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"air" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth and that we breathe
  2. [uncountable] (usually the air) the space above the ground or that is around things
  3. [uncountable] the space above the earth where planes fly
  4. [singular] the particular feeling or impression that is given by somebody/something; the way somebody does something
  5. [countable] (old-fashioned) (often used in the title of a piece of music) a tune

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"air" Synonyms
breeze wind breath draught(UK) puff blast waft zephyr gust whiff draft(US) gas ventilation breath of air gust of air blast of air current of air flurry of air puff of wind waft of air appearance manner mood ambience bearing feeling look quality aura impression aspect atmosphere tone character effect expression flavour(UK) mien property style sky aerosphere heavens stratosphere airspace ether blue ozone skies blue yonder troposphere upper atmosphere upper regions wide blue yonder celestial sphere vault of heaven wild blue yonder firmament empyrean act charade facade front guise façade masquerade pretence(UK) pretense(US) pretension semblance show disguise pose playacting false display put-on veneer mask affectations affectedness posing posturing pretentiousness superiority arrogance conceit condescension haughtiness hauteur ostentation pomposity pride snobbery superciliousness side song tune melody lay strain theme aria warble piece refrain descant jingle ditty ballad number carol hymn music diapason measure deportment carriage comportment conduct attitude demeanor(US) behavior(US) demeanour(UK) behaviour(UK) manners actions posture stance etiquette address hint trace touch suggestion suspicion bit speck dash scintilla tinge smidgen glimmer spot streak shade crumb tad whisper shred vapor(US) vapour(UK) smoke effluvium fume fumes miasma stream mist steam fog exhalation emission discharge emanation exhaust exsufflation effluent evaporation mind-set perspective view attitudes position approach belief disposition headset inclination opinion outlook philosophy sentiment stand mannerism idiosyncrasy quirk trait characteristic foible habit peculiarity oddity trick crotchet curiosity eccentricity erraticism individualism kink quiddity quip singularity tic scent smell aroma perfume fragrance redolence balm fragrancy bouquet spice odour(UK) incense attar savor(US) savour(UK) sniff odor(US) otto tang image likeness figure icon depiction effigy picture portrayal representation resemblance statue bust carving doll fetish figurine idol ikon illustration painting ventilate aerate aerify freshen refresh expose cool fan open oxygenate purify air out freshen up give air to let breathe air-condition cleanse deodorize(US) blow depollute express voice publicise(UK) publicize(US) declare reveal vent circulate communicate disseminate state divulge proclaim exhibit publish raise tell announce articulate broadcast beam televise transmit cable relay telecast propagate screen promulgate put out send out spread videocast live-stream be beamed be broadcast be cabled be shown be relayed be televised be transmitted be put on the air discuss debate moot argue canvas canvass agitate dispute consider talk over talk about talk through converse about bring up comment on confer about touch on put your heads together about unveil display flaunt parade flash present sport produce strut disport uncover demonstrate bare sound seem appear expound feel give make look like come across as come off as look to be appear to be raise awareness of campaign lobby politicise(UK) politicize(US) put on the agenda dry off dry tumble tumble dry dry out hang out to dry airborne aerial airy midair midcourse in-flight mid-flight flying floating above ground soaring hovering aloft on high in the air sky-high skyward elevated onboard overhead barometric atmospheric meteorological weather climatic weather-related climatological meteorologic climatologic atmospherical baroscopic barometrical air-filled inflatable pneumatic inflated More
"air" Antonyms
