateful Dead, and it's a leading comparison.
These investments also helped bring up the total investment in U.S. tech startups.
He didn't bring up his crutches when we spoke, so I didn't ask.
Do you want me to bring up Martin Scorsese's career or Billy Wilder's?
Experts stressed that Trump must bring up Russia's meddling in the US election.
There are a number of other ways to bring up the snipping tool, including hitting the Windows key and starting to type "snip" (which will bring up the tool in your Start menu), or typing "snip" into the Cortana search box.
If passed, the law would allow France's political parties to bring up complaints online.
People bring up the romantic-comedy years as though I'm another person, another actor.
So naturally, fans jumped on the opportunity to bring up the 27-29 speech.
She does not pick at a fatal flaw or bring up some past argument.
He will bring up Rubio's brother-in-law, who was convicted for cocaine trafficking.
This will bring up another box that gives you the option to change it.
And it can bring up your Google Calendar listings from your iPad home screen.
Finding the right moment to bring up what you know IRL can be difficult.
The Chinese government regularly denounces attempts to bring up domestic issues at global forums.
The holidays often bring up intense political conversations and other topics that stir conflict.
The "biological clock" BS they bring up is such a tool of patriarchal oppression.
"It's definitely something that he's looking to bring up sooner than later," Miskin said.
He did not bring up the poisoning attack in his phone call with Putin.
They also planned to bring up the importance of infrastructure investment and regulatory reform.
Does she bring up that kind of philosophy when she's talking to the cast?
When you clicked on that star it would bring up a set of keywords.
Don't even try to bring up emoji representation with someone who has red hair.
"(Bring up McCain)," it offered as an example of Republicans critical of the president.
Republicans could bring up a motion to dismiss, which is actually not that complicated.
Fortunately, the three-finger tap to bring up a text editing menu is better.
You bring up things that are worrying you, and it's like, 'Yeah, what else?
It's interesting you bring up the DOJ action against Microsoft in the late '90s.
"I can tell you I never hear somebody bring up the Mueller report," Rep.
So when do you think it's important to bring up certain things in relationships.
It's infuriating that people never bring up all the gross, predatory things he's done.
They always bring up press freedom in our steps in the fight against terrorism.
If you're gonna bring up your new overlords then have them read good books.
President Donald Trump never hesitates to bring up his connections to NFL team owners.
Abe also wants Trump to bring up Japanese citizens kidnapped by Pyongyang long ago.
Use this time to bring up your goals and see where the conversation leads.
"I would go on studio visits and bring up her name," Mr. Arbizo said.
Repeatedly connecting an iPad via Sidecar can bring up issues that require a reboot.
But a major life moment like this is bound to bring up some anxiety.
Cole Swindell's, "You Should Be Here," helps bring up lots of stuff, he says.
GUTFELD: You know, you bring up -- OK, more people -- I&aposve read this fact.
And they do not bring up bilateral disputes or disagreements that they may have.
Now, you'll be able to swipe further and bring up these new tiles, too.
The charge of rebellion can bring up to 25 years in prison in Spain.
No more, swiping up to bring up the iris scanner preview/PIN lock screen.
After that stage, when did it become something you could bring up with mum?
This will bring up all of the editing options you normally see on Snapchat.
That night, she wants to bring up all her questions that still need discussing.
Hell, we didn't even bring up how poorly the previous revival Woodstock '99 went.
Some bring up their past—the things they should have done, or regret doing.
That's the one you bring up at the beginning when you're talking about Twitter.
"Clients always come in and bring up this scene with the fruit," he admits.
"For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder in this particular case," Putin said.
But Biehl did not bring up any concerns surrounding mental illness, nor video games.
Playing a solid 60-plus minutes is a boost to bring up the morale.
Forecasters expected Dorian would bring up to 4 inches of rainfall for the island.
The remote has specific buttons that are mapped to bring up these apps directly.
"It continues to bring up emotions over and over and over again," she said.
But Twitter's absolute favorite thing is to bring up a rhyme with his surname.
That appeared to bring up the same version of the store from macOS Mojave.
I didn't bring up this mess just to sweep it back under the rug.
Bring up to temperature, then enough water to fill the pot more than halfway.
Even now, 14 years later, people still bring up Moneyball when talking to Swisher.
To this day, people bring up Marshall's 2877 triple game in conversations with him.
You can bring up key details from your conversation if you reconnect later on.
There are also hotkeys to bring up ancillary information like outlines, research, or notes.
There are a host of other things the women bring up in their suit.
It's frustrating because, nearly every person they bring up—we don't look anything alike!
Bring up anything you have in common to keep the dialogue moving and positive.
That's another good thing to bring up, that he's noted as this genius programmer.
He said he would bring up the #MeToo movement, despite reports to the contrary.
Booker was the only other candidate to bring up issues specifically affecting trans people.
Each time they bring up the latest vacation or new car, I feel sick.
They did not bring up publicly ... They have all this power and they didn't.
How frequently do people bring up that goddamn Portlandia "Pickle That" skit to you?
Tap your profile icon in the top left corner to bring up the menu.
Manoush Zomorodi's eyes used to glaze over when she heard someone bring up blockchain.
So let me bring up something we might actually be able to disagree about.
She said she'll try to bring up drug pricing bills during ObamaCare replacement discussions.
I too have the occasional adverse reaction to the books my patients bring up.
Violations could bring up to three years in prison, according to the new legislation.
"Senator McConnell has no excuse not to bring up the USMCA," Pelosi's spokesperson said.
Does the quotation evoke any imagery or bring up an emotional response for you?
We bring up the papers and we look at the headlines while we eat.
The U.S. will "absolutely" bring up 5G at the NATO meeting, an official said.
"It was a topic you couldn't bring up with them," Mr. Douglas-Hamilton said.
Canberra is a great place to bring up kids, but ain't no holiday destination.
Why did you choose to bring up Weinstein pretty early on in the episode?
How should one bring up someone's internet behavior in person (or even over text)?
Trump continues to bring up Clinton's emails as a way to rally his supporters.
You can bring up to two guests or immediate family members in with you.
To be sure, there are many efforts to bring up money in the classroom.
Ansari didn't bring up his own story until the very end of the set.
We read the poems together and we discuss the ideas the poems bring up.
And people often bring up Gates to me, because Gates is not the Sacklers.
So you bring up the WTO, which is likely to object to these tariffs.
When on the date, it's not a good idea to bring up ex partners.
Aipac instructs its volunteers never to bring up politics or donations in lobbying meetings.
Do you want to help bring up the next generation within your country then?
