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"are" Definitions
  1. be
"are" Synonyms
exist as act as live as remain art function as perform the function of turn out to be serve as typify 're represent characterise(UK) characterize(US) epitomise(UK) epitomize(US) depict embody exemplify portray symbolise(UK) symbolize(US) mimic mirror present present as become grow turn come to be emerge as turn out stay abide endure linger live reside rest wait bide dwell hang hover inhabit lie lodge persist prevail continue hold rank as rate as stand as feel exist survive breathe subsist stand have existence have life draw breath have being have breath cost fetch sell at sell for go for amount to come to set back command a price of remains continues lasts stays endures lingers lives abides persists prevails resides waits bides dwells holds lodges rests hangs hovers inhabits happens occurs transpires befalls arises eventuates passes betides comes ensues chances develops falls follows arrives issues materialises(UK) materializes(US) proceeds results exists obtains stands subsists breathes survives has being has existence draws breath has life has breath moves makes it remains alive lies sits bears belongs has its seat in reclines leans reposes props balances positions rests upon attends appears haunts frequents patronises(UK) patronizes(US) visits goes to drops in pops in takes part bobs up checks in clocks in pops up punches in rings in shows up turns up costs fetches sells for goes for sells at amounts to comes to sets back commands a price of has a price of brings draws procures brings in runs at sells retails at is knocks back equals totals becomes makes numbers comprises represents yields runs to equates to is equal to are equal to counts up to results in tots up to adds up to comes up to corresponds to ranks places grades rates has a rank of has a status of classes classifies categorizes(US) groups sorts orders codifies pegs ranges arranges types feels seems resembles passes for looks pretends to be takes after bears a resemblance to has earmarks of makes as if comes across as comes off as has signs of has hallmarks of gives the idea reminds one of gives impression of being turns out to be serves as turns into acts as comes to be constitutes develops into forms functions as grows into performs the function of plays the part of characterises(UK) characterizes(US) embodies encapsulates epitomises(UK) converts changes into converts into converts to transforms into assumes the form of emerges as ends up being evolves into metamorphoses into shifts into alters to eventually becomes adapts to peoples populates colonises(UK) colonizes(US) occupies fills immigrates pioneers dwells in establishes oneself in lives in moves to relocates to resides in settles settles in finishes accomplishes achieves ends up clinches comes in comes out finishes up reaches winds up wraps up keeps keeps yourself persists in being continues to be carries on being goes on being heads runs tacks veers bends diverges forks inclines sheers swerves turns curves deviates extends goes leads plays acts impersonates performs portrays personates enacts executes interprets depicts does presents renders appears as masquerades as playacts play-acts poses as stars as should be would be am is likely is probably are likely are probably am likely am probably will be will turn out to be is going to be are going to be am going to be will become will pan out More

750 Sentences With "are"

How to use are in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "are" and check conjugation/comparative form for "are". Mastering all the usages of "are" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Tomatoes are violin, carrots are trumpet, cabbages are oboe, mini radishes are flute, sweet potatoes are piano, eggplants are harp, pumpkins are clarinet," says the project's website.
There are things that are exciting that are not important, and there are things that are important that are not particularly exciting.
They are mothers, they are victims, they are sisters, they are friends.
We are black; we are indigenous; we are Spanish; we are European.
Babies are boring, toddlers are boring, mothers are bored, fathers are bored.
Secrets are revealed, relationships are shattered, drugs are snorted, pistols are drawn, canapés are burned — and the party's over.
There are people who are medics, there are people who are carrying signs and shouting the slogans, and there are people who are taking the photos.
These are your children, they are sisters, they are mothers, they are brothers.
Birthdays are celebrated, weddings are marked, children are born, and deaths are mourned.
We are women, we are angry, we are loud and we are here.
Downtowns are deserted, malls are closed, bars are empty, and airplanes are grounded.
Some heroes are criminals, some are coldhearted, some are wounded, some are snobs.
Capital investments are high, design margins are thin, production rates are low, supply chains are fragile, and failures are costly.
Some are wealthy, some are struggling; some are undocumented, and others are American citizens.
The signatories are bipartisan: 32 are Democrats, ten are Republicans, and two are independents.
They are rainmakers; they are flamboyant; they are bare-­knuckled; they are hard-­charging.
Margins are typically thin, but volumes are massive when crop supplies are abundant and prices are low, as they are now.
There are guests, there are hosts, there are employees, there are the communities in which we operate, and there are shareholders.
Half of these people are children; some are refugees, some are internally displaced, some are stateless, and some are asylum-seekers.
" The maid responds, "Maybe there's a reason why things are the way they are, why men are the way they are and women are the way they are.
Before we are left, before we are right, before we are anything, we are Americans.
Things escalate quickly: Fists are pounded, faces are flushed, fingers are jabbed, chairs are flung.
"There are Catholics who are Republicans and there are Catholics who are Democrats," he said.
Residents are forced to flee, homes are incinerated, wildlife habitats are destroyed, lives are lost.
There are 56 women who are challenging incumbents, 47 are Democrats and nine are Republicans.
Jobs are plentiful, wages are rising, home prices are appreciating and pension funds are outperforming.
You are not where you are supposed to be, but you are where you are.
Millennials are not progressive because they are millennials, they are progressive because they are diverse.
We are all one from the clouds We are not our genders We are not our religions We are not our races We are not our opinions We are not our doubts, insecurities or fears... We are not one voice, we are a roaring crowd.
You are smart and you are beautiful, but more importantly, you are kind and you are thoughtful and you are full of passion.
"Cameroon, there are Ghanaians, there are Nigerians, there are Congo, Angolans, there are so many Africans, Bangladesh, there are Indians," she told us.
They are told that if they are leaders and rational they are boys, and if they are nurturing and gossipy they are girls.
Voices are raised, lapels are grabbed, fate is cursed, backs are turned, shoulders are squared, and bodies are sent tumbling to the floor.
So there are lawsuits, and there are investigations, and there are scandals, and there are embarrassments.
There are some unexpected angles that are quite interesting, and some are that are even entertaining.
Fixtures are rusting; cabinets are empty; glass displays are askew; storage closets are open and distended.
They are fired up, they are angry, they are chewing on nails and they are coming.
"Where we are, there are the ancient, and there are the ones that are gone," Mrs.
Orcas are the wolves of the water: they are smart, they are strong, they are vicious.
There are some that are not successful, some that are successful, but they all are, basically.
You are either with us are and good, or you are against us and are bad.
Supplies are increasing because sales are slowing, and sales are slowing because prices are so high.
HARF: Are you, are you -- you are on Instagram.
They are not -- they are not who we are.
Of the admitted students, 22.2% are Asian-American, 14.6% are African-American, 11.6 are Latino, 1.9% are Native Americans, and Native Hawaiians are 0.5%.
They are the operators, they are the ones investing, and they are telling us that we are probably more optimistic than they are considering the variety of headwind challenges they are facing.
Some of these ideas are moderate and some are extreme; some are valid and some are odious.
We are old, we are young, we are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, we are men, women, transgender.
There are people who are extremely nice and extremely thoughtful, and there are people who are not.
They are strong and they are free; they are also imperfect; they are manipulative and complex characters.
Are you are seeing that people are listening and are affected by your activism on social media?
In New York, blowouts are $50; makeup applications are $75; manicures are $35; and pedicures are $50.
Bouncers are hired, guest-lists are organised and adhered to, DJs are booked, sound systems are rented.
They are not transparent, they are not telling us what they are removing, what the criteria are.
Those are the same whether what type you are, what business you are, what industry you are.
Those are traffickers, those are smugglers and that is MS-13, those are criminals, those are abusers.
