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492 Sentences With "areas"

How to use areas in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "areas" and check conjugation/comparative form for "areas". Mastering all the usages of "areas" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It has populated areas, unpopulated areas, industrialized areas, suburban areas.
They're in relatively fancy areas, or up-and-coming millennial areas, or trendy areas, correct?
Gray indicates areas close to the national median; green areas have higher income, pink areas less.
In 22016, 30% of voters were in urban areas, 46% in suburban areas and 25% in rural areas.
Blue areas observe DST, red areas never have, and orange areas once did but have since abolished it.
About 4 percent were in rural areas, about 88 percent in suburban areas and about 8 percent in urban areas.
The hospitalization rate is higher in urban areas than rural areas overall, but but for 5- to 14-year-olds hospitalizations are lower in urban areas than rural areas, the researchers found.
Green areas show increases in areas covered by green leaves.
In Mecca, Medina, in rural areas and in urban areas.
Rural areas are now reliably Republican, urban areas overwhelmingly Democratic.
Rural areas are lagging metropolitan areas in numerous measures, but within metro areas the suburbs are growing faster in both population and jobs.
We can identify areas that need more work, areas that are great corridors, or areas that are kind of lost to the cause.
What areas need improvement, and what areas showed the most growth?
We had to fly over certain Russia areas, Russia-held areas.
We had a fly over certain Russia areas, Russia-held areas.
We had a fly over certain Russia areas, Russia-held areas.
Those areas include smaller, secondary cities, as well as rural areas.
Circled areas indicate areas exceeding NOAA's upper bounds for temperature anomalies.
Potential spots included areas with sidewalks, parking lots and plaza areas.
The areas around the base are largely areas that vote Republican.
Population growth has occurred in suburban areas; rural areas lost population.
According to the United Nations, some 2503,700 people live in besieged areas - 274,200 people in areas besieged by the government, 200,000 in areas besieged by Islamic State and 12,500 people in areas besieged by opposition groups.
Users can also specify their areas of expertise and become a "Sensay" in those areas, helping others with their areas of interest and requests.
Let's change the countryside,the rural areas, I'm doing a lot of rural areas testing, giving rural teachers,people, kids in the poor areas, mountain areas, how we can giving them a new different way of education.
They are adding kiosks to order food, seating areas and deli areas.
And what -- the areas that are nice, the areas that are not.
Colored areas represent different fossil specimens and black areas are approximated reconstructions.
Government-held areas are certainly in better shape than rebel-held areas.
That's how much snow some areas areas could receive, according to meteorologists.
That assessment still holds for areas outside of wilderness areas, she says.
Drivers in urban areas will pay more than drivers in rural areas.
Rural areas are losing population while urban and suburban areas are gaining.
Flooding may occur in coastal areas, near streams, and low lying areas.
As the planet warms, areas at risk of malaria are growing as mosquitoes spread to highland areas - and these areas need vigilant attention, said Abeku.
Green areas indicate a <22016% probability of 3 foot surge, yellow areas indicate 30-50% probability, and orange and red areas indicate 50% or greater.
That has implications both for urban areas and rural areas because those rural areas are often the supplier of things like food and some manufacturing.
Dangerous renovations Passenger and crew areas Unbalanced Overloaded with cargo Dangerous renovations Passenger and crew areas Unbalanced Cargo areas Dangerous renovations Passenger and crew areas Cargo areas Unbalanced Source: South Korean prosecutors By The New York Times Corrupt regulators, bought off by fancy dinners and travel, allowed the unsafe ship to sail.
The United Nations says half are in Islamic State controlled areas, some 180,000 in government areas and about 12,000 in areas controlled by opposition armed groups.
There's all of this talk about voter fraud, and voter fraud is focused on urban areas, areas with minority voters, areas with a lot of Democrats.
Those areas would be shut down and searched until those areas were cleared.
And in certain areas, women have to offer, in other areas men do.
Yellow represents areas scorched by the fire, while purple areas represent healthy vegetation.
Blue areas voted to remain in the EU; red areas voted to leave.
The light gray or white areas are buildings, roads and other developed areas.
In China, special administrative areas include bonded warehouses and bonded areas at ports.
White or light gray areas are hotter than dark gray and black areas.
"Areas like biotech, areas like healthcare services, we think are interesting," he said.
Online sales in rural areas grew at double the pace of urban areas.
A. Wind travels from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.
In other areas, however, winds have reignited fires in other areas, he said.
Areas with the highest risk were in Western states, and in rural areas.
Every society has problems and failures, areas of brokenness, even areas of ruin.
The study found that richer, more densely populated areas are actually more likely to implement voluntary buy-outs of flood prone areas than economically disadvantaged, rural areas.
In that time period, new moms in rural areas grew older by 1.3 years, in suburban areas by 1.5 years and in urban areas by 1.8 years.
Among the areas most at risk are deforested areas, including farms and human settlements.
Oil from these areas has been supplied to government-held areas throughout the war.
Furthermore adventures will not spawn in areas like streets or difficult to reach areas.
Vlach villages are divided between areas for the living and areas for the dead.
Cities and metro areas What about the largest 51 metropolitan areas in the US?
Areas under siege lack basic supplies, while prices have skyrocketed in government-held areas.
While many areas were overstocked and untouched, in other areas, the shelves were bare.
But in previous studies, Kull found areas of agreement in those areas as well.
They retake areas, [but] primarily, Iraqi forces have led the fights in those areas.
But we have, sort of, missing areas, areas that don't complete the whole circle.
And there may be some areas where we'll go the other route — desert areas.
There are very rich areas and very poor areas within any given city, but it's harder to tell the difference in urban areas by using daytime imagery alone.
"These are public works to mitigate the impact (of disasters) so that some areas go from being areas of high risk to areas of medium risk," Castro said.
According to Morgan Stanley's estimate, about 61% of Amazon Logistics' package volumes are from suburban areas, 28% are from urban areas, and just 11% are from rural areas.
This particular map shows the River Ob in Siberia, where dark blue colors are areas of permanent water, lighter blue colors are areas of seasonal water, green colors represent new areas of seasonal water, and pink colors represent areas of lost seasonal water.
VoteCastr is basing its turnout models on key counties in the swing states, sampling from areas that favor Hillary Clinton, swing areas and areas that support Donald J. Trump.