Turkish courts had to bring up "Gollum experts" to assess whether this was insulting.
That's something you usually need to bring up for it to be a conversation.
Most topics you'd bring up for discussion, he would shoot down, and school you.
Share your fears with your journal or a trusted professional who won't roll their eyes when you bring up an ex who still weighs on your heart, or who won't get uncomfortable if you bring up a topic like grief or pain.
There's also a reference to Kentucky that I need to bring up as well, strangely.
It's fun when you can bring up a young player and he's got that energy.
I don't bring up the subject after that; I don't want to focus on it.
If you need to bring up the full clipboard history, tap the Win+V keys.
This opened the door for Abraham to bring up the engagement ring into their conversation.
Also, I just want to bring up one thing that we glossed over last week.
When I bring up this issue with Silvia from Positively UK, she becomes understandably irate.
Although the behavior might be part of a larger pattern, don't bring up past incidents.
LEVIN: This anti-semitism you bring up, it&aposs spreading in America, isn&apost it?
The search engine will bring up prices for the item from a multitude of retailers.
And even though she didn't bring up Kihuen in her remarks, he was nonetheless mentioned.
Then I add that if things get too convivial, I just bring up Elizabeth Warren.
When people bring up the subject, it's almost always a "one-sided conversation," friends say.
You bring up the dialer, toggle the switch marked "Translate," and then select the languages.
I'm happy that it did bring up those things over the course of the season.
She recently took to Instagram to bring up the benefits of pineapple juice, once again.
So why did Williams bring up WeChat and not WhatsApp, another globally successful messaging app?
On your Nest Learning Thermostat, press the ring to bring up the main menu.2.
Entering "yay!!" should bring up an excited emoji while "/ponies" offers up a surprise too.
Things got even more heated when Harris proceeded to bring up the 1975 busing bill.
Wong made a point to bring up Monday's debate in comparison to past presidential debates.
It can also bring up relevant YouTube videos to watch on the Home Hub dashboard.
Donald Trump is threatening to bring up Bill Clinton's infidelities in the next presidential debate.
From the home screen, hit the Bixby button to bring up the main Bixby app.
So I can understand why someone would wait years to bring up a sexual assault.
A unique feature includes the ability to bring up a command prompt through your browser.
Danny Ainge would be smart to bring up the 230 Dallas Mavericks during Boston's pitch.
A long load time to bring up a huge world like Anthem's I can understand.
Further, to bring up Clinton's marital history would also make Trump's own marriages fair play.
Searches in Chrome or the Google app bring up a 3D card on the screen.
It may play a part in making decisions about how to bring up the child.
That should bring up a preview of the post, as well as the embed code.
There was no topic too weird or too personal for Mayer to bring up, unprompted.
But many games bring up another emotion, too, for Fink: He feels like a hypocrite.
Obama will likely bring up human rights in a Tuesday speech to the Cuban people.
Trump said this week he would not bring up Bill Clinton's past in that debate.
If Tinsley wants to bring up her reproductive decisions herself, we're all for that conversation.
So did President Putin bring up his concern about the deployment of the THAAD system?
She didn't bring up the past, or overreact; by all accounts, she was fighting fair.
Scroll through Twitter and you'll see people shamelessly bring up Hitler and Nazis essentially unprovoked.
However, searching for a trending topic doesn't always bring up the most relevant, newsy take.
Kara Swisher: We're going to very quickly bring up Gabe, come on up, Gabe Weinberg.
Swiping left will bring up the next card, swiping right will show the last one.
Kalanick had said that he intended to bring up Trump's immigration ban in the meeting.
Trump said he plans to bring up the issue during his upcoming meeting with Putin.
He warned he would bring up Clinton's past again if she attacks him over sexism.
If Trump must bring up the deal in Seoul, "then do so quietly," she continued.
"For some people, confronting the ghoster could bring up their fears and insecurities," Scott said.
What event did he bring up in his response to the Council of State's ruling?
The Red Sox will likely make a roster move Tuesday to bring up an infielder.
Offenses that involve kidnapping or result in death could bring up to life in prison.
Republicans haven't announced what other bills they might want to bring up during the shutdown.
I didn't bring up the fact that Zelda hadn't fared very well, onstage or off.
Far from stopping preventable murders, these laws bring up more red flags than they solve.
If you only see an arrow, tap this first to bring up the other options.
"They said it used to take six workers to bring up the couch," she said.
The only answer to that is in the images they bring up in the listener.
But they always bring up the escapes as an excuse not to grant me leave.
Mars's reentry into Scorpio will bring up those themes for you to work with again.
Forgiving bae means that you won't get to bring up that subject over and over.
Today's solar eclipse—in deep, emotional Water sign Pisces—will bring up some sensitive issues.
Left-hander Andrew Faulkner came on and walked Chris Davis to bring up Trumbo again.
I will have the Sonos slowly bring up some gentle NPR as I wake up.
"The North bring up disarmament talks and the withdrawal of U.S. forces", the official said.
Guests can also bring up to 3003 17-ounce cans or bottles of nonalcoholic beverages.
" Her husband, she said, beat him, insisting that he would not "bring up a poof.
The delicacy is prized and can bring up to $6 a pound in local markets.
"Susie would get up and say, 'I want to bring up John,'" Ms. Becker said.
Early-stage founders used to not proactively bring up these issues and now they do.
When I ask about his dream project, I bring up his years at boarding school.
But spelling out "fifteen" bring up pages of sponsored, shoppable products, eluding that same block.
"I bring up this issue even when I'm not asked about it," said Mr. Curbelo.
For bonus points, wait an hour to bring up that thing you didn't say earlier.
For instance, we can bring up the Mr. [William F. ] Browder in this particular case.
When people talk about Boogie they bring up the drama, on and off the court.
The most common issues her clients bring up are problems with their families or partners.
The comments about what one reader, ae, called "false dichotomies" bring up a good point.
He didn't bring up any workplace violation allegations leveled at the company from factory workers.
"A lot of people bring up Marciano, 49-0, Tyson, Foreman, and me," Wilder said.
It's breaking news and you bring up the website video and it's just the clips.
"(UMNO and PAS) bring up Malay, Malay ... they're already talking about racial issues," he said.
They could bring up amendments trying to impose fiscal restraints, spending cuts or military expenditures.
They will bring up issues with women suing Bloomberg LP over discriminating against pregnant employees.
Mr. Ramos also made a valiant attempt to bring up the confounding question of Venezuela.
Normally talkative, he can be evasive whenever the family tries to bring up a successor.
I don't want to bring up painful memories for her to alleviate my own guilt.