These are assets, but they are also potential targets, as are the countries where they are located.
Some people are painters, some are costume makers, some are calligraphists, some are interior designers, and more.
"There are some that are pure fun, and there are some that are more medicinal," he says.
IF there are two truths that are universally acknowledged, they are that western populations are ageing and that more jobs are likely to be automated.
Thousands upon thousands of Central Americans are kidnapped each year in Mexico; girls are prostituted, boys are enslaved, migrants are killed, their organs are harvested.
Now there are birthday cake Red Vines, which are counterintuitive in that they are not red (technically, they are twistettes), and birthday cake Auntie Anne's pretzels, which are surprising because they are pretzels.
Feminists are rejecting the politics of elite representation in favor of intersectional work that recognizes women's rights are LGBT rights are union rights are sex workers' rights are POC rights are Palestinian rights.
There are posh luxury rehabs, there are "middle-class" rehabs that often accept insurance and are more reasonably priced, and there are rehabs that are county-run and some that are slightly scary.
Some are manuals, some are informational pamphlets, some are reportage.
Are they upset, are they frustrated or are they understanding?
They are smart, they are articulate and they are angry.
Some are wild, some are classic — and all are fabulous.
Family ties are tested, kingdoms are questioned, kittens are wrestled.
Circles are lovable, triangles are evil, and squares are boring.
People are hungry, roads are deserted and blinds are drawn.
Where men are men are men and moose are nervous.
Some are animated, some are endearing, some are just weird.
There are reasons why things are the way they are.
They are fanatical, they are dangerous and they are numerous.
Chances are you are reading this while you are dressed.
We are capable, we are willing, and we are family.
These essays are funny; they are poignant; they are powerful.
Secrets are shared, bonds are formed, and decisions are made.
You are, he whispered to me, you are, you are.
Buyers are flocking, developers are circling and prices are rising.
Those are jobs, those are parents, those are families impacted.
Some are large, some are small, but things are changing.
" "People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing.
People who are young, who are Latinos, who are disenfranchised.
Those who are above the point of separation are elevated, but those who are below are crushed down.
They are asked their age, where they are from and, if they are women, whether they are pregnant.
You are light, you are beauty, you are home, and you are all that I aspire to be.
"There are players that are understanding and supporting; there are the ones that are blaming her," he said.
You are a child again, you are in full bloom again, you are lithe and you are tender.
Note that while not all categories are mandatory, those that are are are marked with an asterisk ("*") symbol. 
"There are people who are pro-life and there are people who are pro-choice," Lipinski told Vox.
They are the hill I would die on — they are comfortable, they are beautiful, and they are durable.
Does that mean there are people in America that are...that are...uh, uh…does it mean there are people in America that are not racist?
Additionally, "Of women who are raped in their lifetime: 17.9% are Caucasian,11.9% are Latina, 18.8% are African-American, 34.1% are American Indian or Alaskan Native..".
All men are evil; mothers-in-law (of course) are evil; sisters-in-law are evil; matchmakers are evil; even strangers on train platforms are evil.
"[They] are very different things...there are people who are socially isolated but are fairly content ... and there are people who are constantly surrounded by people but still feel incredibly lonely," Holt-Lunstad said.
"The masks that we recommend are for people who are at home and who are sick and for those individuals who are caring for those people who are home that are sick," she said.
The more we recognize that survivor rights are trans rights are immigrant rights are people of color's rights are prisoner rights are sex worker rights are disability rights, the more powerful we'll all be together.
We are told that the lunchbox items we are looking for are ANIMAL CRACKERS, and the four that we are given are "cracked" by that black square.
There are many demagogues who are populists and populists who are demagogues, but the two things are obviously separate.
Trump has previously stated that immigrants are criminals, black people are unpatriotic, trans people are unlawful, liberals are hypocrites.
Image: Getty / GizmodoThere are stories about vigilante Uber drivers that are funny, and there are stories that are scary.
The media that are for him are zealous loyalists; those that are not are branded enemies of the people.
Great salespeople are consistent, great real-estate people are consistent, great investors are consistent, and great athletes are consistent.
"These are not campaign volunteers who are doing this – these are voters who are very, very angry," Shaheen said.
Some years Salvadorans are up and Hondurans are down and some years Hondurans are up and Salvadorans are down.
"The people here are inspiring, they are smart, they are genuine and they are open to learning," says Menendez.
Well, they are all primarily painters, they are all legends, they are all white, and they are all male.
There are two things, however, that are becoming abundantly clear: Congressional Republicans are proving how irrelevant they truly are.
"You have people that are registered, who are dead, who are illegals who are in two states," he said.
We often say that the new energy technologies are "3D": They are decarbonized; they are decentralized; they are digitalized.
Some of them are married, some are celibate, many are sober, and all of them are extraordinary human beings.
There are more early stages that are women, and there are a lot fewer growth investors who are women.
We are moms — we are active with our children, we are wives, we are trying to live our lives.
You are the boss, you are the foreman, you are the drill sergeant, you are the fraternity hazing master.
We are listening, we are learning and we are making progress.
They are controlled, and they are inspiring, and they are funny.
There are 13 factors which are are analysed by SharkMate's algorithm.
We are a community, we are strong, we are Hope Valley.
WILLIAMS: Public safety Are -- kids are going to -- kids are terrorists?
Are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off?
Their statements are sharp, they are brutal, and they are honest.
We are the court, we are Sony, we are Dr. Luke.
There are flags, there are posters, there are maps and screens.
We are learning, we are improving, we are continuing the tests.
We are not sexy, we are not unique—we are plebeian.
You are loved, you are worthy, & you are special #KeepTalkingMH pic.twitter.
Here are my thoughts, here are my reactions, what are yours?
These are things, Kelly, that are available, their products are available.
Companies are hiring, wages are rising slowly and consumers are spending.
Men are men and women are women—and muxes are muxes.
Men are leaving, spoilers are leaking, and secrets are getting exposed.
And those are, are still are coming, many, many foreign journalists.
Things are what they are, and they are not other things.
Some are creative, some are riveting, and others are plain hilarious.
Are there are certain audiences that its stories are directed at?
Audis are nice, and so are bimmers, but both are minimalistic.
Some of us are taller, some are shorter, some are murderers.
Scalpels are sharp, operating rooms are sterile, and specialists are abundant.
They are our lineage, they are our unifier, they are ours.
"  "These are stories that are made up, these are total fiction.
Dogs are failures, dogs are unattractive, dogs are unworthy of faith.
These are not machines; these are not shelves you are stocking.
Some are gray, some are brown, some are kind of blue.
"They are poor, they are killed, they are displaced," he said.
Most are police, roughly 400 are EMS and 200 are firefighters.
The lights are low, colors are soft, and sounds are soothing.
Trilobites Owls' are spherical, hummingbirds' are elliptical and sandpipers' are pointy.
"Commodities are down, currencies are down" and emerging markets are down.
Those are the ones who are evil, those are the ones who are sick and mentally ill and those are the ones who have to be dealt with.
We are in Coinbase, we are in Circle, we are in Lem — So these are all bitcoin, I mean... Coinbase and Circle are both, yeah, exchanges for crypto.
American society was meant to help people who are white, people who are male, people who are heterosexual, people who are able-bodied, and people who are rich.
Whatever journey we are on, there are periods when we have no idea where we are going, what we are about, or what we are supposed to do.
Only 2% of comments are blocked (a further 2% are deleted because they are spam or replies to blocked comments); the majority are respectful and many are wonderful.
We are the ones who are going to war, that are dying, that are paying our taxes, the ones who are suffering at the decisions of the few.
