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It requires a body politic that sees bodies, gendered bodies, colored bodies, disabled bodies, L.G.B.T.Q. bodies, and declares that bodies matter.
As the sages tell us, heavenly bodies compel every body: celebrity bodies, financial bodies, philanthropist bodies, political bodies.
Many of Weegee's iconic shots — guilty bodies, distraught bodies, naked bodies, curious bodies, sleeping bodies, bodies watching movies, crowds of bodies, mostly from the late 1930s and early 83s — focus on spectators.
I started to research the history of bodies, the fat bodies and the thin bodies, the short bodies and tall bodies, the strong bodies and the soft bodies, and all the ways we've tried to change them to be other bodies.
I imagine new structures and mythologies born from the choreography of female bodies, non-gendered bodies, bodies of color, disabled bodies.
Queer bodies, bodies of color, trans bodies — those are not the bodies given to us by Catholic churches or white evangelical churches.
There were black bodies, white bodies, one Asian body, tattooed bodies, hairy and smooth bodies and one trans body, skewed three to one toward men.
"Sex parties in a diverse city such as New York, especially when centered in the sex-positive community, are full of all types of bodies: fat bodies, trans bodies, disabled bodies, bodies with diverse genitalia, people of many ethnicities," she says.
I learned about the evolution of bodies and the destruction of bodies and how our bodies are remarkable machines.
According to the Associated Press, the remains included three bodies, two heads without bodies, and two bodies without heads.
It has no biological preference for black bodies, for women's bodies, for gay bodies, for youth or for the poor.
There were hands everywhere to the ball, bodies on bodies.
"Their bodies are much different to men's bodies," he said.
They are our bodies, the bodies of many of us.
In Bullwinkel's creepy, deadpan debut, bodies become objects, objects become bodies, and bodies and objects fuse and part in fascinating, unsettling ways.
They didn't say, "I'll love myself when…" These women were loving themselves in the bodies they had and reminding their followers that all bodies are good bodies; and all bodies are worthy of love.
Public service announcement: No bodies are wrong, especially little children's bodies.
Bodies collided with other bodies, crumpling and splaying onto the grass.
The way we talk about bodies, and especially fat bodies, matters.
Rescue teams also found 11 bodies and fragments of other bodies.
Hiding some dead bodies affects how other dead bodies are viewed.
"They really care about what they put in their bodies, on their bodies and how they strengthen their bodies," she said of that audience.
Male bodies are almost always muscular, while female bodies are drawn thin.
These are either grown clone bodies or donor bodies, nearly totally organic.
Women's bodies are grabbed and held, and women's bodies struggle to escape.
All About Girls' Bodies and Boys' Bodies," and "It's Not the Stork!
The couple draw each other's bodies, draw each other seeing each other's bodies, draw each other thinking about their own bodies while touching each other.
We all live in bodies, bodies that we must maneuver through the world.
You are spreading awareness that all bodies are good bodies to your children.
As their bodies changed, so too did their feelings towards their own bodies.
Just bodies, just bodies, I tell myself as I wait for the bus.
"Aristocrats have better bodies, bodies are racialized," says Laqueur, summing up the idea.
It's about how people have thought about their bodies and treated their bodies.
Those bodies are the ones to be controlled, while male bodies remain free.
My students were right: Hiding some bodies affects how other bodies are seen.
Numerous black artists have depicted enslaved bodies, lynched bodies, maimed bodies, and imprisoned bodies in the early stages of their careers — and then moved away from such politically charged subject matter without having their morality or sense of responsibility impugned.
Stop asking us questions about our bodies, and making the focus about our bodies.
"There are a lot of bodies, a lot of bodies of children," she said.
This was a good reminder that bodies are bodies and gender is a construct.
"In reality bodies are just bodies," they wrote on the caption of another photo.
Maybe that's why "bog bodies"—the bodies of dead people—are so well-preserved.
It requires accepting and respecting bodies, finding new ways for bodies to feel safe.
They're about real women's bodies, and real doctors practicing real medicine on those bodies.
Being sexy, I thought, was something reserved for thin bodies and thin bodies only.
My two girlfriends were standing naked beside me, and their bodies were their bodies.
Bodies fall apart, bodies are reassembled, as in "Frankenstein" or a vision of heaven.
We've all got bodies, and all of our bodies are policed in radically different ways.
Too often, women's bodies — particularly celebrities' bodies — are treated as public property to comment on.
It's just another reminder that bodies, and women's bodies especially, are scrutinized wherever we go.
Then I saw the bodies splayed over other bodies on top of islands of trash.
Some have bodies, and, like humans, they find that those bodies are susceptible to abuse.
"I'm trying to walk through with dead bodies everywhere — bulging eyes, contorted bodies," he said.
The bodies this military lexicon surveils are the same bodies it attempts to make invisible.
It's more about the moment when bodies mix, and the shapes of the bodies collectively.
Authorities found 42 bodies on the Abaco Islands, and eight bodies from Grand Bahama island.
And crucially, the bodies are not stripped of their ethnic physicality to model other bodies.
Women have to wash the women's bodies and the men have to wash the men's bodies.
That's a rare attitude when it comes to any topic about our bodies — particularly women's bodies.
In a show where all bodies are a commodity, female bodies are more disposable than most.
But then you have Hirschhorn, who shows us wrenching images of destroyed bodies, even children's bodies.
You might wonder why I'm doing this instead of just saying male bodies or female bodies.
The physical interjection of black bodies into a space occupied by white bodies is extremely pointed.
They might start running out of bodies, or at least bodies anyone wants to bother watching.
Amid this signature elasticity, Mr. McGregor now adds emotional gestures: heads in hands, bodies cradling bodies.
Imagine all those bright bodies, all the bodies you can, the noses, the eyelashes, the hopes.
Subsequently, he allegedly wrapped their bodies in a tarp and a tent, loaded their bodies into an SUV and drove 50 miles to a bridge in Annawan before dumping the bodies.
So far two bodies have been found and Italian media said two other bodies had been located.
"We push our bodies so hard, and our bodies need time to rejuvenate," Brady told Sports Illustrated.
We are here with our bodies since our bodies are being threatened in so many different ways.
So it was all about security, protection, and visibility of black women's bodies, women of color's bodies.
It will take high-resolution ocean measurements, and track how bodies of water bodies change over time.
Spatial Bodies depicts the urban landscape and architectural bodies as an autonomous living and self replicating organism.
When we all put our bodies on the line, some bodies are more likely not to return.
With the game cartridge askew, the characters' bodies gruesomely contort like bodies in a Heironymous Bosch painting.
Perhaps this kind of thinking about bodies, bodies as separate or entwined, is a product of vision.
"Our Bodies, Ourselves" is celebrated for making information about their own bodies accessible to millions of women.
CH: But the women who used their own bodies a lot, in performance, had very perfect bodies.
Which bodies receive their educations without detriment and which bodies incur violence because they do not, cannot, comply?
"Trans people who can safely change their bodies, tend to take better care of their bodies," he says.
There is someone of every age who cares about what goes on their bodies and in their bodies.
The road is littered with bodies and bodies of great, great cooks who could never become great chefs.
"There were bodies all over the place…we were just running through all of these bodies," Hoff says.
Rainwater washes away all of the chemicals away into the water bodies and the water bodies get polluted.
Meths clone their bodies, and resleeve into new ones long before their bodies' life spans are used up.
She also discussed that cultural dichotomy we tend to have when discussing pregnant women's bodies versus motherhood bodies.
SOUTHAMPTON "WATER|BODIES," works by New York Academy of Art and other artists inspired by bodies of water.
Especially dangerous for women, our bodies already so vulnerable in ways that the bodies of men are not.
In this state, they tuck in their legs and expel all moisture from their bodies, preserving their bodies.
The planes — both long-haul wide-bodies, and short-haul narrow-bodies, belong to SAS, or Scandinavian Airlines.
The career-surveying TINA BARNEY (Rizzoli, $100) lays out her themes: bodies occupying space, bodies and their possessions.
What he finds astonishing now is not the bodies falling from above but the bodies rising from below.
The retrieval, unwinding the bodies from the tree, picking up bodies out of the river or the ocean.
" JAYNA ZWEIMAN - Co-Founder, Pussyhat Project - "Respect for women's bodies and respect for women as not just bodies.
All of our bodies have marks, freckles, stretch marks, cellulite, hair, creases, and there are bodies that menstruate.
White male bodies have a great value in the sense that the people who inhabit them make the most money, but it's ultimately female bodies that carry greater value as bodies, aka de facto objects.
Bodies are so weird, and reliance on bodies is almost at cross-purposes to where we are technologically speaking.
It's because of societal loathing and the ways in which people talk about our bodies and frame our bodies.
Our bodies are mortal by design, so we may just need to upload our minds into robot bodies instead.