And people who would bring up Buttigieg often did so in the context of age.
Explain how candidates may bring up some things as a distraction or to get attention.
When Barouch and Michael talk about speed, they bring up their years of H.I.V. research.
Ted Deutch's argument to "bring up the assault weapons ban and close all those loopholes."
Grassley has made sure to bring up whistleblowers in public forums with the Trump administration.
Tap Settings at the bottom right of your screen to bring up the Settings menu.
While he castigated migrants, the president did not bring up the boy's death hours earlier.
I would rather not even bring up the topic, because I know what would happen.
Trump fired back, trying to bring up that Rubio repeated himself at a previous debate.
And these lacking villains bring up a bigger point about all three of these movies.
JG: Well, that was a question we bring up a lot in the first episode.
But I think you bring up a good point about Facebook's role across all medias.
It's weird you bring up doing it for money or instead of a real job.
Such rejections also bring up questions about the editor's relationship to both artist and writer.
So, at the risk of sounding like Carrie Bradshaw, SJP's comments bring up a few questions.
Trump is crass — he'll say the sexist thing that's not polite to bring up in public.
You tap on the icon and it may then bring up some information about the spot.
Members are allowed to bring up to two guests with them when they go to Costco.
And so, the President has mentioned that he&aposs going to bring up the election interference.
During "She Bangs," Martin's super-impressive dancers bring up an unsuspecting fan to dance with them.
GUTFELD: I think when you bring up food... TIMPF: Sort of a food - cheese flavored foam.
Hold down the Like button on the Facebook mobile app to bring up the new reactions.
Cohen said that "on several occasions," Trump would bring up the project and ask for updates.
Users can also bring up a high-resolution image of each palm mill using Google Maps.
He has continued to bring up the issue in media appearances since being recruited by Trump.
I had to bring up the major elephant in the room, though: Temi wasn't very tall.
That, apparently, prompted reporters to bring up quarterback concerns during a conference call on Friday morning.
Judging by Cruz's recent tweets, it's definitely possible he'll bring up American spaceflight on this anniversary.
"Vinny brought it up to me, and I wasn't going to bring up anything," she says.
But during a three-hour session Wednesday with Vought, Democrats didn't once directly bring up Ukraine.
Attempting to do so would bring up an error saying this feature isn't available right now.
You can search for events by keyword, or just bring up a map showing what's nearby.
The US is a meat-heavy country, although sushi did help bring up the fish consumption.
Again, not a great move — why bring up the ex when you can leave him behind?
In his anti-Semitic screeds, which occur multiple times a day, Duke constantly bring up Israel.
I thought maybe I would bring up my ex and how my relationship was really unfair.
Finally, Trump has pledged to bring up the topic of election meddling with his Russian counterpart.
Speaking of strength, please don't bring up these three dreaded words to Comer: strong female character.
He used his personal cargo allotment to bring up a gorilla suit, releasing the video above.
Bring up politics on the streets of the Bronx and you will be met with shrugs.
I bring up Obama and patriotism now because so many people are reflecting on his legacy.
Anyway, I can't bring up that ad campaign without pointing out that it was incredibly sexist.
I bring up Michael and Luis just as M professes to think of Michael and Luis. . . .
Their opponent is certain to bring up whatever hot button issue can cause the most damage.
Or even a way to bring up your desires in a safe, casual, and fun environment?
In America at least he could bring up his family peacefully with Torah and among Jews.
Tap on the top of the screen to bring up the menu, settings, store, search, etc.
Neither was a native speaker, but both were determined to bring up their children as such.
Each will bring up a complicated-looking settings page, with one item highlighted at the top.
Kovalev has a different vibe—bring up four guys in a Russian bathhouse and he'll laugh.
It's possible to bring up a small menu over the playing video with three options available.
Ziegler struck out Maikel Franco to bring up Howard, who walked on a 3-203 pitch.
So, for many of us, the #MeToo movement didn't bring up anything we didn't already know.
And big changes — no matter how you feel about them — tend to bring up unexpected reactions.
"You can sound pretty smart and bring up things that others didn't think about," Gourley said.
If you hang around with physics people long enough, some­one eventually will bring up Maxwell's equations.
If you bring up something that's bothering you, they make you feel guilty for mentioning it.
However, Stephen Colbert couldn't help but bring up a notable omission on The Late Show Monday.
They readily bring up the region's complicated history, but are more focused on poetry than politics.
Mattis said he intends to bring up the missile issue during the meeting, the AP reported.
Mookie Betts had doubled with one out, and Devers was intentionally walked to bring up Bogaerts.
Clicking into one scene will also bring up a simple editing function to shorten the clip.
Senators have said they will bring up the administration's response to Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi's murder.
The report cited low expectations from administration officials that Trump will bring up Russia's election interference.
Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is unlikely to bring up the legislation in his chamber.
He or she may verbally attack you in response, or try to bring up office politics.
The clearances and multiple roles could bring up potential conflicts of interest within the incoming administration.
They now hope to bring up a bill for consideration early in the new year. Rep.
Double-click it to bring up Sticky Keys' options in the Ease of Access center. 4.
It was the third attempt by Democrats to bring up the bill since the shutdown began.
KAINE: Elaine — Elaine, people shouldn't be afraid to bring up issues of bias in law enforcement.
One or all of them will surely bring up and, more importantly, advocate for the issue.
But when their reminiscing leads Staci to bring up Spin the Bottle, Parker clearly gets uncomfortable.
In my Uber there, I list off some conversation starters that I plan to bring up.
If you're going to bring up a touchy subject, do so when the time is right.
And you can bring up a list of spots nearby that they've recommended or commented on.
I don't want to bring up any bad memories, but does any one gaffe stand out?
Just open the case and, suddenly, your iPhone will bring up a prompt to pair them.
I think you bring up a good point, though, if you're a child of an entertainer.
She sold potatoes to support us and helped bring up my two younger siblings and me.
She responded that one person would occasionally bring up Bitcoin, then the room would clear out.
I bring up my last text, sent to Strane four hours ago: So, are you ok . . . ?
Trump's strategy to bring up the Clintons' history with women and sexual assault allegations was risky.
Among rank-and-file employees, it can bring up mixed feelings, especially about privacy and productivity.
Not once did anyone bring up religion or race or note that she covers her hair.
And though "lock her up" chants rang out, Mr. Trump did not bring up Mrs. Clinton.
Mr. Macron of France had said he intended to bring up the killing with Prince Mohammed.
Then, after the child has calmed down, perhaps over dinner, you can bring up coronavirus again.