"Not all the soweis are happy, but there are more who are happy than those who are not," said Kanu.
There are bad drone pilots, there are ignorant drone pilots, and there are people who are flying in unsafe ways.
"They are despotic, they are ruthless, they are cruel to their own people, but they are not crazy," he said.
CAVUTO: Are you — are you saying — are you saying that all those people who agree with Mr. Trump are unhinged?
Race: In the U.S., 49.8% of Uber employees are white, 30.9% are Asian, 153% are black, and 5.6% are Latino.
Homes are getting smart, phones are already smart, and speakers are genius-level smart, but clocks are still super dumb.
They are proof that when people are trying to solve common problems, they are wiser collectively than they are individually.
Stamping others as enemies is quite simple -- 'We are right, they are wrong' or 'We are moral, they are not.
There are songs that are six years old on there, and then there are ones that are a year old.
The VCs are excited, the founder(s) are excited, the employees are excited (and sometimes even the customers are excited!).
"There are no complaints, there are no relatives who are filing claims for the people who are missing," he said.
Orders are getting filled though spreads are wide between what sellers are asking and what buyers are willing to pay.
Some are rocky granite, some are more sandy; some are pink granite and some are blue, indicating different mineral compositions.
Transgender characters are even more scarce: There are only 11 trans characters, and three are of them are on Transparent.
" Ms. Nielsen maintains that "those are traffickers, those are smugglers, that is MS-13, those are criminals, those are abusers.
TS: There are a lot of these folks who are ... there are a lot of people here who are unhappy.
Prices are high, terms are complex and there are fees for everything.
We are listening, and we are learning, and we are making progress.
Some are sexy, some are funny, and all of them are entertaining.
Well, those are-- those are decisions and those are capital allocation decisions.
They are sons, and they are daughters; they are not just numbers.
These things are almost nothing, and yet they are who we are.
We are gay and we are straight but we are one state.
We are black and we are brown but we are one state.
Are there are other filmmakers out there who are doing that well?
These are farm workers, these are domestic workers, these are hotel workers.
Obviously there are some people who just are who they are, unfortunately.
These are reckless, these are wrong, these are nothing associated with America.
Some are just little kids, some are my age, some are moms.
Confidence is thinned; missions are delayed; costs are incurred; competitors are emboldened.
You are still beautiful, you are still important, you are still WORTHY.
People who are drawn to that are people who are like that.
They are not cute, they are not bouncy, they are not playful.
Crushes are forming, creative projects are arriving, and good times are here!
These are the things that Americans are looking out, that are tangible.
They are insinuating that products are organic certified, and they are not.
There are no blemishes, there are no moles, there are no growths.
We are neighbors, we are friends and we are family, tightly knit.
The rich are not exempt; we are divided, but we are connected.
Words are not enough; speeches are not enough; lamentations are not enough.
They are rarely needed, but when they are, they are really needed.
Many others are not so lucky, many are addicted, many are dead.
We are making sure our systems are secure and they are secure.
Business-class flights are nice but are wasted if trips are unsuccessful.
The jobs that are coming in are the ones you are creating.
There are a lot things that are going on that are unjust.
Snow cones are nice, Italian ices are delish, and Icees are FANTASTIC.
Appliances are stainless steel; countertops are black stone; floors are ceramic tile.
"People are suffering; people are dying; entire ecosystems are collapsing," Thunberg said.
We are seeing what people that are not our age are doing.
Some are salacious, others are stunning and some are just plain surreal.
Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright infuriatingly stupid.
Some are explicit, some are more expressive, and others are simply comical.
They are creative, and they are generative, but they are also unbounded.
These are things that are in discussion and plans are in motion.
But they are because they are good and they are the Yankees.
Some are ridiculous, some are shocking, and some are just plain stupid.
Some are musicians, some are scientists, all of them are very smart.
And we are resourceful, and we are showing how resourceful we are.
All are white, all are college-educated and none are truly poor.
There are still people who are using Uber, who are using Facebook.
Campaign staff are stretched thin, donors are annoyed, and volunteers are overworked.
There are historical threads, there are contextual threads, there are socioeconomic threads.
Our people are safe, our country are safe, our institutions are safe.
Four are two-bedroom, 20 are one-bedroom and eight are studios.
Some are sweet, some are funny, and some are downright cringe-y.
Home prices are high, listings are lean and potential buyers are frustrated.
There are times we are successful and other times, we are not.
We are not "exceptional," but they are old and we are new.
There are some who are immigrants and are getting help with citizenship.
"People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing," she said.
"While there are market segments where we are clearly a supplier, there are markets which are not yet developed where new players are emerging, this includes us," Bulander said.
"The gender stereotypes we are looking to tackle and demystify are pretty much every gender stereotype you can think of, the idea that men are strong, that men are brave, that men are courageous, that men are powerful, that men are all of these things," he says.
"The thing that you can't deny is her characters are surprising, her characters are vulnerable, her characters are ambitious, her characters are broken, and her characters are involved in situations that are shocking and stressful," Mr. Abrams said.
"Some students are discovering who they are (and are not) and are anxious about sharing this info with family," she said.
There are people who are genuinely sweet, and then there are people who are so overly saccharine that it feels insincere.
These are the people who are coming here, these are the dreams they have, these are the lives that they're living.
"By and large, these are all very unique releases that are limited, once they are out, they are out," Sanborn said.
There are characters now who are finding their way into TV and into movies, who are lesbian, or who are trans.
There are many personality types, but the main two are people who are emotionally involved and people who are instrumentally involved.
There are there are always particular groups of people, particular populations and geographies that are that are negatively affected by trading.
"We are wives, we are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters, and we bring those experiences with us," Sellers said.
" He added: "It reaches people who are military fanatics, people who are antiwar, people who are religious, people who are not.
Five are in Texas, four are in Missouri, three are in Indiana, three are in Ohio and one is in Michigan.
Some of them are cutesy, some are kind of lame, others are dark and dystopian, and others are straight up incredible.
In Houston, 61 percent of students are Hispanic, 24 percent are black, 8 percent are white and 4 percent are Asian.
The blows seem to land nearly every day: Bishops are accused, investigations are ordered, resignations are demanded, damning documents are leaked.
We are in Seattle, we are in Pittsburg, we are in San Diego, so, we are well-established in the country.
There are women who are very enthusiastic about casual sex, and there are lots of men who are not at all.
Our children, who are our future, are living without water, are going hungry, and their schools are closing in their neighborhoods.
When you are raised female, when you are cultured female, the thing that you are valued for, the thing that you are taught you are valued for is your fuckability.
"Two-and-a-half years later, we are still together, we are still in love, we are both out, and we are both proud of who we are," Nuemann wrote.
Of the 453 students accepted into Stuyvesant's next freshman class: • 245 are Asian-American • 2200 are white • 26 are Hispanic • 7 are black The remaining students are of various backgrounds.
More restrooms are now explicitly inclusive and accessible, designed for people who are physically disabled; are gender nonconforming; are traveling with children; or are otherwise in need of special accommodation.
Elsewhere, sex tapes are leaked, bodies are broken, and worrisome crushes are revealed.
Millennials are flocking to cities where jobs are plentiful and wages are high.
We understand they are hungry, but they are 10,000 and we are 100.
Because there are injuries and there are failures, and there are bad days.
They are dying, they are dying, we are dying," the caller says. "No.
The cuts are generous, the colors are bold, and the prints are intense.
We are in the oxygen, we are in the environment we are in.
The young people who are coming who are unaccompanied, they are in jeopardy.
None of these are assessments are 100 percent fair, but they are funny.
When they are shot they are of course not aware they are dead.
We are not going give up until we are found we are innocent.
