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"been" Definitions
  1. past participle of be, go
"been" Synonyms
travelled(UK) traveled(US) visited gone journeyed toured trekked vacationed voyaged overnighted wandered weekended jetted hung out passed through stayed dwelled dwelt lived resided settled abided abode remained rested existed continued laid lied lasted endured held holden bidden bided happened occurred transpired befallen arisen eventuated passed betid betided come comen ensued chanced developed developt fallen felled followed arrived issued obtained stood subsisted breathed survived had being had existence drawn breath had life had breath moved made it remained alive prevailed persisted sat sitten borne beared reposed perched belonged had its seat in reclined leaned leant balanced propped rested upon positioned attended appeared haunted frequented patronised(UK) patronized(US) gone to dropped in popped in taken part bobbed up checked in clocked in popped up punched in rung in showed up turned up cost costed fetched sold for gone for sold at come to set back commanded a price of had a price of run at brought procured drawn brought in sold retailed at made run realized(US) equalled equaled totalled totaled become becomen numbered comprised represented yielded yolden run to equated to been equal to counted up to resulted in totted up to added up to ranked placed graded rated had a rank of had a status of classed classified categorized(US) grouped sorted ordered codified pegged ranged arranged typed felt come across as come off as seemed looked resembled taken after passed for pretended to be given impression of being made as if looked a lot had earmarks of given the impression had hallmarks of had the appearance stricken as looked as if constituted matched corresponded equated with implied meant meaned spelled compared with corresponded to made up turned out to be served as turned into come to be developed into formed functioned as grown into performed the function of played the part of characterised(UK) characterized(US) embodied encapsulated converted changed into converted into converted to transformed into assumed the form of emerged as ended up being evolved into metamorphosed into shifted into eventually been eventually become peopled populated colonised(UK) colonized(US) inhabited occupied filled immigrated pioneered dwelled in established oneself in lived in moved to relocated to resided in settled in finished accomplished achieved ended up clinched come in come out finished up reached wound up wrapped up kept kept yourself persisted in being continued to be carried on being gone on being headed tacked veered bent bended diverged forked inclined proceeded sheered swerved turned curved deviated extended leaded played acted impersonated performed portrayed personated enacted executed interpreted depicted done presented rendered masqueraded as playacted play-acted posed as starred as carried out applied reigned ruled held good held sway remained valid remained effective remained operative remained in force already by now by this time prior to now prior to the present time prior to this time before the present time before now before present at some time in the near past More

970 Sentences With "been"

How to use been in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "been" and check conjugation/comparative form for "been". Mastering all the usages of "been" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I been rapping, been freestyling, been doing me, been Meg.
I've been to Iran, I've been to India, I've been to Istanbul, I've been to Korea, I've been in Dubai, I've been in Sweden, I've been all around America.
It's been ugly, it's been divisive, it's been coarse, it's been dispiriting.
He's been a drunk, he's been sober, he's been born again, and he's been a sinner.
They've been purged, they've been suppressed, and they've been scared.
You've been there, I've been there, we've all been there.
I've been bitten; I've been spat on; I've been kicked!
There have been times where he's been a conservative, there have been times when he's been more liberal.
Nothing has been produced, nothing has been delivered, nothing has been shipped.
I've been in shows, I've been in Birmingham, I've been in Cullman.
He has been consistent, he has been convicted, he has been committed.
There have been breakthroughs, there have been setbacks, there have been tariffs.
"The president, since he left [Washington] has been dealing with foreign leaders, he's been dealing with jobs, he's been dealing with economic growth, he's been dealing with diplomacy, he's been dealing with unfair trade, he's been dealing with Paris, he's been dealing with China," Cohn said.
I&aposve been in sales, I&aposve been in manufacturing, I&aposve been in procurement, I&aposve been in general management.
I've been surprised by how busy the airports I've been to have been.
Some have been raped, some have been killed, some have been suicide bombers.
"The president... has been dealing with foreign leaders, he's been dealing with jobs, he's been dealing with economic growth, he's been dealing with diplomacy, he's been dealing with unfair trade, he's been dealing with Paris [climate agreement], he's been dealing with China," Cohn told reporters according to The Post.
"It's funny — he's been to a lot of places, I've been to a lot of places, but weirdly, a lot of the places I've been to he's never been to, and where he's been to I've never been to," she said.
Grocery store shelves have been emptied, states of emergency have been declared, coastal flood warnings have been issued, and hashtags have been employed.
Selfies have been taken, kisses have been blown, and matching outfits have been worn.
It's been six weeks, it's been a great six weeks, frankly, it's been energizing.
"I think we've been unselfish, we've been playing together, we've been resilient," Lopez said.
Churches have been bombed, pilgrims have been targeted and Christian homes have been vandalized.
It's been cold as fuck, fucked up shit's been happening, and it's been winter.
Hands have been wrung, navels have been gazed, and self-recriminations have been made.
We haven't really been fighting, we've been getting along, TMZ hasn't been on my a–.
Has there been a response — have there been many cases handled, have there been protests?
He's been a great passer, he's been a great runner, he's been a great leader.
I've been in solidarity with the people he's been targeting since he's been targeting them.
It's from 1975, and it had never been printed, never been published, never been edited.
People have been told, they have been mandated, they've been ordered to leave the beach.
It's been misspent, it's been missing, it's been stolen with a lot of corrupt government.
I have been an executive, I've been a political leader, I've been a civic leader.
Children could have been hurt, she could have been hurt, he could have been hurt — it could have been a nasty situation and a bloodbath.
"This should not have happened ... that could've been me, that could've been you, that could've been you, that could've been any of us," she added.
"It's always been something that's been around my family and been a conversation," he tells PEOPLE.
I've been in solidarity with all the people he's been targeting, since he's been targeting them.
Everything the president's been saying and I've been saying for two years has been fully authenticated.
This economic progress has been hard, but it has been steady and it has been real.
They've been working out, they're been goofing around ... but most importantly, they've been AVOIDING COVID-19!!!
Flowers pots have been laid alongside the platform, which appeared to have been recently been cleaned.
Trials have been delayed; grand juries have been put on hold; and sentencings have been postponed.
I've never been stopped by the cops time and time again, been searched and been humiliated.
In response, Chinese cities have been quarantined, borders have been sealed, and travel has been banned.
It hasn't been my experience that triamcinolone has been handed out freely as has been suggested.
They've been trying — as long as you've been writing, they've been trying to get V.A. Choice.
They've been trying — as long as you've been writing they've been trying to get V.A. Choice.
I've been lucky because I've been able to live in a student apartment so my rent has been significantly lower than it would have otherwise been.
"In my lifetime, it's been Ebola, it's been Zika, it's been vector-borne disease, it's been the flu, it's been measles outbreaks, mumps," said Randall Williams, director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
When it was made into a movie — it's been adapted quite a few times, it's been a ballet, it's been an opera, it's been plays, it's been a whole bunch of different things, everything you could imagine.
The various events had been well-organized, the game itself had been surprisingly fun, the crowds had been enthusiastic and the watering holes had been well-stocked.
In recent months, thousands of Rohingya have been slaughtered, countless women and girls have been gang-raped, civilians have been burned alive, and villages have been razed.
"We've been following what companies have been telling us over the last few weeks and generally what they've been saying has been pretty good," Mr. Lip said.
""...The other things I have been through have been tough, but they have been great for me.
"I've been going to the batting cage, I've been throwing, I've been biking, playing hockey," he says.
If you look at demand, demand has been falling, exports have been falling, trade has been falling.
The proper HR channels had been swum, records had been made, but nothing had really been done.
"It's been frustrating for bulls, it's been frustrating for bears, it's been frustrating for everyone," he added.
I have been slut-shamed, I have been harassed, I have been maligned, and you know what?
I've just been seeing what humanity has been doing wrong, and not what we've been doing right.
The media has never been louder, celebrities have never been shoutier, academia has never been more strident.
Mosque windows have been broken, death threats have been uttered, and cars have been vandalized and defaced.
"The response we have been getting since we have been doing this has been tremendous," Korkusuz says.
It's been it's been a lot, but most of it's been very, very good and very sweet.
Teachers have been murdered, students have been kidnapped, and schools have been forced to close their doors.
In fact, he likely wouldn't have been seen as bad and been killed if he'd been white.