Hedges then singled to bring up pitcher Ronald Bolanos with the bases loaded and one out.
McConnell has so far refused to bring up proposals that have already passed the Democratic House.
Many victims of sexual assault do not bring up their experiences for years after the events.
School leaders say teachers are intentional about stopping instruction for conversations when students bring up politics.
I just think those things are stupid to bring up whether they are true or not.
After that time did the president ever bring up anything about Michael Flynn again to you?
The company remains on a consistent mission to bring up the next generation of empowered women.
Sure, but it's also one of the jokes "BoJack" fans most frequently bring up, Hollingsworth said.
Biden was the only candidate to bring up gun violence in Wednesday night's debate in Nevada.
I won't bring up the name of Omar, Tlaib, AOC -- I won't bring that name up.
Senator Warren doesn't bring up President Barack Obama much, and when she does it's mostly positive.
Senator Warren doesn't bring up President Barack Obama much, and when she does it's mostly positive.
It's not the time or place to bring up transitions from one company to the next.
One merely has to bring up Grahame's novel and a certain sector of British society swoons.
McConnell tried to bring up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), but was blocked by Sen.
Every time you bring up an old memory, you rewrite it in a slightly different way.
"A number of participants in the (committee) did bring up the issue of tariffs," Powell said.
Bored fans start nitpicking, and eventually all that digging starts to bring up some odd notions.
Read up on other key money questions to bring up with your partner before settling down.
As you may have guessed, Holt did bring up the subject of Trump in his reporting.
It just made its splashiest, most star-studded announcement ever and didn't bring up the iPhone.
You can REAR someone (bring them up) and you can also bring up the REAR. 63A.
In response, "there are fun first amendment issues he [Shkreli] will probably bring up," Steele said.
I imagine that trying to do this would bring up all kinds of problems like that.
How often do people bring up the BSC to you, and what do they commonly say?
And I've tried really hard to bring up these issues with them, because ... Audience member: Wendy!
Some Ob/Gyns will bring up the option of genetic testing during your regular checkup, Westerfield says.
As Riverdale continues to spin into gangland, drugged-out confusion, it's a good point to bring up.
All of Apple's modern devices let you say "Hey Siri," to bring up Apple's smart voice assistant.
Chances are pressing on an app will only bring up a sharing option, and not much else.
Isiah is doing absolutely amazing, he's talking to a psychologist and we don't bring up the accident.
As long as you say something intelligible, Google Assistant can bring up the calendar results you want.
After you type a sentence, you can tap on the emoji keyboard to bring up emoji replacement.
Democrats on the committee repeatedly asked Barr to explain why he didn't bring up Mueller's letter earlier.
Another rocket could then bring up propellant from Earth, dock with the tug, and transfer fuel over.
Swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the camera's quick toggles and settings.
In an earlier debate, I heard you bring up even the 9/11 victims to defend it.
When 50 Cent didn't immediately bring up this post, Cohen wasted no time airing that dirty laundry.
The video prompted one person to bring up that old rumor that Kardashian's father is O.J. Simpson.
He's right; spending time with a stranger does bring up questions about safety, at least for me.
But the banks know that it is better to be first than to bring up the rear.
In your essay "On the Ward," you bring up involuntary hospitalization, which is a hot-button topic.
They've told me that it's okay to have these feelings, so I constantly bring up these conversations.
Football players Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford respectively bring up the back end of the top ten.
However, it does bring up the idea that maybe the Black Hood isn't one person, but several.
AL GREEN, (D) TEXAS: Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment.
Things like "show me my photos from last October" will bring up images stored on your phone.
Another simple way to support pangolins: Simply bring up the animal's plight in conversations around wildlife trafficking.
For a time, she felt too ashamed to bring up her mental health concerns with her boss.
Your iPhone will bring up all of your applications, and you can swipe to switch between them.
These include push, lift and shake to expand a card, bring up your apps or return home.
"When you're working late at night and your team decide to bring up the past!!!" he wrote.
You can type "jobs near me" to bring up relevant positions with salary and review info attached.
That had all settled down, and she had taken 15 years out to bring up her daughters.
I wish I could bring up my emotions more at the time, but it usually comes afterward.
Susan Collins tweeted that she'll vote against the procedural motion to bring up the bill on Wednesday.
Of course, you also can still swipe up from the bottom to bring up the app tray.
If that's the case, why even bring up what languages he thinks Akie does or doesn't speak?
You can bring up to three additional members of your startup for just an additional $997.50 apiece.
Most people are like, "What the hell are you talking about?" when you bring up pizza acrobatics.
There is nothing about Ivanka's path that can be replicated to bring up women in her wake.
But they face an uphill battle to get every senator to agree to bring up the bill.
But the key question going into the meeting is whether Trump will bring up Russia's election meddling.
When you put the words "Apple" and "headphones" together, it doesn't always bring up very positive thoughts.
Is a Senate hearing discussion of sexual exploitation the best time to bring up the actor's looks?
The public, by and large, when you bring up "deepfake," they don't know what you're referring to.
Another example allowed a user to ask Bixby to bring up all the photos taken in London.
In a lot of apps, I went looking for tabs only to bring up the font chooser.
"If you have nothing new to bring up, please stop emailing me about this topic," Bergstresser wrote.
If Trump were to bring up Russian interference in the 2016 election, that would change the calculus.
Given my career in media, I wondered: Was this something I could bring up in job interviews?
"We are trying to bring up an entire area," said Ethan Temianka, 32, the founder of Patriarch.
"An important thing that I want to be honest and bring up is Robin Williams," he wrote.
These days, searching for the word "prank" on YouTube will bring up a whopping 21.7 million videos.
In America, it is impossible to bring up Syrian refugees without someone else raising national security concerns.
Corker tried to bring up his bill and schedule a vote but was blocked by GOP Sen.
The Kentucky Republican, in turn, tried to bring up a GOP-supported conference report, but Nelson objected.
It took Sanders just minutes to bring up Trump, launching into a tirade as his supporters booed.
The trouble is, advance directives themselves bring up all kinds of problems in the context of dementia.
During the meeting, Feinstein does not bring up the confidential letter written to her by Ford. Aug.
I was so anti-watching that race because I just didn't want to bring up the memories.
Why not tell your friend that you feel obliged to bring up the issue with your doctor?
This will bring up a new pop-up asking you to enter the title of your map.
But a move by McConnell to bring up the legislation would set up an inevitable floor fight.
Asked by reporters on multiple occasions whether Trump would bring up Russian interference, McMaster refused to say.