We're trying to catch up in some areas, advanced technology areas, with respect to China.
And DHS has expanded its use of drones to areas outside border and coastal areas.
Doctors are concentrated in urban areas such as Ottawa and Toronto, leaving rural areas underserved.
Certain areas, in really successful areas, where we can't get help, many people do that.
Also, I like girls that are a bit chunky in certain areas – the nice areas.
"It has frayed in certain areas and fallen completely in a few areas," he said.
A lot of room for growth in both areas you know and all those areas.
Because it is easier to go into urban areas and make arrests than suburban areas.
Mr. Curcio said mayors in the affected areas were monitoring the damage to their areas.
In some areas, the paint is thick and in other areas practically a transparent wash.
So resources could be stretched in certain areas, but not in all areas at once.
These areas control the state budget without needing or wanting any input from rural areas.
The United bid had three areas of medium risk, and 17 areas of low risk.
These sprawling metro areas are also showing faster overall growth than the urbanizing metro areas.
He also scouts out areas close to uncultivated land or grazing areas with water nearby.
Pruitt later announced findings for areas that comply, but not for areas that do not.
You should not be in potential spread areas or potential ember attack areas on Saturday.
Red areas indicate more Snaps taken in a specific area, whereas blue areas have less.
People in urban areas are more likely to own guns than those in rural areas.
As it stands, Syria is largely divided into four camps of government-controlled areas, rebel-controlled areas, ISIS-controlled areas (albeit a quickly dwindling area) and a Kurdish-controlled area.
In Michigan, the biggest prize of the night and a state that Mr. Sanders carried four years ago, Mr. Biden was winning in urban areas, suburban areas and rural areas.
The red areas in this scan show a growth in organized white matter in the language and literacy areas of the child's brain, areas that will support learning in school.
On one level the answer is simple, that water flows from higher areas to lower areas.
Fitzsimmons also revealed that students from rural areas get an advantage over students from urban areas.
Yellow dots show areas dominated by human-caused fires; purple shows areas where natural fires dominate.
So that means that these Democratic areas of California are just as valuable as Republican areas.
Rural areas tend to be populated with older, sicker and lower-income people than urban areas.
Until now, we have (generally) divided the world into two sections: secured areas and unsecured areas.
A Martian gravity map showing high-gravity areas in white and low-gravity areas in blue.
Even dwelling in urban areas, as opposed to rural areas, increases the prevalence of psychiatric disorders.
And there are some areas which are new areas, where new investment could be highly productive.
There are usually nursing rooms and quiet areas separate from the chaos of the communal areas.
Some under-the-radar metro areas in other areas of the country may provide more value.
In this app prototype, the white areas received enough attention while the yellow areas were lacking.
Greg Abbot, who also declared 19 counties federal disaster areas and 50 counties state disaster areas.
In both states, areas with more hospitals had lower premiums compared with areas with fewer hospitals.
Areas facing urgent mandatory evacuation are highlighted in red, whereas "evacuation warning" areas are in yellow.
Nonfarm payroll jobs are up in 46 metropolitan areas and are unchanged in 343 metropolitan areas.
Ideally, these centers would exist in less densely populated areas easily accessible from major metropolitan areas.
Lesser-educated white areas swung to Mr. Trump, while more educated areas swung to Mrs. Clinton.
"Waiting to serve those areas, until we solve the maps in completely different areas, is irresponsible."
Democrats lost in rural and industrial areas, and Republicans lost in suburban areas, deepening national divisions.
Employees have been instructed to clean kiosks, countertops, restroom areas, and many other high-touch areas.
They will generally allow you to gut the staff areas and the kitchen and service areas.
Protected areas were protected well before advocates from industrialized countries decided that these areas needed protection.
It is also clear that poachers are moving into increasingly remote areas areas to hunt elephants.
And the votes from Iowa's metropolitan areas don't count as much as votes from rural areas.
In rural areas, child labor rates are nearly double that of urban areas, the report noted.
Asked about areas he doesn&apost like, Vaselkiv names two long-suffering areas: Retail and publishing.
In certain areas, such as education, I was talking about, marketplaces, ultimately, new areas of education.
Realize that there are areas where we agree, identify those areas and work on them first.
We've seen this happening all over in urban areas, but it's happening in rural areas too.
It strikes me that not spending a lot of time in these areas, not living in these areas, not campaigning in these areas, that sort of drives the difficulty in connecting.
The Nates said Trump did better in voting machine areas of Wisconsin because those areas are also the type of rural areas that were home to Trump supporters across the country.
Yet some six million people still reside in the war-affected areas: about two million in areas run by the government and about four million in areas controlled by the separatists.
The GAO report said that 551 of the NPL sites are located in flood hazard areas, 160 are located in coastal hazard areas and 117 are found in wildfire hazard areas.
But BLM oversees national monuments, national conservation areas, wilderness areas, and 5,761 miles of national scenic and historic trails, in addition to 2,33 miles of wild and scenic rivers, among other areas.
Small town America is centered on the bottom three groups: metro areas with less than 215,240 in population, rural counties adjacent to metropolitan areas and rural counties not near any metro areas.
"[We are] seeing issues in white suburban areas, urban areas, rural areas, crossing gender lines, racial lines, economic disparity," said Jason Butkowski, a spokesman for New Jersey's Department of Children and Families.
Relatively sparsely populated areas struggle with the closings of rural hospitals, leaving large geographic areas underserved, while urban areas have a high concentration of large hospitals, many of which struggle with overcrowding.
When the families came over, they started to move into residential areas, working-class areas in particular.
The areas that bring people together are the areas of mental health, domestic terrorism, and foreign terrorism.
Sometimes those roosts can be in trees in urban areas or near areas that are well-lit.
Massive deluge Many areas remain inundated after downpours of more than a foot in some areas Saturday.
You go to PARC to work on areas that are now the hottest areas in Silicon Valley.
Areas near the coasts or other bodies of water are often easier to forecast than inland areas.
It asks the nation to remain vigilant, especially in rural areas, campgrounds, parks and other isolated areas.
The areas of difficulties that Indonesia will face could actually lead to areas for win-win cooperation.
That's what always happens when air flows from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.
"For certain areas I would [consider fencing], but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate," he said.
Heavily fished areas include the northeast Atlantic, northwest Pacific and areas off South America and West Africa.