The league's fans have been divided, Trump's base has been energized and N.F.L. players have been agitated.
Sneaker Con Cleveland has also been been postponed, but a new date has not yet been announced.
I know United and American have both been out, but it's really been Southwest that's been impacted.
Protesters have been kept at a distance, streetcars have sometimes been stopped and traffic has been rerouted.
Although Simhadri has been arrested, he has not been charged -- and no trial date has been set.
You've been through a lot, I've been through a lot, many people have been through a lot.
Predicting earnings in the following year has always been difficult, but it's been almost impossible for 2500, and that has been why the markets have been so volatile.
"This has been a year in which assumptions have been challenged, stereotypes have been shattered, and precedents have been broken," executive producer Kathy Connell said in a statement.
Baghdadi has been on the run, and has often been rumored to have been killed or gravely hurt.
I have been scared, and I have been hurt, and I have been carried by those around me.
He's always been introverted and while being thrust into the spotlight has been exhilarating, it's also been exhausting.
I mean, it's been a ... has it been, it's been a year and a half since the IPO.
As long as there has been alcohol, there have been hangovers — and yet there has been no cure.
She could have been a music student; she could have been a tourist; she could have been travelling.
We've been attacked, we've been insulted, we'd been threatened so many times, and we decided to do something.
It's been my way of understanding, it's been my way of celebration, it's been my way of contemplation.
"Everything that the president's been saying, everything that I've been saying has now been fully authenticated," he said.
"Some people have been married since they've been twenty-five, have never been with anyone else," she said.
Crutcher might not have been seen as bad and might not have been killed if he'd been white.
They've always been good, they've always been respected, but they've never been at the center of the zeitgeist.
Homes had been flattened, vehicles had been tossed like Tinkertoys and trees had been ripped from their roots.
Over the years, he has been reported multiple times to have been killed, but none has been confirmed.
You've been dealing with the press longer than I've been in it, longer than he's been in it.
They have been providing supplies for terrorists; they have been recruiting people; they have been assassinating people; they have been sowing sectarianism in the region, splitting the Islamic world.
They have been providing supplies for terrorists, they have been recruiting people, they have been assassinating people, they have been sowing sectarianism in the region, splitting the Islamic world.
Since July's failed coup, thousands of people have been arrested, an estimated 100,000 government employees have been fired, countless journalists have been detained and media organizations have been silenced.
And there's never been any juror who's been punished for nullifying; there's been a couple of cases in which prosecutors have tried, but those cases have been thrown out.
MG: His government has been very effective, and I think it has been appreciated by the markets, it's been appreciated by investors, and it's been appreciated outside of Italy.
Congressman Meadows you have been and other Freedom Caucus members, have been the ones number one demanding transparency demanding subpoenas are complied with, there&aposs been obstruction, there&aposs been delays, there&aposs been phony redactions, phony claims to national security.
"I have been working very hard; I haven't been drinking because I've been working every day," Lawrence explained later.
But he'd been so young, too young to understand who he'd been fighting or who he'd been fighting for.
"These are places where farms have been abandoned, or where there's been deforestation and it's been left," he explains.
Although equities have been performing strongly, Treasury-bond prices have been falling (in other words, yields have been rising).
They're young enough for those to have been artists they've just always been aware of, to have been standards.
Jewish cemeteries have been defaced, mosques have been burned, and refugees have been turned away at the US border.
Within a couple hours, knives had allegedly been drawn, blood had been spilled, and ten arrests had been made.
"We've been to these cities, we've been underwater, but there's one place we haven't been to: space," he said.
Today we've been covering breaking news using our anchors who've been in Cleveland, but our reporters have been elsewhere.
"Today, Istanbul was hit; Paris has been hit, Tunisia has been hit, Ankara has been hit before," Merkel said.
If he had been impeached, he would have been tried in the Senate and he could have been convicted.
If the bus had been late, or I had been late to school, it would've been a different story.
Storefronts have been smashed, cars have been set ablaze and some of Paris's best-known landmarks have been damaged.
And so we'd been supporting, helping him, been on the board, having visibility into obviously what he's been doing.
I'd been condescended to by teachers, I'd been groped by camp counselors, I'd been flashed by men in cars.
China's steel production has been booming, exports have been falling and there has been no significant build in stocks.
"All the ponies I've been lucky enough to ride, or been given to ride, have been amazing," she said.
"It's been mobile apps, it's been cars, it's been fake meat, and now it is death care," she said.
"There's been a lot of hurt, there's been been lot of things said, but I don't think there's anything that's been done that can't be worked through," the sheriff said.
And at this time there has been absolutely no indication, whatsoever, that the data has been disclosed, that it has been used or that it has been offered for sale.
" She added, "You know, it's been real ... and Eylure (her co.) has been super real; this has been a project I've been working on for over 9 months right now.
It's been bleach blonde, it's been baby pink, it's been yellow and pink, it's been blonde with red splotches, and now Kanye West's hair is, well, every color of the rainbow.
Villages have been burned, children have been kidnapped and conscripted into fighting, women and girls have been raped, and teenagers have been forcibly strapped with explosives to carry out suicide bombings.
Bureaucracy has been trimmed, millions of people have been lifted from poverty, electricity has been provided to villages and towns.
"LCS has been one thing that has been in his sights, and arguably there has been an effect," Cancian said.
PERINO: Well, and it has been, Jesse, the American-led global order that has been in place has been good.
Their fans had been great, the craic had been great, but things on the pitch had been lacklustre at best.
The recent decline "has been orderly, it's been on low volume and it's been — dare I say — complacent," Block said.
But we know tonight, you have been right, and what we have been reporting, Sara included, she has been right.
Thousands of trees have been planted, paths have been paved, and the building's roof has been covered in solar panels.
It's been a throwback look that's been called time and time again, an accessory that's been begging for a rebrand.
Though the world had been taken and turned upside down… judgement has been passed and just punishment has been dealt.
"Yes our progress has been uneven, the work of democracy has always been hard, it's always been contentious," Obama said.
By that point we've been riveted, we've been entertained, we've been reminded that trips to the moon are not impossible.
These defensive stocks had been in favor, but they have been selling off while more cyclical names have been rising.
"It has been 27 years, I've been fighting for my life and I've been fighting for my innocence," he said.
"The Native American people have been lied to, they have been cheated and negotiated treaties have been broken," he said.
She'd been brave, she'd been generous, she'd been a good mother and wife, a good cook and a good gardener.
While this email has been sent to numerous locations, searches have been conducted and NO DEVICES have been found. pic.twitter.
"It's been used for dogs, and it's been used for Frisbee games, and it's been used for picnics," he said.
"We understood that these people had been killed, and if we'd been there we would have been killed," says Larry.
Trump's approval rating has been consistently below his disapproval rating, just like he has been consistently been polling behind Biden.
And it's been said, it's been told to me, and I'm like, you know —— TAVERNISE: What's been told to you?
Nine people have been infected in eight states, and one person has been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported.
"This has been an area that's been around for 25, 30 years, but it's been a prototyping technology," DeSimone said.
When tech has been weaker, traders have not been selling and leaving the market; they have been buying other sectors.
Nobody's ever been my boss ... I've been a maverick.
Nobody's ever been my boss ... I've been a maverick.
Pacino has been better — but he's never been bigger.
" "Everything that has been built up has been destroyed.
He said he'd been separated from his son May 33, has since been reunited, and had been at the detention facility for 10 days but has been told nothing about his case.
There's been little research on alcohol and skin cancer risk, however, and the studies that have been conducted have been inconclusive.
It had been a while since any of us had been to Costco, and even longer since we'd been there together.
There has been no articulation of any specific risk that would have been avoided if this proposal had been in place.
"I just … everything that our relationship has been, has been perfect and it has been easy," she tells her Ken doll.
I have been scammed, I have been manipulated, and I have been lied to, all for trying to follow my dreams.
Their wings have been put away, their bombshell waves have been washed out, and their post-show burgers have been devoured.
Since we've been displaced, he's been at a new school and we love how quickly he's been able to make friends.
Ironically, the men I have been with who have been more overtly abusive have been easier for me to deal with.
But throughout these seven games, we've been guarding and we've been passing the ball, and we've been in a nice groove.
The spokesman told reporters that the van has been altered; the windows have been tinted and some decals have been removed.