Bodies uncurl their fingers, the bodies breathe, the children come home from school, and S. emerges from everybody's pores.
Our own bodies are full of ingenious solutions created through evolution; so are the bodies of other living things.
"We feel like our bodies are on the line so we're putting our bodies on the line," Paluso said.
There were some bodies floating on the surface of the ocean, but most of the bodies were on shore.
SOUTHAMPTON "Water|Bodies," works by New York Academy of Art alumni and other artists inspired by bodies of water.
SOUTHAMPTON "Water | Bodies," works by New York Academy of Art alumni and other artists inspired by bodies of water.
SOUTHAMPTON "WATER|BODIES," works by New York Academy of Art alumni and other artists inspired by bodies of water.
Our bodies, and more tragically, the bodies of our children, are paying a price in toxicity for big business.
"I saw dead bodies of civilians and others ... moving with blood on their bodies," he told Reuters by telephone.
So the tools, the skills, and then about bodies: like most women under several centuries of misogyny and patriarchy, we really knew very little about our bodies and had a lot of embarrassment about our bodies.
They then wake up to discover their bodies have been replaced with powerful machines that look like their old bodies.
Nine bodies had been recovered by midday on Monday and a search for the remaining bodies was ongoing, Kanyiri said.
"We are in the process of identifying bodies, none of the parents can claim their children's bodies yet," he said.
Fed up, the body positive activist is clapping back at critics who believe that only skinny bodies are healthy bodies.
Where other wearable companies measure and track our bodies, Wearable Media wants to use our bodies to track the world.
But it represents something big: Bodies of global governance, like bodies of national governance, can in principle serve various constituencies.
Transplant organs are precious commodities that require surgically precise logistics to get from bodies that deed to bodies in need.
If women are to value and treasure their bodies, free of shame, the violation of those bodies must be intolerable.
So for one thing we're just doing our bodies and our children's bodies a favor by cooking our own food.
There are no wrong questions our daughter could ask about our bodies, body parts, and how miraculously our bodies function.
An American helicopter swoops down to retrieve the bodies of the four American advisers, but leaves the Vietnamese bodies behind.
Ardern said Sunday that authorities had started returning identified bodies to families, and all bodies would be returned by Wednesday.
"They said because of the condition of the bodies, they will go ahead and bury the bodies," Ms. Sesay said.
But the report focused only on the narrow definition of bodies, or parts of bodies, of people who once lived.
"Some of the bodies get severely damaged in these kinds of explosions and it's possible for some bodies to get completely destroyed or break into parts, making the identification of full bodies difficult," said the ministry statement.
The contract provides for the production of the warhead bodies with a guaranteed production of 300 bodies during the first year with a possibility of up to 3,500 bodies in the subsequent four years, the statement said.
They found that active traits, like "quarrelsome" or "enthusiastic" were associated with more "shaped" bodies, while passive traits, like "trustworthy" or "easy-going", were associated with rectangular bodiesbodies where curves were evenly proportioned and waists were undefined.
If we are criminalized for what we do with our bodies, the reality is clear: women do not own our bodies.
If bodies are our currency and pleasure our capital, investing in keeping these bodies as desirable as possible only makes sense.
However, there was still a shortage of bodies available, so schools and researchers relied on "resurrectionists" to steal bodies from graveyards.
Stereotypes and a cultural of criticism have plagued the way women look at their bodies and the bodies of other women.
I am trying to reclaim our bodies, reclaim the ways our bodies get depicted, reclaim the ways we see one another.
"As a growing young woman SI showed me all bodies are different and all bodies are worthy of celebrating," she wrote.
Bodies, especially bodies that are unembalmed, can sweat and make it hard to pull tight things up legs and over arms.
Women have bodies, and sometimes those bodies have sex, and this, the logic goes, calls their ideas and work into question.
This is about trying to regulate people's bodies and in turn assigning control over their bodies to politicians and other people.
Bodies lose themselves in other bodies, melding and morphing in a representation of the act of attempting to forget the self.
She seems more interested in moving bodies around rather than showing us what the minds inside those bodies might be thinking.
But is a future of genetically engineered bodies, or of no bodies at all, the kind anyone would want to inherit?
The camels' bodies will be burnt or buried if they are accessible, but in remote areas, their bodies will be left.
The bodies of 27 migrants were recovered in Libya yesterday, adding to the grim discovery of 74 bodies earlier this week.
Lynching photographs were intended to code black bodies as criminal, beatable, killable, and to code white bodies as purveyors of justice.
Some bodies find a better home in this life than others; some bodies struggle to carve out their own safe spaces.
She said families would receive the bodies of victims starting Sunday evening, with all bodies expected to be returned by Wednesday.
Even though avatars have cartoon faces and bodies, the realistic way their bodies move and interact creates a surprisingly realistic vibe.
Certain bodies are going to be more sexualized than other bodies, purely because of the way we're used to seeing them.
That's why dead bodies decompose, but in a sense, it's also a way that our bodies live on after we die.
It includes instances in which bodies were used without donor or next-of-kin consent; donors were misled about how bodies would be used; bodies were dismembered by chainsaws instead of medical instruments; body parts were stored in such unsanitary conditions that they decomposed; or bodies were discarded in medical waste incinerators instead of being properly cremated.
"Spatial Bodies depicts the urban landscape and architectural bodies as an autonomous living and self-replicating organism," Aujik tells The Creators Project.
Our bodies are slow to traverse great distances, they have trouble meeting other bodies, they sit alone in rooms on Saturday nights.
Why do we always have to talk about fitness in terms of changing our bodies, rather than taking care of our bodies?
Nonetheless, theKarJenners' bodies have become sites of moral judgement and criticism in a way famous male bodies are almost never subjected to.
The bodies of the men, between the ages of 15 and 42, were found in two vans, their bodies burned beyond recognition.
Girlhood is a time where we innately trust our bodies: Without thinking twice, we catapult our bodies into somersaults on a trampoline.
It involves the transmission of low-frequency acoustic signals within or among human bodies and even between those bodies and their environments.
According to one estimate, the system involves 40 statutory bodies, 15 royal colleges, 18 trade unions and more than 20900 professional bodies.
How is it that in 2017, we have total control over what our bodies look like but not what our bodies do?
For Wearable Media, wearables aren't just about tracking our bodies, but determining how our bodies look when they're interacting with our environment.
"Bodies are scattered all over the sloppy hill, so security personnel are having difficulties collecting bodies and rescuing the victims," Sharma said.
Next, we used our triceps to pull our bodies up on the silks and practiced tucking our bodies to do a flip.
After all, plus-size bodies are in the spotlight now, but what of all the other bodies that don't look like Barbie?
Bodies have long been sites of political conflict, with the state taking an interest in the production of healthy bodies for labor.
Due to the condition of the clothed bodies they were identified through dental records and "extensive tattoos" on both bodies, he said.
The statute recognizes different bodies — women's bodies — as deserving of equal care in ways that, to date, the Supreme Court has not.
"In modern warfare, for example, bombs are not so much targeting bodies but the physical structures that house those bodies," explains Khan.
To survive as workers, we have to deny, on some level, the realities of our bodiesbodies that age and give birth.
Women's bodies are their own, and women must always be the decision makers when it comes to medical decisions about their bodies.
"Dead bodies had floated up (and the) current of the flood water had washed the bodies up against the road," said Taylor.
It's not enough to show women being happy in their bodies, if all those women are culturally considered to have "perfect" bodies.
After the Taliban left the area, security forces started evacuating bodies and bombs placed under the bodies exploded, killing two police officers.
"We have found bodies almost completely intact, and we have found bodies that were nothing more than ash and bones," he said.
Because obviously I've worked with loads of dead bodies – not actual dead bodies but people playing dead bodies – and it's not that easy, everyone struggles with it, it's really hard when you have to keep your eyes open or stop breathing.
On the other hand, the historical management of and obsession with bodies—particularly pertaining to reproduction (female bodies) and sexual identities (intersex, hermaphrodites, and transsexual bodies) and racial ones (from slavery to biased policing)—are still pervasive in modern society.
As we navigate this uniquely treacherous moment in American history, when so many bodies are at risk, when so many bodies are in pain, we have the choice, and I would argue the obligation, to pay attention to those bodies.
"We have found bodies almost completely intact, and we have found bodies that were nothing more than ash and bones," the sheriff said.
Bodies dumped on roads In 2012, the dismembered bodies of four people, including three journalists, were found in a canal in the state.
Here, as throughout this show, bodies in space — sculptural, filmed, photographed, painted; dancing, abstracted, celestial — are fundamental to the artists' bodies of work.
"It's important that people listen to their bodies, and are in tune with their bodies, because often, your instincts are right," he says.
In addition to women reclaiming agency over their own bodies at the SlutWalk, they were also demanding that their bodies stop being violated.
"Wish you would talk more about how bodies after a baby aren't the same and that mom bodies are ok," one follower wrote.