Sometimes certain areas stand out to me and I can isolate those areas and go from there.
Areas of concern should include customizing content for different habits in geographical areas and among age brackets.
That's the case in lower-cost areas--- like Cobb County, Ga.—and higher-cost areas, like Manhattan.
"We're talking about entrances out in the deserts, remote areas, dangerous areas, people bringing children," he added.
Australian rural areas, in comparison, are estimated to have 58 doctors per 100,000 people in rural areas.
"Obamacare is having trouble in rural areas," Northwestern health economist Craig Garthwaite tells her of these areas.
Some lounges offer spa services, wine tasting areas, conference rooms, shower suites, family areas, and luggage lockers.
Metro areas in the South, with a few exceptions, have notably lower scores than the northern areas.
Money spent in some areas will be untethered to make way for new needs in other areas.
Women and men each have their own lounge areas with expansive wet areas and high-end products.
The river has some shallow areas and some deep areas, which made rescue efforts difficult, she said.
Governments can use it to help monitor marine protected areas and enforce the borders around those areas.
One especially concerning figure for Trump: He was blown out by 241 percentage points by Cruz in suburban areas and 283 points in urban areas, compared to just 262 points in rural areas.
Eligibility: If you practice medicine in certain rural areas of Georgia, you could qualify for the Physicians for Rural Areas Assistance Program, which aims to increase the quality of care in underserved areas.
There are growing pockets of them in the eastern desert areas of at least three Syrian provinces, including many hiding in areas under government control, according to fighters and residents of the areas.
Lots of brain areas have specialized receptors for steroid hormones, including the areas involved in memory and emotions.
Workers swapped samples from areas known to be highly contaminated with dirt from areas known to be clean.
They welcome that role in certain areas, so we're going to find areas that we can work on.
This will likely complicate matters as many areas impacted by the storm are parts of lower-populated areas.
Mortar attacks on government-controlled areas of Damascus from rebel-held areas just outside it are relatively rare.
True, some areas of the Midwest might be "hungry for socialism," particularly urban areas like Chicago and Detroit.
Nearly half of the organization's health centers in Texas cover underserved areas or rural areas, Planned Parenthood says.
As of June 2015, internet penetration reached 64.2 percent in urban areas and 30.1 percent in rural areas.
On average, rates of police-involved fatalities were highest in large metropolitan areas and lowest in suburban areas.
The more complicated answer: Areas closer to the equator actually rotate faster than areas closer to the poles.
"The majority of voters are in urban areas, and urban areas tend to be anti-government," Chin said.
It still controls some rural areas, however, and carries out frequent attacks in the capital and other areas.
Looking at specific trade deficits in certain areas when there was a surplus in other areas like services.
Additionally, coastal areas seem to be less interested in drilling for oil or natural gas than inland areas.
In 2015 the overdose death rate for rural areas surpassed the death rate for urban or suburban areas.
Those price gains were concentrated in central areas, with prices in other areas still falling, the data showed.
This is especially true in rural areas and in the tribal areas where VA facilities are hours away.
"For certain areas I would [build a fence], but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate," Trump said.
Areas in light blue show a high concentration of rapes, dark areas show a lower concentration of rapes.
High-opportunity areas tend to have less concentrated poverty and tend to be more mixed-income integrated areas.
In urban areas, 275 percent of users take Ubers weekly, while in rural areas it's just 272 percent.
And it makes sure interests of less populated areas aren't ignored at the expense of densely populated areas.
Residents will no longer be able to frequent playgrounds, dog parks, public picnic areas, or other recreational areas.
If dense areas were perhaps 20 percent more challenging than suburban areas, we might subscribe to this view.
Many remote areas remain cut off, making it hard to contact more remote areas and assess the situation.
The company's autonomous shuttles drive only in areas with so-called geofences, or in areas with defined boundaries.
"We could be overreacting in certain areas or underreacting in areas that could create real problems for people."
Polling stations across Arab and Turkmen areas in the city were far less crowded than in Kurdish areas.
Key urban areas have already been covered, while less populated areas have lower affluence than the national average.
A long list of areas are under hurricane warnings, including parts of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Bahamas; areas under a hurricane watch now include the Florida Keys and other areas of Florida.
The idea here is to use ARIES base stations in urban areas to broadcast out to the rural areas around these population centers and provide a backhaul infrastructure to provide access to areas farther away.
Future goals, says Bowman, should include establishing and enforcing extended boundaries for gorilla habitat areas, creating corridors, stopping illegal mining inside protected areas, and legally establishing artisanal mining cooperatives in areas close to gorilla habitats.
"The safest way to do it is to find places that will recover naturally and areas that are already near other areas of forests, areas that have just very recently been cut down," says Marshall.
There are many areas like this across Pakistan, not necessarily Christian-majority areas, but where impoverished Muslims live too.
Areas with low permeability are shown on the maps in pink, with the least permeable areas highlighted in magenta.
Many areas remain inundated after 55 mph winds and downpours of more than a foot in some areas Saturday.
The report also recommended that housing and industrial areas should best be built in areas with low liquefaction risk.
We've come close in some areas, but some areas have been below average, which makes the hole even deeper.
That's because urban areas — and, increasingly, suburban areas — tend to vote Democratic while exurban places tend to vote Republican.
In rural areas, 71 percent are married before the age of 18, compared to 54 percent in urban areas.
Winners: The young and higher income in low-cost areas.. Losers: Older and poorer in high-cost areas. Jan.
Zinke said some areas in the massive monument deserve Antiquities Act protection, while other areas might deserve other protections.
Fifty-four percent of Planned Parenthood health centers are in health professional shortage areas, rural or medically underserved areas.
There are 444 protected areas in Malaysia, it added, with both land and sea areas totaling 4.1 million hectares.
If no human is perfect in all areas, chances are that no one is fallible in all areas, either.
He needed to win big margins in urban areas to make up for Trump's strength in more rural areas.
These habitat standards apply in Priority Habitat Management Areas and Sagebrush Focal Areas specified in the sage grouse plans.
It would permanently alter dozens of National Wildlife Refuges, National Seashores, state-protected areas, and ecologically important marine areas.
USGS scientists found 21 areas with increased rates of induced seismicity, including within small areas of Alabama and Ohio.
"The vast amount of investment in these areas is taking place outside of the traditional aerospace areas," Harris said.