Would things have been different for me had I been the undocumented one, had the man who raped me been white?
Casting has been also been affected, as the performers with the best operatic voices have been sidelined for the more photogenic.
Regardless of whether it should've been Omega, it could've been Naito, and in any event, it would've been amazing either way.
"There have been many successes, there have been many failures, there have been many sleepless nights," he told reporters last week.
"He's been our go-to guy, and he has just been outstanding, especially considering everything he has been through," Green said.
Had WeWork been public by now — as traditionally it would have been — he would have been able to cash in anyway.
"For every one camera that's been found, there have probably been a hundred cameras that haven't been found," Mr. Mesis said.
It had been suggested the boys had been engaged in an initiation rite, or had been celebrating a team-member's birthday.
"I could have just been wearing shorts and been super comfortable and still been touched, so does it matter?" she said.
"Radio has been regulated, television has been regulated, the one area that has not been regulated is the internet," he said.
"She's been through a lot, my dad's been through a lot — it's been a really hard year for them," he said.
"Consumption has been very steady and that has been a huge benefit - it has been a very nice buffer," said Kuijs.
We have always been close and she has been severely depressed since I have been in prison the last 25 years.
And so there hasn't been as much, there's been some, but there hasn't been much M&A in the tech space.
Steve Brooks: That's been our philosophy since we've all been playing music, since we've all been 13-14-23-years old.
While the overall impact might have been positive, there have still been industries and regions that have been hurt by automation.
The Health Ministry said that 200 patients and staff had been evacuated, 34 had been rescued and three had been hospitalized.
They have been coming in over the last two years and that's been helpful, but that slack has largely been reduced.
Do you think that that has been solved there, that whatever problem had been going on was systemic has been fixed?
That has been the case for many years, but the girls have not been twiddling their thumbs while she's been away.
"Ever since the coronavirus has been out there, we've been taking the precautions as if it's been here," the technician said.
"It's been talked about for almost a year now and it's been really remarkable the slow progress that has been made."
"Some of the way they have been treated has been wrong, has been appalling, and I am sorry," Ms. Rudd said.
And also the way it's been coopted, the way it's been bastardized a little bit, the way it's been very diluted.
Businesses have been crippled, farmers have been unable to buy seeds to plant crops, and people have been denied basic services.
Too many lives have been destroyed, too many jobs have been lost, too many families have been hurt, and too many communities have been devastated by corporate written and unfairly enforced trade deals.
On my trips I saw kids who had been shot, women who had been gang-raped, a man whose eyes had been gouged out, an old couple who had been set on fire.
By the same token, over the years Trump has been repeatedly fined for breaking federal money laundering rules, been paid millions in hush money to settle civil fraud claims, been caught breaking New Jersey casino law, been caught violating the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, been caught violating federal securities law, been caught violating New York nonprofit law, and — of course — been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault.
It would have been different if I had been there.
On all three occasions I've been there, it's been unnerving.
What has been the public response been to the project?
They've never been a roadblock; they've always been an aid.
Some officials have been tried, but none have been convicted.
There'd been a grant deadline and she'd been up late .
Medium has been one that I've recently been working on.
There's been divorces; there's been all kinds of difficult things.
And I've been impressed that that's something that's been maintained.
So I've been probably as busy as I've ever been.
Nothing has been offered and no decision has been made.
So, that's really been the tactic that they've been taking.
This has been here all along and has been accepted.
The boys have been busy, but they haven't been together.
We've been there four times, and each has been magical.
If she hadn't been in Stockholm, it could've been her.
Democrats have been shadowboxing when they should have been sparring.
The service, both times that I've been, has been abysmal.
"It's been crazy and it's been amazing," Bowman tells PEOPLE.
Had he still been standing, he might have been killed.
Their budgets have been slashed and judges have been intimidated.
The state has always been small and been about survival.
While some assets have been removed, others have been added.
"I've never been assaulted, I've never been raped," she said.
" He added later, "I've been rich and I've been poor.
We could have been better friends had we been teammates.
I couldn't have been luckier to have been included today!
The couple days I've been up here it's been awesome.
I have been thin, skinny, and I've been quite obese.
It's long been something he hasn't been shy about championing.
The budgets have been good, the freedom has been good.
Nothing has been toned down, nothing has been pulled back.
We've been doing this and it's been working out great.
I've been to mansions and I've been to crack motels.
Now, they've been challenged rhetorically, they haven't been challenged legally.
She's always been a performer and she's never been shy.
"I've been in spots that have been big," Peterson said.
I have been silent, but I have not been absent.
There's been low inflation, and bond yields have been depressed.
"You've been great, you've always been there," he would joke.
I think they've been way better than what they've been.
Sometimes it's been deliberate, and other times it's been cowardice.
Trump has been elected, and there's been no great migration.
So, it's been the community that's really been the backbone.
"He's been very romantic, it's been very amazing," she said.
All the lies that have been told have been debunked.
Stocks have been strong because risk has been lower recently.
Those advances have been real, and they have been lethal.
Has it been -- has there been a lot of this?
It's been a long time coming, but it's been exacerbated.
Like oh, you should've been married, you should've been this.
He's been working with Phillip Jeffries, who's also been MIA.
There have been reports it has been seeking a buyer.
We've always been very confrontational with what we've been about.
But I should have been a little been more concerned.
I would have been horrified if I'd been with her.
The case would have been stronger had data been available.
This interview has been been edited for length and clarity.
"Obviously there's been deception and there's been lies," Trump said.
He's been around and he's been involved in other things.
This has been a shock, and it's been extremely humbling.
It's never been one sound, it's always been a mixture.
Apartments have been built and sales overall have been strong.
Although it hasn't been easy, it has been worth it.
This has been a shock and it's been extremely humbling.
I've been wearing normal shirts underneath and have been toasty.
It hasn't been good and we have been against it.
"The dream has been short, but it has been beautiful."
Could've been China, could've been a lot of different groups.
That's been as long as I've been in this business.
Russia has been unclear about whether they have been removed.
She'd been on her phones and he'd been on his.
We haven't been good this homestand; we've been pretty bad.
Nothing has been decided; no die has yet been cast.
"What's been going on while I've been gone?" he joked.
Prince Harry: We've been – we've been all over the place.
There have been growing pains, but progress has been made.
Two Americans had previously been identified as having been killed.
Kay had been so clever, Kay had been so sharp!
There had been instances where our feet had been bleeding.
All along, she'd been a princess — of course she'd been.
I've been to the ER. I've been to nursing school.
It hasn't been that long, I guess, I've been away.
As LendingClub has been recovering, competition has been heating up.
TC: What's been a common reaction while you've been pitching?
She's been a senator, and she's been secretary of state.
What have you been listening to that's been inspiring recently?
Where there have been restrictions, those restrictions have been racial.
It could've been Springsteen, it could've been, like, Optimus Prime.
That show has been a hit, and that's been great.
We've never been what venture capitalists have been looking for.
Marshall hasn't been been shy about capitalizing on its legacy.
That has been something that has always been with me.
There have been in the past when I've been there.
We've been aggressively buying stocks that have been marked down.
He's been vocal before, this time should've been no different.
Had it been only this, it would have been enough.
Since I've been here, there hasn't been a completed suicide.
"There have been strides that have been made," Rapinoe said.
Both had been strangled, and Linda had been sexually assaulted.
Indeed, the maps have been long been viewed as inexact.
Train lines have been washed away and neighborhoods been submerged.
The results haven't been perfect, but they have been encouraging.
There have always been people who have been into food.
It's really been something I've been thinking a lot about.
I've been briefed that all lives have been accounted for.
Maybe it should have been how many decades it's been.
"That's what I've been I've been doing mostly," he said.
The votes that have already been cast have been cast.
And it's been surprising to him that it hasn't been.
Their crops had been scorched, their villages had been pillaged.
Biden has been boosted, while Sanders's strength has been sapped.
"It's been unbelievable, the response has been overwhelming," he said.
I've been following her, all the slams she's been winning.
He's been a terrific teammate, been great from Day 1.
"He's been loving the pants I've been doing," she said.
While some barriers have been lowered, others have been erected.
"I've been moved that he's been so loyal," she said.
I've had people who have been dishonest and been caught.
Where it's been most comprehensive, the results have been striking.