calm stillness calmness lull still immobility absence lack nonexistence ground earth surface floor terra firma solid ground dry land land personality nature persona disposition identity trait psyche constitution behaviour(UK) behavior(US) quality temperament make-up modesty humility unpretentiousness humbleness discreetness unassumingness unostentatiousness honesty movement reality truth fact naturalness actuality certainty leaving verity exactness truthfulness sincerity authenticity truism genuineness trueness veracity veridicality lot silence discord disharmony dissonance discordance racket cacophony whole entirety body entity package combination conglomeration ensemble unit disagreement back character concrete difference dissimilarity rear unlikeness nothingness nothing void emptiness nihility nullity blankness deadpan lack of expression liquid solid cleanliness white block obstruct stop prevent limit shut off block out close out withhold stifle suppress conceal hide secrete secret keep inhibit check repress control resist restrain contain cover curb hold back hold in keep back censor cover up mask obscure disguise shroud veil bury bottle up subdue ax(US) cancel terminate end finish scrap drop scratch axe(UK) turf put an end to skirt avoid evade circumvent skip sidestep hedge equivocate elude dodge bypass duck circle burke escape go around steer clear of go round in circles cloak stash ensconce cache tuck away stow keep under wraps keep dark hole up keep secret recant abjure disavow withdraw recall renounce repudiate abnegate rescind retract backtrack unsay pull invalidate recede renege nullify recoil revoke ban can boot bounce distort falsify disprove misrepresent confuse mumble misspeak stammer stutter babble maffle slur drone grunt maunder ramble chunter gabble garble grumble mutter intone murmur whine whisper bowdlerise(UK) bowdlerize(US) cut expurgate delete remove unpublish excise edit purge gag blue-pencil red-pencil clean up prevent publication of refuse transmission of refuse to speak remain silent shut up be unforthcoming be unwilling to talk withhold information be silent clam up stop talking scowl depoliticize grounded aground

148 Sentences With "air"

How to use air in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "air" and check conjugation/comparative form for "air". Mastering all the usages of "air" from sentence examples published by news publications.

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More than 10 air-to-air, ship-to-air, and air missiles were also launched.
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But "air ball, air ball, air ball"—now that's a chant.
Air-to-Air Collision Avoidance In a concurrent but longer-term effort, the Air Force is now also working to develop algorithms to stop air-to-air collisions.
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And on Thursday, pilots for Atlas Air, Southern Air, and ABX Air — carriers that power Amazon Air — are expected to protest.
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Other airlines to suspend flights to China include Air India, Air Seoul, Air Tanzania, Cathay Pacific, Egyptair, El Al, Finnair, Lion Air, Royal Air Maroc, SAS, Turkish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.
Star Alliance members include Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Air India and Singapore Airlines.
So its ability to fight air to air, air to ground and electronic warfare.
The Air Force fleet has 62 B-1Bs stationed at bases including Dyess Air Force Base in Texas; Edwards Air Force Base in California; Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota; Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada; and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.
EDI also funded "our emergency contingency air operations sets for the Air Force, and our deployable air base systems for the Air Force," Wolters said.
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Warm air can carry more water than cold air, and climate change has warmed the air.
"They'll start working on air-to-ground support, air interdiction and suppression of enemy air defense, which is really the highlight of the course," he said, including air-to-air training with F-16 Fighting Falcons.
As of 2017, the Lion Air Group, which includes other carriers like Batik Air, Wings Air and Malindo Air, controlled 51 percent of the domestic aviation market.
Air fryer Air fryers use hot air instead of oil to give food a crispy, golden exterior.
The old Air vs new Air The Old MacBook Air is still available from Apple for $1,000.
The twin-engine F-22 can be configured for air-to-air or air-to-ground missions.
So, this RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer sucks air rather than blows the air, which, I'm very confused.
Air Methods is the largest U.S. air medical transport provider in the $5 billion air medical market.
Usually, Iran's Mahan Air and Pouya Air run the airlift alongside Damascus's state-owned airline, Syria Air.
Air density decreases as temperatures increase, and planes need air density to lift them into the air.
It said the plane could carry out air-to-surface, air-to-air and tactical reconnaissance missions.