People in rural areas are 75 percent more likely to die by firearm suicide than those in urban areas.
Downsizing provides less opportunity in low-cost areas, especially in the Midwest, South and many areas of the Northeast.
He understands the value of hard work and can speak to voters in both urban areas and rural areas.
Whatever the extent of protected areas, the highest priority is to improve the management of the current protected areas.
It has both formal and informal dining areas, reception areas, home offices, a fitness room, and a screening room.
The CDC says overdose rates for urban areas surpassed rural areas in 2016 and 2017, though not by much.
It has risen 38 percent in suburban areas, and just 85033 percent in rural areas, according to Zillow data.
Areas directly along the coast seeing temperatures in the 90s and inland areas hitting the triple digits, Brink added.
Hitting core areas "These sanctions hit at core areas of Iran's economy," Pompeo said in a call with reporters.
Zinke said some areas in the massive monument deserve Antiquities Act protection, while other areas might need other protections.
Experts say that sales of the flower have increased as migration shifted from rural areas towards more metropolitan areas.
So in the wealthy areas, they would pick up the garbage, and in the poor areas, they just wouldn't.
Areas in the San Bernardino Mountains were predicted to still be able to support small areas of the trees.
"The areas where shark attacks mostly occur are the areas where humans enter the water the most," he said.
Counties outside metropolitan areas — mostly small towns and rural areas — draw and lose roughly even numbers from domestic migration.
Metropolitan Areas Within a Four-Hour Drive: Most locations are within a four-hour drive from major metropolitan areas.
And shortages are not only affecting disaster-torn areas, but areas in need of renovation, and regions seeing growth.
Foreclosed homes in minority areas had many more problems, as defined by the checklist, than homes in white areas.
The Observatory said at least 11 civilians were killed on Friday in rebel areas and 13 in government areas.
In some areas we work with them together and in some areas we agree to disagree and move on.
The data show that workers in heavily unionized areas earn a significant premium over workers in lightly unionized areas.
"We are urging Americans to not travel to the areas in Italy and the areas South Korea," he said.
The storm dropped heavy, wet snow in areas west of Interstate 95, leaving feet of snow in some areas.
Some areas are understood by most of us, while some areas require a lot more technical knowledge to evaluate.
It is fought in remote areas of the countryside, while around 75 percent of Colombians live in urban areas.
These locations are more likely to be in lower-income areas and areas with more black and Latino customers.
Pediatric mortality is declining more slowly in rural areas than urban areas, a Health Affairs report released Thursday notes.
Remote areas But in more remote areas of Mozambique, efforts to reach those trapped in stagnant waters remain ongoing.
It even has Dirt Detect sensors, which recognize concentrated areas of dirt in high-traffic areas of your home.
Among whites, death rates have risen by 224 percent in metropolitan areas and by 343 percent in nonmetro areas.
You have to design seating areas and position serving areas and make sure that you can manage storage options.
High-lithium areas, he says, have suicide rates 225 to 2000 percent lower than those of low-lithium areas.
Seat-by-seat analysis shows that it increased most in areas with large populations of well-educated under-45s; areas that are ethnically diverse; and areas that voted to remain in the European Union last year.
Ukrainian authorities do not recognize school documents issued in rebel-held areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, so some parents in rebel-held areas send their children to schools in areas under government control, HRW said.
The researchers defined urban areas as metropolitan counties with populations greater than 50,000; micropolitan areas were between 10,000 and 49,999 people; and rural areas were nonmetropolitan, nonmicropolitan counties with a population of fewer than 10,000 people.
"We have so much innovation to do in the areas of our data analytics, in the areas of our machine learning, in the areas of our agile development environment, and then the underlying infrastructure," she said.
"When departments concentrate enforcement efforts, for example, in high-crime areas, those areas are likely to be areas with disproportionate numbers of minority residents," David Sklansky, a law professor at Stanford Law School, previously told me.
Pastoral movements could be better managed to ensure areas do not become overgrazed and conflicts with conservation areas are minimised.
Rural areas, however, reported fewer new cancer cases at 442 per 100,000 persons compared with 457 cases in urban areas.
Broadly, advertising costs in rural, out-of-the-way areas are considerably less than in hotly contested, dense urban areas.
There will of course be areas where these companies are naturally weaker, and these are good areas to start companies.
"In some areas it's easier to be more successful with auto debt, and in other areas less successful," McKernan said.
The colored areas on this USGS map show areas with soluable subterranean rocks with potential for cave or sinkhole formation.
Nearby areas of Bundelkhand, in Uttar Pradesh state, have been declared drought areas by the National Institute of Disaster Management.
"The conversations that we secretly recorded were in open areas and in public areas where people could overhear," he said.
Some cities have responded by designating on-street parking areas for scooters and capping their speeds in popular pedestrian areas.
FEMA Administrator Brock Long will visit areas affected areas Tuesday, while the president while visit Florida on Thursday, she said.
Once you've identified the areas that you lack knowledge in, seek out people who have more experience in those areas.
A total of 36 companies were awarded stakes to explore in the mature areas, or areas already opened for exploration.
Most baggies are found in poor areas, but he also finds baggies in wealthier areas with large, open public spaces.
As part of this commitment, we provide many offerings designed for families including family bathrooms, nursing areas and play areas.
You can choose between single room and spot mode for specific areas or edge mode for harder to reach areas.
Areas of extra negative charge can temporarily attract to areas of exposed positive charge on other atoms, leading to adhesion.
Dark blue colors are areas of permanent water and the pink colors show areas of where water occurs less often.
Some users are seeing the service drop in strong areas, whereas others will see dropouts happening in low signal areas.
Areas that turn purple indicate samples infected with Zika, while yellow areas indicate samples that are free of the virus.
While spectrum in certain geographic areas around metropolitan areas is attractive, there is a glut in secondary markets, analysts said.
An excellent gameplan demonstrating that whole areas of the game can be avoided with the right threats in other areas.
And in the areas of momentum and the areas of productivity and performance there is no contradiction there's no tradeoff.
Unsurprisingly, people in urban areas were more ready to give up their cars than those in suburban and rural areas.
"It's one of the very few areas, good areas, that one could imagine Democrats and Republicans coming together," Frankel said.
It's no huge surprise that rural, poorer areas had the lowest life expectancies and richer, more metropolitan areas the highest.