Press the home button from the watch homescreen and you'll bring up a vertical list of apps.
So if you're healing a broken heart, you can bring up your erotic energy to your heart.
I want to leave you with this key understanding as to why I bring up this customer.
She said that in a recent survey of millennials by Verizon, they didn't even bring up networks.
My father has a funny platitude he likes to use whenever I bring up my dating life.
But it is far from certain that Trump will even bring up the issue of Russian interference.
Yoda, Luke, and Kenobi never bring up the midichlorians after the Republic dies because they know this.
You should also bring up the issue of whether she should discuss her situation with her brother.
It said Dorian could bring up to 10 inches of rain and winds up to 80 mph.
Beijing does not bring up uncomfortable subjects such as corruption, freedom of expression, democracy and human rights.
David: It's nice to hear a man bring up the importance of work-life balance for once.
Last week we got our annual reminder that those artificial demarcations can bring up some real issues.
But after "Bring Up the Bodies," the enterprise, like Henry, has put on weight and self-importance.
House Democrats are limited in what issues they can bring up, but lawmakers said they will try.
Khloé is concerned about the negative feelings seeing the man who broke her heart will bring up.
This event will bring up emotions surrounding our relationship with authority figures, highlighting our disagreements with them.
LaCuesta would bring up the manner in which their 18-year-old son Maison died on Dec.
Richmond on Thursday called on House Speaker Paul Ryan to bring up the resolution for a vote.
You can, if you want, make the PrtSc key bring up Snip & Sketch when you press it.
GC: Just very briefly, before we let you go, we must bring up the issue of tax.
Then again, maybe it's best not to bring up a cartoon monster's disappearing nipples in mixed company.
I am weary — and frightened — of her diatribes and no longer bring up any Trump-related topic.
Should I bring up his curt behavior with the store manager, who is always friendly to me?
And all those sideshows that the senator wants to bring up have nothing to do with that.
While Trump pressed Zelensky, he did not bring up military aid on the call, CNN reported Friday.
Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) tried to bring up the Senate's original deal -- spearheaded by Sens.
Instead, he tried to bring up the GOP-supported House-Senate conference report, to which Reid objected.
Trump on Wednesday said he did not know if Pelosi would have time to bring up USMCA.
ON COMEDY When our critic saw his show in December, the comic didn't bring up the scandal.
McConnell's move will allow him to bring up the legislation quickly once Republicans are ready to vote.
"We need to bring up the number of female conductors," Ms. Zhang told The Guardian in 2015.
Similarly, some may think that a trans person's genitalia is appropriate to bring up in common conversation.
The president reportedly did not bring up Russia's meddling in the 12.33 presidential election or other issues.
Additionally, the letters bring up the matter of when the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team was informed.
Clicking that will bring up the recent photos panel, where you can easily select and share photos.
It's unclear whether Trump will bring up the issue of Russian meddling in last year's presidential election.
Holy Islamberg was intended to be a refuge, a serene environment to pray and bring up children.
"You could say, of course, parents have the right to bring up their own kids," he added.
The unit holds a meeting once every three months and invites area residents to bring up concerns.
Alarmed, health officials began a systematic effort to bring up vaccination rates and halt the disease's spread.
Just in time for the state laws to change and bring up resentencing the shooter, of course.
Sources told Reuters that Macron did bring up several cases of human rights abuses during that talk.
And maybe the meat aisle is not the best place to bring up the implications of meat.
So some watching Clinton expected him to bring up his policy accomplishments and perhaps his presidential fumbles.
I've been trying to bring up some Discwoman DJs for Slut Island, but they're so busy now.
To see your 3D Bitmoji, tap the rear-facing Snapchat camera screen and bring up the lenses menu.
Mercury retrograde will bring up old wounds, but will also remind you of how far you have come.
Kneissl told a news conference she would bring up the issue at a cabinet meeting later this week.
On May 26, Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, which will bring up themes relating to responsibility.
" He continues, "There is a sentimental significance on the month of May that I need to bring up.
"I'd ensure there is sufficient good-quality protein, and then really bring up the good fats," she says.
I'll bring up one of my favorite parts of the film because I think it gets to this.
You get the dock by pressing the side button, which used to bring up that constellation of apps.
If you have an older iPhone, tap the home button three times to bring up the magnifying app.
So I&aposm going to -- I&aposm going to bring up his two movies from one screen theory.
They look at, again, it&aposs the jelly bean approach to-- SCHLAPP: Let me bring up two things.
In the past, therapists say it's been fairly uncommon for patients to bring up politics on the couch.
Whenever I bring up the subject with non-Malay they're shocked and can't believe it happens in Singapore.
"That's not a very cool(haus) thing to bring up in this very moment" Nanjiani said, pun intended.
ROBERTS: President Trump promised he will bring up Russian meddling in the election when he meets with Putin.
Hopefully, this goes without saying, but I would not bring up any physical fights or especially heated arguments.
The government had said Kerkhoff forgot to bring up the deletion when discussing edits but it wasn't intentional.
I reference my dad when I bring up being Native because I'm always doing it, qualifying my quantity.
These sessions are unstructured and usually see patients bring up their trauma organically, without direction from the therapist.
What did Robertson want to do — pitch to Josh Donaldson or walk him to bring up Justin Smoak?
At the training center, she, along with other instructors, will never bring up plastic surgery with a girl.
Now I recognize to be a mother, and bring up children well, is a massive achievement in life.
Select the family icon you want and long press on it to bring up the different skin tones.
Tournament host Tiger Woods signed for a 72 to bring up the rear in the 18-man field.
Now I get to bring up the ball, look for different options, be more of a point guard.
Starting today, tapping the camera screen while using the rear-facing camera will bring up new 3D lenses.
"Yes I did bring up the consular cases in Egypt with President al-Sisi", he added
I typically bring up that I'm not seeing anyone else on date 3ish and see what they say.
Though Megan does bring up a good point — watching men IRL experience the show could be somewhat cathartic?
Trump's decision to bring up the case is, however, revealing about his own approach to politics and life.
Holding down on certain apps will bring up shortcut options, akin to pressing down on an iOS device.
Minaj doesn't bring up this mysterious former love again until nearly the end of the 19-track album.
Trump has said he planned to bring up the Clinton infidelities at the face-off, but backed off.
Yet nobody wants to bring up their butt acne — or it's colloquial title, buttne — waiting for their latte.
I haven't seen the episode yet, but I'm sure it's going to bring up a lot of stuff.
I don't think he will bring up the Clinton Foundation because now he's in trouble with his foundation.
Google is also bringing augmented results so searches for certain terms will bring up an interactive 3D model.