Porn actresses use their bodies as instruments for their work; new moms use their bodies as instruments to nourish or nurture their children.
In Skylines, dead bodies are carted from homes to cemeteries via hearses (which, weirdly enough, can carry up to ten bodies at once).
He added that several bodies had washed up in the northwestern Japanese prefecture lately, including two bodies which were discovered on December 9.
All athletes eventually age out of the games they excel in, because bodies, even supremely capable bodies, are imperfect and subject to time.
The group encourages people to take the Body Acceptance Challenge, a pledge to accept their bodies, respect others' bodies, and fight weight stigma.
"Our bodies are always with us, and the various sensations and aches that all bodies experience are also always with us," Robertson added.
Where are bodies placed, how are bodies morphed for dramatic effect, and how is Spider-Man framed differently from his meeker alter ego?
Deep divers carry tiny bubbles of air in their bodies, and fish have swim bladders; both expand as bodies ascend and pressure decreases.
The same way our bodies need the regular exercise, our brains and bodies may also need a regular normal dose of real fear.
"There were trapped bodies, parts of bodies, blood all over the place and people's handbags and shoes scattered," one witness, Ukeme Eyibio, said.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Sunday that authorities had started returning identified bodies to families, and all bodies will be returned by Wednesday.
Medical schools use donated bodies to train students, and experienced surgeons train with donated bodies to learn how to place new medical devices.
The sensors, the stuff you put in our bodies and things like that ... the altering of your own bodies, it's really big stuff.
"It's about bodies — queer bodies and our relationship with our bodies," Jeffrey says of his spring 2019 collection, which featured tops and smocks with padded lumps and distensions that seemed both a comment on body dysmorphia and an appeal for self-love.
The anti-doping watchdog also calls on world governing bodies of sports implicated in the inquiry report to consider action against Russian national bodies.
Bodies hackers and DNA collectorsPhoto: APBack on Earth, humans have been developing new ways to augment their bodies, occasionally with some pretty bad results.
Of course, I added, self-acceptance takes practice, especially when you live in a culture that says all bodies need fixing (large bodies especially).
Baby gay me had convinced myself, so sweetly, that embracing my queerness would propel me into some parallel universe where bodies are just bodies.
It's not just what we put in our bodies that can have a detrimental environmental impact: What we put on our bodies counts, too.
In "Girls Parlor" (1986/1990), we see the off-kilter bodies of two women on a couch — just their bodies, from neck to floor.
Our bodies have a particularly strong response to blue light, which suppresses a hormone called melatonin that prepares our bodies for sleep, Dasgupta says.
Our bodies wait for winter to kill all the bad, negative energy that's in our physical bodies, and that's in our thoughts and minds.
Some criticized the aquarium saying that the tweet was cultural appropriation and was aligning the bodies of black women with the bodies of animals.
The agency warned: If bodies are exposed to electric fans or air-conditioners for too long, it causes bodies to lose water and hypothermia.
Authorities initially found three dead bodies with their hands bound and faces covered before discovering the other bodies and human remains, according to AFP.
More bodies recovered at the scene Authorities recovered six more bodies from the scene late Wednesday, according to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett.
First of all, drugs have a different effect on female bodies than on male bodies—which results in a higher mortality rate among women.
OCME workers are taking precautions in handling bodies, sanitizing the outside of the body bags and the surfaces that the bodies touched, Davis said.
In "Real Women Have Bodies," women are infected by a mysterious illness that causes their bodies to fade away, leaving them naked and insubstantial.
"We are trying to identify the bodies and also trying to contact the Myanmar Consulate in order to identify the bodies," Colonel Krissana said.
"Our Bodies, Ourselves" was originally a booklet titled "Women and Their Bodies: A Course," self-published in 1970 by the Boston Women's Health Collective.
"Hamas holds the bodies of Hadar and Oron," he wrote referring to the bodies of the two Israeli soldiers, Lt. Hadar Goldin and Sgt.
Six bodies were retrieved from the island on Friday, and officials believe the remaining two bodies are now likely to bein the surrounding waters.
DETROIT-BODIES Bodies of 11 babies found hidden in former funeral home in Detroit: police The bodies of 11 babies were found hidden at a former funeral home in Detroit on Friday after authorities received an anonymous letter leading them to the remains, police said.
"It is not conventionally beautiful bodies that take my eye, it is bodies which show their history, that have been altered by their experiences, that are decorated with bruises, scars, spots, stretch-marks, veins— bodies that have the marks of life on them," writes Hewett.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads "Truth heads into naked people bodies bodies whole complete living naked women avoid facial expression make bodies expressive of feeling," scribbled painter Lucian Freud in one of the sketchbooks now on display at London's National Portrait Gallery (NPG).
"There is no question that creating a pornographic representation of women's bodies in a moving sex machine objectifies, and commodifies, women's bodies," the report reads.
Therefore at any given time, as one believer in this theory said in 1892: 'We have... men in women's bodies, and women in men's bodies.
Related Post Some would argue visibility and fame don't protect black and brown bodies in the ways that those things offer shields for white bodies.
He put their bodies in trash bags and dumped them Her husband dumped the children's bodies in trash bags off a dirt road in Alabama.
" Sandy Ward, whose four grandchildren and daughter-in-law were inside the church, told MSNBC News that her son saw "bodies on top of bodies.
Women's bodies are very different than male bodies; the way that we store fat is different, and the way that we lose fat is different.
Society especially sexualizes black women's bodies, which is a problem for athletes like Williams who are trying to use those bodies to, you know, compete.
Seen from a different angle, the line of a body suddenly sings, the space between bodies suddenly seems palpable, as potent as the bodies themselves.
So the state is deciding for purposes of its own that it owns women's bodies, and that it can control what happens with those bodies.
Their bodies will produce more hemoglobin — the molecule in blood to which oxygen binds — and more oxygen will be carried to their brains and bodies.
Demand drove the passage of legislation allowing the dissection of unclaimed bodies from hospitals and morgues, which, for generations, meant the bodies of the poor.
But it is well established that there are many bodies to dispose of, and there is precedent for the burning of bodies by security forces.
She said on Sunday that authorities had started returning identified bodies to families, and that the bodies of all victims would be returned by Wednesday.
Their bodies even have special pockets for their fins when they dive, making their bodies smoother and allowing the whales to conserve energy and oxygen.
But we are not just a brain in a jar; we are also bodies, and what we do with those bodies can influence the brain.
The door opened again, this time in the parking lot of a San Antonio Walmart early Sunday, revealing a horrific scene of bodies upon bodies.
Publishing some images while suppressing others sends the message that the visible bodies are somehow less consequential than the bodies granted the privilege of privacy.
The act of tracing bodies recalls the trope of chalk outlines at a crime scene, with the family's bodies imagined as both living and dead.
The bodies of 2763 passengers have so far been found and many of the remaining bodies are buried under ice and snow, state media reported.
He talks about women who are very pale, with beautiful long hair and so forth, but never any actual bodies, and men don't have any bodies.
But most conversations about what athletes put inside their bodies to enhance athletic performance wholly ignore what athletes put on their bodies to enhance athletic performance.
That is okay and that is beautiful…As a growing young woman SI showed me all bodies are different and all bodies are worthy of celebrating.
It made perfect sense to me to make body care products that were about healing bodies -- bodies that had been used and abused for so long.
SHILLUE: Yes, but he wants us to put our bodies on the line so Michael Moore, he wants bodies on the line, we need a wall.
Our Bodies, Our ServersAs if our connection to the Internet of Things wasn't intimate enough, network-enabled and software-dependent devices are now inside our bodies.
Swift is speaking for women everywhere, who, by the mere fact that they have bodies, are constantly subjected to the opinions of others about said bodies.
Offering greater deals to women with larger breasts relies on tropes that serve to objectify women's bodies and to shame bodies that have naturally small breasts.
We're with Marjanovic here: It's time we got over the idea that fat bodies are unhealthy bodies, and that all slim people are healthy and happy.
"Bodies of 69 people, including children and elders, have been handed to their relatives," Qaderi said, adding that more bodies could be lying under the rubble.
Tamblyn spells out the new rules, which men (and women) can accept or keep needlessly fighting against: You're either with our bodies or against our bodies.
Although we may not be treating our bodies as well as we should, we're also pushing to find the limits of what our bodies can do.
"Circadian rhythm" is the term we use to describe the cycle our bodies (and the bodies of many animals) go through in a 183-hour period.
Some research has shown that in adolescence, girls tend to become more dissatisfied with their bodies, whereas boys tend to become more satisfied with their bodies.
Neves also said Azul had agreed to send 17 aircraft to TAP: two Airbus A330 wide-bodies, nine Embraer E190 narrow-bodies and six ATR turboprops.
Surely it was understood then – if not before, through the power of biology and observation – that teenage girls with bodies will become young women with bodies?