There are always several students that are skipping class and they are vaping.
" Griffin continued: "LGBTQ people, we are Muslims, we are women, we are Latinos.
So there are health implications, there are social implications, there are personal implications.
They are dramas, yes, and sometimes they are heightened, but they are dramas.
We are pure, we are strong, we are brave and we will fight.
The "kids" here are poor, they are hungry, they are chewing bubble gum.
Apps are improving, new products are appearing and online marketplaces are being built.
His characters are rich, his plots are complex and his films are violent.
Feeling like things are moving and are things moving are two different things.
We are neighbors, we are friends, and most importantly, we are all Americans.
Certainly there are products that are purchased primarily by men that are taxed.
Some scenes are deeply passionate, others are pure torture, and plenty are both.
Refugees are welcome here, Muslims are welcome here and immigrants are welcome here.
While there are a few men who are Reborners, the majority are female.
If memories are garbled before they are stored, they are lost for ever.
They are giving up, they are raising their hands, they are walking off.
Your Deeds are Your Rulers and You Are Ruled For What You Are.
They are small and they are light so they are difficult to recycle.
"Those that are best capitalized are the ones that are going to survive."
And there are obviously other teams that are better than we are, too.
For these are the moments when rights are lost and regimes are changed.
Who are these people, what are they like, and what are they creating?
The colors are bright, the days are sunny, but your photos are depopulated.
There are women who are out who are branded who cannot do this.
They are fantastic and they are fortunate, and they are everything in between.
Five are in Texas, three are in California and two are in Florida.
Activities are organized, schedules are coordinated, plans are made for the next day.
If you are reading this, chances are you are having Wi-Fi troubles.
"Children are terrified, parents are heartbroken and families are being destroyed," Feinstein said.
"These are stories that are made up, these are total fiction," Trump said.
"You are hated, you are hated, you are hated," Mr. Ruffin wrote then.
The ballots are then reviewed and are only counted if they are approved.
The streets are safe, schools are free and university costs are relatively modest.
Trips are being canceled, hotel reservations are down, and conferences are being rescheduled.
Those who are not working but are searching for a job are unemployed.
THRUSH: --you are LA and you are New York; you are not Washington.
Fats are bad; wait, actually carbs are bad and some fats are good.
We are sure there are thousands [of developers] that are suffering from this.
Of NPO employees, 47% are female, 6% are LGBTQ, and 6% are disabled.
Personnel are appointed; billion-ruble deals are signed; laws are adopted, wars conducted.
Some of these terms are important; some are meaningless; a few are nonsensical.
There are other groups, and many are civilians, that are the same way.
Some are comedians, some are models, and some are famous for being famous.
They are farmers, they are small business owners, they are first-time homebuyers.
Some are, but I think the people who are making decisions rarely are.
Some women are sad, some women are relieved, and some women are both.
They are farmers; they are small-business owners; they are first-time homebuyers.
Children who are obese are more likely to become adults who are obese.
We are all Haitians; we are Africans, we are Puerto Ricans simply because of one thing Trump cannot get:we are all humans.
Are you saying there are some theories of how the world and universe operate that are acceptable and some that are not?
There are professionals who say they are safe to use, there are those who are 100% opposed, and there's everyone in between.
Find something you are passionate about, or you are interested in if you are too young to know what your passions are.
What is the process by which some are chosen, some are visited but are left out, and others are just plain ignored?
"Models of UBI that are universal and sufficient are not affordable, and models that are affordable are not universal," the report said.
Already, congressional Republicans are complaining that their phone lines are jammed, that their town halls are swarmed, that protesters are, as Rep.
Clothing sizes make this assumption: the shorter you are the slimmer you are, and the taller you are the heavier you are.
Where there are big dreams, there are big delusions; where there are fortunes to be made, there are people to be exploited.
You are seeing people who are not always young, but sometimes are young, and are just going to take everyone by storm.
There are some people who are Muslim who are just as culpable as the far right, and their opinions are quite extreme.
Women should be represented in our government, this story goes, not because they are people, but because they are better than people: They are angelic; they are virtuous; they are pure.
"[Neanderthals] are not as tall as we are, their limbs aren't as long, the surfaces of their joints are bigger, their bones are bigger, their bones are generally stronger," Wood says.
If you are not on Twitter and are not familiar with PARODY ACCOUNTs, they are accounts that are not run by the person that is represented, and are usually hilariously funny.
Listen, America, if you are a man, if you are a woman, if you are a teenager, if you are African- American, if you are Asian, if you are Hispanic -- you have the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years if ever.
"These are detention camps, these are reeducation camps, where people are killed, where they are tortured and they are brutalized in so many, many ways," Smith said during a press conference Wednesday.
Some of these castles are in ruins, some are near rivers, some are on islets, some are embedded on the mountain side but all are impressive strongholds that hold so much history.
According to the district, the student population of its schools is increasingly diverse: 46.6% are African American, 31.76% are white, 14.4% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 5.62% are Hispanic and 1% are other.
Men who put themselves forward at work are "assertive", women who do the same are more often "pushy" or "bossy"; men are "persistent" whereas women are "nagging"; men are "frustrated", women "upset".
There are 10 declared races where women are running against each other in the House, three are for open seats and seven are races where both the incumbent and challenger are women.
"If they are going to close up shop and no money is left, then consumers are screwed, the employees are screwed, the banks are screwed, the investors are screwed," says Ben-Shahar.
Latinos are used to people assuming all Latinos are immigrants; assuming all immigrants are unauthorized immigrants; and assuming all unauthorized immigrants are criminals.
There are many versions of our future that are highly profitable and valuable, and there are of course some that are less so.
Assure them that they are breathing, and that they are present and that they are beautiful and that they are full, you know.
That means storylines are being consolidated, loose ends are being tied up, journeys are coming full circle ... and characters are coming together again.
The problem is that most pickup lines are just dressed-up dad jokes — some are hilarious, some are cringeworthy, and most are both.
"If margins are rising, then we are growing those returns and if margins are falling, then our customers are retaining more," he said.
"Thoughts and prayer are with the folks who are still dealing with rivers that are overflown, homes that are being flooded," he said.
These displays are still wider than they are tall, but only just—22x23 displays are almost twice as wide as they are tall.
We clearly are getting closer, more votes are moving in our direction and these ideas are very helpful as we are getting closer.
"Some people are who are confident we are safe with the US bases here and others who are not so sure," he said.
When it comes to top managers, 80 percent are white, 22 percent are female, 2.9 percent are black and 4.3 percent are Latino.
The other 5843% are not innocent; they are multiple deportees, they are people who have been fleeing from the law, they are fugitives.
The people who are more scared of it are the people who are making the decisions, not the people that are watching it.
They are out of water, they are out of food, they are out of gas, hospitals need generators and these are American citizens.
There are people who are less accomplished in their personal and professional life, and there are people who are more accomplished than us.
There are a lot of people who are down about where we are, but there are lots of opportunities for change out there.
Democrats are saying such terms are unacceptable and are threatening to vote against funding the government next week unless DACA protections are included.
If people are violent, it's usually because they are poor, because when you are poor, your opportunities to escape poverty are exceptionally limited.
Their bodies are notably stiffer than the average professional dancer, but they are here, they are boogieing, and they are ready for love.
There are people who are on the right side of history, and there are people who are on the wrong side of history.
At home, we make sure lunchboxes are packed, food is served, dishes are washed, boo-boos are kissed and doctor's appointments are attended.
There are things that make me anxious that are actually bad, and there are things that make me anxious that are actually good.
Even presenting both sides — here are the fans who are excited and here are the fans who are skeptical — was not good enough.