I gratefully accept the other days for now and decide to bring up the Christmas issue again later.
Prosecutors did not bring up the school shooting accusation during initial court hearings Wednesday for the abuse suspects.
But too often people bring up a person's history to make him into a hero or a hoodlum.
Ausmus said the Tigers will make a roster move prior to Wednesday's game to bring up another pitcher.
And if you do bring up the offer -- you should be prepared to walk (or be asked to).
Bring up your contributions and how you have helped your company move past those times of economic hardship.
On Tuesday, officials finished plugging wells that bring up hot liquid and steam that feed a turbine generator.
He describes the ability to swipe left from the homescreen to bring up the new unified capture screen.
Albright also said he anticipated Hatch would bring up issues on intellectual property and international law enforcement cooperation.
Barrett uses humor to bring up darkly serious themes, and his prose reflects on racial identity in Nigeria.
Still, there was one key difference that I'd be remiss not to bring up: Movement didn't involve camping.
Her tongue-in-cheek video continues to bring up possibly the most common argument against gender inclusive pronouns.
He has been charged with a class-A misdemeanor, which can bring up to one year in jail.
And I do wanna bring up-- this is something, Warren, that we got viewer questions about too, randomly.
You bring up immigration so I thought maybe now would be a good time to talk about that.
Oh, while you bring up Bill Gates, Melinda Gates has got a book coming out on April 23rd.
Now the upper chamber is can't figure out whether it can even bring up a health care bill.
" Asked about McConnell's earlier plan to bring up the 2015 repeal bill, Cornyn said, "That's a big misunderstanding.
White and Asian women bring up the average for women overall to 80 cents for every man's dollar.
Pelosi has said she doesn't want to bring up impeachment unless she has at least some bipartisan support.
There's a full moon in Scorpio on Sunday, which might bring up some uncomfortable issues in your relationships.
"We have open dialogue with our allies on any issue that they want to bring up," he said.
It's pretty unlikely that Krzanich would willingly bring up his purge of the shares (estimated at $25 million).
Tap the App Store icon to bring up the app tray in Messages, then choose the Animoji icon.
I think you bring up a third piece that I hadn't thought about until you just said that.
Mallex Smith led off with a walk and, an out later, Santana walked again to bring up Vogelbach.
Why it matters: The rise of these car services bring up questions about the future of car ownership.
Before that, a discharge petition had last been successful in 2002 to bring up campaign finance reform legislation.
Some decided to bring up a couple of politicians that most definitely had it more rough than Trump.
The House is set to bring up its version of the WRDA bill next week, Ryan said Thursday.
Trump told reporters that he would bring up election meddling in his one-on-one meeting with Putin.
But McConnell has said for weeks that he will not bring up a bill that lacks Trump's support.
Once you bring up the Samsung Pay screen, the function is activated with a tap of your thumbprint.
Asked about Cornyn's offer, Durbin laughed before noting that McConnell would not bring up a stand-alone bill.
"I never talk about Trump," Cox said when asked if he will bring up the President in conversation.
"Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment," Green said on C-SPAN.
Puzzle entries bring up a lot of things for people, but anxiety attacks usually aren't one of them.
There are all sorts of things I could bring up in this column that I'm not going to.
Mr. Trump has said he may bring up Mr. Clinton's sexual affairs on the debate stage beside Mrs.
Tolokonnikova also expressed disappointment that Trump did not take the opportunity to bring up ongoing civil rights violations.
But when Democrats previously controlled the Senate, they did not bring up a similar bill for a vote.
A swipe up and a pause will bring up your open applications, which you can easily swipe through.
The Atlantic storm season could bring up to 17 named storms, reports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
She responded by refusing to bring up for a vote the resolution that would allow Trump to speak.
Maybe someone on the pro-nuclear side there can bring up the nuclear gap in the ministerial talks.
"On tariffs, a number of participants in this FOMC did bring up the issue of tariffs," he said.
Other times, the tours bring up raw memories for visitors who have arrived in the last three months.
And GOP leadership has refused to bring up previous versions of the legislation because of Republican infighting. Sen.
The Mercury retrograde in Virgo will bring up some past pain; this is a powerful time for healing.
When I bring up PrEP with a female friend, more often than not, she's never heard of it.
Bring up clogs, and watch what happens to the person you've been struggling to make chit-chat with.
This does bring up one issue with Upthere, though: It doesn't natively integrate into your local file system.
Urban Avenger's job is to tell people how to bring up their children, not to do it herself.
Meanwhile, Cohen wants to bring up his own issues with Fusion GPS and BuzzFeed News in the courtroom.
Haley would go through a confirmation hearing in the Senate, and a senator may bring up this issue.
In an afterword to "Bring Up the Bodies," Mantel explains just how thin the record is on her.
He plans to invite other industry executives — he's allowed to bring up to seven — to the meet-up.
You bring up an interesting point about how at least Charles Murray has the veneer of scientific legitimacy.
Yet in his opening remarks seated alongside the Russian president, Trump didn't bring up the election interference issue.
As the Verboten story unfolds more details are emerging that bring up more questions than they do answers.
And new conversation partners can bring up different points that can totally change your perspective, Ms. Morton said.
Indulgent amenities like wine cellars "are also something you can bring up at cocktail parties," Mr. Bond said.
In Consent Project meetings, students bring up topics that don't necessarily come up in school-sponsored consent workshops.
Return to your own life experiences to bring up the topic — after all, you need these documents too.
But PhRMA also opposes that measure, and many doubt McConnell will bring up even that more modest bill.
If you even bring up the prospect of agricultural work to parents, it raises all kinds of alarms.
Buttigieg, in responding to a question about appealing to diverse voters, did bring up his sexuality Wednesday night.
"The idea they were sterilized because they were disabled isn't something anybody wants to bring up," he said.
Flake has previously asked for consent to bring up the bill for a vote twice since mid-November.
"I wouldn't bring up this stuff with women," he said of the latest scandal plaguing the Republican nominee.
They called Buttigieg "down-to-earth" and were quick to bring up that he, too, is a Midwesterner.
While that may bring up concerns about job loss, Lau said they&aposre not too worried about that.
"Wolf Hall" and "Bring Up the Bodies," the first books in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy, have sold millions.
But when we get into arguments, he'll bring up things like, 'You're a dopehead,' and it's really hurtful.
It created tons of pain for parents [and] grandparents trying to bring up their kids the right way.
In the upper right corner of the email, click the three dots to bring up the "More" menu.
Felicia Sonmez, a reporter at the Washington Post, was one of many people to bring up the incident.