In Wildfire Test Pit, black bodies are given central placement, sometimes literally dividing broken white bodies or using crumbling plaster casts as a kind of scenery.
Whether bodies of water or bodies of women, cheese Danishes or a Dewalt drill, VLM perpetually tests the border between subject and object, matter and mind.
And don't get me started on our postpartum bodies.. it can be harder to celebrate our bodies when they're covered with stretches marks and loose skin.
They saw their own bodies as entirely theirs and other people's bodies as at their disposal; apparently nothing in their lives led them to believe otherwise.
Projections of each actor dart across the space, pursued by the live bodies of those same actors, bodies that never quite catch up to the video.
That led some to suspect that bodies were being burned in nearby security facilities like the Mezze airport, where former detainees have reported seeing bodies burned.
"It was an incredibly symbolic piece about women's bodies and about the male animus towards women's bodies," said Ms. Akalaitis, a director of the pantsuit performance.
Hunt's stories are peopled with women who don't fully trust or understand their bodies or their minds, or the places where their bodies and minds overlap.
We live in a country that loves the trappings of black culture on white bodies but not on the bodies of those who created these looks.
I teach my students to depict the specifics of every inch of the fetal bodies, until the drawings become profound examinations of bodies stopped in time.
Three bodies will be brought back to Pakistan to be buried, he said, adding that he has asked New Zealand to hasten return of the bodies.
But the relationship the Kardashian sisters, including Kim, have to their bodies and to society's standard of what their bodies should look like is not typical.
Mass grave of 500 bodies unearthed outside Mosul Mass grave of 500 bodies unearthed outside Mosul A mass grave was uncovered outside of Mosul this weekend.
"A person in fat acceptance believes that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that all bodies have equal value," says Sarai Walker, PhD, a contributor to Our Bodies, Ourselves and author of the bestselling novel Dietland (Sarai herself is fat, as is her heroine).
"It's yet another example of the policing and weaponization of Black bodies—in particular, Black women's bodies," said Justin Tinsely, sports and culture reporter for The Undefeated.
These "connected products" are making technology more intimate—so intimate that we wear them on our bodies, and soon, we may even carry them inside our bodies.
Issue 6: Following sonorous bodies, invites writers and artists to work with the processual methodology of following in order to think with and through various sonorous bodies.
Though we all know all bodies are beach bodies, one adorable golden retriever named Riptide is doing his best to get toned for the sweltering months ahead.
Three dead bodies were found aboard their vessel the next day, and the following day, four dead bodies were found on a boat that washed ashore nearby.
The Sabratha municipal authority said it had recovered 43 bodies from the site as well as the remains of what it estimated to be six other bodies.
To say we are "defined by our bodies" is too small a phrase; our bodies are treated as public property, available for commentary, critique, and much worse.
The view of women as modified men "continues the overused trope that female bodies are unnatural or abnormal, thereby ascribing normality only on male bodies," says Bonaparte.
The bodies of the four migrants reached Palermo, Sicily, on Monday aboard the Norwegian rescue vessel Siem Pilot, which carried 206,100 rescued migrants and 13 other bodies.
"Their bodies are so destroyed that Dix said their three bodies don't add up to one whole human," she said, pointing out their various injuries and deformities.
That we, the predominantly white audience, were consuming and exoticizing their bodies, as white people have consumed black bodies, for entertainment and gain, for hundreds of years.
My hope is that, over time, my kids will understand how their bodies work, how their bodies interact with others', and what can happen as a result.
Not only will cities need to prepare for more bodies, but, by Hauer's assessment, it's possible they may need to prepare for more bodies that need assistance.
While such wetlands may not be physically next to major bodies of water, they can still drain into such larger bodies through underground networks, Mr. Holman said.
I seen an army fall before, & in the end it was the rats who swallowed every last gilded thread on their bodies & chewed up the bodies, too.
Although law enforcement is still awaiting official confirmation of the identification of the bodies, given Todt's confession, they are confident the bodies are those of Todt's family.
The smallest mass grave, found in Mosul, contains eight bodies while the biggest, the al-Khasfa sinkhole south of Mosul, is thought to contain roughly 4,000 bodies.
Before I saw Brown's body in the newspaper, I thought nationality shielded some dead bodies from view and made other dead bodies available for people to see.
Now, more people seem to recognize that the problem is not that women have bodies — it's that other people feel entitled to those bodies when they aren't.
They find rewards smuggling in their own bodies under the sign of a practice that renders these bodies more valuable, more sophisticated, and present in unanticipated ways.
When the war was over, the rest of the world became familiar, through photographs, with what Szapocznikow knew intimately from her own experiences: desiccated, emaciated corpses stacked in piles, their skin like rubber, their bodies collapsed into the void created by starvation; dismembered bodies; bodies whose insides and outsides could no longer be distinguished; not to mention her exposure to the suffering of those bodies while they were still inhabited.
We have watched the pixelated black bodies of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland being pulled, dragged, beaten, and shot, the bodies that stood over them — their uniforms, their badges, their holsters — bestowed with an impregnable sense of authority over the bodies they looked down upon.
I think this made me really susceptible to how bodies are in space, how they move through space, and how parts of those bodies make that movement occur.
Preschool-age kids receive lessons about anatomy, with the help of dolls, and learn about the differences between male and female bodies and how bodies change over time.
"You could see bodies missing arms, bodies with stomachs out, and a trail of blood on the ground," a man named Rigorov, who lives in the area, said.
But to me, these girls, a lot of whom I know and have interviewed, are very aware of their bodies and how their bodies exist in the world.
These poems explore labels — both their usefulness and their limits — as well as the complexities of human bodies, specifically black bodies, visible, not hidden, but not for consumption.
How can racialized and gendered bodies — and I mean literal bodies — resist the structural and social powers that would have them do the bidding of disembodied Universal Man?
We have this huge amount of data that we're still learning about at an incredibly rapid pace about our own bodies and how our bodies work. Mm-hmm.
"I love how bodies move, and I love exploring bizarre positions, twisting bodies as far as people will let me," the New York- and Toronto-based photographer says.
Forensics experts determined that the first two bodies were of an adult female and a younger girl, while the second barrel contained the bodies of two young girls.
Problem is, the process left their bodies behind, and Delos is in the process of scooping up all those bodies to see what can be salvaged from them.
These mutilations were inflicted onto the bodies after death, which suggests the villagers were actively trying to prevent the bodies from being able to rise from the grave.
In sports, of course different body types are to be found in different sports, but the bodies also change over time and different bodies change in different ways.
At least 11 bodies have been uncovered and a serial killer was suspected, although investigators have said Gilbert's death was not connected to the other 10 bodies found.
Beyond the line, water could condense as ice, so the bodies in the outer solar system are water rich and the inner solar system bodies are water poor.
Just as hot water has the inverse effect of making our bodies cool before sleep, taking a cold shower make our bodies warm up, making sleep more difficult.
Thousands and thousands of these bodies were collected in the ethnological museum in Berlin, all these institutions throughout the West that are collecting Indian bodies … for knowledge, right?
It's a disgusting trend of hate and malice that only furthers my point on the importance of loving bodies and accepting bodies, no matter what they look like.
The United Nations' human rights bodies, the International Criminal Court and regional human rights bodies are being undermined by governments attempting to evade oversight of their domestic records.
There is something about wrestling with the body, your body, other people's bodies, and how horrifying other people's bodies are that helps you deal with sexuality in life.
"We have found bodies that were completely intact, and we have found bodies that were no more than ash and bone," Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano told reporters.
K., we're going to do things that aren't common — we're going to mix our bodies, we're going do strange things, as if our bodies were only one body.
They referred to "dominion over our bodies," and included the phrase "free, impure and savage bodies," suggesting criticism of the church's conservative social positions on sexuality and abortion.
We know that what's at stake in this election is our bodies and the bodies of our kids and nephews and Muslim friends and transgender sisters and brothers.
The bodies build on each other, all the bodies in their found paradise, rhythmically finding the same beat, mounting and grooving and intensifying until they break into blossom.
"Instead of poisoning their bodies, [this generation] is actually seeing what their bodies can do if they were at their efficient maximum," Antsis said of alcohol's damaging effects.
Beginning April 3 and continuing throughout the month, Gay's magazine Unruly Bodies will feature 24 writers on what it means to experience the world in unruly bodiesbodies that are too fat, or too hairy, or too disabled, or that otherwise transgress the boundaries constructed for them by polite society.
"The bodies have been floating deeper into the sea," Elbarghathi continued, adding that this was the biggest number of bodies retrieved by the Zawiya team in a single mission.
Following disappearances, bodies are found in rivers, "the victims have their arms tied behind their backs and sometimes their bodies are weighed down with stones to make them sink".
Zoe's film critically foregrounds this connection between the scripted working bodies of scientific management and the prescriptive archive of gestures that pathologized certain mental afflictions, especially in female bodies.