"Your shirts are dropping into the work you are doing, your pants are dragging on the floor and you are tripping," she said.
They bleed when they are cut, they cry when they are angry, when they are upset, and they laugh when they are happy.
Some of them are Marxists, some are Leninists, some are social democrats or anarchists.
They are delicate; they are delightful; they are, quite frankly, a pain to make.
Their backs are to the viewer, they are naked, and they are holding hands.
Never doubt how beautiful you are, how talented you are, how worthy you are.
"You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my everything," he said.
Some things are true, some things are not true, some things are partially true.
Important things are really important, good things are great, and bad things are horrible.
People are going to tell you, you are perfect just the way you are.
These are real earnings that we are discussing right now that are moving stocks.
They are utterly confused as to why they are feeling the way they are.
But if people are buying them just because they are afraid, experts are concerned.
There are African Americans who are underrepresented, there are women still underrepresented of course.
In the film's view, creators are fans, fans are critics, and critics are enthusiasts.
While the misses are not trivial, others are noting that they are indeed outliers.
Some are hacks, some are actual menu items, and many are viable meal options.
These are women who are frustrated in their jobs, and who are paid less.
Women are not safe; girls are not safe; your family members are not safe.
Their careers are more versatile, their marriages are stronger, their children are more resilient.
Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition.
Along the way friendships are shattered, feelings are hurt, and many cigarettes are smoked.
These are creatures that, to the people who are doing this, are just objects.
These are fairly new and they are very good and they are very strong.
Lights are flashing, fists are pumping, and people are bombing off the diving board.
Our hearts are full, our eyes are tired and our lives are forever changed.
The products you are referring to are authentic and are legally purchased and sold.
Sea levels are rising, storms are getting fiercer, and protective beaches are eroding rapidly.
"They are very smart, they are very cunning, they are very dishonest," he said.
You are curious; you are tolerant; you are mostly kind, at least on Twitter.
Some are privately owned, some are inactive, but others are museums that allow visitors.
While there are no regulatory changes pending, expectations are higher and so are consequences.
In my view, there are candidates who are blessed, and some who are lacking.
" Brands see where people are now —€" what albums are selling, what tours are selling.
"A's generally are good, B's generally are shaky, and C's are terrible," he explained.
"There are people who are really worried about it, but we are pretty delighted."
THERE are banks that are smaller than Deutsche Bank, and there are larger ones.
If you are assuming there are two bedrooms, you are both right and wrong.
The attendees are always individuals who are pursuing wealth or who are already wealthy.
Five are in critical condition, three are in serious condition and four are stable.
"We are all shocked, we are all stunned, we are all angry," he said.
We are ourselves, individuals; we are what we are — short and proud of it.
Most of them are new, but some are existing schools that are being reimagined.
Sea-levels are rising; species are becoming extinct; sea-ice and glaciers are vanishing.
" Why young Catholics are leaving the church "There are many reasons, some are personal.
Employees who are deemed essential and are currently working without pay are not eligible.
Three of the eight are majors, three are captains and two are sergeant-majors.
Our devices are constantly telling companies where we are and what we are doing.
Studios are $867 a month, one-bedrooms are $931 and two-bedrooms are $1,123.
Roughly a quarter are Hispanic, 8 percent are black and 25 percent are Asian.
They are mothers, they are fighters, they are role models who make countless sacrifices.
Some are narrow, some are conical, some are bottom-heavy, the list goes on.
There are a lot of tops that are feminine and bottoms that are masculine.
There are also bad members and candidates who are women, and who are minorities.
"We Koreans are exceptional, we are tenacious, we are peace-loving," Mr. Moon said.
Even when there are castles, they are not abstractions — they are characters' living rooms.
Yet concerts are cancelled, tournaments are cancelled and entire school districts are shut down.
Schools are closed, non-essential businesses are shuttered and all social gatherings are banned.
We are ready, and we are confident we are not behind the Clinton campaign.
Where are we starting, how are we sequencing, and what tools are we using?
You are here now; you are a mother now; you are a wife now.
There are more women directors, there are more women that are leading shows now.
Officials there are considering restrictions, companies are reassessing deals and organizations are returning donations.
There are those who are faithful and there are those who maybe struggle somehow.
" Her sister added: "They are free, they are beautiful, and they are among themselves.
While there are admittedly serious global threats, none are existential and none are unmanageable.
The tests that are currently available are for people who are sick right now.
Show us that you are safe, you are unarmed, you are not a threat.
About 45% are Latino; 32% are black; and 20% are white, Lacey's office said.
"There are some mistakes that are not easy to reverse and some are irreversible."
Neither are many other Adobe apps — and the ones that are are dog slow.
Many likely are among the 400,000 who are incarcerated or 140,000 who are homeless.
There are legal questions that are involved, there are community questions, law enforcement questions.
They are worried only because they are just as bad off as we are?
"The men that are our age that are still single are weird," Kelly said.
Ninety-one percent are men, 80 percent are white and 16 percent are Asian.
The wood cabinets are handmade, the counters are marble and the appliances are Miele.
"Many are from France, many are from Germany, many are from UK," Trump said.
Legacies are applicants who are regarded preferentially because they are the children of alumni.
There are some "hard" provisions that we are supposed to believe are agreed upon.
Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there.
At least 45 people are dead, hundreds are missing and some 70,000 are homeless.
There are other costumes but they are missing pieces or there are replica pieces.
Americans who are paying attention (many are not) are feeling bewildered, betrayed, and bamboozled.
I know there are a few that are out there that are real concerned.
Some talkbacks are tedious, some are contentious, but others are lively, surprising, even moving.
European officials are considering restrictions, companies are reassessing deals and organizations are returning donations.
Some are paralyzed, others are blind, most are strays that she found roaming around.
In civilian life, things are much more complicated, enemies are [hidden], friends are uncertain.
There are species that are convenient to humans and species that are less convenient.
The shells the hunters are carrying are checked to make sure they are nontoxic.
So all the people that are watching this show right now who are in crisis who are in that kind of pain who are suicidal, there are millions of you around the world.
According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 40.2% of SNAP food aid recipients are white, 25.7% are African-American, 10.3% are Hispanic, 2.1% are Asian and 1.2% are Native American.
But at a high level, he writes, he has five goals: to help users build communities that are supportive, that are safe, that are informed, that are civically engaged, and that are inclusive.
"Winters like this winter that are so far above average are reminders that things really are changing and we are seeing things that are different than they used to be before," she said.
Thus, some establishments are closing, others are not, and cities — which are already overloaded with issues of public health and safety — are left to decide how to enforce rules that are mostly unclear.
Thus, some establishments are closing, others are not, and cities — which are already overloaded with issues of public health and safety — are left to decide how to enforce rules that are mostly unclear.
I really wanted to challenge this prevailing orthodoxy that if you are Republican, you are racist; if you are conservative, you are sexist; if you fall on the right, you are a homophobe.
For the first time, they can also learn that the oceans are warming, sea levels are rising, waters are polluted, coral reefs are dying and fish stocks are being exhausted by commercial demand.
Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they are angry, and whites are more likely than African-Americans to say they are angry.
"The buildings are destroyed, the neighborhoods are unrecognizable, the hospitals are being targeted -- ambulances they travel in as well are being targeted," says Gorani.
Maybe 3D blocks are dangerous but rainbow patterns are even safer than the standard zebra stripes, or zippers are bad but buttons are good.
What are you seeing in terms of how people are--are people changing their behavior, are people continuing to cross in the same manner?
There are also discussions about whether the boxes in which the pies are delivered are toxic, and whether cast-iron pans are also toxic.