Those are areas which we, Jolla, did not enter into those areas — because our own resources have been so limited.
Others are coordinating national investments to target geographic areas or subject matter areas that are experiencing the most significant shortages.
Sydney, home to more than 5 million people, is ringed by large areas of bushland, which back onto residential areas.
"We have two major areas and a couple of minor areas," said Sumant Mandal, a managing director with the firm.
"The most dangerous areas are the exposed areas along the first and third baselines in foul territory," the lawsuit said.
Experts theorize that the areas at greatest risk for a Zika outbreak are poor urban areas along the Gulf Coast.
Of those, 233 civilians were killed in the city of Aleppo: 102 in opposition areas and 126 in government areas.
Because of economic and political factors, urban areas generally see their taxes go to transportation funding in more rural areas.
"To be strong militarily, we have to shift now money from the civilian areas to the military areas," Netanyahu said.
In lower-income areas there are no sidewalks; in higher-income areas there are wide streets abutted by large garages.
The link indicates that pigeons could be used to detect areas of pollution across the country, particularly in urban areas.
Today, Kurdistan, Kirkuk, formerly occupied ISIS areas, as well as Baghdad and Shia areas to the South are particularly vulnerable.
This is particularly true in larger metro areas or smaller metro areas within commuting distance of a larger metro area.
Opioid overdose death rates were higher in urban areas, but opioid use in those areas has also been higher, historically.
Acute watery diarrhea has been more fatal in areas controlled by the rebels than in areas controlled by the government.
About 73,000 Obamacare enrollees live in these areas, which are concentrated in the western and northern areas of the state.
Brozinsky took samples of tissue from these "rashy" areas, as well as from the areas where her gut appeared normal.
Democrats, though, quickly countered that the fencing can't be built in "sensitive" areas such as national parks and refuge areas.
Urban areas added jobs at a pace more than twice as fast as non-metropolitan areas, the Census Bureau reported.
CNN has documented that Trump's own political base is centered on more rural areas and areas with less racial diversity.
Over the last decade, pedestrian deaths remained nearly the same in rural areas but rose 22017 percent in urban areas.
Rain is also forecast for areas like Sydney, but less is forecast for some areas where the fires are biggest.
Xi called for "low-risk areas" to "fully restore production" while higher-risk areas continue to deal with the epidemic.
Reopening these areas to more economic opportunity starts with instilling a new confidence for entrepreneurs considering moving into these areas.
But we definitely need to improve in certain areas and continue to do well in the areas where we're stronger.
"Our work has got to be in the areas that have resisted us most" — meaning the coast's more affluent areas.
Extremist groups have found refuge in forested areas along the poorly defended border areas of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.
He cites a noticeable difference between how children in poor areas and those in upscale areas react to his services.
Friedland says practices like this allow luxury developers to take advantage of incentives meant to lure investments to lower-income areas: "The money flows to affluent areas, not the targeted areas Congress intended to benefit," he said.
"I think thinking about how rating region areas are set up — including more rural areas with urban areas, which typically have a more desirable population — could help change the landscape of the number of insurers participating," said Dickstein.
We grouped respondents into "combined statistical areas," which are geographic units defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget that combine metropolitan areas with surrounding areas that have commuting and economic ties to the more populous region.
The car can travel to specific areas that have been set by the company such as its offices or residential areas.
Three others were killed in other areas in Manila on Sunday and 22 were killed in four areas outside the capital.
"Then you are able to pick areas that are non-negotiable and areas where you can reduce your expenses," Ryan said.
"I'd prefer to say stop to plastic in most areas, not only in the ski areas," said Polish tourist Jozek Nowak.
There are areas I think, or if there's total spam, I think those are legitimate areas, but obviously, that's their decision.
"People are realizing, you really do a need a mix-use space with open areas and more private areas," he said.
" It also said one out of every four Californians — about 11 million people — live in areas classified as "high-risk areas.
While adoption rates have been high in middle- and upper-class areas, low-income areas haven't adopted Google Fiber as fast.
The two rounds will bring needed moisture to some abnormally dry areas, including areas hit hard by wildfires in recent weeks.
"We work in rural areas because those are the areas where the problem of open defecation is most pronounced," says Jain.
In all, we reviewed 2220 metro areas across the U.S. Some up-and-coming areas just missed making the top 220.
In Chicago, Verizon says 25G will be limited to areas around The Loop, Gold Coast, River North and Old Town areas.
So those areas we will also be very focused upon in terms of the growth and so there'll be multiple areas.
They can seek relief in air-conditioned areas, including an infirmary, administration offices, visitation areas, the education department and the barbershop.
In Syria, their comrades hold out in remote desert areas and have carried out bombings in areas controlled by the SDF.
This does not apply in some areas as they do not have agents stationed in some of the more rural areas.
It went back and forth a lot over the same areas, and seemed to keep cleaning areas it had already done.
As they could more than 21625 years ago, immigrants can invest $2900,220006 in underdeveloped areas or $2202 million in developed areas.
Snow amounts in major metro areas Precipitation will likely start as snow in major metro areas before changing over to rain.
In rural areas, kids were 1.7 times more likely to have an amputation after a lawnmower accident than in urban areas.
Urban areas, too, may benefit from this technology-assisted treatment, as people living in rural and urban areas face similar obstacles.
According to the report, the overdose rates for urban areas surpassed rural areas in 2016 and 2017, but not by much.
But just 4,334 protected areas, amounting to 10% of analyzed protected areas, "are completely free of intense human pressure," they wrote.
The evacuation order for areas east of Interstate 95 and some areas to its west takes effect Saturday at 8 a.m.
Planters, especially smallholders, are instead being pushed to optimize the yield from existing areas under cultivation instead of expanding such areas.
These surcharge areas are home to about 70 million people, according to our calculations, in rural areas, small towns and suburbs.
Pavement lights and signs would signal priority pickup and drop-off areas and signal which areas are off-limits for cars.
"In a nutshell, they target minority areas and heavily Democratic areas," said Ms. Snipes of Broward, which is Florida's bluest county.
And we've seen in recent presidential elections that blue (Democratic) areas are getting bluer and red (Republican) areas are getting redder.
Not least, creating protected areas can also allow vulnerable species to spawn and migrate, including to areas where fishing is allowed.
Unfortunately, the disparity between the nation's expensive, largely urban areas and lower cost, typically rural areas extends beyond just employment opportunities.