In this age of nihilism the American dream is being executed day by day by the genocidal warfare from black and brown bodies by other black and brown bodies.
Their bodies were found on Saturday, along with the bodies of Rachel McGlothlin-Pee, 43, her 12-year-old daughter, Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee, and Rachel's mother Marsha Nuckols, 65.
The Bottom Line: What other people tell us about our bodies makes a huge impact — but what we say and think about our bodies is a big deal, too.
It was normal to see bodies in the trash heaps, bodies floating in the river, normal to just walk by and do nothing when a stranger cried for help.
"Our governmental bodies have already proven that they can make it work with parents serving in elected bodies, including bringing their baby with them, including breastfeeding," Emmanuelle told Glamour.
"The company, via its corporate security arm, works together with public security bodies and reports any security-related incident to these bodies," a spokesman wrote in an e-mail.
The way cinematographer Lyle Vincent (who also shot Girl) captures the warm glow of healthy human bodies makes it all the more shocking when those bodies are physically violated.
In this age of nihilism, the American Dream is being executed day by day by the genocidal warfare against black and brown bodies by other back and brown bodies.
But Siegel said that even in the purest bodies of water, like the Great Lakes, scientists have found residues of antidepressants like Prozac in the bodies of local fish.
We were guilty: black bodies occupying a space that defied the optical politics of who belongs where — bodies which could have easily been executed with the slightest wrong move.
"We left the dead bodies and escaped from the area," he said, speaking near a group of bodies brought to the governor's office in Kunduz later in the day.
For example, Fuisz and his team showed me how they could dance around their office while bright, squiggly lines overlaid their bodies — and then they erased their bodies entirely.
" According to the memo, Mr. Guzmán then "ordered his workers to dig a hole in the ground, throw the bodies in the hole and light the bodies on fire.
"Both bodies were made by these two guys, but neither of them named these bodies of work 'the constellations' themselves — they were named by other people," Mr. Rower said.
Emergency response teams have raced to dig out survivors and dispose of bodies but the central morgue is overwhelmed and many bodies are feared trapped under mud and rubble.
Its premise is that the biggest barrier for endurance athletes is not what their bodies can achieve, but how much suffering their minds will allow their bodies to tolerate.
It's difficult to think of a woman, and impossible to think of a family of women, whose bodies are scrutinized and judged as much as the Kardashians' bodies are.
With our human bodies, we were given the ability to feel pleasure through the senses — and to show gratitude for having been given our bodies, we can experience that pleasure.
Her candid representations of weathered female bodies ask the viewer to reflect on the impact time has not only on our physical bodies, but on our spiritual psychology, as well.
The devaluation of women's bodies in ballet starts early, and the casual assumption of male control over those bodies is normalized to the point of being completely unremarkable, even unnoticeable.
"Why should we dignify them and remove the bodies?" one soldier said, when asked why the bodies were being left to rot in the 47 degree Celsius (116 Fahrenheit) heat.
Leggings fit all kinds of bodies, they don't drastically reshape bodies, and they allow the silhouette of the body to be more visible than it is in most other pants.
We could talk about the nine bodies Mexican authorities found hanging from a bridge in August and the seven other bodies they found hacked to pieces in a nearby ditch.
"We are embalming bodies so that we have more capacity as new bodies are brought in," Duane Sands, the Bahamas Minister of Health, told the New York Times on Thursday.
Black lives matter should not be a controversial statement where there is recognition that bodies and groups of bodies have received disparate treatment in our past and in our present.
They then filled the other graves with cadavers from people who had donated their bodies to science: one grave held one body, one contained three, and another had six bodies.
Rescuers worked past sunset to search a bus thought to have bodies inside and a home where three bodies were already found, state fire department spokesman Pedro Aihara told reporters.
Hard-liners might be down in Iran's elected bodies — they lost the presidency and lost their majority in parliament — but they still hold the powerful unelected bodies I mentioned earlier.
Recovery teams who retrieved six bodies from the island on Friday, have so far been unsuccessful in locating the final two bodies despite several hours of searching over the weekend.
Still, if you talk about bodies you are liable to see bodies: that is to say, people stripped of their humanity, their agonizing choices, their humble ambitions and their hopes.
"So often as young girls, as women, we're told that our bodies are for looking a certain way or being decorative or for shrinking or building up, a much more visual message of what our bodies are meant to look like, versus what our bodies are meant to be doing," she said.
Are we so committed as a society to making women feel terrible about their bodies that it's not enough to shame them for having bodies with the "wrong" distributions of fat and muscle and bone — we also have to sabotage any and all efforts to make those bodies look good with clothes on?
It never dreamed the world would take the digital editor and use it to put celebrity heads on porn star bodies, distort women's bodies in magazine cover, and create vile memes.
Since the 235s, however, the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies has conducted periodical censuses of religious bodies in an attempt to get a complete picture of American religious life.
Slashing weapons do horrible damage to human bodies, but the movies have always been coy about positioning the doomed mooks Wolverine takes out, concealing the wounds and dropping the bodies offscreen.
The researchers also chose to expose the rats' entire bodies to radiation to mimic the situation with people who hold their cell phones on different parts of their bodies, Bucher said.
That is to say, people are no longer confining themselves to the classification of the bodies they were born with or society's rules for what those bodies can and cannot do.
Something about ancient art, like Egyptian hieroglyphs and images of bodies being iconic or powerful, means something to the history of how black bodies are depicted and owned by black creators.
She can yell about being a good person as much as she wants, but she's the one covered in viscera, hiding bodies, while revealing the need to hide even more bodies.
I saw their naked skeletal bodies standing upright, bones clearly visible through paper-thin flesh, and I saw the horrific piles those bodies made when they were stuffed into mass graves.
We did not see the bodies of the children and adults murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School nor did we see the bodies of those killed recently in Las Vegas.
Scientifically, this requires the kind of advanced tissue science that is currently being developed to allow us to swap failed organs in our bodies with replacements grown outside of our bodies.
Obsessively legislating women's bodies In the last few years alone, out-of-control legislators have made countless efforts to regulate women's bodies while they have done little to regulate anything else.
"Dozens of bodies were completely burned, and dozens others were unrecognizable after bodies were splattered in pieces from the airstrikes," said Ali AlSharafi, a local shop owner who survived the attacks.
A man moved by the writhing bodies of Syrian children subjected to a sarin attack should also be moved by the bodies of other Syrian children washing up on Turkish beaches.
In a tweet Thursday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said the bodies found "could correspond to the bodies of the three journalists," adding that they were working to verify their identities.
"Our bodies are parts of our minds and if we take care of our bodies, then, in turn, that will help us have better emotional lives and mental health," she says.
"Maybe people are just mineral-deprived and their bodies are subconsciously compelling them to lick the salt lamp, just like stranded fishermen's bodies compel them to eat fish eyes," Strange said.
This is the counsel given by Cormac McCarthy, who in his novel No Country for Old Men describes savage brutality enacted on human bodies by other human bodies in this way.
Food media tends to be pretty prescriptive, telling us a bit too often that what we put in our bodies may be silently killing us and corrupting our fragile, fickle bodies.
" Zach Miko, a model, tells men who want to be more confident in their bodies to stop apologizing for their bodies or making jokes at their own expense: "Take yourself seriously.
Initially, the flames did not appear hot enough to burn the bodies, so authorities said Ivery went to a gas station for some gasoline and then threw it onto their bodies.
"I've been in practice 38 years and there are many people who are just absolutely in tune with their bodies, and with eating, and they live in larger bodies," Resch said.
She knew some people believed that bodies didn't matter, that only the soul counted, but she believed that God had created bodies for a reason and that they mattered a lot.
Songs in regular rotation included Eminem's "Kim" ("Sit down, bitch / If you move again I'll beat the shit out of you") and Drowning Pool's "Bodies" ("Let the bodies hit the floor").
After being identified, investigators found blowfly larvae in the third stage of development on their bodies, implying that the eggs had been laid before the bodies were thrown into the river.
We feel the resonance of "Negro" deep within our bodies; with it, we make clear that our words are targeted toward our fellow Negroes, who feel it in their bodies, too.
LONDON — Bodies come in all shapes, sizes and colours.
" Another added, "Girls shouldn't be ashamed for having bodies.
Women's rights — women's bodies — are under siege in Washington.
NAIROBI, Kenya — The bodies were found in horrible shape.
" Still, he maintains, "our bodies have intrinsic moral meaning.
"We saw bodies ... it was a catastrophe," he said.
" He explained: "I prefer younger women's bodies, that's all.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European national consumer bodies pressed Volkswagen (VOWG_p.
EC: A lot of my work has to do with how we reside in our bodies, how our bodies relate to gravity, and how we can (or cannot) connect to the universe.
The Vault 7 leak reminded us that our machines aren't secure—and, because those machines lived in our homes and on our bodies, they rendered our homes and bodies insecure as well.