Make sure that you are bringing in people that are passionate, believe in what you are doing, work well with you, and are trustworthy.
Champagne is exciting, burgers are delicious, Wendy's milkshakes are a nice treat, and avocados are important, but food proposals are none of those things.
For example, there are only three possible solutions if there are four cities, but there are 360 possible solutions if there are six cities.
Of the 50 species of vertebrates described in the new study, five are fish, seven are reptiles, two are birds, and 36 are mammals.
"We are badly injured, we are alone, we are surrounded and there are really no reinforcements left to come to our aid," he said.
Some are posting silly selfies, some are having fun with filters, some are sharing flashback photos, and some are spending time with their families.
In turn, the ice sheets are melting, oceans are rising, hurricanes are increasing in number and intensity, and climate refugees are pouring over borders.
It's just that the options that are listed on the menu are healthy options, so that what kids are confronted with are healthy options.
"It's not males are leading and the females are being suppressed or the females are leading and the males are being suppressed," she said.
We don't live behind secrets, we don't live lies, we are who we are, and we are pretty happy to be who we are.
For just as there are many who are used by the system, there are just as many who are using it to their advantage.
"Gay people are the ones who are aware of this issue and they are the ones who are going to be tested," he said.
Police across the country are checking to see that people who are out have the required paperwork, are going where they say they are.
They are not caving in to Mr. Trump; they are saving federal employees, they are rescuing the economy, they are making American great again.
If you take a look at the company overall, the primary competitors that are identified are the HBOs, are the Amazons, are the Hulus.
"Every [store] I go in, the masks are all gone, the sanitizers are gone, alcohol wipes are gone, the gloves are gone," she said.
There are now rappers who are also singers in Spanish, rappers who are also singers in French, rappers who are also singers in Korean.
They are whipped, they are drugged, they are forced to train at 18 months and they are racing them at two years of age.
If the products we are asking Americans to recycle are not worth recycling — or are actually impossible to recycle — we are just managing garbage.
Which means, if your ends are currently breaking off and your once-blonde highlights are brassy, chances are your strands are thirsting for moisture.
Flu shots are developed each year, hospitals are constantly working to reduce medical errors, traffic laws are adapted, and cars are built ever-safer.
"They are not romantic but are best friends and are generally inseparable," the source explains.
Some are dipping their toes, some are ready to jump in, some are already in.
Of course, there are lavish gifts, and then there are presents that are downright bonkers.
These are serious and persistent problems, yet they are solvable, as many countries are demonstrating.
Peter Kafka: These are people who are signing up, or robots that are signing up?
People are using Autopilot irresponsibly, and Tesla are overlooking it because they are gathering data.
Are people afraid, are they angry, are they still feeling hopeful about the refugee crisis?
Zettabytes are bigger than exabytes, which are bigger than petabytes, which are bigger than terabytes.
Deal counts are up, more automakers are investing and more big rounds are getting done.
I don't think they are misspeaking — they are saying things they think are completely unproblematic.
Sure, most Tweets are disposable, but there are also millions that are worthy of preservation.
Home prices are still rising, so people who are purchasing are still seeing wealth gains.
I think there are people who are pessimistic about humankind and people who are optimistic.
The earbuds are in, the feedback loops are locked, and the Frappuccino's are flowing freely.
There are two things the internet agrees on: dogs are great and so are Daddies.
Deals are not cookie-cutter, and neither are the contracts on which they are built.
The terms are not being changed -- they are all used and they are all valid.
Conversations are kept to a whisper and there are separate rooms when meetings are needed.
Once the mandated sessions are complete, the charges are dismissed and the records are sealed.
But elections are about choices and they are about differences and they are about distinctions.
My eyes are red, my nerves are fraught, and all my wine bottles are empty.
No. There are things that we are doing that are kind of separate from that.
Some are based on facts, some are just speculation, and others are just completely baseless.
Humans are favored over chimps, chimps are favored over chickens, chickens are favored over plants.
These are children who are leaving countries and neighborhoods where their lives are at stake.
"We are grateful that her children are safe and are with those who love them."
"There are people who are making offers; they are low-balling the offers," said Tayar.
We are unlikely to be robots, but neither are we what we think we are.
Chances are they are onto something, and given Elliott's track record they are probably right.
Speed limits are lower, road layouts are less complex and there are fewer other vehicles.
Those feelings are natural, but they are not a sign you are doing something wrong.
Flights off the island are infrequent, communications are spotty and roads are clogged with debris.
I'd say 950 of those are justified, 50 are questionable, and 20 are really bad.
These people are actually, magic, and they are magic because they are living their truth.
So, there are laws that are clearly either contemplated or passed that are bad ideas.
But here we are, we are blessed and we are better off as a country.
There are people that are still into Jesus and spirituality, but are done with church.
They are there, they are there on the ground with the force they are helping.
As far as Palestinians are concerned, we are one nation, and these are violent fragmentations.
Smart contracts are essentially self-executing contracts that are fulfilled when predefined stipulations are met.
There are virtually no sponsors, judges are hard to find -- and so are the participants.
Of those who are accepted, one-third are African-American and one-third are white.
They are no special interest; they are a national interest that strengthens who we are.
"These are our friends, these are our families, and these are our neighbors ..." Sandoval said.
There are down rounds, there are companies that are having a hard time raising money.
" There are people who are embracing Anna, one saying, "You are beautiful at any size.
Worse still, there are other times they are not heard even when they are told.
Some are from the beginning of my career, some are more recent—all are unacceptable.
"They are not romantic but are best friends and are generally inseparable," the source explained.
Our roads are cracked, our bridges are unsafe and our public transportation systems are outdated.
So people who are awaiting trial are in there along with people who are convicted.
"There are many things that are objectively offensive that are still constitutionally protected," she said.
We are an exceptional country like our children are exceptional, mostly because they are ours.
Thirty-eight of the cases are laboratory confirmed, 221 are probable and 25734 are suspected.
They are spending and they are saving...I think we are in pretty good shape.
We are not looking good, we are not looking smart, we are not looking tough!
The clothes are simple, the haircuts are severe, and the attitudes are harsh and judgmental.
Material costs are going up, land costs are going up, labor costs are going up.
"Got aways" are migrants who are observed making an illegal entry but are not caught.
Furthermore, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.
"We are against racism, we are against violence, we are against political mixing," he said.
"We are funded, we are vigorous, and we are taking on every state," Roe said.
They are spending and they are saving... I think we are in pretty good shape.
And there are other branches that we are looking at and investigations are going on.
There are 12 of them (the clues are starred), and they are: 17A: SIDE TABLE
Views on Congress's work on this front are split -- 49% are not confident, 46% are.
Most Medicaid enrollees that are not elderly or disabled are in families that are working.
Then there are those who are not out of the running but are unlikely options.
There are disruptions that are occurring in the economy, and most of those are deflationary.
While investigations are ongoing, the chances that some are a result of arson are high.
Where fists are raised, blood is shed and where heroes are made, we are there.
They are school secretaries from Brooklyn, and all are approaching or are in their 40s.
He has a hard time remembering who our friends are and who are adversaries are.
There are times where they're easier, and there are times when it-- which are harder.
We want people that are there, that are fun, that are willing to have fun.
The images are as purposeful as they are playful, but most importantly they are collaborative.
Our birthdays are two days apart ... we are nothing alike, [although] we are both Taurus.
Some are blue, some are red, and others are orange, like impressionism in a bowl.
Other people are waking up and bombs are falling and kids are losing their parents.
There are always going to be people who are new, who are trying things out.
Some are contrived and outlandish, some are pretty feasible, and some are essentially wish fulfillment.
Some things are newsworthy because they are against the law; others, because they are not.