At times, they've been fairly lengthy and they've been substantive.
But, we have been pretty – we have been quite fortunate.
The material has been produced, it's been put into mice.
Chinese officials have been adamant that they have been transparent.
Unknown films have been discovered; lost dances have been revived.
" The post has since been updated: "THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!
"He's been loving the pants I've been doing," she says.
Boshers has been effective wherever he has been this season.
Since birth, Blue Ivy has been been destined for greatness.
Had Hillary been elected, it would've been the same thing.
It's been a long journey for us, hasn't it been?
It's Thanksgiving, the turkey's been sliced, grace has been said.
The party had been crashed; the system had been hacked.
There have been times when it has been really rough.
It might have been worse had Pompeo not been involved.
Maybe had he not been, she would have been fired.
There have been delays, but there has been forward progress.
But Floyd's been to that land I haven't been to.
He's been gone, and I've been here with the kids.
Apple has been a phenomenon, its growth has been epic.
He's been a guy who's been focused on cutting regulations.
I've been to the funerals, I've been to the homes.
It would have been beautiful if we hadn't been freezing.
"Had it been lower it could have been quite catastrophic."
And we've all been 26, and we've all been 19.
Although there have been times I've been really uncomfortable onstage.
And that has been repeated in most places I've been.
Who had been hired, who had been fired, and why.
Had I been pregnant, most care would have been free.
The incarceration rate's been rising; the crime rate's been falling.
She's been getting out a lot more, I've been hearing.
I mean, mostly that has been the way it's been.
It's always been difficult, but it's never been more difficult.
And there's never been an industry that's been so global.
Folks have been, yeah, have been very nice about it.
That's been a broad, melodramatic element at times, but there's never been a question about what note the films have been striking.
For example, it has been reported that a "mayday" had been declared, though the nature of the emergency has not been disclosed.
Ash and others have been monitoring Twitter and trying to suss out who's been communicating with the enemy, but it's been tough.
Bill has been – and the ValueAct team – have been wonderful shareholders and, importantly, they have been part of our board of directors.
The US has been bombing ISIS from the air for two years, but it has been ground forces that have been vital.
And that's been sort of the center of what you've all been covering, but you've been set up as the opposite of.
She added that she'd been calling every number she's been given, called 911, and has been posting online trying to receive help.
Why fines have been the size they have been, and what exactly each is a penalty for, has often been left unclear.
McGowan's evolution from actor to activist has been bumpy, and there have been disappointments along the way, even as she's been vindicated.
Matt's style has been one of my production influences and we've also been in the studio together too which has been exciting.
Anyway, and I've just been, basically, I've been ever since that day I have literally been ... What got you to do that?
It's been hard, it's been stressful, obviously not just for us but for Adnan who's now been in prison for 19 years.
While this may have been the craziest thing we've been through, we're not a company that hasn't been through crazy things before.
It seems like it's entirely been invented, like stuff has been planted on his computer, but he's been charged with these crimes.
JK: No, we've been-, JK: We've been-, Siemens has been in Brazil for 130 years, so-, JK: Just-, just quite some time.
"I've been in business a few times in my life, I've been an entrepreneur, and I've always been too late," he said.
There has been whipping with a leather belt, and there has been binding with wire, and there has been the elaborate machine.
When artists have been sued, it has been in cases in which they disavowed works because they said they had been altered.
"2017 has been a very difficult year, and it's been one where we've been working quite diligently behind the scenes," Gurley said.
It's been real, and Eylure has been super real with a project I've been working on for over nine months right now.
"If you look back at how he's been used since he's been here, it's been a little unorthodox," Manager Dave Roberts said.
I think if he had been alive, there might have been more stability in the family, our lives might have been different.
Jaime has been back in King's Landing for a while and Cersei has been standoffish, telling him he's been gone too long.
That's what we've been working on, that's what we've been discussing at length with the players, that's what we've been working toward.
Since I've been on Medicaid, everything has been free, though not nearly at the level of care I have been accustomed to.
"I've been saying throughout, he's been arguing for the public for 24 hours, because they've been repeating again and again," said Sen.
By then, characters and storylines have been established, artwork has been created, and placeholder voices may have been used for the characters.
As he confides, "I have been a mystery, and I have been changed, and I have been first natural and afterward spiritual."
Uber had been tracking iPhones even after its app had been deleted from the devices and the iPhones themselves had been erased.
Christian women have been the victims of gang rape, pastors have been hanged, and even groups of Christmas carolers have been detained.
While reporters have been respectful, Wilk said there have been reports from neighbors that others have been hanging around, looking for Wanczyk.
It's been a build — it hasn't been a rocket ship, but it's been a fast build by the last couple of years.
Because for 30 or 40 years, this ideology that I've been talking about, we've been talking about, has been pretty indomitable, right?
"He's always been anti-immigrant, always been protectionist, always been fiercely nationalistic on matters of war and peace," Vox's Dylan Matthews writes.
There might have been ... Yeah, I'm sure there's been a joint that I haven't been in, but, I'm there when we're shooting.
The digital players on the newfront side have been slower to evolve — while they have been copying TV — TV has been evolving.
We've been lucky in that [former CEO Dick Costolo has] been really supportive and now Jack's been equally if not more supportive.
"It has been a closed community and, more than that, it's been a place where the spirit of God has been present because His people have been present," one member, Marcia-Anne Dunbar, said.
Still, distance has always been an issue for the 2 with their respective careers, and there have been reports it's been extra rocky for them lately ... and they actually haven't been together for months.
Every so often in "The Dark Tower," you catch a glimpse of what might have been: the might-have-been narrative ambition, the might-have-been pop mythology, the might-have-been genre assemblage.
"We've been doing a lot of work since I've been here, everything has been going well, I've been feeling great and I have no problem so I'm happy with the progress I'm making," he said.
"There have been politicians who have been out there in hotels crying with families, there have been politicians who have been out there sweating with the families, holding their hands, being with them," he said.
He was so incredible and the last few years he's just not been the same — number one he's not been the same fighter, he's not been the same man, he's not been the same anything.
Even though I have been as disappointed as I have ever been, as sad as I have ever been and as angry as I have ever been, I also feel stronger than I ever have.
So far, 60 percent of the roughly 1,000 people who've been qualified for the program have been first-generation college students, 53 percent have been women and one-third have been African-American or Latino.
"I've been a car salesman, I've been a stand-up comedian, I've been an actress, I've been a mom, I had a production company and after this, I have something really cool coming," she said.
Though perhaps I've just been spoiled with the three-week battery life I've been getting on the Withings hybrid I've been wearing around.
Children have been separated from their parents, teachers have been kept from their schools, Christian families have been turned away from American airports.
Melania Trump has been actively been conducting interviews for staffing posts over the past several weeks, though, and some names have been floated.
Eleven suspects have been been questioned in connection with the crimes, but the case remains unsolved and the stolen goods haven't been found.
"This would have been her prom dress, that would've been her makeup and that would've been her hairdo," she said, according to MLive.
"I've been very taken by how Meghan Markle has been dressing, the Duchess of Sussex has been dressing throughout her pregnancy," Anna said.
Democrats who have been present for the depositions have said they've been extremely valuable, while Republicans have largely been critical of the process.
"I think (Kansas'defense) has been consistent, and that's why they've been where have been at,"Drew said in his post-game news conference.
About a decade earlier than that, some geneticists who had opposed Lysenko had been arrested, some had been imprisoned, some had been disappeared.
The result has been that those with incomplete paperwork have been denied homes, jobs and public services, and have even been locked up.
Player feedback from those who have been testing the beta has so far been enthusiastic, although there has been some criticism as well.
Where there have been claims of fraud, they have been mainly small-scale, though that may have been enough to sway close contests.
Much of the past decade has been rough for active fund managers, but 2016 hasn't been just bad, it's been history-making bad.
Painful as it must have been, the waiting not only seems to have been good for Rowe—it seems to have been necessary.
If you've been wondering what Laguna Beach and Hills alum Lo Bosworth has been up to lately, she's been going through a lot.
I've been self-insured since 2005, so I've been through the ups and downs and it's been so much better in recent years.
"Is it weird that the time we've been engaged has been the most distant we've ever been in our relationship?" she asks Nate.
It has been tested over time and while there have been failures, those failures have been largely addressed and remedied over the years.