If you want to pick a fight, bring up Eli Manning and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
If your employer offers a feedback survey, that could be a good way to bring up the issue.
This month at least gives people a time where if you bring up race, everyone doesn't get nervous.
Senators may bring up other concerns, such as immigration, spending bills or the Iran deal, say GOP aides.
Smith didn't say anything about Fox during his remarks, nor did he bring up President Trump by name.
This was when I was still chugging liters of water before my appointments, to bring up my weight.
But when you bring up digital, we are thinking of different ways to rethink the consumer ordering experience.
If you must bring up a tough subject, do so with compassion "Whatever, CNN," you may be thinking.
This will bring up the Snipping Tool pop-up and add a gauzy filter over the whole screen.
And my god, if you want to get the president talking, bring up Clinton's emails, three years later.
But veterans groups argue there's still a stigma, and some vets are reluctant to bring up the issue.
It's unclear if any of the trio will vote for a procedural motion to bring up the bill.
At any moment during gameplay, users are able to pause Delta to return to bring up a menu.
It was not so long ago that climate change was a topic broadcast meteorologists would not bring up.
COLUMBIA, S.C. — It only took one minute for Joe Biden to bring up a former segregationist Friday night.
Did people bring up the role of unions much when you were talking about how the county changed?
Still, they should at least be engaging with you in some form when you bring up your ambitions.
And if you're someone who doesn't have children, that particular detail can bring up a whole lot of questions.
They'll bring up their big loss years later, and talk about it like spousal infidelity or a bitter divorce.
Again and again, critics bring up an early piece of narration as particularly indicative of the series' ideological shortcomings.
Press and hold the Home button to bring up Google Assistant, then tap the Google Lens button (bottom right).
Whatever class you teach, though, I think it's important to bring up a discussion of the nature of science.
Don't be the first to bring up salary; ask questions about how they reach their initial offerings and ranges.
If you store or share images with Drive, the same text-based searches will bring up results there, too.
It was exhausting and I couldn't get a word in, but never once did he bring up my looks.
"It is a bit of an uncomfortable day because it does bring up divisions within the community," Mundine said.
The system uses a number of personal details, including your SSN and birthdate, to bring up a salary history.
In the case of Terminal 5, I could bring up floor plans for four levels and one underground floor.
A.J. Pollock followed with a single to center to put runners on first and third and bring up Owings.
With a long or deep 3D Touch press you can bring up a bigger slider for more granular control.
Swiping it up "opens the phone" and then if you keep swiping up it'll bring up the App Switcher.
I haven't figured out how far to swipe, and then how far to hold, to bring up the multitasking.
Sure, this could bring up some heavy conversations, but leaving things up to chance is a far riskier option.
For domestic worker advocates, physical abuse like sexual harassment and assault has been difficult to bring up and address.
When I discovered that, I realized that I could tie her deal to mine to bring up her quote.
It's an answer that could be crucial to your relationship, but prickly to bring up on a first date.
H: I'm actually glad that you bring up New Orleans, because I know the film is really anchored there.
The duo also bring up the state of gadgets and whether or not there is a gadget apocalypse approaching.
President Benigno S. Aquino III "is kowtowing to Japan so he will not bring up the issue," she said.
If you've ever seen a therapist, you know the kinds of emotions that a single session can bring up.
"I can tell you I never hear somebody bring up the Mueller report," Democratic National Campaign Committee Chair Rep.
Swiping to adjust display brightness and system volume is faster since you don't have to bring up sliders first.
He is also 18 years old, and legal, a fact he did bring up in his No Jumper interview.
The Speak can bring up music from Amazon's services, but in our testing, it wouldn't play songs from Spotify.
Beginning on October 30th, users can search for "The Chef" in the app, which will bring up the story.
The best way to get a conversation started at a party is to always bring up your favorite artist.
When I discovered that , I realized that I could tie her deal to mine to bring up her quote.
Yup. Rinna felt Vanderpump had her employees bring up #PuppyGate to get Kemsley mad at Richards and Mellencamp Arroyave.
Ashley: Well, now if we're on the topic of bad push notifications, I want to bring up two things.
On the flip side, most people have a tendency to get defensive when you bring up "neediness," she says.
After he netted a forehand to bring up matchpoint he then fired another recklessly wide to end the contest.
"Don't every bring up killing my child again because my child could get killed," Girardi shot back, through tears.
Anyway, I want to bring up Helena Foulkes to come up and talk to us... Helena Foulkes: Hi everyone.
Tapping on a button will bring up more optionsThis is what appears when you tap on the brush icon.
In the year 2019, the night before Juneteenth, you intentionally bring up your past willingness to work with segregationists?
In a crucial moment like that, who has time to bring up apparent flings at the Four Seasons Hotel?
Bruce Babin, a Texas Republican, when asked Thursday whether Trump should bring up names like Monica Lewinsky and others.
In fact, 80 percent to 90 percent of the animals, the species we bring up are new to science.
Click the notifications icon to bring up the Action Center sidebar, then choose Tablet mode to make the change.
Tenor is going to help Google bring up GIFs inside Google images and other services like Gboard more easily.
The panel does bring up other questions we have yet to answer, like: Is sex with a robot cheating?
"Shooting those scenes did bring up some personal feelings for me — which I sort of didn't expect," she said.
We haven't had to bring in an outside guy that we had to bring up to speed on continuity.
"Don't every bring up killing my child again because my child could get killed," Girardi shot back through tears.
The idea could bring up concerns about privacy, but Krzanich has already thought of how to minimize those worries.
With a button on the side of the phone, you can bring up an overview of all your modules.
If you want to reply or take any other action, you tap the notification to bring up those options.
Trump said earlier this week that he did not plan to bring up the Clintons' marriage at the debate.
It's interesting, I always say the only time they bring up standards is for people of color and women.
Be cordial, but don't allow yourself to be baited into conversations requiring opinion or that bring up old memories.
But, typically, confabulations are events or behaviors from the past that people bring up and apply to the present.
I'll be like, 'First of all, I don't think it's very polite to bring up someone's recently deceased mother.
If China and Japan perform at a high level, it will help bring up the Asian total sporting performance.
" Trump said that he didn't want to bring up the former President's personal scandals "with Chelsea in the room.
When I'm dating someone, I'm terrified to bring up my condition because I'm terrified they'll somehow see me differently.
So oftentimes if I would bring up a concern, I would be embarrassed and struggling to bring it up.
And if for some reason these tweets haven't convinced you and you just have to, don't bring up butter.