Thanks, in part, to women like Mindy Kaling and Amy Schumer, we're seeing a shift in representation of both women's bodies in general, and the bodies of female characters who enjoy food.
Trauma lives in the cells of our bodies and it affects the neuroanatomical pathways of our brain; it is completely natural for being a victim to be a part of our bodies.
Women's bodies were meant to do exactly this, so when our bodies, our babies, or society get in the way of this natural act, many mothers face frustrations they weren't prepared for.
The spokesperson added, "What we did say on the discovery of the bodies is that considerable efforts had been made to conceal the bodies, and that police had to excavate the garden."
Jones is facing the death penalty for killing his five children and driving hundreds of miles with their bodies in his SUV for a week before disposing of their bodies in Alabama.
"We have removed the last bodies that we knew about," said Paolo Cortelli, a member of the Alpine Rescue national service who helped to recover about 30 bodies from Pescara del Tronto.
As in: they have flipped their bodies around on snowboards so fucking hard that there is now officially nobody in the world who is better at flipping their bodies around on snowboards.
Woman's 911 call leads to discovery of 3 bodies in Ohio The woman was rescued, Grate was arrested, and authorities found the bodies of two other women in and near the home.
"Society tells us to hide our bodies and our sexuality so we will be safer — not to mention trans, queer, bodies of color that are basically told to just disappear," adds Felizi.
The bodies of an adult female and two more bodies of children "appeared to have been swept away into an area behind the houses by fast moving floodwaters," according to the release.
BeoutQ has been accused by soccer's governing body FIFA, tennis governing bodies and other sports bodies of illegally airing content whose exclusive Middle East television rights belong to Qatar-based broadcaster beIN.
"Some of the peasants in Mozambique were calling some of our people to say, 'We see bodies, we believe those bodies are coming from Zimbabwe,'" said a local government minister, July Moyo.
He seems to not understand that there is a huge difference between women talking about, and to, other women about their bodies, and a man talking down to or mocking women's bodies.
So I think that once that happens, so people take their attention off their bodies—because there's way too much attention on these bodies, physical skin and color and all that stuff.
Perhaps MandinGO (AJ Harris) represents the twinned problems Gary is flirting with: the vulnerability of gay black bodies in white spaces, and the vulnerability of all bodies in the path of disease.
"Wade in the Water" is suffused with sadness and with the weight of history, the old racism that makes fresh wounds in black bodies—black female bodies—day after day after day.
Mr. Hafford said recent studies of the excavated bodies suggested that the people interred had actually been murdered; the skulls were smashed, and the bodies laid in rows and given luxurious jewelry.
The EPA's new rule would effectively erase many of those developments, giving federal protections only to permanent bodies of water, and only to wetlands directly adjacent to very large bodies of water.
Feminist women are encouraged to aggressively love their bodies, to understand that one can be healthy at any size and to fight against the culture that teaches women to hate their bodies.
Germany: The police found the bodies of three people in a hotel room, each one killed with a crossbow, and then two more bodies in the home of one of those killed.
The panel had demonstrated that by putting imagination out of play, science could find the truth about our suffering bodies, in the same way it had found the truth about heavenly bodies.
Prison graveyards are filled with bodies buried on top of bodies of men that have been murdered or died of old age or lack of proper medical care since the late 1800s.
The outcry to recover the two bodies reignited this week after a tarp meant to conceal one of the bodies was blown away by the wind, exposing the body to the public.
That night I witnessed things for what they really were: Our bodies were not our bodies; they were host vessels for spooky glob-shaped ectoplasms, shells for the strange and the unexplainable.
Astronomers believe that the rockier bodies in solar systems — like Earth, Mars, and the asteroids — form in the in the inner solar system, whereas icy bodies, like comets, inhabit the outer realms.
Two bodies still remain unaccounted for, though New Zealand Police said Friday that one of those two missing bodies is in the water, and divers are currently making attempts to recover it.
Twenty bodies have been recovered so far, and divers say they have seen more bodies in the wreckage of the dive boat, Conception, which sank off the coast of Santa Cruz Island.
Fascism labeled nonstandard bodies as enemies of society and the practice of defining and disciplining individual bodies and sexualities came to be viewed as fundamental in building social consensus and national identity.
When Todd Frazier and Jed Lowrie went down with injuries early in camp, the Mets knew they had bodies to fill in — they just didn't know how well those bodies would perform.
This is part of my book—we don't just feel sick in our bodies, but we also feel guilty for feeling sick in our bodies, especially in a world that says our bodies are supposed to work really well, and that we're supposed to get up and be productive and look great and be fit and have great orgasms.
Auteurs like Luca Guadagnino or Paolo Sorrentino, with their swooping, reeling shots and kinetic dance sequences, may get more credit for capturing bodily experience on film, but Lanthimos arguably shows greater fidelity to our actual bodies, stubborn and awkwardly choreographed by fate, etiquette and overarching structures of power — not glamorous bodies but bodies of ungainly yearning.
This naturalisation of stereotypes is compounded by the programme-makers' decision to illustrate the trans experience with a cartoon of pink (feminine) brains in blue bodies, and blue (masculine) brains in pink bodies.
Related: Lonely, Futuristic Humanoids Inhabit a Stunningly Detailed CG World Computer Generated Images Explore Bodies Abstracted by the Digital World  3D-Scanned Bodies Stretch, Float, and Collide in a CGI Skydiving Music Video
Not that I'm not positive about all bodies, but my analysis is that when the most marginalized bodies are freed, everyone will be able to have a more free relationship with their body.
Its slow-motion close-ups and raucous group shots remind us that there are spaces in which men's bodies are just that — bodies, not objects of lustful adoration or subjects of sexual aggression.
The separation of bodies in public space is the cornerstone of segregation policy and has long been practised to regulate bodies in relation to race, but also gender, age, class, disability and sexuality.
Working with researchers at Harvard University, scientists at the Max Planck Institute investigated the remains of five bodies excavated from the pre-contact cemetery, and 24 bodies buried at the post-contact cemetery.
Usually, our weight can fluctuate by ten to twenty pounds on either side of our set points, but when we try to force our bodies beyond those limits, our bodies work against us.
Centering the narrative of transgender people around what they do to their bodies is typically cliché; the bodies of trans people have long been sensationalized because they counter the boring, binary, heteronormative mainstream.
"Some of the peasants in Mozambique were calling some of our people to say, 'We see bodies, we believe those bodies are coming from Zimbabwe,'" said July Moyo, a minister of local government.
For the third year in a row, we asked our readers how they're really feeling about their bodies, and this time we dug into how they perceive and discuss other people's bodies, too.
Carpenter-Boggs's research, which she says concluded that recomposition is safe, included a five-month program where five donor bodies were successfully recomposed in a controlled environment without spreading pathogens from the bodies.
These are girls who are just learning how to move their bodies around in the world, yet somehow they're already worried about how their bodies look, already seeking to take up less space.
And I know that for some of us, loving ourselves, loving our bodies takes a lot of work, and for my black, brown and queer bodies out there, it takes so much work.
I keep moving between this tension between hyper-visibility and invisibility, that is captured by the essay's name "Black and Blue," which allude to black bodies, and the bodies in blue—police officers.
It had extended existing federal protections of large bodies of water, such as the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound, to smaller bodies that flow into them, such as rivers, small waterways and wetlands.
I wanted to use dancers because I think that, like musicians, they have an instrumental relationship to their bodies; they don't use their bodies to manifest "meaning" in the same ways as actors.
You are aware first, of course, of bodies upon bodies, but then also of eyes upon eyes: the watchers, the would-be joiners, the lurkers in the shadows, the photographer's gaze, your own.
It extended existing federal authority to limit pollution in large bodies of water, like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound, to smaller bodies that drain into them, such as tributaries, streams and wetlands.
The Santa Barbara County sheriff said that 20 bodies had been recovered and divers had seen between four and six additional bodies in the wreckage, but were not yet able to recover them.
"During the impromptu visit, I uncovered 12 bodies of infants who died at the hospital mysteriously and their bodies hidden in boxes and paper bags inside a room," Sonko said in a statement.
Pumwani has no facilities to store bodies, and it's not uncommon for employees to temporarily put bodies in boxes before they are transferred to the morgue, a doctor wrote in the Standard newspaper.
Hundreds of animal species are in danger when plastics end up in bodies of water, but whales tend to attract more interest because of the large quantities they can hold in their bodies.
Thomas is working in the midst of much crucial discussion in the art world about underrepresentation and misrepresentation of black bodies and female bodies in the western art canon and the contemporary media.
They also discovered his daughters' bodies submerged in oil tanks.
Some 130 bodies have been dug up in Iguala since.
Collier's adult son discovered the bodies at about 6 p.m.
Likewise, men come to the park to exploit women's bodies.