Areas like tourism, tourism is SS: Yeah JMS: one of the areas that SS: It's huge at the moment isn't it ?
Charter schools are typically concentrated in highly populated areas, leaving families in rural areas with little in the way of access.
Lower-skill workers are often excluded from jobs in booming areas because zoning regulations in those areas jack up housing costs.
"There are designated areas where fuel dumping is done, normally over less populated areas, such as the Pacific Ocean," he said.
The average waiting time was 7 minutes in urban setting, 7.7 minutes in suburban areas, and 14.5 minutes in rural areas.
Women in rural areas are experiencing even higher rates at 2202 deaths per 2628,28500 compared to 6900 deaths in urban areas.
These ad campaigns ran predominantly in areas that are friendlier to Republicans, including southwest Virginia areas that voted resoundingly for Trump.
Some articles and think-tank studies have drawn attention to specific areas designated as opportunity zones, including areas included in zones because they are adjacent to low-income census tracts, areas that are already gentrifying and areas that are in college towns that aren't disadvantaged but appear to be low income because much of their populations are students.
In less dense areas, such as rural areas, where broadband infrastructure must be deployed over wide areas, using high altitude solar-powered aircraft to provide backhaul-type links to terrestrial aggregation points may be part of the optimal solution.
Metropolitan areas with vast sprawls like Orlando, Phoenix and Cleveland are growing faster than high-density areas like downtown New York and Washington D.C. In reality, three-quarters of the people living in urbanized areas live in the suburbs.
Areas to the northwest of the city are expected to see far less snow, while areas to the southwest may see more.
In other areas they were carried in harnesses across very steep caverns as walking across these muddy areas would have been dangerous.
But the terrifying thing is the continued impunity of the perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict areas and in non-conflict areas.
Some even map out high-crime areas and give a street-by-street breakdown of areas that travelers may want to avoid.
There were also rural areas of concern, such as in Idaho, and other areas like Portland, Oregon; Kansas City, Missouri; and Pittsburgh.
China is pining hopes on areas like travel to propel growth amid signs of weaknesses in many key areas of the economy.
But in 2013 the government permitted limited areas for robusta farming - during a roya outbreak - and three years later expanded those areas.
"Quality, stronger-growth areas/investments should become more attractive to investors relative to areas/investments with a more-cyclical profile," McCain said.
These sparsely populated areas lacked those two dueling American ideologies, Puritanicalism and Enlightenment, that deemed prizefighting gauche in cities and urban areas.
Education and housing are the two most intimate areas of American life, and they're the areas where we've made the least progress.
Fighting is ongoing in the border areas with Syria where militants are entrenched in the small town of Rawa and nearby areas.
Saroukhan said recent Syrian government advances in rural areas east of Aleppo had led to tensions with the YPG in some areas.
The Bloomberg analysis revealed that many poor urban areas were excluded from the service area, while more affluent neighboring areas were included.
Eligible areas for relief are counties or municipalities in Texas and Florida declared as disaster areas by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
They walked into red areas and blue areas, states where they thought they could win and states where they thought they couldn't.
Jobs in other metro areas grew around 11%, and in counties outside of metro areas the job growth rate was around 4.5%.
The U.N. estimates there are 486,700 people in around 803 besieged areas of Syria, and 4.6 million in hard-to-reach areas.
Instead, Lamond said, cities should, where possible, deal with the water in higher catchment areas and slow its approach into urban areas.
Compared with those in the least segregated areas, patients in the most segregated areas were 65 percent less likely to receive surgery.
It's a fine way to cover main areas, but you'll likely want more to secure windows and other areas of the house.
An absence of deputy leadership in areas such as acquisitions, human capital and agency budgets, could lead to inertia in these areas.
All but two National Conservation Areas in the bill would be managed as motorized recreation areas, prioritizing off-road vehicles over conservation.
The company is working with potential partners to define commonly used routes before expanding coverage areas to cover larger and larger areas.
Highly urban areas, meanwhile, improved by 22013 places on average (though urban areas still tend to be more deprived than rural ones).
These areas overlap strongly with areas previously associated with moral decision making, Darby says, so their potential link to criminality makes sense.
At the same time, the presence of the sectarian militias in Sunni areas alienates the areas that fell to ISIS in 85033.
Today the grounds comprise areas of landscaped garden, as well as garaging and workshop areas, a tennis court and a summer house.
But in other areas, firefights stymied the flames and mandatory evacuation orders for Ventura, Santa Paula and some unincorporated areas were lifted.
In urban areas, rural areas and everywhere in between, students who lack internet service at home have difficulty doing their nightly schoolwork.
That's because cartels have banned street robberies in other areas of the city so criminals have started operating in busy nightlife areas.
Because of its importance to areas with higher state and local taxes, members from those areas are resistant to repealing the SALT.
So, rural areas had 24.53-14% higher total fertility rates for each year compared to metropolitan areas, but they're still low comparatively.
" The report also claims that satellite images from mixed ethnic areas show that non-Rohingya areas "appear to have been left untouched.
I'm happy to talk about more, in all the different areas, whether it's ... And you have to realize there are many areas.
Around the world, urban areas tend to be left-leaning and cosmopolitan; rural and suburban areas tend to be conservative and populist.
A. There are areas that I could pull back in and areas that I would certainly not want to pull back in.
Sheepherders lost just 0.02 percent of the sheep population in those protected areas, the lowest loss rate among sheep-wolf areas statewide.
Prices in southern areas were mostly steady with last week, while areas further north notched modest week-on-week gains, traders said.
In severely affected areas, the biomass of earthworms underground is 500 times greater than the biomass of moose in the same areas.
Because 5G systems feature high-speed, low-range equipment, the technology is more suited for now for urban areas than rural areas.
Police and military patrols in urban areas have become routine, especially in crowded shopping areas and at sensitive sites like train stations.
People in these areas should "absolutely avoid any movement into and out of the areas," the decree says, according to The Journal.
Florida's more liberal and urban areas have been quicker to shut down beaches while more conservative areas have been slower to respond.
The practice is more common in rural areas, he said, but even in the urban areas, the tradition continues among some families.
In order to support people in bushfire-affected areas, we hope people visit these areas even after the relief work is finished.
The problem lies in both corruption and control of areas where the mines are situated and the roads leading to those areas.