In his short career he's been at Procter & Gamble, he has been at Boston Consulting Group, he's been at Kraft, very senior roles.
Still, the source noted that the discussions Trump has been having have so far been open-ended and nothing has yet been decided.
He's been a lobbyist; he's been a chairman of the Republican National Convention; and he's been a counselor for the Bush White House.
It should have been on MSNBC, it should have been on CNN, it should have been on Fox, not just on CSPAN 85033.
Google's algorithms are far from perfect, and there have been numerous instances where its search results have been unauthoritative or have been gamed.
I've been in the bunker with them, and I've been really impressed with how Steve and his team have been thinking about it.
We're told cops have been reviewing the surveillance video -- but so far, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified.
"They've been dealing with Ebola, they've been dealing with Zika, they've been dealing with MERS, and now they're dealing with coronavirus," McConville said.
Books and articles have been written, harsh words have been exchanged, and expensive expeditions have been launched in support of both major theories.
My dad has been an alcoholic my entire life and has always been emotionally unavailable, so I have never been close to him.
For as long as humans have been, well, human, we've been misleading one another, and politicians have typically been among the worst offenders.
The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates, saying that the labor market has been strengthening and that economic activity has been rising.
"Institutional money that has been on the sidelines, that has been afraid to get into China, has now been pushing in," Fromhertz said.
In Miami Beach, where $400 million has been invested to deal with flooding, roads have been elevated and sea walls have been constructed.
I've been a user for exactly a decade, and though I've never been a fanatical tweeter, I have been active all these years.
Human rights groups estimate that more than 300 people have been killed, more than 4,000 have been injured and 7,000 have been detained.
Westmoreland's bankruptcy has not yet been settled, and McKinsey has not yet been approved to work on the case, much less been paid.
Anyway, no, I've been out there and I've been doing that long before I've been straight up about thinking about running for president.
Wouldn't have been a 210x, wouldn't have been a home run, but if you're a normal person, it would have been real money.
People could have been killed — the impact must have been enormous.
There has been no information about whether they have been charged.
More than 20,000 people have been killed; 2.1m have been displaced.
Rumors have been told, stories have been made up about me.
You've been to every single Willie Nelson show there's ever been.
Clinton, meanwhile, has been as quiet as her opponent's been loud.
That's just kind of how it's been since I've been here.
But I haven't been somebody who's been smart about his money.
Essentially, there's been a Rih drought, and fans have been #thirsty.
Had I been a French taxpayer, it could have been free.
"We've been on tour lately and it's been fascinating," he explains.
So it's been debased but there again, what has been debased?
But if it hadn't been drugs, it would've been something else.
Her email has been hacked, and she has been impersonated online.
There&aposs been a number of people who have been targeted.
There have been those who have been able to sneak through.
He has not been exonerated; he has not been found innocent.
I have been going where no one else has been going.
T on her ass woulda been fitting, but that's been covered.
It's been a while since a simple jailbreak has been released.
No arrests have been made, and no motive has been confirmed.
Yeah, I've always been sexually open, but I've always been misunderstood.
There has been been speculation that Charlotte is actually a host.
I've been super impressed by everyone who's been on so far.
Update: This story has been edited and quotes have been removed.
So it's not been that, and I've been thankful for that.
Now that it's been released, I've been spending more time studying.
Cool has always been a commodity, but it's never been cheaper.
If you'd been her dad, you'd have been angry and terrified.
"He's been very romantic, it's been very amazing," she told PEOPLE.
There's been so much untreated sewage that's been discharged into streams.
But there could have been, and should have been, much more.
Roughly 50,000 people have been arrested; 100,000 more have been sacked.
"They've been doing that ever since I've been here," Hornibrook said.
And digitally, which we've been doing, it's been going quite well.
It's been this group that I've been traveling with since arriving.
So it's been pretty daunting but it's also been pretty cool.
There've been so many that have been good for different reasons.
It could have been Director, it could have been something else.
It had been a year since they had been together sexually.
Three people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported.
Many have been arrested; some have been jailed for short spells.
"It's been a really easy transition, we've been lucky," she shares.
It's been so long, and the internet has been so bad.
I've been touched to see memorials that have been held worldwide.
The Bulgarian's career path has been judged reasonably; consistently been rational.
Over 20 people have been killed; hundreds more have been arrested.
Ramses: If it's been like that, it definitely hasn't been planned.
People could have been killed the impact must have been enormous.
No deaths have been reported, though 39 patients have been hospitalized.
The internet has been switched off and hundreds have been arrested.
If it had been different timing, it could have been something.
It's been tough, but I think I've been taking it well.
Would there have been such criticism if she'd been a man?
He would have been president had it not been for Chappaquiddick.
Ford's email has also been hacked, and she's been impersonated online.
The gunman has been apprehended and no injuries have been reported.
However, wage growth has been elusive and productivity has been flat.
The Warriors have been officially been invited by the Trump administration.
The statement has been removed and this article has been updated.
I've been welcomed by so many people and that's been great.
Some former paramilitaries have been prosecuted, others have been co-opted.
UBS has been been one of the bearish voices on bitcoin.
Two have been arrested, pending trial; a third has been questioned.
It's been incredible, it's been so busy and so much fun.
The fighting has been brutal, and many residents have been killed.
It's mostly been making smartwatches, and they've mostly been pretty cheap.
And while we've been turning a blind eye, it's been multiplying.
So it's been really, really positive … it's been such a delight.
We've been there -- we've been there for 222017 years, in Afghanistan.
I've been to many occasions where the royalty has been there.
They&aposve been stonewalled, and the subpoenas have not been respected.
Premiere dates for the episodes have not yet been been determined.
People have resigned, people have been demoted, somebody&aposs been fired.
It could have been seed funded, could have been growth staged.
Law school has been traditionally been very rigid with application standards.
People have been jumping each other and have been stabbed before.
I have been drawing longer than I have been playing music.
No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.
And prices have been rising and choice has been shrinking accordingly.
It's been a year since I've really been in the kitchen.
Now you've been in ... how long have you been doing this?
Two suspects have been detained but have not yet been charged.
We've been schooled, we've been served, and now we get judged.
The range of how explicit people have been has been interesting.
It's been a cycle that's been happening for a long time.
Three investigations have been dropped without charges ever having been filed.
I've been active, totally active for as long ... I've been here.
It has been profitable for me and that has been great.
Why I've been targeted by US State Department, nothing's been found.
Have there been follow-up attacks we haven't been informed of?
What a gift this series has been: it's been my honor.
Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre.
While five deaths have been reported, only two have been confirmed.
Accurate shadowing has been added, and some elements have been rearranged.
Economists have been downgrading growth forecasts and markets have been retreating.
It's definitely has been difficult, but it's been a learning experience.
Hundreds have also been injured and hundreds more have been arrested.
No deaths have been reported, but 59 people have been hospitalized.
If Trump's actions have been damaging, López Obrador's have been disastrous.
Many additional resources have been already been requested before Florence's approaches.
Those demands have been repeatedly made in Syria — and been ignored.
It has been a long time they have been hurting us.
The result may well have been different had they been separated.
It's been 85033 percent over 10 years; it should've been 40.
"The journey hasn't been easy, but it's been well worth it."
If printing had been free, 20 covers would have been nice.
America, traditional parties have been captured by outsiders or have been
But she would have been in good company had she been.
It has not been shown that Valeant has been channel stuffing.
It's been as misinterpreted a book as ever has been written.
Adamowicz has since been hospitalized and a suspect has been arrested.
Had it not been for that, we could have been dead.
Seventeen people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported.
"The steps we have been taking have been effective," she said.
The new president has been busy, but he hasn't been effective.
Latin America, meanwhile, has been troubled, while Europe has been flat.
Had they been stamped, they would have been worth about $81,600.
No deaths have been reported, but 56 people have been hospitalized.
But there has been no obstruction, there has been no collusion.
So it's been quite a journey, it's been quite a ride.
If he had been caught, he would have been shot immediately.
I've been great to women and they've been great to me.
She's been a person that's been very good —— HABERMAN: Protect Meredith?
Having been secretary of state, Clinton has been touching the world.
There have also been suggestions that he might have been gay.
Results have been exceptionally promising, and the change has been rapid.
Some hedge funds have been also been releasing home-built tools.