When a ship sinks, they're charged with identifying the bodies.
Mortuaries were beyond capacity and bodies were left to rot.
In Amatlán de los Reyes five dismembered bodies were discovered.
Without recovering their bodies they could not be confirmed dead.
Public bodies in Britain really don't learn from their mistakes.
Archaeologists have found buried ships before, some even containing bodies.
Women's bodies and their breasts are always the focus point.
"I've loved space and heavenly bodies ever since," he said.
There can't be any life there, only hundreds of bodies.
Is it possible for a soul to inhabit two bodies?
They were the first bodies they were able to find.
Both desperately want to control young women's minds and bodies.
Social bodies require not just an audience, but a dialogue.
The bodies are in the custody of the medical examiner.
Janus and its like are left as irregularly shaped bodies.
Sadly, cryopreservation of bodies has never been shown to work.
"We left charred bodies and destroyed homes behind," she said.
Can you even name the ruling bodies of the EU?
"There's a lot of the switching bodies up," says Sarah.
Those holes were left when cancer spread throughout their bodies.
Survivors are shown as bodies, as beautiful cast away creatures.
The mind was willing, but the bodies just couldn't follow.
One early photo showed a gruesome scene of bloodied bodies.
Each juke perfectly dodges the skillshots, each attack bodies hard.
That means there are a lot of bodies down there.
But how do they know what these bodies look like?
The 26 bodies were retrieved from the sea on Nov.
Several bodies lay among the debris scattered in the streets.
They talk about feeling good, feeling strong, and their bodies.
"Women should have autonomy over their own bodies," she said.
Maybe they should involve relative positions of pairs of bodies.
" "Sources affirm that 161 bodies have been found so far.
Now, authorities are formulating a plan to recover the bodies.
As we get older, our bodies begin to slow down.
Currently in Washington, bodies can either be cremated or buried.
What are our bodies actually doing while we're sound asleep?
The bodies and Avalos returned to El Salvador on Friday.
Most cells in our bodies contain infrastructure known as mitochondria.
German 'Stonehenge' site  reveals 10 dismembered bodies of women, children .
Unless the vesps can't fly over large bodies of water.
Officials had said many bodies were likely inside the boat.
One day, they'll potentially become whole bodies, maybe contain life.
There was the Texas ranch where scientists study decomposing bodies.
They are also about bodies in the world and universe.
"My whole thing is bodies are so different," she said.
When people talk about menopausal bodies, they are often cruel.
ISIS has also dumped bodies into mass graves in Syria.
"A lot of bodies I had to cross," he said.
No rope or similar materials were discovered near the bodies.
We were just two bodies, free, and fumbling toward glory.
Let's admit to the failing of our bodies out loud.
I'm very thankful to the people who donated their bodies.
"They're not easy on older bodies," Dr. Ghilarducci pointed out.
Once again, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.
But the bodies of three of her children remained missing.
Erin Oprea has helped sculpt some of Hollywood's hottest bodies.
And many Americans are eating more than their bodies need.
This starts on campus, where student bodies are increasingly international.
Many international sports governing bodies have rushed to condemn Russia.
There is more concern regarding the replacement of regulatory bodies.
But he was more than happy to talk about bodies.
I have had many bodies, many names, and many lifetimes.
They feel through their bodies the scientific principles they're studying.
Exos lie flat on tables like bodies in a morgue.
There's a lot of attitudes and cultural stigmas about bodies.
Recently, Magnus included bodies of water in the area swept.
Why are airlines so comfortable policing women's bodies and dress?
This teaches children that they have agency over their bodies.
Turkish rescue workers had recovered 37 bodies by day's end.
Prepare your bodies for 4 days of nonstop Smash madness!
It was recently recruiting volunteers to get their bodies scanned.
By Thursday, Hamas had still not recovered all the bodies.
Their hair is wet, but their bodies are completely dry.
The teens' bodies were found more than two weeks later.
Fat women aren't allowed to be neutral about our bodies.
There is, the bodies in these photos argue, no bubble.
A man mourned after identifying his relative among the bodies.
BPA can exit our bodies through bodily fluids, primarily urine.
"My whole thing is bodies are so different," she says.
But his dancers' energized, curvaceous bodies were his principal tool.
" —shelbyp4240d8926 "Most of all, remember that all bodies are different.
"Both bodies were laying in the street," the neighbor said.
And in this case it's literally part of our bodies.
Regulatory bodies like the SEC may take a different view.
The government has merged regulatory bodies to strengthen its oversight.
For health, this requires learning from our bodies and minds.
Metabolic Tech & Ingestibles: What is going on inside our bodies?
VR is not quite ready for our frail little bodies.
Smartphones are changing the way ordinary Burmese understand their bodies.
It could give us more agency over our own bodies.
Their bodies showed no signs of violence, USA Today reports.
Those that drive inflammation spout long pseudopods from their bodies.
If it is, their bodies will have to be cremated.
Like how they enjoy painting all over their naked bodies.
Just like certain parts of our bodies, everyone's got one.
Genomics is starting to allow us to program our bodies.
The couple's bodies will be flown home for funeral services.
We just kept putting pucks and bodies to the net.
Showing real, diverse bodies is a big part of that.
Hermaphroditic worms aren't exhausting their bodies by producing more offspring.
And I want to normalize what different bodies look like.
Those bodies were transported to the coroner's bureau for identification.
It's just not good enough to make our bodies believe.
This means that patients bodies continue to reproduce the virus.
"There were dozens of bodies in the street," she adds.
It's truly incredible how our bodies perform in a crisis.
Rescue workers recovered all six bodies from the burned wreckage.
Nevertheless, last year over 1,000 bodies were accepted by UTN.
Michelangelo had a thing for large hands and buff bodies.
Mind is one of those partner bodies of Heads Together.
The military did not recover any enemy bodies, he said.
"So whenever we find them, we bring the bodies down."
Mutilated bodies of captured Iraqi security forces littered the streets.
And the area remains awash with bodies and booby traps.
Rescuers have recovered 58 bodies from #Shenzhenlandslide as of Wed.
Established brokers in many states complained to state regulatory bodies.
They're not leaning forward, or aiming their bodies toward her.
Simple premise ... he switches bodies with Breezy, and hilarity ensues.
It is unclear whether the women's bodies have been recovered.
Our bodies are really not made to be traveling constantly.
What he found were four bodies of recently killed Chihuahuas.
And some turn up dead, their bodies dumped in morgues.
The army says 23 bodies were handed over on Friday.
It's why I'm really excited about these bodies of work.
"We were bodies in seats," one former moderator told me.
Often there were shell casings sprinkled around freshly fallen bodies.
In the numbing cold, they were surrounded by floating bodies.
Real strength has nothing to do with our physical bodies.
Before that, what did we believe was regulating our bodies?
They want what they call "Christendom" protected from foreign bodies.
Throughout COP21, three others marked the moment on their bodies.
Not knowing their scientific relevance, they'd throw the bodies out.
And the best place to start is on their bodies.
There were no obvious signs of trauma to the bodies.
Culpo thinks the movement helps all women embrace their bodies.
The bodies were then buried at Fulmecke Cemetery in Meschede.
Nikos Karakoukis said coroners had completed autopsies on 86 bodies.
Male and female bodies are different; defined by social experience,
Scroll down to see how tattoos look on ageing bodies.
Large bodies are still flagged as inappropriate on social media.
The sailors' bodies were recovered on the island on Wednesday.
So are these tiny pieces of plastic damaging our bodies?
The rights we have over our own bodies and minds.
It adds that 45 bodies have been identified so far.
On Sunday evening, police discovered both bodies, the spokesman says.
"Famous," with its footage of passive, objectified bodies, does not.
The science and peace prizes are selected by other bodies.
How do you deliberately center Black bodies in the exhibition?
Soon after entering the residence, officers found the victims' bodies.
The bodies have yet to be formally identified, she said.
One was for the missing bodies; another was for answers.
So "Bodies" is a play on pop music in general.
Why, then, do the two religious bodies not simply unite?
Video from Reuters showed police inspecting bodies inside the mosque.
The bodies will be identified by the medical examiner's office.
Ladies, we need to stop criticizing our bodies so much.
What if exploded bodies suddenly appeared on our pristine beaches?
Our bodies can actually go way further than you thought.
Both bodies were found lying face down, covered in branches.
The voting bodies for the two shows are much different.
Bodies in the graves are in various states of decomposition.
She embodies our continuation, the black bodies that birth us.
A: Then again none of us have particularly good bodies.
Slowly, the bodies started to dehydrate -- hence the shrunken brain.
We have no experience of seeing the decay of bodies.
I saw four dead bodies in a rear storage room.
People have autonomy over what they do with their bodies.
Help us to make free choices about our own bodies.
Two bodies were also recovered from the building, officials said.
They want to see real bodies, love handles and all.