Based in Indonesia, Nepal and Surinam, the least safe airlines, in alphabetical order, are: Batik Air Bluewing Airlines Citilink Kal-Star aviation Lion Air Sriwijaya Air TransNusa Trigana Air Service Wings Air Xpress Air Indonesian airlines have been lambasted in recent years for their accident-laden safety records.
The bases are Travis Air Force Base and Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in California, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia.
The US Air Force is evacuating 16 aircraft from MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa to McConnell Air Force Base near Wichita, Kansas, an Air Force official said.
The bases are Travis Air Force Base and Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in California, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia.
But there is some air you actually can control An air purifier removes most of the pollutants from your indoor air, ultimately leaving you with fresher, cleaner air.
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The RAF's Typhoon fighters are twin-engine jets capable of air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.
This shortage impacts air travel and air cargo service nationwide, but especially threatens rural access to air service.
One of those employers is Atlas Air, which acquired another air cargo company called Southern Air in 2016.
The Nike Air Max 270 model is inspired by the Air Max 180 and the Air Max 93.
The proposed sanctions list includes the 63rd helicopter brigade commander and deputy commander, commander of the Syrian Air Force 63rd air brigade, commander of the Syrian Air and Air Defense Forces, and head of the Syrian Air Force intelligence.
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" "We also load some air-to-air missiles, but the air-to-ground munitions are most used right now.
The pilots are in two company departments owned by Atlas Air Worldwide: Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo Worldwide.
Air curtains and air outlet at the Super Sport+'s front end reduce detrimental air pressure and reduce drag.
The Electromagnetic Defense Task Force is spearheaded by the Air Force's Air University, and advocates include Air Force Maj.
"That compressed air sucks in neighboring air, causing it to expand, and that expanding air compresses neighboring air, and you get this compression-expansion, compression-expansion, compression-expansion," McDaniel said.
His collaboration with Mr. Klein taught him to cultivate the void: In drawings they speculated about building wall-free environments of moving air, with beds cushioned by pulsing air jets in open-air rooms enclosed by air curtains under forced-air roofs and comfortable environments powered by "air-conditioners" hidden below ground.
AMARI AIR BASE, Estonia, and LONDON — The British Royal Air Force is noting an increase of air activity by Russia as the service conducts NATO's Baltic air-policing mission this summer.
Air conditioners: The Energy Department is finalizing new energy conservation standards for small, large, and very large air-cooled commercial package air conditioning and heating equipment and commercial warm air furnaces.
At an industry day hosted by Air Mobility Command in December, representatives from 14 companies met with Air Force officials to discuss providing air-to-air refueling on a contract basis.
Wolters currently runs Air Force Europe, Air Force Africa and Allied Air Command, all of which are based in Germany.
Piloting the helo is Michael Montgomery, a supervisory air interdiction agent with Tucson Air Branch and Air and Marine Operations.
A Spanish jet on a Baltic air-policing mission accidentally fired an air-to-air missile over Estonia on Tuesday.
Air Visual - an independent online air quality index (AQI) monitor - showed the city's air quality has been "hazardous" since Friday.
The F-22 Raptor is one of the Air Force&aposs most advanced fighters, designed for air-to-air combat.
Trees are built from air — well, air and water.
Trees are air filters, air coolers, & so much more.
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Ten vessels and 10 aircraft engaged in air-to-air, air-to-sea and sea-to-air combat drills that featured guided missiles, state broadcaster Chinese Central Television reported late on Thursday.
The F-22 Raptor performs air-to-air and air-to-ground missions in combat and combines features like stealth and supercruising to be one of the world's foremost air-superiority fighters.
The US Air Force is evacuating 16 KC-135 aircraft from MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa to McConnell Air Force Base near Wichita, Kansas, according to a US Air Force official.
Ten vessels and ten aircraft engaged in air-to-air, air-to-sea and sea-to-air combat drills that featured guided missiles, state broadcaster Chinese Central Television reported late on Thursday.
During the 2016 fiscal year, the Air Force was spending approximately $180,000 every hour Air Force One was in the air.