Some are inspired, some are quick to judge, some are just fascinated with the novelty.
These rules are particularly vulnerable because they are recent — newer regulations are easier to reverse.
How are you using voices, how are you telling stories, how are you being inclusive?
Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there — right?
We are doing filmmaking, except the actors are not actors, they are doctors and nurses.
There are the right ways of doing it, then there are ways that are infective.
There are companies that are publicly traded that are majority owned by the China government.
These arguments are effective because they are intuitively appealing — but they are also easily refutable.
All 10 directors of Amazon's board are white; seven are men and three are women.
Some are big, some are small, and some are more tear drop shape than others.
These are the disciplines that are changing fundamentally, that are maturing to their next level.
Shipments through ports are slowing, raw material prices are rising and investments are being delayed.
"There are a lot of people who are concerned who are keeping quiet," he said.
"There are areas where we are superior, others where they are," he said of Mercedes.
There are mostly natural ingredients that are safer, but some natural ingredients are not safe.
Railings are hurdled, bullets are dodged, people are pinned to walls with their own knives.
More are becoming bold, but many are still reserved and are waiting for bigger reassurance.
There are also people who tweet things that are not threatening but are extremely vicious.
These are not competing obligations, but are synergistic to ensure that best practices are continued.
"We are who we are, we are the way we were made, and that's life."
What we are learning is some people are super bubbled, and some people are not.
They are reporting that sales are strong, profits are good, and employee compensation is increasing.
Because there are now belligerent, unstable people who are convinced that Republicans are like Nazis.
There are Go tournaments that are held, at which regional and world champs are crowned.
Are any of the cameras good at recognizing what are people and what are raccoons?
Some are despairing, others are disaffected, most are angry and want solutions that rebalance power.
These are the everyday people who are average consumers more than they are public figures.
Ratings are down and cable subscriptions are shrinking, so what are cable channels to do?
There are Instagram-famous places that are deep and Instagram-famous places that are shallow.
Both tax proposals are targeting people that are way, way better-off than we are.
"The AIU are permanently vigilant and there are tests that are intelligence-led," said Coe.
And if they are lawyers, they are going to tell you who their clients are?
"There are banks that are screwed, and there are banks that don't know they're screwed."
At least 213 people are killed, houses are destroyed and countless residents are left homeless.
Record books are being rewritten as some Russian "victories" are redacted, but others are not.
On an almost daily basis, injuries are suffered, families are shattered and lives are lost.
Thus, people with money are investing, businesses are hiring and expanding and consumers are buying.
"We are united, we are strong, we are ready...," The Detroit News reported Dittes said.
The phones are down; the lines are around the streets and back; hospitals are closed.
Pictures are easy, pictures are cheap, pictures are for children; but ah, the written language!
There are people in your city who are working for the same things you are.
Several are prepared to leave or are making plans in case they are forced out.
The people who are suffering, of course, are the consumers, who are using these platforms.
We are on the floor and we are waiting for instructions and we are afraid.
These differences are big, and they are tense, and they are difficult to talk about.
Statements are crafted, public appearances are painstakingly arranged, Instagrams are filtered and hashtagged with precision.
Businesses are failing and families are being displaced by the banks; people are fucking struggling.
Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there. Right?
They are often required to make sure fire escape routes and fire doors are posted in all rooms, fire extinguishers are accessible, smoke detectors are in working order, and fire sprinkler systems are functional.
Of the 36 mammals, four are rodents, five are carnivores of some sort (including an extinct relative of modern dogs), two are proboscideans, 10 are even-toed ungulates, and 10 are odd-toed ungulates.
Love recognizes that we need each other, that we as a nation are better together, that when we are divided we are weak, we decline, yet when we are united we are strong – invincible!
The question is:why are our private detailsthat are transmitted online,why are private detailsthat are stored on our personal devices,any different thanthe detailsand private recordsof our lives that are storedin our private journals?
More and more patients are asking if they are "normal"; women are wondering if their vaginas are "too loose" and their labia minora (inner lips) are too large for a man to find attractive.
According to estimates for the incoming kindergarten class this fall, 22 percent of the students are Asian; 24 percent are white; 22 percent are Latino; 14 percent are black; and 18 percent are multiracial.
As you are fully aware — fake news — there are people who troll hoaxes and there are people who are out to send confusion to the crowd, they are so prevalent in the current society.
However, richer countries see an uptick of joyfulness in old age: Germans are happier when they are over 75 years old than when they are between 25 and 34, and the Swiss are happier when they are over 75 than when they are teenagers.
Just one-fifth of caucus-goers here, or less, are likely to be nonwhite; 20163 percent of all residents are Latino, 4 percent are Asian American, 2 percent are Native American and 2 percent are black, while white voters are more likely to turn out.
There are certain things that are being said, meetings that are taking place, things I can&apost go into obviously because there are still investigations.
Most importantly, consumers are benefiting: Across the user base of our companies, savings rates are up, credit scores are increasing and debt loads are declining.
These are people that are pursuing not a race-free world or a world free of racism, but these are people who are pursuing wealth.
"Most Aggies are very accepting but there are a few that have a negative view of people that are different than they are," he said.
There are a lot of New York movies, there are a lot of disaster movies, and there are a lot of movies that are both.
If rates are increasing, it follows that there are fewer autistic adults relative to autistic children; if rates are not increasing, then adults are underdiagnosed.
At the leadership level, 22 percent of Uber's employees are women, 2.3 percent are black, 0.8 percent are Latinx and 76.7 percent are white. Surprise!
Charter schools are publicly funded but are run like small businesses – it's the state's responsibility to regulate which are succeeding and which are falling short.
"I am a very complex person — there are elements to me that are nerdy, then there are elements to me that are ratchet," he said.
They are children that are coming from juvenile court, some are referred to by social workers and others are coming from the streets of Israel.
So there are musicians that are taking a risk, taking a chance, and there are great characters that are great on stage, like [Matt] is.
"There are Nordic countries that are very concerned about free speech and there are Latin countries that are pushing for more regulation," Cédric O said.
Jails are where people who are awaiting their conviction are placed, and those places are meant to house people for 30 days to a year.
It's very obvious from those posts there are people who are racist, people who are sexist, who are downright ignorant and they wear the badge.
" 'Realities rather than fantasies' Friedman added that "there are people who are happy with the decision, there are people who are unhappy with the decision.
Once pipelines are laid, export terminals are completed and wells are fracked, we can be sure such infrastructure will be operated until profits are returned.
Leos are like lions, and lions are important—that's why there are lions in Trafalgar Square, that's why there are lions all over the place.
Clay tablets are more resilient than papyrus manuscripts are more resilient than parchment are more resilient than printed photographs are more resilient than digital photographs.
There are people out there who are addicted to Facebook, just like there are people who are addicted to using Q-tips in their ears.
According to census data, almost half the residents today are black, a quarter are white, 21.8 percent are Hispanic and about 3 percent are Asian.
They are more secure, they are easy to track (helps you with better financing), they are cheap (no paper overhead costs), and they are instantaneous.
Meanwhile, among those scoring between 300 and 350, 37 percent are Latino, 35 percent are black, 21 percent are white, and 6 percent are Asian.
Other media companies are trying to evolve how live sports are broadcastOther media companies are also interested in changing the way live sports are broadcast.
That was my first sense that there are things in this world that are really weird, and there are people who are concerned with them.
I said, look, if we give you free college when you are 20, pal, you are going to be paying for it when you are 30, when you are 40, and when you are 50.
The researchers also found that people who are not married or are separated from their spouses, are younger than 54, have some college education, or are black are also more likely to be sleep deprived.