Nine of the areas were included in the previous auction, it added, while thirteen of the new areas have gas production potential.
Approvals for some tests, unlike UPS' broad certification, are limited to small areas, and restrictions remain about flights over densely populated areas.
The Republican performed well in the more rural and exurban areas, while the Democrat did well in the suburban areas around Charlotte.
About the living part: Democratic-leaning areas used to look similar to Republican-leaning areas in terms of productivity, income and education.
In my opinion, you cannot be successful in two areas of life and have four, five or six areas where you're average.
But many have already opposed agreements on Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Oceans, areas much smaller than predicted blue-carbon sites.
Unlike other larger fulfillment centers in suburban areas, these warehouses are largely in urban areas like Chicago, New York, Portland, and Sacramento.
Fishers move around, trawling different areas on the seamount, which allows some areas to start the recovery process, according to the researchers.
About 23 percent of people in urban areas don't have access to or can't afford broadband versus 28 percent in rural areas.
Rural areas had more than double the rate of cases as in urban areas, according to a 2015 report from the CDC.
"I think that for governments, the main thing is to invest in rural areas, in healthcare and education -- although to be honest, that even extends to urban areas, because we're seeing increasing numbers of poor people in urban areas," Dawe said.
The areas deemed at risk of a bad flood were the areas that had about a 20153 percent chance of flooding in any given year: in other words, the areas that would flood approximately one year out of every 100.
High-altitude air drops would be viable in four areas, including Foua and Kufreya, where about 20,000 people are trapped but the other 15 areas are in urban or semi-urban areas where helicopters would be the only option, it said.
Then again, that's also likely influenced by the fact that 60 percent of Americans in rural areas use social media, compared with 71 percent in suburban areas and 69 percent in urban areas, according to the Pew Research Center's data.
"We hope that the Turkish side will ... defend these positions they set up and the areas they entered and prevent Russian and Syrian jets from flying in the areas where they are present, and the shelling of surrounding areas," he said.
Based on Brookings' data, CNN has analyzed the election results for all 536 federal statistical areas, including the 382 metropolitan areas, and the 2793 non-metropolitan areas, which comprise all of the remaining counties not encompassed in any of the metros.
The areas deemed at risk of a bad flood were the areas that had about a 1 percent chance of flooding in any given year: in other words, the areas that would flood approximately one year out of every 100.
"Areas that need this policy enforced the most are areas that lack it and that's a concern," Qato told Reuters Health by phone.
But in urban areas or any other areas with concentrated drug use, I think these [facilities] have potential value and should be tried.
All the rebel groups controlling areas of eastern Ghouta eventually agreed surrender deals that involved withdrawal to opposition-held areas of northwestern Syria.
In many states, police patrol high-crime areas more heavily, and many of these areas are often in or near communities of color.
Like every country in the world and every big city, Germany has areas where more crimes are committed more than in other areas.
The NSA said unemployment was particularly high among those living in rural areas, at 39.2 percent compared to 30.3 percent in urban areas.
Not only has the improvement in premature mortality slowed in poor areas, too, but poor areas still suffer vastly more than wealthy ones.
They found that the areas stimulated by salt and spice overlapped, and that spice further increased brain activity in areas activated by salt.
Many of the low-income areas where residents rely heavily on Planned Parenthood for care are also areas ravaged by the opioid epidemic.
It ensures that rural areas are served by "a minimal level of air service"; about a third of those areas are in Alaska.
Use bigger prints on areas where you want to draw the eye, and smaller prints on areas you want to recede in space.
She did not elaborate on the areas covered by the officials' work or on areas of disagreement between the United States and Canada.
The most at-risk areas are near military fire training areas, certain airports, industrial sites, and wastewater treatment plants, the new study said.
Chinese demand grew after the government in 2800 allowed pickups to enter some urban areas in four of 245 mainland provincial-level areas.
Shooting and turnovers, the two big areas where the Bucks improved most last season, have unsurprisingly been areas of great regression this year.
The bluish areas in the false-color image above show areas in which the red surface material was most disrupted by the impact.
Residents and local and international aid agencies that support the rebel-held areas say the sustained campaign paralysed everyday life in opposition areas.
He said it would have been better to expand Rio's metro system to densely populated areas in the west and other needy areas.
The United Nations estimates there are 486,700 people in around 15 besieged areas of Syria, and 4.6 million in hard-to-reach areas.
He said hardest hit areas in terms of new infections are parts of Appalachia and rural areas of the Midwest and New England.
If there are two areas, developers should use tabs; if there are six or more areas, developers should stick with the hamburger menu.
The National Weather Service in Phoenix said burn areas, desert washes, low-water crossings and low-lying areas are susceptible to such flooding.
It also boosts its suction over tough areas and is low-profile enough to get under furniture and in hard-to-reach areas.
"As long as there are areas left like open wounds, there will be no solution," he said, without specifying which areas these were.
Each of 382 local counting areas will count the number of ballot papers and announce local turnout figures in each of the areas.
Chinese demand grew after the government in 2800 allowed pickups to enter some urban areas in four of 5703 mainland provincial-level areas.
We need to see real commitment to improve infrastructure in the economy in the most distressed areas, which are primarily areas of color.
Sessions said he had funded the effort by eliminating spending in other areas and reallocating the money to focus on the priority areas.
Chinese companies have used drones for surveying areas for potential pipelines, particularly in rural China, where the local areas are not easily accessible.
The opioid epidemic: The increases in white incarceration rates are most pronounced in rural areas, known for areas stricken by the opioid epidemic.
If climate change makes rains less likely in the wet areas, it's possible to plant seeds of pines that live in dry areas.
Losing in key metro areas, it was also unable to unable to get a majority in the urban areas of Johannesburg and Tshwane.
Google has gotten into all sorts of other areas, but now we have a rough idea of how those other areas are performing.
"The surplus number will head to the other areas to strengthen the defence of these areas," against Islamic State and "any other threat".
"Mackey highlighted employee feedback on internal communications, as well, saying "there are areas where we excel and areas where more work is needed.
Inspired by the uniqueness of different body areas, this device offers specialised attachments designed to meet the specific needs of different body areas.
"Herders in arid areas often encroach on other farmers' land in search of grazing areas, if they don't have enough pasture," he said.
To solve this, our lawmakers should first identify those budgetary areas where there is broad consensus and hammer out agreements for those areas.