The Mi Air Purifier Pro offers air cleaning at an air delivery rate (CADR) value of 500 cubic meters an hour.
The L-159 is a light multi-role combat aircraft designed for air-to-air, air-to-ground and reconnaissance missions.
The J-20 resembles the F-22 Raptor air-to-air combat aircraft introduced into the U.S. Air Force in 2005.
Med Trans Air Medical Transport, which ran the air ambulance that day, referred questions to the Association of Air Medical Services.
Air cleaners can be effective though air conditioning is not designed to filter out SO2 gas or particles from the air.
Think Eglin Air Force Base, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Hulburt Field, Naval Support Activity Panama City, and Tyndall Air Force Base.
Behind this serious looking door are the vital air-filtering mechanisms that keep potentially contaminated air out, and breathable air in.
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If the air outside was poor and it was hot, I couldn't get good air without also running my air conditioners.
Those places include cities and towns near Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado; the former Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire; Stewart Air National Guard Base in New York; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio; and Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico.
This occurs when heavy precipitation falls and lowers air temperatures by decreasing air pressure and causing air to expand (the pressure gradient is stronger in the vertical air column than in the horizontal).
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For people without air conditioning, air purifiers are another option.
When it comes to steel versus air, air is winning.
There is, reports Chloe Hooper, "no air in the air".
Number one how much air pollution is in the air.
I've flown Air Burkina and Air Cote D'Ivoire, no problem.
It's all about the air and the air you're breathing
Air that was maybe fucked into you, but air nonetheless.
The Afghan Air Force responded with air strikes, Aman added.
" Air Transport Services Group: "I like the air transport business.
Outgoing 821st Air Base Group US Air Force Commander — Col.
Designated as Pacific Raptor 20-1, the exercise's training activities focused on simulating air-to-air and air-to-surface combat sorties.
In fast-moving combat circumstances involving both air-to-air and air-to-ground threats, increased speed could make a large difference.
Delhi's air quality worsens Air quality measurements provided by air quality monitoring stations track smog levels across the city in real time.
Samsung's Bot Air wanders around and purifies the air in different rooms, flashing a green light when the air is considered clean.
Plus, the Air Force Reserve offers 20% of the total Air Force capability for only 2% of the total Air Force budget.
Inspired by Air Max 180, the Air Max 270 got its name from the massive 270° Max Air unit at the heel.
Not just air-to-air but air-to-ground, as the Joint Strike Fighter will take over for the A-10 Warthog.
It's envisioned as having a stealthy fuselage, high speed, and a focus on air-to-air operations with air-to-surface capabilities.
The Predator Thronos Air, yes that's Air like MacBook Air, is designed to be a little more affordable over the $1443,000 original.
The air force said the A4003M had taken part in nearly 1,700 missions and formed the backbone of its air transport for carrying personnel and material, air-to-air refuelling and humanitarian aid missions.
An official from the South Korean Transport Ministry told CNN they are now investigating the exact cause of the incident and plan to carry out safety inspections on six low-cost airlines this month: Jin Air, Air Busan, Jeju Air, Easter Jet, T'way Air and Air Incheon.
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Our partner for the Berlin event is the Tech Open Air conference: Tech Open Air Tech Open Air returns to Berlin this summer.
With warm air masses, the air is less dense, so a column of air expands, pushing the height of a pressure surface up.
Air pollution hot spots UNICEF said its air pollution report uses satellite imagery to show the global scope of the air pollution problem.
The Royal Air Force demonstration took place Thursday alongside the US Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team and four US Air Force F-35s.
Ohio Air National Guard's 121st Air Refueling Wing welcomes an A-10C Thunderbolt II from Moody Air Force Base on September 1, 2016.
The Vipers carry two air-to-air missiles, rocket pods, a handful of air-to-surface missiles, and a 20 mm Gatling cannon.