"But they need to understand that they are in schools that are filled with students and staff that are just as important and are just as in need of love and support as they are."
About half of those are Jewish, 18 declined to name a religious affiliation, three are Muslim, three are Hindu, two are Buddhists, two are Unitarian Universalists and one is not affiliated with a particular religion.
Their school grades are false, their district grades are false, and their graduation rates are false.
About 2,73 soldiers are in Texas, 1,500 are in Arizona, and another 1,300 are in California.
"Roses are red, violets are blue, you are the president, and I am your boo," Mrs.
We are in their brains, we are in their hearts, we are on their bucket list.
Medical staff, dental staff, there are -- there are -- there are places where kids can be safe.
So you are going to tell me that these are good people, these are good parents?
Temperatures are rising, water supplies are scarce, soil fertility is low and severe droughts are common.
There are as many Protestants as there are Catholics and about 5% of Germans are Muslim.
We are getting the same briefings other Americans are getting who are travelling to South Korea.
It seems like people that are getting rides these days are ones that are bringing money.
ABC Our suits are pressed, our ties are straightened, and our fingers are ready to type.
Are the people onscreen are about to kill each other...or are they falling in love?
There are are a whole bunch of buzzwords markets are also watching for clues on policy.
Young people who are snapping themselves all day are not just "taking selfies," they are talking.
Some are very good, some are not so good, and others are somewhere in the middle.
The birds are chirping, the leaves are blooming and flowers are quietly emerging from the ground.
There are all of these ways in which men are on record and women are not.
"As resources are being depleted, and sanitations are happening, things are being closed down," Douce said.
Some are minimalistic, some are abstract, all of them are guaranteed to get compliments from guests.
There are two categories that are very sensitive politically, and they are hate speech and misinformation.
The brands that are making our size are [making products that are] diluted and watered down.
There are images I staged and there are images that are made in a documentary style.
And the punishments are strong, but they are legal fictions because they are impossible to prove.
There are good lipsticks, and there are great lipsticks, and then there are Tom Ford lipsticks.
At least 430 people are dead, 1,495 are injured, and 159 are missing, according to Reuters.
Blended olive oils are fine, as long as consumers are aware of what they are getting.
Who we are, what we are, depends fundamentally on who and what we believe we are.
They are watching YouTube videos, they are seeing Instagram videos, and they are sharing tips online.
They are all, however, polite and friendly, and while some are complimentary, none are overtly sexual.
Colors are rich, blacks are as dark as they can be, and viewing angles are tremendous.
"Assets that are not liquid are not as valuable as assets that are liquid," An said.
Those lines are blurred because increasingly the risks that VCs are taking are hugely capital-intensive.
More people are working, there are more job openings, and fewer people are dependent on government.
So there are a bunch of different areas and some are clear and some are grey.
This means costs are rising, energy consumption levels are high and powerful chemicals are being used.
Doughnuts are delicious, and pumpkin desserts are the best, but both are generally loaded with calories.
MACCALLUM: So where are they are going to find where these kids are going to go?
Immunisation rates are declining and the diseases they are designed to stop are on the rise.
"We are humbled, we are praying, we are taking one day at a time," she shared.
"Our hearts are full, our eyes are tired and our lives are forever changed," she continued.
"We are taking every precaution necessary ... the units that are involved are highly trained," he said.
In all, 57% of those voters are registered Democrats, 22% are independents and 21% are Republicans.
There are ghouls aplenty (or are they witches?), many of whom are also covered in gore.
These are the sorts of people who are coming here, these are the dreams they have.
Real names are used, as are real identities, and language and content are monitored and censored.
Businesses are shutting, exports are slumping, investors are fleeing and economic growth is forecast to slow.
"Roses are red, memes are dank, this is my opener, when profiles are blank," they wrote.
"We are not perfect, but together we are learning, we are listening and changing," he said.
Some parts are well-off, other neighborhoods are poor and deeply troubled, others are in between.
Some jobs are a labor of love, some are for pay, some are just for fun.
The burgers are huge, the leg-long cocktails are boozy, and the drag queens are plentiful.
It's crazy are we are wondering and we just want to know what they are doing.
Single shade palettes are $25, 2-pan palettes are $35, and 3-pan palettes are $45.
Barbershops are very important because these are the men and women who can school are youth.
"The Cubans are there, the Russians are there, the Iranians, Hezbollah are there​," Pompeo said Sunday.
Bond yields are rising, stocks are falling and more loans are defaulting, keeping investors on edge.
They are hospitalized but none are in a serious condition and are improving under medical observation.
There are about as many ways to gauge where stocks are going as there are investors.
There are funny gimmicks, there are abstract concepts and then there are poop-themed dessert cafés.
There are a few options that are not great, and a couple that are near perfect.
There are good reboots, there are bad reboots, and then there are Melissa Joan Hart reboots.
That being said, there are things that are happening that are completely pissing off Silicon Valley.
Black women are told they are impotent and powerless, but are expected to have supernatural resilience.
Who the believers are: Conspiracy theories are not inherently partisan, and neither are anti-science ideas.
And everybody feels like, 'Why are you spending, why are you spending, why are you spending.
There are some guys who are still falling beneath the general radar and are value plays.
Muskrats are frequently mistaken for beavers, and although both are rodents, they are not closely related.
We are global, we are diverse, and we are united in our commitment to the truth.
There are special performances catering to children who are deaf, are visually impaired or have autism.
Either we are a nation with universal civil rights that are enforceable or we are not.
"Some are homeless, some are in gangs, some are freelancers up to no good," he said.
And now we are involving Europe, we are involving Mexico, we are involving Canada as well.
"There are very few places that are as big as we are," Kelliher told Business Insider.
We want them to know: You are not alone, you are not isolated, you are loved.
Even as researchers are finding that reviews are less reliable, more people are relying on them.
But both are the consequence of illness, and are often are preventable with the right treatment.
Some are still bare aluminum, others are colorfully painted, and still others are somewhere in between.
People walking the streets are scrutinized for what they are wearing and what they are carrying.
Consumers are not buying more beauty products, but they are buying products that are more expensive.
Corporate profits are up, unemployment is down, wages are rising, and markets are breaking new records.
The deceptions are so deeply rooted, we are told, because they are backed by good intentions.
Nineteen of the apartments are market-rate, 11 are rent-stabilized and two are rent-controlled.
Some deals are in stores and online while others are online-only, but savings are everywhere.
Their faces are squashed, their heads are flat, their noses are pointed, they look like goblins.
Wages are stagnant, workplaces are not safe enough and workers' voices are falling on deaf ears.
Chances are if you are stressed over work, you are likely already thinking about it often.
Most are booked and freed, about a third are fined and some are charged with offences.
"They are putting the migrants, who are in the caravan, who are seeking asylum, at risk."
Restaurants are places that are alive; they are more than just four walls and a kitchen.
"Your slates are blank your paths are clear your stories are whatever you decide," Rhimes said.
" Evolutionarily speaking, "things that are familiar are likely to be safer than things that are not.
There are times when he has been down and there are times when we are down.
But where web servers are concerned, source code flaws are the main reason websites are compromised.
Are they professional athletes, or are they athletes that are just paid to play their sport?
These are elements that are not only rare in our culture, they are also not appreciated.
There are the right ways of doing it, and then there are ways that are ineffective.
Refugees are no longer arriving in droves, and the ones who are here are finding jobs.
These are our neighbors, these are people in our communities, these are people in our families.
The three are as different in interests as they are in age, but all are philanthropists.
In theory, state health authorities are tasked with ensuring laws are followed and doctors are accredited.
Modest-size polling errors are common; events are important to politics, and they are inherently unpredictable.

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