Though no deaths have been reported, 18 people have been hospitalized.
If it hadn't been Plessy, it would have been someone else.
He would have been limited had there been a regular practice.
It's also been a city that has been dealing with blight.
They've been around for years, and they've also been prohibitively expensive.
That uncertainty has not been eliminated, but it has been reduced.
Now that, had it been true, would have been truly creepy.
There have been other Robins, but they've all been circumcised too.
Laws have been toughened up, and enforcement has been beefed up.
"You've been very brave, actually, you've been incredibly brave," Trump said.
"What we have been doing has not been working," he said.
He has never been formally canonised, nor has he been beatified.
There's been a couple of times where I've been pretty bad.
It would have been slower, but it would have been satisfying.
It's been burnt here, as though the room has been smudged.
" I said, "I've been honest with everybody and had been denied.
No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.
There's been these teams, but they've been flash in the pan.
The last ten years I've been going there I've been grumpy?
The response has been great and it has been really fun.
I had been to CBGB's, I'd been to Max's Kansas City.
Nobody has been through the weird shit that they've been through.
It's been really rewarding how accepting clients have been of it.
They haven't been great, sure, but they haven't been horrendous either.
This season, the Lynx have been the best they've ever been.
Everybody thinks it's been rising; it's been declining for 40 years.
There have been exceptional times when making music hasn't been possible.
It would have been comedic if it hadn't been so tragic.
It may have been five minutes, it may have been fifteen.
And the person who has been perceived to have been slighted?
Some have even been asked to remove clothing and been searched.
"I've been through September 11; I've been through Sandy," Segota said.
While you've been cooped up inside, the storms have been brewing!
There have also been five club employees who have been affected.
Trump: This has been something that's been around for many years.
And had they been men, it wouldn't have been a problem.
There have been too many shootings and nothing has been done.
So, there would've been nightmares, and they would've been worth it.
He's been compared to Obama and been confused for a Kennedy.
It's been a label I've been inspired by for many years.
I've always felt like I've been somebody that's been a leader.
It's only been a day, but what's the reception been like?
There have always been restaurants that have been buzzy or zeitgeisty.
Everywhere we have been this season, it has been a celebration.
Sometimes our suspicions have been right; sometimes we've been totally surprised.
Things have been going great here and I've never been happier.
But so far, you know, he's been, he's been very good.
That's always been something that I've been wary of submitting to.
There's been some misalignment, and some expectations that have been perfect.
Had they been watching television or been seated at a desk?
It's been something I've been doing for the past few years.
Already, SXSW has been shut down, and Cannes has been postponed.
That's been evident in how far ahead of Trump he's been.
A lot has been said, but few minds have been changed.
It's been a lot of people that have been restating it.
If she had been caught, she would have been killed immediately.
Would they have been too small, would they have been striped?
Four have been granted compensation, and five claims have been rejected.
My chakras had not been bathed, they had been power washed.
There's always been a political climate that we've always been through.
"We've been encouraged that the uptake has been swift," she adds.
Risk management procedures have been improved, governance procedures have been improved.
It's not that people haven't been helpful, they've been enormously helpful.
We've been through our ups and we've been though our downs.
People have always been living in space while they've been alive.
"There's always been pertussis, it's never been eliminated," Dr. Winter said.
People who may have been affected have been notified by mail.
I've been texting with P. all morning because it's been slow.
I haven't been sleeping well lately and have been taking melatonin.
He's been everywhere, and everywhere he's been was better for it.
Though the listing has been removed, the truth has been revealed.
Communication lines have been completely cut, and roads have been destroyed.
"The pressure he's been under has just been horrendous," she said.
Had it been fresh water, it would have already been frozen.
They've been fighting this for the 20 years I've been there.
Each time proposals have been traded, they've quickly been shot down.
That's really been something that's been a thorn in my side.
If it hadn't been Ukraine, it would have been something else.
We've been worse in the past; we've also been far better.
It has not been linear and it has not been traditional.
It's been a year since Dawson and Booker have been together.
There have been 319 IPO s , but there haven't been 1100.
President Obama has not been a unifier, he's been a divider.
A date has not been yet been set for his return.
Where has she been, and what has she been up to?
"All that could have been prevented had I been offered" Suboxone.
A lot of people have been through what I've been through.
No injuries have been reported and no arrests have been made.
My concerns had been blatant when they should have been sly.
As has been rightly pointed out, Google has been quite cavalier.
The task he has been handed has not been not easy.
"I don't think we've been slow; we've been strategic," she said.
But if they would've been boyfriends, that would have been fun.
Though no deaths have been reported, 11 people have been hospitalized.
While they have been tiptoeing, the Trump administration has been moving.
If it hadn't been Llamas, it would have been someone else.
I've never been world number one and been the Olympic champion.
One of his brothers had been arrested and hadn't been released.
No deaths have been reported, but 28 people have been hospitalized.
And the admirals have been fantastic, the generals have been fantastic.
I mean, Hillary's been a politician longer than I've been alive.
It's been 20 percent over 10 years; it should've been 40.
There have been members of my family that have been arrested.
It's been many, many years, and there have been no solutions.
Our political climate has been the worse it has ever been.
She's been pretty hard on herself; the years have been hard.
This season has been difficult, though that had been somewhat expected.
No deaths have been reported, but 62 people have been hospitalized.
And you know, that's been his persona, that's been his style.
There's been some movements, but there's never been anything like this.
I could have been you and you could have been me.
She hasn't been indicted, and she hasn't been told to stop.
It's been ... A lot of stuff has been lifted from it.
Although the date hasn't been publicly specified, one has been set.
Because content isn't been something that you've been much invested in.
I've been straight up that I've been thinking hard about it.
There have been other instances where European banks have been punished.
I have been an idiot more than I've been a genius.
Gayle who's been a friend and Stedman who's been my rock.
So, it's been certainly for me, it's been an interesting experience.
John had been there for a while, had been extremely successful.
It's been a while since I've been — how do I say?
"It's been a very fluid situation on the Gulf coast…so it has been bearish WTI but we've been saying it's been constructive Brent and global greats," explained Mahesh, saying the result has been for European refineries to bid for Brent and for Dubai-linked crudes as well.
Across the border area, over a million hectares of cropland (2,471,33 acres) has been submerged, roads and homes have been damaged, livestock has been swept away and killed, and entire wildlife sanctuaries have been cut off.
"There's a collective recognition that the system that's in place, and has been in place for a long time, hasn't been adequate, hasn't been nimble enough, hasn't been uniform across all the racing states," Gagliano said.
America has always been racist, has always been restrictive in whom it chooses to grant the rights of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, has always been a country where selfishness has been rewarded.
As long as there have been men, there have been men fighting each other, and as long as there have been men fighting each other, there have been other men arguing about whose method was best.
One factor may have been missing ballast: four hundred pounds of radar equipment had been intentionally left out from the aircraft's nose and should've been replaced with the same weight in sandbags, but apparently hadn't been.
This is the critical point about Lowell as a writer: he had been straitjacketed, he had been physically violent, he had been shaken to his fundament with regret, he had been wounded deeply by wounding others.
Police have been widely deployed and the Bahraini national guard has been mobilized in Sitra, a village that has been a flashpoint for unrest.
It could have been candy, it could have been the plastic vampire teeth he was wearing, or it could have been something else entirely.
"It's obviously been a big time commitment, so I would just emphasize that nothing that's been done has been on short notice," he said.
I'm telling you what has been said to us and what's been said by his spokesman and what has been said by his embassy.
I think had they been in the same social media climate, it would've been different; people would have been able to hear their stories.
"The last 19 years have been distressing, where I've not been allowed to speak, where I've not been allowed to be myself," Perkins said.
So I guess there would have been a chance that I would have been in Moonlighting and Bruce Willis would have been their dad.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report that villages have been burned to the ground, women have been raped, and many have been killed.
The men I have been with who have been more overtly abusive have been easier for me to deal withI brushed off the incident.
Those of us lucky enough to have not been born into such situations have been privileged in a way Howard's daughters have not been.
If there's been one thing that's been consistent about San Antonio this season, it's been the game-in-and-game-out production by Aldridge.
Since he's been single, Mayer added that he's been hanging out with Cohen and that the two have been going to gay bars together.