Despite rumors, the Republican legislature did not bring up a bill to add more members to the high court.
Here you have to wait until a song is playing, then swipe down to bring up the volume slider.
This full moon will bring up many sensitive issues—everything from sex to financial stuff like inheritances or debts.
Today's solar eclipse will bring up these issues for you, as big shifts take place around your public life.
IF HUMAN beings could have conversations with animals, many a conservationist would bring up the subject of invasive plants.
Being a smartass with almost everything I bring up, Burkett confirms, that this is absolutely happening in real life.
It's unclear if Murphy will try to force a vote or bring up his amendment on the Senate floor.
Toomey, meanwhile, was blocked by Durbin when he tried to bring up his amendment on the Crime Victims Fund.
Test of who can bring up the 9/11 terror attack the most times in a five-minute duel.
"It also helps people understand that if (depression) occurs, this is a safe place to bring up those concerns."
The sun, Neptune, and Saturn collaborate to bring up themes of financial security and stability in your personal life.
A lawyer for Gawker, Seth Berlin, tried to bring up the issue of Mr. Thiel as new discovery material.
While the government says peace could bring up to two percentage points of growth annually, economists are more skeptical.
That is only one of many ethical questions that the sci-fi versions of brain-computer interfaces bring up.
Natural curls bring up pleasant associations of being on vacation sans products or tools, at once unfussy and feminine.
I bring up this checkered track record because I wonder if once again our collective reporting isn't fueling misperceptions.
Her and her 113-year-old daughter often listen to podcasts together and discuss the issues they bring up.
Senate Republicans want to vote before the August recess, giving them roughly two months to bring up a bill.
I could just bring up Alexa by saying "Alexa," but I don't always like talking to myself in public.
But this is a fair point to bring up in isolation—creators are only responsible for their own behavior.
Once enabled, using that phrase with Siri will bring up the information directly from Kayak without launching the app.
On May 26, Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, which will bring up themes like responsibility and maturity.
"He could very well bring up Amazon, " Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a Fox News interview.
But the president did not bring up that topic during the Cabinet meeting, nor did he address the poster.
If you want to bring up your backwards politics with me or lump me in with them...fuck you.
It's a fair point to bring up considering Drake is being very vocal about what's acceptable in rap beef.
She glanced to her periphery to bring up his daily log and noted his face-to-face interaction improvement.
If you're unsure, you can actually bring up your discomfort with the way things are going to your therapist.
I mean, "millennials are babies" does bring up 10 million hits on Google, so I guess it was accurate.
In particular, the central bank has struggled to bring up core inflation to its aim of about 2 percent.
This will bring up a prompt instructing you to add the movie to Memories before you can edit it.
It doesn't replace a real doctor's visit, but it could spark some topics to bring up with your doctor.
Maybe it would have been better to confess, but it was impossible to bring up my momentary murders now.
Populist supporters would often bring up refugees as a focal point and physical manifestation of larger, more abstract fears.
And yes, to bring up the big turkey in the room, Thanksgiving is upon us; here come the relatives.
We hadn't planned to bring up single-payer health care; the focus group was about the Affordable Care Act.
In some instances, it can be a literal script for how to bring up difficult topics with a partner.
Take the remaining marinade and pour it directly into the hot pan and bring up to a low simmer.
She's dropping a lot of attitude in this clip ... especially when one photog dared to bring up President Trump.
Amy Schreibman Walter, London — Never bring up similarities between your spouse and your mother-in-law during a fight.
" — SAMANTHA BEE "How is it never the right time to bring up assault allegations against a rich white dude?
Your boss may not feel any motivation to bring up the subject while you're making life easier for him.
They bring up the fouls, the messy breakup with Sacramento and the word "frustrating" gets thrown around a lot.
You&aposll be able to bring up to two guests into the lounge for a fee of $50 each.
Airlines know who their best customers are, and they're the ones they'll bring up if there's a seat available.
"You would bring up his brother, he would just shut down," recalled his girlfriend from that time, Tennisha Grant.
That's what makes it hard to bring up the not-so-sexy question about their financial and debt situation.
And see if you can bring up the topic indirectly so that you don&apost come across as intrusive.
He also touted a deal reached with congressional Democrats to bring up his signature trade agreement for a vote.
To change the aspect ratio, swipe up on the screen to bring up a new row of camera settings.
A user might be able to say "Hey Siri" to bring up Apple's smart voice assistant while wearing them.
" Mr. Williams, the campaign adviser, said: "I don't think any campaign worker should bring up anything about the foundations.
But the large flow could bring up to 2 feet of water to the streets east of the reservoir.
But while she spoke about the alleged demand for a threesome, she did not initially bring up the groping.
Previously, teams could bring up anybody on the their 40-man roster in September, often carrying 203-plus players.
These are topics you can bring up with your boss in concrete ways, particularly if you can suggest solutions.
When I bring it up in my class, my students react, they wake up when I bring up bitcoin.
Adopting an aggressive infrastructure program would help bring up some of the lagging parts of the economy, Cohn said.
The single men on Manus would presumably bring up the rear, if accepted at all with Trump in office.
"A number of participants in the [Federal Open Market Committee] did bring up the issue of tariffs," Powell said.
Menendez pushed to go into a private session to bring up his concerns, filing a motion that ultimately failed.
Kemp did not bring up the flag burning at the debate and has not commented on the incident publicly.
Trump tweeted that he was looking forward to the meeting and that he intended to bring up trade issues.
You can also bring up photos of people or places if you have them tagged with a voice command.
The majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, said he would not bring up any legislation Mr. Trump did not support.
He said he will also bring up the issue in talks within the G7, which France chairs this year.
Unfortunately, instead of asking you what you thought of the "Girls" finale, I've got to bring up Donald Trump.
She rebuffed him, only to have him bring up the incident years later during a phone conversation in 1995.
They've spent nine months coming up with different health care bills rather than bring up what the House passed.
You can bring up a quick app launcher, pull down the notification shade, save split-screen app combos, and more.
Once you do, Facebook will bring up an in-app browser that takes you through the existing websites for Delivery.
If we talked about sex, we needed to talk about sexuality, and I wasn't really ready to bring up either.
Hold down on the Home button to bring up the Google Now on Tap interface, then tap the Share icon.
When I bring up a conventional notion that Gen-Zers are all talk no action to Shahidi, she gets defensive.
Yet it is virtually taboo to bring up, in mainstream discourse, any of the distorting aspects of our governmental structure.
Plenty of apps, including Shortcutter (freemium) and Launchify (freemium), bring up shortcut menus with a swipe or a custom gesture.