But both rely on external sources to heat their bodies.
"Women should feel good about their bodies" fails this test.
Like we said, lots of drama in such astral bodies.
How do they not tear every muscle in their bodies?
No bodies were found on Wednesday, the coast guard said.
"We ran out of bodies," Blues coach Ken Hitchcock said.
Sometimes that happens to girls, so they use their bodies.
Dead bodies are strewn for twenty miles along the bay.
Officials also hope to find the last nine missing bodies.
Slowly, but surely, the city filled up with dead bodies.
This touching scene, two unlovely bodies in the act of
"Bodies Meld Together" is flushed and headspinning, desperate with desire.
Let's get some of those toxins out of our bodies.
Two bodies have been recovered from the building so far.
Attempting to become bodies, they immediately start to come apart.
Other researchers said the attackers had impersonated other official bodies.
" Her friend Scarlett Alvarez (left), added: "People have unique bodies.
They found charred bodies of militants hit by air strikes.
Fashion designers don't seem too interested in bodies like mine.
It took months to extricate the bodies from the wreckage.
"unborn children," and make factually inaccurate claims about women's bodies.
And that's due to how our bodies respond to light.
"Human bodies are meant to stand and walk," she said.
The bodies of five other soldiers were found on Thursday.
Mr. Mateen checked on the bodies around him, Orlando said.
Bodies mounted at a morgue as families wailed in agony.
Those 120 bodies produce a sizeable amount of human waste.
It is cheap, flexible and mostly tolerated by human bodies.
Their bodies were found later that month, and on Nov.
Would they resurrect as zombies when science restored their bodies?
The police in England were working to repatriate the bodies.
Many of the bodies had been found in vacant houses.
Disabled people and their bodies are infantilized and medicalized enough.
The clothes seem to live only on these famous bodies.
Those bodies were cremated before medical examiners looked at them.
The other $6 trillion comes from loans within government bodies.
Local reports indicate drug paraphernalia was located near the bodies.
"Those are tiny bodies; they are the same," she said.
The study did not turn Crispr loose inside their bodies.
Fascination with pregnancy and pregnant women's bodies is not surprising.
"Rescuers retrieved five more bodies from this mine," he said.
The ancient republics were political bodies, but not sovereign states.
The girls' bodies were found in two oil tanks nearby.
But in Liberia, there weren't enough people to collect bodies.
Three dead bodies found on the boat the following day.
Principals put their bodies on the line to protect students.
Alomary declined to say how many bodies he had received.
Please, protect C.W.R.U. as a safe space for all bodies.
In the summer of 1975 two more bodies were found.
But having these bodies exist on paper is not enough.
But I also believe guys are listening to their bodies.
Our bodies are our own, but the data is not.
We take information into our bodies through all our senses.
Days later, word had spread that they found two bodies.
Sharif's bodies, even in their survival, succumb to the war.
The imprint of fashion's silhouette then affected the bodies themselves.
The entire village — and some 350 bodies — burned for days.
Broken bodies that I've found in front yards after crashes.
He was often demanding and proprietary of other people's bodies.
Bodies crisscross in midair like human juggling pins, nearly colliding.
Like Litchfield, "Orange" has taken on a lot of bodies.
Police are now working on identifying the bodies, Yuwono said.
Bodies that had been cut up with chainsaws and bandsaws.
It passed both bodies of Congress with broad bipartisan support.
Blood seeped through their swollen bodies and off the trucks.
Our bodies and brains repair themselves during our sleep cycles.
But Gold has removed the living bodies from the story.
They screech and growl, plunging their bodies back and forth.
Their bodies squirmed when they were asked about their nominee.
Their bodies were displayed in three locations around the town.
The charred bodies of victims lay in pools of blood.
ASBURY PARK "Bodies," figurative paintings and drawings by five artists.
Those same legislative bodies today make up our 116th Congress.
"Making all bodies look beautiful is really key," he said.
Their bodies are incredibly beautiful, like sculpted works of art.
Some woolly mammoths became trapped in ice, preserving their bodies.
They are not crawling over dead bodies to get there.
Ratte was most surprised by the changes to people's bodies.
"The vast majority of the bodies were decomposed," he said.
For months, the Jewish prisoners dug up and burned bodies.
To acknowledge that we exist in the world as bodies?
The Judiciary Committees of both bodies should investigate the firing.
As we've discussed, there aren't just two kinds of bodies.
We're celebrating and bemoaning our bodies out in the open.
"They didn't even get to see the bodies," Coody said.
The bodies may have been swept away by the ocean.
It receives bodies from a dozen affiliated health care sites.
Police previously said the bodies showed no signs of trauma.
It's so important that all bodies are seen and celebrated.
Our bodies are not machines; they waver, knock things down.
The book takes a frank approach to sex and bodies.
The bodies were identified as the sisters on October 27.
The bodies showed no signs of trauma, according to police.
Must work by definition deplete our bodies, make us sick?
Both games let you drive fast cars through soft bodies.
Today, we're still talking about the value of Black bodies.
There are more black bodies than I knowthe names of.
Good Willsmith - Things Our Bodies Used to Have Songs: 1023.
Why would anyone even put that poison in their bodies?
When people retire, their bodies sort of just... give up.
We talk about giant robots, queer bodies, and utopian ontologies.
And women should know more about their bodies, not less.
It's 2018 and the police are still policing women's bodies.
Speaking of celebrating bodies, let's talk about the pool party.
They have hijacked our homes, our cars, and our bodies.
I saw many bodies, hundreds of them throughout the year.
Actually, physically doing it was pretty rough on our bodies.
Because we're interacting with real humans, seeing real human bodies.
After all, accepting and loving our bodies is a process.
You can lock up their bodies, but not their minds.
But our bodies hold all of that tension and trauma.
"Trans bodies are irrelevant to the Mexican government," says Garcia.
Fetishizing black people's bodies has long been an American pastime.
Categories are constructed, and bodies don't easily fall into categories.
The number of bodies found there is racking up. 22.
Their bodies are so used to being in the water.
It's healthier for girls' bodies, and they're really high quality.
The spillover bodies were pushed upstairs for a flag ceremony.
Sometimes local bodies refuse to put polling stations near colleges.
In our bodies and our minds we preserve our identity.
They get big bodies moving around and finding open space.
We adjust our bodies with shapewear and strategic clothing choices.
It implies that our womanliness is diseased, not our bodies.
Technically, yes, because they've gained human cells in their bodies.
"Take care of your bodies and hearts," Reynolds' statement said.
And both bodies said the country had cleared those hurdles.
Human bodies tend to be coldest when we wake up.
What Tintoretto cared about were bodies, muscly and in motion.
These women's bodies were the obscene battleground of French domination.
I thought about bodies floating in houses in New Orleans.
For relatively unmoving bodies, corals are colorful and surprisingly fluid.
Authorities say only some of these bodies have been recovered.
The bodies are again made of stainless steel and glass.
For me it's about how images operate on our bodies.
In the song and video, the two performers trade bodies.
The result is a twofold destruction of souls and bodies.
An additional 4,000 bodies remain under the rubble, Airwars estimates.
They show naked women and burning piles of dead bodies.
We don't need to love our bodies to respect them.
A Reuters witness saw seven bodies lying inside the hotel.
She stood still, deep inside the jumble of jubilant bodies.
For about ten seconds, their hovering bodies share a center.
Tell us a little bit about this Unruly Bodies project.
In the digital world, undressed bodies are interchangeable and boring.
Traveling — even for fun — can be tough on our bodies.
It's about men who feel entitled to violate women's bodies.
Together with developing a very early awareness of their bodies.
I was walking over, like, it was like dead bodies.
Family members arrived to claim the bodies of loved ones.
A Reuters reporter counted 20 bodies at the main march.
"I know where all the bodies are buried," Carolina says.
Over the weekend, the city of Oga cremated the bodies.
Political bodies change, leadership changes, people can make better choices.
No one really knows why bodies have changed so much.
Will our physical bodies become avatars for our virtual selves?
And make no mistake, there are bodies all over Yahoo.
This began with efforts to retrieve bodies for proper burial.
Bodies might be a bit unwieldy, but how about ashes?
Ice Girls' bodies are still exploited for a male audience.
Buck's ultimate goal is to help people accept their bodies.
Their bodies washed up on the bay alongside some survivors.
Their bodies washed up on the shore alongside some survivors.
It makes its characters people before they're bodies or concepts.
The river was full of dead bodies, and they smelled.
The bodies were there, locals knew, because of the smell.
Their empty shells and dead bodies lay scattered everywhere. Mrs.
Those law enforcement bodies said three suspects had been arrested.
Their bodies remained missing at the end of the war.
They are looking for bodies and have been for days.
And they're no better off in most American legislative bodies.
Human and nonhuman bodies are ill adapted to this newcomer.
At least 15 bodies were exhumed to test drug levels.

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