"I've been raped, I've been sexually abused as a child, and I've been fired because I wouldn't sleep with my boss," Fonda told Larson.
As we've been reporting for years, Katherine has been bent out of shape for years, claiming the estate has been stingy with her family.
But although Britain's exporters have been getting a foothold in the emerging markets, they have not been as successful as they might have been.
The thing is that while John Lewis has been engaged in action for decades, the actions he's been engaged in haven't been respected either.
Mind you, people have been second-guessing Jeff Bezos for years, and it seems that he's been right more often than he's been wrong.
McCain, who has been away from Washington since December while undergoing treatment for cancer, has been often been outspoken against Trump and his policies.
"We'll see where it all ends, but there have been no missile tests, there have been no research where there has been," Trump said.
Many think pieces have been written on the so-called "nanny state," nights out have been cancelled and kebabs shops have been shut down.
"I've been here since 2004 and we haven't been off the air with any operators since I've been here until this dispute," Dolgin said.
I've been married for 20 years, we've been in the same apartment for 20 years, I've been in the same company for 30 years.
So my collection of evidence to date has been that these folks have been incredibly creative and they haven't been thinking ... No, they haven't.
The result is lives have been saved, many more lives have been demonstrably improved, and the proven template for future success has been created.
"Lots of books have been written about Putin, lots of caricatures have been drawn, lots of puppets and cartoons have been created," he said.
You've been very tech forward — and at the same time you've always been someone very early who's been talking about the downsides and upsides.
In areas that have been most affected by the coronavirus outbreak, schools and daycares have been closed, and small children have been sent home.
"And virtually everything said has been said incorrectly, and it's been said wrong, or it's been covered wrong by the press," Mr. Trump said.
Wherever this has been tried, wherever women have been empowered to do as they wish, the economy and the culture have been radically improved.
Decisions that have been taken have been wrong decisions that have taken us to a country that is in crisis, that has been isolated.
Airlines have been canceling or scaling back flights, trains have been halted, and countries have been imposing sometimes arbitrary quarantines on travelers and citizens.
"It wasn't about the Dodgers; it could have been the Cubs, it could have been the Astros, it could have been whoever," Bradley said.
More than 313,000 people have been suspected of being part of the coup attempt; 71,000 people have been detained, and 41,000 have been arrested.
CLEAVER: Yes, I think the problem has always been on the Democratic side - - and I&aposm not sure if there&aposs any been participation in any of these discussions -- has been -- always been the $30 billion wall.
"At this time there has been absolutely no indication, whatsoever, that the data has been disclosed, that it has been used or that it has been offered for sale," says Equifax chief information security officer Jamil Farshchi.
Military spokesman Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla said the troops had been adequately trained and the operation had been well coordinated, but they had been lured into a trap of improvised landmines that could not have been anticipated.
That's what's been so special [about the Big Four]: not that there has been a Federer or there has been a Nadal or a Djokovic but the fact that they've all been together and played each other.
And it's been a privilege, and I'm super happy they've been accumulating.
It had been confiscated because he told authorities he'd been hearing voices.
They&aposve been there and they&aposve been there a long time.
We haven't been doing that because Republicans have been aiders and abetters.
She had rarely been to that park and hadn't been in months.
This album has been something I've been working on my whole life.
Dear Kate has been also been receiving adulation for its ad campaigns.
So, it's been certainly, for me, it's been a very interesting experience.
Two people have been hospitalized, and there have been no reported deaths.
But this movie would've been different had it been with Margot Robbie.
You've been with me when I've been sick, through all my fears.
That's been so decentralized for people, it's been outsourced to the internet.
Had Schindler's been directed by someone else, it would have been formidable.
And with it, there's been a lot of misinformation that's been spread.
It hadn't been this large the last time I'd been in here.
People are able to resell something that's been used and been contaminated.
He said Vietnamese authorities had been in touch and had been supportive.
Consequences that would have been huge, but only if they'd been true.
She's also been widely reported to have been extremely close to Trump.
No charges have been filed yet, but two students have been questioned.
I mean, I've actually been -- MAGGIE WILDEROTTER: Which has been apparent, too.
It's always been a daunting prospect but the reaction has been insane.
Chancellor Merkel has been consistent; she has been steady; she is trustworthy.
So far, nobody has been arrested and no motive has been offered.
It's been six years since I retired, so that would've been 2006.
We wouldn't have been so poor… if he had been truly corrupt.
"I've been very blessed and our family's been very blessed," he said.
That's been the case since the '90s; we've been driving the culture.
He's been one of them for as long as he's been here.
It has been around for centuries, and it has never been acceptable.
Obviously you could have been Prime Minister, you could have been anything.
The parents, who have not been identified, have been questioned by police.
Been There Been There: Reentry is so hard after a personal crisis.
Greinke has been O.K. in the postseason, but Scherzer has been stellar.
Hasn't been approved yet, been in there for 11 or 12 months.
The video has since been deleted, but has been reuploaded to YouTube.
"You've been lazy", he barked at another, "you've been nothing but trouble".
"Loni has been so good, she's been detoxing all summer," said Mai.
Though growth has been slowing of late, the trend has been impressive.
Unfortunately, it would've been better if "Be Prepared (2019)" had been cut.
No. Have their been opportunities missed or more that could have been?
"It's been tough, it's been damn tough," he said of the occupation.
There's been — as you know, there's been no lessening of the sanctions.
We've been-- we've been candid about that with people in the organization.
I mean, cloud has been something that's been happening for a while.
Oracle has been, or Safra has been very supportive of President Trump.
It might have been him, or it might not have been him.
It would have been much higher if GDPR had been in effect.
Maybe they haven't been destructive, but they certainly haven't been that helpful.
While the fiscal targets have been tightened, inflation targets have been loosened.
I had never been violent before, nor have I been violent since.
Churchill's been dead about as long as Dylan's been using electric guitars.
He has not been charged, and no trial date has been set.
His throat had been slashed, and he had been stabbed multiple times.
"My hearts been borrowed and yours has been blue…" 👀 @taylorswift13 pic.twitter.
There have been laws broken, there have been guilty pleas and indictments.
Kaczynski, who had been limping recently, has been hospitalized since early May.
After all, she reasoned, she'd been on drugs when she'd been assaulted.
It feels like every flight I've been on, there's been someone coughing.
Postmates' permit has not been issued; the company has been conditionally approved.
It&aposs been just this week Nelson has been back at practice.
If it hadn't been for that, things would have been much worse.
" She noted, "We've been married five years, we've been together for eight.
Jobs have been a key number that Fed policymakers have been watching.
That's been the fear world leaders have been quietly discussing for months.
And I honor what he's been through and we've been through together.
"It's been a while since I've been interested in somebody," Callie admits.
I've been saying it for years, he's been saying it for years.
Yes, there have been lots of them and many have been mediocre.
Since the video has been released, Amourath says there's been some fallout.
Some have been jailed, while others have been paraded on national television.
I hadn't been wrapped in cotton wool, but I had been protected.
I know I've been MIA, and I've kind of been hiding out.
People know I've been there if their fruit bowl has been rearranged.
It's always been messy, often been unpleasant, and doesn't give any answers.
Zinke's words have been loud, but his actions have been even louder.
Their friendship has been almost been almost 30 years in the making.
"I've been defending what we've been doing over there," he told CNBC.
"It's been over 50 years, it's been far too long," she said.
It's been a difficult few months, and they haven't long been back.
Almost all have been white, but at least one has been black.
While there's been plenty of talk about sequels, there's been little progress.
If it had been a month later, Browder could have been him.
"I've been calling y'all — y'all ain't been calling me back," he said.
Since it has been announced, my children have been back in touch.
HM: Regulators have clearly been one reason there hasn't been more activity.
"Defense has always been something that's been instilled in me," he said.
"He's been tough and he's been more concerned about me," she said.
I thought everything that could've been said about Jobs has been said.
"All the agreements that have been signed have been violated," he said.
He's been a favorite, he's been an underdog, he's won, he's lost.
Imagine what the mood would have been had the result been different.
"Nothing has been canceled because nothing has been set," the official said.
Some Republicans have been complaining they have been unable to see transcripts.
"It's been digitized, it's been put down on safety film," he said.
Romney has been largely supportive of everything we've been trying to accomplish.
It's been my – it's been literally my lifeline between Wilmington and Washington.