Our partner for the Berlin event is the Tech Open Air conference: Tech Open Air Tech Open Air returns to Berlin this summer.
The air show features displays of modern air-fighting machines, performances by the Air Force Thunderbirds and other planes, and other military exhibitions.
Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier for $100 ($220 off): If you're looking for clean air, an air purifier can do the trick.
British Airways, Air Canada (ACDVF), Air Asia, Air India and Finland's Finnair have all suspended some flights between China and their respective countries.
"Air missiles, manned portable surface-to-air missiles, military radar, air defense systems, the refurbishment of tanks -- it's a long list," he said.
Cold air can constrict airway and nasal passages, and dry air irritates lungs, which need air to have a certain level of humidity.
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Lightning occurs in thunderstorms when cold air and warm air interact.
Air traffic controllers coordinate and direct the movement of air traffic.
" Air Products & Chemicals: "I think Air Products is doing incredibly well.
For one thing, Martian air is less dense than Earth's air.
How to Choose an Air ConditionerBuying an air conditioner is hard.
Higher air pressure within the boxes prevented air flow or contamination.
Air: The Environmental Protection Agency is reconsidering the air pollution standards.
Clean the air inside your home with this mini air purifier
Herbert "Hawk" Carlisle, commander of Air Force Air Combat Command, said.
I actually like Chris off the air, but on the air.
I heard people talk about how the air is God's air.
Tech Open Air Tech Open Air returns to Berlin this summer.
Alaska Air Group popped 6% and Delta Air Lines rose 2.5%.
In warm climates, the air conditioning is recirculating air all day.
AIR SEOUL South Korean budget carrier Air Seoul said on Jan.
Training Air Wing ONE, based at Naval Air Station Meridian, Miss.
" I said, "You mean a MacBook Air, the old MacBook Air?
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Ethan Stoker says there are 62 B-1Bs in the fleet stationed at bases including Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, Edwards Air Force Base in California, Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Col.
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Johnson hopes data from the air management program can help the community determine if air pollution permits are a factor in the community's air quality, especially since bad air quality can threaten the health of residents.
The Air Force, in tangent with Japan Air Self-Defense Force fighters and the Republic of Korea Air Force, conducted a planned, bilateral mission in the area, according to a statement from the Pacific Air Force.
You can clean the air in your home to a certain extent with air purifiers—experts prefer the more accurate term, "air cleaners"—which suck janky stuff like allergens and (some carcinogens) out of the air.
The Eurofighter Typhoon of the Spanish Air Force was part of NATO&aposs Baltic air-policing mission based in Lithuania and was carrying air-to-air missiles containing up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of explosives.
One way to measure particulate matter levels in the air and its impact on air quality is using what's called the air quality index.
Bombing of Korean Air Flight 213 On November 215, 20143, Korean Air Flight 22014 exploded in mid-air, killing all 224 people on board.
The shameful state of London's toxic air today has triggered a 'very high' air pollution alert under my new air quality warning system. pic.twitter.
Using an air pen and an app, Pictionary Air players sketch their creations out of thin air that other players can see on screen.
We were actually developing air knives — a very thin blade of air coming out at a very fast speed is called an air knife.
Fans draw outside air through the hydropanel's air filter is made out of a proprietary hygroscopic material that attracts water molecules from the air.
When cold, dry air moves over a relatively warmer lake, the warm, moist air of the lake mixes with the air above producing fog.
So it's not enough for America's air service to be bigger and more sophisticated than the Russian air force or the Chinese air force.
Amazon in 2016 said it was starting its own air cargo network, under agreements with Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Air Transport Services Group.
As a precaution, the Pentagon is flying patrols in Syrian skies with F-22 jets, the Air Force's most advanced air-to-air fighter.
The $4.867 billion sale includes the aircraft, 23 engines, radars and other avionics, air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance and related equipment.
And this fact is reflected in the design of the US Air Force's advanced, dedicated, stealthy air-to-air combat machine, the F-22.

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