The CDC reports that rural areas have a higher suicide rate than non-rural areas, a disparity that has been widening since 2001.
Grassy areas can be easier to work in than some other environments, such as the desert, but these areas have their own challenges.
When removing snow from populated areas, the researchers advise not to dump snow in "sensitive areas" that could be affected by microplastic contamination.
"The priority was making sure the fire did not spread to areas of greater risk, such as the storage and production areas," it.
In many states, APRNs provide care in areas where access to physicians is limited; particularly in medically-underserved urban and remote rural areas.
Early last week, the World Health Organization suggested pregnant women avoid "areas" with Zika transmission, letting individual countries define which areas were risky.
People in wealthier areas waited an average of 13.6 minutes to receive care, while those in poorer areas waited 18.8 minutes on average.
Such a relationship would have its pitfalls and areas of distrust, to be sure, yet may allow for progress in some key areas.
In the new study, the team took 60 colonies and randomly allocated them to areas near corn, or areas adjacent to corn fields.
It allows the player to bulldoze past areas that are disproportionately difficult, and move on to areas with fun, challenging tasks to accomplish.
In order to make urban areas "smart," they need to be walkable, meaning schools and housing need to be reintroduced in downtown areas.
Texas A&M's Veterinary Medicine program encourages, pet owners living closer to rural areas to look for nesting areas, and to stay away.
It tracks areas in the mouth that weren't brushed enough, and areas with too much pressure, which it displays in an accompanying app.
"Rural areas' food inflation rate tends to overshoot and undershoot other areas' during times of rampant inflation and disinflation respectively," Van Deventer said.
The claim was this: Clinton performed significantly worse in Wisconsin areas with hackable voting machines than she did in areas with paper ballots.
Unlike in the United States, where shale abounds in more remote areas, shale drilling in Britain has been pursued near some residential areas.
Police on Friday banned people from the banks of the River Seine, grassy areas around the Eiffel Tower and some other popular areas.
The chopper's infrared cameras can present hotter areas in "white" and colder areas in varying shades of gray to black—or vice versa.
"It's very clear that some deals in certain areas will not get through, particularly when they are in sensitive areas," Ms. Salladin said.
TANZANIA MALAWI ANGOLA Forested areas ZAMBIA Areas at risk of Ebola outbreaks SUDAN CHAD SOUTH SUDAN Ebola R. UGANDA Current outbreak DEM. REP.
In more protected areas, like national parks, the number of people allowed in sensitive areas around sensitive species can be restricted, says Shannon.
Some agencies have also begun to designate native species conservation areas, removing barriers to upstream spawning areas and maintaining barriers against downstream intruders.
Mr. López said it was not just low-lying areas at risk: mountainous areas above sea level were also potential sites for landslides.
Police on Friday banned people from the banks of the River Seine, grassy areas around the Eiffel Tower and some other popular areas.
Efforts to help urban areas The issue of inequality in urban areas has fueled much of the political conversation among Democrats in 2020.
Quarantines in some areas prove successful in curbing infection, but areas with relaxed responses could drive a second spike in cases, Janasiewicz said.
" Under the policy, investors can delay paying taxes if they invest in areas that need it, with such areas being labelled "opportunity zones.
The trade agreements did not address areas such as steel, aluminum or auto parts — areas where Chinese exports have a deep, industrywide impact.
In Detroit, there are already complaints that some up-and-coming areas were favored over more troubled areas under the recently chosen zones.
Coastal areas from Baffin Bay to High Island are currently at risk for tropical storm conditions, while hurricane warnings continue for inland areas.
These include reasons why they should hire you, areas you could improve on and of course your other areas of interest like hobbies.
In some areas, smugglers can in minutes cross the Rio Grande, hide in the thick scrub and make their way into urban areas.
In addition, flash floods can affect areas that are far away from bodies of water, so it's not just coastal and riverine areas.
Among teens with unintended first pregnancies, 74% in rural areas had live births compared with 63% in urban areas, the study also found.
Forty-two sites are located in areas vulnerable to both coastal and wildfire hazards and 75 in areas vulnerable to flood and wildfires.
So these tools became important for covering all sides and areas, although we've never stopped traveling to any areas we can get to.
Demand for power can take time to develop in rural areas where most customers are less affluent than in urban areas, he said.
People living in rural areas of the US are more likely to have known someone who abused opioids than people in urban areas.
"We see an offensive that is really targeting - or with an impact on - hospitals and schools in civilian areas, in areas where there is the population and urban areas - which really should not be happening according to international humanitarian law," Moumtzis said.
Pregnant people in rural areas of the U.S. died of pregnancy-related complications 64% more often in 2015 than people in urban areas, according to the WSJ — which is a shift from 2000, when maternal death rate was higher in urban areas.
They divided participants into four groups: those born in mining areas who had subsequently left; those born in mining areas who had stayed; those born outside mining areas who had moved into one; and those who had never lived in a mining area.
"We are concerned and it's not just rural areas, it's a lot of different areas but ... the rural areas can be hit the hardest here," Joanna Hiatt Kim, vice president of payment policy for the American Hospital Association, told The Hill Extra.
"Search and rescue areas are not areas where the coastal state exercises sovereignty or has jurisdiction, but areas forming part of high seas where foreign military assets have every right to investigate any illegal activity departing from their coast," the Maltese government said.
Luckily, new research published in Biology Letters which found that birds that live in areas with high human populations (urban/suburban areas) are more territorially aggressive than birds in rural areas might be able to shed some light on this Hitchcockian mystery.
Sixty-two percent of people living in urban areas reported very or somewhat significant stress related to the election outcome, while only 45 percent of those living in suburban areas and 33 percent of people living in rural areas said the same.
Photographic data was collected from 106 camera sites from three zones: Areas where humans were excluded due to the highest level of contamination; areas where humans were restricted due to an intermediate level of contamination; and areas where people were allowed to remain.
Perhaps there's a behavioral component, where people in poorer areas pick up healthier behaviors from people in richer areas, though if that's the case it's not clear why life expectancy is better for the poor when they live in more economically segregated areas.
"You could imagine lots of creative efforts to define geographic areas to exclude high-cost employees and high-cost areas," he told me Thursday.
The group told Syrian opposition outlets that it was helping civilians from rebel-held areas to pass through Kurdish-held areas to relative safety.

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