"And there have been very few who have been successful in that."
"I've been through cycles, I've been through a lot," admits Mr Trump.
It's been awesome to see how it's been able to be used.
Where there has been reform, it has not always been well implemented.
Not since I've been doing it, not since he's been doing it.
The nuclear agreement has been implemented, prisoners have been freed, sanctions lifted.
While prices have been volatile, China's import demand has been remarkably stable.
"We've been working hard, the guys who haven't been playing," Schultz said.
Joanne had been stabbed so many times her spine had been severed.
I've been fascinated by eGPUs for as long as they've been around.
She'd been married 3 times, although she'd been single since the '80s.
Wilkinson has been very open about how painful the process has been.
Lega has been gaining in opinion polls while M5S has been declining.
Since I've been working here my work has been about imagined landscapes.
If anyone has been mauled on this campaign cycle, it's been Jeb.
All names have been changed and interviews have been edited for clarity.
"They've been a scientific spectacle since they've been introduced to Western science."  
Every day is questioning what could have been, what would have been.
This has been several years, many years that you've been doing this.
It's been true historically, and it's been the case again in 21.
"We've been searching and we've been desperate for a win," Randolph said.
TheKidsSupply has been what we've been working on for a long time.
Who's been trying to get divorced for longer than she's been married?
NIELSEN: It could have been prevented and it should have been prevented.
Bradley's detention hearing, which had been scheduled for Thursday, has been canceled.
It's been a few years since Lohan has been in the spotlight.
I've only ever been with people I've been friends with for years.
Many of them have been identified, yet most have not been apprehended.
Questions have also been raised about how settlement money has been used.
There's been concern that's been expressed on both sides of the aisle.
Had it been available from the beginning, things could have been different.
I'd rather never have been married than been divorced a few times.
Nearly 143,300 people have been killed and almost 8,400 have been wounded.
"There's never been a president who's been so transparent," Mr. Trump said.
He could have been referring to Chase Headley, who has been woeful.
So the vet process, it's been one that's been a little misunderstood.
Since 1945, when there has been peace, it has been nuclear peace.
" Giuliani said, "He's been lying all week, he's been lying for years.
No murder weapon has been found and no motive has been established.
Had the lubricant not been applied, it could have been a disaster.
Many dissidents have been arrested and have not been heard from since.
The subsequent climbdown has been as swift as it has been surprising.
The dollar's move has not been huge, but it has been impressive.
Since I've been here [in Little Rock, Arkansas], it's been absolutely wonderful.
Had he been moved incorrectly, he could have died or been paralyzed.
She's been helping me raise my kids and that's been really great.
At least 36 vouchers have been distributed, and two have been redeemed.
Around 1,700 hectares have been burned and 11 roads have been closed.
This has been something that's been going on for a long time.
They've been relatively quiet recently, but that doesn't mean they've been idle.
The mood has been cheerful and there has been no significant trouble.
"Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre," Sen.
It's been here, and it's kind of been unchanged, for so long.
Lot of contention about what has been agreed what hasn't been agreed.
It's been decades since it launched, and time has not been kind.
As a mom, I've been where millions of other parents have been.
Thirty-nine people have been hospitalized, and no deaths have been reported.
"I've never been on Twitter, I've never been on Instagram," he said.
Gabrielle Giffords (D) wouldn't have been shot if she had been armed.
Eighty-four people have been hospitalized, and one death has been reported.
That event had been canceled and prosecutors say Zhang had been informed.
The reason why he's not been there is because he's been injured.
Turkey's economy has been growing, and infant mortality has been rapidly declining.
"As long as there have been humans, there's been impacts," added Turner.
So far, 21 babies have been born and 19 have been boys.
With "Veep," if this had been the end, it would've been apt.
So far, 200 people have been charged and 81 have been convicted .
Musk has been very open about how stressful it has all been.
But it's been going -- it's been going on for a long time.
And I've never been as creative as I've been in Santa Fe.
Now I've been a business guy longer than I've been a politician.
There have been no reported deaths, but one person has been hospitalized.
Our company had been so successful but been very private about that.
Proposals have been floated in Congress, but there has been little movement.
There hasn't been an Apple of apparel —there hasn't been that thing.
It would not have been necessary had she been accorded due process.
"It's been an awesome weekend, the car has been fantastic," Rosberg said.
Its shock privileges have been revoked, its ultimate conclusion has been compromised.
The national polls have been tightening, and Sanders has been outperforming expectations.
Every day since it has been like he has been here forever.
There have been rumors for as long as I've been doing this.
The outage may have been less severe had Amazon been more prepared.
All of the challenges we have been facing have been amplified now.
Mattie Jo: It's always been something that's been a part of me.
Or it would have been — that would have been it for SpaceX.
While that would have been nice, that certainly hasn't been the case.
That might have been the biggest song I ever been on commercially.
It's been really easy medically; there have been no complications at all.
Honestly, I haven't been on probation, because I've been being sexually assaulted.
Listen, I've never been in a situation where I've been this scared.
Historically, all the federal ones that have been convicted have been pardons.
That's already done away with, because they've been married and been left.
Some high-level positions haven't been filled, while others have been restructured.
This deal, which has been long rumored, has still not been announced.
The information has been preserved and reacted, the facts been digitally stored.
Well, I've been — I've been hearing about it for a long time.
How have the trans roles that have been offered to you been?
I've been married, had a baby, and it's been fuckin' five years.
His lawyers said they have not been notified whether he's been charged.
So there have been plays within games that I've been pleased with.
Had he been a white guy, then he wouldn't have been fired.
It's only been 10 days maybe, and the reception has been crazy!
That could have been anywhere, that could have been here in Chicago.
While it's been sloppy, it has been similar to what was promised.
As of now, no foreigners have been found to have been killed.
Of course, stocks have been on fire while bonds have been flat.
I do think we've been very lucky because she's been pretty easy.
Bezos' wealth has been climbing as shares of Amazon have been skyrocketing.
"The championships have been good, I've been close to gold," he said.
While the forecasts have often been low, returns have clearly been good.
There's been a lot of people that's been affected in downtown Nashville.
Her life could have been saved; her suffering could have been spared.
Anyone who has been paying attention has been watching it for years.
And it definitely has not been as crowded as it had been.
It's been a while since a man has been this pleasantly extra.
In Australia, shortages have been rare, and contact tracing has been comprehensive.
"He's always been an entrepreneur — so he's always been self-employed," Mrs.
Articles described what she had been wearing, who she had been with.
He had been frustrated that so few of them had been convinced.
The board exams have been passed, and required rotations have been completed.
If that had been my only bottle, I might have been despondent.
While strides have been taken, the problem has not been entirely eradicated.
Non-essential meetings have been canceled and remote participation has been encouraged.
It's always been more than a tennis court, it's been a happening.
We've been critical of Judge Kavanaugh, but we haven't been especially worried.
Several journalists have been arrested and some media operations have been suspended.
Although there have been proposals for remediation, no action has been taken.
Ms. Moser had been an understudy and had been in the chorus.
Elsiy, 6, has not been eating well since her father's been gone.
They are doing what I have been saying, and I've been watching.
But for me it's just been a part of who I've been.
Had the Austin terrorist been Muslim, there would have been national hysteria.
Had he been straight, his social canvas would have been restricted immeasurably.
God, there hasn't been that many, we've been pretty good on them.
No formal request has been made, and no date has been set.
It's been very slow going, especially profits, has been extraordinarily slow going.
"That's been clearly demonstrated," Joyner added, but anything beyond that hasn't been.
Everything has been filed, typos and final copy-edits have been made.
I haven't always been a photographer, but I've always been a storyteller.
"I've just been on this diet basically; it's been awful," she said.
"What's been really transformative for us has been smart speakers," said Zaraya.
They have both been Oscar nominees, but neither has been a winner.
"He's been a true professional everywhere he's been, here obviously," Brind'Amour said.
" Mulvaney replied, "I haven't been quiet and shy since I've been here.
No formal request has been made and no date has been set.
"We've been researching family history and had been there before," said Ellis.
"I've always been the one that's been paid the least," he said.
She had been in therapy, been on antidepressants, tried transcranial magnetic stimulation.
"I've almost been a comedian longer than I've been alive," he said.
We've been there for 28500 years, and we've been protecting the country.

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